Issket Is Searched

Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient, lustrous tables run along the axis of the cavern, and at the far end rests the raised dais and high table, where Weyrleaders and honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is embedded into stone: a smoking mountain in black on… [look closer]
Perched near the food are thirty-one firelizards.
You see Ultra Bootylicious Weyrleader Bikini here.
Issket and Neiana are here.

Neiana blinks then blinks again "I hadn't heard anything about that, but I'm sure if it was serious that we'd have been told." or so she hopes. Reachng into the pocket of her apron a few napkins are produced with a flick of a wrist "I brought these for more clean up later on." looking at the littles pointedly as she jabbers on "I thought I heard something the other day as I giong past there, sounded like a flock of wild birds or something in there."

Dea yawning as she enters, "Ohh excuse me. Any klah left?" as she heads for the klah pots. "Hmmm…. nope. cold, this is is cold too… hmmm warm… warmer…. Ahh this one is fresh."

Joathon walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Joathon meanders on in whistling a little tune. Nothing like scouting around the Island on a nice spring morning to get the traders spirits up.

" Ooh, napkins!" Yes, Issket is actually awed by napkins. Call it a residual effect of occupational hazard mixed with her own dubious lack of brain activity. "You're lovely, sweetcake, lovely. Napkins! no, Daion, I meant for you to eat the pastry. Not the rag. Oh, for the love of all that's pink and pretty" she pauses to glance wistfully at the klah pots (and, by association, Dea) before turning back to Neiana; "Wild birds? Oh, that must've been the kiddies pretending to be wherries again. Aro was pretending to be a dragon eating the wherries. Bit of trouble there, y'see."

Neiana laughs slightly as she holds out her hand for the rag in question "here let me take that for you." looking over a the rider examining the klah pots as she calls out "It's just out of the kitchens, I brought it out with the pastries" pointing to the trey on the serving tables. Okay she's easily distracted for the moment as the whistiling draws her attention for a moment before flashing a grin back at Issket "Your welcome, I fuigured with the way these two have been playing with htier food you might need them."

Dea sighs as she pours out a mug of klah, making a face. It was a rough night last night. She needs a pick me up. Running a hand through her hair, "Sorry. I hope I'm not intruding? What's this about napkins?"

Joathon is instantly drawn to the Klah pot and pours himself a healthy pint full of the brown magic, Upon taking a sip he twirls around and raises his oversized mug, opens his other arm wide, and in the most cheerful voice says "Good morning Ista Weyrs Residents. Beautiful morning isnt it?" and a big grin cracks onto his face.

Issket blinks rather owlishly up at Dea from behind her glasses, intoning with more than a little reverence, "Napkins are good." The end. "But, like, not edible. Of course yer' not intruding, ma'am!" Beam. Back to Neiana, though she does spare a rather distracted look toward the source of the whistling. "Oooh, thankyouthankyouthankyou. So much more useful than some of the candidates that come to help with the kids — it's like they don't even know how to read a bedtime story! Horrid, horrid." And the source of the whistling is, suddenly, not whistling. "Still morning, is it?" Boggle.

Neiana offers a timid smile at Dea as she fights back a giggle at the way Issket is reacting to the day. Picking another bit of patry out of one of the littles hair as nods at the greeting "Ah I think it was when I got to spend a few moments out there before starting my chores." picking up on the tune that was being whistled Neiana adds a few notes to it to make her own as she begins wiping up the table.

Joathon nods towards Issket and swaggers over towards her and the others "Yes it is, and a great one at that. The skys clear, the air is sweet, and the sun is like a gentle kiss on your face when it filters through the leaves of the forest." he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath of peaceful celebration thats life. Oh yea, hes in a good mood today.

Dea sighs, "ohh don't remind me of chores. I need to wash Ftoranth and then hunt him." Plopping into a nearby chair, to sip her klah, "Unless you want to help?" she looks eager at the candidate and her friend, almost pleading for help.

So, naturally, a piece of half-eaten pastry is flung by one of the toddlers toward Joathon. Peaceful celebration of life, ahoy! "/Daion/! Don't do that! —oooh, washing. Reminds me. I have to finish with the kids' laundry later," Issket muses, eyebrows furrowing into a frown above her glasses. "But that's, like, later! I can help." Sagenod. "The kids can come too, right?"

Neiana jumps at the chance to get rid of her apron and so something else for a change "I'd love to help, though I'm not exactly sure how to." okay for a person that that grew up in a weyr she really didn't spend much time washing dragons.

Joathon is startled as a peice of pasty smacks into his face and plops into his klah mug. He looks down into the mug and pauses, he shrugs and takes his next big gulp. Pasty only adds to the flavor ya know.

Joathon has disconnected.

Dea looks over at the trader and hides a giggle. "That's one way to get breakfast." Stretching as she finishes her klah. A loud rumble from outside reminds her. "Well, the bathing will have to wait. Ftors wants to hunt. You guys want to tag along?"

Issket blink, resettling her glasses and absently picking a piece of pastry off her skirt. Again. "Hunting, eh? As long as I, like, don't have to.. y'know. Get all icky and stuff," she agrees with a beam. And see? No participation required! ('cause Iss probably knows less about washing dragons than Neiana does. Mua.)

Dea shrugs, "Well if we take a picnic basket, we can make a day of it. And after he's eaten, we can have a swim?"

Bada-bing, bada-boom. That decides it. "Ooooh, swimming." See Issket go all starry-eyed at the potential of ogling guys on the beach. "That sounds so /fun/! We should. I'll just leave these two with one of the other nannies, and we'll get a picnic basket, and— oooh this'll be so great!" Squeal. Poor Dea. "Whazzyer name again, assistant-weyrlingmaster-ma'am?" At least she can read knots properly.

Dea grins, "Dea, Rider of Ftoranth. And you are?" She stretches again, standing. "Ftoranth is outside. I thought we would go to Southern. He likes the fish there better."

Issket squeals. "Ooh, Southern!" Wow. "Oh, me? Issket. Assistant nanny and all that rot. Well met, et cetera, et cetera." She turns to the toddlers, shooing them toward the next table (where, presumably, a nanny is sitting). "There's differences between fish?" she echoes, looking mildly confused — in other words, wearing her usual expression.

Dea chuckles as she watches the shooing, shaking her head, "Don't askme. He's hooked on fish and they are bigger he says." heading out of the Caveren, "Ready?"

Issket bustles along, all burbling acquiescence. "Ready!" And off they go.

You head out to the bowl.
Southeastern Bowl

Issket nances in from the Living Cavern.

You clamber up Ftoranth's neck and set yourself between two neckridges.

Issket clambers up Ftoranth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Dea leans over to help Issket, "Got the basket?"

Issket does indeed, hefting it up with some difficulty. Makes you wonder just how much is packed in there. "GOt it!" Chirp-chirp. And, with a huff, she settles between two 'ridges behind Dea. Puff-puff.

Sevareth swings his head over to regard the pair curiously. Hrm. Basket. Cookies? Could be. Either way it's way more action than the bowl's gotten all day, thus has his full attention.

Ftoranth whuffles a greeting as he heads up. Bugling as he spread wings to take off.

You take off.
Sky Over Southeastern Bowl

Dea leans over< "Ever gone between before?"

You visualize Above Southern Weyr for Ftoranth.

Ftoranth thinks to you, « Ok, I am now envisioning… »

Issket scoffs, sounding uncharacteristically un-Isslike for a moment before she reaches up with one hand to carefully nudge her glasses up. "Never even been out of Ista Isle my whole life, ma'am," she bubbles, leaning over a bit to look dooooown. "So — er — like, no."

You say, "Hang on, here we go"

Ftoranth winks into ::between::!
You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and count…

Above Southern Weyr

Ftoranth blinks in from ::between::!

You soar east towards the beach. The weyr cliff falls behind you and you hover over the sheltered beach.

Above Southern Weyr Beach

You glide down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.

Southern Weyr Beach

You slide gently down Ftoranth's neck and land with a soft thud.

Issket slides from Ftoranth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Issket slides down to the ground, rather wobbly-kneed for a moment. "Oog." Yes, oog. "Oooh — feels almost like the beach at home," she observes, hefting the basket again.

Dea grins, "Alright Ftors go hunt." Giving the big brown a slap on his side. "And behave yourself."

Issket just goes on ogling. Hm. Not too many boys around. (Lucky boys.) Whee for beach-ogling.

Ftoranth heads off into the waters to hunt fish and other food stuff. Dea, of course, is ready for a swim and a bake in the sun. "I love coming here."

" I can see why." Issket bobbles along after Dea, plopping down on the sand after a few steps and poking into the basket. "It's so /nice/! And the sand's so /white/, and you can see the fish in the water and everything." How, uh, lovely. "And there's sweetcakes in here! With frosting!"

Dea grins as spreads out a blanket, "Sweetcakes! ohh yum!" Settling herself on the blanket, as she scans the water for a sign of Ftoranth. "So what do you do at the weyr?"

Issket is already helping herself to the sweetcakes, although she does take the time to scoot onto the blanket, too. Sand chafes something horrible. "Oh, y'know. I.. take care of the kids," she manages around a mouthful. "Like, I usually get a whole bunch and take 'em to go see the weyrherder, or sometimes we go visit the cooks and try to cook except after the last time I don't think they'll let us back in." Puff. "It's, like, so /fun/! You don't have any kiddies, do you?"

Dea helps herself to a sweetcakes, "Better you then me. I don't much care for kids. Better you then me. I was a bathing drudge before I Impressed that big IMP out there." Speaking of imps, Ftoranth comes back to the beach. «Fish are fun to catch.»

" Don't care much for kids?" Issket squeaks. Oh, the horror! "Kids are the most fun! I mean, adults are so boring to be around, and all they ever do is talk.. and stuff. I mean, not /you/," she adds after a moment, "'cause we're here on a picnic and that's fun and can he really catch fish?" Meaning Ftoranth, naturally.

Aeokaith jumps off the cliff from above, and floats down to the beach on outstretched wings.

Dea shrugs and shivers, "Kids and I don't get along." Stretching out on the blanket. "Ftoranth!" The big brown decided to shake himself like wet puppy. "HEY!" But the brown rumbles with amusement as he settles by his lifemate.

From Aeokaith's neck, Tasi gives a whoop of joy, as she and Aeokaith flutter down onto the beach, completely unaware of anyone else's presence. Apparently this is the first time that dragon /and/ rider have felt well enough, and had enough free time, to 'tween for a joyride and get those flight muscles back into shape. The rather recognizable sound of Dea grumbling at her lifemate attracts her attention, though, and she turns a bit red under the newly-regained tan, looking over to see if either of the weyrfolk saw her being juvenile.

Issket lets out a more girlyish squeal than usual as the brown shakes himself off — eeew, wet dragon. (Even if they probably don't smell.) "Iiiick." Twitch. Back to the sweetcake. "What do /you/ do? 'sides take picnics and—" Tasi /is/ noticed. Muaha. And the nanny turns to blink at the bluerider. Oo/
..?. Not /.

Dea waves to Tasi and Aeokith. Ftoranth gives out a rumbles of greetings> "hey! come join us. We are playing hooky."

From Aeokaith's neck, Tasi giggles, swinging down off of the blue's neck and giving him a fond pat on the neck. About to walk over to the pair, a silent request stops her, and she forms her reply while loosening and gathering up Aeo's straps so he can take advantage of beach, water, and everything while she joins the other two. "Hooky? Sounds fun! Glad we happened by." She grins at Dea, then waves at Issket. "How're things?"

" Picnics, playing hooky, trips to Southern," Issket likes these ideas. "Things are good. Here, have a sweetcake!" And the picnic basket is toed Tasi's way with a beam. "They have frosting and all."

Ftoranth eyes Issket as he settles down. Giving out a huge snort that kicks up sand, he moves closer. «I like how she thinks. Can we keep her?» Dea who is relaxing, ""Hmmm? Ftoranth? Uhh no, you can't keep her as a pet."

From Aeokaith's neck, Tasi grins, reaching over to snag a sweetcake. "Yum, thanks," she calls over, mouth full already. A smothered giggle arises at Dea's comment to Ftoranth, but Aeokaith seems interested, craning his neck out of the water and splashing a little closer to peer with interest at the group on the sand, seeming without words to approve of this plan. "Aeo, Ftoranth, you know we can't keept people against their will," she says with a smile, munching contentedly on her sweetcake. But the comment seems to trigger an idea, and she peers over at Dea, one eyebrow raised in a questioning glance.

Issket is in the process of licking a bit of frosting off the back of her hand. (Looks like all those hours in the nursery are more influential than she thought.) "Eh— what?" Perk. "There's pets? Where?" Another cake is grabbed from the basket, and she settles to eating (again), quasi-oblivious looks sent up at both riders and their dragons before she voices a question, rather plaintive. "What people?"

Ftoranth whuffles again, moving closer. Dea frowns slightly, "Ftoranth! Behave yourself. No, you can't keep her. Huh? … Uh sure… I'll ask her." Turning to Issket, "Ftoranth says if he can't keep you as a pet, can he Search you instead and have you stand on the Sands so you can get a dragon of your own?"

From Aeokaith's neck, Tasi smiles at Dea, nodding. "Excellent suggestion," she says with a grin towards Ftoranth, looking over at Issket eagerly for her reaction. Aeokaith edges forward too, coming out of the water to drip tiny droplets on his rider's sweetcake, much to her annoyance.

" What's all this about /keeping/ and— /glrrk/?" Issket promptly chokes on her latest mouthful of cake, sputtering a moment before leaning over to cough out the remaining bits onto the sand. How attractive. "But the kiddies are /already/ almost out of control— er. Wait." Oooh. "I mean — yes. Sure!" Beam. What better use for Search than a chance to escape the stresses of nannying? "—er, you /are/ serious, right?"

Dea grins, "Quite serious. Ftoranth is being very insistent on it. Are you alright with this?"

From Aeokaith's neck, Tasi grins a little, leaning forward to pat Issket on the back in an attempt to prevent the apparent choking. "Take it easy, girl. Of course we mean it," she says, sounding amused, but vaguely affronted. "We don't joke about this stuff, y'know." She smiles.

From Aeokaith's neck, [OOC:] Tasi says "Excuse the slight powerplay, there…feel free to avoid the pat if you want, I realize my pose didn't give many options there, stupidly."
[OOC:] Issket snickers. S'alright. ;)

Aeokaith shakes his head and stretches a little as Tasi releases the straps. He slides a foreleg along the ground, offering a spindly staircase from which Tasi descends, sliding to the ground.

" Great!" Dea says but not really moving from her spot until Ftoranth bumps her. "hey! Do we have to do it just this minute? I want to tan a bit."

Tasi giggles a little, lazily pushing Aeokaith just far enough away to avoid the sweetcake. She offers him the soggy part, which he tastes but ultimately decides against. "I'm with Dea…can we keep playing hooky?" she asks pleadingly, grinning over at Issket.

Issket snort-giggles, readjusting her glasses. "'course. Playing hooky is — fun," she decides on with an over-bright smile, going back to her sweetcake. Chomp. "'specially since I don't have to get right back to the nursery." Glee.

Ftoranth is being very insistent. NOW! He wants to get her settled now. Dea sighs. "Ohh alright!" Sitting up to grab her tunic. "Sorry. he's being childish about it." «Am not!»

Tasi wrinkles her nose, looking over at Ftoranth. She sits back up, grumbling gently to herself, and says imperturbably, "Well, I for one am coming right back here to play hooky once we're done with all of that. Do you want to take her, or shall I? We don't all have to go back to appease Ftoranth, do we?" she asks, a little petulantly.

Issket is rather petulant, too — quasi-pout. "We have to go back right /now/?" Puff. Not like she's really in any position to argue. "Hn. —all right." No hooky for the Iss. Aww.

Dea sighs, "Well, Let's get her settled and if we see anymore candidates, we can kidnap them and bring them here to clean our dragons? ok?"

Tasi nods. "All right. I can handle that." She grins, standing back up and looping her straps back around Aeokaith's neck, swinging herself up with ease. "Ftoranth's bigger, but Aeokaith's showier…do you want the easier climb or the easier ride?" she says down to Issket with a grin. Aeokaith, it seems, is still quite glad to have his rider back, and himself recovered.

Ebony talons slide forward as Aeokaith offers a spindly forearm for Tasi to clamber up. A mischevious shake of the dragon's neck and Tasi tumbles into place between navy neckridges.

Dea sighs as she moves to mount Ftoranth. "Come on, let's go so we can come back."

You clamber up Ftoranth's neck and set yourself between two neckridges.

Ftoranth launches himself up into the blue skies. "Race ya!"

You take off.

You visualize Sky Over Southeastern Bowl for Ftoranth.

Ftoranth thinks to you, « Ok, I am now envisioning… »

Ftoranth winks into ::between::!

Sky Over Southeastern Bowl

Ftoranth blinks in from ::between::!
Aeokaith has arrived.

You spiral down for a landing in the bowl.

Aeokaith circles in and lands.
Aeokaith shakes his head and stretches a little as Tasi releases the straps. He slides a foreleg along the ground, offering a spindly staircase from which Tasi descends, sliding to the ground.

You slide gently down Ftoranth's neck and land with a soft thud.

Issket slides from Ftoranth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

You say, "Alright, let's get you settled."

You go into the living cavern.

You go to the South Caverns.

You go to the Candidate's Barracks.

Issket nances in from the South Caverns.

Dea sends a drudge running for a cot. After a few minutes the drudge returns dragging a big heavy cot for Issket.

Dea gets Issket settled, "Alright. All set, let's go back to playing hooky."

You go to the South Caverns.

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