Setting Up Your Weyr
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Setting Up Your Weyr

1) @chown <weyr #dbref> (May already be done by Builder)

2) @move yourself to <ledge #dbref> and type: dig west to <weyr #dbref> (When it asks if you'd like to build an exit in both directions, type yes. When it asks if you want to make the exit a window, choose yes or no (a window means you can 'look' inside and see the description of your weyr))

3) @move <ledge #dbref> to #1036; @move <weyr #dbref> to #1036; @move <couch dbref#> to #1036

4) +rename west to The Ultimate Weyr,inside,alias2,etc,etc (Use if you desire to rename an exit, of course)

5) If your exit doesn't appear when you 'look' at the room you're in, type:

- +exits
- Choose the desired exit (i.e. 2)
- Type 5 and hit the enter key twice

6) type: +unlock west

7) Enter your weyr. Connect your couch to your weyr by doing the following:

- dig north to <couch dbref>
- Again, when it asks if you'd like to build an exit in both directions, type yes.
- +rename north to Dragonth's Couch,couch,alias2,etc,etc
- +unlock north
- +unlock east
- +rename east to Ledge,out

8) Type: @set here.outside_room to 0

9) If you desire to NOT have housekeeping take away guests that sleep in your weyr, type: @set here.keep_clean to 0

10) Enter your couch and type the following:

- +rename South to Weyr,out
- +unlock south
- @set here.outside_room to 0
- Again, if you desire not to have housekeeping take away guests, type @set here.keep_clean to 0

Last but not least: @resident <dragon #dbref>, move your dragon to your weyr, ledge or couch and have them (via puppet command) @sethome.

Also, @recycle <couch exit #dbref> and @recycle <couch entrance #dbref>

Any questions or problems, feel free to ask any member of WLM Staff!

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