Mlina Is Searched

Logfile from Saph.

Main Beach
This long stretch of white sandy beach stands pristine among the beaches around Ista Island. The sand stretches off into the distance on either side of you, disappearing into the horizon. Several large uprooted trees dot the beach where they were most likely felled in a big storm. They look as if they'd make great benches, for people or firelizards alike. To the east, the crystal blue waters of the Hold cove roll up in gentle waves onto the beach, hissing softly as they ebb and flow. To the south, Ista Hold juts out of the cliff. Just west of here, a low bluff leads up to the grassy field that serves as the Hold's main gather grounds.
It is a spring evening.
Curled up in the sand are seven firelizards.
Bronze Bydelth is here.
You see Dromi, Tuck, Pup, and Super-Annoying Rules! (read annoying) here.
Musuko, Nerak, Mlina, and N'ano are here.
Obvious exits:
Shallows Steep Trail Gather Meadow Courtyard Dolphinhall

Nerak looks at Musuko again, "Im not sure if I can keep somehting like this quiet… I mean, if you saw how many people were bringing their flitters into the infirmary, you'd know what I meant! What do you have in here? I'd imagine small doses of willowsalic, peppermint, meadowsweet… I have been experimenting with some things myself, but Mermaid has been refusing treatment, and Slider only fell ill recently. Please let me know what's in this! If you tel me, I'll not tell them whom it came from… I'll just give it out…" She looks at Musuko, pleading.

" Ah ha! I just went to the hall, y'knowwhere in Faranth's name is everyone?" Healers. Duh. "Ya'll been workin' on somethin' for that sickness that's goin' 'round?" he asks, waving a gesture towards Bydelth who seems to bea little off color, to say the least. Nevermind a 'hi' though. "I've been in the 'firmary m'selfI /think/ Lesa, Saria 'n I've figured out somethin'will have to test it out later. But anyway—just thought I'd seach some of you guys out to find out your progress, perhaps? Oh! 'n Sapha wanted to come too." Retracing roots, perhaps.

Sapha maneuvers her slightly awkward body carefully as she climbs down from Bydelth, he's a lot bigger than her Phirath. "It's like climbing down a mountain I swear." She puffs once her feet are safely on terra firma, or the sand which ever makes more sense. Listening to N'ano's oh-so-graceful entrance she assumes a look of concern. "This won't hurt my baby will it?" She asks, hand curving around the little bump in her middle. Twit.

Mlina blinked, then nodded in agreement to Nerak. "Yes yes… I don't know that I can… what were we talking about." She looked confused, the vial already tucked into her pocket where only her blue would remember where she'd put it. Mlina then peered towards the… people. Did she know them? Proabably not. If they talked to her directly… then she'd try and remember who they were. As is, though, she might as well give up if there was no certain chance of success.

Musuko blinks, and gulps… "Just tell me how much is needed, I'll make as much as needed… The little ones will drink it at least, which is more than I can say about some of the stuff the rest of the hall makes." looks at Sapha, and smiles, her own arms resting on her swollen stomache. "I can make as much as needed…" looks to the dragon, and tilts her head. 'Is the dragon sick?' she thinks loudly, wondering if the dragon can hear her..

Nerak looks down on her lap at the two sick firelizards and then up at the Ista Weyrleader. "Um, I'm sorry Weyrleader N'ano. I'd stand, but this is the first real easy sleep they've had since they got sick… I hope you don't mind." She grins at Sapha, also a healer-turned-rider. "Hello Sapha, nice to see you as well! Well, this seems to be working for the firelizards. Mermaid was fighting me for hte longest time, but has now just allowed me to try something. I was happy to find that Musuko had made up something for it. I've been working on something myself, and Slider, here, liked it, but it doesn't seem to work as well as this stuff."

So perhaps N'ano was a littlerushed in his greeting/statement/whatever it was that he was rambling on about. "Sick? Ohhe's gettin' there," N'ano replies, tossing his bronze a quick look of concern, "To the point that I'm 'bout ready to just ground 'em till some remedy's available… flew 'em straight, even. Not as harsh as the cold of 'tween, y'know." "Mind? Nonsense!" he grins, waving a dismissing hand, "'n just N'ano's fine, y'know. Don' need none of that formality stuff," he grins again before bringing his hands to rest upon his hips, "I think we just need to work on a few more kinks in -our- stuff… 'n I'm hopin' to Faranth it's strong 'nough to work. I'm gonna test it tomorrow, I think. Sohow's the healer hall fairin' these days? It's been forever since I've gotten down thereall this search stuff goin' on 'n now this virus thing…"

Sapha tries to maintain an expression of polite interest as the Healer waxes lyrical on the troubles she's been having, so at least she's making the effort. "Uh, that's nice." She mumbles non-committedly, grimacing as N'ano blithely dismisses formality, she's pregnant, her authority is all she's got, and she likes all those pretty titles. "Um, so Got cherries?" She asks, anything to direct the conversation away from that dratted plague.

Nerak chuckles, "Well, the hall is faring well, though we've got a rush on the infirmary of sick firelizards. I've been talking to one of the Herder Masters - a new beasthealer, and we've been trying to figure out what to use as well. As a pediatric specialist, we've been thinking about /very/ small doses - since firelizards are so much smaller than babies. We've tried a bit of Willowsalic, Hyssop, Meadowsweet and Peppermint - like a cough syrup for babies. I think that this is the right mixture though, or at least the firelizards seem to like it, and it seems to help." She looks back down at her sleeping friends and smiles, stroking their backs. She looks back over at Sapha, "Hmm, cherries? I think there are some in the Dining hall. I noticed people coming back from the Garden area recently with baskets of htem.

Mlina filed that away. Weyrleader N'ano. Should she have stood? Proabably. So Mlina just contents herself with picking up her blue and waving his little paw at N'ano. Someday the girl will act her age. It comes and goes. Then her attention shifted to Sapha. Remember that too. Sapha. Right. "Cherries?" Mlina perked up, also pleased to get conversation away from the firelizards. If she even remembered that they were talking about firelizards. That point was debateable.

Musuko sits quietly, and just watches the dragon, wondering what his symptoms were… Sore throat? Coughing? She may be able to help those… Not watching her thoughts, she lets the get loud again, not knowing if the dragon can hear, or if the flits are listening… Keeping her brew in one hand, she just puzzles it out in her head, then realizes, she's got enough to try a dose on a dragon! She'd better not let anyone know that… "Yes, we just picked some today, please, go help yourself." she smiles.

Bydelth is probably wishing he had control of the medication at this moment in time, judging from the utter groans emitting from him, the grogginess auriating around him and the fact that *PACHOO!* … a macho sneeze follows, dwarfing those from his cousins. "That was disgustin'," is N'ano's only comment to that as he wipes the little draggie-snot from his arm. "'n I told ya!" he soon turns towards Sapha, "There ain' no more cherries till the summer. Y'ate the stocks… 'n they ain' in season right now. Why don't you indulge onfingerroots or somethin'?" Is he kidding? As N'ano speaks, Bydelth inches his way towards his rider, a look of sorrow upon his massive face as it drags along the ground, lightly bumping N'ano in the back, "Woahey man. Alright alrightI promise. Well, I can'talrigrigright." Gotta love those silent conversations, nay? "What?" Nerak's regarded with a look of question, having missed much of what she said, "Ohright. We'll have to get together sometime soon to compare uh, recipes. Mlina's actions only cause N'ano to melt, why? "Awww! That 'minds me of Naeeeeela! Shayla does that to her all the time! Y'knowwaving her hand like that?" Swoon.

Sapha looks towards the Dining Hall, or where the dining hall would be with out all the distance in the way. With a resigned sigh she shrugs. "Oi, you shuddup, or I'll get you pregnant, and then you'll see what fun it is." She snaps, yup, cherries, don't mess with the cherries. "And now I've got to take another bath. Can't you teach that bronze lump of yours to turn his head away when he sneezes? I bet even Naela know's how to do that." She concludes with an eye-roll. Paitence? What is that?

Nerak cringes as the dragon sneezes and covers her head so as not to be snot covered. She looks back up as he finishes. "Aw, poor guy looks miserable." She turns to Musuko and back to the dragon, wondering if her brew would work for the dragon. She doens't mention it, though, not knowing how much the girl has with her. She grins between Sapha and Musuko though and smiles, looking between the two of htem, "Well, two former healer hall residents, both pregnant. I wonder if I leave the hall if it'll happen to me?"

Musuko looks at the dragon with sorrow… if only she could talk to him…. if only she could get the medicine… "Nerak, we have enough to try a dose… for the dragon…" is whispered…. she begs with her eyes. "He looks so pathetic… please!" she nearly begs with her voice… Her voice is so low, only the dragon would hear her. "Please let's try Nerak… We can say you made it, but at least let's try!" she keeps begging… Being pregnant makes her concerned for everyone… especially the sick people and dragons, and animals. "I have more at my place.." is still whispered..

Mlina lets her eyes get really really really big. She has accidentally drawn attention to herself from… who was he again. Oh right, N'ano! "I… um… Sorry?" She peered quickly side to side, then beamed a smile that was on like a flash, casually whiping dragon snot off of her blue firelizard. She didn't do anything. Really! But she did watch the various conversations afterwards. Like watching a modern-day tennis match, it was. After she'd forgotten the sneeze, that is.

" Hey, it ain' my fault that he's got that thing goin' 'roundpro'lly caught it from /yours/," N'ano grunts. Aw. Bickering just like siblings rather than the grownups they really arephysically, anyway. "You wanna knock me up? Ha! I knew you wanted me still. Tonight, baby." Er. With a cheek cluck and a wink towards the greenrider, N'ano rolls his eyes, instead turning back towards the others. "Heymind if we take her back with us?" N'ano suddenly questions Nerak, waving a hand towards the no-name Healer. (since he doesn't know her, of course). "Hey heyhe ain't pathetic lookin'! And I'd rather try somethin' back at the Weyr… safer that 'way 'case there's side effects, y'know? So I actually better get 'em back soon. But yeah—I'd like a few good healers to stand, y'know? They're a good lot." Speaking for himself and Sapha, of course. "'n Bydelth thinks she'd be able to help 'em, too…? Heeeey! I'm workin' day in and day out, buddy!" "Alright, now he just thinks she'd be good for one of his eggs." Yes, his. Bydelth can play the possessive game just as well as Miyakath can.

Sapha is somewhat taken back. "Uh, I haven't been a Healer for over 6 turns, life moves on. I'm sure however if you refrain from gettinf drunk in N'ano's presense then you'll be safely non-pregnant." She glares at N'ano. "Phirath has sense enough not to mingle with infected dragons. She is not sick, nor will she be thankyouverymuch, go blame someone else….Oooh really? She's a candidate?" She waves her hand towards Mlina with an evil glimmer in her eyes.

Nerak looks back at Musuko, then at Bydelth. She turns back to Musuko and nods. She whispers. "Alright, you can try it, but let N'ano know that it's not been tried on a dragon before." The healer Journeyman knows that her former classmate always did have a soft spot for creatures. She always thought that Musuko would cross-craft to become a beasthealer after becoming a Journeyman healer, and was disappointed when she left the hall. As she listens to what N'ano is saying, then really hears what is said… she blinks, looks at Mlina and smiles. "Um, you want Mlina to stand? To be a rider? That is wonderful!" She turns to the quiet apprentice and grins. "What do you think, Mlina? That sounds wonderful!" She grins at the girl.

Musuko looks at the rider and seems worried…. So many changes of topic… so little time… eesh… she's not used to that… at least he wasn't talking about her!!! The brew would help… at least the throat… it'd make him a bit tired….. oh well, not her fault. "Umm.. Na'no… Me and Nerak made a brew.. it helped the firelizards, and it's never been tried on dragons, but it might help…. the only side effect is that he'll be a bit tired, it sooths the throat, stops coughing and sneezing…. if you'd like to try it… or take some with you." she says softly..

Mlina looked even more startled and managed to stammer out… "Urmph?" With her wide eyes she looked suspiciously like the firelizard in her lap. With the buggy eyes. Um. Enough about the eyes. She wasn't a candidate. She couldn't remember her own name half the time, let along the names of her firelizards. And those sharding herbs! She couldn't remember those either. All of these very good arguments came out of her mouth as another, "Oorf?" A rather pleading oorf, more than anything. She looked to Nerak for help. Help?

N'ano rolls a shoulder, ignoring whatever Sapha might've said up till her last little question, "Well, she will be should she accept." Duh. At Nerak's acceptance to Musuko's proposal, N'ano quickly shakes his head, "No offense, honestly. But I really don't wanna try somethin' on Bydelth that ain' been tried 'fore on a dragon," he frowns. "But if y'said it works on the flizzen, I might take some back as all of mine are sick as well. Don't wanna risk overdosin' Bydelthy'know, not knowin' the proper dosage 'n all for something his size." And he doesn't trust many people nowadays because of recent incidents at the Weyr, but that's another story. But, getting back on subject, "So how 'bout ity'gonna come back with us? I'm leavin' shortly—I wanna get Bydelth back 'fore he passes out here on the beach."

Sapha glances at the girl trying desperately to dose Bydelth. "Good call N'ano, she could be trying to poison him." Yeah cos she's pregnant, and suspisious and likes getting N'ano worked up on these things. "So Mlina, as soon as you say yes, your first duty as a candidate can be to go get me some cherries." She smiles brightly and imbues her words with enthusiasm. "Yeah, doesn't that sound fun."

Musuko hands up a bottle to Na'no. "I think that'll work for your flizzen… and don't worry about an overdose… it's just something to sooth the throat, like milk or hot tea for humans… you can't overdose.. plus, I don't think the amount we have left could possiably overdose a dragon.." she says, and stares him streight in the eye. "Accept Mlina.. it'll be great!" she smiles, "I bet it's like a flit, only better!" glares at Sapha. "I was a healer, I would never poison anyone." she says, and storms off, after tossing the vial to N'ano.
Musuko watches as emmy launches off her shoulder. Emmy then proceeds to find someone to feed her.
Musuko walks off the beach towards the courtyard.

Nerak nods, "It's alright with me. Please take some of this with you. You can make more there." She jots down the recipe that Musuko had shared with her - she had been very close with her own recipe, but she hadn't put as much sweetner in hers. After finishing what she was writing down, she hands it to N'ano. This is what we're giving to the firelizards. It is mostly for sore throats and cough. It's just symptomatical." She watches Musuko leave and nods to herself, knowing that Musuko had taken the oath… once a healer in that, always a healer! She turns to look at Mlina and grins. "If you wish to be a candidate, dear, do it! It is a great opportunity." She smiles, letting the apprentice know that she approves, but will stand behind her decision no matter what she chooses.

Mlina looked over at Musuko and shook her head. But but but… what if the dragons ate her, or she forgot to go to her chores and they kicked her out of the weyr… but… then she'd just end up back at the Healer Hall. So that would be good. And Nerak was encouraging her! So… Mlina finally bobbed her head up and down in the generally accepted fashion of saying yes. Which is what she meant… which is what came out as a whispered, "Ye-… Yes?" Her eyes were still as wide as they possibly could get, and she didn't know what to make of things, dripping dragon goo as she was. Finally, she regained her actual voice, the one she used on a normal basis, "Cherries? But… Sapha…" She didn't know how to address her, she hadn't been paying that close of attention, "What if I can't find any cherries?"

" Ayelike I said though, it's hard to trust anyone, whether I know 'em or not." And Musuko just happens to be one that he's not to fond of, given past occurances with her at the Weyr. Yeah, N'ano holds grudges sometimes. "I'll look it over though," he states, tucking the hide into his pocket. "Alrightwe're goin'," is said, moreso towards the bronze lump still nudging him to hurry. "Don' worry 'bout the cherries. Mount on up! We gotta get back—'n I can send y'back with another rider later on to get y'stuff… one that ain' on his deathbed!" A slight exaggeration, hence the look he gives his lifemate, but that's alright. "Here, I can help ya." And with that said, N'ano climbs his way up, first offering a hand to Sapha, who can in turn, help him help Mlina inbetween them. "'n thanks 'gain, Nerak. Please give my regards and intentions to the Masters?"

N'ano clambers up Bydelth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

" Well excuse me for being protective of my recently almost assasinated friend." Sapha calls after the huffy Musuko, not that the ex-healer is likely to hear her, before chuckling throatily, Saph+Hormones=Evil. "Say isn't she the one that used to hang around the weyr calling riders bad names?" She asks of N'ano suddenly, her memory twitched by something obviously. "You better hope that you can girly." She comments ominiously before leaning closer to whisper to Mlina in an aside. "I've got my own stash." Then it's all business as she makes to assist the Healer apprentice up Mount Bydelth.

Mlina clambers up Bydelth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

You clamber up Bydelth's neck and set yourself between two neckridges.

Nerak chuckles, knowing how nervous the girl must be. She, herself, has never been searched, but she has talked to enough people who had, and can at least imagine. She watches the emotions roll over the girl's face with amusement. She turns to N'ano, grinning. "I'll do that N'ano. Send my regards to the healers there." She grins at Mlina as she mounts the dragon and waves to the three people now atop the dragon. "Take good care of our apprentice!" She shakes her head at Sapha, "She wouldn't have hurt him… and her hormones are as wild as yours, you know, with both of you being pregnant and all…"

N'ano reaches around to makes sure the two chickies are fastened in securelymoreso Mlina, though, as Sapha should very well know how to buckle herself onto a dragon, no? And with a final salute towards Nerak, N'ano gives the command for Bydelth to flywho in turn, lifts off the beach, practically in slow motion. Can you blame him though?

Mlina nodded her head, squidgying her way up with N'ano's help to here spot between him and Sapha. She turned and waved with her usual good cheer at Nerak. This would be thrilling! She beamed and readjusted her blue around her neck. She'd forget about him again and wonder where he was if she wasn't careful. But for now… "I'm… ah… ready to go wherever?" She spoke as Bydelth lifted off the sands. "Oh! Right. We're going to the Weyr, right? Ista Weyr?" That's where they kept dragons, after all. Ahh… after shock, this was exciting!

N'ano says, "And we're flyin' straight!" are N'ano's last words before he really does ask Bydelth to fly. Poof."

You jump into the sea breeze and unfurl your wings to fly!

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Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are nine firelizards.
You see Beau's Spiffy Alpha Male Pad, Ashlee, Den Of The Alpha-Female, Jesus's Oasis, Jhishivyl's Cot, Aradia's Cot, Xarine's Cot, Nei's Nest, Ora's Beta Fatale Sanctuary, Malek's Cot, Nefret's Gamma Core, Sainin's Cot, Amaril's Hammock, and A Mural here.
You notice Jhishivyl, Beau, Aradia, Malek, Oralia, Xarine, Neiana, Rielle, and Nefret asleep here.
Sainin and N'ano are here.
Obvious exits:
Mlina wanders, lost in her own little world, in from the South Caverns.

N'ano sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Mlina.

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