Ista's Sunnyside Shindig

Logged on February 6th, 2003 by Jala

Main Beach

The beach here is of a fine, glittering black sand… volcanic sand, remnants of a long-past eruption. The beach is fairly wide, which is a good thing since many of the Weyr's dragons like to come here and lounge in the sun. The crystal blue waters of the ocean roll up in gentle hissing waves on the shoreline, sometimes leaving shells or other treasures from the sea in their wake. On the north and south ends of the beach, the cliff from the plateau retreats into the forest, and trees flank the beaches. A somewhat lumpy mound of sand almost goes unnoticed here.
It is a winter afternoon.
To the north, you see a bronze dragon.
Out on the pier, you see three ships.
To the south, you see a blue dragon.
Above, you see a green dragon.
Curled up in the sand are seven firelizards.

Green Esmeyath, brown Xylyth, Brown Dsalth, blue Agzanth, and blue Valedath are here.

You see Beach Gathering [ Look at the setting! ] here.

Sekiji, Trik, Yulianna, and Tye are here.

Obvious exits:
Plateau Hillside Path North Beach Pier Water South Beach

M'er slides from Suith's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Pendren strolls down the trail from the plateau.

Milevik , eyes downcatsed and feet in an amused shuffle, hobbles down the trail from the plateau.

Othear slithers stealthily down the trail from the plateau.

Pendren is tucked neatly into a very ornate scarf, looking perhaps the part of a trussed wherry, but certainly presentable in public. The wind from the water is a strong one, gusts tickling exposed ears and noses, making Pendren all the more proud for bringing his Tatia-woven neck piece along. Oh yes, he's of the prepared sort. The gather-in-the-making is certainly reason to pause, and the boy flounces to the nearest food offering and plucks up a dainty before offering a fidgety wave towards Trik who he begins to stalk until he catches sight of Ajala. Brow waggle. Path is immediately corrected as he heads for his gal, bearing edibles. "'Ey there lovely, want a bubbly?" It rhymes! He is /so/ smooth.

Yulianna skitters down the path which leads the way to the beach, wary of her footing in the soft sand until she reaches the gathering space. A person or two whom she recognizes are spotted and she offers a broad wave toward E'an and a few others, making a beeline toward the greenrider. "E'an! Ya' came for it! I'm glad, I was worried that I wouldn't have anyone to dance with." she calls with a joking wink, waiting for the young man to dismount with her hands clasped lightly behind her back.

Lhana glitters down the trail from the plateau.

Slithering down the straps-ladder, Wyn slides from Vorkoroth's neck and gently touches earth.

Fiareth drops a foreleg, craning neck to watch E'an dismount.

Come one, come all! To Ringling brothers and bar — er…To the gather! Upon glow-basket illuminated stage, Regal and prominent, stands the Host of such an event. Trik poises herself, hands clasped about her mouth in a cone-like fashion to make her voice audiable. "Residents, Riders and vistors of Ista. I welcome you to Gather of Ista Weyr!" Her hands are retrived from her mandible and out to the side for expressional movements. "Find yourself a friend, some food and wine and settle in for a night of entertainment! Don't be shy, now." That is, untill all hell will break loose with a few games on hand.

M'er gets off Suith just in time, before the bright green dragon makes a beeline towards the water, not really paying attention to the gather and nearly stomping on a few people. M'er sighs at the retreating turquoise backside and sashays towards the people and festivities. "Hey," he offers as a greeting to most people as he makes his way towards the food: He simply can't waste too much time in getting stuffed too much to eat.

[OOC:] M'er says "Er. eat=dance."

Fiareth is here, indeed. Yes, all your prayers have been answered. Of course it was /her/ everyone was hoping would attend the gathering— "No! It was me!" E'an tells his dragon, a little too loudly to be responding to a mental comment. Yulianna's testimony proves his point even further. "See? They all are waiting for /me/." He dismounts from his dragon, surveying the gather as he does. "This ought to be interesting," he mutters below his breath, before immediatelty beaming at Yulianna. "Well! I haven't seen you in /ages/, my dear… friend. So nice to see you again!" What do you mean he's crossing his fingers? No such thing.

Ajala is all gussied up for the par-tay, her hair, for once, appearing well managed. She even took the time to tuck a blossom into the ebony waves! Amazing. Beaming at Pendren, she steps forward and envelops him in a gentle hug, a kiss brushing his cheek as she pulls away, careful not to upset the balance of goodies he bears with him. "Hello dearest!" she greets cheerfully and accepts a bubbly pie from him with a satisfied smile. "Thank you for the snack, dearheart. I'm so glad you're here! Other than Tye, I was afraid I wasn't going to know anyone." And accordingly, she clings to his arm. A wave and a reserved grin go to Trik, her worthy foe.

A silent, mysterious figure suddenly appears, seemingly out from nowhere. A black hooded cloak encases the figure, concealing all from prying gazes, and providing warmth for its bearer. He finds a remote area and sits, munching on the first thing he could get an hand on and sipping wine, piercing blued eyes casting random gazes at the gathering crowd.

"Oh.. Oooh! This is nice!" Tye declares as she dismounts from atop of Valedath. "So, so much warmer then 'Reaches! Wouldn't ya say, Ajala?" The bluerider asks, turning to look at her friend. "Now, Valedath, you go mingle with the other dragons and stay out of trouble." And away from any and all greens, thank you. The wingsecond spys Pendren and gives a frown, though quickly turns her eyes on all the food. "I think I could go for some wine about now…"

Yulianna's grin broadens at E'an's reply, and she promptly offers his lifemate a polite curtsy. "It has been a while, Fiareth. Oh, but E'an really, you've -got- to have some of the cakes they worked upthere are little ones and they're iced and have" she breaks off with the shake of her head, "Ah, here I'm talking about food already. Baji would say that's just like me. But how've you been? I heard it's cold as between at High Reaches, lately. Have you…found someone to keep you warm?" She elbows the man lightly, offering another of those jocular winks.

Astallo walks assuredly down the trail from the plateau.

B'ane swings down from Astallo's back.

Pendren shrinks noticably as Ajala responds, eyes suddenly loathe of the company. "Tye? Where? When?" Oh. Right there. Next to him. Worthy foe though she may be, she certainly is one to be feared, and in retrospect, is given wide birth as he turns and snuffles at the dlicate flower in his Ajala's locks. "You look absolutely ravishing, pet, where on earth did you find that flower in Reaches?" Well, the answer to that is probably, not in Reaches, but Pendren isn't that intelligent, see. As Trik gets up on the stage, Pendren whistles and woots accordingly before turning back to his clinging companion abd giving her hand a fond squeeze. "Shall we mingle? Say, near the beverages?" Celebration calls for getting a bit knackered, after all.

Wyn is here. And Wyn has been able to spot precisely zero of anyone she recognizes, although Vorkoroth, once divested of his rider, has promptly struck up a conversation with a familiar green dragon. So Wyn decides to take herself, and her decidedly non-Wynnish clothing, over to a food table and get herself a drink before finding a conveniant place to observe and find someone or something to offer amusement.

E'an literally purrs at Yulianna. "Oh, darling, you're too much," he says, grinning. "I'll be sure to try the cakes. And, hmm? D'baji? How is he, now, anyways?" And as for her other inquiries: "Why, yes. It is rather cold - especially since it's winter, and all. But it's got the loveliest little hot springs, you see. Keeps you nice and warm." Nod. "And, no. No partner yet. Me and Orbit had a… well, fight. And so we are no longer sharing weyrs in the 'Reaches, but I'm looking for someone to. You know, though, being single isn't so bad…" You might like E'an's definition of being single. It means, simply, not being 'committed'.

B'ane slides off his runner with the sound of slippery leather and brandishes a grin for the occasion. Passing the lighted lanterns, shadows and light flicker 'crossed his clothing as he treks towards the heart of the pow wow. A drink of something is soon shoved into his hands and he has no time to thank who it was. Hellooo. He'd normally set up a chair near the other Istans, but there's plenty of time to do that later. "Wyn," is his original opening gambit, "having a good time are we?"

Yulianna listens with slightly raised eyebrows to E'an's replies and fights to keep a straight face as she replies, "Oh, he's doing well. Far too busy for me. In fact, I've been thinkin' of movin' up to the 'Reaches myself. I…don't suppose there's space in your and Fiareth's weyr, is there?" A guarded wink is shot toward the dragon and the redhead's lips twist a little, as though biting off an even more facetious comment.

Lhana strides in, sans Zhesteth, with that extra bit of precise grace that can only be gained through an excessive amount of practice. Yes, Lhana appears to be in her element in her voluminous, eye-catching pink gown, a great big smile on her pretty face. That ever-lustrous hair is fast escaping Lha's stylishly messy, intricate buns, and as she enters the group, she quickly lets it down, the long black strands splaying out about her face as they're released in a most dramatic fashion. Seeing Wyn, the greenrider quickly raises a hand, waving as elegantly as possible to her clutchmate. Then she strides over, attempting to appear as immaculate and desirable as possible. C'mon, all you people out there. You knooooooow you want to be her.

Ajala graciously assumes the certain glow that always graces her when in Pendren's presence and smoothes the boy's sleeve with gentle fingers. "Thank you, sweet, for the compliment. You look strikingly handsome. As usual." She grins, and then continues. "I didn't get the flower in 'Reaches, silly! Its the dead of winter there. I picked this up-" And she lifts a hand to caress the petals "-here, on the way to the beach. And drinks are good." Yes they are. To Tye, she comments, "Yes, it /is/ much warmer here! Look! I don't have to wear ten thousand layers of clothing! Isn't it delightful?"

Sekiji stands at the edge of the growing crowd. His eyes get perceptibly wider as the beach fills with mostly riders … so many female riders, too … if only there weren't even more male riders eclipsing a grungy little sailor.

Saria slips from between two gleaming neckridges, down Quarith's shoulder, and finally to the ground with a nimble leap.

E'an tbbts at Yulianna. She winks way too much for him. He bites back a comment on seeing the Healers for compulsive twitching medication, and instead scoffs, and says, "Well, now. Have I started a trend or somewhat? You're fine at Ista, dear. Besides, goldriders just don't /move/, you know. And I daresay my weyr would be big enough. It's really only large enough to fit in…" Pause. When E'an can't think of anything witty and double-sided to say, he just lets his sentence trail off. "Well, regardless. What about those cakes, now?"

Clasping into a proper lock of formality behind her back, Trik cat calls against the audience in a more than jovial way. It seems almost opposite from her once malicious and dangerous appearance she always seems to contort her face into. Splendid! This is going swimmingly. A few harpers have made their way on stage with strings and song, licking the air with an uplifting quick melody; sharp, sweet and fast paced. A waving hand shoots into the air from the rider, apparently, a stick in one hand and awriggling bag in the other, "Food! Wine! Nearly everything. about a little fear?" Whats in the bag? Tunnel-snakes of course! And what does this have in store for you? "If participating in our first game, quickly Friends, Grab a stick and arm yourself! You're going Tunnel-snake whacking! The first to whack as many as he or she can wins a lovely prize!" So go on. Grab a stick!

Tye narrows her eyes and crosses her arms. "Looks like I lost my company." She scowls and mutters beneath her breath, not letting her eyes leave the sight of Pendren and Ajala. Together. "Let's see her find a ride home." Not that Tye would leave her friend, but she can be resentful for at least a little while. "You to make a girl wish to be dropped between with all that mush your slinging about." She idly states, forcing a half-smile to her face. "I'll just.. ah.. leave you to alone." With that said, Tye turns on her heel and leaves her fellow 'Reachians for other company.

Yulianna waves a hand dismissively at E'an, "I'm sure they wouldn't mind me hanging about. Besides, you could just hide me somewhere in your weyr, right? Let's see…I'm sure I'd fit in a chest…or under the table…or if worst came to worst, I could just roll m'self up in the blankets…" There's your blatant innuendo. But the lets the train of conversation slide and offers her elbow gallantly to the greenrider, nodding toward the tables, "They're that-a-way, though you may want a bit of somethin' else to eat before dessert."

Pendren chuckles at the comment from Ajala, taking that moment to unwind his prize possesion from his neck and expose his shirt and torso for the first time in months. It's been cold in Reaches, see; layers are a must. Of course, just when he's got two glasses of wine, Trik announces the game. Isn't it just like the bluerider, though? Grinning expansively at Ajala, he hands her the glass, wishing a very happy good ridd—goodbye to Tye before pulling his darling towards the Trikster and the sticks. "Shall we do a little whacking?" Nothing brings out the romance like bashing a few tunnelsnakes.

"B'ane," replies Wyn with a nod and an equally original opening comment. But, it does the job, and does it well. And so Wyn will continue to nod when it suits her. She takes a sip of her drink, Paradise wine by the taste of it, shrugs slightly to settle the midriff-baring shirt she's wearing a little more comfortably, and then, wonder of wonders, the Vulcan Bluerider actually attempts small talk, giving Lhana a slight wave as she does so. "Indeed… It's quite wonderful to be back in the Istan warmth at this time of the turning, and the climate is matched by the hospitality. Yourself? And how did you find the rest of the weyrling's graduation party? I had to leave fairly early on, I'm afraid." In the company of one of her students, but that's neither here 'nor there.

Ajala looks like a drunkard, what with each hand bearing a full glass of wine. Pout. "Oh, dear, I can't go about whacking those creatures with sticks." Its not that she's afraid of tunnelsnakes, or that she's too girly to bash a few heads in. But her extensive training as a guard has turned her strictly into a non-violent person. Unfortunately. "But you go ahead and swing away! I'll stand here and drink and cheer for you and such." She smiles winningly at Pendren and takes a sip from one of the glasses, content to sit back and watch the game. Entertainment. Hee.

With a bob of creamy auburn head, Rilskiath offers a gentlemanly arm to assist Lyria in dismounting.

Sekiji searches among the bits of driftwood in the flotsam that has washed up onto the beach. He finds a cudgel with just the right heft and begins trying to take a position for the tunnel-snake smacking festivities.

M'er finally makes it to the table and steals a glass of wine. He sips is carefully, and then takes a full gulp of it. Well, he doesn't have class, but you already knew that. But even he's left to wonder: "Tunnel-snake… whacking?" He eyes Trik suspiciously, eyebrows knit together thoughtfully.

B'ane sheds his jacket, not exactly wishing to spill stuff on it. Wine's a doozy to remove, you know. Draping it carefully around the back of what looks to be his chair for now, he soon takes advantage of it. "I couldn't be better," who /can/ complain when there's a party to attend? "Let's just say Tatia and I had a few jibes here and there, fondly of course." Of course. "I didn't leave on the best of graces shall we say, but then again you can't please everyone, eh?" With that, the level of the liquid in the glass is lowered. "Lyria, good to see you." He raises his glass for good measure and can help but another taste. Good year, that. "You're an Assistant Weyrlingmaster if I recall, right?" Oh, astute B'ane. The knot's right there. But, he's attempting to prolong the conversation.

Saria slips away from Quarith and joins M'er near said table, picking up her own glass and downing half of it in a gulp. "I think I'll leave this to those with more experience at it," she says with a wink his way.

Othear walks out.

Lyria wanders down to the beach, looking unusually cheery. New book mebbe? Okay, maybe it's jus thte excuse to go sit on the beach and eat yummy foods. Especially with farmers around. Everything must be fresh then, yes? Better be. Well just for now a sweetstick is snatched to suck on for a bit and she pops over towards M'er and Trik with a response of,"Heyla B'ane!" over towards the bronzerider. "Hi Trik. Hi M'er. Tunnelsnake whacking? What?" After a slight pause,"Hey Trik, 'member tunnelsnake hunting?" Ah those were the days…

Tye idly tapes her fingers along her arm, raising an eyebrow towards the other bluerider. "Did she say Tunnel-snake whacking?" is asked to a resident, who is currently downing a mug of some type of alcohol. All she gets in reply is a shrug of the shoulders. "Uh.. huh. Fine." Forget being a wallflower, Tye moves back over to Ajala. Even if she has to deal with Pendren for a while, so long as she has /someone/ she knows to talk to. "So.. ya gonna do it?" The bluerider jabs the guard and grins.

M'er has connected.

"On your mark. Get /set/. Go, Children, Go!" The wiggling bag in the Bluerider's hands is dropped from off stage and onto the ground in front. An appearance of rather ugly-headed and bodied beings sneak out from the bag, slithering in all directions. Scatter, Men! Trik waves a hand, signaling for the whacking to begin.

Pendren pouts noticably as Ajala declines, but, he's not one to mope when there's manly testosterone-pumping games to prove one's worth. With a hitch in his step, the Reachian searches out an appropriate length of driftwood, the end notched and knurled for good whomping capabilities before standing politely near Trik and eyeing her quietly. If he knows Trik, and he likes to think that he does, she's probably managed to rassle the biggest, most ferocious tunnersnakes around. Of course, that would make this game less of a game and more of a 'beat-them-off-your-leg' type thing, but, he's in. As the name 'Tatia' is spoken, Pendren gets a wee distracted and turns half-hoping to see the barb-slinging bluerider but is sorely dissapointed and turns back to the games at hand. Probably a good thing, since a newly released tunnelsnake has attatched its self, teeth first, to his right boot. "Eeee!" Thwack!

E'an bahs. "Something to eat before dessert? I'll eat what I like when I want, thank you." Like M'er, E'an eyes trick suspiciously. "Whacking tunnelsnakes, hmm? Sounds… interesting." Trik always was an odd one. Upon seeing some other 'Reachians, E'an waves generously, and waves even moreso generously at those riders he hasn't seen in forever. Those he left behind at Ista, that is. He eventually makes his way to some cake, distracted by conversation hither-to and hither-fro, finally returning to social partner Yulianna. …And at the sight of tunnelsnakes, E'an squeaks. "Save me, my fearless Weyrwoman!"

Freedom! No longer restrained to one place, numerous snakes slither away from each another. Baby-Got-Scales tunnel-snake makes a run, or crawl, for the nearest sand dune that will get him out of the light and into some place more damp.

Lhana turns around as Trik makes an announcement, and promptly gasps as she learns just what that announcement entails. "/Tunnelsnakes/?! They can/not/ be serious!" Tunnelsnakes are…are…bad things! She turns back to Wyn again, preparing to say something, but goes silent, taking in the bluerider's appearance. Particularly, that bare midriff. Lhana's eyes narrow slightly, an unconcious movement. So. Wynnie is trying to upstage her. That is, of course, the only possible reason for her wearing such an ensemble. But, there's not much Lhana can do about it other than slip out of her sheer sweater, leaving her bare arms, low neck-line, and low back exposed. Feeling smug, she sets the sweater aside and returns to her previous subject. "Who in the world would possibly want to run around hitting ugly tunnelsnakes with - " The game begins. Lhana's jaw drops.

Sekiji jumps after one of the skittering tunnel snakes, dodging through the many flailing bodies … but too late, a keen-eyed rider thumps the hapless critter long before Sekiji can get close. The hapless little sailor turns to look for another target.

Wyn nods agreement, and sips at her drink, movements slight and controlled, but definite nonetheless, her glass cradled with unconscious poise. She watches the gathering of eager tunnelsnake hunters with an air of detached interest, murmuring aside that "You can make a rather tasty stew with the non-poisonous varieties… And Tatia is a talented woman, but making friends and influencing people is /not/ one of her strong points… She considers me a friend, as do I her, but I've still sported a black eye of her giving… Consider yourself fortunate, my dear bronzerider." she offers, before nodding again, this time at the question of her rank. "Assistant weyrlingmaster and dragonhealer trainee, yes. And you're in… Stormcrest wing, yes?"

A squishy sounding plop heralds the arrival of a real fatty! The globular blob of lard that vaguely resembles a tunnelsnake writhes in a rather disturbing manner, coating himself in sand until he has turned into a virtual monster. Gross. The creature makes a pathetic attempt to scramble for cover, but is so impeded by his massive rolls, he just ends up wallowing. Hurrah for the Tub-o-Lard snake!

G'deon slides from Nylanth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Yulianna sniggers at E'an's…er…independence, and waves a hand, "Sure, and get all chubby in the middle." Though it's obvious she doesn't really mean it and the dropping of the tunnelsnakes catches her with a piece of fruit half way to her mouth, which she promptly drops and hops closer to E'an in an attempt to snag his sleeve. "Save -you-? You're supposed to save -me-." she insists, looking left and right at the ground lest any of the critters make it as far as to their table. See her huddle in alarm with E'an…

Bahahaha! You're too slow, Salior, and I'm too fast! Darting 'tween the legs of Sekiji, t his scrawny tunnel-snake squirms against the soot sand and into the brush. Almost as if a feline, two eyes peer out with a peek of forked tounge, spying on the club-baring people. Oohoo. Don't get too close. He /bites/!

M'er manages to claims himself a bit of driftwood, and he reclaims his little spot, stick pointed down. He glares at the nasty little creatures, just daring one to get near.

Oh. Oh ew. Ewww. Look at that ugly fat one writhing there like.. like.. thread. Shiver. Pendren picks his way around the rolly-polly, obese tunnelsnake, driftwood more poking then thwacking, an occational. "Ew. Ewww." He can't bring himself to smack it very hard. It might burst and cover him with— he doesn't even want to think about it. "Ew." Poke.

Baby-Got-Scales tunnel-snake lets out an irritated hissss, as he slithers left and right, trying to crawl away from the crowd of humans. Some screaming and jumping onto table tops, others going at his brothern with blunt objects. Well, one tunnel-snake can only take to much, as he quickens his pace and slinks closer and closer to E'an and Yulianna.

Kia giggles softly a nod at Valanth before she unbuckles her straps and slips to the ground.

B'ane folds a leg across with other one and looks disdainfully as the tangle of snakes worms it's way in all directions. Not that he minds the things, it's just the sport of beating them leaves a bad taste in his mouth (and it's not the wine, trust me). "She's not the sweetest thing is she?" Tatia. More like slightly venomous herself, but he can't fairly judge someone who he barely knows and so leaves it at that. "Stormcrest it is, under C'ran." Faranth love 'em. "Gonna give it a go?" An eyebrow is cocked to the north slightly towards the Reachian pertaining to bludgeoning the helpless pests. He's gonna pass on it.

Saria steps aside as a tunnelsnake makes a beeline for a mound of sand not too far away from her feet, and moves a little closer to E'an and Yulianna's table. "Hi," she says, doing a quick sidestep and trying not to slosh her wine, then sees another heading that direction… "Agh!" she lets out a yelp and leaps up on a rock right next to E'an. "Oh, great. Just great.."

Lyria blinks at the tunnelsnakes and /very/ quickly edges away. Nevermind talking to Trik. No thanks. Not while they'res tunnelsnakes slithering around. She drops down over by E and Yuli,"'Are you guys tunnelsnake free over he- Ee! There's one!" And Lyri finds her own rock to stand on, trying not to poke anyones eye out with her sweetstick.

"Me? No! You!" See E'an argue with Yulianna. He completely ignores the situation with the rampaging tunnelsnake at hand, instead giving Yulianna a good lesson in Eology. "You see, you're the goldrider here! That means you… you are… supposed to brave and stuff. All goldriders are." Saria's greeting, then jump to a safer level, is noted with curiosity. "Hello, Weyrwoman! Why are you—" /Now/ he sees the snake, and latches onto Yulianna. "Wait! I would be safer if…" He lets go of Yulianna immediately and jumps up to the rocks that Lyria and Saria seem to find so popular, and resorts to throwing cake at the snake.

Kia just stares at the scene before her. Sure she'd just walked up and it looks like she planned on enjoying herself with a lovely flower pinned atop her head to accent the beach party fun. However looking at the tunnelsnakes she changes her mind and heads back near Valanth.

Sekiji quickly twists around trying to follow a tunnel snake scampering away through the crowd. He suddenly finds himself mere inches from a scantily clad female rider (who doesn't even notice the young sailor). Sekiji stutters for a moment, then blushes bright red as he completely loses track of anything that isn't inside the female rider's clothing. "I .. um …," he starts to sputter … just as the unaware female rider herself turns to whack a passing tunnel snake and she *beans* the young sailor right behind his left ear on her backswing. Shards!

G'deon and Nylanth arrive in their quiet manner quite a way up the beach towards the plateau. As the bronze pair from 'Reaches slowly wander towards the merrymaking, A quickly growing look of confusion grows on the rider's face. "What in Faranth's name is going on?" he murmurs in a soft baritone.

Saria eeks, and grabs E'an to try to keep her balance on the small bit of space allotted to her on the rocks. "All Weyrwomen are supposed to be brave, are we?" She squeaks!

"Mmm… I believe I'll take a pass." Wyn replies, entirely too cool and composed to be trying to upstage Lhana. Wyn's charms are on a very different plane of attractiveness from her buxomly in-your-face blonde clutchmate. She steps to one side to let a tunnelsnake scoot past, followed closely by a random weyrbrat, before continuing to chat "I have nothing against killing tunnelsnakes, but doing so as a competitive sport isn't… quite my pot of tea. Besides, there's no challenge when they're out here in the open. But how is Stormcrest wing?"

The Tub-o-Lard curls up into a fat, sandy blob, assuming the fetal position due to Pendren's probings. Wriggling his blubber in an almost hypnotic manner, he lifts a pudgy face to the boy and hisses weakly, flopping over his massive self in an attempt to latch onto his ankle, but finds himself far too unmotivated to strike. For the love of Faranth, someone just whack him out of his misery!

Yulianna blinks up at Saria as the Weyrwoman approaches herself and E'an and opens her mouth to reply with greeting, only to emit a rather alarmed, "Gyaa!" Her attention shifts to E'an as he grabs her and back to the snake a moment later as the greenrider hops up on a rock. Logical? Well, some, at least, and she grits her teeth, virtually sending a mental scream toward someonelikely a bronze firelizard which appears just over her head and makes a dive for the snakemore to divert it's attention than in true murerous intent. The goldrider, however, clasps her hands together and exults, "Lupin! Get 'im!"

Arg! Get off my tail, you shardin' iidddeeiiooo-itt! From Sekiji's whacking from the scantily cladded rider, His foot just so happens to latch down onto the tunnel snakes tail, wriggling with the instinct of survival. Bah! Let go a'me!

Tongue flicks in and out as the tunnel-snake creeps closer and closer. Though a cake to the face does deter from his current destination. Also, the blasted firelizard seems to weaken the deal. So, the poor 'riders are left be for a moment, but not without a vengeful throaty sound from Baby-Got-Back snake. Them forgotten, he continues on his way until he spots a M'er. New mission. New objective.

Pendren has taken on a childish expression of intense detirmination and disgusted interest as he continues to prod the wiggling thing and make small excelmations of delighted disgust. "Look at it writhe!" What?

Lyria shakes her head and just gnaws furiously on the end of her sweetstick. "I don't think the cakes distracting the 'snake much, E," mumbles Lyri as she makes sure that she's nice and secure on her rock, then turns around to send a wave over towards Kia,"Hi Ki!" And a check back at the snake,"Oh look. Maybe the cake is doing something. Do tunnelsnakes not like cake, maybe?" Well it /could/ be the hovering firelizard.

Lhana backs away quickly, right into a chair. Finding herself sitting, she pulls her beslippered feet up onto the chair with her, whining, "Wynnieeeeeeeeee, don't let them get meee!" Nevermind if Wyn actually likes that nickname or not. Lhana's going to use it. The Tsunami greenrider whimpers softly, then shrieks as one of the creatures shoots right under her chair. "Eek!" And that fat tunnelsnake is just…ew. "Oh, why won't somebody just /kill/ them," she laments.

Sekiji, stunned by the whack he himself has received behind his left ear, sits down hard upon the sandy beach. As the young sailor tries to regain his bearings, a frantic tunnel snake runs up next to him, pauses to check out the rapidly approaching whackers and then realizes how close he is to Sekiji. Hmmm, if tunnel snakes were capable of laughing … or of holding their sides to keep from splitting … one might suspect this tunnel snakes was briefly amused by our unfortunate hero.

Kia glances towards Lyria and grins before heading over with mincing steps to avoid the tunnelsnakes. She's not a sissy but for Faranth's sake she came to party not get bit by a pest "Think there's room enough for me up there on that rock?"

B'ane catches sound of sand on scales as he peers under the rungs of his chair. And what have we here? Darting a hand out, he soon retracts it complete with quite the angry, frightened tunnel snake. The fangs really help boost it's pugnacious image. "Hello, hello.." Having pinned the animal right behind its head, there poses little danger of a bite. Unless you get too close, that is. Keep all hands and arms away, please. "I agree. The poor things are lambs out to slaughter." Odd that he's sympathizing with an enemy any other time. "We've been working on a new formation, but it's pretty hard to synchronize still. It's not the dragons I think, but the riders that have a hard time." Hapless shrug accompanined by another grin.

Come here, my pretty Riders! I heart joooo! This bubbling puss-bag of uglyness creeps towards the table of Lhana, nearing her boots at feet. And who the crackdust is that man throwing /cake/ at him? E'an is neared next, warping his framework about the Riders boots and legs. Mmmm. Feed me cake, I say!

Nylanth rumbles a bit in response to his rider's (rhetorical?) question, great eyes whirling with an interested golden hue. Bit by bit he makes his way to a shaded spot, a good position to watch the proceedings without becoming overheated by the Istan sun.

Nerak busily rushes down the trail from the plateau.

Pae gambols down the trail from the plateau.

The sun does indeed feel warm on a tunnel-snakes back, and it feels even better when one is laying contently on a rock. However, the largest rock around seems to already be occupied. Well, no matter, this rather large fire lizard can change that. Just have to get closer. Kia is the closest one to her, so that 'rider will be the first to feel this ladylike snake's wrath. Hisssss!

A snake is lost in the grasp of a firelizard. Lupin makes a kill!

M'er has disconnected.

Just when E'an thought it was safe to come out. Now off of the rocks, he's breathing a sigh of relief. "Well, my! That was close. I'm going to have a little conversation with Trik, see, about all this nonsense. But at least I don't have to worry about those sharding tunnelsnakes anymore — and at least I still have a piece of cake!" Yes, he's unaware of the tunnelsnake approaching him, but feels it as it starts wrapping around him. "What is that… feeling. It feels as if… something is around my legs." Peer. "Oh my goodness! Great Faranth! Someone help me!" Cake is flung at the eyes of the wormly thing.

Pae walks out.

The Tub-o-Lard 'snake continues to convulse, his rolls flowing in a steady rhythm. And once his fat gets moving, it can't be stopped. Suddenly, the blob finds himself travelling over the sands, gradually picking up speed until he's steadily hurtling straight for Wyn. Its attack of the BLOB! Scream, run, and hide your kidlets. Fear the horrible graphics.

"Oh, I say, good catch, my dear bronzerider." Wyn applauds with all the mannerisms of some Lady of the Blood at a play. Well… except that Wyn's definitely no Lady. And that a Lady probably wouldn't be too thrilled at the sight of B'ane's new pet. Lhana's shriek prompts a wince, and a dry sigh. "Lhana, I'm a person, not the greeting call of a runnerbeast. And it's more scared of you than you are of it. Keep your feet out of the way, and I'll catch it if it's truly bothering you."

Kyu walks down the trail from the plateau.

Valedath to the rescue! All the 'eek'ing humans have gotten the best of him, and in his knightly manner, he struts forward to save the day, hoping that every other dragon's eyes are on him. Even more so the green's. But.. *squish* Alas! Seems a poor fire lizard has met an untimely demise due to Valedath's big feet.

Pendren retracts a bit from his pointless prodding before finding a nice log to perch on; the weather here really is splendid. Tunnelsnakes forgotten, stick is forgone for a nice folding of arms and stretching on the bleached log. Ahh, comfort. He'll wait out the game, soak up some much-needed rays for his pale skin, and return back to Ajala, looking triumphant. After all, he did get that one that almost ate his whole leg… alright maybe just his foot… well if you /have/ to get techinical, possibly just the varnish on his boot; but it was certainly viscious!

Saria manages to move well back from the action, looking around for a suitable place from which to watch all of the tunnelsnakes. "No, Quari,

Lyria nods to Kia and holds a hand out for her,"Sure, hop on up." Hand offerend to Kia is suddenly turned to point at a snake. "There's one behind you," is solemnly noted, then hand turned back over to help the rider up. E'an is just…edged away from as Lyri tries to find the edge of her rock farthest from E's.

Saria manages to move well back from the action, looking around for a suitable place from which to watch all of the tunnelsnakes. "No, Quari," she mutters under her breath, "You'll need more than that, I fear."

Kashoku flies around wildly, squawking in dismay and eyes wildly whirling.

Othear slithers stealthily down the trail from the plateau.

Smack! Thwack! Kapow! Two snakes have been caught under the stick of S'teve and Irwinith!

Yulianna claps and positively bounces up and down as Lupin achieves the besting of one of the firelizards, and turns toward E'an and Saria, "Did ya' see? He's the best snaker of the bunch." Of -her- bunch, presumably…in any case, her attention returns to the ground to watch for, Faranth forbid, more tunnelsnakes. "Please, please tell me they're all gone. One or two in the weyr I can handle…but a whole gaggle of 'em…" she trails off uncertainly.

Baby-Got-Scale snake has again changed his course. Slinking around M'er's legs and backtracking to where one resident seems to be relaxing. Just need to get past Pendren and the swingin' tunnel-snake is home free!

G'deon begins to trail after his lifemate as steel blue eyes stare at the 'event' taking place. "I don't know about you, Nyls, but tunnelsnake doesn't quite fit into my diet today." He gives the bronze a grin, then studies the rest of the crowd, spotting some familiar faces. "Stay out of trouble, all right?" he says, turning to the bronze long enough to remove the lengths of riding straps. In case the boy feels like a dip in the ocean of course.

Nerak starts to walk towards the crowd on the beach, but sees that there are quite a few tunnelsnakes around, she then hesitates… This healer Journeyman does /not/ like snakes…

Sekiji sits on the sand, bruised in body and in ego. He has made a complete fool of himself in front of one these gorgeous female riders (while she didn't even realize she had conked him on the noggin in passing). He has apparently been laughed at by a passing tunnel snake. This is nearly more than the young sailor can take. Levering himself up to his feet, he grimly takes his driftwood cudgel in hand and sets his jaw. Revenge! Some tunnel snake is gonna /pay/.

Kia had just accepted Lyria's hand up when that dratted tunnelsnake headed for her. Leaping up on the rock with a yelp she grins sheepishly "Somehow I think we'd better get down from here. That one looks as if this is it's destination." kicking towards it she frowns "Why are these things out here in such force by the way?"

Lhana shrinks back from B'ane's caught tunnelsnake, then outright screams as she notices that terrible lardy one nearing her own feet. Quickly, she glances over at Wyn, the other 'Reachian's annoyance having pierced the greenrider's often thick skull for once. "Sorry," she says, giving Wyn her most endearing 'sheepish' look. "That really was an accident." And so she makes an attempt to appear as calm and poised as possible, though she's still visibly repulsed by B'ane's catch. Tunnelsnakes. Ewwwww.

Saria grins at Yulianna, tossing back the last half of that wine and nodding, "It was a fine catch," she says. "Yuli.. where's Miyakath just now?"

B'ane strokes a beautifully laced network of scales on the snake's back, not unlike those golden metal ones on Aboleoth's straps, before tossing it into the shrubbery and hopefully away from the massacre at hand. Hands are brushed together and a watchful eye goes to his runner, but the beast knows enough that the spindley things won't bother him unless a hoof lands on 'em. Grazegrazegraze. "How exactly are your charges and their dragons adapting to their lessons?"

Uzasnyth prowls, slow and careful, down the trail from the plateau.

Pae descends the smooth side of Uzasnyth, trading riotous sky for safe ground.

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Pendren has gone limp, one leg dangling helplessly over the log as he relishes the temperature and soft glare of a seldom seen Rukbat. The slither that reaches small ears isn't enough to rouse the stupored Reachian, nope, nor is the tickling of the skin as a snake begins to creep past. No, what wakes the poor boy up, is the slap of wood meeting skin; his skin. "What in Shells and Tarnation do you think you're doing!" Is squealled as the resident leaps up, nursing the bludgeoned arm. The whapper is a tall, slim man, who pays him no attention and dives over the log to continue his attack. Pendren's eyes narrow, and he looks for the quarry the other guy is after. Uh-huh. Well, how about a little trophy to show he doesn't have to take that kind of abuse. Whimper. Stick is grabbed, and the hunt of the snake is back on. Oh he'll get it before the other guy, oh yes, he will.

Yulianna's attention half-shifts to Saria and she absently replies, "On her ledge, I think. Or maybe inside…" She shrugs lightly, turning a full circle, eyes on the ground, before looking back up and fixing her eyes on the other goldrider. "Any reason in particular?" she asks curiously, hand reaching for a non-sandy piece of fruit as she does.

Lyria shakes her head and steps down from the rock on the side opposite the tunnelsnake. "Oh, Trik was..uhm…organizing a game of tunnelsnake whacking. It doesn't seem as if many people are wanting to get close enough to whack 'em, though." Somewhere in the process of all this, Lyri has dropped her sweetstick, which is now being wistfully eyed as it sits on the sandy ground. "Ah well," she sighs then sends a thumb pointing towards the table,"Shall we check out the food?" Gotta wonder if the weyr's going to have an excess of tunnelsnake soup after all this… Fwaha.

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Kyu walks up a sandy, grass-lined path toward the forested hillside.

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B'ane goes home.

Kyu walks down the path from the forested hillside.

With blood in his eye, the young sailor Sekiji stalks the nearest tunnel snake, but some sixth sense seems to teel that one that this young man is /mad/ … /mad/ I tell you! The tunnel snake exits stage left, and Sekiji turns in disgust and smacks his cudgel down on the sand in pure frustration. ……… *erk!* …….. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to mourn the passing of our Brother Tunnel Snake, who just happened to be caught snickering behind Sekiji's back and got in the way of a frustrated wooden thwack that wasn't aimed at anything but beach. Ain't that how it goes.

Kia wrinkles her nose "I'm going somewhere else to eat if that happens. As for checking out the current batch of food that's fine with me." the tunnelsnakes get another glance "I might tack a whack at some of them after I get something to nibble on though. Doesn't look like they'll be gotten rid of any other way."

The agony! Oh, the agony! Sekiji makes the last kill!

Saria takes a deep breath, and fidgets with the edge of her empty wine glass, running a finger around the rim. "It would be good if Miyakath stayed inside for a few candlemarks," Saria says, her tone dripping rich with meaning as she addresses her Dawnsister wingmate in particular.

E'an is home-free, now, right? Phew. Tunnelsnake having being rid of, he quickly cowers away to join once again with the forces of Yulianna and Saria. "Yulianna! I was so worried." And a salute to Saria. "High Reaches' duties to you! How has Ista been, and how is yourself?"

Baby-Got-Scales digs in and grabs forh every last bit of enerygy. Most of his brothern have either been killed or got away. And he will also be one of the survivors. With a surge past Pendren, the tunnel snake zooms across the beach and away. But he will return. Bwahahaha!

The Tub-o-Lard writhes in pure pain, the scream issued by Lhana enough to induce a heart attack. And so he dies horribly. Of natural causes.

Pae! Hel-lo, Gatherers. She's fashionably late and just so thrilled about it. Over she goes to the first person sighted - Lhana! - and goes latch. "Hiiiii Lhanaaa." Pae uses Greenridercling on Lhana! … Er, let's try that again now. And then hears Lyria - a /brownrider/, too. "Whack-a-Tunnelsnake? Fun! … What d'we whack 'em with?"

Quarith shifts a bit, her golden hide glowing with more brilliance than usual, the sunset colors of her hide more prominent. She twists around to find her lifemate, any thoughts of a lackadaisical afternoon on the beach fleeing her thoughts. Hints of red bleed through the colors of her eyes even as gaze sweeps around for possible suitors.

Yulianna stuffs the procured piece of fruit in her mouth and blinks at Saria, cheeks puffed out with food. She steps over to stand next to E'an and, slowly her eyes travel around to Quarith, eyes widening a little, and she nods quickly. For the moment, speech is out of the question, but she nods firmly for a moment longer than strictly necessary before falling to the task of checking exactly where Miyakath is and advising her to stay there.

"Fantastic! Would'ja believe that thas' all the 'uns we found in the kitchen this mornin'? And all 'ave been caught and killed!" Trik takes a few unplanned steps off stage, stumbling to the sand with wry steps towards both Sekiji and Yulianna, "Congratulations, Sea apprentice and firelizard barer. Now, for your efforts…"

Wyn makes some inane-but-perfectly-diction'd comment in reply to B'ane's question, smiles slightly after watching his surreptitious rescue of the tunnelsnake, and then gives Lhana a sighs and a smile, relenting a little. "It's all right, Lhana… oh, look! You killed it, see?" she points out, one finger pointing gracefully at the expiring fat tunnelsnake. "Most intriguing, no? But how are you?" Awww… Wyn's being social, and is being nice to her prissy clutchmate.

Nerak goes home.

Kyu goes home.

Pendren looks sorely dissapointed as the tunnelsnake shoots out of range, but to mollify himself, he gives the other chap a light thwap on the foot for all his troubles. Yes, he's off to set matters right. Now for a little wine with a lovely lady. Ajala is spotted and hurried too, embraced, smooched, and basicly coddled over. "Did you see? I got one?" His arm is still being nursed, and he opts to take the wine with the other hand. Yep, he's the prudent type.

Saria turns her half-absent self toward E'an, realizing that someone is speaking to her and that she should speak back. "And Ista's to High Reaches," she manages, her cheeks taking on a bit of a flush. "Ista is.. well, a few oddities with the tithe, of late, I hate to say.." she trails off a moment, mind trying to process multiple inputs at once, "And I'm.. well, Quarith seems to be, that is.."

Milevik picks up Reflecting Emerald Egg.

Milevik hands Reflecting Emerald Egg to Yulianna.

Milevik picks up Rocky Egg.

Milevik hands Rocky Egg to Sekiji.

Alexander walks down the trail from the plateau.

Lyria shrugs slightly and shuffles over to the table o' food, grabbing a piece of fruit and finding some abandoned blanket on the sand to sit on, now that there are no more tunnelsnakes. "Come sit with me, Ki." With a sigh - ahhh relaxation - a large bite of her fruit is taken. While Rilskiath…No, he's not exactly in the same state of relaxation. After referring to her lifemate she turns around with wide eyes,"Hey Saria…" she calls slowly across the beach. Er.

Zhesteth makes her grand, if hurried entrance, her attention shifting immediately to the dead tunnelsnakes. Awwww. If only she'd gotten here earlier - she might've even gotten to see a *live* one. "Don't even /think/ about it," her belabored lifemate says suddenly, obviously in response to her green. "We are /not/ taking one of those things home. /Especially/ not the fat one." Sheesh. Lhana shifts in her chair, doing her best to not look at the dead tunnelsnake. Pae is waved to as she enters. "Pae! Hi! They were killing /tunnelsnakes/ - isn't that absolutely /dreadful/?! I nearly /died/." Okay, so she's exaggerating. A little. "And it's a good thing, too," she says in response to Wyn's comment about killing the tunnelsnake. "It was disgusting. Not to mention probably murderous." You could just see the sinister-ness hidden far, far below those rolls of snakey fat.

Sekiji stands baffled as he receives the Rocky Egg. "Um, … wow," is the best he can do. Woo. Woo. The ladies will be swarmin' over this fast-talkin' foo'.

Othear walks out.

Tye shakes her head. "Oi." is all the bluelet can express at the time being. Valedath all but beams with pride, looking at the gory mess that at one time was a tunnel-snake. "Yes Val, dear, I've very proud of you. You got him good." She sends reassurances to her lifemate, giving a grin all the while. "That.. was quite disturbing." Tye comments to her friend. Luckily, she had gotten away with only having a few of the nasty creatures slither her way and dodged out of the way just in time. "Ya okay?" The bluerider asks, before turning her eyes back to Trik.

Ajala slips the untouched glass of wine into Pendren's good hand and makes much-ado over his wound. "I saw that, you…sort of…got that fat one. Man, was it /disgusting/. My hero!" She flutters her lashes, but expresses sincere concern for his injury by dropping her gaze to it. "You going to be alright, dearheart?" is questioned as she slips her arms, wine glass and all, about his waist. "What'd you do to your arm, anyway? I must have been snagging something to eat when you hurt yourself."

Kia heads over and grabs herself a nice bit of spicy fruit grining absently "So how've you been of late Lyria?" the oddities that are happening around her seem to be getting closer together however. Valanth is queried and she shakes her head "Ah so that seems to be the way of it." glancing at Lyria again she laughs "This should prove an interesting evening after all. Poor Valanth though at least he had a green to chase not too long ago."

G'deon carefully loops Nylanth's riding straps and sets them down to the side. Straightening, he begins to loosen the ties at his neck as Ista's warmth, even in winter, begins to get under his skin. So to say. Poor northern boy. "Good afternoon," he offers to a few riders he recognizes, slowly making his way deeper into the crowd.

Mingling on the beach, The host dissapears to the food table, retriving a few bubbly pies with her appearance back. Pae is spoetted, then Pendren, and even Lyria. Eekgads! She forgot to meet and greet. A wiggling display on hurried fingers offers a slight greeting before the Rider is off and busy once more. Another game? More eggs and prizes? You /bet/. The Harper's continue to toss their music into the air to create a more satisfying mood, but Quarith is noticably brimming with a rather odd color. Agzanth is even attached with an eye-sore stuck on the Golds appearnce, distracting Trik from her work for a moment. " Er…uh…And next, My fellow friends and visitors! Step up for…" Dun dun dun.." The Bubbly-eatin' pie contest!" Oh, you know you want to stuff your face full of goo and crust.

Saria excuses herself from E'an and Yulianna, taking her wine glass over to the table and finding a flask to refill it with. It's not her own personal vintage, but it'll be more than adequate at the moment. She pauses, sets the glass down, and kicks her boots off into the sand to be forgotten for the moment, and then, bare-footed, takes up the drink again and walks slowly, deliberately, down to the water's edge where the tide is breaking on the black sandy shore.

Nemikassin toddles quickly down the trail from the plateau.

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"Vorkoroth says they're rather tasty," opines Wyn to Lhana, likely in just the same dryly amused tone her lifemate is using to speak to Zhesteth. "If not quite a twentieth of a mouthful." The bluerider has apparently decided to exact mild revenge by angling to prompt another shriek of disgust, sipping at her Paradise wine and lounging in a seat, all low-cut pants and midriff baring shirt, and not doing a /thing/ to show herself off beyond that. "G'deon!" she calls over to the her mentor, offering a wave too.

Pendren looks terribly upset with the whole matter, there by inducing more lavish attention from Ajala. Eheheh. "Some guy smacked my arm, appearently he was under the delusion that it was distinctly tunnelsnake-shaped." Which, in all honesty, it might be. Of course, the injury isn't that extensive, and he's got a war bruise he can now boast about, so he's in good spirits. Wine is sipped and Ajala's waist is soon home to his arm as well, making the couple appear sickeningly sweet. Ahh, the lovers you just loce to hate, neh? As Trik bustles about, looking very in-charge and all that, Pendren whistles belatedly for her attentions. "Trik! Git over here and give a friend some attention!" Of course, his summons is drowned out by the cheer that wells up at her announcement, and he looks truely sodden but pecks Ajala on the cheek with a beam. "Feeling hungry, love?" Ajala compete in a bubbly-eating contest? Well, why not?

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Quarith stands with all of the grace such a large dragon can muster. Wings rustle with agitation as the press of people begins to wear on her sudden sensitivities. Tail lashes slightly before stilling, while eyeing the surrounding dragons. With all of the attitude of a southern belle, she makes her way quickly toward the corral.

Yulianna has disconnected.

Lyria daintily picks a bit of sand off of her fruit with a shrug. "Mmhm," she answers simply then takes another bite from the fruit. "So, how've you been, Kia? Haven't seen you about much, lately. Oh, Zeja says hi, by the way. I went over to the hall last sevenday to go a'visiting."

Alexander walks out.

Quarith scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

E'an eyes after Saria, muttering something along the lines of, "Quite interesting behavior, there," to Yulianna. He now notices Quarith and blinks. "Ohh my goodness," he says, wandering away from Yulianna to huddle near other people. Fear the large and proddy gold, he does.

Nylanth doesn't seem particularly inclined to swim, however, settling down on his haunches with his wings folded neatly along his back. He lowers his chin to the ground with a soft *whuff*, still unobtrusively watching.

Nemikassin has a fishing pole wouldn't you know and it would seem this child is intent on hunting some fish from the waters. Unless of course the crush of people somehow stop him before he gets there. That or distracts him whichever comes first.

"Now what…?" Lhana's voice is decidedly dread-filled as Trik announces the next game. "Bubbly-eating, hm?" Well, that's definitely better than 'snake-whacking. Speaking of 'snakes… "Ick!" The greenrider responds to Wyn's relayed comments from Vorkoroth. It's not quite a shriek, but she does give a rather emphatic grimace. "Ew, now he's got Zhesteth trying them!" The contented green dragon is doing so, in fact, as she slurps up one. "No, I will /not/ fetch this fat one for you," she says, her voice filled with disgust. "/Ew/." This just doesn't seem to be Lhana's day.

Ajala brushes Pendren's hair out of his eyes and shakes her head at him. "You need to take care of yourself, sweetheart, honestly." And another commment is about to slip forth from her lips, but she is instantly distracted by the mention of food. "What? Bubbly eating contest?" Eyes the size of a whole mark, she bounces up and down, grinning with excitement because she, like any hearty 'Reachian girl, really knows how to pack it away. "Ooo, 'Dren, I think I'm going to do that. You want to try at it too?"

Alexander walks down the trail from the plateau.

Pendren laughs and gives Ajala a playful tug up towards the table. "If you're up for it, I am as well, hope they have the kind with the varied berries, mm. Mm." And that's that. Looking poasitively cherubic under the intent gaze of his Ajala he leads the lass towards the next event, eyeing Trik with a mild tsk.

Kia beams at the mention of Zeja "I've been rather busy that and my da was sick for some sevendays. I had to head home for awhile to see how he was doing. Me being the youngest my parents aren't young in years anymore. Zeja's having fun down at the Starcraft I take it then. That's good I'll have to get down there and see her sometime soon"

G'deon has almost made it to the tables of wine flasks when he is alerted by an ever watchful Nylanth of Quarith's glowing hide and sudden departure. A look of amusement slowly mingles with that of indecision, but only for a moment. He glances around quickly for a clue as to what he should be doing now. Just in case. You know, always prepared and all that.

Rilskiath pauses at the edge of the water, flicking a bit of water onto the top of his head and letting it just smooth out. His hide is just /shimmering/ isn't t. And with that arrogant folding of his wings of one on Pern's Top Ten Most Beautiful Dragon list, the brown trots off.

Rilskiath scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

"Bubblies? A bubbly eating contest? Ah man, that's what I'm talking about." Tye rubs her hands together. "'ey! Wait!" The bluelet yells, as Ajala leaves. "Ya gotta at least wait for me!" She lets out a growl and runs after the pair. To think, being left by her best bud. And for a guy at that. Oh. The humanity. "I'm in!" Tye shouts over to Trik, giving a wave of her hand. "Lemme at those bubblies. Haven't had one in quite a few sevendays. It'll taste downright good, I would think."

Nylanth scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

Darken blinks in from ::between::!

Nemikassin perks up at the mention of bubblies "We're going to eat bubblies? Can I help I'm really good at it I promise!" is exclaimed from his seven turn old self. Then it clicks or someone mentions it near him "I might even be able to win if it's a contest!"

Alexander appears on the beach in a sequined white suit, complete with bell-bottoms. He has a few tacky (fake) gold chains draped around his neck, and his hair has been slicked back with something. In his arms, he bears a strange ball that is for some reason covered with tiny rectangular shards of mirror.

Lyria nods slowly, and snorts as she chokes slightly on a piece of fruit with a laugh. "Oh be glad you're not on the recieving end of an egotistic brown when there's a proddy gold 'round," mumbles Lyri, then quickly switches the subject back to the ol' craft. "Oh yes. There's a couple new people around. Met one of them. They all should be in for some good new pranks over there, if I'm any judge of character…." And she is.

Wyn settles back smugly in her seat, crossing her booted legs at the ankles and looking well-pleased. Mission accomplished. Mental high5's are exchanged with Vorkoroth, before another message prompts a flicker of an eyebrow. "Looks like Quarith's going up… Ah, but it's good to ride blue." AKA, Vorkoroth is staying firmly on the ground.

Kia can't help it she just has to laugh "I'm sure that rogue of yours is having a wonderful time at the moment. Valanth likes everything green /all/ the time even if they're not proddy I'm afraid." *cough* "Anyway new ones down there? Perhaps me and Valanth will go scare er… meet them and see just what they're made of"

"Onto the stage. Thas' right. Come 'un up, Y'know? Just have yer'self a seat and we'll get started." Ajala, Pendren and Tye are led to the center stage where a table is set. Bubblies are set by an accompanied chair, and the bubbly-eaters are shown to sit down. Nemikassin is peered at before offering him a consoling grin and hand, "Aw, Sure Y'can, sugar. It's a contest! Y'can win summat!" — And if even that, someone is going to win that of the Gold, with all these stunned Riders going lusty. The lapis lazuli on the beach, however, rocks with slight anxiety. Agzanth craves, yet, cannot have.

Ajala trots happily after Pendren, although she's not completely oblivious to Tye's presence nearby, and therefore halts suddenly to allow the girl to catch up with her. "This is going to be simply wonderful!" she bubbles, skipping up to the contest table and sinking into a chair. Elbows are propped up on the surface and she continues to chatter gleefully. "I mean, there's no such thing as too many bubbly pies! They're so gooey and warm and mmm…" She trails off into a glazed-eyed stupor. Pie. Drool.

Nemikassin has one of those cute toothless grins at the moment and he heads for Trik in a headlong rush. "Really I can win?" a chair is climbed in and he kneels with his hands propped on the table with glee "Lets play!"

G'deon does manage to snag a glass of wine without bumping into too many people or spilling a drop. So far, anyway. He glances up towards the plateau as his 'mate wanders off to follow the glowing gold, then eyes the bubbly-hopefuls rather warily. He spots Wyn, and returns her greeting with a quick wave (no, not frantic, 'quick'), but begins to edge away from the contest area.

Brid slides from Kitiarath's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Pendren is steered into a seat smack in the center of things. Oh. Hello. SHeepish finger-waggle is given the crowd along with a bright blush before eyes beseech Tye. This is the time and place for a little competition, sure, but he's going for one more pie then Tye, no matter what happens, he's gonna beat the rider. With Ajala planted firmly between them, a challenging grin spreads across the boy's features as he peers at the pie and back to Tye. "So Tye, feeling lucky?" Oh it is /on/ now.

Alexander pulls up a chair uninvited and plops the disco ball into the black sand next to him, forgotten for the moment. He scooches in, looking around to make sure other people are just randomly taking seats. He waves to his distant redheaded relative.

Tye keeps peering over her shoulder at Valedath, who is currently sending a mixture of odd emotions. Instinct-wise, the dragon understands what is going on, regardless he is still a bit young and still a weyrling. Nonetheless, the blue feels the need to relay every- and anything to Tye, which causes her mind to not exactly be as sharp as it should be. "Er.. what? Uh.. yeah." She replies, shaking her head and trying to concentrate. "Lucky? Boy. I'm gonna whomp ya into the ground." The bluerider smirks at Pendren, eyes narrowing with determination. "No one can beat me when it comes to eating."

Saria sees through Quarith's eyes what is happening in the corral, and suddenly realizes that Nylanth is here.. at Ista? She turns, scanning the crowd, wine and ocean forgotten, but cannot see past the area where the bubbly contest seems to be winding up.

Lyria rolls her eyes, dropping the core of whatever type of fruit she was eating in the sand next to her, just leaning back onto her elbows, watching the waves, and crossing her ankles. Just soaking up sun, yes? Yes. "Oh yeah, there's two or three, I think. Look for…Oh what was her name? Azzi. Yes, that's right. Azzi."

Larna is helped off of Rashkecharath by a carelessly placed, taloned claw, to slide past skybroom hide and impact the ground.

Lhana raises her eyebrows. "She is?" Concern crosses her face for a second and her eyes glaze over as she carefully checks in with her green. After a long moment of searching mental conversation, her attention returns. "Thankfully, Zhesteth's nowhere /near/ going proddy." She breathes a sigh of relief - she could've had a real situation on her hands. G'deon is given a quick look. "Is Nylanth going to chase?" she asks, slightly surprised. "Shouldn't they get out of here?" Finally, the comment about riding blue is greeted with a very belated grin. "I must say, riding green is better than any of those other colors anytime." She nods emphatically.

Tsktsk! A rope is tied about the hands of each person sitting in a chair to pin their able limbs from picking up the pie. Trik paces, as if something of importance was coming on hand. Her tone cracks from baritone to a mild alto, slithering a glance to the lone Saria as she explains the rules, "No hands. No kickin' any'un unner'neath the table. No sloppin' the bubbly onto the floor, or you'll end up eatin' it off tis 'ere stage! Got it?" It is now the rider turns slightly venomous and unruly. "The first two to finish his or her pie /win/!" On your mark. Get set. /Go/ on! Stuff your face.

Brid sheds the outer layer of leather and drops her boots to the sand as well. A shy smile is offered everyone who catches her eyes as she makes her way to those she knows. "Hey Lyria what /is/ trik up too?"

Nemikassin has his hands tied now? Looking down at them he shrugs before hopping up to stand in his chair in order to just have to bend over and eat. Once Trik says go however the little tot goes after his pie burying his face in it up to his hair line. Pity his mother who must clean his clothes tonight.

G'deon has finally spotted Quarith's rider down near the water and begins to head towards her after a quick glance back at the crowd gathered for quite a different event. "Good afternoon, Saria," he offers softly once he draws near. For a moment afterward he's bit unsure as to what he should say, so simply smiles instead.

Ajala takes a moment to glance at our bound hands and then wink suggestively at Pendren before smashing her face into her bubbly pie. She's not afraid to get down and dirty, donchya know. Poise and grace are abandoned for chaotic gulping and a desperate attempt to chew and gulp and eat in one disasterously messy series of motions. She packs away the pie like a madwoman, however a discontented little squeal escapes her throat as she inadvertantly is pushing her pie pan away from her. Get back here!

"It appears that might be possible," replies Wyn to Lhana regarding Nylanth and chasing. "And it's hardly surprising, considering that it's a gold rising. Much harder to pick and choose flights when it's a queen calling the shots." the Benden-bred bluerider comments, reaching over to snag a skin of wine before they all get commandeered by chasers and chasee as generally happens with wine and flights. "So… do you plan to dance later?" Ah, small talk.

Annnnnd she's off! Tye slings her hands behind her back and just dunks her head into the first pie and just inhaling. Every so often the bluerider stops to chew and then swallow, but that really seems to waste time. A good half of her pie is already finished off before she brings her head up for air. Bits of bubbly slide off her face and onto the table. "Gonna.. bring.. you.. down!" Tye gasps out before slamming her head back down and eating whatever is left of her pie.

Alexander doesn't really pity Thalasinna If she can deal with the mighty salt sea, his aunt can deal with a little bubbly pie. He smashes his head into the pie with his mad kung fu powers. Kowtow this, foo! A board, he can't break, but this pie… is toast! Not literally, of course.

Pendren is sooo ready for this to begin, tension, competition, Trik, 'n all. As the silence reaches a near unbearable level, and Trik's pacing begins to put a hole in the stage, the fateful word is bellowed and the competition commenses. One ye is trained on Tye, making sure he knows his challenger and is prepared to meet and beat her pace. Of course, while his head goes under, he can't see or hear anything, well he can't hear anything that isn't sweet and bubbly. Ahh. He inhales, teeth digging in, chewing all but forgotten as throat expands to take in the contents. Surfacing for air, bits of pastry fly from sneering lips as he finishes with a hack and splutter. "In.. your.. dreams!!" Scarf, snarl, spit. "Trik! I need another!" Oh, he's rearing to go. Bring it on.

Lyria waves Brid over with the explanation of Trik as,"Bubbly eating contest, it looks like…" A small shake of her head. "You missed the tunnelsnake whacking earlier Brid." She holds up a finger and stands up. "Uhm…I'll be back…yes…" Mumble and she saunters over to Saria. Why was she going to see the goldrider again? Uh…Oh well. "Heyla, Saria." Oh and she waves to G'deon too. "Hi..Uhm…G'deon, right? I think?"

Nemikassin isn't finished yet but he sure is working at it little head moving the pie plate all around the table with enthusiasum. Glancing up he grins at towards the crowd at large with his gap toothed berry covered face. "I'm gonna win!" sure he is and Bob's his uncle. Oh and look there's an Alexander and that's it before his head is buried once more and gulping bites are taken of his pie. Is he finished well almost.

Saria turns to G'deon, her somewhat vacant eyes refocusing, bringing her *here* and *now* as she catches the bronzerider in her peripheral vision. "Faranth knows how you managed to be here today of all days, love," she murmurs softly, glancing back to the crowd, hoping they're all still quite involved with the bubbly pies. She looks carefully at Lyria, watching the brownrider's approach, and smiles softly. "G'deon, bronze Nylanth's rider of High Reaches.. meet Lyria, brown Rilskiath's lifemate, of Ista."

Larna dismounts from a rather anxious Rashkecharath - not surprising, considering - before she meanders over towards those she knows. Not towards the bubblies, though. Missed the contest, it would appear. Since Wyn, Lhana, G'deon and such seem to be uninvolved with stuffing their faces, it's them she hops over to. "Wyn. L-Lhana, right? And G'deon." Yes. Seems like she's remembered them all. Or those she's spotted, so far.

From above, Quarith flies in from the east.

Trik is shocked an'all with that mouth parted and left ajar. She's catching flies. Pendren is given a hearty slap on the back with an appreciative laugh catching her tounge and throat, "Ya' shardin' piece of crackdust, 'Dren! Y'were only s'pose to eat one! But thas' alright. You won!"

Gee, she missed the tunnelsnakes? Shucks for her and the greenrider plops to the sand, glad that Izabril is safely tucked away, far from bubbly pies and .. Oh look, it's a gold, in flight. A quite contact with Kitiarath, yup, she's cool and Brid settles back. Let's watch the fun, shall we?

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Lhana just shrugs, now, abruptly shifting back to her position of ladylike poise. "I suppose you're right." Silly golds. But she, like Wyn, quickly jumps off of that particular topic and onto a new one. "Oh yes," she says. "Dancing is precisely what I came here to do." Surveying the crowd, she sighs slightly. "I only hope the good men don't get lured off by…coming events." She smirks. Larna's entrance earns a curious glance and a cordial smile. "Yes," she says. "It's Lhana. And you are…?" She could never remember the girl's name /before/ she changed it.

Tye would throw a grin over to Nemikassin, if she wasn't busy trying to get the pie off her face. She's slowly gotten to like those little things called children. Though she'll never admit that. The pie is all that there is for the bluerider, well, that and her dragon, who, at the moment, will not stop babling randomly. This causes Tye's concentration to not be what it should be, half pulled one way, half the other. He also almost causes her to miss Pendren's gasping reply and Trik's declaration. "WHAT?!" Tye demands. "I so beat him! My pie was gone before his was! C'mon Trik! That's just no fair! Ask Valedath! Even he says I won!"

Ajala is far too occupied with secretly spitting mouthfulls of pie under the table when no one's looking to notice that Pendren has finished. Yes, she's cheating. It doesn't matter, she didn't win anywhoo! Her head snaps up, face charmingly coated in bubbly goo and crust. "What? We're done?" She glances down at her pie pan, which still has half a pie in it and whimpers. Innocence envelops her then, and she lets out a rather manly, deep-seated belch, followed by a delicate 'Excuse me.' Gaze goes to Pendren. "Congratulations, love!" she declares, tugging on her bound wrists before fluttering her eyes to Trik. "Trik, would you please untie me, I need to go vomit." This is stated with utmost calm, of course.

G'deon quickly turns to give Larna and Lyria a nod and a careful smile. "A pleasure," he murmurs to them before raking fingers through his hair, as unruly as ever. He glances back at Saria and gives a soft shrug of his wide Smith's shoulders. "I can't really keep Nylanth away once he's decided to chase. And he's always rather fancied her you know."

Nemikassin's head pops up and he gasps "NO! I won really I did see my plate's cleaner than his!" head drops down to lick the plate "See you can see more of the actual plate and not just juices from the bubbly. I wanted to win…" pout but not for long as he thinks of a back up plane "Can I at least have another bubbly if I don't win?"

"Could prove a benefit, depending on the duration of the flight," Wyn replies to Lhana with an innocent air that means she's going to say something outrageous. "After all, if only one can catch, it means there will be more than a few bronzeriders looking for… comfort… afterwards. Easy prey." she sums up, refilling her wineglass and watching the pie-eating and the debate over the winner with mild interest. She pats a nearby seat for Larna. "Hullo, Larna. How are you doing? Or, perhaps more germanely, how is Rashkecharath?"

Pendren sits, looking politely bemused at the whole buisness. "Just one?" Is replied a bit mystefied before a slow grin begins to spread across his features and Ajala's cheek is suddenly home to lip-shaped bubbly smatters as he gives her a kiss. Bits of fruit filling drip from his chin, and lips sneer towards Tye before he launches off the bench, teetering slightly with the nausea, and begins a little premptive rump shaking behind the Tye. Eeheheheh.

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Larna looks indignant. Somewhat. "Larna," she offers for the greenrider's memory, before she offers a cursory glance towards Rashkecharath. Who hasn't gotten too keen on the ::between:: thing, just yet. A shorter nod is Larna's reply to G'deon's welcoming comment, before her head swivels around. "Wonderful, Wyn. What about Rash?" Glance at lifemate. Hmm.

Brid overheard that comment,, The one the female bluerider made. "And you find that a good thing?" Is tossed up at Wyn from her seat on the ground. "I tend to find 'leftovers' less then satisfactory." No need to confess her only leftovers have bgeen Izz'y. That will stay the shy rider's secret.

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"Aw, Ya's jus' jealous ya' didn' come in third, Tye. Y'dimglow!" A pleasingly timid glance goes to Pendren before swapping over his prize, and not only to that of the Rechian, But to the boy who dared to participate. "Aw, Y'tried to hard, sweetstick! And Y'came in second! I'll give ya' a prize." How could you turn down a 7 turn old with bubbly all over his face? This rider can't.

Sapha saunters hypnotically down the trail from the plateau.

Lek flits in from between.

Lhana flashes a grin at Wyn, her eyebrows bobbing up and down suggestively. There are very few things you can say that seem particularly 'outrageous' to a Lhana. In fact, she agrees. "Oh, perfectly correct, Wyn-dear. I wonder why I didn't think of that." She winks, and it's suddenly difficult to tell if she's kidding or not. "Right," she says. "Larna. I remember." Sort of. Lhana reaches for the nearest skin of wine, suddenly feeling the need to consume a fairly large amount of alcohol. The Tsunamis have taught this one well.

Nemikassin fairly bounces yes he does even with his hands still tied. Looking down at them he purses his lips for a moment before the fact that he got second actually hits his hyperactive little mind "Whee!! I won another bubbly!" what could be better than a bubbly or at least that's all he can think about at the moment. Tye gets a sympathetic glance to her "I'll share my bubbly with ya?"

Lyria nods amiably towards G'deon,"Nice to meet you. High Reaches. Snow." No 'nice place' or anything. Just…'snow'. First thing that popped into her mind. Really. Ack. You know how lots of people go in complete turn arounds when their dragons are chasing or proddy or something like that? Lyri does too. Lyri gets…Dizzily ditzy and…well…'swoony fangirl of whatever rider her dragon happens to be chasing' to be accurate.

Pendren peeks over his shoulder at Trik, looking extremely proud of himself and about bursting with self-congradulations. Wrists are waggles a bit, in a sad attempt to get himself untied by the Trikster while simultaniously continuing to grin stupidly in Tye's direction. It may not be much, but for this small moment, he's got a leg up on the rider, oh yes, he does. His prize causes a ripple of excitement though his main concern is with the soon to be sick Ajala. "You alright, Jala?"

Saria takes a deep breath. "Let's move out of the way," she murmurs. "This isn't a bubbly eating contest we're in, after all.."

Tye clenches her teeth and glares at Pendren, hands slowly going into a fist. Oh, she'll show that little kid whose boss, she will. Leaping to her feet, Tye almost brings out her fists and gives Pendren's pretty little face a pretty little black and blue mark. However, alas, the new wingsecond has to keep her patience or end up getting in trouble by a lurking AWLM. "No way. I won. And everyone here knows it!" Hands sweep across the crowd. With a pout, the girl falls back to her seat and crosses her arms. "But I guess you can /give/ the win to him." A face is made at Pendren.

G'deon simply nods to Saria, then pauses to take a very deep sip from his wineglass. "Lead the way," he replies, a boyish grin suddenly appearing as he works to loosen yet another tie on his tunic.

Larna, after making a quick token appearance, apparently receives an urgent summons from Rashkecharath. But not flight-related. Largely because her player has to dash, and wants to avoid OOC-spam. So with a few quick good-byes, Larna makes her excuses - "Called off for something at High Reaches…" - before the pair head home.

Wyn tips her head to one side, and her blandly schooled features form a slightly amused moue in Brid's direction. "I find it… an opportunity." she replies dryly. "After all, the difficult may be the more rewarding, but it grows tiresome at times." Then it's back to chatting with the others. "Well… I always /was/ the smarter one, you know," she drawls, before tipping a slight wink to show that she's kidding. Larna has a glass of wine handed in her general direction. "Well, ::betweening:: and all that, how he's handling it. Not to mention he's over a turn now, and Quarith flies. He may have a reaction, or he may not… just be aware of the possibility." she counsels, part AWLM, part honourary big sister to the young brownrider.

Saria walks up a sandy, grass-lined path toward the forested hillside.

G'deon walks up a sandy, grass-lined path toward the forested hillside.

Darken walks up a sandy, grass-lined path toward the forested hillside.

Lyria walks up a sandy, grass-lined path toward the forested hillside.

Larna settles between the regal, darker brown, eagle-crest neckridges of Rashkecharath, finding their place upon the proud dragon.

Rashkecharath goes home.

Sapha scrambles up the sandy trail to the plateau.

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Brid watches bemused as the gold rider and those who ride male dragons head off, to deal with the flight.. and aftermath. Again reassured that Kit is just fine, thank you, she continues in the sand, wondering how many will be clutched from this flight and already plotting the uses of the newest batch of candidates.

Ajala receives Pendren's sweetened kiss with a weak smile before dashing off towards the bushes, where she spills the contents of her stomach in a quick and efficient manner. Mouth is wiped on shoulder and the guardlet returns to the table feeling remarkably better. "I'm fine now, thank you," she states placidly as she reseats herself 'tween the victorious Pendren and not-so-victorious Tye. "I need to clean up. Can someone untie me?"

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Nemikassin is still waiting to be untied he's afraid. Little hands wiggle around in his rope and he just shrugs helplessly "She tied it too good musta took lessons from my mum or something. She's forever knoting things up to where I can't get out or into them if she doesn't want me to."

If it was up to Tye, Ajala would stay tied up for abandoning her in her time of need. Er.. or not. "Well… I /guess/ I could." She grumbles with annoyance. However, the bluerider does untie Nemikassin first, because he's just better. Then, ever so slowly, Tye makes her way next to Ajala and uses her belt knife to untie the girl. "There. Now. Let's get some dancing in.. after… I clean off my face, eh?"

Lhana smirks, nodding her agreement to Brid and Wyn. "Oh yes. There's the thrill of the chase and all that, but that just gets so old after a while. Not that I actually have to /chase/ anyone," she's brazen enough to add. Then she smiles enigmatically and moves on, once again leaving it up to the listener to decide whether she's kidding or not. She takes a lengthy sip of wine, then nods in response to Wyn's second comment unthinkingly. "Yeah, I suppose you were…I mean - err - /no/! No you /weren't/!" Nevermind if she just disproved herself. Lhana glances up as the chasing dragons fly overhead, then decides to pointedly ignore them. So there. Na na na.

Brid shifts herself off the sands and moves to the riders she was tossing comments back and forth. "Hi, I'm Brid, rider to Kitiarath over there.." A small hand motions towards one of the greens. "From Ista. How's Reaches this winter?"

From above, Quarith's entire form seems to ripple with anticipation of reaching her valued prize, even as she is the prize for the males chasing her. Swooping low, she twirls as nimbly as a queen can to catch just the faintest whiff and touch of the ocean that roils beneath her. Flying upward, the queen narrowly misses being caught by an overzealous brown, however this gold is made of sterner stuff. Reveling in the feel of the wind and taste of the ocean, the gold exudes a carefree air that seems to be so at odds with her southern belle persona.

Nemikassin looks adoringly up at Tye "Thanks you're a lot nicer than my sister." this last of course is muttered under his breath before he moves off towards the water to at least rinse off his face. That and find his fishing pole it's around here somewhere.

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Ajala smiles in relief as she is freed from her restraints, rubbing her wrists absently before lifting a hand to wipe bubbly pie filling out of her eyes. A nearby towel is snagged, and she rubs her face clean. "Alright…." Dabbing errant pie gobs off her chest and neck, she tosses the only partially soiled towel to Tye. Dress is smoothed over her hips and she beams at the gathered crowd. "Now! I think its time for some song and dance." Clearing her throat, she gets up on Trik's makeshift bandstand and announces, "Listen up, loungers, groovers, wallflowers, and yes, even those of you with two left feet. Its time for a little dance contest. Everybody get on the floor and shake your bootay." She pauses, hesitating momentarily, then adds, "Prizes will be awarded!" Music is cued, an upbeat tune with a touch of very ooc irish. Jig! Jig now!

Lhana takes Brid's offered hand, smiling. She takes another sip of wine before answering. "Lhana, rider of Zhesteth, Tsunami wing." She indicates a certain darkly sparkly green hanging about nearby. "Reaches? It's…snowy. As usual." She laughs, the combination of boredom and wine making her just that little bit giggly. "We're preparing for the main brunt of the snow, actually - the roads're sure to be snowed over entirely. Wouldn't you agree, Wyn?"

Nemikassin goes home.

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Tye grins, "Eh. No problem kid." She nods and hops off the stage, making her way towards the lake. A few splashes are heard and soon the bluerider comes back, her face as clean as ever. "That's a lot better, if I do say so myself. Don't got pie dripping off my face no more." The music just then reaches Tye's ears as she watches as some couples start walking onto the stage. "Arg. Dancing." The 'rider walks around and stands near Ajala. "You aren't actually gonna go out there and dance, are you?"

Brid grabs her own serving of wine and joins in the drinking. Regardless of what her mate says, some emotions are hard to ignore. Dark eyes wander upward as the dragons above fly after Quarith. "Have you had a flight yet?" her smile widening as she speaks.

Lhana nods, a decidedly rogueish smile on her face. "Oh, several," she says. "I think they're perfectly wonderful." And it's true, too. Her expression suddenly perks up as she hears the music. "Oh - is it time to dance?" she asks, her tone decidedly delighted. She adjusts her voluminous skirt and straightens, making it all the easier to show off her low-cut, skimpy top. And Lhana is /ready/ for the male-types. Yum yum.

Ajala tosses her head at Tye and delicately shrugs a shoulder. "Am I going to dance?" is questioned with an incredulous tone. "C'mon now, do 'Reachians love llamas?" A twinkle in her eye, she bounds down to the grassy clearing and delivers a preliminary flick of the leg. She taps her foot for a moment, growing comfortable in the beat, rhythm, and musical stylings before bursting into movement. She's a dancing fool!

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Off to the side, sits Mir'ku as he hums to the music and smiles at all the passing girls, making their way to the dancing floor. "Mmm.. wha' d'ya think, Yashth? Should I give it a go and dance." The brown dragon, who was happily napping after falling out of the current flight, only grumbles in response and turns his head. "Guess that would be a yes!" Laughing merrily, the man follows a few women, throwing a dashing grin to them and making his way over to Lhana. "Hey there. Don't believe I've seen your beautiful face 'round." Though he is a Fort 'rider, so he really doesn't see much of Ista, or 'Reaches, at all.

Flick walks down the path from the forested hillside.

Lhana smiles, the most appealing smile she can conjure up at the moment. "Well, I'm not from around here," she says. "Lhana. Rider of Zhesteth," the green is indicated. "From High Reaches. Though I must say I didn't know Ista Weyr was home to such handsome gentlemen, either." Even if he isn't from Ista. She takes another sip of wine, determined to get a dance out of this. At /least/.

Lyria skips down the path, turning her song into a hum, then slowing down her skip into a walk as she inspects the food tables. "Tillek Rose…Tillek Rose…" she mumbles audibly as she very carefully peruses the tables, clutching a wineglass in her hand. With wide eyes and a forlorn frown she turns around, spotting the first person she knows to whine /very/ loudly,"Briiiiiiiiid! There's no Tillek Rose wine. Saria doesn't have any wine. She /needs/ wine." Obviously this mission is of the utmost importance to Lyri.

Brid would lay odds on Nylanth, but then.. so would most at this point, so betting is a moot point. Catching a glimpse of Lyria wandering back, she grins. The brown is still chasing sky-ward, and Lyria has done a total about face! "Lyria, check under the table over there.." her answer not quite covering the mirth in her voice. It's nice to /not/ be on the chasing end, isn't it?

"Oh, it's not!" Mir'ku says, "I'm not from 'round here either. Mir'ku, rider of Yashth. That big brown lump right there." He makes a motion towards his dragon, but doesn't give it another thought. "From Fort, actually. Were visiting some family and say what was all going on. So, we thought," A loud SNORT is issued from Yasth. "Err. /I/ thought we'd have a glance. Never thought I'd see such a vision before my eyes though." He makes idle chit-chat, while starting to sway back and forth a little bit.

Sinead steps gently down the trail from the plateau.

The harpers finish off their celtic-themed song and pick up a new tune with more of a deliberate, soft spanish tone. The music curls seductively 'round the listeners and dancers, weaving and twining. Ajala sinks easily into the new rhythm, her body snaking in enticing patterns as she motions for Tye to come and dance with her.

Enter Sinead, having caught a late ride! Looking about she grins and skids to a stop upon coming across a few friends. "Lhana! Tye! Aja!" she offers happily. "Sorry I'm late, guardy stuff, yah know," she chuckles slightly.

Tye rubs at her temples. "Er.. sorry Aja. S'hard to concentrate.. Val and all." She states, giving a weak grin. "He's quite intrigued.. with.. y'know." Her eyes look up to where she can see a flight of dragons. "Yeah. Well. Arg." is all the bluerider can comment with at the moment. "Don't know how much longer the pair of us are gonna stick 'round. Try to stay for some of the dancing an' all." Tye gives an annoyed sigh. If this is how it was going to be when Valedath decided to chase, then, shards'n shells, he was going to be locked in her weyr. "Ya know I ain't that great of a dancer, Ajala. I'd rather watch." Stubbornly, arms are crossed and the weyrling stays off to the side.

Lhana smiles slightly. "Well, that explains it then, I suppose," she says, and shifts so that her low neckline can be used to its best advantage. "Hello, Sinead," she says, pleasantly, then promptly turns back to Mir'ku. "Well," she says, "/I/ came here to dance." Hint, /hint/.

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Lhana is all set to dance, too, when Zhesteth suddenly bugles for immediate attention. The greenrider sighs, rolls her eyes, and mutters, "See you later," before stomping off, grumbling.

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Lyria drops down onto her knees checking under the whole length of the table, and popping back up with an empty flask of wine,"It's /empty/." Lyri wrinkles her nose up at the wine selection left. "Oh these just won't /do/." She totters over to Brid, knitting her eyebrows together with that lost-puppy look. "Brid. Saria wants wine. Tillek Rose wine. But I can't find her any!" Poutpoutsniffle. A glance is sent up towards the dragons. "Ooh! Go Ski!" cheers the brown's rider with a clap of her hands, then a glance back over her shoulder at the hillside. "Wait. Wait. Hey I shouldn't have left Saria off alone with /him/. That /bronze/rider. Why did I /do/ that?" she asks Brid very loudly. Gaze is sent back up to the skies, and she squints, then with confirmation from her dragon, her bottom lip sticks out in even more of a pout.

Lhana goes home.

Zhesteth goes home.

Brid pouts along with Lyria. "awww, you just wanted to help Saria, is all." Not that Brid thinks the goldrider needs any help. "Maybe next time you should send G'd for the wine?" Offers a comforting arm, it's the least (most) she can do for her former weyrling-mate.

Tye looks back up into the sky. "Seems like that gold was caught." After a comfirmation from Valedath, the bluerider nods again. "Yep. And by Nylanth, no doubt. That dog." Er. Canine. Whichever. "Be on the look out, Ajala. There are going to be a lot of vengeful riders coming our way." She comments, slowly shuffling towards her own dragon. The weyrling didn't exactly feel like being the object of someone elses frustration.

Sinead looks up and chuckles slightly. "Hmm, a good job on Gids part," she notes, bobbing her head slightly as she finishes her trek towards the recruit and her old friend, TaiTai. "Hey Tye, hope you've been keeping outta trouble?" she questions, snickering, obviously she highly doubts it.

Brid says, "That's one thing I don't have to deal with when Kit flies.. she always gets her man." But the very few times Izz'ys Nuadayth hasn't won.. Shaking her head, the rider pats Lyri's shoulder awkwardly. "Are you okay?" A kin is grabbed and empty glass filled and offered to the disappointed brownrider. "I'm sure you could find other riders who didn't win….."


Lyria accepts the glass gratefully with a nod of her head. "Oh no, no, I'm fine. Really. Ski's the one who /really/ gets pouty." Lyri's poutiness is jsut aftermath from Flight-time FanGirl Syndrome. She sips at the wine, eyeing her lifemate landing a bit farther down the beach. "I'm gonna go see how Ski's doing…" she mumbles and trots off in the direction of her dragon.

[OOC:] Lyria snugs a Brid, must head off.

Riders a re falling right and left it seems and even as Brid thinks this her own Kitiarath calls to her. Izz is home now after the flight and needs his own surcease. A knowing smile as the wine is settled and she mounts her mate. "Let's go home, then, dear." and she too leaves the beach for home.

Brid clambers up Kitiarath's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Kitiarath takes off, scattering sand behind her.

Eyes open wide as many, many grumbling brown- and bronzeriders slowly walk onto the scene. "Eh. Would'ja look at that! I.. think it is time to go." So, stealing a quick wineskin Tye leaps over to Valedath and mounts up. "Anyone 'Reaches bound can have a ride!" She says and motions over towards herself, hoping the people can figure out how to 'mount Val' on their own.

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