Hatching 55

The dragons of Ista Weyr have started thrumming! That means the candidates have been sent scrambling for their robes, and dragons and humans alike are welcome to crowd the galleries and dragon ledges. ('@move me to #2066' to go directly to the galleries.)
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Ista Weyr senses that Dedanseth is suddenly alert and sends out a wash of pepper and golden light. « It is time » she announces, her voice dry, amused, and proud.

1. Legends of Rock Egg 9. Cloud Strife's Epiphany Egg
2. Band of Legends Egg 10. I Choose You! Egg
3. Gaudy Samba Egg 11. World of Warcraft Cataclysm Egg
4. Midnight Bloodbath Egg 12. Steering Wheel Not Included Egg
5. Grilled Cheese Aspiration Egg 13. Safe in the Darkness Egg
6. Las Plagas Parasite Egg 14. Twilight Link Egg
7. Raving Rabbids Egg 15. Conquer the World Egg
8. Zum-Zum-Zuma Esta Egg

Candidates' Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Alysia, Bajiren, Madeline, Ian, Jamilah, Zyrana, Ailae, Abriwind, Moria, Zaria, Aloniel, Sadaiya, and Andru are here.

It is late in the evening when the commotion begins. It starts as a thrumming, deep vibrations familiar to those whove experienced it before. Then there are footsteps, rushing here and there throughout the weyr's stony caverns. It doesn't take long before a very tiny, very eager AWLM is rushing into the candidates' barracks, face flushed and excited. "It's time, everyone." T'zyn is practically bouncing in the doorway. "It's time, and I want order. Line up — don't take anything but yourself. Well, and your robe. Please be in your robe." Nudity on the sands is frowned on.

Moria hears the humming of the dragons, and she knows instantly what it means. She practically flies into the barracks, to her robe, and behind a curtain to change into it. When T'zyn comes in, she's just pinning up her hair, already donned in white, face pale, eyes wide, hands shaking, nervous — but there is an excited smile on her face, too. She lines up behind the first few who happened to already be in the barracks, and waits to be lead onto the sands.

Well that did almost happen to Andru last time when a few of his stitches began unraveling on him. That was sort of embarrassing. This time the robe just has sloppy stitching and a bad job on cutting the fabric. Sliding his robe into place, he leaves everything else on his cot and even sets his firelizards to go about protecting it. That done he's getting himself into line to follow T'zyn.

Zaria has only just returned from a bath. She stops dead, and stares at T'zyn. It takes only a moment for the words of the AWLM to sink in, and she's diving for her cot. Robe is pulled on before the young woman stands at the foot of her cot.

Bajiren knows what that thrumming is all about, and is already mostly naked when T'zyn walks in. Nice. The boy doesn't take long to grab his robe, pausing only to run his finger along the neckline before donning it and tying the belt designed to keep it from flying off if a dragon smacks into him. Then it's to his knees to fetch sandals from under the bed, and toward the door. And of course, he waves for Ian once he gets in line with all the others.

Ailae was writing a letter, actually, when the thrumming begins, and it takes a moment for Ailae to remember where she's heard the noise before. Thrumming! Dragons! Hatching! Faranth! At T'zyn's words, she's on her feet, and stripping her clothes in favor of donning her robe and sandals. Nudity shyness? She'll deal with that some other time. Once her robes and sandals are successfully on her feet, eyes are darting about for Madeline, her fellow Nannydate. "Made?" There's a lot of questions in that word as the other stands by the other. She'll join the line when the younger does.

Zyrana jumps up from her cot and drops the book she'd been reading, heart racing. She straightens her robe and pats down the frizz of curls around her face. She clips on her thin white belt and slips her sandals on. A salute is given to T'zyn as she lines up at the door, excitement in her green eyes.

Madeline is innocently laying on her cot, wearing her knot this time: no funny business here, and staring up at the ceiling of the Barracks. Then, well, there's /thrumming/. Grey eyes blink a few times, before the strawberry blonde Nannydate sits up and point-blank stares at the incoming greenrider. "What? Oh! Right!" Standing up, the girl pulls her robe out from under her pillow and her face falls. "Crackdust.. I haven't gotten the chance to fix it yet.." she murmurs with a nervous expression before quickly stripping down and putting on the too-tight garment. She finds a spare strap of cloth to fit under her bust and hold the ripped part from - well, wardrobe malfunctioning. "Look okay?" she questions to Ailae, as she falls in line behind her.

"Wait WHAT?" And she's up like a shot, Sadaiya is, robe hiked up to expose plain undergarments. This goes unnoticed, naturally, in favor of true shock. "Bajiren if you're messing with me again I swear I'll… oh." T'zyn made the announcement. "Uh." PANIC!

Aloniel is reading, but he puts away the hide without much reluctance when the unmistakable thrumming begins. He's just made it to his robe when T'zyn bursts in, and he immediately sets about getting changed. Off come the regular clothes, with some blushing, and on goes the slightly too-tight, too-short robe. With the sandals, it's all complete. He moves into line behind Madeline, murmuring to himself.

Alysia is surprisingly slow at finally changing into her robe at the sound of the humming. Hair is pulled back quickly and she doesn't look too excited, quite pale as she finally puts on her sandals and moves to gather up with the rest and purposely drifting towards the end of those gathered.
Nudity would probably make it cooler on the sands, but then again the stuff probably has a tendency to get into delicate places, so yes, robes are a must.

Ianto blinks in surprise at the noise but when T'zyn enters and starts ordering them about, he scrambles over to his press and pulls out his candidate robe. It's the one that had been carefully redone by Kangarru so that he doesn't completely embarrass himself. Again. Once a sevenday is his limit, really. The uniform is shucked in a heartbeat and the robe slipped on overhead, letting it drape down before the pants are dropped from under it. Fastening the white cloth belt about his middle, he tightens the laces on his sandals and then orders his pair of firelizards to just "Stay here." The second word comes out like a bad squeaky toy which confuses them, but they get the gist of his meaning before the boy dashes off to get in line.

Clad in her nightgown, Jamilah was just doing her hundred strokes with a brush when the rumbling begins. She starts up out of bed and stares at the occupants of the other cots. "What in the world is that NOISE? Should I be running for my life?" she asks of the air, hopping to her feet. She begins to pull her candidate uniform on, when T'zyn comes running in. Blushing, she switches gears and casts off nightgown and unlaced trousers to don her robe, instead. She grins across the way at her cousin, glad that she's not the only one to be startled.

T'zyn is still fidgety, bouncing on his toes, his grey eyes flickering from one Candidate to the next as he watches them get ready. He stops to actually help one flustered boy who seems to be having a robe malfunction, tugging the garment perfunctorily into place before doing a quick, sweeping inspection of them all. "Good. Great! Follow me. Just remember everything we've told you. Be /respectful/ to the clutchparents — don't forget to bow. We don't want anyone getting eaten. Not till the eggs are done hatching, anyway." He gestures them all into line, making sure it is orderly before leading them off.

Abriwind is happily lay in her cot. Or really, as happy as anyone could be in her ugly, UGLY uniform. All the same, feet are kicking back and forth as she is entertained by many of the other candidates rushing. "Pffft, so uncouth. So undignified." With a stretch of her arms, the young lady gets off her bed and moves over towards her robe. With deft movements, clothes go off, robe goes on and fits like a glove. Probably cause it was made to do so. The nearest mirror is checked, one or two other candidates possibly being body-checked away from it. Hair is primped, appearance is checked… and Abriwind is ready. Juuust like that.

Moria nods, face serious, at T'zyn's orders, and follows him out.

Ailae is quick to reassure. "It's fine. Can I stay with you?" She'll walk with the other out to Sands…

Zaria moves to stand in the line of candidates and is all set to go, just like that.

Abriwind gets her booty in line, making faces at the back of Jamilah's head all the while. NYAAAAH.

Alysia follows along with the others, quietly and shuffling her feet the whole way out.

Madeline nods to Ailae, as she pulls the hem of her robe down just a tad, before turning to offer Aloniel a smile. "Ready, Aloniel?" she asks, before trotting out onto the sands with the rest.

"Last time you did this you were with me." Andru says smiling at T'zyn. He still remembers this all from that time. It was a bit of a frightening thing. He gives his little brother a reassuring look, like whatever happens it will be fine.

Zyrana checks herself a second time, adjusting her belt. Her hands shake as she does so. Taking a big big breath, she steadies herself and follows the line out.

Aloniel follows along with the others. "As I'll ever be," he murmurs in reply to Madeline.

In record time Sadaiya has covered her bottom and slunk in next to Jamilah, reaching out for a squeeze of the hand. "Good luck, hon," offers the girl with a sincerely warm smile. "All of you." With that she straightens her back and smiles at the exit, composed, even serene.

Ian fidgets as he eyes the line and then spots the perfect place, he runs and squeezes himself right behind Andru as he's given a reassuring look. There. Safe? It's debatable, but he peers around the older boy with a grin.

Bajiren is terribly happy to chime in with, "An' stay on your toes! So y'don't get run over by any angry dragons, an' bleed t'death an' mess up the sands!" All bravado and smiles, and an especially-pleased-with-himself smirk to Ian, before he's moving on out with the line.

Jamilah slips her sandals on, resists the urge to run the brush through her hair a few more times, and steps into line somewhere in front of Abriwind just so she can make faces at the back of her head. She glances down at Sadaiya's hand in hers and smirks. "Not sure what luck would mean out there, right now, but good luck to you, too."

Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth likeness, they are broad enough to offer security — but each one is also high enough to offer a clear view over those in front. Several lines of rope cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.
To view things on the sand, see <help here>.
Perched around the galleries are eight firelizards.
S'eron, Thyia, M'tej, and Ki'ar are here.

Hatching Grounds
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered not even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified.
Bronze Tyroth and gold Dedanseth are here.

T'ab and Lanti are here.

Pippa strides up the stairs.
Mireille walks up the stairs.
D'ren moves jauntily up the stairs.
Sienna walks up the stairs.
S'eron heads down the stairs.
From the hatching sands, S'eron wanders out onto the sands.
Reno suddenly disappears ::between::!
Lykane walks up the stairs.
Tilla strolls up the stairs.
Koveran timidly paces up the stairs.
L'fei swaggers up the stairs.
Sirosean walks up the stairs.

Like many people Lykane has a head buzzing with a hum five-hundred dragons strong — or there abouts. The going up the stairs is painfully slow, clogged with visitors and locals alike. Not to mention the elderly lady at the head of a long line. But the occasion is too joyous to maintain a foul mood and Lykane continuously hops on the space provided him.

From the hatching sands, Tyroth has never been musically talented, ever. And even though he starts to hum rather enthusiastically, one could consider it fairly off tune.

Sutri walks in.
Akadriel walks in.

Sirosean has been here hardly a minute, and already is dodging people. Yay. The young man avoids a tall oaf of a brownrider, tiptoes around a heavyset matron giving out sticky buns — oh, and he'll procure one of those buns while he's at it — and finally steps /over/ a child sitting crosslegged at the end of a row to do that awkward 'yes I'm totally putting my crotch in the general vicinity of your face' side crab-step past five or six people to find himself, finally, a clear area to settle down and watch the hatching at.

Hidra walks in.

Sienna bounds up the stairs, her curls flying out behind her once the humming starts. Quickly her eyes cast around the galleries and then she's grabbing two spots right up front, possessively defending the seat beside her with arms, legs, and narrow eyed looks for anyone who tries to come and take it. "Saved. This seat's saved. No, it's saved. Want to fight? This seat's saved," she repeats as people move past.

Pippa is perched right at the front of the galleries, sandaled feet propped up on the landing before her and crossed at the ankles. With hands to either side of her, fingers curled around the edge of the bench as she humms almost in kind with those crooning dragons. "Oi, someone better be bringing them out soon…. I swear that wobbly one over there is about to pop open any moment here."

From the hatching sands, Cloud Strife's Epiphany Egg moves ever so slightly.

D'ren moves along with the crowd, drifting to a free spot high in the galleries where he has to squint a bit to see down onto the sand.

"C'mon, come on," Lykane rubs his lips practically raw as the senior finally locates a seat. The crowd spreads, milling to the various levels already swollen with an audience. "Saved for who?" He eyes Sienna as he comes close to her location not hostily so much as testing her resolve.

Jacob is here in a far corner, he was called up to help with the banquet after the Hatching but luckily managed to sneak out to catch the humming. Yeah, he'll just sit here and be quiet for the most part.

Mireille is sitting, huddled in the Galleries as far back as she can, her knees drawn to her chest, arms around her shins. She's squeezed herself into a corner within the crowds, grateful for the anonymity a crowd brings.

Sienna frowns at Lykane, "For my sister," she says firmly, her hand splayed over the spot.

Tilla makes her way up the stairs with a chubby blonde two year old on her hip. She grins and waves to any and all present that she knows. Taking a seat somewhere near where Pippa is situated, she greets her, "Evening Pippa! I can feel the excitement already. Can't believe its time for the hatching already!" Jabba asks, "Where da?" to which Tilla says, "We'll be seeing him soon, honey. And alot of pretty dragons!! See that egg there? Ooh, look, it moved!"

Koveran and L'fei enter quietly and with little fanfare and take their seats as close to Jacob as the press of people allows. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Sutri moves up into the galleries, bouncing on her feet as she moves to take a seat closest to the sands that she can get. She's watching for the candidates intently, brows drawn into a very slight frown.

M'tej came early, got a good seat and has maintained that in cooperation with an older fellow, to whom the brownrider bears a distinct resemblance. The two have excellent seats, with a good view, and there just may be something other than water that's in the flask the two share.

D'ren rubs a hand over his chest and waves to the people he knows, without minding if they don't see him or don't wave back. It's a Hatching, and thus full of people and random bits of conversation, attentions divided.

Sirosean ends up in Mireille's general vincinity, not too far off from D'ren, high up in the back. He squints over at the Herder Journeyman, and offers a pulled-off layer of his sticky bun: as much of a peace offering as anything else, given her body language. "Crazy out here t'day, isn't it?" his soft voice is tinted with a slow Southern drawl, his green eyes alight with the general excitement of the area.

Lykane browses the immediate area for an empty spot that doesn't exist. He grabs a sigh and uses it as persuasively as possible, looking tragically wounded. "Your sister should have a better sense of timing." Another fervent glance is thrust towards the hatching sands and the first step is taken towards elsewhere.

Mireille drops her chin on her knees, trying very hard to be one of the crowd. A large, blubbery Holder sits down next to her, unable to control the fat which pushes her further into a corner at the edge of her bench. She sighs, scooting a little bit, but keeps her brown eyes forward. Focused.

From the hatching sands, T'ab jogs lightly into the Sands, it seems that a certain bronzerider may have been in the middle of some water-based activities before his lifemate and the rest of the weyr started humming. Yep, he's just wearing his skimpy swimsuit and attempting to put on at least a tunic as he makes it to the sand. "OOoh, hot hot hot!" He comes skipping over to Tyroth, glancing to the golden pair, "You… uh, ready?"

Sienna looks around and then spots her sister high above. "Oh, she's up there." She flashes a grin for Lykane and bounds up, out of the prime seats, scrambling towards Mireille. "Cissy!" she calls. "Sorry, excuse me, pardon me, watch your language!" She ends up in her sister's focused line of vision, frowning. "What's wrong?"

Sirosean eyes over at the Holder that ends up between him and Mireille, and shrugs, popping that piece of cinnamon roll in his mouth and moving out of Sienna's way as she moves up— adroitly moving to claim one of the seats she just vacated, as a matter of fact. "Score," he mutters under his breath.

Pippa shifts a bit upon her spot on the front bench, hips banging aganist whoever is seated next to herh as she wiggles up a bit more room. Those hips have to be used for something, if the knot isn't enough to give her space. "I swear, that one has a crack in it. See? I think it is peeking at us. If it comes out, I'm gonna toss someone done there. Like you." Yes, you. Green-irised eyes rove about, looking for a couple of last-minute candidate possibilities to toss down onto the dark sands. She'll fling you.

K'rru scatters down off one of the ledges

From the hatching sands, Moria has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Ailae has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Aloniel has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Ian has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Abriwind has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Zyrana has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Bajiren has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Zaria has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Madeline has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Andru has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Alysia has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Sadaiya has arrived.
From the hatching sands, Jamilah has arrived.

"Me me!" Jabba cries out only to have Tilla laugh and wrap her arms around her, situating her in her lap more comfortably. "Maybe in about ten turns you will be asked to stand, sweetness. I bet you'll get a dragon too and make T'ab proud! Although I think you do already." She grins and kisses the top of the little one's head affectionately. A sidecomment to Pippa, "You should toss a few out there, I think it would be entertaining."

From the hatching sands, T'zyn has arrived.

D'ren leans forward a bit as the Candidates arrive, his smile growing wide. He claps a few times and then grips his hands against his knees.

From the hatching sands, The candidates, a flurry of white robes blowing across Ista's black sands, enter after the Weyr's own youngest assistant weyrlingmaster, and somehow, in all the hubbub, manage a fairly synchronised bow to the clutchparents before they start clustering in whatever groups (or solo acts) circumstances seem to require of them.

Sutri lets out a soft sound as there's Ailae on the Sands and now, she watches intently, focused upon her friend.

From the hatching sands, Lanti comes running in while Dedanseth is gently, oh so gently, brushing away the last of the black sand from the last of the eggs. They're all more than ready now, nicely cooked, some already rattling and moving. Dedanseth nudges that last one with her nose like some sort of motherly kiss, then moves to the back wall of the cavern to wait. She gives Tyroth a long look, her eyes whirling in pleased shades of blue and green swirls. She's not worried. Lanti is another story. It looks like she was trying to get in one last swim, and she has to readjust a sandal as she slows, just as the candidates are appearing. How professional.

Mireille turns her head to stare at her sister when she appears before quickly smiling and scooting over, pushing at the blubbery Holder next to her. "Nothing," she mutters, mustering a smile. "It's exciting isn't it?" the herder asks, squeezing over to make room for her sister. "The eggs. The hatching." She waves her hand in the direction of the sands below in an attempt to turn her sister's attention.

Success! So the pouty look doesn't exactly get the credit over circumstance but the adolescent takes what he can get. With haste he flops down into Sienna's prior seat with every intention on cheering on Bajiren. That is until Pippa presides as a neighbor. "You could throw me if'n you want," cheerfully, "I wouldn't mind a chance for a dragon ma'am."

From the hatching sands, I Choose You! Egg hops once and spins in place before stopping to lean against one of its clutchmates.

From the hatching sands, Grilled Cheese Aspiration Egg shimmies, wiggles, and does all sorts of egg moving things. The cheese across his surface is slowly looking like it is melting onto the sands into a big pile of cheesy goodness.

Daniiya walks up the stairs.

From the hatching sands, Moria drifts across the sands, her face nearly as white as her robe, and manages to situate herself somewhat near Sadaiya, giving her friend a nervous smile. Her eyes lift to scan the galleries, searching for familiar and familial faces. A small cluster of people who all pretty much look like her wave their arms and she waves back, and then — eggs are moving. She focuses her attention on them, balanced on her toes, intent, serious, nervous.

K'rru is fashionably late, dahhlink. Having been dropped off by his dragon, he picks his way from the very back of the gallery benches, down in between people, a shoulder here, a nudge there, "Out of my way…mind the greenrider, dahl….hey move your butt…" And finally, front and centre (neverminding the dignitary he just nicked the seat from), he settles to watch the show.

Sienna squeezes in beside her sister, giving the Holder a sweet smile. She leans over to whisper something to Mireille, reaching for her hand to give it a squeeze. Holding that hand she rests it on her leg, nodding while she looks to the sands. "Very exciting."

From the hatching sands, Bajiren might, just maybe, hesitate just a little before stepping onto the sands with the rest. But once he gets there, he's all squared shoulders and tough-guy appearance an steely glances, oh yeah. Of course, the grin when he sees some of the eggs moving - some of his favourite eggs especially - sort of breaks that. Ah well. Ianto is given a quick punch to the arm. "Hey, they're finally hatchin'!" 'Case he missed it.

Pippa starts to give Jabba a bit more of a generous look. Sizing her up. Nah, just a bit too young though. She does look past her and Tilla to a couple of talking girls a little further up, considering even more. "Maybe. Maybe." But then there is noise out onto the sands, and now she is denied the possibility of candidate tossing. "You're lucky," she mutters to asked to be thrown. "The night is young though and I've seen some of what the searchriders brought in…. Aye, I still might toss you out there."

From the hatching sands, Sadaiya has executed her courtly bow with the practiced grace of turns of training. A sudden shuffle of sand against hand sends her to squeaking and grasping for Moria's arm. "Moria! Moria! MOVING!" The free hand points and her composure crumbles. "MOO. VING!"

**From the hatching sands, Madeline is overwhelmed. It's not like she hasn't been on the sands before this moment, but there's a ton of people in the Galleries and the eggs are actually /moving/. Ailae and Aloniel are quickly sought out, which shouldn't be that hard, since they all walked out in rapid succession. "Should we.. hold hands or something?" she asks the two quietly as she once again adjusts her robe. **

From the hatching sands, Zaria makes her way to stand in the nearest crowd of candidates. Moria is given a smile before Zar is looking at the eggs. So many of them, and all seeming to rock at once, or is that just her own perception?

From the hatching sands, Aloniel shuffles away from the bow, moving carefully across the sands to find himself a place to stand and stare. He's good at the whole staring lark. The rocking eggs are his focus, and he says to Madeline, voice loud to be heard over the noise, "If you want. But we've got to let go if a dragon comes our way…just in case." A hint of darkness in his voice.

From the hatching sands, T'ab is just getting settled beside Tyroth who is loudly humming and his eyes are twirling swiftly at Dedanseth, although nothing remotely like the fawning love that he had a few months ago. the bronzerider is now in a partly donned shirt with just his skimpy swimsuit on. At least now he has put on a pair of sandals as well and he moves forward to where the other weyrlingmasters gather. "I hope the first is a bronze, else I'll lose a few pretty marks." He tosses off to a pair. The candidates are grinned broadly at, almost paternally.

From the hatching sands, Alysia is lingering along side the other candidates, but not in any particular grouping of noticables. She's lingering in along side them and watching the eggs.

From the hatching sands, Abriwind removes herself from the group, her nose far, faaaar up in the air as she finds herself a nice place amidst the sands. Close enough to the eggs, but not too close to seem desperate. Cause she's not. Totally not. Honest. No hurried movements, nice and calm and collected here. The clutchparents get another look, than Abriwind's focus is entirely on the eggs, and on any other candidates that DARE to come into her staked claim.

From the hatching sands, Ailae chances a quick glance to the galleries to see if she recognizes any faces, five in particular she's looking for. Then her attention is back on the rocking eggs. A nod is given to Madeline, and a nervous grin sent Aloniel's way. Right. Okay. "If you want, Made."

**From the hatching sands, Ianto hotfoots it across the sand, trying to maintain some sort of decorous pace as he heads out there with all the other candidates. He manages to sort of orbit about Andru however, nervously peering over at the eggs until Bajiren punches him in the arm. However that just makes the boy snort amusedly and elbow nudge the older one back. "Yeah, can't hard*squeak*ly miss it." He sighs as his voice has decided to waver with a vengeance. **

From the hatching sands, Jamilah takes a deep breath and steps onto the sands. She takes a moment after she bows, however brief, to study the galleries, before the eggs take center stage in her mind and she is forced to take her place in the semi-circle surrounding them, instructions running through her head.

From the hatching sands, "Don't worry guys everything will work out how they will." Andru says smiling at Ian and Bajiren. He's trying suppress his own nerves right now. "Just try and stay relaxed and don't panic. Whatever you do, don't panic." And this is a situation where the book is right.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana stands from her bow, standing slightly outside the largest group of candidates, just two feet or so. Her already pale skin has gone even paler, if possible, causing her freckles to stand out more. She jumps slightly when the eggs start moving. She looks over at her fellow candidates and smiles. "This is exciting, isn't it?" She looks back to the eggs, green eyes dancing.

Mireille leans into her sister, smiling wanly and says, "Let's watch the Hatching." She whispers something as well, but keeps her eyes forward.

M'tej straightens as he picks up a voiced name from the sand, but it's the elder of his company that reaches out an arm to indicate one of the entering Candidates. A quiet and quick conference becomes agreement, and from then on, though others are glanced at, both men watch one of the Candidates in particular.

Sienna nods her head and then leans over to rest it against her big sister's shoulder. "Ugh, that robe is /so/ unflattering," she says, letting herself focus more on the Hatching. She giggles, "It's so bulky. Can't they make them a little more form fitting? Except on him. He /needs/ to be wearing a sack." Begin the running commentary that Mire knows so well.

Lykane blurts out to Pippa, "My parents are both riders so they say that means I have a significant chance, probably over 68 percent if— lo Baajiii!" It's too easy to spot the orange of the candidate's hair. The twelve Turn-old bounds to his feet in order to see the entire candidate calvacade. "Did you bet?" He asks of the goldrider.

From the hatching sands, "Not /too/ many marks, I hope?" T'zyn says, returning to the other weyrlingmasters after ushering the candidates into place. He quirks an eyebrow to T'ab. "Cuz that egg looks about ready to go." He gestures towards a particularly rock-some egg. "And it doesn't really feel bronze to me. Blue, maybe. Hm." His speaks from his /vast/ experience with all of one clutch in his lifetime.

Tilla grabs Jabba's hand and waves it and then waves her own hand. "WHOO T'AB! T'AAAAAB!" And then her attentions are back to Pippa and the candidates who have just arrived, "Wow, this brings back memories.." the greenrider says as she looks back towards the women Pippa was indicating, "I still say you should do it." Snicker snicker.

D'ren spots his wingmate and watches him for a long time, a thoughtful frown on his lips. He rubs his chest absently and scans the crowd again, waving to Jacob and then to Sutri. Tilla is - of course - heard, and he smiles a bit at her yell.

From the hatching sands, Once the candidates have made their entrance, several of the eggs begin moving a little more, as if their inhabitants are aware of the newfound levels of attention. In a flash, Steering Wheel Not Included Egg cracks open to let a dopey little blue tumble forth. He takes some time to gain his bearing and immediately begins heading toward Dedanseth at an ambling pace.

From the hatching sands, Grilled Cheese Aspiration Egg starts to melt on the hot sands, the shards of shell falling off and softly landing on the ground. Emerging from the gooey mess is a lovely lady, emerald wings flowing out of the shell. A single looooooong leg stretches out, followed by a second soft, smooth limb that pulls the rest of the small dragonet's body out of the yellow and orange mess, revealing Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Dragonet to her full feminine beauty. The pose only lasts so long as her forward momentum, combined with unsteady legs, causes the gorgeous being to fall forward to the black diamond sands.

Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Dragonet

Va-va-voooom! Satin jade sashays down the feminine curves of this buxom beauty, fine lines are formed by a layer of soft muscle about her body. Her muzzle is shortened with gently rolling headknobs that daintily lie above kohl-rimmed eyes which possess a natural maturity in their glow. Honeyed highlights twist and tumble 'mongst the viridian along her swan-like neck, while resting above her voluptuous bosom are cascading wings of emerald, the spars etched with pale curls of smokey silver and delicate wisps of pearl. She is almost all leg from there, honey, with each paw gloved with darker myrtle that fades as the limbs stretch up, up, up, deceptively giving her an image of great length although her actual size is more average among greens. Her swinging hips are decadently full and rounded with a tinge of teal, which smoothly transitions into a lengthy discourse of a sensually full tail that splays at the tip with droplets of gem-like iridescence.

From the hatching sands, You know what are delicious? Lower lips. Just ask Sadaiya, who aside from clinging to her harper inclined friend has taken to nomming worriedly on her own pouty kisser. Every so often she lets up in order to shift her stance with a wince. "Oh!" She releases her lip and squeals, tugging on Moria. "Look look LOOK!"

From the hatching sands, Moria's hand grabs Sadaiya's, too, and she laughs, still looking nervous. "I know!" she says, squeezing just as tightly to Sadaiya as Sadaiya squeezes her. "This is so amazing. Much better down here than in the galleries." Though she's standing still, her breath starts to come faster, and gradually, color suffuses her face. She nods to Zyrana. "Very exciting, yes!" She'll cling to Sadaiya's hand as long as she'll be allowed to, or until they leave the sands, one way or the other. "Look!" she squeals as a blue and a green hatch out.

From the hatching sands, "Green's the safest bet. There are so many of them, it's bound to be green." S'eron is dressed in shorts and a short sleeved shirt, heavy boots guarding his feet. He's been to one or two of these before. Lo and behold, a green hatches first. He looks smug at T'zyn and T'ab.

From the hatching sands, Madeline nods slowly to Aloniel, a twinge of actual fear reflected in her facial expression. "Right, like you said," she concedes quietly, trying to offer her fellow Candidate a reassuring smile as her fingers more to inter-digitate with the others. "It'll be okay, and I'm sorry if my palms get a bit sweaty," she murmurs to both of those beside her, before she point-blank stares as the first egg hatches blue, and then there's a green. She makes an almost incoherant choking noise, before eager eyes stray to the Galleries. Mum? Help?

Sirosean glances over to Tilla, Pippa, Jacob, et al, and just raises an eyebrow. Loud bunch, and that's saying something from this particular journeyman. Instead, he shrugs to himself, pops another piece of sticky roll into his mouth, and focuses on the new blue and green out on the Sands with an intensity that only comes from one who has money riding on the outcomes of such events.

From the hatching sands, Alysia watches as the first egg hatches into a blue and she gives a very thoughtful nod. The second is a green and she takes a moment to admire this one just a bit longer.

From the hatching sands, Lanti quickly brushes fingers through hair still quite damp and stares at the little blue as it finds its mother. "That's… not right," she mutters before finally ending up next to T'ab. Nervous? Maybe a little. Her expression is rather pinched, even if Dednaseth's amusement is growing. She leans down on golden elbows and very gently taps the wandering blue toward the candidates. Instead, he makes a very slow line through the eggs toward Tyroth.

From the hatching sands, Aloniel's hand is starting to get clammy. It's the heat of the sands, honest. "Two already. One's going the wrong way though." He's more talkative than usual, probably due to nerves. "She's got to be for a girl. Very…um. Curvy." His eyes flick around and rest on T'ab briefly.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren smirks at the first-hatched little blue. "Momma's boy." And then he gives an absolute cackle. "Flamin' wherry shit!" Ian gets a nudge again, Andru, a quick glance. "S'like Iqi's /total opposite/." Whether the other candidate has actually seen his mom's dragon before or not is totally not important. But thinking of her now has Baji actually peering over his shoulder toward the galleries, squinting for an angry red dot, then looking up to the dragon ledges, and then, finally, getting attention back on the sands where it belongs.

From the hatching sands, Ailae's hand squeezes Madeline's as an egg hatches, barely having heard Aloniel's comments. Yeah, nerves'll do that with Ailae - it's a family trait. "Made, green." She does manage to say. Eyes dart to the other eggs, Ailae's nervousness only increasing. She thinks back on what Aloniel said. "So, if they come close, let go of hands, right?" Attempts to joke fall flat, but at least she's trying?

From the hatching sands, Ian flashes Andru a grin, still impish as ever though there's that surge of heart thumping adrenaline that's starting to grip him as the first egg cracks and spills a blue out. He watches it wander over towards the queen mother and he waves arms at it. "Hey, this way!" he tries calling, not too loudly, still unsure of when his voice will decide to betray him. But then the next hatches a truly stunning green and he can't help but nudge Bajiren back. "Hey, there, that one? Wow."

From the hatching sands, T'ab snaps his fingers at the appearance of the green, looking over to T'zyn, "Well enough that I'll have to start stealin' S'eron's booze too." He tosses aside before glancing over to Aloniel, briefly long at his brother before switching to the blue and raising an eyebrow. "Ah… seems that was is dysfunctional. Tyroth." The bronze in reaction paddles forward and aims to bounce the meandering blue toward the candidates.

Mireille laughs, her melancholy mood turning a bit at her sister's commentary. "Yes…" she says, but falls silent to listen to Sienna and all her thoughts. "Hey, look, there's Moria," the herder points towards the harper on the sands. "And Sadaiya."

K'rru gives a clap as the smaller colours make the appearance from the first of the eggs, a small notebook tugged from a pocket, with a pencil at the ready. Already, he's keeping tabs on his wagers of course. "Noice green…so the clincher is, does she match a handsome devil for a boy or a gorgeous girl out of this candidate bunch hrm?" Said to no-one in particular.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana flashes a smile at Moria, but then her eyes catch the blue and the green hatching. "Wow! OH! Guys look! They're so… cute!" She makes small crooning noises for a second. "Ah, the wee things." Even if she doesn't impress, the look on her face now should tell anyone that she's glad to be here. She notes the little blue's strange behavior and frowns. "Poor lad. he seems confused."

From the hatching sands, T'zyn looks smug /right back/ at S'eron, gesturing to the dopey blue that came from the first egg. "Nu uh. Blue. I win." He frowns. "Too bad /I/ didn't put any marks on it. Why didn't I put any marks on it?" His gaze flickers back towards the dragonets already on the sands, and then looks way up towards the ledges to where his lifemate sits above. An amused smirk plays on his lips as the blue heads for his parents rather than the candidates.

"No. I didn't. I'm the one who takes the bets. I'm the bookie, kid," Pippa notes to Lykane. "Hatching has already started and the books are closed, 'lubber." Dark hair is pushed free from her neck, casting to her back. A final slanted look is given to one of the prospective tossees. "Stay close. I might need to fling you out there."

From the hatching sands, Jamilah reminds herself to breathe as she runs her hands across the fabric of her robe. "Green," she breathes. Her lips twist wryly as she considers all she's had to think or say about the color, and what actually emerges is a breathy, "She's beautiful."

From the hatching sands, And it truly begins. Andru can't help but give a soft little laugh. He's trying to keep his talking down to a minimum. "This is proving to be an interesting evening so far." He says sounding amused as he looks towards Bajiren and Ian,"Oh I'm sure the little guy will figure out what is going on soon enough." He says laughing and shifting his weight a little bit, whether from anxiety or from the sheer heat of the sands.

Sienna wiggles a bit closer to Mireille, lifting her head to brush some hair over Mire's shoulder before she settles down again. "Oh yeah. I wonder if they'll Impress." She giggles, "Bet they're wondering the same thing! Oh!" She leans closer to her sister, head tilted up to whisper, "Third row, center, there's a guy who is /totally/ picking his nose. Ew! He ate it! Ew ew ew!" Then she's having a silent giggle fit, burying her face against Mire's arm with more laughter.

From the hatching sands, Zaria blinks at the newly hatched green dragon, "Sh-she's b-beautiful," is breathed without her even being aware of having spoken aloud. So she's not even talking to anyone in particular.

From the hatching sands, Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Dragonet planned on tipping forward the /whole/ time. With the grace of a goddess, the green pushes herself up onto her lusciously long legs and her emerald gown wings splay to regain balance. Now. The lady green starts stepping across the stage of the sands, with a little unbalanced swaying here and there, eyes rolling red with /hunger/.

From the hatching sands, "Because you're not one to see advantage in gambling," S'eron shrugs off T'zyn's smugness. "I didn't bet either, but that's mostly because my marks are spent. You got marks, T'ab? You can raid my stash with them." The weathered assistant weyrlingmaster eyes the little blue and frowns. "Is he going to not impress? On account of not paying attention to … candidates?"

Tilla takes in a deep breath. "Ohh.." she breathes out, "What a beautiful green. I do love greens. Look Jabbie, a green like Amu!" She keeps smirking towards the exchange between Pippa and Lykane, amusedly. "Would you bounce if tossed down there, I wonder?" That's towards Lykane.

**From the hatching sands, Abriwind smoothes down her robe, playing with the hem line and taking a deep breath. The green hatches and the Holder-girl takes a deep breath. "Sooo preeeetty." She pretty much coos, but does her best to not make grabby motions. **

From the hatching sands, The little blue backs away from Tyroth with a blank sort of look on his face before tripping slightly in the way the bronze directs, but his tripping sends him in a new direction. Lanti and T'ab. Are you my mother? Lanti's eyes go wide and she grimaces. "The white ones!" she urges in a whispered hiss and waving toward the candidates.

From the hatching sands, Madeline begins her characteristic gesture of chewing on her lower lip and nodding like someone who is daft. "Yeah, she reminds me of Mum's Imacinth, color wise," she admits, watching as the dragons meander around the sands. "You never know, though. Maybe she'll want someone masculine to counteract her curvy-ness," she comments, before attempting a cheeky grin at Ailae. "Yes. Quickly. It'll be about as graceful as my dancing." Which is, well, not graceful at all.

From the hatching sands, Legends of Rock Egg explodes into action with egg-goo everywhere, yielding A Step in Time Blue Dragonet. He all but dances his way over to Fortian Raquel who is busy adjusting his hair to make sure not even the tiniest strand is out of place. Taking a glance upwards, he sighs, "Yes? Well I suppose." As the moment of impression hits, he falls to his knees, calling out to the skies, "Stepth, his name is Stepth! Oh my Faranth, he's so fabulous!" And as he starts bawling his eyes out, he's quickly lead off the sands with his new lifemate.

From the hatching sands, Alysia watches that green move curiously, tilting her head just a little before her eyes drift back to that blue that is having some troubles knowing where to go. And another blue hatches! But she misses it in watching the blue, just spotting as he Impresses. With a slight clap of her hands she returns to egg watching.

From the hatching sands, DREADED EGG GOO! A breathy squeal leaps from Sadaiya's throat as she leaps backwards a step, clawing at the collarbone now decorated with albumen. "Ugh! Uck uck…" Reaching blindly, she grabs a random candidate's robe and wipes at herself, frowning deeply at the newly impress blue that besmirched her impeccable appearance.

From the hatching sands, "So fast!" Moria gasps, watching the newest blue impress in a matter of seconds to Raquel. She watches the pretty prancing green with a very interested eye, but stays where she is, knowing that if it's meant to be, the dragon will come to her. "Remember," she says to Sadaiya. "Project love and acceptance." A bit of a worried frown falls on the dopey little blue. And then… Sadaiya wipes egg goo on her. MOria blinks down at it. "Nice," she comments wryly, and then actually laughs. "Relax, Sadaiya, it'll wash off."

From the hatching sands, Ailae nods absently, eyes darting to the confused blue, and back to the green, nodding in agreement with Madeline. "She is beautiful, yes." She agrees, hand tightening on Madeline's a bit more. "Quickly? Okay. I can do that." Pause. "I think." Of course, this is also the Nannydate who's as nervous as anything, right now, just like a good deal of the other Candidates.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren snorts, now paying all the more attention to that little blue. "S'too bad m'canine ain't here. He's real good at distractin' things that oughta be impressin' t'humans. Maybe he could've got himself a blue." Oh, but look, other things are hatching, and the Legends of Rock egg is eyed warily. "Faranth. S'that the real loud one? She's gonna have headaches forever." Pause. "Was loud for me, anyway. You touch that one?" To Ian or Andru or both or anyone else present, with a gesture going to the now-hard-to-identify shards of the impressed blue's egg.

From the hatching sands, Aloniel chances a sideways look at Ailae, and, in a low voice, says, "trust me on that one." No joking from him. He looks aback at the eggs and sees another blue hatch - though this one Impresses straight away, unlike its wandering brother.

From the hatching sands, Zaria gives a quick clap as the blue Impresses, then she's back to watching the eggs rock, and the hatchlings move. After all, she doesn't want to be in the way of an unsteady dragonet. A great big grin is thrown towards Sadaiya and then back to watching the sands. Everything moves so fast.

Lykane descends back to his proper seat with no telling how long until the youth erupts with excitement again. "I already wagered with some of the Weyrbrats," careful not to prove too much associate to that mob. He's nearly thirteen and above that sort of thing. "Looks like that blue hatched a little too soon but I'll still come out okay." He eyes the present company without seeming to. "Will your queen clutch soon y'think?" Just, hypothesizing.

From the hatching sands, Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Dragonet reaches the first line of candidates, all pretty in white. The first girl that the green checks out is Abriwind, the round muzzle of the dragonet tilts as she surveys the girl. Then a release of breath, a scoffing noise almost, is tossed out before the leggy green turns and stumbles a bit toward the rest of the candidates. All these candidates, certainly there has /bound/ to be one suitable for this firecracker?

From the hatching sands, The dawdling blue finds its way to his vivacious green sister and sniffs at her hind flank before getting distracted by some broken shell. Oh hey, the was his home for a while. He peeks inside the egg, then sniffs the air. Nope, not in there. And he's headed back toward Dedanseth.

From the hatching sands, Ian jumps with the unexpected explosion of a not so distant egg, amazed and slightly digusted at the mess, but the impression happens so quickly afterwards that he almost gapes in surprise. "Hmm?" Bajiren is glanced at out of the corner of his eyes. "Oh, I don't think I went near that one. Watch, o'er that way, the green's on the move now." A snicker is stifled for a second with a guilty look over at Abriwind. "The blue.. he's kinda…" Got the attention span of a gnat?

From the hatching sands, Jamilah hears the squeal and turns to catch the wipe. She laughs, though it wavers with nervous energy. "It's not like you'll be wearing the thing again," she suggests, then turns her attention back on the eggs and dragonets, just in time to see the green peruse and pass Abriwind. A brow lifts, but she doesn't smirk as she might otherwise.

From the hatching sands, Abriwind takes a few steps back, a breath getting caught in her throat as the green gets near, and then it's let out… as she was found unworthy. "Yeah… yeah. /Well/! I didn't like you /anyway!" A fist is shaken in the direction the hatchling went. Snapping her mouth shut, the girl sticks her nose up in the air again, calling forth all the haughtiness in the room. "I'm too /good/ for a green, /anyway/!" HUFF!

From the hatching sands, Bajiren's attention is back on that green as she approaches the line, thanks to Ian's heads-up. "Hah! Betcha she could smell poo when she got closer t'Abriwind." It's said in a raised voice - just in case that holder girl might hear him. Then a nod, with a quick glance spared back to that blue. "He's kinda slow, I think." Nervous glance to Des. "Walkin' around, I mean. Slowly." Yeah.

From the hatching sands, Alysia looks over at Abriwind as that green goes towards her, both brows lift and then she sighs as the girl does not Impress. With a shrug as the green continues onwards, she turns her attention back to the eggs.

From the hatching sands, Madeline turns her gaze from the dragonets to Aloniel, worry evident in her gaze. "You sure you're okay?" she asks him, squeezing his hand gently, if he allows it. "We'll make it." Whether this is to reassure herself or the Herder candidate, one can't really be sure. As the green hatchling moves past Abriwind, Madeline can't help but snicker a bit, and the girl's reaction doesn't earn her any sympathy either. "Just rewards?" she asks of those standing near her, before refocusing on the hatching dragons.

From the hatching sands, "Not all there?" Andru asks grinning a little bit,"I know I never got near that one." Andru adds laughing softly. His eyes flicker towards the green. His blood is really pumping at this point. It's kind of crazy how things keep going.

From the hatching sands, Midnight Bloodbath Egg quivers in place. Just a shiver. Tremble, tremble… then stillness.

From the hatching sands, T'ab watches the blue wander around and shakes his head, "Tyr, I blame that one on you. Too much drinkin' or somethin'." A chuckle emits before he looks to Abriwind, "Uh oh, I hope she quiets down, don't want her gettin' eaten or nothin'." He offers to T'zyn before adjusting his shirt a bit and adjusting his swimsuit, thing is itchy.

**From the hatching sands, Zyrana stares at the dragonettes in amazement, projecting love and respect and admiration. She eys her favorite eggs, The Las Plagas and The Twilight Princess. Nothing happening with those yet. She watches the green peruse Abriwind, and smiles when she's passed up. The midnight egg quivers and she is at attention once more, her projections going out. **

From the hatching sands, Ailae glances sideways at Aloniel. "You'll have to tell me the story sometime." She says, eyes darting back to the hatchlings. "But definitely not now." Gulp. The wandering blue gets a nervous laugh out of Ailae, but no more than that. The green is watched again for a moment, Ailae too snickering as it bypasses Abriwind. Mentioned quietly to Madeline and Aloniel, "I wonder /why/ it didn't choose her.." there is definite amusement there, though, if only for the moment.

From the hatching sands, Moria holds her breath as the Voracious and VIvacious Bombshell Green Dragonet approaches her, sniffing the candidates. She's still on her toes, ready to dash out of the way should this pretty hatchling, or any of the others that are sure to follow soon, need to get by her for any reason. Irritation flashes in her eyes at Abriwind's statement, and she glances up at all the good greenriders who surround them. Let them deal with the girl or not. Another egg quivers. "Oooh," Moria says. "I wonder what color that one will be?" Another squeeze for Sadaiya's hand.

From the hatching sands, T'zyn smirks when Abriwind is scoffed at as well, unbecoming of an AWLM though it may be. He wipes the smirk of his face soon enough, at least, a frown replacing it at Abriwind's outburst. "Well, it wouldn't be /such/ a loss if she got eaten," he opines quietly to T'ab, "but still, if that yelling continues we might have to just take her off the sands. Don't want her upsetting the other hatchlings, y'know?"

From the hatching sands, Cloud Strife's Epiphany Egg definitely has something inside it, yep yep. It moves slightly and starts to slide to one side in the sands.

From the hatching sands, "Yes, Moria. I lovingly accept that I can't wash this…" A crack muffles whatever expletive or descriptor Sadaiya utters, "off of me until we're done." Her voice is dark and baleful and she still rubs idly at the befouled bit of skin. "If you want lovey-dovey thoughts you might wanna step away from me until I start feeling less grody. Man what IS that stuff?" If there was any doubt about her and Jamilah's relation…

From the hatching sands, Aloniel falls silent at Madeline's hand-squeezing, focusing on the wandering green and blue. The green's closer though, so he'll watch her intently for the time being. Abriwind's reaction to the hatchling's perusal gets a snort.

Tilla spots Bajiren and yells out, "Baji!! BAAAAJIIII!" Oi, she's a noisy lady. Jabba puts her hands over her ears. NOT AMUSED. "Ooh, that blue one looks kind of confused…what's he doing?" She peers.

Pippa looks askance to the teen beside her and asks, "Why? You riding a dragon and think you'd have a chance to catch her?" Her dark lips curl into an amused line, and a knowing one at that. "Ah well, … odds on favorite was green to hatch first and impress. Looks like I already did a bit well here."

From the hatching sands, Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Dragonet stumbles slightly on her ungainly long legs, wings spreading to regain her lady-like composure. Now where is her leading gent? She swings those hips as she arrives in front of a calloused, rough-looking Herder boy. Jade body rises to meet her dance partner, a single gloved foreclaw is offered in greeting to the boy. Her eyes swirl passionately as they meet light brown orbs, initially possessing romantic purples that soon transform into crimson, representing a more feral ache of hunger. She has chosen her eternal co-star, a sultry croon claiming Aloniel as hers and only hers.

From the hatching sands, Twilight Link Egg sits oh so still in spite of all the action on the sands.

From the hatching sands, Voracious and Vivacious Bombshell Green Dragonet has chosen Aloniel.

From the hatching sands, Zaria looks at the egg that just moved and then at the hatchlings on the sands. It won't be long and there'll likely be another hatchling looking for its lifemate. Zar is moving from one foot to the other in an attempt to keep her feet from being scorched. Abriwind being passed up by the green gets no reaction from Zaria, she didn't see it.

From the hatching sands, I Choose You! Egg gets nudged by a rocking egg and nudges right back before settling into another grove in the sand.

Whatever comment Jatege shares with M'tej is met with absolutely no change in the latter's facial features. In fact, it might appear that M'tej didn't hear the words at all, prompting a repetition of them, somewhat louder. Then, just a shake of his head.

From the hatching sands, Moria laughs at Sadaiya and squeezes her hand again. "Take a deep breath, my friend, and look at where you /are/. Is this not an amazing experience? Soak it up, be grateful that you're here." She looks at the goo. "It's just albumin," she says. "Like in a poultry egg. Sterile, and everything. "Oh!" Aloniel has impressed. 'Oh, congratulations, Aloniel!" She drops Sadaiya's hand to applaud him.

From the hatching sands, Zaria beams at Aloniel and that's about as far as the girl goes in congratulating the new weyrling. Now back to watching the eggs and other hatchling.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah can't help herself. She steps forward to stand on the side of Sadaiya opposite Moria. "I would suspect that is what the riders all lovingly refer to as 'egg goo.'" Her smile falls as Moria manages to explain in much more technical terms and decides that she'd rather stand alone than stand with the other Harper candidate.

From the hatching sands, There's almost a hint of some similarity to a school dance here, boys on one side, girls clustered on the other, but Ianto leans closer to mutter to Bajiren. "Yeah, poo, where did we stick it this time?" Probably on the bottom of Abriwind's sandals or something if the hatchlings can smell it. The green sways over towards Aloniel and he looks about at the reactions of all before joining in the cheering. "Congrats!"

**From the hatching sands, Zyrana cheers when she sees Aloniel impress. "WOO! Congradulations Alionel!" She whistles her encouragements and looks abck to the sands. She sees the I Choose You egg move again, still nothing from her favorites. It's all so exciting and her face is starting to turn red with excitement. **

From the hatching sands, Madeline was distracted by the goings on of the little lost blue when, erk.. suddenly one of her hand holding partners is.. a weyrling. "Oh Aloniel, see?!" she whispers to the weyr's newest greenrider as she moves over towards Ailae to give the new pair room to breathe. This of course puts her and her fellow Nannydate closer to the gaggle of boy candidates, including Ianto and Bajiren. They will break the gender line!

Lykane squeezes his bottom lip with a thumb and forefinger as it appears someone's Impressing. "No no no, turn around, not Vesana! She still wets the bed!" Kane does his utter best to deprive a girl of Impressing before he has an option to. He isn't above lying either. "Not yet," sitting a little straighter in his seat at Pippa's jibe, "but maybe someday. After I got to Smith Hall that is."

From the hatching sands, Twilight Link Egg starts to crack heavily, the mere hint of sun now revealing practically glowing innards as the shards of shadow slowly fall to the sides. But the egg is not cracking fast enough for the impatient occupant and the entire ovoid, with hatchling inside, starts to lean forward toward the Candidates. With a last final push, the egg tips forward and Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet explodes from the shards and does consecutive somersaults forward in a tightly wound ball.

Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet

Misty light and deep forest green hide stretches tight and shiny over an arcing skeletal form, highlighting wiry muscles and elongated features. A narrow muzzle and prominent cheek bones widen the helm-like head; the neck twiggy in comparison. Strokes of sparkling golden flesh wrap down each antennae-like headknob, embracing an empty swatch of leafy hue in the center. Willowy ribs bow into an armored cage with a dusty rubicund breastbone. There, darkest emerald flows over wide, rounded shoulders along the wings, pale coral underneath. Verdigris stretches across the muscular trunk down to a rounded point on the lower abdomen, freckled flush and ruddy. Protracted hind legs, paws dipped in pine, join to narrow viridian hips; taut hide causing the socket stands in relief. Kelly banded forelimbs are further exaggerated, one claw nearly white and serrated, the other algae tainted and strong. A wisp of a tail lashes out from her back side, composed largely of light moss covered muscle and lightning green splashed, pea-tinted ridges that run from the back of the head down to the spade tip.

From the hatching sands, Alysia claps for Aloniel politely as he Impresses the green. With a soft sigh, she looks onwards to the eggs and begins fidgeting just a bit as the heat starts bugging her. Another green hatches and she looks to it with interest.

From the hatching sands, "Guys… you didn't really do that did you?" Andru says glancing towards Abriwind. Last thing they need is the smell of cooking poo. Cause the sands are hot enough that the would be cooking it if that was close to it. "Congrats Aloniel." He calls out cheerfully. As a second green appears, he watches it with a hint of nervousness,"That one looks a little bit on the scary side." He says laughing a little bit.

From the hatching sands, "Al? Oh sh-" T'ab catches himself, cause there are little children around, right? The bronzerider looks blank as he starts to move toward his brother, "Al! Congrats!" And now he's excited as he waves his hands over to the new greenling pair to call them over to where there is food.

From the hatching sands, "Rox…Roxe…Roxeauth?" Al's all faltering, stuttering mess. But there's that curvaceous green right in front of him, and he can hardly deny it, not with her mind wrapped all around his. The herder-turned-candidate-turned-weyrling is rooted to the spot, staring at his new partner. "Um? N'iel? Hungry?" One hand wanders to his stomach and a puzzled look clouds his features.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren sends another glance over toward Abriwind. "I figure she's just smellin' it naturally by now." Pause. "Also, I was /gonna/ try'n get some on her robe, an' then she got… this… /thing/." Wave to that tailored number Abriwind's wearing. "An' we didn't have time. 'Sides, it'd cook an' stop smellin' so bad if we had, so it ain't like it'd've lasted long. Her own smell, that goes forever." And then there's crowing nearby, and Baji arches an eyebrow. "What's that guy's name? Alonoodle or somethin'? N'iel now." Back out to the sands: "Where's that blue gone, Ian, y'seen him?"

From the hatching sands, T'zyn grins broadly when Aloniel impresses, and then he is hurrying out towards the newly bonded pair, ushering them off the sands to the side. "Your new lifemate's bound to be hungry," T'zyn explains to Aloniel, flicking a glance towards the lovely little green. "C'mon, we've got meat cut up and waiting."

From the hatching sands, Ailae beams at Aloniel - even if she doesn't know the other well. "Congratulations, Aloniel-N'iel!" She cheers, grinning over at him. And then there's more eggs hatching, so her eyes dart back to the other eggs - there will be time to congratulate him more later, right? Madeline's hand is squeezed - wow, can you believe it!

From the hatching sands, Lanti nudges T'ab lightly with her elbow as it becomes Aloniel is one of their new green-riding weyrlings. "Now there's something to write home about," she drawls gently, giving the bronze rider a crooked smile. Dedanseth, meanwhile, has had to turn her attention back to that ping-ponging little blue, and he's nudged yet again toward the candidates. A groove in the sand neatly redirects him yet again toward Tyroth.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana jumps in shock when the green explodes from the twilight princess egg. "OH WOW! Moria look!" She squeels in her excitement. "She looks ferocious!" She claps her hand together, a grin going from ear to ear. "She's beautiful!" She coos slightly tyowards the dragonette.

From the hatching sands, Abriwind watches as the dragonet goes towards Aloniel annnnd impresses. Is that a frown on her face? Naaah. "Congrats to you, candidate." She states out loud, stiffly. With a flick of her hand, she turns back towards the egg, trying to keep the calm appearance going. A look, a LOOONG look does get sent over to Ian, Bajiren, and Andru's little group. SHE'S WATCHING YOU ALL TOO.

From the hatching sands, Sadaiya holds up a single finger, forgetting for the moment about her disgrace. "Is… is it really REALLY like that?" she asks of no one in particular, eyes soft as the sight of new impression fills her senses. "They're… do they even see us?"

From the hatching sands, Zaria blinks as another green hatches, she'll just edge a little closer to Moria. Then she's back to watching eggs and dragonets. So much to watch, so many to congratulate, and her nerves are in high gear.

From the hatching sands, Moria points to the newest green. "Oh, another one!" she says, eyes darting over the skeletal form, the protruding ribs, the taut hide. "I hope… do you think she'll be all right?" she asks everyone in general, sounding worried for the newest hatching.

From the hatching sands, Zum-Zum-Zuma Esta Egg rolls and tips over, the frog-mouth exploding to reveal a rather small hyperactive green dragonet. The bouncy green skips forward, not hesitating an ounce. The green sprints toward the rather shy /and/ handsome Seacliffs Nanny, named Solloten. For what probably is one of the few times any of his fellow candidates, S'lot speaks aloud in his deep, sexy voice, "Her name is Beeth." And T'ab, who has always had a crush on the now greenrider waves the pair over to the meat with a probably too excited face.

**From the hatching sands, Madeline squeezes Ailae's hand right back. "This is insane," she dead-pan states to the other redhead as she watches Al- er, N'iel being lead over to the food stuffs. And then there is another green. "It's all going so quickly. But he'll be so happy." Is she gushing? That's one relief, anyway. **

From the hatching sands, N'iel's eyes manage to leave Roxeauth…just about…and focus on T'zyn. Oh, hey there. "Food. Yeah. Roxeauth…." He's gone into single word mode so his legs take over. Roxeauth sashays alongside towards the meat she wants so bad.

From the hatching sands, It's not as if the boys could have calculated when the eggs would be hatching, so there was just no time to do any last minute anointings, so maybe it's just Abriwind's own problem now. Ianto was kinda hoping the other one had managed to get something in, but alas he hadn't. Never the less, he gives Andru more of that innocent grinning before shrugging. "Didnae do nuttin'!" Ever carefully, he avoids glancing back at the girls nearby, instead pointing out the new green. "Another one, N'iel now? Huh. Oh he's T'ab's bro." he quietly explains.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana cheers again. "Congrats Solloten!" She says to the new greenrider. And her eyes are back on the sands, landing on the poor lost blue for a moment. Pity and sadness wrench her heart for the young one. But soon her eyes are landing on the Las Plagas egg… And then on the others. And then on the candidates still around her.

From the hatching sands, T'ab laughs to Lanti, "Yeah, ma's gonna be interested to hear 'bout this." And he walks over to help T'zyn with N'iel, and maybe offer a good pat on the back in congratulations to the man. Tyroth is once again slowly moving over toward the straying blue, letting his own body be a wall to bounce the blue away and toward the candidates. Boy, this is fun.

From the hatching sands, As Abriwind looks in his direction, Andru does the only thing that he can think of doing and that is to flash her a big ole smile. "Oh well. If you did we'll all be smelling it soon enough." He says laughing softly . "N'iel, well hope she doesn't affect him as much as Tyroth does T'ab, or I have a feeling that he's going to be given a big ole heaping of trouble of a different sort." He says laughing softly.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah takes a deep breath as Impression occurs nearby, then lets it out. She follows Abriwind's gaze and her brows lift in query at the boys. She smirks, considers shuffling their way, and then another egg explodes and she decides she's just better off where she is.

From the hatching sands, Abriwind would send Andru a VERY inappropriate gesture, but well, she's a lady, and there are her potential peons watching. So she won't. But she still glares. GLAAAAARES.

From the hatching sands, Alysia bouncebouncebounces on her feet, watching the eggs intently brows furrowing as she waits with what could be impatience.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren points to S'lot. "That guy's from SeaCliffs. M'dad was all excited." And now he rolls his eyes, sends a quick side-glance up to the galleries, and then is eyeing the new green from the Twilight egg. "Lotsa green. I wonder how many marks my mom's losin'." Pause. "'Cept she wouldn't tell me /any/ of her bets."

**From the hatching sands, Zyrana also slightly bounces on her feet, all the color in her face has returned; fear turning into excitement. She positively glows right now. She fidgets and straightens her robe, her eyes scanning the sands. She looks up at the clutch parents, and then back at the sands. She wishes she had someone to hang onto right now. **

From the hatching sands, Cloud Strife's Epiphany Egg starts a wobble-spin on the sands, and even to rock back and forth. Some dragon wants /out/ and they want out fast! Suddenly, a head pops out of the top of the egg, maw open to emit a shrill creel. Then, one foreleg. That bronzen head bobs up and down a few times as limbs flail until the egg virtually disintegrates about him. Out the dragonet tumbles, shaking free egg-goo and egg shards from his body. Ta-da!

Snickering Canine Companion Bronze Dragonet

Filched doubloons, tarnished with time and scandal, are smuggled in the shadows of wings' wide canopy, the winking glimmer of stolen gold tucked away beneath this dragon's sails of lifted bronze. The dashing draw of his head is all sleek contours from pale muzzle to bijou-starred pate, just as the trim length of nimble limbs tell of talented agility. Swindled gilt plays the artful dodger among his cresting ridges, evading the rich russet bronze of his hide with elegant dash and panache until the swell of broad haunches and the following stretch of tail provide capture.

From the hatching sands, Moria sighs as the latest green impresses someone so quickly. "Another fast impression," she says. She casts a worried glance at the wandering blue. "Poor thing," she murmurs. "Greens are good, though," Moria says. "Fast in the air, agile. I'd be proud to ride a green." She pauses. "Or… any color, really." She watches the sands intently for another rocking egg, and then spies one. "A bronze!" she says, grinning at the dashing little hatchling.

From the hatching sands, Madeline is lost in a sea of green dragons. Well, not really, but her eyes jump from one to another in rapid movements. "Mum will be pleased there are so many greens," she comments to Ailae, off the cuff. Then the Galleries are focused upon once more. "I wish I knew where she was. And Tildy.. and Dad. Do you see any of your family here?" she asks the 'Reachian Nannydate before blinking. "Oh look! Bronze!" Way to state the obvious.

From the hatching sands, Zaria shifts her weight again, and edges a little closer to Moria and whoever is standing close to her. The bronze hatchling gets an appreciative intake of breath and then she's looking round to see who would most likely Impress that one. Were she a betting person, she'd put her marks on Bajiren.

From the hatching sands, The roaming blue dragonet really was aimed at the candidates this time, but just as he's about to reach the nearest white-robed spectators, his bronzen brother takes the stage, and the little blue is startled back off course, veering toward that back wall.

From the hatching sands, Ailae nods to Madeline, grinning as she nudges the other gently. "I sense obsession. Later." Yes, they will talk later. Much, much talking to be done…when there are not dragonets all about, and scaring the crap out of everyone else. "Right. What was it he said? Let go fast if they come close. Right? Let's not forget." Please? Mauling would not be fun, or productive. AT ALL. "Oh, he's pretty too!" Is said of the new bronze. Or is it handsome? Ailae doesn't care at the moment, though, really. The Sands? Totally getting hothot, too.

Tilla claps as the green impresses. "Congrats!!" She's not sure of the newly impressed person's name so she just leaves it at that. "LETS GO BAJIREN, LETS GOOO!" Clap Clap. Jabba gets into the act and starts clapping, "Aji oo ooo ooo!"

From the hatching sands, Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet rolls and rolls and rolls as if it were the thing to do. The green rolls around the clutchparents then rolls around the rest of the hatching grounds, spiraling inward quickly. Once centered, the green explodes upwards, landing heavily on claw-spread hind feet, settling on her haunches and waving her dark green forearm around menacing. From her vantage point, she eyes all of the candidates, neck extended, but makes no moves toward them yet.

Lykane stretches the fabric at his throat from the combined efforts of geothermal virtues and no personal space. "I'd trade my left arm and the thumb on my right hand for a cool breeze about now." Then his head cocks left as a bronze's birth and Lykane darts to his feet quickly enough to bust a strap on his sandal. "Find someone named Bajiren!" See, he's full of hatching advice tonight.

From the hatching sands, Alysia looks to the bronze with a mild interest before she turns her attention away and back towards the green with more interest. Another shuffle of her feet and she glances downwards to check that her toes are fine.

From the hatching sands, Zaria's eyes are drawn back to the green. She's not sure what to expect from such a personality, and she knows better than to hope too hard for anything. Regardless, Zar knows her life won't change much.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana edges closer to Zaria and smiles at the girl. "This is so…. exilerating." Her eyes snap to the Battle Ready green and she smiles. "That one'll be feirce in flight I bet. She seems… very ferocious!" Her eyes wander to the blue again. "Poor wee lad, I feel sorry for him." She stands on her tip toes, eyes roaming around.

From the hatching sands, Ian listens to the gossip from his other youthful cohort and nods a bit. "Oh, there was bettin' on the eggs?" He'd completely forgotten about that sort of thing. "Shards, I shoulda put something on 'em. Do they let candidates do that?" he wonders, even though it's too late. He's got his secret stash of marks still after all, but then something brighter than any wooden mark catches his eye as he does another elbow nudge. "O'er thar! He's..he's…" Words fail him and he just splutters the last. "Shiny."

From the hatching sands, T'zyn just stays where he is, helping the new Impressees with their dragons if need be, but mostly letting them feed their lifemates and get acquainted. His eyes flicker constantly back to the sands, watching the new hatchlings with a mixture of admiration and vigilance. Maybe a bit of wariness, with the male dragons. He chews on his lip thoughtfully, looking from the bronze to the pinging blue and back.

From the hatching sands, Snickering Canine Companion Bronze Dragonet finally regains his bearings somewhat and blinks a few times, his vision clearing. Interesting, so many people standing around. He starts hopping around the sands like an ungainly bronze bunny. Here comes Peter Cotton- well, Dragon Bronzetail, hopping around on the Hatching Sands Trail!

From the hatching sands, Bajiren nods to Ian. "Candidates ain't s'posed t'bet, but I'm pretty sure m'mom did. There's /always/ bettin' on eggs." And then Baji goes nice and tense when he sees that bronze hatch, ignoring that little bouncing blue for now, and the green, too. "Shit. I don't think I ever touched that egg." It's said particularly softly, and with brow furrowing. He almost forgets to fidget on the hot sands for a moment, in fact.

From the hatching sands, Sadaiya is quiet, occasionally leaning forward with a twisted-lipped expression of confused frustration. "Mor. Moria. Do I, uh, ask them to come here? I can't tell what the new riders are doing!" Epically unsuited for a lifemate is Southern Boll's littlest princess. "Ohh I'm so LOST." She stamps her tiny foot, sending up a puff of sand and steam. She deeply regrets it. "Ow ow ow. Sad."

From the hatching sands, Jamilah stares at the green and drops into a demi-crouch, ready to run at any moment. "Okay. Beautiful. Then not beautiful. She scares me," she mutters as she gets back into Sadaiya's hearing. She only has a moment to eye the bronze before her attention is back on his sister.

From the hatching sands, Madeline is not /obsessed/, just well, you know, she /cares/. The younger of the two scoffs as she shakes her head. "No I'm not, I was just worried, is all. But seems there was no need," she comments with a shrug of her shoulders. After a moment, she glances down at herself. "Shardit, it is fardling /hot/ out here, and - well - this robe is really tight." As if that weren't noticable to everyone around her.

**From the hatching sands, Zaria glances at Jamilah, "She's -beautiful," oh would you look at that! A complete sentence without a stutter. **

From the hatching sands, Abriwind has possibly been zoning as she raises to her tips toes to get a better look at the newly hatched bronze. Eyebrows go up in surprise, and a small giggle is let out. "That's… different." Arms cross then uncross and the girl shifts around on her two feet.

From the hatching sands, "Just stand here," Moria tells Sadaiya, remembering advice she's heard. "Just, stand here, and move if they look like they want to get around you. If your lifemate is out there, she'll come to you. Or him." She gives Sadaiya a pat on the back, trying to be reassuring when she looks like she, herself, could really use some reassurance. She nods to Jamilah. "I agree with you on that."

From the hatching sands, Ailae scoffs quietly. "Mhmm, just worried. I'm sure." She eyes the green with amusement. "Look at her, Made. She's….interesting?" To put it mildly. "I hope all of that rolling hasn't gotten her all dizzy." Dizziness can be fun..but not all the time. If the 'Reachian nanny is seen fidgeting, it has to be just because the Sands are hot. The hatchlings are totally a bit scary - though that's somewhat to be expected, isn't it? "We scare them as much as they scare us?" is suggested nervously to her fellow Nannydate.

From the hatching sands, Lanti is staring with disbelieve at the poor, stupid blue. She and Dedanseth share a long look before the gold goes back to mothering her non-stupid babies, and Lanti approaches the blue, intercepting him before he hits that wall. "White. Robes," she says, pointing. "Go." And he goes. Ping.

From the hatching sands, "He's… hopping." Andru says seeming to be a little wierded out by the little bronze that is bouncing. "Yeah. We're not really supposed to bet. I didn't this time but did last time I was standing." He says laughing softly,"Lots of greens." He says casually as he continues just smiling a little bit and shifting his weight from foot to foot. It really is bloody hot out here. It's making Andru sweat a little bit, just small beads forming for now on his forehead, which are permitted to remain.

Jheinana walks up the stairs.

From the hatching sands, Ian echos his adopted older brother. "He's… hopping." The boy boggles for a moment before stifling a laugh. "Betcha dun see that too often." he mutters to the other beside him, even if Bajiren's sure to have seen a fair number more hatchings than Ian has. "I think I went by that egg he came out of once." It's hard to be sure sometimes. "Lookee, wonder if the blue's gonna run smack..nope, looks like Lanti's steering him back." Again.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren is trying to stare that bronze down. Or at least, is staring at that bronze, whether the dragonet is looking back or not. Shoulders are hunched up at this point, nevermind squared. Distracted, he notes, "If I'd've bet, mom'd've found out. She's probably runnin' half th'pools." Staaaaring.

From the hatching sands, Madeline will totally win in a scoffing match, Ailae. She is younger and therefore more well versed in teenage angsting techniques. "Probably," she agrees with the older girl, watching as the bronze, green, and daft blue go scuttling and hopping and pinging around the sands. "I feel like they are just hungry. And you know, lonely and scared and such. Like weyrbrats. Only bigger. And with less vomit involved. Hopefully."

From the hatching sands, Snickering Canine Companion Bronze Dragonet finds an interesting old sandal on the sands. A narsty, half melted sandal from some candidate group of aeons ago. He starts to /dig/ it up. OOH treasure! Letting it dangle from his mouth, he begins to hop about once more. Who should he give this to?

From the hatching sands, Jamilah presses her lips together, then runs her tongue across her teeth, beneath. "You know…" she says, her eyes on the brat-idate. She sighs, then continues. "I wonder if someone shouldn't pull her out of the middle, there. She's bound to get trampled. And…" Just so she doesn't sound like she's concerned, you know. "…the Hold would never let the Weyr live it down."

From the hatching sands, T'ab watches the blue bounce off of Lanti and shakes his head, "Tyroth takes full responsibility for that one." He offers with a bright grin, transferring his eyes over toward the candidates again. The bronze carefully watched, "I hope whoever impresses him doesn't have to deal with /your/ personality, bro." That offered to Tyroth. The bronze seems to be shifting his thick tail just in case to catch the blue, just in case.

**From the hatching sands, Alysia looks to that blue with both brows lifting, "how odd…" She finally breathes out before looking towards that bronze with her brows climbing up further if all possibile. **

**From the hatching sands, Zaria gives a nod to Zyrana's comment. Exhilerating is one word, yep. Her eyes are locked on the green hatchling that's out there. The scary beautiful one that has yet to move towards candidates. **

From the hatching sands, Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet stops suddenly, her eyes narrowed on a female figure. The expression on her boney face is still unreadable as she performs three more summersaults and ends up standing directly in front of Alysia. There's a pause and a sniff, dark green claw hovering around her chest level, her head tilting to the side and turning. The eye is pressed forward to investigate the girl before the claw grabs her shoulder and physically pushes her aside hard, claws raking. No. Not right.

Tilla watches with a confused look as a hopping bronze takes to the sands. "Huh..is he injured?" She murmurs to any and all who may be listening. Jabba keeps pointing at T'ab, and clapping, "Da, Da Da!"

From the hatching sands, Moria's hands fly to her mouth as Alysia gets raked by the green's claws, and before she realizes what she's doing, she moves to the girl's side. Not that she knows what to do. "Alysia!" she says, distraught, nearly crying, and then she looks around for help.

From the hatching sands, "Ok… He's just a little bit weird." Andru says blinking and trying hard not to die from laughter at the little bronze's behavior. He does wince a little bit when he sees Alysia get raked by the green. "Ouch. That's /got/ to hurt." He says softly. "The blue definitely has a screw loose somewhere." He says laughing a little bit as he sees that Lanti has redirected it from a wall. Maybe it likes pinball?

From the hatching sands, Ailae was a teenager not so long ago, Madeline. She's not that out of practice in scoffing techniques of the teenagers. "One would hope that there would be less vomit involved, yes," she agrees, eyes shifting from bizarre blue to the even stranger bronze, and back to the green. EYes snap back to the bronze for a moment, and she stares. "Made. He…has a sandal. A SANDAL." Please tell her she's not imagining it? "I'm beginning to think the green is definitely not as crazy as that one." And then the green is pushing Alysia aside with her claws. "Oh no! Lys!" That's definitely not good!

From the hatching sands, Zyrana stares as the blue pings off of Lanti and smiles when he's back on track. Then she's eyeballing the Battle Ready Dragonette, and frowns slightly as Alysia is rejected. Then, concern flashes across her face. "Poor girl." But then eyes are back on the sands. "I wonder when the others will hatch."

From the hatching sands, Alysia is… Well, shocked as that green moves towards her. To say the least, actually. As the claws raise she's frozen in place until the deed is done and she's falling down into the sands with a cry of distress. Still alive, but in much pain. And bleeding. Let's not forget that part.

From the hatching sands, Blood. Goodie. Sadaiya's hands fly to her mouth, mirroring Moria, except not for the same purpose. Hey, are her hands oozing? Why would they… oh. The stream gets more forceful. "Huaaagh!! Ohhhh nooo." The brown pools of her eyes are wide and petrified and she's frozen to the spot. Because it is AWESOME to be covered in your own fluids in front of a crowd.

**From the hatching sands, Ian can't help but palm his face for a moment as he stares at the hopping bronze boy picking up that old sandal. "Maybe the heat's gone and cooked that thing up too?" So it won't smell too badly? Amusement abounds never the less, that is until the green goes and claws up a candidate, sending Ianto gaping with the urge to duck behind somewhere or someone. At least Bajiren and Andru are both far larger targets? **

From the hatching sands, Zaria has seen Alysia get raked by the green, a wince is given for the girl. Alas, Battle Ready Dragonette has Zar's attention completely, and she just can't find it in her to be too upset with the hatchling's actions. The drudge turned candidate still finds the green fascinating and lovely.

From the hatching sands, Madeline manages to glance over and catch the green just as she's raking her claws into Alysia's shoulder. "Oh sweet Faranth," she gasps, and moves jerkily towards the Hold girl Candidate. "Do you think the Weyrlingmasters will help her?" she asks Ailae as she chews on her lower lip. Hatchlings are momentarily forgotten as she squeezes Ailae's hand ever tighter. Reachian's comments about the bronze provoke a glance in the direction of the boy candidates. "I think so." But she's way too worried about Alysia. And then there's vomit. Sadaiya's vomit. "Well, there goes that," she murmurs to Ailae as she takes a sharp intake of breath.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren gets a bit of a smirk at the corner of his mouth, shoulders relaxing. Just a little. "S'too bad Gil isn't here. He an' this one'd get along real fine." Still staring. Staring so hard that he misses Alysia getting maimed, until he hears the hubub - and then he does tear his attention away and murmurs, "Shards." Eyes go a little wider, but otherwise the boy doesn't move. A little bit frozen. At least he might make a shield for Ian?

From the hatching sands, Jamilah's face blanches as her fears regarding the green are confirmed and Alysia goes down. She swallows her nerves and stands her ground. They'd been briefed about this. "Oh, Sadaiiiiyaaaa," she groans as her cousin spews. She reaches to pat her on the back and then aborts, pulling her fingers back and sidling away again. She's not ready to be that nice. Maybe she should just stay away for the rest of this hatching.

From the hatching sands, T'zyn's eyes widen as the dragonet rakes Alysia. He murmurs something to S'eron quietly before hurrying out to the girl. He crouches by her side to help her up. "C'mon. There's a healer. You'll be okay. Let's just get you — out of the way." His touch is gentle but firm as he supports her and ushers her off the sands towards S'eron.

"I— I think someone got hurt…" Lykane slides further out into his seat, impugning physics by not falling. "She's okay though. I think. Jays." Now indoctrinated to the rare hostility of dragons Lykane commits himself to remaining this far on this seat's edge.

From the hatching sands, "Holy shi—" Abrwind's hands fly up to her mouth and she's suddenly booking it over by Sadaiya, until there's vomit… and then Abriwind's just standing in once place, both baffled and confused by the blood and the vomit. "Shards and friggin' shells, the little beastie tried to /kill/ her." She squeaks out, not very loudly. "Did you know they DO that?" is asked of another candidate.

From the hatching sands, T'ab steps forward to assist, but spots T'zyn get the bleeding girl and his blue eyes go wide. "Ugh, disgustin'." But what is more disgusting? Vomit. And with that the bronzerider looks over to Sadaiya, standing on his toes and cupping around his mouth he yells, "You need help there? Or you gonna be okay?" Cause he /really/ doesn't want to touch puke if he doesn't have to.

Tilla is immedately drawn to the cry of distress. "Oh no…" she murmurs. And then she winces as another candidate hurls a little. "Anything goes on hatching day, doesn't it?" She tries to turn Jabba's gaze away from the wounded for the moment.

This time, it's the younger of the pair of men, who indicates the unfortunate happenstance on the sands. Seeing, really, only the AWLM ushering out a bloodstained Candidate, M'tej mutters something to the white-haired man, who also tracks the girl's progress, for a long moment. Another question and answer exchanged. M'tej turns back to watching, his own fingers rubbing at his beard lightly. He's lost track of the one he was watching, out there.

From the hatching sands, Moria gives T'zyn a very grateful glance as he takes Alysia away to a Healer, and she dabs at her sweaty face and turns back around to resume her place next to Sadaiya… only to see that her friend has been sick. "Oh, no," she moans quietly. She's not as shy about putting a hand on Sadaiya's back, and rubbing reassuring little circles. "Poor Sadi," she murmurs. She starts to kick some of the sand over the puddle, covering it to conceal at least some of the horrid stench.

From the hatching sands, Conquer the World Egg gives a sudden jolt, then a rock, then a spin, then it splits neatly in two to reveal a tyrannical looking brown with a dark patch over one eye. The crafty fellow takes a quick turn around the sands, avoiding that roving blue to quickly make port with Sirati, a sea craft apprentice recently searched. The older teen kneels to him and grips his shoulders before a wide smile alights on her face. "Come on, Meierth," says the newly minted Sid, her rolling gait leading the swashbuckling duo toward the waiting first meal.

From the hatching sands, Andru turns to look at Ian, he says,"It'll be fine. This happens sometimes. Just relax. No one gets seriously wounded. She'll be fine soon enough." He whispers gently to the younger boy to try and make him feel relaxed. He gives T'zyn a thankful look. The vomiting is ignored for now though. He's had enough experience with helping the nannies that the smell of vomit isn't that bad. Change a diaper or two of a turn old kid and well… that's enough to render the gag reflex a bit more secure.

Pippa brings her hands up, pulling out here little book (slate, scroll, whatever) to make a marking in it. "Oh, looks like O'boy won for 'first blood to the upper torso'. Aye, he did pretty good there." Her book is dropped back down into her lap, eyes peering out from beyond lowered dark bangs to look after the scored candidate. "Move or let nature take its course…" She shakes her head from side to side, a breath leaving her lungs with a sigh.

From the hatching sands, "Alysia…" The muffled reply to T'ab's concern is bubbling and popping in the manner of the freshly ill. Sadaiya turns her head slightly and drips pitifully. "Also towel." One slightly teary eye attempts to watch the hatching. The other, her wounded acquaintance. The effect? A cross-eyed puke dripping girl. Attractive!

Cullen meanders up the stairs.

From the hatching sands, Ailae relaxes when T'zyn goes to Alysia. "Faranth…" She murmurs to Madeline quietly, eyes wide. "I hope she's not too hurt. We should go check on her, later." Yes, poor Lys… It's not until then that she notices that Sadaiya vomited - and her reaction is definitely 'ew!'. "Ew, ew, ew…let's…back up some?" Or a lot? Far, far away from the vomit? She'll let Madeline choose, though. Even though Ailae has been a nanny, vomit still grosses her out - especially since they can usually change the children or babies quickly enough.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana cheers for Sirati! She whistles and smiles and claps. "Congratulations!" She bounces with excitement and smiles. "OH OH! LOOK! Sirati impressed!" She lets her eyes dart back to the sands, but she too makes a pitying sound towards Sadi. "Poor girl…."

From the hatching sands, Bajiren's frozen moment is mostly over by the time T'zyn is to Alysia. Help is there, he can move on. "I /said/ t'stay on their toes…" Even if that might not've helped Alysia much. A final glance after the struck-down candidate, and then it's attention time for the dragons again. Passing glance to the new brown, quick check on the blue, and then it's all about that bronze again. With that sandal. Bajiren just might be heard to mutter, "Here, boy."

From the hatching sands, Snickering Canine Companion Bronze Dragonet has arrived at the candidate group at last! Well, at least over to where a few of the boys are situated. What's this? A curious redheaded fellow. The dragonet hops over to investigate, what a curious smell? Is that fear or sweat? He takes a deep whiffle of the kid's hair. Better wash that out later, Bajiren.

From the hatching sands, Ian looks up at his brother and just nods, grimacing. Didn't look like the green gave Alysia much choice in ducking away after all. "Ohhh ick." Lots of ick, and for a second he too looks ill but then the bronze arrives and he stares at the fellow beside him. "I know we're sweatin' like blazes here, but dang, yer totally gonna need a bath t'night."

Lykane brings his gaze around tight to Pippa at her, what he thinks is misplaced, nonchalance. "Yea, yea— I guess so." Aside from losing a shade off his complexion the youth isn't sullen for long as Baji's got a dragon close to him. "He'd better not get hurt either or." Or he'll fight the dragonet. Or something.

From the hatching sands, Madeline's face has turned an awkward shade of green, and she simply nods up at Ailae as she mentions backing up. "Vomit is not really my thing either," she comments quietly, trying to distract herself by watching the bronze dragon with his sandal. As he meanders over to Bajiren, she blinks. "Like dad like son?" she says with a speculative headtilt as she watches the interaction. But at this point she's still nervous about the green. "Do you see where she went after attacking Alysia?" she asks Ailae, glancing around them almost nervously.

From the hatching sands, That little blue is still caroming about the sands and soon ends up at… a candidate! It's a miracle. He quickly follows on the tail (literally tripping on it) of his snickering canine bruderchen and almost, sort of, nearly reaches his muzzle out toward Madeline… and gets startled by someone's hell. At last, he shows some speed! And runs right back toward Tyroth.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah decides that Moria has a good idea, and helps her to kick sand onto the mess that Sadaiya has left behind. She smirks, though she keeps her eyes on that scary green. "Why don't you just use your robe," she states, dryly. "It's already covered, right?"

From the hatching sands, Zaria watches the bronze move towards Ianto and Bajiren, then she's back to watching the brown and green. Though she's not sure she likes the looks of the brown hatchling. The green still hasn't decided on anyone, so she's infinately more interesting to Zaria.

**From the hatching sands, Andru laughing softly, his eyes flicker a little bit at Bajiren, and then glancing towards the blue,"He's a little bit on the nervous side isn't he?" He says laughing softly at the blue's behavior. **

From the hatching sands, T'ab does not have a towel, but he does have a shirt, and so he just peels it off leaving him in just his skimpy swimsuit, it may smell a bit like salt water and sweat and he walks over to help out Sadaiya, but only briefly cause he doesn't want to Impress another dragon or something, "Here ya're, you gonna be okay?" Tyroth is paying attention to his bouncing blue child and he rumbles lightly, tail moving to swat the blue toward the candidates. Ping.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana cheers VERY loudly when Baji impresses. "Congrats Baji! He's beautiful!" She looks abck to Moria. "Look, Baji's impressed!" She slips a little closer to the pair to get a good look at the bronze before they're taken off. And then, after hearty congrats, her heart swells for Madeline, only to sink when the blue is distracted once more. She eyeballs the sands now, some of thehappy leaving her face. She's losing just a little hope. But then a stern look comes across her face. "No Zyra, stay steady. Projecting love and respect. Here dragons…" She mutters under her breath.

From the hatching sands, Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet stalks on, Alysia discarded and unimportant anymore. Every muscle in her boney arms is visible as she moves, her claws extended and curling deep into the sands with every step. Her eyes sweep the lines of white robed figures, but keeps her distance for now.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren goes up on the balls of his feet, and is bouncing a little as that bronze approaches him. Wide-eyed staring, yo. "Hey the-" and then he's frowning as goo gets on his head, reaching up to swipe his hair back, and winding up with a rather large and off-centred cowlick. There's somethin' about Baji. A moment, and then, "He ain't… thinkin' at me." And the boy's shoulders sag, and as for Zyaran's yell, well, he just winces. And takes a step out back from that dragonet.

From the hatching sands, Snickering Canine Companion Bronze Dragonet once was a young dragon who just lost his shoe. Its several hops back, so what does he do? He backs that thing up from Bajiren and hops to fetch the slobbery nasty old sandal. But then, he returns to the candidate line. Which should he choose? What is the best decision for him? Weighing all the options, he stops by one candidate in particular. Home is where the heart is, and he wants to be the heart and home of one sandy-haired youth, now and forever. Stopping right in front of him, he whips his tail about and pats Ianto on the shoulder except, he is using his chin, whuffling into Ianto's face. Decision made! Will you wear his magic slipper?

From the hatching sands, Moria looks up at the bronze when Zyrana calls her attention. "Er, I don't think he did…?" she says, eying them uncertainly. She's still rubbing Sadaiya's back, trying to be soothing. And then Bajiren confirms that he hasn't impressed. "Good luck anyway, Bajiren," she says encouraging, and turns her eyes to the… impression! "Ianto! Congratulations!" she says, beaming at the boy.

From the hatching sands, Snickering Canine Companion Bronze Dragonet has chosen Ian.

**From the hatching sands, Madeline turns her eyes to watch the little blue that could come within touching distance of her, and then.. well, he's distracted and her expression goes from slightly tense to a little more relaxed. "That's what happened to Aloniel at High Reaches," she says quietly, watching as T'zyn and company help Alysia to get patched up. And then there is bronze impression! "Ianto!" she cheers, squeezing Ailae's hand even harder, if that's possible. "He'll make an adorable bronzerider." **

**From the hatching sands, Zyrana turns red and looks at Moria. "Oops. I was certain but…. YAY IANTO!! Congrats!" She backs off a little now, having thoroughly made herself the fool. But she doesn't look shamed for long. **

From the hatching sands, Ailae backs away from the vomit, covered though it may be, some with Madeline. Her eyes snap to Madeline, and she 'oohs' in sudden understanding. "I see…I think I remember it." Bit then Ian's Impressing, and Ailae's cheering. "Way to go, Ianto!" She cheers, beaming over in the other's direction. Yes, chances are he won't hear her, but hey - they've done mischief together. She'll still definitely cheer for him!

From the hatching sands, Zaria stutters a congratulations towards Ianto, eyes never leaving the green hatchling. There are some things that should never be looked away from, and that green is one of those things. So all there is to do is shuffle from right to left foot and back again. Oh, and watch the eggs and hatchlings. The dragons always know which are the right candidates to claim, all she can do is watch and see.

From the hatching sands, Midnight Bloodbath Egg gives a shudder, a creak and almost a groan. A nose pokes its way through a small chink in the egg's armor. A talon, no, two talons start to break forth from their mysterious confines, rending the curtain of shell and goo almost in two, exposing the dragonet within to the atmosphere of Pern at long last. From the depths of the egg's dark pits comes… wait, is that a shadow? A being, of such dark hues that it almost blends in perfectly with the hatching sands, slithers out in a serpentine movement to regard its surroundings warily.

Resurrected Sovereign Blue Dragonet

Darkness has fallen, chasing away the twilight 'til it is nothing but a dash of faded starlight about this predator's eyes. Midnight lurks across the dragon's sinuous form, blues cast in the shadow of evening's witching hour. The bracing spars of his narrow wings cut across sails still darker, their winghooks just as wickedly sharp as the sloe-black talons upon his slender paws. Reptilian allure bleeds true from the looming definition of his angular head and the treacherous angle of crowning neckridges to the twisting length of a serpentine tail and its sharply spaded tip.

From the hatching sands, Raving Rabbids Egg and Las Plagas Parasite eggs are rocking /waaaay/ too close to each other, their shells bang together and with a *crack* a pair of twin-looking blues emerge. They fight it out a few moments before heading to the eternal rivals Rayune and Kennet. The blues have decided on the pair, R'yu leaning forward shouting "Hadokenth!" and K'en, not to be overshadowed growls at R'yu and yells out his own blue, "Shoryukenth!"

From the hatching sands, Ian had a moment of face falling as Bajiren was slobbered on, but then as the odor of that slobbery nasty old sandal suddenly grows stronger, he ends up looking down into the bronze's face snuffling up at him. A hand reaches to tug that thing out of of the dragonet's mouth and his voice quavers as he beams brightly next. "Yeah, I'm ready to go Raeklith!" A pause as he curls an arm about the bronze's neck. "I'no? Oh ok."

From the hatching sands, Bajiren manages a very, very weak smile to Ian. "Hey." Now just a weak smile. "Taught ya pretty good, I guess." And he makes way for the weyrlingmaster that he knows is coming for his singing buddy and otherwise general partner-in-crime, and fidgets, and looks at the galleries, and looks at the other eggs, and generally looks all like a sulky teenager who's on a roadtrip with his parents and wants it to be over.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah glances up at Zyrana's first shout, frowning. "Bajiren Impressed?" she asks of no one in particular. But, no, her fellow prankster steps away and the bronze goes to Ianto. "Well done, little squeaker."

From the hatching sands, Once T'zyn has ushered Alysia to help, he returns to watching the sands. His eyes widen a little as Ian impresses, and his smile is definitely pleased. "Ia — I'no! Yay!" He wipes some of Alysia's blood off his palms onto his tunic — so appealing! — before heading off to guide I'no and his Raeklith towards the rest of the newly Impressed pairs. "C'mon," he says cheerfully to the boy. "Let's get him fed, yeah?"

From the hatching sands, Zyrana sinks as her favorite egg produces a blue and the blue impresses right away. Oh well, there are still more. She eyeballs the Resserected Sovereign Blue and is almost in love. "I hope you choose me…" She says, edging more towards the front of the candidates to get a better look. She eyeballs the new dragonette, inspecting it from head to tail.

From the hatching sands, Andru does smile broadly at Ian impresses and becomes I'no. "Congratulations!" He says excitedly. He's excited for his little brother. It's all nice when people get their lifemat, right? He fidgets a little bit as he looks around to see who all is left. The number of people is slowly winding down and the number of eggs is winding down even faster at this point. He can't help but shake his head a little bit.

From the hatching sands, Madeline has her gaze focused on the bronze's impression, and when I'no calls out the new dragon's name, she beams up at Ailae like a bit of a fool. "That's a pretty name," she comments somewhat lamely, continuing to inch further and further away from the vomit smell. And then there's a blue on the sands, and Madeline simply blinks. "Is that dragon.. black? Or blue? He's.. really dark? Much different than the other little fella.. Where did he get to now?"

From the hatching sands, Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet stops again, a new target acquired. She runs toward this one, elongated forelimbs barely touching the sands as her powerful hindquarters propel her across the sands, kicking up great clouds behind her. She tackles her opponent, knocking the nanny to the ground and bringing the vicious darker claw to her chest. Her eyes narrow, she searches her face, studying her closer with one eye — before finally sitting back and up. She brings both claws together in front of her and watches Ailae calmly. Do she have a new objective for for her?

From the hatching sands, Battle Ready Space Defender GO! Green Dragonet has chosen Ailae.

Sutri lets out a loud cheer for Ailae, even jumping from her seat for emphasis.

**From the hatching sands, "Yay Ailae!" croaks a sad looking Sadaiya, all towel-covered and stinky. A few riders have dabbed at her front worriedly, no doubt used to seeping candidates. "Hooray." She IS excited. Promise. **

From the hatching sands, I Choose You! Egg is getting lonely. No one to bump into it but… oh, there's that blue again. Hi, blue. Bye blue. Bounce. Wait, did that ping-ponging blue leave a crack?

From the hatching sands, I'no keeps a hand on Raelkith as he looks over at T'zyn, noddling as the two of them head off to the side to attend to the feeding of his new bronze companion. As they leave, he spares a moment to look over a shoulder at his fellow candidates still hopeful and murmurs a "Good luck!" before finishing the walk towards joining the ranks of the weyrlings.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana cheers her fellow candidate Ailae. She watches another egg crack…maybe. And that poor blue, she's watching him again. "Come find one of us little one…" She urges, a smile on her face. But then she's riveted to the other blue, eyes shining.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah studies the remaining eggs and lets out a tired sigh. The scary green has Impressed, and what does that leave?

From the hatching sands, Moria stares at the new impressions happening all around her. "It's going so fast!" she says, an eye on the action. "Congratulations, Ailae!" she call out.

From the hatching sands, Ilae nods in agreement with Madeline, "that is a pretty name, yes." She inches away a bit more with her fellow Nannydate - anything to get more away from the vomit! - but then, her hand wrenches away from Madeline, eyes widening when she is tackled. Her eyes remain very, very wide, and the Nannydate very, very quiet for several moments. Finally, calmly, but very happily, "let's go get you food then, Suumanuth." The Nanny turned Candie turned Weyrling hugs the green, before standing up, elated. Food, right. Where's food for her Suumanuth?

From the hatching sands, Bajiren is getting lonely, too. Andru is given a little look, and then Baji is wandering away from him. And over toward Jamilah, why not, and Sadaiya, by association. A few furtive glances up to the galleries, and then he's alongside the girls. "Hey." Mumbled, and now he's looking at his sandals again.

Sienna leans against her sister, snuggling close with a soft sigh. "Love you, Cissy," she says quietly.

From the hatching sands, Resurrected Sovereign Blue Dragonet is biding his time at the moment, slithering slow and stealthy through the hot dark sands, his body practically blending in with the darkness. He surveys the candidates through half-lidded eyes; it's hard to tell at any moment /which/ one he is regarding. His sinuous body wends its way around the crowd, circling them like a hunter stalking his prey. His tail flicks through the sands, slow and languid. He is patient. No hasty decisions here.

From the hatching sands, Zaria cheers Ailae's impression. She's disappointed, but relieved at the same time. That hatchling looked to be more work than Zar's ever done. Maybe there is another out there for her? Zaria turns her attention back to the eggs and the unimpressed dragonettes.

From the hatching sands, Madeline is suddenly alone. Like a bit of a scaredy feline, when the green approaches her companion, she drops Ailae's hand as fast as it's been wrenched away and skitters to the side. Ailae has been claimed by the green that attacked Alysia, and when that's happened, she just blinks. "Ailae.." she whispers, before cheering loudly for her older counterpart. Keeping to the outside of the gaggle of still on the sands Candidates, she moves towards Moria and offers the Harper girl an uneasy smile. "Are you as warm as I am?" Robe is adjusted again as she stares down at her feet.

From the hatching sands, T'ab is now shirtless, but he isn't skeered of no dragonets. The bronzerider paces over to Ilae with a smile, "Miss Ailae! Over this way with… Suumanuth? Suuuumanuuuth? I like it. Tyroth does to. Food, this way." He offers a hand to help the former-nanny-turned-greenling.

From the hatching sands, Andru shrugging a little bit and wanders closer to Madeline for a now. He gives Ilae a smile as she impresses. He glances towards where I'no is and can't help but smile again. He's proud of the boy for impressing. It also means the boy isn't going to try and run off any time soon.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana watches as the Ressurected blue slinks in the shadows, losing him a couple of times. "You're so pretty…" She murmers and is riveted, other potential eggs and dragonettes forgotten for the moment. She does slink more to the front, ending up near Madeline. "Hiya!" She says to the girl before her eyes wander back to the sneaky blue.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah nods to Bajiren, hugging herself. "Hey," she replies. She glances over her shoulder at the drippy Sadaiya and sighs again. "What happens to those who don't Impress?" she muses, though her eyes follow the blue. "You don't suppose he'll hurt someone, do you?"

From the hatching sands, Moria nods at Madeline and smiles. "It /is/ hot," she agrees, reaching out a hand to squeeze Madeline's, if the other girl allows. She's still rubbing Sadaiya's back. "How are you feeling, dear?" She asks, blue eyes flicking down at her friend before going back to the dragons on the sands.

From the hatching sands, S'eron appears back on the sands, having helped Alysia to the infirmary. There's blood on his rolled up sleeves, but he doesn't notice. "Huh. Any excuse to go topless, eh, T'ab?" The greenrider shouts the comment to the clutchfather's rider, his brows raised in intrigue. Is that his eyes taking in the bronzer's physique? Maaaaayyyybeee.

From the hatching sands, Gaudy Samba Egg finally gets to dance! It wiggles, it bounces, it cracks and rocks and rolls and explodes! Left in the shards is one bumpy looking brown dragonet, his squat legs just not good enough to get him where he wants to go, so he hops! He leaps! He dodges that blue! And he lands safely in front of the 20-something young man from Blacksands who promptly crows out that instead of Konami, he's now K'nami, and that hoppin' little brown is Froggerth.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren sidles maybe a little too close to Jamilah, poor kid, wanting comfort and all. "M'dad'll do what he does, an' he'll come an' tell 'em they can stay an' eat an' then either stay for good or go back home." It's listed off in a sighing sort of way. So the same. Soooo boring. He even rolls his eyes.

From the hatching sands, Madeline will certainly take the offered hand, even if Moria is standing very near the girl that vomitted. Zyrana is grinned at as she approaches, watching the two blues as they each approach the sands in their own unique way. "Its interesting how different they are, even though they have the same mum and dad," she offhandedly comments, attemptingn to locate the darker of the two blues as he slinks on the sands. "Did you see how dark that one is? He's almost black!"

From the hatching sands, "I'm /awful/," mourns Sadaiya to her friend, huddling into herself and looking forlorn. "I bet dragons don' like the smell of puke. Do I smell, Moria?" Soulful brown eyes beseech the other girl to probably lie to her. "Is this because I called egg stuff icky? I'm dooooomed."

From the hatching sands, Ilae accepts T'ab's hand, grinning at T'ab broadly. "Ilae, now." She says, though it's more absentminded than anything. "Food, yes, a very good thing." She agrees, guiding Suumanuth with her as T'ab directs her in the direction of the food for the hatchling. It's a good idea not to let her choke, too.

M'tej cheers Konami, who he recognizes only after the young man has spoken his new name. Nevermind that M'tej does tend to get distracted by brown dragonets. There is a certain nostalgia here, after all. He, and Jatege clap each other and chortle, pointing, before the elder does mention something about that young man, and a herd-beast bull and a old bucket and…Was that the same Konami?

From the hatching sands, I Choose You! Egg rocks back and forth a couple times, then shakes, then falls silent. Scrabbling sounds emit from within the hardened shell, then with a crack, the egg splits jaggedly across the delineating line before tipping over, allowing an egg-oozed brown to shuffle out, tail first.

One Man Army Brown Dragonet

He's big. Big, and dark. Big, and dark, and homely: the kind of big and dark and homely that makes him hard to look at, but just as hard to look away. His hide is the brown of weathered red brick walls, an almost seamless dark that doesn't do him any favors. His face is flat, with overhanging brows that produce a hard-eyed squint and an oversized upper jaw tends toward an overbite. Lighter spots of umber stud his left brow in two rows of three. Narrow, close-set 'ridges begin low on his forehead and crowd down a thick neck and over a broad, slightly humped back, lined with a barely-there glimmers of incandescent blue. Huge, hulking shoulders provide support for the truncated sweep of thick-'sailed wings, marked with a ruddy, rusty glow at the joints; wide but short, they extend only partway down the barrelled bulk of his belly. Narrow in comparison is not narrow in truth; muscular hips and haunches are still wide, forming the anchor point for a tail that is half again the length of his blocky body. Dark brown blackens below the joints of thick-set limbs before bright ocher draws attention to massive talons and meaty paws, the middle digit of each front foot over-exaggerated, wicked-huge and deadly-sharp.

From the hatching sands, Andru nodding to Madeline,"It's always like this. You never know what sort of variations in colour they'll have." He says shrugging a little bit. Using his arm, he casually brushes some of the sweat off his brow,"And yeah. It's pretty much when this is done, if you don't impress, you go back to what you were doing or stay here." He says softly.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana clasps her hands together and smiles at Madeline and turns back to her watching. Where did he go? There he is. "He's glorious. Beautiful." She says and is momentarily distracted by the new impression. She cheers. And then the brown emerges. Wow. She gasps. "Look at that brown Madeline! He's….huge!"

From the hatching sands, Zaria has edged close enough to Moria and Madeline that she's now an easy hand's grasp away, "He is," a pause as she looks to see if she can spot him, "Int-teresting?" then the newly hatched brown gets a soft whistle before Zar is off trying to spot the blue.

From the hatching sands, Moria nods at the blue dragon. "He was gorgeous," she says. She's starting to look anxious. And then she hugs Sadaiya, puke or no puke, with the arm that she's not reaching for Madeline with. "It's fine, dear," she says comfortingly. "The dragonets probably don't know bad smells from good smells, yet, anyway. And if your lifemate is here, they won't care /what/ you smell like." The brown hatches out and she looks him over. "Wow," she says. "He's…" she nods at Zyrana. "Huge. Yes."

From the hatching sands, Resurrected Sovereign Blue Dragonet is still waiting. Still watching. Staring down each Candidate in turn, dark-whirled gaze almost hypnotic. His movement is almost a slither, long lean body held low to the ground as he moves. His tongue flickers briefly out of his muzzle, tasting the air and then retreating. He starts to ooze his way between the Candidates, sliding through the white-robed figures. His head turns, just slightly, from side to side. Inspecting. Carefully.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah nods slowly. "Your dad, huh?" She eyes Bajiren, having never bothered to ask after the other candidate's parentage. "Home." She offers him a hand, though it's possible she needs the comfort as much as he, and turns her gaze back out across the sands.

**From the hatching sands, Zyrana manages to tear herself away from the brown and find the beloved blue. He's going between the candidates now, she holds her breath. "Here pretty. Please?" Her words are barely a whisper. "Look Madeline, here he comes." **

From the hatching sands, Madeline's eyes widen as the ginormous brown makes his way onto the scene. "Crackdust that thing is ridiculously big. How did he fit in the egg?" Andru's comments about dragonet colors have her nodding slightly. "I suppose it's like kids, but they at least seem to resemble their parents. Most of the time." Turning to watch the slithering blue, she just shakes her head. "He doesn't remind me much of Tyroth." Not that that is a bad thing, really.

From the hatching sands, Tyroth is sexy and shiny and bright and pretty, that blue is not. But Tyroth still croons happily at the blue, his son. And where did that ping-ponging blue go? Cause he may be heading the bronze's way and he doot-doot-doots down the sand to help direct the blue back to the crowd of white-robed folk.

From the hatching sands, The Safe in the Darkness egg bounces upward once, twice, three times until crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! A reddish brown pops straight out, one limb curled into a fist and thrusting upward. Once on the ground, he shakes loose the shards of eggs and runs over grooves and valleys in the sand, hopping in a very predictable form (one limp up, opposite leg back). He dodges one of the other hatchings before skidding to a halt in front of a petite blonde. There is only one castle and his princess is in it! "Marioth!" Peechie calls out. "You found me!"

From the hatching sands, Bajiren shrugs his shoulders. "He's th'weyrleader." Slump again. "Bronzerider." A glance is hazarded back, in case he might see I'no, but it's too quick a motion to find much of anything. And then he catches, in his peripheral vision, Jamilah's extended hand, and yup, takes it and even gives it a squeeze. Aww. "Buncha browns at the end, huh?" And there's a little smirk after that, and a hint of that old bravado. Maybe the handholding is helping.

From the hatching sands, Band of Legends Egg has simply been waiting his turn, letting the others clear the stage. As the candidates grow fewer and the weyrling dragonets don't, the egg rolls into the middle of the shard and egg filled sands and cracks right down the middle to allow a very bright, very shiny blue to jump out. He stretches, he flexes, he twists and turns, and in all that maneuvering, he ends up with his muzzle fit snuggling into the crook of an arm. An arm belonging to Stetridovich of Telgar Weyr. It takes a moment, there's some squinting, what sounds like an "Are you sure?", soon followed by, "His name is Pazhitnoth!" So claims T'tris.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah nods and licks her lips. "What am I doing here?" she whispers, even as she takes heart from the squeeze of Bajiren's fingers.

From the hatching sands, One Man Army Brown Dragonet needs some time to right his wrongly-aimed frame, since there are no white robes against that wall. Just… oh hey, there's that blue! Hi, blue. Again. He shuffles around, then his head lifts and with an excited little creel, he starts lumbering toward those candidates.

**From the hatching sands, Zyrana is still locked onto the Ressurection blue. Her heart pounding. She's letting her hopes get too high, but she doesn't care, he's got her under some kind of spell. She can't look away, though she joins in with the cheers for the newly impressed. **

Tilla keeps watching the impresses leave the sands one by one, clapping after each has found a lifemate. "Thirstee…." Jabba whines, and Tilla uncorks a waterskin, "Here you go, sweetness. I am feeling overheated myself, actually."

From the hatching sands, Bajiren shrugs his shoulders, though doesn't let the movement jar his hand rom Jamilah's. "Guess you're just hopin' t'find a dance partner?" He glances at the new pairs, and then gives a nod. "Not many left, anyway. Who knows, maybe that blue over there," the one who just ran into that giant of a brown, "maybe he's a lot faster once he's got a partner, huh?"

From the hatching sands, World of Warcraft Cataclysm Egg is really just waiting for its release date, but like a crowd of people bursting through the doors of store, the egg bursts forth releasing a jungle blue dragonet. He bounces and swings and leaps over the dangerous shells on his way to find his perfect match. But now there is a dug-out hole in front of him, a divot left from a dragonet. Pietrofallen, son of a trader head, glances at the blue's predicament and chooses to help out by /leeaaaaping/ over the hole to catch the blue. Swiftly embracing, P'tfall clears his throat and yells, "His name is Harryth! P'tfall 'n Harryth, we make a good team." And then they are escorted off.

**From the hatching sands, Zaria eeps as the brown heads towards the line of candidates. She's a candidate, and he's awfully big, "B-b-brown," she stutters softly. Her eyes sweep towards the blue, slinky, sneaky, and all, he's more her speed. **

From the hatching sands, Madeline's robe, having been now sweat upon for a good amount of time, is starting to ride up in the back, and Madeline is gettin nervous. "I am going to show all of the Galleries my bum," she whines to herself as she attempts to pull the hem down. As more impressions are made, she cheers half heartedly, still working on keeping herself from wardrobe malfunctioning. They've already had blood and vomit. No one needs to see her arse.

From the hatching sands, Andru smiles a bit at Madeline. Oh I think there are a few people who are in the galleries that wouldn't be at all upset about a wardrobe malfunction from Madeline, and possibly some of the ones on the sands as well. Andru says,"Just relax. If they see your bum, they see your bum. Worrying about it will only make it worse for you." He can't help but give a soft little laugh.

From the hatching sands, Wobbling carefully, Sadaiya rejoins the pack of candidates. A couple shift aside at the cloud of stink, but fortunately true friends reach and take her hands. "Okay. Thinking happy thoughts. Thinking…welcoming. Must think…" The girl's face turns into a caricature of concentration, eyes shutting and brow wrinkling. The effect is more than slightly comical. "Okay, dragons! I am nice. Promise…" am i doin this rite?

From the hatching sands, Jamilah laughs. "I don't need a dance partner. I need someone to play my fiddle, bang on my drum." She laughs, again, as she realizes how *bad* that sounds. She shakes her head, tossing her hair as she does so. "I think I'll be okay, though. What about you? One of those could be for you, couldn't they?"

From the hatching sands, Madeline exhales loudly as she lets go of Moria's hand to foribly HOLD the hem down. "Well, I'm pretty sure no one /wants/ to see it. And I'd rather not /show/ it to them. I think I would faint." Madeline may be a lot of things, and a bit prudish is one of them. "And with this rip that I made the other day, this robe is holding on by a thread or so, anyway. Hopefully this will all be over soon anyway?" she asks, looking around at the dwindling number of dragonets and unhatched eggs.

From the hatching sands, Moria squeezes Sadaiya's hand, and can't help but laugh at Jamilah's instrument references. "If you don't impress… you'll be allowed," she murmurs, her own face turning a bit pink at that thought.

From the hatching sands, One Man Army Brown Dragonet hunkers down and puts each of the remaining candidates in his sights for a couple seconds each. He nudges that poor, lost blue away from him and heads slowly toward the candidates, his steps sometimes halting mid-air, head tilting ever so slightly as if listening for something. Listening for… Jamilah? He stalks toward the could-be dance and inspects ever so closely, fascinated for a moment with the bottom hem of her robe. But then… no, there was something. The brown holds perfectly still and waits. For something. Something to happen. Something always happens.

From the hatching sands, Resurrected Sovereign Blue Dragonet swivels abruptly, his head turning sharply in one direction. He has found his target, apparently, but there is a sea of white robes to get to before he gets there! No matter, though. This blue isn't one to let anyone stand in his way, and his sleek long body moves with startling speed as he darts across the sands. Whether Sadaiya is nice or not seems irrelevant to him. Perhaps he just doesn't like the vomit stench. Perhaps she's just in his way. Either way, the blue /hisses/ at her as he approaches, but at his speed he's hard to avoid, and a sharp whipcrack of a tail lashes the girl hard across the legs. He doesn't even care that she's down, claws scraping right over her as he heads towards his prey — er, 'mate. Right. Anyone else in his way better beware, because he is not likely to slow till he reaches his destination.

Sin swaggers up the stairs.

From the hatching sands, Zaria laughs nervously as she watches the remaining dragonets, there is just too much going on, "Blue," is squeaked as she spots the slinking blue moving rapidly through the candidates. Now where will she go? She's not afraid, just concerned about being in his way.

From the hatching sands, And PAM! Sadaiya is down for the count, face-first into the steaming sands. The faint 'OoOoOOgh' of a groan rises from her, then is cut off. Her hands curl into loose fists and flex a few times before they, too, are still. Chances are her pupils have turned into x shapes.

**From the hatching sands, Zyrana watches in horror as the Ressurection blue knocks Sadaiya over, and then in awe at his strength. "Sadaiya! Are you alright?!?" Genuine concern is in her voice, but she keeps her eyes on the blue, not wanting to be a victim herself, and at the same time, wanting him to come to her. **

From the hatching sands, Moria lets out a startled scream and jumps back as the blue knocks Sadaiya onto the sands and walks right over her. The wind of his passing tugs at her robe. She falls to her knees on the hot sands. "Sadaiya!" she cries, looking for blood. "Are you all right?" She takes the girl's head into her lap, ignoring the burning on her legs as the heat from the sands rises up.

From the hatching sands, Andru smirks a little bit at Madeline. Sure they don't. Now the not wanting to show people that's a whole other ball of wax entirely. As another candidate is struck, he gives another slight wince. Not only getting hit like that but also hitting the sands. That's /not/ pleasant. Especially if she ended up landing in or by the heated vomit. He says,"Just relax. It will be over soon enough and for those of us who don't impress we go about our duties, and those that do get to take care of their new lifemates."

From the hatching sands, Bajiren also realises how bad that sounds, and laughs outright. A little sniff at the end, and he turns his attention back to those dragons. "I dunno. Maybe… Might just gotta wait 'til next clutch, though. I mean, that bronze, came real close, sniffed me, s'pro'ly… I dunno." Dragons are surveyed, and under his breath he counts off, "Blue, blue, brown." Brown right in front of Jamilah. And Bajiren freezes, watching him out of the corner of his eye. Standing still. Holding Jamilah's hand. And a finger twitches against one of hers. Twitch.

From the hatching sands, S'eron's work is never done. He cuts across the sands to Sadaiya's side and starts to help her up. "Someone get the stretcher! This girl is in critical condition!" This is also S'eron's opportunity to take his shirt off and use it to help stop the blood.

From the hatching sands, Madeline turns her head slightly to one side, and one of her hands jumps to her mouth as Sadaiya is plowed over by the menacing blue black blue hatchling. This of course has a rather awkward effect on her robe, and there is another loud riiiippp noise. Madeline remians in the same hunched over position, silently willing that not to have just happened. "Zyrana.." she says quietly, attempting to get the girl's attention without calling too much attention to herself. "Tell me that rip was at least in a sensible place. Like my back. Or the neckline or something. Anywhere but where I think it might be." That's right, Madeline. There's a large rip right up the back hem, and she quickly grabs at it attempting to keep what should be covered .. covered.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah looks down and stiffens. There's a brown inspecting the hem of her robe. "Um… Baji…" she says quietly, her own fingers twitching against his as the color drains from her face. "What do I do?" she throws in a whisper. If there weren't this monster of a beast in front of her, she'd totally be shrieking over Sadaiya's injuries.

From the hatching sands, "The violence is Dedanseth's fault." T'ab murmurs to himself as he switches his angle and starts to jog toward the girl as well, behind S'eron, T'ab might take a brief opportunity to ogle the greenrider. Now there are two shirtless men on the Hatching Sands. "Need anythin' from me?" He looks around, eyeing to see if a stretcher is being gotten and all that.

Paxter walks in.

From the hatching sands, One Man Army Brown Dragonet is distracted! There was a noise, among those…! Oh, they all look the same. Except maybe not. This one has blood. No, they all have blood. Does the dragonet have blood? Ooh, blood! He steps back from Jamilah, gives Bajiren a long look, then is distracted again! Blood and screams! Oh, this he must see. Wings held up out of the way, egg goo quickly drying on them, he starts bearing down on the beaten down Sadaiya.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana rips her eyesight away from the blue to look at Madeline. She inspects the robe, looking for the tear. And then, looking back at the girl, kind of smiling impishly. "I'm sorry hun, it's right at your bum. You better hold tight or everyone's gonna see." She pulls her hair out of the runner tail and hands the girl the strip of leather. "here, try and bunch it up and tie it off. It might look rediculous, but it'll keep you covered." And then her eyes are back on the blue, she's to excited to stay focused right now.

From the hatching sands, For all of our fans who wanted to see Sadaiya seep more, now's your chance! Our limited time offer includes blood! Egg goo! Spittle! Puke! All yours for the low low price of 2 marks. Please mail them to Sadaiya c/o Harper Hall to cover her healer bills. ~7ESeeeeeep~7E

"/Shit/," Sin swears, echoed by a whoop and a gleeful cackle from the small, angry girl-child a few seats down. (Mom is totes uncool to sit by, yo.) The greenrider twists in her seat to eye a foreign-weyr knotted bluerider, and reaches up a hand: apparently, marks change them, though from the outside it just looks like a handshake. She turns her attention back to the sands, where she is /not/, but her son is. The bronzerider — weyrleader — at her side — /crying/, big manful tears — by her side gets elbowed, and she draws his attention (like she needs to, really) to the lanky redheaded boy out there.

From the hatching sands, Lanti sighs and nods her head a little as she looks forlornly at this bloody hatching. "Don't know where she gets that temper from." Then there's a little cough, echoed by a snort from Dedanseth. "Where /did/ that blue go?" Uh oh.

From the hatching sands, Zaria blinks as she looks at Sadaiya, now what? Should she stay where she is? Or try to find someplace to hide? She's just at the end of her wits, and so decides to just stand still. She'll get plowed over, or she won't with that in mind, it's probably safest to just stand still.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren tries his best to talk out of the corner of his mouth. "You just… gotta…" and then the dragon is off! "Shit!" His turn for a voice crack. "Y'gotta go save your cousin or Gil won't have her butt t'sniff!" And Jamilah is given a tug-fling attempt via held hand.

From the hatching sands, Madeline's facial expression changes from instantly embarassed to, well, deadpan. As if anything else could possibly go wrong. "How is that even going to help?" she whines at Zyrana, attempting to shrink into a small ball. "My mum is probably laughing her arse off right now. Sharding greenrider woman," she mutters, though she glances at the Galleries for what seems to be some unsaid reassurance. "I'll just hunker down here for a few minutes. Unless you really think you can fix it?" she asks of the former Trader girl, turning pleading eyes to the other girl's face.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana rips her eyes away again and sighs, sliding behind the girl after taking the strip of leather back. She smiles as luck is with them. Some very convenient holes are there on either side of the rip. Threading the leather thong through the holes, she ties it together, effectively closing the rip, even if it's bad looking. "There. You should be good, just don't move much, I don't know how well the rest of that hem is gonna hold ok?" She smiles at Madeline and squeezes her free hand slightly. And she's on her watching mission again, watching the blue rampage through the candies. She's still full of awe. "He's still amazing to me. But poor Sadaiya…."

**From the hatching sands, Andru shaking his head a little bit at Madeline. He can't help but chuckle softly as she seems to be so modest. It's amazing she's spent much time here at the Weyr. "Seriously Madeline, you're going to give yourself a fit if you're not careful." He says laughing softly now. **

From the hatching sands, Jamilah can breathe again! "My c—?" And then she is flung Sadaiya-wards and shrieking. "Sadaiya! Oh, shit! Sadaiya! Your mom and my mom will never forgive me…" She runs after the brown, like she had any control over anything. "Stay! Shoo!" she waves at the beast.

From the hatching sands, Sadaiya is not dead yet! She feels fine! She thinks she'll go for a walk! Well not really. She thinks she'll be unconscious from double-ended fluid loss and drip idly.

From the hatching sands, S'eron turns and looks at T'ab. "Yes, please. Apply pressure here." If Ron notices T'ab's oogling, he's not saying anything, but with Sadaiya's bloody, slimed and vomited upon body oozing before him, he's likely distracted. Of course, the lumbering brown dragonet distracts him, but lucky Jamilah is there to shoo him. "Thanks, Jamilah.

From the hatching sands, Madeline could really start casting the blame in a certain girl named Abriwind's direction, but she'll refrain. Silly girl not getting caught for destroying the barracks and her original robe. "I am not going to give myself a fit," she disagrees with Andru, grey eyes hardening a tad. But then Zyrana has come to her rescue! "Really? You did it?" Color her surprised. "Wow, thanks, Zyrana," she says, moving gingerly to stand again, in a rather awkward position. There will be no more ripping. You may have to carry her off the sands, or bring her a shirt or something when this is all over, but right now she resembles an awkward surfer turned Grecian statue. Classy, Madeline.

From the hatching sands, Moria is still kneeling on the sands with Sadaiya's head in her lap, waiting for that stretcher. "Oh, Jamilah," she moans. "She won't open her eyes." The girl is breathing, though, and there is a pulse visible in her throat. Moria seems /very/ worried, of course. The dragons are momentarily forgotten. "Where's that stretcher?" she saks, looking around.

"You better stay 'way from my brother!" Saji hollers somewhat indiscriminately: it is hard to tell if she is trying to ward away Impression, or maulings. It's Siraji. It's hard to tell, period. "You are making a scene," /Sin/ says, but again: hard to tell if she's talking to the daughter-thing or the weyrmate-thing. He's just got something in his eye. A lot of … something … in his eye.

From the hatching sands, Apply pressure, check. T'ab kneels over and helps to apply pressure whereever pressure is needed. Pressure needed on her chest? He'd like to apply pressure to her chest. The bronzerider looks up to the brown, frowning and then looking down. "Tyroth, your kids are being violent."

From the hatching sands, Zyrana smiles, but is on the blue still. "No problem Madeline! Any time!" Her heart is pounding now…. she can't take the excitement. "This has been one crazy hatching so far. I'm so happy we're all here to experience it!"

From the hatching sands, Zaria is still standing stock still, or as still as she can. What with the shuffling of weight from right to left and back again, "Is S-sad-daiya al-live?" how silly? Of course the other girl is still alive. Zaria will go back to watching for the dragonets. She may need to dodge fast.

From the hatching sands, Madeline is not particularly thrilled to be here at the moment, or so says her facial expression as her eyebrows arch to view the thrilled Zyrana. "Well, you can be excited for both of us then," she supplies, offering a chuckle as she remains frozen in her position. "I'm just ready to put on decent clothes. Even if it has to be those puce pants. I would take puce pants over this." Madeline is not that much of a fashionista, but that's still saying a lot. "Everyone keeps getting hurt," she mumurs to herself, and closes her eyes a moment. "This is insane."

From the hatching sands, Andru nodding his head a bit,"This is one of the more violent hatchings I've ever seen." He says sounding just a little bit shocked himself at the violence. Normally you get one of two people who get mauled just a little bit. This has been more like a couple people escaping the maulings. "I'll be glad for real clothes as well. It's been awhile since I've gotten to wear comfortable clothing." He says with a weak chuckle.

From the hatching sands, One Man Army Brown Dragonet is confused! He stops midway to the fallen Sadaiya and stares at that could-be dancer. Stay? Shoo? Which is it! Oh cruel world that twists and turns his mind! One Man Army Brown Dragonet can no longer tell down from left. Or right. Up? Ooh, up! Up there are so many /things/! Then a loud rumble emits from his round little belly. Right. Sadaiya smells like food.

From the hatching sands, Resurrected Sovereign Blue Dragonet reaches his destination swift and sure, his blue-black body coiling half around one freckled Candidate where she stands on the sands. His tail curls around her with an easy flick, possessive and protective, and for the first time those half-lidded eyes open fully, whirling with a fierce pride as he surveys his catch. His. All his. His body insinuates itself between her and the Candidates surrounding her, keeping them at bay and away from his chosen. The softest whisper of a croon escapes him as he claims Madeline for his own.

From the hatching sands, Resurrected Sovereign Blue Dragonet has chosen Madeline.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren watches Jamilah a moment, and then follows after, losing a sandal in the process. Maybe, if I'no's dragon ever spawns, one of his eggs can find that later. "No, shardit. Don't /go/ there." A few steps closer, some minor skidding to a stop, and idly putting his one un-clad foot on top of the still-clad one. "STOP, shardit!" A barked order. Hey, if it works for Gilgamesh…

From the hatching sands, S'eron looks up grumbling. "We need to get her out of here!" That stretcher is too long in coming. "Jamilah! T'ab! Other people! Come help me carry Sadaiya out of here before she's eaten!" And with that, he starts lifting her.

From the hatching sands, Moria grabs Sadaiya under one shoulder and lifts her friend. She's a big girl, and certainly strong enough to help. "Yes, sir," she gasps at S'eron.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah glowers at Moria. "Moria. She just got mauled by a freaking dragon. Of course, she's not opening her eyes," she snaps at the other Harper-candi. "Way to state the freaking obvious, you stupid git." She folds her arms across her chest, stands her ground, and glowers at the brown. "Bugger off." She looks past him. "Baji…" And then the other candidate orders the brown to stop and she's torn between standing in the way like a fool and helping S'eron to carry her cousin out of the way.

From the hatching sands, With an audible creeeeak, Sadaiya's eye opens. Wait, that's the cry of impression. Either way, she eyeballs the brown through a haze of sleepiness. "What?" Her eyelashes flutter slightly and she reaches up to wipe at her face. "Mom? Where's my mom?" Then she's out again. Snore. Drip.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana's heart plummets as the blue impresses her friend, but she's happy for her. "YAY! Congrats Madeline!" Afterwords, her eyes tear up a bit as they follow the lost little blue. Not many left now…. She's still excited, but a little less hopeful.

From the hatching sands, Madeline, now Lida, opens her eyes as her body tenses at the immediate intrusion. "Vrykth," she whispers, moving her hand to slowly caress the dragon's dark head. "I don't know about perfect," she says a little wryly, but a bit reverantly as she manages to focus back on the world around her. "We should feed you," she says with a slow nod as they start heading for the Weyrlingmasters.

From the hatching sands, Andru smiles,"Congratulations Madeline." He says smiling at the girl,"Good luck with him."

From the hatching sands, T'ab nods politely, "No prob." And then he lifts a part of the body, probably a sexier part. And with that he'll look to the girl, "No worries Miss Sadaiya, you'll be fine with S'eron here."

"You do that," Sin says to her seatmate-weyrmate, reaching over and hooking her fingers through his; down and to their left, Siraji is at the point where she is jumping up and down and yelling. If there were referees, she'd probably be cussing them out right now.

From the hatching sands, Zaria gives Madeline a broad smile, then turns to look at the brown. In his own way, he's as lovely as the green that impressed to Ailae and the blue that has claimed Madeline, "V-vrykth," she whispers, what a mouthful that is. Yet, she wonders what the mouthful name the brown has is?

From the hatching sands, One Man Army Brown Dragonet stops! Hey, he knows that one. And hey, he knows that /voice/. That one! It's that red head with the weird stuff on his face! Surely this must be a sign, the one of these things that's not like the others. One Man Army Brown Dragonet is no longer confused! And he no longer wants to lick Sadaiya's face! For One Man Army Brown Dragonet chooses YOU, Bajiren! With proud, dancing steps, he approaches the angry bow and sits directly in front of him, overbitten grin too overjoyed to be pugly.

From the hatching sands, One Man Army Brown Dragonet has chosen Bajiren.

From the hatching sands, Remember that Steering Wheel Not Included Egg? The one with all the promise, first out of the gate when the light turned green? Er… blue? Yeah, that little thing is still wandering… right toward the exit. And he's starting to get that anxious look, eyes bright red, wings drooping. This can't be good. Luckily, Dedanseth is not the abandoning type, and she gently uses one lightly gold wing to push the blue toward those candidates, pushing, and prodding until finally, finally! "Pongth!" yells the Smithcraft apprentice, Kartrydge, her giddy smile not at all disappointed at her lot in life. She'll have a lot to figure out with this one. Like the name Arkayd. How is that a girl's name?

Lykane's sulleness facing the gravity of the moment isn't permanent. He's on his feet, the foot with the snapped strap no real hinderance that is, until a harper's walking by. "Brown, he got bro—!" Lykane smacks into the young man en force and both bounce off one another as if rubber were somehow involved. After spouting what he thinks is a worthy, if curt, apology, the lad's on his knees trying to catch at least the starting letter of the brown's name if not a stray vowel.

From the hatching sands, Abriwind has spent the majority of last half of the hatching in pure terror. Terror of her beautiful face being MAULED by some blood thirsty dragonet, like a few of her fellow candidates. Her little area of the sands is quite worn out from pacing, a now desperate look appearing on her face as dragon after dragon impresses around her. A few cursory looks are sent towards the galleries, before her attention is back on the sands. Those few seconds were all it took… no dragons left. "This… wha… NO! This isn't right!" A few steps are made towards the newly impressed weyrlings, though she does stop. A furious look crosses her features as her voice takes on a shrill note. "This is UNACCEPTABLE! Do you all not KNOW WHO I AM!?" Shrill turns to screaming pretty quickly. "You will /rue/ this day, Ista Weyr! RUE IT!" Fists are shaken furiously towards the riders of the clutchparents, before turning on her heel and STOMPING out of the galleries. Probably heading back to the Hold!

From the hatching sands, Abriwind walks off the sands.

Tilla has been sort of lulled by the heat of the sands and the goings on, until she sees Bajiren impress. She gently puts Jabba down on a seat next to her and stands, doing the two fingered whistle and clapping enthusiastically. "BAJIIIIIIIIII!!!!!"

D'baji scatters down off one of the ledges.
From the hatching sands, D'baji gambols out onto the sands.
Sin heads down the stairs.
From the hatching sands, Sin swaggers out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Jamilah's jaw drops and she stares at Bajirenstaresthen melts with a quiet sigh. For a moment there, they shared a bit of friendly commiseration. "Congrats," she says, quietly, then turns to help them move Sadaiya from the sands. "Hey, cous'. You missed it. This crazy chick from Southern Boll puked all over herself and then got trampled by a dragon."

Sienna shakes her head as she gets to her feet, fixing her hair and her clothes and making sure everything is good. "That was…" For once the Baker girl is at a loss for words, her complexion a little pale. She reaches down for her sister's hand. "Come on, let's go. It's starting to smell in here." Her nose wrinkles.

From the hatching sands, Zyrana cheers for Baji, lou and clear. "CONGRATS BAJI!" Her face is a little sad, though she seems happy for everyone. She starts idling for the back of the crowd, hoping to sink in and dissapear… for now.

From the hatching sands, Bajiren looks at that dragon, that big hulk of a brown. And his nose wrinkles a little, and he blinks once, and then once more. Knees bend just a little, and he rests his hands on them. And peers at that brown a bit more. And then nods and repeats, "Kzydnth." A bit louder: "Kzydnth." There, now everyone can know.

From the hatching sands, S'eron leads the group of Sadaiya bearers to the infirmary all quick like!

From the hatching sands, Lanti straightens as that last silly blue finally catches up with the rest of the world. "Well…" No, that's all she's got. Fingers rake through hair now matted and gross. Dedanseth brushes the worst of the egg explosions into a pile in the middle of the sands. Lanti starts toward some of those candidates, but stops, clears her throat, and heads toward Tyroth instead. Is there a T'ab nearby? Still playing hero, maybe? She looks up at that bronze's face and smiles. "Nice job. For a newbie." She gives Tyroth a wink and heads back to Dedanseth, waiting for something.

From the hatching sands, Zaria sighs a huge sigh of relief. She's not a leader type and everyone knows that, including her. So, "C-c-congrats," is given to Bajiren.

From the hatching sands, D'baji makes his way onto the sands as the last impressed pair is led off by a weyrlingmaster, face as red as those few strands of hair that have avoided the onset of age. Expression goes a bit somber, however, and he gives those white-robed people still on the sands a nod. "Ista Weyr would like to thank you for your service," is boomed out in a way that echoes a little in the cavern. Hopefully he has everyone's attention now. "It is unfortunate that your dragons were not out on these sands today, but don't take it as a reflection on yourselves. Dragon pairings are a thing of fate, and that you were asked to stand speaks to your character in itself." Now a gentle smile. "If you wish to stay with us at the Weyr, that will be arranged. If you would rather go back to your old lives, riders will be offering transportation. For now, go and celebrate with your friends and those you've lived with. There is food and music and celebration waiting on the beach."

D'ren gets up, wiping sweat from his forehead with his forearm. He looks thoughtfully down at the Sands and then he begins to make his way out.

From the hatching sands, Alysia doesn't have much disappointment, the woman having been mauled an all… Is finally hauled out to the Infirmary. Yaaaay.

Lykane bites a lip, smiling through it all. A clamped fist dashes into the open palm of the other hand as he tries to race down the stairs ahead of the surge to come. Kid coming through!

From the hatching sands, Andru letting out a little sigh. Andru smiles at Bajiren,"Congratulations." He should be getting back to work,"I think I will need to be getting back to work now. I have a feeling the Steward is already looking for me to help with getting things moved around for the celebration." He says softly as he begins head back to the barracks to try and get changed into other clothing and get back to work.

From the hatching sands, Tyroth croons playfully at Lanti and turns his head to Dedanseth, offering a friendly coo before he immediately takes off to find some beach to relax on. T'ab is now jogging back from the bowl to help out where his weyrlingmastery help is needed. "Did I miss anythin' else? Gotta buncha blues there Miss Lanti."

From the hatching sands, Lida is absorbed, and it shows in her body language as she and her newly impressed dark blue lifemate are silently touching off on the side of the sands. "Oh, is it over?" the strawberry blonde asks, looking up from the pair of whirling eyes she's focused upon to view the sands. Ripped robe is apparently forgotten, and she and Vrykth are attempting the whole feeding process. Thankfully Lida doesn't seem in the right mind, so her aversion for meat is, for now, not an issue.

From the hatching sands, Lanti's smile is awfully crooked as she nods to T'ab. "Can always use a few more," she drawls before watching people exit the sands and galleries. "No one died. That's good, right?" She pats him on the shoulder and mutters something about needing a bath before she can do any partying, though she does stop at Bajiren first and gives his brown a long look. "Kind of a dork, huh?" she tells her quasi-adoptive-nephew-type-boy. "Just like you, Baji." Then there are fourteen other new weyrlings to look to. "There's more meat in the barracks. Let's get you all fed and cleaned up."

From the hatching sands, "Oh, sh—" is still repeating quietly in the wake of D'baji's announcement: not the weyrwoman by his side but his weyrmate, dry-eyed through the entire hatching. Until now, as she waits for him to finish his annoucement, and then steps up to jostle his elbow with her own. "I got a job to do," she says, voice quiet and too-rough — she's totally got something in her eyes, man. And her throat. And her — oh, hell. "An' we got some congratulation t'make. Make sure Saji don't try t'beat on it when we get them out, yeah?"

From the hatching sands, T'ab waves his hands toward all the weyrlings, "Anyone hurt? Everyone okay, congratulations to ya'll. Your 'mates must be'a bit tired there, eh?" The bronzerider nods toward Lanti and moves instead to help out his brother, "Now gotta get ya'll some beds." And with that he tries to corral them to the barracks.

From the hatching sands, D'baji simply gives his weyrmate's arm a quick squeeze. Everything's under control. Trust him.

**From the hatching sands, T'zyn is helpful! He has meat and he has — well, mostly just meat. He helps carry it off towards the barracks as the new weyrlings are herded out. **

From the hatching sands, "Hungry," Bajiren - the as-of-yet-un-dragonrider-named, offers to T'ab with a bit of a smirk. "C'mon, Dyz." And off they go, pausing just long enough for the boy to turn bright red upon seeing his parents.

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