Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. We created a dragon for you who has the potential to develop in a ton of different directions as you change, both as a player and a character. We’re excited to see where you and Kismetath go! —Brought to you by the letters K(ia), T(asi) and T(star)

Dragon: Kismetath
Color: Brown
Name: Tstar
Egg: Canadian Thanksgiving Egg
Egg Desc: D'baji
Dragonet: Steppes of Babylon Brown
Dragonet Desc: Tasi; Kia tweak
Messages: Kia; Tasi tweak
Inspirations: Tstar, Tasi, Kia

Clutching Message:

From the hatching sands, Miyakath shifts uneasily, muscles twitching anxiously beneath her hide to echo the imminent egg's impatience to arrive. A rushed flurry of movement deposits Canadian Thanksgiving Egg, the golden mother hurriedly pushing sand around its base to prop it in its place, where its ugly top may be readily viewed from any angle.

Canadian Thanksgiving Egg:

The egg, the shape of which best described as 'plump,' is coated with leaf-like flecks of reds, oranges and yellows, though a few brave hints of grassy-green stick out from the midst of the autumnal colour scheme along the particularly bulbous midsection of the ovoid object. At the bottom of the egg, a far less celebrated mixture of glopping, near translucent crimsons, speckled, thick tans and clumps of mushy whites can be distinguished from within the leafy cover. However, the -truly- distinctive patterning arrives decidedly early; a thick mass of feathery browns and maroons, all surrounding a triangular splotch of yellow attached to an ugly, oblong, pinkish bump at the very top.

Hatching Message:

Canadian Thanksgiving Egg lists to the side as the rocking becomes more pronounced. Then nothing; no movement or sounds of the dragonet within. Long seconds tick by before a faint cracking can be heard, and all at once the egg splits right down the center, laying Steppes of Babylon Brown Dragonet bare to the world. Confusion wars with outright panic in the dragonet's eyes before he straightens up, head rising in a less-than-convincing imitation of an arrogant swagger.

Steppes of Babylon Brown Dragonet:

Expansive shades of cinnamon, deep and natural, arc across broad shoulders and a strongly built frame, shadowed liberally with a series of sinuous, klah-dark marks. He is the desert in motion and these marks are the windswept ridges that curve upwards into thin crests across the sand, following the lines of his head, neck and haunches in subtle stripes that whirl and coil around his wiry frame. Shadows cast a million subtle colors across his hide in a draconic animation of Igen's sands at midnight, dark beneath the sky yet shining with pale moonlight that casts a soft shimmer over everything. A creature of gentle dunes rather than sharp crags, headknobs curving gently over large, expressive eyes, and a gently swooping neck rounds out into a sturdy, muscular ribcage, haunches collecting still more shadows as they curve downward to give way to a positively serpentine tail.

Impression Message:

Steppes of Babylon Brown Dragonet pauses, the emergence of a bronze clutchmate throwing him off-balance for just a second. The hint of vulnerability, almost fear, returns to expressive eyes for a moment, the threat of despair hovering as he lowers himself onto the sands, seeming to droop. But wait! Almost as soon as he's touched the sands he's back up, moving with actual purpose as he strides through the sands, galvanized to sudden speed and excitement. There, standing on the hot sands, waiting for him, and him alone, is his oasis. Sainin is zeroed in on, and the brown stops directly in front of him, whirling eyes looking up to meet stormy blue ones.

Personal Impression Message:

The questing strains of a single flute invade your senses, curiosity tingling along your nerves with a sudden rush of energy. All at once you know, with absolute certainty, a name. Kismetath. Not yours, but something…your other half, the thought comes to you. The side you never knew was missing until you felt it for the first time. Trumpets blare, their tones bright and upbeat as at last a voice speaks in your head, claiming you as his own. « You are the one. More than anyone here, you and I are a perfect match. » A sudden change from the excitement, a touch of other, strange urgencies creep into your thoughts. « I am a little hungry, though… is there food here, somewhere? »

Clutch Theme:

Places around the world (climate, local flavor)

Kismetath's Theme:

Kismetath is based on the musical 'Kismet.' Specifically, on the main character, a silver-tongued poet. We've included a few links to give you some background information on the musical itself:

We branched out from there to give Kismetath an overall Arabian Nights sort of feel…imagery such as Babylon, Baghdad, Aladdin and other places and personages of a wide variety of bedtime stories entered in to a lot of what you'll see in your dragon. In addition, especially for the description, we drew a lot on desert imagery and feel.

Name Inspiration:

The name 'Kismetath' is derived from the Arabic word 'kismet,' which is their term for fate or destiny. The Arabic root seemed appropriate, given the desert theme, and fit in nicely with the dragon's interest in, almost obsession with, fate. As 'Kismeth' didn't quite have the ring we were looking for, a number of tweaks were discussed and considered before Tstar hit upon Kismetath, which just sounded right. So there you go. He's Kismetath, and he's yours.

Egg Inspiration:

Canadian Thanksgiving is always much earlier than the American one, so I figured that, seeing as the egg theme is "Holidays Around the World," and that Search falls in thanksgiving season this year, it'd be a fitting holiday to stick on a shell. The little green bits along with those other autumnal colours are there because Thanksgiving is celebrated pretty early on in the fall 'up north.' The top and bottom are the thanksgiving dinner, with the turkey on the top, and the cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and the like on the bottom.

Description Inspiration:

Kismetath is exactly what it says: Igen's sands at midnight. Think desert dunes at night: deep, dark tans and all those pretty shadows cast by the patterns the wind makes across the desert. I went on an image hunt, and found these, which provided a lot of my


You mentioned wanting darker soil shades, so I tried to keep it to nighttime colors. But with the Arabian Nights theme, going with a desert-y look seemed too good to pass up. Imagine random patterns swirled around from the wind, too, not a grid or straight lines or anything. I basically just tried to be consistent with the desert image, creating a dragon that resembled a place to an almost eerie degree.

Mind Voice:

Kismetath will sing to you, soft tunes that seem to carry to you from a faraway land. Strange songs, backed up by instruments you've never heard. There is dignity there, in low, powerful bass tones. And yet those lower, slower melodies are frequently overpowered by other things: curiosity, which floats on the wind as high, questing flutes; pleasure, which takes on a melody of its own, eager horns playing harmonies to his voice.

His voice itself is smooth and expressive, carrying easily above his usual colorful accompaniment. He will speak to you of everything. Everything thought that occurs to him, every desire that flits through his head, you will know, his voice insinuating itself easily into your thoughts until you are sometimes not quite sure which thoughts originated from you, and which from him. Still, his voice is oddly subtle, for all that accompaniment.

No matter how strongly he feels about things he retains the smooth, casual tones. His emotions can be better judged by the colors that shoot through his thoughts, and the music that plays beneath his speech, than by his tone of voice, so listen carefully. And sometimes, very rarely, the other sounds will cease. This seems to happen on the few occasions when he's truly upset or hurt, or sometimes when he's trying to emphasize or stress a thought. At these times, all you'll hear is his voice, speaking over an occasional gust of wind which seems somehow grainy, as though desert sands swirl through his mind and into yours.


Yes, Kismetath is rather on the large side…but how else could we have fit such a great dragon into one package just for you?! And despite the impressive size, he's impressively graceful, both on the ground and in the air. He is by no means one of those rare, turn-on-a-dime browns; he prefers to execute gentle turns and well-thought-out maneuvers to get him where he wants to be. Even with these slower, steadier movements, the patterning on his wings and across his hide makes him look like a whirlwind in flight. His muscles bunch and contract as he flies, creating a stunning effect of shifting sands that can be seen by nearby riders and dragons, easily identifying you to your Wingmates or fellow weyrlings.

On the ground, he moves with a sinuous shuffling motion, and shadows always seem to find him, emphasizing the shadowy markings that make his coloring so distinctive. But be warned, this ease of movement won't come to him overnight! He'll be a bit clumsy while growing, and slightly slower growth than most of the dragonets in his clutch might give him an occasional bout of insecurity. His limbs will grow faster than the rest of him, or at least it'll seem that way to him, and he'll go through a phase of being quite preoccupied with how everyone else sees him. Tangled legs and tail will be a common problem until he gets the hang of moving everything simultaneously, and you'll have to reassure him frequently that he will eventually grow into his body, keeping him sure enough to interact with others until he's got that confidence for himself.


Kismetath is a dragon of contradictions, much like the shifting desert sands. He's very consistent within himself, but doesn't much care about consistency between himself and others. His exterior is that of a poet and a scoundrel, bold and rash and brooding. Nothing frightens him except the future. A born poet, he has little trouble standing up in front of people or approaching others…as long as it was his idea to begin with. A tinge of suspicion always runs through his thoughts, when it comes to ideas suggested by others, and this is where you come in. You will find your brown poet one moment finishing a passionate speech on a subject then deliberately forget about it. Is the time right? Will it be worse if said or better? Will approaching that beautiful young green unravel whatever Fate has in store for him? Does he /want/ to unravel what fate has for him and force it to weave a new pattern.

And all of these questions explain exactly why Kismetath needs you as much as he does. Easily as he seems to breeze through life, handling problems and tackling obstacles, a million questions flood his mind at every turn. And you, as his lifemate, are the one he will turn to when he needs guidance, or when the questions become too overwhelming. At first, you may see the questing, anxious side of Kismetath, but rest assured, as the bond between you and him grows his bluster will grow accordingly. Everything he does he does for a reason, as a direct result of all of these questions, and all of their answers. So have fun with him…see which questions inspire him the most, or drive him the furthest! Enjoy the side of him that you have the key to that no one else will ever see: the questing uncertainty which hides behind the blustery brooding brown he shows off to everyone else.

Fate…is it a blessing or curse, will it bring good or ill? Questions like these plague Kismetath constantly. Life is just one big twist of fate to him, so be careful or you'll find him asking /you/ what fate holds, and expecting answers. The subtle twists of fate: kismet, karma, the desert abounds with tales of its power, and Kismetath knows it. He watches for fate's machinations, or what he perceives to be fate's designs, and attempts to sway them to /his/ best interests, and yours. Of course, while this frequently yields the precise outcome he was scheming for, expect it to occasionally backfire in humorously disastrous ways. And despite his tendency to brood and sulk, most of these will be taken fairly philosophically. Playing games with fate doesn't always work, and Kismetath knows that. But that knowledge will never keep him from trying, anyway!

Once your Kismetath commits himself to something, the energy with which he pursues it must be seen to be believed. He goes after his goals with a complete and total devotion that only relents when it puts something he values more, specifically you, in danger. Beware, however, for like any poet he is subject to deep mood shifts and vicious twists of logic, or a notable lack thereof. At these times everything about him will become darker. He will put as much energy into avoiding the dismal destiny fate has for him as to completing his own twist on things. This is nothing like when things just go humorously wrong, this is Kismetath at his absolute worst. When philosophy and humor fails to excuse whatever wrong fate has been dealt to him, your brown is not a pleasant sight. And of course, at times like this, expect him to come straight to you for comfort.

When not being haunted by some indeterminate fate he is a gregarious soul who loves company when he finds it, but may not always make the effort to find it. He has no compunction about joining the crowd and even hamming it up. He is a poet! What is life without laughter and performance? If you are conveniently available when he is strutting his stuff, he will attempt to drag you into it, make you show off a bit yourself.

« Oh come now! Today is the perfect day for racing. Elbareth has invited us and I see no reason not to go! That young lady you like will be there, you know…»

He will, however, rarely initiate such social conventions. Much as he may adore them when he happens upon them, the moody poet side of his personality is perfectly content to spend quiet time with you. He could quite happily spend days with you on a deserted island, inspecting whatever stone or quarry happens to have caught your interest. And not so much because he's interested in the miner side of your life, but because your interest is enough for him to be happy. So while you may be in for some embarrassing moments of « Come, show my new friends how beautifully you sing! », these will be interspersed with quiet time, which he enjoys every bit as much.

Ever diplomatic with you, he will attempt to persuade, yet would never think of insulting. With others, this diplomatic side may fade as he takes pleasure in his verbal talents. Anyone else he insults will have to sort through his silver tongue first, likely garnering him the reputation of an oddly refined sense of humor, which goes over the heads of many. That lascivious bronze rider who made his reputation stealing other people's mates? « Oh, him? Of no consequence, he only know the value of another man's possessions, never his own. Pay him no mind. »

He so loves a clever turn of phrase, you will find him collecting proverbs and well placed verbal shots. While his memory for events is as bad as any dragon's his memory for proverbs seems limitless, and you will no doubt tire of the constant advice in the form of well-known quotations and quips. But always be on the look out, for his quick mind might inspire him to do some editing of his own, resulting in comical, clever turns of phrase which will quickly become Kismetath-isms for you and yours.


Flights are a time to show off. Though he's bigger than the average brown, he has a flair and sense of the dramatic that will push him to show off, perhaps beyond the wise limits of his agility. In spite of this desire to demonstrate superior skill, he rarely goes in for outright acrobatics, preferring to show off in eye-catching, sense-pleasing displays of grace and ability.

He as much attempts to woo the lady dragon as to catch her. For after all, what true lady would give in to the clutches of one of the common throng? Who would show favor to males who would be here today and gone tomorrow, never to speak another kind word in her direction? He is not the kind to leave a mate unappreciated. He will remember with fondness every dragon he ever flies. If he develops an attachment, jealousy /will/ become an factor, though he will graciously accede to any lady's whim, should she choose another over him. He will never bear ill will to be spoken of any of 'his' ladies in his presence, and will sharpen that clever tongue of his on any unwise bronze, blue or brown who forgets this fact.

Beware, though, he aims high. While greens are considered worthy pursuits in his mind, the golds are what draw him above any other. They are an almost unattainable height, and therefore a worthy and formidable challenge, and his desire to tempt and outwit fate does indeed extend to the skies, and to mating flights!

Harper's Tale's 37th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Yulianna's gold Miyakath and N'ano's bronze Bydelth
Monday, December 15, 2003

A'mar's green Naluth
Raine's green Zeimyth
Ariah's green Belissaith
Rele's green Tifaryth
Iya's blue Canllaith
B'au's blue Niwath
Issket's brown Lesoleth
Nayla's brown Manaslath

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