Hatching 59

Hatching Grounds
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered not even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified.
Gold Jivayath, bronze Xhiyanth, and bronze Tyroth are here.
You see Mound of Eggs, Drums of War Egg, Rumbling Darkness Egg, I'd Hit That Egg, Teardrop on the Fire Egg, What Have I Become? Egg, and This Ain't Impossible Egg here.
You notice Nalera asleep here.
T'ab, Sadaiya, T'sei, Sienna, Lida, D'rani, Jeana, Ravene, Zaharis, Kangarru, Daegan, Shizl, Silas, Yaiili, Trekana, D'baji, and Yves are here.
Obvious exits:

The shimmering heat gives way to the emergence of the latest batch of Candidates. Flowing white robes embrace their varied forms; a stark contrast to the sparkling black sands as they process. Emotions run the gamut of nervous anticipation, relief, worry, and even overly cocky facades. The line tromps in and take a slow bow to Jivayath and Xhiyanth, some slower than others. All too quickly, they disperse, reforming into a large circle around the clutch of soon to be hatched eggs.

Daegan moves over once the bowing is done, to hold onto Malachai's hand, the other offered towards Yves if he wants to take it.

Yaiili is hungover. Hungover like a FIEND. "UGGGGGH." Is the only sound that comes forth from the girl's mouth as she finishes off with that whole bowing noise. "I think I'm going to vomit." She finally states, blearily staring at the rocking eggs and moving off towards her posse. Lyzan, Shizl, whoever the hell is close enough.

What Have I Become? Egg shudders, the small sprinklings of sand grains falling off of its rounded top in a sort of downward spiral. The tiniest crack in its veneer appear as well, the merest flaws in the gray surface.

Yves moves over towards the circle and reaches out for Malachai's hand as he stands next to her. He gives her a warm, if rather nervous smile. "Good luck." Looking past her shoulder to the much taller Daega. "I got Mala's other one, ya big lug." He reaches across Mala to squeeze Daegan's hand firmly. "Good luck Daegan. I'm very proud to call you both my friends."

Sienna stands off to the side of the sands, near the food and oil barrels. Wringing her hands, she occasionally glances up to the ledge high above where Kehemath perches, her muzzle pointing down as she peers at the wiggling eggs while thrumming happily, her tail keeping a beat.

Malachai twines fingers with Daegan, glancing nervously over the assorted eggs before turning her gaze up to Daegan. "Breathe, Daegan." Because, you know, she has to boss /someone/ around. She also smiles over at Yves as he grabs her other hand. She is sammiched. This is interesting. And will probably be funnier later.

Teardrop on the Fire Egg gives a faint little quiver, disturbing the sand that is mounded against its shell. Small avalanches tumble down and then it calms. Waiting for the right time.

Kangarru makes her way onto the sands. Not holding anyone's hand, not hesitating, but just all woman, all sashaying and all FIERCE! On the outside she is confident, she is hawt, and she is /there/ because its her weyr, and why shouldn't she be there? A head toss and wink towards everyone else as she takes her place in the circle. Outwardly, pure confidence, cockiness and couture..inside? Well let's just say that when the eggs are moving, she jumps just a bit. EEP!

Sadaiya casts a long, sidelong glance at Sienna, then T'sei, then her other friends, her hand resting lightly on the smug-looking Queen's hide. Jivayath is sanguine compared to her (perpetually) nervous lifemate, her eyes swirling in bright blues.

What Have I Become? Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.

Swamp Water Waiata Green Dragonet
Turbid slate washes a small, round chest, giving way to muddy greens that seep across a rotund tummy, but stagnate with cerulescent blooms right before rounded hips give way to wide-set legs. Willow striations accent the joints of her limbs where her hide fits her frame just a bit too loosely, tangling with dry bracken at her shins before too-long talons are overtaken by glaucous gumbo. Mangrove pinions are planted high upon her back, darkened roots disappearing amid too-large wingsails, from which murky run-off trickels down along subtle 'ridges. Grey moss masks her rounded head, understated eyeridges made to stand by the wrinkled hide with greenstone accents that don't quite stretch into a coherent shape around small, sharp eyes.

Zaharis breaks off from the greater assembly of candidates, her eyes dark-rimmed and her step even less bouncy than usual, but she's standing, and this is a plus. She smoothes down the front of her robe, feeling a bit breezy.

T'ab has come jogging up to the sands' edge with the sound of the thrumming, but he slows to the actual black surface as he paces around the wall's edge to where the Weyrleaders stand. The bronzerider seems to be wearing an… interesting outfit, best described as a tank top and gold hot pants. The bronzerider halts beside Sienna and gives a smile, withdrawing a wineskin, "Ahhh. It happens again. Always fun. Drink, Sadaiya?" The skin is offered to the weyrwoman as he leans against some wall.

Rumbling Darkness Egg shifts in the sand, and settles back to stillness.

Shizl is already sweating the second he steps onto the sands. Srsly. It's HOT. And he's dehydrated. Maybe a little hungover himself. The red eyes COULD very well be from lack of sleep or allergies. Yaiili is just given a look. "You look like crap. Just sayin'. EGG! I mean dragon!" Point point. There might be a light shove in there, too. "Make dad proud!" Ah ha.

Alyssa is not happy to be marching across hot, hot sands, nor is she happy to be pushing clinging strands of hair off of her cheeks and neck. However, with her hair done up in pale braids, the girl has found a spot that's all back of the bus to the Candidate train, in a stance of purity in white. Almost does she make it across the sands before the sound of cracking egg shells causes her to stumble. "Woa…h." The wide-eyes of dark, rich brown are almost stricken at the sudden *hereness* of this event.

Lyzan's hair is slightly askew, a stiffness rides rigid shoulders where white cloth drapes in fashionable pragmatism. He does not meet anyone's eyes his jaw tight nor does he look at the Galleries. Fisted hands swing until he comes to a stop, feet apart, blazing a hard stare out across the black sweltering sands. Green dragonet is dismissed. Other Candidates are dismissed. His sister? No where to be seen.

Jeana sidles closer to Nalera, slipping her hand into the older girl's. Nalera gives Jeana a look, but allows the action, even giving a little queeze to reassure the younger girl. The two young women approach the eggs together, but it's Jeana who jumps as the first egg goes from solid egg to dragonet in seconds.

Yidain is keeping mostly to himself, hands folded behind his back once the bowing is finished. He flicks a quick glance around the other candidates, but mostly just watches the eggs. If he is nervous, it doesn't show, his expression blank and calm — at least until that first egg hatches. His eyes shoot open wide and tension shoots through his form, gaze locking intently on the dragonet with a mixture of apprehension and awe. He takes a half-step back, uncertain.

Sienna reaches for the wineskin but pulls her hand back when it's offered to Sadaiya instead, and smiles nervously at T'ab. "Yeah," is all she can muster, glancing at Kehemath once more, and then to the Candidates. "Makes me remember mine."

Yves looks over towards the What have I become Egg and blinks. "A green? Strange.." he offers. "I could of swore that one would be a male.." He laughs and looks at his friends. "Shows me, huh."

Swamp Water Waiata Green Dragonet shakes off a crown of egg-shell that rests upon her head, the shard bouncing away as she turns her bracken muzzle to look around, baffled, at her surrounds. Wariness tenses her form and it is cautious feet that propel her forward, one long moment at a time.

T'sei stands near Xhiyanth, eyes closed as he takes a deep breath. The bronze looks excited - for him - which means his eyes are open and he's watching the Candidates from where he sprawls near Jivayath. The eggs have finally been placed exactly where they should be for maximum effect - and now they're shattering. Ah well. "Heh," is all bronzerider says in response to Sienna's remark. "Because that was so long ago."

Daegan sighs deeply at Malachai's comment about breathing, eyes bright as he sees the green dragonet hatch, his hand tightening on her hand, "Strange to be out here againm, a bit nervous. I have to remember to move again so I don't get mauled, we'll keep each other out of trouble."

Teardrop on the Fire Egg trembles and rolls a quarter turn to the right, and then goes eerily still. Shadows creep upward, encroaching upon sky's brightness as dark cracks speed from base to apex, shading day to night. The fissures overtake the entirety of the egg until two pieces tumble to the sands, leaving a window into the egg's inner world. Briefly a flash of green and red is visible before the egg shatters under its own weight, cascading noisily about the squat form of Rhythms of the Rainforest Green Dragonet as she crouches, blinking in confusion at the sudden influx of light into her once-black world.

Rhythms of the Rainforest Green Dragonet
Brightness exudes from this compact dragon's body as if lit from within by a burning tropical sun. Her hide glistens and shimmers with a natural oil, clammy to the touch as colors ooze across her hide, slick with a silvery sheen. Clover and dale slide across her muzzle and down her short, slender throat to her narrow chest. Her eyeridges are prominent and rounded, protruding from high on her wide face and rimmed in a thin band of red that always leaves a few facets of her eyes the same hue. Damp, wickedly bright moss creeps over her shoulders and down her legs with fern-like tendrils, darkening into the jungle's underbrush over slender limbs. Cobalt hues gather along her sides and down her legs like a narrow swath of sky viewed through the canopy, until the green and blue both give way to a vibrant splash of orange cutting across her little feet and over her long, slim toes. Tiny talons as sharp as needlethorn but as small as pins appear at the end of each toe, while the pads of her paws sport an intricate design of swirls and crosshatches. The jungle is gathered beneath her wings like a new world created between her spars, vines and leaves and life twining together as it all fights for a place in the sun. Cobalt returns along the insides of her strong, wide thighs and down the underside of her short tail, while her belly lightens to a pale kelly green.

"GREEN. THAT IS MOST CERTAINLY A GREEN!" Sadaiya's free hand points, then goes to grab the offered drink. "T'sei! GREEN! ALSO GREEN!" Were her hands free, she'd likely grab him by the collar and shake. Instead, for now, the nervous proto-mother bounces on her toes, sending little droplets of whatever-the-drink onto the sand around her feet, a couple even hitting Jivayath's hide (much to the queen's curve-muzzled amusement).

Trekana is somewhere in the middle of all the candidates, her robe far more clinging than flowing. A bit more flow would have been nice right about now, if just for a breeze. She swallows quickly and pushes her hair behind her ears before all attention is grabbed by the dragonets emerging out of their shells.

"They're so… little." It's not exactly apparently what Silas is expecting from his words, a small wrinkle of concern forming on his brow as he takes in the first dragonet. He stays where he is, mostly, hovering back by a group of boys, watching them as much as he watches the dragon. He glances to Yidain and then gnaws on his lip. "I guess I thought they'd start being huge the second they broken shell."

Yaiili has her hand poised over her mouth. "Yeah, I know. And you're ugly. Stupid, ugly, and smell like pee!" That's all she has to say to her brother. Okay. Not really. She leans on Shizl, putting all her weight into it. "Why, Faranth, WHY did I drink so much? I… urg… my stomach." She's trying to stare at the eggs and dragonets, really. But the stomach issues are making that hard. "S'what, two greens? Awesome." Urgh.

Kangarru eyes the newly hatched green, "Mm..hm? She like..totally needs a manicure," is the reaction as she smooths down her dress. A look over at Alyssa's braids, "I approve," is all she says next, just trying to maintain her posture in the sands and not twist an ankle or fall on her ass. Burned asses are really not so good. A little smirk n wave over to Sienna, like hiyeeeee!

Zaharis takes a deep breath and lets it out in a long, exaggerated sigh, running clammy fingers across the length of fabric that clings to solid, but uncertain legs. Her eyes shift from eggs to the sudden burst of hatchlings from same. She swallows and takes an involuntary step back. Her pulse races with the reality and the suddenness of it all.

Yidain bites down on his lip, eyes tracking the dragonets for a moment before slanting to Silas. "Well, they have to fit in those eggs," he says pragmatically, head tipping towards the unhatched eggs. "They can't be /that/ big."

Rhythms of the Rainforest Green Dragonet slowly steps clear of her egg shards, gazing at the Sands with an unblinking stare, her eyes swirling orange and red. Interesting. This is not what she expected for this incarnation, but. Ah well. It must be explored. Shifting forward, her long, strong haunches push her free from her egg shards with a little awkward hop, and then she stops, settling down once more. Huh. She tries again, this time pawing at the air before her forefoot finds a good place to settle, and she's moving once more, awkwardly half hopping, half waddling across the hot sands towards the Candidates.

Shizl gives himself a whiff, wrinkling his nose. "It's the sweat. Sweat smells like pee!" Maybe if you're dehydrated. "If you puke on me, I'm gonna puke all over you. Where's Lyzan?" Nevermind his /other/ sister.

Total Eclipse of the Egg is quick to follow suit, shattering into a million and a half pieces to reveal a rather pale and ominous looking bronze dragon. Rising from the shards of the egg, the young dragonet is quick to stalk over to one of the taller and squatter candidates, uttering a low gutteral sound as he curls his tale around the boy's ankle. Once Mitalioaf, becomes M'tloaf as he reaches forward to exclaim, "Of course Steimanth! Two out of three ain't bad!"

Alyssa is the proverbial prey in the headlights, blinking as the quickly unfolding hatching surrounds her. For once the icy calm of her Fortian upbringing has left her, hands trembling to grasp together as she stands, alone. A quick glance at Kangarru, the ghost of a pale smile more in overwhelming than any lack of true congeniality. As her head swings around, to look, once more back towards the stand of eggs, it's then that she catches sight of the even younger green. She blinks. Her nose wrinkles. "Is — I — are they supposed to be /slimy/-looking?" This is asked of the air. "And awkward. Where — aren't they … " Yes. Alyssa is at a loss for words.

Malachai chuckles at Yves and Daegan. "You two are so.. " She begins to giggle helplessly, though she does keep an eye on those needle-pawed baby dragons. "Yeah, we should keep an eye out, however. Clumsy babies, and all."

Lyzan darts eyes along this second enfoliage'd green, shrugging out of the grasp of some poor sap that thought it'd be a good idea to take hold of his shoulder. He circles the churning central mass of candidates and twitching eggs to notch in beside Shizl. Shoulder-bump. He gives him a sort of severe grin. "Had enough yet?"

Swamp Water Waiata Green Dragonet moves faster now, skittering from behind one egg, to the next, to behind her newborn sister. Noises frighten her: each shout, each yell of imprecation sends her skittering in the opposite direction. The faintest footprints follow in the green's wake: the hunted rarely leave trace of their passing.

T'ab watches the booze get spilled and he frowns slightly, "Hey now, that's fine Benden Red!" He shakes his head with a chuckle and leans back watching the first Impression. He gives a clap and looks over the newest bronzerider, "Man, I'd do anything for love… including that."

Yves looks over as a bronze hatches and goes stumbling towards his lifemate and he laughs. "Well that's quick." He tells Malachai and Daegan. "And that one." He motions with his free hand. "Is skulking behind her sister."

Drums of War Egg remains, for the moment, completely still, as if biding its time.

"I know. I guess I can't really see how something so tiny turns into something that carried us here." Silas shakes his head and looks over toward Trekana, gauging her interaction with these greens.

Sadaiya sticks her tongue out at T'ab, then nods firmly. "You took the words right out of my mouth," she agrees, though is more careful now with her drinkypoo, taking the tiniest sips and flexing her fingers against Jivayath's hide.

Shizl blinks slowly as Lyzan approaches. "I need to pee." Figures. "This sucks. It's sharding hot out here. I wish they'd hurry up and hatch. I better get bronze." Or else what? He'll throw a tantrum? "Is your dad up there? I don't see mine. He's pro'lly getting laid or something."

Ravene hops from one foot to the next as she watches the eggs, watches the other candidates, then back to the eggs. Yves is looked for, and sidled towards once spotted. Help? Gone is her confidence, to be replaced by the growing anxiety that has been building inside of her most of the day.

Daegan chuckles a bit as he hears the dragon's name and the rider's, "Man that one makes me hungry, I'll have to try making some Wherry meatloaf whe the hatching is over." he says to Malachai, head tilting to the side a bit as he watches the green dragonets that are still pattering across the sands, "Just remember to move if they get too close Yves, K?"

Zaharis freezes, eyes of steel settling on that skittish green, following its every move with an increase of pulse. "Wh.." A breathy whisper, void of purpose, slips past her lips to be swallowed by the heat between her and any other living being.

Kangarru sniffs as the first egg impresses. "Hope that dragonet instills some fashion sense in his rider," A shrug as she inspects her new pedicured nails in her new sandals. Yep, that'll hold. Until the sands's heat peels the paint from her toes. The skittering green garners her attention, though, she watches it curiously as she does a little finger waggle towards Alyssa, "Uhm, maybe it totally needs a bath?" She's totally eyeing that spilled booze and licking her lips, though.

Rhythms of the Rainforest Green Dragonet hops forward a few more steps and then stops, casting her intense stare over the faces of those Candidates she deems worthy. Flecks of red flare in her vision and then calm, left to the swirling orange tempest that nearly matches her feet. Fanning her wings she settles them carefully against her sides and hop-steps forward, pausing to stare down at a young man. She snorts and abandons him, moving further down the line. Her foot comes upon someone's discarded sandal and with a pinch of tiny talons she pins it to the sands and bends her muzzle, clamping it between her teeth and tearing it in half. She doesn't eat either half, tossing them aside before she continues her hop-step.

Sienna waves to Kangarru and smiles what she hopes is an encouraging smile.

Yaiili switches from Shizl to Lyzan, who just appeared or some crap near her. "UGGGGGH. What's happening? Be my play by play. It's too bright… and loud… and awful." Her face goes from normal to pale-ish, eyes closing.

Yves reaches out for Ravene's hand as he smiles at her. "Hey Ravene, come here.' He says before he turns his attention back towards Daegan and Malachai. "Yeah, I will." Yves looks over towards at the one green. "Wow, that one seems rather… angry." He offers.

Jeana's eyes attempt to follow the baby green dragons as much as possible. They're bigger than Jeana expected and all that ungainfulness seems kinda of… dangerous. "Isn't two greens good or something?" Jeana stage-whispers to Nalera, eyes wide. Nalera's response is a casual shrug and half-step away, putting enough space between the candidates for a breath of air to flow between.

Trekana and Sidney are shoulder to shoulder, though neither looks entirely pleased with this arrangement. It's just how the queue formed. "Budge over, Sindy," Trek mutters quietly, sticking a sharp elbow into his solar plexus. He does the gentlemanly thing by shouldering her right back. Silas's look gets a brief if sickly grin from Trekana, but her attention is mostly riveted on those dragonets. "At least it'll be quick."

Swamp Water Waiata Green Dragonet notices a bastion of calm in the crowds and peeks out from behind the latest camouflage-of-choice. Her eyes narrow in her odd, rounded head before she bounds towards it. Prey isn't always coordinated, it seems: The green trips over her own two feet, sending her rotund little body top over teakettle and comes to rest at the feet of the nervous, taciturn girl before looking up.

Swamp Water Waiata Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Zaharis, and steps forward.

Lyzan is a helpful boy, "Just pee on the sands. They've probably had worse." He's sweating, but for whatever pulse is throbbing in the sides of his throat and in the slight vein etched into his flushed temple, there's a feverish control sewn through him like piano wire. Hell, he might even just loop an arm around the back of Yaiili's neck like a total bro. "Nothing you haven't seen before. Eggs burst open. Ugly babies come out." Regardless, thinned lips and narrowed eyes star out hawkishly…

Ravene watches the green as she takes Yves' hand and sidles closer, "She's interesting to look at," the girl comments. Still, the green does seem a little agressive and Ravene steps a touch closer. All the better to step _behind_ Yves if it's needed.

Musical Potato's shell is fractured so firmly it all but peels off in two distinct pieces. Left in the midst of the eggshell garbage, a burly little blue with sharp talons. It doesn't take this one long to shoulder-check Trekana out of the way and turn on the young man next to her with a grumbling growl. "Ovechkinth? Oh, come on… S'yd.

Drums of War Egg has been so far mostly unmoving, and seems to have planned its strike carefully. The egg pulses once: a warning. The second pulse heralds a symmetrical crack which runs its way around the circumference of the egg, splitting it into two almost equal halves. The first glimpse of this dragonet comes from the large claw which rips through the remaining membrane of the egg, allowing some of the goo to come flying outwards towards the sands. What follows is the bulk of a forge built crag, as with whirling eyes red with hunger March of the Mercenary Brown Dragonet demolishes his shell and begins his purposeful gait on the sands.

March of the Mercenary Brown Dragonet
From grizzled talons grow grievous limbs, each an angular oxidized iron pillar, hacked from the drab durance of dolomite dreck that shrouds sharp shoulders. The gossan guard of his great breast is gouged at centre, a cleft, cramped crevice enclosing heart's corroded coppery core. Leaden lesions lash formidable limestone flanks, fouled with finely dusted domeykite debris crossing haunches' cragged crest to tarnish the tin of cudgeled tail. Fearsome ferrous, fixed firm on back's fell foundation, frames dark discarded dross of unworked wingsails, edged in errant disregard. Pointed peaks yield their place to unpolished plated 'ridges, razed and rasped to rounded regularity. Horned hematite headknobs graft to gristly groat-girded grimace, hiding half-grubbed guerdon of garnet axehead, beguiling gold-inlayed.

Alyssa becomes more and more still, staring as if lulled past the sounds and chaos of the sands. Of broken shells. Her shoulders twitch at the destruction of the discarded foot garment, fingers clasping all the tighter together, the knuckles whitening. A weak, meager cough escapes before she pulls her gaze away long enough to look for Trekana, perhaps in plea, but ever more the dragonet's reddened, orange eyes call to her, distantly. "That's… a strange movement… do they normally… like that?" is a weak statement made with an accent made heavier by the heat of the moment, before her nose wrinkles, and yet she cannot look away. "Zaharis!" Somehow, she sees.

Echoing through the caverns from the galleries, a loud, triumphant voice comes: "YES!!!" Sadaiya looks up, peering around for the source of the cry, though shrugs and dismisses it as the entire crowd seems to be cheering. "I wonder what THAT was," she wonders aloud.

Gen Y's Boom Box Egg emits a low thrum, like a steady beat. Something within taps a staccato and soon the egg falls to pieces around a lanky blue. The dragonet is fairly certain of where he belongs and makes a steady run towards a broadly built, dark-skinned man from Crom. "Eminemth!" the newly-called Dr'dre pronounces. "Yeah, buddy, let's get some food."

Rhythms of the Rainforest Green Dragonet continues her hop-step, and while her awkwardness might make her look silly, there is nothing silly in the scrutiny she gives each Candidate she passes. Faranth help anyone who laughs at her. She stops suddenly, front paw waving in the air before it slowly settles in front of her. Slowly, her head turns to the left to stare down at a blonde Candidate. She first takes in the sight of her, and then those eyes flare with red embers as the dragonet looks deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

Shizl snickers, "Yeah, like BLOOD. Blood blood blood, bright red blood." It makes the green grass grow. "Oh look. Zaharis." Thumb-jerk. "Great. So if she impresses, then we all have to impress, right?" It's like the domino effect.

Zaharis takes another deep breath, but this one catches in her throat. Released, it is shaky, but far from hesitant. "Yesssss," she hisses, reaching out to run her fingers over the muzzle of her dragon. HERS. "Ghwerigeth," she tries the name, rolling it over on her tongue, and a quiet smile rises to her lips, her eyes bright.

Daegan oohs at the sight of the brown that hatches from the Drums of War egg, breath caught just a bit as he looks at Malachai, sweat beading on his brow a bit, "Wow, would you look at him!" he says with a shake of his head after a moment, biting his lower lip just a little as he tries not to hold his breath too much.

I'd Hit That Egg shifts and turns, a tap-tap-tapping from within. There's a frenzy for a few sparse beats before the egg turns calm again.

Yves blinks. "That's a meanacing looking dragon, there." Yves tells Malachai, Daegan, and Ravene." He nods towards the oddly angular brown. "He looks just, wow." He laughs. "Meaner than that Green."

Kangarru tilts her head towards Zaharis as she impresses, giving a hearty clap, "GOOOOO Zari, good job, dahhllll!!" As the brown hatches, she takes a step back, hooboy. And then her gaze keeps being diverted back and forth to the galleries, where is K'rru? Daddy dearest better be here or she's going to throw a fit. Like seriously.

T'sei watches dragons, and eggs, and Candidates, and just managed to catch Xhiyanth trying to push the Black Velvet egg to a new position. "Stop that!" he chides the bronze, slapping the green-chased neck. "Leave them be, you've messed with them enough."

Malachai nods. "I see him!" She's grinning up at the much larger candidate, and trying to ignore the sweaty condition of her own skin. Hotfoot Dance initiated, though it's fortunately not too hot, with sandals on.

Ravene calls out a congratulations to Alyssa and Zaharis. The latter a bit belatedly as she goes back to scanning the eggs, and the hatchling. Where to watch? "I don't know, Yves. Maybe I'm going to be left standing," uncertainty is heavy in her voice as she watches the goings ons in front of her.

Yidain sidles a little closer to Silas as more dragons hatch and impress, hands still folded behind his back. His teeth press into his lip, and he swallows hard, eying the brown dragonet. "That one looks a little uncomfortable. I don't think I'd want to sit on those spiky things."

Jeana gives a little jump in place, grinning widely at the successive green impressions. "YAY! Congrats!" She screeches, dragonet intimidation forgotten in the excitement of witnessing the impressions. "Did you see that? Wow!" Jeana gushes to Nalera, waving her free hand in the direction of Alyssa.

Nalera watches as fellow Candidates Impress, maybe finally feeling a bit of nerves as it sinks in. This is HAPPENING. For REAL. "Yes, I saw it!" She rpelies quietly. "Look at them!" Is hissed quietly, glancing over at the Candidate who happens to be holding her hand, Jeana. "Congrats, Alyssa! Congrats, Zaharis!"

Trekana is rather unprepared for a cross check from a sudden blue. She's sent to the sand with a scraping sort of crunch, and by the time she's back on her feet and trying to pick sand out of robe and knee, she sees where that blue was going. There may have been a groan, but in the din of the cavern, who can know for certain. Sadly, she misses Zaharis and Alyssa's new additions to their reality. It's only as she belatedly hears others cheering, that she gives the two other girls a big thumbs up.

Lyzan thumps Shizl's back drolly. "Your sister's dragon looks like a coward." Aw, supportive. "What was it's name?" He's shaking just slightly down his spine, supported by a pride fossilized and stretched thin. "And there goes Alyssa's… shells, that one's bright." His tongue clicks against the side of his feet.

I'd Hit That Egg turns and wends, emitting hollow sounds from within. They swell and quiet suddenly; no echo to their end, simply a stillness. Though it appears as if whatever lies within may have given up, its all a ruse: Plans were made, changed, then finally plan D had to be enacted, for suddenly bursting forth there is a brown dragonet, tumbling to the sands only to surface in a daring — yet gooey — pose.

Thief in the Arabian Night Brown
An angular facade is a mere ploy at the power that lies beneath this dragons hide, yet no bulk fellow is he; finely tuned and shaped from bistre-brown that wraps about his form with sworls of copper placed just so- like glimmers at a rogues fingertips. Hues of freshly shorn wheat dusts his short snout and over gaunt headknobs, while a splash of darker sepia stains the underside of his maw. Burnt sienna lies in wait over his eyeridges and encircles those bejeweled eyes like a mask. A patina ages his neckridges with lighter tans as they wend down his spine, the colour slowly fading into rich umber hide on his rakish limbs; and finally gilded talons hinge from flexible toes. Draped like a cloak from his shoulders are long, voluminous wings; their dark underside a swathe of nearly black with touches of deep maroon-brown where they fold. On the surface, however, suffuses a sheen of bronze that reflects all the more as it traces the sun-touched cryptic lines of his spars- meant to bewilder and confuse.

March of the Mercenary Brown Dragonet is quick to right himself from his egg shell, staring at the remains if only for a moment before whirling crimson eyes lift to survey the scene. Eyeridges almost seem to narrow in concentration as the beast stalks purposefully around the perimeter of the groups of white robed candidates, as if looking for a break in defenses. There is a sudden shift in his posture, an agitated flick of his tail and then suddenly he's off - moving like his tail is on fire even as he emits a harsh growl, intimidating all who would dare throw themselves in his path.

Alyssa is suddenly in a full tilt whirl, the sands no longer feeling like the sands. The murmured whisper of a name comes longer, louder, in announcement only not. Half-assed, mediocrity gives the girl the temerity to say, "Raks…ma… something-something-th." Her eyes blink, but the brown irises remain glazed for a long moment, before she swallows and tears her eyes away from those red ones of her lifemate's. "What… what do I do?" One thing remains consistent, her squeamishness, and there's no desire to really /touch/ her slimy-looking new green lifemate.

Yaiili wrinkles her nose at her brother. "I don't think it works like that, Shiz. Y'know. Dragons pick an' all that noise." Her color seems to be going back to normal. So that's a good thing, right? "S'what is out now? Someone said brown?" Her eyes crack open and she peers about. Yeah. Brown. "S'wait. You said Zaharis 'pressed?" Yaiili purses her lips. "Guess she's staying here, huh. YAY ZAHARIS!" She has just enough vocal ability to scream in her not-really-but-close-enough sister. "Whoa. Wait. Alyssa too?" Her eyes are all about being open now. "Well shit!"

Silas raises an eyebrow and looks over at Yidain, one hand on his hip, the other hanging peacefully at his side. "No, you're right. It's better to have a bit more of a rolly polly one under your bum - but not too wide, right?" He looks to the second brown. "Hmm, maybe like that one?"

Sienna steps forward quickly, like she's been doing all along *cough* to lead the new impressions to the edge of the sands where feed barrels wait. "Zaharis! Alyssa! C'mon over here."

Yves nods towards the other Brown that has just tumbled his gooey way out. "I don't think I've ever seen two same color dragons look so different." He offers. "But I've not seen hatchings.. Not like this." He laughs, a bit nervously

The 8-Bit Egg in B-Minor shatters to reveal a true son of Xhiyanth, blinking against the bright lights and staggering around. He's self-assured, though, and ambles easily towards Barileck to lift his squinting eyes upwards. "P… Perdadorth?" B'eck says in wild wonder, patting the stoney looking dragon in a long caress. Hail Xenu!

I Guess It's Trying (to be an) Egg shudders and then falls apart in a messy /explosion/ of egg shards, sending a green tumbling onto the sands. Whoah. Wait. What? OH! SHINY THING! The little green trills a high pitched /screech/ as she tumbles to her lifemate and stops with a shower of sand in front of a young Harper girl in pigtails. "Discordth!" the girl cries. "Yes, I'll be yours. Erm. Can you…like…talk on pitch?"

Plat'o is there to guide B'eck and Perdadorth off the sands to the waiting bowls of meat, offering quiet congratulations, and sending furtive glances toward the still-wandering dragonets. Gotta be aware of those things.

T'ab glances toward the charging brown and shakes his head, "T'sei, you've got the injuries under control, I suspect?" Wink given to the former healer as he swipes the wine from the goldrider while she's distracted, or something. Adjusting his studly visor, the man takes a swig and gives one of those obnoxious piercing whistles that everyone hates.

Daegan shivers a bit despite the warmth on the sands as the brown takes off like he's on fire, his head turning to follow whereever the brown is going, then the other brown hatches and he is momentarily distracted before turning to try and find the first brown that had his attention.

Shizl watches the newest brown hatch before shrugging at Yaiili. "I don't know. It's just really /hot/ out here. Everyone's impressing. I don't know who's impressed. This is cr/aaaazy/." Lyzan gets a shrug and a "'unno. I didn't hear. It is kinda—Eh. Meh. Cool, I guess." Jealous, are we?

Malachai nods towards Yves. "Yeah. They're always much different from this angle." Like when they're all new and stumbling and you're the bait. Brows raise as the screeching green Impresses, and hides a little grin. "Wow, my brother's dragon makes interesting dragonets." She must tease him later. Maybe.

Rumbling Darkness Egg shifts again, rocking back and forth in steady rhythm now, silent.

Kangarru cheers for Alyssa as well and then her gaze is caught by Trekana getting cross checked by a blue, "Dahhhlllll…." she murmurs to the blue in question, "That's just not cool. For sure." A frown and she shakes her head. And then another brown hatches, "Hmmmmm…." she considers, staring at him for a bit before looking over to the newly impressing green and such. The screech of the Harper girl has her plugging her ears, "DO YOU MIND!" she yells, "We're like, trying to have a hatching here, not like, a bad karaoke off in the Sandbar."

Sadaiya acks expressively! "My booze! Jivayath, bite T'ab. He took my wine." Jivayath, however, is busy pushing her nose at her newborn children, making tiny cooing noises meant to be comforting in their general direction. "Sigh." Yes, she says SIGH. "Soon enough I'll be able to get out of this sweltering place… and it won't be soon enough."

Thief in the Arabian Night Brown looks about swiftly, taking stock of the situation. If dragon's eyes could narrow, his would be upon viewing the array of white-robed candidates before him. Red eyes sworl with a viscious hunger at the dragonet slinks forward; gooey belly taking up all kinds of black sand. It's all a part of the plan, promise.

This Ain't Impossible Egg shifts slightly on the sand, settling further into its gritty cushion as it twitches, but doesn't quite do much else. It quiets again, going still, then wiggles some more. Clearly, it has sand in a crack or something. Perhaps daddy didn't set it in quite the right spot after all, because it isn't looking very comfortable, with the tremors growing more pronounced with every passing moment.

Zaharis is almost brushed out of the way as her dragon catches the gesture to join the weyrlingmaster staff on the sidelines but she does not. Thus rebuked, she follows at the green's side, slow and steady to her lifemate's hasty and eager.

Alys's head snaps up, her eyes still wide, but the gloss of vacancy is slowly losing itself. The hum-hum of the hatching is warring with another sound that she's unused to. "Alys," she prompts as if mentally nudged and glances at the green that awkwardly hops along beside her. Her hand reaches out to automatically try and stop Rakshamanith from stumbling but she pulls back with another nose-wrinkling grimace. It is this way that she walks towards Sienna, the sands heat beginning to come back to the forefront of her thoughts.

Lyzan pulls in a slow breath, stilling. "Yeah…," insouciance is still held in his voice, but spoken from far away. A calculation of sound. He steps away from Shizl, the galleries forgotten as this wicked brown begins to flank the candidates. Shoulders rolling, he falls into a similar flanking. Circling. Watching. The other brown's hatching, thieving into the sands gets a dart of blue-green eyes, that then latch back onto the distant marauder. "Tssss…" a slow stream of air slips between the urbane baring of teeth.

Sienna grins at the new dragons and riders that come near. "Here," she says, holding out small bits of raw meat towards them, "give this to them, and make sure they chew carefully before swallowing. Not too much at one time, we don't want them to choke."

T'sei snorts at T'ab. "Didn't you hear? I'm in dragonhealer training now." He grins towards the Weyrleader, eyes dancing. "If Candidates get hurt, all bets are off." He doesn't mean it. Maybe. "I bet Malachai could patch 'em up," and he winks towards his sister, who better not be paying attention to him rather than those charging dragonets.

March of the Mercenary Brown Dragonet moves with a singular purpose, to take down the target. That target just happens to be a certain freckled boy with eyes of hardened marble who seems to have the mind to escape him. Well, that doesn't last for long. Finding the precise moment to attack, the large brown aligns his body like a battering ram and charges, using his head and limbs to drag Lyzan down onto the sands. Snarling a challenge to all that would dare interfere with his captive, the brown's claws dig just slightly into the boy's limbs as nostrils exhale heated breath into Lyzan's face even as whirling eyes make contact with those of stone.

March of the Mercenary Brown Dragonet stares down at Lyzan with furiously whirling eyes.

Yves nods towards Malachai at her words before he smiles at Ravene. "You'll be fine Ravene. If it happens, it happens. If not, I'll still be here for you too." He tells her, flicking his eyes back towards his other friends.

Ravene would laugh at the antics of the dragonets. The problem is, there isn't much to laugh about. Ravene clings to Yves', "What if they decide to be mean?" ooh, small voice.

Malachai shifts her gaze over the This Ain't Impossible egg. "Hey, the one I liked's moving. Yours too, Yves." The two browns are given a curious stare. "Wonder who those two are going to choose. And she is very obviously not paying T'sei any attention whatever. Ignore the fact that she does stick her tongue out at him. She's a multitasker, thanks.

Yaiili nods her head, "Yeah. Whatever. Who cares." She doesn't even know what she's talking about. The hangover leaves much to be desired in her conversation. "How many eggs are even le—-" And suddenly there is an evil brown dragon trying to eat Lyzan and the girl is jumping back, scrambling onto Shizl. "FARANTH! Evil shardin' beast!" Though her eyes get all wide and maybe just a little bit weepy. "Nooooo… Lyzan! Err… well. Yay!" Confusing emotions. THEY ARE YAIILI.

T'ab winks to Sadaiya, "If'n y'want, m'dear, I've got a nice chest of ice recently brought down from the frozen wastes in my weyr. I'm sure I could give you a chance to look at it… and other things." He'll pelvic thrust a little and then offer the wine in return. T'sei is chuckled toward and he shakes his head, "She may not have the time, maybe." Dragonets nodded toward, that should explain what he means.

Jeana is now fully jumping up and down, yanking Nalera's arm with her as she does. "Yay Lyzan!" She screams, trying to clap her hands together excitedly, but getting held back by the other candidate's arm and the inability to move that way.

This Ain't Impossible Egg falls asunder with one final, decisive shudder, split in two. The halves dissolve into a cloud of shining shards, briefly obscuring the tiny form of the hatchling within, before Song of the South Green Dragonet steps daintily from the remains of her former home. neck and tail held high, showing none of the nerves that must certainly be coursing through her slender body.

Song of the South Green Dragonet
As pretty as a magnolia tree on a dewy April morning and as sweet as the first kiss of sun on the honeysuckle, she is grace and she is style in every inch of her form. Orchid greens wrap her body in snug silk and chiffon, the curve of her neck slender and smooth down to tapered shoulders that glimmer with a flash of diamond-studded brilliance. Her face is neither too wide nor too narrow, a pleasing sweep of line from her headknobs to her muzzle with a subtle pattern of ladyfern lace outlining the edges of her jaw. Slender legs show just enough strength to be alluring, her marble talons sparkling with just the right amount of shine. The sweep of her wings is long and perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body, their sails flickering with starlight and swirls of galaxies spun from precious gems in a never ending pattern of crests and valleys. Striped patterns adorn them like the gentle brush of feathers on a humid summer's night, pale and dark in contrast. Dark jade sweeps over her rounded hips and down her slender tail, a muted emerald curving beneath in more eddies and folds of her cloak of stately grace.

Shizl looks mortified as he hops back, "HE'S GONNA EAT HIM!" Which would suck. "DON't DIIIIE!"

D'baji has been helping escort people too - no really. And it's over toward Lyzan he heads, with brow knit in concern, and careful eyes on the dragon that has the boy pinned. He stops a bit more than an arms' length back. "We'll take you when you're ready." Said as much to the brown as to the newest rider.

Kangarru is doing a hip waggle and striking a pose there's nothing to it. VOGUE! And then the mauling and charging, and charging and mauling. "Like what in Faranth's name. Oi Vey…" FACEPALM FACEPALM. "Somebody call a healer. Lyzan….you okay?" She frowns, looking over at him.

Yaiili is panicing. Just a little. "THEY ONLY EAT THE ONES THEY LOVE, RIGHT?!" She's in a world of hurt for future relationship. "I DON'T WANT LYZAN TO DIE!"

Daegan watches as the brown goes to Lyzan and impresses and he sighs deeply before running a hand along the back of his neck, shoulders starting to slump just a bit as he looks at the green that's hatched before chewing on his lower lip again.

Thief in the Arabian Night Brown approaches nearer to the line of candidates, but has no interest in them. He continues to move in that awkward slink, casting glimpes through legs where they aren't covered by robes. He starts to make a quick movement forward when there seems to be a gap in the wall of white robes, but his wing catches him up and he goes tumbling.

Yidain's eyes open wide. "Cra— er. Shoot. Lyzan. But, uh, yay?" He winces as the other boy goes down, watching with faint concern. "He'll get blood on my nice robe," he protests with a slight huff.

Malachai squeaks as another egg releases its dragonet, and stares at the green that emerges. "Oh, look at her! She's rather stately, isn't she?" She asks of her companions, gaze glued to the green admiringlyu.

Yves blinks at that. "He's not going to eat him.. at least I don't think he will." Yves says, calling out towards Shizl before he looks to Malachai and nods towards the green that's just hatched. "That's a very pretty green, Malachai. Did you see her? She's almost like a partner for that brown." He smiles as he hugs Ravene gently. "You okay still? Shards it's hot."

Ravene eyeballs the newly hatched green, "She's beautiful," and likely not for her, "What do you think 'bout her, Mala?" Ravene eyes her friend, then goes back to watching dragonets.

Alys stares at the raw meat. "Uh." That's never been a favorite. She reaches out and pinches the smallest corner she can from Sienna's offering and turns to look at her lifemate, arm held out straight and locked at the elbow. "This is gross." The glaze of Impression has worn off, and so it is the sudden cacophony on the sands that grabs her attention. "Wha—?" The meat? Immediately let go for Rakshamanith to fend for herself. Which she does, in disgusting glory. Little bits of sand too. Someone's bad at this. "Lyzan!" Cue… a gasp!

Silas blinks and steps back, cringing at Lyzan's fall and Impression, a small smile pulling at his lips when Yidain speaks again. "Well, maybe if they get him off the sands and wash it quickly, it won't stain."

T'sei scowls. "T'ab, you set this up, didn't you?" Narrowed eyes peer towards the Weyrleader before he leaves Xhiyanth's side, moving towards Lyzan and his new lifemate, letting the bronze back him up against this unusually vicious hatchling. Skirting in a cicle, he waves the worried Candidates back. "Give them room," comes the authoritative bark. "Go back to watching the others, please."

Sadaiya gives T'ab a withering stare before going back to shifting from foot to foot herself and eyeballing the new arrivals. It is almost like she is distracted or something!

"Congrats, Lyzan!" Nalera calls to her one time partner in crime, squeezing Jeana's hand again. Shards, this is…beyond anything she's ever experienced. Her eyes watch the dragonets curiously, eyes intent, and perhaps temporarily hopeful. But no, with so many of them, she'll just have to wait and see. "Jeana." She hisses, shifting her feet uncomfortably. "Look at that /green/!"

Shizl's mouth quirks a little bit as he assesses the situation a little more closely. "I think he impressed. And he's clumsy." Finger points towards the fallen brown—the one not currently mauling his best friend. "I think I'm gonna puke." Or keel over. Or just squat and poke his index finger into the ground. Balance? Maybe. Or maybe he wants to make sand art or steal a shard and stab someone with it… but probably not.

Lyzan howls as he's dragged down, black sand kicked up as first instinct to fight seizes fingers upon the tide of crude brown enveloping him. Wide eyes flare open for a single snapshot window of the consumed… but not in body. It's not relaxation, it's alignment. A calming. And where blood flows free, pale freckles float as bits of ash atop a barren landscape. And Lyzan ignores the world to rasp, the violence of his grip settled instead to only a hard, steady grip, "/Yes/." He shoved forwards, pushing the dragonet off him, arm crossing his torso to staunch a shoulder, and he rasps, "…/Gudrotgoth/." Putting the dragonet at his side, he turns to survey the world from the eyes of a different person.

Song of the South Green Dragonet sits quietly amongst the shards of her home, blinking light-dazzled eyes for a moment before she carefully pulls herself to her feet. Long neck cranes, checking carefully the lay of her wings and tail. What's this? Egg-goo? Oh, nasty. With a disgruntled expression, she flicks her wing, sending the offending ooze flying into the crowd of Candidates, before settling her sails back in place. Abruptly, she seems to realize she's being watched, and ducks her head shyly, large whirling eyes gazing bashfully at her admirers.

Malachai nods to Ravene. "I do see her. She's beautiful." She offers Ravene a little smile, nerves finally starting to show. She rests her cheek gently against Daegan's arm, fingers curling a little tighter around his hand. "Who's she /for/?" the girl wonders aloud, chewing her lower lip.

Trekana? A little nervous now. Knocked down, turned around, and with one new weyrling after another being led out of the way, the group of candidates is getting smaller, and the group of eggs? Tiny. "Oh hey, what happened to Lyzan?" Belated notice seems to be her theme of the day. She swipes a hand across a dark, dusty patch on her hip, then wanders toward some of her fellow candidates still standing.

Jeana oohs at the latest green, giving Nalera's arm a tug to draw her attention towards the ladylike baby dragon. Nalera has beaten her to it verbally, though, and Jeana nods her head enthusiastically. "I know! She's /gorgeous/! Beautiful!" Jeana oohs and ahhs excitedly, not rushing for the action, but enjoying the thrill none the less.

Kangarru shakes her head as the little brown goes tumbling, and her attention goes back to Lyzan. Over at Alyssa, she calls, "Wear a gloooove!" Back at Lyzan's flailing, "Sommmebody get a healer over to L-dawg and Gud..Gad…Guddy…Gothy. Yeah, him?" She flails, pointing back and forth, hoping she can flag somebody down or something.

Rumbling Darkness Egg is shaken by mad, mystic hammering from within. It shivers a slow, circular vibrato, striking changing shadows across the sands, until, finally, it rolls forward, leaving its hollow abandoned. Finally, the starburst formation is cracked open by a wild, ripping tail, and out from the cover of his forsaken shell shoots a star-streaked blue dragonet.

Sky's Naked Wonder Blue Dragonet
Aerodynamic and sleek, he is a dragon built for speed, a perfect blend of function and form. Star-field dapples of gunmetal grey accent the planes and angles of his face, while navy hide is lacquered smooth over lean shoulders and broad wings, down narrow, trim hips and the untruncated punctuation-point of his tail. A bright flare of yellow streaks a comet-tail's path down the sharp row of 'ridges, narrow between his brows and over head and neck; it broadens to echo the inverted V of his wings, and is echoed itself in falling-star streaks that blaze at the edges of his wingsails and the point of his tail.

Daegan looks down at Malachai and he chuckles softly, "Maybe she's for you Malachai, she's gorgeous whoever she is for." he says as he looks back up to try and find out where the other brown has gone, another shiver racing down his back despite the warmth of the sands. Sweat makes his robe cling to his back and chest.

Thief in the Arabian Night Brown gets back to his feet properly. Kind of. Those wings just don't seem to want to behave and he lets out a low croon of frustration upon seeing no way to his goal. As he swings a look to and fro, a certain fashionable candidate catches his attention. Her, she will do. She's the part of his scheme he's been looking for. With another — more sure — croon, the brown goes tumbling towards a particular Istan brunette, coming to a pause in a spray of sand before her.

Thief in the Arabian Night Brown turns his jewel faceted eyes toward Kangarru, and steps forward.

Yves nods "She's very bashfull too." Yves tells Ravene and Malachai as he watches the green. The candidate flicks his eyes towards the tumbling brown, wincing. "Ouch." He says, before he ducks a flinging shard of egg. "Woah!"

Zari accepts the meat with grace, bowing her head a moment to hide the loss of equilibrium that has come with this voice in her head. She's smiling, however, as she offers the meat to Ghwerigeth.

"He got mauled. And I think he impressed… or got eaten. It was sorta a blur." Yeah, Yaiili's a little sad… and confused. And whatever. Her face no longer is healthy or pale… it's completely green at this point. "Ugh… Shizl. I… I really don't feel well at all."

T'sei crouches out of reach of the brown, eyes flickering thoughtfully over the scores left by the hatchling's talons. "Lyzan?" he asks carefully. "Are you okay? Can you convince him to get off of you so you can get up and we can get you looked at?" Behind him, Xhiyanth watches anxiously, not looking forward to having to actually /do/ something.

D'baji makes room for the clutchdad - oh, and former healer - near the young 'Reachian boy and his brown, but stays close. A quick glance, squinted, is sent up in time to see his would-be niece impress, but the twitch at the corner of his lips is not quite a smile - busy making sure people aren't bleeding to death. An eyebrow raises toward T'sei, lest Deb be given some command or other. Always ready to help.

T'ab is not going to even /move/ to help Lyzan, there are plenty of other people to help out. Instead he looks over to Kangarru and catches her Impression with a smile, "Ah, doin' ol' Purr proud there." He mumbles to himself, retrieving the wine again and taking a healthy swig.

Nalera nods once, quickly, to Jeana, watching the green - and then the blue in turn. "Look at that blue one, Jeana. He's gorgeous." She hisses to her companion, squeezing her hand tightly.

Black Velvet Egg shimmies and shakes, dodging left than right in a series of jerking movements that end with flakes sifting towards the sands. After three gyrations, it suddenly shudders to a halt, then falls to pieces, leaving a small bronze hatchling staring stupidly out at the crowd. Eilavis, an older Candidate from a small hold in the back of beyond, steps forward at the same time as the dragon frees himself from the shards of his egg and looks directly at him. "Shucks, Houndoth, you'll be a heartbreaker someday," declares the newly dubbed E'lvis.

Sadaiya mutters, starting to move away from her suddenly vaguely distracted lifemate until the dragonhealer is on the scene! Well, cadet dragonhealer. One less thing to worry about, that, and seeing Kanga's heart get stolen by that sly little brown of hers, she laughs in a silvery peal of sound. "I can't wait to see how THAT goes."

Malachai squeaks as egg goo goes flyhing, settling into her pale hair. With a little nosewrinkle of utter EW, she frees one hand to try and remove the mess. "Oh, ugh. THis stuff is a little nasty." She frantically tries to wring the stubborn stuff out.

Sienna stays by the newly impressed, glancing worriedly at Lyzan and his 'mate, but her main focus is on making sure the new hatchlings don't choke on their first meals.

Kangarru eyes the blue but soon, she's more preoccupied with other..stuff. Suddenly, a wild Ruenalth appears! He casts IMPRESS AND ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE! A skeptical look, "Dahhhl. Dahhling..Dahhlll..tripping, just won't do, what, hum? Of /course. you have a thing for brunettes. What, just what, I mean…" A bewildered look and she loops her arm around his neck, "Its okkkay, ladies and gents. Ruenalth is his name, eating is his game, like, where's the steaks?"

Jeana nods again, giving Nalera a little push forward, "He *is* pretty. You should go say hello." It's kinda like Jeana's matchmaking skills, blatant and ineffective, but Jeana grins at her older friend, not a hint of guile on her face.

Alys is also craning her neck to see what's happening on the sands, while Rakshamanith is busy with that small piece of meat she had to scoop up herself. Alys finally turns back to the green and goes, "Oh." Her face screws up, nose wrinkles and she's turning back to Sienna, "I need another piece." So gross, however, those little orange feet pace in the sand for a half-hop and the red embers burn deep in the centers, focused on her prissy rider.

Sky's Naked Wonder Blue Dragonet gets slowly to his feet, shaking off bits of shell shard and egg goo, and then giving an all-over shimmer to wake his limbs, and a few hard blinks to clear his eyes. Focus moves slowly, cautiously, and the situation is taken in slowly… one of two remaining. He studies the tracks of his impressed siblings, and then takes light steps forward toward the gathered candidates.

N'ayl is shaking his head, "Not Lyzan. /N'ayl/." He's dragging back his shoulders, chest pushing foward, looking down where blood runs over his shoulders as if not seeing it. "I'm fine." Terse, simple answer to T'sei, followed by what's probably a subterranean hysteria in that he asks then, "Are you?" Bloody hands brush down bare arms as if there were debris on them, and then? His head falls back, teeth bare and he /laughs/, a deep series of controlled bursts. There is pandemonium around him, hatchings and Impressings and his fellow candidates' lives changing but for now it's only him right now and his lifemate, so he turns and thrusts a bloody fist in the air at the galleries and issues a brief, loud ROAR that is seconded by his bloody lifemate in tandem.

Yves looks over as the silky arabian style brown moseys up to another group of candidates, blinking a few times at that. "Huh.. wonder who he's going to." He says before he turns and notices the blue. "Look at him. Look at his color! He's rather sleek, isn't he?" He asks both Ravene and Malachai. Hearing Kangarru exclaim outwards he ohs! "Kangarru's brown.." He scratches his chin. "Never pegged her for a brown, honestly." He laughs before his eyes turn back towards the blue.

Trekana stops a comment mid-word as Kangarru seems to be taken with the hot new trend. Trek will just… move in the other direction instead. She's flexible. Like water. Which is what's coming out of all her pores right now. "I so want to just jump into the ocean right now," she murmurs as she draws nearer to Silas and Yidain. "With something cold and strong. Like… yesterday."

Ravene also ducks flying egg goo, "Well, this has been going really quick," she comments to no one in particular. Her friends are given congratulations, and she stands mostly still waiting for the last of the dragonets to find their lifemates.

Nalera belatedly shouts out a "congrats, Kangarru!" in the designer's direction. And then chokes briefly at Jeana's comment. "Yeah, right. No, I'd rather to /not/ end up mauled like Lyzan, thanks."

Yidain flashes a quick-bright grin at Trekana. "Soon enough," he says lightly. "If Akadriel's come to this thing, I'm /so/ getting drunk when this is over. Though I guess that doesn't mix so good with the ocean. Hey, Silas, will you come get me when I'm drunk and drowning?"

Sienna jumps slightly at N'ayl's yell, frowning as she motions to Alys. "There's more in the bucket," she says, pointing as she goes to help the newest pair with their first bites. Above, Kehemath tips her muzzle up and howls - but it's brief before it's sharply cut off. Pout.

Silas smiles and looks over at Trekana, nodding slowly. "I could use something along those lines." He lifts a hand to wipe sweat from his face and way from the back of his neck. Yidain captures his attention. "I guess, Yid. I suppose that means I don't get to drink. The drunk saving the drunk won't go over so well." His eyes lift, starting to scan the galleries for familiar faces.

Song of the South Green Dragonet shuffles a little, just a slight slide of her feet, as she studies the Candidates arrayed before her, clearly trying to decide what she's supposed to do. And yet, it comes to her in a flash, as those whirling eyes follow in the direction of a Candidate performing an odd sort of dance. Drawing in a deep breath, she sets forth, one foot before the other as she follows in the direction of her egg-goo, peering apologetically into a pair of pale eyes. Then, settling her wings carefully like a lady might settle her skirts, she sets back on her haunches, staring soulfully into the girl's face.

Kanga and Ru will make their way off the sands, thankyouverymuch. "Well I never pegged you for an ass!" She calls out to Yves, giving him THE DIRTY BIRDIE! before sidling up to Sienna and the rest, "Can we have like, your best choice cuts of meat, if you please?" Eyelash flutter. She's been to enough hatchings, she knows the drill. T'ab's comment is responded to belatedly, but she puffs her chest out in pride, beaming over at the Weyrleader, mouthing "THANK YOU" over at him.

Song of the South Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted eyes toward Malachai, and steps forward.

Sienna flashes Kanga a quick smile. "Congratulations! The best pieces are in that barrel." The only barrel.

Yves blinks. "I'm just surprised, is all!" Yves calls out to Kanga and her brown. "Doesn't mean you have to be rude about it!" He tells her, huffing before all of a sudden he turns to see a Green dragon in front of Malachai. "Oh! Oh.. OH!" he manages to get out and step away from his friend, a few paces.

Ravene steps aside as the green hatchling chooses, "Malachai! Congrats!" she's genuinely happy for her friend, the blue that's on the sands is eyed and Yves' hand is squeezed rather hard.

D'baji gives a final look to T'sei, and then nods to N'ayl and Gudrotgoth. "We'll get you looked at in th'barracks." It's said as an order, voice deep as he peers down at the boy, but it's followed with a bit of a shrug. "C'mon, get 'im fed."

T'sei glances at D'baji, hesitating - but the boy is up and walking, and hasn't fainted yet, so he merely waves the Weyrlingmaster back a bit, taking a few steps himself. "If you don't mind, N'ayl, I would like to check you out - just in case. Sand isn't very clean, especially when you consider what's been on it." He, however, makes no move to stop them from escorting the lad and his dragonet from the Sands. He can inspect the wounds while the brown is being fed.

Jeana again attempts to clap her hands at the impression, giving Nalera's arm a swift yank in her enthusiasm. "Yay Malachai! Congrats!" She suddenly releases her hands, letting her arm fall to her side and giving Nalera a sheepish smile. "Sorry."

Alys glances into the barrel of meat. "Ugh," she mutters, leaning over to *prissily* pick up a bit of meat. Making gagging sounds, she turns to Rakshamanith and eyeballs her green. With a flick of her wrist, she tosses the meat at the green and there's hope that Rakshamanith will be able to hop forward to catch it. It might happen, though it's probably not the *best* way to go about this. "Gross." A moment of wavering on her feet, and the glassy eyed lost look is back.

Char squeaks as a green is right in front of her. Slowly, a hand is reached out to touch her nose. "Dzakath… hi." She says softly, barely noticing all the happy congrats. She starts leading her bondmate over towards the others, and the barrel of meat waiting for her.

Kanga smirks at Sienna, "Excellent." Ru capes his wings, trying to stalk the barrel of meat before his lifemate bursts out laughing, "Like..seriously. Wait until I fish it out. If you get a barrel on your head, I'm disowning you." A HISSS on the brown's part has her shaking her head and fishing out the meat, holding it up with pinky finger extended. "Eat up, Ru, dahhl."

Nalera laughs lightly at Jeana, and shakes her head. "It's fine." She's quick to reply. "Congrats, Mala!" She calls over at the other blonde. "I'm glad Mala Impressed too." She's quick to reassure Jeana, once her hand is her own. And then her gaze falls back to what remains. "…One left. Wonder who he'll choose?"

N'ayl may as well be exhaling smoke himself for the burning just behind his eyes; it is not a vacancy but a burning /focus/ and he turns as if absorbing D'baji and T'sei's words by some form of osmosis, he turns and strides side by side with dragonet towards the meat. "Do what you need to," he adds with a one-sided shrug, positioning himself so that the Healer cum bronzerider might have access to his wounded shoulder. Gudrotgoth? He doesn't give a crap about waiting to be fed, he's just invading it to snap out pieces like a crocodile. Snap-snap-snap-gulp. "What's the matter, Alyssa?" N'ayl purrs to the newly minted greenrider in the mean time, who's nearest by.

Yidain shrugs a shoulder, twining his fingers together behind his back. "Alright, fine, I'll stay away from drowning. /You/ can drink too. There'll be a party later anyway, right? This seems like the kind of thing that calls for a party. His eyes flick restlessly around the sands, cataloguing each new Impression with bright interest. "Malachai's is gorgeous," he decides. "So's that one that's not chosen yet." His chin tilts towards the blue.

Sky's Naked Wonder Blue Dragonet gives his wings a careful stretch, and folds them in a triangle a long his back. Gaze roves from candidate to candidate, but soon, his steps quicken. He steps around the remaining patch of candidates, slipping past a boy, around a girl, and stepping up to Trekana, extending his neck to nudge her arm with his snout.

T'sei understands - for the most part - how N'ayl is feeling. Of course, he Impressed and became immediately stoned, so perhaps not so much. "I need a waterskin and some clean bandaging," he states to one weyrlingmaster or another, not glancing around as he moves to the newly minted brownrider's side, reaching out to inspect the slashes left by hatchling talons for depth and severity.

Sky's Naked Wonder Blue Dragonet turns his starry-eyed gaze toward Trekana.

Ravene sighs as the heat causes her to sag just a little, "Well, is that all of them?" there is a bit of nerve showing in her voice, "Congrats, Trekana!" is called as she looks round to make sure that their aren't any hatchlings that were missed.

Jeana shrugs her shoulders at Nalera and grins. A bump with her hip is intended to shove the other girl closer to the blue on the sands, but as he chooses Trekana, Jeana lets out a disappointed groan. Well, that wasn't anything like she expected, but since she has no prior experience to go off of, Jeana takes the lack of impression as nothing special. "Oh well, want to play cards again, Nalera?"

Daegan turns and heads off the sands, shaking his head as he moves now that all the eggs have hatched and the dragons have found where they want to go, leaving the baker candidate back to being a baker again. He doesn't say anything to anyone as he moves to head for the bowl once more.

Alys edges away from N'ayl and his hard to pronounce and type name — which is essentially a perfect formation there — and right into her slimy green's head. "Wha—eeeewww!" She holds up a hand, five-fingers splayed out and manages to say with only a choked back gag for the brown's chomping, "Nothing." There's a hint of ice to her Fortian tones as she tries to discretely wipe her hand off. "Done yet?" This question is asked of the air and the ether, but probably to the green.

Nalera exhales quietly as the blue dragonet makes his choice, and glances over at Jeana. "..Well, guess that's that." She says quietly. Disappointment is something she can't entirely suppress, but there's a sense of relief in her words as well. "Congrats, Trekana!" She calls, before nodding at Jeana. "Cards, sure. Cards, and booze." Lots of it.

"This /blows/ /BALLS/! Yaiili screeches, in all her mature glory. The green on her face is still apparent, but she's holding back the urge to vomit all over the place. See? RESTRAINT. She's such a good person. "I… I'm running AWAY! Dragons SUCK!" Okay. So maybe not so mature. With tears in her eyes, the thirteen turn old turns on her heel and hauls butt off the sands. She may or may not stop at the exit, flip off the entire Sands and all on it and FLEE. FLEEEEEEEE.

Yves shrugs and turns towards the exit. "Come on Ravene. None for us." He says.

Ravene nods and follows Yves, "You're right. And I wasn't expecting a dragon anyway," but she was hoping.

Trekana flinches as yet another blue makes his way toward her. No cross checking this time, though, and as the blue muzzle nudges her arm, she kneels. A slow smile appears with faint wonder as she nudges his muzzle right back with her hand. "Kanyith. Wicked cool, man. Y'hungry?" She straightens, gives Silas and Yidain a half grin that help but grow. Living in the moment. The two new lifemates head towards the others, bent on finding some raw meat.

Yidain's eyes fly open wide as the blue approaches, and he looks at Trekana with a crooked smile. "Well. No drinking for /you/," he says, lightly. "Congratulations, though. He's beautiful." There's the faintest of creases in his brow as he thumps a fist against Silas's arm. "Hey. C'mon. Let's go /home/."

Jeana still has Nalera in hand, and she begins a half-run off the hot hot sands, pulling Nalera in toe. Unlike Yaiili, Jeana's not upset, she's just eager to get on with the game of cards. Her density with all things weyr-related has protected Jeana from the heartbreak many of the candidates are suffering right now and she continues on towards the game room pulling Nalera without a pause to consider how much it sucks to be left standing, which hopefully will also distract Nalera.

T'ab watches the last of the eggs hatch-Impress and he hands off the wine skin to Sadaiya with a grin, "I guess this is my turn to step in." Yaiili's response gets a grin and a chuckle and the hot-pants-styled Weyrleader steps forward with a wave of his hand toward those Candidates that are left on the sands, "Now, sorry 'bout ya'll not goin' and Impressin', but just remember that we chose ya'll as Candidates for a /reason/. Yer somethin' special and your lifemate wasn't on the sands this time 'round, don't mean you should give up hope, m'friends." Then the Weyrleader bows his head and points off the sands, "There'll be plenty of booze and food awaitin' the types wantin' to partake and you're welcome to stay at Ista Weyr as long as ye'd like." And with that he'll just stand and look pretty for a few minutes.

"Yes, let's." Silas agrees with Yidain and takes the fist thumping with grace. "I am going to have to find someone else though - she promised me a good time after the hatching." A glance is slanted in Trekana's direction, followed by a sigh and a shrug. "Let's see who came to visit."

D'baji moves from N'ayl and Gudrotgoth (once no one has died yet), just in time to meet Trekana on her way out. "Kanyith, hmm? Last dragons'f clutches are good luck, I say. C'mon, we've still got meat left for you two."

Collapsing against her lifemate, Sadaiya takes a long, lush drink of the wine. FINALLY! With slightly wobbly arms and legs, she begins the long climb up her lifemate. "Well, ah, thank you. Candidate people. You were all very nice, even if some of you did not wash up nearly enough," she says somewhat lamely even as she settles between gilded neckridges. "And farted too much," she adds underbreath.

Sienna stays near D'baji and the new weyrlings, her dark eyes a little wide but calm nonetheless as she helps out.

Nalera allows herself to be towed off the sands, and out of sight. Cards and booze with Jeana tonight; and she'll try and figure out the rest tomorrow.

N'ayl is a good boy. Slowly, his breathing levels and the excellerated pulse shoving visibly at the backs of his eyesballs evens out, and he is returning to civilization. He is still and compliant with T'sei, moving his shoulder where needs be to show where rakings bound to leave their own physical memory drag over shoulder and down chest, severing his left sleeve. Staring at the side of his scarfing dragon's head as he renders off messy bites. Hard marble-green eyes are drifting halfmast into something deep and febrile. And then, pleasantly patient, he turns to neutrally observe T'sei's mending, "Were you a Healer?"

Alys espies Trekana, "Trekana!" is then called out as her and her new green lifemate make way into the world of gross eating. Or at least, trying. "My — I." Words have still not come back to her, though Lyzan — oh wait, N'ayl — is given a look. "Kay—what's his name?" A greasy hand is gestured at the arriving blue and his new lifemate. Her nose wrinkles, possibly at N'ayl. Scoot, scoot. Don't want any blood causing splash damage.

One of the assistants returns with a bag of medical supplies swiped from an attendant healer, and T'sei takes it, placing it to the side and finding what he needs to clean and stitch the wound. "I was, and fortunately for you, my speciality was trauma." The bronzerider's voice is even, calm, as he uses redwort to sterilize the slashes, then numbweed to dull the pain before he begins to close them with needle and gut thread. "What's your lifemate's name? I missed it in the excitement."

Trekana and Kanyith catch up with Alys and… what's ith? "It is taking every ounce of self control not to swear right now," Trek explains with mild bewilderment as she tries to take in everything. Attention span fails, though. It just keeps going back to the blue beside her. "Kanyith." Beam. "Kanyith." Because she can. "Think we can get off these roasting sands yet? Oh, meat! Thanks." A tiny chunk is procured and held out for the blue, but the morsel is quickly gone. And Trek? Licking her fingers. Totally. Sorry. "What in Faranth's name happened to Lyzan? I missed all the good stuff." Hitch. "Well, not /all/."

Charli is feeding bits of meat to her voraciously hungry little green, reminding her to chew when she forgets decorum long enough to try swallowing chunks whole. "Dzakath." She offers sternly. "Chew; you're being watched, you know." The green creels, but manages to behave herself and take the food almost daintily.

"Whore. Balls. Crap." Lyzan would be swearing more if this weren't a public log, turning wild eyes caged in civilized form towards Trekana, issuing a truly crooked smirk, "What will they do if you swear now, Trekana, kick you out? Tss," Brief hiss before the numbweed sets in and he calculates a conspirator's grin to T'sei, murmuring as if it were their secret, "Do I seem traumatized, clutchfather? He is Gudrotgoth." The monster over there shaking out a hunk of meat as if breaking it's nonexistent neck. "And I," he grins to Alys, "am /N'ayl/. Has yours changed you?" Light inquiry. Does he mean name or person? Who knows, his eyes don't hint further than feverish victory. Hi, clutchsister.

D'baji cracks a wry sort of smile for the most recent bluerider, and sends a glance across the newest group - with a longer pause on the mauled brownrider. "Gettin' off th'sands sounds like a good idea," is decided at least with a nod of his shaggy, silvery head. "A'right. Y'all now me - D'baji, Nverath's. Your weyrlingmaster. C'mon, we'll take you to th'barracks an' assign couches. There'll be water for you there, too. Let your 'mates get some sleep before y'all go meet your relations an' th'like."

"Raksha—" Alys is cut off by the sudden injection of N'ayl. "Alys." It's a response proper, and prissy and haughty even as her hands are scrubbed against her hips, the robe getting grimier by the second. Trekana. "Kanyith. Very nice," this comes with a soft smile, and lift of her eyelids. "Come now, I'm /sure/ our foul language won't be held against us." A nudge of a distant sort finally gets the girl saying more properly. "Rakshamanith. That is her name." Dubiously, she reaches out and gently touches the top of her green's head, who stares impassively back with the glowing embers of red deep within the facets at the center. "She's slimy." Yeah, that's still slimy.

As the healer finally comes for Lyzan, Kanga folds her arms, leaning with her back against Ru. "He got himself mauled by his lifemate, like totally," she offers towards Trekana, and then towards Alyssa, "Alysss. Mmmm, that flows off the tongue, doesn't it?" A snickering noise from Ru, "Quiet, you." She scritches his neck.

Zari takes yet another deep breath as Ghwerigeth lets out a very undainty belch and shakes from rounded head to her tail, sending globules of meat and blood flying from her stained muzzle. Her robe now stained with someone else's blood, she looks up to note the others surrounding her. If her gaze lingers a bit longer on Lyzan, it is perhaps to take in the stains that are clearly brought on by his own blood.

Charli glances up as the others introduce themselves. "I happen to have been renamed Charli." A glance is given her sated green. "She's Dzakath — " And D'baji is seen, and heard; the heat of the sands, too, is known, now. "Yes, sir, I think that'd be a great idea." Dzakath snorts her agreement, shaking her wings a tad irritably. One must not get too sweaty.

"Traumatized?" T'sei mulls over the word as he sets a stitch, snips the thread, sets a stitch - a constant, steady rhythm, sealing up the scratches left behind by the behemoth slurping up chopped herdbeast. "No, you seem Impressed. I imagine it would take a lot to traumatize you right now." Dark eyes flicker, ever so briefly, towards bestial brown, then back to his work. "Still, please make sure you drink some juice tonight. I'd give you whiskey if I could, but - " He cuts off, shaking his head. "Juice, and something sweet, to shore against the blood you've lost."

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