Congratulations on impressing a dragon here at Ista Weyr! We hope that she is everything that you could want in a lifemate, though this inspiration is just a guideline for how to play your dragon. You are not required to follow all or any of it. The dragon is /yours/. Members of SearchCo have put many hours into the creation of your dragon, and we are excited to see how you develop the personality in your own, unique way Khristeen dear. -Sapha-

Dragon: Imacinth
Color: Green
Name: You!
Egg: Phantom of the Clutch Egg
Egg Desc: N'ano
Dragonet: Woe-be-Gone Diva Green Dragonet
Dragonet Desc: Sapha
Messages: Sapha, N'ano
Inspiration: Sapha, N'ano

Clutching Message:
A cool breeze suddenly engulfs the hot sands as Quarith prepares herself for the last of kin to be clutched, sending a quiver throughout her body. Whether it's from the sudden change in atmosphere, or bodily reaction to clutching, who knows. Alas though, the final egg is instantly dispersed amongst its future siblings, though somewhat set aside from the rest, having rolled upon impact with the sand beneath.

Phantom of the Clutch Egg
A facade of nothingness this egg possesses, a somewhat translucent appearance of faded light, or so it seems. Though its not diaphanous, a shadow of darkness transcends along the bottom side, hardly a cascaded silhouette of its possessor or reflection of daylight radiance. There almost seems to be an aura of evilness lurking from the realms of it, but whos to really decide upon its fate?

Hatching Message:
As if a scale had broken the upper most register, Phantom of the Clutch Egg's hardened shell crackles and veins like a spinner's web upon glass, sending bits and pieces of shadowy shell to the blacksands below. Emerging from the depths beneath the eggshards is something of a mystery—her moist emerald hide seemingly hidden 'neath a darkened mask as if it were hiding her identity. Alas, Woe-be-Gone Diva Green Dragonet is born, ready to stalk the sands filled with her adoring fans!

Woe-be-Gone Diva Green Dragonet
Elegance stains every bewitching curve and angle of her luminous green physique. Mysterious bottle green tourmaline and malachite stipple gracefully gaunt shoulders and hip before mellowing to an intoxicating jade long the more junoesque curves of stomach and leg and tail. Uniformity is banished from her hide by incursions of paler jade that artfully embellish diaphanous sails, ethereal ridges and over-large claws. This same exquisitely pastel hue is found bleeding from refined headknobs and past wide-set liquid rainbow eyes. Onwards this pale mask continues, slicing her muzzle in twain before dissipating to nothingness beneath firm jowls. Pale curved talons ground her in this reality, their size remarkable even in relation to her own magnificent proportions.

Impression Message:
Woe-be-Gone Diva Green dragonet pauses. Hark! What light through yonder pathway breaks? Could it be? Almost as choreographed her way becomes clear, her path focused, and her steps more purposeful. Fully aware of the dramatic tension, she suddenly stops short of a girl with a heart-shaped face and issues a little croon, her liquid rainbow eyes telling all how truly delightful she finds Khristeen to be.

Personal Impression Message:
A swell of anticipation enters your mind, the backstage hubbub fading before returning with greater urgency. It's time! The hubbub hushes and a crescendo swells into your mind, other worldly music fills your senses then falls silent. It is then and only then, the soprano whisper enters your mind. « Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime… » The siren's song begins. « Love me! That's all I ask of you, Rishk. » The bitter-sweet serenade fades, and as an encore « And I shall be your Imacinth, your beloved forever. »


Name Inspiration:

Who am I to stand in the way of the perfect name? You asked for it. I liked it and you got it. Of course only you know the real story behind the name, so you can just insert that here if you like. I've been saying it im-MAC-inth (With a soft C), but I guess you might be saying it differently ;)

Egg Inspiration:

Though its name suggests otherwise, the source for this egg is really just as mysterious as the egg itself. Really though, I based it off of the evilness of… death, per se, from Final Destination. It's definitely something you don't want to encounter, no?

Description Inspiration:

Pretty much I sat down than thought about what Imacinth should look like, and ended up pulling inspiration from many different places. First I thought of extravagance, the glitz of performing, her tones while not emerald, are the less common semi-precious stones that give her a more decadent bohemian feel to tie in with her mask. Your idea of the half-mask enthused me particularly :). I tried to give her a little dramatic/artistic flair to tie these two ideas together. And finally I added subtle feline elements, not so much to give her a playful pussycat look, but more to add that essential predatory appeal…Et voila! C'est Imacinth!

Mind Voice:

" The voice without a body went on singing; and certainly Raoul had never in his life heard anything more absolutely and heroically sweet, more gloriously suggestive, more delicate, more powerful, in short, more irresistibly triumphant…" —The Phantom of the Opera

Or perhaps Raoul was referring to Imacinth… Her voice trills like a fine melody of an upper register, and can only be described as astonishing. A melting sweetstick drips with every word bestowed by her—each said with such charisma and flow that they practically sing themselves into an opera of her own. Or maybe it's her personal style of expressing love for her rider and those she bespeaks. It's unique, after all. Seduction can almost be felt with each note sung whilst in a mating flight; her own personal charm to woo the males? Let her have the pick of the litter. Add to this the glorious riot of colors that she uses and you have someone who can keep her audience on the edges of their metaphorical seats. Shades of blue, green red and gold swirl and collide with ornate artistry, expressing her emotions with elegantly simple geometry, Old world innovation if you will. As every diva knows everything must be just so, and so it is for Imacinth. Her scent is a heady mixture of floral rose and violets, mixed with the slight hint of grease paint, most definitely a strange mixture of scent most likely found in any charming dressing room, especially that of the Diva's


She often spoke of you, my friend ….
Your velvet lining, and your figurine of lead…

Firstly let's deal with her size; even fresh out of the egg your Imacinth is a big girl! Especially when compared to the rest of her blue and green clutch siblings. And she'll continue to grow and grow and grow. Expect to find more of her to wash and oil each morning during that first Weyrling year. Not that she's grotesquely large, with clumsy extremities. Quite the opposite actually, she has a rather full-bodied grace and elegance that people can't help to admire. If she were a car you know all the weyr-brats would be drooling over her. Perhaps her paws should have given it away? Her feet will always be a little bigger than strictly necessary but when she is little, they'll have a tendency to be all big and bony and generally in the way. A lot like the paws on a lion cub, they look cute, but sooner or later you know it's going to get bigger than the other neighborhood cats.

Speaking of cats, your Imacinth will move like one, a lion or tiger to be precise. She'll have this seductive rolling gait on land that normally isn't found in dragons. (Perhaps her large feet help achieve this effect?) Surprisingly she will move with stealth, especially for her size. Only during her weyrling years will she be clumsy, but she has those feet to compensate for. Combine her silence with her cat-like agility and she has the potential to be rather sinister ;).

If she were human you would probably describe her as an original ballet dancer, she's a little fuller than fashionable about the belly and legs (Not that she's fat or anything), but has a rather sturdy frame to support her bulk so her hips and shoulders tend to become more prominent, more bony. Her neck and tail sit sinuously in between; don't be surprised if she uses the curvature of her fine neck to help her get her way. She's exactly in proportion for her own dimensions. While she isn't made as traditionally as some other dragons, she definitely has a fae beauty sure to turn heads.

Your hands are cold …
Your face, Christine, it's white …
—Meg Giry,

Her colors are just as rich and extravagant as the rest of her. All those jewel tones melding upon her hide. >From a distance she may appear mostly one color, except for the obvious paleness of her wings claws and face. However up close it becomes apparent that she is anything but. Especially with your artistic eye, you'll notice that there are many many shades green, blue and even hints of yellow that you can spend a lifetime discovering. Her paler areas will bother her the most; she'll insist that you oil them twice as regularly as the rest of her. Think of massaging her massive claws more as a way of bonding at the end of a busy day, than a real chore. One of the places that she'll enjoy being scratched about her 'mask' but only by you, her beloved and most trusted. Mostly she will be a little leery of letting anyone else touch her there, preferring to direct their attention to other notable parts of her body.

Her body temperature tends towards being cooler than average, giving her less of a warm suede feel to her hide, and more a cool silk feel. Definitely lush textures. Of course this will mean that instead of lurking in the darkness she will prefer to spend many hours in the sun trying to soak up the warmth (And gossip, but that's another story)


My manager commands … Monsieur Reyer?
My diva commands.
—Carlotta and M. Reyer,

Now the theme for the Hatchings was Movie characters, but you were fairly specific about what you wanted so Imacinth is more a mesh of different Movie characters all from the same movie (I'm sure it's a movie ;p) Firstly she wouldn't be herself without being a creature of drama, her presence is definitely one that commands attention. Her dramatic flair is expressed mostly through very precise nuances of speech and posture. It is very difficult to mistake her exact meaning. For the rest of the weyr she will develop the reputation of being whatever will gain her the most appreciative audience, but by no means is she a shrinking violet. Only for you does she show her more quiet contemplative side, she doesn't need to put on an act for you to know that you love her.

His daughter, I believe. Always has her head in the clouds, I'm afraid.

Especially she will have a curiosity about how things work, how they go together. She won't generally apply logic to these problems but rather an artistic interpretation that may or may not be correct.

« Do you think they fill those glows with happiness? They look like happiness to me. »

For her the fun isn't so much in deducing the exact mechanic's, but more the contemplation and imagination used trying to figure it out. If someone should choose to give her an answer, or let her in on the secret it will be something she believes implicitly. After all why would anyone lie to her? She wouldn't lie (exactly) to anyone else. Yes your Imacinth is a little on the gullible side, rather than being a fault it her trusting nature only adds to the appeal of her innocent actress charm.

Gossip's worth its weight in gold …
—Firmin, Phantom of the Opera

She loves a good scandal. There is nothing more perfect for her than to preen with other slightly-less-lovely-but-lovely-nonetheless dragons and discuss the intricate intertwining twists of the weyr's political and romantic scene.

« You'll never guess what Suith just told me love, it'll blow you away completely. »

She will delight in the scandal of others just as much as she will delight in providing a little scandal of her own. After all, a woman in the theater is as scandalous as they come. She can be very much a Diva in her own right, demanding the fullest attention from those she chooses to include in her

There is a dichotomy to her that you will shortly discover. She can be very modest at times, almost unaware of her remarkable prowess. And it is remarkable, as she will spend hours and hours perfecting the tiniest maneuver. She will practice until she can complete that aerial stunt she saw the much smaller Phirath perform. Never mind the fact that Phirath is older and smaller, if she can do it so can Imacinth. She also has a note-worthy streak of luck; everything she touches almost metaphorically turns to gold. Not that she doesn't get into her share of scrapes, just oddly enough it leads her to bigger and brighter things.

Si! These things do happen! Well, until you stop these things happening, this thing does not happen!
—Carlotta, Phantom of the Opera

Oh boy does she have a Temper! Most of the time she will be sweet and unassuming. A little on the dramatic side, but innocent never the less. But as soon as things start not going her way the Diva will emerge. Expect tantrums, ultimatums and an ever-changing list of enemies. Thankfully however her memory is suitably draconic, and she will lapse back into her charming self given enough time and attention…. Until next the next set back anyway….


You alone can make my song take flight -
help me make the music of the night …
—The Phantom, Phantom of the Opera

Flights will be a time when Imacinth shines. The moment her hide takes that pre-flight glow she will be aware that she is the center of masculine attention. Indeed she will give the performance of a lifetime each and every time she starts to feel the urge to rise. She knows that she is the object of affection, from many different males. In public she will be sensual, and very aware of the effect she is having on those blues and browns. In secret, with you she will suffer from stage fright, a little scared of the attention she is receiving. And if a bronze should look her way, be sure that she will need a touch or reassurance from you. However once she starts to blood her kill and the instinct takes over she will be magnificent. All doubts will vanish from her mind and she will become a thing of music and speed. Once the lust is over and everyone comes back to earth, she'll revert to her normal self, perhaps a little shy around the one that she was so wanton with. If he ignores her, she'll soon forget and treat him the same as always. But if he chooses to lavish her with a little extra affection be sure that she will enjoy it, even if it puzzles her from time to time.

Khristeen's Green Imacinth
Harper's Tale: 35th PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Saria's gold Quarith and G'deon's bronze Nylanth
Date: 27 April 2003
Clutchmates: Rhaeyn's bronze Akamieth, Drutoley's brown Febanteurigith, Kaefe's Brown Tanzheth, Ozeunzi's brown Beniodyth, Pendren's brown Cinestioth, Thistia's blue Aeokiath, Ajala's green Myrrheth.

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