Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, many hours of Harry Potter briefings, and of rereading up on Draco, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. —Lyria & Hannah

Dragon: Lesoleth
Color: Brown
Name: Lyria
Egg: Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg
Egg Desc: Planit
Dragonet: Creature of the Loch Brown
Dragonet Desc: Hannah and Lyria
Messages: Lyria
Inspiration: Lyria and Hannah

Clutching Message:

Miyakath seems to pause, falling into a quiet stupor even as she prepares herself for the next egg to clutch. Muscle and sinew ripple beneath the golden hide, causing stomach to clinch with the coming contraction. Relaxation of muscles and form come as the tiniest little egg rolls out and into the trench the gold created just for it. Miyakath peers at the little egg and it's small size a moment before swiftly burying it in the hot sands.

Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg:

Mottled striations of nutmeg and honey swirl around the small egg, highlighting its small size. Honeyed hues seem to gleam with every refraction of light even as the nutmeg darkens and attempts to bury the honey as the dueling colors swirl to puddle at the bottom of the egg. Blotches of dark bronze-green mottle the surface of the egg here and there as an added taste of color. Faint whiffs of white seem to pull through the nutmeg and honey colors to cloud the very top in the reminiscence of steam.

Hatching Message:

A sharp end of something bursts from the top of the Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg, making a slice through the egg's honeyed shell. Following shortly behind what have proved to be neck ridges is the top of a muddy brown head. The dragonet seems to pause in his shell to peer out into the world he has sent himself thrashing into, looks to decide that it is simply the place to be, and sends the egg toppling sideways to shatter in a shower of sand and new talons.

Creature of the Loch Ness Dragonet:

Aged, antique umber coats his slender body, dipping into a mottled concoction of mud and fawn near the underbelly and the lower part of thin legs, a scaly pattern deceptive of his smooth hide. Dusty wings reach far for his width, but end sharply at the fingerbone. Dingy earthen sails are stretched taut across the bones of his batlike wing. His color pales dramatically across spiny, sharp neckridges, copper rusting into a sallow frosted green that coats the knife-sharp angles of his head. Muzzle is narrow and skeletal, dismal sepia trickling its way 'round noseridges to a slightly hooked tip. Legs are not skinny, but dainty, rather, with talons razor sharp and contain a wiry strength to them. Elongated tail becomes increasingly more marbled in dusky brown as it reaches its end with spiky ridges pinched from its top.

Impression Message:

Creature of the Loch Brown Dragonet turns, finally, decisively after much consideration towards a certain candidate. He cocks his head to study his spectacled subject, then with a curious, but silent air takes the few steps to the white clad girl and spreads his wings and rests his head by her feet, his mysterious whirling eyes staring straight into those of Issket's.

Personal Impression Message:

A quiet hiss begins, barely noticeable as something only you can hear. « It is a scary thing » a low voice whispers, « to not know somebody, and to love them. » But it loudens in the back of your mind, curious dabblings of water and splashes continually becoming more and more prominent and then suddenly…It quiets. « But we go well together, my Issket. » A swirling of muddy green descends upon you, enrapturing your senses as something contentedly coils up 'round your being, and rattles once, pleased as a strangely familiar fog follows the presence. « I am to be known as Lesoleth. »

Clutch Theme:

Places around the world (climate, local flavor)

Name Inspiration:

You asked for a slippery name. A name with slurs and we gave you your Lesoleth. It comes from some combination of playing with translators in both Latin and Welsh and words like 'cynic' and 'arrogant', and the thought of Parseltongue, and we came up with Lesoleth. Pronunciation can go many ways. I've tended to favor LESS-o-leth, but it can also be pronounced less-O-leth, or however you'd like to twist your tongue. It doesn't lend itself to many nicknames except for possibly 'Les', which is just fine, but I think he may prefer you using his full name, as he is particularly fond of it. —Lyria

Egg Inspiration:

This egg is based of the traditional Croatian Christmas dish of Badnji Kruh. Badnji Kruh is a type of bread that is made with honey, nuts and dried fruit. Croatian's are traditionally Catholic and thus they do not eat meat on Christmas Eve. So they have a variety of fish and bread dishes to tempt the palate.

Description Inspiration:

Quite simply, Lesoleth is a prehistoric something that crawled up from the bottom of Loch Ness. He is rather crocodile-like, as you requested, and his coloring is that of what we imagined a brown crocodile living in the Loch would look like, a sort of mixture of mud and slightly swampy water. He is very reptilian, snake and crocodile like, for that is what Slytherin is known for.

Mind Voice:

Lesoleth is the creature from the Loch Ness. An unknown entity who tends to speak in a low tenor. In fact some words and emotions have the undertone of a hiss or rattle, especially those times when your Lesoleth is displeased. The snake-like sounds prove for drawn out s'. In fact his own name he says slowly, carefully, as though he's tasting the word with his…mind?

Sinister chuckles from Lesoleth are accompanied by the faint lapping of a lake edge's water. A faint musty, swampy, although not unpleasant, smell wafts about Lesoleth's mind voice. It appears in earthy colors - green, hints of brown and dappled with a lake water's blue. A thought of his is a ripple in the water, a curious something peeking out from beneath the surface of the Loch. The rare impassioned emotions of fear or love appear in swirls of a muddy green, while most of the time his cynical, arrogant self appears but an undisturbed lake surface.


Lesoleth is the mystery from the depths of the Loch. He's strangely long and thin and…well…pointy, just like you requested, Issket. He is a dainty thing, appearing delicate, but what he has is really wiry strength to him, no bulging muscles or anything of the like. His color of a muddy sort of lake-bottom brown patterns in a way that may look like a crocodile's scales, but feels nothing of the sort, smooth and soft to the touch.

"Even asleep, Draco seemed to have arranged himself elegantly, his hair tousled just right, the curve of his arm just so…" —Hermione's thoughts on Draco, Draco Veritas

He has a grace that most other dragons to not, which might be odd for his length and physical appearance, but it's there. Any position will look carefully planned and laid out so that he looks rather elegant, for an unconventional looking dragon. His appearance does not seem to be ugly, per say, but different, than the norm. More sharp, more pointed and meant for agility.


"Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means
To achieve their ends."
—The Sorting Hat, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

If we dropped the Sorting Hat on Lesoleth's head, it would take but a moment for him to be sorted to Slytherin. However, Lesoleth has many different facets to his personality. Or at least a few rarely seen attributes that are usually only revealed to, well, you and none other. Outwardly he tends to be cynical, arrogant, haughty, and tends to make a few less-than-nice comments that he seems to find terribly amusing. Like you said yourself, he'd rather like to laze at the edge of the bowl and make comments of dragons that like to flex their big masculine muscles. Brains to brawn ratio…He's mostly brains, which he uses to his advantage to out think and outwit others, tending to be one step ahead of everyone else, and he brings you along with him.

Inwardly he is cynical, arrogant, haughty, and tends to make a few-less-than-nice comments that he finds terribly amusing. But that is not all to him. He is faithful, prideful, and dignified. Once he gives away his trust and faith, absolutely nothing will break it. He has that trust in you, Issket. You hold the key to him, the key that keeps him from becoming something entirely mean. For to you and few others, he will share his inner feelings, fears and love that may actually be unexpected coming from him.

"The deliberate voice was elegant, the words carefully chosen; Harry wondered if Draco had rehearsed this particular speech, or if it was simply that in times of stress he reverted to his Malfoy upbringing and the carefully cultivated ancestral graces that kept real emotion at bay." —Harry, on Draco, Draco Veritas

He has a terribly witty and sarcastic humor. It is witty in the sense that he will find it funny, although those on the receiving end may not. You, my dear Issket, will never be on the receiving end of those little comments, but he will share with you just what he finds oh-so-amusing. Very rarely will he be without a comment to make or comeback to give that will evoke rather a good bit of inner laughter. In fact some of this may even be used to keep you in line, Issket. There may be occasions where he really does need to pull you back from being so out there, and it may be with a good-humored jab at your…you-ness.

He is ambitious, don't you doubt that. He wants to rise high in his little world, which comes in terribly handy when you're fighting thread. He is cunning, but by no means ruthless. He simply tends to be a very good "reader" of others and can identify their weaknesses. He is not around simply to balance you, though, Issket, you are there to balance him. Your presence keeps him from using those weaknesses for bad purposes, and in fact he lets you use that knowledge of another's weakness to possibly help them, although it is doubtful he will be found doing so himself.

The world, to him, is not something to be trusted, and having you out in it…Well that can be a slight problem sometimes. You are to be protected, Issket, because you simply may not know better, according to him. Lesoleth is your watcher, your defender, your voice of suspicion, even. He'll allow you into things, of course, but will try and reel you in before you get too deep into situations that even /he/ may not be able to get you out of, for all he'll admit it, because nothing is too much for him to handle with his cool, collected, clever self.


In flights Lesoleth is a ladies man, using his wit and strange charm to capture a girls' interest. He will not stay with anyone in particular, though - more a roamer, a loner, tiring quickly of his love interests, usually. He'll chase anything that is female and that moves, and his preference is green. Being a smallish dragon, he can hold his own with the versatile blues and win his fair share of green flights. With the gold flights? Not so easy. That's where his size comes against him. He may try, but his stamina just isn't the same of say, Manaslath's. Should he be able to catch a gold - he would certainly have to be sneaky - he would only be curious about the clutch of eggs, if that. Slowly, Issket, your Lesoleth will be working his way around to just about every green in the Weyr. However, it may be that one in particular catches his attention, but he will not easily admit it, oh no, and he's not one to take someone's love away from them, that's for sure. (Rabid Draco/Hermione shipper here, except in the case of Cassie's Draco Trilogy, in which I am rooting for Draco/Ginny.)

References include:

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series (of course)
Cassandra Claire's Draco Trilogy (especially Draco Veritas. Go read it if you haven't already!)

Harper's Tale's 37th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Yulianna's gold Miyakath and N'ano's bronze Bydelth
Monday, December 15, 2003

A'mar's green Naluth
Ariah's green Belissaith
Raine's green Zeimyth
Rele's green Tifaryth
Iya's blue Canllaith
B'au's blue Niwath
Nayla's brown Manaslath
S'nin's brown Kismetath

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