Congratulations, Helyne, and welcome to Ista Weyr! We hope Magnolth is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. - Vivian and Ayden

Dragon: Magnolth
Color: Blue
Name: Ayden and Annie
Egg: Torn Asunder Egg
Egg Desc: Ayrina; Annie tweak
Dragonet: Tomorrow is Another Day Blue Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Ayden; Annie tweak
Clutching: Annie
Hatching: Ayden; Annie tweak
Impression: Ayden; Annie tweak
Personal: Ayden; Annie tweak
Inspiration: Vivian and Ayden

Clutching Message:
Serath lowers her great head down to the sands, eyeing a spot on the far end from the galleries with her oversized, whirling orbs. A pleased rumble spreads across the sands to the galleries, and the queen turns, facing those amassed in the galleries. She pauses, then affects a rather smug attitude as she plods off, leaving Torn Asunder Egg behind.

Torn Asunder Egg
Soft peach and lilac creepers entwine around an ivory ovoid. Elegance glimmers to cradle the egg, soft hints and unheard whisperings gentle reminders of peaceful, lazy days. Across the middle of the eggcase rages a flame-kissed ebony gash, one that teeters upon the edge of the abyss. The eggshell above the gash is coated in murky, washed out, defeated colors, but at the very tip, a tiny whisp of green can be seen, a promise that what once was can rise from the ashes.

Hatching Message:
Torn Asunder Egg shivers one last time, the abyss deepening as a large crevice appears beneath the flame-touched ebony. The fissure zigs along the casing to crack the tiny whisp at the end, suddenly breaking open and permitting the hidden promise to emerge from the ashes — a new life, another day.

Tomorrow is Another Day Blue Dragonet
Verdant tinges dip over neckridges of midnight blue, smoothing calmness over sharpened angles. His stubby muzzle is awash in cobalt's influence, the coloring drifting up to coat prominent eyeridges and whisper onto jade-tipped headknobs. An oddly graceful neck stops short at shoulders' strength, cobalt tracings winding down forelegs to silvery talons. Rounded wings gleam with dew-drenched latticework, midnight's shadings interweaving along spar and wingsail. His rotund belly's form is caressed by softened indigo that reaches out to wash over the outcropping of stubborn haunches. Cloudy oceans' depth drenches the sleek tail to end in the dangerous sharpness of a bold, ultramarine fork.

Impression Message:
Tomorrow is Another Day Blue Dragonet whuffles softly at one of the candidate's feet, turning his bejewled gaze up past a tall torso to gaze, wonderstruck, at milky skin, soft chocolate eyes, and honeyed hair. He has found the one he has been seeking, the one worthy of and needing his and only his — protection. He tilts back his head, maw opening to bugle his precious discovery: Helyne!

Personal Impression Message:
The touch of a time long forgotten softly whispers its gentility and elegance throughout your mind. Within the haze lies an all-encompassing sense of stubborn protectiveness, embracing your being with a deepened sense of youthful joy and innocence. A smokey timbre reaches through the mists of softened memory to gently bring you forth to the promise of the present. Again the soothing tones fill your conscience as the swirling mists part « Helyne, I am here for you always, I am Magnolth and I am yours as you are mine! »


Name Inspiration:
Magnolth comes from "magnolia" which is that fragrant bloom of the South. We took note that you liked the letters "m" and "n" and used that to help us create the name. It can be pronounced MAG-nolth, or Mag'-NOLTH.

Egg Inspiration:
This description is supposed to be representative of the changes wrought by the Civil War. The soft colors represent the gentle, peaceful days of the South which are then broken by the harsh gash representing the War between the States. Washed out colors then take over the shell but still hold a hint of what is to come with the green sprig at the top.

Mind Voice:
Smooth, melodic, eternally charming, Magnolth's mindvoice is like warm molasses melting through your brain. You can almost taste it—in fact, where almost every dragon's voice is tinged with colour and scent, a conversation with this blue almost always leaves the faint trace of sugar in your mouth. The most seductive Southern drawl is his trademarknot the sort of twang that one might think of someone less civilized, but a sophisticated and sexy smoothness that will be both bane and blessing. The background colours of his voice range from lily-white to sapphire, from verdant apple green to flashes of scarlet, and can flicker like a kaleidoscope when his mood demands it.

Magnolth will never be a big dragon, or even a big blue dragon. Once the rotundity of his hatchling days wears off, a well trained and more athletic Magnolth will be stronger than he looks, too. He may be small, but gangly or awkward he is certainly not. Hes compact and graceful, like a gymnast, and an acrobat he is, in the air and on the ground. He moves with a fluidity more awkward dragons may always be jealous of, skimming over the ground with a hypnotic motion more like water than fire. In fact, in the initial days of weyrlinghood, Magnolth is likely to be one of the only young dragons who /doesn't/ trip over his own wings, or feet, or tail….

Tail. Magnolth's seems to have a mind of its own. It's long, it's strong, it's /always/ in the way. He might not trip over it, but everybody else will. It's like the way a kitten's back half doesn't seem to be connected to its frontthe sixth time you stumble over him while you're oiling him, he'll apologize smoothly, looking at you through those big jeweled eyes

« Did /that/ get there again? I am /so/ sorry, Lyne my love, you know I do not mean to keep doing that! »

And you will forgive him, of course, and start oiling again. Because Magnolth's hide takes a /lot/ of care. It's always prone to chapping and peeling, and takes more care than the most beauty-conscious of ladies. But taking care of his itchy hide is hardly a chore—how could it be, when he enjoys it so thoroughly? He practically /thrums/ when you oil him. He could sit there and let you oil for hours, and if you let him get away with it, he /will/!

Itchy spots. Other dragons have them. Not Magnolth. He has one itchy spot, and it /moves/. No sooner have you gotten rid of it, than some other spot on his body needs a good oiling and scratching, and if you're not there to do it, he could very well tie himself in knots trying to get to it himself! But even beauty has its price and its weaknesses, right? And Magnolth /is/ a beauty!

Sparkle, sizzle, fizz! This little blue spitfire shines with all the burning glory of celebratory fireworks. Small, deft, and utterly charming, he will likely have you, his clutchmates, and half the rest of the weyr adoring him completely.

He's a bright-burning star that never seems to fade, boundless energy and intense emotion barely contained within his fine-boned frame. At the heart of it all is his love for you, Helyne, an all-encompassing devotion that serves as the white-hot core of his being. He is, for the most part, a good-natured and easygoing soul, charming and charismatic, and all but impossible to dislike. His easy, friendly manner, combined with his diminutive size, is likely to make him the pet of his class, and the pair of you may find yourself accomplice and party to far more than your share of Weyrling pranks, parties, and adventures.

Just dont back him into a corner! This firecracker of a blue can go from an indolent, lazy lounge to full blazing fury in a space of heartbeats, should he feel that you his rider, or one of his chosen, are threatened. Thread, of course, is the most frequent recipient of his dedicated hatred, like soldiers in an enemy army, he takes them out with precision and, if he can get away with it, flair.

A friend to everyone, he slides easily into the niche of mediator between dragons and humans alike. Its a peculiar talent of his to point out to people the sheer silliness of their more petty endeavors and arguments, and make them remember that they really /want/ to kiss and make up and be friends. (Well, okay, maybe not kiss.)

It may not be obvious on the surface, but he is capable of intense emotions that can send his entire soul into chaos. His love for you is his centre, his wings and his anchor, but he /feels/ things so deeply that even you can barely understand sometimes the depth of his emotion. He hesitates to show this to anyone but you, and one or two trusted companions, either human or dragon, that he might eventually come to trust that much. His hiding it makes it all the more intense, and he is prone to periods of moping when nothing you say or do can pull him from itit may be best that way, in fact, for he would prefer in those times if you were simply near him. He needs your support, thento know simply that you are there, and you are his, and that no matter what, those to things will never change.

And sometimes, perhaps, you need to know the same thing.

Ooh, flights. Magnolth just can't help himself, you know, he's just sexy. It's the perfect body, the molasses-melody voice, the bright gleam of his sapphire hide. But he's a gentleman, too, and you'll never catch him being anything but polite to the winged ladies of the Weyr:

« Would you like this part of the ledge, Rhosyth? The sun is so much warmer here. » And so he gets up and moves, and Rhosyth gets the sunny spot that he spent the entire afternoon coveting. But he's not resentful—the truth is, he would have it no other way.

But like many of the most gentle, once the hormones take control and instinct is in the lead, he's on fire. Up, up goes the green, and nothing you can do or say will persuade him not to take off full-tilt after her and fly himself out doing so. If he does catch, he'll be the devoted lover for weeks at least—and if he doesn't, he'll need you to reassure him before he's ready to go out and try again.

But try he will—for with the two of you together, is there anything you or he couldn't do?

Lyne's blue Magnolth
Harper's Tale: 21st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Annie's gold Serath and B'ran's bronze Dharmath
Sunday, March 14, 1999.
J'ret & bronze Ilyddth, Jesha & brown Sevareth, Charysli & blue Aztereth, Lyne & blue Magnolth, S'cud and blue Abracath, Kiana & green Kzinreth, Latte & green Rhosyth, Sya & green Berwynth.

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