Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that he or she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way. — Sin, Lanti, and S'eron

Dragon: Imadrith
Color: green
Name: Eleryn (Yes, you!)
Egg: Icefire Egg
Egg Desc: Nuff
Dragonet: Post-Apocalyptic Pioneer Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Sin
Messages: S'eron, Sin tweak
Inspiration: Sin, Lanti, and S'eron

Icefire Egg
A blue so cold it burns colors this egg with the luminous, liquid hue of an ice-cave backlit with sunfire: the clarity of ice, the liquidity of water, the glowing, shining, incandescent brilliance of light. The blue sculpts itself to this egg, clinging, sliding, curving, sloping - color skates along the shell with a sensual elegance and stylish simplicity lost only beneath the avalanche of white that tumbles down over one rounded end.

Hatching Message:
The Icefire Egg hisses as fissures appear on it's surface. Small streams of steam issue forth, as if what's inside is hotter than the icy exterior. Splinters create circular patches in the hard shell as limbs stretch to be free. All four feet appear first, bursting from restraint at the same time, the shell shards between the legs cracking at the pressure. A line almost perfect bisects the remaining portion that rests on the young green's back, the two halves sticking to goo-coated wings as they stretch outward, finally finding purchase to do so. She gives a shake and olive hide is revealed as the shards are flung away from her body, her neck curling upward and examining the world.

Post Apocalyptic Pioneer green Dragonet
Bright olivine lights caress gorgeous curves, sleek over compact musculature. Her features' cast is exotic, yet earthy still: subtle shadings of gold dust over upswept eyeridges, shimmering into tempered bronze along the sweep of a short, svelt neck. Beauty masks danger, pulling attention away from wickedly curving talons, from powerfully muscled limbs and tail; instead it is drawn to the wide fan of wings, gold-edged peridot that glitters 'tween olive-bronze 'spars.

Impression Message:
Post-Apocalyptic Pioneer Green Dragonet finishes her examination of the candidate before her and moves on once more, her expression schooled and hopeful, though the air of disappointment marks her walking pace. Eventually, she comes upon a candidate with long, dark hair that causes her to pause. She plants her hindquarters on the hot sand and begins to stare the female down, her eyes narrowing then widening in delight. She bows her head and closes her eyes, giving the candidate a nod before she moves around to Eleryn's side and leans against her adoringly.

Personal Impression Message:
Memories of cool breezes on a warm summer day brush your thoughts, the presence of someone calm and thoughtful beginning to leave an impression on your mind. « At last, traveler, » She begins, her tones joyous and welcoming, embodying what a good hostess should be, « you have come. Please, say you'll join me. It is late and a meal is more than advisable. I am Imadrith of Ista Weyr, daughter of Ryazusith and Nverath. You are my Eryn and you will always be welcome. »


Name Inspiration:
We're not entirely sure where you came up with this name, but it caught our eye as nice and simple as well as exotic. Enjoy! It's all yours, baby.

Egg Inspiration:
This egg was going to be an avalanche, but how interesting is white on white, a few splintered trees, and more white? And I utterly /adore/ the luminous liquid blue of ice-caves, look some up online, the color is absolutely amazing and almost surreal: wizard's fire. Ice fire. Cold upon cold upon cold till its heat you feel, if you get too close.

Description Inspiration:
We primarily based Imadrith's description off of the physical appearance of Teyla Emmagan. She's almost always dressed in browns and greens, but her own natural skin tone is a beautiful bronze that we couldn't help but incorporate into the description. You also mentioned something about her being 'the Miata of greens' in your questionaire, and that imagery tickled us, too. We couldn't help put a little bit of that in, based on this picture, as well:

Mind Voice:
Imadrith speaks with a cool, slow paced voice, one that gives the impression that every word, every thought and every expression has been examined and proven to be worthy. She's just as diplomatic when she speaks to you as when she speaks to others, but there are ways to tell that she prefers your company to all others. There's a warmth in her tone, one that almost rests on your skin, and a light in her words, one that could brighten the brightest day. When she speaks, images of warm glowing candles and soft summer breezes will fill your mind. Her most spiritual side is signified with the scent of incense. You can't actually smell the scent of it, but the memory is poignent in your mind. You could describe it just as if you had smelled it.

When Imadrith is in a battle mode, which is less often, given the lack of Thread to fight, her mind becomes more instinctual. If you borrow her vision during these times, you'll find it in high relief, black and whites mingling with a type of night vision - the spiritual portions of her soul reaching out to the physical world and beyond. She speaks less and when she does, her tone rasps as if her teeth were clenched while she speaks. She can be completely foreign to her normal demeanor at this time, but call to her - coax her to come back and she'll begin to inhabit her body once more and be your Imadrith again.

Imadrith is a lithe beauty, with bronze and golden hues imbuing her rich olive hide with life and glitter. She's a little more muscled than most 'traditional' beauties are usually thought to be, but her grace and her steadiness always puts her body in the best possible light. She's neither the longest nor the shortest green on Pern, but she very well may be the strongest and the most flexible. Her wings are of an average size and shape, but they possess a exactness of motion and a fluidity of range that only comes from specific exercises to make the absolute most of her body.

Imadrith is everything you could want in a science fiction heroine - a warrior, a leader, a friend and a companion - simply because she's modeled after one. Teyla Emmagan from Stargate: Atlantis is all of those things wrapped in one exotic beauty. At her core is a solid rod of steel, a guideline for her entire life, made up of classic ethics, the morals passed down by others and common sense that is typical of draconic kind. Braced against this strong core is an impenetrable layer of preparedness, the aftermath of a lifetime of warfare and struggle. Imadrith came by this genetically, possessing an old soul that is used to a valiant fight for life against death, despite the fact that she was hatched well enough into the interval to only know of Thread from the stories of others. Over all of this the softness of a compassionate, highly spiritual being, more concerned with the care of young ones and those that can no longer defend themselves than of her own well being. She lives in the moment as she look to the future, able to enjoy each and every breath as well anticipate what her superiors will want and what course to take in the mock threadfalls.

To you, she will be your ever present companion. She will share her soul with you without demanding the same in return. It will impossible to not lean on her in the same way. She will be your defender when you truly need it, but will never stand in the way of a situation you can learn from. You may not always agree with her point of view for when she allows you to mess up on your own or when other criticize you, but you know you will always have her full support. She will point out where you could have done better as she mentally helps you up from the ground and gives you a proverbial dusting off. Repetition is her way of instilling lessons with in you, but she will only repeat herself when she knows you are quiet enough to listen.

With a model like Teyla, did you think you could get away without a rigorous exercise program? From day one, Imadrith will be focused on being physically fit as well as mentally clear. She will want you to stretch with her every single day and run along the beach to get your heart pumping. A nice long swim will follow as well as a regiment of exercises that will improve your hand/eye coordination while testing your reflexive speed and relative grace. Finally, she will have the both of you stretch again, since it is so very beneficial. Slacking off is not a part of her personality. If you ask for a day off, she will fix you with a stern gaze and reply with a cool tone that it is unwise to fall out of habit. After that, she will leave you be as she continues her exercise routine by herself. It is also unwise to ignore your lifemate, since the two of you are only at your best when you are of one mind and, for all intents and purposes, one body.

Imadrith's leadership style will not be evident when she is in the presence of other stronger leaders. She knows that what any leader needs most is followers and will be completely devoted to following the wise leadership of the weyr, her weyrling masters and her wingleaders. Should all others forsake the position, she will be completely capable and willing to lead in any facility available to her. She won't lead by her words or by the power vested in her by her superiors, she leads by example, making sure each command is understood by her friends and comrades before she proceeds. Only in situations which require quick decision making will she bypass the explanation and expect immediate compliance. She is more devoted to teaching or caring for others to use this style all of the time. Training as a dragonhealer might not be the best fit since she is more concerned with the mental processes of others than their physical movements (well, for everyone aside from you). Maybe a career as a weyrlingmaster s right up your alley.

Imadrith is and always will be in touch with her body. When it draws close to time to rise and mate, she will glow with the thrill of it all. Her attention will turn inward as she rejoices at her body's cycle. She will most likely know the time of her rising and actually advertise it to her potential lovers, looking for the strongest and fastest to mate with and making absolutely sure that they will be available when she is to rise.

When it actually becomes time for her flight, she will become quiet and determined, like an athlete before a state track meet. Her mind will review every step that she intends to take in her aerial dance, follow over every arc she intends to take and run through a long list of possible evasion techniques she might need, depending on her chasers. She will become primordial as she takes to the sky. Her mind will devolve into a series of flashes and impressions of what she is going to do next, but other than that, she behaves as if she were mindlessly following the call of the planet. Her dance will continue until one of the other dragons catch her eye. Most of the time, she will purposefully chose him, but on those times when a male dragon catches her unaware, be ready for a wild ride.

Afterwards, she will wake up buzzing with pleasure. She will not scorn her lovers, but she won't shower them with any more affection than is necessary. She will often have questions for you, as to why she is lying with this blue and what happened to the brown she invited to join in the chase, but her questions will be more about curiosity than a deeper need to know. If you have forgotten as well, then she will dismiss it all as trivial and move on with life until the next time.

Eryn and green Imadrith
Harper's Tale: 47th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Minka's gold Ryazusith & D'baji's bronze Nverath
Friday, April 13th, 2007
R'ell and bronze Sunevoth
M'cai and brown Giavistoth
M'erc and blue Hydasnth
T'lor and blue Kayganoth
Thyia and blue Phthongoth

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