Hatching Guidelines

For everyone:
The hatching is going to be a whole lot of spam. Make sure that, before it starts, you are wearing your white candidate robe (type '@wearing me is <robe desc>' - you may want to first have a look at your description and save your usual @wearing for afterwards) and have dropped all the objects you may be holding (type 'i' to see what you're holding; this includes firelizards!). Also, be sure to turn off all channels except for [IstaCan] and, if you have one, the channel made by and for candidates only.

Don't worry too much about posing; the biggest thing is to not make everyone wait on your poses, so don't worry about writing the best poses ever during the hatching; you don't even have to pay strict attention to posing order. Remember, by now, it's already been determined who is or isn't impressing - the hatching is just about keeping things moving along and having fun.

If you have to leave suddenly during the hatching, please stay on the sands! We cannot impress you if you're not on the sands.

If you do impress, while ICly you'll be led off to the side to feed your dragon, OOCly you may stay on the sands to watch the rest of the show. Just please pose accordingly. ICly, your dragon will probably fall asleep and you will be able to attend the banquet afterwards, for at least a little while.

If you do not impress, ICly the Weyrleader will dismiss you from candidacy, and your character can stay for the banquet if they so desire, and decide whether they want to return home or stay at the Weyr. (Keep in mind that, if your char isn't from the Weyr and you want to stay, you'll have to contact your area staff, and it would be nice to let IW staff know as well by sending *iwst.)

OOCly, a few members of SearchCo will be around to answer questions and receive any comments you may have about candidacy, whether in general, or specifically. Please remember that SearchCo will be just as tired as you after the hatching, so any questions or comments should be posed in a courteous manner, and we will answer in the same.

For those who cannot attend and will need to find someone to puppet:
- You might want to consider putting a temporary password on your character for the day in question, and changing it back to your regular password following the hatching (see 'help password' for details).
- Make sure all your channels, except for [IstaCan] (and, if applicable, the secret candidate channel) are turned off. You need to have [IstaCan] on so that you can communicate with SearchCo, and vice versa.
- Make sure you have '@set me.carry_ok to 1' so that, in case something goes wrong, SearchCo can push you out onto the sands.
- Write up a few canned poses for whoever is puppeting for you; usually a pose as you enter the sands, a pose in case your character impresses, and a pose in case your character is left standing. Also, consider a congratulatory pose for a certain person (if your character has become close friends with someone) just in case they impress. (You might not want to make these too specific, or at least make them so they're easy for your puppeteer to edit based on circumstances.)
- Make sure you have your character's @wearing is set to the white candidate robe before you turn them over to your puppeteer.
- Finally, if posible, find a puppeteer who's not a candidate, nor on SearchCo - the hatching is pretty spammy, and it can be hard to keep track of more than your own character.

For those who might not be able to be there for the full thing:
- Let SearchCo know when you will be available (at the beginning or end, for example) so that, if you have a dragon waiting for you, they can try to hatch it when you're around.
- Arrange a puppeteer for the time you won't be there, just in case something goes wrong. (See the guidelines above; though you may not need to provide as many canned poses, please make sure you've '@set me.carry_ok to 1' and are wearing your robe in advance.)

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