Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. –-Martin, Lzi, and D’baji

Dragon: Kayganoth
Color: Blue
Name: Lzi
Egg: Rukbat’s Flare Egg
Egg Desc: Nuff
Dragonet: Wildfire’s Ashes Blue Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Martin, D’baji-tweak
Messages: Lzi, D’baji
Inspiration: Martin, D’baji, Lzi

Rukbat’s Flare Egg:

Sun sears this large egg with fire: red and gold, scarlet, crimson, amber and white. These coruscated hues lash out across the rounded sweep of leathery shell, flickering hot tongues of color against a backdrop of smoke and ash; grey and dark, shadows smolder beneath the bonfire of shades that explode in bursts of brilliance against the darkness. A fragile, brittle wash of blue and green break and swirl in occasional flashes of color behind the inferno of bright, radiant flares.

Hatching Message:

Rukbat's Flare Egg has long housed a smoldering intention. But the heat has increased, the necessity burns now, and the ovoid gives a final violent rock to one side. The shell cracks, forcing radiant flares away from the underlying blues and greens. A few more kicks from within bring about a heated explosion, shards flying out in all directions to reveal an ashy dragonet standing unsteadily in the remains of his egg, the last bits of goo dripping from his charcoal tail.

Wildfire's Ashes Blue Dragonet:

Monochromatically ashen, shades of slate dominate this stout little dragonet's shape. Rolls which promise stocky muscle in his future show under iron blue hide so uniform that he might have been powdered with cinders, save where the color crackles away like blackly burnt paint across his ridges and wings and dip his tail charcoal. He resembles a leaden mallow held over the flames a touch too long.

Adult Description:

At distance this dragon’s hide seems monochromatically ashen, shades of slate predominately painting his stout shape. However, proximity and familiarity reveal ridges, neck and tail streaked with sky’s midnight hues interlaid by bare stalks of ebon. Brighter tints, initially indigo, tumble down shoulders and sides from between the stark trunks of dark daub, and crumble to casts of cobalt near knees and forelegs. His middling hide has hues in multitude, from misty marines to zesty azures; the planes of his tummy are plush with tincture. Hind legs are blushed with oxidized beryl that dives to navy at talons’ tip. Only his wings are truly washed in the same shades as in his youth. Far from ashen, they are silver-lined as their cumuliform counterparts, sails shifting to sapphire at spar and joint.

Impression Message:

No. No no. Definitely no. Wildfire’s Ashes Blue Dragonet continues to look over the candidates, flapping his wings in irritation of not being able to find the one. The patent blue /finally/ stops to further investigate a taller, blonde-haired boy who seems to hold potential. Yes. This one will do. His quest over, that's where the blue stops. At his Taelor.

Personal Impression Message:

A myriad of blues immediately flash into your mind before dimming considerably to foggy grays. « Are you the one I've been looking for? » asks a husky voice, thick with curiosity. « I believe you must be. » A throaty chuckle accompanies a wave of klah rushing into your senses, the gray color fading into a clean white. « I am your Kayganoth, and you are mine for good, T’lor. So tell me, why is everyone in white? How come Ryazusith looks so proud? And where can I get some food? »

Name Inspiration:

Early on, a theme in creating your dragon was ashes and rising from the ashes, so a quick search in a baby name database found the name Kayonga. It's a male African name with the meaning of 'ash'. A little bit of tweaking to make the name sound better brought up Kayganoth. We think of it being pronounced "Kay-ga-noth", but it's your dragon. Go forth and nickname freely.

Egg Inspiration:

This egg is, obviously, based on the idea of a Solar Flare or sunspots. Those flashes of brilliance when our Sun (or Pern's Rukbat), gets a might testy and tries to fry us all from afar. Its all about fire and heat, a touch of passion, a flicker of danger; light and shadows, the good and the bad. We need the sun, we need heat and light and warmth but one day it will consume all the poor little blue-green planets it touches.

Description Inspiration:

Rebirth can be found in all things, but nothing quite so beautiful as new life springing out of the charred remains of the past. Wildfires spread quickly and can destroy hundreds of years of growth in only a few hours. But after the sparks have settled and faded and the ashes have sunk into the earth, some of the most beautiful life wriggles from the black and grey smudged remains. Look at any forest a year after it has been destroyed, and a myriad of colors can be found bounding forth from the ground.

This was the inspiration for your navy-streaked dragon. You said you liked dragons with many shades in their hides and dark edges, so in keeping with the theme and your request, it seemed appropriate to have the darkness reminiscent of burnt trees lit by the bounty of new growth all in one curious blue package.

Mind Voice:

Kayganoth speaks with the knowledge of a thousand years…otherwise known as an older British male. He doesn’t have time to speak slowly, with so many questions in his head, but he is deliberate in his questions, fully articulating every syllable. He laughs often, throaty and loud, reverberating in your head. When coming up with his mind voice, I envisioned Peter O'Toole as Priam in the movie "Troy" as the voice inspiration, but he's your dragon, and you can have him sound as you please.

His colors will tend to be monochromatic, as he finds pleasure in the simplicities in life. His most common will be grays and dark blues, varying the shade depending on his mood, but when Kayganoth is in a /really/ good mood, he'll use a rainbow of bright blues, commonly Mediterranean in nature. Don't expect any flaming reds or hot pinks out of him, though. Blues suit him just fine.

Klah will be his favorite scent, since it can be used to both calm and awaken your scenes. You'll soon find out that klah is his answer for everything. It's a great remedy for hangovers, to wake you up, and to drink over casual conversation. It's in your best interest to listen to him on that point, T'lor, because he knows what he's talking about.


Kayganoth’s physicality has been left fairly open, so you may tweak as you like. He is a solidly-built dragon and, though he will lose his rolls of baby chub, he will never become a willowy figure in the skies. Rather, he is built like an oak, which maintains beauty in its steadfastness. This build enables him to fly more surely and longer than a more lissome counterpart might. He is by no means chubby, but neither is he the hulking muscular figure without an inch of healthy meat on him. He is on the larger end of blues, but middling in his shape. Perhaps his most remarkable physicality is the deftness of his actions. He is direct in flight, prone to launch directly into the air, rather than circling to gain altitude. The same is true of his dining habits. He is not one to mince about from this herdbeast to that, wondering which he should have. Instead, he is clean and direct with his kills, if a little messy in his actual feasting.


Kayganoth. Or perhaps more often, “Stop asking me questions, ‘kay, ‘Ganoth?” Too nosey—er—curious for his own good, Kayganoth wants to know /everything/. « How can you chew food with such little teeth? » « How long would it take you to walk all the way across Ista Island? » « Why are those two people smooshing their faces together? » « Do felines come from eggs like dragons do? And why can’t I understand their speech? Can you understand them? Can canines understand felines? Do canines and felines smoosh their faces together? »

It will be enough at times to make Taelor want to pull his hair out. But beware of telling Kayganoth to stop bothering you, as he might start asking embarrassing questions of the Weyrwoman’s gold. « Why does Taelor’s voice crack when he talks to so-and-so? Does he want to smoosh his face against so-and-so’s? Why does it make me tingly why so-and-so smooshes her face against Taelor’s? » Maybe it would be better to just answer his questions.

Curiosity, though it may seem to be Kayganoth’s main trait at first, is not his only trait. He is a thinker, and one question will always lead to another. You may be surprised one day when he asks, « Why don’t we just go ::between:: and time it to save the lives of anyone who gets injured? » Or, « Taelor, shouldn’t we arrange it so dragons have turns in flights, so everyone gets a chance to catch a green? » He is a problem solver by nature, and an enthusiast for everything he sees around him, from humans to nature to animals. He wants to know how everything works not only for his own satisfaction, but to help others in their quest for happiness, as well. Thoughtful, articulate, and perpetually interested in every detail of life, Kayganoth may be difficult to keep up with, but he will never leave Taelor, friends, or Wingmates behind.


At first, Kayganoth will chase greens just to see what happens, but because of his overriding curiosity and exploratory nature, he's very unlikely to catch within his first few attempts. The will to catch the green will be there, of course - you'll feel it as much as him - but he'll be so busy trying to observe what's going on between the green herself and the other chasers that he won't be devoting his full efforts to the pursuit.

Once he's got a bit more used to chasing, Kayganoth will take on a strategy that will be experimental at best, and will alternate with every dragon, and every flight. He'll never use exactly the same moves, but will try to adapt mid-flight to catch that pretty glowing green he's got in his sights. Sometimes it will work wondrously; your problem-solver dragon will figure out the green just right, and will outwit all the others. Other times, he'll miscalculate, only to be bested by strength or a better stratagem on the part of one of the other males.

Because of his inquisitive nature, Kayganoth will neither be overly choosey about his mates, nor is he likely to prove a long-term mate for anyone. This dragon lives for diversity, especially when it comes to the ladies. What can we say? Enthusiasm for all things in life shows itself in many ways. He's a good-natured dragon, though, and if the green wants him to stick around for a sevenday or so after the flight, he'll happily oblige. And you can be guaranteed that he'll bombard her with questions, just like he does you.

Harper's Tale's 47th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Minka’s Gold Ryazusith and D’baji's bronze Nverath
April 13, 2007

Eryn and green Imadrith
M'erc and blue Hydasnth
Thyia and blue Phthongoth
M'cai and brown Giavistoth
R'ell and bronze Sunevoth

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