Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this Inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. - Yulianna

Dragon: Mauhinath
Color: Green
Name: Yulianna
Egg: Cosmic Frequency Egg
Egg Desc: Serafa; Yulianna, Naomi
Dragonet: Muse of the Midnight Sun Green Hatchling
Dragonet Desc: Yulianna
Adult Desc: Yulianna
Messages: Yulianna
Inspiration: Yulianna

Clutching Message:
Miyakath pauses, head waving from side to side majestically as her contractions start once more. Almost rhythmically her sides pulsate, undulating in a silent tempo only she can hear. Darkness emerges, peaking between her brilliant goldness as she brings forth the first egg, punctuated by random chaos, it already appears quite settled in the crater it's dam created for it.

Cosmic Frequency Egg
Arid darkness consumes the expanse of this swarthy ovoid. Not uniformly black, it appears to have an oily sheen reminiscent of midnight rainbows. Spikes and wiggles in glittering shades of zaffer, viridian and heliotrope etch deeply into the somber opalescence. Random patterns are formed by the thread-like colors suggesting shapes despite the individuality of each track of color. In the end they all serve to lend brightness to the otherwise drab egg.

Hatching Message:
Cosmic Frequency Egg shivers and shifts on the impossible heat of the sands. As though a piece of it had caught ablaze, it rocks violently to one side, and rolls outside of its divot, pirouetting in a full circle. The egg gives a final shudder and, with the tenor of a crackling fire, fragments, sending pieces of shell scattering left and right and, as the Cosmic Curtain parts, revealing it's madonna.

Muse of the Midnight Sun Green Hatchling
The soft glow of bewitched firelight emminates from this little one in ghostly greens. Verdant tongues of flame lick up rounded sides and dissolve into bottle green embers on infant neckridges, dribbling faintly olive hues down a tail much too long for her toddler-form, drawing from her a gait most readily described as a 'saunter.' Muzzle and talons, still blunt at her tender age, fade to near-white, a touch of shimmering silver dabbled, lending the appearance of a youngster who has gotten into her mother's powder. A burst of celadon and, at the very tips of her wingsails, vermillion flare across her wings, reminiscent of a wildfire smouldering 'round the edges of a nearly transparent forest.

Impression Message:
Step aside boys! Muse of the Midnight Sun Green Hatchling presses through the crowd, her awkward saunter useful for gathering gawks, but not terribly expedient in finding her desired audience. Her creeling rises to a rather unmusical pitch and then ubruptly stops. Her eyes whirl up at -the one- and she takes a couple more sauntering steps forward before touching her muzzle lightly to the girl's hand to get her attention. A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but Jalir is her chosen best friend!

Personal Impression Message:
A flame, like the bright beam of a spotlight, cuts through your consciousness, sending everything around you into impenetrable darkness. Then softly, with the delicate grace of a candle's flame, another presence joins with your mind, as if stepping into the spotlight with you. A soft voice with all the melodies of a cozy fire gently interweaves itself into your consciousness, touching emotions and lighting them on fire as you hear, « Jalir, you have -that- certain glow, it's not at just make-believe, you know. You and me: glamour and fame! Oh, and Mauhinath's my name. »

Mauhinath's Adult Description:
The soft glow of bewitched firelight emanates from this dragon's hide in ghostly greens. Verdant tongues of flame lick up curvaceous sides and dissolve into bottle green embers on high-peaking neckridges, dribbling faintly olive hues down a tail longer than might be expected for her elsewise petite form, drawing from her a gait most readily described as a 'saunter.' Muzzle and talons fade to near-white, a touch of shimmering silver dabbled, lending the appearance of a lady whose face has been carefully powdered. A burst of celadon and, at the very tips of her wingsails, vermillion flare across her wings, reminiscent of a wildfire smouldering 'round the edges of a nearly transparent forest.


Name Inspiration:
Well well, this one came somewhat easily. You said you like 'mau' names and in names (which E'an found to mean 'dance' in Japanese) and we combined that with 'hinata' which is sun in Japanese. So litterally Mauhinath is 'dance in the sun' or 'sun dancer.' Or, Muse of the Midnight Sun.

Egg Inspiration:
The eggs this clutch were inspired off Spacey things.

Description Inspiration:
Much of the inspiration came from your own idea of Marilyn Monroe…that and the fact that Mauhinath is the Fire Hatchling…the Sun Hatchling. She's very much the seductive, yet classic screen goddess…emerald fire licking over a feminine and delicate body. But she is also mysterious in a very innocent way. What she is not is affected. She does not move or act a certain way in order to get attention—her markings, coloration, curvaceousness and grace are inherent.

Mind Voice:
Effeminate! Mauhinath is everything that is feminine and her mindvoice is no exception. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor meet like satin and diamonds in a very close approximation of Mauhinath's mindvoice. Though usually sweet and fragrant, like a flowery perfume, at times she can become overwhelminga heavy incense burned in front of a fireplace to induce a mental and emotional heat which can only be equated to raw passion. She is a lady in every way, and her gentle tones tend toward a sort of warm-fuzzies feeling, but her anger blazes like a white-hot fire. When amused, Mauhinath's voice is like a cheerfully crackling firebringing warmth to everything around her…but her most common tone is the sweet innocence of a candle's flame, a small diamond of pure brilliance in a sea of otherwise darkness and cold.

Norma Jean Mortenson was told that she would never be a model—a few years later she was the darling of Hollywood and the sex symbol of America. We know her as Marilyn Monroe. An ugly duckling when she was younger, she was awkward and didn't quite have the 'ideal' physique of the Hollywood dames of the day, but she made for herself a place in history and can be described as nothing less than an icon. Mauhinath is much the same.

Awkward at first, she has the tendency to waddle somewhat wherever she goes, dragging her backside and over-sized tail with her. As a youngster this will give much the same impression as a Great Dane whose feet are much too large when they are pups. Her waddle, though, will turn into a saunter not unlike the Superstar's who she is inspired by.
Curvaceous and seductive in movement, and quite the opposite of her lifemate, her walk alone will likely cause blues, browns and bronzes to turn and watch her go by like Sugar in Some Like It Hot. And don't be surprised if those chiffon- like wings should prompt a whistle from the odd passer-by.

"I don't want to make trouble. All I want is a drink." quoth Claudia Casswell. That is Mauhinath's philosophy in life. As much as she enjoys enjoying herself, really she's just an ordinary girler, dragonlooking for extraordinary things. She's willing to take her time if it'll get her the -important- things in life. As Sugar Kane said, "It's not how long it takes, it's who's taking you." and if there laughter love and song to be had, Mauhinath is likely there, joining in with that demure, unintentionally seductive air of hers.

Not that she doesn't have her intentional moments. She's likely to ask "What rabbit?" just as did the Cheshire Cat, and the pervasive grin, though perhaps not visually apparent, is ever there in her tone. She'll toy with the untoyable and send them this way when what they're looking for is really -that- way.As a youngster she may seem a bit quiet—perhaps even too quiet, and her trick of turning everything into a limerick will cause others to look at her askance from time to time. But she's smarter than she may seem on the uptake, and her trick of asking questions in a clueless tone is really just to provide her the time she needs to make her decisions.

Her tastes tend toward the finest things in life, and if she doesn't know which is better, she'll simply ask. "You DO wear it on your head. I just LOVE finding new places to wear diamonds." Anything to make heror youlook pretty and elegant is on her 'want' list. She's not one to go about collecting this or that, oh no, she's got -taste- you see…even if she has to ask which is silk and which is satin.

Joyce Mannering said, "I hope I look half as good when I'm a grandmother."
To which Victor Macfarland replied, "Oh, I'm sure you will."

Just like you wouldn't marry a girl because she was pretty, you wouldn't let yourself be caught by a fellow just because he was good with words. But my goodness, doesn't it help! In flights Mauhinath will be won not by those who are the strongest or the fastest or the bravest. Oh no! It is he with the wit and tongue to match her own who will win her heart (and her flights). After all, good manners is a sign of good breeding, and good breeding is a sign of old money, right? Right! She may be high- maintenance, but Mauhinath is sure worth the price!

She won't rely on speed in flight, nor in tricks and turns, but don't think she's not capable of both, merely because of her rounded form and fragile-seeming wings. She can fly with the best of them, but once she's made her decision, she's not one to skulk away from the males, making them wonder where she is. A showy girl by nature she'll make her decision immediate and apparent and take her sweet time showing off her -other- talents!

+Jalir's Green Mauhinath
Harper's Tale: 33rd PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
*Hannah's Gold Dhiammarath and R'ave's Bronze Soquilith's &
+Yulianna's gold Miyakath and D'baji's bronze Nverath
August 30, 2002
*Lyrianna's Brown Rilskiath, *Trimaka's Blue Agzanth,
+Serafa's Green Phirath, +Brid's Green Kitiarath,
*Kelana's Green Muireath

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