A'ki's Innocent Agent of Pole Vaulting Blue Mitrath

Welcome to Ista Weyr, A’ki! We’re glad that you tried out our Moo and found a place at our little Weyr. We’ve enjoyed getting to know not only the character that is A’ki, but also the player behind the character. We really hope you enjoy getting to know Mitrath. We had a lot of fun playing with him during this process and we know that you’ll have a lot of fun playing with him as well. As with all inspirations, this is simply an idea of a personality for you to use and draw from for ideas. As we all know, most personalities are built through experience. Everyone at Ista and on Harper’s Tale looks forward to experiencing the partnership of A’ki and Mitrath. – Pippa, Ilae, Zari


Splish Splash Egg

Crystal clear aquamarine washes over the majority of this egg's shell, interrupted with occasional ripples of cobalt and splashes of cream. Strangely symmetrical blotches of color appear all over with gold checks forming a star shape over here while tan and navy lines appear to be a wheel over there. Towards the bottom of this egg crimson and ivory marks clustered into a pyramid while on the top there are graceful curves of blue and white.

Splish Splash Egg shimmies and wiggles, and then seems to bounce at the force exerted by the dragonet within! The egg falls upon its side, and rolls and rolls, colliding with Cheering, Roaring, Crowded Egg. For a few moments, the egg remains still. And then! It shakes, cracks and shatters triumphantly!

Innocent Agent of Pole Vaulting Blue Dragonet

A plush figure, this jovial blue, loaded with vim and vigor from the curve of his tilted headknobs to the tips of his fabulous toes. He is long of frame, but short of limb, as stocky legs end in large paws with short, almost blunted claws. A deep and vivid sapphire is his hide, faintly bespeckled with an aquamarine which coalesces into stripes at a distance—at the curve of his jaw, along the back of his short neck, on well-padded joints, and against the boundary where rump meets his ridiculously long and slender tail. Sapphire are his outer sails and the length of his spanning spars, but a wealth of aquamarine is revealed in the splendor of his open wingspan. His face is long, a broad jaw leading into an equally wide muzzle, lending a rough-and-tumble expression to his otherwise playful mien. His top is made out of rubber, his bottom is made out of springs; he is bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN.

Public Impress Message

Innocent Agent of Pole Vaulting Blue Dragonet seems to almost hoot as his rear gets a tail-flick, agile thing that he is, bouncing and hopping away from mum and dad. Paws scamper, sliding through the sand, a winghook catching in sand to drag the little one about in a swirl. White candidates and dark sands, a kaliedoscope of colors whirl before his vision before the plush blue slides to a stop on his rump before a pair of candidates, nearly blundering into Yukie and Ashkir. Catch! Wings fling wide, sand scatters, and he collapses right at the fair blonde boy.

Private Impress Message

The scorching heat of the Sands disappears, and instead you find yourself standing in a vast, lush forest. Sunlight filters down through the leafy canopy, illuminating a house in the trees above you. And then, suddenly. « Ashkir? No! That just will not do. » That feeling of joy is freely shared through your link, near to the point of overwhelming. « A’ki! That is much better. » The wind rustles the leaves of the trees, causing some fallen leaves to swirl in an intricate, exciting dance. « I am Mitrath! M-I-TRATH! Is there meat? I’m so hungry! Let’s go eat! » Your own stomach rumbles in reply, leaving you with the immense feeling that you could eat too.

Welcome to Mitrath, A’ki! He is so very much a fun-loving dragon, that creature that you wanted, with the darker blues and a lighter bespeckling (we twisted it so that those speckles almost turn into stripes!), a goofball of a dragon that loves taking you on all kinds of adventures, and a whole lot of quirks to add just that much more punch to the personality. So we’ve got your bouncy blue here, all quirked-out, delightful to behold, and absolutely gorgeous both physically and mentally. This naturally led us to pulling quite a bit of inspiration from Tigger. You know Tigger? Everyone knows Tigger! We also used some of the theme of the clutch as well, that being olympians and Avengers. Naturaly, we picked the bounciest olympic there is: pole vaulting! So yeah, guess what? You also get the awesomeoness that is Agent Coulson too. He’s awfully witty and does what he has to do when the situation calls for it… he also has a bit of a mancrush on Captain America, but we’ll talk about that later. For now though, this is your Mitrath. Enjoy!

Splish Splash Egg Inspiration

Synchronized swimming and the formations that are so central to the event were the inspiration for this egg.



This, A’ki, is the name we eventually settled on for your lifemate. Keeping in mind what you asked for, we dug deep into many different languages, and eventually emerged with a name that symbolizes who Mitrath is, who he will be to everyone, and who he’ll always be to you. When it came down to it, we had a lot of choices to consider. After all, there are a lot of wonderful words out there! But in the end, we came to “mitra”, the Sanskrit word for friend, sounded it out, and knew it was a winner. Mitrath is his name, friendship and fun are his game. Feel free to pronounce it however it makes sense to you, but if you need a hand with it, Ilae’s been pronouncing it ME-trAth, Zari’s been pronouncing it with short vowels (MIH-trath).


The wonderful thing about Tiggers
Is Tiggers are wonderful things
Their tops are made out of rubbers
Their bottoms are made out of springs
They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN…

And the best thing about Mitrath is he’s the only one!

Though not exactly hefty, per se, Mitrath is a rather plush blue, with just enough extra flesh overall to make him squishy in all the right places. He is of an average size for a blue, his ridiculously long tail taking up the majority of his length, while shorter-than-average limbs also lend the impression of length to his torso. Saucer-like paws, big and blunt, and extra padding at his joints complete the image of a big, squishable lump of love.


Mitrath has stripes! Well, technically, they’re speckles which resolve into stripes at a distance and they’re fairly small, but, at a distance, they’re stripes! Unlike the beast on which he is based, however, it is not an all-over phenomenon, appearing mostly at key points: the point where his jaw curves into his neck, then along the back of his neck, on the backs of his knees and across the top of his rump. His wings, while not striped, are beautiful—that deep, but vivid blue of his hide on the outside, while -bam!- that bright and sunny aquamarine on the inside.

That tail! Until he figures out just what to do with it, it’s going to be a horrible pain in the neck, always in the way, getting stepped on or tripped over, and because it is so thin, he can whip the air with it, without thinking. Imagine the poor weyrling, or Faranth forbid, Weyrlingmaster, who gets in the way of that tail when he accidentally snaps it in the air! He’ll love it; he’ll hate it; it will frustrate him to no end! Eventually, though, he will figure it out, and your lives will be that much easier.

Mitrath does not have itchy spots; he is an itchy spot, one great, big, snuggly, endearing itchy spot. You’ll just finish slathering him in oil after an epic bout of “Find the Itch,” when you’ll catch him flopping into the dirt of the bowl to roll in an attempt to sooth another phantom itch. You will also have to be careful that these itch fests do not devolve into tickle fests. Your dragon is very ticklish and scratch him, scrub him, or oil him in just the wrong/right way, and the two of you will be rolling, with limbs flailing, and laughter dancing in your mind.


It’s a good thing your Mitrath is so squishable, because he has no problem with snuggling for hours, and he will, especially when little, expect you to share his couch with him. You may find that you enjoy those evenings on your ledge, or on the beach, after a long, hard day of play, when the two of you just spend time together… cuddling. There is no shame in it! Embrace the love!

Most hours of the day, however, your dragon will be unable to sit still. He will fidget restlessly through lessons. When he walks, he can’t just walk, he bounds, he pounces, he trounces, he flounces! Even when he is little, he will be difficult to keep up with, all that energy expressing itself in an abundance of movement that he really can’t control. And when he flies…?


Oh, in the air, your Mitrath is really something to behold! I hope you don’t have a weak stomach, because your dragon will probably be one of the most freaky flyers in the Weyr. He’ll zip! He’ll zag! He’ll perform loop-de-loops and barrel-rolls! This will not be a dragon to send as an emissary, to ferry dignitaries, unless they’re looking for a little excitement in their lives. All that energy and all that exuberance for life will be unleashed in the air and it will be as though, for just those precious moments, he is truly free to be himself.


Mitrath is a rapid invasion of green, leafy trees, and sunlight filtering cheerfully down through the transparent leaves. Somewhere, just out of your line of sight, something orange and black with stripes bounces with hyper excitement. « A’ki! » He exclaims, excitement filtering through to you as well. « You’ll never guess what I just found! » Without waiting for you to answer, however, his excitement bursts into bright spots of sunlight in your mind’s eye. « You’ve got to come see! »

A’ki, if you were hoping for a calm, unexciteable dragon, you might find yourself with a dragon that, at first, is a bit much to handle. Mitrath’s love for life, for discovering things extends not only to what’s outside of his mind, but also what’s in it. As a result, sometimes, even if you’re just sleeping, you might find yourself drawn to explore with him as easily as you are when you’re awake.

Mitrath’s mindscape is in no way limited, but you’ll be hard pressed to remember if he’s ever somewhere other than in a forest. And not just any forest - one where there’s always something new to explore, to experience, to touch, to see. There are trees, of course. Many vast, magnificent trees with canopies that though they do provide shelter from the sun, never seem to fully block it out. In many circumstances, the sunlight will simply filter on down through the leaves of the trees - only giving Mitrath more to explore, in the process!

You’ll discover with him, A’ki, that there are things in this vast mental forest. There are animals, yes - but there will also be flowers, and plants, and he will insist sometimes on you investigating his mind with him. This will be your Mitrath on the normal day - on the days when he’s his typical happy-go-lucky, friendly, optimistic self.


As time goes on, or perhaps soon on into Weyrlinghood as Mitrath gets used to his body, A’ki, you’ll experience another side to your lifemate’s mind. While not bad, or even particularly negative, when Mitrath is at his glummest, his mind’s world transforms. What was once filled with daylight and summertime will become nighttime - and when he’s at his most unhappy, even winter will invade his perpetually happy mind. Sometimes, depending upon how profound an effect the event that caused Mitrath’s glumness has on him, the nighttime and winter might take a while to return to the usual summertime day you’ll usually enjoy exploring with him.

You sense that Mitrath is a sudden invasion of buzzing, stinging insects that pepper your mental self obnoxiously. He says nothing, not yet, but the annoyance is still felt. Right there.

What’s wrong?

« A’ki, I tripped over my tail again. Why am I so clumsy? »

(Sigh.) You’re clumsy because you’re growing.

During the first few months of Mitrath’s life, you will probably get to know very well how to tell if Mitrath is once again frustrated with his body: your mind will be swarmed by various stinging insects. As he grows into his body, the times where you’re mentally stung will become less and less. But even once he’s grown, sometimes, just sometimes, Mitrath will let you know he’s upset or annoyed by the good old failsafe. Mindstings.

Sometimes A’ki, when it’s just the two of you, and you’re settling down for the night…Mitrath will open another part of his mind to you. You’ll come to recognize this place, this house in the trees as somewhere just for the two of you. Stories will be told here, things the two of you have found investigated, various things about the day just…talked about. This house in the trees will become a haven for the two of you, a place where the two of you can share anything without reserve - not that there will be much Mitrath holds back on a general basis. But this part of your lifemate’s mind is set aside for just you - and you’ll always feel the specialestest here.



Whimsical. Joyful.
Quirky. Curious. Precocious.
Friendly. Lovable. Perky. Passionate.

From the moment Mitrath pounces from his shell, there is no doubt that he is a dragon brimming with energy, exuberance, and a love of the world. There is a sparkle to his eye, a flick to his tail, and a bounce to his step. He is a dragon with attention to detail, interest in all around him, and a need to discover what it all has to offer. He’ll be best friends with everyone he meets (from first contact). Mitrath will delight in expressing his thoughts in his own, unique way and he’ll love most to express them with you, A’ki.


Mitrath has a natural curiosity. He pays attention to the details and may even obsess over them. All of those “little things” that everyone else tend to gloss over, overlook, he’ll notice. He won’t just notice them, he’ll note them, he’ll examine them, he’ll discover all the details of those “little things”. He’ll notice how glossy leaves turn silver when blowing in the wind, the individual colors of grains of sand and how each seem to be different, how the clouds change in the sky to the whims of the wind, and those scents on the wind that come from places that he cannot see. He’ll notice the change of temperature in cooler areas, patches of water, and when the sun strikes his hide. He’ll notice the viscosity of oil, the slip of air or rain when it streams over the planes of his wings, how the sky is orange at dawn (but not just orange but tangerine and golden and salmon and so many more hues), and the tickling footsteps of a trundlebug as it marks a path over his shoulder. He’ll notice this and so much more. Just as he’ll notice the things in your mind. He’ll examine them, play them, coo at the shiver you get when there is a chill, humm at the warmth of any embarassements you may have, become electric with energy when you are enraged. He’ll tease those thoughts with his own, where you will feel his own interest seeming to caress and fondle your feelings, fascinated by them.

Because Mitrath will notice so much, this requires discovery. Discovery requires action. Action often requires a lot of physical activity. Sure, one can notice many things while laying on the ledge or anywhere else, but some of the best discoveries are made on the move. And move, he will. He’ll nose his way into this and that, which especially in his youth (as well as most of his life) will have him bumping that nose of his against various substances. That muzzle will be scratched, scuffed, smudged, dirty, sticky, wet, dried out, and pretty much well used. He’ll also be using his toes to dig into things, push things, pull things, move things and so many other possibilities. While discovery is fun, it is even more fun when one has someone to go with. So, yes, A’ki will often be drug along with Mitrath on his mis/adventures. He’ll love bringing you along, insisting that you experience all of these new discoveries just as he will be, touching, sniffing, even licking your way to noticing all that this world has to offer.


Mitrath is clearly an active dragon that loves to have a good time. Good thing he has a build that lends to all of his physical requirements. He is dragon that lives to play. He’ll bound and jump, chase and zip. When he is young, he’ll pounce ferocious bundles of cloth, play tumble matches with his clutchmates, and eagerly join in games if he hasn’t already initiated one. He’ll love to play with others just as much as he enjoys playing with things. Balls will be great. Just as great as messing with A’ki’s underwear. Now imagine for a moment, that first time, the discovery of his shadow. How epic will that be?

Explorer. You Mitrath is very much an explorer. He prefers to go places and see/experience things that he has never done before. A new coastline must be examined to a finite degree, from the foliage to the fauna to the fish in the tidepools to the way the waves touch the shore. When a tithe boat arrives at the docks, he’ll be there to investigate it, noting the colors and forms of the animals being herded off. He’ll notice the gloss to their eyes, any limp, and which ones are clearly the most lively (thus good eating later).

Mitrath is a very active dragon. As such, he requires plenty of energy to fuel him. Only… well, Mitrath is rather picky when it comes to his food. Considering his attention to detail, he will be exceedingly demanding when it comes to picking and choosing what’s for dinner. Form, movement, liveliness are all exceedingly important when choosing the right meal. Age and gender may even become a factor as well. And, well, the color of the critter, how much sun the animal has gotten since he has spotted it, and so on and so forth. He’ll analyze and consider before finally choosing his meal. When he gets his kill? Well, he’ll be just as picky, eating certain sections first, ignoring other pieces because they just don’t suit him. Honestly, it could take him hours to finally eat a kill because of how picky he can be about what he eats and when he eats it.

Because Mitrath was born in a tropical environment, and because Mitrath is the way he is and A’ki is the way his is, naturally, your dragon is going to be fascinated with cold things. Temperature differences themselves will delight him. He’ll actually love going to and coming from between, that instant when temperature changes to dramatically, it’ll give him a shiver and a thrill. He’ll find it amazing to between from muggy and tropical Ista to the dry heat of Igen or the bite of cold to the north. With these temperature changes, he’ll be enamored with snow and ice. Ista never gets snow and ice is a rarity, but when he gets a chance to experience either, he’ll leap into the snow, jump and bound, slide over ice with scampering paws, purposely fling himself about, sniffle it, pat it with paws, melt it, obsess over the changes in types of snow and ice. I mean, come on, A’ki… seeing as you don’t much like the cold, you have to have a dragon that is fascinated by it!


Mitrath is a friend to all dragons, to all people, to everyone! Each and every dragon or person, kitten or spit canine, that he meets will automatically be a friend. Friend So’nSo. He’ll immediately consider them a good friend to be around, to play with, to experience things with, and generally experience life. His personality is so welcoming to others, that maybe he could almost be considered naive. But that isn’t the case at all. Instead, he just has a positive view. Why go through life guarded? He is a far more open and happy-go-lucky sort to worry or shield. It simply comes from being a dragon with a very positive personality that is simply perky and enjoys life enough to greet all with a good nature.


Now, with this in mind, Mitrath can, at times, get rather starstruck by various personalities. There are just some dragons which really dazzle him. It may be their prowess in flight, if they have done something exceptionally famous, have accomplished a great deed that is worthy of awe (Well, Mitrath’s awe), then your blue may get a bit of a “crush” on that person/dragon. He may seek out this other’s time and attention, offer them gifts, almost seem like some kind of creeper while following them around, gushing about them, and so on. There is a pretty good chance that Mitrath may even develop a bit of a mancrush on Xygemth. After all, Xygemth is kind of amazing, he is so big and practically perfect all throughout weyrlinghood. What dragon wouldn’t crush on him?

With that positive nature, it is very rare when Mitrath is sullen or out of sorts. Extremely rare. But when those moments happen, oh boy, they are dramatic. He could be sullen for days upon days and it may feel as though overcast skies have sunk into your head and just will never, ever, ever clear up. He’ll forego food and play, only finding life when something else finally catches his interest. He is even exceedingly difficult to anger, but when it happens, it is as if your playful kitten has become the fiercest tiger that ever touched the world. The thing about these feelings is that they are never on his behalf, but almost always stem from a slight that has either happened to A’ki or one of his close friends. He is a strong protector of his friends, and only their plights will drive him to such actions.


Mitrath is a lover, a playful creature that lives for the fun in life. Naturally, he’ll love the exciting, fast-paced, frolicking sense that flights have to offer. He’ll throw himself into flights with a sense of carefree abandon. He won’t so much care about the outcome, but the pace of the actual flight itself. He’ll love to zip and fling, zag and zig, twirl and swirl among the other dragons in the midst of the flight. He’ll be so caught up in the sheer exhilaration of flight he may even forget that flights must culminate in a catch (and what follows after). He could even get ahead of himself and zip ahead of that green he is chasing. His mind will be awhirl with smooth and sensual notes, teasing and fun-loving.

Naturally, he’ll love to be the one that catches the femme in the end. After all, what dragon in his right mind wouldn’t like that? Just as with the flight itself, he’ll love the feelings that come from catching. It’ll delight him to no end, leave him tickled to his toes, and breathless in joy.

Now, with this delight in flights, one would wonder rather what he thinks of the opposite sex? Honestly? He really doesn’t consider those greens (or golds) as the opposite sex. They are friends. He’ll just as happily leave presents on the ledges of green friends as he would blue, brown, or bronze friends. His presents could be a freshly caught wherry, a pile of pretty sand, A’ki’s best hat, whatever that strikes his fancy and finds most important and worthy of being a present for a friend that would appreciate it. So, you could even consider Mitrath to be rather blind to gender. He loves and enjoys the friendships and relationships of all dragons equally.


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Egg desc: Kelitani
Dragonet desc: Zari, Pippa
Messages: Ilae
Name: Ilae
Puppeted by: Pippa
Inspiration: Ilae, Pippa, Zari

A'ki's Blue Mitrath
Harper's Tale: 63rd PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Pippa's gold Jeyth and Kanga's brown Ruenalth
July 20th, 2012

R'co (Rocco) and brown Deveriteauxth
L'cian (Lucian) and bronze Xygemth

C'ay (Calway) and blue Karmyth
R'nin (Ronin) and blue Hawkeyeth
L'oki (Kailor) and blue Chitaurith
Tasha (Natasha) and blue Romanoth
Th'or (Thodir) and blue Asgardth
F'ury (Ylfrudor) and blue Stanleeth
Maria (Metaria) and blue Selvigth
P'ter (Parker) and blue Spideeth
L'gan (Logan) and blue Wolverinth

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