Miyakath's Second Flight

Logfile from N'ano.

Main Beach (#590)
The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches. It is an autumn midmorning. Out on the pier, you see one ship. Curled up in the sand are sixteen firelizards. Green Alishath, green Kitiarath, bronze Nverath, and bronze Bydelth are here.
You see Vinny, Astallo, and Smith Booth here. You notice Zixane, Lib, Serlan, Dot, Nanli, Kyren, Yurazai, and Brid asleep here.
Yulianna, D'baji, Nogagon, Elyisabet, and Nefret are here.
Obvious exits: Plateau Hillside Path North Beach Pier Water South Beach

You slide gently down Bydelth's neck and land with a soft thud.

Frau Bleucher blinks in from between to the sound of whinnying runners. Yulianna has stripped off her shoes somewhere on the beach and wanders along, stuffing her face with klah-drop cookies from a basket looped over her arm. The redhead pauses here and there to stare down at the sand and make a face, finally announcing to nobody in particular, "Frankly, it'd just be nice if they -didn't- come wrigglin' up an' try to attach to yer feet. Blech!" The last, rather unladylike sound, is shot toward the crustaceans on the sand as she picks her way through them.

"Hey hey hey! Watch where y'kick those shardin' things!" comes the frightful call from N'ano as he dodges Yulianna's path for obvious reasons known to many of the Weyr. Stifling a cough, he continues setting up some tent or another for… dun dun dun, the gathering thingymajig, yay! "Shardit—hey, can someone come grab the other end there?"

D'baji has just finished the oh-so-official business that is the morning swim, and is therefore dripping and chicken-skinned as he hauls his trunk-clad self out of the water, warms crossing over his chest in an attempt to regain the warmth washed from his hairy self by the water. "I stick to what I said before," Deb notes to the Weyrleader. "I hate tents, and don't want to set them up." Cue the little beam to Yuli before he heads for a sandy towel nearby.

Touching to the ground, Brown Hesath allows his rider to quickly dismount. Im'tep hears N'ano's call and kindly makes his way over. "Need some help there, Weyrleader?" the Sunfire wingrider questions loosely. Realizing it was stupid to ask, Immie grabs the other end of the tent. And he doesn't like water, so there will be no towels for him.

Rv'ney strolls down the beach, arms swinging loosely by his sides. Yulianna is spied, and promptly avoided. Instead, the young man makes a beeline for N'ano, adding his offer to assist. "Anything else you need help with, Weyrleader? I'd assume that you two have that under control." Anything to avoid Yulianna.

"G'day." comes a soft drawl, directed at another person nearby. Said person responds with a polite nod, then goes about their business. The man shrugs, shading his eyes from the sun as he looks about. Oooh, interesting tent thing. He moves over there, then pauses. "Yeah, alright Greeth." he says, at something or other, before stepping forward. "Need a hand?" G'day asks.

"Nicethanks man." D'baji just gets a glare for his lack-o-enthusiasm in helping. Im'tep though? His new best friend or something. Yeah. "Hey Rv'ney-yeah, wanna grab that mallet over there? We gotta get these stakes in the ground nice 'n firm," N'ano says, clenching a fist for a second before quirking a brow and twisting his head in the direction towards the path, "Uh—"

A flash moves across the sky, briefly burning above the Weyr before disappearing again in the direction of the corral. Miyakath? It would appear so, from the sudden heavy bellow from the gold, twisting thoughts of excitement and twitchiness through the Weyr's riders.

Yulianna watches riders start to surfaceand this early on a morning like today it -does- seem a little odd. Finally she rolls her eyes, claps her hand to her forehead, and murmurs, "Miya, ya' could've warned me at least." A cookie is siezed from her basket and she stuffs it in her mouth, "Alright, alright, clear out!" she orders the riders, stalking toward N'ano, "An' I want -you- to get outta here." There you have itthe little, petite goldrider pushing around the Weyrleader. How typical is that? Another cookie is promptly stuffed into the girl's mouth and she glowers at the taller man, cheeks puffed out with cookie.

Igor suddenly disappears ::between::!

D'baji sends a cocky grin in answer to the glare shaking as much of the sand from his towel, rubbing at his hear, and all the while adding, "'Sides, I'm cold, and if I start exerting myself now, well… could very well end up getting sick, and then you'd have to no one to do your paperwork." Tongue stuck out to the Weyrleader before he glances skywards (long after Miyakath's passage). "Clear out?" D'baji tosses Yuliwards with a little raised-eyebrow expression.

Bydelth> Miyakath lands with a thudding /plop/ outside the corral, eyeing the herdbeasts roaming around with a hungry gleam. Something in her mind…she snorts at, before springing again into the air. Males? What are those? Any of /those/ things..are promptly ignored in favor of the sickening crunch of a gold dragon landing on top of a helpless critter, snapping legs and back in the process. Teeth are sunk into the neck then, a low rumble of delight coming out as blood is drained.

G'day's head immediately jerks upwards after the gold flies overhead. He squeezes his eyes shut, and stays that way, until Yulianna tells everyone to move. "No." he says quietly, although his cheeks colour a little. Bronze Greeth, who had previously been sunning himself some distance down the beach, snaps his head up at the same instant as his rider, then quickly follows Miyakath.

"You want -me- to get outta here? Alrighty'wanna go over to that corral there 'n make Bydelth spit out whatever it is he's startin' to suck the flesh outta then?" Well, N'ano's just making assumptions there, having taken a nice glimpse of the gold and well, Bydelth's own personal message. Eyes roll before N'ano continues doing what he was doingonly for a moment though since well, it's done now.

Im'tep grins at N'ano, starting to pound in a stake when he blinks. And gets hit with a wave of something that may not be good. "Oh, -shardit-, Hesath …" This brownrider does -not- like flights. They're kind of unpleasant, especially when Hesath wins and he's stuck bedded to someone besides his weyrmate. "We're all supposed to leave, Weyrwoman? Okay." Im'tep is more than glad to .. but something's making him stick here. Ikyuri takes off, scattering sand behind her.

Bydelth> Nverath arrives shortly after Miyakath, bronze-senses going berzerk, what with the vibes coming off the glowing gold. A wing-snap landing finds him along the outskirts of the coral, watching Miyakath carefully for a moment before perusing around for his own beast of choice. One is picked, the dragon lifts off, grabs the squirming herdbeast gracefully, snaps a neck- all merciful and clean- to follow in the pre-flight drinking rituals. > From above, Ikyuri flies higher, above the plateau.

Rv'ney nods. "Sure thing, Weyrleader." He hefts the mallet, shifting it from hand to hand. "Just hit those -" His head snaps about, searching for the source of the sound. Yulianna recieves another, sharper look. "Clear out?" He asks, expression slowly turning to a smirk. "But things have just gotten interesting…"

Bydelth> Bydelth knows the game all too well… if you spend too much time blooding, you wont be first in the race to catch the fair lady! With an arduous leap, the bronze tackles his kill for the evening. Dont wanna hold any extra bulk today, even if it is just the tasty juices. A curdling scream from the buck leads abruptly into a snap, the neck broken in half instantaneously before drained of any life it mightve had in past time. Yum.

Bydelth> Klephareth hits the corral with a running start, charging headlong into the fray. With a certain lack of discretion the bronze lunges for a beast, talon embedding in the creatures stomach. Blood leaks from the ragged wound, as well as a few other unmentionables. Uncaring, Klephareth wraps his jaws around the creature's neck and begins to blood.

Bydelth> Ikyuri glides in from the corral.

Yulianna heaves a disgusted sigh at all the difficult males and fixes a firm eye on D'baji, "You, this is yer job. C'mon, clear 'em out!" She directs the burly bronzerwho happens to be her weyrmate. She heads for the nearest logthe remnants of a bonfire circle, or perhaps set up in anticipation of a future bonfire—shoving past a nervous-looking bronzerider named W'iggy. "Go on!" she insists, waving a hand at D'baji, then holding the basket of cookies out and offering, "Have a cookie, anyone?"

D'baji's eyes widen further, and the towel is retired to hang about his shoulders as he forgets momentarily about the chilliness and strides after Yuli fast as she can. A dull blink goes to the other riders, a shrug, and he cups his hands at his mouth and shouts, in the most commanding, deep voice he can muster, "All right, you lot -clear- /out/!" Gaze returns to Yuli as he reaches for a cookie, asking, "Where are we clearing 'em too, Yuli?"

Bydelth> Todrosth swoops down from the sky, ignoring Lia's attempts to pull him back, and lunges rather clumsily at a herdbeast. Hey, nobody said Tod was graceful or anything. Snapping its neck and blooding from that spot, the brown lashes his tail playfully. Here we go.

Bydelth> And where is exactly is the fun in being merciful and clean about a kill? Though for once Miyakath isn't really concerned with hearing the wonderful dying screams of the animals. The blood staining her muzzle is ignored as well. Someone is impatient today, after all. The males are..rather abruptly noticed by the shimmering goddess, dragon rearing back with a loud hiss. When did /they/ get here? Jaws snap at a particular bronze that gets too close, eyes whirling into red. Hopping backward, she springs, leaping upward in an attempt to get away.

Grr'ick strolls slowly down from the plateau, his lifemate happily gnawing on a herdbeast. Bronzer raises an eyebrow at the work going on and then remembers the Gather and Games going on today. A slight start when D'baji yells but he doesn't move, he's been around way too long to be bullied by younger riders.

Can N'anny get a little something too? Never one to resist a cookie, the bronzer hesitantly reaches out to snatch a cookie from the basket, "Y'make these? Y'ain' tryin' to kill us all off now, are ya?" he snickers, "'n I ain' clearin' out—yet. Got work to do, y'know… gather? It's uh… startin' in, well, it was -'pposed- to start in a couple of hours."

Bydelth> Greeth lands on a scrawny looking herdbeast, growling at Miyakath for disturbing his pleasant restday of sun bathing. The dusty bronze clamps his jaws about the beast's neck then, soon drying the beast from the inside out. He lifts his muzzle, still with blood on it, to regard the gold, before snarling in frustration, and draining a second beast. Halfway through, Miyakath leaps upwards. Not one to waste food normally, the bronze leaps up and follows, leaving the herdbeast only half drained.

Rv'ney lifts a brow at Yulianna's behavior. "If out want us to leave, then why're you offering cookies?" He saunters over towards her, reaching out to snag one of the sweets. "Don't mind if I do," he says with a smirk. D'baji is ignored. Instead, the bronzerider takes a seat, settling himself near the tent. "Nice day, isn't it?"

Bydelth> Zabooth rumbles deep in his chest as he takes a heardbeast with almost negligent ease, his head swiveling toward the shimmering gold a moment before he drain s the carcass dry and heads out for another, he'll need all the energy he can to catch that young beauty.

Bydelth> Nverath is quick to finish with his beast, effective and effecient as ever. Licking any escaped blood from his foamy muzzle, the bronze's gaze focuses on Miyakath as he clears the area, quietly seeking an appropriate launching area. Of course, he never gets to there because by that point, Miyakath's up and away. A croon is sent out to his lady-love, muscles bunching before propelling his steamlined self into the air. Form seemingly liquifies once the dragon's in the air, and a chasing we will go.

G'day watches Yulianna, an odd expression in his eyes. At the offer of a cookie, he smiles, although the smile desn't seem entirely cheerful. "Ahh, yes. Don't mind if I do." he says quietly, in a slightly strained tone. All traces of his usual soft drawl appear to have left him when Greeth decided to chase.

Lia is just rather upset. "Todrosth, -stop!-" Goldflights are just a disaster for Lia, who's been stuck in many of them and always ending up in a bad situation. "Oh … Cookie? Do you want us to leave, or do you want to feed us, Weyrwoman?" The little Sunfire is always glad for a cookie. Watching Yulianna and D'baji carefully, her entire face is just a big confused question mark.

Yulianna offers to N'ano in her sweetest, most sickly voice, "Why, N'ano, I didn't know you thought I could cook? No, Larix made them. If I'd'a known you'd be eatin' 'em, I'd have told him. They're not poisoned," she adds flatly, stuffing another in her mouth and glaring at Baji who is -not- doing his job very well. Bronze-brown eyes fix on Rv'ney in a dark glare and she snatches her cookies back against her chest after he's taken one. "Nice day to -get some- is what ya' really mean. I know what yer sayin'…an' Miyakath's a -good- flier, so nya!" Did…she…just say 'nya?' Um, yeah. "Here, Lia, have one," she stuffs the basket into the brownrider's hands and crawls over the log, standing with it between herself and the other riders as a barrier.

Bydelth> Zabooth is a little late in heading for the airlanes by his powerful hind legs shove him skyward, his wings pumping after the lovely gold. Silent and stealthy, despite his bronzen bulk. His muscles are as supple as ever from so many Turns fighting Thread and flying Queens with nary a mishap.

Bydelth> *crunch*… the powerful sound of jaws clinging to the spine of a second bovine, an unfortunate account for the smaller beast as fate has his life coming to an end right as this very moment… so he got a little hungry. Bydelths content though… draining the beast of any life he mightve retained after landing upon a ledge. Once carcass is tossed lifelessly aside, haunches prepare themselves for takeoff, multifaceted orbs watching the gold contently. As she springs away, Bydelth gives chase to the younger gold, allowing the autumn breeze to life him into the sky with ease, bronzened body following the beauty into the midmorning's reach. Wings unfurl and curl when the wind's supple enough to carry him.

Bydelth> Miyakath takes off.

Bydelth> You take off.

Bydelth> Sky Above the Plateau Bydelth> You soar over the plateau, in a place that was probably once the western wall of the bowl of this volcano, but the distant past eruption blew out the wall and formed the plateau below. On the southern end of the plateau here, a fenced-off area corrals the Weyr's herdbeast and wherry population, and serves as the Weyr feeding grounds. Beyond it, to the west, the plateau slopes down to the turquoise waters of the ocean. East lies the Weyr bowl itself, framed by the five pointed pinnacles of the rim, reaching skyward as if to touch the sun. Bydelth> It is an autumn midmorning. Bydelth> Gold Miyakath is here. Bydelth> Obvious exits: Bydelth> Central Bowl Forest Weyrs Beach Corral

Bydelth> Nverath takes off from Corral

D'baji sulks appropriately to have had his command ignored, comforting himself by nibbling at the edge of a cookie and puppy-eyeing all the other riders, feeling his authority rather drained away. He does, however, sidle up close enough to toss an arm around the goldrider's shoulders a touch posessively. "If you'd stop offering them cookies," Deb adds, swiping at the nearest rider's cookie, and sending the poor W'iggy's snack to the ground with a 'harumph' of sorts.

Bydelth> Miyakath opens bloodstained muzzle, bellowing over the Weyr the announcement of her flight. A bit contradictory, since she abruptly turns her head to /hiss/ at the ones chasing her. Wings stretch out wider, bringing the gold higher as she strives to get away.

Bydelth> Ikyuri takes off from Corral

Bydelth> Dagger takes off from Corral

Bydelth> And the Flight is on! The glimmering gold is in the lead with a whole pack of bronze and brown followers, who will win? Only Miyakath knows, though Zabooth is confident enough for three dragons as he catches up with all the early starters, wings pumping and muscles rippling, he's gonna catch this lovely girl or go down fighting.

Still cookieless, G'day shrugs, moving to sit nearby, though not close enough for any kind of physical contact. Proddy riders have been known to randomly lash out at innocent bystanders, particularly during flights, when those bystanders happen to also be chasers. He just watches Yulianna, with an odd intensity to his gaze.

Bydelth> Gatt takes off from Corral

Bydelth> Following Miyakath with the best speed the small brown can muster up, Todrosth beats his wings unevenly, trying to keep his balance to straighten out into a good flying position … And when he manages to become aligned with the ground, Miya -hisses- at him! Well. A bugle is his answer, wingbeating and tail lashing. Here comes the cavalry.

Rv'ney smirks at up Yulianna. "That's one way to put it, I suppose," he says, feigning innocence. He glances down at the cookie in his hand, then raises it to his mouth to take a bite. "Mm…" Not one for manners, he speaks through his mouthful: "This is excellent, Yulianna. Too bad you didn't make 'em…" He pauses for effect. "But you're still cookin'." Smooth.

N'ano makes a purposeful crunch of his cookie before wiping his crumbed hands upon his trous, "Good, then I don' have to worry 'bout floppin' over dead right here on the beach, eh?" With a snort, N'ano bends over to gather up a few of the tools if only to toss them aside for the time being.

Bydelth> Yknow, its not nice to push. As a young bronze knocks Bydelth aside with an unstable tactic, the elder loses his airborne grip momentarily, just enough to lose any lead he mightve had. Have no fear though because help is on the waaay! Mr. Doubt… is on fire! Ha. With a quick crown nudge, Bydelth sends the other in the right direction from behind, recapturing his place in line. Yeah, baby.

Bydelth> Nverath's bubble-patterned shoulders seem all the more frothy with each stroke of his narrow wings, entire body obsessed now with the motions of flying as his entire length gives mellifluous surges with each forward beat. Pulse already racing (like so many hoofbeats of the still-traumatized herdbeasts below), the bronze returns the call with his own deep trumpetting, not at all put out by the hiss or any other taunts.

Grr'ick chuckles softly as cookies are handed out randomly from the prickly goldrider. He moves over to the little crowd and swipes one, eyes gleaming with delight, before she can pull them away. "Since they aren't poisoned, guess I don't mind at all, snatching one or two from your hands." he rumbles bassly.

Holding the cookie basket, brownrider Lia looks quite content. "There's more for you all," she says with an innocent smile. That's Lia, just one of those cute things who -hates- flights but is always glad to share. Oh-so-naive. "Miyakath flies nicely," she states, "but Todrosth is insulted by the hissing. Not your fault of course," she adds to Yulianna.

Bydelth> Greeth whines, long and loud. Oh, yes, he's rather upset about his plans being all interrupted like this. But then Miyakath hisses at him. At him? That won't do! The bronze with a stubborn streak as long as his wingspan suddenly goes quiet, not wasting any more energy with futile vocal protests.

Yulianna rolls her eyes at Rv'ney, "Suuuure, you'd lke to think that, wouldn't ya' bronzer?" Think…what, Yuli? Ah well, she doesn't explain. She merely wriggles out of D'baji's grasp and points toward the other side of the log, "You, over there, too." She goes so far as to make a grab for Lia's hand and try and drag the woman over to the same side of the log as herself. "Girls on this side, little boys on that side," she orders with a somewhat mean tone. Ah well, she's under duress, the lawyers would say. Of course, now she's got the girl -and- the cookies on her side of the log…

Bydelth> Klephareth tilts off course slightly, steadying himself with a flick of his darkly hued tail. His head swivels around to survey those following him as he gives a crow of delight. He's not the farthest behind, at the very least. He tilts his 'sail up, climbing with every stroke of his wings. His quest for an updraft does not go unfinished - the bronze finds what he's looking for, and soars higher.

Bydelth> Zabooth is certainly no mannerless hatchling to push anyone aside, though he does use his strength and agility to squeeze thru those places a blue would hesitate to penitrate. The hissing is all part of the game, she wants to be caught by the strongest, fastest bronze on Pern. In Zabooth's mind, that's him and he's not going to give up till he wins the prize.

D'baji's arm falls limply to his side as soon as Yuli's no longer supporting it, and the bronzerider returns to the plan 'B' of bristling if he gets too near any of the other riders, and peering at Yuli from the boys' side of the log. "So…" And he slides Grr'ickwards, "How're the poisoned cookies treating you?" And he moves on to plan 'C', which is ignore the proddy rider to the best of his ability.

Bydelth> Miyakath twists in the air, wings snapping to their full, large expanse. Catch her? Hmph, doubtful..despite how a few of them tend to look…rather nice back there. Tail gives a rather flirtatious flick, even as she cants a wing to the side, banking off into a steep dive left.

Amaril walks down the trail from the plateau.

"Little boys?" And that's why N'ano's not complying. Ego doesn't wanna be shot down like /that/. He's a big boy and he's not afraid to show it! Ahem. So there he stands, legs adjusting to a somewhat military stance and arms crossing over one another. "I ain' sittin' on no log—'pecially since they're 'pposed to be burned!"

Bydelth> Bydelth is good at finding shortcuts, oh yes he is! With a swivel here and a pivot there—probably some jiggy he stole from another wing, he's back with the rivalry! Or close to it, anyway. But with a few more prods and a discomfited plait 'tween the others, he winds his way even closer to the gold… well, closer than he was before, nevertheless. It's Maverick stuff now, baby. Don't try that at home, kiddies. Daddy's hungry to get a little something, so come to Papa!

Grr'ick chuckles heartily at the goldrider. "And where would ye have us -men-, Yulianna?" he questions in his bassoon like brogue. Dropping to one knee he seems to be petitioning her right at her feet. Perhaps this is where the men belong, forever worshipping and adoring around her knees?

Rv'ney shakes his head, giving Yulianna a lopsided grin. "I'm not thinking that." He's just thinking everything else. He gets to his feet, sauntering over to the boys' side of the log. From there, he gives Yuli his most pitiful expression. "You don't want to discriminate, now do you?" Smirk. "Everyone should get an equal share in those cookies." He gestures to the sweets, but his eyes don't move away from her.

Amaril strolls toward the group on the beach, giving a cheerful "Morning!" as he's in range. Quickness in his stride betrays excitement, and he seems very cheerful indeed. The green and brown firelizards sitting on his shoulders take off, joining the beach's usual fair.

D'baji finishes a quick dart to get ahead of one of browns just in time to have Miyakath disappear from the original position right-in-front. The bronze, however, is built for agility, and puts this to use, ricocheting off a nearby gust of wind to curl after Miyakath. Wings are tucked in time for him to do a slight corscrew, dropping some altitude for the chance to get a full view of all the angles. Taunting the opposition with clever aerobatics and a confident, slightly cocky, croon has nothing to do with the manoevers.

G'day simply nods, moving to the other side of the log. At this point, he'd do almost anything for Yulianna. Oh, yes, flights affect G'day. A lot. Twitching a bit, the rider watches. Just watches. He knows that there'll be one of two outcomes, and frowns slightly, plucking at the fabric of his pants.

Bydelth> Nverath finishes a quick dart to get ahead of one of browns just in time to have Miyakath disappear from the original position right-in-front. The bronze, however, is built for agility, and puts this to use, ricocheting off a nearby gust of wind to curl after Miyakath. Wings are tucked in time for him to do a slight corscrew, dropping some altitude for the chance to get a full view of all the angles. Taunting the opposition with clever aerobatics and a confident, slightly cocky, croon has nothing to do with the manoevers.

Bydelth> Rumbling a courting tune he's learned from his ex-Harper lifemate, Zabooth glances sideways at the bronze matching him stroke for stroke. A little irritation always comes along with a Flight and a younger bronze might come in for a bit of a tussel but not this time. Instead the older bronze just sideslips enough in front of the younger to steal his air and space while gaining inches on the gold up ahead.

"Oh, in that case, N'ano," Yuli says, back to her too-sweet tone, "By all means, -do- sit on it…if it's supposed to be burned." Grrr. Woof! A wary glance is shot toward D'baji as the bronzerider starts…hitting on another man!? And Grr'ick is re-evaluated. Well, if someone else wants him, maybe he -is- worth having. "I don't see any men here," she purrs in reply to the inquiries, snatching the cookies back from Lia and stuffing one into her mouth. "V'er -my- cookies." The goldrider glares at Rv'ney and then…oh horror of horros! Another man! She points at Amaril and emits a muffled, "Bawwrk!" Chew, chew, chew, swallow, "Go 'way!" Ahem. [Medley] D'baji corrects his speeling: manoeuvre, not manoever… Ech.

Bydelth> Klephareth, despite being small for a bronze is keeping up rather well. He pumps his wings again, muscles moving beneath the midnight bronze hues that drape across his body. He fails to anticipate her dive, and finds himself stranded high above the activity. With a huff of anger, the bronze tucks his wings to his side, and inverts his flight to drop swiftly. Wings unfurl again, buffeting him about as he slows his descent. His motion is harsher now, eyes whirling a mix of violet and crimson - his anger nearly overriding his lust. Make a fool out of him, will she?

Bydelth> Greeth snaps at the air, forgetting about conserving energy for the moment. She's taunting him! No, no, no. That's not how it's supposed to go at all. Not caring about catching, the bronze focuses all his energy on closing the distance. All he wants is to make Miyakath stop /taunting/ him like that.

Back to plan 'A.' D'baji also turns his attention to this newly arrived man, planting his hands on his hips and stating, "Yeah, get lost." Hmph. A turn to find Grr'ick on a knee convinces Deb to glower with all his might, reaching out to tap the rider on the shoulder in an attempt to get the boy's attention. "Ahem," Deb adds.

N'ano drops his jaw in an attempt for a rebut, butnothing comes out but silence. That's right, he's lacking a comeback for once. Having been defeated, N'ano simply lowers himself onto the sand beneath him, folding his legs into a crossed position. And just to annoy the goldrider for her victory, he becomes content to staringlike a laser or something. Burn!

Grr'ick chortles as he rises smoothly and settles himself -next- to the goldrider. The audacity of the man, really! "Ach, then I'll be needin' ta remedy tha' sit'ation fer ye, m'lass?" he says softly as he reaches across her to reach another cookie. He really is the limit, confident and pushy, sometimes abrasive but an altogether nice man….and not so old as to be unable to attend a ladies needs.

Rv'ney continues to grin, paying to heed to the glare he recieves. "Ma always told me to state my mind," he tells her with mock-seriousness. Of course, Ma didn't know his mind was so dirty. Bronzer takes a bite of his still-unfinished cookie, taking a moment to reach into a pocket and pull out a small mirror. Hair check! After a moment of observation he gives a nod of satisfaction. "Lookin' good, as usual."

Bydelth> Miyakath will taunt all she likes, thank you. An amused trill is shrieked out at Greeth and Klephareth's displeasure, turning her direction back up again. Altitude is important for flights such as these, after all. Hurtling herself right by, another taunting tailflick is given, perhaps hitting a bronze or two boldly on the way.

Amaril gives the goldrider a curious look, his perpetual halfsmile widening into a full-out grin. The intensity of the scene must be affecting him, though he has no affiliation with anyone's dragon, just a spectator. "I'll not get in your way," he states softly, taking a seat, inoffensive as he can possibly make himself.

Nogagon stands up, glowering at Grr'ick. "Leave.. Her.. Alone." he growls. Oh, right, he's got that kind of authority now, does he? Nope. In his current state of mind, he thinks that he does. To Yulianna, he says in a slightly more pleasant tone, " I do hope the rider wasn't bothering you?"

Bydelth> Zabooth doesn't respond to taunts, he's learned in all these Turns that it's the endgame that counts, not the words that fly in the heat of passion. Finding himself a bit closer than he expects he's clipped by a golden tail, the swerve turning him into a close-winged dive after the great golden goddess. He's close, he intends to catch her and wrap her in his very one mystery.

Bydelth> Nverath would have been -so- good at follow the leader if he were human… Sure enough, the bronze keeps after Miyakath with something of a fanatical determination; as far as he is concerned, the gold is his if only because he's so dedicated to her pursuit. Dancing lightly around the flick of his tail with the grace of one who has studied the aerial movements and strategies, the bronze does his best to achieve more speed than a big brown who's suddenly appeared alongside him. Mrr.

"Oh? And what mind is that?" Yuli retorts to Rv'ney, then makes a slap at Grr'ick's hand and twists away from him. "-My- cookies," she reemphasizes, ironic since she doesn't really -like- cookies. G'day is blinked at a little blankly, "Bothering me?" Well, she likes -these- cookies. But they're different. Larix makes them for her. A wary eye is turn on Amaril and he is suddenly recognized for two things: a non-rider, and cute! Hah-ha! Little boys…little boys…everywhere I turn… Ahem. She sidles over to sit on the log next to the boy, leaning a shoulder against him and shooting a glare toward all the hulking men. "Here, have a cookie," she offers the boy, rubbing a shoulder against his seductively. Bwahahaha!

Bydelth> Greeth lets his vanity overcome his common sense quite often, and now appears to be one of those times. He protests quite vocally, while still making every effort to catch up to Miyakath. At this rate, it won't be long before he wears himself out.

Bydelth> Bydelth's starving. And he's just as much a man as his rider is… or more. Arial gyrations land the bronze closer to the gold, having pushed himself up against the warm Istan currents towards her own scampering feat, nearing Rukbat it would seem. Rogueness and the alcoholic dribbles upon his hide seem to blend together to give him an extra burst of adrenaline… mind almost set on munching that teasing tail of hers to put her in her place.

D'baji is at least relieved to see that Yuli has headed for a non-rider. In very much a 'good enough for me' manner, he switches his attention to clearing crumbs from his molars and cheeks with his tongue, and heading for the Weyrleader. "Heheh," is the main greeting. "She's mean when she's proddy, eh?"

Bydelth> Klephareth hisses, eyes moving more quickly. He presses his wings against his midsection, the pulls them out, forcing himself upwards again. His velocity has been lessened by both dive and spent energy, and the bronze finds himself lagging behind. Klphareth's tail writhes violently as he shoots forward again, propelled by his temper. His motion is no longer upwards, but forwards, conserving his energy for the final stretch. Determination marks his ragged flight path, for he /will/ have his revenge.

Amaril takes the cookie between two long fingers, the movement definitely chosen for its aesthetics. "I'd be honored, milady," he purrs. Flicking his long black braid back over his shoulder, he makes a motion as to capture her hand and kiss it before taking a taste of the proferred treat.

Grr'ick merely raises an eyebrow at the young bronzer trying to order him away. " Si'doon, y' young pup." is growled in G'day's direction. "Th' lady'll be the one ta be tellin' me wha' t'do." He grins at the ineffective slap on his hand as he snags a cookie. When Yuli moves from her spot a bit of anger flashes across his face but it's smothered once more as he follows, yup, just like a puppy. Settling on the free side of Yuli he presents the cookie as if it were a bouquet of flowers. "For you, m'lady, I would never deprive you of them."

"Shards yeahHannah ain' nothin' like hershe hardly says anythin' at all!" N'ano exclaims towards his second as attention continues to stare after the junior queen rider. "How -do- you put up—well, nevermind that. She ain' like that normally, 'least from what I've gathered from my encounters with her, anyway."

Elyisabet simply shakes his head. "My mind, m'lady. Whose else would it be?" His bemusement stops any trenchant remarks that he may have had. He reaches up to smooth down his black hair, already greased away from his face. "I see," the bronzerider remarks nastily as Yuli moves towards Amaril, "She likes /little/ boys."

Ashke sneaks toward the cookies, ever-hungry for a snack… especially a sweet snack, as evidenced by his heavy build and soft-curved form.

Bydelth> Miyakath croons happily, her own anger waning in the shadow of her chasers. Those two can suck up all the madness and keep it for themselves. The wind hitting her is cooling her down considerably…well..parts of her, at any rate. A glance back to judge her persuers, before she makes a final energetic burst. She won't be able to keep ahead of them much longer, the gold already realizing the space between is dwindling.

Rv'ney simply shakes his head. "My mind, m'lady. Whose else would it be?" His bemusement stops any trenchant remarks that he may have had. He reaches up to smooth down his black hair, already greased away from his face. "I see," the bronzerider remarks nastily as Yuli moves towards Amaril, "She likes /little/ boys."

"Yeah, maybe not to -you- she's not," D'baji sniffs. "But seriously, she's got to have this talent already, y'know, it can't just be flights. They just give her a reason to flaunt it in public…" Deb shudders, showing general distaste for the situation, and happily expressing this through complaints. "And recently too, with Miyakath being so close and that- don't get me started!"

Amaril shoots a warning glare toward Rv'ney, not like he'd be able to back up its implicit threat anyway, and taps a finger on his half-eaten cookie as if pointing out- I have one, and she gave it to me.

Yulianna turns an evil, evil eye on D'baji and sticks her tongue out at the man. As he hand is siezed and kissed, though, she blinks at the boy, then squeaks and hops to her feet. "Gyaaa! You just want the same thing they all want!" She snatches her basket of cookiesnow sadly emptyback to her chest, and then turning a furious glare on N'ano, " Ya'ya'Ican'tbelieveya'gooffandalltalkin'bout''mnotmeanan'yerjist—" And she's so mad she's babbling. Oy. The rider hefts the basket and actually throws it -at- D'baji and N'ano where they stand discussing her distemper. Ahem. Not to prove their point for them or anything.

Bydelth> Zabooth's eyes remain on the golden one just ahead of him, he's got competition he knows but surely his experience and agility will win the day. Almost…almost close enough, just a little more. Ack, another burst of speed when she should have been tiring, this bronze grunts deep in his belly as he drags out the remaining reserves of his energy, she'll be his surely. So comfident, yet likely to be crushed if he fails to anticipate her maneuvers.

G'day just glares at Grr'ick. If looks could kill, Grr'ick's entire family would be dead. And Amaril recieves a slightly less intense glare. Such is the way G'day deals with all that inner tension that comes with flights. He wants Yulianna, probably because of how badly Greeth is wanting Miyakath. Or, wanting to stop her, at least. " Stop taunting me!" The rider suddenly shouts, getting his mind muddled with his dragon's now.

Amaril looks in startlement to Yulianna, mischeif twining with a strange sort of affected innocence in his eyes."I merely wanted to thank you for the cookie!" He misses G'day's glare completely, attention focused on Yuli to the extent that Ashke creeping close to snap a bite of the cookie from his hand goes unnoticed until too late.

"Shardin' Faranth!" Despite the fact that there's a basket of cookies being tossed at him and D'baji, N'ano can't help but let out a whoop of laughter. Not so much -at- Yuli, but her antics. "Alrightalrightalright, we'll stop talkin' 'bout ya." Right. With a snicker and a smirk, N'ano starts picking up the cookies before those pesky little critters start crawling all over him. "'just talkin' 'bout how much of a tough cookie y'are… compared to the others, anyway." Ashke gives his humanpet a toothy, cookie-crumb-filled grin before skittering down the log and waddling off across the sand, pleased with himself.

Bydelth> Nverath digs into the reserves at this point, muscles rippling that bit extra beneath the liquid metallics of his hide. A finaly trill is emitted, the last call out to Miyakath before an impending end to the race. Wingstrokes become broader, breathing a touch more rapid, and his resolve sets itself firmly. Nothing can stop true love…

Bydelth> Greeth roars, snapping and snarling at the elusive dragon ahead. He lunges forward, pumping his wings desperately. He has to show her, he has to. A brief pause as the bronze notices Miyakath properly. You know, maybe mating with her would be fun. So he abandons his attempts to fly past her, and instead tries to fly towards her. If this doesn't work, he won't get a second chance, already his energy is getting low.

Bydelth> Bydelth's a big boy. He's not afraid! Miyakath's attempts at intimidation are only rewarded with a snort-like howl—well, actually, maybe it's more so a wolf-whistle, in a draconic tense, anyway. He's not a rapist, but he -is- contributing to the lack of Miyakath's three foot bubble, dwindling her personal space to a minimum with whomever else has managed the obstacle course to her heart. But we'll just see who the victor is.

Bydelth> Klephareth's tail curls in satisfaction as he passes another bronze, crowing his delight over his shoulder. He slides forward once again, but his motion is likely not enough to win him the prize.

D'baji ducks with a cry of "Cookies from above!" N'ano's little tough cookie pun receives a nervous fit of giggles from the 'second, who promptly retrieves a cookie from the sand and pops it in his mouth- ten second rule. "We're sorry… Y'really are very sweet," he adds a little subtly.

Grr'ick only has eyes for the goldrider just as his dragon only has eyes for the golden dragon high above so he doesn't notice the glare from G'day. His breathing is a bit ragged, his dragon seeming to overpower the human part of the pairing as Zabooth draws ever nearer to the queen. He stands when she stands of course, but that's an automatic response drummed into him when he was a boy, now he's not quite able to follow her though he longs to do just that. Bold and brash, ever handy with a comeback, Grr'ick now stands silent and rather stunned though what by he has no real idea.

N'ano can't help but laugh at his own pun as well, falling over in a fit of non-manly giggles. Woah boy. "That was great, wasn't it? Hee! Oh, I kill m'self sometimes." With a sigh, N'ano becomes content to staring skywards, eyes blinking at even intervals before squeezing shut.

Amaril finishes his cookie despite the bite missing from the edge, a smile flickering across his lips as he watches the entire scene, soaking up its intensity with his dark eyes.

D'baji beams down at the fallen N'ano, with a little sniff of post-giggle amusement. " Well… Don't actually kill yourself," Deb adds with a sniff as the other bronzer's eyes close. "That would be bad." And with a blink, D'baji flops into the sand alongside his 'leader.

Nogagon is still standing, glaring at random people now. Glare glare glare. What fun! He suddenly glances upwards, squinting slightly, as if that'll allow him to suddenly see which dragon is closest. Not very successful though. So he goes back to glaring.

Yulianna glares around and stamps her foot, "I am -not- a cookie, you overgrown, over-stuffed, over-egoed wherry!" I wonder what she means by that. She shoots a decided glare around the circle and then fixes her eye on D'baji, "Oh, sure, an' ya' don't even bother to defend me to 'im!" As the Weyrleader tumbles to the ground the goldrider rolls her eyes and shakes her head, "Yer the most obnoxious person I've ever met. Yer dumb and loose an' I've got just one more thing to say to ya'" She breaks off, blinks, looks confused, turns toward D'baji and says, "I really love ya', you know…" Confused? Conflicted, but then there's something in the back of her mindthe image of a gold's wings folding against bronze hide— Yuli staggers a little toward the bronzers, then drops to her knees and ducks to press a rather passionate kiss against N'ano's mouth.

Bydelth> Miyakath gives an almost frustrated growl, energy giving out at last. It was a nice run though—-er..flight. Flaring tempers turn the gold away though, sliding agilely away from those who tried to /beat/ her. Honestly, there's no one that can do /that/. Hmph. She's far too good for that. Love? True love.. It's a nice thing, that it is, but the little queen seems to have a taste for a different flava today. A shift of the wind, and her own wing fouls against the sudden appearance of a bronze side, Miyakath saucily crooning at Bydelth. Hey there Big Boy.

Bydelth> Greeth screams, in a dragony kind of way of course, then abruptly turns, spiralling back down to the ground, landing in his earlier sunning spot. He's not going to let this restday be a total waste. Nope. Shame about his rider though.

Bydelth> Nverath goes promptly into shock, wings spreading to glide, easing off from the general pursuit to circle downwards slowly. Just turn -away-, the poor dragon. So the bronze retreats downwards, no doubt preparing to pick up his rider.

Grr'ick stumbles slightly as the tension leaves the air, the queen has chosen and it wasn't him. A slight frown of annoyance creases his brow but it's soon shrugged away as he heads of to comfort his bronze, it's not easy to lose a flight and Zabooth will need the company. The rider exits a bit hastily to leave Yulianna and N'ano in as much privacy as they can get.

Amaril gives a look of affected sadness to Nogagon's glare, just beginning to form an idea of something to say when N'ano is pounced and kissed. Slender black eyebrows shoot up as he figures out the reason for this sudden change of heart. He stands, dusting off sand, and gives a whistle-call that brings a little green and a pudgy brown to his shoulders before deciding Grr'ick has the right idea and pulling a quick fade.

Bydelth> Zabooth now gives voice to his frustration with a rather flat bugle and seeks out his lifemate for some extra pampering, maybe he'll just eat a herdbeast or two to salve his injured feelings.

D'baji nods, eyes widening to Yuli as she speaks to him. Next thing, he finds himself scrambling away lightly on the sand, leaving Yulianna to the bronzerider. " Oh 'Ver," comes the next quiet statement as the bronzerider crawls up to his feet, skidding away rather quickly off the beach and towards the plateau.

Bydelth> Nverath spirals down to land on the Plateau.

Bydelth> Bydelth has the fever for the flava, Miyakath's flava, that is—and Look. At. That. With the succession, Bydelth spreads his wings to hold the freefall from disaster, with his big, manly, wings. Flutter flutter flutter.

D'baji scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

Amaril scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

G'day glares at Greeth too, now the bronze is within glaring distance. With a grimace, the bronzerider suddenly turns, and stalks off, as fast as one can stalk. Most likely to find some kind of comfort, preferably with someone female.

N'ano's eyes suddenly snap open, but only for a moment's time since he's now trapped within his lifemate's own emotions… probably getting a little Triple X groovy or something there.

Nogagon goes home.

Yulianna-the-hellcat didn't quite have -this- in mind for a romantic evening and dinner for two, so she siezes the bronzer's tunic and pulls -him- to his feetquite a feat for a petite womanand proceeds to drag him off toward the trees—or more seclusive sanddunes or something. Yeah. We're not really exhibitionists here…

[end of log]

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