Naomi's Green Kaith

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Dragon: Kaith
Color: Green
Name: Teza
Egg: Cherry Garcia Egg
Egg Desc: Larisa; Saria tweak
Dragonet: Shrieking Shrewish Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Teza
Messages: Teza
Inspiration: Teza

Dragonet description:
Dark absinthe claims dominance in a wash of intense verdancy, the single hue shading her soft hide to porcelain perfection. Forest shadows reluctantly brighten to a deep jade on expansive sails, subtle difference evident only in bright light. Textbook precision marks the proportions, androgynous flawlessness carrying neither a hint of the feminine nor masculine: head just-so on a neck that curves in exactly the right manner; the supple curve of her tail marking her a green of striking size. The snapping fire of faceted eyes gleams with a dangerous intelligence, fierce countenance utterly marred by a lopsided blob of pale jade set squarely on her snout.

Egg Description:
Cherry Garcia Egg
What a long, strange trip this egg has been on… Large, creamy ovallish form is swirled with chocolate fudgy streaks, and studded with cherry spots here and there. Rectangular chocolate brown chunks are interspersed at random between the cherries. Is this egg good enough to eat? Could be - just don't let the wherries get first taste!

Clutching Message:
Written by Nevarre

Quarith smooths away any trace of imperfection upon the sands with one long sweep of her sunset-touched tail while a swirl of red glows in her eyes — another egg begins to make its appearance, the midpoint of its long journey reached in a swirl of fudge and cherry as it follows its fellows upon the sands. With a sweet croon, Quarith smooths sand over her newest offspring: Cherry Garcia Egg.

Hatch message:

Cherry Garcia Egg, heretofore quieter than a sleeping kitten, shudders with a sudden violence, the tiger within no longer constrained; an intricate latticework of cracks spiders across the shell, dividing into smaller and smaller sections until the appearance is that of fractured glass. For a single breath the egg stills, the thousand shards held together by the thinnest of membranes. With a shocking violence the mosaic shatters as a young green makes her emergence with an ear-splitting creel.

Impression message:

Shrieking Shrewish Green Dragonet'’s scornful gaze once more rakes the assembled candidates, all but one of the white-clad creatures regarded with an equal measure of contempt; her sweeping gaze returns once more to the only figure able to quench the fire of her eyes, the only one worth her attention. Calculated steps close the distance between the green and her honey-haired target: Naomi is caught in her gaze, the heat of her gaze momentarily quenched in a sea of a loving blue.

Personal Impression Message:

« You! » Claret hues drown in a cobalt surge, slaking the intense fire of her thoughts; disdain disappears before the flood, washed away as an almost gleeful possessiveness takes hold with a bright jade swirl. « You are mine and I am yours. » Affection slowly ebbs, a soft blue backdrop for all other thoughts, now and forever always present in your mind; primal hunger wells up in its place, the entreating thoughts plain. « I am Kaith, Naomi - and I am hungry. »

Name Inspiration:
The Taming of the Shrew's title character is Katharine, a rather sharp-tongued and fiery lady who was the daughter of a rich gentleman of Padua. Called Katharine the Shrew for her temperament, she was hardly the type to lure many suitors; only one man was equal to the challenge, a gentleman named Petruchio. He tamed her in his own manner, and at the end of the play she instructs several other women of a wife's duties, Pertruchio listening proudly. It's open for interpretation, however, whether she is actually tamed—or just saying the things she must for Pertruchio's benefit. I suspect the latter. You asked for something easy to pronounce and one syllable. You got it. Not only that but the name just had to have an edge to it. It would have been easy to just go with Kath but it just didn't have the ring of femininity a green dragon should have; Kayth and Kaith were both toyed with for a while, Kaith decided on because it looks prettier. You've got a couple options for pronunciation: Kayth, long a, or Kiith, long I, or anything else you might wrangle out of it. The second uses the Japanese pronunciation for the ai vowel combination.

Description / Physicality Inspiration:
What can we say? We aim to please. You wanted a dragon that was absolutely perfect—in an ugly kind of way. Her proportions are absolutely exact, matching to the slightest angle those of your standard dragon, a bit larger in size than the average green. She doesn't have too many curves or too many angles, too long a neck or too short a tail; she's utterly textbook. A single, dark green colors her entire hide, one little flaw of near-white jade marring her perfection right on the tip of her nose. She won't be aware of that flaw, only able to directly see the (near) flawlessness of her soft hide, until a visit to a bathing pool in the future. Good luck. Somewhat vain, she will never bring that up and you can be sure of scoring a hit on her when you do.

Mind Voice Inspiration:
Envision a nighttime campfire by a beach, the soft chirps of insects in the distance, mingling with the croaks of frogs settling down. A wind blows through, rustling the grasses—oh, and that snapping, rustling fire? That's Kaith. She's shrill, she's shrieking, she's, well, shrewish, and it is evident in her mind voice. The flavor is that of a sweetly sour candy, or the sharp tang of an under-ripe fruit. It's still sweet somewhere in there, but you have to look past all the edged words to find it. It will be quite rare for her to mellow her voice for another, and even then the barbs will only be blunted. Only with you will her tone be openly loving and affectionate, even then a gleeful, teasing spirit sharpens things.

Poor, poor Naomi. She's always going to be challenging what you say, sliding in an edged word where it's least wanted, and snickering quietly in the back of your head when you stumble over a rock. That said, even her sharpest taunts will always carry at least a faint note of affection; you are the only one she thought equal to her high demands that day on the sands, and that will always remind you of it.

She doesn't do sweet, although she can be a merciless tease if she thinks it will get her (or you!) something that she wants. As soon as she gets whatever it is she wants from rider or dragon, she will immediately put the person (or dragon) in their place with an unsubtle gibe and a scathing look. She will be unswervingly loyal to you, whether you are aware of it or not, and pity the person who speaks against you. More likely than not, she will deem them not worth the effort of speaking to, and instead snap her teeth at them threateningly or flap her wings so that a miniature dust-storm is their reward. You are, after all, /her/ rider and that makes you better than other creature that steps or flies or swims on that planet.

She behaves in a similar manner during Threadfall, fiercely protective of /her/ planet. She is not the fastest green, but she will be one of the better fliers when it comes to technique and skill. It does not pay to be even the tiniest bit of Thread that tries sneaking past her, for all that she allows past are ashes. Anything else would be less than perfect. During Threadfall she will keep up a constant monologue of taunts and insults, mainly aimed at the Thread but also turning against any dragon or rider that fails to meet her high standards. Which is everyone but you.

Although she will always have one of the sharpest tongues on Pern, one day, Turns down the road, you may look at her and suddenly realize that she has mellowed from her adolescent sarcasm. She is a shrew, and always will be, but the love that binds the two of you together is all the taming she will
ever need, and will always be there beneath everything else.

Oh please. Like any male could possibly be good enough for her? Proddiness will be marked by a faint glow and by a steadily increasing stream of insults for all male members of the dragon species, as well as many of their riders. Each will be considered and discarded as imperfect for the days leading up to her actual flight. Your preferences will mean very little, if anything, to her, although it could be the deciding factor in the split-second that a dragon wins a flight. (Although a dragon with a name resembling Pertruchio just might have an edge.) With the lure of the unobtainable, she will always have more males willing to try than might be expected from her sharp tongue. Weyrmating will be a chancy thing, and you will have quite a time convincing her that anyone is worthy of your time other than her.

Naomi's Green Kaith
Harper's Tale: 29th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and T'rell's bronze Sejith
Sunday, April 29th, 2001
N'ano's bronze Bydelth, Lib's green Alishath, Hannah's gold Dhiammarath,
Izz'y's blue Nuadayth, E'an's green Fiareth, Khaye's brown Itazurath,
Tstar's green Elbareth, Sorcen's brown Neolyth, Jozzie's blue Riyth, and
Yla's green Castaliath

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