Just After The Clutching

03:41 PM
Logfile from Pippa.

Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth likeness, they are broad enough to offer security — but each one is also high enough to offer a clear view over those in front. Several lines of rope cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.
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Perched around the galleries are eight firelizards.
Leorra, R'yn, Palia, Kriane, and Lendai are here.
Obvious exits:
Ledges Stairs

"Aye, although I was only an apprentice when I was snatched up. Was going into training of canines at the time. Tried to go back and work some more on it, but dragon-life has always gotten a bit in the way of things." Even as he says it, the tone of R'yn's voice speaks volumes of how he wouldn't have it any other way. As Lendai makes her way up as well, the bronzerider's attention turns towards her as he smiles with a pride that seems an echo of his dragon's own. "They're all beautiful eggs. Your Talicanitath did wonderfully." He give a bit of a wry smile and then nods. "And I certainly hope none of her babies turn out as ugly as some of Ryazusith's broods. Poor Iqiazath looks like a bog threw up on her." He does give a sideward glance at Kriane, but other than that, he keeps his mouth shut when it comes to her ideas of dragons and herders.

A flash of.. Is that annoyance? passes across Leorras face at Kriane's 'I'm better than everyone, therefore, you're trash.' attitude. It quickly disappears and is replaced by a polite, if a little cold, smile."Its.. A pleasure to meat you, Kriane. "And really, cutting up the meat would probably be gross, but I think you'd be willing to do it for your life mate.. By the way, are you hoping to be searched?"

Taking the gallery stairs two at a time with an easy stride (and careful to avoid that last stair seeing as it nearly made her faceplant the evening before, Pippa broaches the galleries once again, looking a tad damp around the edges and just this side of flushed. Tucking a wet strand of hair behind an ear, she hesitates at the top with lips drawing into a wry line before licking at salt-water dried lips.

"Cutting up the meat is nasty. To be honest, most of weyrlinghood is lame. Other than the perk of having a dragon, there are all these rules. You're stuck in one place, you get all bloody and nasty and sweaty, you have someone asking you for food, for oil, for this, for that over and over and over. It's like being a parent! But… you know, you're connected mind to mind." A grin appears on her face. "And oh gawd, don't even get me /started/ on the weyrling uniform. It /clashes/ with /everything/!" Lendai is being serious. "Thank you, R'yn! I'm quite proud of her. I was worried for a bit, she almost seemed to just wanna stop. But she knew people were watching and well…" Her hand is waved in the air.
"Faranth. If Tals has a Iqiazath, I'm pretty sure she'd freak." As would her rider. "It's Talicanitath, not Tali." Lendai remarks to Kriane, with a wink. "Only I get to call her by her nickname. If she heard anyone else doing it… well. It wouldn't be good." Mauling for the win! Frowning for an instant at Palia, Lendai just shrugs. "I was hoping she'd show, but I know your weyrlings just graduated and a few of them have given you all problems. I'm glad you're here though!" Glee!

Palia sort-of just twiddles her thumbs, unsure of how to answer to Kraine. "Weeellll. You sorta.. you know.. Get used to it. Mind you, even if you don't, you only have to do it until the dragon can fly." Which was one of the best days ever in Palia's life, true story. "Hey, animals aren't that smelly! Dragons just smell like oil, though, if that's what you mean." The smile perks back up completely; hardly to keep Palia's away for long. "Oh aye, I understand. I haven't ridden my runners in months. Now that the Interval has stopped being so shakey, though, might be something worth doing. Not as much training as before with the Weyrlings!" Simply because Palia… doesn't do any work. She's just moral support! "Well, and me.. But that's because I can't remember all of 'Talicanitath' half the time." Very true. "Well I'm glad you're glad I'm here! I'm glad I made it. Quite the show! Interesting eggs, too. But aye, those were the last of the Weyrlings. We won't have anymore for a while yet, seeing as 'Reaches is short so many golds. Nice sight to see that Ista doesn't have the same problem." She nods towards The Shiny on the Sands.

"Me? Searched? I… um… and… yeaaaaah," Kriane manages to spit out. Spotting the young dolphincrafter, and glad for an excuse to ease the awkwardness of the question Leorra has posed, Kria is quick to lay blame down. "Pippa! Do you realize how much of a headache I have this morning?" she demands, putting her hands on what little hips she has and hoping to look defiant and threatening. She does. Sort of. The runnertails don't make her look any scarier, to say the least. "A /uniform?/" A look of dismay crosses the young holdergirl's face as she turns a bit green. "Clashes with /everything?" She looks like she's about to cry. At the gentle reprimand, she turns bright red. "I didn't realize… I'm sorry." Talicanitath, Talicanitath, Talicanitath…

Pippa squints towards the sands, stormy green eyes picking out eggs and dragons and sand alike. Really the first two are the most interesting. Alas, that very same squint is directed towards Kriane as she is accused of headache-causing. "No, but if ya keep that up, I might get the idea, kiddo." Her eyes twinkle with amusement before moving along to this person or that. A finger comes up to curl about a lock of dark hair, twining it about 'til the tip of her finger starts turning a fascinating shade of red and then white before being released. "That all of 'em, eh?"

"Sometimes candidacy is worse than weyrlinghood, though." R'yn lightly rubs at his chin in such a way that it's tough to tell if he's being serious or not. "Get on someone's bad side, and you'll find yourself elbow deep in … things best left unsaid. Not to mention ranks are tossed at the door. Brothel girl to holder's son, you're all the same when it comes to being a candidate." His eyes shoot towards Kriane, as if trying to see how this bit of news would fall. Still, he's all smiles and good cheer when it comes to the young goldrider, it seems. Egghappy. "I think Azmaioth would join her in dismay if that would happen. He's insistant that two such wonderful dragons should produce Pern's most stunning hatchlings." There is a small roll of his eyes, amusement at his dragon's attitude. "As for herder-related things…" He trails off a little bit, glancing at Palia, "My last canine passed a while ago. I'm not looking forward to starting from scratch, at least not any time soon. Besides…" With a motion towards the sands, "I think I'll have my hands full for a while."

Leorra grins at Kriane, and manages to hide a snicker by digging in her bag for something. Oh yes, this could be amusing, if Kriane impresses. Very amusing. Fighting down her giggles, Leorra manages to cement her polite smile back on. "I take it you're a hoping for gold, if your searched, by the way you were /admiring/ the gold egg yesterday?
Shazi walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

"You're different, Palia! You're like… family. " The pseudo-mother she's always wanted! "I also heard that Denalia's little boytoy got the Wingleader position in the weyrling wing. That's pretty good. I might need to… invite him over to my weyr sometime." Not because she's interested, but because she likes to piss off Deni. "And yeah, it's orange and black. And you have to cut your hair. Really short. And wear riding helmets. All that stuff. I don't supposed anyone brought anything to drink up here? I would kill for a glass of wine." Or the entire bottle. She's not picky! Lendai grins at R'yn, "We can always say one of Rya's eggs rolled onto our side if that happens. Though I'm pretty sure if that happened, Tali might try to break the egg. She's /not/ happy she has to share the sands." Lendai isn't too pleased either about this.

And Tye's the real mother she never wanted? OOPS. Palia isn't really thinking that. Her smile remains consistent and cheeky, with hints of a blush everywhere. "Oh yes, Nu'ra did! Not really sure how that happened." And that's not even because she doesn't remember… It's because.. Nu? Yeah. Not Wingleader material. "Ooo, a celebration party? He'd like that! You should invite his little bluerider buddy, too. They're practically inseperable." At the first mentioned of booze though, Palia leaps to her feet, runs to Veriameth's straps, and returns with a quite large satchel. "I'm afraid the trip to between doesn't do them much justice, but I never go anywhere without a small personal supply! I have.. A Tillek, a Benden, and… A Tillek. Red red white. All are within the last two turns, unfortunately." R'yn is given an offering from the sack as well, if he'd like to pick. "Yeah, you likely will. Being a clutch-dad is no picnic! I'm my own little clutchmum with firelizard eggs right now, and /that/'s a pain, lemme tell you."

Shazi slowly mounts the steps into the galleries, having left her dragon to enjoy the sand and surf of Ista's beaches. She has this strange growth sprouting from her chest—on closer inspection, it happens to be the fuzzy head of her daughter protruding from the pale blue wrap holding her in place. "Wow. They weren't kidding. Eggs. So, where's the party?"

Pippa finally locates a spot to settle her rear end so she can egg-watch for a moment. She goes about counting them, finger waggling as each one is pointed out, lips working without any sound coming from them. Oh wait, counted that one twice. Oh well. Many. Many. Works for her.

"Azmaioth dragged me right out of wing maneuvers, so I'm afraid I didn't have time to get a congratulatory bottle of wine." There is a small glare towards the bronze, who… simply doesn't care. It's apprently a hard job sitting still, watching eggs. Luckily, Palia saves the day when it comes to that, and the bronzerider takes a moment to look over the offered wines before selecting the Tillek red. "My thanks." He nods accordingly. "Azmaioth isn't very pleased with this arrangement, either." R'yn admits, glancing at Lendai, and then over his shoulder at the somewhat crowded hatching sands. "He'd have liked his eggs to be the center of attention, and now they have to share the attention with Nverath's eggs. But at least we have a better egg count, I believe?" He lifts an eyebrow, as if seeking the goldrider's confirmation. Afterall, some eggs are nearly covered in sand now, so it would be hard to get a count. As for Shazi's arrival, he waves a hand over his shoulder, the other still holding the wine. "The party's going on right here, it seems. Join in, toast to Talicanitath and Azmaioth's clutch." So much better than that *ick* Nverath and Ryazusith clutch. *ptthbt*

Now its Leorra's turn to go green in the face. Not at the uniform, but at the comment of cutting your hair. "Do we.. Really have to cut our hair short?" She nervously plucks at her waist length red braid, like she expected it to disappear at any second.

"The Benden, the Benden!" Lendai makes a grabby motion for the alcohol. "I a fan of their red. Even if it is a little young, still some of the rest stuff I've ever tasted." And she's not exactly picky. "I've got quite a store in my weyr! I'll give you one of those in trade." A very smug look crosses the girl's features as she nods at R'yn. "That's right! They may have a gold egg, but /we/ have one egg more than them! Our eleven compared to their ten!" Pride practically radiated off of the goldrider. Switching her attention to Leorra, Lendai nods. "Yep. Gotta get it chopped to like… chin length I think? I barely had enough left to put my hair up. It sucked. /A lot/! Mine is just starting to be the length it was when I impressed, and that was…" Pause a moment to mentally count. "A bit over two turns now? Yeah. That's right." Grabbing the Benden flask, the goldrider shakes it at Pippa and than Shazi. "Come! Drink! Party!"

Kriane crosses her arms and sniffs at Leorra, shooting her a look that says, 'What, do you think I'd get anything less?' And a similar look is given to Pippa, "Your fault S'lo almost tipped over last night. I'm surprised he managed to get back to the 'Reaches. You can't tell me you didn't get a bit of a headache from that?" She snickers and but is stopped immediately. "Cut your hair? Are you mad?" she demands, looking at Lendai with less courtesy than is required, hands protectively surrounding her runnertails, running her fingers through the strands nervously. "Oh, chin length?" That isn't nearly as horrid. Would be hard to do anything with it, but… part of the sacrifice you make, I guess.

Palia is almost in the mood to just start chugging from the wineskins, as the heat is getting to her, and she's /thirsty/. But, in accord with Shazi's arrival, she just waves at her fellow Infernite, and pulls out the two other wineskins from her satchel. "Booze!" Hark, the call of sour grapes calling!" There's a slight yelp as the Benden is yanked from Pal's hand, leaving just the Tillek white in her other. Hmm. "Well, we /could/ make it a bit more of a party atmosphere and relocate to this pool ol' R'yn here was talkin' 'bout? If it's only a short jaunt, I could take two other's up on Veri. Or, if Lendi wants, we can go crash her alcohol store and all get /mad/ steaming drunk!" Giggle. "I haven't in quite a long time, really. Gettin' too old for it." Leorra is given a bit of an eye. "We? I daresay, you ain't looking at that fate. Your hair's in no danger." Snicker.

Pippa wrinkles her nose and shakes her head at the offer. "Shells, I wish. Just between duty right now. Back to the rain and the pier in a bit here." Pity that. Alas, such is how life goes. Kriane is blinked at for a moment, and then a headshake at the comments, "'Almost' isn't quite there. Shame, really. It was good stuff though. You can't fault that."

Shazi sighs and shakes her head at the offer of wine and partying as the little sleeping bundle starts to stir. "Alas, it is not to be." She takes another quick look at the eggs, then heads back out again, mumbling something about months.
Shazi heads down the stairs.

"I suppose boys are lucky in that respect. We usually don't lose much hair because of impressing. Only thing I lost was my braid." R'yn flicks a finger at the long braided rat-tail that has long-since grown back. The original had gone to… His mind quickly stiffles that thought, unplugging the wineskin and taking a long drink. He finishes quickly, setting it back down with an 'ahh' of sound. "The waterfall pool is across the weyr bowl, through some trees. A little bit of a hike, but not too bad." That wry, amused smile returns to his face, "Although I wouldn't mind a trip to lady Lendai's weyr either… With Talicanitath busy here, I might actually get to stay longer than a few minutes."

Leorra stares down at the eggs, trying to process what Palia said. Does she mean…? No, she couldn't, besides, she's not from ista, so her opinion doesn't count, right? Right?! No.. Of course not.. She pulls herself together and puts her polite smile back on. "So Kriane, you're a harper, right? What are you planning on specializing in?"

Lendai turns at stares at R'yn, one eyebrow slowly creeping up. "Ahahaha. Nice try. My weyr is off limits. To /everyone/. Except myself." Obviously! "I'm down with sitting here or hitting to pools. Though Tali might not be too happy if I take off just yet." The gold down on the sands looks to be resting, but her tail twitches now and then, stating that she's not exactly sleeping. Wrestling with the wine, she finally gets the cork free and dumps some booze into a glass that… just magically appeared. Yes. Downing half of said glass, Lendia sends a pouty-look towards Pippa. "That's a good reason, but I demand you and I drink together soon! My treat. I'll bring the wine, you bring the sobriety. We'll try to finish off both!"

Palia laughs lightly at R'yn's thoughts. "Talicanitath always kicking you out when you come over? Well, I'm up for either, and anyone else that wants to come's perfectly welcome a'back Veriameth. She likes taking extra passengers." She's a big green, she likes to flaunt it! "I lost a lotta hair myself when I Impressed. Had to keep it short for the Pass, too. It's grown out since the Interval, though." Almost to her hip, now! Sexy blondeness, it wins. "Aw, c'mon," she waggles at Pippa. "You could say you were kidnapped! Because, really. You sorta would be." Hmm. Or WOULD she… "What about you two?" Her gray eyes lilt between Leorra and Kriane. "EIther of you want some schnockeredness?" She sways the White Tillek between them. You know you waaanntt it.

"Harper /Student,/" Kriane corrects, "and I'm planning on escaping as soon as I can. It's boring." She gives a yawn for emphasis. "'Course, this isn't," she quickly amends, hands smoothing her skirts. "As long as you got to grow your hair back, I don't see the big deal, really. Oh, I do!" Kriane hops on the offer of alcohol, performing an awesome feat of prestidigitation and offering a glass.

Leorra waves the the wine away. "No, I'm a horrible drinker. I'll end up tipsy after the first glass." She watches Kriane pounce on the wine. "Well.. If /she/'s gonna drink some, I suppose I could too…" She grabs a class and pours herself some. This is gonna get ugly.

Pippa's grin makes a welcome appearance, but the teen nods to Lendai, "Aye, I'll hold you to that one then. I'd never turn down some free drink." Well, if you don't count this one time actually, but she has an /excuse/! Teeth flash at Palia's words and she laughs. "Oh, now that'd be rather fun. Ain't ever been kidnapped before, but I've a feeling my Master wouldn't take too kindly to it and next thing I know I'd be getting blamed and left to chum duty for the local sailors and to the delight of many a dolphin's tummy." Figure that one out. Egg-squint. She's gonna need to see the glasscrafters about some spectacles at this rate.

R'yn doesn't miss a beat, managing a small wink towards the goldrider. Afterall, he is a guy, can't blame him for trying. "Well, my weyr is always open if you get bored of sand-sitting and want to stop by. It's just above the pool, climb a branch and take a right." He motions with his thumb, still quite proud of having found that particular empty weyr back when he was a weyrling. "Still, I'm content sticking around here for a bit longer. Leaving means having to check in with my second on how maneuvers went… and drinking with young women is a far more pleasant way of spending my time." He may be wingleader, but that's because he and his dragon are -good- at it, not because of any selfless need for extra responsibilities. He lifts the wine skin, and then takes another drink.

D'baji gambols up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Kriane sips away, quite happy to be with a glass of any wine. Usually she isn't allowed. Technically, she isn't allowed. But what they don't know won't hurt anyone, right? …right? She clears her throat and takes another sip, smiling at R'yn, not quite drunk enough to start giggling madly yet.

"Righto!" The squeak is accompanied by one of Palia's famous grins, as she dips the skin into Kriane's glass, and then into Leorra's, before turning it 180 and pulling a R'yn, as by this point, she's is out of Magically Incarnated Glassware. "Mmm, bit of a sour Turn, apparently.. Must not have kept it in the keg long enough. Or.. something." She slaps her tongue against the roof of her mouth, before shrugging. "Oh well, it's alcohol." Another swig is taken, before Pippa is given a large smile. "Well hey, feeding dolphins sounds a lot better than.. um.. whatever else it is you do." Since that didn't make much sense, Palia scrunches her nose, and just keeps swigging away at the skin. It takes a fair amount to get the aged woman drunk, so she has to work at it quickly. "Drinking with /young/ women? Them, I guess. I'm almost old enough to be your mum." Maybe not /completely/, but she still takes it like a compliment, grinning in all feasable directions. She'll be 20 for a day. Sounds good for her!

Sparky suddenly disappears ::between::!

Leorra leans back against the bench behind her, sipping her wine. Well, she hasn't finished her first glass yet, so she's not tipsy, but that's coming soon. After that comes the tittering, 'I'll share even my deepest darkest secrets' stage. She waves to D'baji as he comes up the steps. "Afternoon, Weyrleader!"

Evida walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Pippa quirks a glance at the lush that is youngling Kriane before shaking her head slowly from side to side. Oh look, her hair is finally starting to dry some in this cavern heat. Please, oh please don't frizz too much. A hand smoothes down dark locks only to twist them about and tie it all in a knot at the nape of her neck. "Whatever else," Pippa echoes with a laugh, bringing a foot up to rest it on the bench in front of her. So much liquor, so little chance to imbibe it.

Iqiazath lumbers up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Sin slides from Iqiazath's neck and lands gently on the ground.
Iqiazath slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

D'baji winces just a little as Leorra calls her greeting at him, and brings a big hand to rub at his temples. The assistant headwoman is given a little bob of his head, but not much more. Licking at dry lips, with eyes squinted, the Weyrleader then looks through the rest of the crowd, frowning a little at the sight of liquor, and then, upon singling out Pippa, wanders over her way, plopping down on the bench upon which she rests her foot. "Vanya said y'were up here. Gotta talk to you." And when hungover D'baji has a goal in mind, it's largely tunnel-vision kind of thing.

Lendai was zoning for a bit there, drinking her wine and just relaxing. Even with all the noise of the galleries. Until her glass is empty once more. Eyes narrow, just a little, at Kriane and Leorra. "No making eyes at my bronzerider. Maybe he's not allowed in my weyr, but so long as his dragon is down there, I'm calling dibs." Refilling her glass, the goldrider sips a little slower this time, actually tasting the alcohol. "So, I didn't actually catch your name." One hand points at Kriane, "And are you even old enough to have that?" Said hand now gestures to the girl's own wine.

Evida came with somebody, she totally did. Just don't ask her who. WIth her hands on her hips, she strolls in, chin high, bright smile on her face. Dark eyes peer around, and seeing that this is clearly the place to be today, she strides more boldly into the warm Cavern, skirting the galleries until she comes to the bulk of the people gathered.
Sin stumble-steps in from the ledges, yelling backward over her shoulder: "You leave them alone, y'hear me? Don't know why you're so all-fired interested, this time. Ain't nothin' but a bunch of eggs." The greenrider, somewhat sickeningly, displays no signs of hangover; she is, however, sporting a rather spectacular bruise over the left side of her face, complete with two stitches across her eyebrow (this is somewhat hidden by the brim of her hat, however.) Her arm's in a sling, but her expression, as she swaggers the rest of the way into the galleries is triumphant.

Palia downs half the skin before there's a stiff sigh, and she eyes the side of the skin with her smile tugging down at the corners. "Just tastes worse the more I have. Egh. Always hate a bad Tillek White, leave my mouth feeling.. Egh." She waggles brows at Lendai. "Aww, none for me, either? It's okay. I only like the boys that like my chest and make the first advance. Too bored to do it these days. Veri hasn't gone up for almost two turns, now. We're gettin' oooldd." Sigh. "Oh come /on/ Veri," is her verbal lamentation, as she eyes the ledges with heavy eyes. "Well Lendi-Doll, looks like your mom's too busy to drop by, but she wants /me/ to leave /here/ so I can come tell her about your eggs. I'll force her to drop her duties later on this week so she can drop by and see the pretties." She takes another swig. "I better get goin', you know how grouchy your mum gets. Grats to you—" Towards R'yn. "And you!" The wineskin is abandoned, and the greenrider carries her bundles of leathers off towards her dragon. Lesigh.

Pippa leans forward a bit to brush at some dark sand peppering her feet, casting the grains to the gallery floor for some hapless future candidate or whatnot to whisk away later. So it is while she is in the midst of this personal grooming that she notes the rider with the flashy knot. Her chin lifts, eyes following suit while a wince is barely reigned in, "Oh?" Wait, bring on the perky smile. "All good I hope?"

Kriane tenses a bit at being called out, but quickly brushes it off. "Kriane, granddaughter of Lord Geanoi," and that's all the introduction she could possibly need in her mind. "And 'course I am. Not gonna have much, anyway." She sniffs again and take a sip. See? Yummy. She leaves the entrance of Sin to wipe away all other thoughts of denial and can't repress a, "What on Pern happened to /you?/"

"M'lady Palia, you're only as old as you feel. And the more I drink, the younger I feel." R'yn raises the wine skin to her, "Besides, all women are young at heart, best of luck to you, and thanks for the wine!" He calls out after the leaving Palia. Then, he shoots another one of those winks towards Lendai, too happy to let his more bashful herder side sneak out. Nope, R'yn's all bronzerider at the moment. "You're more than welcome to me, Lady Lendai. You'd be the first." He smirks, a small tone of irony in his voice. His jovial mood takes a slight pause as D'baji and Sin arrive, looking at them both with some curiousity. He hadn't been part of the previous celebrations, so… apparently he missed a lot.

Evida catches Sin as she's the first person taking the same direction she is. The tall girls' eyebrows shoot up, "What in the world happened to you?" She wonders aloud of the greenrider. If she had any sense, she might head the other direction, given the woman's apprearance, but she definitely has none, so she'll ask her question boldly anyways.

Palia releases Guppy, who launches into the air.
Palia slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

"I'll keep that in mind, bronzerider." Lendai snickers softly, but shakes her head all the same. "Just remember we've got a job to do and sands to watch! Our side of the sands needs extra protection." From what, who knows, but Lendai is very serious as she says this. Back to Kriane, the goldrider tilts her head. "Your a Lord Holders daughter, than? I must say, your outfit is quite nice. You've got good taste. Or whoever dresses you does." A quick glance is given to both D'baji, who earns a frown, and Sin, who gets a neutral look. "And you would be wise to not ask such things. It's rather unseemly for a lady-to-be, don't you think?" There was a time Lendai had hoped to marry a Lord Holder's son. Those days are past now! Palia does get a quick hug and a wave as the greenrider departs. "Tell mom to come and visit soon! And thanks for stopping by!" Bweee!

D'baji catches Kriane's outburst, but Sin's his weyrmate. He knows all about this. So that whole kerfuffle is dismissed, and his attention turns back to Pippa. "S'not bad, anyway." Despite the gravelliness of his voice and the tiredness under his eyes. Poor, celebrating clutch daddy. "S'posed to talk t'you 'bout takin' Bajiren to the hall. Vanya says you'd do good on it, says you might wanna stop by the hall anyway? Somethin' like. Thinks you're responsible or something."

Pippa will do her best to look most grave with this rather serious discussion about boychildren and hall duties. The girl blinks for a moment, gaze flickering to the side and then she slowly nods her head. "Oh, aye. That won't be any problem. I'm often ending up over there for a little bit every couple of sevendays. When do you want him to be heading out there? By ferry or dragon?" Guess she won't be parking of any more drink any time soon. Durn untimely celebrations. Hands clap together to dust off any residual bits of sand as her sandaled feet hit the floor.

Kriane beams at the praise, though a slight frown is given, "I'm almost 15 Turns old. Of course I dress myself." The words come out a bit harsher than intended, and she bites her lip to restrain herself from saying anything else stupid. Especially something rude. (As if that could happen.) Instead, she sips at her glass of wine and crosses her free arm across her stomach.

D'baji shrugs his big shoulders at this. "I dunno. Would've liked it t'be done sooner, 'cept I dunno if it's gonna get done. I'd've sent you on with Nverath, o'course." There's a pause during which he rubs again at his temples, sending a glance up to the ledge. "Bajiren's used t'ridin' with 'Ver. Only… shards, m'head hurts." He's getting to a point. Surely. Eventually. "Don't got anythin' y'really need down at the hall though, do ya?" Still rubbing his head.

The Exploration and Cartography unit leader works her jacket off with her good arm, hooking two fingers into the collar and slinging it over her shoulder. "Rock slide," she crows cheerfully, wincing as she wiggles her arm out of the sling to push up the brim of her hat. "Three stitches worth, healers bet it's gonna scar." Her weyrmate is flashed a genuine, lopsided, lecherous smile, and she eases back into the sling. "Looks like ol' shiny-hide squatted out a decent clutch, Len," Sin backhandedly congratulates.

Raising an eyebrow, R'yn only nods his head, seeming a bit confused on what exactly this side of the hatching sands needed protection from… other than overzealous candidates. Still… he sighs to himself. "Unfortunately, while I'm appreciating the company, it seems my attention is needed elsewhere." R'yn gets to his feet, shouldering his riding jacket. "Apparently I can't leave that bluerider I gave a shot at wingsecond alone for a moment." The smile fades and a faint frown spreads on his face. He makes his momentary goodbyes to each, and then makes his way out, his dragon's tail twitching to show the pair's shared irritation at this… most recent of failed wingseconds.

From the hatching sands, Nverath vanes his wings and lands.

Evida blinks at Sin for long moments. "You're entirely too happy with getting fallen on by a bunch of rocks." She finally proclaims, her eyes wide. She glances then sideways at the sands and the eggs laid upon it, and her smile for a breif moment tugs down in confusion, "One dragon laid all those?" She asks ignorantly.

Lendai nods her head, "Ah, my apologies. I'm bad with ages. You look a bit younger than fifteen turns, but take that as a compliment. Means you'll still look young when you're around forty!" She raises her glass in a toast to that. "You're really only two turns younger than me, come to think of it. Shards! The day I hit twenty will be a sad day. Half way to forty!" There's a thought that makes her nose wrinkle. Wincing, just a bit, at Sin, the goldrider nods and gives a weak grin. "I'm proud! Not bad for her first clutch and during an interval! And… er… ol'… shiny-hide?" Her eye twitches. "Annnywaaay. She could've done worse! I had some doubts for a bit. Y'know… with all the other problems."

Pippa's grin makes a quick appearance at D'baji's headachy distress, but only when he is glancing towards the ledge. Looking back and she is all interested and serious crafter. Something along those lines. "Not really. Well, nothing life shattering. We can take the ferry though. Nearly as fast as a dragon on a good day." Her smile emerges once more. "'N you look like you've a bit enough on your shoulders as it is today." Let alone banging about in his head. And, you know, she'll kind of tap her foot a bit. Add to the drumming.
Leorra has already finished her first glass and is well into her tipsy stage. She looks over Sin. "Shells! that must've been some kind of rockslide. Say, can somebody pass the wineskin?"

"Nah, s'all right. Whoever Baji goes with, I'll send him with 'Ver." The tapping foot is glared at for a moment, and one of those big paws of his goes to try and hold the foot to the ground. "Please don't." Another glance to his dragon - who has decided Talicanitath has been given enough space, and is off to look after some of his eggs - and he turns back to Pippa. "See, I was figurin', if you're responsible enough not t'kill m'kid, an' don't got anythin' y'really need at the hall, then y'may as well just stay at th'Weyr. Least, 'til the eggs hatch." The one hand drops from his head. The other stays on her foot. "Y'stood for a clutch before, yeah? Y'know the drill."

Kriane eyes Leorra and grabs it up, pouring herself a glass before hesitantly handing it to the girl. "Sure you're up to it?" she asks, words slightly slurred. She gives a nodnod to Lendai, "Say, you're really that young?" Her eyes go a bit wider now and she absently scratches her neck. "Always supposed goldriders were older."

Pippa looks vaguely confused, as opposed to out'n'out confuzzled, as evidenced by the slight tilt of her head, the lifted dark eyebrows and a bit of chewing on her bottom lip. Oh yeah, and the foot stops. "Sorry." Quirk. "Aye, he seems well on his way on accomplishing that deed all on his own -just sayin'." No offense or anything. "Oh." Realization dawns like a sail on the horizon. "Uhm. Sure. Why not? That is if Vanya or anyone else doesn't get pissed- I mean upset."

D'baji removes his hand from Pippa's foot only when he trusts her enough. There's a quick little smile to break through the hungover facade. "Rough an' tumble little guy, eh? If he lives t'see twenty, though, imagine how tough he'll be." Here, there is a quick glance thrown to his recently-rock-slid weyrmate. And then it's back to Pippa. "Eh, I'm sure they won't mind. I'll take care of it, anyway - tomorrow - if they got problems with it. Faranth," is added, as he squints out again toward Nverath, "I gotta go grab some water. Y'wanna go pick out your cot now, 'fore all the good ones get grabbed? Or y'doin' somethin' here?"

Leorra snatches the wineskin from the girl, a crooked grin spread across her face. "Up for it? Not even close! I told you, I'm a terrible drinker, and I'll definitely be feeling this tomorrow, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it!" Her words are slightly slurred as she pours herself another glass.

Siril walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

"Ah, shells, I wasn't /under/ the rocks," Sin says wiht undisguised glee. Leorra catches her attention — either that, or the wineskin does; the sling is abandoned with another wince, the greenrider confiscating the 'skin in one large and slightly bruised hand. "Rode it down, woulda been fine if a damned shardin' bluerider hadn't thought he had to break my fall." Leorra gets another sharp look, and Sin downs a swig of wine. "Assistant Headwoman," she identifies after a long and slightly uncomfortable moment.

Pippa chuckles, hand lifting up to pull back a loose strand of hair. "Oh, uh… I'll just take the one I've got in the dorms. It doesn't wobble. Last one I had in the barracks wobbled something fierce and I got the worst looks and -don't worry 'bout it." Blink. "I've duties, and I was supposed to go- Oh, shaffit. No, I can do that now. Sure." Grin-flash. "Talk to that infirmary assistant Uleo. He's got this great stuff that you put in klah that seems to dull your head. Tastes like licking the bottom of your shoe, but it works."

Lendai chews on her lower lip, "Err… you may want to stop drinking so much of that. The last thing we need is a Lord Holder getting made at Ista because we let his kid get tanked." She so doesn't want that responsibility on her shoulders. "How about you give me your glass? I'll get someone to bring you some juice as well. D… does your father even know you are here? Shards, I hope not." Now Lendai is starting to feel just a little frantic.

"Uleo, eh?" And D'baji is hauling himself up off that bench with a groan, which is drawn out as he stretches out that big and burly frame. "Good t'know. Oh, 'bout that - y'aren't gonna be allowed t'be drinkin'. Y'knew that, right?" A hand gestures toward the stairs, and he starts heading that way, fully expecting Pippa to follow after him.

Evida just watches Sin in awestruck wonder, her mouth slightly agape. "How do you /ride/ a rockslide?" She wonders allowed, reaching up to finger a ringlet hanging down in her face. She pushes it back into the mass with the others and clears her throat, looking at everyone in various stages of drunk. She shakes her head, glancing down at Leorra and then Kriane, eyebrows drawn together.

D'baji, as he heads out of the galleries, does however, swing over to Sin, careful not to spill any confiscated wineskins, to place a quick kiss to her cheek and murmur, "Don't go drinkin' too much." Hey, the pot's allowed to warn the kettle, right?

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