Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way.
—xxxx and Elle

Dragon: Itazurath
Color: Brown
Name: xxxx
Egg: Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg
Egg Desc: Tadiera; Saria tweak
Dragonet: Merry Wanderer of the Night Brown
Dragonet Desc: xxxx, Elle
Messages: xxxx
Inspiration: Elle and xxxx

Clutching Message:

Quarith finds that the sands are simply too cluttered now, and moves, minding every gingerly step with her great gleaming form, to clear a last space in the black sands for one more egg, and as she does, the odd shape of Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg comes into view, and with one last contraction, it drops onto the sands, where the queen supports it, pushing sand around the base to keep it stable.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg:

Blending, sweeping, engulfing: the two shades that dominate this egg twine themselves to create various designs and colors - gold-brown of peanut butter melded with brown-black chocolate wrap about the ovoid they color. Darker and lighter hues of the two colors find their way in, as they mix and press together; hiding that which is held inside - a prize to be found once the flavours fade away. Gobs of golden peanut butter form bumps and curves along the egg, as they make their presence known, leaving that which they cover an oddly-formed, gooey shape.

Hatching Message:

Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg shudders rapidly in ever-growing circles, heedless of where it spins, out of control. Chocolate bulges outwards, striations appearing across the mixed-up shell. Abruptly, it falls completely still, silent… a moment, two… And shell showers the sands and surrounding Candidates as it explodes in a cloud of sharp-edged shards, a melodical trumpeting announcing the arrival of Merry Wanderer of the Night Brown Dragonet.

Merry Wanderer of the Night Brown Dragonet:

Moonlight steals across his long and limber neck, enchanting the woodlands of his draconic hide with its otherworldly glow. Silvery lights spiral across his slender torso, dipping betwixt the glances of summer’s green and wending its carefree way through the twisted branches of oak and ash to travel along the fine willow of fragile wing-spars. Lunar beams dapple upon the surface of his brambles as it filters through the webbed foliage of wings’ canopy. An evening’s mist frolics along the aged cedars of his hardy legs, lifting to tickle along the curve of his rounded tummy with fairy-kisses and mischievous dreams. Finally, beam’s molten silver pools ‘tween the jaded ridges his fey tail, granting redwood’s bough with the last of a puckish twinkle.

Impression Message:

Merry Wanderer of the Night Brown Dragonet’s dance-like movements have, so far, drawn him from one cluster of Candidates to another and on again, rarely a pause between steps. But now he falters, stumbles, stunned for one instant. And in that misstep, he trips forward, landing heavily at the feet of a young girl. Whirling eyes meet blue-grey ones while he sprawls before her, most intent upon Khaelyn.

Personal Impression Message:

The rustle of leaves flickers through your mind, the hint of a breeze tickling your consciousness. A moment of peace, and you think it's over… then BANG! Laughter ripples across your thoughts, delving into your very soul to twine happily around your heart. « Khaye my dear, my own sweet heart, never fear, we shall never part. Together you and I shall choose a path, together, Khaye and Itazurath. » Beneath the mocking tone of the words lies a genuine seriousness… and all-abiding love. Wrapped in amusement, naturally.

Egg Inspiration:

Ben and Jerry's wonderful ice cream.. what else? The comfort of dragonriders everywhere… ;-)

Mind Voice:

A light and musical tenor with the quirk of speaking in verse. Something along the lines of the rustle of leaves and a light breeze, woodland scents and colors for the mind tone. Keep with the woodland theme, with hints of otherworldly moonlight.


Grace of a dancer and a natural inclination to a 'dance-like' step.


Shakespeare’s words proved to be the overall theme of Itazurath’s clutch. To come from eggs based off of Ben and Jerry’s and be made from the stuff of a literary master? How can’t this clutch be the stuff of legends? And Itazurath would have to be the ultimate of the group. You cannot have Shakespeare without a little Puck. Your dragon is that impish little creature from Midsummer Night’s Dream, with his prankster character and an innate sense of fun. But Puck is not alone in his influence on Itazurath. Oh no. In the words of another SearchCo member, we must have the ‘brat prince’ as well, a figure also well known. Anne Rice’s Lestat would be that addition. And he is Oh, so intrinsic in our fun-loving brown, Itazurath.

Taz does not have a single, stuffy bone in his body. To be serious, that is just it. He cannot be, or at least obviously so. While the rest of the Weyr freaks over a coming Threadfall, sweet and laid-back Taz takes it all in stride. Nothing to stress over. When it happens, it happens; and he will be there to get rid of it –no worries. You know, seeing as /he/ will be there.

Taz is very dependable, dependable in that he is nothing more than who he is. You can rely on his bratty behavior, his sense of fun, even what he will make of the sight of some Weyrbrats flying kites in the bowl.

sniff-snort »They could use some help…« And then the deep inhale…

Fun is as intrinsic a portion of Taz as his wings. It is a necessity and he simply could not live without it. Having fun leads to playing pranks, and playing pranks tends to create an adventure. The only thing is, he doesn’t really say the word ‘prank’, but the idea is there to make a bit of mischief. And he can be quite inventive in this aspect. The more intricate and able to blind-side his victim, the better.

While Khaelyn tends to keep to the shadows, Taz will be more of an out-going personality. The word quiet isn’t exactly in his vocabulary, except when he wishes it to be. He must comment, must be paid attention to, if only for a moment at times. A conversation will go on around him, and then he will suddenly enter it, maybe just to add in some choice bit of commentary. But it will have its effect. His words might be profound. They could be bratty. Generally, they are a witty remark. But there is no doubt that they will cause a riot of response from the conversing group. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Just as long as it is a response that amuses him to no end. Its those reactions that mean the world to him.

One could never ever characterize Tas as shy, or demure. He won’t hang to the back in class, but neither will he be the first to do everything. He will not hesitate. When someone (or some dragon) is outgoing, they cannot be afraid of making a few mistakes. When Taz makes them, he learns from them, grows, but not before making a big stink about it. Ah, and the brat comes out and in the same breath it tends to make him look like a bit of a ditz.

He is a touch stuck up, vain, and doesn’t mind at all being the center of attention. He is proud of who he is and extremely proud of his appearance. He will not be anything other that what he is. Rules aren’t things that matter to him, he prefers to do what he wants to do. This makes Taz sound quite selfish, but he could care less. His sense of vanity is just as heavy. He will spend half the morning preening, making sure his hide sparkles with just the right glimmer to enchant all who view him. Again, that attention.

Taz tends to be a bit dramatic. I suppose it lends to the fact that he is always looking for a reaction and never shies away from attention. Big open movements to get others to notice him and those ever choice bits of commentary that he is so fond of.

Taz is a rather sensitive creature. He loves to a great extent, loving his fledgling Khaelyn above all else, loving life and who he is, and especially loving the good in all things. When he feeds, he will try to go for the more unsavory and ‘evil’ creatures in the pens. If a wherry is known as a firelizard egg eater, he will chose that one to feed from than an innocent bovine with a calf. But, if a darker creature is not available and he must feed on an ‘innocent’, he will apologize for what must happen, but it must. That is just life.

Harper's Tale's 29th PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and T'rell's bronze Sejith
Sunday, April 29, 2001

Lib's green Alishath
E'an's green Fiareth
Yla's green Castaliath
Tstar's green Elbareth
Naomi's green Kaith
Jozzie's blue Riyth
Izz'y's blue Nuadayth
S'cen's brown Neolyth
N'ano's bronze Bydelth
Hannah's gold Dhiammarath

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