Leadership Flight

[[logged by Saria]]

Saria sits down and pours herself some klah, rubbing her eyes. She stretches, and looks around. Dead quiet in here.

Kesa limps with care in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Kesa steps into the cavern, and moves towards the drink table.

Saria looks up at Kesa. "Hello, dear.." she says, getting up from her seat. She goes over to the brown Weyrling and wraps her arm about the girl's shoulders companionably. "And how are we today?"

Kesa starts, and then turns to look at Saria in surprice. " I.. I'm fine.. weyrwoman." She drops the glass she was holding, then tries to grab it, and salute Saria, all at once.

Saria takes a big gulp of the klah she's holding a bit precariously in her other hand, and smiles broadly at Kesa. She squeezes the girl's shoulders again before stepping back. "Oh, dear, you've dropped your glass."

Avond cheeps merrily to all about as he flutters out of ::between::.

Saria waves her free hand. "Pressa!? Come clean this up! NOW!"

The frightened drudge scurries over with a broom and sweeps up the shards of glass. "Yes, Weyrwoman, of course, Weyrwoman,"

Saria looks at Kesa kindly. "No harm done, dear. Things happen."

Saria looks blankly. What did she forget to do.. salute. Yes, that's right. She raises her free arm(which happens to be the wrong one), and salutes weakly to Kesa.

Kesa stares down at the glass, nodding. " Ah.. yes. yes." She blushes in embarassment.. such clumbsiness.. in front of the weyrwoman, no less. " Thank-you, weyrwoman." She steps back, nervously. Never was that confident around authority..A frown. " Um.. it's your other arm, Weyrwoman. Are you feeling alright?"

Saria realizes her error, and trying to shift her mug from the left to the right hand, slops klah all over both hands, scalding them mildly. "SHARDS!" She screams, quite plainly, and then tosses the mug down on the ground, breaking it to pieces quite close to poor Pressa, who now has another mess to clean up. A wet one, too.

Saria bites her lip and runs over to the drink table. Water. I /am/ a healer, burns need to have water put on them. She soaks a cloth with water from a pitcher and wraps it around both of her hands.

Catia wanders in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Saria sighs with relief, meandering back to Kesa. "I'm all right now, dear," she says, quite calmly.

Ioni yawns, showing her neat white teeth and the inside of her pink mouth.

Saria looks up at Catia, and raises both hands together, wrapped in a wet towel, in an awkward salute.

Catia wlks placidly in. "Oh Kesa, here you are…" She salutes hurriedly. "Morning, weyrwoman."

Kesa steps back, eyes going wide. Something must be wrong. The weyrwoman is acting like a child.. " Weyrwoman? She steps forward, again, trying to comfort. " Oh, Catia!" Relief. Now maybe she can go sit down. " Catia.. "

Saria looks at Kesa. "Dear, I was going to give you that amrk I promised you."

Catia wanders over to the klah pot, looking a little bewildered. She glances at Saria's towel-wrapped arm, but bites her lip to stay quiet.

Saria looks at her hands, "But it seems that my hands are quite tied at the moment. You can just reach into my right pocket, dear, there is one in there I brought just for you."

Saria looks at Kesa, expectantly, holding up her two towel-swathed hands so that her arms are out of the way.

Kesa nods, smiles kindly, " Oh, don't worry about it. It isn't important." She shakes her head. " I.. have a couple left over from my last job. they'll do me fine, for the gather." She smiles politely. But keeps her hands behind her back.

Catia pours some klah for herself, watching and trying to work out what's going on.

Saria shakes her head vehemently. "Kesa, we made an agreement, and I won't have it any other way. Now take the mark."

Quarith senses that she rumbles loudly, sending tendrils of resentment out through the mindlink. « You are all too loud! You are disturbing my nap! »

Quarith senses that Myrineth quivers in puzzlement… she didn't say /anything/….

Kesa frowns. " Well.. you know.. " Kesa glances quickly at Saria. The woman must be sick! Acting so strangly.. and you don't want to disturb sick people. " Well, ok.." She reaches over and quickly sticks her hand into the pocket, grabbing for the mark.

Shadow puts his nose to the ground and sniffs around…he stops as he raises his hind leg to mark the spot.

Catia spares a scowl for the ill-mannered canine, and bends down to scoop up Ioni, how was brushing against her ankles.

Carelock walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Quarith senses that Nimanath rumbles curiously. « What did he say? »

Carelock tosses a quick salute to the Weyrwoman on her way to the klah pot.

Catia moves away from the klah pot, leaving Carelock space.. and attempts to salute her. But with a mug in one hand and a feline in the other, it's not easy….

Carelock shakes her head at Catia. "It isn't necessary to salute me, Weyrling."

Quarith senses that she snorts in disgust, the chafing echo reaching out towards the younger dragons.

Saria attempts to salute Carelock, but with both hands wrapped in a wet towel, she can only raise both arms helplessly. She stomps her foot, then turns around. "Kesa, haven't you gotten that mark yet?"

Carelock snorts. "I'll take the thought for the deed, Weyrwoman."

Quarith senses that Nimanath grumbles, and settles down into his couch. *really* He was napping himself, before the queen woke him up.

Quarith senses that Morath rumblechuckles softly.

Kesa jumps back, pulling her hand out of the pocket. " I.. I.." She shrugs. " I have it." She opens her hand, showing the mark.

Quarith senses that she bugles! loudly, echoes reverberating through mind and weyr alike. « Morath, had you something to add? »

Saria nods. "Very well then. That's a lot of bubblies you could buy with that, you know," she says, nudging Kesa with her elbow playfully.

Catia finally sits down, frowning rather. Ioni goes in her lap, mug is raised to her lips, and her face is still blankly bemused.

Quarith senses that Morath affects an innocent tone. "Who, me? Just happy to be alive and awake this beautiful Pern morn."

Kesa nods, then turns to glance at Catia, curiously. What is wrong with their weyrwoman? Back to Saria. " Yes.. thank-you, Weyrwoman." She salutes, quickly, and steps back again, towards the weyrlings table.

Carelock hides a smirk behind her upraised klah mug.

Quarith senses that Nimanath snorts. Awake? Who want's to be awake…

Quarith senses that Morath rumblechuckles softly again, and refuses to answer.

Saria pulls a chair out from under a table with one foot curled around its leg to drag it, then sits down with a *plump*. Now, to examine this towel..er, these hands. She pulls the towel back, and jumps. Her hands are all red and sore. Oh, hold on. I'm a healer. Yup, dragonhealer too. What do you do for burns again? She puts a hand to her head. All she can remember is cold water. she carefully wraps and tucks the towel around both her hands again, then goes over to the water pitcher. She dips both hands and towel into it, and sighs with relief.

Saria looks at the water, belatedly realizing something.. then, "Pressa!!!? Go and fetch some clean water, NOW!"

Catia frowns, watching Saria. "Have you hurt yourself weyrwoman?" she inquires softly, careful in case she sparks of this… this… whatever.

The frightened Pressa runs out the door, grabbing the pitcher of soured water on the way out.

Kesa sits down next to Catia, still watching the weyrwoman. A slight frown works it's way onto her face.

Saria looks up at Carelock forlornly, and says meekly, "I've burned my hands, you see.. spilt my klah all over them," she looks mournfully at her towel-swathed hands.

Carelock watches the werylings' confusion with an amused light dancing in her eyes, but she is careful to hide her expression from Saria.

Ioni mews plaintively, perhaps hoping to be fed or petted.

Carelock smiles placatingly. "Catia here is a healer, and it might be easier if you let her care for you, Weyrwoman," she says carefully.

Catia slides out of her seat, shrugging the poor feline to the floor. She fumbles in a pocket and brings out a small pot. "Would you like some numbweed?" she offers.

Saria looks at Catia. "Would you help me?" her eyes light up, and she holds out her towels.. er, hands, to the green weyrling.

Catia unwraps the towels and turns the reddened hands over. "Klah, was it?" she asks rhetorically, beckoning to a drudge. "A clean towel please," she orders, "And take these wet ones away."

Quarith> Quarith rumbles, and shifts restlessly. She paces out onto her ledge, and with a mighty trumpet, soars down towards the corral where the herdbeasts roam.

The obedient little drudge trots away with the soggy towels, bringing Catia a clean oone which she uses to dry of Saria's hands.. very gently.

Carelock attempts to divert Saria's attention while Catia works. "And how is the lovely Quarith this morning?"

Pressa scurries back in, seeing the Weyrwoman thankfully occupied, and sets the water on the table before running like a mad wherry for the kitchens.

Carelock coughs, her face a suspicious shade of red, as she watches the hurried departure of the drudge.

Saria looks up at Carelock, her eyes focusing, unfocusing, refocusing for a moment… "She's fine." the Weyrwoman says shortly. "Why should she not be just fine?"

Quarith senses that Dharmath stretches in silent disinterest, warm solar ambiance all that matters

Kesa quickly turns her eyes away from the weyrwoman, and consentrates, with great intrest, mind you, on the far wall.

Carelock smiles. "Of course she's fine, Weyrwoman. I was just making conversation. I know my Morath is MY favorite topic of conversation…. And it couldn't hurt for our weyrlings here to get an earful about the queen."

Numbweed next, and Catia applies it carefully to the Weyrwoman's scalded hands, not daring to glance up. "All done," she mutters, and heads back to her place.

Saria shakes her head, as if to clear her thoughts. But she can't.. "Of course, of course," she mutters absently. "Aye.. she's just going down now to the corral.. something about being awfully hungry, don't you know."

Quarith senses that Nimanath solar ambiance? That means sun, right? Nimanath stretches slowly, stepping out of his couch. Where's the sun?

Quarith senses that she snorts disdainfully and paces out to her ledge, takes flight towards the corrals where the beasts roam with a purpose to each wingbeat.

Catia slips into the seat next to Kesa, sharing a glance with the other weyrling. She reclaimms her cup of klah, and just watches Saria.

Carelock mumbles something….

Kesa frowns at the wall. She turns, glancing at Catia, then nudges her, whispering in her ear.

You overhear Kesa mutter, "wasn't … … sort … strangely, … … …" to Catia.

Quarith> Corral This part of the plateau has been fenced-off to provide an enclosed pasture and grazing area for the Weyr's herds. Grass covers the fields, rippling like waves in the wind. Herds of herdbeasts wander about, grazing lazily. To the north is the exit to the plateau, and from here you can also see the forests and beaches below the plateau to the west, as well as the ocean, stretching off to the horizon. It is a fall before dawn. Quarith> Flittering around is Blue Sheki. Quarith> Green Mysiath and brown Yarath are here.

You overhear Catia mutter, "… … … not … … … … really … … … senior gold? … my…." to Kesa.

Flick> Nimanath yawns sleeply as his steps out of Nimanath's Couch.

Catia glances at Saria again before looking at Kesa. A shrug, and she sips some more klah.

Quarith> Tirlath walks carefully in from the corral.

Kesa glances at Saria, worrying her bottem lip. She looks over at Carelock, then, almost says something, then notices the weyrwoman again, and stops.

Carelock grins. "You wanted to say something, Kesa?"

Saria looks blankly up at Catia, "Are my hands all right now?"

Catia's hand reaches up to the dozing brown on her shoulder, and she sighs, shifting her weight about in her chair.

Kesa shakes her head, eyes still on Saria. " Oh, no.. no. Thank you." She smiles quickly, and looks away.

Quarith> Quarith arches her neck, snapping at a beast and killing it with one clean blow. She takes it in her jaws, and bugles defiance.. she starves! She must have meat, only blood will not satiate her!

Carelock eyes take on that vacant look most riders have when conversing with their dragons, then abruptly stands. "Morath says Quarith has reminded him of his hunger as well…. and the big brown lug likes my company. Good day, Weyrwoman, weyrlings."

Kesa nods, and waves to Carelock. " Good day."

Saria nods to Carelock. "Good bye."

Carelock grins at the weyrlings. "Patience, It will be over soon." And with that cryptic remark, she leaves.

Carelock walks out to the bowl.

Catia rubs her nose. "Do your hands feel better, weyrwoman?" she ventures.

Saria nods blankly. "Yes, they are quite.. numb."

Catia nods. "Oh good."

Ioni yawns, showing her neat white teeth and the inside of her pink mouth.

Kesa shakes her head, worried. The grows still, eyes blanking out. Look's up again, glancing swiftly at the Weyrwoman, something close to fright reflecting in her eyes. " Nimanath has awakened. He asks that I join him. If you will excuse me?"

Catia half-rises.. "Umm, Myrineth wants me, too…" She swallows down her klah hastily.

Quarith> Quarith raises her head.. she bugles defiance! How dare any control me? She buries her muzzle in her kill and sucks deeply of the blood.

Quarith> From Yarath's neck, J'rad wakes up.

Quarith> Quarith bloods of the kill deeply, then raises her head.

Kesa glances sideways at Catia, and inches towards the bowl entrance. " Good day, weyrwoman.." She quickly salutes.

Kesa limps with care out to the bowl.

Catia follows Kesa hastily, saluting in the right direction.

Catia wanders out to the bowl.

Quarith> Quarith lets the blood of the beasts fuel her fire, as she sucks deeply of another's limp neck. The power this will give — but she needs more! She needs sustenance, needs whole sustenance!

Flick> Kesa wanders sleepily towards Nimanath's Couch.

Flick> Nimanath wanders sleepily towards Nimanath's Couch.

Flick> Catia sighs, caressing Myrineth's nose.

Flick> Zangen yawns sleeply as his steps out of Nimanath's Couch.

Flick> Zangen chirpits, and settles down on the meat bowl.

Flick> Catia smiles at the little blue and offers him some meat, nudging at the sleepy brown on her shoulder.

Quarith> Yarath rumbles low as he slays a herdbeast, draining it of blood.

F'rin walks briskly in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Flick> Zangen daintilly accepts, fluiting a careful melody to Catia, before he bites into the treat.

Quarith> Tchirnath moves smartly in from the corral.

Quarith> Quarith trumpets loudly, and raises a foreleg, clawing at the earth beneath her feet and leaving great gashes marring the dirt. She takes another, swiping its head off and taking its neck full into her own mouth. She shakes it wildly, and drains it quickly.

Flick> From Catia's right shoulder, Kroton waves a lazy tail, creeling as he smells /food/. Catia laughs and plucks him off her shoulder, dumping the plump little brown on the tablke before feeding him.

Quarith> Yarath's eyes remain fixed, whirling at the fiery gold.

Quarith> Yarath pounces upon another herdbeast, pinning it to the ground and ripping it open.

Quarith> Tchirnath, bugling as he enters the corral, flares his nostrils in reaction to the scent and actions of Quarith. He inhales deeply, then pounces on the nearest 'beast, breaking its back with his weight and ripping its throat out, to guzzle the hot, pulsing blood.

Flick> Zangen watches his brother, and sings a song for him, too. He curls up on the talbe, and closes his eyes to sleep, then startles upwards, and looks around, crooning unhappily.

Flick> Kesa yawns sleeply as her steps out of Nimanath's Couch.

Flick> Catia leans against Myri's neck, idly stuffing meat into Kroton's open maw. "What's up, littleblue?" she asks softly, then nods to Kesa.

Saria looks up at F'rin, eyes distant, hazy, but still the slightest bit cognizant of his presence.

Flick> Kesa smiles softly. " I wondered where he got too." She walks over to Zangen, picking him up and cradling him in her arms. " Nim said that Carelock's dragon said Quarith will rise, soon." She frowns. " And it was only a week ago that Yssath rose!" she slumps against the wall.

Flick> Kesa calls to Zangen, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

F'rin, his gaze drawn toward the bowl outside, still manages something of an appropriately respectful nod to the WeyrWoman.

Quarith> Yarath eyes the younger dragons and roars a challenge to them.

Flick> Catia nods, picking up her brown and sitting down herself. "Aye, I know." She looks rather concernedly at Myrineth. "Aye.. a sevenday wasn't it… when we Impressed this pair." She smiles, scritching Kroton's eyeridge.

Quarith> Quarith tosses her great head back, emitting a piercing scream that echoes throughout the bowl and weyr… she dips her muzzle into a beast, sucking the life out of this last before she springs aloft!

Quarith> You take off.
Quarith> Sky Over Plateau

Quarith> Yarath takes off from Corral

Flick> Kesa grins, looking down at her blue. " Yes, a sevenday."

Saria sits in her chair, hands covered in numbweed. She burned them, spilt klah all over them.

Quarith> Yarath surges into the air, giving the brilliant gold chase.

Flick> Kesa hrrms.. " I need to band this little guy. Do we have any leather scraps around here?"

Quarith> Tchirnath takes off from Corral

Quarith> Yarath conserves his strenth, letting the younger, inexperienced dragons waste theirs tiring the gold.

Quarith> Quarith beats her wings, and soars higher. There will be no tiring her, there will be no catching her.. she will fly forever in splendour. She bugles a coy challenge over her shoulder, keeping well ahead of the pack.

Quarith> Tchirnath soars upward, working at maintaining his distance from the gold, for the moment. He's not quite the new, inexperienced dragon he's being seen as.

Quarith> Yarath gains altitude, height and surprise can turn the tide quite quickly.

Saria's bandaged hands move slightly, of their own accord, as she becomes one with her lifemate.

Quarith senses Yarath thinks « Two before you thought they could evade me. You cannot fly forever. » to her.

Quarith> Upward, straight as an arrow, Tchirnath follows Quarith upward… His eyes locked on the glowing speck above him, he strives to close the distance, while matching every move of his with hers.

Kestria walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Flick> Catia nods… "I already did this one. There should be some odds and ends in the office, of the right colors too."

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Yarath with: Quarith thinks « I may not fly forever, then, but I will fly longer, and faster, and better than you. » to him. »

Kestria leaves for the infirmary.

Flick> Kesa nods silently. She pushes herself off the wall, and walks towards the office.

F'rin stumbles over a small, uneven crack in the floor as he turns from the bowl to look at Saria again. Barely catching himself on a table, he slumps into the nearest chair.

Flick> Kesa limps with care into the office.

Kestria walks in from the Infirmary.

Quarith senses Yarath, goadingly, « That's fast? That's far? Let's see you really fly!» to her.

Quarith> Quarith beats her wings, ichor flowing hotly through her veins, fueled by the blood of a dozen dead herdbeasts who gave their lives for her speed and grace. She turns westward, angling herself away from the pack, forcing them to lose speed in the turning as they struggle behind her.

Quarith> Yarath banks around, continuing his upward climb, using the updrafts to his advantage.

Flick> Kesa limps with care out of the office.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Yarath with: Quarith thinks « I do not see you closing much ground on me yourself.. you ought better to concentrate on your own flying than on mine! » to him. »

Quarith> Tchirnath bugles his frustration as Quarith pulls away from him; then follows the westward turn, banking broadly to keep his eyes on his quarry, so far ahead now.

Quarith> Quarith extends her great neck, pushing upward like an arrow to the sun with each wingbeat.

Flick> Kesa leans back up against the wall. " All done." She scratches the sleeping brown's head, watching him speculatively.

Quarith senses Yarath thinks « All it its time. » to her.

Quarith> Tchirnath, working his way upward, finds a thermal updraft which hurls him skyward dizzyingly fast. Finding himself above both Yarath and Quarith, he folds his wings, diving toward the golden queen… plummeting downward as he approaches her.

Quarith> Yarath, finally gaining the altitude he wanted, begins a long dive, allowing gravity to assist his wings in gaining speed. Perhaps now is a good opportunity to change the course of the gold to where _he_ wants her to go.

Quarith senses Tchirnath You are mine, Quarith… My desires fit your needs. I'm going to catch you… very soon now. to her.

Quarith> Quarith turns her head and screams her anger.. she loops, dives, and turns again, coming out above the two.

Quarith> Tchirnath BUGLES again, as he backwings, his tail folded forward… too soon. Too soon… Slipping in the air, he nearly collides with several other dragons as he screams in frustration, and begins the climb again, upward… ever upward… after Quarith.

Quarith thinks to you, « I bespoke Tchirnath with: Quarith thinks « There is no mere brown whose desires are of any concern to me! Fly hard, fly fast, and you /may/ have a chance.. but do not hold your breath in ::between:: to stake your claim on ME! > > to him. »

Flick> Catia goes very very pale. "Quarith's risen."

Quarith> Yarath banks upward, allowing his momentum and the lift of his wings to angle him towards the sun again.

Flick> Kesa nods, herself paling. She sinks slowly to the ground, teeth clenched tightly.

Quarith> Quarith banks toward the bowl's rim, arrowing between the volcanic spires of Ista's outer edge, toward the ocean.

Quarith> Yarath follows the gold into the bank (ooc ignoring tchirnath ;) ) attempting to close the distance.

Quarith> Tchirnath manages to slip underneath Quarith, beating her through the spires, albeit just barely. He trumpets his excitement at his little achievement, then soars upward to gain height above both Quarith and Yarath.

Flick> Myrineth swings uncomprehending head to regard the two girls. Catia just huddles over her now-sleeping brown lizard, biting her lip.

Quarith senses Yarath thinks « The distance does not appear so great now. » to her.

Quarith> Quarith skims the ocean's surface as she clears the bowl's outer rim, and hisses at Tchirnath.

Quarith> Yarath allows the gold to stay low, angling to keep the sun at his back as he flies higher still. Almost right to dive…….

Flick> Kesa leans her head against her knees, her eyes close tightly. Why again.. so soon?

Quarith senses Tchirnath bugles to the glowing queen, as she flies so near the ocean. » I am going to catch you, my lovely queen. « to her.

Quarith> Yarath dives.

Saria looks at F'rin harshly for a moment.. "Stay away from me.." she says softly, speaking for her lifemate.

Quarith> down…..
Quarith> down…..
Quarith> down…..
Quarith> Tchirnath evens his upward soaring off, maintaining his distance above and just behind her; then dives as well, folding his wings tightly to himself…

Quarith> Quarith arches upward, quickly, lithely, just before Yarath reaches the water!

F'rin, shocked out of his stupor by Saria's words, lurches upright and moves unconsciously toward her, his hands reaching… nearer, and closer…

Quarith> Bugling as he sees Quarith barely evade Yarath, Tchirnath plummets now, extending his tail below him, as well as his talons, stretching for Quarith hungrily, urgently.

Quarith> Yarath roars! So close! He turns sharply. Is he in time?

Quarith> As Quarith turns, she realizes her error.. tangling into the still-diving Tchirnath!

Quarith> The blue dragon [Trelith!] flies, after the gold, hoping someday he'll break the mold. Eager he is, to see this trhough. Maybe he can fly past Brown one and brown two. He protests the flight, that he was late. HE didn't even have time to warn his lifemate.

Seeking his goal, Trelith beats his wings, hoping that the gold doesn't think him a fling. Trying closer, closer he goes. He'll see where this Quarith flows.

Quarith senses Tchirnath thinks « Come to me… Come to me… Let me catch you! » to her.

Saria stands, moving toward F'rin suddenly, burned, bandaged hands forgotten. No pain can she feel as her lifemate and his twine, falling together…

Quarith> Bugling! his triumph, Tchirnath barely manages to keep from falling into the ocean. He does, though, twining his tail with hers, his neck…

Quarith> Yarath bugles in frustration.

Quarith> Trelith frowns slightly at his distress. Maybe next time he won't make such a mess. He bounds away, on limping wings, wondering where his efforst bring. Alone again, this pitiful blue, and he can see the others say "shoo." So off he goes, into his weyr, where he knows that his lifemate cares. :)

F'rin moves forward as well, his arms reaching for Saria urgently, in response to his - her - dragons' emotions. Wrapping them around the weyrwoman, he kisses her deeply, forcefully.

Saria looks into F'rin's eyes for a moment before she is enveloped in his kiss, pressing her body against his in an echo of her lifemate's own desire.

Quarith> Quarith trumpets her frustration at defeat, then her ecstasy, and falls with Tchirnath, their forms intertwined.

Flick> Catia shudders, huddled into herself, lip bitten through.

Quarith> Yarath soars southwest, out the bowl and over the forest.

Flick> Kesa gasps out, and stands suddenly, turning to walk into her couch.

Flick> Kesa wanders sleepily towards Nimanath's Couch.

Saria pushes F'rin back abruptly, looking around the 'caverns. "Let's go up to my weyr.." she says softly, biting her lip.

F'rin groans, as he's pushed backward, from Saria. "Your… weyr?" He reluctantly agrees, taking her hand.

Saria drags F'rin toward the bowl.

F'rin walks briskly out of the living cavern.

Saria's Chambers This chamber serves as both a workplace for Saria and a couch for her queen, and the stone walls of this chamber have been smoothed to an almost marble-smooth finish, where you can see them. Draped around the expansive cavern from the entrance around the left side are lengths lengths of a deep purple fabric, pinned up at various intervals. On the opposite side a large tapestry depicting a mating queen dragon and her suitor bronzes hangs brightly on the wall, gleaming with newness and its' colors of purple, blue and metallic. A large purple carpet covers most of the floor from the center of the room back to the far wall, and the other side is taken up by Quarith's couch. A plush chair, highbacked and contoured to Saria's form, sits in mahogany and purple splendour at the head of a round mahogany table with four matching chairs. Glows fill small hollows in the natural rock walls and illuminate the room with a soft light. A smooth wooden perch sits to one side of the tunnel entrance for Salic and Flick, the Weyrwoman's brown and bronze 'lizards.
You see Saria's Wingleader Guide, Flamethrower, and Effigy of Jim here.
Obvious exits:
Weyrleaders' Weyr Tunnel

F'rin walks briskly in from the Weyrleaders' Weyr.

(OOC note: F'rin and Saria consummated the dragons' mating desire in their own human manner, causing F'rin's weyrmate Larkin to become insanely jealous of Saria for a time.)

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