Hatching 53

Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are ten firelizards.

From the candidate barracks, Toba is fast asleep in his cot, snoring even. Seems the candidate has thought that it would be a good idea to sneak in a nap between chores. The dye has for the most part faded, although his forearms are still a black-tint and the orange shade is a bit on his freckled nose. "Oh Pippa." Is moaned out from the man's mouth as he rolls onto his side away from the center of the barracks. Yeah, he's having a /good/ dream.

From the candidate barracks, Takazyn isn't sleeping. He is scurrying into the barracks after finishing helping in the kitchens, carrying a small plate of scraps brought to give the younger of his firelizards. He stops, snickering, at Toba's moaning. "Jeala's gonna be jealous if she hears that," he says in a teasing singsong. His own dye has mostly faded as well, though the skin behind his ears is still a little bit orangey.

From the candidate barracks, Avaricia wrinkles her nose and glares in Toba's direction, "Ew, shut up, perv!" The final stitches are being completed in Ava's poor modification of some long-lost robe, and she sits atop her cot in otherwise silence.

From the candidate barracks, Kirar is sitting on his cot, a laugh escaping his lips at Toba's dream and Ava's reaction, "Toba you really need to have different dreams cause if you impress you're gonna be too busy to be doing what you're dreaming of." He looks at Tak and smiles, "Hey Tak you're lookin a little less orange today, was that dye hard to get off?"

From the candidate barracks, Toba wakes up to Ava's reaction to his moaning, "Ugh, wha? Whats going on? Is the Hatchin' started or something?" Sitting up immediately in his cot, he grabs for his robe, until realizing no one else seems to be in as much of an emergency as this fellow. "Oh. Was I talkin' in my sleep again?" His failure. Looking to Tak he shakes his head, "Should I be upset by that?" Then leaning back against his pillow he shakes his head, fingers running through his long hair.

From the candidate barracks, Takazyn shrugs, nose crinkling as he grins crookedly. "I dunno. Should you? /You're/ the one who claims to care about everyone's feelings." He sits down on his cot, offering a scrap of meat to the small brown firelizard who is settled there. "Took a few washings," he says to Kirar. "— okay, a lot of washings. But it's mostly all gone now!"

From the candidate barracks, Avaricia rolls her eyes at Toba and stands up, slipping the white robe over her head. With some careful movements, she's able to drop her trousers and kick them off her feet. She sits down on the cot again and pulls her sandals on, performing a trial run of the outfit.

From the candidate barracks, Kirar laughs "Well you've managed to get rid of most of it though you still have an orange tinge to you, like a half peeled orange fruit." He turns to Toba, "I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to dream between feedings, oilings, classes, exercises and all if half what they told us bout weyrling hood is true."

From the candidate barracks, Toba laughs toward Tak, "Aye, I care, but I can't help if I make people a little jealous." It is just natural for Toba to do that to people Then he leans back, looking around the caverns, then spotting Ava, "Very nice Ava, you look great." He winks toward the girl before standing up and preparing to refold the robe that he hastily pulled out. "Wow, will the eggs just start crackin', I'm 'bout to crack myself."

From the candidate barracks, Thyia's short little body is bobbing her way into the barracks followed along by a few other of her assistants. "Candidates!" she bellows, surprisingly for her size, with her hands cupped around her mouth. "Candidates! Do you hear that? Do you /hear/ that? Okay everyone, get into your robes and line up nicely, I want order here!" But she's beaming at the lot, excited as always for hatchings.

S'eron sits by the exit, fidgeting quietly.

From the candidate barracks, Takazyn jumps, startled, at Thyia's bellowing, and sets his plate of food down for the little firelizard to eat on his own. He hastily wipes his hands (sort of) clean on his pants, bouncing off his bed to grab his robe and tug it on. He digs his thick-soled sandals out from under his bed, too, to strap those onto his feet. A twinge of nervous excitement passes across his face as he rakes his fingers through his dark hair to try and get it more kempt as he falls into line.

High Reaches Represent. Iasri is here, moving through the crowd to find a good seat. Any seat really. "Hey, hey. Stop shardin' pushing people." The tall brownrider is jostling her way down to find familiar faces. Any familiar faces will do. Oh, hay, there's Tilla. Iasri moves swiftly to take a seat near the greenrider with a curt nod. First time the brownrider has been out really, and she slumps into a seat.

Darden walks quickly up the stairs with Linny's hand clasped in his lest he lose her in the crowd of people flooding the Hatching Grounds. He leads them to an open spot, brushing off the bench before motioning to Linny to sit, "This is exciting!" he whispers to her.

Holla. Tilla takes a seat and grins over at Iasri who sits next to her. "Iasri! Hi!" she greets. "boy does this bring back memories. Except, the last hatching we went to, we weren't in the galleries, were we?" She smirks and shrugs, looking out onto the sands. An egg is shaking already? Where's the candidates?!

From the candidate barracks, Sliding his robe over his head, Andru carefully ties the rope about his waist as he also slips into his sandals since bare feet upon the hot sands is /not/ an appealing thing since the sands could burn the flesh from his feet. Making sure to fasten the straps carefully, before glances with a nervous smile towards Takazyn. Tossing his clothing that he'd been wearing on to the cot without a thought to them, Andru is in a good mood though. Nervous but good.

From the candidate barracks, Kirar stands up and gets his robe from the clothes press, undressing he tosses his clothes onto the cot and then slips the robe over his head, the rope belt is cinched around his waist and the sandals are slipped on before he heads towards the spot indicated by Thyia, "All ready here Ma'am." He turns to see the others rushing up to join the rest that have already lined up.

Vaine takes a seat next to "darden wow you found some seats darden." gasps as a egg moves. " hey darden it's starting."

From the candidate barracks, Toba looks toward the weyrlingmaster as she bellows out orders, "Now? Faranth!" And then there are some oddly unpleasant phrases said, since he did just fold up and put away his robe. Pulling it back out, along with the sandals he looks over toward the rest of the candidates, making sure that they are getting changed just as efficiently as he is. Can't have people slacking on his watch. "Sookie? Sookie, get ready!" Once thrown on, the brotherly instincts force him to move toward the girl, offering assistance, even though it means helping her undress and redress. Sandals are donned and he's good. After helping the girl and grabbing her hand, he yanks her excited to the line. "I got you, no matter what Sookie." And then a side attempt at checking his seams, can't go flashing the galleries can we?

Linny takes the seat next to Darden, grinning over at him. "It gets old after awhile. I couldn't tell you how many hatchings I've had to go to." She's a seasoned pro, apparently, already at the age of 15.

Sarillia arrives! Realilina in tow. "I think the healer did a good job at rewrapping your hand. Just..don't spill anything else on it..or strain it again, okay?" She patpats her on the shoulder and moves her over to two seats before they get filled up.

From the hatching sands, Clumsy Dough! Egg shifts, side to side, rockin' steadily. Better get the victi — er — candidates here soooooooon!

Darden laughs, "The only other one I've been to I was down there," he says, nodding at the sands with a grin. "Hey, Vaine."

From the candidate barracks, Avaricia happens to be in her robe and sandals already. Convenient. But the look on Ava's face is pure shock. Now? Really? NOW?? She takes on the appearance of a deer in headlights, but as the other candidates are moving, Avaricia looks down at herself and shrugs her shoulders. She is already ready all ready.

"I'm shardin' glad I don't have to do this ever again." Iasri quips back with a pull of her mouth, glancing back behind her to give a slight half-wave towards the other people she knows. Or at least likes. Darden gets a quick motion of her hand, as do her other clutchmates that have made it into the gallery. "I really hope this goes fast you know? When you're down there, you don't notice the heat. But up here, it's shardin' unbearable."

From the candidate barracks, Thyia scans up and down the white-knots, checking to see if there were any problems. "Yes, now," she answers, grinning all evil-like as if she had set this up herself. "Are you all ready? Do not forget to leave everything here behind, just yourself and your robe— hopefully it covers well! Right? Right." Her grey eyes scan once more, and then she claps her hands, sending the other assistant weyrlingmasters out of the room. "Out you go, then, to the grounds! Do not forget to bow to the parents, show respect, do not freak out and please do not get yourselves killed." And then she's ushering them along, hanging back herself until the last of them leave.

A rather pregnant Vanya makes her way slowly into the Hatching Galleries, pausing every so often to catch her breath. She's just beginning to show, but that doesn't mean she's not already having some problems. Especially with the heat. And the ground shaking has her a bit unsteady. But, she manages to reach the seats and plants herself like she's not moving anytime soon. She carries a glass of juice, and a fan.

Casara is quiet as she trots across the sands and takes a place in the galleries, toward the back. The former-candidate's expression is blank, no hint given to her thoughts of watching instead of participating.

Harpercraft represent! Realilina is led in by Sarillia, and she nods to her older-cousin Harper, "I will, I will, don't worry." She plops down in her seat and sighs, just in time to see the Clumsy Dough! Egg a-rockin'! She points it out with her uninjured hand with a grin to Sarillia. Glancing around, she mumbles, "Shards, I wish I had time to change! I look okay, don't I?" She glances around at the other people and then giggles, "They sure seem eager to get out, don't they? I hope the candidates get out here soon!"

Tilla laughs. "Oh you and me both. It is a bit hotter up here, isnt it?" She grimaces and slips off her riding jacket, rolling up her sleeves and fanning her face. She also waves over at Darden and Linny. High Reaches is well represented today. "I bet there'll be an after party. Those are nice, right?"

Sarillia looks out at the Clumsy Dough and the Fried Ice Cream. "You look /fine/. Just a little flushed but that's how we all look. I see them! The candidates, over there!" She points out those clad in robes (tm) with one hand.

Kriane is totally hangin'. This whole thing isn't as exciting when you're not on the sands.

Lanti steps down from the dragon ledges looking every bit as if she just recently changed into her current outfit in preparation for sitting in the sauna for a while. There's a satchel hanging from her shoulder, which she uses to half shield, half prod her way toward a seat, eventually settling on the other side of Iasri. "Evening, ladies. This seat taken?" she asks while inviting herself to sit. "Glad some of 'Reaches' riders could make it."

Darden is liked by Iasri! Woo! He grins at her and waves back to both the brownrider and the greenrider.

From the hatching sands, Toba paces onto the sands with Sookie in tow, holding her hand gently and smiling down to her. "See, now we're here, don't forget to bow Sook." The pair move toward the the clutchparents, bowing toward Sidaaeth and then a deeper bow to Jeyth, "Beautiful eggs you two." He sidecomments, although with the action surrounding them, it is less likely to get noticed, then, along with the rest of the candidates, he and Sookie move toward the half-circle forming around the eggs. His hands already sweaty, although his eyes move from eggs to the girl. "It'll be okay Sookie, you'll forget about the heat." His orange-dyed face still reminiscent with a faint reassuring smile.

From the hatching sands, Jeyth settles back upon wide haunches, forefeet mincing upon the sands so that talons pierce the dark sands. Chest thrumming with the anticipation of dragonets to come, it is with a mildly anxious eye that the gold looks towards the people assembled and her eggs in time. "Aye, this finally be it, huh?" Pippa vocalizes to her lifemate, coming up alongside the clutchmom with a hand that presses to the harvest-gold hide. "Let 'em get out here first before you start judging."

From the hatching sands, Takazyn is still messing with his hair as he slips out after the others. He tightens the belt of his robe into place, cinching the (rather too loose) fabric tighter around himself. He flashes an encouraging smile towards Andru, letting other Candidates pass him until he is next to the other boy in line. "Good luck," he whispers, and then falls silent as they file out onto the sands. His tongue flicks out nervously to wet his lips, and he pauses to bow to both of the clutchparents in turn, deeply.

From the hatching sands, Kirar walks onto the sands then bows to the Dam and Sire before joining the others, standing close to Tak, Toba and Sookie. "Lets keep an eye on each other just in case any hatchling looks to be running any of us over."

"Ah, they there are, alright! Toba! Whoo!" Realilina calls before dissolving into a fit of giggles. "It's about time! Who do you think'll Impress, Sarillia?" she turns and tilts her head, placing her hands lightly on her lap and looking back to the sands, leaning foward slightly to try and appropriately appraise the candidate-lings.

From the hatching sands, Some things can wait: others can't. Butterfly Tuile Egg ratchets open by the time the first candidate's foot steps on the Sands, splitting in two to reveal a stout, chunky green dragonet. Before the candidates can even 'ooh' in appreciation of the eggs - or make their respects to the clutchparents - there is a moment of panicked terror as she literally rolls into the first wave of candidates. That is, until a tall, skinny boy from Paradise Hold - Paeorik - steps forwards, and squeakily announces, "Fath, not so fast! I know, I know, I'm P'ork now. No, no, Glouto's not for eating, the /food/ over /there/ is!"

From the hatching sands, Flashing Takazyn a warm little smile before he gives a bow to both the clutch mom and the clutch dad, Andru whispers back to his friend,"Good luck." He makes a little show of tightening his belt just a little bit. He takes a very deep breath though as the action really truly begins. This is so very very exciting.

From the hatching sands, Coffee Jelly Egg bobbles a bit, burying a little deeper in the dark and cozily warm sands. Not quite awake yet. Just a little longer.

Sarillia does a loud two fingered whistle and screams out. "Tooo-ba..TOOOO-ba!!" Split any eardrums yet? She considers. "I hope Toba does..but honestly, I don't know any of the other candidates to have a feeling about it." Observing P'ork and Fath, she cheers. "There goes a happy pair right now, hmm?"

From the hatching sands, Toba holds Sookie's hand, although moist in between but he doesn't dare release in case Sookie panics. Instead his eyes gaze toward the Galleries and he smiles to see blurs of familar faces, quickly though his attention is distracted by the first impression. "Wha? It is already happenin'? P'ork? Congrats!" He would clap, but he is latched. Instead it is a side pat, while also adjusting his short robe, no seeing the Toba goods.

Kriane blinks as the little green hatchling falls onto the sands. Wow, that's kind of familiar. Well, her dragon is prettier, right? And at least her name isn't 'P'ork.' Go, go candidates! Now who did she say she'd be rooting for again?

"Yeah, sure I guess." Iasri grunts back Tilla's way, leaning forward as she watches the sands with a raised brow. Lanti gets a quick look, and the girl shakes her head with a slight lopsided smile. "It's yours it seems. Lanti right?" Iasri raises her hand in greeting to the older woman. "I'm brownrider Iasri, rider of Vosteyath. I've seen you around, but haven't been properly introdu—" And then the green hatches. "Shards. It's amazing every time."

From the hatching sands, Fried Ice Cream Egg jiggles momentarily, then settles into silence once again.

Vaine covers his ear's when sarillia whistled. "hey darden is it true dragonet's some times over people?"

"Okay! Those who had money on a green dragonet hatching first, head over to the left to turn in your bet slips!" A noisy entrepreneur makes his presence known as he heads over to the corner to trade slips for marks.

Darden leans over to try and hear Vaine better, "What's that? Dragonets do what to people?"

Tilla calls out "Takkkk! Toooba! Go get em!" She stands up from her seat and stomps down two times, to make some noise. And cocks her head over to Lanti. "Hi, Lanti, how are you! Good to see you. Wow, one has impressed already!!" She squints down at the new greenrider pair. And back to Iasri. "I know."

Linny sits there in silence, though she's listening to those around her, eyes idly watching what's going on down on the sands.

From the hatching sands, Mmm! — Sex in a Pan Egg cracks! Just kidding. It does bump into The Forgotten Fruitcake Egg though. No one really wants -that- one.

Casara's eyebrow quirks as a green is the first to hatch. Isn't that bad luck or something? Either way, she's just watching, expression blank. No, there's no yelling for her. Or socializing, apparently. The former candidate and current guard is just..here.

Vaine talks louder. "they some times run over people that get in the way of there lifemate." he still looking for the sorce of the whistle.

Realilina claps, winces, stops and just substitutes cheering for P'ork and Fath. "What color do you think will hatch next?" she asks in an excited whisper to Sarillia. Or what egg. "Shards, it might be a short hatching, at this rate!" Giggle and a Charming Harper Smile(TM).

From the hatching sands, Sidaaeth is rumbling his anticipation, standing proudly on display on the sands. He takes a step closer to the clutchmother, reaching his long neck about to look at Jeyth. Eyes whirling in happy tones of blue and green, the brown is positively excited. Running late as usual, Coora comes running onto the sands after the candidates, weaving her way to Sidaaeth's side with a big grin. "This is it Pippa! Let's see what wonderful dragons Jeyth and Sidaaeth have made." She's barely on the sands before there's a quick-fast hatching and impression. Oooooh, ahhhh. "/Wow!/"

Darden nods, "Sometimes people can get hurt during Hatchings, but it's just because the dragons are hungry and confused. They don't do it on purpose. The Candidates just have to be quick on their feet."

From the hatching sands, Talim is just a healer on standby. People always get mauled at these things. He's here to collect body parts. Doot doot.

Sarillia grins over at Reali. "Hmm..howabout a looovely harper blue hatchling? Maybe with good pitch? I don't know, maybe that Fruitcake looking one? Did it just wobble?" In the heat of the sands and hazy air, its hard to notice if these things are a trick of the light or not.

From the hatching sands, The Forgotten Fruitcake Egg shoots Sex In A Pan a dirty look. Mouthy mothe— aah wait, Something Is Happening! The fruitca— er— egg crumbles apart as if it's fifteen billion turns old, letting loose one hellion of a rakish, bright-blue dragonet out onto the sands. The dazzlingly brilliant, almost beautiful blue takes his time, picking down the line as if he's looking for Something Specific. And then, lo and behold! Glouto stumbles forwards. "G'out? That's me? G'out?" He looks bewildered. "But.. but.. you can't possibly eat more than /I/ can, Honoryth!"

"Pleasure's all mine. Iasri. Tilla." Lanti settles her satchel at her feet and surveys the scene below with perhaps a somewhat critical eye. Having taken inventory, she reaches into the satchel to produce a ceramic bottle and a stack of four traveling mugs. "Care for a beverage?" Lanti asks those nearby. "Awfully tasty, and it has quite the kick, but you won't feel it 'til you stand up," she adds, winking.

From the hatching sands, Kirar barely catches the first impression then claps as P'ork impresses the green, "Wow that sure didn't take long, she sure seemed to know who she wanted that's for sure. I'm sure glad I never bet on what color would hatch first, I'd have lost my shirt!" The heat has slowly started to seep through the soles of his sandals though not quite hot it is starting to get a little uncomfortable. Then shakes his head in amazement as Blouto impresses a blue.

"Good call, Sarillia! I don't know, though, do you think that qualifies as Harper blue?" Realilina asks, after cheering for the new pair.

From the hatching sands, Takazyn's eyes widen as the first egg cracks, a spark of excitement lighting in them. P'ork's comments put an amused smile on his face and he whispers his congratulations to the newly Impressed boy. His attention is mostly fixated on the eggs, though, noting each movement with interest. "Don't worry," he murmurs to Kirar. "Any hatchling tramples you, we'll totally —" He doesn't finish his thought. The next egg cracks, and then he is offering congratulations to G'out.

"We are taking bets on the quantities of colors. You are allowed to bet more than the allotted number of eggs, but only the most specific guesses will earn the most marks. Taking bets at each of the stairwells."

Tilla oohs, she brought a beverage! "I'd love one, Lanti, thanks for your thoughtfulness!" She holds out her hand to receive said drink. "I wouldn't mind a bit of refreshment at all." She stares out onto the sands at the new pair. "I think I heard Toba or Tak talk about that candidate before. That Glouto fellow." Brow furrow.

"Make Ikky proud, Jeyth!" Kriane calls to the clutchmama. She claps for the new pair and hops right on Lanti's offer, saluting her and grinning, "If I may, please?" She considers betting, and then considers her supply of marks, and then decides against it. Whoo!

From the hatching sands, Fried Ice Cream Egg shakes again. However, this time refuses to stop. With the tremors increasing in violence, there's only one thing left to do now! Are you ready for this?

From the hatching sands, Fried Ice Cream Egg doesn't seem to shatter or crackle instead it sort of oooozes apart, first from the top where a muzzle of cerulean blue appears. Then in one smooth movement there seems to be no shell left at all, instead leaving a blue dragonet shaking himself gently to and fro.//

From the hatching sands, East Meets West Blue Dragonet
Light meets dark, east meets west, this dragonet is a fusion of colour and shape where richness is flavoured with delicate lightness. Oriental lines trace his sinuous body-longer, leaner, finer than most of his blue brethren. From afar he's glazed in a deep cerulean, almost reflectively glossy at some points- there over his almond-esque eyes, and again where his headknobs seem even darker cobalt. But closer to this supine dragon, is where you notice the light and shade to that undertone of his hide- delicate karakusa vines in indigo wind and wend their way down his surprisingly lengthy neck, twisting and tumbling over neckridges their tips blended with miso misted blues and sake-sheen. His tail is a whipcord, forked tail stained in that glossy cerulean. Against that rich, deep blue of his body though, comes a flash of brightness against the darkness. Feathery-fine wings, where his hide is tempered by blue-ginger china wingbones that stretch the sails of hirado and blue pearl.

Sarillia gasps, "What?! Well perhaps I have some talent at future telling. Could I make marks off of it, do you think? That is a looovely shade of blue. Its one of my favourite colors, you know." She winks over at Realilina. And then points. "Another blue! I'm just /good/"

From the hatching sands, "We'll totally try and get out of its way?" Andru says helpfully to Takazyn. Kirar's not on the list of people that Andru would risk mauling for. Now Takazyn or Toba, those two he'd more than readily try and save them from severe mauling. "Wow… This really is happening fast." He says sounding rather amazed at how fast this is going. This is enough that he can almost hear his blood singing in his veins.

From the hatching sands, Toba won't be giving up his body parts… he just stands holding Sookie's, eyes distracted by all the things happening around him. Then with the impression of the blue, he seems to be taken a'back. Leaning to Kirar he shakes his head, "Uh-oh, do we need a new nickname for Blouto then? B'out?" He even emits a slight chuckle, but it is sore and a little rasp, but a chuckle all the same. Sookie seems to be grabbing tighter with each egg crack. At the next blue he gives a wide eye, "Oh, another blue. They are… big, not scary at all are they Sookie?" Although they haven't decided to start ravaging the candidates yet.

From the hatching sands, Avaricia makes her way closer to the eggs after the initial bow, and it's Takazyn whom she latches onto, simply because the other candidate is there. His hand is clutched and the girl positions herself beside the younger boy.

Vaine finally finds the sorce of the whistle the harper's he was talking to earlyer he waves at realilina and sarillia. he gives his classic grin. and turns back to watch as more dragonets hatch

Realilina laughs! "You should place a bet on it! You aren't doing half bad, Rillia! And yes, blue /is/ a good color." She nods. "Wonder who that boy is going to? Awful pretty dragon, isn't he?" A soft smile touches her lips as she surveys the candidates and eggs before eggs return the the hatchling.

From the hatching sands, Kirar snorts at Toba's suggestion, "I like that one, B'out it suits him fine but I have to tell you I never imagined that he'd impress in a million turns!" He watches the newly hatched blue as it works its way out of the shell.

Lanti starts filling the glasses one by one. Tilla and Kriane are both given glasses of a brilliant orange drink. "Citrus Serenade, care of our new Sandbar pub down by the beach," Lanti adds, grinning as she continues filling the next glass.

// From the hatching sands, East Meets West Blue Dragonet stands in one spot, awkwardly trembling amidst the ruins of his previous residence. His muzzle is outstretched as he sniffs suspiciously at his surroundings. The myriad of sights and smells appear to have a positive effect on the young hatchling, who promptly steps from the remnants of egg and sets talon upon black sand. Invigorated, the blue takes another step, gleaming multi-faceted eyes scanning the sand intently. He's looking for something.//

Iasri extends a hand towards that offered cup. "I'll always be obliged to a drink. Especially when there's some alcohol in it." She turns quickly to look sidelong at Tilla, waving a spare finger in the direction of the candidates. "Isn't one of those guys down there your friend? Or uh, you know." Eyebrow raise. "It's a great looking blue though. No maladies."

From the hatching sands, Thyia paces the sidelines carefully, directing some other assistant weyrlingmasters into luring off the candidates that impressed. "Who let that big one on the sands?" she asks too loudly to a brownrider trying to usher G'out over, a large bucket of raw meat waiting for the new weyrling pair. Thyia wrinkles her nose a moment but then it smooths out, she offers her congratulations, and turns back towards the sands.

From the hatching sands, Mmm! — Sex in a Pan Egg rolls a little to the left… and a little more, kind of right towards a group of candidates. What is it, a hamster inside?

From the hatching sands, Takazyn looks a bit surprised as Avaricia takes his hand, but he smiles at her and squeezes her hand gently. "I don't think anyone imagined it," he admits. "But the dragons know things we don't, I guess."

From the hatching sands, With a little help from it's eggy buddies, Phishy Friends Egg rocks along, shakin' and rumblin' and poppin' that— er, egg. Soon enough, where once was ice creamy-dreamy egg is now not-so-dreamy dragonet: the slender, reed-thin green is pouncing down the line like a kitten on crack. "H'einz? I'm not H'einz! What do you mean, 'I am now,' Fitiseveth?"

Tilla marvels at the new blue that's prancing around the sands. "That's a lovely blue there." She takes a sip from her mug and says "Mmm, that's quite good, Lanti!" before sputtering at Iasri. "/Friend/ Well..you could say /dear friend/. Did I tell you that he got a drudge to serenade me and gave me a dance on my turnday? He is such a dear person to me." She smiles fondly down at the sands.

From the hatching sands, Pippa glances over towards Coora, offering up a faint grin to the clutchdaddy brown dragon as well. "Oh, aye… its… I don't know what to say here, really." Because, honestly, some of those dragonets wandering across the sands are kind of questionable. Look, even Pippa winces at the next impression of the blue. "Carenath's balls, really?" And Jeyth? She keeps up her mincing steps, an encouraging croon to pick that one. No, not that one over there. The pretty one.

"Thanks, Lanti," Kriane responds, accepting the glass with a grin and glancing back to the sands. "That-a-girl, Jeyth! Ikky's gunna have some pretty babies to be an auntie to, huh?" She just beams. She takes a sip and looks back at Lanti with big eyes, "This stuff is /good/!" She glances back to the sands and raises an eyebrow at the newly hatched green. Okay, that one must've gotten it from the genes Ikkasanaith doesn't have. Yup.

From the hatching sands, "Who knew. I just hope he leaves his dragon something to eat." Andru says grinning a little bit at the other pair. Shifting his weight from foot to foot, he's really getting nervous at this point. Nervous and excited.

D'baji's bronze has been on the ledges and thrumming all along. Really. D'baji, for his part, is only just hauling his big hairy butt up the stairs. The Weyrleader takes a moment, once reaching the top, to take in the galleries, spots booze being handed out, and heads thataway. Nods to Lanti, Kriane, and the others. "Did see the impressions," is said in greeting. Or as way of excusing his late arrival. Weyrleaderly business, y'know.

From the hatching sands, Coffee Jelly Egg nestles into the sands a little more, causing the grains to roll up around the hard shell. So warm and comfy and Oh, maybe it just might tremble a little. A little.

Sarillia hmms and laughs. "A bet? How much should we bet, Reali? Maybe we could win enough to get me some new furniture for my room?" Sands are scanned. "I bet.That candidate. Right over…there?" She points to the one in the corner. The one who looks like he's about to pass out? That one.

From the hatching sands, Toba slaps his thigh in applause for H'einz, "Yeah, Fitiseveth." He just stands there, holding onto Sookie's hand, eyes dancing around the blue. Blues are nice and small, right? They can't injure people. He looks over toward Andru and chuckles, "Aye, he'll be learnin' how to share pretty fast. I can't imagine a dragon lettin' him get awway with all that eatin'." Even a snort emits as Toba /definitely/ overheard Thyia.

Lanti settles back with her own cup and sips with relish. Citrus is so refreshing. Citrus with tequila is refreshing /and/ numbing! Best of both worlds. Tilla's information draws Lanti's attention back to the 'Reaches riders, though. She gives both the green rider and Iasri a scrutinizing look, then goes back to sipping her drink, then she laughs a little at Kriane. "They've hired some excellent help at the pub. I'm just here to spread the joy." Then a burly weyrleader is spotted, and Lanti raises her cup to D'baji, grinning. "Want a cup? And yes. Just a couple so far. They're… over there."

"Oh, however much you want. I don't know! You're the one guessing," Realilina responds. She leans forward and to the side a bit, trying to spot the candidate Sarillia is talking about. "Which?" There's a cheer for the scrawny-green hatchling and then she's back to puzzling.

"Did you say bet, ladies?" Lanti isn't the only one selling something. A freckle faced red head sticks his person near Realilina's and Sarillia's business, grinning appreciatively at them. "I'm taking bets. No sum is too large or small! I got wager tickets right here." He flashes them at the women.

Kriane salutes the Weyrleader, and takes another sip of the juice, nodding to Lanti, and then towards D'baji, "It's really good! You should!"

From the hatching sands, Mmm! — Sex in a Pan Egg rocks and rolls and is out of control! Too much of a good thing can leave for one helluva tummyache, which this egg is apparently feeling. A few premeditated lurches, and then this out-of-control ooey-gooey deliciousness melts away for the creamy, dreamy, alcoh—drunk core. An alcoholic, this dragonet is not: a drunk, through and through. There's a difference, you see. A Beer With Second Breakfast Bronze Hatchling ain't no quitter!

From the hatching sands, A Beer With Second Breakfast Bronze Hatchling
Sun-dazzled brilliance marinates drunken shine into a length of wine-chased masculinity: a drama of besotted bronze, he is, an adventurer never far from his nightcap. Brazen, bronzen, cast in daring dalliances and pyrite's false glow, whiskey's golden fire glows bright from tip of impishly cocked muzzle through the drunken sweep of headknobs and lazily arched ridges to the tip of soused tail. Drunken swaggers of gold and glistening buckskin twine past lithe chest to long, straight legs planted well in toasted coconut-rum 'paws. Overlarge, overkill, his wings are of dramatic, poetic, ne'erending proportions swung wide in lo! yet grander scope: only his lank and lean and rangy form could possibly balance those gloriously indulgent 'sails.

D'baji responds to Lanti's offer with an outstretched hand and a wicked grin. The noise about betting from over there gets D'baji squinting to make sure the red-haired one isn't his son - nope, the little Baji is elsewhere, chattering with girls - and then takes whatever seat is is he found. Maybe he's displacing someone, but he's the weyrleader. Gotta throw the weight around sometime. "From the Sandbar? They do okay. Gonna get some of Kristi's recipes into there, I'm thinkin'."

Tilla takes more sips of her citrus drink, eyeing its fruity blend appreciatively. "Citrus! I love it. Have you ever tried a drink with mango juice? That's one of my favorite fruits. OOH A BRONZE! Tilla stands and points. "Look at that one!" And then feeling sheepish, she sits down again.

From the hatching sands, Kirar moves a little to better keep an eye on the hatchlings and avoid an accidental trampling, he bumps into one candidate and offers a quick apology as he watches the blue hatchling start his search. "It will be a fight between those two to see who gets to eat but my bet is on the dragon." Then jumps a bit as a Bronze Hatchling makes its appearance.

From the hatching sands, Thick and Rich Icebox Pudding Cake Egg splits smoothly down a colored stripe edge. Green dragonet contents spill out clumsily and after a brief, halting journey about the sands, generously considering each of the candidates in turn, she steps up to Avaricia's side. Ave bends and wraps her arms greedily about the green's neck. "Charityth! Oh, you're all /mine/!"

Sarillia perks up. Bet propositions? She opens up her moneypouch and looks down at what's in it. Hmm, one thirtysecond mark and some pieces of lint; seems pay day is approaching and she spent some marks getting things for her room up at 'Reaches on the last one. "What kind of wager ticket can I get for a thirtysecond mark?" Head swivel towards the sands where the bronze makes his appearance across the stage…er sands.

Vaine smiles as tilla annouces the bronze dragonet. He looks down and watches to see who will impress him.

From the hatching sands, Thyia waves an arm in the air, needing to be a little enthusiastic to be seen over the ground of candidates and other assistant weyrlingmasters getting in the way. "Charityth did you call her? Come on over here, Ava and we can get her some food," she calls out loudly, glancing to make sure that H'einz and his new lifemate are well taken care of by now.

From the hatching sands, Takazyn takes a step back as Charityth approaches, letting Ava have her hand back. "Oh, wow, congrats, Ava!" This one sounds a lot more warm and a lot less hesitant than the congratulations he offered G'out. He moves aside, gives the pair a bit more space as his gaze travels back to the hatchlings still searching.

From the hatching sands, Coora giggles, shrugging her shoulders at Pippa. "This is way more exciting than anyone said. It was worth the wait, don't you think?" At least Coora only gets stuck with this duty as chosen - Pippa is going to regularly have to go through this "excitement". A delighted clap of her hands as H'einz impresses and Coora is practically dancing in place. The brown behind her is just as excited and he continues moving about, looking like a candidate with hot feet. His noises are opposite Jeyth's - he's happily rumbling for every match, regardless of the pairing. Coora lifts the hem of her skirt to reveal her nicely insulated sandals with a grin, questioning, "Oh, Pippa, did you ever get those sandals?"

From the hatching sands, Narcis strides up to the forefront of the candidate line, looking rather magnificent in his perfectly tailored robe, sun-bronzed skin, and that glorious, glorious hair (it even manages to blow in the wind in this cavern).

From the hatching sands, East Meets West Blue Dragonet begins to roam the sands, there's a task to be completed and he intends to do so. As the hatchlings roll out on either side of him, glimmerings orbs brighten as he watches their behaviour with something akin to fascination. They are heading towards those white things! An interesting development. Headtilt time. That must be what he needs. Shaking the last of sticky egg-goo from his wings with a brisk shake, he changes course for the nearest white thing on offer.

From the hatching sands, Super Soft-Serve Swirl Egg melts along the vanilla-to-chocolate line, splitting apart in melty waves to reveal a stunning green dragonet, all svelte grace and smooth, racy lines. A boy, all the way from Bitra, loathed and loved alike for his smooth lines, walks forwards as if dreamwalking. "Ra'chel? That sounds like a /girl's/ name, Rayth!"

Lanti rolls her eyes slightly at D'baji, her smile crooked as she hands over the drink. "Well, their bartenders are artists anyway. If I want a quality meal, I'll go to the Cloudscraper." She reclaims her own cup and settles in again, sparing a mild glare for the redheaded bookie.

From the hatching sands, "Congratulations Ava." Andru calls out. He shifts his weight again as he looks about. The ranks have already thinned out considerably. His eyes watch the hatchlings really nervously. He's got no idea whow this is all going to go down, so once again he mouths 'Good Luck' towards Tak.

From the hatching sands, Toba's eyes are trained on the blue for a few longer moments, but notices an even tighter squeeze on his hand from Sookie. "Wha? Oh, a bronze?" He looks a little frightened, they are a lot larger. /A lot/. "I'm sure he'll go somewhere else, no worries Sookie." He pats her hand with his other and then turns to see Avaricia impress to the green, "Oh… no…" If facepalming was an appropriate action on the sands, this guy would totally do it. Then the man gives an admiring stare to Narcis. "Wow, he's probably going to impress that bronze." He nods appropriately.

Betting? Iasri is digging into her pockets for a spare handful of marks, coughing as she takes a draw from the cup Lanti gives her. "Oh shardin. This is strong." D'baji is given a half-hearted salute and the tall brownrider is leaning towards Lanti. "What are we betting on. I'll bet these marks for that blue to go to a girl. And that bronze." She points Toba's way. "To that one down there. The one with the shaggy mop of hair."

Kriane takes D'baji's comment to mean that-other-Kristi-the-dragonrider-that-wasn't her mother and grins. She gives a small cheer towards the newly-made pairs. Siiiip of juice. That's about it.

From the hatching sands, A Beer With Second Breakfast Bronze Hatchling seemingly deciphers whether or not it's a good idea to actually climb out of that shell completely. It's worth a shot, right? He lurches forward finally and falls flat on his muzzle. Legs ain' workin', man. And then he rolls—waitwait, not in the egg, not in the egg. He's just going to lay there for a moment. Don't mind him.

From the hatching sands, Bubblegum Ice Cream Egg is done being a contradiction. It's going to try a new lifestyle, one with a lifemate! And skin! Skin is good. The tiny green dragonet left within the remains of the egg doesn't seem to think that it was quite time, yet, however; it stays stubbornly seated until Clumsy Dough! Egg, next to it, hatches out a dark, nearly black green. Cue competitive natures! Light and dark, the two greens gallop towards the candidates, skidding up at a pair of - oy - fraternal twins. "Brownth, you aren't brown, and who the heck are you calling Al'tn," followed quickly by the cry of "Ramsieth! I'm Gord'n!"

"Was talkin' about drink recipes," D'baji notes to the goldrider, dipping his shaggy head in thanks for the drink, then lifting said drink to his face to sniff at it. A deep, appreciative, "Oooh," is rumbled. A sideways glance goes to Tilla, and he squints at that new bronze on the sands. "If Bydelth an' Nverath had a baby…" The impression of the greens are each given their own little nods. And back to the conversation, if idle comments can so be called: "Kristiana made some of the prettiest, best-tasting drinks ever."

Tilla takes a bigger swig from her cup, and then, her eyes water. "You're right. Its..catching up to me now that I stood up." As Lanti had said! "Mm, do you think? That's Toba! I think he could be a great bronze rider..or green." She eyebrow waggles.

"Pick the number of greens in the clutch." The boy replies to Sarillia merrily.

From the hatching sands, Ava takes a moment more to linger over her lifemate, but she straightens and pats at Takazyn's arm before crossing the sands with Charityth. When they reach Thyia, Avaricia cringes, stating, "Charityth doesn't want to eat too much, because she wants to /share/ the food."

From the hatching sands, Kirar shouts congratulations to Ava, as he quickly returns his attention to the hatchlings then congratulates the others who've impressed since Ava, "This is going much faster than I'd imagined, hardly any time between hatching and impression. Is this normal Toba?"

Realilina sighs and offers a 8th mark to Sarillia, with a, "You better be good at this!" She winks and giggles, sitting back in her chair.

From the hatching sands, Pippa sighs at her dragon's antics, her eyes near going crossed at all of the furious mind-clogging of the gold's thoughts her her head. "Wait… Wait, what'd you say, Coora?" She moves to lean against Jeyth, hoping the touch would calm her golden lifemate. "Shells, I'd have been happy to have been out of her ages ago. I… Oh, yeah. Comfortable as all -Oi, Jeyth, I can't help it if he wanted to go to the fat one. He had to have a reason. Liked licking? I don't know. Maybe the next one will be better."

Lanti leans right back toward Iasri. The better to see where she's pointing. "I never bet on hatchings. Bad luck," she drawls before downing the contents of her cup and immediately helping herself to a refill. She offers the ceramic bottle to the others, should they want a refill. She has another in the satchel, it's neck just peeking out over the edge of the leather. "Toba on green?" she asks Tilla, sounding scandalized.

From the hatching sands, "He needs a humble dragon. Balance him out a bit, "Takazyn comments, smirking slightly as Narcis positions himself at the front. "— And maybe the dragons just know what they want, Kirar. Why wait, then?" His head tilts to one side as he peers at the bronze lying in the sands. "Well, except that one."

Sarillia takes Reali's 8th mark and hands it to the man. "How about..hmm..eight? I think eight may be a good number." She half whispers over to Realilina "I'll totally pay you back if this fails. I promise! Just..tack it onto my payment for the felines you have.."

The bet lad takes the currency and draws a big fat eight on a slip of hide already specially made out for the even. It says number of greens in green ink too! He hands this to Sarillia. "Thank you kindly, Miss."

// From the hatching sands, East Meets West Blue Dragonet would be frowning, if a hatchling simply could. Each white-clothed boy and girl he inspects all yield nothing. Wrong. Wrong. A windswept boy is spotted in the distance. Wrong. Talons rake sand and send it flying as he stalks from candidate to candidate. A shout in the distance stops him in his tracks. Now, that sounded right. Right? Inquistively, he peeks his head 'round the legs of an unfortunate female candidate. Spying what he'd been looking for all along, the blue emits a croon of satisfaction. Taking off once again, he knocks the legs from underneath the poor girl without a second thought - bounding towards one young man. Now, he pauses, gazing upwards. You.//

"It'll /be/ the payment, if you do!" Reali shifts in her seat and grins, "Not like I'm giving them away too far or anything. Plus, family has to stick together, right?" Of course right!

From the hatching sands, Coffee Jelly Egg seems to rouse again, only to lurch a bit with a half-hearted wobble. Still not quite awake, but slowing getting there. Maybe it needs just a bit more of a java-boost to get going here.

"Oh, that's no fun. You'd be making a pretty amount if you did." Iasri is elbowing Tilla now. "Look look. There it goes! That blue." Impression. "Damn. I'm wrong. It's going for a guy."

From the hatching sands, "That he does." Andru says laughing weakly,"I don't think we could take it if he had a dragon like him. It would be completely unbearable." He says laughing weakly.

From the hatching sands, Toba turns toward Kirar, "How am I supposed to know? I've never been to one of these 'fore." He shakes his head toward Kirar, although he is amazed by the speed of the hatchings. His eyes bounce from the blue to the bronze, please blue, bronze is so big and… clumsy? The man just scans around and gives a thigh slap for the twins, "Congrats boys." Although a shake of his head indicates he is just lost of this mess, Sookie's hand still clasped, but it is squirming a little, he is just as nervous as the girl it seems. His eyes do bounce to the blue dragon, now that he seems to have chosen.

"Okay, everyone, bets on color numbers is coming to a close since we've reached the half way mark! If you want to make a bet, head to a stairway quickly!" The individuals taking bets continue their one on one carousing.

From the hatching sands, R-r-r-r-rumble! Let's get ready to r-r-r-rumble! Betty's Full of Crock Egg flashes open as quickly as you can say 'burnt cake', spilling out a stoic brown hatchling. There's not too much to see: he lands in front of the beauty of the candidate class. Luxuria - Lux now - spills forwards. "Oh," she breathes, "Abstineth, you are my glory!"

From the hatching sands, Death By Chocolate Cake Egg finally crumbles to bits, drops of darkness dribbling away to reveal a snaggle-toothed, knock-kneed, jagged-ridged, sallow-winged, big-arsed, slime-green dragonet. First step drives her open mouthed right into the sand, the next breath has her sneezing snot and moist sand with a side stepping lurch. Momentum with her, the gangly green steps on her long tail, squawking at the top of her lungs at the pain and injustice. That pirouette she manages might be considered clumsy by some, and a thing of beauty by others, but when she slaps Narcis upside the head with pinion, there is nothing but pride there. "Hummilith!" Which would leave him now N'rci.

Tilla hrms. "Yea, I think it is going to a guy." Which one is it? She can't see that well, sweat keeps dripping into her eyes. Over to Lanti. "Well, he said he did like the green color." She shrugs, and then shades her eyes looking at the newest impression pair of Lux and Abstineth. "That's a nice brown. Not as nice as Yath, though," she says as she elbows Ias.

From the hatching sands, Kirar shrugs his shoulders, "Oh I thought you'd been to hatchings, at least you've more experience with these things than I have. This is my first after all you know." Kirar watches and waits to see who the blue chose from all the candidates and winces in sympathy as the girl is tripped by the hatchling.

From the hatching sands, A Beer With Second Breakfast Bronze Hatchling needs to get up at some point, less he fry his hide off. So, with a little effort, he rolls back onto his tummy and uses those limbs to push himself upright. Success! Walking will be another story. There's a stumble here, a little waltz there… and then he falls completely on top of On Hundred Years Egg. Heeeeeey, 'sup? SPRAWL.

Now that Lanti's had a nice does of the Citrus Serenade, and now that the edges of feeling are eroding, she leans forward quite at ease to watch yet more of the hatching. "Is is going rather quickly. Our weyrlingmaster will have plenty to do, it looks like."

From the hatching sands, One Hundred Years Egg is not willing to wait another second! It's done being upstaged! It's done being done with being sick and tired! It's done being bounces around by /intoxicated/ hatchlings! … Oh wait. A green hatchling stood where One Hundred Years Egg was, before, a piece of egg-shell comically hanging over one headknob, half-hanging into one eye. She takes a delicate step forwards, and a girl falls onto her, weeping with joy. "I know I'm Lysette. And you're Purityth! I love you!"

From the hatching sands, Coora giggles at Pippa's jagged comments, and she moves a pace away from Sidaeth to avoid being trampled by the brown's movements. "Aren't they great? I don't think G'out's so bad, really…" Words sure to make Jeyth take offense against Sidaaeth and Coora. Sidaaeth seconds her thought silently to the gold, with excessive optimism as usual.

From the hatching sands, East Meets West Blue Dragonet is all eager and ready to go, then the candidate he's at the feet of turns around. Chubby… and smelly. Ugh. Shards no! Wrong again. The blue backs away, a distressed creel escaping his muzzle as he leaves the rather unfortunate looking candidate in his wake. Surely the one he wants is here somewhere? He returns to the inner circle of the sands, dodging shell and egg goo as he moves.

Kriane almost spits out juice at the Death By Chocolate Cake Egg's green. Jeyth, where did /that/ one come from? She eyes Sidaaeth too. Oh well. They're babies—they'll grow up pretty, right? Yeah! That's it. She snorts at the little bronze acting totally smashed, shaking her head. "Maybe that one got hit on the head?" she suggests. She cheers for the Impressed, and awwwws at Lysette and her baby greeny.

From the hatching sands, Mud Pie Egg just can't take it any longer. Eggs have feelings too! Or, at least, it did before it crumbled into complete oblivion, revealing a minty-fresh green who trundles towards the nearest candidate with a ditzy aura about him. "S'monella! I'm S'monella and your Pistatioth!"

From the hatching sands, Takazyn presses his knuckles to his mouth, stifling a laugh as Narcis impresses. "Oh — oh, wow. That's pretty awesome." Amusement dances in his eyes as the dragon slaps him. "I think I like her already."

From the hatching sands, Jeyth swings her head around to peer after her babies as they toddle towards various candidates, and the dear gold doesn't seem all that heartened by the matches being made if that tell-tale twitch to her tail is any judge. Pippa smooths her hand over the gold's autumn-glory hide as if to try to sooth her. "See now, did you see that brown. He did very well, and he looked awfully pretty too. Lots of pride there." We just won't consider that snaggle-toothed green. Nope. Focus on the good. "And look at the blue. He's marvelous."

"Be good for th'weyrlingmasters. Keep 'em out of trouble. Out of the pub." Away from the dartboard. D'baji sips the first little bit of the citrus-y thing in his glass. "S'all right, this. Who's the one that mixed this one?" That last to Lanti. A sidelong smirk toward Kriane, and then a general comment of, "Lots'f greens. Keep all th'male dragons busy, once the weyrlingmasters are back to their life of leisure, eh?"

Sarillia laughs. "Right, right. Gotcha." She leans back and tries to take in all the action, its almost overwhelming. "That blue is picky. I wonder if he's going to choose soon? He seems confused."

Iasri smirks, straightening at Yath's praise. "I agree. It's pretty, but shards, no dragon beats my Yath." Puffed out chest. Smirk. And then she continues to watch, eyes narrowed.

Tilla grins over at Iasri. Even though she thinks /her/ dragon is the bees knees too, personally. She stretches out her legs and finds them limited by a rather chubby lady sitting infront of her. Woe. At least she can see /around/ her, she's a slumper.

From the hatching sands, Vermonty Python's Humor Egg is just done with this. Peace out, homies! It shatters into a zillion little pieces, leaving a pale blue in it's place; a few breathless moments later, for several candidates nearest to it, it simply sits, as if not even breathing: and then, it's slowly noodling along, staring intently at a plump girl from Gar. "Alfredoth? Alfredoth!" And thus, Linguini has Impressed! Watch her mom cry in the galleries.

Lanti runs her fingers through her hair to pick it up off her scalp. Some geothermal action, lots of bodies packed together… not a great combination. "Dedara," she answers with a look at D'baji. "From Seacliffs." She swirls her orangey drink and glances at Iasri again. "He's the one ended up about as big as some of the bronzes, right?" she asks, all polite curiosity and smiles.

Kriane snickers at the comment, nodding, "Pleeeenty busy. Not that the greens can't /already/ keep them busy as it is…" She trails off innocnetly, clears her throat, and then takes another sip of the citrus-juice. "Linguini and Alfredoth, /that/'s a mouthful, isn't it?"

From the hatching sands, There's a little twist of Andru's lips as Narcis impresses. His eyes watch each of the dragonets. Andru shifts his weight slightly. Running his fingers through his hair.

From the hatching sands, Toba looks toward Narcis…errr N'rci and if there could be a collective facepalm, this would be a good moment. His eyes brighten a little more, "Oh my, who would have guessed, him on a green. And an… unfortunate looking one." He murmurs to Kirar, "Ah yes, my first as well. But we'll get through it. It's movin' so fast." His baby-blues fall on the bronze again, "Should someone help that guy? He looks a little… drunk?" Then his gaze go back to the blue, "Ah, he changed his mind? Can they do that?"

After a moment, Realilina tries to do a headcount of the greens already hatched, but fails. Too much going on! "I hope he does," she replies, smiling. "Oh hey, there goes another one!"

From the hatching sands, Kirar laughs and shakes his head, "I guess they can since he did it sometimes I guess they aren't quite sure…"

D'baji puffs his chest out. "Ah. Explains it. Best drinks are from SeaCliffs." Pause. "Maybe we should start some apprentice program, get some good homegrown 'tenders. Not like… 'get the kids started at thirteen' apprenticeships, but y'know what I mean." To Kriane, a laugh: "Y'all can always try your hardest, at any rate. But can't hurt to have some reinforcements." More drink now.

From the hatching sands, East Meets West Blue Dragonet delicately makes his way across the sand. He sidesteps the broken shell of his sister, ducking past her as she flaps about with his almond-eyes whirling. Where is the one whose flavour matches his perfectly? Where is one like him? He ignores one tall candidate, flickers his pearl-blue wings past another and then he spies the one-the same light and dark as him! He confidently comes to a stop in front of Kirar and leans in to nuzzle him with his dark-glazed snout.

From the hatching sands, DownUnder Pavlova Egg cracks open, very simply, after no movement whatsoever. A stunning bronze, tall and fair and with surprisingly minimal egg goo, strides out as if a door was opened instead of his previous world coming to an end. A raucous boy-child from Southern Boll, one Auzorei, screams like a girl before barreling forwards. He skids to a stop in front of the bronze; "Oith! Oith! Oith! I'm your Au'zie, and you're my Oith!"

From the hatching sands, A Beer With Second Breakfast Bronze Hatchling is on his back again! Sister be damned! Flailing like an overturned beetle, he finally is able to roll onto his side and back onto his feet—paws, whatever. And then he just kind of stares, eyes half-lidded and twitching towards… wait, that's a girl. Is that a girl? Up in the stands? Kind of looks like a guy. It's gotta be a guy. Surely dragons know all! Shuffle shuffle squint.

"Bets are now closed!" The mark-takers turn to watch the hatching with intent eyes.

Eryn has been here all along, naturally, staying on the sidelines as Eryns are wont to do. Occasional blank stares accompany comments from the peanut gallery known as Imadrith, but the greenrider is otherwise silent, both watching the hatching and listening in on surrounding conversations. She claps politely against a glass of wine as each Impression is made.

From the hatching sands, Coffee Jelly Egg has waited long enough. Or even longer than long enough. It's past time the being within stops with this sitting around and starts the rest of their life! So the movements are stopped, the thrashing goes quiet. Moments pass and finally, /finally/! The egg splits right in the middle, the top of the shell being propped up as the dragonet sits up. The impromptu hat gets thrown off and Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Green Hatchling faces the world!

From the hatching sands, Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Green Dragonet
The very essence of bold femininity finds a clever masque within the frame of this svelte, petite dragon; she is a huntress trapped within a lady's garments. Farflung reaching of fern green 'sails glide above her tiger-barred frame, chartreuse knifing through forest with unpredictable irregularity: the scheme repeats itself from densely-patterned tip of narrow tail to the pale point of long-faced muzzle. Sleek and seamless, she is a daredevil of a wraith composed of grace and silk-sculpted lines, so long and smooth and free and agile as to be prowess incarnate. A hunter's moon illuminates her masquerade domino, leaving that stippled and impish mask argent-dusted while a frolicking wayward breath of that silver-spill't moonlight highlights the high arching elegance of her leading neckridges.

From the hatching sands, Ki'ar stops stock still looking slightly confused, then shakes his head as what has just happened sinks through the goo that is his mind, "Emianth, yes food that's a good idea we'll get you some food, Hey has anyone got some food for us? Emianth is hungry!" With that Ki'ar looks around trying to find out where he can get Emianth something to eat.

From the hatching sands, Sidaaeth croons as one impression is followed by another. "Oh, yes, that blue is very lovely. He should make up his mind, though. He's been out there forever." The words are out of her mouth and then Kirar is nosed and it's another impression. "Oh, look it! Kirar Impressed! Me and Kazra Searched him. Sidaaeth /really/ liked him." And in evidence, Sidaaeth is crooning his happiness at the "polite" boy impressing.

From the hatching sands, "Congratulations Kirar!" Andru calls out to Ki'ar. So that leaves the Bronze and the Green left on the sands. Shifting his weight some more, his eyes flicker from Tak to the dragons and from Toba to the dragons.

Kriane salutes D'baji and winks, "That we will! And true, true. Takes a while to train them up, though." She clicks her tongue. Pity, too. She cheers for KirarK'rar? Ki'ar? Kir'r?and grins as another green hatches. "How many greens have there been? Poor boys are going to be worn down in no time, at this rate."

From the hatching sands, Toba turns toward where the blue is going. "Kirar? KIRAR!" He doesn't release Sookie's hand, but he is edging to face the now bluerider. "Congrats!" He looks like he is about to cry it seems, his face reddening with happiness, and the orange is completely fading from his face. Instead he just stares as the Impression is made. "Emianth? Emianth!" Then another green pops along with the bronze, the green is small, that would be okay right?

From the hatching sands, Golden and Grecian Egg oozes away into a puddle of honey, leaving a pretty-boy blue out in the open. A dart here! A dash there! A check-is-my-man-eyeliner-on-right up against the glint of his pretty, golden mom! Oh yeah. Hi mom. He warbles happily up at Jeyth. See how pretty I am, mom? Do you see the manliner? (Someone should tell him that he's supposed to, you know, go Impress someone.)

Tilla takes more sips of her drink and then thinks maybe she should slow down. A swimming head from the galleries isn't the best thing right now. And then, whats this. "KIRAR! WOOOOOOO!" She calls out, stomping her feet and clapping. "Kirar is such a nice guy. I met him the other night!" she says, over in Iasri's direction.

From the hatching sands, Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Green Dragonet pops from her egg with a jaunty look, limbs unfolding and uncurling from such cramped quarters. Tail unrolls to drape over shards, wings flick at the point of pinions to dribble goo, and her head lifts to peer over all with a proud glance. So many.

From the hatching sands, A Beer With Second Breakfast Bronze Hatchling is feeling a little tipsy, man. Like, whoever is telling the sands around him to spin just needs to stop. That's cruel, yo. Seriously bro. Where's the love? He staggers fore and aft, overlarge wings lifted. Previous grace is lost to the demands of his stomach: when it's not heaving, it's demanding food. Stopping to gather his bearings, the lengthy dragonet finds himself, luckily enough, nose-to-nose with his lifemate. Oh hey. It's you, surfer-boy. Nice to meet you. Don't you know it's time for dinner? And supper? And second breakfas— oh wait…

Sarillia looks concerned. "Hmm, perhaps I should have bet on how many /blues/ would be in this clutch, Reali." She takes her hair, and twists it into a knot upon her head, fishing out a tie from her marks bag and trying to secure it into a messy bun.

From the hatching sands, Sookie squeals, calling out, "Kirar!" Fellow rum runners must stick together! Her hand is latched on in a death grip to Toba's.

From the hatching sands, Charityth is only too happy to step back and share her food with Emianth and she prompts her new lifemate to grudgingly state so aloud. "Ki'ar, Charityth says we have plenty to share with you and Emianth."

Kriane oooohs appreciatively at the pretty-boy blue. Nice, Jeyth and Sidaa!

From the hatching sands, "Oh, wow, Kirar. Congratulations." Takazyn watches the bluerider head away, his expression thoughtful. He moves a little closer to Andru, a touch of nervousness creeping back into his expression. He fidgets from one foot to the other uncomfortably on the hot sands.

"Sure you'll be applyin' yourself to that right off, though. Just don't corrupt 'em too early, eh?" Stereotypical jibes aside, D'baji… finishes his glass. Maybe the weyrleader's just had a long day. Maybe the heat's made him thirsty.

From the hatching sands, Pretty-Boy Blue Dragonet stomps his foot in an effiminate manner. Mom. You're not looking at me, mom! Mooooooooom! Pay attention to me, mooooom!

"Yeah, the bronze in brown clothing I like to call him." Iasri says playfully towards Lanti, before clamping her hands to her ears. "Shard's Tilla. Act the part of your title will ya'." The brownrider winces, nudging the greenrider with her elbow. "Quiet down. Shush. Don't scream."

From the hatching sands, "Lamberth, quit bothering Jeyth. Can't you see she's BUSY?" Adamantium, now A'dam, literally peels the manliner blue away from Jeyth, and off they trot to the food. Au'zie may be overheard in the background— *cough-cough*-PANSY-*cough-cough*.

Lanti stares at Tilla, then arches a brow at Iasri. "Maybe I should cut her off," the rider murmurs to the brown rider as she tosses back the second cup. "Well, maybe Des and… Yath? should meet up. She's never been all that taken with the bronzes." She could be kidding. Hard to tell. Her words are getting a bit slurred.

Realilina blinks at the other Harper, and then giggles, "Hey, you might be right." She gives a cheer for a the Impresse Ki'ar, though she had no clue who he is. "I think there've been more greens, though," she notes. Nod! There have been. Really! Hopefully.

Eryn perks at Lethal green, glancing at the ledges above with a positively wicked grin. "Surely it's not too late to effect a trade …" she ponders aloud to no one in particular. An indignant snort echoes from above, reflected in the Maverick's sudden wince. Noooo, Imadrith is not amused.

From the hatching sands, T'ab seems to release Sookie's had for a moment and then just stands in front of the bronze that is peering at him, a brief childish giggle, "Oh, T'ab is fine dear sir." He then begins to laugh harder, "Tyroth! Awesome." Then he just begins to tear up in the eyes, his hand holding out to the bronze a moment, "Ah, yes… bro… we can definitely get you some food." He smiles brightly, although looking back to see that Sookie is doing okay, before looking back to the bronze, "Um, be careful. You looked a little clumsy out there."

From the hatching sands, Jeyth sniffs, and snorts, and just sort of gives Lamberth a bit of a pushing prod with her tail. Go find… that one. Good child. Pippa groans and sighs into her lifemate, finally finding a moment to commiserate with her. "Just a few more and it'll be all over."

From the hatching sands, Ki'ar smiles and nods his head as he heads towards them, "Thank you Emianth says thank you too he really appreciates it." As they reach the pair Ki'ar gets some of the meat and offers it to Emianth who takes it and starts to chew it carefully under his guidance.

From the hatching sands, Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Green Dragonet near to bounds away from the remains of her shell, scattering the shards with her paws. Pouncing upon some other egg's remains in one smooth hop, she flicks them away as well with so much negligence. Not what she wants. Pretty, but not what she wants. Masked face swings about from side to side, looking over all of those left over white-robed humans with quiet interest. Hmmmmm, maybe they are worth pouncing on as well. Well, one of them should be.

From the hatching sands, Banana and Chocolate Chip Sweet Too egg hatches out - you guessed it, man - another green. She's pretty. She's medium-sized. She's an acceptable shade of mint green. But why does she look so forlorn? Why, it's because she doesn't have her very own I'ron! Give it a minute. She's getting there. Soon enough, the buff lad from the Seacliffs is cockily blundering forwards. "I /know/ you're not talking about yourself like that, Chefth!"

Tilla shakes her head clear of the booze. "Ki'ar. I meant Ki'ar. This stuff is a lil strong." She claps for Toba. "Toba got bronze!" Thank you, Captain Obvious. "He's beautiful.."

Kriane was still on her first glass, but it's empty now, and she blinks fornornly into it. Awww. "Lantiiiii?"—there's a hint of a whine in the greenrider's voice — "Mooooar, please?" She blinks at the little bronze. Wait, did Toba just Impress? Clapping hands together, she cheers loudly, "Toba!" — and then there's a pause — "or whatever you name is now! WHOO!"

Her quiet little corner is suddenly not so quiet as Casara lets out a sudden yell. "Toba!" She's smiling at least, if not grinning. "Congratulations!"

Iasri chuckles, raising an almost flirtacious brow Lanti's way. "Yath isn't much of a talker. Though, he can appreciate beauty when he sees it." She clicks her tongue as Tilla gets her attention, cocking her head sidelong. "I should have bet this shit you know. I'd be shardin' rich." And then she's waggling her empty cup back towards the goldrider. "I could go for another fill if you have any more."

D'baji, despite having emptied his glass, is one of the few not holding it out to Lanti. Nope, he's got it wrapped up in those big hands, and is simply watching the last few eggs, expectant, while occasionally checking on the weyrlingmasters and newly impressed as they make their ways around.

From the hatching sands, "Tob— er. T'ab!" Takazyn corrects himself hastily as he grins at the newly impressed bronzerider. "Congratulations, T'ab. And Tyroth." There are not many eggs left on the sands, now. He bites his lip, gaze flickering from them to the green dragonet and back. "It'll be over soon, now," he murmurs to Andru and Sookie. He wipes his hands on his robe and fidgets some more, restless.

Lanti leans over to fill both Iasri's glass, then Kriane's. "Happy to please!" She spares a glance for the eggs, dragonets and weyrlings. It's a distanced sort of interest, though. "Shells, I can't wait to take a swim," Lanti mutters quietly.

From the hatching sands, Trying to give Tak a reassuring look, Andru is looking a little bit nervous himself. "Yes. Soon." He says nodding his head towards Takazyn. "Congratulations T'ab and Tyroth!" He calls out loudly.

From the hatching sands, Honey and Nuts and Pastry, Oh My! Egg is the last little egg left. Sadness. But wait! Soon enough, the mouthwatering egg splits open in vertical lines, the lighter layers flaking away and leaving the very— you guessed it again, how do you know these things?!— /green/ inhabitant of the egg's previous splendor cluttered with tan strips of egg shell. A local boy comes bouncing up. "I'm not naked!" His eyes widen. "Oh, you mean /I'm/ N'ked, now? Cheth, I don't know if I'm down with that!"

From the hatching sands, Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Green Dragonet drops into something of a crouch as she spies something, someone. Restless? Really? Patience, young one. Her back arches rather showily despite her attempts to sneak around, slipping around this wuss, shouldering aside that lackluster possibility. Her long tail flicks with burgeoning excitement, as she flat out scurries right for the opening between the legs of a tall Neratian. Out of the way, boy. You're cute, but you aren't my type.

Sarillia peers over. "Isn't that Toba? Oh how loovely! I was hoping he'd impress. Mm, who do you want to bet that roving green chooses?"

From the hatching sands, T'ab assists Tyroth over toward the meat with a hand, "See yer gettin' the hang of it so far." Helping him with the me, "Be careful bro, we don't wanna have you choke. Chew, Chew!" He pats the bronze, but his eyes are watching the candidates left on the sands, but he seems more distracted than usual.

Kriane is happy Lanti is happy to please! She almost spills the glass as she reels it back with a big grin to Lanti. She starts a long sip but then it turns into a coughing fit as she hears the name of the new greenrider. Sputtering, she manages to recover and choke out, "N'ked? Oh, that's going to be a winner!"

Lanti squints down at the sands, then begins stashing her things. She leans back so she can chat quickly with D'baji. "I'm thinking we stick with the caverns tonight for the celebration. That breeze was getting pretty chilly when we were heading over here."

From the hatching sands, Ki'ar continues to feed Emianth pausing from time to time to check out how the rest of the candidates are doing, "You've got it down now Emianth, chew slowly then swallow. Hey T'ab congratulations, looks like we'll be werylings together." Another glance is spared for the candidates still standing before he returns his attention to his lifemate.

Realilina calls, "T'ab! YEAH!" before grinning back at Sarillia. "Hm, I dunno. Oh, there's another green, too! Does that make eight?" she says, excited. She looks across the candidate offerings and hmmmmmms thoughtfully. "I couldn't say!"

From the hatching sands, Coora claps at T'ab's impression, giving a little flip of her short curls happily. "Oh, how great! Congrats T'ab!" Coora calls in a completely undignified manner from behind the shattered remains of the hatched eggs. "Oh, that green is pretty nice, too, don't you think Pippa?"

D'baji raises an eyebrow and tilts his head, both in Lanti's general direction. "Hmm?" Audio replay in his head. "Oh, sure. Figure the caverns people have the same plan, they'll help us with crowd control?" Tilla finishes up her drink, a bit more in control of herself now. "Sorry about that, folks. I promised Toba I'd cheer for him. And I always /keep/ my promises" She grins and looks down curiously at the green. "Not as nice as my Amu. But not bad looking."

Was that a Very Loud Rumble? Maybe there's a thunderstorm rolling in. Or maybe the crowds in the galleries are stomping their feet in anticipation.

From the hatching sands, Pippa turns to look over to Coora, and then across the sands to one of the last remaining dragons upon the sands. "Which green? There has been a lot," Pippa notes rather dryly. And wasn't someone going to bring some booze out to these sands? She could really use some right about now.

From the hatching sands, Takazyn grins lopsidedly at Andru, but his brows knit together at the rumbling. He flicks an uncertain glance around the sands, and then up to the galleries. "— Is that normal?"

From the hatching sands, Lethally Poisonous If Prepared Incorrectly Green Dragonet does believe that enough is enough. The playing and sneaking around has been fun, but it is well past time to get down to business. Luckily, this little green has known what she's wanted all along. With a no-nonense strutting walk, the dragonet walks straight up to one of the younger candidates. Tilting her head and letting out a soft rumble, she asks the inevitable. Be mine, Takazyn?

Eryn is sticking with her boring old wine. With the last egg hatched, she looks ready to flee before the stands crowd makes a break for the caverns, all but poised to sprint toward Imadrith. The rumble, though, gets her attention, and she looks around for the source, missing the no-nonsense green's Impression.

Darden glances up at the rumble as well, looking around the cavern before scooting a little closer to Linnau, his arm sliding around her waist.

Earth shake! Earth shake! The hatching cavern is shaking! Not enough to knock people out of their seats, but certainly enough to cause a flurry of concern. And the candidates? Let's hope those dragonets don't freak out. At least it doesn't last long… just a few seconds. But hey, everyone should be used to them by now, right?

Tilla stands up and woooots! "Tak. Tak!!! Congrats TAK!!!" Okay, now the cheering is well placed. She claps a bit too. And looks askance at the rumbling. Her face pales. Earth shake?!

Sarillia has lost count. "I'm not sure there." She grins at the strange rumbling. "A fancy percussion beat. Too bad we're not providing it. Except no room to dance here. And then. Oh there it goes. Another green.

From the hatching sands, "No idea." Andru says shrugging a little bit. The shaking causes Andru to have to take a better stance. He frons a little bit,"That wasn't very good." He says under his breath.

From the hatching sands, T'ab looks toward the small bronze dragonet, "Hey bro, are you still tipsy or something? Watch it." Then he holds the bronze looking around, "What was that?" He peers around looking for the reason for that noise. "Was that your stomach? You better not puke on me." He then looks at the green Impression, "Tak! Congrats!" The shake and the man moves closer to the feeding bronze, "Hold onto me, Tyroth."

Linnau, who's been silent throughout the hatching, gasps as things start to shake, holding onto Darden as panic spreads over her face. "What's going on?"

From the hatching sands, Coora blinks at Pippa in confusion. "Oh, uhm. That one. The one that is still wandering." Again, Coora's words are prempted by an impression and she grins. "The one that just Impressed to Takazyn. He's a sweet boy - it's a good match, don't you think, Jeyth?" The last is directed right at the gold with a grin. Surely Jeyth couldn't object to that pair. As usual, Coora is oblivious to the rumble, grinning and dancing happily. It's the second batch of rumblings that make Sidaaeth concerned and he trumpets anxiously at Jeyth. Their babies! They must be protected!

Kriane glances around. What was that soun — oh, hey, look! Takazyn Impressed! WHOO! She cheers for the little scrap for a boy. :He should grow up to be good-looking! Score! Oh, but wait, it's a green. Well, that — " her words are cut off by the shaking, and a bit of the juice sloshes out of her cup. "What was THAT?!" she demands.

"Damnit Tilla, sit DOWN." Iasri is leaping to her feet only for a moment to push her clutchmate back down with a grunt. Chill out. And then the brownrider is glancing wildly about her. "Damn. Damn." And her drink is spilling everywhere too.

Realilina reaches out to grab Sarillia's arm with a gasp as the ground shakes, almost dislodging her from her seat as she was leaning too far foward. She lets go when the pain hits her from her injured hand she grabbed with and she kind of falls onto the ground. Smooth! She totally meant to do that!

From the hatching sands, "T'zyn? Oh — /oh/." Suddenly, the nervousness fades from T'zyn's eyes. His smile stretches huge and bright and perhaps a touch mischievous as he steps forward to rest his hand against the dragon's neck. "Nymerith! Hi! — I think you're right about that. And I'm ready for anything." Even the rumbling ground can't dim his smile too much, though he does stay protectively closer to Nymerith as he leads her off the sands to get her fed.

From the hatching sands, "Oh, thank Faranth, it's over." Uhm, not that Pippa isn't happy that impressions have been made. She turns her head to nod to Coora at her words. "Dolphincrafter." Which should explain it all right there. But as the last impression is made to that mentioned ex'dolphincrafter, the young woman gives Jeyth a pat and then walks towards those who are left upon the sands. "This ain't the end of you all, aye. You are free to stay in the weyr. There will be other flights and clutches." Maybe she mutters something under her breath about green dragons, but its hard to hear with the sudden rumbling. "Or, maybe not being around here is a good idea…"

Lanti gradually gets to her feet, made difficult by the shaking and by the liquor. She frowns over at D'baji, then over at Iasri, Tilla and Kriane. "I'll, uh… make sure everything's ready." She mumbles something about collecting the cups later, then makes her way as quickly as possible toward the nearest stairs, hopefully ahead of the rush. "Official business. Don't get up, we're fine." Yeah.

From the hatching sands, Sookie slinks back and behind folks when T'ab is taken away by his new lifemate. A happy, "Congrats!" is uttered from behind a nameless candidate that shelters her from the cracking eggs.

D'baji's posture changes a little as the trembling seems to persist, feet going a bit wider apart, weight shifting forward, shoulders squaring. Head tilts next toward the ledge. A moment of communication thataway, then attention to the situation on the sands, then to that in the galleries. "Could do some crowd control ourselves, maybe," is shot quickly to Lanti. And she's already on her way out. Good stuff.

Sarillia reaches over to grasp Realilina and misses as the poor girl falls over. "Reali!" She rises to her feet to try to pick up the poor girl. "Here" she says, offering her arm for Reali's good arm to grab. "Lets go to the Living Caverns to get something to eat and drink, hm?"

Impressions made and things shaking that should not shake, Casara is making her way to the exit. She said she'd come. She came. Now she's going home. Simple as that.

Tilla is smushed back down in her seat and sticks her tongue out at Iasri, but not really in an annoyed fashion. And then, the shaking of the earth makes her gasp. "What's going on?" She asks in alarm.

Realilina seems kind of dazed, like maybe she hit her head a bit. "Yeah, sounds like a plan," she responds, grasping onto the offered arm and standing with a small glance onto the sands. "Is it over already?" and then "How many greens? Did we win?" Yup, she's fine.

From the hatching sands, "I'll be sticking around. This is my home. No intention to go anywhere else." Andru says shrugging absently, and considers for a moment,"Congratulation T'zyn and T'ab. I wish you guys luck." He calls out as begins heading back to get his stuff.

Iasri rises again now that the shaking is over, wiping her hands on her pants as she turns around to give her well-wishings to Lanti, but the goldrider already has scooted off. "Well, that was excited." The brownrider quips, turning to make her way towards the exit before giving Tilla a quick pause. "You coming?" And then off she goes, down to green the newly impressed riders. Whee!

Eryn tenses and grabs at her seat with both hands, wine glass barely missing another observer as it drops and shatters; perhaps this wasn't enough to dislodge most, but she's not taking any chances. Her expression is grim while she watches Lanti and D'baji, but their exits cue hers. Hatching over, another earth shake, and all is halfway to well at Ista Weyr. She quickly makes her way to Imadrith.

From the hatching sands, T'ab smiles toward Sookie faintly, "Oh Miss Sookie. Thanks. Tyroth says hi too." Even if he doesn't really. And then a reassuring smile to Andru, "Thanks bud, I hope to see you around too." Although he continues to have one arm wrapped around his lifemate, awaiting the next set of orders..

Kriane glances over to Tilla and Iasri, and then watches as Lanti leaves, and then back at the 'Reachians, and then shakes her head. She'll just… go lay down now, yeah.

From the hatching sands, Sookie smiles faintly, "Congrats!" to those who impressed, both friends and scary folk. Then she's running off the sands, probably to hide somewhere.

From the hatching sands, "You're tired, well we'll have to wait to see where they are taking us next then you can go to sleep, yes that is right shouldn't be much longer." Ki'ar watches those that didn't impress walk off the sands but then returns his attention to Emianth.

From the hatching sands, Thyia has been here the entire time, really. She has been helping others get food into their dragons while they wait, but now that the sands has cleared off her eyes turn towards those new weyrlings. "Everyone doing alright? If your dragons can manage to wait a little bit, I think we should move into the barracks." She smiles widely to those feeding their pairs, and other riders help with buckets of raw meat to help guide the new pairs along.

With alarm over the shaking ground seeming to have settled, D'baji, too, gets up and heads toward the stairs - grabbing his son on the way out. Family time, kiddo. Bwahahah.

From the hatching sands, "Thank you, Andru. Sookie." T'zyn smiles at the others. "I'll be glad to see you around." He stays close to Nymerith, petting her neck reassuringly while she eats. "Ready? You can have more when we relocate."

Linny continues to cling to Darden, holding tightly to him with both hands as the worry and panic refuses to leave right away. Eventually though, it fades as people start to file out, and Lin clears her throat, loosening her grip on her boyfriend. "Are you okay?" AKA did she hurt him with her clinging?

Darden shakes his head, smiling down at her reassuringly, "Not a bit," he murmurs. "Where would you like to go now that it's over?"

From the hatching sands, T'ab laughs as Tyroth seems more enticed by the food than the encouragement of T'ab. A smirk as he helps the still stumbling bronze move toward the relocation. "Aye, comin', just hope that we don't have any more of them shakes."

"I don't know. Want to go to the after-party, or do you want to go home? We could probably spend the night here if we really wanted to," Linny replies, looking to Darden for a decision.

Darden gets to his feet, pulling her up with him. "Let's catch a ride back to the Reaches. You look tired." He gives her a secret smile and leads her to the exit, going home.

Jeyth and Sidaaeth

Rider Dragon Colour
T'ab Tyroth Bronze
Ki'ar Emianth Blue
T'zyn Nymerith Green
Au'zie (NPC) Oith Bronze
Lux (NPC) Abstineth Brown
G'out (NPC) Honoryth Blue
Linguini (NPC) Alfredoth Blue
A'dam (NPC) Lamberth Blue
P'ork (NPC) Fath Green
H'einz (NPC) Fitiseveth Green
Ave (Avaricia) (NPC) Charityth Green
Ra'chel (NPC) Rayth Green
Al'tn (NPC) Brownth Green
Gord'n (NPC) Ramsieth Green
N'rci (NPC) Hummilith Green
Lysette (NPC) Purityth Green
S'monella (NPC) Pistatioth Green
I'ron (NPC) Chefth Green
N'ked (NPC) Cheth Green

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