Dragon: Miyakath
Color: Gold
Name: Yulianna
Egg: Somber Myrrh Egg
Egg Desc: Decadre
Dragonet: Statue of a Godling Gold
Dragonet Desc: Hytiaf
Messages: Hytiaf; Teza
Inspiration: Hytiaf

Clutching Message:

Dhiammarath puts her bulk between her actions and the audience, even the gaze of her mate as she deposits the rich treasures in their allotted places, safe, and out of easy access from the rest of the clutch. Hissing slightly with effort, two eggs arrive in rapid succession, diametrically opposed, light and dark, yet both treasures of equal value… the last gleaming with the subtle brilliance of additional promise.

Somber Myrrh Egg

Molten bronze lurks across the surface of this subdued sentinel, like a bitter perfume. Its oil slick surface gleams as if a light had been placed with in it, drawing out lines of burnished gold, molten and shifting. Portents hang heavily over it, like an ancient piece of amber. Yet even the darkest aspect of the shell burns from within, as if slowly pulling apart the oppressive weight of the lingering, defiant, overpowering essence of over concentration, diluting it to simple, omnipresent potency.

Hatching Message:

Fine lines in the egg's surface soon turn to full jagged cracks. Those cracks splinter around the entire surface of the egg till the round form of the egg collapses around the body of a gold hatchling. The little one inside shivers slightly before throwing her wings out to the sides and flinging the shell fragments free from her semi-gooey form. her wings then flap downwards to her sides, as if she was trying to fly already, but the small gold dragonet just ends up tumbling forward through the sand, ridding herself of the gooey exterior, but looking quite ungraceful in the process.

Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet

A fine coating of gold leaf washes from headknobs to neckridges, all but reaching out to capture and reflect light in and among the golden peaks and valleys. The satin-smooth hide is lent a falsely crinkled appearance by the shading and hue of the aureate coating, but touch proves it a lie. Fine metalwork traces along her nose, wraps about a strong, yet standard, neck to curl and dance down her spine to her tail; the fine filigree of color spreads out across her shoulders and flanks, catching the eye where the textbook average-ness of the body's size might not. The smooth sheen of polished gold melts away from the texture flanks to cascade along a her delicate underbelly and limbs, a faint gleam of lighter electrum. Expansive wings unfold from her shoulders like liquid metal; sisal-thin platinum shimmers between strong gold pinions, near transparent against her body. Sparkling orbs rest beneath golden eyeridges, fine and costly jewels set on the face of a priceless statue.

Impression Message:

The Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet continues to search the crowds carefully, moving forward through the white smocked humans, continuing to sniff the air for what she is looking for. Each face that she passes is assessed once more and the potential that resides there is matched up with what the golding needs and desires. She turns to move on before one face catches her eye. It was a face that she hadn't seen before. An almost elated stumble surges through her body and sends her into a skidding halt and an abrupt turn. She found that special someone, the one who had all the connections to meet her needs. The Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet nearly pounces on the trader ankles as she curls up around her feet. Yulianna was now officially hers.

Personal Impression Message:

A massive mental glomp assaults your senses, accompanied an inaudible girlish squeal and a faint giggle. « Yuli! » Once the moment of sudden glee fades, a faintly scheming scent of pine invades her voice. « I think you will do nicely. Just feed me and scratch my back, and I promise to never leave without a companion or shelter. I think we can work well together. » A tickle of affection in a wash of strawberry-scented pink invades as she adds. « And I am Miyakath. »

Name Inspiration:

Well, Darling, you thought up this one yourself. I think its cute. The whole Yuli and Miyakath thing. Its pronounced MEE-yu-kath or mee-Ya-Kath.

Egg Inspiration:

The inspiration for these two eggs is rather biblical. They were 2 of the 3 gifts of the wise men who visited Jesus in Bethlehem. The other gift was gold, but as that was not a scent, I went with these. Frankincense is a form of incense, expensive, and used in some parts of the world in religious ceremonies. (I have yet to find which religions I'm afraid.) Myrrh is a perfume, also very costly, but more often used in burial services. The former is a very light scent, the latter a very heavy. The other source of inspiration is the Christmas carol 'We Three Kings of Orient Are'. The moods portrayed by the third and fourth verses (Frankincense and Myrrh respectively) was what I was trying to convey, partially, in the desc, as the verses mirror the scents.

Description Inspiration:

For those with an eye for precious metals and a love for gold in general, Miyakath is a beauty. The first thing that I imagined was a golden statue with brilliant colored eyes. Her whole body looks as if it is made up solid gold, like a statue of a godling stolen from a pagan temple. Texturing over the bone structure in her face and her headknobs and neckridges looks craggy and wrinkled despite the fact that it is indeed smooth to the touch. Her back is covered with etched and carved marks that add more sparkle to her being with out making her so smooth that one would be afraid to slide right off. The rest of your golden beauty is fine smooth well polished gold that almost begs to be caressed. Her wings are a bit of a lighter shade, looking like the gold was rubbed or polished thinner there, giving the perception that her wings could almost be transparent, despite the fact that they are very much so opaque. The description also emphasizes her average shape size. If Miyakath were a duller color or even mottled with other metallic shades, she would almost be plain.

Mind Voice:

Her mind voice is fragrant and exotic, mixing woodsy outdoor fragrances and imported spices from the orient. Light royal colors fill your mind along with pleasant sensations of luxurious comfort or warm toasty feelings. Her voice is subtle and stealthy, slipping into your thoughts at times when you don't even realize she's awake. the tone is well clear and soft, like a well spoken young lady and just slightly mixed with feline tendencies. She doesn't whine or nag, but she will purr pleasantly whenever she is pleased with you or herself.


She's an average dragon in every sense of the word. We made her text book size. She'll grow as the text book says she will grow and she will always eat what the text book says her diet should be. the only thing about her that we made just a little bit bigger is her wings. A lot of the bronze just ended up with larger wings. In order to give poor Miyakath a fight chance with them during flights, we gave her large and useful wings so she could take off and fly fast and make flights at least interesting. What can we say, it’s a large winged family!


God.. Meet Shastes.
You said you wanted a youthful God personality, but a Shastes over all. Miyakath is a spunk sweet little gold, who knows she's a gold and tries her best to live up to the full power and responcibility of that title. She's not obsessed with it, but she does know that it is her purpose in life. She leads by example, trying to be the best little dragon she can be. She'll remind you that its time to get to work on practice flying and drilling you about formations. She'll be early to class every single day and be waiting with a sort of expectant energy for the day to begin. She's also somewhat perfect with out even knowing it. She doesn't know what it means to be a night owl or a morning person, she just is always awake and alert. She doesn't have to strive to be posative about situations because she already confident about what she is doing. Her relationship with you, would be something like God's relationship with Manami. You're her high priestess and together, you can make everything right.


When it comes to flights, Dear Shastes is more pronounced. Her mannerisms become more feline and her thoughts more instinct driven. She will know what to do and when to do it. She'll love to lead the males on their merry little chase and will be quite cunning. Miyakath won't be caught by trickery, but may be impressed by it. In the end, its her choice as to who catches her and who will father her eggs.

On the sands, she is the best mother cat there is. She'll be sweet and proper until someone gets just too close to one of her beloved eggs. Its then that the claws and teeth are barred. She'd never hurt anyone, but she will drive them from the sands hissing. She may or may not want to keep the Father around, depending on how attached to him she becomes. Shastes ate her husband.. remember?

I hope you like Miyakath. We tried to make her everything you wanted her to be. She's young yet and impressionable, so you can form her personality anyway you like as the turns go by. Whether she spend her entire life being just like God, or whether the Shastes part of her continues to surface on a daily basis is entirely up to you!

Harper's Tale's 31st PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Hannah’s gold Dhiammarath and R’ley’s bronze Tynabith
December 15th, 2001

Nya’s green Iredith
Zeja’s green Esmeyath
M'er’s green Suith
Kia’s blue Valanth
Kazra's brown Xylyth
R'ian’s bronze Bralath
J'den’s bronze Heliuth
B'ane’s bronze Aboleoth
D'baji's bronze Nverath

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