Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this Inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. - Hannah

Dragon: Kitiarath
Color: Green
Name: You!
Egg: Rip in Time and Space Egg
Egg Desc: Resani; Naomi, Yulianna tweak
Dragonet: Hannah
Dragonet Desc: Hannah
Adult Desc: Hannah
Messages: Hannah
Inspiration: Hannah

Clutching Message:
Miyakath sifts through the sands and finally selects the perfect spot. She digs a small hollow, parting the sands with golden forepaws before shifting. Distorted seconds drag before a small, rounded black egg drops into the new nest and settles amongst the volcanic heat, out of place in the abundance of color. With a rumble, the queen pats the sand back into place and moves on, leaving the egg alone to absorb the curious glances of those gathered to watch.

Rip in Time and Space Egg
The surface of this shell reflects the unfathomable vast of space, blacker than the human eye can comprehend, seeming to be a split in space and time itself. Terror of the skies of space lies the black hole, color sucked out of nothingness. Deep hues of purple swirl around the innermost circumference of the black hole, dotting the beginning of a plunge into the unknown. Cavernous blues churn around the outermost regions of the space tornado in a billowing dance. Unfortunate stars amidst the blues and purples are dim, their glow faded in despair as they slowly descend into nothingness. The only bright light in the vast lands of desolation is an old sun, slowly being pulled into the tide. It gives off its last hope of life as it's tugged into the gloom. The blackness of this perfectly round egg pulls in the viewers as would the black hole pull in its victims, trapping them in its shadows.

Hatching Message:
Rip in Time and Space Egg is graceful in its movements, in so far as an egg can be graceful, while still seeming to wait upon something. Cacophany on the sands is ignored by the occupant inside, until suddenly %D rolls end over end as if a great wind buffeted it with strong force. A myriad of breaks spreads rapidly along the shell until finally the strength of shell can hold no longer and shatters, leaving Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet exposed for all to see.

Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet (Baby)
Deep emerald air brushes gently across the still ungainly head of youth, trickling down across neck and neck ridges to finally spill down the sleek form of her back. Wings are large and awkward, touched by a swirling mix of dark, dark emerald and milky peridot. Emerald spills down her tail, gathering at the tip in sun-kissed emerald, which lightens to a creamy jade that curls fingers of color upwards onto the soft belly. Color is not yet consistent as it matches awkwardness of limbs and wings that have yet to grow into proportion of youthful form.

Kitiarath (Adult)
Deep emerald is air brushed delicately along the sleek form of her head, beginning with fragile headknobs. Color flows down the neck to puddle along her slender back and finally to spill across the length of her sinuous tail, gathering at the tip in sun-kissed emerald. Dark, dark emerald touches wings that are neither too small or too large, but fit her petite body perfectly. Milky peridot spatters the dark expanse of wingsails like stars, glittering with each movement. Creamy jade curls away from headknobs to tumble across her delicate throat, finally coating her underbelly and insides of her hind legs. Dark emerald colors feet almost too dainty for her slender, but yet somehow lend her grace of movement. Where dark and clear emerald meets cream-dipped jade, lingers a faint line of citrine, barely discernable between warring light and dark.

Impression Message:
Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet winds her way through the crowded sands with all the languid movements of the summer breeze; heat emanating from her glittery gaze to find the one of whom she seeks. Sinuously, she attempts to gracefully side-step a white-robed figure that inadvertently found himself in her way, but feet and wings do not quite know yet how to obey her commands and thus she ends up tumbling end over end. Shaking her head ruefully, she looks up and finds herself drowning in the storm of knowledge. The small green has literally been tossed into the lap of the One. With a breezy sigh, she nuzzles the knees of her One True Element: Brid

Personal Impression Message:
Ozone fills your mind as lavender swirls through the rain-swept winds that buffet you for but a moment until they calm into the sweet caress of the gentle breeze. Flowers surround you in a whirling of wind and scent, as the essence of lavender becomes even more prominent. « Brid. » A dark and sultry voice for one consisting of so much light and air. « I am Kitiarath. » Ozone deepens as the stormy grays flash for but a moment and then are gone, leaving her voice as light as the faintest spring breeze. « And you are mine. Forever. » Everything recedes except the faintest lavender that lingers in your mind, so much so that it is a light taste on the back of your throat. The barest hint of a whisper curls itself through one last thought. « Hungry. »


Name Inspiration:
You! You suggested and seemed to really like and I thought the name just seemed to fit you. :

Egg Inspiration:
The Eggs were based of things from Space this Clutch.

Description Inspiration:
Hmm. I didn't base her on anything, really. I took elements of what you wanted and then mixed them around to get an airy feeling since Kitiarath's element was the element of Air. Description wise, she is based loosely on the sylph; an ephemeral creature that resides high in the mountains.

Mind Voice:
If you've ever been caught before a really heavy thunderstorm right before it rains, then you've smelled the pungent odor of Ozone. This makes up the base of her scent and will become much more prevalent when she's proddy. On top of this ozone layer is the gentle touch of lavender; a scent that will linger in the back of your mind even when you are not directly talking to her. It's almost as if you ate a lavender flower and caught the scent right in the back of your throat so that every breath, you smell the sweet odor of this delicate flower. Air makes up most of her voice and while it's not a scent really, it's more the presence of air. In everything she says, there is this breathy quality that stirs the faint scent of ozone and lavender, adding a bit of sweetgrass and lemon - a train inherited from her grandmother, Dhiammarath - into a swirling mix that is very heady to the mind.

When proddy, the ozone becomes the most prominent of her scents, with the faint tinge of lavender completeing her thoughts. Her voice will crash like the coming thunder and swirl with the forcefulness of the storm, driving the sound of rain into each of her words; yet while each word brings with it the forcefulness of the storm, it also cleanses the mind and readies it for renewal. Her voice is the very embodiment of the mercurial element air. When she's not proddy, her tones have the sweet lazy quality of the spring breeze, carrying with it the faint sound of the burbling brook that is touched by the lazy spring wind.

Kitiarath is not large by any definition of the word, but neither is she tiny. She just shy of being tiny, but instead, lingers more on smallness. Because she is on the small side, she's more graceful than her bulkier clutchmates and is able to fly with agility when fighting thread. Yet, on the flip side of the token, she also tires more quickly than her clutchmates, despite flying well during the Fall.

As far as color, she is the embodiment of yin and yang. Light and Dark. Stormy and Sunny. Inhereting some coloring from her grandmother, Dhiammarath, the dark parts of her hide glimmer with buried treasures of peridot, jade, citrine, topaz, and lighter emerald, but only when the light of Rukbat hits it just right. Otherwise, her wings merely glimmer with the milky peridot like the wide expanse of the night sky. Her dark parts are so dark they are more emerald-black than merely emerald. And her light parts are so light as to only have the faintest touch of milky jade to give the green color.

Like her mother, she will grow with text-book accuracy, neither on the too slow end of the spectrum, nor will she shoot up past her clutchmates, reaching her full-growth first. No, instead, she will grow much like Miyakath did in her own growth cycle, nearly mimicking her mother, but on a much smaller scale.

Kitiarath is very proportionate in the classic beauty way. Her body is slender and more on the sinuous side while wings are delicate, but strong, and fit the size of her body. Feet are the only thing that seem to be out of proportion - they are tiny in comparison to even the smallest of the greens. Despite her tiny feet, she walks with grace and agility, though at first, she will find it very hard to balance herself on her little feet. You may find yourself obsessed with those feet, and she will always want you to oil them and scritch them. To her, they are her pride and joy.

« I have small feet. See how Phirath's feet are larger than mine? Will you oil my feet? And make sure you get the bottoms this time. I like that part best. »

Kitiarath is based on the elusive elemental: the Sylph. They typically reside high up in the mountains with the skies as their domain. Unlike sprites, their sizes range from the very small to the very tall and slender, but as far as her personality goes, she is large indeed.

Your green loves flowers. She loves to pick the flowers with her teeth, which will prove difficult since she'll mostly mangle them. Once she finds that she can send *you* on that errand, you will find yourself spending at least some part of your day gathering her a bouquet. Sometimes she'll ask you to put it on her straps, other times she'll want the flowers scattered over her weyr. But always, she will require fresh flowers every day (for the most part).

Her couch will never smell musty nor used like most other dragons, instead it will nearly reek from all the flowers that will lie crushed beneath her weight for she will just absolutely *demand* that she sleeps on fresh flowers.

« My flower-bed is getting old. Brid, please, pick me some more. It's been sooooo long since I've had those little blue ones. What did you call them again?»

For her, flowers will never have a name except the ones she gives them. And her names will be very unique.

« You know, the little blue-dangle-shaped ones. That grow in that little hollow next to the Hold Valley. »

Her personality is her own - this is where all influences of mother and grandmother fall away, leaving her inner self uniquely her own. She will have spunk and spirit and will love to lead you on a merry chase.

« Briiiiiiid. Come find me.»

«Yes. I so dearly love for you to come find me… »

Maybe because she can sense that you have an affinity for children or maybe it's just a trait developed all on her own, but she will love to gather up her own little 'children'. But, these 'children' are not just anyone. She is choosy about who she picks and usually picks the most pitiful cases in the weyr. The short ones. Ugly ones. Fat ones. Too skinny ones. Ones who have no parents. Even the odd adult will pop up into her collections.

«Brid. Did you see that little one? She has no mother and her face is all scarred up because of thread. Go talk to her. Bring her to the weyr to stay for a night…. »

Despite the fact that because she's a green and can't have babies, she has a very large streak of maternal instinct.

«Grandmother has laid her eggs again. I must make sure the sire doesn't eat them. I'll stay on the ledge. »

«Brid, can we ask Mother if we can watch over her little baby dragonets? I know they have their lifemate's but they are soooooo small. »

This maternal instinct will fall onto you as well and you will find yourself coddled and mothered until even you may sometimes get fed up with it. Once she reaches that point, she'll back off a little, but not for too long. It's just in her nature to want to mother everything around her from the tiniest little flower to even her very own mother and grandmother.

Flights. Ahh. She loves to fly, but not when she's proddy. Proddiness for her isn't the same as for some. It will not slowly come upon her, but rather like the storms that sweep the prairies, it will be a sudden event. One moment, she's happily picking flowers along the beach and another she's finding herself amidst an internal storm of near hurricane feel. Her feelings will leak outward from her and sweep into your mind so that you are constantly caught in this maelstrom of proddiness.

Her hide too changes once proddiness has hit. Instead of growing brightly, it dims to grey-green, which pulses with the faintest of glow - nearly like lighting. Once she's proddy, all innocent actions leave her and she is the seducer. Like the storm she sweeps across the weyr and will be quick about her blooding, leading the males trailing behind her. In flight, she will be quick and agile, able to out fly every male that chases. However, her downfall will be much like that of the storm she emulates - once the worst has passed, she will find herself in the cycle of renewal, losing all of her hurricane energy and thus she will snatch her suitor with surprising speed - almost unexpectedly. You will never know when her strength will fade and a suitor picked until the moment she is entwined with him.

Final Note: I hope you enjoy her and find her everything you wanted and dreamed for. This inspiration is a guide for you - not the letter of the law. I'm sure as time goes by you'll find that she grows and expands beyond this mere document that gives only the briefest hint of who your lifemate really is. I know that's what Dhiammarath did for me. Enjoy her!

+Brid's Green Kitiarath
Harper's Tale: 33rd PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
*Hannah's Gold Dhiammarath and R'ave's Bronze Soquilith's &
+Yulianna's gold Miyakath and D'baji's bronze Nverath
August 30, 2002
*Lyrianna's Brown Rilskiath, *Trimaka's Blue Azganth,
+Serafa's Green Phirath, +Jalir's Green Mauhinath,
*Kelana's Green Muireath

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