How Dragons Eat

07:20 PM
Logfile from Pippa.

Living Cavern
The smooth, rounded walls cavern sweep upward from an oval base, two dragonlengths long and one wide, large enough to seat every member of the Weyr at mealtimes. The soft blackness of the lava which forms these caverns swallows glowlight, so shelves for glowbaskets abound, dotting the walls every three or four paces and casting gentle greenish light toward the sparkles of gold volcanic glass embedded in the ceiling. Ancient, lustrous tables run along the axis of the cavern, and at the far end rests the raised dais and high table, where Weyrleaders and honored guests eat during formal occasions. Behind the high table, the Weyr's symbol is embedded into stone: a smoking mountain in black on… [look closer]
Perched near the food are nineteen firelizards.
You see Firelizard Tapestry, Dart Board, Tray of Sweets, and Tray of meatrolls here.
S'eron, Micail, Mercutio, and Eleithyia are here.
Obvious exits:
Northeast Caverns Kitchens Bowl Southern Caverns

Micail moves on over to take a seat, scooting himself in with a sigh. Flop. He does stab his fork into some tubers though, munching on them for the time being. His eyes however, wander, peering over the other candidates before finally making a return trip to S'eron, watching the greenrider. "How's Len?" Or really the question might be if the green is going to fly soon.

Mercutio puts his plate down on the table and runs back to the food area, to get a cup of drink— smart boy forgot one. But he gets that quickly enough, and settles down at his chosen seat. The only thing he attacks right away is the bits of wherry, which he does not eat himself— rather, he pulls them apart with his knife and pushes them to the side of his plate.

Eleithyia is quicker to take a seat at the table than actually getting to the living caverns. Seeing the food made her realize her hunger. And it doesn't take long for the young girl to start digging into some greens with a fork in her hand while her other passes meatrolls up to the bronzes on her shoulder. Satisfied enough to eat slower, Thyia leans back and sips at her juice while listening to the conversation around her.

Pippa crosses into the cavern, her nose clearly leading her. Interest perks in her eyes as a hand rests lightly on her stomach. Yeah, that area could definitely use some filling. The girl slips around a pair of gossiping riders, narrowing missing the arm of one as he gestures about something or another. She moves around to stand at Mercutio's back. The girl leans towards him and asks in something of a stage whisper, gesturing to his food. "Where'd you get that wherry? Looks good."

"She's glowing green." S'eron admits the state of his lifemate while unconsciously running his fingers through his hair, trying to keep the unruly curls the style he's molded it into. He wrinkles his nose as he casts his gaze down the line where the candidates are, eyeing them individually before he notices Pippa. "Get your food and eat quickly, Pippa, you only have a short lunch break."

"Behind the tubors. It might be leftovers." he shrugs, prodding small pile of meat bits with his knife, "But I'm not eating it, it's for my firelizard." He grins, "The only thing I'm eating is the tubers." Small lunch!

Micail just nods in response, and goes right back to digging into his food for the time being. Getting in enough to fill him up before they have to be on their way is the goal, after all. He does give a faint grin though as Pippa appears, giving a faint nod with Mercutio's direction. "Mmhm, it looked pretty good." He moves on to a meatroll though, biting out a chunk of it. "What's next on our agenda, Ron?" Maybe there's a schedule of things on the rider's clipboard.

Eleithyia has finished mostly with the greens and is now happily chewing on some leftover rolls after she made sure her firelizards were satisfied with their own lunches. There's a riased brow in S'eron's direction at his lifemate's current state, but she doesn't comment on it. Instead, she turns her attention to Mercutio's plate. "I bet we have lots to do 'fore dinner. You sure that's all you should eat? Might want to get a good meal down and all," she suggests with a shrug then drinks the last of her juice.

Pippa blinks a moment in surprise, flickering a glance to S'eron. Her hand raises as if to start to give him a tiddle-fingered wave, only to stall at his words. "Oh, sorry," she answers, flushing slightly in apology. She flashes a bright grin in Greeting to Micail, and does end up giving her wave to Eleithyia instead. She makes her way quickly to the spread, grabbing a bit of this and that and prolly still more than she can eat in the short amount of time. The girl drops into a seat near to Eleithyia, giving the other girl of like age to her a greeting grin. "So why are we only having a short lunch?"

S'eron glances at his clipboard when Micail asks it of him an starts to read the schedule. "Mentoring time." He returns to sipping on his mug for the time being. "It's not your permanent mentoring yet. We're waiting until we've gotten more toward the full strength of candidate groups, but yeah…" S'eron's mug is empty. Kind of sad, isn't it. He glances over at Thyia and smiles slightly. Pippa's questions catch his attention next. He lets Thyia answer, he's going back to eating.

Mercutio glances down at his plate, considering, and then nods. "Yeah, you're right. I'm too used to grazing." He grins sheepishly, and trots off to get a few more somethings to add to his plate. That doesn't take too long, and he's back again in a moment, stabbing at his pile o' tubers. mm. Food. "Are we all doing a collective mentoring thing, then?" He asks, through his nibblies

Micail mms softly. He'd say more, but when there's food in his mouth, he's going to keep it shut. Mercutio does get a grin though as he goes to get more food, nodding. "Believe me, I used to pick at my food too, but when you're busy all day..that can really get to you." Though at the questioning, he turns a curious gaze back on S'eron as well.

Eleithyia returns Pippa's wave with her own and a smile, seeing her hand is now free of her cup. She scoops one of her firelizards off her shoulders, giving him a caress on his bulging belly. Just like her own satisfied stomach full of lunch. She does not appear to want to move anytime soon so there's a groan at the mention of mentoring, as if she had forgotten. What happened to post-lunch naps in the days of her youth? They should still do that… "We have a short lunch cause of, well, hmm…" Thyia answers Pippa, pursing her lips out. "Cause we're candidates and always in a hurry to do the next thing, I suppose."

Pippa picks through her plate, going for the greens first and washing them down with some juice or another of an orange-hued variety. She chews away, listening to the others. At Eleithyia's words, the girl grins almost wryly, swallowing before responding. "That's a good enough explanation, I guess." But her attention slides right on back to S'eron, "Sir? Is there something planning for us this afternoon?"

"Well, it'll be more group mentoring at this point, four or five to a weyrling master." S'eron leans back in his chair, watching the group. "It'll be more one on one later." He keeps eyeing the food that the candidates are eating, trying to gage how much time he should give the late comers to finish. He sighs at Pippa and shakes his head. "Don't you have your schedule?" He looks skeptical. "How could you have lost it already?" He grumbles and gets to his feet. "I just said it's mentoring next. After that, you have sewing…" Does he need to go through it all. "And this is the easy sevenday."

Struffy blinks in from ::between::!

Mercutio is silent as he nibbles his lunch. "I like the idea of that group mentoring thing, so I'm not complaining." he says with a shrug. "Easier to get comfortable with things in a group." He grins here, and turns his attention to finishing his lunch.

Micail blinks just a little as Pippa questions about the schedule, but shakes his head. He does give a little look at Merctio though, giving a small nod. "I agree with that. When there's more people it's a bit easier to get into the flow of things. But I am looking forward to the individual stuff too. You get more personalized attention that way, and I kind of think that it'd be easier to talk, and ask questions one on one."

Eleithyia can't help the next groan that comes out at S'eron's comment on this time being easy. And she voices her opinion aloud. "If this is easy, I think I will pass out as the candidacy progresses. We will be half-dead before the hatching from exhaustion." She stares at her nearly empty plate before looking up again. "Unless that is the real plan of being candidates. So exhausted we don't panic on the sands." Or do anything stupid out there come hatching day. She listens at the mentoring discussion, bobbing her head from her side of the table at the points she agree on, mostly to the individual time.

Pippa blinks at S'eron, listens to his words, and then flushes the slightest bit afterwards at his assessment. "Nevermind. I apologize." She turns away and back to her food, doing her best to get herself lost in devouring tubers and wherry and suchnot. Her attention drifts back to the current mein of the conversation, content to listen this time and busy her mouth with chewing instead of babbling.

S'eron sighs quietly, his arms folded over his chest, his clipboard left behind on the table. "Look, I didn't mean to snap. I'm just… Look, if you're in my mentoring group, I'll explain. Otherwise…" he shakes his head. "Ok. Five more minutes. Eat up. I'm going to start calling down the mentors." He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly before he probes his dragon's mind, trying to get her to contact the others.

Mercutio nods in agreement with Micail's thought, "True. You'd learn more, too." But that's a given. Then he turns his attention back to his food, since S'eron's warned them of the last five minutes to eat. Luckily, there isn't much left for him to eat, and he's done and sipping at his juice after a little while.

Lzi walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.

Micail can't really help himself. He smiles at S'eron, head simply shaking before he hurriedly gets back to eating. Thankfully, he doesn't have a whole lot more to get down. He's quiet for those last few minutes, in fact, pushing the last few bits of food into his mouth.

At the warning, Eleithyia decides she should clean off her plate as soon as possible. She quickly finishes her last meatroll before shoveling whatever remained on her plate into her mouth. Her youngest bronze is forgotten on her lap as she concentrates on making sure she's satisfied with lunch, even as her grey eyes watch her surroundings for the arrival of any mentors approaching. Finished, she drops her plate onto the table and stretches her arms up. "I think I'm ready for the rest of the day.."

It does not appear that Lzi's in a good mood, mainly due to the way that she storms into the caverns. "Come on guys," she says, spotting the candidate table and clapping her hands to get their attention. "Let's go. You guys are running late. You're lucky I'm not D'baji, or you guys would be in serious trouble." Maybe they're only a minute or thirty seconds late, but apparently, that doesn't matter. S'eron is spotted and that's where Lzi goes next. "Lazy bunch we've got, huh?"

Let it never be said that Pippa would dilly-dally around with her food when apparently there are things to be accomplished. The girl does justice to what was upon her plate, putting herself around most of it, except for a few scattered crumbs and some soggy remains of her greens. She takes a long pull from her juice, licking her lips before an orange-colored mustache stains her upper lip. A licked finger dabs at a couple of the leftover crumbs, popping them into her mouth. Naturally, her attention is captured by the authoritative Lzi, leaving the teen to flush once again.

"They haven't had enough time in your wonderful presence to be any less." S'eron is warm and almost sweet to the other greenrider as he raises an eyebrow at the lot of candidates that sit around the table. "Did you have any preferences to whom you want?" His gaze becomes a little bland as he surveys the lot. "I'm going to the first groundweyr. Where are you heading?"

Micail blinks at the mention of being late. Hey now! Although he /has/ in fact finished up with his food, head shaking..but for the time being the baker is quiet. Though he does..if a bit belatedly, offer Lzi a salute. He'll let those two figure out who goes with who.

Mercutio offers Lzi a salute, carefully doing his best not to anger anyone. He contents himself with pushing the bits of wherry he saved for his firelizard into a cloth, and wrapping it carefully so it doesn't leak anything. Storming greenriders = scary, even though he wasn't aware they were late for anything either.

Eleithyia glances at the rest of the group to see their reaction to the arrival of the greenrider. Late? She shrugs her shoulders, turning back. "Where should we go?" This is asked of both of the greenriders even though they were just discussing which candidates are wanted with whom. She remains seated, waiting. She'll use up her energy when appropriate. The firelizard on her lap begins to stir from his nap, to which she pokes him and says, "Up Tok, you're going to have to fly away if you can't come with me now."

"I'll take the non-lazy ones, thank you," Lzi replies with a smirk, nudging S'eron with an elbow. "Probably just out to the bowl. Izlasth is out there and wants to look 'em over." A thumb is gestured in the direction she's talking about. "Hey. You. C'mon. Eat faster…or don't eat so much," Lzi calls to a candidate, a particularly chubby one, staring Nerutrea up and down with a raised brow. "I say," she starts up again, talking to S'eron, "that we let them pick. Whoever wants to go with you, goes with you. Whoever wants to go with me, goes with me. I'm not too worried about being the unpopular one. Less work I have to do."

Pippa moves to stand, pushing her seat back in afterwards. The girl trots off to dispose of her plate and spork, making sure to be quick about it lest she get the rough side of a rider's tongue again. She glances askance at S'eron, and then back over to Lzi, "I'll go with you, ma'am." What the heck… either way looks like they'll be run roughshod on.

"You heard the lady." S'eron exhales and uncrosses his arms, grabbing the clipboard and tucking it against his side. "Anyone who wants to come with me, head this way." S'eron distances himself from Lzi, so the groups will be a little more obviously separate. "Those who want to go with Lzi, over there."

Micail grins just a little, and then simply nods, pushing out of his seat. "Right then.." And as Pippa makes her choice, so does the baker, peering at S'eron again. "I think I'll go with you, actually." He moves around the table then, ready to follow after the greenrider.

Mercutio looks up quickly, when he hears they are to choose between one and the other— he hates making choices like this, particularly when the stakes are almost equal. On one hand, Lzi is familiar, but on the other hand, she's in a bad mood. S'eron is not familiar, and is also in a bad mood, but not as bad of one. Oh dear. In the end, he goes with familiarity, moving getting to his feet to stand beside Lzi. He looks apologetically at S'eron and Micail, but then turns his attention to Lzi— this would not be a good time to not pay attention to her, he thinks.

Eleithyia glances between the two riders as if judging them to see who she shall pick. Seeing that there are already some candidates making their choices, she finally decides to get up. Not before adjusting her firelizard's new position onto her shoulder. Without a second thought, she bounds forward and heads after Micail towards S'eron's side. "I'll be with you today," she adds, grinning between her fellow candidate and the greenrider.

As the candidates begin to crowd around her, an almost pleasant smile takes over Lzi's face. "Good, good. All right. We're going to go to the corral so you guys can get used to watching dragons hunt. It's not pretty, it's not pleasant, but if you want to be a rider, it's something you'll have to get used to. I know it's not a nice thought after you guys just ate, but….let's go." Feeling no sympathy, Lzi turns and strides out of the caverns, assuming the candidates will follow after her.

Lzi walks to the Bowl.
Mercutio walks to the Bowl.

You head out to the bowl.
This part of the plateau has been fenced-off to provide an enclosed pasture and grazing area for the Weyr's herds. Grass covers the fields, rippling like waves in the wind. Herds of herdbeasts wander about, grazing lazily. To the north is the exit to the plateau, and from here you can also see the forests and beaches below the plateau to the west, as well as the ocean, stretching off to the horizon.
It is an autumn afternoon.
Green Izlasth is here.
You see Wineskin here.
Lzi and Mercutio are here.
Obvious exits:

Izlasth wastes no time in springing into the air, surveying her food options from high above. For now, she chooses, but waits, allowing her rider the time to explain what's going on to the candidates. "This is the corral," Lzi says, arms going wide in a gesture of the area. "You'll spend a good amount of time here once you don't have to cut meat for your dragons when they're little. Basically, your dragon will do all of the work and you just get to sit here and wait until their done. However, today, we watch. Any questions before Izlasth gets started?"

Pippa is quick to trail after the others, blinking a bit in astonishment as what they are about to do… or watch, is mentioned. She glances to Lzi, seems to consider for a long moment whether to say anything or not -can you see the little wheels turning in her head? Eventually, curiousity wins out and the girl simply has to ask, "Someone told me once that bad little girls get fed to dragons when they misbehave. Actually, it was my uncle who told me that, but I seriously never believed him… well, I actually did at the time, but since then I've had serious doubts. Right?" You know, just needing a little confirmation here so she can sleep better at night -and growl at her Uncle some. The girl slides up to the corral along with the others, lifting a hand to shield her eyes so she can look after the dragon in flight.

Mercutio looks between the green dragon and the beasties in the corral, shaking his head. "Do we bathe them after" is the only thing he asks— this seems rather straitforward, if a bit gruesome. In a natural sort of way.

Pippa's question, as much as it was asked in seriousness, gets a laugh out of Lzi. "No. Dragons don't /ever/ eat people, even if you wish they /would/ eat someone you hate at times. You have nothing to worry about." Hoping that helps to soothe any worries, Lzi moves onto Mercutio's question. "You can. It just depends on how…messy they get. Izlasth is a dainty eater, so it's not really necessary, but sometimes it is. It just depends on what kind of dragon you have, that's all." And with that explained, Lzi gives the signal to Izlasth to make her move, which is exactly what she does, flying down to scoop up her choice of herdbeast.

Pippa heaves herself up a bit along the fenceline, giving herself a better chance to get a good look at the area and most importantly where the beasts are. Again though, her attention lifts to the skies to spy the dragon, licking her lips in anticipation of what is to come. A wry smile does come to her lips though as Lzi responds, "Oh well, I suppose that makes sense. I just had to ask, you know? I always-" Abruptly the girl cuts off, "Oh, she's fast." She notes the dragon's dive and then beast capture.

Lzi rests her elbows against the posts, grinning proudly as she watches Izlasth go to work. "Yeah, she's /very/ fast. It comes with being green. They're small so they fly pretty well." Izlasth lands with her beast, and starts the eating process, tossing occassional looks toward the candidate group to see if there's anyone getting sick. So far so good. "You'll find that dragons aren't aggressive creatures. Not by any means. They're big and they look scary, but they really can be giant cuddlers. No reason to be afraid of them for any reason." Pippa is tossed another look by the greenrider. "Any more questions, about anything?"

Pippa cringes just the slightest at the natural flow of events, reaching over to pat her hand in comfort on the back of a candidate beside her who is peeping through his fingers at the sight. "Shells, you think that's bad, you should see some of the fish I've had to gut," she drawls, a hint of humor to her voice. She can't help though but break into a grin at some of Lzi's words, "Hey, I'll remember to ask one of the dragons around here for a good cuddle if I ever get a bit down. I'd sure appreciate that." She drags her eyes away from the sight and over to Lzi, frowning slightly, "Someone mentioned blooding before, in the caverns. And I think it meant like feeding, but I wasn't sure. Is that what she's doing? Blooding?" Looks more like devouring to her, but you never know.

Since she's seen Izlasth feed quite a bit, Lzi turns her back on the sight, mainly to watch how the other candidates are coping. Arms cross over her chest as she surveys the crowd before answering Pippa. "Blooding is done during flights. You have to force the dragon to only blood their beast instead of eating the whole thing, since that'll just weigh then down and they won't be able to fly as well." Hoping that answer suffices, Lzi grins at Pippa, looking the girl up and down. "You seem to be doing well, watching this. As compared to some of the other candidates." A barfing girl is noted, but Lzi just watches. "You guys need to grow a spine if you are going to be dragonriders."

Pippa has clearly never really though of that aspect before, and her eyes light up in understanding. "Oh, I get it… that must be why I see the dragons lay down often after they eat and all. Or at least, I guess that's why." She turns back to Lzi, flashing her something of a bright grin, "Oh, well… I mean, I've never really seen a dragon eat before, but I've know a couple of guy who don't have anything of her manners." A hand gestures towards the dragon, and then the girl frowns a tad, mostly in embarrassment, "I'm sorry, what was her name again? I must have missed it."

"Yes, dragons really like to take a nap after they eat. Especially her. She practically naps all day long. On the beach, especially." Izlasth makes short work of the herdbeast, if only because she was especially hungry, and walks over to join her rider and the candidates after the show. "This is Izlasth. Sorry, I don't think I introduced her. Izlasth is the most beautiful green in the Weyr and is the one all of the bronzes and brown dragons want."

In the central Weyr Bowl, Wright glides in from the Southeastern Bowl.

"I wouldn't doubt that for a second," Pippa comments. "If I was a dragon, I'd definitely want her…" She hesitates for a long moment after she said that, looking rather confused at her own words. "Shells, that sounds creepy when I say it that way, but you know what I mean, right?" She still looks a tad abashed though. "Might I ask… how long have you and her been partnered?"

Lzi laughs, but bobs her head after Pippa's words, reassuringly. "I understand, don't worry." As Izlasth comes to her side, Lzi gives her a nice pat, grinning up at her. "Oh, turns and turns. Probably about…well, almost nine, she tells me. Nine turns. A very long time, but it's been fun." One final pat is given to her green before Lzi turns her attention back to the candidates. "Well, I believe it's time for you guys to be onto your next chore. Anyone have any final questions before I send you on your way?"

Pippa smiles, nodding her head in greeting as the green approaches. "Thank you for letting us watch you, Izlasth. I know I'd sure be embarrassed if a whole bunch of people watched me eating my dinner." Her attention turns back to Lzi, shaking her head slowly from side to side, "Not right now, think I've seen enough." Mmmmm, fresh meat.

"Oh, she doesn't mind. She's used to it by now." Then, when there's no questions, Lzi claps her hands, declaring, "Okay. Class adjourned. Go, bother someone else." But atleast she's smiling. A wave is given to everyone as they depart, and Lzi and Izlasth aren't far behind in leaving.

Lzi clambers up Izlasth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.
Izlasth sashays proudly, holding her head contemptuously above the rest, out of the corral.
In the central Weyr Bowl, Izlasth sashays proudly, holding her head contemptuously above the rest, down from the western bowl.
In the central Weyr Bowl, Izlasth takes off.

*Later that day*

Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth likeness, they are broad enough to offer security — but each one is also high enough to offer a clear view over those in front. Several lines of rope cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.
To view things on the sand, see <help here>.
Perched around the galleries are four firelizards.
You see Harper Hall 10 mark here.
Eleryn is here.
Obvious exits:
Ledges Stairs

From the hatching sands, D'baji follows a path of wispy white from shoulder to forearm to slide to the ground from Nverath's neck, landing lightly.
From the hatching sands, D'baji gambols off the sands.

D'baji gambols up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Eleryn is already perched partway between the top of the wall and the lowest row of seats, keeping a respectful distance from mama, papa, and the eggs. A swath of white fabric rests forgotten on her lap as she stares at the eggs, eyes wide and slightly glazed. Her fellow candidate and the Weyrleader - yes, the one who was just on the Sands - are not noticed.

Sadi walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Pippa traipses up the stairs into the galleries, glancing back at a fellow candidate that is playing tag-along with her. "No really, she did. It really was something else to see. But then this other girl she…" She trails off though, pulling the swatch of white that is drawn over her shoulder into her arms, "Tolly… you forgot your robe." Both girls burst into laughter and the other candidate scurries back down the stairs and off wherever. Pippa though, continues on, spying Eleryn off to the side, and waving to her in greeting.

Having left his lifemate to dozing, D'baji has chosen to take a break from the awful heat of the Sands, and it's wiping sweat from his brow that he wanders up the stairs into the galleries. Sure, it's hot here, but compared to actually standing out there… A squint goes to those partially-sand-covered eggs that the pair of dragons are so protective of - and D'baji pauses at the rope rail, attention shared between his lifemate and the galleries. Assessing the situation.

Sadi comes running in from the bowl and almost trips as she skips up the stairs. She stops and then laughs as she notices that she's not the only one with the idea of sewing where she can get a good look at the eggs. Wave to Pippa and Eleryn and a salute to D'baji are given before she finds a place to sit and work on her robe.

Eleryn snaps out of her haze and looks up when Pippa waves, straightening and starting to pick up her own bit of fabric. Noticing D'baji also, she snaps off a salute before actually picking up the white cloth. After that, it's a situation of Pippa, D'baji, and Sadi, oh my. "Hey, you two! Over here," she calls, keeping her voice as soft as she can and still project, motioning at Pippa and Sadi to join her.

Pippa literally hops up onto one of the gallery benches, and makes her away across to where Eleryn is at. "Mind if I join you?" she asks, smiling softly to her. But noting a rider otu of the corner of her eye, the girl quickly drops back to the ground looking moderately embarrassed. "Thanks," she responds to her fellow candidate, twisting a bit to look at Eleryn's progress, "How're you doing so far on it? I still need to cut mine. I finally got some cloth that isn't too scratchy."

D'baji has to smirk at those salutes he receives, offering a sort of all-candidate-encompassing salute in return. A glance to Nverath, another glance toward the sewing group, and the Weyrleader chooses to be sociable, heading up to that spot Eleryn had claimed. Plopping himself down on a bench, the man offers a quick grin. "Robes, eh?" Nosey little peeks to the cloths. "Shards, I remember doin' those…"

"Thanks," is echoed by Sadi as she moves to sit with Pippa and Eleryn, "I was going to ask the same thing," and this statement earns a soft chuckle as Sadi sits down, "I've got mine cut, I just need to get the sewing done," a soft sigh is given as she realizes she has left her needle and threads on her cot, "Oh," a moment later she has plucked Gypsy from where the small green 'lizard is sleeping on her shoulder, "Can you get my sewing kit, Gyps?" the green gives a chirrup and blinks out, "Now let's hope she remembers to actually bring me my sewing stuff," Sadi flashes D'baji a grin, "You do?"

Eleryn looks a bit aggrieved by the addition of D'baji to a slightly safer all-candidate group, but she closes her mouth a moment after opening it. No sarcasm is safe sarcasm for someone at the bottom of the food chain, after all. She looks over at Pippa and Sadi. "I'm sewing mine already. Well," she blushes faintly before admitting, "trying to sew it. I don't think I was made for sewing." She holds up the fabric, and it resolves itself into a robe. Of sorts. One shoulder is half-connected, and the other all clumpy seam.

Pippa gives herself a bit of room before she lays out the cloth upon one of the benches, dragging out a pair of sheers from somewhere or another and setting them beside the cloth. She glances up though, looking moderately amused as D'baji joins them. She offers him a welcoming grin before nodding faintly, "Hrm, would it be too bold of me to say… that if you remember doing them, you wouldn't mind giving me a pointer or two in making one, sir?" Her attention turns to Eleryn, and she chuckles at the fellow candidate's comment, "Ah, well… it is a one-time-use garment, I'm lead to believe. But I'm not sure how close the dragons look to see if your stitches are all in a straight line."

D'baji either doesn't notice that aggrieved look, or chooses not to comment. Pippa's query snags his attention fully, however, and, resting his hands on his knees to lean forward in that almost fatherly way, he peers at her laid-out cloth. "Umm… Sleeves are a huge pain. If you can go without 'em, then y'wanna do that. When I tried makin' a sleeve, I just ended up with this puppet." A nostalgic smile touches the man's face here, and he adds, "Named 'im Kuk." And that annecdote surely should answer Sadi's question, yes?

Eleryn grimaces at Pippa. "If the dragons are paying more attention to my robe than the … the baby dragons, I'm worried," she states. "Still, if anyone can tell how bad a robe is from the stands …" Her head swivels abruptly, attention caught by the tale of the puppet, and she studies D'baji as if the Weyrleader has turned into a particularly morbid vision. "A puppet. That's … that's … so, are the eggs hardening nicely, sir?"

It does indeed as Sadi bursts out laughing, the laugh is cut short as Gypsy winks in from /between/ and circles her head, "You don't have my sewing stuff," the 'lizard is chided and Sadi gives a deep sigh, "Wish Fudge hadn't decided to go sulk some place. He'd at least have been able to remember to bring what I sent him for," a mock scowl is tossed at the green before she shrugs, "Anyone have a spare needle?" If not she'll have to treck back to the barracks since her little bronze is still mostly in eat and sleep mode.

Pippa gives him a wry look, and then looks back down at her uncut cloth. Teeth worry at her bottom lip as she considers this, "I hear that the hatching sands are pretty warm too… I suppose going without sleeves would be good for that reason too." She seems to come to some kind of decision, and then takes up the sheers to start her cutting. She'll just gloss over the puppet thing, because that's kinda weird. Uh-huh.

"Your sleeves'd only be short ones, anyway. Better to leave 'em out altogether," D'baji offers, confirming previous advice to Pippa. "An' hey now - that puppet an' me, we went through some rough times together. An' he even helped out other people, since then." The Weyrleader sits up and attempts an indignant look, failing altogether miserably, with a lopsided grin winning out. "Eggs're doin' all right, yeah. Parents are takin' good care of 'em, at least. Not ready for you guys t'get out there an' touch 'em yet, but in time."

"I'm not even going to try sleeves," Eleryn announces, glaring down at her sort-of-robe as if expecting it to attack her. "Like you said, Pippa, it's hot on the Sands, so not covering your arms is logical." She nods once, firmly, to cement her statement, looking a bit smug that D'baji confirmed her words. Before she said them, of course. The smugness fades almost instantly when she hears the last. "Won't the parents be too protective of the eggs to touch them? Except, there is that one egg that's so gorgeous." The question and sentence aren't quite related. She glances at Sadi. "I might. Otherwise I could get Maahes to fetch one for you. He's pretty good at that sort of thing."

Sadi shrugs as she stands, "Thanks just the same. I think I'll go and see if I can find mine," with that she stands and makes her way out of the galleries.
Sadi goes home.

Serret walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Pippa begins to make a few snips, taking careful examination of her lines and then making quite a few more long cuts. She pulls away some of the excess fabric, draping it over her shoulder a she eyes the sections she is going to sew together. "Not exactly the style a weaver would approve of, but it'll cover up all my unmentionables and then some." She glances back up, smiling to Eleryn, and then to D'baji. "If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see what is keeping Tolly." And with that, the girl trots off.

D'baji shifts broad shoulders in a shrug, peering out after said parents on the Sands - Nverath asleep, Ryazusith tending to a little mound of eggs, though her motions are slow and sleepy in themselves. "You wait 'til they're in a good mood for it - but they understand why it's important, anyway, if we explain it to 'em. An' we teach you lot to be respectful. Nice bows, no runnin', that kinda thing." Pause. "An' in some places, sleeves keep you cool, too." Pippa's farewell gets a wave, and a parting word of, "Don't gotta be pretty, just gotta work - y'should see mine."

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