Dragon: Iqiazath
Colour: Green
Name: Siren, D’baji-tweak
Egg: The Imprisoned Wolf Egg
Egg Desc: Minka
Dragonet: Raider of the Lost Swamp Green
Dragonet Desc: D’baji, Sapha-tweak
Messages: D’baji
Inspiration: D’baji, Kia, Minka

Clutching Message:

Ryazusith settles for a moment, devoting herself to studiously inspecting her first clutched egg, nudging it slightly and into place. Perfect. Moving now she hurriedly spies another section of sand, straining and yet again depositing an egg upon the sands. As with the other egg, she pauses and takes her time positioning the ovoid: nudging, and gently supporting with talon-raked sands.

The Imprisoned Wolf Egg:

In the bowels of the darkest caverns, it awaits, the darkness spreading like mist, seeping over every patch of ovoid - lingering in an obsidian pool, and mocking all colour, sweeping up and drowning what may have once dwelled beneath. A flicker of red and a dash of silver being the only remnants that are too, forgotten, in a watery waste of ebony. Charcoal lurks atop the very apex of this egg, scampering towards the base with powerful gnashes, sooty depths bearing the faintest imprints in grey. A slash here, and tear there. What resides within is kept at bay, a thin ribbon of rainbow cast about the middle of its shell - azure, indigo, verdant - twirling about in symmetrical bounds of perfection.

Hatching Message:

The Imprisoned Wolf Egg pitches forward, the red of the shell flashing out ominously as a large crack finally splits the darkness. Heralded by a draconic howl, an angular grayish nose emerges from the depths of the egg. The dragonet’s sinewy, ill-proportioned body slides almost frantically from the remains of the egg, a whip of the stubby tail flinging the last shards to the side.

Raider of the Lost Swamp Green Dragonet:

Dimmed shades of grey and green leach and ooze across her sinewy, muscle-clumped frame. Headknobs tinged with a dirt-frosted blues squash onto a sharply angular head. A short, wide neck, highlighted with irregular swipes of pallid yellow and somewhat darker greens, leads into strong, bulky, verdant-pocked shoulders. Grey-tipped talons taper off of grass-stained too-short limbs, which in turn are sharply juxtaposed with a much elongated body. Short, blocky wings, brushed at the joints with splashes of fetid crimson, look less than flight-worthy, an effect worsened by the jaundiced glow of the wingsails. Hints of faded cerulean seep into oily pools of sickly yellow-green along rectangular ‘ridges along her back. A giant splotch of noxious yellow swamp gas ends a stubby tail that looks to have been pushed forward on her body, giving the appearance of a slightly hunched back, and a slightly round, and misplaced, underbelly.

Impression Message:

Raider of the Lost Swamp Green Dragonet’s short legs move in double-time as she confidently hurdles her way across the remaining distance between herself and her chosen companion. A sharp bark to ensure she has her candidate’s attention announces her arrival at the young woman’s side, where she gazes challengingly into Siren’s eyes.

Personal Impression Message:

The crack of a whip precedes a golden trail that sparks across cold, empty, dark blue space. A dry Southern drawl claims your attention entirely, declaring « I’m Iqiazath! » The golden dust trail bursts into and through a thick mesh of vines, and the scent of liquor brings the confident words, « Sin, you’re the one who’ll fly with me, through the rest of time. »

Name Inspiration:

The inspiration for the name came all the way from you! We just tweaked it a little bit, adding an ‘a’ in there, turning Iqizath into Iqiazath. Why? Because the theme of the clutch was childhood heroes, and you listed Indiana Jones. When we came up with Iqiazath, we had in mind to pronounce it icky-A-zath, accenting the second syllable, as you do in Indiana.

Egg Inspiration:

The giant wolf god of Norse mythology. He was the son of Loki and a giant woman. He was cast into the sea at birth, but was rescued by Odin (The ruler of the Gods of Asgard) and returned to the heavenly dwelling. It was there he was kept so Odin and the gods could watch him. However, Fenrir grew at an alarming rate and was ferocious and menacing, and eventually would bite of his guardian’s (Tyr’s) hand. He was then restrained with chains, and each time broke them. Fearing him, the gods fashioned a magical ribbon to restrain him. It is said that when Ragnarok (apocalypse) comes, Fenrir will break free and lead all giants and monsters in a war against the gods.

Description Inspiration:

You wanted a fugly dragon, we gave you the fugliest one we could come up with. The themes we used for her description were the ship Serenity, as per your request, and a swampy/earthy theme. Not only does a swamp just seem to work with a fugly dragon, but it kind of jives with the second half of the clutch theme: sacred places. (Swamps are sacred to some people, surely- Shrek or Yoda…) So imagine Serenity got sucked into the Star Wars universe and crash-landed on Dagoba, and that’s about what Iqiazath looks like. Her physicality is blocky and angular, much like the ship. Her colouration is a swampy exaggeration of the ship’s different colours- including, of course, the glow from the engines, which turns into swamp gas on Iqi’s hide.

Mind Voice:

Iqi’s voice is a wonderful mixture of Indiana Jones and Mal- just like the rest of her. When she’s excited- for example, during Threadfall, or during an argument- various words or sentences will be accented with the crack of a whip or a gunshot. Whip imagery may or may not come into it, depending on how excited she is, and whether or not she feels it necessary (it’s sort of a persuasive or emphatic tool). When she’s upset or invigorated, there will be the heavy scent of liquor on her voice. Her voice itself will have a sort of Southern drawl to it, especially when she’s feeling calmer. In calm stages, there will be trails of glowing gold following each snippet of speech- you know, like the gold trail that follows Serenity when her engines are fired up, on a sort of starred, spacey background. An occasional vine or sand dune, or something equally Indiana Jones-ish might pop up in there. But that’s absolutely natural for Iqiazath; to put random scenery in space if she feels it works. Like Indy and Mal, her solutions aren’t governed by any real set of ‘rules,’ she just does what’ll work- and this is reflected in her mind voice.


She’s not pretty to look at, but she gets the job done. Iqiazath’s wings are short, blocky, and powerful. She’ll probably have to flap at a higher frequency than the other dragons, but she’ll go fast, and she’ll be more manoeuvrable than anyone would expect; her stubby tail won’t get in the way as she’s turning, and her long body is muscular and can be twisted at odd angles if it needs to be. She’ll also learn from experience, and after each flight she’ll get better. She knows she’s made to fly, and she won’t be blind to the sharp improvement (especially over her first few flights). Flying will just feel ‘right’ to Iqi, and you can bet she’ll mention this to you as soon as she’s allowed off the ground.

« I am a leaf on the wind, Sin. Watch how I soar! »

"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar." —Wash

Indeed, her flight style will be more based on Wash than on Mal- he is Serenity’s pilot, after all. In Fall, she won’t be immune to Threadscoring, and will probably end up with glancing blows after the majority of the Falls she flies. This is mainly because her major goal is to get the stuff singed. She doesn’t mind so much sustaining some damage (so long as it doesn’t ground her) if it means she’ll get that whole clump rather than just half of it. Like Indiana Jones, Iqi’s quick off the draw, and a great shot at that. She’ll instinctively be able to anticipate changes in the Fall, and is fast enough that even freak gusts of wind will rarely keep her from missing her mark. You’ll have to bring her plenty of firestone, though- she’ll go through ammunition pretty quick.

Her legs are kind of short too, so even on the ground she’ll need more movement to cover the same ground at the same speed as her peers. You can bet she’ll have to eat more frequently than other greens, just because she expends that much more energy in regular movement. She’ll also dehydrate more easily than others, so don’t let her play tough; if she’s thirsty, make her drink. Iqi’s not much of a glider, and will need to build up quite a bit of endurance to stay in the sky as long as the other dragons, so make sure she gets plenty of regular exercise (if she’s left behind by other dragons her size, she’ll get downright irritable).


Your Iqiazath has all the gun-slinging charm of Indiana Jones and Malcolm Reynolds, all wrapped up in one fugly green(ish) package. She’s a natural born leader, an extremely skilled (if seemingly haphazard) fighter, and, despite certain outgoing tendencies, a very private individual. She’ll have Mal’s talent of providing a witty one-liner in every situation, and Indy’s ability to get into the dangerous or tense situations that especially call for such humour.

Iqi lives for Threadfall. It’s her true purpose, and she’s got a true gift for flying Fall. Right from Weyrlinghood training with dyed ropes, she’ll instinctively notice patterns. In a real Fall, she’ll be just as in tune with the natural patterns, and will know exactly how to adjust wing formations and individual dragons’ performances to best accommodate.

« L’nin is throwing two clumps to the left, then one to the right. We’ll need to extend the right flank to cover Lzi’s scatter pattern. »

« The winds are elongating the clumps, we should try a double-level formation. And Lenculoth should try flaming in short bursts, she’ll cover a greater area that way. »

Her solutions won’t generally be ‘by the book,’ but they will almost always work- so long as everyone involved in them has at least as much imagination as she does.

She’ll also tend to fill your head with colourful swears and curses during Threadfall.

"I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you." —Mal

She’ll make a fantastic Wingleader (and of course, you’ll get dragged along into that). She won’t at all like taking orders, because she’s sure her style is better than anyone else’s.

"Do you want to run this ship?" —Mal

"Yes!" —Jayne

"Well… You can’t!" —Mal

Her will to lead shouldn’t be confused with power-hungry ambition, though- she doesn’t envy those in positions of power that are mostly administrative. She’ll laugh at the golds who are stuck on the Sands, and whose riders have to deal with all kinds of paperwork. However, it will forever be a pet peeve of hers that only bronze pairs have a real chance at getting to be Weyrleaders.

« If I were in charge of all the wings, the ground crews wouldn’t have anywhere near as much cleanup as they do with Bydelth giving orders. »

Much like both Indy and Mal, she will have absolutely no problem with expressing her distaste for someone.

"Where shall I find a new adversary so close to my own level?" —Belloq

"Try the local sewer." —Indiana

Iqi will seem socially inept to those who don’t know her well (which will, most likely, be the majority of her contacts).

"Don’t feel bad, he makes everybody cry, he’s a monster." —Kaylee (about Mal)

It’s not that she has no sense of social situations, nor that she doesn’t have any sense of empathy- quite the opposite, in fact. When she has to deal with a delicate situation, she can, in ways especially fitting those personalities with which she’s dealing; just like how Mal’s command style will change based on who he’s talking to, and how Indiana seems like a completely different person when he’s talking to Marion (Raiders of the Lost Ark) than when he’s addressing Shorty (Temple of Doom). No, it’s not that she lacks the abilities; it’s that most of the time, she doesn’t care. In fact, she tends to ignore most social rules in a perfectly shameless way.

"What did I say to you about barging into my shuttle?" —Inara

"That it was manly and impulsive?" —Mal

She’ll share her true sentiments with those she’s especially close to- you and a few select others. If everyone else thinks she’s mean, or a little off her rocker, well that’s just fine.

Now for the quirks! Iqiazath is fearless in almost every situation- until there’s a tunnelsnake involved. Think of how Indy reacts to snakes, and you’ve got Iqi’s sentiments on the creatures exactly. She’ll pretend like she’s not squeamish if she’s got an audience, but left to her own devices she’ll find a way to bypass every tunnelsnake by about a ten metre radius.

Though she’s not the kind of dragon who will be too concerned about the decor of her weyr, she will insist on some nicely painted calligraphy-style designs on her walls (like the Chinese characters hanging in Mal’s quarters on his boat). Statues or other such artifacts may also catch her eye, but she won’t want to hold on to them forever, lest her weyr get too cluttered. Once she’s discovered everything she wants to discover about her artifact, she will gift it to someone, or find some other way of disposing of it without destroying it (Iqi would never destroy something she loved!). Depending on how attached to or intrigued with it she was, she may have a sketch commissioned.

Finally, Iqi likes Sorcha. She has since Sorcha touched her egg on the Sands, and chances are good that she always will, regardless of whether she and [Sorcha’s gold] get along.


Indiana Jones: Anything can happen. It's a long way to Delhi.
Willie: No, thanks. No more adventures with you, Dr. Jones.
Indiana Jones: Sweetheart, after all the fun we've had together?
Willie: If you think I'm going to Delhi with you, or anyplace else after all the trouble you've gotten me into, think again, buster! I'm going home to Missouri where they never feed you snakes before ripping your heart out and lowering you into hot pits! This is NOT my idea of a swell time!
[to native]
Willie: Excuse me, sir. I need a guide to Delhi. If you could…
[Indy snaps his whip around Willie's waist and pulls her back]
Willie: Oh…
Short Round: Very funny. Very funny.
[Indy and Willie start to kiss]
Short Round: Uh-oh!

—Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom

Iqiazath is a stubborn thing when it comes to males. She’ll let them pursue her, and offer not a scrap of encouragement ‘till the last moment. She’s a difficult female to court, with her mind generally set on anything but that certain brown, blue or bronze. She’ll bore them to death with her chattering about various items in her possession, or mysterious artifacts she may have heard whisperings of, yet – luckily they’ll often feign interest.

When proddy, she’s only slightly less ignorant of male affection, rarely succumbing to any sort of drive until the very end. She’ll have infrequent moments of perceived clarity, then will fall back into her oblivious nature and turn to suspicion, often pointing out to you (or the male in question) the very obvious - then twisting it!

« You know, I do think Nverath’s eyed me off a few times today. How suspicious. »

In flights, she’ll shed her somewhat masculine behavior, and revel in the fact that she is being sought after. It’s a power trip, after all – and this is one green, which is not used to much attention. She’ll crow her prowess, over and over, gloating to the males in pursuit. When she’s finally spent, and ready to choose, no long deliberation will take place – and it will often be, simply, who is first in line.

Harper's Tale's 43rd PC Clutch

Ista Weyr
Minka’s Gold Ryazusith and D’baji's bronze Nverath
Date: 28th December 2005


Vri’s blue Tirynth
S’eron’s green Lenculoth
Tala’s green Tsukiath
S’ke’s blue Saikath
Ayla’s brown Jhakkarath
R’lar’s bronze Cojiroth
Sorcha’s gold Madigyth

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