Congratulations on impressing your dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration
is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put
many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way.
— Elle.

Dragon: Ivrylth
Color: Green
Name: Elle
Egg: Dawn and Dew Egg
Egg Desc: Elle; Annie tweak
Dragonet: It is Alive! Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Elle; Annie tweak
Messages: Elle; Annie tweak
Inspiration: Elle
Song: Char

Clutching Message:
Serath strains as her golden form once more clenches in the grips of labor. An effort heralding a new beginning and the end of this current stress, she
grunts with the push to produce a pale egg — a delicate fitting addition.

Dawn and Dew Egg
An early morn's cast of wane light denies shadow and moonbeam their due with the gradual lifting of night's curtain. Enveloping beginnings, the creeping tendrils of a new day's mist obscure verdant vistas from view. Veiling vapor enshrouds this egg with a deceptive hardness; a protective haze dissolving any vibrancy with its dawn-borne coolness and near colorless supression.

Hatching Message:
Dawn and Dew Egg whispers a soft beat, retaining its hold for just a moment longer, but its boundaries will be denied with the culminating crack to part the mists, the glow from beyond eating the rest of the haze away. Next comes a splintering shatter as the rest of the shell is simply gone and she
remains in its place, a creature of complete vibrancy.

It is Alive! Green Dragonet
Setting alite draconic form, startling green's sizzling glimmer vibrantly sears from tail to tip, nearly lewd in it's radiant audacity. Lime's brilliant luster works with a captivating charisma to bathe her supple hide with sultry, enchanting shimmers. Svelte, lithe curves are tickled with perfection's kiss as lifeblood's verve comes alive at the aristocratic lines of her tapered muzzle. The crescendo of her fine eyeridges — glanced by twilight's violet shadow — is eclipsed by the undeniably breathless citrus over elegant ridges and sinuous spade-tipped tail. The exotic limning of liquid amethyst, dilute with a tropic's rain, collects along her pinions' leading edges to stream back in wind-drawn rivulets along the line of sails' delicate spars.

Impression Message:
It is Alive! Green Dragonet blunders her way toward that which has captured her interest, scratching fine furrows in the ebon sands with her tender
talons. There is awkward fumbling in her haste as a collision is inevitable with the impish candidate. Purple-slashed, lime wings envelope the form to
most thoroughly ensnare Orb.

Personal Impression Message:
There is a thud more felt than heard, setting your senses to tingling, numb. What was that? … « Me. » Starlight explodes into a million flashing gems
that are bedazzling and scintillating, mind-jarring, and the vortex forms to spiral and suck you in. Shredding through the barriers and drawing you
closer. Soon… so very, agonizingly soon… NOW! Rapture, joy, life, and the answer to your every question: « Ivrylth. »


Name Inspiration:
Ivrylth: of verdant richness. It is a combination of two words that are as intrinsic a part of your new lifemate as you are. Iv = Ivy, not just a climbing
plant, but an all encompassing presence that entwines, clutches, and enraptures all it touches. Rylth = Beryl, a mineral most characterized by its aquamarine and emerald gem variety, an undeniable richness and wealth. She is your own found treasure, to be hoarded or displayed as you will.
Pronounced: EYE-vrilth or IHV-rilth. The first sounds more exotic as the second is what most would more than likely sound out her name as. But, no
matter how it is said, it will always be perfect: Orbit and Ivrylth.

Egg Inspiration:
New beginnings and a new day, I was inspired by a picture that I saw in an Interior Decorating book (don't ask). It was ethereal, hazy, like some
kind of dream as in a dreamscape of dawn. There was a silvery lake in the foreground, tall evergreens in the back, but there were no edges, as all
was a blur with the fog and mists. It is a beginning, just like the moment that this egg cracks to reveal a new dragonet and your new lifemate.

—And as an addition, I had /no/ idea Dawn and Dew would be the egg Ivrylth would hatch from. Kinda silly, if you ask me.

Description Inspiration:
It is the description that I labored over, the last thing accomplished because it is hard to put definitive words to such an ethereal creation that would not only fit her, but fit you. I've known what she looked like from Day 1, its just putting an absolute on her that was utterly torturous. I agonized over every single word, and even now I'm not sure she is just prefect. So, she is your unrelenting shade of lime with purple on the headknobs and spars, sleek and gorgeous -a dream come to life. She is jungle beautiful and is born of tropics and treasures, be them a warm rain, the fruits of the land, dusk's paint, or rich gems. The excitement and personification of playful Ista.

Mind Voice:
As Ivrylth bespeaks you, her very essence is dynamic and alluring, with a touch of sheer joy. Rainbow-faceted gems sparkle, they cascade with a
never-repeating kaleidoscope of starburst twinkles which are all the better to capture one's attention -show her something shiny. She sounds
like a sultry alto with the faintest English accent that is most pronounced when emotion's are high. It isn't some snooty high-blooded accent or a guttural one, more well-born and educated. It is also the unmistakable scent of a winter dawn's brisk breeze, a cleaning of the senses, mind-snapping and undeniably fresh-crisp. It is fairly tingling with wintergreen or maybe more of a smart pepperment that makes every breath invigorating..

Ivrylth is sleek, boardering upon the dainty side for a green. But, initially, for about the first 2 or 3 months after her hatching, she will be quite chubby and prone to excessive sleeping and eating as kittens do. Admittedly, most dragonets act as thus, but she will be upon the extreme end more. Rounded and rolly-polly.

And then once she has discovered the joys of weyrlinghood, she will slim down considerably to be near anemic, for as soon as she feeds her energy
and metabolism dissolves whatever was gained. It is very possible that for some time you may just see the outline of each and every one of her ribs.
And then the muscles arrive with her training for flight, built as she carries Orbit about the bowl. Yet, she doesn't bulk. No, she grows to be quite sleek, feminine, if you will. She will retain subtle curves, low swells, and a toned form of a dancer in her prime.

She will be petite, even among the others of her ilk, near the lower end of the scale. Ivrylth is so dainty one would immediately term her as fragile, but she is far from that with athletic prowess beyond the girly-girl looks. She is just small all over, her aristocratic lines obvious in her fine, but sturdy build.

Her head is aquiline with a tapered muzzle set with wide-arched nostrils to make breathing great amounts of air during times speed is necessary abundant. Her lines are subtle, but finely angled, a softening around her eyes. Eyes are set well apart with a diamond-shaped forehead separating.
Her neck is elongated in proportion with the rest of her form, allowing Ivrylth to look every which way with ease. Her neckridges begin at the very crest of her head, shallow initially, then growing in dramatics 'till once more they disappear just after the joint where neck meets body. Her ridges are unique each on their own, but all in all they are in a basic trefoil shape with softer lines and connected edges. The ridges resume low on her rump, descending down the tail's slim length to its tip, a diamond-spade tip with more length than width. Forelegs are wiry, haunches and hindlegs far more substantial with a lot of power for that initial launching thrust. Fingers and toes are extremely dexterous, akin to a pianists with nails just a bit less than half the finger's/toe's length.

Her wings are prefectly proportioned to her body, not too long to impede wingtip twirls nor wide enough to slow speed. The delicacy of her spars will need to be catered to in the beginning turn, but only through meticulous care and weight training will they strengthen so that all youthful fragility will be forgotten.

In color, she is obviously that pulsating neon chartreuse green that is so /very/ trendy and youth orientated. Or, we can just call it lime. And that's it, lime. It does not waver, brindle, bleach, or pattern in any way imaginable. She is lime green and that is that. You can't expand that in any other way. But, she does have her accents and those would be purple. The initial touch is upon the ridges over her eyes. Nothing obnoxiously bright, but noticable considering the uniformity of the green. Being nacre, it is lustrous and almost oily in patina, an uneven icing. If Ivrylth was human, it would be considered as some kind of shimmery designer eyeshadow.

Her wings are also graced with the fine purple, but just a tad richer in hue, yet still a creamy-faint amethyst purple. The majority of the color is painted along her wings' leading edge (the lub). It then continues to trace back along each spar to fade as it reaches the leech, but still quite apparent. Considering the frailty of her sails, both veins and battens are a slight darker shade, not bright, but maybe a more rich green hue with the ichor within.

Ivy is a very athletic dragon what with her dancer's figure. She is capable of aerial maneuvers to make a fighter jockey sick and able to contort her body into such positions in no time at all. She'll have to be careful not tie her own neck up in knots.

Alive, she is so very much so. She is the embodiment of life and all the joys, mundane to breathtaking, of which it encompasses. A celebration of life. Her vitality is immeasurable, a survivor, with quite an exhilarating presence. Every synonym akin to 'Life' is she -and imagine my pleasant surprise (or maybe I wasn't all that surprised) when I looked up 'Life' in my thesaurus and saw the word 'orbit' right there. Perfection indeed. It is Alive! -oh yeah. You had better have some strong straps made up 'cause Orbit is in for the ride of her life…

How about a touch of history first? I researched the meanings of green according to many different religions and cultures. We all know that Pern is not a place where green is particularly looked at in a good light. In fact, it is considered bad luck. This all stems from the fact that Thread devours greens, hence the need to remove anything green from about a dwelling -a health hazard of sorts. In Greek and Roman mythology, Aphrodite and Venus were associated with green. Indian mystics believe green is balance and harmony. Those who practice the 'art' of reading auras say that those with a bright green aura means an ability to heal, abundance, and ingenuity. Green is of springtime, rebirth, regrowth, renewal. The green of Ivy and Beryl, Ivrylth, your very own newfound beginning. Life will never be the same with Ivy's entrance into your own beginning, her entwining presence will start into
motion a entirely new existence.

When I envision Ivrylth, sometimes I see a Jungle Safari. Is she the Safari itself? The guide? The tourist being guided? Any? All? Even I have no idea. Exotic, exciting, fun, mysterious, new, something to send your senses tingling. I also see her as a Tigress in draconic form, but a newfound one set in a place of boundless mystery and excitement. Breathtakingly beautiful in her element and that is experiencing for Ivy: just plain being alive, the joy thereof, all of its freedoms and constrictions, beginnings and endings. As I've said before, Ivrylth is a celebration of life. I guess what I mean to say here is that Ivrylth is a lot of things, but no more than what her own vitality can create.

Her beauty transcends the physical bounds, even though she is considerably so. Ivrylth is gorgeous and looks it, but there is just something about her, be it charisma or not, that just brings it all into place. And she is even more alluring when she gets down and dirty in her work/element. Streaked with soot and ash, stinking of firestone, a glancing Threadscore with but a trace of ichor on her haunch, and yet her underlying vitality seems to glow. There is a beauty in exhaustion, there is a beauty in preening, there is a beauty in form, and a beauty in existence.

She will dominate from the beginning, but whether Orbit will grow to be a gloriously reflecting foil or a harmonious partner…? Ivrylth courts attention, not exclusively, as it is her vibrant charisma and character that draw others to notice her, notice and pay attention. As a kitten, preening, playing with some toy (or in her case, batting around someone's unattended rucksack) an amused or even appreciative interest falls upon her actions: the liquid finesse as limbs move and the look of absolute joy reflected in her orbs and happy snorts. That is not to say that from time to time she shall certainly try her level best to get others to look at her. Subtlety is paramount, no dramatics here.

Active is a description perfect for Ivrylth. When she is awake, she is so very much so, flying is the ultimate high (pun and all) with turning and twisting, stooping, spiraling about the bulky bronzes, playing tag with firelizards, a game of hide and seek in the clouds, or who can make the highest wave come bath time. She isn't competitive, mind you, just enjoys having fun. Ivrylth tends to the hot-blooded side, prone to expending energy quickly, followed by long naps or rest periods. During such times, Orbit will be /very/ hard pressed to keep up, so get used to taking naps when she does -even if they are cat naps. Rarely an instigator, she is more to partner with the beginner and then carry it to an extreme -especially during weyrlinghood. Should one clutchmate think it fun to so causally tip over their lifemate's oil pail, Ivy would do the same, except managing to drench you and knock over a few more pails in the process. If you are going to do it at all, at least do it right! And then comes her total and complete…

Innocence. This is especially true during her early turns. She isn't all that into deceptions, angling, or acting any way which she is not. All that Pern has to offer is approached with wide-eyed interest, most particularly if it is new. I wouldn't necessarily term her innocence in things new as curiosity, only a desire for experience: a sample of a bubbly, the feel of snow on her belly, the metal-tang scent of a Smith, or the sounds of children's laughter. No matter what/how it occurs, each is approached with active interest of something that quite possibly is a little different. She is more than obliged to stick
her muzzle into other people's/dragon's business. And her sublime innocence as she unknowingly barges in only heightens the experience and just makes her all that more lovable..

You wanted a friend, and she certainly is so. Actually, Ivrylth is more than that. A favorite sister? A twin? A bestest best friend? An extension of you? You? Ivy is /the/ ultimate friend. Not only is she always with you, but she can give you a lift on one phat ride, help you meet men, give you job security, a friendly ear to spill your guts to, and someone to have endless amounts of fun-times with. How she develops as thus… is all up to her.

And then there is the opposite sex. Seeing as Orbit isn't so inclined, Ivy just has to be. Guys are an endless enjoyment to her. The broody ones are
no fun at all, but she will do her best to get them to enjoy life as much as she. Ivy is bound to have a hoard, a hoard of guys. Or maybe an entourage is better said? It is not purposeful on her part, it just happens. But she does fairly glow will all the attention and will quite often fill your head with all the attributes of the male riders from some of her favorites -and she will mention these things quite a lot.

Considering how hot-blooded she can be, these will happen suddenly and end just as fast, but Oh… what a ride it will be. There is no waiting around
or trying to hold back, it is pure emotion and the demand for gratification NOW. Seeing as Ivrylth already has quite a bright green hide, that lime is just going to /glow/ -yeah, glow in the dark so that you can throw out any hope for a decent night's sleep. She will change from a cute kitten to a totally different kind, and you know what I mean. Ivrylth will tease, flaunt, and do everything thing in her power to get those males to salivate after her and only her. Considering how athletic she is, it will only be once in a blue moon that she is ever caught by a bronze, if it ever happens at all. They simply don't have the agility and quick speed to compete with her. Her actual flights will be fast and furious, not drawn out. So, those males banking on stamina will not win. Pretty much only the fast blues and smaller browns will be the best equipped, for size is /not/ an asset. Afterwards, Ivrylth is a cuddler and a weyrmate to have all the time would probably be favored best by her.

This is her business, her work, and she /will/ perform. Ivrylth will be eager to fight, will want to be there before anyone else so as to get a
good head start, and flame every single clump of Thread out there. So, I guess you could also term her as a racehorse at the gate, lathering in anticipation, ready to /explode/ come game time. You will need a very firm hand to keep her in check, and once she is released: Hang on! A literal
spitfire, it won't take long before she is dripping with exhaustion, but you had better believe that her little area of sky will be clear while she is out. Nothing, /absolutely/ nothing will get past her. Ivrylth with contort herself into such unbelievable positions and work at break-neck
speed. Oh, but she will be a sight to behold.

I just can't get this song out of my head when I think
of the Inspiration.
If I find something better, I'll send that, too, but
this song is just
perfect in some ways.. ;) — Char

Weird Science — Oingo Boingo
(Weird Science)
Plastic tubes and pots and pans
Bits and pieces and
Magic from the hand
We're makin'

(Weird Science)
Things I've never seen before
Behind bolted doors
Talent and Imagination

(Weird Science)
Not what teacher said to do
Makin' dreams come true
Livin tissue, warm flesh

(Weird Science)
Plastic tubes and pots and pans
Bits and pieces (and)
Bits and pieces (and)

(Bits of) my creation — is it real?
It's my creation — I do not know.
No hesitation — No heart of gold.
Just flesh and blood — I do not know

Why don't people understand
My intentions…. Ooh, Wierd…
Weird Science!!!!

(Weird Science)
Magic and technology
Voodoo dolls and chants
We're makin'

(Weird Science)
Fantasy and microchips
Shooting from the hip
Something different
We're makin'

(Weird Science)
Pictures from a magazine
Diagrams and charts
Mending broken hearts (and makin')

(Weird Science)
Something like a recipe
Bits and pieces…
Bits and pieces…

Orbit's Green Ivrylth
Harper's Tale: 25th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Annie's gold Serath and J'ret's bronze Ilyddth
Tuesday, March 7, 2000
Nalisa & brown Banoth, Orbit & green Ivrylth, R'kan &
bronze Maraith, Ndi &
green Estsanth, Torey & gold Vaelyth, Dea & brown
Ftoranth, Melsa & green
Xhuryth, Alfi & blue Decuth

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