[[Logged by Ali]]

Terick leans back into his chair, a big gulp of the juice taken. "Yeah, from Tillek Vintner Hall. On a trading trip, we though we'd detour through here, drop off a delivery of Tillek Red" he sums up his presence without hesitation. "So your a candidate, ready to get ripped to pieces by clumsy dragonets?" he's joking, an odd smile curling his lips.

Loeree rolls her eyes and scowls at Terick. "They're more likely to go after you and your wine." She gives the vintner a jaunty wink, one she extends in Arch's direction as well. Arrogance aside, he's not all that bad, her broad grin, sits oddly on her delicate features. "So you vintners sticking around long? Or should I tell my mentor to get out here fast?" Her expression is entirly too innocent.

Face red and glistening with sweat from the effort of carrying the overly large bucket of water that she is barely managing to keep above the floor, Ali shuffles in. Between quick, labored breaths, she manages to speak, nodding her head as she does, "G'day *gasp* Arc *gasp* everyone *gasp*." Shuffle shuffle, she continues slowly across the room, water splishing around in the bucket and landing on the floor.

Terick shrugs. "Back off to the Gar Hall" he notes nonchalantly. Really he's not desperate to stay here long. "Ista's much to hot…rather be back at Tillek" he grouches, eyes following the girl with the bucket but making no move to get up and help. Pffft.

"Ripped to pieces?" Archellian almost eeks at that possibility, "oh no way I'm standing well back, well away from any hatchlings," he says most insistantly. "Don't want to get in any of their ways." Then he realises what Terick said, "wine? You wouldn't be selling any would you," he says in a muted whisper, "a friend of mine loves the stuff and it would make a great present." Seeing Ali walk in he rushes to his feet and over to her, "need a hand?" he asks like he's much chance of being able to help, then again Terick looks rather strong, surely a real gentleman would help poor Ali. "Whatever are you doing?" he asks, watching his newly swept floor get soaked with water in something akin to horror."

Alister quickly shakes her head from side to side, a look of sheer determination on her face. Shuffle shuffle *splash*. Shuffle shuffle *splash*. Pause. *Gasp*. Shuffle shuffle *splash*. This pattern continues until the small candidate finally makes it over near the fire, where, with a great big heave, it's put on the stone before the fire for heating. Another gasp, and she sinks to the floor in complete exhaustion. Tired cinnamon toned eyes look toward Arc and she frowns, whispering, "Mopping. Have to mop the room, but the water has to boil first."

He's been lugging boxes all day, and now he's hot and in /ista/ surrounded by dragonriders and candidates. So Terick isn't moving. He sends a tired glance towards the watery splashing pair and then another over to Loeree. "And who are you?"

"Mop it?" Archellian frowns as she says that, "but I just swept the place, and now they want it mopped? I guess I'll be expected to help then. Though if it's helping you it wont really be a chore," oh so sweet smile curving on his lips. "With several of us working at it it shouldn't be a problem. With two of us," he corrects himself."

Loeree chuckles and stands… "Mind if I help? I know where we can find several mops…."

"You actually want to help?" Archellian gapes at Loeree and her offer, then before she can change her mind, "no of course we don't mind, the more the merrier and all so to speak. And the cleaner the floors, the faster it's done, the sooner we can away and do something fun." Smiling brilliantly now, "could you go get us some more mops then so we can clean the place? I already swept it so it shouldn't be too bad. Oh and whilst you're doing that could you maybe put the brush way," he gestures at the broom he was sweeping with earlier, "please?"

"Guess they want it clean enough to eat off of," Ali frowns deeply as she dips a finger into the water to test it's temperature. As her hand is pulled away and wiped on the not-quite-clean dress she's wearing, she lifts her shoulders and does a rolling motion with them, trying to sooth tired, aching muscles. "Thanks, Arc, really," his smile is returned with one just as sweet, and is then shifted to the girl she doesn't know, "all help is accepted, thank you!"

"Well the silly people should eat of tables like everyone else," Archellian suggests with a smirk, "eat of plates on tables. Weyrfolk, hmmph, I'll never understand them," and with that he bursts into laughter. "It's no problem, well not as long as you help me with whatever nasty punishment I end up getting for… well maybe they've forgotten so better not mention that. And once we're finished well… we can finally rest I guess."

"Ooh don't say the 'l' word," Archellian chides Loeree, "it's almost as bad as the 'w' one and the 'c' one," he rolls his eyes as he announces that, taking the offered mop mumbling a 'thanks' and scouring the room, looking at the massive task ahead. "Should we just dive in or should we move all the tables and chairs to make it easier to mop?" By no means an expert on the subject he is all too willing to turn to the women for suggestions.

Loeree grins. "The biggest are too big for us… those we mop around… but the smaller oones we move /after/ mopping where we're moving them too.

Ali touches the water again, scowling at it and it's lack of heat, "The water isn't hot enough yet, so we have to wait," the small candidate points out tiredly, leaning over in her seated position to prop her chin on her knees. "Should we at least put the chairs up on the tables?" she offers the suggestion with another frown and wrinkle of her nose. "There are so *many* of them, and I've been working so hard today…" realizing that she's whining, and whining probably isn't acceptable, she stops, and forces a smile to her face. "This *is* the last chore of the day…"

Terick lounges back, quite comfortable at his seat, with a long glas of juice, watching others do the work for once. Smugly he lifts a hand "Now, don't miss that spot" he says slickly, chuckling at himself.

Loeree winks at Ali and grins at Arch. "Race you!" She declares with a laugh. "Fastest doesn't have to mop!" She calls over her shoulder already at the first table."

"Hmm why don't we just leave them in place and not bother mopping under them?" Archellian suggests with a chuckle, mop brandished in both hands, grin spread across his face, "though bet you they'd find out and punish us for it if we did. Probably best if we do a proper job you think? Or well what? I dunno, I don't have a clue about cleaning or anything." At Ali's words he stands and waits, for all of one moment. "You shouldn't put your finger in, when it gets hot enough you might burn yourself, or scald, or whatever it's called." He looks over at Terick, the chuckling vintner and frowns, "we don't really need an audience you know. Perhaps you would be so kind as to vacate the room, or help, or at least keep your snide comments to yourself," shifting his grip on the mop, ohh a fearful weapon if ever there was one. "We'd probably at least be best moving chairs whilst we wait for the water to heat, nothing better to do. Do we have cleaning stuff, or do we just use water?"

Terick shrugs. Humph. Keeping his snide comments to himself has been tried before and it never works. And helping? Bah. He barely lifts a hand in his own Hall. So with an inclination of his head for Archellian the man grabs his packs, drains his glass and marches out.

Ali *groans* and smacks herself in the forehead with the palm of her hand, "Soap. I forgot to get the soap. Shards!" Pushing herself up from the floor, with the assistance of two very dirty hands, she manages to get to her feet and slowly wanders in the direction of the kitchens. "I'll just get some from the kitchens, and we can add it, I guess. I hope." Shuffle shuffle. The dirty little candidate slips into the kitchens.

Wow he did it, Archellian is a real man, he scared the nasty evil no working snide comment making vintner away, and all he had was a few cutting barbs and a mop. "It's okay Ali, I'll get it," Archellian says, waving a hand at her to get her to stay and rushing off in that direction, no clue where it's kept but not wanting to give the girl any more work than she already has. He may have been sweeping all day but he's had a break and she looks more tired than he. "Stay and well, watch the water would you," hands waved again shooing her back, definitely fluttery gestures he goes off to retrieve the soap stuff.

Kiiran strides boldly into the living caverns, floppy mop trailing water from its position in his hands, a man with a mission. "Are we ready to do some mopping, here?" He flashes grin at Arc and Alister and tromps onto the just-swept area, boots' load of grit and sand sprinkling the newly cleaned floor with liberal grime. Whoops. Time to do that part over. Luckily- and strangely enough- Kii seems to be fairly enthusiastic about the whole business; he handles the mop like an apprentice might handle a sword: excited, proud, and completely incompetent.

Alister gives Arc a weak but very appreciative smile before turning and heading back toward the fire and the not-quite-boiling bucket of water. Taking his advice to heart, she doesn't stick her finger in the water again, but does peer over into it. "It bubbles when it's boiling, right? So we just have to watch for bubbles?" Smart little candi we have here, folks! Realizing she hasn't introduced herself to the other girl in the room, she turns and gives a sheepish smile, "I'm Alister, by the way, or Ali, whichever."

He returns, container of sweetsand in one hand, mop wielded in the other, the former dumped into the still heating water, the latter raised angrily at the man who dares mess his nicely swept floor, "watchit," he nearly shrieks, then looks up spying a Kiiran, having the good grace to look apologetic. "Sorry, can't you take your shoes off or something?" After all barefeet are so manly. "We're just waiting for the water to boil," is said to Kiiran. "Yes Ali, bubbles mean boiling, or at least simmering, hmm that looks hot enough," he peers in "don't stick your finger in, you'll burn it. So we take it off the heat or just leave it there? And what are we going to do about the tables and chairs?"

Loeree laughs and nods. "It bubbles when it's boiling." Then grins back at Alister. "I'm Loeree… Harper apprentice…" She gives the girl another wink, then her attention is directed at Kiiran. "I recomend you move off. and out of the way before I make you mop instead of them!" She goes abruptly from impish to imperious. An attitude she learned from her father, though he had no more station to be imperious with than she does. She brings herself up to her full harp. "And you're doing it all wrong. Get out of those boots."

With a sudden flash of insight Archellian realises Loeree outranks them all at the moment. Oh dear. Oh very dear. He smiles at the apprentice, deciding not to get on her bad side in case she manages to come to the same conclusion as he. "Kiiran's one of us, he's helping," large smiles as this fact is announced. "And he's also removing his dirty shoes, right?" that's shot at Kii.

Kiiran glances half-apologetically from Archellian to Loeree. "Heya- I'm Kiiran. Uh, yeah." Pause. Female spotted. Radar full alert. In a voice that's suddenly dropped four levels. "Yeah." He flops unashamedly down upon a chair, pries off each boot, and stands, barefoot, proud, and stinky. It's the natural thing. Very masculine. "Much better. Expose that skin to the air, right? So are we gonna get mopping, or what?" He whips his dripping mop cheerfully from side to side, splattering water across the boot-sullied floor. Dirt plus water equals mud. Gee.

"If it's ready then I guess we can move it from the fire a little," Ali suggests, getting to her feet once again and touching the handle of the bucket with her bare hand, which leads to an immediate yelp and her jumping backwards. Hand held to her chest, jaw clenched against the pain, and tears forming in her eyes, she turns to look at the only person that she dare let see her cry, as if she expects Archellian to make it immediately better.

Loeree hasn't figured it out yet, so is surprised, if unimpressed, when Kiiran follows her orders. Masculine? He's got to be kidding. Dirty, smelly, and in need of a bath is more like it. "Take mine, I'll get another." When she returns she's in a more calm mood. "Kiiran, you mop up the mess you made first." She growls at him. "Arch you get the odd corners, ali, you take under the tables, I'll get the main floor…"

Archellian holds his nose with one hand, flapping his other, with the mop oh so effeminately to ward off bad smells, eeking, "no put them back on, but them back on," he protests to Kiiran then bursts into laughter, arms both returning to more normal positions. "You why don't you," he points back at the chair, then stops, "no, that's probably the plan, right? Mess up so you can sit and watch." Ever so suspicious mind. "That's your mess, clean it up," finger now pointed at the 'mud'. "And if you don't do it right do it again, until you can eat off it. Shards I sound like my mother," more giggling, obviously not taking it seriously at all. "Watchit Ali," immediate concern, "someone go get numbweed, now," he orders this time using full Assistant Steward mode. Authority shining out within his tone. "It's gonna be okay Ali. Cold water, if you plunge your hand in cold water," he looks around desperately for some, water pitcher is grabbed and offered to her."

Kiiran showers the newly arrived Ainyan with a liberal rain of cheeriness. Must be having a good day. "Inya! Come on in! We're Mopping!" Can't you just hear the capital m? Kii's bare- and decidedly aromatic- feet squelch about the floor, smudging the thin layer of mud that's beginning to patch up in isolated places. Particularly around the discarded lump of his boots. He daubs his mop delicately at the mess with all the grace of an artisan, succeeding in rearranging the mud into happy little patterns.

Ainyan wanders in, pauses, and considers wandering right back out. It's not the chores that scare her. It's not the crowd. It's the /candidates/. See, she lives with them. She knows them. " Mopping?" she asks faintly of Kiiran, glancing down at the floor. " I'm almost scared t' ask."

Tears slip down Ali's cheeks as she reaches out and plunges her hand down into the pitcher of cold water, gasping at the sudden change in temperature, and at the stinging that follows. "Hurts," she whispers quietly so that only Archellian can hear, her eyes squeezing closed to try to shut out the pain of her burned hand. "Shouldna done that, picking up the bucket like that. Stupid of me, that was," she mumbles at herself, frowning deeply.

"Numbweed," Archellian orders again, this time the glare shot at Kiiran, he's obvious not good at anything else considering the mess he's making of the floor. "Go get some. Now." There no room for interpretation, turquoise eyes flaring with anger. His words immediately becoming soothing as he sees Ali's distress, "yeah I know it does but it'll take the heat away. And it's okay, everyone makes mistakes," everything else ignored for the moment as mumbled reassurances are made

Kiiran flicks a sympathetic murk down Alister's way, but Archellian seems to be handling it, so it's off to Ainyan. (All those A's… it's enough to drive a man to mopping.) "Don't be scared- it's /fun/." He gestures towards a mop, glances back at the sound of his name, and aborts the motion. Whoops. "Oh- oh, yeah. Hold on. Be right back." Ooh! A genuine rescue mission! This is so heroic of him… Dash, dash, dash, off towards the kitchens.

Dash, dash, dash, in from the kitchens, out towards the infirmary. "Um- yeah. Numbweed. Infirmary. Be right there, just hold on…" You didn't see that.

Loeree follows Arch's instructions at a dead run, she knows where the healer's are. Several moments and she's back with a small pot. "This is all I could get… Is it enough?" She doesn't notice Kiiran this time. Clolision alert…

Ali bobs her head up and down in response to Arc's soothing words, pulling her hand out of the water for a moment to look at the pink marks that are already forming across both the palm of her hand and her fingers. "Do you think it'll blister?" she asks both Arc and Loeree, holding her hand up to show them the pink marks before sticking her hand back in the water, and wincing at the cold.

Kiiran returns, panting from the run, unprotected feet coated with the grime and cobwebs of some of the more deserted areas of the weyr. He evidently took the long way. Unheeding, he splashes through the mud-goop, fortifying it with further dirtiness from already icky, and now wet, feet. All the way across the caverns he trots, leaving a trail of wet, grungy footprints behind him, to deliver the numbweed with a truly blissful beam. Her hero. He knows, he knows. No need to applaud.

Ainyan casts a glance at Archellian, briefly disapproving. But then, Inya's never been big on the idea of orders. Candidate takes her sweet time to wander over to the pair, curious at what the commotion's about.

Archellian is most definitely not a healer, but he tries his best to help Ali, the innings and outings of people obeying his commands not even notice. "I don't know, not if they slather it in numbweed. Looks like you wont be doing any mopping though Ali, it'll probably make it worse," he says with a frown, more concern for her then because she's skipping out on chores. "Thanks Kii, Lor," he says to both of them, as one of the containers are grabbed from them, "Ali, I think you'll want to cover the burn in this," he suggests to the girl.

Good deed for the day accomplished and well, Kiiran ambles back towards Ainyan, gloppy footprints trailing aimlessly behind. "-So, yeah. Mopping. You want to help? I'll show you how…" Ooh, what a tempting offer. Learn from the master, Inya! See how he wrangles that mop! See how he deals out eternal redemption to those dust bunnies!

Loeree nods at Arch, and peers at Ali's hand. "Yeah…" She agrees with Arch's assessment, being no more a healer than he. She turns back Kiiran and rolls her eyes. "Ali, I'll get your share, never you fear…."

"But it's *my* chore," Ali protests, shaking her head quickly so that her curls bounce around her face. "I can do it, I'll just have to use the other hand, that's all." Her hand is pulled from the water and she accepts the numbweed, retreating to a nearby table so the opened jar can be placed on the table for easy access. Dipping the fingers of the non-burned hand into the pot, she gently rubs it into the burns, sighing softly in relief as the pain slowly ceases to exist. Her other hand is wiped quickly on a nearby rag so they don't go numb as well, and the cap is returned to the jar. "Thanks," she tells each of them, offering tired smiles as she gets to her feet.

Worried glances still cast at Ali, Archellian looks around the room, deciding the matter is virtually dealt with. Kiieran and his grubby feet are eyed with disapproval, "perhaps if you were to find some clean sandals or something so as to not mess the room up. You know I just swept the place and it looks like a hoard of canines just back from a swamp have been stampeding here. And perhaps you should learn how to mop first before you go teaching." There Kiiran chided, he turns onto Ain, "it's pretty easy, Loer could show you." A much wiser choice, "anyone can mop, well apart from Kiiran it would seem, despite his best efforts he seems to be making the place look even worse and we haven't even started."

Ainyan cocks an eyebrow at Arc. Someone's feeling contrary t'day. To Kiiran is purred, " I'd love for y' to show me how it's done." Dimple.

Loeree looks up and nods to Ainyan then shrugs. She's welcome to him. All the more fool she, in her opinion. Loeree takes the mope from Alister and hands it to Ainyan. "It's easy alright, but he's not getting out of here until he gets his mess spotless." She glowers at him. "Alister, take care of that hand. We don't want you hurting yourself perminantly."

Halic pads softly in, uncharacteristically barefoot…and this does not seem to be the only thing different about our paragon of oddity, as his clothing threatens tho shed from his slim form.

Alister turns her gaze to Arc, whom she has apparently adopted as a protector as well as friend, (some call that a brother) and gives him a small frown, "But what can I do to help? I didn't mean to burn my hand, but it isn't fair for you to do *all* of my work while I just sit and watch."

"Ali, sit down," Archellian orders, wow it's almost like being back at Gar. "You can't help, you'll hurt yourself worse and then you wont be able to work for sevendays instead of just days. We're candidates, we're all in this together, and this is as much our chore as it is yours. Just take a break, I'm sure we can find something for you to do later which you are capable of." He looks faintly sick at Inya and her flirting with Kii. His head is shaken, he turns to Loeree, and nods in agreement, "though you know we might be best if we didn't let him…" he trails off as Halic steps in, "WATCH THE MUD!!!" he shrieks hands flapping to get the boy to at least watch where he's going. The last thing the need is more muddy footprints. "Ali, you can… well… sit and make sure no one makes anymore mess," there, as good a chore as any other, "and then well… you can, well… I dunno," he shrugs, "but no mopping or else I'll send you to the healers.

Kiiran wrinkles nose indignantly at Archellian. "I am the /master/ of mopping, man. I don't do that wimpy mopping stuff. Watch and learn, Arc, watch and learn." He grins back towards Inya- though not with anything so cute as a dimple; love them purrs- and gently takes her hands, positioning them on the broom: one way down near the bushy bit, one up by the top. Gotta get the proper leverage. "Okay, it's like this: You sweep this hand back, right over the dirt, and then- whoosh!" He exuberantly swooshes grime across the room. Wheee. See, with Kiiran, mopping's not a chore- it's a sport.

Ainyan doesn't flirt with /males/. Icky things. Even if they look deliciously feminine. " Like this?" She makes a few passes. It's a trial to tell whether she's flubbing it on purpose, or just naturally inept at the process.

Loeree snorts once and mutters to Arch and ali. "I'll finish up anything they ruin…." She glares at them, and shrugs. More work for her, but then she's a perfectionist and the best way to do anything is to do it yoursel fin her mind.

"Stoppit, you're making it worse," girly shrieks given to Kiiran can only come from one person, Archellian of course. Hands fluttering with frustration, at what the other man's doing. Practically having fits at the mess of the floor, "don't, please, no." Short sharp hysterical breaths taken in a desperate attempt to calm himself down. "You'll just spread the mess around like that." Not that he knows the real way to mop but he can see Kiiran's doing it all wrong. He should stop flirting and well… do it proper. Yeah both of them should. "No, not like that," he cries out, about to have a mental breakdown. "How can anyone not mop." He looks relieved at Loeree, "I think they're gonna make the mess worse, not better."

Filli walks with cat like grace in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Alister makes a sound similar to a…squeak? and slips back into the chair she'd just abandoned. "I'll just sit…right here then, alright?" Shoulders slump into an unhappy posture, but she does as she's told, to the best of her ability, at least. Tiny nose is wrinkled as she watches the goings-on, shaking her head from side to side as the mud is just smeared everywhere. "Ooh! Wait!" she calls out, holding her non-burned but still numb hand up in the air toward those that just entered. "Careful! It's wet, and we're, err, they're trying to clean it!"

Halic smiles demurely from the door, eyes flickering with curious amusement over Kiiran with his mop…Ali with her injury, or is that binding 'round her hand part of her clothing?…Loeree and Arc in their element, desperate management…then zooming in on the one giving him orders…"Well now, Arc," Halic purrs, "How might you be right now? And how's Zidon?"

Kita stides in in three quick steps, excitement painted across her face as she sees the multitide of other candidates. However, the brownrider doesn't notice the wet floor. "Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce you to your newest candidate, Fiiiiiiii-!" Taking one step too many, Kita slips and lands on her back, leathers sliding her across the wet floor. She comes to rest at Alister's feet, to whom Kita gazes up at with some wry amusement at her predicament. "Uh yes..thanks for warning me."

Kiiran does not look 'deliciously feminine', thank /you/. Unfortunately, he's just as perceptive as he is masculine- which is to say, not much- and he certainly flirts with females. "Oh, that's wonderful. I think you must be a natural at this." Beamk, beamk. He gives another swop of the mop, splattering a light sprinkle of grime across the caverns' north end. And dangerously close to the newcomer. And going for the long-distance record in Olympic mop-flinging, it's Ista's finest, candidaaaaate Kiiran!

Filli trys to keep from busting up in laughter. She looks at Kita and tilts her head to the side and checks to see if the rider is okay.

Loeree looks up at Kita hands on a mop, doing her best to clean the rest of the area, waiting until Kiiran goes /away/ so she can finish up. Not realizeing she's the only one here not a candidate or rider. Oy.

Alister cringes, cover her eyes with both of her hands as Kita skids across the floor in her direction. Leaping to her feet, she reaches down with both hands, quickly pulling the burned one away, to offer her a bit of assistance back to her feet. "You alright?" she asks the brownrider, a little sheepishly.

Poor poor Archellian is having hysterical fits, unable to believe the fact that people are making the floor messier in their attempts to clean it. Deep calming breaths taking in and out, in and out. "I'm cleaning," he states simply to Halic. Yes that's how he is. Cleaning, though he's not even holding the mop anymore. Wherever did it get to. "Zidon is here, he's good, gorgeous as ever and you so much as look at him and I'll rip your eyes out," this delivered coldly as he regains his sense of self, a smile accompanying the words, "well maybe not," a chuckle following that and more vapours as the dragonrider skids. AGHHH!!!!! Deep, calming breaths.

Kiiran chances to glance out the window along the arc of one of his record-breaking mop-swipes, and the sun's surprising nearness to the horizon prompts an equally surprising soprano eek. "Oh, shard it, I missed my thing with Karnie, he's gonna-" Zoooom. And he's off for the caverns, boots left behind. Now the candies can get some /real/ cleaning done.

Kita grunts rather grudgingly, accepting Alister's hand and brushing off her leathers with a small amount of embarrassment. "What I was /trying/ to say," the rider starts again after smiling at Alister with an 'I'm okay' look, "was I'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to your little group: Filli, Herder Senior Apprentice!" Kita's smile is now genuine, as she walks towards the barracks. "Coming?"

Filli nods and gives a small wave to the group, "On my way." she says useing her long legs to catch up.

Alister watches as the pair slip through the room and onward to the barracks, giving Filli, or her back at least, a smile and a nod before she slips back down into her seat.

Archellian's brain has shut down, he's most certainly not comprehending any of this as people run out and in and mess is spread everywhere. More ever so deep breaths as he tries to force back the horrors of alll that has happened. It's messy. Worse than the started. They nearly killed a dragonrider. Oh dear, not good. Then again Archellian is a little dramaqueen after all, forever blowing things out of proportion. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out. Relax. Calm. All is good. All is well.

Absently twirling a mop in the fingers of one hand, Halic gazes at the disarray, calmly stepping aside as Kiiran dashes past. Gingerly stepping out into the mess, he swirls the mophead over the floor.

Loeree rolls her eyes at the mess and actually starts making progress with the mess. It's going awy…. slowly, but surely. She's done alot of mopingin her day, so she knows what she's about. She doesn't look at ARch. She's rather put out with the whole afair though not with him.

Mop is grabbed, dunked into the bucket of hot sweetsanded water, then thrust onto the floor. Tackling it with furious frustration, managing to vent all his anger upon the poor floor. Archellian of course, who else. Vigorous, skilled even, sweeping movements made on the floor, forever the efficient one. Yes the guy does know what he's doing, done it before even if his current efforts are anything to go by. No words spoken, nothing but slightly grunting at hard stains as he tries to get them to shift.

Ali watches quietly as the work, her work, is done around her. Feet are lifted from the floor and tucked beneath her so that they aren't in the way, and she studies the pink welts that grace the palm of her hand and the pads of her fingers. "I wonder how many more candidates we'll have before the hatching. I think they search as many as they can, so the dragons have lots of choices, isn't that the way it works?"

"I have no idea," Archellian replies to Ali as he pauses in his task for a moment to slick blond locks away from his eyes. "Is your hand okay? Is it still hurting much?" he asks very concerned as slower attempts to tackle the floor as made, "I'd guess they need lots of people to choose from," he flutters back to her earlier words. "Probably at least twice as many as the eggs, give each one a choice of two people," Archellian suggests, that sounding as fair as anything, not that he has a clue about how weyrs work. Scrub, scrub, scrub on the floor, soapy lather being spread around.

Loeree shrugs, for once out of her depth. "That sounds about right…." But she just goes back to mopping though a little biet slowre now that they're the only ones in the cavern. Too many people get on her nerves.

"Can't even feel it," Alis holds her hand up for him to see, trying to wiggle the numb fingers and finds that she can't do that very well. "I'm sure it will be alright soon, thanks to your help," a wink is given to her fellow candidate and she shifts in her chair to get comfortable. "It seems like we've got that many in the barracks already, even if there are still plenty of extra cots. Do you know how many eggs there are?"

Archellian shakes his head, golden locks tumbling back in front of his eyes, "no I don't know how many eggs there are. I couldn't count them all," he chuckles softly, "there were two clutches so I'd guess an awful lot. I'm not sure though. I'm glad your hand's not hurting, still best not to work," scrub, scrub scrub of the floor as he speaks, "don't want to make it worse." A smile is cast over at Loeree, "thankyou very much for helping. You know I do believe we're actually doing better without all those other people around. I swear I've never seen people make so much mess trying to clean up."

"Other than sweeping, what did you have to do today?" Ali tries to keep the conversation going, feeling that chatter helps the hardest tasks pass more quickly. "I was in the nursery, helping with the little ones, which wasn't all that bad, except for when they chose to spit on me," her nose wrinkles at the idea and she shakes her head, turning her attention on Loeree. "You're a harper here, right, so that must mean you know my cousin, Kaeryn? She's a journeyman, here too."

Loeree shudders and nods. "Some time too much is worse than too few." She says softly, eyes gleaming almost merrily. "and thank you, you didn't have to help eiteher." She pauses as Ali speaks. and shrugs, answering. "I've seen her, I don't know her very well. I'm a little new in the craft.." She blushes slightly.

"I was sweeping most of the day, in here, in the corridors, in the caverns, everywhere," Archellian groans as he says that, "no variety at all I'm afraid. My backs beginning to hurt, I'd kill for a massage. Hmm wonder if Z…" he trails off blushing cutting that thought off quickly. "Yeah the brats can be a problem can't they. Be glad they weren't sick everywhere. I've met Kaeryn, she's extremely nice," he comments with bright smiles. "It's nice to have company when cleaning, only well too much is definitely a problem, especially when they don't have a clue."

Loeree falls silent, letting Arc do the talking, she just listens while she cleans. Listening being her strongest point, no matter how much she talks. She offers Alister a smile.

"I'll give you a massage," Ali offers and frowns at her hand, "as soon as my hand heals up, that is, if you can wait that long." Her toes wiggle in her sandals, causing her skirts to move around her feet, and her fingers wiggle, somewhat drunkenly, on her lap. "Kae has a daughter now, so I think she's been spending most of her time being a mom, and being with T'rell. He's Brencia's father. I see her though, at night I go visit with her when I can."

"Last time a girl offered that," Archellian muses over Ali's words, "I had such a big argument with Zi." Soft blush creeping across his face, "didn't seem to understand… well not that Zi's… well…" he shakes his head slowly, "no thankyou, I'll suffer in silence. I'll be okay, probably just take a bath. Kae's very nice," he states again, not sure what else to add.

"But it isn't, and wouldn't be, like that," Ali blinks slowly, shaking her head at Arc and giving Loeree a shrug to show she doesn't understand. "The offer stands, if you ever decide to change your mind." Shifting again in her chair, her feet fall back to the floor, and she grins, "Don't worry, they're clean."

Loeree chuckles softly, and pretends not to listen. Then gives Alister a grin. "Your feet are… Its others we worry about." She turns back to Archellian. "So chores aren't so bad after all…" She says cheerily.

"I love Orpheus, even if we aren't together," Archellian chuckles, his tone thoughtful forever, "and won't be till he reaches journeyman, and you love Keris. Of course it wouldn't be like that, however I still have a trust thing going on with him and I'm not sure if he'd understand. Zi went crazy after all. I don't want same reaction from Orpheus if he finds out some beautiful girl had her hands all over me." He looks at her feet, "hmm yes they are clean. Unlike some people. Hmmph would think they'd actually wash. What is it with men who think no hygeine is actually sexy?" he turns to Loeree, directing the question at her since Ali's looking tired.

Loeree shrugs and scowls. "No earthly idea. I find it rather replusive." She /was/ fastidiously clean before she started moping, now some of the dust has rubbed off on her, though it doesnt' rub off on the floor. "I'm just glad he wasn't trying for me." She'd probably have decked him.

Alexander snugs Alister! Alister squeaks happily and snugs you right back!

Archellian bursts out laughing, "I think it's probably because his twin looks like a girl he goes to that extremes, but still, it is rather disgusting, I just hope that he doesn't hope to get himself a girlfriend like that. Then again I don't have a clue, for all I know girls might love smelly dirty men. Yeuch. I know I don't." Mopping away quite happily now as he chats, nothing quite like cleaning to set ones mind at ease.

Loeree rolls her eyes. "I don't. And most of the girls I've talked to don't either." She shudders almost delicately. "Though a twin that looks like that would do it… who's his brother? Anyone here?" If it is she might know him. If not, she probably won't.

"Karnie… um R'kan, a bronzerider," Archellian explains to her, "and he really looks like a girl, most definitely," he says amused. "Twins, so well… I guess trying to exert his own personality. Pity, he'd be cute if he actually washed and stopped bothering to be quite so manly. I'm sure he'd be…" he trails off, "what're we doing discussing Kiiran anyway? So well you enjoying being a harper?"

Alister's eyes flutter open and she looks around in quiet surprise, realizing that she'd fallen asleep sitting up in her chair. Giving them both a sheepish grin, she wiggles her toes in her sandals again, followed by a wiggling of her fingers. All there. Yup.

Loeree laughs and nods. "Yes, I am. There's alot more too it than I thought at first…. the music is the easy part." well for her. "It's the history and geography and the million and seven /othere/ things they expect usto trmember that's hard…" She laughs again, she doesnt' mind half as much as she seems.

"They teach you all that?" Archellian asks rather awed by it all. "Wow, I never knew Harpers had so much work. So well, you must enjoy it if you're willing to sign away the next turns of your life to learn," he rambles, the floor getting cleaner and cleaner as he works and talks at the same time. Multitasking, oh what a clever boy.

"I'm not all that great with book stuff," Ali notes quietly, her first spoken thought in quite some time. "Guess that's why I decided to stick with working outside away from all the….booksmart people. Kerry, he's smart, and I learn quite a bit talking to him sometimes but… I'll stick with doing what I know.

Loeree chuckles softly. "I'm not all that great with book stuff either. I'd rather stick with my music, but I have to know the rest, becasue some day I'll have to be able to teach the rest." She shrugs and finally manages to get the worst of Kiiran's mess cleared up. Amazing. She re-dunks her mop and moves onto another area. "But the music is worth it… utterly intoxicating at times."

"Nah I don't do bookstuff either and see where it got me. Started off a stablehand at Gar too, and now Assistant Steward," Archellian grins brightly at that. "Suppose it's good for some people too. I hate hides," he wrinkles his nose, "that's the one thing good about here. Wish I was musical, would be nice," he muses, "though tone deaf I am."

"Yeah, but all I do is work in the gardens, digging in the dirt, and pulling up dead stuff," Ali points out, her tone somewhat sour as she runs a finger over the burn marks on her hand. "Couldn't even do that now, if I were back there, you know… but I want to go back, just for a minute.."

Loeree chuckles at both of the A's in the room, and shrugs. "I've not been back to Lemos since I first got here. You'll get used to it after a while. Homesickness is normal."

"I didn't see Keris I'm afraid when I was at Gar, you could always write him a letter you know," Archellian suggests with a smile, "and well all I did was clean up after runners. Yeuch," wrinkling of his nose as he speaks, "and it's not just /all/ because that's demeaning it. It's a task as neccessary as any other. Because you do the gardens the starcraft hall looks beautiful and the apprentices have a pleasant environment to work in. It also means they can concentrate on their studies instead of doing it themselves." He nods to Loeree, "hmm I don't know, I miss Gar like anything, I don't miss 'Reaches at all though."

"I know, I have written," Ali shrugs and shakes her head all at once, "but, he's busy and all. He is a journeyman, so he has classes to attend, as well as to teach… don't really expect him to have time to write me back, and definitely not to come visit or anything." She lifts her head up, trying to look proud and confident, but the smile on her lips is a shallow one.

"Well I'm sure he'll be at the hatching," Archellian tries to reassure her, "and you're right, he will be busy, as is Orpheus and they'll get along fine without us even if they don't write they will miss us like crazy, right? And they'll be at the hatching."

Alister brightens immediately, nodding her head at Arc and giving him a grin, "They'll probably even come together, won't they? Coming from the same place and all, so that'll be good." Slowly, she opens and closes her hand, watching it carefully to make sure she isn't pulling anything or going to make it worse with the motion. "I don't think it's going to blister, so it should be better in a couple days. Do you think I should see a healer about it?"

Loeree nods, but doesn't say anything. She's never met Keris. Doesn't know who he is absolutely no idea, so she just mops and listens and wished she knew enough to help.

"Of course they'll come together," Archellian says grinning, "would be silly if they didn't. Though we'll be able to ask riders to take them won't we?" scrubbing the floor as he speaks, "they wont have to travel on runners? Hmm I'm glad your hand isn't going to blister, I'd see a healer if I were you. They'll probably give you your physical at the same time so would kill two wherries with one boulder."

"Physical," Ali shivers unhappily at the thought and sinks down in her chair, "is it really as bad as it sounds, all that poking and prodding and questions and everything that everyone's talking about?" Feet are pulled up to the chair again so that her knees are tucked against her chest, her chin resting against them.

"They ask you about your general health, if you feel okay," Archellian begins, "you're made to put on a gown. You're told to breathe in and out so they can check your breathing. They tap your knees and your wrists to check your reflexes. They look in your ears. And then they make you drink stuff to stop you having babies," he wrinkles his nose at the last. "And that's it. No pain, or poking or prodding or anything," trying to reassure her.

Alister nods her head along with each explanation, her face flushing a bright pink at the mention of the 'potion' and she closes her eyes. "Don't really see the point of *that*," she mumbles, not explaining which 'that' she means, and opens her eyes again, "I guess it isn't too bad altogether though?"

"Yeah tell me about it, the healer tried to force me to take it," Archellian shakes his head, "yeah like I'll be having babies any time in the future. I don't see why I'm forced to drink a potion that…" he trails off remembering it's best not to tell how sick the stupid thing made him feel, after all she's not had it yet. "Yeah I don't see the point. But it's not too bad, not painful at all?"

"What if we just promised that we wouldn't," Ali pauses that train of thought and grins sheepishly, "if we wouldn't do anything that would cause us to *need* it?" Hey, every idea is worth thinking through, right? "I mean, I just don't see the point but…" but what do candidates have to say about the things they are told to do if they want to stick around?

"I told her I don't like girls, that I have no interest in them in that way what so ever, never have, never will, and she still tried to make me drink it. There's no real point arguing I guess. They don't listen," Archellian replies, "so well just do as they say convince them you're a nice person and don't get yourself extra chores for your rudeness." He might even be speaking from experience.

Alister giggles softly at the advice and nods her head, the sparkle in her eyes growing brighter. "Does it taste /awful/ though? Do you think it'd be alright to bring juice or something with me to make the taste go away as soon as I drink it?" Questions questions and more questions pour from Ali's mind and in Arc's direction, poor chap.

Rytor stumbles in, looking for somewhere to sit. As he sits down, he cradles his head, for he has a big headache…

Hyzen walks, like any sane person, in from the Bowl and without much ado, heads towards a table away from any gatherings. Settling herself within the comforting confines of a chair, she half turns towards the fire to watch the flames… and listen. She didn't usually eavesdrop, but most of the time it couldn't be helped. So she allowed herself the luxury of it from time to time. Three of her four friends are draped in their usual places, Nauvoo the terrible blue oddly quiet this day. Relaxing in her chair, the child casts curious eyes towards Archellian and the ones he was chatting with.

"Yeah you should be able to bring something to wash the taste away," Archellian reassures her, still scrubbing the floor. As new people walk in he practically shrieks, "watch it's wet. Don't go muddying it, take your shoes off," panic filling his face at the prospect of all that mopping suddenly ruined, having to start again.

Hyzen examines the floor where she had trod, having not noticed that it was wet when she entered. Well, she didn't make any muddy messes that she can see… Upon closer inspection, she leans forward in her seat and stares with a guilty expression at a few small footprints of what used to be dirt. Swallowing, she flicks a quick glance towards Archellian. Did he see it? Oh, Faranth forbide if he did… mwhahahaha. She's torn between what to do: clean it up or leave it. It would be wrong to leave it… but what if he didn't see it? Depends on his reaction…

Tempest materializes from the darkness of ::between::, bringing the slight chill of its icy coldness with him.

"Hmmmm," Ali makes a noncommital noise, just to make it and fill the small moment of silence. "It looks like it's almost done, don't you think, Arc? If we can just keep dirty toes off it until it dries, anyway." Her toes aren't touching the floor, nope, up on the chair where they are out of the way.

As if Archellian wouldn't notice someone messing up his spotless floor, sharpeyed for once, perception never his usual strong point, he glares down at the mud. Nothing said, it's just mopped up methodically as he scowls, "well it's almost done," he comments to no one in particular, looking around at all that awful work he's managed to finish. "All we need now is for Kiiran to return." He nods at Ali, "yeah it is almost done. And well yeah. You read my mind. I could murder a mug of klah and a bath."

Rytor looking a bit green, Rytor picks himself up, and heads for the klah pot, maybe some of that would help.

In pads the dark clad candidate, idly flicking her tongue 'gainst the ring that's piercing her bottom lip, a yawn is given and slender alabaster fingers rise to cover her mouth as it opens. "I now remember why I hated being a candidate. The cots are /horrible/ to sleep on, and too many people /snore/." Anely hisses rather angrily, lapis eyes alight with a cool collected bit of annoyance. The moment said human arrives, a certain gold that was perched up in the rafters glides down with effortless ease. Meep, someone lost something? Naw, someone just got forgotten. "Kin, where in Faranth's name have /you/ been." Silly firelizards.

Hyzen purses her lips thoughtfully as she watches the mud she had tracked in disappear. "Sorry Archellian," comes her soft voice as her gaze moves back towards the dancing, sinuous flames. Upon the hearing of yet another voice, this one so very much loved by certain child, her head is snapped about as if yanked by a string. "Mother!" comes the call, though not loud, it is carrying. Rising from her seat, Hy stares at the knot upon Anely's shoulder. "You… you got Searched?" Surprise and delight ranges in her tone as she moves towards said person, head tilting slowly to one side.

Kin seems like more of an illusion rather then reality as shimmering white gold wings suspend the angelic firelizard in the air.. Free… free she is… free from the icy shadows of ::between::!

Anely lets out a soft coo to Kin, who bobs her little angelic head at Anely and daintily flutters her way onto her shoulder before sliding into the protective wisps of proffered hair.

Rytor gets his cup of klah, and heads back to bed, were nothing moves so much.

*pitterpatter* What's that we hear? Why, it's the pitter patter of little Aera footsteps. Uh oh. "Momma!" Can be heard as the young girl motors her legs, attempting to keep up with the much larger-stepped Momma. After all, you wouldn't want to loose someone like that. You really need Mommas. And of course, the young child slows as she enters the cavern further and takes in what exactly is there. "Hyhy!" Also greets with a cheerful wave, although she doesn't deviate from her Momma course.

Alister hugs Kiylan! Kiylan shrieks and throws you over a cliff.

"I don't snore," Archellian pouts his protests even if the comment wasn't directed at him, "though I know what you mean. Hey watch our nice clean floor," he chides Anely, as she steps in. Then goes back to more mopping, regardless of the fact everything is spotless. Nice, clean soothing cleaning.

Anely is… nearly attacked the moment she steps foot into the caverns? Oh dear, isn't she the popular person. "Hello my daughters, and how are you this…" She pauses, voice dropping to a sour tone,"…delightful day?" Pale eyes flicker faintly before she stares at said 'nice clean floor'. "Um… okay…" The gothlet says before slowly moving to the side and avoiding the cleaned floor as best as she can. "I'm tired." And that's another thing about candidacy, it sometimes makes her bratty.

"Arc?" Ali calls out sleepily from her propped up position in her chair. "It's done, you can stop now. It looks good…" her burned hand reaches up and covers her mouth in an attempt to stifle the yawn that's forming there.

"Done?" and with that, Archellian collapses into a chair, not even bothering to tidy up his cleaning stuff, or even get some klah. Utterly exhausted, sleeves, trousers, all wet, wrinkling his nose with disguest he tries to stretch and shift so he can massage some kinks out of his shoulder muscles, contorting wildly to do so.

Hyzen steps carefully around the still wet spots and beams up at her foster mother. "I'm good, been a bit busy. How about you?" Brilliant optics dart down to take in the sight of her younger sister and Hy giggles softly. "'lo Aera! What're you doing, lovey?" The tone merits a prideful sound to it as the older child reaches out to pat Aera's head as she draws nearer. "Where's K'el?"

*Fade to Black*

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