Hatching 51

Candidate's Barracks
Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — the black volcanic rock has been painted with a cheerful mural, with the other walls painted in green and orange thoughtfully, before resuming the stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.
Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are twenty-three firelizards.
You see CANDIDATE INFORMATION BOARD, Pippa's Cot, Risya's Cot, Leorra's Space, Zaria's Cot, Myrdin's Cot, Jakina's Cot, Sobene's Cot, Corwin's Cot, Loren's Cot, Siril's Cot, Grafitti Wall, and A Mural here.
You notice Siril, Sobene, and Corwin asleep here.
Risya, Pippa, Jakina, Leorra, Zaria, and Myrdin are here.

Jakina's eyes narrow even more at Myrdin as he offers jerky. Her nostrils flare and she throws her arms up in a defeated gesture. "That's not the /point/, Myrdin. The point is that we all have to live and sleep here. And whether you clean up or not doesn't make it any less wrong that yer eatin' in here."

D'baji bursts into the barracks with no real grace, giving a below even as candidates from all over are being herded in by AWLMs to get themselves robed. "Dragons are hummin', you can feel it! Everyone get yourselves in white! No jewellry, nothin' on the sands but you, sandals an' a robe!"

Risya starts to shake her head, as Jakina and Myrdin start to go in it, but D'baji's dramatic entrance has her jerking, then falling off her cot onto the ground. There is a moment's pause, an 'Ow', before the actual words get figured. She pales under the tan, then is scrambling up, dig out the robe.

Leorra just about falls off her cot when D'baji bursts in. Luckily she's more level headed than that. She caps her nail polish immediately, and rolls off the cot to the hidden side, emerging after a moment in robes. She's now messily braiding her hair, staring down at her not-quite-dry toes. In sandals and still braiding her hair she stands up, not sure if she should dash out the door or wait.

Myrdin waves a hand at Jakina, clearly not seeing the issue at hand. "Aw, don't worry about it Kina, the place never smells and I've been doing this since I was Searched." But then D'baji comes busting into the Barracks and he stares. "Now? But I haven't finished lunch!" He takes a minute to finish his sweet stick before rushing over to his cot and grabbing his robe. He changes in a flash, wiping off the crumbs from his face.

Zaria stuffs the last of her bubbly into her mouth as she feels her eyes go very wide. The robe that she had worked so hard on is snagged off of the press at the foot of her cot and Zar is soon peeling out of her regular clothes and into her robe. No thought is given to whether there are others in the room or not.

Jakina forgets all about berating Myrdin for eating in the barracks when D'baji bursts in. Still sitting on her cot, she stares at the Weyrleader for a moment, then swings her legs down to the floor and moves over to her clothes press to fetch sandals and robes. "I didn't hear the dragons at all…" she mutters as she begins to change without regard for boys being present or not.

Pippa's mouth is rather full of food though, chewing away as D'baji enters. She stalls for a moment, blinking and tilting her head to the side to listen. "Mmshhh." Errr. Swallow. She draws her hand across her lips to get rid of any crumbs, and then she glances to the others with a wry grin. "Shove it all in your mouth, Myrdin. You can eat on the way to the sands."

D'baji starts up a headcount as chaos ensues, doing his best to keep track of who all is present. "Right! Once you're dressed, you wanna line up along this wall!" The wall to his left is demonstrated with one big hand.

Risya shakes her head, and shucks off one set of clothes to pull on her robe, twisting and turning to get things untwisted and the like, before glancing at the sandals. Dismissing that as a worry, she turns to the small ledge with the firelizards, "You stay here, Valiant. Understand? Stay /here/." That said, and having made her braid is still presentable and not tucked under the neckline, looks over at the others, and moves towards the line with a couple of the girls.

Snoring comes from Corwin's bunk when D'baji bursts in to make a scene, he blinks awake, "What? Already?" he sits up and looks around at the others before starting to get his robes and slip them on over his clothes. "Oh right… no nothing." he slips the robe off again, strips down to his underclothing, then slips the robes on. He ties them off around the waist and then follows over to the line. At this point, he is along for the ride.

Myrdin is girl crazy but he's not a creep. He politely faces the wall while the girls get changed, busying himself with the last of his jerky. Once the order to line up is given he moves over to the wall, leaning against it and chewing away frantically. Once he's finished the last of his meal he sighs happily. "Least I won't be starved out there."

Hatching Grounds
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered not even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified.
Gold Ryazusith, bronze Azmaioth, gold Talicanitath, and bronze Nverath are here.

You see Mound of Eggs, Immaculate Grilled Cheese Egg, The Sentinel Egg, Aging Tyrant Egg, Dark Dangerous Egg, One Ring Egg, Easter Egg, Book of Amun Ra Egg, Mayapore's Salvation Egg, Scribbled Curses Egg, Ceremonial Dragon Butte Egg, Rising From the Waters Egg, Framed Fresco Egg, Trumpeting Egg, Simple Chalice Egg, Star Shield Egg, Guardian of the Tomb Egg, Book of the Dead Egg, A Sacrifice for Kali Egg, Shiva's Benevolent Gift Egg, Entombed Soldier Egg, Ark of the Covenant Egg, and IstaWeyrBldr here.
You notice Minka and Lendai asleep here.
Lanti, Sin, and Thyia are here.

Leorra strides out onto the sands.

Risya walks out onto the sands.

Zaria walks out onto the sands.

Jakina walks out onto the sands.

Myrdin walks out onto the sands.

Pippa strides out onto the sands.

Corwin walks out onto the sands.

S'eron wanders out onto the sands.

Rising From the Waters Egg gives a shiver and rocks back and forth. Boo~ored.

D'baji is at the head of a mass of candidates heading out onto the sands. Minka is already present - Lendai, however, is distinctly missing from the hatching cavern.

Brimming with excitement and expectation and none too few still working to adjust hastily donned clothing. Candidate after candidate file out onto the sands in the wake of the Weyrleader, a line of white cloth and already glossy faces. The bow to the dragon parents is supposed to be prefect in theory, but as the candidates bow, one and all, there are a couple here and there that might be a bit deeper or a little belated.

Guardian of the Tomb Egg gives a little shiver, then settles back into a much more comfortable immobility.

Leorra looks out across the sands after her somewhat shakey bow. Suddenly it looks a lot scarier than all the egg touchings. Not wanting to be left alone, she looks around and spots risya. She just barely keeps herself from clinging to the girl. "Faranth, this is kinda scary, eh Ris?" She says with a nervous chuckle. Oh yeah, just wait till the eggs start exploding.

Zaria blinks as she spots the first egg move almost imediately from coming up from her bow to the parents. Closest hand to hers gets clutched at, as luck would have it (or planning on her part) Myrdin's hand is the one for which the girl grabs. Scared? You bet.

Jakina looks around nervously even after taking the bow to the clutch parents, but also up toward the galleries and the ledges beyond. She swallows a lump in her throat, then turns to focus her attention on the eggs. "Shards…" she mumbles and sidles over toward Pippa. "It's different when you're /on/ the Sands, innit?"

Myrdin is one of those belated bowers, he looks around a bit dazed at the eggs and clutchparents. "Can't believe they decided to hatch during lunch." He mutters as he moves further onto the hot Sands. Suddenly he yelps, looking down at his feet. "I forgot my sandals!" He whines to his fellow Candidates, hopping his way to the back of the group, far from the wobbling eggs.

One Ring Egg gives a few faint rockings before lying still.

S'eron waits nearby the candidates, hands clasped behind his back and eyes narrowed on the lot. He is lucky enough to be wearing dark colors and heavy boots, so he appears mostly comfortable despite the sweating. "Spread out a bit, guys. Give the dragonets - whenever they're out - a little more of a chance to see all of you, eh?" He unclasps his hands and waves the candidates on.

Rising From the Waters Egg shudders and shakes — hairline cracks start to appear, fracturing the blue-green surface. The silver portions of the shell break apart from the rest, thrust abruptly upward before falling to the sands. From this hole, a leg appears, then shoulders and head and wings all at once — the rest of the egg finally shatters, falling away in a flash of blue — or is that green?

See a Penny Pick It Up Green Dragonet
Built upon broad and sturdy lines, though no less comely for it, she is fair of form and figure: her hide is near to luminescent, free of imperfections over a well-proportioned frame. When caught by Rukbat's rays, lazurite highlights play over a base of oxidized copper; she irridesces, hints of shadowed blues across the curves of neck and hip and flank. There too, across her wings ? shimmers of azurite and malachite that shine, that glitter down 'cross shoulders and back, that coil 'round the lovely length of her tail.

Pippa is one of those still adjusting, fingers tugging at the edges of her robe, and a glance around at her rear to make sure all is covered and good. After the bow though, a foot shakes to rid the few wayward sand grains that managed to win between her feet and the sole. She breaks into a huge grin at Jakina, eyes crinkling in the corners as well, "Sharding lot different. Just be ready to move fast. Those baby talons look mean."

Risya's bow is a bit deep, but once they have stood up, and make to their places, offers Leo a bit of a smile, and takes the hand, "Definately different. You alright, sweetie?" she asks the girl, all the world as if this was just a new outing, and not life and death. Of course, that would discount the deathgrip she has on Leorra's hand. At S'eron's urging, she nods a couple of steps to the left, and steps that way.

Zaria lets out a soft 'oh' as a green breaks shell first, then she's back to clinging to whomever was unlucky enough to have her glom onto them. Pity the candidate that has Zar clinging to him or her.

Myrdin is too focused on the pain and getting away from the eggs to notice that Zaria has latched onto him. Once he stops moving however he blinks over at Zaria. "Come to hide with me?" He asks with a grin, though his green eyes till flash over to the eggs. The first dragonet is caught and he eeps. "Green! That's your cue, Zar!"

Lanti stands near the entrance, looking fairly comfortable, but… irritated. A scowl creases her forehead from time to time, and once the candidates start filing in, she scans each and every white-clad child with even harder scrutiny before turning to S'eron. "Did you see Lendai? I can't believe she's late for her first clutching. Such a…" But the rest of the muttering is too quiet to hear, probably even for S'eron.

Corwin follows the example of the others and bows along with everyone else before following the group. He moves away towards Myrdin who proclaimed his forgetfulness, "Perhapse they have some spares around?" he offers semi-helpfully while keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings. He tries to stuff hands into pockets that dont exist, "Shards, i should have added pockets."

Leorra looks up at the galleries, not picking out anyone she knows. She just needs to looks somewhere, somewhere not the eggs. Because they may have been amazing and interesting before, but they're danged scary when they start moving. She looks around, trying to make sure one doesn't explode to close. "Yeah, I'm alright I guess. I'll be— She just about jumps out of her skin when the rising from the waters egg goes, it's a wonder that she didn't tear Risya's arm off. Maybe she isn't okay. "Green." She mutters.

Jakina gives a quiet nod to Pippa, a stunned kind of look crossing her face as she stares at the first dragonet to hatch, her gaze falling to its talons. "Yeah… Move fast. Gotcha," she says and takes half a step away from the other candidate, her eyes kept mostly on the dragonet, though she glances around the other eggs, making sure there aren't any ninja-moves from them.

S'eron has the keen hearing of a ninja and he still doesn't hear what Lanti mutters.

Sin is here, amongst the weyrling staff; she is uncomfortable on the sands, and keeps shifting to look for — someone. Something. Who knows what. Above, on the ledges, Iqiazath assumes the position, a green-grey gargoyle come to life.

Thyia was out there when they were herding candidates, glancing warily up to the clutchparents and sticking close to the other weyrlingmaster's staff, though she can't help a slow grin form as she glances towards the candidates. She doesn't stand still, but her eyes were shifting around more than her feet were.

Pippa flashes another grin towards Jakina, along with a wink that probably isn't reassuring at all. At the sound of a cracking egg, the girl's attention turns towards the eggs, the real reason they are arrayed out there. As a green emerges, that gets a blink, "Bet she's… what?" Having caught some murmuring about a certain goldrider's absence from the festivities, the teen rises to her toes to peer over heads. "Huh."

D'baji gets himself to the senior weyrwoman's side soon enough, giving Minka a quick grin. He surveys the ranks of weyrlingmaster-types, doing his best to catch S'eron's eye and giving a quick nod. A glance to Talicanitath, then, and the lack of Lendai. And the new green is then squinted at. "Tali's hatched first. Lookit that." Probably muttered to the weyrwoman.

Zaria has her eyes locked on the eggs, she had thought this would be a good thing why, exactly? And poor Myr's hand gets an extra hard squeeze as he points out the green she'd already spotted, "I s-s-s-see h-her," she says softly, the girl would normally be concerned for Myrdin's feet, but just now she's concerned for her own well being.

Myrdin grins at Corwin as he moves towards them, shaking his head a bit. "I doubt it for some reason. And I can just imagine Thyia laughing at me about it." The squeeze from Zaria gets a strained look onto his face but he grins either way. "Don't worry, it'll be okay! If they start heading this way just run behind a Candidate or two."

Risya cranes her head a touch to spot the first hatchling, "That's a pretty lass…" voice a touch strangled, much like her arm, before she shifts a bit from foot to foot.

Ceremonial Dragon Butte Egg is twisted onto its side by some inner force. The egg continues to tremble, but doesn't yet brea.

See a Penny Pick It Up Green Dragonet stretches languidly as she rooolls out of her egg shell remnants and turns big ol' eyes upon her clutch mother. The look is affectionate and respectful for a moment, but the gold doesn't hold her attention for long. Soon, she's too focused on getting her feet underneath her and seeing what she can do with them. She stretches once more before starting to walk, wings stretched out as far as they will go to her right and left.

Entombed Solider Egg gives a shake, then a shuffle, then turns halfway 'round before bumping into one of its mates and splitting right down the middle. The little blue who tumbles out takes a few steps to really get control of his feet, but once he does, he weaves this way and that until he finally sits at the feet of Vaeshia, an Istan Dolphincraft apprentice recently brought to the Weyr. Vaeshia, now Shia, smiles down at the blue, touches his knobby head and announces, "His name is Janith!" The two are quick to move out of the way.

"What?" Jakina says, turning a glance at Pippa with a raised brow. But she's not about to let those dragonets get the better of her and turns her eyes back to the eggs and the green dragonet. She keeps a good eye on the green and entirely misses the next hatching. Ninja dragonets, indeed.

S'eron does notice D'baji's look and nods back, turning to cast a glance over at Lanti again, then out once more, a wrinkle of concern appearing between his eyes. "Maybe she got caught in the bath and can't get dressed that quickly? Did you want me to send someone to look for her?"

Corwin shifts from foot to foot in the sand and returns the grin, "Well she might laugh, after you get out of the infirmary with raw feet." He glances over to the girl who proclaimes the dragons name, "Well thats one down." said a little lower in tone. "I thought the padding would help… i was… wrong." Now looking to see if anymore have hatched when he wasnt paying attention.

Lanti relaxes somewhat as the hatching truly gets underway, though she can still be seen shaking her head and muttering from time to time, and glances over her shoulder as if it will bring the junior gold rider to the sands any more quickly.

Easter Egg shivers, grates against the sand — then settles. Now is not its time.

Leorra looses her grip on Risya's arm as soon as she realizes what she did. "'M sorry Ris." She mutters. She looks down at her freshly painted luminescent blue toenails. Well at least they're drying. Just when she'd gotten used to the eggs, and one hadn't gone for a while, another goes. Leo jumps again, but she keeps herself from injuring Risya. "Oh look a blue. This isn't so bad, I don't think."

Scribbled Curses Egg wobbles suddenly, then goes awfully still.

"Green," Sin mutters under her breath, "followed by blue? Shells." She's still muttering to herself as she pulls a small book out of her back pocket, and starts making notes in it.

Risya offers to Leorra a simple, "Nothin's to be apologizin' about - here, how about hands?" before turning again, "Isn't that one of Pippa's crafters?" Because, after all, Pippa owns the dolphin craft.

Zaria blinks and then sighs as the blue hatchling finds his mate quickly, "Wh-wh-when th-this is d-d-done," and a big gulp of air is taken to calm the girl's nerves just a bit, "r-r-remind m-m-me t-t-to st-stay aw-way f-from d-d-dragons," at least for a little while. The girl can't help but be fascinated by dragons, just right now she's also scared half out of her mind.

"She isn't-" And yet again Pippa's words are abbreviated as something else causes her to stop her thought-process. "Oh shells, she got a blue?" is spoken rather aloud to herself than really for the benefit of anyone else. Dolphincraft represent! A hand reaches up to tuck back one of her recent plaits of hair behind her ear to keep it away from her eyes. A glance is cast to Risya, "/Fellow/ crafters, aye."

Myrdin eyes See a Penny Pick It Up Green warily, shuffling a few paces back. "They're on the move." He warns the others, glancing at the other egg, ready to see what he's up against. The blue impression is missed but the cheering isn't. "Blue first for impression? That wins me a mark." He says happily. "Aw, Zar, they ain't /that/ bad. Just the babies you gotta worry about."

The Sentinel Egg is hurled violently forward, toppling and cracking, rolling and shedding chunks of shell until a gooey little bronze is left, pretzeled up in the debris. It takes some time for him to right himself, but once he's found his feet, the dragonet takes no time in searching out Yahibol, a young seacrafter. Y'bol gives a triumphant cry of, "Dharath!" as he is escorted off the sands by a weyrlingmaster.

See a Penny Pick It Up Green Dragonet slows down before she's anywhere near one of those white things, claws digging into the sands as she peers at them. She takes a half step back, her head shaking slowly on her shapely neck. She glances over her shoulder at her mother once more and then shies back further, starting to look confused and lost. Her tail twitches in the sand and her rump lowers down, incredibly wary of the candidate offerings. Her head lowers until her breath starts blowing up puffs of sand.

Zaria blinks at the green hatchling and then steps a little closer to Myrdin, "Wh-why isn't sh-she l-l-looking f-f-for h-her m-m-mate?" concern evident in that stuttered question. The girl is now hopping from one foot to the next to try and ease the heat coming up from the sands and through her sandals.

"Who isn't— What?" Jakina asks and glances around to take notice of the ninja impression. Her eyes grow wide as she looks at the new weyrling and her lifemate. "Is it always like this, Pippa? So… Surprising?" She glances toward the other candidate and it's only by virtue of her eyes sweeping that way that she sees a bronze hatch and impress. Movement to the side has her switch her gaze again, looking toward the green that hatched first. "Looks like she can't decide.."

Thyia didn't seem to notice the lack of certain important people on the sands, though she glances back curiously to Lanti for a moment before turning back to the sands. "Congratulations," she calls out, all big grins to the new pairs. While the rest of the staff is already helping the first, she steps forward to wave Y'bol over. "Right this way. We have food ready for Dharath."

Deciding that Myrdin is a little busy with his friend, he moves away to watch from a better angle. He sighs as one of the eggs he tried to touch before has already hatched and impressed with a slight shrug. Oh well can't win them all. Waiting to see whats next he resolves himself to more pleasant thoughts, perhaps his future lifemate is here with some other egg… or perhaps not. (Corwin)

Leorra takes Risya's hand as soon as it was offered. At least it helps. "Did you see that, a bronze came out of the sentinel egg." She mutters. After looking around some more, she mutters to herself, "Why hasn't the green picked anyone?"

Lanti has given up searching for her colleague and has switched to frowning at the first green who hatched, starting all the chaos of the day.

Myrdin is uneasy at the Penny Green's antics, frowning at her as her form is taken in. "It looks like she's gonna pounce, doesn't it? Right? I mean, that's what things look like when they're about to pounce." Yup, someone's nervous. He trips a bit while sidestepping closer to a knot of Candidates but manages to save himself from falling onto the hot sands.

Kriane walks out onto the sands.

Lendai moves out onto the sands, after the last candidate. Her eyes stretch over to where the other clutchparents stand, as well as to where Talicanitath anxiously shuffles. She's only on the sands a second, because she moves back off towards the entrance. Of course, she appears once more, not about to miss another moment of her dragon's first clutch. But this time, the goldrider is dragging what looks like to be another candidate. Oooh, missed one. "Go on, mingle with the rest of your group." She grins at said candidate, making a shoo'ing motion with her hands. "And be careful out there! I'll be watching!" That said and done, Lendai makes a quick line over to her gold, not even bothering to bow to any of the others dragons or riders on the sands. Placing a hand on Talicanitath's muzzle once she arrives at the dragon's side, she lets out a breath. Let the festivities begin!

One Ring Egg starts shuddering more now, dislodging sand as the dragonet itself works at its shell.

Kriane looks around, shifty-like, and nods to Lendai, skittering onto the Sands before someone recognizes her and giving a nice deep bow to clutch parents. She's totally supposed to be here, don't you know? Quickly, she joins in with the other girls, allowing herself to be assimilated into the crowd. Her eyes survey the Sands before settling on the form of the first-Hatched. Hey, a dragon! This crazy plan was actually working! A big smile is plastered onto her face as she watches the movements of the green, taking a moment to mentally hurrah for the new bluerider and bronzerider, before she's back on the green. Poor dear! Wasn't her 'rider on the Sands? Was it true what they said about dragons going… /between/… if they couldn't find their lifemate?

Risya tilts her head a touch, then murmurs to Leorra, "Perhaps she's bein' shy?" she offers to her fellow candidate.

"Aye, never rightly know who is going to impress, or to what color," Pippa notes to Jakina, trying to sound knowledgeable 'n stuff. "Like him." A finger sort of wavers in the direction of the newly impressed Y'bol. "I swear to you, that boy seemed a little… you know? Not at all a bronze type at all. Shells, I would figure him impressing a firelizard, let alone a dragon." She shakes a foot again, toes wiggling as despite her best efforts sand grains still attach themselves to her.

Sin snaps her little book shut, moving toward the recently Impressed and herding them off the sands — which puts her in position to see Lendai's entrance. She starts to snap something at the weyr's most junior goldrider, despite all trappings of rank, when Lendai disappears again. Sin's eyes narrow, and she strides toward the sands entrance — she only makes it a few steps before the goldrider reappears, and, "Hey," the greenrider barks, "/HEY/. Get her /off/ the /sands/." She's already moving to do so, even though she really doesn't have the authority. "/D'baji/!" is bellowed for, and she gestures wildly in Kriane's direction.

Lanti's head jerks slightly as she sees someone streak past her. Then she looks closer. It's when she's about to call after Lendai that she spots the candidate the other rider dragged in. Lanti's eyes go wide and her nostrils flare, hands tightening into fists at her side. Rather than address the two parties, she turns to S'eron. "You still have some of those old practice dummies for flamethrowing practice, right?" she drawls, jaw clenched a little too tightly. "I think we just found two more dummies for you."

See a Penny Pick It Up Green Dragonet stirs once more, her bored revelry interrupted by something - something interesting. Her head swings this way and then that way as she attempts to pinpoint this exciting new item, jumping to her feet and starting to walk again. That walk soon turns into a run. She's directionless still, turning her head from right to left and left to right again, but she's running. She's definitely excited too.

One Ring Egg has finally stopped violently rocking, as the struggling dragonet gathers its strength. Audible cracks are heard as fissures mar the dark surface of the shell, overlapping its fiery striations. Its goal near, the occupant gives one final push to roll the egg onto its side, breaking the rest of the egg with a scattering of shards. A gooey small blue dragonet comes tumbling forth, flopping head over tail to land in a heap on the hot sands.

Second Breakfast Blue Dragonet
All the queen's horses and all the queen's men have put this fair blue together again; crafted with more enthusiasm than skill, he is a child's caricature of a dragon come to life. The merry brilliance of his hide only highlights his disproportion: bright over bulky, bobble-headed form, it draws further attention to foreshortened limbs and rotund waistline. The undersides of stubby wings are streaked with color; flashes of green and yellow and darker blue. These same hues are echoed over the tops of overlarge feet, with thin strips of darkling blue creating, from a distance, the illusion of hair. The subtlest shine of silver is seen only when the light catches him just so, banded 'round his broad belly and at the base of a short, thick tail.

Nverath's approving warble for the bronze's choice has D'baji grinning - though that's all cut off as Sin bellows his name. "Lanti!" is bellowed in turn, and the bronzerider thrusts an angry finger toward Kriane. As for himself, D'baji starts stalking toward that junior weyrwoman.

"I suppose," Jakina replies to Pippa with a slow nod her gaze still darting here and there keeping an eye on both dragonets and eggs, not to mention a quick glance now and then toward the ledges. A bark from Sin has her turn around to look what's up and she follows the greenrider's gesture toward Kriane, eyes widening. "Oh oh.. Trouble." And once again, she misses the ninja moves from the first hatched green.

Zaria lets out a soft eep and moves, okay pushes, Myrdin closer to the other candidates that are farthest away from the green hatchling. Pick a penny may be lovely, but she's moving with an aweful lot of speed for a hatchling. The girl pushing at her fellow candidate just doesn't want to get run down don't you know.

Leorra has totally gotten used to this by now. She hardly even notices the blue tumble out of the one ring egg, except to nudge risya and point in her direction. But what she didn't expect is Kriane. Her finger's up in a flash, saying: "Faranth, is that /Kriane/?" and mutters to herself, "Didn't think she'd have the guts to sneak onto the sands.

"Uh oh, now this could be good." Corwin looks over to where Kriane is showing up and Sin's outburst. "I've never seen anyone tossed off the sands forcefully before." His whole attitude thus far is that he is a spectator who may impress, if anything its going to be a good show. When the blue impresses he catches it out of the corner of his eye, "Oh another blue." studying it for a bit.

"Lanti - look," The chuckle rumbling deep in S'eron's chest at Lanti's suggestion is swept away when keen jade eyes catch the perking in the young green's attitude. He doesn't say much more though, a frown pulling at his lips as his attention sweeps from Sin to Iqiazath on the ledges.

Ooooh, chaos on the sands. And it has nothing to do with the dragons, kinda. Using her height to her advantage, Pippa peers over a few heads to glances to the edges with a curious frown, only to blink with exaggeration as Kriane joins their ranks. Teh teen looks to be about to elbow Jakina in the side, "Oh shells, look what the cat drug in." Teeth bite at her bottom lip to try her best to keep her grin from becoming too bright. "Those girls got balls."

Thyia was still helping unsteady dragons off the sands when she turns her head up to all the shouting. "What in Faranth's…" Her grey eyes find Kriane, where all the fuss is being directed, and she frowns deeply. She gives her head a brief shake, but leaves the higher-ups to it.

Myrdin totally misses Kriane sneaking onto the Sands, he's much to busy watching the the dragon action. "Oh Faranth, she's on the move!" He squeaks before moving even further back. Second Breakfast Blue isn't even noted, he's much too busy trying to hide behind some girls. "Take them, I"m too pretty!"

Lanti touches a finger to her forehead in a quick salute to acknowledge D'baji's directive. She immediately begins following in Kriane's wake, pushing candidates out of her way if need be.

Kriane glances over her shoulder. Craaaap, they were onto them! She idly hopes Lendai was right about them not being able to kick a junior weyrwoman out, shifting her weight between feet. She gives a small wave to Leorra at the mention of her name, before looking back at the green… or where she was a moment before. Odd. The blue is given a look before her eyes find the green again. Geez, she hoped the dragon didn't end up plowing anyone over.

Scribbled Curses Egg hops once, managing to clear the sands before settling into a new hollow.

Risya gnaws on her lower lip, as she also looks towards Kriane, worry apparent. "I hope she knows what she's doin'… didn't I just see Lendai, too?" There is a pause, as she considers the girl being here, and everyone heading towards her, when the fact that the green dragonet is running somewhat aimlessly. "Keep an eye out, sweetie. Looks like another hatched. Blue? Oohh."

There's a roll and a skid as the See A Penny Pick It Up Green Dragonet takes a tumble, her attention locked on something - or rather, someone. That /special/ someone. She starts into a quick bee-line, coming to stop only at the end of the caverns, where she sprays a candidate with a shower of sand. She turns her back end around, flicking all other candidates away with a wave of her tail before plopping down on her belly in front of Kriane.

Leorra drops Risya's hand at the wave. At least somebody has guts. …And a dragon too it seems. She cups her hands around her mouth and shouts. "YES! YAY KRIANE!" She hopping up and down and fist pumping now.

Jakina is no longer noticing dragonets or eggs as she's turned fully to look at Kriane with an irritated and angry expression on her face. "Leave it to /her/ to find a way to bribe her way back on the Sands," she says, crossing her arms over her chest. And since she's watching, the little ninja-green isn't pulling any more ninja moves on her and she sees it all as Kriane impresses. "Oh for /Faranth's/ sake!"

Second Breakfast Blue Dragonet lies still for a good long moment, head reeling a bit from the tumble. Eventually he gets his feet under him, mouth working to push out sand that he very nearly swallowed. Yuck! He creels loudly, obviously displeased with the taste. He gives a few uneasy jerks, hoping to dislodge some sand off his gooey hide and failing miserably. So without having anything else to do, he turns his eyes upwards first to the gold and bronze big dragons and finally towards the white candidates. With another creel, he takes his first steps… and promptly faceplants into the sands again.

Sin flings a hand upward in /stop/ motion, her headlong rush toward Kriane slowling, stopping as she looks up at the ledges. "/No/," she barks sharply, her face suddenly drawn in horror as her lifemate starts to /move/ — but then her expression clears and her head whips around, as if directed by some outside force. "/Oh/," she rumbles, "well, /shells/." The little book is dug out of her pocket again, as she notes down name and color and starts muttering under her breath. "Come on, Kriane, this way," she calls out to the newly Impressed, waving them over to the sands' edge.

Siril walks out onto the sands.

D'baji is right up beside Lendai, and in the process of pointing out Kriane when the green at her feet is noticed. The weyrleader is left quite speechless, apart from a growled, "We're talkin' after the hatching,", and it's off toward Nverath that he stalks - not hesitating sending a foreboding sort of look toward Sin and Lanti.

Pippa reaches a hand over as if to grab a fist-full of Jakina's robe at the impression. "Hah." Oh yes, 'hah'. Clearly one of those moments. "Just figures that was going to happen, didn't it?" She snorts in amusement, shaking her head slowly from side to side with the slightest of grins tickling about her lips. "They are going to be talking about that one for a bit."

Zaria sighs in relief as the green heads towards the late entry of Kriane's person. She'd rather not get mauled by a dragonet today anyway, thanks just the same. Myrdin is eyed then snickered at before she's once more watching hatchlings and planning which way to dodge in case one comes crashing her way.

Siril bows at the clutch parents, then looks at the hatching dragonets. Finding it scary, magical, and revolting all at the same time. Siril starts rock back and forth, sweat pouring down his face. after a few minutes of this Siril speaks. "I… I don't feel so well… is there… water available?"

Myrdin is one of those pushed over by the Junior Weyrwoman, lucky he's got good balance. "This place is a free for all." He says, rubbing the back of his head. The greens Impression to Kriane is caught though and he gives a sigh of relief. "Congrats Kri!" He shouts loudly, settling back into his original spot now that the danger is over. Second Breakfast Blue's ungraceful attempt at walking is noted. "Unstable, he might fall onto one of us."

S'eron continues to glance between Sin and Iqiazath, frowning deeply. He stalks up behind them and eyes Sin from a closer proximity. "You want me to take care of this one?"

Siril looks around wildly. "Kriane is here?!? Wasn't she kicked outta here?"

Mayapore's Slavation Egg shivers, shakes, and cracks. Out shimmies a green, on her stomach on the sands for only a moment before she's up and scampering toward a group of candidates - with something of a limp, fault of a deformed front leg. Atelos, standing with fellow candidates, gives a hiss of sympathy, and perhaps that's what attracts Perficith - the name T'los declares once the lame green has chosen him.

Kriane is in shock. By the shell of… her dragon! Swirling eyes meet Kriane's own in a moment of complete rature. «They want us to go.» Ikkasanaith encorages, giving her rider a little nudge towards the calling 'rider. Kriane takes a moment to glance between the other 'rider and the green, smile lighting up her face. "This way," she says, leading her dragon on. /Her/ dragon. Recovering for a moment of coherent thought, she gives a thumbs up to Lendai.

Lanti stops midstride and just glares. GLARES. If she were a canine, her hackles would be raised and the scruff of her neck would be all bristly fur. She does bare her teeth and finally continues, forcing her motions to something at least resembling a highly strained calm. "Kriane," she states (it wasn't quite a bark). "Bring your… you two, come with me." She does an about-face and heads back towards S'eron, shaking her head to him darkly along the way.

Corwin chuckles softly, not at the blue having a hard time walking, but at Kriane who managed to not get the heave ho. He calls from his position, "Congrats Kriane!" that'll show em for kicking her off. He returns his attention to the blue, is it going for someone already? "They seem to impress so quickly, as if they know who they want before they even fall out of the shell."

Jakina glowers at Pippa's comment, muttering something under her breath that's for her own ears only, but her expression is certainly not friendly at all. She turns her back to the spectacle involving Kriane and her lifemate to have a look at the clumsy blue dragon staggering around the sands.

Risya winces a bit as the little blue takes a faceplant, before offering, "At least this is a somewhat soft landin'?" Her free hand reaches back to rub at her hip, where she took her own spill at the begining of all this. Still and all, she has to call out, "Congrats, Kria - and good luck.." Because someone is going to be so deep in it, it'll be months before sky can be seen again.

S'eron bows out once Lanti arrives, head shaking as well, but his expression is far from dark. He draws in a deep breatha nd turns around looking toward T'los and Perficith. He waves an assistant weyrling master in their direction "Go on! Take them to the barracks. Congratulations, T'los."

Leorra has been.. Quiet. Aside from Kriane's impression, she's been trying /really/ hard to ignore all the eggs and hatchlings and everything. Eventually it has to all go away, right? She's more willing to talk now, anyway. "Aw, the poor blue. Who do you think will impress'm, Risya?"

"Got it," Sin growls to S'eron, "wasn't her the freakazoid was worried 'bout, was us tryin' to stop her." Lendai is given death-glares, but Sin eventually settles back into position, book in hand.

Second Breakfast Blue Dragonet tries to look like he meant to do that. His hind legs continuing to move as he drags himself into the sand further. His front paws finally find purchase, picking himself up to his full height — which isn't that impressive — and he practices more of those jerky steps, trying to keep upright. Finding that he finally manages it, somewhat, the blue looks up with excitement, and starts to move closer to a group of candidates.

Risya looks after the crippled green, then towards the newest dragonet, before leaning over to Leorra, "Well, whoever it is, hopefully it's bein' one who can handle bruises.."

"Oh, great. Who should I still be worried about?" S'eron steps back toward the candidates once more, staying far enough away so as not to confuse the dragonets.

Guardian of the Tomb Egg wriggles around a bit, rotating on its axis more than rocking…

Zaria scans the hatchlings on the sands and the eggs yet to hatch, wariness seems to be in order. Her grip on Myrdin's hand is loosened a little, but not much. The blue hatchling is watched. Movement from Guardian of the Tomb egg elicits an eep from Zaria who is now trying to hide behind Myrdin. Which may or may not be a good idea.

"I think they're mad at us, Ikky," Kriane whispers to her green, who gives a croon of confusion. «Why would they be mad?» The Holder-girl-turned-dragonrider follows a fairly mad Lanti, giving a small smile. She would've gone Between if Kriane wasn't there, so why were they so mad? After a small nudge from the dragon pulls her from her thoughts, Kriane says, "Will you all stop staring at her like that already? She's hungry!" Regardless of the circumstances, Kriane is determined on feeding her lifemate if it kills her, sharddit!

Pippa simply grins at Jakina's response, shooting her a glance askance made of pure amusement. Her shoulders rise with a shrug, brining her robe up to her calves, cloth addition hanging there rather inelegantly. Another look is cast after Kriane and her new green lifemate, watching them for a moment before her attention inevitably turns back towards the eggs.

Guardian of the Tomb Egg shifts slightly in its nest of sand. Having finally found the ideal position, deliberate cracks form on its surface, growing broader with each hit from within, until the shell is broken into three major pieces. With a stretch of his wings and a flick of his tail, the brown inside pushes the remains of his eggs away, and swings his head back and forth as he takes in the full expanse of the hatching cavern.

Always Look Both Ways Brown Dragonet
Tawny hide plays across a stalwart frame grounded by long legs and wide feet. A fine-boned head, with a short, narrow snout overburdened by large and high-placed head knobs, sits at the end of a long and graceful neck. Auburn incantations murmur over pale brown, accentuating the sinews of his limbs and flanks, and fletching narrow but sturdy hips. Halfway up his torso a lateral streak of sable divides the auburn from a darker sorrel, which scatters from the back of his neck to tailhead, camouflaging flattened ridges and concisely-rounded wings with flecks of lighter dun. A long muscular tail, shaded to a shadowed circumference, is held low and balance-ready. He is slim but strong, of a greater stature than many browns, and keen to walk on the ends of his toes where his best virtue is to be nimble.

Siril looks towards the rocking eggs. Siril can't help but feel anticipation as the dragons of the weyr hum their birth song. A chance at dreams, he believes the weyrwoman told him so many moons ago on the gallery stands when the eggs were first laid. Perhaps Lanti was right then. Perhaps Siril's dream awaits in one of those rocking eggs.

Myrdin shifts a bit in his spot, looking over at all the impressions being made. "I hope this is over soon, this heat is unbearable." He whines, doing the Candidate dance as he keeps an eye on the roving dragonets. Second Breakfast Blue is gawked at as it crawls towards them. "Shards, determined little guy." He says, getting ready to sprint of the blue starts towards him. "Zar, you can't get /behind/ me. I might need to run!"

Jakina spots Atelos impressing a green and gives a wide grin, a spark of enjoyment creeping back into her eyes now. "Congratulations, Atelos!" she yells to the boy and gives a glance around, noting more and more dragons being hatched and impress. "This is worse than a Bitran gather."

Leorra pulls at the collar on her robes. "Faranth it's hot. Are you hot, Risya?" Leorra says, talking maybe a /little/ bit too fast. What with the blue on the move, and a fresh brown, she's got every right to be nervous. But hey, at least she has Risya as a human shield, right?

If Myrdin starts off running, Pippa might just possibly be inclined to stick out a foot and kinda sorta trip him, just maybe. Maybe. The teen twists around though to look back at the cowering Myrdin. "Oh, you sharding wherry-brained git. Trying to hide behind Zaria, eh?" Careful, that Zaria might try to brain him like another fellow candidate. She looks to have a pretty good swing.

Second Breakfast Blue Dragonet's hungry whirling eyes rake through the white clothed candidates, now much closer, until they lock onto his target. Somehow, in his over-excitement to bound over to the young man, he never trips, though his momentum is too fast to stop. He skids, spraying sand around at the other candidates, and thumps his chubby body right into Myrdin, crooning with pleasure and concern all in one.

Framed Fresco Egg shivers and shakes, then chunks of colored shell start to flake off — first just a piece here, then there, then the whole thing /shudders/ as if from some internal quake, spilling a disoriented golden-brown shape onto the sands. He picks himself off, shakes — and then sits down on the sands. Wings stretch, first one, then the other — then he tips sideways slightly, catching himself up against the sands. What? Oh, right. /Riiiiiight/. He gets to his feet, then starts wandering the sands. He is not precisely /aimless/, but he lacks the sense of purpose most newly-hatched dragons seem to posess. Eventually, almost as if by accident, he runs into — almost over — a scruffy, brown-haired boy who is earnestly trying to chat up one of his female fellow candidates. "Hey, Carria," "Kelonia, Lennox," "That's right, Kelly, y'think after the hatching I could show you ho— what?" His eyes glaze over, and he stares at the little brown as if he can't quite figure out what's going on. "Oh. Oh, hey. Pedo— oh, right, Pidonarath. I got it." L'ox frowns, eyes the girl, and then moves off the sands and into turns of enforced celibacy. Ouch.

Risya's other job, clearly. Seamstress, mother-hen, and human shield. A glance over as Ris smile a touch, "Definately hot - an' all the movin' about with everyone probably isn't helping." A glance is given to the blurry-filled galleries up above. The newest brown gets a shake of the head, "Think they are all either very graceful, or as clumsy as me durin' our mornin' ru… I thought he'd have gone green…." The murmur is more of an after thought, than not, as she stares at Myrdin.

Spying the blue hatchling, Zaria drops Myrdin's hand altogether and simply nods. Though that doesn't stop her trying to hide behind the older candidate. Myrdin is gawked at before a wide grin is offered along with, "C-c-cong-grats!" she means it, really.

Siril sees Leorra hiding. Shaking his head, Siril sneaks over to Leorra. "Is this how a future weyrwoman would act?" Siril comments towards Leorra. "I am a little suprised. Are you feeling ok?"

Leorra does a double take. "What'd you say? Oh." She looks over at Myrdin and his brand new blue, and shouts a quick congrats. "Really? I would've thought bronze. Like K'ano from 'Reaches. I—" She turns around as Siril walks up. She straightens. "Well, no, but its shardin' /scary/ out here! I can be nervous if I want to!"

Always Look Both Ways Brown Dragonet gives a careful sideways step to completely clear the shell he's only just broken, crouching, stretching his wings, and assessing his physical space before he starts pacing between groups of candidates, head always looking forward, to the sides, over his shoulder… always aware.

Myrdin throws up his hands as the sand sprays all over him. He didn't even have time to run. Sputtering he stares at the chubby blue before him, green eyes wide. "Gelirumeth? Food?" The second word seems to click and he smiles brightly. "Course! Lets get our fill before the others take it all up. Bet we can get you to have seconds too." He leads his lifemate off to the side, the chaos of the sands forgotten. M'yr and Gelirumeth, a perfect match.

Jakina looks over her shoulder toward Myrdin just in time to see a blue dragon crash into him. She grins at the pairing and pats a pocket she doesn't have in her candidate's robe. "Blue. Toldja so," she beams over toward Pippa and raises a hand toward Myrdin to call out a congratulations to him.

Pippa lets out a breath as Myrdin finds himself impressed to that blue. "Crackdust, I owe someone marks." She cants a look towards Jakina, looking just a tad shifty-eyed. "I'm pretty sure that doesn't count. He was hiding half the time. I'm sure he could have had a chance with that bronze from earlier." Yeah, that'd be a fine load of garbage coming out of Pippa's mouth, but she tries to back it up with that serious and aloof look, that she doesn't do justice to at all.

"Congratulations, M'yr," S'eron says as he heads over to the new bluerider's side, eyeing the dragon as he gives them both a professional yet warm smile. "Come on, you two. We've got food in the barracks and places to sleep and all that. Follow me." The weyrling master then turns and ushers the hobbity pair toward the exit.

Risya calls out, this time a bit more louder, "Congratulations, M'yr…" After all, she's tried to break his feet - it's only fair to be a little more vocal when good things happen!

Aging Tyrant Egg's filibuster comes to an end with a pop and a sigh, the shell nearly deflating as the occupant emerges. A long-faced, long-limbed blue swivels his head around, then starts off. There's a moment of frief confusion where it looks like he may have Impressed to a sour-faced blone girl, but then a tall boy with blue eyes and dark, curly hair steps out from around her, with eyes only for his new lifemate. "C'ter," he redefines himself, "and Bucyth!" This last is shouted, so that all the sands can hear him.

"'course it counts," Jakina argues with Pippa, her eyes continuing to watch what goes on around her. "He's walkin' off the sands with a blue. That's all that counts." She gives a light snort of a laugh, along with a shake of her head.

Easter Egg shifts some more, slow and steady movement to one side.

Zaria finds herself edging over towards Leorra and Rysia, making several stops as this egg or that dragonet hatches or impresses. She's nervous and really doesn't want to be by herself.

M'yr follows S'eron, Gelirumeth right at his side. "Time for the after party!" He says with a chuckle, the blue chortling along with him. "We can start scooping out some fine ladies for you, Geli!" The blue simply eyes him, warbling happily nonetheless.

As Leorra sees Zaria edging up, she waves her over. "Hi Zaria, just in time. We can have a nice candidate cluster now. Maybe that'll keep 'em out?" She giggles nervously, gesturing out at the eggs and hatchlings. Great! now Leo can have protection from /3/ directions!

Siril considers what Leorra was saying. "I suppose you are right. No reason. Im not doing so well myself." Siril takes a moment to look at the wandering brown dragonet. "Do you suppose he can't find his life mate here?"

Always Look Both Ways Brown Dragonet continues his pacing, sniffing at the border of one candidate's robe here, looking between his talon and a sandal-clad foot there, even sneezing on one unfortunate boy, but never stopping for long. One group is abandoned, another is approached, the dragonet still unsure.

Risya looks over as Leo spots Zaria, and moves a bit closer to Leorra, in silent offer to Zaria to join them, "You doin' all right, sweetie? An' he's probably just checkin' carefully, eh?"

"Well, I had to try," Pippa admits with a laugh, tossing off her 'serious' look rather quickly. "I just have to scrape it up first though." Another shifty glance and she twists around to peer over towards the people in the galleries. "Maybe my brother was in the area…" she drawls slowly, because family is good for mooching off moneys from. "Don't worry about it." But she will fidget a moment, reaching her hand down to readjust the rope about her waist. Air-flow is good.

S'eron gets M'yr settled and Gelirumeth fed before turning back to the rest of the hatching, rubbing the meat juices off his hands with a rag he tucks in his belt. He plants his hands on his belt line, but with no further information, he's at a loss as to whom needs to be guarded from the Monster and her wicked scheme.

Book of Amun Ra Egg bursts open without much warning at all, revealing a bright little green in its place that shakes off the goo from her hide. Nearly at the exact same time, on another part of the sands, Book of the Dead Egg splits down the middle, a soggy dark brown sitting there looking utterly confused. The green merely blinks a few times before taking off! Quick on her feet for a newborn, she still nearly topples over a nearby candidate. It was right behind him that she finds Cira, who catches her small form. "Deinth! Careful there, dear!" On the other side, the brown wasn't quite so active. He got up after a moment's thought, stumbling across the sands towards the other queen's eggs while creeling all the while. After walking the line of candidates, he turns back, eyes locking on one, then another. And it's there that he hesitates and finally cries. Casimir, or C'mir, takes a few short steps to find himself on his knees beside the wet brown. "His name is Miroslath!"

Jakina gives a grin toward Pippa, lifting her shoulders in a shrug, her gaze following the sniffing brown on his trek across the sands. "I ain't gonna forget, though," she says and glances briefly at the other candidate, just long enough to send her a wink. She too, gives a glance up toward the galleries, looking for known faces, but too many people and too many things happening on the sands prevent her from finding either family or friends.

Zaria nods as she finally reaches the group she had been moving towards. Okay, so she's probably lieing if one were to judge by the paleness of her face; and the soft 'eep' as yet another egg cracks only furthers the lie that was her nod. The two new pairs are eyed, and a deep breath is dragged into lungs that already feel like they have been over worked.

Immaculate Grilled Cheese rocks one way, then the other, and promptly splits right down the middle. A brown with yellow-tinged 'ridges emerges, very much with the same colouration as his egg. This one takes very little time in finding his lifemate, making an immediate bee-line for Sunorin, a harper apprentice. S'uo gives a laughing, disbelieving exclamation of, "Roflmaoth?" before he's led off the sands.

Sacrifice for Kali Egg hatches with a violent thrash, spiralling itself and its occupant into Shiva's Benevolent Gift Egg; the latter busts open, and both dragonets go tumbling to the sands in a tangle of legs and wings and tails. Neither is injured, once they extract themselves from each other — but a wild-eyed bronze flings himself away first, setting out over the sands, searching desperately. His sister fares less well, but eventually makes it to her feet and moves off in the opposite direction. Both Impressions take entirely too long, but from opposite ends of the sands, a dark-haired Bresnyachuk becomes Esnya, her clear voice ringing out to proclaim, "Cedonth!" as a pale, clammy-handed boy stammers, "Ol'er? Tennanth, that's positively /dreadful/."

Easter Egg gives a final shiver and breaks apart, spilling out a dripping, knobby-knee'd gold, who quickly takes up a more dignified pose on all four wobbly legs.

Lies Down Before It Rains Gold Dragonet
Buttercream hide is dappled by rich autumnal gold, a play of light and shadow that brings an air of elegance to her awkward frame. Her skin is luminescent over the ski-slope curve of an upturned muzzle, and though her eyes are wide-set in a broad-jawed face, there is intelligence there. She is not yet proportional, legs too gangly, head too large, and hips and shoulders a mess of protruding angles. But there is hope for the future: already her long, honeyed wings and tail are near to perfect.

Leorra is looking out as pairs are matched everywhere. "Faranth. They're everywhere, It's like—" She stops in stunned silence. She pipes up again in a bit. "Shards. If I thought the gold dragonet was beautiful from the galleries, they're even more pretty down here.."

Risya reaches over to snag Zaria's hand as soon as she gets close enough, the grip almost immediately strong, even though it's for comfort. Maybe that comfort is just for herself? Of course, that means when she hears the newest bronzer's name, she can't hide the grin that appears.

Always Look Both Ways Brown Dragonet pauses at the sound of more eggs cracking, watching all his siblings as they emerge and, eventually, find their mates. The gold gets his attention, along with surely everyone else's, and the brown dragonet gives an excited flutter of his wings. He turns to face her, and is about to start out toward her when something else catches his attention - a couple of candidates over there. A happy croon to the big-eyed golden one, and he's back to eyeing up this new batch of candidates a bit more carefully.

Jakina draws in a breath as the gold hatches, closing her eyes a moment as if to calm herself a little. She gives a glance around the candidates, giving particular attention to the girls in the group, then turns back to watch where the gold goes. Maybe hoping that it comes her way?

Zaria returns the strong grip from Risya with one of her own. Comfort, yes, and it is returned as the girl watches the hatchlings popping from egg after egg and quickly finding their mates. The gold is gawked at for a moment then she's back to watching, or trying to watch, everything happening around her.

Pippa chuckles a bit at the whisper of a murmur heard from another candidate. She turns her head a bit, dark hair falling over her shoulder for the moment. "I suppose," she drawls out, her hand lifting up once more to gather her hair in a fist and lift it from the nape of her neck for some semblance of respite from the dry hatching-sand heat. As a murmur and hush drifts over the crowds, attention is inevitably dug back over towards the eggs, and the gold that provoked it all.

Siril watches as the gold hatches, and, after she rights herself, starts crooning at the wandering brown dragonet. "Is he giving her his respects?" Siril can't help but look at both dragonets. Siril can not help but feel sad that the brown has yet to find his life mate. "this does seem a bit weird, dont you agree, Leorra?"

Trumpeting Egg is agitated by the determined attempts from within, and eventually gives way beneath the attempts of a little bronze. The shakes what he can of the egg gunk off his wings, and then sets to the tedious wanderings about the sands to which most of his clutchsiblings have been subjected, it seems. Eventually, Gertafixin is spotted, and G'tafix gives a murmur of, "Panoramith?"

Scribbled Curses Egg has been still for far too long and starts to wiggle and rock now that it is surrounded by more shards than eggs.

Leorra can't seem to take her eyes off the gold, but she still manages to turn to siril and say, "Yeah, it is kind of weird. And, exhilirating, too, I guess." Pause. "Pretty, Eh?"

Risya's attention is drawn back towards the dragonets - the brown, and beyond him, the gold, sighing softly, shaking her head, "Absolutely lovely, agreed, sweetie.." she murmurs, though it could be directed at either of the ladies she stands with, or even Siril - of course, given her mind isn't exactly in the body at the moment, too busy looking about to actually listen. Well, looking about and holding hands.

Lies Down Before It Rains Gold Dragonet takes her first few tentative steps, and seems to be well on her way — until her knees knock together, and she goes down on the sands in a tangle of uncoordinated legs. She manages to get one wing out for balance, and when this helps, she fans out the other, both still egg-sticky but rapidly drying. She gets her back legs under her first, pitching forward and then lurching backward and up. Wide-eyed head swivels 'round, and this time as she walks toward the white-clad masses, her steps are steadier.

Always Look Both Ways Brown Dragonet's head slowly subsides from its swinging, held steady as his gaze finally settles upon one candidate with a narrow face and curly, chestnut hair. Graceful and decisive, the brown dragonet moves forward at a steady pace, gaining speed and resolve with each step. Momentum is no hindrance to a smart stop in front of Risya, where Always Look Both Ways Brown Dragonet gazes up into her eyes with a gentle creel.

Jakina runs a hand over her brow and looks at it with a look of surprise as it comes away drenched in sweat. "Shards. It really is hot in here, isn't it?" she says to no one in particular as she wipes her hand in her robe. She watches as the gold trips and falls, shaking her head a little. "They're a bit clumsy, aren't they?"

Zaria nods absently as she watches the gold start to move. Risya is blinked at as the dragonet makes his choice and a stuttered congratulations is offered to her friend. Now Zar is left to find another place to hide, but where?

Siril turns his head enough to Leorra to talk to her, but not enough to lose eye contact with the hatchlings. "yeah. they are beautiful. I think this is the first time I have ever wanted to be female." Even during a hatching, Siril can't help but make a joke every now and then.

Star Shield Egg gives a sudden jolt, and from that jolt leaps a royal blue dragon, all puffed up and swaggering. Or he would. Pt-toey! Shells taste bad. The blue shakes himself free from his little home and wanders down the line of remaining candidates until he finds young man barely young enough to still be a candidate, yanked from the caverns at the last moment. He nearly falls over once the tiny blue butts him in the rear, but he quickly catches on, announcing he's C'ap, and the blue is Amerikith.

The Simple Chalice Egg rocks and shivers until a stream of egg goo is pushed up and out through a small crack at the top . Once all the liquid has been dispelled, the rest of the egg becomes covered in fissures, like the dry cracked earth. These shell bits implode and stick to the egg's contents before flaking away to reveal a skeleton of a hatchling who greets the world with a bit of a shriek. Shaking off the remains of it's former life, the young blue pitches forward in a perpetual stagger until he collapses on top of a young female. Poor Illsa screams her surprise and pushes the carcass-like dragonet off of her. Only after taking a second to calm herself does she announce, "His name is Grailith!"

Leorra looks like she's ready to spring away like a frightened rabbit as the brown hatchling comes up. Nope, not coming at her, but her hand-mate. She drops the hand immediately, with a quiet "Congrats ris." And a slap on the back. She moves over to Zaria, her next vic— I mean friend, and grabs her hand. (Because Siril probably doesn't want to hold it, being a guy.)

Scribbled Curses Egg gives a little tremor as cracks begin to form at its base. Determined tapping from within creates a small hole, widened steadily by the egg's inhabitant until a dark, angular head is able to poke through. More shards fall as bony shoulders and wings appear, and finally an entire emaciated green slithers free.

Selfish Libations Green Dragonet
All harsh angles and fierce corners, her diminutive size cannot downplay the sinister look of this dark green. Dimmed moss hide is stretched across a gaunt face, clinging tightly to her broad and rectangular jaw and forward-sloping brow, and held taut between sharply pointed cheekbones and bony shoulders to partially veil her too-thin neck. Hues shift to dark pine over short, thin wings, sails strained between each scrawny wingbone. The deep green-brown of rotting foliage darkens barb-like 'ridges, trickling down the length of her spine to the tip of her attenuated tail. Short limbs bend at jagged joints, ending in wicked black-tipped talons. She is a compact collection of discordant lines, shadowed at every angle, marasmic and severe.

Pippa just catches the impression out of the corner of her eye. As Risya is claimed by that dallying brown, the teen is left to blink in astonishment, and then break out into a rather uncharacteristic cheer for the girl. Naturally, the motion causes her hair to flop right on back down to warm her neck and back again, but the cheer is well worth it. "She got herself a fine one." Again as if she knows what she is talking about. Lips move together once more, marking a tense line, as her eyes take notice at the falling number of eggs and dragons about.

Risya drops both hands as the Always Look Both Ways Brown Dragonet stops in front of her, and looks up at her, the voice heard in her head and heart. "Strange, confusin', and absolutely perfect, Sonhoth. As easy as pie, an' even better. We best find where to go though, before we add to the confusion, eh?" Of course, now that her hands are free, one arm is over the brown's shoulder, keeping in constant contact as she looks about for direction.

Jakina looks over at Risya with a smile and a wave. "Congratulations, Risya," she calls and turns back to look in the direction of the gold, while other ninja hatching happen around her without her noticing. She nods to Pippa and rolls a shoulder, glancing around at the eggs and dragonets left, a halfway dismayed look creeping onto her face. "Not all that many left, are there?"

Zaria blinks and takes Leorra's offered hand because she really does feel a little less jittery cling.. er holding someone's hand. Selfish Libations Green is watched warily, and at this point Zar is out of hope of being able to do much more than squeak.

Lies Down Before It Rains Gold Dragonet manages a caper, kicking up sand in her wake as she makes her way through the candidates. She doesn't bowl anyone over, oh no, but is very singleminded in her determination. A girl stops before her, and she stumbles to a stop — only to favor the candidate with a /look/, and a polite (if somewhat overly enthusiastic) shove out of her way. Excuse her, thank /you/.

Dark Dangerous Egg explodes. There's even the sharp sound of a bugle to accent the flying of egg-bits. The brown inside is surprisingly small, considering his entrance. He tosses his head, adjusts his gooey wings, and sets to strutting in and around the candidates. It's all for show, though - he knows who he's meant for. And that's Mannilyn, the herder who henceforth will be known as Mann'y, with his strutting Ramireth.

Jakina's eyes widen as an egg explodes with shards flying everywhere. "Shards," she exclaims as she stumbles a half-step backward. "They said the dragonets could maim ya, but they didn't say anything 'bout the /eggs/!"

Ark of the Covenant Egg begins to slither off its shell in coils, the hard material finding a way to peel off fluidly. Inside is a green dragonet, jade and black and still as a statue. Slowly, her head starts turning before she slips from her eggy platform and picks her way carefully across the sands in a straight line, kohl-lined eyes shifting back and forth at the candidates as if their wide open mouths and flared nostrils might issue forth darts at any minute. She pauses in front of Joinsydee and eyes her speculatively, head wavering back and forth before she goes ahead and wraps an arm around her and tackles her to the ground. Hers! She claims her Indee as the former candidate announces that Henryth is hers.

Selfish Libations Green Dragonet extricates herself from the egg goo and shells and swings her head slowly from left to right, surveying the candidates still left dragonless. With a huff that just might be a sigh (or an attempt to get the stink of egg out of her nose), she begins to close in on those white… things.

Pippa's smile is just on this side of resigned, but it is Jakina's words that have her smiling back over towards her, "Aye, it's getting down there. Not so many candidates to dodge around either." A toothy smile makes a brief appearance, one foot picking up after another for a good shake to rid her of some of the sand upon her sandals. Her dark eyebrows lift a tad at a couple of the impressions, and then she snorts and mutters under her breath, "Shells, he impressed? I figured he'd sooner impress a rock." A rather obvious roll of her eyes and a deliberate turn to take in the remaining eggs and dragons.

Lies Down Before it Rains Gold Dragonet fumbles a little, still, but she is quickly gaining confidence on her feet. She moves amongst the sea of white-clad candidates, but none of them are /right/. None of them are hers ? this one's too tall, this one's a boy ? oh, but what is this? She turns, a little overeager on her feet, moving to investigate a tall, dark-haired girl with green eyes. Oh, /yes/, that's the one; she turns shining eyes to Pippa, getting all up in the very former dolphincrafter's personal space.

"Who?" Jakina asks Pippa, glancing around the sands to see the recent impression. "Oh. Well, Myrdin impressed, didn't he? I never figured he—- Would." A certain dragon has come rather close, but not exactly close enough. As the gold turns to Pippa, there's a distinct look of disappointment on Jakina's face, but it's quickly smoothed over with a smile as she draws herself up straight. "I think she's yours, Pippa. What's her name?"

Zaria blinks and steps back as the movement of the selfish libations green is noticed. She's almost to a hyperventilate with her breathing, and it's starting to show. Eyes are wide as they can be and still be in their sockets, and a nod of congratulations is all Pippa gets from Zar. She just can't muster anything more than a squeak at the moment.

As the gold goes to Pippa, what could've been.. Is that?.. a slight look of disappointment in Leorra's eyes. But before you know it, it's gone, and replaced by a cheerful smile as she cheers pippa on. In fact, if you weren't looking at her, you wouldn't even seen that look.

Selfish Libations Green Dragonet shakes her head a few times. Maybe there's some goo in her ears. Or maybe the flashy gold over there is taking too much of her own glory. The green gives a rather pathetic creel, stares at her parents for a moment, then goes back along the line. Surely in here… somewhere. Maybe now the flashy one is out of the way.

Pippa gives another shake to her foot, fit near to scowl down at her sandal with a girlish pout at the discomfort. "Aye, I-" It is probably meant to be that the girl will never quite finish half of her comments, always getting interrupted by something else. Her eyes pull away from her feet and on to far, far more interesting things, 'til they grow wide as marks. The word she mutters is probably best left in a low tone, instead of shocking a few of the more distinguished crowd. "Hi." A hand pulls away to touch the gold's head. "Jeyth."

Siril looks around at the remaining eggs and the hatchling on the sands. Siril can not help but hope that he will be one of the chosen ones. "Im happy Pippa impressed. Maybe we will still impress, right Leorra?" Siril begins to feel a nagging in his stomach. Maybe he wasn't worthy of the dragons after all?

Lanti, scowls finally gone, goes so far as to let out a "Whoop!" as the gold dragonet makes her choice. Biased? Lanti? Oh yah sure, you betcha.

Well, with the gold impressed to someone else, Jakina will just have to settle for secon—, uh no, that's not how it works, is it? The candidate gives a final smile to Pippa and turns back to the remaining dragonets and eggs, spotting a lonely, but fierce-looking green. She takes a few more steps away from Pippa and her new lifemate, just in case any of the last dragonets think she's taken already.

Selfish Libations Green Dragonet is done with her tedious investigations. Ready to make her intentions clear, she turns her back on shells, shards and candidates, hunkers down to the ground and slowly swings her head toward one young woman in particular: the dark one, with eyes the same shade as the green's hide. Slowly, deliberately, the dragonet slinks directly toward Jakina, ignoring all else. She makes a single, quick circuit around the robed woman, scoops some of the black sand into her sticky, long-taloned paw, and purposefully lets the grains fall at the candidate's feet.

D'baji gives a contented laugh as Nverath croons a happy note for his golden daughter. Ryazusith looks pretty proud too, all things considered. And now that the green has impressed, that leaves just the one egg left.

Ceremonial Dragon Butte Egg brings up the rear, making very little noise, and even less pomp or ceremony. With a quiet little crack, a quiet little blue steps forth. He's still wearing a bit of shell on his back, but he doesn't seem to mind. With a calm look left, and a calm look right, he strolls through the aftermath of the hatching until he's standing in front of Pierre, a quiet girl from Blacksands. She smiles a bit crookedly, removes the shell, and says, "Hiya, Buth. Perri? Yeah, that works. I'm hungry too."

Zaria blinks rapidly a few times and stays quiet, this is just too much for the girl. Perhaps she wasn't as ready for this trial by sand as she had thought she would be? Or perhaps she's more of a coward than she had suspected? Whichever, Zaria is quiet and watching and now at a point where she can't even manage a nod of congratulations to those that are impressing left an right around her.

Sin's smile is positively wolfish as she looks up from helping C'ter and Bucyth, whipping out her book and making a few calculations once Pippa Impresses. She echoes Lanti's whoop, but for entirely different reasons. Above, Iqiazath settles; the eggs are all hatched, but the sands aren't cleared. /Yet/.

..Well, Maybe not. Leorra looks around, and congratulates all the impressees, they all deserve it. Nope, no sign of sadness or disappointment. At least not showing.

Pippa is directed off the sands with her new lifemate, managing to find at least one turn in the sand to trip over. The pair rather bounce against each other with a distinct lack of coordination and the haze of post-impression. But make it to the edges they do for some draconic hunger-sating with the already-butchered meat.
A good thing too that Jana has moved away from Pippa, what with that dark green coming right at her. She stands dead still as the green circles, watching curiously as she scoops sands up in her paw. "Yes… I think we ought to get out of this heat too, Stilith," she says, just loud enough for those near her to hear. She gives a glance around, then lays a trembling hand on the green's head and starts moving over to the side with the other weyrlings.

As that last blue impressed, and the weyrlingmaster's clearing off the final two impressees, D'baji steps away from his dragon, and out into the shards of eggs, piles of goo, and other gross-ness left by the hatching. "Those of you left standing, I need your attention, please!" A wave for all the ones in white-robes to assemble. "The Weyr thanks you for standing. As you're still here, it's safe to say your dragon wasn't in one of these eggs. You may find him or her in another clutch, or perhaps not at all. You're welcome to join us for the banquetting tonight, after which you can either stay here, or we will arrange transportation for you. And if you'll all follow Lanti," a point to the goldrider in question, "she'll take you back to the barracks so you can get changed. You're released from all duties and responsibilities of candidacy."

"Okay, weyrlings all, if you'll follow me, I'll take you into the weyrling barracks and we can all have a chat about what to expect next and find plenty more food for your new lifemates." Like a steward on an airline, S'eron waves his arms to indicate the exit and starts walking backwards toward it, eyes flitting between his assistants as they begin to corral the stragglers off the sands.

S'eron wanders to the Weyrling Barracks.

Lanti begins clapping as the last of the eggs hatches. "No duds," she says, though her gaze trails over towards the exit. "Well… not technically anyway." She clears her throat and approaches those still left on the sands. "Come on. The sooner you line up, the sooner we can get out of this heat, and out of those sweaty robes."

Siril still feeling a little let down, turns to Leorra. "so whats next for you

Zaria falls, or almost falls, as she moves to follow Lanti. Getting out of the heat would be very good.

Leorra shrugs and turns to siril. "My old job, I guess." She mutters. She turns to follow lanti, muttering "Maybe next time." under her breath.

Lanti strides off the sands.

Ryazusith and Nverath

Egg Rider Dragon
The Sentinal Egg Y'bol (Yahibol) (NPC) Bronze Dharath (NPC)
Mayapore's Salvation Egg T'los (Atelos) (NPC) Green Perficith (NPC)
One Ring Egg M'yr (Myrdin) Blue Gelirumeth
Aging Tyrant Egg C'ter (NPC) Blue Bucyth (NPC)
Book of Amun Ra Egg Cira (NPC) Green Deinth (NPC)
Immaculate Grilled Cheese Egg S'uo (Sunorin) (NPC) Brown Roflmaoth (NPC)
Dark Dangerous Egg Mann'y (Mannilyn) (NPC) Brown Ramireth (NPC)
Easter Egg Pippa Gold Jeyth
Scribbled Curses Egg Jana (Jakina) Green Stilith
Ceremonial Dragon Butte Egg Perri (Pierre) (NPC) Blue Buth (NPC)

Talicanitath and Azmaioth

Egg Rider Dragon
Entombed Soldier Egg Shia (Veshia) (NPC) Blue Janith (NPC)
Rising from the Waters Egg Kriane Green Ikkasanaith
Framed Fresco Egg L'ox (Lennox) (NPC) Brown Pidonarath (NPC)
Book of the Dead Egg C'mir (Casimir) (NPC) Brown Miroslath (NPC)
Sacrifice for Kali Egg Esnya (Bresnyachuk) (NPC) Green Cedonth (NPC)
Shiva's Benevolent Gift Egg O'ler (NPC) Bronze Tennanth (NPC)
Trumpeting Egg G'tafix (Gertafixin) (NPC) Bronze Panoramith (NPC)
Guardian of the Tomb Egg Risya Brown Sonhoth
Star Shield Egg C'ap (NPC) Amerikith (NPC)
Simple Chalice Egg Illsa (NPC) Blue Grailith (NPC)
Ark of the Convenant Egg Indee (Joinsydee) (NPC) Green Henryth (NPC)

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