Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. Izlasth is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. –-D'baji, Lib, and Sapha

Dragon: Izlasth
Color: Green
Name: D'baji, B'au tweak.
Egg: Cosmopolitan Egg
Egg Desc: Lib
Dragonet: Bursting Bubbles Green
Dragonet Desc: Sapha, D'baji Lib
Messages: Lib, Sapha, D'baji
Inspiration: D'baji, Sapha, Lib

Clutching Message:

Kwazarenth carefully digs another hole, busily shaping the sand to accept her next egg. The gold dragon then carefully shifts so that the Cosmopolitan Egg is gently deposited, wedging itself into the warm sands.

Cosmopolitan Egg:

The most striking thing about this egg is its shape; so narrow at the bottom that it seems almost triangular. A shade of red that hints on purple most of the way up; a wedge of lime intrudes on the cranberry colour at one half of the top, the dash of green somehow finishing the egg off in the same way that the right shoes will complete an outfit.

Hatching Message:

Cosmopolitan Egg's rocking reaches a frantic level, the staccato tip-tapping of its occupant reverberating like the sound of high heels on the pavement. This storm of activity causes the precarious balance of the wedge shaped egg to be disturbed and it falls onto its side, into silence. There it lays until just as it seems the dragonet within has given up a massive crack splinters the egg from top to bottom and the two halves slide cleanly away to reveal the Bursting Bubbles Green Hatchling. She emits a musical croon upon her entrance, wiggling her behind to ensure she's cleansed of egg fragments before delicately stepping clear of the mess of her birth.

Bursting Bubbles Green Dragonet:

Virescent glimmers of brilliant emerald green spill down from coy eyeridges to coat her hide from neckridge to talon. Pearlescent foam accents a shapely bosom and flat underbelly, while hints of squeaky-clean lemon outline in bubble-like iridescence lithe, lengthy musculature along elegant limbs and flexuous tail. Sudsy silver effervesces over her headknobs, shoulders and spars like a veil, tracing the delicacy of her bone structure before dissolving into the apple green blush of wingsails and cheekbones. With the flare of her nostrils and the curve of her cheeks, her face exhibits exquisite breeding, mirrored in the smoldering curves of her body.

Impression Message:

Bursting Bubbles Green Hatchling tilts her head to appraise the next candidate, eyeing him up and down before striking him off her mental list and moving on in her search for someone of suitable standards. Head is lifted high in an almost regal survey of those available for selection, emerald green sweeping her gaze across those who are unworthy until she spies one girl worthy of further consideration. Slinking across the sands to undertake closer inspection of the smooth-skinned brunette, a croon of delight escapes the shapely green at finding a candidate worthy of her time; Lynzi.

Personal Impression Message:

Swirls of lavender slide their way into your mind, the unraveling tendrils releasing a cloud of sweet floral scent and bringing with them a rather loud proclamation in a rich Scottish tone. « Pay attention when I'm trying to talk to you, Lzi! Stop fidgeting so! It's not -that- hot… » A mental sigh of violet wisps and jasmine bubbles teases your mind like wind against washing on the line. « I am Izlasth and you're bloody lucky to have me if I do say so myself. »

Name Inspiration:

You wanted your dragon to be almost the complete opposite of Lynzi- minus a few things that they will have in common. Izlasth's name is the very embodiment of that wish. The first three letters of her name are the letters in Lzi's name, backwards; the letters are shared, but opposite.

The idea for the name came from plugging 'common'(one of the keywords we pulled out of your questionnaire) into an English/Romanian Dictionary, which gave us 'islaz'. Tweaking it gave us Izlasth, not only a very cool sounding name, but one that truly represents the key qualities of your green.

Egg Inspiration:

This egg is (of course!) based on the favourite drink of the Sex and the City girls:

1 1/2 oz berry or citron flavoured vodka
3/4 oz triple sec
3/4 oz cranberry juice
1 oz fresh lime juice

Pour the vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well, strain into a cocktail glass, and serve.

Description Inspiration:

While your girl may look glamorous, the inspiration behind her description is anything but, as you may have guessed by now ^.^. You asked for emerald, which we were happy to give you, and then as one of your wishes you asked for original, and 'totally off the wall', which we were even happier to comply with. Dishwashing Liquid seemed to fill every requirement, it is this luminous emerald, that is really quite pretty, and we can almost guarantee there isn't another dragon out there in Perndom that has coloring based off detergent!

The other aspect is all you girl. You asked for a sleek sexy dragon to go with the sleek sexy Lynzi, and your wish is our command. We also threw in (for free) this ethereal attractiveness. Mostly because we thought the contrast between her highly attractive, almost glowing physicality and her crotchety disagreeable personality was just too much fun to pass up. We hope you will love to explore the differences between her body and her mind. She's definitely one of a kind.

Mind Voice:

Almost immediately apparent when entering into conversation with Izlasth is her accent. It's broadly, fruitily, tweedily Scottish. High and pleasant with the faintest touch of little old lady, it's almost hypnotic to listen too; it's lilting polite cadences designed to lull the unwary listener into a false sense of security. She does have another voice, much throatier, almost gravelly but that gets heard infrequently and is commonly reserved just for you.

Lavender is the predominant scent she leaves behind in your mind. It has the floral dusty smell to go with her little old lady, but is also has a sharp bite much like her personality. Occasionally if she's in a particularly good mood you'll get hints of roses, violets, jasmine, and freshly washed laundry. While her scent may be generically catergorised as 'little old lady' it'll be very difficult to isolate the individual scents that contribute to the over all feel.

As far as colors go, she'll prefer to stick to the pastels, washing them together with a hint of a breeze. Should she be displeased, or engaged in conversation with you, the colors will become more jewel like in nature, and the playful breeze develops a decidedly chilly edge.


"Oh my little ankle biters, do I sense dissension in the ranks? Are we ready for homework, or shall we continue manual labor?" —Euphegenia Doubtfire (Robin Williams)

Your description of what you wanted in a dragon made us think of one thing: green Palmolive dish soap. Izlasth's primary coloration is emerald, as per your request. Izlasth will make many a male dragon go head over heels - much to her disapproval. She's strong and elegant, and will insist upon taking the best care of herself. Until she's old enough to hunt, you can be sure that Izlasth will have you digging through the meat piles to pick out the choice cuts. At the corral, she'll spend a good long time choosing the best herdbeast, and any dragon that swoops on her chosen will get an earful, for sure. She'll insist on sunning for at least an hour every day, and will be absolutely dismal when it's overcast. You'll be pressed to oil every inch of her to her satisfaction. Expect a stinging reprimand if ever she develops an itchy spot, or if it comes to her attention that her hide isn't positively glowing.

In keeping with the dish soap inspiration, her movement will be sleek and agile. She'll be very good at slipping between clumps of Thread during Fall (and only fitting - it wouldn't do to have her perfect complexion marred by an ugly score), or sliding away from a near catch during her flights. Her endurance won't be that of the other greens, if only for her small size, but she'll more than make up for it with her trick maneuvering, and the entire attitude she'll put into it.


It's far too easy entirely to fall spell to Izlasth's voice, those polite lilting Scottish vowels disguise a complex and not entirely honest personality. However she isn't perfect, not by a long shot. She has this disturbing tendency to use the most shocking words in the midst of her lectures.

« You really shouldn't be so free with that man from Keroon dear. No one likes a dirty slut »

This is said so very innocently and primly it takes a while to realize that Izlasth has said something so shocking. To make matters worse she give no hint whatsoever if she knows what she's actually saying. It'll be one of the eternal mysteries about your lifemate you may never find the answer too.

Oh and she loves to talk. Mostly it's lectures, but if you haven't been sufficiently naughty to warrant a little gentle scolding she'll probably fill Lzi's head with quaint little sayings. « A stitch in time saves nine. ». « Ladies never sweat, they perspire.» « Always finish what you start. » « Like throwing the baby out with the bath water. » Whether or not her little snippets of good old fashioned wisdom are a) connected to any current events that the pair of you are experiencing, or b) actually wisdom Lzi should know (Hey you mean If I have a kid I can get rid of it when I throw my bath water out?), is a matter best left for debate And should you decide not to listen, be warned, she will tell very embarrassing stories about you to anyone: complete strangers, unattended lovers, random dragons she meets while waiting upon some hold's fireheights… Izlasth has no concept of keeping it in the family (so to speak).

She's the kind of dragon that gets into scrapes that she never seems to be the cause of (even if she is).

« You see Lzi, I was just going to take a sip of water, when all of a sudden Ryazusith starts keening about her oil being all gone. Such a display you've never seen. And then the bitch had the audacity to suggest I had something to do with it. But you know me, I like my plain soap scented oil. Ryazusith is obviously suffering some sort of delusion. If she weren't my sister I'd suggest we transfer her to another Weyr… »

What makes her particularly convincing when she's spinning her tales is the way she cunningly mixes elements of truth in with her lies (Lzi should totally ask her for her secret recipe). Ryazusith does suffer from delusions from time to time, and Izlasth does have a preference for plain oils as opposed to the more experimental mixes. However just because those things are true doesn't mean the rest of her tale is. In all likelihood she did have something to do with the missing oil, but dragons of her breeding and age never ever get into mischief, it's far too common.

She has a plethora of quirks. We'll just list a handful, the rest you'll have to discover (coughcreatecoughcough) yourself. First thing that deserves a mention is her mental handbag, in her mind it's large, and brown, and contains about five bricks. When she's feeling particularly put upon she'll whip this out and imagine she's battering some poor brown, or perhaps a big ole clump of Thread. It doesn't matter, so long as she is imaging something violent.

There are two types of items she'd love to spend her time collecting. Umbrella's « Oooh it's so useful, and compact. The things I could do if they made them for the larger lady. » And china/porcelain curios, normally of abnormally large eyed canines and felines.

Another of her idiosyncrasies is a tendency to sing in order to make you do something. Don't want to get up? A song will help you! Feeling bad cos some hottie completely ignored you in your hawt gather dress? A song will help! And if her singing fails, well then she'll just have to fall back on voices, funny unusual voices. You'll learn to take the hint when she starts singing.

Mrs. Doubtfire: What a lovely home you have. Did you decorate this yourself?
Miranda: Yes, I did.
Mrs. Doubtfire: Oh, it reeks of taste!

As you may have noticed your Izlasth has a wee bit of a superiority complex. It's patently obvious that she's better than everyone else, and why they don't just hand over leadership of the Weyr to her right now is a little bit of a mystery. She's not entirely serious in this particular world view, but you will notice that she has opinions on certain things. And she does so love to voice opinions.

Finally while she is a handful in her little old-ladydom, she is first and foremost devoted to you totally. Underneath her elaborate masquerade lurks a personality not unlike your own. She'll be your best bud, your confidante, your shoulder to cry on. And there will be occasions where she'll expect the same for you. While life with Izlasth won't be easy, it most certainly won't be boring either.


"Sink the sub. Hide the weasel. Park the porpoise. A bit of the old Humpty Dumpty, Little Jack Horny, the Horizontal Mambo, hmm? The Bone Dancer, Rumpleforeskin, Baloney Bop, a bit of the cunning linguistics?"

"Touch me again, and I'll drown you, you bastard."

—Euphegenia Doubtfire (Robin Williams)

Izlasth is too proper a dragon to admit that she's proddy, and will be very much offended if you ever bring it up. « Proddy? Absolutely not! Dragon's of breeding just don't go proddy. How could you even suggest such a thing? Slut. » She will continue to be in denial of the fact right up until blooding time- but once she's got a hold of that first herdbeast, you'll be hard pressed to keep her from devouring the entire flock. She'll be cat-calling all the chasers, and paying some special attention to the bronzes and bigger browns that show up. Izlasth'll take you on a roller-coaster ride of passion and emotion during her flights. Afterwards, however, you can count on an indignant dragon, avoiding and cursing the 'molester' who caught her, while swinging her mental handbag for -days-.

Harper's Tale: 41st PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Iri's Gold Kwazarenth and B'ane's Bronze Aboleoth
29 April 2005

Asli's green Safuriketh
D'lan's blue Nokith
U'ric's brown Khonsath
R'yn's bronze Azmaioth
Minka's gold Ryazusith

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