Iya Raine And Issket Cut Their Hair

Weyrling Barracks
Large as it is, the barracks seem small when filled with the constant
activity of weyrlings and dragonets, working, learning, or playing. The
couches each show touches of the individuals who occupy them, all of them
kept swept clean as the WLMs demand, but with a variety of cushions and
coverings neatly folded or scattered across them. The clothespresses are
full, some not so tidily closed as they should be. Fresh glowbaskets are
strategically placed about the room, ready to cast their light over the dark
walls. At the northern end of the room are shelves containing a variety of
supplies necessary for the care of young dragons, and over the shelves hang
a number of charts and pictures…. [look closer]
Gliding about are nine firelizards.
Green Belissaith, brown Manaslath, brown Lesoleth, and blue Canllaith are
You see Weyrling Note Board here.
You notice Ariah asleep here.
Raine and Nayla are here.
Obvious exits:
Weyrlingmaster's Office Out Couches Rooms

Raine sits on the floor, looking rather determined, knife in hand. Zeimyth
is nearby, watching curiously but silently, while Raine holds a piece of
hair in front of her face and wonders where she's going to start… Seeing
Issket, she smiles and makes a face. "Wish we didn't have to bother with
cutting our hair, hm?" Knife down, finger-comb hair, and idly wonder if
tying it back or braiding it and merely chopping it off the would do any

Issket drops whatever she's doing, apparently glad to be rid of it, and
scuttles Raine-wards with a beam, Lesoleth casting a glance after her but
not quite deigning to get up yet. "I don't /want/ to cut my hair at all,"
she burbles, quasi-whining. "I like my hair. It's taken me /turns/ to get it
to grow this long and it's neat and I don't really think Thread would get
into it, would it?" Puff. "Someone told me that if Thread gets into your
hair, it'll eat your head. That'd be a little bit bad, I figure." Sigh.

Raine merely shrugs and sighs. "I've had mine like this for ages as well…
But after we graduate we can grow it again I s'pose, as long as we keep it
out of the way during a fall… Y'never know - we may all get so used to
short hair that we don't want it long again.

Issket makes a noise remarkably similar to 'mweep'. "But— but— it'll take
/ages/ to grow it all again!" Sniff. "First all the work, and then the
unflattering clothes, and the no-drinking rules, and then the /hair/. It's
like they want us to /die/." It's a conspiracy! Really. It all is.

Iya comes out of Canllaith's couch.

Raine's face takes on a consoling look. "Don't worry. It's all for our new
lifemates. I'm sure Impressing is worth missing out on a few.. uh..
luxeries." Holding another piece of hair up, she stares at it a moment.
" Where to begin…"

Iya steps in from somewhere, you know. Somewhere, "What about hair?!" Eeeek!
Hands immeditately fly up to her hair as she strides towards the others,
" We're cutting it /now/?!?!" Good grief. She's going to faint here, "First
they take Tambers hair and now mine?!"

Issket all but bawls. "You could at least use a pair of — scissors, or
shears, or /something besides a knife/." Sniff. "Someone should have
something. Besides — a knife is all pointy and sharp and possibly
dangerous." Because shears aren't, naturally. "Jesiya!" Pause. "Er, Iya,
and.. maybe we can be special exceptions," she suggests brightly. "Like, the
not-cutting-hair weyrlings."

Iya holds up a halting hand at the mention of a knife being used, "You want
me..to cut…these curls. With a knife." Heaven forbid. Unless her blue says
something that tells her to do elsewise or advices in any other way that she
should in fact— Oh. She blinks, twists to eye her blue, and promptly sticks
a tongue out, "And why, dearest heart, do I need to chop it off? Why can't I
just hold it back in a runner tail?" Yeah, huh huh huh? You gotta give her a
better reason that it's necessary, "Canllaith is saying it's necessary."
Yesh. Indeed. Her poor curls! Now she'll look like a boy! The curls are what
saved her! And her perky bubble butt.

<Local> Lesoleth senses that he ripples murky brown, hints of mist curling
at the edge of his thoughts. Hisssss. » I do not see the point of this
ridiculous obsession with hair. « End PSA.

Raine nods. "Yeah, scissors might help. I don't have any though, and I
didn't want to give myself a chance to keep on procrastinating. The sooner I
get this done, the better." That said, she chops off the length of hair
she's holding.

Issket claps her hands over eyes. Noooo! "Noooo!" She can't watch. It's
painful. "Iya! Did you /see that/ — she just cut it right off!" Issket is
distraught. "I don't want to cut mine. They can't make me. I'll wear the
icky uniform, but—" Sniff. Glasses are readjusted. "I'm not cutting my
hair." Pause. "Besides, I'll look /stupid/ with short hair, doncha think?"

<Local> Lesoleth senses that Canllaith speaks in flat hues of icy blue, with
as few words as possible. « Agreed. » End return PSA.

<Local> Lesoleth senses that Zeimyth seems to be all calm blues and greens.

<Local> Lesoleth senses that he is a ringleader. Ph34r him. » It is hair.
Hair is extraneous and useless, or else I would have some. «

Raine shrugs. "They will make you in the end. Do it on your own free will
and you won't get embarressed by being told to. Or whichever." That said,
she cuts off another bit of hair on the other side of her face. Even! Wow!

Iya turns to eye Issket critically, "You will not look stupid, in fact.."
She looks to Raine after initially wincing at the sliced tendrils of poor
hair and goes to her clothing press to draw out her diving knife, "Issket,
let me cut your hair. I will make you look amazing. And the clothes aren't
so bad." In fact she's enjoying hers, why not..go with the flow, "And Issket
if you let me cut yours, I will trust you with mine and then we can..you
know..be..er…hair sisters." How creepy does that sound, "And Canllaith.."
Loving tones are turned on her blue as she places one hand on a hip, knife
patted against the somewhat filling out curves (when you try and eat as much
as your dragon it tends to send fat to good places), "It is not impractical
sweetling when I'll look like a boy elsewise."

<Local> Lesoleth senses that Zeimyth gives a mental shrug. »It looks
pretty, or can be made to look pretty. If it were useless, why would /all/
of them {meaning humans} have it?«

Issket has long since picked up the end of her braid, toying with it as she
actually begins to watch Raine's barber-ing with a vaguely anguished
fascination. "It's not like they can /make/ you cut it.. can they?" Aw.
Meek-Iss. She sniffs at Iya. "But-but-but — I can't cut hair. That's why I
don't cut mine." Besides, who would actually trust Issket with a pointy

<Local> Lesoleth senses that Canllaith seems highly disinterested in the
mental conversation, the stir of his attention brief and chill as an artic
breeze. « Gets in the way. »

Raine shrugs again. "I reckon they will. Why else would they be so adament
that we cut it? Otherwise they'd just 'recomend' or something." Consider
which is easiest - chop it while it's loose, or chop it while it's tied
back. Hmm.

<Local> Lesoleth senses that he gives a mental snort of disdain,
splish-splashing sharply against the placidity of the Lake That Is
Lesoleth's Brain. » It's hardly /pretty/. I've seen wads of meat that've
been prettier than some hair. « Granted, he was rather hungry at the time.

It gets in the way, and it isn't even good to chew on. Humans should

have wings instead. Or neckridges. «

<Local> Lesoleth senses that Zeimyth gives another mental shrug, the deep
blues and greens in her mindvoice deepening. «Each to their own, of

"Because they're evil dictators and they want us all to look the same so
they won't have to tell us apart," Issket answers promptly. Pause. "Well,
that's what Lesoleth said. It could be right."

Iya holds out her knife to Issket, "And that's why you aren't cutting your
hair. I'll do it. I use this knife every day so I'm pretty skilled with it
so you won't have to worry much." Yes. Much. Did we mention this same knife
has gutted hundreds of fish and killed tunnelsnakes with it?, "Now c'mon, if
I'm gonna have my hair sliced and diced I'd rather it be by a fellow

Raine grins and decides to chop her hair off while it's tied back, seeing as
she's doing it herself. Time enough to make sure it looks ok later. Well,
here goes. Hair is all tied back, down comes the knife. Chop.

Issket grimaces, a rather un-Iss-like expression, and takes the knife with
the same gingerness of a vegetarian accepting a handful of cow liver. "I'm
supposed to dice it, too?" Whine. "Raine! Heeeelp — AAAAH. You cut it all
off!" Issket squeals in horror, clapping both hands to her face and promptly
cutting herself across the nose. "Ow. Iiiiya, you have to promise that you
won't hurt me if I cut your hair funny or — or — make you bald or

Raine merely shrugs and holds up the mass of hair tied at one end. "Hey,
doing it this way means less cleaning up, at least." Pausing a moment, she
blinks and looks at Zeimyth. "You sure?" Pause again. "Riiight." Looking at
the other two, she shrugs as she passes her now chopped hair to her dragon.
" She wants to keep it…"

Iya promptly drops to her knees as if she was going to the chopping block
and places hands on her knees, "Oh Issket I might as well be bald without my
curls. Any way you cut it I'm gonna look like a boy in a bikini." They've
already two of those thank you very much…."Now chop away, have fun with
it. You only get to do this once!" Okay..maybe more if Iya likes
it..but..Pah, "Maybe Canllaith will like it short..incentive for me to
fatten up more and get me some hips."

Issket pokes at Iya's hair with the knife and — well — cringes. Lucky
Raine is there to distract her! "Did you just—" Blink. "Give your hair to
your dragon?" Because that's not strange or anything. At any rate, she
squints down at Iya's hair, and starts vaguely slicing at it. Slice-slice.
Hack. "Oops. —are you /really/ sure you wouldn't mind being bald?"

Raine starts chopping away at smaller bits of hair, making sure it's
basically even. Not that she's skilled or anything - she's had a little
practice though. Enough so she ends up look semi-ok. And about the dragon…
" Yup. She asked for it, so I gave it to her. She wants to keep it… Don't
know why." At that point, Zei decided to pointedly turn away from the other
two dragonets, leaving Raine with the sense that her green was trying to
silently point out that she didn't care what they thought. About the hair
she was keeping, anyway.

<Local> Lesoleth senses that he just has to. /Has to/. Moral obligation to
Zeimyth, see. » You want to keep your rider's hair. «

<Local> Lesoleth senses that Canllaith also awaits this answer.

<Local> Lesoleth senses that Zeimyth 's mindvoice seems to have gotten
colder, and deeper still. «Yes. What for it? I may do what I like.» That
said, she curled up next to her rider, the hank of hair between her forepaws
and her muzzle.

Raine watches Zei curl up next to her and smiles, pausing in the process of
shortening her hair long enough to rub Zeimyth's headknobs.

<Local> Lesoleth senses that he's thoughts have, if anything, stilled
further — the mist rolls in like a bulldozing fog. » That is the most
idiotically amusing thing I have heard since I hatched. « Indeed, he's
amused. » Are you going to /eat/ it or simply pretend that it's worth
eating? «

Ah! Don't poke with that knife! Iya clenches her fingers about her knees and
grimaces, "Oh, no, I won't mind..just..don't try and make me bald
intentionally." Blink, Iya giving Canllaith a worried glance, "Are you
saying that because I have a bald spot now or just for…future
reference…." Oh. Gee.

Issket snips (can you snip with a knife?) or.. carves, or whatever is the
proper terminology. Hack. "It's.. not a /big/ bald spot?" she hedges, after
a moment. "I don't think it is, anyway. You can barely see it!" Hack- hack.
" Oh, wait. Never mind. You can. Umm — here, I'll even it out." Raine is
sent a desperate look. "It oesn't look that bad, does it, Xarine?"

Canllaith stirs enough to lift his head and eye his rider, reassurance, if
it follows, naturally unspoken. His head lowers with a rumble.

<Local> Lesoleth senses that Zeimyth 's mindvoice is definately cooler now.
Like looking at an iceberg under the water, except a darker blue. «I am
keeping it because I want to keep it. Unlike you I do not want to eat
everything I see.»

Raine walks over to stand by Iss to look at Iya's hair (or lack of), and
quickly covers her mouth to keep from laughing. Calming down rather quickly,
for her, she nods. "Let's see… If we do this…" Flick some hair over the
bald patch. "And this…" Try and make it stay. "She should look great!" Or
something like that, anyway.

Oh. Faranth. Iya lets one hand fly up to her mouth, blue looked at with
horror, "Oh shards and shells and windswept bells, I can feel the air on my
skin up there!!!" And her head! Feel so light! She's going to die!, "It's
not that bad, love? Not that bad?" Oh someone better calm this little lady
down before she hypeventilates, "Okay..Okay..just..take it all off. All of
it." Man, she better have a nice shaped melon or she'll die.

Issket squeaks. "All of it?" Not like she's saving too much of Iya's hair
anyway.. "Are you sure?" Hand-twitch. Oops. "I mean.. okay," she amends,
hastily trimming off a bit more. "It doesn't look /bad/, Iya. Really! Just..
kind of like a guy with no hair. Or a girl with no hair, too. Like that." So
helpful. "Doesn't she look nice?" Lesoleth gives a lazy little grunt. Haha.

<Local> Lesoleth senses that he thinks « Of course I don't want to eat
everything I see. Only the finest-looking things are suitable for food. »

Iya just watches in a daze as her hard fought for (okay..so they'll grow
back super quick but come on!) curls and pride and joy of her family falls
in long tendrils about her feet, "I think." Pause, "I'm going to vomit."
Usually brazen cheeks fall to sullen gray and she almost sways on her knees
as a hand rises up (watch that knife Issket!) to tenderly touch atop her
unfortunate melon. Promptly she utters a long oath that this player doesn't
dare type but it's long, it's dirty, and it sums up exactly how Iya feels.
After a moments worth of tearing up Iya pushes up from her knees, clears the
haze from her emerald gaze and turns, "Okay." Big inhale, "Your turn."

<Local> Lesoleth senses that Zeimyth gives a third mental shrug. «Each to
their own.» She isn't about to let go of that phrase, by the sounds of it.

Issket is going to end up bald, too, isn't she? Just out of vengeance. Wah.
" My turn?" Squeak. Die. Et cetera. "Does it really have to be? I could

Raine sits back, away from distraught-Iya-with-a-knife and refrains from
grinning. Just. "Don't worry, Iya. It'll gorw back quick, and just think -
you might start a trend! And it'll be that much longer before you have to
bother cutting it again!"

Iya wiggles her fingers for her diving knife, "Oh no, we made a deal. Hand
the knife over." Okay…so..Iya isn't one usually for vengeance
*coughblatantliecough* but…if she extracts a little is it anyones fault?,
" Now come on.." She's trying to breath at a normal rate but she still looks
as if she might faint at any moment, "Lets get this over with. I promise I
won't chop it too bad." Yeesssh…Iya sends a grateful and loving look
towards her blue, color returning to her cheeks, "I like interesting…"
Yes, she can handle that, "Interesting is good."

Issket reluctantly forks the knife (har, utensil puns) over with a rather
wary look — freaky. Maybe she should have gotten her hair cut first.
" Interesting? The.. the hairless look is interesting. It's very
interesting," she enthuses, rather cowering back and grabbing at her braid.

That's right…give her the knife…Iya snatches the knife away and with a
wrinkle of her nose dusts off the curls atop her head. Dear lord. Does Iya
look like mini-me now?!?! Once knife is dusted with gentle sweeps of finger
Iya is motioning with it for Issket to turn around, "First things first,
lets get that braid off your head." Muaha. Muahaha. Muahahahahahhaa.

Issket turns, and.. cowers, and fears, while Lesoleth looks smug and gloats.
Draconically. If that's possible. "Are you /sure/? Couldn't you just,
y'know, trim the front?" SHe /likes/ that braid, yo. Whimper. "Raaaaine,
help me!"

Raine makes a face and moves back over to the other two and stands to one
side. "Iss, I can hold you still while Iya cuts it, or I can ask her to let
me cut it. Either way, it's gonna get cut." Her own short hair now being
semi-layered (dunno whether that was meant to be a mistake or on purpose!)
and ends an inch or two below her ear.

Hey Yo. That braid is going /down/. In one quick yet gentle motion Iya yanks
the braid and gives the cute thing a slice right against Isskets scalp,
severing it neatly, "There. If you hesitate too long you'll never do things,
Issket." See, Iya is bald now. She didn't hesitate. Though she kinda wishes
she did. Oooh. She's got a whip now though! She flicks the braid through the
air (Eeee! FREEDOM! Horrible, horrible FREEDOM!) and listens with a quirked
smile as it lands in a bucket with a kathunk, "All right, lets get down to
business." A slice here, a slice there, Iya really isn't giving Issket time
to acclimate to this new change but change must come!! And…slicing some
more…here..there..ohp, razor burn..and TADA! Issket.

Issket actually screeches, scurrying away from Iya and the knife and —
well, no, suppose she can't really get away from her new quasi-baldness. "My
/head/!" This weyrling class is doomed. Lesoleth looks up sharply at the
shriek, but subsides back into looking smug as Issket clutches at her hair.
Er, scalp. "Oh my Faranth, I feel all.." bald? stubbly? "../dirty/!" Wail.
" Raaaaaaaaaaine. I look stupid." And it's all Iya's fault.

Raine had stepped back when Iya started, eyebrows raised, one hand up to her
mouth. To keep from bursting out laughing, really. "Um… You look…"
giggle "Fine… really…" Disguise a laughe as a cough and quickly turn the
other way. Two bald candidates. "I don't think the weyrlingmaster meant for
you guys to go /quite/ that far…. But it looks good! Um.. Really!"

/Finally/. It's Iya's turn to try and hide an obviously amused smile,
" Dirty? Why for? No mites can attach to our heads now.." C'mon man, they can
exactly cling to stub and expect to live! Besides they're not completely
bald. There's fuzz, "And don't sweat it, Issket.." Iya isn't anymore! She's
going with the flow..just as her blue told her to you see! Sure..she freaked
out at first, thought she was going to die. But what can you do. It /does/
grow back, "But..I need a nap.." To rest her frazzled nerves.

Issket has stubble. On her head. /That is not cool,/ according to Issket.
" What happens if my head gets sunburned? I'll peel! I can't go out in public
again." Die. "I'm going to /die/ before I even get to see Threadfall!" And
she rounds on Iya. "You need a /NAP/? You're bald and I'm bald and /you're
going to sleep?/" Apparently. Wail. "Raine. You'll have to bring me food and
water. I'm never going out, ever, ever, ever again."

Raine merely rolls her eyes and stands there, hands on hips. "Issket, you're
being silly. You /will/ go outside and you /will/ get used to having less
hair. Wear a hat if you don't want to get sunburnt - it'll keep your face
from burning as well. No one here really cares what you look like - the
other weyrlings will be too busy with their dragons and I'm sure the riders
and weyrfolk will have their own concerns. You aren't the only bald person
here you know." Looks like Raine has come to the end of her patience.
Looking at Zei for a moment, she visibly takes hold of herself and sighs.
" Sorry, I'll stop ranting."

Issket stares at Raine for a moment, blinking piteously, and — huffs. "I
think I'm going to go lie down in my couch and die." And with that she
bursts into tears and scurries couchward, bawling about hats and headware
and wigs. Lesoleth, with a peremptory hiss and baleful Look, scuttles after
her. Aw.

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