Ikkasanaith's Inspiration

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Ista Weyr, Kriane! It's been a rocky road, but we hope the ending was worth it. Here is Ikkasanaith in all her awkward teenage glory — this inspiration is just a guideline; you are free to play her however you see fit. Enjoy! —Minka, Sin, S'eron, Lzi

Kriane's See A Penny Pick It Up Green Ikkasanaith

Rising From the Waters Egg

What is that in all that blue? What shining object rises out of the swirling waters of blue and green that color the shell of the egg? A pointed length of silver seems to be held aloft by what could almost be seen as a hand coming out of the water. Light radiates from the silver as if the object proclaims itself for one person, and that person will be better than the rest for having been given this gift. The shape that just might be a sword parts the blues of the shell as if this were the right moment for it to appear. Destiny calls!

Clutching Message

Lendai gives a girlish giggle and waves both her arms frantically in the air as she hears Palia's back-squeal. "That's six! You're doing awesome, Tali-babe! You'll have the prettiest babies ever." A quick glance goes over to the other clutch on the sands and an instant frown appears on her face. But Lendai let's the feelings of animosity go for now. It's a good day, afterall! Talicanitath just keeps on trucking and another egg is laid. Welcome to the world, Rising from the Waters Egg!

Hatching Message

Rising From the Waters Egg shudders and shakes — hairline cracks start to appear, fracturing the blue-green surface. The silver portions of the shell break apart from the rest, thrust abruptly upward before falling to the sands. From this hole, a leg appears, then shoulders and head and wings all at once — the rest of the egg finally shatters, falling away in a flash of blue — or is that green?

See A Penny Pick It Up Green Dragonet

Built upon broad and sturdy lines, though no less comely for it, she is fair of form and figure: her hide is near to luminescent, free of imperfections over a well-proportioned frame. When caught by Rukbat's rays, lazurite highlights play over a base of oxidized copper; she irridesces, hints of shadowed blues across the curves of neck and hip and flank. There too, across her wings — shimmers of azurite and malachite that shine, that glitter down 'cross shoulders and back, that coil 'round the lovely length of her tail.

Impression Message

There's a roll and a skid as the See A Penny Pick It Up Green Dragonet takes a tumble, her attention locked on something - or rather, someone. That /special/ someone. She starts into a quick bee-line, coming to stop only at the end of the caverns, where she sprays a candidate with a shower of sand. She turns her back end around, flicking all other candidates away with a wave of her tail before plopping down on her belly in front of Kriane.

Personal Impression Message

A young feminine voice floods your mind before the source is obvious: « They tell me there's plenty of sand in the sea… » The sweet tang of tropical flowers drifts in as a pinkness tints your vision. A storm of said sand washes over you as a green dragon appears at your feet, flopping down and gazing up at you. « But I don't get the attraction to sand. I'm Ikkasanaith. How about we just hang out instead? »

~*~ Inspirations ~*~


Well, there was none! You did all the work for us on this one, Kriane. We thought it was a cute name and decided to keep it. And now, without further ado, here's your Ikk!


Excalibur, the sword given to Arthur by the Lady in the Lake, proclaims him king of all Britain. Some stories say he became king by pulling a sword from a stone although is generally not considered to be Excalibur. Instead, the great sword is almost always given to him by the Lady in the Lake and it is to her it is returned upon his slumber to await Britain's needs once more.


Ikk's description was inspired by a few different things — namely, what you asked for, which was a green on the bigger end of things, but one who looked decidedly blue in certain lights. She is definitely both of these things. The intent, also, was to give you a dragon who /looks/ like she's all put together — unlike many of her siblings, she won't have any real awkward-looking phases in her growth. (This will be more than made up for once she /moves/ or /speaks/, but she at least /looks/ like she has everything together!)

Her base color is the sort of metallic, just vaguely off green of a corroded penny — though across her wings and back, it's a darker, truer green. We tried to incorporate the blues in a very teenage vein: a lot of shimmery, glittery color, like eyeshadow and body glitter.


First, we'll start with the voice that Ikkasanaith will use with you, Kriane. After all, that is her most important voice, right? You get to hear her true self, meaning she’s going to rush all of her words together, getting them all jumbled up as she attempts to spill her thoughts out to you. Her voice will be high-pitched, much like the voice of a pre-pubescent teenage girl. Of course, this also comes along with a whiny voice if you try to tell her what to do. Expect her to use the phrase “I know!!” a lot, too. Every teenage girl is different so it’s up to YOU to decide exactly what she sounds like. Like, you can totally, like, make her, like, a valley girl, or maybe she’s more average. Most importantly, she’s yours, so make her what you want!

With other dragons, especially the older ones, she’ll drop the volume and speed of her voice, attempting to make it sound lower, more mature. With this voice Ikkasanaith is still prone to mess up her words, but she will at least sound better than when using her teenage voice.

Occasionally, emotion and excitement will get the better of Ikkasanaith and she’ll accidentally use her teenage voice with her more mature voice when talking with other dragons, so she’ll go from talking really fast and high-pitched one second to being her mature self later, much to the amusement of those listening, yourself included. Just never point it out to her, since she’ll deny it furiously.

Your green will tend to use for girly colors (like pinks and purples) to accent her words. They will go brighter in hue when she’s talking with you, like hot pink, but she’ll be more subtle with other dragons, like baby pink. You’ll also be treated to floral smell, so you’ll often have your head filled with bouquets and bouquets of roses. At times when Ikkasanith can't control herself, these can be very overpowering. With other dragons, she’ll use wine smells, perhaps like a good Benden Red. See the pattern?


Ziva: [McGee is dismantling a network server] What can I do to help, McGee?
Timothy McGee: You can stop touching things when you're not grounded.
Ziva: Okay, sorry. Hack away, you won't even notice me here.
McGee: Okay, but you're standing on my foot.

Ikkasanaith will always have trouble knowing where she is in relation to things — other dragons, people, the scenery. While she may look entirely put together, she will always be clumsy — when she moves, it will always seem like none of her parts really fit together right, especially during weyrlinghood. While she may not have any of the awkward, gawky growth spurts of many of her clutchmates, she will constantly be bumping into things, misjudging the distance between an outstretched wing and your head, that kind of thing.

A great deal of her awkwardness will disappear in the air, but that doesn't mean things get easier.

Tony DiNozzo: [Regarding Ziva] Her driving is kind of an acquired taste. Like regurgitated lunch.

Flying with Ikk will always be a little bit on the terrifying side — like a driver with little regard for traffic rules and regulations, she will go fast, make sudden changes of direction, and perform the occasional seemingly death-defying acrobatics. This is all made worse by the fact that she is not a /small/ green — she is not actually as maneuverable as she thinks she is, a Buick of a dragon trying to move like a Miata. Expect a few near-misses while she's learning her limits, (which are never where /you/ think they should be), and hold on. The first few times the two of you are in the air together, it might not be amiss to invest in a barf bag. ;) She, of course, won't see anything wrong with her flying:

Tony DiNozzo: [Ziva's driving as they're searching for Wilkerson's car] Just out of curiosity, who taught you to drive?
Ziva David: I did!

She doesn't see what your problem is — what the weyrlingmasters' problems are! Once out of weyrlinghood, her flying will calm down a little, but maturity won't erode her the impulsive nature of her movement.

(Quotations taken from NCIS.)


Think ‘teen queen’, just minus the mood swings and nasty temperament, and you’ve got yourself Ikkasanaith to a tee.

Kriane, your dragon will be the epitome of humour and calamity all rolled into one, unbeknownst to her. Her very presence is charming, cute and heart-warming. Her little quirks will melt away even the strongest of Kriane’s tempers or tantrums. And when we say quirks, we mean QUIRKS. While not overbearing, nor irritating in any shape or form, Ikk has the ability to make even the direst of situations humorous (which will come in handy during the long, tedious hours you two will be spending at the mercy of Ista’s Weyrlingmasters).

And just how will Ikk chase those blues away? Why, by simply being herself of course. There will be continuous and innumerable *headdesk* moments shared between the both of you, but I’m afraid Ikk simply won’t understand why you find her simple observations both hilarious and adorable. She’ll comment not only on you, but on anything and everything - people, other weyrlings, inanimate objects… you name it!

« Kriane. Check. It. OUT. *mental snort* That Healer doesn’t have one chin, she’s got three! Wait, four! »

Just don’t forget to keep a straight face, Kriane, or it’s likely you’ll find yourself in more than a few pickles. But, however naughty Ikkasanaith may get, she’ll reserve her observations for you and you alone, and you two will share many a private joke, leaving your company scratching their heads in confusion.

Here is where we come to one of Ikk’s greatest quirks: A remarkable tendency to mix up words, phrases, and sayings, and to suffer from many a Freudian slip. This problem may sometimes flow from her to you, transferred by your bond and her irrepressible enthusiasm. As an inspiration team, one of our favorite sources of examples is Ziva David (who has already been quoted), from tv's NCIS. She's an Israeli, on assignment to 'the team,' and she frequently gets her Americanisms wrong. Like Ziva, Ikkasanaith will often insist that her mixup is /right/, or that she said it that way /on purpose/. If you are the one supplying the correction, she will generally take it in good-natured stride, but watch out if it's someone else.

Ziva David: [getting worked up about Tony's recent behavior] Because you have been acting like a little SNITCH all week.
Tony DiNozzo: Uh, I believe the term is "bitch".
Ziva David: [lying] I know! I was just being polite.

Ziva: This is going to be like looking for a needle in a needle stack.
Tony: Needle in a haystack.
Ziva: I like my description better.

Ziva: Oh. That's when Jenny had you under covers.
Tony: Undercover. Not undercovers.
Ziva: Pfft.

But, rejoice, it’s not all quirks and craziness with Ikk - she does have some perfectly normal aspects. For example, when it comes to sleep there will be no other love. She will sleep, rain, hail, or shine, and can sleep through the loudest of storms. And when she’s awake, she’ll muse about the prospects of snoozing to come, most likely mournfully in your ear while you attempt to concentrate on lessons.

« Oh, the sweet joy of napping. Don’t suppose Lenculoth will mind if I just snooze a bit, right? … Cover me. »

And of course, you’ll have no choice but to acquiesce with these requests, because she asks in /that/ voice. (But more on that later!)

Apart from sleeping and you, Kriane, Ikkasanaith has few addictions — but you'll discover them almost immediately.

She is unable to resist the appeal of blankets, sheets, pillows and any sort of linen, perhaps due to her sleep habits. Hide it! Conceal it! Or she will take it. (Or borrow it, as she’ll insist was the case.) She particularly loves freshly-washed linens for the « SOFTNESS! ». The items she does manage to steal with will be hoarded in her couch, then later will populate and eventually flood your weyr. You’ll have to keep an eye on this addiction, and will forever be returning stolen sheets to their rightful owners. Enjoy!

Another love: the beach, sand and sun! Perhaps Ikk was a stereotypical Californian girl in another life, as more often than not she’ll be dragging you down to the black grainy sands of Ista’s main beach to revel in the heat. So, Kriane, if you aren’t a beach girl, you will be soon! Between naps on sun-warmed sand, Ikkasanaith will insist on traversing the shores in search of whatever goodies the water has washed up.

« Kriane, I /knooow/ that it’s just a piece of driftwood, but it’s kinda shaped like Jeyth’s head. Let’s give it to her. *mental snicker* »

Not quite a prankster, Ikk isn’t interested in playing jokes on people, but she does have a naughty streak - which can come off as quite devilish at times. Her remarks are never snide, though they sometimes teeter on the edge, particularly when it comes to those she envies or dislikes. Be prepared for many a quip in reference to « those /boring/ excuses for weyrlingmasters. »

Emotionally, Ikk will be highly strung. Although she may worry and stress to the point of exhausting herself, and you to boot, she’ll never be snappy nor moody. Dragons are forgetful, and she’s no different; she’ll often fret over the things she can’t recall.

« Hey. There’s a broken vase in our weyr.. Did I do it? I can’t remember. SIGH. I’m /sooo/ sorry, right? You know I’m sorry don‘t you? Riiight? »

And, goodness forbid should she actually be responsible.

« Ok, so I took something of Sonhoth’s. It wasn’t big. But, I think he knows. Now, what should I do? Give it back? Hide it somewhere where he’ll find it? Kriane, this is /SERIOUS/. »

And all the while, the amusement it causes you will simply escape Ikk completely. Be prepared to offer her advice at any time, because she will look to you for assurance on everything, marvelling at how wise you are (even if your advice isn’t all that sound or wise!). She’s got a huuuge pair of rose-coloured glasses when it comes to you, Kriane.


Something in the way you talk
maybe baby, just the way you walk
is shaking all the leaves out of the trees
Something in the way you smile
teeth and lips and hair run wild yeah
surely this has brought me to my knees

—Paul Gross, "Voodoo"

With proddiness, Ikkasanaith's teenage awkwardness melts away; gone is the cute, trusting bubbly personality you know so well - she is replaced by a sultry woman with elemental appeal: she wants nothing more than to be adored and sought after by every male in the Weyr, and she achieves this end with effortless ease. There is a new confidence in her bearing, all traces of insecurity washed away — she knows that she is what the boys want, and for once, they see it, too.

Feels like a wind's a blowin'
looks like a hurricane's comin'
and it's coming from the center of your eyes

Proddy Ikk is enchanting, a force of nature — she draws eyes, she inspires devotion, she revels in the attention. She won't turn every head, though — for those males who are steadfast to their chosen mates, she holds little appeal, and oh, woe be to them. For them, she has only one response — your Ikkasanaith is the ultimate Ice Queen, giving these boys the cold shoulder, the classic silent treatment. Only you will know that there is a note of hurt underlying this icy response.

Fortunately for everyone involved (even for those not involved, but only peripherally affected by her) Ikkasanaith's proddy periods do not last long.

Tony: [to Ziva] How 'bout this? Slow down or I'll puke on you!

Ikkasanaith approaches her flights with the same reckless abandon she brings to all her time in the air, though she eschews flashy displays, rather choosing to engage in a short and furious chase in the sky. Her flights tend to be fast, hot, and a little bit dirty — she is not above causing wrecks in the air behind her, as her suitors try to keep up. She won’t succumb to the temptation of gifts nor any attempt to woo her; rather, her choice comes down to the male whose physical prowess leaves all others in the dust below. Whoever flies her must be single-minded in his determination: there may be other pretty girls, but his attention must be entirely focused on Ikk for her to even let him come close to catching.

As soon as the flight is done, Ikkasanaith will want nothing more than a good sleep — and sleep she will, for a long /long/ time. And when she wakes up, the cheerful, bubbly, slightly dorky Ikk that everyone knows and loves will be back once again. Like the quintessential teenage girl who managed to get all dressed up for that /one/ dance, with perfect hair and dress and makeup, and was even asked to dance by /that boy/… she still won't be able to get any of the words to come out right the next Monday at school.

(Music video for Voodoo, courtesy of youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvIwD1PUCes)


Name: Kriane
Egg Desc: Invisible @ Tempus Fugit; D'baji tweak
Dragonet Desc: Sin
Messages: S'eron; D'baji tweak
Inspiration: Minka, Sin, S'eron, Lzi

Kriane's green Ikkasanaith
Harper's Tale: 51st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
August 3, 2008
from Lendai's gold Talicanitath and R'yn's bronze Azmaioth
(clutchmates also from Minka's gold Ryazusith and D'baji's bronze Nverath)

Pippa's gold Jeyth
Risya's brown Sonhoth
M'yr's blue Gelirumeth
Jana's green Stilith

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