Khonsath's Inspiration

Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. Khonsath is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. - D'baji, Sapha, and Tstar.

Dragon: Khonsath

Colour: Brown

Name: D'baji, Sapha, Tstar

Egg: The Hairy Buffalo Egg

Egg Desc/Insp: Jala

Dragonet: Spirit Signals Brown Dragonet

Desc: D'baji, Tstar tweak

Messages: Tstar, Sapha tweak, D'baji tweak

Inspiration: D'baji, Sapha, Tstar

Clutching Message:

Kwazarenth unfurls her wings as she visibly pants just above a newly dug egg-depression. Hunching over the hole, Kwazarenth's sides once more shake with strain and exertion from pushing. Slowly, the Hairy Buffalo Egg makes it's appearance - far quicker is it covered and Kwazarenth moves on.

The Hairy Buffalo Egg:

A murky, completely unidentifiable combination of drab colouring muddles the surface of this ovoid. Stagnant brown seems the dominant hue amongst the sea of drab, glossy liquids striving to separate from each other. It's kinda slimy, it's a little gross, but there's just…something about it. For a challenge resides beneath that murky, revolting surface. It is a call for those brave enough to steel their stomach's, nay, their livers, and prove their worth! The egg is very hard, and may hatch any time now.

Hatching Message:

The Hairy Buffalo Egg rocks once, twice, three times… tapping against it's neighbors as rhythmically as spring rain. Then the shell gives way, splitting like fog, sending Spirit Signals Brown Hatchling tumbling to a rather ignominious halt… upside down. He simply lays there for several moments, as if not entirely awake, or perhaps knocked a little silly by the force of his exit.

Spirit Signals Brown Dragonet:

Glassy obsidian, wavering between black and brown tones, slides from the tip of his snout, o'er onyx-flecked eye ridges, along his lean sides, all the long way to the tip of his tail. Twisted musculature and bony joints readily show themselves from beneath the soil-smudged charcoal veins along his front and hind legs, lending a jagged appearance to compacted limbs. Ash clouds the reddish clay that layers his underbelly, running into pyrite flecks along the inner sides of his legs. The browns and tans of a myriad of sandstones along his 'ridges, brushed haphazardly with red, yellow, and black shales all down his spine. Wingsails are strikingly light, the tan of soapstone stretching away from reddened garnet phalanges. The same brushed pigments from his neckridges appear in striking patterns along the wingsails, some of which take shapes reminiscent of hunters and herdbeasts, if viewed with a bit of imagination.

Impression Message:

Spirit Signals Brown Hatchling has taken his time choosing, picking through the candidates with deliberate care, yet never lingering. He seems to be looking for something specific. He pauses a moment, as he has so many times before, looking at a black haired boy with tawny skin. He pushes himself up as tall as he can go, not quite managing to get back on /just/ his hind feet. He waits until black eyes meet his. The sound of acceptance is somewhere between a landslide and a growl, yet is welcoming all the same.

Personal Impression Message:

«Interesting,» the deep rumble of stone on stone intrudes as subtly as a lava flow into your mind. The earthy scents of loam and sandstone mingle with the full aroma of the living thriving flora that feeds on it. «Yes, you. You, U'ric, of them all, need me. I am Khonsath.»


Name Inspiration:

We did our best to give you everything you wanted in a dragon, right down to the name. Khonsath comes from crossing the Korean words for warrior, "chonsa," and bear, "kom." 'Warrior' was one of the words you'd put down as preferred, and 'bear' was our own doing, based both on the bear from the Korean creation myth, and the cave bear from the Earth's Children series. We thought Khonsath looked cool, had a good sound to it, and meshed well with U'ric.

Egg Inspiration:

Alright so apparently there's this drink at the bars called a "Hairy Buffalo" where they swab up the bar with a rag and then ring it out into a shotglass and…people drink it. It seemed too disgusting for me to pass up an opportunity to desc an egg after it.

Description Inspiration:

We did our best to embody the key qualities you wanted: dark colouration, and a long and muscular, yet compact, body. The rest of the inspiration for Khonsath's physical appearance comes from random minerals, and the cave paintings found in Lascaux, France.

Mind Voice:

Jasmine and spice, honey and bamboo all mingle through his mind, a subtle background that grows stronger or weaker as his mood changes. The crisp scent of mountain pines peaks with his curiosity, accompanied by a filtered shade of green. Bark reds and cinnamon hues accompany annoyance. While his voice always rumbles, reminiscent of a landslide or the growl of a bear, in anger it will become the sharp, quick snap of an earthquake. His mind is as stable as the earth, and as changing, as high as mountains and as deep as the ocean floor.


First and foremost, Khonsath is -dark-. If he were to fold up his wings, he could well disappear into the night. His colouration is almost fluid, blacks and browns quite interchangeable, depending on how the light hits him. The lighter reds and tans were a must-have, so that the 'paintings' would show up against his hide. You can bet that the patterning on his wingsails and neckridges will have faded out a bit by the time he retires.

Pretty much made out of rock, Khonsath will be an especially strong and solid dragon. He'll have fantastic endurance, and decent speed, but will lack in flexibility. On the ground, he'll lumber along, preferring to move with a slow and steady pace that keeps him in contact with the earth. If he does have to run, his run will be that of a bear, kicking up his behind and landing heavily on his front paws. In the air, Khonsath will be the very definition of steady. Flying practise drills in formation would be no problem for him, but when it comes to ducking and dodging in a Threadfall, he will definitely have to focus. Not as agile as some of his fellow dragons, Khonsath will fight Thread by recognising the patterns of the specific Fall, and doing a lot of skipping between. The same idea goes for flights, where he will have to anticipate the movement of the female, as he won't be able to mimic her tricky manoeuvrings without falling behind.


Khonsath in relationship to U'ric will be very different than Khonsath in relationship to… everyone and everything else. When interacting with his beloved rider, Khonsath will be the mellow and patient teacher that every good big brother/father figure should be.

Khonsath is a very wise dragon. He has a very strong sense of morality, and believes that everything should be done in a specific way. Like a father to his son, he will instruct U'ric in everything he knows to be true. Don't be surprised if U'ric starts to take on Khonsath's morals, or even starts to subconsciously mimic Khonsath's speech patterns.

"Children had always intrigued Creb. Often when he sat in the midst of the clan apparently lost in thought, he was observing the children without anyone being aware of it."

— Clan of the Cave Bear, Jean M Auel.

More than just a mentor, Khonsath will also be a close friend. He is an observer, taking note of the people and things around him. He will notice patterns in the behavior of his clutchmates, and will always let U'ric know if the patterns have been disrupted. «Have you noticed, U'ric, that Atkinth no longer circles his prey three times before striking? Since Car'b hasn't been sleeping well.» these observant tendencies are in part why Khonsath is such an asset to the Weyr and to your wing. His social intelligence could well land you in a position of leadership within the Weyr one day, so be prepared!

Khonsath's a deep thinker, but he's no push-over! Everything he does is done with purpose. He's perfectly confident in himself, even in times of change; though it's not always easy for him, he never once doubts that he'll make it through. Along with that comes his devotion to his rider, and his confidence in himself carries over to confidence in U'ric. After all, he rather meticulously picked U'ric from the Sands, and he -knew- that the pick was the right one.

"The skull of the cave bear had been moved, the long bone no longer protruded through the eye socket, the pattern was already broken.

Many small rodents shared the cave of the clan, drawn by the stored food and warmth. One of them had likely brushed past or jumped on the skull, tipping it over. Creb shuddered slightly, made a sign of protection, then moved the bones back to the pile at the far end."

—Clan of the Cave Bear, Jean M. Auel.

The side of Khonsath that the rest of the Weyr is least likely to see is his sincerely innocent appreciation of the wonders of the natural world. He'll be U'ric's tour guide when it comes to experiencing the beauty of the world; but his wonderment will never become trite. Nothing as sincere as the awe Khonsath feels for the world around him could become cliché. Along with this awe will come a deeper spiritual connection. He's likely to point out omens or meanings in natural occurrences. That's the shaman influence coming through, full force.

"I've shared a fire with my sibling for many years, it would be difficult for me to change after so long."

—Creb, Clan of the Cave Bear

Khonsath will settle into rituals very quickly, and your life with him, both in and out of Weyrlinghood, will be a series of patterns and routines. He won't fully understand if these routines are broken without explanation. Khonsath will have difficulty understanding change, and it will take him quite some time to adjust. Even moving from the Weyrling barracks and into a weyr of his own may prove to be difficult. It is in times of change that the roles will be reversed, and Khonsath will rely on his rider to explain things to him, and ease him into a new lifestyle. He will be amazed at how quickly U'ric can grasp certain concepts that are beyond his comprehension.

Threadfall will be a most serious time, especially for Khonsath. He carries more than the traditional draconic respect for Fall. There's a deep, emotional connection for him, and he's like to become angered if anyone makes light of it, be they dragonrider or otherwise.

Khonsath will most likely hide his true inner self from the rest of the Weyr, with the exception of some of the dragons closest to him; most likely wingmates or clutchmates. The rest of the Weyr will be shown a very macho façade. His confidence will be stressed, and may be interpreted as arrogance at times. He will talk in short, curt sentences, and may even participate in stupid macho contents with other dragons. (Think along the lines of firestone belching contests with the bigger bronzes.) However, this outer show will help him get in touch with his more playful side; after all, even a mythical bear and a shaman can't be serious all the time.


Khonsath's approach to flights is a direct reflection of the bear from the Korean creation myth. He is patient, faithful, and determined. He won't be distracted by the female dragon's tauntings, nor by the competition from the other males. He will be completely devoted to the moment, focused on anticipating her movements and countering in such a way that makes good use of his strength, endurance, and speed, while making up for his lack of agility. Should he not catch, Khonsath will simply rationalise that it wasn't meant to be him at that time. He will suffer no jealousy or distress over not catching. And that's how he will view it: not catching. To him, it won't be a matter of being bested by the female or the other males. Khonsath is sure to approach the next flight with the same dogged faith. Eventually, his strength and ingenuity will pay off, and it will be him who's meant to catch.


U'ric's brown Khonsath

Harper's Tale: 41st PC Clutch

Ista Weyr

Iri's Gold Kwazarenth and B'ane's Bronze Aboleoth

29 April 2005


Minka and gold Ryazusith, R'yn and bronze Azmaioth, Lzi and green Izlasth, D'lan and blue Nokith, Asliah and green Safuriketh.


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