A'ru's Whiskey For What Ails You Blue Kotoceth

Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. This dragon has been a long time coming, you certainly deserve him for your dedication and loyalty to Ista. The SearchCo members who worked on bringing him to life were all eager volunteers who hope that you will enjoy him as much as we did in creating him. - I’no, T’ab, Pippa, Lanti


Clutching Message:

The first egg is always the most anticipated, the one with a fitting pregnant pause before finally being offered onto the sands. Jeyth grouses, ignoring Raeklith for the most part, looking uncomfortable, moving about in a circle, and again with her long tail trailing behind and feet pushing at the dark sand. Eventually, she settles, and effort produces the first one.

Creeping Towards Convocation Egg

This egg's shell is patterned with a lazy scattering of off-white rectangles; some bare squiggles of black, indecipherable. Perhaps, with enough time and study, one might find the key to unlock their secrets but— no. Too much effort. Most, however, are blank: here, a sloppy stacking, there, a careless tumble. From the egg's base, struggling desperately to be made out from beneath the piles, there is the occasional glimpse of something more sturdy: blue, brown, patterned grey, larger rectangles that may hold answers — but buried, ignored.

Hatching Message:

Creeping Towards Convocation Egg starts to build up internal pressure with deadlines upcoming, slowly cracking with the thoughts of final examinations, papers due, and presentations to be finished. Finally, after much deliberation, the cracks widen and from the stress-rattled interior a blue form emerges with much pomp and circumstance.

Whiskey For What Ails You Blue Dragonet

Elegance beguiles and beckons the eye with the sleek subtle strength of morta, preserved and tempered by Istan heat and time. Shadows of polished grey oak peer through the vast swaths of blue woad that paint this creature of barely contained boisterousness from nose to toes, accentuating the curves of his lithe harp frame. Illusory whiskey grains spill across broad shoulders, down an arched back and compact haunches, trailing through to long willowy tail. The span and spread of spar and sail are strung with glittering strands of purest gold, exquisite strings to play the music of heart and soul with each wingbeat.

Impression Message:

Whiskey For What Ails You Blue Dragonet is enticed by a sound, a source of near calm, the soft elusive breathing, slow and steady. It carries him past white robes and up towards that light haired young man standing amongst all the others that were just all wrong. This is the one, this is he whom he was crooning to and indeed the dragon croons again, nudging his woad strewn head against the bare legs of Andru before him before peering upwards adoringly.

Personal Impression Message:

Soft harp strings begin to play a gentle arpeggio as a cool breeze blows away visions of the sands. But suddenly there is a quick crack of whiskey shot and high speed winds blowing past, followed by, « Bloody Carenath's balls! Sharding hot sands are burning my feet! » The air cools down, scents of vanilla starting to tingle underneath your nose, « Kotoceth. » A pause, interrupted by the sense that your tongue seems overly dry and a dull ache in the pit of your stomach. « A'ru, there is no time to discuss this, I am starving and your white-clothed friends are beginning to smell good. »


Name Inspiration:

The inspiration for Kotoceth is to take your interest in Irish Gaelic and Japanese words and associate them together with a general theme. Koto is a type of Japanese harp, while Ceol is the Gaelic word for music, so we combined them together, dropping a few letters and we got Kotoceth. It also sounds pretty awesome with A’ru. A’ru and Kotoceth.

Egg Inspiration:

Not an actual disease, but one that many of us have been struck by or witnessed in action — senioritis. Whether the last semester of high school or the last push on a term paper or thesis, who hasn't wanted to just throw their hands in the air (scattered paper optional) and go out and ride a bike instead, huh?


Description Inspiration:

While researching your interests in Celtic music we considered the shape of the harp, both the traditional Clàrsach and the Japanese koto harp/zither. You spoke of elements of sky and air as well, blues and greys, so we melded those in creating Kotoceth. He is woad blue with shadings of grey oak, the same sort of oak that often forms the barrels of traditional Irish and Scottish Whiskey. Morta is the wood that lies preserved for hundreds if not thousands of years in the peat bogs found in the Isles, solid pieces are taken and carved into harps.

Mind Voice

Kotoceth’s mindvoice starts with a refined, British accent that enunciates every phrase clearly and seems to have a well-thought out quality. His voice a tenor that has always has a slight musical quality to it. During typical conversation, along with the flow of the voice there will be the feeling of background music, specifically a harp softly strumming, and the soothing breeze dancing through your mind carrying with it the scent of wild herbs and spices. With more intense emotions, the sounds of discordant hammering against harp strings and swift blasts of winds will rap at your mind, even the sharp bite of Irish whiskey may even flash through with his curses.


The Harp of Cnoc I'Chosgair - Gilded amber, tiare, golden sandalwood, vanilla, cardamom, and tagetes.

Gofraidh Fion O Dalaigh

Harp of Cnoc I'Chosgair, you who bring sleep
to eyes long sleepless;
sweet subtle, plangent, glad, cooling grave.
Excellent instrument with smooth gentle curve,
trilling under red fingers,
musician that has charmed us,
red, lion-like of full melody.

You who lure the bird from the flock,
you who refresh the mind,
brown spotted one of sweet words,
ardent, wondrous, passionate.
You who heal every wounded warrior,
joy and allurement to women,
familiar guide over the dark blue water,
mystic sweet sounding music.

You who silence every instrument of music,
yourself a sweet plaintive instrument,
dweller among the Race of Conn,
instrument yellow-brown and firm.
The one darling of sages,
restless, smooth, sweet of tune,
crimson star above the Fairy Hills,
breast jewel of High Kings.

Sweet tender flowers, brown harp of Diarmaid,
shape not unloved by hosts, voice of cuckoos in May!
I have not heard music ever such as your frame makes
since the time of the Fairy People,
fair brown many coloured bough,
gentle, powerful, glorious.

Sound of the calm wave on the beach,
pure shadowing tree of pure music,
carousals are drunk in your company,
voice of the swan over shining streams.
Cry of the Fairy Women from the Fairy Hill of Ler,
no melody can match you,
every house is sweet stringed through your guidance,
you the pinnacle of harp music.


Kotoceth is something of a runt as he comes from the shell. Sure, he is a spunky runt, but he does look like one of the smaller dragons of the clutch, even going so far as to be smaller than quite a few of the greens. That tidy size with his seemingly frail-looking build is more than made up for with his youthful exuberance. He has speed and agility on his side, able to insert himself into spaces between his clutchmates with uncanny skill, crawling and pouncing with all of the dexterity of the smaller dragons, and then some.

He’ll retain that smaller size, Kompact Kotoceth, for much of his weyrlinghood, continuing to be one of the smaller dragons and not at all put out about that at all. His seemingly boundless activity though will leave him slim and bony, and you having to constantly urge him to feed to keep up with his energy. Considering his tendency to grouse over his food, enjoying the flavors and textures and appearance, simply getting him to eat lots and lots for his own physical needs will be a trial at times.

With Kotoceth’s tendency to be a very active dragon, and youth being what it is, he’ll get banged up lots. He’ll constantly have scuffed knees, a sore muzzle, abraded wingtips, and might even a few scratches here and there. He isn’t a dragon shy to get a bit physical, nor is he the wall-flower sort, but he is definitely the kind of dragon that will get right into the rough-play, the nipping and the wrestling, playing tag, bounding about, and tussling around. Near to every day he’ll have some kind of new scrape or bruise to be examined, and you can bet that Kotoceth will be a common sight to the dragonhealers. There is a good chance that he might obtain a bit more of a serious injury because of his physical rambunctiousness, so keep a close eye on the blue so that he doesn’t hurt himself unduly.

But as all young dragons grow, they get their strength, stamina, and their build. Inevitably, Kotoceth will match the other blues of his ilk. He’ll still be one of the smaller dragons, but he’ll fit that blue dragon mold practically perfectly. He isn’t too long or short, stunted or gangly. His form will tend to remain sleek, yet compact.

His movement on the ground is something of a lively sort. In his youth, he tends to bounce and bound with wings unfurled to catch a little bit of air and gain him ground quickly. As he ages, that draconic size becomes an issue, but he never really loses his energetic bounce upon the ground. He doesn’t really walk, but more pounces from spot to spot, still with those wings slightly unfurled. When in more tight areas, he tends to crawl with long steps forward near to pulling the rest of his body along. Often times, he tail is up and off of the ground, flagged and moving sinuously in the air, just shy of the dirt.

Achieving flight is a sudden thing. It is something of a bound, tensed muscles and then an explosion into the air with near galloping-wingbeats to gain altitude. Flight is an easy thing for Kotoceth, and something full of winding turns, spirals, and an enjoyment in flying clear of the clouds so he can see all that is about him. He isn’t so much a smooth flier, as to have fits and starts at times, dropping and lifting, and a touch of whimsy to his path that is allowed by his more compact blue size.


Water is definitely one of his elements. Where as his flight tends to be a little choppy, his compact and slim build makes swimming a natural motion for him. It’ll be noticeable as soon as he’s old enough to head out into the waters off the beaches and he’ll want you in there with him, whether on his back or on a surfboard beside him. On the days when you do feel like hanging-ten, he’ll be carving the waves along with you.


As a nod to his culinary inspiration, Kotoceth will have a deep connection with the sense of taste. Early on in his life, he will be licking /everything/ from your poor fellow weyrlings to the first set of leather straps you sew to even that oil brush while you are trying hard to just get him oiled. He’ll chew things, mouth things, any way to test the item for flavor. /And/ he’ll share all those flavors with you! Both in conversation and maybe even through your mind link.

« Oh, A’ru, have you ever noticed that the oil they apply to the leathers has just a /dash/ of lavender? It is just splendid! »

Eventually, after much conversation from A’ru about the inappropriateness of such behavior, he will resist the urges to taste everything. Now and then he will still find himself nibbling objects and sharing the flavors with you. But the most important place that he will never stop himself from experiencing all the flavors of will be his eating habits. He loves food, and starting with his voracious appetite at the hatching and continuing well through adulthood. He will not only eat the food, he will first look at it, then he will taste it and analyze the complexity of flavors in the meat and /share/ all of those observations with you. He isn’t a gobbler. He’ll take his time over his meals, enjoying all of the rich scents, textures, and tastes of each bit of the creature.

« A’ru, the fat marbling of the meat lends to the full flavor of this herdbeast’s hindquarters. »

But, you know, if the food is bad, if it is too stringy or gamy, if there is too much fat or the meat is tough, he’ll spit it out and leave the corpse where it is. Kotoceth isn’t shy at all about his disdain for less-palatable meats. You better believe he’ll spit the meat right back out, glare at the creature for being less than delicious. If it is a penned creature, he’ll question the caretaker’s senses for bringing up such a nasty creature and suggest some changes. If his prey was wild, he’ll move on and probably not hunt in that particular area again.


The spacious sky
Spans serene and clear
So blue above,
Oh, that our soul could grow
And become so open!

- Gyosei, Waka poetry of the Emperor Meiji

Now while Kotoceth is indeed blue, the term is far too banal to truly describe the depths of variations in his hide. For the most part, he is the color of traditional woad, approximating indigo and a slight grey undertone. The shadowed portions of his anatomy is further emphasized by more grey, grey oak woodgrain patterns just beneath the blue. There are breaks in the woad, where they form patterns, swirls about the eyes, wide stripes up and down his body, mostly visible if you are close up to him to notice the grey underneath, but from a distance he is a solid blue.

On his neck and shoulders however are spills of wheat grains, speckles of brown and gold that continue on down his back and almost to the end of his tail. They’re not super prominent but you will most certainly notice them while riding on top of him. They’re a nod to the whiskey ‘cure’ represented in Kotoceth. While he’s young, they’re not too prominent, but they grow as he grows and become more noticeable by the time he’s reached a Turn.

Kotoceth’s pride and joy will be his wings though, not only are they perfectly proportioned to his size and build, but they are indeed his most attractive feature. While the spars themselves are the same woad blue and oak, there is a slight translucency to the sails which are also shot through with thin wire strands of gold. While they do follow the natural curvature of the wing bones, they do manage to run in fairly even parallels rather than twisting or melding against one another. It would not be a surprise to just imagine a harper running fingers along them as if playing a harp, it would only match the golden music of Kotoceth’s mind when he is calm and happy.



Kotoceth will never, ever be described as a wall-flower. Oh no, this dragon is the sort to be out there, in the forefront of everything, being involved if not leading the charge. He won’t be the sort to hang out in the back, or be the ‘support role’ that you tend to take. That’s just not his thing. He has the personality and even the ambition to be one of the ‘leaders’ of their weyrling clutch, and will be sure that A’ru is right there in the spotlight with him, if he has to nudge, cajole, tempt, or even nip you by the scruff of your neck.

Seeing as the pair of you will be so visible, it stands to reason that you make a show of it as well. Presentation is everything. Any excellent chef knows that how the meal appears on a plate is just as important as the flavors within the food. We know that A’ru and Kotoceth are full of flavor, now we get to see just how appetizing they can be as well. Your blue is going to insist on always looking his finest and most appropriate to the situation, and the same goes for you as well, A’ru. This will mean plenty of baths and oiling, attention to the details from those spaces between his ridges to his very talons. He’ll insist on having well-made straps that look amazing on him. He’ll also desire a weyr that looks good too, is clean set up in the latest, understated fashion. Kotoceth will also demand that you cut just as fine an image, with nice leathers, well-trimmed hair, looking just perfect for every situation. With presentation being everything, don’t be surprised if Kotoceth tends to pose a bit as well.

Charm. Oh, yes. Kotoceth has charm. He has more charm than he knows what to do with, and you can bet he uses that charm well. With as colorful and varied as his comments can be, one moment he might be eliciting laughter from a quip and another he’ll be garnering attention and agreement with his encouraging comments. While it stands to reason that he might become a bit popular when he is generous, he can just as easily be hated or get cringing looks for how cutting his opinions might be. This is where you sometimes need to step in, A’ru, in case he might just go a bit too far.

There is a lot to the world out there. So many things to learn and explore, and A’ru is going to have his hands full with a dragon that wants to find out about the world around him. Kotoceth is a naturally inquisitive dragon, and isn’t shy in asking about the things that he does not know, or does not understand. Most of those questions will be directed your way, picking your knowledge base for the answers. If you haven’t got them, he’ll ask far and wide, broadcasting his questions. He’ll find curiosity in why dragons/people do the things they do, why things are the way they are, what is the deal with dolphins, and what is the draw of Istans to surfing? He’ll be just as fascinated with the answers as the questions. So with dragons having memories like a sieve, Kotoceth will be relying upon you to remember all of these things. Might want to take notes, A’ru!


"Swearing is industry language. For as long as we're alive it's not going to change. You've got to be boisterous to get results."
- Gordon Ramsay

A Gordon Ramsay-based dragon would not be complete without a little vulgar language. Kotoceth has an odd affinity to ‘spicing up’ his speech with a variety of common (and uncommon) curses, especially when it comes to conversations with A’ru. It won’t always be when he is excited, for he will throw in the occasional cuss in casual conversation, but it will become much more regular with enthusiastic situations.

« Carenath’s balls Injolnith! Flank right! /Right/! »

Along with the fact that he cusses up a storm, but often he will create his own cusses that he thinks sound fierce and meaningful, although they may oftentimes sound ridiculous.

« Look what that bloody wherry-footed glowbasket did! »

While Kotoceth does enjoy the colorful language, he isn’t completely tactless, he knows when conversing with the Senior Queen it sometimes is best to hold’s ones’ tongue.

“At the end of the day, I'm not the only person who swears. I get it off my chest and move on. I've got four amazing kids - I don't go round the house swearing.”
- Gordon Ramsay

One of Kotoceth’s softer spots will be for children. From the very first time he meets a baby, no matter whether it is a human, dragon, firelizard or even tunnelsnake, he will be immediately smitten with them. You will see a kinder side of him, limiting his cursing, showing a great amount of patience, and possessing great concern in the children and their safety. During his younger life, you will have a hard time convincing him that you can’t take the baby home (especially the human babies, no kidnapping). He will love to be surrounded by these little ‘Darlings’ (as he will refer to them) and you may find a good way to cure a bad mood is to just find the newest clutch of weyrlings and surround yourself with them.

“Everything I do has to be perfect, everything I cook has to be delicious! So, yeah, sometimes I freak out to people when they don't do the best they can.”
- Gordon Ramsay

This love for children will definitely lead to Kotoceth pushing A’ru to become a weyrlingmaster, the chance to help the young dragonets grow and his patience for them will be an excellent asset. As a teacher, Kotoceth will bring his brash attitude and will be fairly critical when one of his students (or ever a fellow student during weyrlinghood) messes up:

« YOU DIMGLOW! What would make you think breathing fire /upwind/ would be a good idea? Get /out/ of my sight! »

But along with his blunt criticisms, Kotoceth is capable of seeing the talent and abilities in others and is never hesitant about complimenting someone when they do well. During training, wing drills, and if he teaches, all of these behaviors will make him seem a little eccentric to his fellow dragons and their riders.


Though I roam a minstrel lonely
All through the night
My true harp shall praise sing only
All through the night
Love's young dream, alas, is over
Yet my strains of love shall hover
Near the presence of my lover
All through the night

-"All Through The Night", Traditional Welsh folk song


When it comes to the courtship of the skies, Kotoceth is no slouch. A charmer to the ladies, he uses his wit and humor to try and garner the attention of the greens. But like any rakish bard, he’s just as likely to leave them in the morning, for it was the reel, the chase, the dance in the skies that was what was important. Should A’ru find a weyrmate however, he might pay longer courtship and interest, but like any hotblooded male, the next available flight will likely turn his head for those brief moments.

However, gold flights are another thing all together. He knows there isn’t much of a chance for him to win, but he is the minstrel at the dance, his role isn’t to woo the queen but to play to the audience, enhancing the moment with his innate musicality. He will be the one encouraging those suitors more serious in chasing, spurring on the queen, the wedding singer rather than the groom.

Name: I’no and T’ab
Egg Desc: S’in
Dragonet Desc: I’no, Pippa
Messages: I’no, T’ab, Lanti
Puppeted by: I'no
Inspiration: I’no, Pippa, T’ab, Lanti

A'ru's Blue Kotoceth
Harper's Tale: 57th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Pippa's gold Jeyth and I'no's bronze Raeklith
July 30, 2010


A'ru (Andru) and blue Kotoceth
D'rani (Dorian) and Injolnith
Ei'es (Eilem) and green Sarezith
Sadaiya and gold Jivayath
Sienna and green Kehemath
T'sei (Taliesin) and bronze Xhiyanth

Olivia and green Laetith
J'az (Zamaja) and blue Cilioth
P'shel (Pushel) and bronze Shoveth
A'live (Aliver) and blue Neardeth
T'uft (Tuffnut) and brown Snotlouth
Ruft (Ruffnut) and brown Gobberth

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