Jesiya Is Searched

A counter runs along the length and width of the kitchen, most of it occupied by sinks, chopping boards, or trays which the assorted cooks and drudges are working on. Two large ‘ovens’ fill the back end of the kitchen, obviously for cooking the meat and pastries which the diners enjoy so much. A large island occupies the center of the kitchen which appears to be the domain of the head cook for there are recipe books strewn about its surface. The kitchen never sleeps, for there's always food to be made ready for tomorrow. A swinging door allows easy access to the dining hall while a stairway down in the back of the kitchen leads to the lower storeroom.
Jesiya is here.

Lyria peeks into the kitchens, just opening a door and poking her head in. After a moment, she steps all the way into the kitchen, placing her hands on her hips and surveying the room. "Hrm…Where to start," she mumbles as she looks over the cabinets. But as she looks around her gaze lands upon Jesiya,"Oh! Are you a baker, by chance?"

Jes, a baker? You'd be lucky to get something other than ashes for a pastry from this woman, "Excuse me?" Said woman is settled at one end of the island, and instead of a recipe book this dolphincraft apprentice has notebook she's idly perusing, "Oh no, I don't think you'd like to eat what I can make…" Which again, is nothing, "Are you lookin' for one?"

Lyria's eyes land on Jesiya's wrist, noting the dolphincraft bracelet,"Oh. Right then. Well…" Lyri begins to open cabinets - nosy brownrider that she seems to be. "Well, I don't really need one. Some bread n' meat will do…" Finally she locates a loaf of bread and a knife and begins to slice a good few slices,"Just…Makin' some lunch. Me an' Rilskiath were out on the beach with a few people and we realized we didn't have any food so…I volunteered to come find some and there wasn' any in the dining hall and, well, I can make a mean sandwich." She finally puts the knife down - good thing - once she has a sizeable stack of sliced bread.

Jesiya lifts the wrist being eyed and wiggles it, a slight smile curving the outer edges of her lips, "Oh, well you know, as long as I don't have to cook it I can give you a hand makin' those sandwiches." She pushes away from the island to go over and join the brown rider, her hands rubbing together as she looks, " Okay." So what does she do now, "Just slab some bread and meat together??" She looks vaguely lost as to what exactly happens with the bread and meat, "And hey, I'll even give you a hand bringin' these things out to the beach." All she needs is a little direction on the assembly of said meal.

Lyria grins at the dolphincrafter as she lays out the bread,"Mm…Basically. Oh good, thanks a bunch! I can't see any baskets in here, so I may need an extra hand or two. Let's see if we can find some mustard around here…." After a couple minutes worth of more cabinet raiding she finds a jar and a small spoon. " Here, now just spread this on some of the sandwiches," she sets the jar in front of Jesiya and finds, to her luck, a nicely baked ham, just ready for slicing. "And then..ah…yeah we just toss this onto the bread and put them together." Sandwich making. Easy as…pie. Except that pies are sort of hard to make.

Oh yeah, Jesiya can spoon with the best of them. Mustard. She can spoon mustard. Onto bread, "Ahh, now this, this I can do." Confidence just oozes from the little lady as she begins to set out bread slices in neat little rows, eventually making a happy face out of the slices, "You know, today just feels like a good day.." Jar is opened soon after and spoon is dipped in, Jesiya beginning to smear the yellowy substance on every second piece of bread, "All right, so you're cuttin' that up.." Spoon continues to make its rounds, " How many people on the beach?"

Lyria beams at the big bread-ified happy face and begins to place her sliced ham on every other piece. " Ah, about five or six. And Rilskiath, y'know, he's milking this little cold he's got so he can laze around on the beach all day. Bet he hasn't moved since I left 'im." After a pause Lyria notes that,"Oh, Rilskiath's my dragon. I'm Lyria, by the way." Lyri puts the ham away and places her dirty knives into the sink. "Hrm. Maybe I'll bring Ski some shrimp. It's his favorite. Think there's any shrimp around here?" More cabinet and coldroom raiding. "And then you just put one slice of bread on the other," directs Lyria as her head is nearly half into a cabinet as she searches around.

Jesiya smiles as each piece of ham is placed by the rider, her own hand flipping ajoining slice to complete the masterpiece, "Well met, Lyria, I assumed you mentioned Rilskiath earlier that you were talking about your brown…" Jesiya may not be able to cook but she can recognize knots. Well, most of the time, " Shrimp? There should be.." A barefoot lifts and points towards the coldroom as Jesiya finishes up her work of art, "Ah. Yeah—" She laughs as Lyria gives her the next step to sandwich making, "I put two and two together…I'm all done. Find any shrimp yet?" That foot that raises settles down with a muted 'smump' sound, toes wiggling as she looks around for something to pile the sandwiches on, "Oh, shards, I'm sorry..I'm Jesiya." She's /so/ rude….

Lyria waves a hand as she returns triumphantly with a box of shrimp. "Found some." The box of shrimp is held out to Jesiya as Lyri wraps up some of the sandwiches in some paper, shoving a couple of those toward the dolphincrafter, and piling a few into her own arm. " Ah….Good job. Now you know how to make a Lyri's Special." Which Lyri just named on the spot. Hand swings around to pick up a jug of juice and she edges toward the door,"Okay, welll let's get this to the growling stomachs down on the beach, hm?"

Shrimp box in hand and sanwiches piled atop Jesiya is ready and roaring to go and feed some beach folk, " Oooh, Lyri's special." She'll have to remember the recipe for those times when it's her turn to help cook for the dolphinhall. 'Look everyone! Lyri's special!!!', "I'm ready." Then the dolphincrafter turns about and heads out the door with her packages in hand.

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Main Beach This long stretch of white sandy beach stands pristine among the beaches around Ista Island. The sand stretches off into the distance on either side of you, disappearing into the horizon. Several large uprooted trees dot the beach where they were most likely felled in a big storm. They look as if they'd make great benches, for people or firelizards alike. To the east, the crystal blue waters of the Hold cove roll up in gentle waves onto the beach, hissing softly as they ebb and flow. To the south, Ista Hold juts out of the cliff. Just west of here, a low bluff leads up to the grassy field that serves as the Hold's main gather grounds. It is a spring noon. Curled up in the sand are seven firelizards.

Jesiya steps swiftly in from the courtyard.

The feeling of sand between your toes just can't be beat. Jesiya plods in behind just off to the side of Lyria, her box held to chest and sandwiches being coveted, "You know this will be my first actual meal made for people." She continues on blinking, "Well. Not so true, I tried this one time to make stew, it mostly was a conglomeration of weeds and fat." Mmmm, quality dining.

Lyria raises an eyebrow at Jesi's narration,"Really? One of my brothers taught me how to make these sandwiches. One of the only things I can make, actually." The rider giggles as they finally reach the beach. "You moved!" exclaims Lyria as she watches Rilskiath lumber over to the pair. She edges to the side to peer around the dragons' big brown bulk. "Well where is everyone?" Blinkblink. Pause. "They /left/? And I've been making these sandwiches for them." Looking very affronted, Lyria huffs and looks around the beach. While Rilskiath, however, seems to be much more interested in the box in Jesiya's arm, edging closer and closer still to the dolphincrafter, eyes intent upon the box of treats. Emerald eyes look way up to the brown, Jesiya taking one step back, "That's the thanks you get for makin' a quality meal for them." Those steps continue back as the brown continues to make his way towards the box, " Rilskiath…" Jesiya begins, cool and calm as a pond of water, "Would you like some…" She's always like the sound of 'please' from anyone or anything that wants something in her posession. Luckily, for this crafter, she's used to big bulks of dragony bodies and is pretty comfortable around this one, her backing up only to stem a sniffing of box.

Lyria simply sulks and drops down to the sand , dropping her sandwiches and opening one for herself, munching on one as she broods over how she'll never make food for any of those people again. The brown dragon sits down and opens his whirling blue eyes real wide to give Jesiya a pleading look and a croon. Lyri tosses them a look, but goes back to her sandwich eating without a comment.

Dwarfed by the huge brown one would think the crafter would simply drop the box and run. But oh no, she's related to a certain bronze rider and if she can handle his dragon the rider himself she can handle this lovely brown who's settled down and sounds to be saying 'please'. A considering look is given to the brown and Jesiya allows a wide smile to flash across features, "All right..that's better." She herself drops down into the sand, depositing wrapped sandwiches onto grainy surface before she pops the box open, "Open up."

Rilskiath does as he is told and drops his jaw with a good bit of excitement, lowering his head to the sand in front of Jesiya. Lyria is still sitting there eating the sandwiches,"'Ope you haven't had lunch yet, Jes, cause we seem to have plenty of sandwiches." Hrm. Rilskiath just continues to eye the dolphincrafter and the shrimp eagerly. Yay.

Jesiya blinks as she sits infront of the gaping maw. All right…she could easily be eaten by this brown and all he'd have to do is swallow. Teeth are eyed as Jesiya considers just reaching into the box and tossing a few shrimp in but the cavernous mouth in front of her makes her decide otherwise. Pushing up from her knees she takes slow steps to the mouth and upends the box onto the great tongue there, "Oh..I have room..don't usually eat I've plenty of room.." Slowly she steps back, bare feet turning sand over and allowing granules to slip between toes, " There you go..Rilskiath." As long as she doesn't get eaten this was an experience. But if she does get eaten it'd be an experience as well, right? Hmm..she remembers hearing T'am telling her how dragons like to eat people. Or was it lick. Or both. Hrm.

Rilskiath closes his great gaping maw with a rumble of happiness. Mm…Savour the flavour of shrimp. The brown tilts his head to rub the top of it aganst Jesiya's leg, rather like a cat, then turns around to his rider and beginning that pleading crooning sound again, much like he made when he was pleading for the shrimp. "I got you shrimp! What more do you want?" Lyri wrinkles her nose,"No, you may not have Jesiya, too." She turns to the other girl and rolls her eyes then shakes her head at the brown who is curling his tail around his feet and dipping his head for the effect of puppydog eyes,"You are /not/ just a poor sick ol' brown and you know it. You've just got a little cold. You may not have her."

Jesiya closes her eyes as that head approaches to rub at her leg. You can almost see her wondering how it's going to feel in a browns belly. But then all she gets is a nuzzle and those green eyes pop open, "Oh thank goodness.." She /really/ didn't think she'd be eaten. Of course not. Hands slide to her thighs and she gives them a slap before reaching out for a sandwich, Jesiya listening to that crooning and creasing a half smile, " More shrimp?" Oh no, of course not. He wants Jesiya. The sandwich she was about to bite into is pauses mid-bite as her jaw drops, "He doesn't want to eat me, does he?" Maybe T'am didn't lie. Maybe other /crafters/ didn't lie. Wow. Her voice is one part humourously tuned and the other part is well..duh..fright. Yyeeaaah.

Lyria shakes her head to Jesiya. "Hes not going to /eat/ you. Dragons dont eat people." Dont listen to what male relatives tell you. It would be Lyrs first piece of advice, considering the two brothers that she has. "What do you mean you dont want her for yourself?" responds Lyri to pleas that are silent to the other. "You want her for- Oh." The riders vehemence subsides as she considers, "Oh well that is a different story" Lyri finishes off her sandwich and stands up to face Jesiya, crossing her arms and looking the girl over with more careful consideration than she had previously, "Jesiya, Rilskiath and I would like to ask you to Stand for Miyakaths latest clutch, if you will accept?" A raised eyebrow,"Do you?"

Jesiya stands up and almost makes to run before she's told the brown doesn't want to eat her. Again she looks relieved but she's ever pestered by the 'she says that now..' thought, "Then what does he—" Oh, Lyria speaks again to the brown and Jesiya cautiously waits, fingers twining with sarong as the material is gathered tightly about thighs. Oh. She's being searched. Well. Goodness. Eyebrows shoot up and she stares increduously towards the brown and his rider, " You want /me/ to Stand." Nostrils flare and emerald eyes spark fairly well in a rendition of what we'll call 'where's that sneaky brother of mine', "T'am." One name spoken, Jesiya stalking about the browns hulk to look for her brothers bronze in the distance, maybe hiding in lapping waters or even behind another dragon, "He's up to this isn't he?" Why in the world would Jesiya be searched unless T'am was pulling a joke on her, "He thinks his curly hair is short now, wait till I get to it.." Stalk stalk stalk.

Lyria is edging back closer to Jesiya with a hopeful look. "Ah…No." Lyri stops to ponder for a moment,"Nope. Nope he's not." Jesiya is eyed, then Lyri snickers. Any girl with older brothers can recognize the signs anywhere,"He your brother, 'eh?" The brownrider shakes her head with a chuckle,"Well no, I'm asking you to come Stand at Ista." In the silence after that Rilskiath attempts is little crooning 'please' that worked so well earlier for the shrimp.

Tiny fists are balled up and every so often unclenching as the dolphincrafter continues to look for any sign of a bronze hulk. Footsteps pause in the sand as she turns to look at Lyria with a small snort, " He is and I'm going to straighten that head of his." You just don't joke about things such as this. However the brown rider manages to make Jesiya a believer, well..her brown did anyhow with that croon, " Seriously?" That dubious look is mincing now with just a little hope and a glimmer of excitement, "No joke?" She's still going to straighten T'ams hair if she sees him.

Lyria shakes her head with a grin as she leans against Rilskiath's side. "No joke," she responds simply, then glances toward the hold, then at Rilskiath,"So if you'd like to run and gather up anything you'd like to bring with you and meet me back down here…."
Jesiya still holds that look of 'if this is a joke' but as the Lyria tells Jesiya to go and gather up her things the apprentice is off at a dead run as she heads towards the dolphinhall. Bare feet kick up long rivulets of sand and the apprentice disappears for the moment. Soon after she comes flying back, her carrisak slung over a shoulder and a another sack carried a little more gentle, little masses within wiggling and chirpling, "Okay!"

Lyria takes Jesiya's bag from her, hooking it onto Rilskiath's straps, gathers up the rest of the sandwiches and tosses it into some other bag. Rilskiath offers a leg to Jesiya,"You done this before? As in been on a dragon?" asks Lyri, just in case as she gestures for Jesi to go ahead and mount up.

Jesiya would vibrate out of her skin right about now if she could. A green head peeks itself out of her carrisak and gives a squeak, her humanpet can do anything! *sniffecoughsnort*. Ah. Another sick flizzard. The head snakes back in and Jesiya gives a slight nod, "Once.." Just because she has a brother who rides doesn't mean he's taken her up into the air.."Ehm.." She looks at the leg and begins her own version of mounting up. You know, not really mounting but you sorta make it up.

Lyria gives Jesiya a hand up and helps her into her straps. "Okay all nice and snug, then?" Without a whole lot of warning except a,"You can hold onto that neckridge in front of you if you like," as the brown stands and backs up, then with a great lunge and a flap of large brown wings, they are airborne.

You jump into the sea breeze and unfurl your wings to fly! Above Ista Hold

And Jesiya thought this would be easy. Eyes are tightly shut as she gives a loud squeal, hands spasmodically reaching out to grab onto Ski's neckridge, her very toes curling as she peeks an eye open, "Oh shards!" She looks down and lets out a screeching woop, "Look how small it loooks!!!"

Lyria giggles as she surveys Jesiya's clothes - or lack of - and lets Rilskiath hover for a couple moments to give the dolphincrafter a nice view as she turns a bit to pull a cloak out of a bag and drapes it around Jesiya's shoulders,"Mmkay we're going Between. Ah…It might be a bit weird, but don't panic, mmkay?" Mmkay.

Rilskiath falls ::between:: leaving behind merely a breath of shimmering lemongrass scented air. :::BETWEEN!:::

Rilskiath arrives unexpectedly from ::between::, following him a hint of lemongrass and glitter.

Jesiya gasps as they emerge out of between, her toes blue and freezing, eyebrows high on her forehead as she tries to turn and look at Lyria, "It's so /cold/." Lips tremble and she wiggles in her position to bring back a little warmth and regain sensation to her eyes ears and body, one hand now on the neckridge and the other on the inside of her cloak holding it tightly shut.

Lyria nods amiably as they circle the bowl. "Ah…Yeah it tends to be like that. Welcome to Ista." Beam.

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You go to the Candidate's Barracks.

Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are three firelizards.
You see Beau's Spiffy Alpha Male Pad, Ashlee, Den Of The Alpha-Female, and A Mural here.
Rielle is here.

Lyria drops Jesiya's bag, which she so nicely carried for her as it may be the last time in a little while that something is done /for/ the girl, onto a cot. " These are the candidate barracks. You'll have chores and funstuff and…There's a couple others wandering around here somewhere," a glance around the barracks to see if they're nearby.

Lyria sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Jesiya.

Jesiya searched.

Jesiya set as a Candidate (Searched).

Jesiya walks in behind Lyria looking like a candie-popsicle all wrapped up in a heavy cloak, her body shivering beneath the heavy article of fabric, " Hello." Chatter chatter. Feet bring her soon to her cot and a smile of thanks is given to Lyria as Jesiya reaches for it to let loose her firelizards as well as to grab a warmer shirt, "Thank you, Lyria.." Dropping cloak and tugging on warmer garment of clothing the candie-popsicle turns to give a smile to Rielle now, " Hey, sorry..I'm Jesiya."

Lyria gives a wave to Jesiya,"Lovely. Well, you can get yourself all set up and accustomed to the weyr for today. I've got things to do…Sandwiches to distribute."

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