Hatching 57 - Jeyth x Raeklith

Hatching Grounds
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered not even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified.
Gold Jeyth and bronze Raeklith are here.
You see Mound of Eggs, Gonoherpesyphillchlamaids Egg, Spring Has Sprung Egg, Stay Away From the Light Egg, Creeping Towards Convocation Egg, A Vote For Vegetarianism Egg, and Bad Dog! Don't Eat! Egg here.
T'ab, Pippa, I'no, and T'zyn are here.

Ribot> Plat'o must've been the closest one to the barracks when the dragons started thrumming - 'cause it's this assistant weyrlingmaster who bursts into the barracks, even amidst the flow of those-who-were-not-there getting to be those-who-are-now-there. "Candidates!" The slim guy's got quite a bellow on him, when he tries. "You hear that sound, you feel that sound. You know what it means. Robes on now, and we'll head out to the sands."

<Ista Weyr> Nverath senses that Jeyth draws the dragons of Ista in with a gentle seabreeze and terra-cotta warmth. « Its time. Come to the sands! » And then the humming begins, starting with the pairing within the caverns, gradually picking up others, gathering more draconic voices, vibrating the very walls. HHHMMMMmmmmmmmmm~

Ribot> Sienna's eyes open wide when she hears - and feels - the humming, her hand shooting out to touch the wall and for a moment simply /feel/ the vibrations. Wide-eyed, she blinks and then spins, diving for her trunk and pulling out her robe. With quick movements and a complete lack of modesty she yanks off her clothing and pulls on the robe her mother lovingly crafted for her. Removing her necklace, she carefully tucks it away, and she pulls her bracelet off too. Scribbling a quick note, she sends the bracelet and note off with Panela.

Ribot> Daegan staggers up from where he was working on writing a letter and he scrambles into his robe, boots traded out for a pair of sandals. He chews on his lower lip just a bit as he runs a hand along the back of his neck as he takes out his earring and makes his firelizards stay on his cot.

Ribot> Sadaiya removes her fingers from the intricate plaiting of her hair, though they freeze inches away from the elaborate coronet. Plat'o gets boggled at intelligently for a good long minute, head cocked as the humming resonates through her skull. Then: FRENZY OF ACTION! Clothes are shucked, heedless of whomever might see her particulars, and robes are thrown over her head (slightly more slowly. Gots to preserve her hair!). All the while a stream of creative and colorful cusses slip from her lips. Finally, she is done. BAM! Yummy.

Ribot> Taliesin was sitting on his cot, playing with a small, wrapped package. However, once the thrum began and did not ease, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath - so when Plat'o bursts in, the healer-candidate is relatively unsurprised, though he does bobble the package once before setting it delicately to one side. "Yes sir," he replies, slipping from his cot and moving to his press, where his robe has been so carefully stored against this day. Pulling it free, he shakes it out, then, with rapid movements, changes from his normal clothing to the pale white robe. The last thing removed is his necklace, which is weighed carefully in one hand before being tucked in his press. Looking directly at Malachai, he poses the expected question - "Ready, little sister?"

Stay Away From the Light Egg shivers a little and tilts onto its side, to get a nice even burn.

Ribot> Dorian nearly drops the bit of the music box he's fussing with and jumps to his feet, dislodging Bolt. He turns on the brown and points a finger at the needy and clingy thing. "Now you /must stay/." He projects thoughts like the previous time he Stood to the creature, glancing up at Plat'o. Then the robe Zilurana made for him is pulled out and in a flash he's: bam! Naked! Then Bam! Be-robed. Running fingers through his hair, he shuffles towards Plat'o to wait for further direction.

Creeping Towards Convocation Egg writhes in sudden response to the welcoming thrum of the parental dragons and those throughout the weyr. It twitches and shakes, just little jerking motions as if slightly itching, the need to rub it's nonexistant nose in the sand.

A Vote For Vegetarianism Egg bides its time. No hurry here, folks.

Ribot> Andru having been resting on his cot, the sound of the humming of dragons is enough to get Andru on his feet and getting his robes as quickly as he can manage, which is pretty fast. Dang and he was having a pretty good nap too. Ah well. Time to get all this sort of thing over and done. Making sure that his firelizards know what to do here, he straightens his robe a bit, making sure that he's all presentable.

D'baji takes up his customary place at the edge of the sands, near the weyrlingmasters, even as his golden-bronze Nverath, thrumming in answer to Jeyth, in answer to the eggs that have started to move, alights on the ledges. The Istan weyrleader sends a quick glance toward the clutchparents, then a more supervisory look to the gathering weyrlingmasters. Ready… Aim… wait, don't aim. Just be ready.

__Ribot> Zilurana slides to a stop just in time to miss hitting anyone, "Am I late?" she asks, sounding rather winded. At Plat'o's bellow she runs to her press, pulls out her robe, strips and throws the robe on. Ta-da, Zil's ready to go, and moving to stand with the rest of her fellow candidates. Pelush gets a glare as he tries to stand next to her, "Go find someone else to bother," is hissed. __

Gonoherpesyphillchlamaids Egg twitches. If only… it could reach… that itch.

Ribot> Malachai is rushing in from whatever chore it was that she was doing, not hesitating to shuck her clothes off and trade it for the traditional white robe and sandals. Once done, she looks to Taliesin with a wide grin. "More than ready. Are you?"

Ribot> Plat'o squints at the forming up candidates, asking, "Everyone lined up?" A question to which he sure knows the answer is 'no'. "If you get caught trailing, better hurry. I'd hope you all know where we're going. Come on, march!"

Ribot> Sienna yanks her curls back into a runnertail and slips on her sandals, and then she's bolting for the gathering line of Candidates, edging herself into the group. "This is it," she whispers, more to herself than anyone.

Ribot> Eilem is sitting back on his cot, reading a hide, legs crossed at the ankle, when the call comes. He lies there blinking for a moment, not moving and just flicking an eye up at AWLM for a single endless second. And then BAM, leaping into action. There is probably no way to make scrabbling into a change of clothes dramatic and super dignified without a montage, and Eilem certainly doesn't do any better, but after a few moments of frantic scrabbling he stands tall in his robe, fixes his hair and is /ready./ He puts the finishing touch on, twirling a climbing piton through his fingers and thrusting it dramatically into the ho— wait, he's not wearing his belt, he's got a robe with a rope around the waist. So the steel spike clatters to the floor. FORTUNATELY nobody saw it, so he rolls his eyes and surreptitiously kicks it under his cot, stepping out and hurrying along with the others.

Lanti walks out onto the sands with some wineskins in hand, which she offers to those already out there. Whether or not they hold wine isn't apparent, but they must have been kept chilled somewhere, as the leather is already showing signs of condensation.

Bad Dog! Don't Eat! Egg picks up on the movements of its siblings, and gives a little tremor of its own.

Spring Has Sprung Egg wobbles to the side, scratching Gonoherpesyphillchlamaids Eggs itch for it before dropping apex-down.

There is a spray of sand, one last kick, one last dig as Raeklith makes his usual mess around the perimeter of the clutch, and perhaps a few divots between the scattered egg mounds as well. He too thrums loudly, proudly, with almost a puppyish enjoyment as he flicks his wings open and closed. I'no's come scrambling onto the Sands at the call of the dragons, making haste to go make a stand beside the dragon parents and Pippa of course.

As the candidates are led out onto the Sands — many of them wide-eyed and more than a little concerned — they press in close as they continue to sort out who will stand where and whose hand they will clutch onto in a mixture of excitement and sheer terror. The entrance is awash in a sea of white. With the humming dragons as an aural backdrop, the candidates bow almost as one, giving their respect to both dam and sire. Once indicated, they sweep forth upon the black sands, fanning out into a line that arrays before the mottled eggs.

Dorian ambles his way, oddly enough to Malachai, reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder if she allows him. "You can stand by me if you want," he tells the younger candidate, glancing out towards the eggs. His skin has paled somewhat and he looks mildly concerned, but less so than some of those who have never Stood before. He has yet, fortunately, to start the hot sand dance.

Sienna edges forward onto the sands, wide-eyed and hesitant until she takes a deep breath and gathers her courage. She takes a single bold step forward, and then shrinks back to nervousness once more. One hand reaches for Taliesin, and the other for Sadaiya as her eyes flick briefly to the galleries, searching, and then she tilts her head to listen. But then she is focused on the eggs and her friends beside her.

Pippa wanders past Lanti, swiping a wineskin on her path towards Jeyth. Yeah, the pregnant chic just grabbed some wine. Habits. Her path continues 'til she is just near to the gold's chest, a free hand coming up to press to her maize-gold hide. "They'll be fine." But the gold's crooning humm continues, lowering as her head tilts to eye her eggs, speculative.

Zilurana edges forward with Sienna, she doesn't quite take the other's hand, but she's there just the same. The eggs look considerably harder as she eyes them, "Which one holds the queen do you think?" she asks softly. Afraid of her own voice it would seem.

Taliesin moves silently with the others, flanked on one side by Sienna, and the other Malachai. He casts a brief glance down to his younger sister - a flicker of worry, no more, before he offers her one hand. Then, attention to Sienna - and again, just a hint of concern, and his fingers brush hers, entangling lightly. Another slow, deep breath, and tension sits on his shoulders, even as his face is calm, hazel eyes darting amongst the eggs.

Daegan moves over to stand beside Sadaiya, offering out his hand to her, if she wants to take it, the other offered to Zilurana as he eyes the eggs warily, feet lifting off the sands in an effort to keep them from getting overly hot. He's already starting to sweat, possibly from nerves as he watches the shifting movements.

Malachai is following after her brother, standing still until Dorian's hand is on her shoulder. She looks to him and grins, "sure! If you want." Despite the fact that he's offered to her. Taliesin's hand is eyed briefly before she takes it and then offers her free hand to Dorian.

Eilem stands alone, apart from the others, and just /slightly/ forwards, but not out of eagerness; after a quick scan of the galleries he turns his attention to the eggs, twitching and flicking his eyes between each of them in turn, keeping an eye out for threats. He doesn't speak, but /does/ slip in a reassuring look at the others between sand-scanning glances. It's cool. He's got this. Everything's under control. Or something.

Sadaiya isn't shaking. Sadaiya is SO not shaking. It is just the resonation of the rocks. Or a trick of the lighting. Dealer's choice. Post-bow, she picks her totally-not-nervous way over to stand betwixt Sienna and Daegan. With a grateful smile, she takes the 'reachian man's hand and squeezes it in her own tiny palm. "We got this guys, okay?" she murmurs, the force of her grin dissipated slightly by the frantic, panicky look in her dark eyes.

Creeping Towards Convocation Egg starts to build up internal pressure with deadlines upcoming, slowly cracking with the thoughts of final examinations, papers due, and presentations to be finished. Finally, after much deliberation, the cracks widen and from the stress-rattled interior a blue form emerges with much pomp and circumstance.
Whiskey For What Ails You Blue Dragonet
Elegance beguiles and beckons the eye with the sleek subtle strength of morta, preserved and tempered by Istan heat and time. Shadows of polished grey oak peer through the vast swaths of blue woad that paint this creature of barely contained boisterousness from nose to toes, accentuating the curves of his lithe harp frame. Illusory whiskey grains spill across broad shoulders, down an arched back and compact haunches, trailing through to long willowy tail. The span and spread of spar and sail are strung with glittering strands of purest gold, exquisite strings to play the music of heart and soul with each wingbeat.

Sienna glances up at Taliesin, offering a faint, flickering smile. Leaning forward slightly, she looks up and down the line of her best friends and fellow Candidates, taking comfort and strength from their united front. She grins at Eilem. "We got this, yeah," she echoes Sadaiya with a nod. Red Rover, Red Rover…

Andru moving along with the others, and taking a nice slow deep breath feeling the heat of the sands once more. Nice slow breathing helps keep the butterflies in his stomach under control. Rolling his shoulders slightly, he tries to get that freaking tension knot from his between them. A blue as the first egg to hatch. Wonder who won the bet on this one. T'ab probably got it wrong though.

Dorian squeezes Malachai's hand in support, falling into step alongside her. He looks down the line at the others as they arrange themselves and chuckles faintly. "Should probably be ready to leggo if one of 'em comes running at us." The sound of an egg breaking down draws muddied eyes up and he grins. "Nice looking blue, that."

T'ab did get it wrong, but he did do something right. The galleries has a small group of pretty boys and girls for the candidates who don't Impress. He's otherwise silent, just chilling on the edge of the sands and helping out the weyrlingmasters.

Zilurana blinks at the eggs and accepts Daegan's offered hand. Truth to tell, she's nervous, more than she's ever been before now. Her eyes turn to scan the galleries as she wonders if any of her friends are up there? The first hatchling is spotted, and Zil takes a deep breath, "He's beautiful," and isn't he just?

Spring Has Sprung Egg remains upon its side, rather lazy, kind of shivering from time to time. Maybe it has the shakes. Maybe something within has the shakes. But sure, it shakes.

Daegan sucks in a sharp breath as the blue hatches, eyes widening just a little as he fights not to take a step back, hand tightening on Sadaiya's, "Nothing like egg touchings." he mumbles under his breath as he keeps his gaze tracking from eggs to the hatchling.

Eilem grins back at Sienna, a flicker of exhilaration showing through his otherwise attentive and impassive mask. "Oh, in-etten-deed." And then the crack of an egg snags his attention and he is watching the blue emerge, his bare feet charting a circular path around the sands, keeping just out of the way.

Taliesin's eyes crinkle slightly, though he gives neither smile nor frown for the first of the hatchlings - blue is studied carefully, cautiously. Fingers tightening about Sienna's, he leans closer to her and murmurs, "Blues for all, hmm? Handsome thing." Chuckling, the sound strained, he straightens up again and surreptitiously wriggles his toes. Another long, deep breath. He can do this.

I'no comes up beside Pippa and eyes the skin in her hands for a second, raising his eyes up at her and looking questioning for a second before the sound of cracking shell draws his eyes towards the first dragonet. "Hey look, here they come." Is it odd to feel nervous as the clutch sire's rider?

Sadaiya starts visibly, jumping almost a half hand backwards at the piercing CRACK of shell. "G'yuhh!" The unintelligent exclamation follows a small skitter to behind Sienna's back. After a moment, the dark crown of her head peeeeeks from behind the baker's shoulder, the rest of the girl slowly emerging after a suitable amount of time has passed. "Blue." Oh good. She's regressed.

Sienna beams when the first egg to hatch is a blue. "He's fabulous!" she says to Zilurana, nodding her head so a few more curls escape their tie to brush against her cheeks. She frowns when Eilem starts to wander around. "Watch out for Jeyth," she mutters, not nearly loud enough for him to hear. She grins up at Taliesin and nods, "He's beautiful.

Malachai nods, "Probably should." She agrees and loosens her grip on both hands of the boys. "Very nice, he's a looker." There's a shift of her feet, rocking onto her heels.

Pippa saw that look. She saw that I'no. It is only then that her eyes follow where the bronzerider's look, and she scowls, muttering a word under her breath that isn't fit for company at all. So, instead, she moves to hand it off to the clutchdad. "Does uhm… Raeklith still have his pits out there?"

Gonoherpesyphillchlamaids Egg is really starting to get irritated now and rolls half its width along the sand before coming to a standstill.

Whiskey For What Ails You Blue Dragonet arches that harp shaped back before kicking out each leg, stretching out those gild strung wings and then raises his head to take in his audience of white clad hopefuls. There is a questioning croon that emerges from him, quickly changing to a grumbling note as he awkwardly makes his way through the sand towards the Candidates, searching, examining, testing.

D'baji finds his way over to Lanti in time to be able to nudge her. "Blue. That's a good omen for you, right?"

Andru lets out a little sigh of relief,"Well the hatchlings are far more beautiful than I was expecting." He says as he reaches a hand to wipe just a tiny trickle of sweat from his brow. He takes nice slow soothing breaths. No matter how many times this happens, it's always rather exciting and terrifying thing. Hopefully no one gets too badly mauled this time.

T'zyn chills — or bakes, really — at the edge of the sand alongside T'ab, the little AWLM fidgeting restlessly as he watches the Candidates. Or maybe the heat is making him fidget. "Blue first. Shells. My money was on brown." His nose wrinkles, hands shoved into the pockets of his pants as his shoulders slump.

Spring Has Sprung Egg begins to shake apart, as if some undetectable breeze has blown through the dark cavern and started to shatter the pastel pinks and airy blues from the surface. Like pollen billowing away, it fractures and crumbles, suddenly exploding in a puff of infinitesimal pieces that radiates all around to reveal the one within.
A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed Bronze Dragonet
Blown glass of iridescent amber, bronze-bright and light-swirled, curves with the tranquil surface of this dragon's hide. A mellifiore mosaic of henna, hemp and sage jives upon his gentle face as darkened hues diverge along the generous bow of his muzzle to the mellow arc of handsome eyeridges. His rounded shoulders draw back to smooth sides, leaving metal-vivid spars annealing to the haze of wide sails, while the rest of that admirable length is left to lackadaisical limbs and hyaline-glossed 'quarters. Ganja green grows wild as weed in the shadow of his 'ridges, free to daze his more amiable hues with intoxicating charm.

Taliesin clucks his tongue lightly at Sienna. "He's a he - it's handsome. Not beautiful." Snickering lightly, he shakes his head, then tosses it to ease his bangs from his eyes. "You know," he remarks conversationally to the ladies flanking him, never taking his wary gaze off the hatchling, "this is either going to be the best turnday ever, or worst."

Eilem watches the single dragonet emerge and ceases circling, remaining out of the way and hooking his thumbs into his belt-rope. He leans back on his heels, eyeing the proceeding thoughtfully, but a combination of the dragonet's approach, the ominous rolling and rumbling of the eggs, and the HOT sand beneath his feet shakes him out of his idleness and sends him moving about once more, with a case of hotfoot.

Zilurana watches the hatchling for a moment before the Gonoherpesyphillchlamaids Egg grabs her attention, "I wonder if that one will hatch next?" she chinpoints towards the egg.

T'ab elbows T'zyn, "I always bet bronze first, although I should probably change that… low odds…" He also always guesses the entire clutch will be bronze. "Pretty though."

Lanti? Is totally grinning like a very happy (if feral) cat. "Best color going," she agrees to D'baji, if quietly. And that is all. She's just here for support and first aid. That's assuming people don't mind her lack of bedside manner.

Sienna jumps, jerking her head towards the galleries. Her expression is first twisted at Cullen's yell, but then she grins. Because Cullen = Mireille, and Mireille = Good. Cullen's just the vessel. She grins and briefly lets go of Sadaiya's hand to wave. Then she's grabbing for Sadie's hand again. She looks up at Taliesin in surprise. "It's your turnday? Um. H-happy turnday? I didn't get you anything…"

Dorian glances to Malachai and on down the line. "It's Taliesin's turnday?" He laughs briefly and rocks back onto his heels, looking back to the Sands. "I'd take that as a good omen, myself." The bronze hatches and eyes open appreciatively. "Well, the eggs were no indication… These are beautiful hatchlings." He looks to Daegan and winks, if he can catch the other candidate'sa ttention.

Sadaiya hot-chas her way back to Sienna's side fully, once again reaching for Daegan's hand on her other side (clearly she needs to grow more limbs). The tiny spans of her feet pick up and down and she makes little noises of discomfort. "Guys. Guys. Did anyone, you know, think to ask what we're supposed to do here? Hey. Turnday boy. Should I maybe… think nicely?" An eye goes out to the bronze, its egg-detonation merely causing her to jump involuntarily this time instead of bolt behind her BFF.

A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed Bronze Dragonet just sits in the midst of his eggsplosion. Yes, he just sits.. Tail unwinds and flops to his side, long wings droop, head turns about to gaze bemusedly upon the world about him. Really, he might be silent but that expression upon his face can only mean one thing. Whoa.

Daegan blinks a bit as the blue starts to move, eyes drawn to the cracking of another egg, a faint 'ahhh' coming from him as he sees the bronze, "He is… gorgeous." He murmurs quietly to Sadaiya as he squeezes her hand and Zilurana's hand before catching Dorian's look and he nods his head a bit, "Yeah."

Eilem's ears perk up at the mention of "odds," and he quickly turns around, cupping his hands to his mouth and calling up towards the galleries. "YERI, IF ME GETTEN MAULED MAKES YOU MARKS I HAD /BEST/ BE GETTIN' A CUT." The sea of faces up at the galleries gets a serious glare, and then he turns back on his heel and returns his attention to the dragons. Oh hey, there's two of them, now.

Malachai nods in approval to the bronze, before she looks to Taliesin. "Oh! Right, that's today, isn't it?" What a loving sister she is. She grins at her brother before leaning over to nod at Dorian. "Yeah… Apparently."

A Vote For Vegetarianism Egg rattles quietly from within, a quiet but urgent tapping sounding on the inside of the shell.

Taliesin snickers. "You couldn't know, as I didn't exactly broadcast that fact," he murmurs, glancing sidelong first at Sienna, offering her a wink, then to Malachai - another wink, this one presumably in thanks to his sister for not spilling that fact. Eyes flicker, rapidly, to blue - then to bronze, startled. "Where did he come from?" Whoa, indeed.

Bad Dog! Don't Eat! Egg jerks once over to the side, shifting a little in the sand - and then stopping. This egg will stay on the outsides. Besides, then no one will step in it.

Sienna shrugs at Sadaiya, "I…it couldn't hurt?" she offers hesitantly. She giggles at the bronze, biting her lower lip. "He's adorable." She squeezes Taliesin's hand. "I'll get you something after…this."

Stay Away From the Light Egg rolls into a slight divot in the sands, unconsciously searching for some way to get out of the light.

Eilem siiidles up back to Sadaiya, shrugging his shoulders and nodding his head vaguely in the direction of the prowling dragonets and the as yet unhatched eggs. "Eh, we wait about'n try not t'get clawed at and hope they find us. I dunno if there's a /technique/ t' it."

Zilurana is quiet, considering how chatty she'd been in recent days, "I'm going to," thought derailed as she speaks, "Oh, lookit that one," another chinpoint towards Stay Away From the Light egg, "I think it moved?" small voice, very much not Zil-like at all, "I still think that one was my best sketch," sagenod.

Whiskey For What Ails You Blue Dragonet is drawn by the attentions of everyone focused on an individual, he heads that way with a nearly undulating walk, ending up in front of the turnday boy as if to see just what all the fuss was about. Whirling eyes examine what's before him and only sees a pair of knees. Somehow that just doesn't seem quite right and he wobbles off again, brushing against Taliesin lightly before bumbling off towards the other figures all around him. Looking up and up, higher and higher, there is someone towheaded out there for him nearby.

Sadaiya frowns, then pastes a big ol' smile on her face, a little too wide and bright to seem not-predatory. The brown pools of her eyes cross slightly as she watches the blue makin' tracks across the sands. "Heeeeere, dragon-dragon-dragon?" she says, voice raising into a question towards the end. Anddd…*whiff* She gets passed up. Another slight frown. "C'mon guys, I am totally nice."

Taliesin nudges a hip towards Sienna. "Need I remind you that you already got me the best gift of all?" he asks, voice pitched for her ears - but, given how loud he has to talk over the general cacophony, it's rather likely that most of the others nearby can hear it as well. Shaking his head, he allows his gaze to flicker from hatchling to hatchling to rocking eggs, swallowing slightly. He's in control - though from the tension across his lean shoulders, it's by fingernails. And that becomes even more tenuous when the blue brushes against him, his body jerking in surprise. "Gah." Wondering eyes stare after the hatchling, just a bit confuzzled.

Dorian rocks onto toes and back to heels, the heat starting to eat its way through the extra padding in his sandles. The teen starts to disengage from the line when the blue comes for them, but since it doesn't seem likely to maul or otherwise maim, he relaxes and leans back onto his heels for a moment. "He's… calmer than I'd have expected," he mumbles.

Andru smiling at Daegan, in a way that hopes is reassuring. He knows that the first time is such a new experience for people. He can still remember how scared he was, even after growing up in the Weyr, the first time. He keeps his breathing slowly and steady,"Careful Sadaiya, don't want to get mauled again right? Or throw up in front of everyone."

Malachai grins in response to Taliesin, "Welcome." Though silence follows to warily watch that blue that approaches before bumbling off. She shrugs, "guess he didn't want you…" A softer note as she watches the blue still.

Sienna steps back slowly when the blue comes near, holding her breath for Taliesin until the dragon passes them by. She squeezes his hand tightly and bumps him back. She's completely lost in the new sensations as she shifts her weight to try and get her footing once again. Figuratively and literally.

Zilurana watches the blue as he reaches their line and starts pacing, if pacing is the right word, "Wonder who he's looking for?" because she thought sure when he stopped at Taliesin, that the blue was looking for him. And wouldn't that have been something?

Daegan shivers a bit as the blue brushes by Taliesin, a faint sound in the back of his throat as he shifts his gaze from the blue to the bronze, trying to keep an eye on both of them as sweat beads along his neck, robe getting damp along his back, some from the heat, some caused by nerves most likely. "We'll be okay Sadaiya." he says in a voice that barely shakes, but is filled with nervousness.

A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed Bronze Dragonet draws onto all fours. It is a haphazard process, involving some wobbling, wings fanning out to catch sails against a couple of nearby eggs, and a snap of his tail to gain balance. See, he's figuring it all out. But the path forward? That's a meandering thing. A few steps here, one back there, a couple more to the side, a circuit about and behind the hand-holding Sienna with nose wuffling and sniffling, and maybe a tickling tail as well.

Whiskey For What Ails You Blue Dragonet is enticed by a sound, a source of near calm, the soft elusive breathing, slow and steady. It carries him past white robes and up towards that light haired young man standing amongst all the others that were just all wrong. This is the one, this is he whom he was crooning to and indeed the dragon croons again, nudging his woad strewn head against the bare legs of Andru before him before peering upwards adoringly.
Whiskey For What Ails You Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Andru, and steps forward.

Lanti takes a deep breath, then sighs. "Shard it. So tired of trying to find good help for our headman." And down goes a healthy swig of wine.

Bid Bird Never Saw It Coming Egg cracks and shimmies until a dull, fierce looking green emerges with a pitiful screech. The green does not take much time /running/ toward a crowd of snotty looking girls, the queen of them all is her target, a young girl named Olivia who pushes the others around her out of the way. "She's mine." But the green doesn't seem to have the brakes set right and she collides with Olivia. After a few moments of scuffling and figuring out which arm belongs to who, Olivia grunts very unwomanly, "Laetith… ugh."

Sienna watches the meandering bronze, especially when he comes near her. "Hey, no peeking up my robe," she says to the dragonet with a nervous giggle. She edges away, turning her body to try and keep him in her sights, even while clinging to Taliesin and Sadaiya's hands.

Eilem chuckles, flicking an eye over at Sadaiya and shrugging, "Maybe ye could—" and then the Blue is wandering obliviously by and he scoots back out of the way, and /then/ he puts a foot down on the sand behind him and the sand suddenly refused to support it, almost toppling him down into some sort of…pit? He pinwheels his arms and just /barely/ manages to avert a full-on tumble, throwing his weight to the side and scrabbling with this feet around the periphery of the pit, running at an angle until he stumbles onto more solid sand. It's not the most /graceful/ of saves, but Eilem manages it, even managing to keep from falling face-first into the sand as he finishes. He grumps and unfolds to his feet, brushing himself off and shooting a glare at the clutchfather before turning around just in time to spot the dragonet trundling up to Andru.

Dorian would have to crane his neck to continue watching the path of the blue which would pull him away from keeping an eye out for maurauding dragonets. "Ha! Did you see that," he announces of the bronze, snickering to himself. Still, he hears something further down the line and leans out to spot Andru's Impression. "'gratulations," he calls out.

Zilurana cheers for her friend, "Congrats!" she calls sounding a great deal more like herself, then the next egg is spilling its content, a lovely green.

Pippa seems almost to startle as the first impression goes to the long-running Andru. She blinks, and nearly reaches back towards I'no for that wineskin before instead settling with a clap of her hands. "Well shells, it is about time his dragon was out on those sands. Good for that, boy."

A'ru blinks a bit in shock as the blue touches him and then nthe sensation of his new lifemate's mental touch, He says outloud,"Kotoceth, his name is Kotoceth!" He looks a bit ready to cry right now as he begins leading the blue over to the Weyrlingmasters,"No Kotoceth, you may not try and take a bite out of them. That would not be good at all. We'll get you some food as quickly as possible." He says giving a light laugh.

Malachai misses what happens with the bronze. She was watching the blue. When it settles at Andru, she grins. "Congrats!" And she's looking to the eggs again, rocking on her heels again.

Gonoherpesyphillchlamaids Egg has been scorching here long enough. Those crimson stains start to crack into spinnerweb-thin fissures, allowing the faintest sheen of egg goo to ooze onto the sands. The fissures suddenly explode as a golden amber paw punches through, the tiny talons more than sharp enough to create an exit for the dragonet within.
Just Walk It Off Gold Dragonet
A lady is she, clothed in pale, rich amber; it gleams across her fair-built frame from delicate-boned face, across the proud arch of an elegant neck and the wicked sweep of powerful wings, all the way to the tip of her perfect-pointed tail. Melty, molten gold dapples a merry, marvelous path from 'round headknobs, down the sides of her neck and under shoulders. The bones of her wings are silver-wrapped; the trailing edge of 'sails argent-limned; at full extension, they are a wide and sweeping arc - while there is delicacy hinted at elsewhere, here is a focal point of power.

Sadaiya pulls faces as she uncrosses her eyes, the subject of her gaze having gotten lost in the mind of another. "Okay. Not doing that again," she notes to her companions, staggering slightly against Sienna as her vision probably rights itself. Shaking her head and sending a few loose curls to bap against her forehead, she

I'no was watching those first few dragonets rather anxiously, clutching that wineskin rather tightly rather than drinking from it. As one candidate vanishes backwards into a pit and he was about to round on Raeklith for that awful habit when the impression is made. The young bronzerider gapes and then cheers, nearly tossing the 'skin into the air in his exhuberance. "Andru!!!!"

Taliesin watches the progress of the blue with a faintly lined brow, still a bit confused - and, admit it, hopeful - from that brief brush. But once it becomes clear that the hatchling is not, indeed, about to backtrack, he offers Andru a lopsided smile. "Congratulations," he murmurs, far too low to carry, but sincere all the same. Turnday boy then takes one of his Deep Breaths (tm) and allows his gaze to flow towards the bronze - who is not there. "Where'd he - oh, ugh. That… " Whatever word he mutters is unintelligible, fortuntately. Then Sienna twists, and he does too, peering over his shoulder to see what has stolen her attention. "Oh - there he is."

peeks her gaze at A'ru. "Congratulations, darling!"

Daegan smiles a bit as he sees the blue trundling in front of Andru and he chuckles a bit, "Gratz Andru." he says in a carrying voice before ducking his head a bit to wip the sweat off of his forehead, head tilting to look back in time to see the gold hatch, "She's gorgeous."

T'ab laughs out loud as he claps and watches the blue Impress, "AndruuuuuuuuuuuU! Congrats m'boy, come'on over here and we'll get your Kotoceth fed!"

D'baji gives Lanti another nudge. Hey, those Breakwaters have to stick together. And that means elbows and ribs. Or something. "Theeeere she is… Guess you an' Pippa'll have another one t'train up, huh? Bets on who she goes to?"

Zilurana takes a very deep breath as the gold breaks shell, "She's," pause as she takes another breath, "Gorgeous," and that is exactly the one word that fits that young queen now on the sands.

Nverath thinks to you, « I bespoke Jeyth with: Nverath wafts a pleased pride on smokey scents and marked with golden filaments. « A credit to you. » »

Eilem breaks into a grin and waves a congratulations at Andru, and then a startling /crack/ echoes from behind him. He glances over his shoulder at the sudden flash of gold an spends just a moment looking at the pretty metallic dragon with a half-smile on his face before he remembers himself and scarpers, quickly stepping back towards the other candidates and taking up a position once again at the periphery of the crowd.

Sienna blinks as Andru Impresses, and she squeals for him. "Congratulations, Andru!" she calls. Her eyes flick away from the bronze to the hatching gold, and she squeezes Sadaiya's hand TIGHT even as she supports her staggering. "Fat. Dragonbabies," she hisses to her best friend.

A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed Bronze Dragonet finds his rhythm, footfalls sinking into the dark sands with wide-splayed talons. Tail lifted from the sands to sway from side to side, content and calm. The female is ignored. She hasn't got the good stuff. But the male. Oh, the male. Circuit brings him back about the pairing 'til a wobbling step has him planting rump-down before Taliesin. His head lifts, muzzle drops, and then he gets awfully familiar with the candidate. Wuffle.
A Friend With Weed Is A Friend Indeed Bronze Dragonet turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Taliesin, and steps forward.

Just Walk It Off Gold Dragonet shakes the last bits of shell from her wings and tail, then raises her little head high, chest out, surveying the dark sands. A curious look and almost a nod go to Jeyth and Raeklith, but it's an afterthought. She's not here to chat with mum and dad. The white robed children are given another glance, then begins her approach, nostrils flaring, jeweled eyes searching.

Dorian squeezes Malachai's hand again as the gold hatches. Likely in surprise. "So there /was/ a gold. She's pretty, eh?" He looks to the dragonet again. "Who d'ya think she's looking for?" Then that bronze is finally moving on proper-like and he chuckles as it finds its mate. "Knew ya had it in ya, Tali."

Pox Upon Me Egg shifts from side to side, as if trying to rub those pockmarks against the sands. Finally, it pays off, and from beneath emerges first a blue hindleg, then tail… The dragonet watches his siblings, and seeing his bronze brother impress is the cue he was waiting for. It's a quick, happy, puppy-ish (Raeklith-ish?) jaunt over to Zamaja. J'az is quick to call out, "Cilioth! Glad I got found now! Shells."

Pippa's head turns at a voice, her eyes sliding to D'baji before moving along to find the dragon mentioned -as if her head wasn't already filling with proud mamma vibes from her Jeyth. Her hand comes back up, pressing to the gold's foreleg as a hint of a smile tickles at her lips. "Oh, look what you did."

Sadaiya reacts less and less to each successive pop, merely jerking now in time to each occuring birth. "Wait gold who said gold?" She is wary now, peering about the hulabaloo to catch a glimpse of the newest birth. With a quick sidestep, she avoids a bronze crashing headlong into her legs at the same time (neat trick, that). "Ha. Ji'n won't make ME a statistic… oh /Taliesin/!" The bronze is made one with her dear friend and her heart lumps up in her eyes, a silly little romantic sort of grin tipping her lips upwards.

Zilurana blinks, takes a deep breath, and blinks again, "Congrats, Tali!" she shouts at her friend, she knew he'd impress even if he didn't, "And it's a good match too," she says to no one in particular at all.

D'baji shoots back a perfectly wide smile to Pippa, ducking his head quickly as well. Weyrleader is then looking to the newly-impressed bronze pair, and finally over and back to see if he can catch a passing glance at that blue. "Good, good," is murmured to… no one in particular.

Malachai drops Taliesin's hand because there's a bronze there! "Grats, Tali." She grins widely and then looks to Dorian. "Yeah. There's a gold. She's nice." Though she's grinning back at her brother once more.

T'sei has time for one fleeting thought - Best Turnday Evar. Then he's releasing hands - Malachai's first, Sienna's more reluctantly, before he reaches forth to brush a hand lightly over bronze eyeridges, gazing down into whirling eyes. "Hey, Xhiyanth. I totally hear you." Abruptly bursting into a grin, he shakes his head - clearing some of the daze, none of the smoke-haze from his mind, then steps away from the line. "Meat sounds reeeally nice right now." For the hatchling, natch.

A Vote For Vegetarianism Egg rattles - there's a taptaptapping of a sharp snout against the inside of this egg, its occupant impatient to be free of the confinement. The cracks spread their way slowly across the shell, spiderwebbing out from that central point of pressure, until finally the hammering achieves its goal: with a final burst of energy, the egg shatters, spilling a jade-green dragonet out onto the dark sands. There's a shuddering shake of wings to free herself of stubbornly clinging egg-shards, and then she hops forward, head tilting one way and then another to scent the air around her as her search begins.
Snake Oil Will Work Miracles Green Dragonet
Sharp and pointed, her piercing copper snout cuts away to a sudden dark cobalt mask, downplaying the pronounced protruding ridges that protect slanted eyes, wrapping 'round beneath trim, pointed headknobs, and fading into the deep teals of her crested 'ridges. Her jade body, feather-grained with hints of emerald, is carved small and sleek, narrowing from the shoulders to to the tip of her long navy-dipped tail, down tapered limbs to razor-sharp talons. Her wings are long and wide, wingsails slicing fern-green from cobalt-swiped wingbones, down into a darker mossy hue at serrated edges. Swift, compact, and wickedly sharp, she is precisely wrought and dangerously alluring.

I'no is practically as hyper and excited as some of the candidates as he can't help but cheer at the sight of that rather odd egg cracking out a queen. "G'boy, Raeklith!" Wasn't he just admonishing the bronze for digging traps all over the sands? Apparently Raek is off the hook now. "Wow Pippa, kinnae believe all that jist came out!"

Sienna gasps softly when the bronze loops around and stands in front of Taliesin. "Oh, Taliesin," she whispers, her voice catching as she gives his hand a squeeze and then slowly lets it go, slipping her fingers away from his. She side-steps to press closer to Sadaiya, biting her lower lip and beaming with such a mix of emotions on her face.

T'zyn waves brightly at T'sei and his new lifemate, and the newly-impressed blue. "Yo. Kids. C'mere. We got all the meat you could want."

Daegan looks around in time to see the bronze go to Taliesin and he smiles just a little, "Gratz Tali." He says softly, eyes drifting to watch the gold moving about the sands before sighing a bit and looking back over the sands to the unhatched eggs.

Just Walk It Off Gold Dragonet isn't about to waste time sniffing at each and every candidate. There are far more important things to do, and she's already made her choice. Bypassing one child after another, she slows until she's standing in front of that Southern Boll doll and reaches her muzzle forward to gently touch her hand.
Just Walk It Off Gold Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Sadaiya, and steps forward.

Zilurana blinks, there are just too many eggs hatching all at once, and she can't keep up with them, "I'm getting dizzy," she whispers very very softly, "Green, oh she's lovely," she says, and again, this isn't directed at anyone. Her friends are impressing left and right, and she's just having so much fun watching them, "Oh, Sadaiya. Congrats!" she calls out to her friend, and Ista Weyr's newest junior werywoman.

Eilem smiles, not his usual manic grin but a smaller, happier one, and gives Taliesin a salute. "Nice goin.'" And then there is /another/ dragon and Eilem is once more eyes outwards, flicking between the gold and the green and trying to keep in a position both tactical and easy on his feet. And then he has one less thing to worry about when the former dragonet approaches his fellow caravaner without even any mauling at ALL. The smile Sadaiya gets at this is /quite/ a bit bigger.

Dorian lets out a hollering whoop as Sadaiya Impresses, thrusting a hand into the air. It happens to be the one holding Malachai's hand, so he lets it go before he tugs the girl off her feet or something worse. "Go Sadaiya! What's 'er name?"

Bad Dog! Don't Eat! Egg receives a sharp hit from within, cracking and rolling onto its side as a big piece of shell falls away. Nothing but orange-whirling eyes at first; then, cautiously, one sturdy claw appears, then another, and out slinks a green dragonet, staying near the shelter of her hollow eggshell, casting wary glances around the sands.
Sagebrush for your Booboos (Cleanicus Hurtibus) Green Dragonet
Deep forest and rifle greens mingle over the back of a small body, across rounded shoulders and long features. Long limbs end with heavy, wide claws, while a short neck ends in a wide, spade like head. A sandy color sets apart muzzle and eyeridges, running the underside of her body, from chin to tail tip, and reappearing just on the bottoms of her claws. Her eyelids are shadowed a light brownish red, the color mirrored on the underside of her wings. Flattened, feathered headknobs, light on the external sides, dark on either side of army green neckridges, complement the few teeth that peek out from the upper lip of a long, drawn out mouth any time she runs her floppy, wide tongue over her lips.

Sadaiya reaches out to touch her friend, then is distracted. A sniffing, a headbutt. The girl drops to her knees, then, oblivious to all around her as her arms embrace the woman-child at her feet. "Jivayath. Her… her name is Jivayath!" Her voice is strong, ringing out over the sands as she turns to smile fiercly at her friends and loved ones.

Daegan blinks a bit as the gold stops in front of Sadaiya and he lets go of her hand to reach out and snag Sienna's, lower lip getting chewed on again as he looks over to the two greens.

Pippa hip-bumps I'no-wards, shooting him a rather exaggerated wing, "Aye, making good babies." And Jeyth will continue that statement with a croon. The gold's head lifts, following her daughter's progress and sniffing and snorting at various times -just calling out pointers- 'til an impression is made. "Oh… who is that? That the Sadaiya girl? I'm thinking it is." Score, Pippa is no longer the youngest goldrider.

As the gold approaches, Sienna holds her breath, until she slowly lets Sadaiya's hand go and steps back into an empty space of her very own. Her eyes flick to the galleries, and then back to Sadaiya. "I told you so," she whispers, hiccuping on a few tears that start to leak out as her friends impress. Her hand automatically reaches for a pocket that isn't there, and so she wipes her eyes hastily on her forearm instead. Her hand scrambles to find Daegan's, clinging tightly.

Dorian tries to nudge Malachai a little closer to Sienna, to close the gap that's formed around the other candidate. "Those are some pretty greens," he says with a firm voice, trying to help Sienna focus again.

Zilurana is doing an awful lot of blinking just now. Enough to make one wonder, 'is that a tear'? Yes it is, it's several tears in fact, and Zil doesn't bother to wipe them away. She's just so happy for her friends, who knew she'd cry from being so happy? Certainly not her, "Look," she says to Malachai, who she is now standing closer to, "Another green. Isn't she pretty?" not as lovely as the gold, but still pretty.

Snake Oil Will Work Miracles Green Dragonet flutters her wings in a rapid-fire flurry, shaking the last traces of the confining egg off of herself. Her start forward is awkward, at first, an ungainly hop on her back legs as her head turns, back and forth, back and forth — getting a scent of the candidates rather than eying them. Perhaps she is hungry. She takes her time about approaching the group. No hasty decisions here. Hop, sniff, hop, hop, sniff.

Malachai closes the gap at the nudge from Dorian, "yeah. I like their colors." She agrees, looking to Zilurana. "They're both rather pretty." And then she watches them. That's the smart thing to do.

Sagebrush for your Booboos (Cleanicus Hurtibus) Green Dragonet holds her tail low, keeps her head down, crouches behind that egg while she takes in all the commotion of those sands, all the people in the galleries, the other - dragonet! With a yipping noise, she's off at a slinky run, only accelerating as she draws closer to Snake Oil. Those white-robes are ignored, her focus is on her prey. And one of those hops makes her turn sharp, sending a hip crashing into a short, blonde Harper.

Eilem frowns at the green dragonet's hungry-looking expression. He puts himself between the candidates and /this/ one, discarding his previous attempts to stay out of the way in favor of intercepting potential teeth, his weight on the balls of his feet and his arms hanging at his sides.

I'no just grins back at the woman carrying his own child, a thought that still has him reeling to this day. "Yeah, think that's Sadaiya's." Pippa might not be the youngest gold rider anymore but unless there are some really big surprises tonight, it seems that I'no's still the youngest bronzerider.

Lanti winks at Pippa and I'no, then beckons toward Sadaiya and Jivayath. Possibly to have a quiet word with the girl. Possibly to protect them both from the other dragonets on the sands. "Let's get bellies fed and nerves calmed, shall we?" Lanti says to the newest goldling pair.

D'baji takes a few steps forward, forces himself to stop short so as not to cut off Lanti on her way to Sadaiya. "Glad you came back," is called across the sands to the newest goldrider. And it's hard for the old guy to keep himself still, but he clasps his hands behind his back. Stiff upper lip, maybe?

Daegan stays quiet as he squeezes Sienna's hand, eyes widening as the green runs into a candidate, his hands pulling a little on Sienna and Zilurana's as he steps back away from the running green, eyes looking at the hopping green as well.

Zilurana watches Sagebrush for your BooBoos Green and giggles at her antics. Oh boy, the dragonet's done it now, Zil's off and laughing. No help for it, and no holding it in. The laughter's started and it isn't about to stop anytime soon.

From the shards of exploded A Plague Upon You Egg emerges a gangly looking bronze dragonet, whose first few steps send him tumbling head over wing a few times and falling into a spare Raeklith-hole. After much clumsy crawling the bronze emerges to find a boy, Pushel, knocked over by the sagebrush green. Finding a mate in the clumsiness he croons and leans over the boy's body, "Errr, hi Shoveth. I'm P'shel, just give me a second to… get up. Ugh… I'm dirty."

Sienna hisses at Eilem as she edges closer to the rest of the group. Safety in numbers and all. "Eilem, you dimglow, don't /try/ and get yourself mauled." Still, the skidding green has her laughing, biting it off after one brief moment. "Oh, shards, I hope that boy is okay," she murmurs of the Harper.

Dorian blinks rapidly at those greens, shaking his head a bit to clear it. "Keep an eye out," he mumbles to those nearest him, wincing in the wake of the toppled Harper. "They, uh, may not notice their claw going your way." And that would be major ouches.

Stay Away From the Light Egg is much too hot to be chilling here, so the egg just shakes again.

Snake Oil Will Work Miracles Green Dragonet lets out an almost beeping sort of squawk as the other green dragonet takes off after her, and she speeds up her gait — she is /quick/, for all her ungainliness. She is off like a shot, barrelling away from the other green — towards the Candidates and then /around/ them, circling around another hole in the sands and around a group of Candidates, talons skittering through the black sand as she darts here and there.

Sadaiya smiles at the bronzerider and weyrwoman, looking slightly baffled in the manner of most new riders. She manages to stop caressing her lifemate, her Jivayath, to snap off a pair of salutes. "Um… guess it's harder than I thought to get rid of me!" comes the breathless reply. Pushing herself to a stand, Sadaiya squeaks, a hand trailing to her gut. "We're hungry. I think. Yes. Food?"

Zilurana oops she's still laughing, but that doesn't stop her from trying to avoid the racing greens. Racing greens! and Zil's laughing even harder. Good thing she's not likely to fall, "Oh, stop," she whispers between gasps of laughter. At this rate, poor Zil isn't likely to remain conscious she's laughing so hard. Someone should have something to get rid of the hiccups that the girl is bound to have on hand.

Eilem snorts and calls back to Sienna, not taking his eyes away from the green and the,,,/other/ green? "What 'n cost 'Yeri good marks? I—" And then the dragons are /moving/ and Eilem tilts his head to the side, taking a few quick steps to ward Snake Oil off from the cluster before turning his attention to the other green and raising his voice. "And what th'et d' ye think YER doin! STOP THAT THIS ETTEN MINUTE FOR YE RUN SOMEONE OVER." Eilem does not seem amused. He also does not seem very intimidating, though it's anyone's guess as to whether or not /he/ is aware of this.

Malachai watches the green hipcheck the Harper with a brow lifting with amusement. To Dorian, she nods. She's watching the greens, claws are on the watch. No one wants to get hit by those.

Pippa's eyes follow from egg to egg as the variety of colors begin to show. "See, Jeyth. This is what happens when a big young 'n strapping bronze catches you. Didn't do so bad at all." Even if the eggs looked awfully questionable. The woman falls back to rest against the gold, happy in her lifemate's proud presence.

Daegan winces as the green runs into the harper, then he eyes Eilem as he shouts at the running green, breath getting sucked in a bit before he shakes his head at the trader, sweat beads pattering off his skalp as he tries to catch his breath as Zilurana starts to giggle, "He's gonna get himself killed."

Sienna rolls her eyes, marching forward to try and grab the back of Eilem's robe. "You don't…YELL at the dragons!" she hisses, tugging on his robe. "Cut it out!"

Sagebrush for your Booboos (Cleanicus Hurtibus) Green Dragonet drives right after her sister, that wide tongue lolling out her mouth now, head low and eyes intent on one thing. Until the other green whips around that group of candidates standing there - the bakers, that trader. As if she'd hit a wall, this green stops short, digging her small but strong talons into the black sands. A careful whuffle, a high-pitched whine… and then, as she steps forward toward a young woman, she emits a long, eery howl; more canine than draconic.
Sagebrush for your Booboos (Cleanicus Hurtibus) Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Sienna, and steps forward.

Dorian has free hands, so he's able to clap enthusiastically for Sienna. "Woo!" he cheers, lips parting in a broad grin. "Well, 'least they," meaning Tali and Sie, likely, "get to stick together through weyrlinghood, huh?" this stated to Malachai.

Stay Away From the Light Egg starts to grow bulbous on top as the sunburned blisters swell with the internal movement. There is no more avoiding the sunlight: soon the surface starts to crack an interior glow with a flash of bronze. Suddenly with one big explosion of shards and egg goo, a snakelike bronze slithers out of the remains.
A Little Spice to Clear the Head Bronze Dragonet
Just as the tunnelsnake who stalks the deepest caverns, so is he long, youthful muscle covering every inch, fitting tight to his lengthy frame beneath tarnished hide, feigned experience. Dulled copper equips the dragon's well-formed headknobs and scowling eyeridges, ages to flat emerald 'round his chiseled jaw, his carved underbelly. Burnished-bright neckridges bristle between desert-sand wingbones, and a sturdy, well-balanced tail, blazoned with sapphire constellations and fluid in flight, reaches far beyond his compact hammered limbs. Forged on long wings, geometric patterns erode over long wingsails from flashing bronze to faded Mayan blue, the insignia of a noble spirit lost but not forgotten in a desert of muted tones.

Daegan lets go of Sienna's hand as the green stops in front of her and he tightens his grip on Zilurana's hand the other rising to wipe the sweat off his brow and he steps back a bit, eyeing the other eggs and then the other green, and then to the bronze that hatches eyes widening a bit.

Zilurana manages to gasp out, " 'grats!" to her friend Sienna. She's still laughing much too hard to do or say much more than that. Deagan's hand is given a squeaze to let him know she's alright and the laughter continues. Soon the hiccups will start, and she'll calm down, but not until the hiccups.

Sienna lets go of Eilem's robe and stumbles back, her head cocking at the howl. A noise rises in her throat and then is silenced as she sinks to her knees, gazing into the eyes of her lifemate. "That's Blacksands," she whispers, perplexed and confused as she runs a hand over the spade-like head. "Kehemath," she announces softly. Then, louder, and to the galleries she shouts, joyous, "Her name is Kehemath!" Standing, she keeps a hand on the green as she leads her to the edge of the sands, blinking rapidly and shaking her head.

Eilem leans back and grins, looking /extremely/ gratified at how quickly Sagebrush had stopped. And then he realizes /why/ and breaks into chuckling, laughing a congratulations at Sienna before turning back and looking serious once more, his attention once more on the speedy, ungainly green, assessing whether or not she is a threat now that her pursuit is otherwise occupied.

T'sei is in a daze - soothing hatchling belly with meat is delicate work, and it doesn't help that his brain remains smoke-fogged. However, one thing breaks through his fugue - that's a shouted name he's come to know as well as his own. Head jerks up, and he stares across the Sands at Sienna and the green, jaw gaping. "Woah. Ho/ney/!" And then - doubletake for his companions. "Duuuude, Sadaiya, when'd you get here?" Oh yeah, he's real mellow right now. That won't last. Enjoy it while you can.

Malachai lets out a cheer for Sienna as well, "Congrats!" And then the bronze is eyed as he hatches. There's a nudge to Dorian. "Look at that one."

Dorian snorts softly at Eilem, but grins. "You might be lucky you weren't mauled," he calls towards the other candidate. Gaze back to the sands and he blinks a few times at the bronze. "He's so dark," he says quietly to Malachai, flashing her a smile. "Gorgeous for a bronze."

Snake Oil Will Work Miracles Green Dragonet stops short at Eilem's yelling, her head whipping around, her pointy-sharp muzzle pecking threateningly towards the Trader-Candidate. Not far enough to connect, though; after this initial warning thrust, she tilts her head to one side, the sharp whuffle she lets out sounding halfway to a laugh. She circles Eilem once, sniffing, testing, getting his measure, and then stops in front of him, looking down at him with a kind of grudging respect.
Snake Oil Will Work Miracles Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Eilem, and steps forward.

A Little Spice to Clear the Head Bronze Dragonet attempts to emerge from his eggzone with as much strutting confidence as possible, but his dragging wingtips catch the black sand and cause him to stumble just a few steps. But eventually the bronze gains his balance and his eyes whirl and blink as he scans over the hot sands. His first few steps are confident as he follows some mental guide forward to the group of candidates.

Sienna shuffles to the edge of the sands, looking dazed as she begins to put meat into Kehemath's waiting maw. "Hi," she says, blinking at T'sei and blushing. "I Impressed." Duh. And then she POINTS at Sadaiya. "YOU! I TOLD YOU SO!" But she's distracted by the low keening of the green at her feet, and she crouches down to feed her more meat. "Wow."

Daegan looks over as the green impresses to Eilem and he nods a bit, shoulders twitching slightly before tugging Zilurana back to stand next to Dorian, lower lip caught and held between his teeth as he watches the bronze move across the sands, the strutting earing a slight smile from the candidate before he reaches down and curls his hand in Dorian's.

Eilem peers up at the green, his bare feet padding across the sand as he matches her circling, and taking a step back as she leans down, his expression hard. And then he breaks into a grin and reaches up, bopping the dragonet on the nose affectionately with a fist. "Yer alright." And then he turns on his heel, calling up at the galleries, his hands once more cupping to his mouth. "THIS LADY IS SAREZITH. YE ALL SHOULD REMEMBER THIS." And then he looks back at the green, his expression wry, his voice lower. "And oh, yes. We've got work t'do."

"20 turns ago?" quips Sadaiya, her eyes blinking owlishly at T'sei. A bowl of meat is shoved in her hands and gets summarily placed in front of the gold, who, instead of dainty little bites, SNARFS. Even with a SNARF. "No! Oh, honey, chew. CHEW! Jivayath. You have teeth, right?" The gold raises her bloodied muzzle and flashes an impressive grin. "Well, there you go. Now use them, okay?"

Dorian squeezes Daegan's hand as the man falls in alongside him. He grins, broadly. Trying to be supportive and all that, even if he's dancing the dance of the hot sands. "Did Moe come? I've not risked looking into the galeries." Likely to avoid the chance of seeing Sutri and getting superdistracted. He reaches out to find Malachai's hand, too. "Hey there."

Tooth Be Told Egg can't stand it anymore. The shell ruptures all at once, fast as if the blue dragonet within had been yanked out by some external force. This blue is in a bad mood, though, and marches directly to the candidates, tail trashing, wings snapping about, paws thrusting out at random as he stumbles along. But no matter whatever collateral damage he causes, it's only the bug-eyed, leg-gashed Aliver that gets his attention. He growls at this one, and a very slightly A'live young man gives a worried, "Neardeth." Squeak. "No, there's better food than my leg, come on."

T'zyn snickers quietly to himself as he watches the commotion out on the sands. "Way to go, Eyes," he mutters half to himself. "Faranth help us." The AWLM takes a step forward, gesturing invitingly to the new candidates. "C'mon, y'all. You've got /eating/ to do, first."

Malachai lets out another cheer, a louder whoop for Eilem. She grins and watches that bronze. "Nice color." She agrees before her hand is taken again. She grins widely at Dorian. "Hey there."

Pippa reaches a hand up to rub along the underside of Jeyth's jaw, an affectionate move as anything. She is startled from the moment by a shouting, eyes tracking to the newly impressed Eilem. "Aye, sharding well glad I ain't the Weyrlingmaster." There might even be an agreeable draconic sniff from above her. "Nearly done, Jeyth. Not so bad at all. Kinda nice."

Zilurana has finally managed to calm her laughter, and sure enough there's the hiccups, "Congrats!" she calls through the hiccups to Eilem. And now she's clinging to her remaining friends. She's so happy for her friends, and there's the blinking again to clear the tears from her eyes so she can see more clearly.

Eilem rolls his eyes, hands once more in his — ech. If only he'd had the forethought to ask for a robe with pockets. ANYWAYS he ambles along chuckling to himself, Serezith prowling along behind with a hungry look in her eyes. "Oh yes. Food t'do too." He seems a bit…wobbly, post-impression, but is spending most of his attention to maintaining some level of grace, his head low and without a lot of looking around at the others.

I'no chortles quietly at the rambunctious dragonets that came out and leans back at last against Raeklith's leg. The bronze sire dips his head to whuffle his rider, rewarded with a scritch to the nose and a soft sigh from the young man. "Ya did good. Even if ye did mess up the sands some." Probably don't want to know about some of the things that might have gotten completely buried in the sand either.

A Little Spice to Clear the Head Bronze Dragonet stops a moment to take another survey of the candidate options before he picks up speed again forward. The bronze seems /very/ focused on his target as he slithers forward to a trio of candidates, one Smith seems to be rather direction and so the bronze's head bumps into Dorian a few heavy counts to test the man's strength. Whirling orange eyes of hunger then raise up as best he can to look directly into the Smith's eyes, you show me your hammer, I'll show you mine…

Zilurana more hiccups, but she manages to call out, "Congrats!" to her friend, she's had a lot of fun. Worked harder than she's ever worked, and is completely happy for her friends that impressed.

Monkey's Furuncle Egg and Return of the Speckles Egg are left All Alone! Well, except for each other. It's fitting they should hatch at once, both pouring forth some rather gangly looking browns, one a light tan with klah-dark striping and the other an earthy brown with light splotches that look like sandy blossoms. It's also fitting they should both start scrambling toward two candidates way off to the side who've been paying more attention to shoving each other than to the dragonets. "Get your hands off my robe!" growls Tuffnut to his nearly identical sister Ruffnut, the two Telgar Weyr natives looking out of place in their tropic-styled candi-togas. "Hey," says Ruffnut, pointing at the charging dragons, "take that one, it has flowers on it. Girly boys like you like flowers, right?" This just before it mauls her brother. "Oops! Now it has blood on it!" T'uft and Ruft will just wander off with Snotlouth and Gobberth now, probably still fighting. End credits.

Malachai releases Dorian's hand as that bronze comes up and she grins. "Congrats!"

Dorian has to let go of the hands he's holding as he's headbutted. The teen grunts and stumbles back a little — surprised! — before reaching out to put his hands on that dark night's neck. "I've waited," he says quietly to the bronze, falling forward to one knee to put arms about the neck. The gooey neck. "Injolnith!" he cries out, loudly. "His name is Injolnith!"

Daegan sighs as the bronze impresses to Dorian, shoulders slumping a bit before he wipes a hand across his face, a deep sigh breaking from him as he squeezes Zilurana's hand. He looks down at the sands, the other hand resting on the back of his neck, "Gratz Dorian." he says in a soft tone

T'ab claps for Dorian as the bronze picks, "Another bronzer, I'll be initiatin' them eventually." The bronzerider then steps a few paces toward the new bronzer with a wave, "Hey there Dorian… and Injolnith? Come'on over here and we'll be feedin' him!"

Sienna offers more meat to Kehemath, but the green is momentarily distracted by her own tail, spinning around three times before she falls over with a startled yip. Giggling, Sienna carefully rights her, making sure her wings are adjusted and set right against her sides. "Wow," she whispers again, her eyes only for her lifemate at the moment, as she feeds her more hunks of bloody meat. "No, that's gristle, hold on. Who cut this stuff?" she mutters, yanking off some nasty bits before only the best part is offered to her lifemate.

Zilurana drops her friends hands and takes a deep, hiccup free breath, "Well that was fun," she says and looks round at the now empty sands except for herself and her remaining friends, "Well, shall we go change for the party?" she asks and makes for the nearest exit.

Pippa doesn't so much pull away from Jeyth's side. No, she remains where she is comfortable and happily basking in her lifemate's proud glow. Her fingers continue their idle scritching and stroking along the gold's jaw as she keeps in her comfortable spot. "You did good, Raeklith." She notes to the bronze before he might make his escape from sands watching.

D'baji gives plenty of time for all those weyrlingmasters to get the remaining impressees off the sands before striding forward. And he's totally glisteny, but not in a good way; in a sweaty, gross way. "On behalf of Ista Weyr," is said very loudly, arms spreading to show damp pit stains, "I'd like to thank you for your dedication throughout your candidacy. Hold your heads high, even if your lifemate wasn't on the Sands today - you were all found worthy of a chance at impression, and -that- is an honour." Arms drop, and he nods, eyeing up those still there. "There is food and drink in the caverns. If you wish to stay here, it can be arranged; otherwise, we will transport you back to your homes."

T'sei knows, without being told - his eyes flicker, briefly, to Malachai, the haze clearing as he gives his sister one long, heartfelt stare. But Xhiyanth does not allow him to brood. Blowing at his lifemate's face, the bronze recalls him to his duty with a lungful of blood-tinged breath, tail twitching idly. "Yeah… yeah." Briefly, hazel eyes flicker to Sienna, then to the dragonet, and he begins stoking the bo- er- feeding the hatchling once more.

"So," says Lanti, for real, fanning herself with her free hand. "No one died this time. That deserves a drink. Somewhere cooler." She'll leave the egg goo stuff to someone else, and heads off the sands.

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