Hatching 37


05:08 PM
Logfile from Hannah.

You go to the Landing Overlook.

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What's that? The eggs are starting to twitch!? That means IW's hatching is about to begin! @go ista weyr, sb, hc, galleries for a grand ol' time!
— entered by N'ano on 2003-12-15 19:18 MOO Time. (5 seconds)

You go to the Hatching Grounds.
Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING (#4321)
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs, all carefully watched by the brilliantly golden mother. In a quieter corner it is apparent that her rider has set up temporary house, all the better to keep a watchful eye on Miyakath's hardening offspring.
Gold Miyakath and bronze Bydelth are here.
You see Shang Yuan Lanterns Egg, Dia De los Muertos Egg, Canadian Thanksgiving Egg, Pumpkin Pie Egg, Autumn Equinox Egg, Summer Solstice Egg, Floating Lantern Spirit Egg, Chinese Lantern Egg, Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg, National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day Egg, Pohutukawa Christmas Egg, Winter Solstice Egg, Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg, Slurred Guinness And Green Egg, Orient's Lantern Egg, Spring Equinox Egg, Black Thursday Egg, Flames of Prosperity Egg, Bonfire Night Egg, Giant Disco Ball Countdown Egg, Living On In Infamy Egg, Homage to Spring Egg, Apples n' Honey Egg, Trite Chalky Sugar Hearts Egg, Peaceful Heart Doll's Daydream Egg, and Fall Bazaar Egg here.
You notice Yulianna asleep here.
Sapha and Jala are here.
Obvious exits:

N'ano walks nonchalantly out onto the sands.

Pohutukawa Christmas Egg jiggles a little impaitently, the dusty colors seeming to haze in the Hatching ground heat making it hard to see if it's moving or if it's a mirage.

Mosquiton> Jesiya is currently dancing about the barracks now singing at the top of her lungs and swishing about her tambourine, "You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world, you tell me that it's evolution, well you know, we all want to change the world, but when you talk about destruction, don't you know you can count me out, don't you know it's gonna be alright," she pauses as she twists about on her toes, tambourine rising above her head as she shakes it about to twang it about, "All right, all righhhhttt!" Really..it is IC..she could be singing about anything!

Mosquiton> Tasi rushes in, seeming more than a little breathless and accompanied by the soft yet noticeable sound of dragon humming from behind her. "Candidates, up! Guess what time it is!" She grins, excited for everyone in the room. "Grab your robes, find a partner, and get ready, the eggs just started rocking!"

Mosquiton> Lyria strolls into the hatching caverns, going to stand in the middle, just standing there for a moment and looking at her nails. Humdeedum. "Oh, hey, thought you all should know…" Lyri brushes her hands off on her hips with a slight cough,"The dragons are humming. Eggs are hatching," she mentions before Tasi's rush into the caverns, then giggles at the other rider and claps her hands,"Robes, everyone!"

Mosquiton> Xveiya blinks, eyes widening a little as she listens to Tasi. "No way," she says with a frown. But doubt shows in her eyes…it could actually be the hatching. A nervous look is shot from Lyria and Tasi to the other candidates as Xveiy tries to decide what to do.

Mosquiton> Oralia is sitting on Malek' cot again, it seems to be a new favorite spot. But she's promply off and throw on her Candidate robe in a quick flash of lightning. Hatching time! She nearly faints but manages to grab onto a post. "Eh…ready…" Don't mind her, she's just a bit nervous.

Mosquiton> Livesta slips a glance at noisy-Jesi and prepares to comment, but then riders appear, and make startling announcements, too! On with the robes!

Mosquiton> Mlina made a meeping sound as she jumped straight up in the air at Tasi's arrival. That and Jesiya was loud and so was that tambourine. Yipes. "Robes? Humming? ROBES?" Shock of all shockes. She's not -readddddyyy- for this!!!!!

Hannah slips out of the tunnel, dusting her hands off from who knows what, before treading across the sands to Sapha and Jala. "Is it time?" Stupid question given the humming of the dragons.

Mosquiton> "Jesiya, shut up," Malek calls sweetly from his cot, absently working at the laces of his boots, settled on the floor with his back to his cot. Oralia is on it, so he is not. Simple. At the entrance of the riders, he regards them skeptically. "Sure," he says with a snort.

Tstar stalks out onto the sands.

What's that? The eggs are starting to twitch!? That means IW's hatching is about to begin! @go ista weyr, sb, hc, galleries for a grand ol' time!
— entered by N'ano on 2003-12-15 19:18 MOO Time. (4 minutes and 33 seconds)

Mosquiton> Xarine is lying on her back cross-wise on her cot, her head hanging over the edge so she can watch everyone upside down. "Whaa!" Watch Xar roll over to the edge and fall off the cot, picking up her robe when she tries to get up. "This isn't another joke is it?" Even as she starts changing.

Mosquiton> Niara blinks up from the scroll she'd been perusing at Tasi's entrance, her eyes widening. Should she be glad it's almost over? Or.. oh, pleeeeeeze don't let it happen. But up she hops, reaching underneath her cot for the flat box with… Tada! Her robe.

Mosquiton> Beau is snuggled oh-so-comfortably in his cot. And he's sleeping too. The yelling and the commotion have yet to rouse the poor young man. Instead, he mumbles some incoherant babble and rolls over, pulling a blanket up over his shoulders and shoving his head under his pillow.

Mosquiton> And that effectively ends Jesiya's dancing, "Bloody shells and bells." The tambourine is dropped with a tinkering clash and Jesiya dives towards her cots before stripping down nekkid right in front of everyone, but it's such a quick blur no one should be able to catch a glimpse before the robes are slid on and she's hopping towards the exit, "Agh, sandles, sandles.." Can't find them. Malek is barely glanced at, Iya flicking another rude gesture towards him as she continues to search.

Mosquiton> Issket has connected.

Mosquiton> Nefret was lounging on her cot, not really doing much of anythign at all, However the mention of dragons, and the humming and the hatching has her springing into action. Robe, sandals, everything is only the best money can buy. And it doesn't take her that long to change, she practised she did.

Mosquiton> Amaril's eyes go as wide as they can get and he practically leaps toward the end of the hammock, jump when they say jump and all that. He gathers his robe at top speed, divests himself of snoozing fire lizards, and strips Jesiya-style, unselfconscious at just th

Mosquiton> Sainin's fingers drop the gem as he looks at the riders. Surely they're just kidding, but then the humming is just heard and he's quickly on his feet, the miner rushing for his robe. "Figures they would choose a time when he's not doing chores.

Mosquiton> the right moment to be such,.

Mosquiton> Dea enters on the heels of other riders. "Does anyone need help with anything? The dragons are humming."

Mosquiton> Tasi nods. "Really, truly, no one's teasing you this time. The eggs are about to hatch, we need you in robes and ready to go now." She walks briskly from one side of the barracks to the other, waiting by the exit to the sands. "Good luck," she calls out with a grin, smiling at each candidate as she passes.

Mosquiton> [OOC:] Tasi says "Rielle, don't forget to @emit a group bow when we get out there."

Mosquiton> Lyria snaps her fingers at Malek and waves her other hands toward the door. "Hush up and listen! How often have you heard that hummin'? Not very. Get goin'!" Lyri will tease for a moment, but it really is important that they get out there quickly. "Oh, and don't forget your sandals if you have them. Those sands can get might hot."

Mosquiton> Jhishivyl blinks. "What— wha—/what/?" Grousing, breaking baritone goes wane and then alarmed, and then he dives into his robe, headfirst. Yes. Something like that. "Footlings, footlings, must find footlings.."

Mosquiton> Xarine sits back on her cot and pulls her sandles over, shoving her feet first into one then the other. Jumping back up, she grins. "Ready!"

Mosquiton> Issket is — yeah. Doing what everyone else is doing, that is to say freaking out and shimmying into her robe. (At the same time, too.) "Eee! Eee! Dragons humming and oh my Faranth I can't find my /sandals/." Freak. "My feet! Going to burn off!"

Mosquiton> Aradia bounces up from her cot and gives a loud squeak, "Hatching?!" Eeeeee! Aradia nearly trips over her own feet as she rummages through blankets to retrieve robes and quickly hop into them, "Don't leave without me!" the shortest of the candidate bunch declares as she buckles up her sandals all quick like and rushes towards the rest of the group.

Mosquiton> Oralia pokes Malek and throws on some sandles. She's ready, slightly dizzy, but functioning none the less. Oh god what to do what to do? "Humming?" she listens closely and then starts to twitch slightly. Grabbing onto Malek for support, which is probably dumb, she slowly makes steps towards the exit. "Sandals. Robe…" she begins the check off.

Mosquiton> Rielle /twitches/ suddenly. "ROBES?!" she shrieks, leaping up and grabbing it. She's practiced. Now's the time. MOVE it Rielle!

Mosquiton> Dea walks over to the sleeping Beau. Giving the cot a shake and ready to tip it over. "Wake Candie. The big moment is here.:

Mosquiton> Rielle fumbles with the robe, figuring out which way of it is up before thrusting her arms into it. With a shrug, the robe falls into place, and she can knot the sash securely at her waist.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that Bydelth starts the infamous hum… « My babies! They are moving! They are about to hatch! »

Mosquiton> Man, that was rude, Jesiya. Malek arches his eyebrows in surprise, but takes Tasi at face value after a second. Lyria is right about the humming, after all. Curse soft as his boots refuse to cooperate, Malek tosses them under the cot and steals a pair of unused sandals from the cot next to him. He eyes Beau with a vaguely wicked light in his eyes, choosing -not- to wake the boy up. With a scramble, he pulls a bit of fabric from where Oralia was sitting and tosses it on in time for Oralia to latch on to him. "Off," he says, shaking his arm.

Sapha rushes in only moments after N'ano. "Is it really time?" She asks anxiously, Oh she's not going to leave the sands if she can help it. Even if she's just there for decoration. "Did you get the wine?" She asks anxiously.

Mosquiton> Tasi nods her agreement to everything Lyria's said, watching the general pandemonium break out. "If you see people still asleep, or needing help, please give them a hand," she calls out in a voice that's almost loud enough to be heard. "When you're ready come line up by the door. When you enter the sands, do /not/ forget to bow to Miyakath and Bydelth. And don't forget, you'll want a buddy once you're out there, so grab someone's hand." She thinks, frowning for a moment, and turns to call out to the other 'riders in the room, "Anything I'm missing?"

Mosquiton> Amaril does his best to knot the sash, arguing heatedly with the fabric before it agrees to hold. Sandals, sandals- there they are! He grabs them, takes three quick steps toward Beau's cot. "Hey, BEAU!

<All> Dhiammarath senses that she begins to hum along with the rest of the Istan Dragons, her voice echoing in shades of lemon and jade. « They come. »

Mosquiton> Oralia has got a death grip on Malek now. "Do you want me to faint on you?" she whispers quickly and grabs Malek's hand. Hey, they told her too!

Mosquiton> Jhishivyl cannot find footlings. "No footlings." Yes, Jhish is quite eloquent right after he's awoken up. Riiiiight. "Bowing, giv— yes. I get it." Really. A pause, a blink, and he stumbles for the entrance, devoid of the ominous footlings.

Mosquiton> Livesta is all robed, now, and totally ready to go, yeah! Dumping Lork and Liquid uncerimoniously onto the cot, she smiles sweetly at them and explains, then sets to helping the nearby candies.

Mosquiton> Beau rumbles a little and pushes his pillow more firmly over his head.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Aeokaith joins the humming in his usual high, nasal tones, dissonance probably clear to everyone but him. « They're almost here, Tiareth was right! It's today, it's time, it's the eggs! »

Mosquiton> Lyria paces around as she ushers candidates toward the exit,"Okay, everyone get in two little lines, dearies!" Because as we all know that is the best way to get unruly children to walk together. Two lines. Always works. "Everyone's here, right? C'mon then, in line over here…"

Mosquiton> Nefret changes with little fuss. Although her eyes shine with excitement, standing up from fastening her sandals she looks about for someone to hold her hand, out there on the sands.

Mosquiton> Dea grabs Beaus's cot and with a causal ease from taking care of a huge fire lizard, "UP AND AT IT CANDIDATE!" And the cot, Beau and all go crashing on the floor.

Mosquiton> Sainin fumbles with his robes as he awkwardly slips it on before standing dumbly. Robe is on, he's ready… he thinks. He looks this way and that, watching others scramble. "now what?" Ehhh, and then he's being ushered towards the exit, just following wherever he's led.

N'ano strolls onto the sands, clasping his hands together, "So it's that time, eh? What's it been… five days? Since the bets were takin', anyway…" Surely it's been that long, which means N'ano's in for some nice, pretty marks. And if a bronze hatches first? Millionaire. "Evenin' ladies," he belatedly greets, offering a group-salute before turning on his heels towards Sapha, "Wine? What—oh! Yeah. All set."

Mosquiton> Xveiya changes and stands silently somewhere in Tasi's general vicinity, scowling at anyone and everyone who offers her a hand. Everyone else may be lined up two by two, but Xveiya plans to stay on her own and that's final.

Mosquiton> "Two lines," Malek hisses to Oralia, trying to shake her loose and send her over to the other line. "You won't faint." He wriggles his fingers to try to keep her from grabbing them, bending over to fix the laces on his sandals with a mutter. "Who -wears- things like this? Not gonna do a thing on the sands," he growls under his breath.

Mosquiton> Amaril takes two steps backward and finds Jesiya. "Er. Hey- partners?" All pranks aside, he extends one hand. Might as well.

Mosquiton> Mlina gest in line… gets in line and finishes tucking her sash into itself. "Okay… Done… okay…" She peers around, frowning. Who would be -her- partner? Sniffle.

Hannah lifts an eyebrow at the greenrider, "Wine, mmm? Tempting." She stares out at the filling galleries, and then back at the eggs. "What do you think will hatch first? Bronze? Blue?"

Mosquiton> Rielle twitches and climbs in line, shivering with fear. "Malek, I'm scared," she hisses in a soft whisper, blue eyes and the trembling betraying this with pure obviousness. Help, help, help.

Mosquiton> Jesiya holy schmolies. Well…okay she more 'Shells and bells' but hey..same effect here, "My robe! Too long!" She fusses with the bottom of her robes which falls far past her feet, but hey…that's what you get in a hand me down, "Partner?" She looks up at Amaril and grabs his hand quickly, grip tight as she forgets about her lack of sandles and too long robe, "Partners."

Mosquiton> Issket zooooms forward, possibly the fastest she's moved, like, /ever/, and promptly latches onto the back of whoever's in front of her — Sainin. Poor miner. "Saaaainin. Help. I.. Mlina!" Look, it's spastic!Iss! "We're all going to die, aren't we?"

Mosquiton> B'ane treks somberly in from who knows where, his crew-cut sorrel hair still clinging to the remnants of water - and judging by the pruny states of his upper digits, let's just say the bronzerider relished the process of a lengthy soak. Pink lips part in association of uttering something, but it appears the rider's before him beat him to the chase. Dark eyes scan for any slackers, but all the little darlings appear to be up and at 'em. "Do Ista proud out there." Is the tranquil sign of pride he decides to share.

Mosquiton> Beau sputters and splutters and comes to life in a most horrendous manner. A long run-together of expressive language escapes from his mouth as he finds himself in a heap on the floor. "AHHH! WOMAN!" A pointed glare is sent to Dea, and then he rubs the back of his hand across his eyes. "What's going on? Why's everyone in their robes? Woah, is it Hatching time?" And he scrambles to his feet, attempting to devulge himself of clothing, rid himself of a tangle of blankets and cot, unwind his legs, and get into his robe all at once, which as a whole provides for an amusing series of jumble motions.

Mosquiton> Jhishivyl stumbles more. Stumble-willnottrip-pause. "Note to self: do not trip over Beau." The sleepy Harpercandie moves aside and beelines towards Niara. Fellow Harpercandie. "I'm with you." Groggy short one peers upwards. Sloooowblink.

Mosquiton> Oralia clutches Malek's hand nervously and manages to follow the rest of the candidates. But silly Malek has to finish tying his boots and he wriggles away. "Malek, you are my buddy." End of story. If you won't be her buddy, she will be forever injured and cry her eyes out. She stands there idly and taps her fingers on her arms. Oh God Oh God!

Mosquiton> Amaril accidentally drops his sandals as Jesiya accepts his hand. Two lines, two lines! And let's go! "Ah. This is- this is new." Before he can bend to grab the sandals they're out of reach, and even a helpful, enouraging chirp from Ke'chara won't change that.

Sapha twirls one of her escaping strands of her hair. "Oh I think green, greens a good color." But like most riders she is biased. Oooh. "Look they all move so cutely." shes pointing at the eggs what are getting increasingly more active.

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day Egg twitches ever so slightly.

Mosquiton> Xarine quickly flicks her hair over her shoulders and and looks around, slightly lost in all the confusion the other candies seem to be showing. Some of them, anyway… Standing in line, she waits to see how the whole buddy thing is going to end up..? While she wonders if she'll be wanting thicker shoes, anyhow…

Mosquiton> Dea grins at Beau. "The dragons are a-humming! Don't want to miss your chance now do you?" She laughs, "Need help there? Don't forget to find your buddy."

Mosquiton> Niara doesn't look so good as she stumbles into line, hopping on one foot as she tugs the sandal strap into place and nearly falls over in the attempt. "Oh, Faranth…" she mutters under her breath and scans the crowd for… "Jhish. Hurry up," she hisses, her tone not letting on how grateful she is for a familiar presence.

Mosquiton> Sainin cannot help but to laugh a bit towards Issket, though it is a nervous laugh. He moves quickly to try and catch up with her, "We're not gonna die." he hopes. "Now, take a deep breath and line up and you'll be fune."

Mosquiton> Hey, waddaya know, Beau is nearby! And Livesta, ever-helpful, grabs an arm and proceedes to haul. "Up, or you'll miss it, Beau!" And yeah, stuff like that.

Mosquiton> "Why are you sharding scared?" Malek asks Rielle, narrowing dark eyes at her. "You're -Rielle-." That is reason enough for Rielle to not be scared, in his book. Help? Malek? Hah! Still trying to convince Oralia otherwise, he glowers. "I have never been your buddy and I'm not your buddy now." He -has- stopped trying to shake her loose, however.

Mosquiton> Lyria pauses for a moment to listen to a relayed message from her dragon, then claps her hands. "Everyone ready? Come on, come on. We've got to go." SHe looks past the candiline,"Beau! Come on! Quickly. I don't care if you only have half a shoe on, we've got to go." The candidates are gestured at and Lyri takes her place at the end of the line so she can make sure everyone gets onto the sands.

Mosquiton> Tasi nods, satisfied that at least most of the candidates are lined up and ready to go. "All right. Out we go." She turns around as she walks towards the sands, calling out the final reminders of "Good luck! And don't forget to bow!"

Mosquiton> Oralia is totally distracted by the chaos but manages to follow directions and latch on to Malek again. Get used to it boy. Tugging him away from the cot she gets into line and heads out!

Mosquiton> Aradia is left! Buddyless! But no worries, she hops over to Xarine and reaches for her hand, "Xarine, c'mon, we need to hurry!!" SQUEAL! Oh, aren't you absolutely fantastically just uberly excited?? Aradia is and she's currently trying to cling to Xarines side.

Mosquiton> Issket chants. "We're gonna die. We're gonna die. My glasses are fogging!" Panic. She swipes them off, squinting fuzzily as she cleans them on the hem of her robe, momentarily letting go of Sainin as she follows along. "Eee."

Mosquiton> Rielle twitches again, before hurrying out, whimpering. "Scared."

Mosquiton> Xarine walks in from the South Caverns.

Mosquiton> Everything comes together for Beau in a single instant. In one smooth motion, his robe is set fairly straight on his body, his feet are jammed into his sandles, and his hand is clasped firmly around Livesta's arm. "I'm ready, baby." And they flee.

Tasi saunters, hips swaying gently as she moves out onto the sands.

Lyria meanders out onto the sands.
Mlina wanders, lost in her own little world, out onto the sands.
Livesta trapises out onto the sands.
Rielle strides purposefully out onto the sands.
Amaril walks out onto the sands.
Jhishivyl walks out onto the sands.
Issket nances out onto the sands.
Oralia walks out onto the sands.
Neiana walks out onto the sands.
Sainin walks out onto the sands.
Malek walks out onto the sands.
Niara slips softly out onto the sands.
Nefret sashays out onto the sands.
Jesiya steps swiftly out onto the sands.
Aradia walks out onto the sands.

Pohutukawa Christmas Egg twitches once more, this time much more emphatically. Hurry up or you'll miss the show.

Xarine walks out onto the sands.
Dea toe dances out onto the sands.

Hannah stares at the eggs, and says in Sapha's direction. "Really? You think? I was thinking more along the lines of a brown or blue." The entering Candidates are given a quick once-over glance to make sure they're all in order. "Let's hope they behave, ne?"

The white-robed glories all shimmy out onto the black sands in two somewhat neat lines, their shiny whiteness glistening in the evening light. Shakily they move into their half-circle formation, giving a graceful and mostly together bow to the clutchmum and clutchdad. The time has come, folks. Wish them luck!

Canadian Thanksgiving Egg shivers on the sands, as if its inhabitant senses the audience already gathered before it and its clutchmates.

Amaril gasps at the egg's motion. "Ooh! They really are-" Well, yes, Amaril. Hear the dragons?

Tasi leads the candidates out towards the sands, nodding approval as they nod and heading towards the clump of riders already gathered. "This seems so familiar," she comments to N'ano and Hannah as she approaches, eyes shining with excitement.

Oralia is holding onto Malek's hand like the world is about to end, but eases her grip as the egg moves a bit. "Oh…" she mutters in awe. Yayness!

Rielle breaks off after the bow, quivering but keeping her chin up. "Malek," she hisses. "I'm standing with you, okay?" It'd better be okay, because she tags behind the guard candidate like a sad little puppy. Perfect poise, perfect calm. Repeat the mantra, Ri. Repeat the mantra.

Jhishivyl bows. The blistering heat on his poor bare feet wakes him up like water splashing or hair lashing. Cat in the hat, who now? Not the cow, just Jhish— not the fish— next to Niara, without a rhyme to end this line.

Neiana walks slowly out onto the sands, trembling she stops and makes a low and slightly clumsy bow to the clutch dame and sire and their riders, before moving out to join the other candidates in the line before the awakening clutch.

Beau wiggles his hips provocatively out onto the sands.

Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg wobbles, nearly giving a whole half turn on the sands, nutmeg and honey swirls blending together even more still as it nears its time to hatch.

"Would you let go?" More focused on the girl latched on to him than anything else around him, Malek nearly forgets to bow and remembers only with the sea of white-clad candidates around him does so first. Eh heh. Oops. "What do you mean by 'Oh?' anyway? We've been here before." Turning his head to eye Rielle, he narrows his gaze. "Why would you want to do -that-?" Malek is a -sweety-, folks. See how the girls just flock to him?

Sainin's eyes are rather wide as he looks from the clutch parents to the eggs. His weight shifting from foot to foot. Is he really here? He must be, its too hot under his feet for him not to be. Oh.. did that egg just move?

Summer Solstice Egg shifts a little in the sands, hitting its neighbor with a soft 'clunk' before opening slowly in two complete halves which split off to hit the sands, neatly framing the hatchling within. A bronze dragonet is the centerpiece of this frame, ruining the picture as he tumbles out suddenly onto the sands. He peers from side to side, springing cheerily to his feet and taking off willy-nilly onto the sands. If there was ever a friendly, cornfed, sweet looking bronze this one was it, and he strengthens this impression with a quick selection, heading straight for a smiling young man. Aboot, the man in question, looks at the bronze in surprise, but the unexpected impression is a joyful event, and A'bot finds himself the proud rider of his own bronze Candath.

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day Egg gives ground to no more movements for now.

Neiana stares as the first egg hatches, just standing there frozen in her place. As the hatchling appears the woman seems to come back to her senses and gets ready to move should she need to.

Xarine bows to the clutchparents and their riders, trying not to think at the moment. Best not to hope and be disappointed? Or….

Amaril clenches Jesiya's hand as his gaze goes from rocking eggs to clutchparents, huge, towering, amazing, powerful- oh, that's what we're doing! Eggs! And oh, look, the first one's a bronze!

Canadian Thanksgiving Egg wiggles again, all fat and hot and ready to come out of the proverbial oven.

Issket is now clinging to Sainin's arm instead of his back. Squee. Squeak. Scream. "Aboot! Aboot! /A bronze/!" No, really. "Sainin, we're going to die but look! It's so /shiny/!"

Jhishivyl wows. "Hey. A bronze. Aboot. Yay." A decent pause, then to Niara, "Dude that was fast."

Jesiya barely contains her yelps of discomfort after the bow is completed and is somewhat thankful that her robes are far too long, it helps give her tootsies comfort, "They never looked -this- big before…" Egg touchings are decieving! She squeezes Amarils hand and pulls him a little bit forwards, "Oooh, /whoa/…." Bronze..impression, is it hot in here?

Lyria stays momentarily at the entrance to make sure all the candidates have made it onto the sands, then slips over to the other riders. "Puttin' a mark down on a brow- Neeeevermind. Oh, a bronze. Good stuff."

Oralia smiles, or just manages to, at Rielle. But she dies of shock when the first hatchling is a bronze. "Malek…look," she whispers, pointing out the lucky candie. Not like Malek cares much, but she has to tell somebody. And no, she's not letting go.

Amaril stumbles forward as Jesiya tugs his hand, doing the Hot Sands dance as best he can.

Spring Equinox Egg shimmies once more, but falls still shortly afterwards.

"Because you calm me /down/!" she hisses back, quivering again. "Ooh… a bronze!" she whispers suddenly, eyes widening at the Impression. "Good job Aboot!" Did her voice just crack? /Her/ voice? Then the heat of the Sands hits her, causing her to do the little Candie Hop. So much for Perfect Calm.

Niara turns from the bowing circle, and tags along after Jhish, shifting her feet uncertainly against the heat of the sands. A worried glance toward the galleries, the riders, then… Erple. They've ~started~. She nods at Jhish and gnaws on her lower lip. Please, no, please, no….

Sainin manages a glare towards Issket at her insistance that they will die, almost missing the first impression. "We're not going to die." he hopes… His feet go still as he just watches, determined not to run.

N'ano pumps a fist into the air, tugging on whoever's sleeve is closest to him, "Did I call that or -what-… BRONZE! I'm gonna be rich after this night's done!" If whoever collected the marks didn't run off with them to Bitra, anyway.

Tasi laughs a little, shaking her head. "Nice call, N'ano. You got my half-mark on that one." She seems good-natured about it, though, speaking to other 'riders with her eyes fixed firmly on the candidates.

Canadian Thanksgiving Egg lists to the side as the rocking becomes more pronounced. Then nothing; no movement or sounds of the dragonet within. Long seconds tick by before a faint cracking can be heard, and all at once the egg splits right down the center, laying Steppes of Babylon Brown Dragonet bare to the world. Confusion wars with outright panic in the dragonet's eyes before he straightens up, head rising in a less-than-convincing imitation of an arrogant swagger.

Steppes of Babylon Brown Dragonet
Expansive shades of cinnamon, deep and natural, arc across broad shoulders and a strongly built frame, shadowed liberally with a series of sinuous, klah-dark marks. He is the desert in motion and these marks are the windswept ridges that curve upwards into thin crests across the sand, following the lines of his head, neck and haunches in subtle stripes that whirl and coil around his wiry frame. Shadows cast a million subtle colors across his hide in a draconic animation of Igen's sands at midnight, dark beneath the sky yet shining with pale moonlight that casts a soft shimmer over everything. A creature of gentle dunes rather than sharp crags, headknobs curving gently over large, expressive eyes, and a gently swooping neck rounds out into a sturdy, muscular ribcage, haunches collecting still more shadows as they curve downward to give way to a positively serpentine tail.

Mlina hopped from foot to foot, her eyes glazing over from all of the chaos and excitement. She was proabably going to be a little bit quiet if this is what the hatching was going to be like. Oh dear. And look… an… Impression. She's definately going to miss most of this. Oh dear. oh Dear. Oh Dear.

Livesta parades with the others onto the sands, her rather rumpled robe fluttering in the waves of heat from the black sands. With the others she bows, adding to the wave effect, and takes her place. THe first egg hatches among its brethren, and Livie applauds, a bronze! Who has Impressed already, wow!

B'ane traverses solidly out onto the sands.

Dea stands by the weryling Barracks entrance ready to help the newly impressed with their charges. She gives an indulgance smile as she remembers when she stood on the Sands and when Ftoranth hatched. Ahhh yes. Memories.

"I guess we were both wrong," Hannah comments to Sapha. To Tais, "Yes, this always brings back memories. I remember my Hatching day as if it were yesterday. Ha! N'ano, aren't you rich enough?" She gives N'ano a quick grin before attention agian focuses on the Hatching.

Sapha makes a little face as a brown and a bronze hatch. "Shaffit.

Beau has his hand firmly clasped around Livesta's arm as he bounces from foot to foot, excitement and general happiness radient in his features. "Ooo, a bronze. Wow, that was fast. Its really hot down here. You hot, Livesta?" He turns a sly smile upon her. "I mean, obviously you're hot, but…are you warm?" And he lifts a hand to puff the top of his robe a bit, in hopes of getting some airflow down the garment.

Issket is like the Sainin-anchor. He ain't getting anywhere with her latched on. "Maybe you're right. And ooh a brown, too!" Squeal, squeal. Poor, poor Sainin. "I can't remember if I made any bets. Drat."

"Yah, so what?" Malek feigns disinterest so well that he truly seems not to care. He cannot -believe- the bronze chose that one, however, narrowing his gaze as he forgets the obligatory, 'Hey, good job standing there and not getting mauled'. "Eh. Bronze. At least it wasn't green," he says, all but studying his nails to communicate how dispassionate he is regarding the affair. A trace of anxiety does creep through as he shifts from foot to foot. -How- does Malek calm anyone down?

Aradia looks ready to rock back on her heels and bounce for all the world, "Loooook how shiny he is!" Finger flicks out towards the newly impressed pair and Aradia clutches tightly to Xarines arm and lets out a squeaking giggle, "Oh oh oh oh oh!" One foot to the other is bounced from and she flexes fingers spasmodically about Xarines hand, "B-brown!"

Rishk plods distractedly out onto the sands.

Amaril stares amazed at the little brown, second hatchling. "They -were- alive." We're observant today. "Wow!" Dance.

Oralia is so full of amazenment, and then lo and behold, a brown dragonet is hatched. Oralia smiles and almost cries at the beautiful shades of cinnamon, just managing not to faint. Who's it headed for she wonders and begins to hold onto Malek's hand even tighter, but not to tight. She's totally numb by now.

Livesta listens absently to the nerby candidates, but mainly focuses on the quaking eggs and the newly-hatched brown. A shiver amidst the heat, and she peers over the eggs. And finalyl looks to Beau, but only because he's yanking her arm. "Beau, calm down! Yes, it was fast. All of it will be fast!

Jhishivyl blinks, but he's awake. "Brown." He recognizes the color, and shifts his EvilBareFeetOnFreakingHotSandsDance towards a knotling of candies, hopefully drawing Niara with him. More safety in groups, says he.

Floating Lantern Spirit Egg quietly shivers on the sands, greyness rippling across its shell as whatever is inside it prepares for its time.

Sainin's attention switches to the newest hatchling. Remember, he tells himself, don't close eyes and be on guard, and no mauling shall happen, right? Right? "Of course I'm right." he manages to change his glare to grin towards Isske. Looking quickly back at the hatchling.

Rielle visibly twitches as the next eggs crack, nearly leaping on Malek. A /brown/. Ooh, she likes browns! Fingers reach out as though to snatch the perceived-heat-halucination from the air, but he's still there. "I'm still not ready for this," she whispers, voice shaking a little. "Malek, help," Squeak. She's so mesmerized by the egg-rocking that she stopped moving. Ouch! Back to the hop-skip dance.

Little Assistant Weyrlingmaster Rishk runs onto the sands to take a place near B'ane, "I got here as fast as I could.. I was at Keroon when Ima told me.. " Deep breath. "I didn't miss anything did I?"

Steppes of Babylon Brown Dragonet remains cradled in the remaining half of his one-time home, taking a few seconds to prepare before he truly steps out into the world. With the metaphorical few deep breaths to calm his nerves, he's ready to go, and begins to venture out of the shards, neck swinging in broad gestures as he inspects the candidates before him.

Oh, Gah! Not -closer-. Anywhere but -clo… eh, okay. Niara does follow, trailing hesitantly, her eyes fixated on the little dragons… ew… they're awful goopy.

B'ane immediately casts his outer riding jacket off the moment his boots sink into the soft basalt grains and throws it over one shoulder to free up his hands. After Miyakath is given her due respects, each cuff of his linen undershirt is rolled up in preparation for his new role. "Assistant Weyrlingmasters with me please," is succinctly harped, a raised hand beckoning those he called to forward. The pit off to the side is already buzzing with various people importing carcasses of wherry and torsos of herdbeasts. "I believe a bronze just hatched and Impressed and then there's that brown there," dipping his head to Rishk, his pace does not slack, however.

Jesiya okays, she's got hot feet, "Amaril, if you hold me on your shoulder for ten seconds, I'll hold you on mine next, deal?" Oh yes, please Amaril, her emerald eyes just beg out for some protection from the sands. The pillowcases give her no reprieve from the heat of the sands, no matter the length of them.

Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg starts doing a little twitching action of its own—absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, but enough to make a few eyes wander its way…

Xarine squeezes Ara's hand back in silent good luck - she doesn't seem to be saying much at the moment, other than the occassional quiet 'ouch' as her feet get too hot. No matter that she has sandles on. Bronze impressed, brown… "This is scary." That said, she gulps and continues watching the eggs.

Tasi grins at Rishk, shaking her head. "You're fine, she says," eyes still fixed firmly on the dragons. B'ane's voice is enough to catch her attention, though, she moves towards him quickly, wincing a little at the heat of the sands. "Wonder who that first brown goes to," she muses to anyone near enough to hear her thoughts.

Oralia tries to focus on the shifting eggs and the candidates, but it's all so confusing! She just barely manages to remain upright and gaze at the Brown as it searches for his candidate. Inside her mind she offers encouraging words to the dragonet. She gulps nervously and hold onto Malek for dear life.

Jala trails in right after Rishk, calling to her, "Hey girl, wait for me!" Plucking her way across the sands, she takes up a spot on the opposite side of B'ane. "Wow, there's already been an Impression? Faranth, I'm always late for these shimmies…" Muttering to herself, she takes a moment to survey the candidates. "Look how shiny they are!" She reaches over to smack Rishk. "Remember when we were shiny like that? Aww." Nostalgia softens her features to a warm smile, and she gives Beau a little wave, even though he's probably not paying attention.

Pohutukawa Christmas Egg gyrates on it's little sandy stage. Oh yeah baby it's the the best egg thing fiddle fiddle ding ding. Oh? Time to fall silent once more.

Malek arches a look over his shoulder at Rielle, dark gaze pointed. "What do you want me to do, slap you?" Something in his tone suggests that if it would really help her out, he would not be loathe to do so. His hand twitches at his side, a little mental scene playing out of violence. Ah, nice. Lifting his voice, he spots Sainin in the sea of white and calls out an obscenely cheerful, "Be ready to run!" Oooh, Malek. -Bad-. Shaking his arm, he mutters, "Losing blood flow, Oralia."

Winter Solstice Egg shivers and shakes, colors shimmering brightly in the dark sands as it seems to dance just the tiniest bit.

Amaril is doing his own dance. "Jes dear, if I pick you up, we're both going to fall into the sand, and then we'll really be hot." Babble. He's not precisely the muscular type, now is he! Eyes scan the rocking eggs. "Look at them. It's amazing."

Goddess of the Moon Festival Egg shimmies a little to the side, coincidentally bumping sides with one of her clutchmate's ovoid. The collision causes minute fractures, branching off neatly until cracks engulf the entirety, splitting them into crevices wide enough that allow both muzzle and forepaws to emerge. Shards fling every which way until finally, sopping with post-hatching goo, Pern's newest green dragonet materializes onto the sands, multi-faceted eyes swirling with full emotion of hunger.

Shaman of the Timeless Tundra Green Dragonet
The ethereal green dance of the northern lights plays upon the pale permafrost of winter fresh hide. A sweep of snowy evergreen adorns her head, wrapping about majestic eyes and imperialistic headknobs. The aurora borealis promenade down her neck, filtering through the crags of mountainous shoulders and the jade-iced peaks of delicate wings; frosted glaciers cascading over sails of Arctic tendrils and their solidity melting to a mere gloss of film as semi-diaphanous membranes percolate and mute this jade to the calm glow of water beneath ice. A soft pine underbelly smoothes down to powerful haunches and legs, ending in icicled claws. Alpine, crisp and clean, flourishes down the length of her tail. Her stocky and compact build suggests an otherworldly power, steeped in nature and the silence of freshly fallen snow.

Neiana shifts from foot to foot, grumbling quietly about how hot her feet are and the sweat that's trickling down her back " I forgot how sharding hot it is out here."

Hannah quickly gets lost in the Hatching chaos, and therefore falls silent of the conversation, noting the brown and green hatchings. "Mmm."

Wait. Her favorite egg just /twitched/. Did you see that?! "Did you see that?!" she squeals, jumping. "It moved! It /moved!" Yes, Malek, you may just have to do that. She needs something. "—Ohhhh… green…" Okay. You can stop calling out the colors. "Green. From my favorite egg…" Shift, jump, shift, jump. Rielle is giddy now. Could that be hers, maybe…?

Sainin adverts his attention for a momentarily towards Malek. If this wasn't a hatching, he'd give a retort to that remark. Oh well, he'll just stay where he is and pretect Issket from any too hungry hatchlings. Eeep, another one is loose? Must keep track! Eyes switching quickly between brown and green.

Xveiya walks out onto the sands.

The Fall Bazaar Egg quite honestly explodes to reveal a very moist and a very Cute Little Penguin Blue Hatchling. Sneezing to dislodge albumen from his breathing passages, the tiny tumbler well, tumbles into a downhill mound of sand but is cushioned at least. Righting himself after a few surprised squawks, he waddles towards some of his other brothers and sisters to meet up with a group of three young boys. After challenging a brown brother with a crimson stare, Cute Little Penguin Blue Hatchling meets a pair of brown eyes and a boy with scraggly shock-orange hair. His O'pus. "Billth! I love you!" Dreadful cough. Uh yeah, hairball.

Neiana claps her hands as an impression is made, "Congratulations" is called out. Looking back out over the sands to watch for more hatchings and impressions she does.

Steppes of Babylon Brown Dragonet gives a sudden shriek, inviting all the attention he can get. He stands up a little straighter, stretching to his full height and fixing the crowd with a proud stare as he eliminates candidates from a distance. There's something…there! And so he heads over, clumsily coordinating legs, tail and wings as he attempts a manly swagger, heading for clump of candidates in particular.

Rishk would sniffle if Rishk were capable of joking around at a time like this, "Yeah.. I remember bein' out here and all them eggs hatched just like 'at one just did. M'glad I've got Ima now and don't have to stand out 'ere." Raising an eyebrow in the newest green's general direction, she smiles. "And it's nice to see it from the other side.." At B'ane's barking call, she looks up and waggles a few fingers. "Present?"

Livesta doesn't talk anymore, she's busy watching all the eggs, nervous energy making her hop from foot to foot. Ooh, wait, that's the heat, yeah. Duh! Ahem. Ooooooh, a green! And a Blue! But the Blue Impresses, and Livie watches more.

Issket is just.. yeah. Standing, and freaking, and trying to cut off all circulation to Sainin's limbs. "Look! More! They're kind of shiny! Sainin my feet are burning off!" Hold her. Wah.

Jhishivyl stares at the green. "Okay, it's offical. Dragonets are freaky looking." And Jhish has no eye for art, despite being… er… you know. An artist. "Hey, look. Blue. So odd." A switch back to the brown, and Jhish leans in to Neiana. "I have no footlings. It's more than just sharding hot." Browswipe. Grr.

Oralia just has time to watch the green hatch before glancing back at the brown, she's multi-tasking even as she lets go of Malek's hand so he can get that tingly feeling you get when your arm goes numb. She shakes her arms out and tries to breathe calmly, but it's not working. Ack, too much happening! She needs more eyes! Oh no, now there's a blue too!

Amaril stares out at the eggs still, shifting foot to foot and back again. "Whaddaya think's next?" Random question, asked of curiosity and fear. Yes, fear; the dragonets' claws look just as sharp as their parents'.

Dea moves to help the new impressed to the barracks. "This way. We ahve everything you need. Yes. He's lovely and there's plenty of meat for him."

Beau did, in fact, notice Jala fleeing onto the sands and he tears his gaze from the eggs and the hatchlings for just a moment in order to wiggle his fingers in return. Then his attention is right back on the young dragonets. "Ooo, that green is a pretty one! Reminds me of 'Reaches, her coloring does. And I /am/ calm, Livesta." He sends her a sideways glance out of the corners of his eyes. "Are you?"

Aradia nearly bursts with a scream as the eggs hatch, "GREEN!! BLUE!!" She's calling 'em out as they come folks. Aradia hees and does a little dance on the sands alongside of Xarine as she looks around the bodies of this person and that, "Oh, is it coming this way?!" She could die! As long as it doesn't come too close with the claws. You know. or fangs.

Mlina meeps and cheers and is completely lost. "Go green! Go blue! Go… Bronze! Go… you brown over there!" Ra Ra Ra… Sis boom Ba… Diddle diddle dumpling, My son John! Can we say cheerleader. She can't ever pick which person, place or thing she's cheering for.

Sainin looks down at Issket for a moment, "Just step from foot to foot." Yea, easier to run away that way too! Then his attention is back to the brown as it begins to make its move. Can't let it get out of sight for long…

Blue, green, brown, bronze. The colors whirr inside her head… or is that the heat just having a bad effect on poor Rielle's little head? Maybe both? "Malek," she squeaks softly, stepping a bit closer to latch onto Oralia. "Ora. Ora. Is it hot in here to you?" Because poor Rielle is sweatin' over here.

"Of course I am, Beau," Livesta states calmly, trying to keep from burning her feet. "But the death-hold you have on my arm is getting painful, really." Uh-huh, neat sidestep. "By the way, who do you think will Impress?"

Steppes of Babylon Brown Dragonet stops a moment, fatigue plaguing him as the newly-hatched brown wavers in his certainty. He slows down a bit, turning from side to side as he tries valiantly not to show how anxious this whole ordeal makes him. Keeping up the brave front he trudges on through the dark sands, stubbornly continuing in his chosen direction.

"Sounds like Jesiya," Malek says with a scowl, watching the brown hatchling shriek to the skies. Goodness, shut -up-. Once Oralia lets go, he promptly shakes his arm out with a Look at her. "Do jumping jacks or run in circles if you have to." Looking back at Rielle he adds, "That goes for both of you." Utterly impassive — obnoxiously impassive! — he watches Rielle move around like a mad thing. "Stop fidgeting," he growls, seconds after telling the girls to move to release tension.

Pohutukawa Christmas Egg will be silent no longer, everyone brace themselves because the way it's wiggling it's about to explode.

Niara is happy for the other's impression. Really. Just means one less that might get her. She side glances at Jhish with an amused grin. "Completely," she agree, wrinkling a nose as one lurches near. Her heart races, then she exhales a relieved breath as it veers off. "Do you think they know if you want one or not?" she wonders, frantically hoping so. This was -so- not what she bargained for.

Xarine watches the other dragonets impress and looks back to the green again. She squiizes Ara's hand again, more from nerves now than anything. Another quiet congrats is called out to the newly impressed, even as her eyes scan all the eggs and the dragonets. Balancing on her left foot, she shakes her right slightly, trying to get it to cool down. Before she switches feet.

Pohutukawa Christmas Egg starts to ripple along the base slowly working upward until the whole exterior seems to vibrate. The colors dampen and darken under the heat and strain of near-hatching, and just when the newness of summer greens and scarlet blossoms that characterize the egg are lost to a cloudy haze, the shell begins to disintegrate like a sandcastle in the tides. The dripping and shadowing continues until what was once homage to summer reveals the vibrant, surreal blue of Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet.

Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet
Rukbat has just set over this hide of deep tropical blue. Navy splashes down the ocean landscape, its faint Prussian oil slicks collecting in delicate smears across the rippling expanse. Trickles of moon-silvered peacock spread in paper-thin webbing along extravagant wings of briny azure. Night dances along waterlogged haunches of rich sapphire, the barely-ruffled surface painting thin legs in choppy cobalt. Talons speak of shallower seas where cyan intermingles among the marines, littering the strong expanse with effervescent phosphoric trills. Droplets of baby blue work upwards from his mandible to splash against elegant cheekbones and speckle beneath large eyes, like tiny reflected stars, before trailing into a faint wake along his streamlined neck.

Amaril gazes fascination at the new blue, and flicks his eyes again to the first and only beautiful green. Ooh. "Look at his markings!" Like a kid at the zoo, Amaril is. Look, look, look! He nearly drops Jesiya's hand in trying to watch them all at once.

Beau eases his grip on Livesta's arm with an apologetic little frown, which is quickly turned upside down as the excitement of the hatching quickly overtakes any disheartening emotions. "Sorry about, dearie. I don't know who's going to Impress. Maybe we all will! Wouldn't that be lovely?" He pauses. "Ooo, look at that blue! What a pretty one. He's so colorful!" Bounce, shimmy, shake.

Rielle quivers, shuffling her feet into the sand. Oh my Faranth! Blue and brown and green and… whoa! Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy. "Yes sir," she whispers to Malek, /forcing/ herself to stand still. She's watching you eggies, dragonets. And she actually manages to not move, except from a little shifting of the feet so they don't burn on off.

Oralia nods her head at Ri in response to the hot question. Ora is from HRW people, this is like being thrown into a firepit for her. But she seems to be taking it pretty well. She's only shivering and pulling her hair out, and then makes a lunge for Malek. "Don't leave me," she fumbles, half a threat and a plead.

Jhishivyl blinks. Blinkblink. Blink 182. Har har. "Dude. Another blue." Sloooowblink. "Lots of blues." Somethin' like that. "I think they would," he replies to Niara. "I mean.. they're dragons. They know who they want, and I doubt they care if you want one or not." Cough. Yes, that's JhishLogic. Immmpeccable.

Jesiya lets go of Amarils hand as she hops up a little higher on bare feet to look over the heads of her fellow candidates, "Blue? Green?" Oh move out of her way you tall freaks! She squeezes her way past this candidate, that candidate and finally lands near Sainin, "All of you need to -slouch-" That's right, this little munchkin can't see! She looks vaguely ridiculous as well..she's one big..pillow case. With curls, "/Oh/." Now she sees the dragonets, "Oh. Whoa." Freeze.

Xveiya watches the brown as he moves across the sands, shifting her weight anxiously as the heat of the sands begins to get to her. She edges a little closer to the clusters of her fellow-candidates, still not speaking to anyone or offering her hand, just to garner the slight comfort of other people near her. I wouldn't get to close, though, or hot toes will be stepped on and bruised toes, to boot.

Niara erks. "That was -so- reassuring," she mutters dryly, turning her gaze back tot he hatching creatures with renewed apprehension.

Livesta shrugs at Beau and tosses her ponytail back, chewing her lip thoughtfully. "I suppose you're right. Still, one can make an educated guess as to who they think shall Impress to whom."

Shaman of the Timeless Tundra Green Dragonet stretches each of her fresh, sticky, all-too-slimy wings one after the other, flapping them about for balance before she even attempts to strut her stuff. It's not too long though that hunger pangs start erupting from her gut. Instict has it that she has to find a person to call her own though, so thus she starts carouseling around the sands.

Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet emits something akin to a squeal as the shell that kept him captive so long suddenly disintergrates. Maybe if he flicks some sand over it no-one will notice his little attempt at destruction. Oooh but wait, why is there so much white? Yucky color white, but he approches anyway, something inside telling him he should.

Sainin gives a gentle shake of his arm, must.. regain.. feeling in it.. "Can you loosen up some Issket!?" Looking from the brown hatchling to the others, so many, and then there's so many more still in their eggs.. He plants his feet. Time to face fears. "Just enjoy the moment…" he says to Issket, is he really giving that type of advice?

Jhishivyl smirks at Niara. "But it's the truth, I think." And he promptly glomps onto Niara, simply because— well, duh. That green is fracking scary. "That one is frelling scary." He points to the green. "Doesn't it freak you out?" The short Harpercandie glints upwards with something of a smirk. Hotfootdance continues.

Amaril skitters sideways, near losing his balance as a pinch of blazing sand works itself between his toes. "Owowowow." Quietly, so as not to attract too much attention, he bends to pick it out, and raises his head to glance about nervously before rising again and scooting to where he can get a better view.

Steppes of Babylon Brown Dragonet pauses, the emergence of a bronze clutchmate throwing him off-balance for just a second. The hint of vulnerability, almost fear, returns to expressive eyes for a moment, the threat of despair hovering as he lowers himself onto the sands, seeming to droop. But wait! Almost as soon as he's touched the sands he's back up, moving with actual purpose as he strides through the sands, galvanized to sudden speed and excitement. There, standing on the hot sands, waiting for him, and him alone, is his oasis. Sainin is zeroed in on, and the brown stops directly in front of him, whirling eyes looking up to meet stormy blue ones.

Beau nods at Livesta. "That's true. Well then, who do you think will Impress? Hmm?" He gives her a ridiculously imperious look, but promptly has his attention diverted as the newest blue /squeals/. "Well, that was a positively horrendous noise."

Xarine grins wryly as another egg hatches - the one that had made her list of top three best looking eggs when she came to see them. Blue. Mmmkay. But Lookit the green! Pretty! She flicks her hair out of the way again, absently, still watching, waiting.

B'ane gestures with the finesse of any magician over to a preordained set of large, wide-brimmed bowls and cleavers. Oooo yes, the cleavers. "Those are for hacking off meat chunks off of the carcasses. Try not to go any bigger than a man's hand when it comes to size, but other than that don't be picky when it comes to carving around fat, sinew and the like. These dragonets'll barely even chew it." Already tearing into the haunch of something, slabs begin to coat the bottom of one bowl. Whatever grin he may feel obliged to offer is quelled with the effort in which he is working. "Oh, there's someone that just Impressed.." Is favored for one of the dozen people assisting him.

Issket is braindead from the heat and the stress and.. from her natural lack of braincells, yes she is. Cling. Whine. Foot-shuffle. "Sainin," she hisses above the noise, wringing his hand, "I think we should leeeeave. It's scary. And it's hot." Run awaaaay! "And— oooh, it's blue, and I /can't enjoy the moment my feet are melting and /SAININ/." Wail. "You weren't supposed to /DO THAT/!"

Malek looks back and forth between Oralia and Rielle, rolling his eyes to the sky far away as noise fills the sands. "Where do you think I would -go-?" He makes a rude gesture then indicates their surroundings, white bodies packed in clusters. "Besides, if I tried to run, you'd tackle me," he says wryly. "The sands are too hot for that." Somewhat surprised by Rielle's easy agreement, he narrows his eyes at her speculatively. "Hmmm," he says, voice lifting on the end as he waits for her to give up and freak out. It is a shame he doesn't notice the brown pick a victim.

Livesta would answer Beau, but she's a bit busy whooping happily as she manages to catch sight of Sainin and the brown together.

Hannah watches the proceedings with interest, smiling when the brown picks Sainin. "Not a surprise really. He does seem like a good brownrider." She gives N'ano a quick look, "Think your cousin will Impress?" She doesn't mention Bob.

Oralia watches the brown excitedly, bouncing up and down on her toes and trying to keep blue eyes on the rest of the dragonets. Oh god people, they're headed straight for us! Everyobdy run! Though, Ora's feet must be stuck, maybe they melted, she really can't move now. "Sainin!" she cries as the brown makes his way over. "Yay!" she cheers and congratulates him. Back to holding onto Malek now.

Amaril listens abstractedly to the first of the cheers, and adds his own tenor to the throng. "SAININ!" Or maybe it's not Sainin any more, but who cares? "GO for it, man!"

Aradia coooooos towards the dragonets, "Ooooh look at that gorgeous blue!" Crrrroooon! Just..don't come to close to her if you plan on eating candidate flesh, m'kay?!

Niara would totally freeze at the glomping, if she weren't so busily returning the favor. "Oh,oh,oh,oh" she breathes in short gasp. "If it comes any closer… You'll protect me, right?" What? Niara the independent ready to swoon? *snort*

Rielle grips the sides of her robes with now-white knuckles. Well at least she somewhat matches. Then she looks over. "Oh my— SAININ! YAY!" She jumps up and waves happily at him. "Congratulations!" There's her outburst of 'freaking out'. Okay. Back to worrying. Sorry, Sai-ol'-pal!

Sainin blinks at the brown before him, unsure of what exactly he should do. FInally, he steps forward, with or without his arm. "I'm sure we can find you some food." He looks up at the others nearby. "He says his name's Kismetath!"

Neiana keeps up with her clapping as Sainin impresses and calls out the name of his lifemate, "Wonderful name! Congratulations" then it's back to watch the dwindling number of eggs. "Its all happening so fast."

Xarine looks over to see who's just impressed and grins. "Yay, Sai! Congrats!" Well, a bit of nervous energy went into that shout, so funnily enough Xar is slightly calmer now, yay! Back to hoping. Hopehopehope!

Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg emits some strange little noise as it rocks side to side, as if there is something, sharp claws perhaps, scraping at the inside, like nails on a blackboard, of course, not so painful a sound.

Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet wiggles his way closer towards those dreadfully dressed creatures. Sticking low to the ground so he doesn't do anything silly like fall and trip and get his face all covered in sand. Euw. He cringes away from a sallow skinned girl. There must be someone with taste in this lot. Maybe? All he can do is keep on looking.

Malek -starts- to notice a trend in the shrieks. They all sound an awful lot like, "Eh? Sainin?" Thumb a bit of sweat from his brow, Malek snorts softly. "Guess he won't get mauled after all. Too bad it isn't green." While Malek could be a bit nicer, no one would recognize him if he was.

Tasi looks utterly, utterly overjoyed as the brown makes its way towards Sainin, screaming her congratulations in a very undignified manner for a 'rider and assistant weyrlingmaster. She walks closer, smiling:looks utterly, utterly overjoyed as the brown makes its way towards Sainin, screaming her congratulations in a very undignified manner for a 'rider and assistant weyrlingmaster. She walks closer, smiling at man and dragonet alike. "Congratulations, Sainin. Do you and Kismetath want to come with me, and we'll get him some food?" Her voice gives away her excitement and pride, for all the businesslike speech.

Issket is all alone. Weep. She can't even bring herself to be happy for Sainin, and thus she bzooms over toward Neiana and.. latches onto her arm instead. Can anyone say 'one-armed weyrlings'? "Neeeeia." Whine.

Beau smiles bravely and lets out a loud whoop for the new impressee. "Way to go Sainin! Kismetath. What a nice name." Nudging Livesta, he questions again. "So did you think he was going to Impress? And who else? Hmm?"

Xveiya has connected.

Amaril glances to the crawling blue, and the rocking eggs, and continues to hotfoot. Anticipation makes knots in the muscles of his shoulders, and tension exaggerates every motion into a jaggy dance.

Jesiya whoas as she dances out of the way of that huge brown only to watch it impress to Sainin, "Shells and bells and Faranths second toe nail! Congratulations, Sainin!!" And then she's hot-footing it towards Malek and Rielle, "How're you two doing?" She asks non-chalantly as she presses a hand into Maleks back, gives a tug and quickly hotfoots its elsewhere in the sand careful not to edge -too- close to the dragonets and have them mistake her as a tasty bite-sized morsel.

Jhishivyl blinks. "Hey. It's Sainin. Did he just Impress? Wow." Whoda /thunk/? A slight pause. Then another blink. "Kismetath. Good name. Verra cool." Then, more glomping. He works at glaring at the rest of the dragonets. "'Course I'd protect you, duh." It's flatly stated, amusement hidden. Niara's cute. Y'know, in her actions. Right.

Living On In Infamy Egg rattles violently. The ominous shades seeming to swirl and attempt to scatter before it grudgingly settles at a completely different angle from the one that it had origionally be resting at. Timing… it's all about timing.

Livesta snorts at Beau this time, and nods. "Yeah. And Nefret, Jesiya, Rielle, you, a few others… There are loads of people."

Shaman of the Timeless Tundra Green Dragonet is a pretty one, isn't she? It's not the attention she's after, howevercontrary to the near-dancing she's doing whilst weaving between her clutchmates and the candidates. One boy is eyed for a moment-but nah, he doesn't have the right stuff, baby. But those girls over there… potential! She'll just have a sniff their way…

Amaril gapes. "That one's my favorite," he states to nobody in particular, pointing to Living on in Infamy. Something about the color swirls draws his gaze. Stare, near glazed over. Fascinating!

Living On In Infamy Egg shudders once, the unsettling colors attempting to twist into some semblance of order. The entire egg strains for what seems like an eternity, but could only possibly have been a fraction of a second, then simple explodes. Fragments scatter as Riding the Waves Green Dragonet tumbles forward blinking… Woah, wipeout.

Riding the Waves Green Dragonet
Rich tropical green filtered through with hints of golden sand flow across the lithe form of this lady. Ridges are dusted with paler, but no less vibrant shades, like sunlight filtering through waves. The fresh green of new growth, so pale it almost seems yellow runs down her belly. The patterning of shadow and light ripples across her frame, like the patterns dancing over the surface of the ocean. The patterns become bolder around her whip like tail, seeming almost helixed to the vibrant point. Her wings are narrow, falcon shaped for agility, tinged with the deep gray of kelp and the deeper jade of the ocean depths, shimmering as if with straining sparks of the tropical sun.

Oralia tries to count all the dragonets on the sands, but she can't keep track and just ends up getting dizzy. Oralia squeezes Malek's hand, "Be nice," she prods. Not only is she keeping an eye out for dragons, she's also Malek's foster mum for the day. Ok, back to being nervous now. Twitch. Oh, green, blue, so many colors!

The sudden shuddering of Peaceful Heart Doll's Day Egg causes the sphere to come apart into a horizontal split nearly down the middle. Better Than a Corvette Green Hatchling has um, decided to adopt the trend of wearing the top crown of an egg shard into a stylish beret. Ample tail flicking and hip swaggering characterizes the brilliant palm-frond color of the dragonet on tour as she speeds over to a single young woman with waist length platinum blonde hair and legs that deserve their own zip code. "Oh, like, my, aren't you just so pretty! I have the perfect accessories to match you with, Malibuth!" Giggling, both traipse off the sands, Barbii garnering a Miss America wave as she goes.

Amaril keeps staring as the little green hatches, falcon-winged and with the promise of swiftness. Oh! Stare. And his feet remind him through sirening nerves that yes indeed, they are quite hot, and he starts up the dance again. All the while watching, all the while nervous as anything.

Sainin smiles as he nods up at Tasi, gaining his feet, he looks back at his new lifemate. "Lets go get you something to eat." he says before following after the blue rider. So caught up in the events, he seems oblivious to the congratulations from the others though he would thank them never the less.

Winter Solstice Egg continues to shiver just the tiniest bit. Not quite ready to hatch yet, it seems, but on its way nonetheless. A particularly vehement shudder tips it a bit, sending it sprawling sidelong in the sands.

Neiana's arm is… grabbed. By Issket. She stands there, heat affecting her mind slightly. This is probably the time to do something, like comfort Issket, but it's too hot to think of things like that, so she just kind of stands there.

And so Niara and Jhishivyl stand, glomping each other on the sands. Wait! It's not like -that-. Niara whimpers and shuffles behind Jhish, her hands twisting into the fabric of his robe. Careful there… "What the wherry fart are they thinking?! They aren't -cute-. Why the heck.. OOOO! That one moved!" she squeals. Ouch. Eardrums.

Rielle forces herself to release her poor robe and smooth it out. Won't do good to rip it off. That'd /suck/ folks. "So many.. so fast… I feel dizzy…" And sick, and scared, and elated, and scared, and worried and… did she mention scared? "No sitting on me please," she mumbles under her breath, obviously talking to herself about something that's occured before here. Yes, that's a brilliant idea, keep your mind /off/ the wandering dragonets. Well, partially off. Don't want to get gored or anything

Xarine is still just standing and shifting from foot to foot, as she tries to keep track of all that's going on around her. All the nervous tension! Not to mention the dragonets themselves! Two greens on the sands now… Right? She's thoroughly lost, it seems. Jump around a bit more on hot feet, stare at everything, hands clutching spasmodically.

Aradia is right in front of the newly hatched egg..well, okay not so much but she wishes she was because that crack is absolute mana to her ears and she clutches at Xarines hand nice and tight and gives it a wiggle as she presses into the candidate, "Oh my goodness! Green! Green! Everywhere!!" *SQUEAL*.

Malek watches Jesiya's approach warily, but she seems harmless enough as she approaches with a reassuring pat and — Oh, -my- goodness. The threads of his robe, sabotaged by little miss you-know-who split down the sides. Shaking Oralia off -quite- quickly, Malek makes one-handed grab for his robes before he flashes the sands — and the galleries, for that matter. "-Jesiya-!" Forget the growl; he nearly squeaks as he grabs onto the leather at his waist, the leather all that is holding his robes in place as they dip dangerously. There are no words. Jesiya, you are so, so dead. Oralia, please do not grab onto his arm. He needs it now.

Riding the Waves Green Dragonet collects herself and shakes the sand off stretching out each new muscle. Test, test, test. Good all functioning propperly! Her head swivles as she steps out into the sand and the bright tip of her tail twitches with something resembling eagerness. She sniffs at the sand as she moves. Odd something seems missing.

Issket will comfort herself, she just needs a random object to cling to before she can start. "Neeeiana. Sainin went and Impressed, and.. I'm all alone now." Except for, y'know, everyone else. Cling. "I really do think we're al going to die now. 'cept Sainin, and Aboot, and.. people." Twitch. Wail.

Shaman of the Timeless Tundra Green Dragonet is most amused by the dancing some of the candidates are doing… jumping all over the place… it's not /that/ hot. It looks kinda fun though—maybe she'll join in? Watching a few of them bob, she too bobs in mimic… until those hunger pangs nearly cripple her!

Jhishivyl twitches. "Easy on the robe, pet," he sardonically calls over his shoulder, before getting deafened. Ow. Niara has a set of lungs on her, that's for sure. He eyes sideways, catches sight— and guffaws -loudly- at Malek. "Looklooklook!" he chortles at Nia, pointing out the evil sight of Malek gimmicking his robe for all he's worth. For the record, that -was- him that wolfwhistled. Malek just doesn't know it. Yes. Then? Back to hiding from the evil greens.

Amaril dances higher, feet lifting halfway to knee height as he does his very best to cool them off. No luck. Even the Igen-bred is having trouble with the heat! The first green's bob makes him laugh, just a bit- and then he stifles it, staring around at the others. Ooh, that skulking blue's pretty.

Oralia manages to make sure Ri doesn't die on the sands. 'Cause then she be burnt to a lil crisp. An oh my -goodness-. "Malek…!" she whispers. Why doesn't he use his sash to fix it? "Sash," is all she says before eyes return to spotting the sand for wandering dragons. Though, she does keep an eye out, just in case Malek really does flash the galleries.

Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet stalks along the lines of candidates, making little snorting noises as each and every single one fail his sight test. He's trying to find a life-mate Honest Mommy-Miyakath, but they all look so uninspiring. Bouncing? Is his sister bouncing? That looks like fun actually.

Racing against the pangs of an empty belly, Trite Chalky Sugar Hearts Egg downright crumbles like discarded Valentine's Day sweets. Kiss Me, I'm Irish! Brown Hatchling struts far to the right, stops and strikes a pose before he changes his mind and back-tracks right to where his empty shell is. Sniffing the remains like he's expecting something to be there, he then catwalks over to a group of about thirteen candidates. A roving askance, complete with a unibrow-like shadow above his eyes, decides upon a lass from Keroon with the shortest robe on. /Hello./ "Why of course I'll ride you, Colinth!" Grinning, Byootie flanks her brown lifemate, Colinth leading the way with a devil-may-care mien though he sizes up a few other female candies as he saunters by.

Xarine notices the green's 'dancing' and can't help but laugh. Switching to her other foot, she continues giggling, trying to keep from laughing so hard as to fall over helplessly….. Which would be what she'd probably end up doing at his rate….

Xveiya taps her foot a bit, glancing over towards Malek and Jesiya suspiciously. What…oh my. Her eyes widen in surprise, then narrow quickly. She wasn't amused by that. Nope. "So that's what you were doing," she mutters, the faintest hint of a grin on her clean face.

Beau nods contemplatively at Livesta. "Yes, I agree. I definitely think Issket's going to Impress. I mean…look at her." Shifting his weight from foot to foot, he exists in a state of perpetual smiling. The green dragonet is eyed. "Is she…mocking us?" Raising a brow, he shakes his booty a little bit in her direction. "Maybe she just likes to dance. I think that blue wants to join in too." And he jabs a thumb in the colorful blue's direction. "What a lively bunch." Malek is eyed. "Looking good, buddy, looking GOOD."

Amaril steps back as the beautiful blue passes, suddenly afraid. He's still.. big. Even for a baby. Especially for a baby. And, as has been said before, Amaril doesn't do big!

Shaman of the Timeless Tundra Green Dragonet grows slow in the hatching sands heat, but she persists. She must. The time for choosing has come to pass, and her choice is made, for somewhere out there in the crowd is her purpose, her reason for being, and her one and only. And like snow in winter she advances, until she is close enough to claim the tawny-haired Xarine, a girl with serenity to match her own.

Rielle definitely echoes Issket's sentiments at this moment. We're /all/. Gonna. Die. Then she sees Malek. Oh. Poor Malek. She edges over. "Do you need help?" And /no/, it's not a ploy to /grope/ him in case some of the /other/ females are asking. Another whirr in her brain as more people Impress. Maybe she ought to shut her eyes so she doesn't go crazy out here. The green is regard—- "XARINE!" Rielle shrieks, jumping up and down and waving again. "CONGRATS!"

Neiana nods at Issket, with the vague feeling that she should be saying something, maybe. "Uh." is all she comes out with, distracted by another impression. "Congrats!" she calls to Xarine.

Livesta shakes her head at Beau and just goes back to watching the eggs and dragonets, talking is not worth the heat at the moment! Breath needed to blow cooling air, yeah. And what? "Xarine! Ciongratulations!" Not loud, who can expect her to be heard, anyhow?

Don't think Malek did not hear that, Jhishivyl. Rest assured, the dusky skinned -currently- attempting to cling to his dignity with both hands — literally — did hear that and is planning revenge for the laugh. The wolf whistle, though, he cannot place. "Shut -up-," he snarls at Beau, dark skin tinged with a blush as he scrambles and reassembles his robes in some order. "Rielle, just, I don't know. Stand there." Once he has done that, he taps Oralia in the shoulder — hard. "Where'd Jesiya go?" Once again, he is too involved in himself to catch impression after impression.

Dea toe dances into the dimly lit tunnel.

Niara follows Jhish's point and snickers, releasing both his robe and some tension. "Malek, darling, It's not the galleries ya have to impress," she calls out, the comment cut short as another impression occurs. "Yay!" … "Another one down, how many more to go?" she asks of her sands partner.

Jesiya doesn't twist in time to see her handy-work, she's too busy staring at all the dragonets careening about, but does…thankfully, turn her uppertorso and look towards the fumbling Malek, one truly joyful smile curling her lips before she lets out a yelp, dragonets! Eeeeee! All around! She hops from foot to foot, stumbling, then tripping into the sands, fingers quickly toying with her overly large robes before she finally rights herself in time to see her bestest buddy impress, "Xar!!" Toddling to the side she clutches at the bottom of her robes, hefting them up far past her knees as she minces toes across hot sands towards another candidate, "Hot. Hot." Eee, dragonets all around, "Hot, hot, move."

Oralia almost falls over, I mean she was really going down for a minute there but she just manages to regain composure and cry "Xarine! I love you!" Not that it made any sense at all but it was a kind of congratulations. Turning to Malek with a grin, eyeing him oddly, she replies, "I don't know. Stay here or else everyone is going to see your goods." Actually, go ahead, make a run for Iya.

Xarine stops her 'dancing' and stares at the dragon for a moment, hot feet forgotten. "Zeimyth…" Raising her head to the others, she looks as if her face is going to split. "Her name's Zeimyth!" Back to the green, she's still smiling. "Will always be. Yep."

Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet sneezes as his bouncing sister Impresses. Oh, he's gotta do that too! And so he continues down the line, not bouncing, but defintely swaying. Oooh no, the girls don't have any style, where are the boys? The good looking ones?

Jhishivyl fears Malek. Not. As long— heh! "Good one," he sniggers at Niara, not a grouch long enough to point. "Xarine! And.. Zeimyth? Zeimyth! Very cool name. Awesome."

Jala let's out a long 'awww'. "The first green Impression! Reminds me of when Myrr was just a little, wee thing. Awww, I'm all warm and fuzzy on the inside now." Stepping forward, she gestures to Xarine and her new lifemate. "Bring that lovely thing over here, and let's get you two something to eat, yes?" she calls to the pair.

Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg reels in its place, spinning like a top at the end of its cycle. My goodness, can it just get out of here already? The egg stills suddenly, teetering on one side.

Amaril glances over at Xarine, and the little dancer Zeimyth. "Congrats, Xarine!" Cheer. And then back to staring up and down the lines, looking for more little stragglers coming from their eggs.

Riding the Waves Green Dragonet snorts. Crowd, check… sand, totally. What's missing? Maybe it's /in/ the crowd? She approaches the white robed figures and sniffs at one, bah, no fun there! She slipped a bit farther down the line and her tail smacked the sands in disgust. No no, wouldn't do at all. /That/ one looked like she'd never seen sun in her life.

Slurred Guinness and Green Egg sloshes, shaking and shivering until a million tiny cracks extend all the way around it and begin to tumble loose. A particularly shiny, sparkly green rests within the eggshards, shaking off vigorously as she purveys the world around her. She struggles to her feet and traipses across the sands, delicately shaking black grains from thin wings. She stretches out to her full length, showing off intricate coils of forest greens which extend across her hide, but the stretch throws her just slightly off-balance and she tumbles back into the sands, coating her lovely greens once again with goo and grains of sand, and gives a soft squawk of dismay at her muddied state. She turns, bumping straight into a white-clad candidate, and begins to rub vigorously against him, cleaning off the sand as she marks him - physically and mentally - as hers. "Wreath! My Wreath!" T'nsel cries out, falling to his knees to clean and caress his new lifemate.

Tasi smiles over at Jala, grinning as Xarine and Zeimyth come to join S'nin and Kismetath on the sides. "Does this seem familiar to you, too?" she asks Jala softly, a hint of tears in her eyes as she keeps most of her attention on the eggs and dragonets.

Aradia nearly faints as a green beauty nears her and..Impresses! To Xarine! "Oh XAR!!!" Watch her little hands clap together quickly as she bounces from where Xarine and the green are to clutch to another random candidate, "Hi. You know me. Aradia. I'm just gonna hang with you." ClingClingCling. BuBbLe!

Malek glowers at Niara, words simple as he calls them over the sands: "Bite me!" He reconsiders hastily, considering the faint bruise that shows on his arm from Aradia. "Never mind," he adds under his breath. "No one is going to see my -goods-." He suddenly levels a look around, trying to spot anyone glancing in his direction. He does not -dare- look up towards the galleries; it would be too embarrassing. "-Where- is Jesiya?" He does not care if this is a hatching, and a dignified affair. She just erased every last bit of dignity from it.

Beau lets out a resounding yell for Xarine. "Way to go, Xarine!" He shimmies a little, turning his weight-shifting into a fancy dance. "Now that poor blue doesn't have anyone to groove with. Poor guy." Malek is sent a final catcall. "I was being serious, my friend. You /do/ look good." Rawr.

Rielle stands as directed by Malek. "I told you, you should've let me help," she hisses. Only trust the ones who can handle sharp pointies /with/ you, Malek! Hot, hot, hot. There goes the hotfoot dance again. Jump around, jump around. Aw man, there go… what, a dozen or so more Impressions? "Congratulations!" To who? To whoever! "Hush up Beau!" Glare. Ri /is/ Malek's bodyguard after all.

Amaril is far from suited to dignity right now, so sorry, Malek. Sure, he isn't stairing at Malek, despite catcalls and wolf whistles. But he is still hotfooting, and there goes another bit of sand where it doesn't need to be, and he crouches to dig it out, nearly going over backward in process.

Xveiya snorts at Xarine's impression, and the reaction of the others. And for this we risk our necks? The dirty girl shifts from foot to foot, shooting surreptitious glances towards her fellow candidates. "If Fangy were here I'd have someone to talk to," she mumbles to herself, still smarting at that offense. "Or if I had my dagger…" Stabbing dragons is bad, Xvei.

Mlina doesn't fear Malek. She's appraising him with her not-quite unobviousness. She's ditzy, but not stupid. However, Impressions all around her distract her and lead her to throw her arms over her head. "Eep! Yipes! Meep!" Ack… is all that can be said. She can't even cry congratulations to Zeimyth and Xarine and… And… lost! All is -lost-! Duck… hide… mew… She will keep herself hiding behind a clump of candies. Ack ack.

Oralia senses a fight coming on and plants her feet firmly, ok so they already were, but Malek is not going after Iya and ruining the Hatching. "If you try to go after Iya the galleries are gonna see more than your goods Malek." Don't think she won't do it either.

Issket is freaking. Still. Don't mind her.

Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet recoils from a particularly disastrous-looking candidate. Someone, please tell him he didn't /really/ just see that. However, one must persevere in the face of ugly things, so - Oooooh, what's that? Just like in the movies, the crowd of white robes parts to reveal a stunning creature, also in white. Now that's grooming! Gaily, Tropical Siam Surprise Blue Dragonet struts down this informal isle and stops with a stylish pirouette before an ebon-haired boy. Oh, Beau! Things just keep getting better.

Jhishivyl followups Beau's catcall with another wolfwhistle. Just to be his funny self. "Take it all off!" he hollers, and ducks behind Niara. Wuss is he, but a smart wuss. Right. "Whoa. Beau? Was that Beau— no way.

Livesta snickers at Malek, then murmurs to Beau, "A moment, I think our friend needs a help." Disentangle, and slip that way, yes, undoing her hairties as she goes. She has lots, you know, for all her hair. "Hey, Malek, need a hand?" Sidle sideways a little more. And squeak, her just-vacated buddy Impressed!

Traditional Badnji Kruh Egg starts to twitch, a sharp end of something bursts from the top of it, making a slice through the egg's honeyed shell. Following shortly behind what have proved to be neck ridges is the top of a muddy brown head. The dragonet seems to pause in his shell to peer out into the world he has sent himself thrashing into, looks to decide that it is simply the place to be, and sends the egg toppling sideways to shatter in a shower of sand and new talons.

Creature of the Loch Ness Dragonet
Aged, antique umber coats his slender body, dipping into a mottled concoction of mud and fawn near the underbelly and the lower part of thin legs, a scaly pattern deceptive of his smooth hide. Dusty wings reach far for his width, but end sharply at the fingerbone. Dingy earthen sails are stretched taut across the bones of his batlike wing. His color pales dramatically across spiny, sharp neckridges, copper rusting into a sallow frosted green that coats the knife-sharp angles of his head. Muzzle is narrow and skeletal, dismal sepia trickling its way 'round noseridges to a slightly hooked tip. Legs are not skinny, but dainty, rather, with talons razor sharp and contain a wiry strength to them. Elongated tail becomes increasingly more marbled in dusky brown as it reaches its end with spiky ridges pinched from its top.

Amaril picks himself up again and in process notes Beau's new friend, the lovely blue that had seemed so disinterested. "Beau!" Just a roar of the boy's name, and a friendly smile, and a wink. How appropriate, that the blue went to him.

Winter Solstice Egg gives a little shudder, a tiny spot of solace from the heat of the sands. It twitches from where it lies sideways, cracks beginning to show along the surface.

Oralia just missed Beau Impressing, but she calls out a whistle to him anyway. Awe Beau, the boy who corrupted all of Candicy. Very nicely done! She continues cheering but stops for a moment to smirk at Malek, awe they're gonna cover him up? No fair.

Niara squeaks as she is ducked behind, but quickly turns her body to shielf Jhish from viewing, offering a sickly sweet smile and blink toward Malek. Just in case… And "Yeah…Beau. No accountin' for taste, eh?" she smirks over her shoulder.

Hannah shifts a little to better watch some of the Impressions since she's rather short, it's hard to see some of them. "They are a lot of interesting dragons hatching out…" Seeing the newest dragonet hatch, she winces. "La, but that's a rather, ah, unusual dragonet."

Malek's words are snappish as he turns to Rielle. "My robe was -fine-. She had to have done something to it. Did you see the way she tugged?" Oralia causes him to recoil, as he does not doubt her threat. Jhishivyl, you are so, so dead. He snaps a dark look at Livesta next, good mood soured. Wait, what is that you say? Was he ever in a good mood? It is all relative, you see. "Need a hand? Go grope Beau," he says under his breath, fixing a knot into his robe that it will take a blade to undo. He refuses to lose the top half, at least. Speaking of which, Malek turns his attention, spots Beau, and snorts disbelievingly. "That wasn't a green?"

Neiana cheers, though her voice is getting weak from all the congratulations that she's called out. Clapping her hands and grinning as Beau impresses and leaves the sands with his new lifemate.

Beau slowly releases his grip on Livesta's arm as he finds the blue there, in front of him. He falls silent suddenly, stunned as tears bead in his eyes. A little whisper escapes him. "It wasn't my choice to wear white." A smile breaks across his face as he proudly announces, "He says his name's Niwath!" Joy!

Issket freaks, et cetera, and promptly drops her glasses as soon as she spots the brown. "/EW/." Squeak. Clutch at Neiana's arm. Is it numb yet? "That's so /ugly/. I can't see!"

Rielle squeaks again. She caught that one. "Beau! My Alpha male buddy!" Oh /no/, another egg cracks. Help, help, so /much/. "What— no, not a green — That is a /cool/ dragonet. It looks mean. I bet it's looking for you, Malek. You're mean too." She grins teasingly.

Pumpkin Pie Egg joggles on the sands, oh-so-slowly tipping from a little hillock on the sands. It seems to go in slow motion, like a culinary masterpiece making its slow tumble from counter to floor as you watch from just a few too many steps away to make the save, and finally hits, whipped cream top splintering away from the mottled orange remainder of the shell. Sitting squarely in the middle of this split is a truly huge brown dragonet who creels pathetically, stumbling forward across the sands in hot pursuit of his lifemate. He falls before Nicholas, a pudgy young man from Telgar, and his creeling quiets a bit as he makes his choice. N'ick is now the proud lifemate of a particularly red-eyed Reindeerth, and an assistant weyrlingmaster hurries the new pair off the sands to find some food.

Creature of the Loch Ness Dragonet steps from his egg, staring disdainfully at the goo that covers him, then continues forward, shaking bits and pieces of egg flakes off his hind leg. He pauses at a nearby egg and opens his mouth, as if to size it up to be edible because this creepy creature sure is hungry. No, no it seems that it is not. So the next thing that catches his attention are these human things standing around. Once again, he just stops, to stare superiorly down his nose at them. You all want me, but the question is, do /I/ want one of /you/?

Jala nods at Tasi as she ushers Zeimyth and Xarine off to get sustenance. "Oh, indeed. Gosh, its all so familiar." Sudden interruption comes as she spots a blue finding his way to Beau. "WAY TO GO SWEETIE!" is squealed excitedly. Yay.

Livesta throws a few of the hairties at Malek in exasperation as he mutters, then grins toward Beau. "Hey, congratulation, Beau!" Back that way now, yes.

Oralia facepalms. A brown, of a brown! She just missed it to. She tries to tear herself away from chuckling at Malek, but it's really very hard. But alas, things are at stake here. Like her existance. Leaving Livesta to repairing Malek's robe she goes back to oohing and aweing at the lil babies.

Jesiya continues to mince her way until she's right back where she started, next to Malek and seriously oblivious to that fact, he doesn't matter at the moment she's squealing as she hops from foot to foot and waving at the newly impressed Beau- Even though she didn't see it happen she can hear everyone else cheer and she's not gonna be left out. Oh -pooh-. Where are cookies when you need them. She minces her way back -behind- Malek, head turning to assess the rest of the candidates, "Oh." Twitch as she turns back to the newly hatched brown, jaw nearly dropping, "Shards bells toenails and wingsails that's one..mean looking..thing."

B'ane raises an already dampening head - the trip to the baths candlemarks ago not exactly helping matters any. "Well Sainin, glad to have you." A nice masculine nod is dispatched Judging that Tasi will attend to him and then bucket-brigades a bowl down to Xarine, a new bronzerider and now Beau. Evidently B'ane's Mr. Meatchopper and so his other minions can help ship out the bowls o' meat.

Hikaru has connected.

Winter Solstice Egg shudders and shivers, flakes of egg falling from the sides in a shower of shimmering white and blue. Frosted sapphire limbs burst through the sides, brushing the hot sands for just a moment. Seeming to find the high temperatures distasteful, the limbs promptly disappear again, pulling back into the protective, cool shell. The egg, however, is already half broken and can no longer hold the glacial dragonet. It cracks, sending Spirit of the Ice Blue Dragonet tumbling out onto the hot sands.

Spirit of the Ice Blue Dragonet
Pale striations run across his hide, emphasizing impressive musculature and following each gentle curve, slim lines of frosted alabaster alternating with wider stripes of a pure ice blue. His head is slim, muzzle extending out with a slow fade from cerulean across the center of his face to a frosted powder blue that crests nostrils, headknobs and eyeridges. The blues deepen along the slope of a strong neck, the light stripes darkening a touch as they offer new depths of shadow, lining a series of uniformly angular neckridges and shot through with occasional whorls of color, periodically interrupting the otherwise regular shading. Variegated marks, from tiny swirls of cobalt and beryl to broad swaths of a shade nearing aquamarine extend down from the neck to adorn his broad back and powerful hindquarters. His wings, however, hold no such inconsistencies of pattern, the same pure lines of cyan and white spiderwebbing out from his shoulders to curve gracefully along broad wingsails.

Amaril gives Jesiya a tight grin as she minces past. "Hey- partner!" Oops, too late. What happened to sticking together>

Rishk looks to the two of her Estrogen sisters and snickers, "Unfortunately, I don't have a significant other out there on the sands to cheer for.. but ya'll picked good, if the dragons like 'em." Smiling her general half smile, Rishk crosses her arms and turns every so often to glance in B'ane's direction, jogging over to help whenever she deams fit, and apparently now is the time. "Could ya use a hand?" Headtilt.

Jhishivyl stares at the dark Malek-Jr. Stare… stare… stare. Bugeyestare. Wow. Then it's back to smirking— leering?— at Malek and hiding behind Niara. "No accountin' for taste, yeah. What you said. Right." Yes. Or something.

Xveiya claps quietly as Beau impresses. He's on her do-not-hurt list - for the moment. She glances towards the eggs again, interest captured by the newly hatched brown. Hey now…there's a color she can identify with. "Good-lookin'." Yep, this one has her stamp of approval.

Malek growls quietly. "I am only -mean- because she deserves to -bleed-," he says, finishing just as Jesiya pauses next to him. Ah. Ah hah. Hi, you. Turning in a circle, he promptly ignores the dragons — Bad form, Malek! Bad form! — and fights the urge to punch her. "-Jesiya-." A hundred, a -thousand- layers are loathing are worked into the word. Livesta's hair ties fall, ignored.

Creature of the Loch Ness Dragonet steps forward, finally. 'Tis time to investigate some possible choices. Who is possibly worthy to be this rather odd looking brown's? As the dragonet paces toward some of the candidates, he opens his pointy sharp maw rather wide at them, making as ferocious a croak as he can, fresh out of an egg. Fear me. He closes his mouth to watch them and seems /highly/ amused as they scatter to the sides.

Tasi beams at Rishk, more or less bouncing around the sands along with the candidates. "Shards, this is so exciting!" She glances out, making sure she's not abandoning her job to her excitement. But she's not, so she goes back to staring in amazement at the new impressees, and watching the sands for more to join the ranks.

Oralia manages to get in the middle of Malek and Iya with a venemous whisper, "Move and you get bit. Or pansted." Whatever works people but if you go and battle it out in the sands, Ora might have to sock you one.

Spring Equinox Egg murmurs in it's spot on the dark sands, gently it sways and rocks, tocking slightly like branches in the breeze it won't be long now.

Aradia squeals as her new buddy just impressed, "Congrats, N'ick!!" Oh, now to find someone else to cling to and use as her human shield. Amaril! Look! She's bouncing your way now, sandaled feet gliding effortlessly over the sand as she stops to reach a hand out, "I've lost my buddy, too."

Livesta hmms as Beau gets led away and casts an eye around for someone else to stand next to. Ah, Hikaru! Grab of the arm of the mostly quit candidate and grin. "Hey, I'm claming you as my new buddy. Maybe I'm a good luck charm?" Yeah, her last on Impressed, e.e. And Malek, having let her pretty white ribbons fall, gets a glare. But attention back to the hatching, more dragonets from those eggs!

Niara is one of the ones who scampers to the side, stumbling backswards and very nearly taking Jhish with her. "Ack! You're supposed ta save -me-!" she accuses the air, trying to detagle herself from the flurry of arms and legs scattering.

Xveiya blinks. See, that's not scary. /She's/ scary. The candidate plants her feet and cross her arms, ready to stand her ground should the brown toddle over her way. Hmph. She glares down at her feet, shuffling them a bit in her solid stance. Even a wall has to keep its feet at a comfy temperature.

Hikaru was here all the time. Really he was. The boy was just hanging around the back watching everything with something of a slack-jaw assessment. And here he thought this venue would be just fine… until he is grabbed and snagged by Livesta. The teen stumbles forward a few steps in the sands, blinking at her. "Uh. Sure."

Oralia eyes the brown, who looks like he's going to eat them all. Ora however, is in a bit of a position trying to keep peace between Iya and Malek, however silly that may sound. And so she eyes the dark brown and stays put, despite the rest of the fleeing candidates. Just don't step on me, y'here?

Malek would clearly like nothing better than to plow through Oralia, but with one -exceptionally- rude gesture in Jesiya's direction and a mutter about her ancestry that is thirty shades of impossible, he turns away with a twitch. He glares at the snotty hatchling surveying the sands, arms folding over his chest as his gaze moves to the other candidates to try to see if anyone dares meet his gaze. DIE!

Black Thursday Egg seems to swell a little, looking positively ominous as the streaks of black, which mar the otherwise simple pattern sheer away neatly, landing on the sands in a series of mini-eruptions. When the shower of destruction ceases, a sooty-looking, darkly colored little blue is all that remains. He seems oddly askew, just the tiniest bit malformed, and screeches noisily as he totters forward, eyes whirling bright crimson as his head swings from side to side on a spindly neck, glancing at first one candidate and then another, discounting each one in turn and continuing to look for the perfect one. Stravnic catches his eye, a swarthy young man standing alone in a corner of the sands, and the ear-piercing shrieks end in a final cry of happiness. Crimmuth has made his selection, and stands, loyal to the end, behind his rider, St'nic.

Jhishivyl moves to the front, and offers an arm of stability to Niara. Yes. Protect the woman, says instinct. Awww! Look at shortie. He's growin' up. Plus, the brown doesn't faze him— it just makes him want to leer. Heh heh. Ahem. "I -am- saving you." Or thus sayeth he. Then? A smirk is tossed Malek-ways. Smirk.

Rielle eyes the Loch Ness dragonet. He's so mesmerizing. She could get used to him around, he's all coolish and stuff. Shift, shift. Good Faranth, why's it gotta be so hot out here? It's miserable, I tell ya! Miserable! Still, she keeps her position… er… around Malek. Let Oralia do the peace-keeping! At least she's calmed down a little, right?

Livesta smiles sweetly at 'Karu when he agrees and nods. "Good thing you agreed. I didn't want to be stranded." Like -that- would really happen! Emerald eyes return to scanning as another hatches and bonds, and Livesta smiles.

Issket is trying to poke around with her feet on the sands for her glasses before someone steps on them or collapses on them or.. whatever, but it's not working. And there's /no way/ she's going to actually get down there to look. "SOmeone /help me/." Whine whine. "I can't seeee what's happening?" Where'd the running commentary go?"

Riding the Waves Green Dragonet has finally managed to get herself into a presentable state. Now, all -those- dragons seem to be heading in the direction of the white-robed, pink fleshy things. Strutting, tail held high, the green passes right by the girls on her quest for someone more interesting, someone more worthy, someone like that dark complexioned youth over there, who she immediately steps towards and begins nudging.

Jesiya blinks a moment at Malek, what? Is he still here? Head shaking her emerald eyes narrow as she raises two eyebrows at him, for the moment distracted by something blue and..ooh. Blue. However attention is diverted back to Malek and she nearly falls backwards, "Shells Malek it wasn't supposed to fall that much apart-" But once again she's distracted and instead contents herself to stand -next- to the disgruntled man. That's right, if she can withstand the heat of the sands she can survive one of his idle threats, oh..speaking of heat..she's still hopping from foot to foot, robes clutched to hold past her knees, toes wiggling every few seconds between hops, "Shards…"

Lyria superiorly struts past candidates backing up. The arguing ones are eyed. No, no, don't want one of those, for certain. So instead he just practices his developing roar at them. Hush up. He's trying to make a decision, here. Once they are taken care of, he makes his way past, spotting something shiny on the ground. Ooh. Hm. What is it? Whose is it. Shiny object owners certainly have potential.

Spirit of the Ice Blue Dragonet shakes his head a little, sending egg goo flying in a wide circle around him and the remains of his frosty egg. He seems to ponder his options for a moment before rising, and takes his first steps out onto the sand without any more hesitation.

Creature of the Loch Ness Dragonet superiorly struts past candidates backing up. The arguing ones are eyed. No, no, don't want one of those, for certain. So instead he just practices his developing roar at them. Hush up. He's trying to make a decision, here. Once they are taken care of, he makes his way past, spotting something shiny on the ground. Ooh. Hm. What is it? Whose is it. Shiny object owners certainly have potential.

Amaril kneels to caress the soft hide of the little green that chose… him. HIM! "Naluth," he murmurs. "I'm.." he murmurs a name to her. "Naluth!"

Spring Equinox Egg has had about enough. Seriously. Being cramped up in this poor excuse of a home for so long? It just doesn't suit ones fancy. Fissures engorge the eggs surface within a matter of seconds causing shards to spray about like a volley to the sand beneath. And then nothing. Silence. But silence is only the awakening of such a surreal being of vigor and beauty to emerge from the depths of her chassis — a war in bloom for her own freedom. Militaire De Dieu?

Parisian Spring Sonnets Green Dragonet
Heavenly pigments of chartreuse and lime coalesce along the illusive feline-striped texture of her hide; bright as Rukbat through new foliage and vernal brilliance unrelenting as it smothers every delicate curve and angle in a rampant joie de vie. Lovingly inspired, it dapples over dainty haunches and along exuberantly shaped shoulders before giving way to helter-skelter daubs of sun-kissed caramel; the innocent splash of a springtime shower forming forest puddles amongst a lithe muzzle, neck and head knobs alike, aged with fresh moss to contrast such muted earth. Pale subdued mist visits her hide once more, upon the leafy vibrancy of powerful wings, obscuring Rukbats luster with the unpredictability of a sudden spring squall.

Issket gives in, and drops to her knees, ignoring The Candidate Leg-Burn in some last-ditch attempt to find her glasses. Digdigdig in the sands, and — whee! — "I found it!" And she puts them on, squints up at the other candidates, and promptly pulls them back off. AAH. "HOT!" It buuuurns. And she clutches at the glasses again. Cling. Owwwww. "Someone help me!"

Creature of the Loch Ness Dragonet turns, finally, decisively after much consideration towards a certain candidate. He cocks his head to study his spectacled subject, then with a curious, but silent air takes the few steps to the white clad girl and spreads his wings and rests his head by her feet, his mysterious whirling eyes staring straight into those of Issket's.

Rielle peeks. Was that thing rawring at /them/?! Must be, she doesn't see anyone else arguing like Malek and Jesiya. No one /can/ argue like Malek and Jesiya. "ISSKET?!" WHAAAAAT?! That's /bizarre/, but still. "ISSKET!" she shrieks happily, waving her arms. "CONGRATS!" and… whoa, Amaril! That was baelated. "AMA! WOOOHOOO!" She yells a lot, doesn't she?

Livesta leans on Hikaru as she shifts feet, then lets out a whoop as Amaril Impresses. And when the next green hatches. And when Issket Impresses! "COngratulations Amaril, Issket!

Oralia manages to congratulate Amaril, and there goes Issket! Oh it's all too fast. Spinning now Ora fumbles along and looks like the sky is falling. Well atleast the brown didn't step on her toesies. Ah, bubble, scream! Cheer!

Malek stops glaring at Jhishivyl to point an accusing finger at Jesiya, turning on heel. "Ah -hah-! So you admit it! You did do it." He elbows her in the side — hard. He's missing on everything at this rate, too busy glaring at Jesiya to notice the green dragon trot up to Amaril and make him hers, or the miniature him claim Issket. "What did you -expect- it to do? The seams were cut or something." He plugs the ear on Rielle's side, glaring at Rielle. "Oh, be -quiet-!"

Neiana congratulates Issket, moving back a bit, to watch the rest of the hatchlings and impressions. More congratulations as she spots a pair that had impressed earlier, then quiet. Too hot.

Hannah stares at the girl that drops to the sands. "Did that dragon just impress the slightly daft one?" she asks slowly, watching the ugly brown stumble up and pause. "Rather odd dragon, that one."

"Awwww, fard…" It really is a good thing that the rest of Karu's thought there doesn't go voiced as he neatly sidesteps a passing brown with something of a relieved blink. "I think I like the back better. You didn't have to dodge them then." His eyes catch sight of a couple of his candidate comrads being pounced by little dragons. "Wow."

Aaaand suddenly Issket is staring at The Ugliest Dragon Evar, also known as, "Lesoleth?" The buuuurn of the glasses is forgotten. "Oh — my —" Squeak. Fall over. Pop upright again, squealing. "Lesoleth! We doooo."

Now that Zeimyth and Xarine are properly attended to, Jala reaches out to pat Rishk's hand. "You could borrow my significant other to cheer for, if you'd like. Or maybe adopt one? How 'bout that fine looking fellow?" And she points out Malek. "He seems ready to show his manbits, at least. Must have a good set of him if he's willing to run around so scantily clad. Hehe. OO, more impressions. Congratulations, lufflies!"

Xveiya's brow furrows and she glares at the brown as he chooses someone else. "Oh, fine," she mutters, with a little snort of annoyance. "Just do that." Because, you know, she's the obvious choice out here. The smelly girl reaches up to scratch her face, leaving a dirty smudge on the clean skin. She's keeping a constant eye on Jesiya - just in case she thinks she can sneak off the sands and steal Fangy back.

Chinese Lantern Egg glistens and gleams, seeming to come alight on the dark sands of the Hatching Cavern. The points of light seem to throb for a minute as cracks amass across the dark surface, suddenly exploding outward. The debris settles again in an almost perfect circle around the indent in which the egg was cradled, and left huddled in that indentation is a tiny, adorable little green. Nearly neon shades become clearer as the dragonet moves, a bright, eye-catching point on the dusky sands. She catches someone else's eye, too: one of the youngest candidates on the sands, Alliwant, takes a step forward, eyes fixed on the little green. The hatchling notices the attention and preens a little, stepping forward. It's not certain who chose who, human or dragon, but a choice seems to have been made. It looks like Alliwant got her wish, green Fronteeth. "Congratulations, Alli," a nearby weyrlingmaster says with a smile, coming closer to move rider and dragon off the sands.

Jhishivyl clicks back on his heels, and dances thataways. Har. "Wow. Issket." A pause. "Interesting. A rider with glasses." Very interesting, indeedy. A pause, and he glances over his shoulder— "Lesoleth? That's pretty. Interesting. Totally unfit for that dragon." Right, Niara? Rigth? …

Lyria snickers slightly and shrugs a shoulder to Hannah. "Odd dragon…Odd girl. Nice pair…I'll get 'em." Lyria shuffles hurriedly out to the sands,"'Grats Issket. This way…" and she ushers them to the side with the other new Impressees.

B'ane dislodges the blade of his hatchet and in doing so sends a fine splatter of blood into his face. See, that's why face masks should be utilized at all times, folks. Chopping hand stops and its partner reaches out to rid the sticky substance from his cheekbone. To Rishk, "well I could use another arm to start on the anterior end there," a look to the front of the headless animal is given before B'ane continues to just put meat in bowls without looking up. He'll see the weyrlings when they go to the barracks. Most likely..

Niara clamps vice-hands around Jhish's arm, using it to pull herself to steadyness, but not releasing it as she stares across the sands in wide-eyed stupor, leaning forward slightly to peer at various creatures pairing off. "So you are," she tosses back, along with her hair. "But I swear… you leave me out here an' you are is -so- much trouble." Wha-? ooo! "Congratulations!" she calls out. "It's a very pretty name," she says primly before giving in and winking. "At least…"

A'mar speaks softly to Naluth alone. "C'mon, babe. Let's get you some food." And off toward the side they go.

Parisian Spring Sonnets Green Dragonet distainfully shakes her baby fresh hide, to get rid of all the goo naturally. Ick, how embarrassing, but not nearly as embarrassing as some of those robes. With out so much as a backward glance at her formoer home she starts to prowl among the candidates. Seriously, they are all so -common-

Jesiya snorts, "I didn't think they'd do that, I thought your bum would show is all." Pah, she can't help it if she's not a weaver and doesn't know the proper threads to tug and cut! However she's soon jabbed in the side and she gives a little wheezing whoof, "Oh you…" Rawr. She won't do anything. She stands up, rubs her ribs and just crosses her arms. No fighting on the sands.

Aradia clasps her hands up to her ears as the brown roars but as soon as that motion is done she's bouncing up on the sands screeching for Issket and clinging to her candidate buddy, "Did you see! Amaril, And Issket! And and.." Ooh, words have no place for Aradia now, she simply just croons and tries to contain her energy/fright.

Oralia manages to sneak past Malek and Iya. Let them battle it out then, though if Iya goes and breaks her face this time she's not going to help since she started it. Blah, you evil people ruining the hatching. Ora manages to smack Malek in the back of the head and pinch Iya on the arm, and then she sliiips away to stand by some other random candidate.

Rishk snorts at Jala, patting the hand that's patting her hand with her other hand. Wow. That's a whole lot of hand in one sentence. "Nah, that's okay, Jal," she says with a smirk. "I think I'll wait a little bit 'fore I pick the one fer me." As B'ane calls her attention away from the girls, she waves before beaming and trotting over to the bronzerider. Lovely, she's skinning and chopping up animals now. The thing she does for people. "Alright.." Sniffing disdainfully at it, she just follows B'ane's lead.

Spirit of the Ice Blue Dragonet continues on his merry way across the sands, sniffing amiably at each candidate he passes but never stopping to give even one so much as a second look. He doesn't seem frustrated, the only sign of his growing urgency a slight intensification of the red in his eyes as hunger climbs higher on his list of priorities. It's a noticeable change, though, such brilliant reds shining from such a startlingly blue background.

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day Egg vibrates ever so slightly. This one is not quite ready to hatch, but there does appear to be some shifting taking place. Then all is still.

Livesta mutters and shovers her cascading hair back now, trying to untangle it, as she has no more ties. They are all in the sand around Malek, doncha know! A glance over the dragonets and she squinches her nose, examining each. Then the eggs, of course. "Wow, this is going by rather quickly."

Jhishivyl smirks loudly at Niara. How one can smirk loudly is expressed plainly on his face, as it's a loud smirk. Yes. "Would I leave you all alone out here to fend for yourself? Reaaally. Right." He just smirks more and leers more (to her -and- Malek, because Malek's fun). "Yes, pretty." Pretty, right. Mhmm.

Scantily clad? You think Malek does this -willingly-? If he had heard that, Jala, Malek might be distinctly annoyed. However, he did not, so there is no threat of retribution. Little waves of 'Oh, I hate you all so much, why don't you go curl up and die' just wash off of him, jarred by Oralia's little slap to the head. "Ow!" He glares after the younger girl, but makes no move to stop her from running off. Why would he?

Rielle looks back, glares, and aims a (light) kick at Malek. "Oh shut up for once. You should be /happy/ for people! Stop complaining and have /fun/ for once!" Hmph." Back to the sands. Oh great, that argument just lot her… uh… a bunch of ground on what's going on? "I give up," she mutters softly, crossing her arms to pout and watch. Malek gets to be ignored now. What'd she miss while she was busy?

Apples 'n Honey Egg drips, light, pale greens breaking neatly from the rest of the shell to slide down the rest of it. A slim green head emerges, poking out comically from one of the holes left in the top of the egg, and a smothered squeak sounds as the little dragonet tumbles out of the hole, laying waste to the rest of the shell as she falls out onto the sands. She shakes herself off and shimmies along across the sands, chattering away to herself the entire time with a chorus of squawks and squeaks, as if keeping a constant commentary on every candidate her sharp little eyes spots on the sands. Each one so far has been given a derisive sniff as the green turns to look at the next one, moving her way down the line. Oi, gevalt, she's found it! A positively exuberant cry alerts everyone - and we mean /everyone/ - on the sands or in the galleries that impression has occured. Green Jewith has found her bubelah, Hora, and another pair makes its way off the sands.

Oralia eyes Malek from a relatively safe distance. Ok, now what's going on here? Blue eyes return to scanning the sands and hopping on her feet. Ack, it BuRnS! Green, Blue, Green, Blue…dizziness!

Floating Lantern Spirit Egg spins once, one of the very few movements it has made so far and again, falls silent, not even a shifting of colour beneath the egg occuring.

Parisian Spring Sonnets Green Dragonet saunters now, her hips swaying as she gets the hang of this walking business. Still none of the candidates she spies are up to her exacting standards, but that doesn't stop her from snapping at a couple, including Maleka. Oh yeah, she's rude, she doesn't even stop to check if he's okay.

Flames of Prosperity Egg rocks and rolls, the ring of golden sparks developing cracks as it rolls further, bulldozing the sands with no regard for anything else on the sands, be it egg, dragonet or candidate. It rolls to a stop, finally, in what must be the best site on the sands and promptly splits in half, rupturing suddenly into two neat little pieces. Settled inside is a massive bronze, eyes aglow with a shade of red that's even brighter than any other dragonet in the clutch, and he clomps abruptly forward, knocking aside a smaller, weaker blue as he tramples the sands in search of what is /his/. With a triumphant bugle he makes his selection, rushing forward to make sure that he beats his clutchmate to this candidate. Plopping himself down in front of C'nsumer, he is hailed joyfully by name. "Americaith! He says his name is Americaith! My very own dragon, and he's all /mine/!"

Niara lifts a brow, her lips twitching in bemusement. Was that a leer? At -her-? The little bookworm harper barely restrains the nsicker as she hops from foot to foot around Jhish as she gives the glowering Malek another glance. "Geez… Someone's certainly playing the unwilling playboy…"

Spirit of the Ice Blue Dragonet hasn't tired of his search yet, still meandering across the sands and whuffling candidates left and right. He's beginning to tire a bit, though, and it shows in his movements as he slows down a little, egg-wet wings drooping in the heat as he follows his aimless path across the cavern. He seems to play with his jaw for a moment as if considering a candidate to chew on a little until he gets his food.

Malek looks highly offended, arching his eyebrows at Rielle. "Why -should- I? Jesiya tried to -strip- me." While Malek could be counting his blessings that she did not succeed, that would be highly out of — "Eek!" Malek did not squeak, he did not squeal, and he did not make any other high-pitched noises. That was a -manly- eek, as he steps back a hasty pace to bump heavily into Jesiya. Maleka. Hah hah, very funny.

Jhishivyl can't feel his feet. However, he can leer at Niara and nearly fall over at Malek's squeal. Laughter, much?

Hikaru wipes a sweaty palm upon his thigh, leaving quite a smudge along that white robe. Ah well, not planning on wearing this rather scandalous scrap of cloth ever again. Only people with skirt ankles should be wearing things like these -or really nice calves. "Has anyone been gored yet? Or eviscerated? I heard that happens. It'd look rather dramatic on this white, doncha think?" Just idle thoughts. You know, to preoccupy himself with.

Livesta finishes clearing the tangles from her hair so she can shove it out of the way again, which she promplty does, all the while hot-footing it back and forth. "Heh, that's what Malek gets for being in such a bad mood," the girl murmurs, muiffed that her one offer of help was delined so rudely. "Hmm? Oh, no, not that I've seen. I think the hatchlings aren't in a murdering mood tonight." Erm, was that meant as a joke, Livie??

Xveiya has given up her wall-like stance, and now simply shuffles, glaring at everyone and everything. At least Maleka has a /reason/ to glare. Hikaru recieves a look of skepticism. "Why don't they tear the flesh off your bones? Or suck all your blood out?" See, that's the sort of thing she'd like to see. "Give me a good ol' raw fish any day."

Jesiya gets bumped into and she flails a moment before quite quickly wrapping her arms about the nearly naked Malek, her own robes falling down to her feet again to encase them and drizzle over the sands in serpentine rolls. Aha! She's not going to fall..she's just..cuddling now. Yesh. Cuddling Maleks back. No really, she's only trying to keep herself from falling! No cuddling here! Right love nibblet?

Oralia practically dies from lack of air, she's so busy laughing at Maleka. Awe, poor thing. She's got half a mind to walk over there and protect him from that mean old Iya…but nah. She'll sit back and watch the show for now. Which includeds eyeing the remaining eggs and dragonets as well.

Spirit of the Ice Blue Dragonet makes his way across the sands, bright blues a sharp contrast to the black beneath his feet. Stopping patiently as a clutchmate dragonet rushes past, he neatly averts a collision and side steps, finding himself quite close to a group of white-clad candidates he didn't seem to notice until just now. Cocking his head suddenly he takes a half-step closer, as if something - or someone - has caught his attention. Gently nosing forward, he carefully navigates his glacial frame between two comparatively tiny candidates, coming to a stop before the tiniest, the proud-eyed brunette in front of him. It's Jesiya who's caught his attention so fully, and he appears to have finalized that choice, settling in quietly to give her a contemplative stare.

Rielle eyes the blue dragonet, taking two large steps back. She doesn't want to be the one chewed on. Back, back, back. Away little dragonet, Rielle isn't food. Whoever he's eying, it better not be her. Back into the crowd she goes. "JESIYA! YAY!" Her best buddy is given a huge hug, squeezed. "YAY! Congrats!" Well, at least she won't get eaten.

Autumn Equinox Egg twitches slightly, tiny cracks splitting the surface in intricate designs. The shards begin to fall, shades of reddish brown fluttering down in a sudden shower that seems reminiscent of the volley of leaves which falls from the trees before winter. When the flurry is over, a brown dragonet is left in the center, still crowned with a few splinters of shell. He stands slowly, shaking them off, and begins to move forward, swaying a little as if to the beat of soft, easy music. He seems to hum gently to himself as he goes, the distinct rhythms foreign to Pernese ears, and the pace picks up as he seems to near his goal. He perks up a bit, seeming to bound almost playfully towards Anjogo, a tall, lanky young woman who leans forward to receive her newfound lifemate with joy. Brazilath has found Jogo, someone to play with for the rest of his life.

Parisian Spring Sonnets Green Dragonet yawns finally, showing off her little baby teeth. Wickedly sharp, with a curl of tongue to keep them scared. It's amusing her now. All these scared and squeaking things. But maybe she should be searching more thoroughly. But wait, what is that she spies in that direction?

Malek is -hardly- about to swoon and call Jesiya his knight in shining armor; instead, he glares. Not cuddling. I swear. He glares right up to the point that a blue dragon slips on up and — eh heh. Quickly disentangling himself, Malek scoots back as if Jesiya is contagious and -stares-. "It's not green." Malek must have expected -everyone- to impress to green, the way he is saying things.

A'mar engages the people with the cleavers to feed Naluth, the hatchling's hunger affecting him as well until he stares about with eyes as hungry as hers, though less red.

Oralia chokes on her remaining air and cries, "JESUS!" She's so unbelievably happy for the girl she almost cries. Her Iya! She runs back over to her spot and, avoiding the dragon o'course, she tries to help Malek cover himself.

Livesta watches Jesi flop over Malek and giggles, then shouts with delight as the blue eyes Jesus so calmly. "Jesiya! Congratulations!" Another giggle, then she;s bending over laughing, hair falling foreward again, amused by Malek's comment.

Niara is gaping. Absolutely gaping. And… almost afraid. "Shardin' wherrys… Are they… Is she… She -did-…" is the coherent commentary on the whole Malek/Jesiya/dragoneth threesome going on in the corner.

Xveiya uber-glares. See, that's just not /fair/. Jesiya steals Fangy, washes him, and /still/ impresses? Xvei must have bad karma, or something. After a moment of consideration, however, the girl dismisses it in a wave. "Hmph. Must be stupid if he wanted a dirty rotten stealing girl." But at least Jes won't have the time to steal Fangy for a while.

Jhishivyl stares. "Malek. Jesiya. And a blue dragon." A pause, and he nearly topples over. "I'm not one for composition, but this… this. This is definitely going to be a song." A cackle. "And you two are going to help, right?" Apparently, Hikaru is included in that, as he hollers this over to the fellow Harper. Oh yes. Harper trio! "Definitely a song. An epic one. Or maybe plural. This could possibly be enough for two or three. Y'know. One for the fit of Malek's robe, one for Jes glomping him, and—" Threesome?!

Homage to Spring Egg shatters suddenly, millions of colorful bits flying in all directions to leave just the pure ivory underside of the egg intact, displaying the little green who nests quietly inside the egg's remains, reluctant to come out. But she does, eventually, accompanied by almost-metallic sounds as talons click together, her coordination not yet what it will be when she's grown. Strange, intricate patterns wander across her hide, bright points across a dark, dark green background. Thing jungles, think Congo, this dragon is a walking personification of the deep, shady jungles. She swaggers forward, beginning to find her balance, and sways over toward a smaller group of candidates, eyes whirling faster as she sees someone of interest. Savanna has been spotted, the small, darkly-tanned girl, and the green makes her choice. "She's Afrikanth," comes the shocked, joyful cry. "And she says my name is Vanna!"

Hikaru shoots a glance at Xveiya. Whatever happened to that tan of his? He is all white now. "Suck all your blood out? Are you daft? And I rather like my flesh on my bones, thank you very much. It looks good there. I've been told that quite often. I'd taste too gamy anyway." As if he would know. "What?" Blink. His little train of preoccupation derails as he watches Jhishivyl mention singing, "Heh. Heh heh…" Listen as he trails off. He'll just sway here. "Livesta? If I faint, will you be my cushion?"

Oralia is waiting on Malek, her snickerdoodle. <3

Jhishivyl is laughing too hard to pose.

Jesiya is disentangled from Malek as she stares quite dumbly into the contemplative eyes of the blue. She sways a moment as if a breeze buffeted against her and she falls forwards on her knees to encase the blues head next to her chest as she wraps arms about his head, eyes wide nearly tearing up, "I could use a break, love, I could.." And then she turns her gaze up to the galleries, eyes proud and one loud screech ripping forth from her, "HIS NAME IS CANLLAITH AND HE'S ALL MINE!!" pause, "Ours." she ends more softly, pushing up from her knees with the support of Canllaith and they both make their proud way off the sands. Heck, they could be strutting.

Tasi beams at Jesiya, stepping forward on the sands. "Congratulations, both of you. Canllaith, you said it was?" She smiles, as pleased with Jesiya for impressing as she seems to be with herself for getting the dragonet's name right. "Let's get you two off, and your new dragon something to eat."

Nefret has connected.

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day Egg is ready, willing and able to take on the world. Dark swirls of rich chocolate starts to crack as fragments flake off, momentarily giving way to a startling shade of red before falling away entirely. In an unnerving effect, as if the center of this candied egg is somehow /wrong/, the egg shards scatter upon the sands, leaving a huddled mass of craggy angles and sickly browns. The only hint of cherry-red lies within the darkly whirling eyes, that blink away lingering egg goo the color of cream. Emerging from the shattered egg is an angular lump that slowly rights itself into Spine of the World Brown Dragonet.

Spine of the World Brown Dragonet
Dusk hovers dark around craggy peaks and valleys of angled flanks, curving into a deep, round belly. A medley of murky, sickly browns clash with blackened sienna to dominate his thin, angular legs and long, whip like tail. His wings are huge in span, but thin in girth as well as tattered and beaten in appearance. Yet despite his awkward, angular form he gives the impression of grace and fluid movements. Nary a rounded curve can be found amongst the angles and planes of his body, as neckridges form tight, asymmetric angles against his neck, colored in the same lackluster combination of mud and dark, dark sienna with just the slightest hint of frost touches the tops of malformed headknobs, quickly dissipating, fading back into the burnt sienna of his head.

A'mar waves to Jesiya. "Hey- hold on!" Wait a minute, was he going the wrong way? It's quite possible. He follows off the sands, Naluth trailing.

Dia de los Muertos Egg shivers a little, mottled pinks and oranges seeming to meld together as the egg cracks and shudders. In an eerie dripping effect, tiny cracks in the shells begin to loosen and slide down the egg's surface, colors melding and muddying as the egg falls away to reveal a dark, earthy brown. He seems perfectly happy with the change from egg to world, head nodding up and down in almost perpetual motion as he checks out the new world he's in. Cool, mon, it's all big 'n stuff. And look, there're people…so he goes to check them out, too. Hamon catches his eye, a tall, skinny youth from Southern, and the brown swaggers over to make friends. "He's Rastahth," the boy calls out with a huge grin. "And he calls me H'mon!"

Xveiya arches an eyebrow, hands moving to her hips. "I'm not daft. I'm brilliant. Haven't you heard?" Apparently he didn't get the memo. "And maybe you'd taste quite good. You never know." Of course, she didn't mean that the way it sounded, because she's far too young for such things. Really. Jesiya gets one final glare. And…oooh. What's that? The girl's attention is completely captured by the newly hatched brown. "Hey…"

Oralia dies. A brown, again. Oh lord. There;s too many. Just toooo many. She wizzes around and is holding onto Malek again. Though not nearly as roughly. She doesn't /really/ want to see his goodies. She bounces up and down and pulls out her hair. Ahhhh! Twitch.

B'au is still here, despite popular belief. Rapidly shoving food Niwath's way, he keeps an eye on the current impressions and such, cheering when his friends find their lifemates, but far too intoxicated by his elation to be of much use to anyone.

Spine of the World Brown Dragonet stands for a moment, dripping in egg goo, before giving himself a little shake. Gooey wetness hits the nearest objects with splatter and off he goes, his movements graceful in spite of his appearance.

Malek is -not- involved in any threesome, much less a twosome, and certainly not one that involved Jesiya. That was not cuddling, folks, despite what it may or may not have looked like. "Oh, my god, Jesiya, be -quiet-," he says as she shrieks, fighting the urge to smile. It would really, -really- ruin a carefully cultivated reputation. He looks around, makes sure no one is looking, smiles, and then gets around to sending the obligatory glares to the others. Jhishivyl, Niara — harpers both — this means you. "Eh, you're back," he says to Oralia, his ire muted. Dude, Jesiya impressed.

Rielle watches more of the Impressions, suddenly smacked with the realization that she hasn't been… one of them. Quiver. Eyes scan the grounds, arms crossed as she watches. "Congrats," she murmurs again, at all of the new Impressees. Too many to catch up with. The new brown is regarded, but Rielle's newly stony expression betrays nothing, and blue eyes simply watch with mild interest. "So Malek, how're the robes holding up?"

Parisian Spring Sonnets Green Dragonet thrusts herself into a wary weave, her body nearly lagging behind her through the coarse black sands of the hatching grounds. It's been a long battle, but hunger takes toll all too soon. Alas though, a strong warrior she must find, for she cannot fight this battle of starvation alone! And came this voice with brightness… a great light… a voice of an angel? No, it's that of her soul mate-the one that shall bring peace of mind and hunger, Aradia.

Livesta finally stops laughing, really! And straightens up as Karu mentions cushions, snorting back giggles. "Cushion you? Me??" Another giggle, and she starts shoving her hair back again. "I don't think so, Karu. I think I'd be mushed. And the sands are -hot-." Really, they are! And turn back in time to see…. Aradia Impress!

Bonfire Night Egg rumbles and rocks gently in the sands, building up for the eruption. It finally happens, in an explosion of flame-colored eggshards, leaving the delicate green dragonet inside enthroned in a little nest of flames. She steps daintily out, glancing around, and even covered in egg goo and crumpled from her long stay within the shell it becomes obvious that she has a classic middle eastern beauty to her, fine features and well-sunned coloring, deep shades of greens intermingled in very unique shading and patterning. She wander out onto the sands, head held proudly, and nuzzles up against one lucky candidate. Idi gasps, reaching out hesitantly, then relaxes as the bond is made. She is now green Yisrayelth's rider, and seems more than content with this reality.

Oralia cheers extaticly for Aradia, she might as well be waving a banner here. "Ari! I love you!" Oh lord not that again, Faranth she's gone and busted Malek's ear drums. Ah well that's life. "Yes…back." That's about all she can muster for her snickerdoodle at the moment.

Sure, Karu was looking quite pale before, now he is flushing a rather alarming shade of red. Look! It does contrast nicely with that white robe. "Xveiya!" he gasps, scandalized. Amazing, huh? Candidate in the weyr and the teen can still blush rather easily. "There will be not tasting any time soon," he notes with finality. Now wouldn't it be poetic justice to turn around only to have some blue hatchling lick right up his leg? Thank Faranth and little green fruits that there isn't one. Nope, it's Livesta that he peeps at, "Hey, are you saying I'm fat?"

Orient's Lantern Egg glistens and gleams, rolling slowly a little ways until it crackles and gives, a tiny blue hatchling beginning to nose out of the shell to look around at the world. He is long and sinuous, truly mythical in appearance, and is almost the precise shade of a stormy sky, those gorgeous, larger-than-life shades melding in whorls and clouds across his hide. He peers out from his comfortable spot still within the egg, and ventures a few steps out, stopping again to inspect the candidates before him. One in particular seems to catch his eye: almost feline in grace, her eyes slanted regally in a classical look. She is a darkly tanned, muscular form showing clearly in a wiry frame, and it is easy to tell why blue Rath has chosen Egypte for a rider.

Malek's irritation fires right back up as Rielle reminds me of his hastily rearranged robes. Clamping a hand onto the half stretching over his torso, he glowers. "Just -fine-," he snarls, all trace of that faint smile wiped away as he misses Aradia's impression. Oh, the irony. The girl that bit him impresses the dragon that chomped at him. "Oralia, shut -up-."

Jhishivyl has a beam for Malek. And a promise to teach Malek the proper meaning of 'threesome', leer. Rawr. "Hm. Inneresting, inneresting— Ara Impressed?" Niara's blinked past, and Jhish contemplates while hopping. Hophophop. "I like that brown." Because it's ugly. Of course. Raha.

Rielle grins slightly and waves to Aradia as she passes, enthusiasm dampened into simplicity. "Congratulations Aradia!" she calls, though softly. Eyes focus on the brown. Nope, she won't play into the game. Nope nope! "Pick one already," she mutters.

Oralia pinches Malek and grins, most evily. "No." Don't you know that never works on her? Ack, a blue! Dies.

Livesta says, "No, I'm saying I'm small!" Yeah, uh-huh. And the very-short-candidate goes back to her watching. "Who's next?"

Niara nods and plants her hands on her hips, finally getting to the point where she might -enjoy- this from the unusual vantage point of the sands. As long as the rest of the dragon STAY AWAY. "Oh, I think Malek deserves his very -own- song. Ya know… about finding more'n one form of bonding on the sands…" she returns, loudly enough for the irritated subject of their conversation to overhear, if the females hovering and squealing 'round haven't deafened him yet, that is.

Spine of the World Brown Dragonet is not one to waste time and thus ignores the sea of white robes, sensing that his climb to the top will be short. The ugly little brown does take a moment to check himself out, which ends up in him posing for a bit. However, his quest is soon upon him, leading him to his personal peak.

Shang Yuan Lanterns Egg twists in the sands, spinning gently as it accrues cracks along its tough surface. The weak spot is revealed: the one pure white bit on the egg gives first, beginning a gentle unfurling of shell as it crumbles quietly, opening out to reveal the succulent brown within. Chocolate sums up this dragonet: dark chocolate, gourmet chocolate. Swirls of milky browns adorn his wings, visible as they open for the first time, and talons are of purest Belgian white. This particularly delicious looking dragonet makes his way across the sands, trying to learn how to work feet, tail and wings all at once. He fails, finally, and tumbles headlong, finding himself at the feet of one Chantale, who, unthinking, bends down. Hesitating to touch him herself, he assists the process, reaching up to bump a rounded headknob against her outstretched hand. "Belgaith," she says softly, voice choked with emotion. "My Belgaith."

Ariah blinks as she looks up at the most enchanting green she's ever seen in her entirety of life, "I-I am Ariah.." Ariah, aka Aradia manages to stumble out before she rushes forwards to wrap the green in a hug, tears streaming down her cheeks as she nods her head, "Belissaith! Her name is Belissaith!!!" And the world is anon to her now, totally unintelligable because she is with her lifemate, her bond, her future. They both manage to rise and make their way off the sands, "Oh yes! Food! Of course!!"

Xveiya takes a moment's pause to crack the slightest grin at Aradia's impression. "Good job, Aradia." Yes, there's someone who's not on her hit-list. Hikaru gets a scathing look. "Oh, get over it." No sympathy here. The dirt-streaked girl leaves another smudge on her face as she reaches up to scratch near her forehead. "Where's that brown, now?"

Giant Disco Ball Countdown Egg spins, sending glittery reflections bouncing wildly around the cavern. One too many spins sets off a slow, steady tumble, the reflective sparks suddenly whirling out of control. Five…four…three…two…one, and the egg hits the sands with an impressive fanfare of glitter and sparks. When the dust clears, and the glitter settles, a wizened little blue can be seen in the wreckage. He peers out in great perplexity as his slumber is disturbed, blinking sleepily at the candidates and the sands. He teeters to his feet, making a valiant effort not to trip over drooping, gooey wings, and makes his choice immediately, tottering across the sands to headbutt young Auld in the stomach. Blue Langsyneth has made his choice, and it's looking like a epic one at that!

Nayla accepts Spine of the World Brown Dragonet

Spine of the World Brown Dragonet claws the sands as if he was trying to climb a mountain, shrouding his muddy browns with annoying grains of sand that cling to his still damp form. Heedless of the dangers he stumbles through the Sands, coating himself with more grains of sand with every step he takes. Ignoring this with dignity, he rushes arrogantly forward seeing his prize near the top of the mountain! With determined movements that are graceful despite his appearance, the ugly little brown sits at Nayla's feet. Rudely, he bellows out for her attention, making sure she knows she has been /chosen/. The bond has been made; his excursion is over for the moment.

Floating Lantern Spirit Egg tilts to the side…once. Then to the other side…A flash of grey seems to swirl about the surface and then, there is again nothing. No sign of movement or inner struggling.

"-Shove it-, Niara," Malek says, catching enough of her words and leveling a glare at her as he does his best to ignore Oralia. "Gerroff," he mutters, attempting to shake the young girl away from him. Shoo. Go. Move.

Oralia just about falls to peices. Now there's another brown wandering the sands! Oh oh, so much happening. Ora rubs her eyes and tries really hard not to pass out, and thus begins climbing onto Malek. She's done this before. "Nayla!" Cheer!

Hikaru bites his lip to actually keep from laughing at Livesta's response. That whole wherry caught in the glowlight look is gone now, and instead he links arms a little tighter with her. "Alright. Alright. Alri…" Yep, trailing off for about the millionth time since scampering out onto the sands. "Oh, there goes another." Candidate/dragon pairing that is.

Jhishivyl refuses to die laughing on the sands, although Niara might drive him to that point. "Yes, his very own song. We can interview everyone about their impressions on his.. performance.. on the Sands." Chokesnigger. Poor Malek. WhootNayla! Impression! JhishFish bounces. Bouncebounce, stare at the decreasing eggs.

Nayla has been quiet and alone all along, but when she's selected by the brown tears spring to her eyes and she cries out. "Manaslath!" Joyfully.

Tasi sits quietly, looking with a bit of a frown at the egg that just stopped moving. That's a little weird. She turns to the other 'riders, scanning each face for any sign of emotion other than normal hatching excitement.

Rielle eyes. All the pretty eggs are cracking, and don't they usually crack out of favorites? Aahh, and there goes that brown to Nayla! "Congrats, Nayla!" Rielle calls. That little egg… the Floating Lanterns Spirit Egg… She's gotta feel bad for it, y'know? "Hey you," she mutters, eyes focusing. "Work harder." Yes, the eggs get the lecture just like the younger candidates did. Work harder, work harder, work harder!

Oralia eyes the egg that is moving, quite oddly. "What's wrong with it?" Oh no she might cry! Poor wittle draggie, "C'mon, you can do it!" She tries to be encouranging, to an egg. It might work!

Lyria beams at the exiting eggies, and notices a pause in the comotions of the sands. "Hm." Lyri peers around the sands, seeing but two eggs left. "'Ey, what's with that one?" she asks, with a nudge to Tasi who's standing next to her and a nod in the direction of the Floating Lantern Egg.

Xveiya curses under her breath. Obviously, the dragons simply aren't /worthy/ of her. Hmph. The girl stomps her foot, glaring sullenly at the ground. Double hmph. She glances up again, a little furrow in her brow as the last egg stays rather still. "Do we get to kick it?" She's good at that, y'know.

Hannah watches the finishing up of Impressions with absent minded interest until she realizes that one of the eggs stopped moving. "Wait. N'ano, look at that egg," she says while tugging on the sleeve of the Weyrleader. "It didn't hatch."

N'ano nods his head, frowning at Hannah, "Well, there's one usually with every clutchin', ain't there? I'll take it 'tween in a little bit," he adds, shuffling over towards it hesitantly, if only to give it a little prod.

Livesta watches the last hatch and bites her lip as she watches the last egg. Quickly, she calls toward the leaders, "Weyrleaders, is it okay? Is that egg okay?" Shift, and shift, and what is going to happen?

Tasi shakes her head as Lyria asks, shrugging a little. She laughs softly, shaking her head silently at Xveiya, smiling at the idea even as she negates it. As Hannah's voice joins the questions she begins to look positively worried. If only she had noticed, she wouldn't have been so nervous.

Jhishivyl stares at the egg thoughtfully. "Definitely song material," is the only thing he says. Bad!Jhish.

Oralia whines. "It has to hatch!" It /has/ to. It could be her dragon inside there! She might just have to go and tear the lil draggie out if it doesn't start moving and shakin'. Ah…"Malek?" Yesh she's turning to LimeBoy.

Jala furrows her brows at the egg, and sends a sideways glance at Rishk. Speaking out of the corner of her mouth, she questions, "Is it supposed to be doing that? Or rather, not doing that?" Someone warm up the deflibulator! Clear! "Uh, really though…"

Rielle inches out closer, like a Top Secret Ninja Sneak. If you're too far away, you won't /see/ it move. "Come /on/," she says irritably, tugging whoever she grabs first with her. "It's just an egg, don't be scared of it."

Malek casts a carelessly look at the egg, his sentiments oddly echoing N'ano's. Oh, the irony. Blood tells true — or maybe it was that bonding by beating each other up. "So what, Oralia? I bet not all of them can hatch, if you think about it. A few fail all the time. All your cheering won't do a thing. It doesn't -have- to hatch."

Neiana watches the Floating Lantern Egg, expression mirroring that of the other candidates.

Hannah nods her head slightly, "Yeah. So, we should be getting all of the weyrlings in their barracks? And start the party, " ever hatching has one!

Sapha sniffles as the last of the dragonets finds it's lifemate. Her own eyes are directed towards the egg. "Aww. N'ano looks like you've got a tough night ahead of you." She looks mornfully. "Someone should take the candidates away." She murmurs quietly, glancing towards the small knot of ones that didn't find thier lifemates.

Xveiya glances over to Tasi with a bit of a pout. No kicking? Spoilsport. "What's wrong?" She's a bit confused by this sudden attention on one egg. Following Rielle's lead, she inches a bit closer. "You sure I can't kick it?"

Rishk has been helping B'ane chuck the meat off the lovely carcasses, but when everyone else starts murmuring and she hears questions, she looks up. "One left? Oh dear.." Looking at the hopeful candidates, she bites her lip before looking at B'ane. "Poor dears.." Yes, Rishk said /dears/. She must really feel bad.

Rielle shrugs at Xveiya, deciding she's not gonna follow just yet. "I don't think we should kick it, we wouldn't want to hurt it. If we stare at it… maybe…" Stare. Stare. And if it doesn't hatch, then somebody owes Rielle a drink down here.

Oralia smacks Malek again. "Cut it out!" Wait…it's over? She looks at Malek with confusion, and then at Rielle. Mass confusion.

Hikaru digs one sandaled foot into the hot sands. He watches his wrigglign toes for a moment before blinking back up at apparently all of the commotion. His eyes flicker over the remaining eggs, and then the dragonets with a bit of a frown. Lost gaze slips over to where the others are peering to note the egg as well. "What's the matter?" he asks to nobody in particular and rather belatedly. A faint frown draws down as his lips as he watches.

Tasi nods to Xveiya, stepping closer to the egg along with the candidates. She heard N'ano, and shakes her head gently. "It's time to go," she says softly. "This happens sometimes. But you still can't kick it, Xveiya." She stops, watching Rielle stare, and turns back to N'ano. What to do?

Livesta squeaks as she hears what N'ano says and moves foreward, holding her hand out worriedly. "Take it 'tween? You mean, it isn't going to hatch?!" A note of extreme anxiety, and the candidate bites her lip again, hard.

Jhishivyl narrows his eyes in natural suspicion. Eye. Contemplate. Eye.

Lyria edges over toward the candidates, with a slight frown on her face as she ushers them all together. "You may /not/ kick it, Xveiya." She beckons for them all,"Come, come then, all of you. Everyone who didn't 'press over here…"

Livesta turns immediately to Lyria, worry on her face. "It has to hatch! It was moving earlier, wasn't it?" At least, she thought it had been…

Rielle sulks at Lyria. "But I want to watch it." She doesn't look seriously torn up until the whisper of taking it ::between:: reaches her. "No! You can't /do/ that!" she complains, slowly but surely allowing herself to be dragged along. Not cool, N'ano. Not cool. You're getting a /bruise/ buddy.

Nefret's been quiet the entire time, but her player allows her one short remark. "… Please, N'ano. Don't do that. Give it a little longer … maybe it needs a day or so. Maybe it'll be … late?"

Malek edges away from the full force of Oralia's smack. "Look, you can't help it. C'mon," he says, shrugging at the two girls. Inclining his head in Lyria's direction, he nudges Rielle and Oralia lightly in the middle of the back. "Go," he insists. He will have no trouble leaving, after all, to go put on -real- clothing; it is these two he is sure will try to linger.

Jhishivyl follows Lyria complacently, glancing over his shoulder to see if Niara's comin' or not. The harpercandie himself looks non-too-glum about not Impressing; maybe a bit down about the edges of his eyes, but generally content. Other than burnt feet, of course.

N'ano nods his head again, resting his hands upon his hips, "Yeahlet's get 'em all to the barracks… these little guys are starvin' by now!" With a heavy sigh, he shakes his head towards the thousands of mimiced inquiries, "Nahit would've hatched by now… it ain't even movin'." So with that said, N'ano starts rolling the egg towards the exit, hesitating before actually picking it up some. But, it's slimed from its siblings' goo and slips back to the sands. "Shardit—" Brows furrow before he attempts it again, allowing a little cussing to follow once he realizes it cracked a tad.

Oralia looks at the egg, what was wrong? It had to hatch. Itr just had too. But, she's getting unshered now. But…and with a shrug from Malek, she reaches for Ri's hand, solemnly. Something just wasn't right.

Lyria shakes her head sadly to the candidates and leads them toward the exit,"Come, my dears. It's really a common thing. Say bye to the eggie. It's time we go." She leads them toward the exit with a quip about,"There's a party to get to…"

B'ane draws himself up to full height and stands in all his gory glory. With a forehead swipe here and a toss of the cleaver there (on the table, not at anyone's head or anything), the Weyrlingmaster's eyes hunt through the crowd with a neutral sans-froid. "Okay weyrlings, listen up!" Like metal stuck on the forge, his voice rings out with a tang of clarity. "I need all of you to gather your dragonets and head to the barracks now, just follow me 'n the senior riders okay? Keep your steps slow." And 1, 2, 3, collective strut!

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Tiareth flickers out in a shimmer — » Hello little dragons. «

Livesta has no intention of leaving, at least not until she knows what is happening! Eyes darken, and she plants her feet, staring at the egg. "It is going to hatch!" she states firmly, hands folded over her chest as she glares at it, willing it open. She isn't leaving, no!

Xveiya frowns. "But if it isn't going to hatch, why can't I kick it? Just to kick it." She does, however, retreat a bit. But only a bit. "I want to kick it." Mumblemutter.

Rielle can second the feeling about burnt feet as she shuffles away with Lyria, shoulders hunched. "Tell me when N'ano gets back, please?" So she can beat him silly. Malek, you can help.

A'mar raises his head to watch the Weyrlingmaster. Here we go.

Tasi gives Rielle and Nefret especially that same smile, trying to keep the bit of sadness out of her expression. "Come on. Out we go." She walks along with Lyria, head down.

Floating Lantern Spirit Egg , still for far too long, trembles rather violently. One resolute dragonet is going to find her way out of this little round cage, and nothing's going to stop her. Grey-green stands out in contrast of the egg as the shell gives way to reveal one determined and slightly dazed Mystic Lunar Green Dragonet.

Mystic Lunar Green Dragonet
Mystery illuminates her hide of palest jade, settling with the feather light touch of thought to gild prominent bony hips and shoulders. Light itself plays along her rounded ridges before falling into harsh shadows of graduating gray-green. Sharing a strange symmetry, her serpentine neck mirrors her tail, delightfully united despite the rounded curve of belly that separates them. Sage clings to her throat to climb its way up to muzzle, blossoming into brilliant emerald that speckles her face across nose and eye ridges. Dreary moss hangs 'bout her back to dreamily settle about her haunches in a dusky clover. Downwards the shadows spiral, growing darker and more dense, until culminating in the cold depths of empty space on her talons.

B'ane traverses solidly off the sands.

Oralia turns around as N'ano cussed. "What was that?" She means the egg o'course. And then, despite all odds against the little dragon, it hatches. "Oh…" she cries and runs back to the sands. She wants to see it!

Hannah gasps, "Did you drop it N'ano?" She shakes her head at the ineptness of it until the little hatchling inside breaks free. "I guess it wasn't … it was just slow."

Niara folds her arms across her chest, wiggling her toes in the sand and then lifting them to shake in the air. See? Get them hotter, then wave 'em about. Sure to make 'em feel cooler. With more than a little relief, she follows the rest of the unimpressies… Woah… Her head snaps around at the unmistakeable sound of egg-shatterage, and she stops, snapping her fingers to wordlessly get the attention of the others.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Aeokaith shrieks, bright crimsons and oranges punctuating every sound. « It hatched! It hatched anyway, the little one! It haaaatched! »

<All> Dhiammarath senses that she emerges from the deep, her mindtones swirling with jade and the scent of lemongrass. « Did you ever doubt it? »

Rielle stops, feet burrowing into the sand. No, she /heard/ something. Turning, Rielle tilts her head. "Told you to work harder," And obviously, with a dragonet still on the Sands, we aren't /done/ yet. "Hey Maleka! Get /back/ here!" It's probably your green Frillith, eh!

Lyria spins around at the noise,"My…Maybe it just needed a bit more help…" The candidates near her's arms are grabbed and spinned toward the dragon,"Go. Clutter, again," she orders.

Livesta nods firmly and turns to glare challengingly at th Weyrleaders, "There, see! It hatched! You can't take her :;between:: now!" Erm, yeah, rebellion there? And hot feet are ignored, she's rock solid and facing the dragonet again, waiting calmly to see who is chosen.

Malek starts to reach out to tug on to Oralia and pull her back, but she skips right off and Malek is left staring at her back — then glancing at the dragon. "Eh." He was wrong. What do you know. He looks over his shoulder at Rielle to see if she caught it, but she -did-, so Malek follows them again. "Yah, whatever." He eyes the green, highly doubtful.

N'ano's eyes widen ever so slightly as he backs away while eggshards go flying. With an innocent grin, he nods quickly towards Hannah, backstepping towards her, "Aye—yeah… imagine that! Hey! Get the other candidates back here!" In case they left already. The command wasn't really to anyone in particular, just… anyone, really.

Tasi laughs a little, nodding. "Good call, Rielle." She jogs forward, following the candidates back out toward the sands at a respectful distance from the eggs. "See? That's why you shouldn't kick it," she says to Xveiya with a grin.

Jhishivyl just stands there like a bolt, blinking owlishly. "A song? Forget a song, this is gonna be an epic poem." Total poem fodder. "Especially if Malek Impresses."

Hikaru moves as if to join the others that where about to be herded off the sands, only to skitter to a halt as apparently that little forelorn egg finally hatches open. He immediately winces as quite a bit of sand gets between the bottom of his foot and his sandal. Dancing momentarily upon one foot, he reaches out as if to balance himself by gripping Livesta's shoulder. "Oh. Not done yet… she got out."

Mystic Lunar Green Dragonet struggles her way out of egg shells, sitting on the sands, blinking. Goodness, that was quite the battle. The green shakes her head and attempts to stand up on wobbly legs. It doesn't seem to work as one of her legs shakes and she's sitting again. With a disgusted snort and a final effort, the dragon stands, swinging her head to those already Impressed. She /certainly/ has some catching up to do! But the only problem is that she's momentarily still seeing in blurs - a large blurry mass of people approaching. Dearie me.

Xveiya all-out pouts as the egg shatters. "Aww…" And she was /so/ close to getting to kick an egg. Curses upon your heads, foolish mortals! She scuffs the sand with her foot, straying away from the newly hatched green and towards Tasi. "Well, it woulda hatched if I had kicked it too." And she might've gotten a neato scar on her leg.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Zizth chrrs with an excited whirl of fuchsia and tart apple -

Oralia stares in awe, it really did hatch afterall! She grins and claps her hands happily and leans forward to watch it choose it's lifemate. She just can't believe the luck. But the little green looks might confused…poor thing. Oralia steps over a bit and then stays put, trying to confuse the green as little as possible. So cute.

Livesta isn't moving in the least, even under Hikaru's hand. She's still as stone, waiting, determined to wait until the green is bonded and fed before she moves an inch. She is going to see it all, yes. Or something like that?

"And if it's name is Frillith, I'm /so/ helping you Jhish." So clutter Rielle does, crowding back on the Sands with the others. "Well you don't /kick/ dragons Xveiya. Nor stab them." Bad Xveiya. The poor thing. She doesn't look too good. Dizzy or something. "I feel for ya," she murmurs. At least there's not so many out here, now. Dragons that is. All eyes on the little green.

Iya is at the moment just basking in the glory that is Canllaith, her head peeking up over the blues shoulder to blink, "What's going on??" She looks down to her dragon and gives a small shrug, nodding her head ever so lightly, "I agree. I'm absolutely starving as well! How bizzare!" One kiss is dropped on the gooey blue and Iya twists, turns around and grabs for Canllaiths forepaw which curls about her own hand as they both toddle out to follow along with B'anes orders. Food! Food! Strut strut strut!

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Aeokaith whistles noisily, fireworks still expressing his joy at all of these happenings. « I always knew, » he says smugly, despite having been utterly shocked over this fact not five minutes ago.

Sapha gasps as the egg that didn't hatch hatches. "Sweet Faranth, she should be called Lucky." She exclaims, however the greens battle is only half-over, she still has to impress…

A'mar gently clasps his arms about Naluth's little form. "Come on, dearling. You and I are going to go get some food." Weyrlingmaster's long gone, after all.

Mystic Lunar Green Dragonet tilts her head to see if this may clear her vision. Well, it seems to be working better than before, so maybe this is the way to go. The odd, mysterious green steps, swaying toward the candidates, her head tilted almost completely sideways. However, she stops again, taking a deep breath, and taking a seat to study the candidates. She may be dizzy and hungry, but she knows this is a rather imporant decision, and it therefore must be made rather carefully.

Livesta continues her imitation of a rock, back straight, eyes forward, waiting… For what?

Oralia waits…and waits…and waits. The green is certainly taking her time about it, though seeing as how she is the last it is very important to choose carefully. Oralia studies the green in the same fashion, even going so far as to say aloud, "Pretty." She is still, of course, extremeley nervous.

"Shut up with the Frillith," Malek says, clomping along as best as he can in flimsy sandals and a hastily arranged robe. In fact, shut up with everything. Lingering behind Oralia and Rielle, he looks over the girls' shoulders. "Pretty? That is so inane."

Hikaru keeps a firm grip of Livesta for the moment, a hand curling in the fabric of her candidate robe until he finally shakes the last of that sand from his sandal. "Oh, thanks there." *cling* But he warily eyes that last green, frowning faintly.

Rielle watches the green warily. Um. Sitting? We're a little hot and tired here, if you please. Rielle grumps, crossing her arms. "M'nty owes me drinks, I want them," she murmurs, fidgeting with her robe irritably. The drinks, that is, just for clarification of people who think they're /clever/ or something. CoughMalekacough.

Xveiya rolls her eyes at Rielle. "I wasn't going to kick the /dragon/, stupid. I was going to kick the egg, and then the dragon would hatch and go find someone to impress. My plan was brilliant, like me." She sniffs, and leaves another streak of dirt across her now-smudged forehead. "Just because you don't understand…"

A'mar walks off the sands.

Mystic Lunar Green Dragonet finds herself leaning over nearly sideways on the sands as she finally regains full clear function. She tilts her head upways again, but there is hardly any more movement after that other than the few rushing steps taken forward - this is one thing that does not require thought. Unmisting eyes reveal a delighted whirling blue as the green sets her sights upon one certain alpha female going by the name of Rielle.

Naluth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.

Hannah gives the remaining Candidates a quick look over to see who the last little green might pick. Then when it picks, Weyrwoman gasps again. "You!" She very well remembers Rielle and Malek's little stunt. Giving N'ano a quick, but impotent, glare, she shakes her head. "Now, we should be all done, yes?"

Rishk plods distractedly into the dimly lit tunnel.

Rishk plods distractedly in from the Tunnel.

Livesta nods absently to Hikaru, chewing her lip silently, waiting.. And nods sharply as the green steps over to Rielle. Turn on her heel to face the pair and a deep bow and smile. "Congratulations, both of you." And immediately, stands on Karu's feet, biting her lip. "Hot sands."

Oralia cries happily as Rielle impresses, "Ri!" Despite the fact that she is left dragonless, she is altogether happy for the girl. As of course, it is in Oralia's nature to be happy for everyone. She grins ear to ear and then reaches for Malek's hand again, wether he likes it or not. "Ready to go?"

Rielle blinks. And jawdrops. "Yes, I will be yours Tifareth." Down into the sand poor Rielle goes, looking stunned. Well. Maybe she'll pass on that drink after all… Squeak. And there she sits, poor knees burning in the sand until the hunger pangs hit her. Food! Yes, food! Hurry!

Tasi smiles softly. "Congratulations," she calls towards Rielle, quite impressed with this. "Now we're all glad you stuck around. Congratulations," she says with a wide smile. "Now, if you and Tifareth are ready, we should head off with the rest of the weyrlings and get you some food."

Sapha saunters hypnotically off the sands.

Lyria oogles at the green and as the nearest assistant weyrlingmaster, moves toward Rielle and her slightly confused green. "C'mon, Rielle…I think we best get your green checked out to make sure she's okay from her stay in that shell…" Wow. That was…Interesting.

N'ano nods his head, grinning at Hannah, "Aye, looks that way. Well, I think we're all in the mood for some celebration!" Too bad the weyrlings have to coax their babies to sleep first, though!

Rishk plods distractedly off the sands.

Niara grins at the last-minute hatching before turning and slipsliding through the sand to the exit. "Can we go home now?" she wonders aloud, waving a hand to create a bit of breeze against her face.

Niara slips softly off the sands.

"What do you — oooh. Huh. It -is- green." Finally justified, Malek smirks as he watches the last, lonely little dragon impress to Rielle. He looks over at Oralia, then back at Rielle and shrugs slightly. He is -not- smiling, no matter what it looks like. "Yah, I guess."

Hikaru blinks as he watches the green go up to Rielle, "Oh, would you look at that?" He smiles rather fondly before blinking as his feet are stood upon? Hey, he doesn't have big feet. Smiling rather sadly though, he gives Livesta a hopefully bolstering smile, "I think that's it now. Come on. Hot out here…"

Raine grins and calls out her congrats for the last impressees. "Come on Zeimyth, time to find our new home…"

Raine walks off the sands.

Zeimyth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.

Jhishivyl bounces. "Let us go. Out-out. Off the sands. I cannot feel my feet." And he wants to break apprentice rules and get drunk. Really badly. Yes. Yes! Something like that.

Bydelth takes off.

Raine walks out onto the sands.

Oralia smiles and leads Malek off the sands, hand in hand. Awe, her wittle snickerdoodle.

Raine leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Zeimyth shuffles awkwardly out onto the sands.

Zeimyth leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Issket leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

N'ano walks nonchalantly off the sands.

Hannah just shakes her head, "Hmmm." Rubbing her back, she mutters, "Celebration." Perking up. "Wine!" She offers a quick grin for the leaving Impressees.

Lesoleth leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Neiana looks to the clutch sires as the last egg hatches and the hatchling impresses. As words are spokan Neiana nods, she's not really upset you see, she got to see many of those she knows impress today. Once all is over she walks off the sands with her head held high and a soft smile on her face.

Neiana walks off the sands.

Mosquiton> Neiana comes home.

Tasi leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Tiareth thinks that, on the whole, Tifareth shoulda been one of hers. Really. She wants Fiareth too.

Niwath shuffles awkwardly off the sands.

Kismetath shuffles awkwardly off the sands.

Jala goes home.

S'nin walks off the sands.

Xveiya scoots off the sands as quickly as possible, heading for the candidate barracks. She must retrieve Fangy before he falls into the hands of another evil being. "'Least stupid Jesiya is out of my hair." And she's trying hard not to look disappointed, but she's glaring a bit more than usual.

Mosquiton> Neiana has connected.

Jhishivyl hobbles off. For wine and numb-stuff. Ohyeah.

Mlina lets out one last gasp for air as she holds her head and wanders off of the sands. That was… can we say Wow? Wow? Yes we can. Wow. "Congratulations." She beamed at the leaving weyrling and then beamed at herself. She was a Healer again. Woot woot. Dance dance.

Jhishivyl walks off the sands.

Niwath shuffles awkwardly out onto the sands.

Mlina wanders, lost in her own little world, off the sands.

Canllaith shuffles awkwardly off the sands.

Mosquiton> Mlina comes home.

Niwath leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Yulianna has disconnected.

Iya steps swiftly off the sands.

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