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[[logged by Yla]]

South Caverns

Caverns continue to twist and tangle into a labyrinth of ancient tunnels: from high, soaring, vaulted roofs to nothing more than crawl-space at times the weyr extends deep into the mountain. Most of the walls are the smooth and glossy obsidian of ancient volcanoes, dark but for the fickle light of green-tinted glows. The floor is likewise worn by feet and time to run smooth and unbroken off to the main caverns to the north, or into the dorms and barracks in the opposite direction.

Peeking at you from a ledge up high are Fussy, Phanto, Euterpe, Azrael, and Br'nee.

Naomi is here.

Libby strides in from the Candidate's Barracks.

Jozelle moves gracefully with a habital swing of her hips, in from the Candidate's Barracks.

Nanoc walks in from the Candidate's Barracks.

Libby strides to the Candidate Barracks.

Naomi wasn't looking to sort firestone or wipe clean the floors of the Weyr when she woke up this morning. No, she was more interested in finding time to -relax-. But no such luck. Now, however, it seems she's made her escape, and, quite like a fugitive, she creeps along in the cavern to keep between the living cavern and the barracks.

Beyla leans against the wall of the caverns as she watches Naomi in her stealthy creeping. She won't say anything, not until Naomi's not expecting it. Then she'll drop something that makes a loud bang or something.

Nanoc is just, well, not really doing anything. Rather, he's walking around aimlessly without a purpose nor stealth. Spying Naomi in her game of sneaking, he lightens his steps, following a feline's tail behind her for lack of anything better to do at the time.

Sweep! Sweep, sweep! Nose wiggles at the dust collecting in the air. "Aaaaa….choooo! Sniff, sniff…." Then more sweep, sweep, sweep. Jozelle appears at the doorway, sweeping her way into the South Caverns. A bandanna hold up her large bundle of golden ringlets.

Now, where does one go when one wishes to hide from -everyone- in the Weyr? Of course, being tied to it as she is, Naomi has very little hope of finding such a place in time to keep from being found. Thoughts consumed by her escape, she can't notice anyone else… until, there is a noise. "Jozelle!" she hiss-whispers, jumping forward to press hands down on said candidate's shoulders. "Be quiet!"

"Sssh!" Beyla makes an exaggerated gesture with her fingers. "Be very very quiet…" She wiggles her fingers in Naomi's direction, a grin on her face almost touching her ears.

Nanoc muffles his own laughter with one hand as another reaches out to *tap* *tap* on Naomi's shoulder, just for the pure delight of startling her. Yeah, he's really got nothing better to do. Face turns to the others as he slams himself up against one of the walls, looking in both directions before quietly asking the group in general "What're we hidin' from?"

"Wha?" says Jozelle in a somewhat loud voice. Decreasing her broom sweeps, she looks over the two with an arced brow. "Why are you so quite?" she asks.

Naomi spins around at the sound of Beyla's voice, then a *tap* *tap* on her shoulder… "Nanoc! I'm going to -kill- you!" Within moments she gets close enough to try and secure her grip around his throat. "-Don't- scare me like that!" All shouted at the top of her lungs. So much for quiet.

Beyla pouts, attempts to look rather put out. "Awww…" she says, looking upset. "We'll never get 'em now." Or rather, Naomi won't. She was just watching, y'see.

Jozelle quickly steps in between Naomi and Nano, a smile on her face. "Hey!" she says, "You don't need to do that…"

Nanoc doesn't really feel like dying quite yet, so with ease, he lifts his own hands to grip around her wrists to pry them away from his neck, laughing inbetween, of course. "Shards woman! Ye ain't gotta be yellin' like that!" he exclaims before turning towards Jozelle, nodding his head and turning back to Naomi "She's right, y'know."

"No! No! No!" Naomi sings out the word in a deep, low voice. And then, she looks to Jozelle. Eyes cloud over a moment, and she doesn't exactly move, just standing there and allowing her hands to be pried away. "I… um. Okay. Whatever." Shrug. She shuffles over beside Beyla, eyeing her a moment. "Get what? Or who?"

Jozelle flashes a smile at Nanoc, "Right, can't be strangling fellow candies now can we?" She blinks her eyes of dust as she glances back to Naomi and Beyla. Finally settling on Naomi, giving her a pat on the shoulder, "Good girl." She leans against her broom as she glances across the cavern.

"What? Huh?" Beyla had sort of lost track of the conversation when Nanoc managed to extricate himself from Naomi, and had proceeded to distance herself from her surroundings, thoughts of fluffy bunny slippers dancing through her head. "Eh?"

Nanoc is satisfied as his life is 'spared', himself slipping against the opposite wall from the female types as he slumps down into the worst possible posture humanly possible… well, probably not the worst, but close to it. Sighing, he crosses his arms over one another as eyes wander nonchalantly around.

Madden walks in from the Resident Dorms.

Naomi bobs her head enthusiastically at Jozelle, hands resting just at her hips. "Right. I'm a good girl." -Big- grin. Eyes find Beyla, and she shrugs again, both indifferent and possibly as clueless as the other candidate seems.

Beyla shrugs slightly, scritching her head, brain skittering to catch up after having tuned out on her. "Of course you are?" she tries, wondering if that's the right response.

Madden walks in from the Living Cavern.

Jozelle frowns. "Hey!" she says suddenly towards Nanoc, "I just…" She stalks off in his direction, not paying attention to what Naomi has said.

"Yes, of course I am." Naomi doesn't need another person to make herself feel better. She's perfectly good at boosting her own ego. "Are any of the riders 'round now?" Eyes find Jozelle, and she stares blankly, then Nanoc gets a fingerwiggle — a less violent greeting, perhaps — and Madden a nod.

Beyla tosses Madden a smile and a cheerful little wave, before eyeing Naomi suspiciously. "Why? Looking to kidnap their brats?" *coughcough*

Nanoc is taken back in surprise, somewhat, not having a clue as to what /she's/ talking about now. Oy. How does he get himself into such a pickle. "Wha? You just what?" Well, better to find out now before it's too late. A nod is quickly given in greeting towards Madden before attention is quickly turned back to the apparent storming candie in his direction.

Madden looks around blankly, unsure of what to say. "Uuh.. hi?" he says tentatively to all in the room, greeting them carefully in the hope of not alienating any /more/ weyrfolk.

Naomi continues blinking, a wide smile on her lips, clearly betraying her lack of comprehension. And then, she looks back to Beyla. "No, I don't kidnap brats. I just didn't wanna go back to firestone…" That would explain her… stench. Jozelle gets a grin. "Ooh. Nanoc, you got 'er mad, I think." And Madden is given a wicked sort of smile. "Yeah. Whatever you say. Hi."

Jozelle slumps down the wall, sitting next to Nanoc. "Thank you?" she asks him. She /did/ just save his life, well, not like it was that threatening but you never know with Naomi. She grins up at Madden, "G'day!" she offers.

Madden smiles. "I don't think I know any of you people" he says pointedly. "Oh, I'm Madden by the way" he says, by way of introduction.

They're not weyrfolk. They're candies. Much more skeery, y'see. "Hey," Beyla greets cheerfully, fingers plucking at her top. "Beyla." she returns the introduction, glancing about and idly wishing there were seating.

Jozelle shurgs her shoulder, "No one knows anyone around here?" she says. And she's not a weyrfolk, right! She is a candidate from Keroon. "Jozelle, well met." she says.

"Khaelyn," Naomi introduces herself, smiling at Madden. "And I'm a herder. I think." Note to self: When adapting another identity, -remember- the facts. "Yes. A herder. But now candidate." Finger is jerked towards her knot. All the explanation she needs.

Nanoc sighs, shaking his head slightly before tossing his hand to his head "Oh, I thank you with all my heart Jozelle. You saved my life and for that I'm greatful." *cough* Right. Well, better to keep her happy before he ends up on another death wishlist. Turning his head back towards Madden with whom he gives a chin-nod "Nanoc… some healer-candie type who's gonna wind up dead one of these days without m'bodguard here!" he grins, motioning over at Jozelle.

Jozelle turns red in the face, "You are not Khaelyn, Naomi!" she says as she hops up from her place. She must take the herder-folk to heart, really. She beams down at Nano before she turns back to Naomi with her eyes narrowed.

Naomi stares at Jozelle, arms crossed over her chest. "I think I know who I am a little better than you do, sweetie. Shh. No arguments. We've got more important things to be thinking about." Like… "Giving me a foot massage." And *off* go the boots. "Who's first?" She turns, and nods to each candidate in turn. You know you want to.

Beyla shakes her head at Naomi slowly. "What is it with you and compulsive false identities?" she asks curiously, leaning forward. Actually, she sounds genuinely curious. Foot massage? *blinkblink* She's just gonna hide behind someone now…

Nanoc is definitely /not/ giving a foot massage, so his hands are tossed up in that 'back away' motion "I ain't givin' you no foot massage, that's for sure." and he's holding his stance at that. Subject change "So, you new here?" that question of course directed at Madden, the new guy. "Don't 'member seein' you 'round…"

Naomi pouts, batting eyelashes at Beyla. "I don't know what you're talking about…" And… "Darling, you -must-. You just -must-." Or… not. Gaze lands upon Nanoc, and she bends forward, crawling on hands and knees towards him. "Why not?" is purred, as she shoves her head just a little too close. So close, in fact, that her nose nudges right into his cheek. She turns, suddenly, and still on the floor, eyes Madden. "It's a nice place. But there's a rule here… y'gotta massage my feet. 'Cause I'm the Weyrwoman." Um.

"Ah yes," Beyla nods her head sagely. "And in what weyr would this be? The Looney Weyr, maybe? Honestly, dear, I think you need to see a mindhealer. I'll see if they have anything you can be tied up in. You're obviously delusion." She send an apologetic look to Madden. See what we put up with?

Nanoc raises a 'brow, reaching out to pat Madden's shoulder "Oh, ye ain't seen nothin' yet, I can assure you /that/… there's more to come, my man… more to come. Just… be prepared… Weyr life's nothin' like hold life, that's for sure… not at all… you can trust me on /that/. Eh?" now his attention is brought to Naomi. *blink* "Weyrwoman eh? Heh… y'only wish! Maybe… who knows how the hatching'll end up…"

Madden looks sceptically, his eyebrows raised at Naomi, the self proclaimed candidate. "Really," he says, trying to sound like he believed her. "I'll have to congratulate you on your speedy promotion." He begins to laugh and turns to Beyla. "yeah, T think I understand…

Jozelle has disconnected.

Jozelle falls asleep.

Egan squees in from the Living Cavern.

"You'll have to massage my feet, if you don't wanna end up on firestone duty…" Pause. Naomi's eyes flicker with something… something no one would ever want to have to see. Amusement, perhaps? Or maybe a plot… "Mutton," she directs towards Madden, obviously not knowing his name -that- well. "I think you and I could have a nice relationship." Yes. You do chores, she does nothing. "'Cause I'm the Weyrwoman." The look sent to Beyla is scathing, and that sent to Nanoc only slightly less so.

Beyla shakes her head, rolling her eyes with exasperation. Why does she bother? "Of course you are." she says with a sigh. "Of course you are." In some strange parallel reality, anyway.

Egan enters, baby Aiken in tow, giving a nice big smile and nod to everyone, of course. Only of course. "Hello!" He's happy today. And he catches bit and phrases of Naomi and whatnot. "Sure. Wherrywoman. If you say so." She's evil - she mutates only under a full Red Star… into… *dundundundun* Wherrywoman…

The housekeeper arrives to cart Jozelle off to bed.

Madden looks exasperatedly at Naomi for a moment and finally buries his head in his hands, letting a groan issue from between his finger. "Why me?" he asks noone in particular. he tilts his head. "My name" he begins, speaking slowly, using short simple words "is Mad-den" he says, exaggerating the name. "Mad-den" he says again.

Nanoc just gives Naomi one last look before sidestepping a couple times without further explanation. Like he needs any? Cocking his head towards Madden once again, he grins "Ain't no use in tryin'.. she's well over due to the mindhealer… honestly now."

Madden looks carefully at both Nanoc and Naomi, wondering if they're 'all there'…

"What…what…what?" Naomi is the victim in this situation, obviously. "I am not a wherry!" Hiss to Egan. "And Sya's lookin' for her baby back." Hiss to Aiken, the guilty criminal of a baby who's -always- the source of one or two rants. And then, back to Madden. "Murmon? Marmot?" She's trying, really. "Nanoc? Get me a glass of water?" Since when did she become the Weyrwoma… oh. Right.

And of course, where would Nanoc be without his thirty skins of water? Dun dun dun DUN! That's right folks, he's got it. He's got it all and out he pulls a skin from the rucksack slumped loosely over his right shoulder "Here ya go.." he tosses it over with care "Drink up! I can see y'flaring there!"

Egan blinks. "Of course you're a Wherrywoman. You look like a wherry, you act like a wherry…" Pause. Maybe that's not the best thing to tell Naomi-dear. At the moment, at least. "Anyhow. Who died and made you Wherry- I mean, Weyrwoman?" Nod, nod. "And I'll give Aiken back when Sya tells me to." Pause. "Maybe."

Beyla squeaks and runs behind Naomi as Nanoc brandishes those skins. "Save me!" she squeals, pointing an accusatory finger at Nanoc. "Before he soaks me again." *hiss* "Sharding boy. ALl those water skins." *double hiss*

Madden tries desperately to conceal the laughter that hides just beyond his lips, but fails miserably.

Oh, bliss. Rapture. Nanoc has water for her. Naomi gazes at the boy with something akin to a 'come hither' glance, but it's all for the water, really. Lips curling up at the corners, she prowls forward, pinching him at the side and then catching the tossed skin, sipping it slowly. And then, she spins, dropping the skin so that it sloshes water onto the floor. "Egan! You're a mean boy!" Tears fall from her eyes, and she kneels in the puddle on the floor, wailing.

The housekeeper arrives to cart Madden off to bed.

"Oh, honestly," huff Beyla, folding her arms and sighing. "It's only water, don't add to it." After a moment, she takes pity and bends down, putting an arm around Naomi's shoulder. "There there. Never mind. No use crying over spilled…. water."

Nanoc slumps a little further against the wall, facepalming the entire way. Women. After a moment's time, he pulls his hands away from his face, reaches back and pulls out another skin "Ye want another? Just don't go droppin' this one too!"

Egan blinks. "Oh, oh. Naomi?" Aiken is set aside, and Egan bends over and turns his head sideway snad all that stuff to try to get a good look at her. Which is doesn't. "I didn't /mean/ to be… mean. Is there anything I can do to make it up?" Sniff. Or Egan'll be… depressed. Deprived of cheeriness. And suchnot.

Naomi continues crying, leaning forward so her forehead wipes the floor of water. "But… he… h-he… called me a -wherry- and he said… h-he… said…" Well, they all heard him, so she's not going to continue. Eyes are raised as she looks at Beyla, mutely turning to shake her head at Nanoc, and then, gaze finds Egan. Wide-eyed and still sniffling a little, she reaches up to wrap wet'ish arms around his neck, then points to her socked feet, still in the puddle. "Gimme a foot massage?"

Egan blinks. "No! I can't give you a foot massage." And he blinks. But she's still sad, riight? Or no? "Oh! Alright. I guess you… deserve it…" And Egan sniffs at his wrongness. *cough* He was bad calling her a wherry or whatever. *cough* "I will." Nod. He will.

"Oh give it to her." Beyla says, waving a hand at Egan. Oh wait, he just agreed. No problem there then. Anything to stop the wailing…

A few grateful tears are shed, as Naomi hops out of the puddle and -drags- Egan towards the wall, where she sits herself down. "I'll love you forever," she assures the other candidate boy, and then, Beyla gets a grin. Hah. Sniffling still, she curls up slightly, pointing at her feet again. "Egan, sweetie? Anytime you're ready."

Egan blinks, and grabs a nearby container, of whatever ointment it may be. "Mm. Okay. Lets just lather /this/ on," he says, grabbing some of the cream and rubbing it into her feet - nice and neatly into eeeeveeerryyy little wedge. Cough.

Beyla tilts her head, regarding Egan and Naomi with amusement. "Should we give you two some privacy?" Somehow, she manages to say this with a completely straight face. Somehow.

Considering Nao's still in her socks, she finds this odd. But — she's not about to complain. She's only -just- getting this massage anyways, so why push her luck? Yet, still, there's some strange feeling down around her toes… She glances at Beyla, shaking her head quickly, as the color rises in her face. "Beylaaaaaa! It hurts! It hurts! Save me!"

Egan blinks. "Eee! I killed her!" And the nannyman runs madly off. "It wasn't me! I swear!"

Nanoc smirks slightly at Beyla's comment and after hearing Naomi's outburst, he sighs, shaking his head and tossing his rucksack carefully to the ground. No, he's not going anywhere, rather, he's going to watch this interestingly amusing event, sliding against the wall once again "Now look at that.. .ye'scared 'em off!"

"Awww…" Beyla crouches by Naomi again, patting her back gently. "There there. Not hurting now you've scared the mean ol' nannyman? Up you get…" She stands and offers a hand to help Nao up, hopefully so she won't slip on the cream and fall and break her neck.

"Getitoff! Getitoff! It burns!" Naomi's now nearly purple in the face, obviously not too happy that Egan's gone, instead grabbing for Beyla's hair. "What -was- that stuff he got on my fo-o-o-ot?! It stings! It burns! It's -eating- me…!" Nanoc gets a glare, too, but she can't reach. Instead, she grabs for the previously abandoned skin of water, and liberally pours it over her feet, screaming all the while. "It hurts!"

The housekeeper arrives to cart Egan off to bed.

Beyla's voice suddenly turns from her usual contralto, to a falsetto squeak as her hair is pulled on. It's one thing for the brats to do this, quite another for Naomi. "NAOMI! Get… ow!OWOWOW!!! Lemme go!! Let! Me! Go!! OW!" A finger is stabbed towards Nanoc. "You! HELP!"

Healer man steps forward, finally, using a cloth to help pull the socks off "Sharding…." Nanoc starts muttering under his breath, casting a look in the direction Egan scurried off to "Ye'lucky… but it wouldn't have burned ye skin off… it's a type of disinfectin' cream, I think.." he picks it up to examine the unmarked tube "Huh… well, just rinse 'em a little more… you should be fine though."

Naomi wails, still grabbing and pulling at all the hair she's currently holding — Beyla's — and all that's now within reach — Nanoc's. "It still hurts, boy! Make it go away! Help! Help! Save me!" And to Beyla. "Beyla! Get it off! Save me!" Water is abandoned as she continually grabs and pulls, wailing some more.

"How sharding old are you girl?!" Beyla's voice can be incredibly loud when she puts her mind to it, and her voice currently fills the cavern, as she tries to extricate her hair. "Lemme go! And I can help you, but not if you've torn clumps out of my sharding SCALP! OWWW!!"

"YEEEOOOWWW?" Nanoc exclaims as he tries his hardest to remove himself from her grip "Shards, let go already!" Hand quickly pats around the floor for his rucksack, rummaging through trying to find something… ah hah! It's a counter cream! *don't ask*… squirting some onto her feet, he starts rubbing it in, glancing up through minor tears caused by the yanking of his precious hair "Is it better /yet/?"

"Nonononono!" And a whole line of no's added onto that. Naomi squeezes and tugs and somersaults over herself, pulling along whoever's hair happens to be in her grip. "It's not better! It's not! It hurts! It…" Pause. She lets go of their hair, and looks down at her feet. "Well, I guess it doesn't hurt -that- much. Okay…" She reaches forward, squeezing her own toes. "Not at all." Eyes find Nanoc, and she seems to nearly be glowing. "Thank you! You saved my life!"

Beyla almost drops to the floor, the pressure on her hair suddenly released, and she rubs it gently. "Ow…" she murmurs, rubbing her poor head. "There's several handfuls of hair that'll come out next time I brush it. Shards, girl, you've got one strong grip. You work out or something?"

Nanoc grips his scalp once released from the containment "Shards… yeah yeah whatever." he mutters, falling backwards onto his bum right into a puddle. Ugh. Sighing, he recaps and tosses the tube back into his rucksack, before looking down at his hands, all creamy from the stuff. "Eww." Well, there's a nice big puddle so hands slap carelessly and are dragged along the floor in hopes to wash them off.

Naomi's eyes widen in adoration of Nanoc, and she can do no more than stare, mindlessly, slack-jawed at him. "You saved my life… oh! I never knew you cared!" Diving forward, she wraps arms around his waist, sobbing into his side. "That's the most wonderful thing anyone's ever done for me! How can I -ever- repay you?!" Beyla goes unanswered, but the look sent her way says it.

Mirenda walks in from the Living Cavern.

Beyla rolls her eyes at Naomi's sudden display, muttering something about dramatists. *coughcough* A nod is given to Mirenda. Anything to save her from this sobbing girl. She doesn't see any thanking coming this way… *pout*

Nanoc can think of a million things, *cough* but no, he just shakes his head, looking down and blinking at the sobbing wet Naomi "Uh.. really… it's fine.. it was nothin'… I'm a healer… just natural reaction… I supposed t'heal, remember?" Yeah, that's about all he can think about right now. But, nevertheless, he reaches his own arms around her to give a patpat as eyes wander back to Beyla with a pleaing look of 'help'?

Mirenda steps out from the Livnig Caverns, half of a sweetroll still in her mouth. SHe swallows, stopping her stride to peer around curiously. What's going on here? She lingers off to the side, watching attentively, unless she's told to leave.

"You s-saved me… you s-saved me when Egan tried to -kill- me!" Naomi continues wailing. Dramatist? Her? Never! No, this girl is perfectly… normal. Now clinging to Nanoc's leg, she continues staring up at him. "Tell me what I can do to thank you. To make it even. Besides killing Egan — I'm already plannin' on doin' that." Mirenda gets a blink, and no sooner is she noticed than forgotten… for now. And Beyla goes thank you-less again. Ah, well.

Dramatist? Yes. Her. Beyla sighs and clambers to her feet, bringing her hair out of grabbing range. "Don't get any ideas of… unusual things to ask for." She warns Nanoc, frowning. Men. She can bet she knows what he's thinking. Yes, indeed…

Madden walks in from the Resident Dorms.

Nanoc turns on his comforting healer face, continuing to shake his head "Really… it was nothin'.. ye don't need to do anything, honestly." Can /anyone/ get this leech off of his leg? Patpat continues as he attempts to drag his body away as one leg starts to fall asleep. Not good. Eyes dart up towards Beyla, a frown now plastered across his face "I ain't like that, don't worry." And even if he was thinking whatever it was that Beyla thought that he was thinking, he's still not like that.

"Uh-huh." He's a man, ain't he? Beyla frowns. Well, then, she knows what's going on in his little man brain, so she does, yep.

"Unusual I can do!" Naomi assures — and whether she's got the same idea of 'unusual' as Beyla and Nanoc is left to be decided… But for now, the starcrafter needs closure. "Nanoc!" is shouted, in a crisp, clean tone. "Anything you want. Surely, you want -something- I can give you, right?" And still, she clings to the leg. You ain't gettin' nowhere without doing what -she- wants, it's clear. Of course, you could always kick her.

Nanoc could always kick her, yes, but no, he was brought up that he can't hit a girl, and technically, that's what she is, right? Sighing, he shakes his head, continuing his attempt to get away "Seriously… I don't /need/ anything." Need and want being different, of course "Can I… please have m'leg back now?" There, he wants something.

Mirenda goes home.

Naomi is, indeed, a girl. A scary, delusional girl, but a girl nonetheless. "Fine. But we're not finished, boy. There's gotta be something you need from me, and we're not even 'til you get it." Letting go of the leg, she scrambles to her feet pointing to the barracks. "I think I'm going to do that. Go there. You know. The barracks. But if you need -anything-. Anything at -all-. Come get me, and I'll do it. I'll do anything. I love you!" And a -big- hug follows, before she scampers towards the door. Oh… dear…

Nanoc is surprisingly able to resist any temptations. He's good like that. Nodding his head and scrambling to his own feet, he quickly scrambles to the opposite wall, smoothing his hair back to normal "Yeeah yeeah, sure, whatever." Oh, such temptation, but no.

Naomi goes home.

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