Hatching 35

Logfile from Sapha

The dragons are humming, which means Ista Weyr's eggs are gonna start a'crackin'! Come one, come all to the galleries to cheer the Candidates on! (@go ista weyr, sb, hc, galleries) Hope to see you there!

— entered by M'er on 2003-04-27 17:59 MOO Time. (51 seconds)

M'er walks in briskly and clears his throat loudly. 'Course, this rarely works, so he's instead forced to shout, "Hey!" Long pause. "All of the dragons are humming, 'so, you gotta go, and, you know. Stand. On the Sands." Another long pause occurs, and then the greenrider grins, proud of himself, "Yes, yes. Everyone get their robes on."

N'ano walks nonchalantly in from the South Caverns.

Sapha wanders in from the Caverns, her dark eyes misting. "Oh it's soo beautiful." She sobs, moments after M'er's annoucement. "They're Hatching!" Aww how sweet

Dea enters behind N'ano, looking concerned. This is the next batch of Impresseees? oy vey!

Lauria is attempting to rub off ink on her nose with spit, only to be getting more ink on her nose and spreading it out on her hands. "Shard them! Shard them all!" M'er's announcement is met with a sudden and unexpected sigh. "Thank Faranth, I have my robe on already…" Before a start, a glance towards the way N'ano left, and a squeak. "They're hatching?!"

Pendren is in the middle of congradulating himself on the pure genious it took to get that last prank in when— "M'er, you can't be in here!" What if he was naked and.. "Hatching?" Humming.. Faranth's Soggy Bottom! The Fort is dived for and a chest is rumamged through. Not Ready For This.

N'ano follows in after the other riders, freshly out of breath, "Shards, I got back from Telgar just in time! C'mon guys! Get your robes on immediately! Doff all jewelry! Let's go!"

Jozzie walks in shortly after M'er, giving a look to all the candidates. "Get up, get dressed… the time has come." The bluerider grins, attempting to give the candidates one last worry before they step out on the sands.

Shadis jumps from his cot, runs out of the fort and stares at M'er. After a moment's pause, he turns around, runs back into the fort and grabs his plushie, clinging to it in place of getting changed, as he is already in his robe.

Kaefe stays exactly where he is until M'er is finished talking, then silently goes to get ready with the rest of the mindless masses.

Ozeunzi shuffles and rolls about her hammock, causing a few creaking noises and whatnot as well as a rather loud snort-snore from under the sheets. Sleeping a bit late, are we? At the sound of the loud "hey!", Oz bolds upright with a dazed look upon her face. "Argh! The humming!" she hits the side of her head, attempting to move the sound out of her eardrums, but it doesn't seem to work. Arrgh! She flips out of her bed, following suit with all the other Candidates by putting her robe on. Flash of nudeness. Robe splendor. Ready. She still looks dazed, but finally has a grip of the going-ons.

Sahara is lounging upon her cot, not really doing much of anything. Such is the life of a candidate. And then the riders come, with thier fancy clothes and thier announcements. "They are?" Thats all the prompting she needs as she starts the age-old Robe hunt

Ajala leaps out of her cot at the announcement, rumpled hair and wrinkled clothing voicing a recent nap. "Ahhhhhh!" And she tangles her feet in her sheets, summersaulting into a pile at the foot of her cot. "Ow…" she whimpers, then goes about seraching for her sandals. Thankfully, she's already in her robe. "And I thought this time around, I'd be prepared!" Huff. Derned…footwear. "Anyone seen my sandals?"

Rhaeyn is lounging around on his cot, the picture of, er, laziness. Oh yes. He's still damp-haired from an earlier bath, and wearing a pretty basic pair of shorts and an undertunic. He's about to go inflict various harrassments on Pendren, when the 'peaceful' barracks are disturbed. "Uh. Now?" Perk. Stare. It takes a good moment for him to figure it out, and he squeaks before rolling off of the cot - thump - to dig through the clothespress. Good thing his recently-patched robe is on top.

Drutoley sits bolt upright, the small towel that he had draped over his eyes falling into his lap. "Habluburla?! Hablbalabifgh? HATCHING?!" He'd obviously been taking a nap - Whilst rejeuvenating his sore eyes with a nice wet cloth - and is now caught unawares. "Robubla.. Roblubleblah.. Robe!"

Thistia sits up straight, eyes widening as she hears the jumble of rider voices and dragon hums. "Shards!" she cries, leaping from the bed and nearly tripping over her clothing as she quickly strips out of her usual clothes and into her robe, tossing her knot hurriedly onto the cot.

Pendren finds his robe, a bit wrinkled, a little out of sorts, but perfectly fine. Suresure. He quickly shucks his clothes and puts it on, looking properly snazzy. Oh yeah. He is sexy. Just look at those manly tatters and towel patches. Sandals are searched for— searched for— searched for. Ohdearno. Where?

M'er beams happily at Pendren, "Are you going to chase me out?" He eyes the growing group behind him speculatively and grins, "And there's lots of us rider-types, so don't even think about running away." He grins at the sudden madness and moves towards the exit to the Sands, weaving through Candidates and cots. There he patiently waits, thinking of his own Hatching.

Sahara finds her robe and changes in record speed. Sandals are slipped onto her feet lightening fast and she's ready. "Now what?" She asks in a quiet voice looking for someone older to provide her with guidence.

Narika has heard them humming, yes she has. Her robe is on, sandals fastened securely, and she's sitting on her cot, motionless. This is what she's here for, right? She watches the others file past, and the mad scramble for proper attire, and still she sits.

Rhaeyn scrambles to throw off clothes and throw on robe, flashing a good number of the other Candidates in the process. As he finishes, he's already bent and reaching for his sandals, trying to join up with Pendren. Must stick together in times of crisis, right? "Dren?" He's not even bothering to not sound nervous, and hops on one foot trying to yank the sandals on.

Lyria meanders in from the South Caverns.

Yasmine pokes her head from within the female's fort. "Wha'd he jus' say?" The girl asks, frowning. "Something 'bout eggs and.. hummin'?" It takes about two whole minutes for that to be digested in Yasmine's mind, before she leaps out of the fort and starts to run around. “Crackdust, where'd I put tha' blasted robe." Back to her cot, she goes, ruffling around can easily be heard, along with various amounts of swear words not good for little ears. "Found i'!" is declared and out the youngest candidate comes, in her nifty looking robe. Oh yes. She is sexay.

Pendren can only find someone elses sandals and as such, puts them on with little fuss. But, they're big. Whine. Of course, he suddenly is ready and with a stout little quiver and a little quiet coaching mantra to his jelly-like legs, he snags Lexia's hand and drags them towards M'er.

Sapha grins, tears still dripping down her face. "Well I see you have everything in hand, I'll see you all out on the sands." And with a shiwsh of her ruby skirts she heads back out again.

Shadis stands, watching the pandemonium around him as he clutches the pink dolphin plushie worriedly. Sidling in the weyrleader's direction, he whispers, "N'ano? What if I impress?" Yes, he's really worried. Even as he speaks, though, he slowly takes off his dolphincraft bracelet, settling it around the plushie instead of his wrist.

Ozeunzi lines up before M'er, looking rather nervous and sweaty all of a sudden but she's ready as she'll ever be. Dragonsdragonsanddragonsand…lots of ideas run through her mind, but not too many, she may have a brain-overload.

Drutoley hurriedly shucks his clothes onto the floor, snatching up a swatch of folded fabric and wriggling into it. Sitting back onto his bed, he jams his oversized feet into his sandals and smoothes a hand over his scruffy hair. "Okay.. okay.. Calm. Calming. Oze! Be my partner?" Scuffling crazyho-wards, he makes a grab for the girl's hand. "Please?"

Jozzie folds her arms across her waist as she looks towards the candidates, waiting with a bit of impatience. Her eyes travel to Rhaeyn, watching him for a long moment before drifting to the other candidates in the barraks. "Humph," the bluerider murmurs as she taps her foot lightly on the ground.

N'ano pats Shadis on the back before giving him a little nudge towards the door, "If you impress, then I'll look forward to workin' with you for the rest of your life." With that said, he heads on.

Lauria turns about towards Yasmine, grutning and nodding. "Humming! Hatching! Yes!" All she can manage. She's not calming. "I-uh- er. I need a partner! I need a group!" She's begging.

Getting ready for the hatching. Round Two. After Larix's experience at High Reaches he's now mastered getting a robe and sandles on in as little time possible. "Robe, sandals…" Larix quietly mumbles to himself and just looks up towards the other psycotic and ecstatic candidates. Of course he's /excited/, but not neccesarily shocked. He makes his way off his cot joining in with the other candidates, "So, everyone pick a hand to hold yet?"

Ozeunzi takes Dru's hand into her sweaty one, shooting a worried smile back towards him. Soscary.

Thistia turns to look around as she hears Lauria. "Partner?" she asks anxiously, walking closer and offering the other girl her hand.

Pendren wedges himself inbetween Lexia and Oze. Oooze lil' suster. "Rhaeyn, be my partner?" He needs a guy there, beside him, to be many with him. He points towards the spot in front of him with a paniced look.

M'er grins at the Candidates, and motions for them to head out, talking as he begins to walk. "Hold hands and don't forget to bow to the clutch parents!"

Sahara durns deep blue eyes about and finally spots her brother. "Kaefe? Can I hold your hand? It's kinda scary?" And a girl should always be able to rely on her brother for protection right?

Yuri looks excited, no nervousness showing…yet. Yuri quickly slips into her robe and melds into the middle of the group that's forming, grabbing hands as she wanders over, bare toes wiggling…

Kaefe firmly folds his arms in front of his chest. No holding hands for him. But he does move forward with the rest, a grim look on his face.

Rhaeyn sidles casually close to Pendren, robed and sandals. He nods to the other, quickly jumping into the spot in front of him. "Sure."

As the other riders begin leading the candidates out towards the sands, Jozzie points with her finger towards the door. "Out," she says with a grin.

Hatching Grounds Entrance

The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.

M'er, Ozeunzi, Lexia, Pendren, Drutoley, Yuri, Khristeen, Yasmine, Kaefe, Rhaeyn, and Larix are here.

Obvious exits:

Sands Galleries Bowl

M'er pauses and peeks out onto the Sands. He gives a nod and then walks onto them, signalling the Candidates to follow.

Oh ho ho! You had better be a Rider or a Candidate to have business on the sands! Brooding dragons are not reknowned for their good tempers.

Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING

The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs, separated into the two distinct clutches of Ista's newest queen and her pale mother. Sands are cordoned off with invisible lines as each golden mother carefully guards her clutch; Older queen's strange pattern of eggs is somewhat visible from around her watchful form. Every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.

Gold Quarith and bronze Nylanth are here.

You see Isn't That Veird Egg, Mysterious Guerrero Egg, Tampopo's Noodle Shop Egg, Modern Science Film Egg, Shall We Dance Egg, Invitation to the Dance Egg, High-Contrast Femme Fatale Egg, Spectral Mist Egg, Not Another Horrible Sequel Egg, Mightier Than Most Egg, Don't Open That Door! Egg, Sweetly Emotional Romantic Classic Egg, I Stand Alone Egg, Well Orchestrated Dramatics Egg, and Phantom of the Clutch Egg here.

Sapha, Dea, N'ano, Trik, Lyria, M'er, Ozeunzi, Thistia, Rhaeyn, Khristeen, Pendren, Lexia, Yuri, and Larix are here.

Obvious exits:


Spectral Mist Egg shudders a little more firmly now, the anticipation and the potential evenualising. Soon children, so so soon.

Shall We Dance Egg shakes lightly, though this only accomplishes a deeper trench for it to hide in. The bright egg falls silent again.

Mysterious Guerrero Egg starts a little jig, but it's not too long before it resigns to the fact that it's just too sharding hot out here to move… how about just a little nap… for another sevenday?

The candidates make their way onto the sand, more or less in unison, and turn to bow respectfully before the eggs capture their attention once again and their focus shifts.

Yuri walks onto the sands, an excited bounce in her step…or is that just her automatic reaction from the heat of the sands against her bare feet? The world may never know. The girl sticks towards the middle of the group, glancing about, dark eyes wide with…excitement? Anticipation? Nervousness?

Sahara eventually finds Larix, he'll help her wont he? "Hold my hand?" She whispers looking about anxiously before joining the others in the bow of respect to Quarith and Nylanth.

Thistia holds tight to Lauria. She shifts her weight a little, balancing on the balls of her feet to let the calluses absorb some of the heat. A sheepish look is sent towards Lauria and she grins a little, offering a soft, "Tell me if I crush your fingers."

Khristeen moves to stand behind Thistia to whisper into her ear, pointing to the eggs.

Pendren makes for the eggs slowly, patiently, and— sharditall it's HOT here. The boy peers around for Rhaeyn before dutifuly following the girls. "Heyhey, wait up." Scuttle.

Ozeunzi attempts to pull Dru behind her after bowing while keeping a rigid grip on his hand, taking her place in the circle of rapidly growing Candidates. She marches with her legs up high, trying to keep her bare feet off the burning sands. Oohotowhothot.

Phantom of the Clutch Egg lurks ominously in the darkness, suspense it's middle name it moves just slightly before falling still.

Lexia steps onto the hatching sands with nervous - and scalding - feet. The extra layers of padding on her sandals are helping absolutely nothing… it's still like stepping on the Baker's stove. Ugh. She clings close behind Pendren, biting her bottom lip and offering a meek little curtsy to the cluthmother and father. This is all so… intimidating.

Jozzie stands off to the side with the other dragonriders, watching the candidates with pride in her golden-amber eyes. "Wonderful group," she remarks along to M'er and the other others quietly.

Lauria has Thistia in a deathgrip. And having promptly bowed (and probably drug Thistia to bow at the same time) she turns towards the girl. "They're wiggling. I can see them. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to stand by? And I'll crush your fingers first!"

Rhaeyn crosses the sands in front of Pendren, heavy sandals keeping the heat from being too much of a bother at this point. He follows the group of candidates out into their semicircle around the eggs, attention darting this way-that way as he fidgets with his robe. Oh yeah, he's tense.

M'er joins the group of dragonriders and Weyrlingmasters and their assistants and all of that jazz. He turns to watch the eggs and Candidates, nodding to Jozzie as she speaks.

Larix reaches towards Sahara's hand, "Oh of course." At the same time a glance goes towards Nadine. He hopes she doesn't get the wrong ideas. But that isn't important at the moment. Egg. Foooocus.

Thistia looks around helplessly, turning towards Khristeen to nod her acknoweledgement of the whispering before looking around at her fellow candidates. "I don't even care…I suspect we'll all just scatter eventually," she says in a slightly distracted voice, eyes fixed on the eggs.

Pendren is being jostled a bit by Lexia but he doesn't mind. He, in turn, clings to the girl like some poor child on his first interaction with a very big crawler. Quiver. Squeal. Feet begin the 'ouch hot danca' as eyes settle on the moving eggs. "Um, they're moving." Help.

Lyria nods agreeably as she watches the little nervous candidates roam onto the sands,"They're sweeties." At least most of them. She will admit that a couple are a tad weird, but hey, you get those in every group.

"More riders. S'more dragons. We're always in dire need of fightin' thread, so I s'pose it ain't too bad, but they better not go about drinkin' all the klah, or so help me…" The only major concern on Trik's mind is the matters of klah while making way to find Sapha and a few of the other riders to join ranks with and strike up a commentary of the hatching.

Dea stands over by the Weyrling Barracks, ready to help out when the hatchings start.

Shadis scooches his way towards the girl that sewed his robe, one hand reaching out for hers now that he doesn't have his dolphin. Turning his head, his gaze skims the audience, then the candidates as he attempts to hold Yuri's hand, and then try to get close enough to Pendren to grab /his/ hand, too.

Modern Science Egg boils and spats out vapors like a mixture of chemicals set on a burner, having been left unattended. It's movement becomes more increased and unstable before explodes in a fury of shards upon the sands and what other objects that would be found standing near to it. From out of the cloud comes the ugliest looking brown, like an experiment gone all wrong. His hide is a muddy brown, sickly color although he is a very health, young hatchling. He wanders around, looking up at random candidates but they all give him a disgusted look. The brown hatchling calls out in a creening sound of loneliness, like he is a billion turns away from any other life form. Then he spots the chosen candidate, like that of a bacteria under a microscope. He wanders up to a auburn-haired lad and croons. "Mudputh! That's his name, Mudputh!"

Drutoley scampers after the others, bowing deeply to clutchdam and clutchsire as he tries to ignore the roaring of the crowds. The heat, the noise, this stupid robe - His shoulders roll under the pressure and he all but drags Ozeunzi across the Sands, stepping into his place in the bunched semi-circle. Okay. Breathing. It's like.. Lamaze or something.

Ajala skids onto the sands, trailing after the group of candidates. "Late again!" she declares as she hastily bows to Quarith and Nylanth. Peering about, she looks for a good clinging part and can find none better than Rhaeyn. Jogging over, she grabs his wrist and allows him to lead the way to the semi-circle. "Sweet, we've got movement already. And the sands don't seem to hot. At least…not yet." A smile tugs at the corners of her lips as her excitement pushes away nerves and worry.

Sapha is still sniffling, Her expression joyous however as she it all begins again. "Brings back memories doesn't it?" She asks making her way closer to those with the water skins.

Nadine looks, to put it simply, panicked. "Oh, shards, shards, shards," she mutters under her breath, trying to stay right in the middle of the candidates so she won't be noticeable. Thus, she finds herself near Yuri, and after a somewhat reluctant bow (she's expected to take her eyes off these things when they're moving?), she sidles closer. Safety in numbers, right? Larix is given a quick look, but moving away from her current location seems dangerous, so she remains where she is.

N'ano steps up beside Sapha, waving towards the side, "Y'know—you shouldn't even be out here in your condition!" he chuckles, pointing at the rockin' 'n rollin' eggs. "Bet that one cracks first," he suggests, motioning to one in particular.

Rhaeyn stops obediently as Pendren calls to him. "Yeah? Oh. Sorry." Once standing still, he does eventually start that hot-sands shuffle that most of his fellow candidates seem to adopt. "Man.. I'm -so- nervous, I didn't think it'd be - There!" One finger points insistently to the first shattered egg.

Yuri glides softly forwards before stopping with the rest of the candidates, dark gaze looking more nervous now as the girl seems to stay quiet for the moment, looking from side to side at her fellow candidates as she stays in the center of the little group. Safety in numbers, you know.

Narika follows the others out with a slightly dazed expression, although she does seem calm. She deliberately doesn't look at the galleries, wide brown eyes fixed instead on the eggs.

Yasmine stops short as she finally makes it onto the sands. A few tentive steps are taken, yes, but the girl has gone all but rigid for the moment. But, alas, moments do end, and the Keroonian girl can move once more. The bow is done and the youngest candidate shuffles towards the other candidate. "Can' believe this i' actually happenin'.." She mummbles to one of the others. "Eh, did i' jus' move?!" Yasmine exclaims, jutting a finger out at the eggs.

Spectral Mist Egg grows more emphatic in it's movement. Come on already? Can't you see it's got places to be?

Lauria only just now has realized the actual extent of the heat beneath her feet. "What is -with- this? Why is it so hot? Can't they turn it down or something when we get out here?" Her mind is lost, and she doesn't even attempt to regain it before she's watching the first Impression. "They're Impressing! Oh Faranth's -balls-!"

Pendren lets out a very girly shriek as the first egg pops and a dragon comes out. Immediately Pendren has dived behind Rhaeyn for cover. What? No, he's many. Ahem. Chest puff.

High-Contrast Femme Fatale Egg does a little shimmy testing the crowds reaction. Va Va Boom!

Thistia blinks, staring at the first egg to split. "Oh, look!" she cries, taking a couple steps toward the scene as if in anticipation of the next egg. She cheers for the first of the new weyrlings, just until the next couple eggs start rocking and once again steal her attention.

Ozeunzi jumps up and down, wiggling Dru's arm in her excitement, causing some form of whiplash for the poor boy, "LOOK! The brown hatchling Impressed! WOW!"

Yla picks her way onto the sands, a book in her hand, apparently having been interrupted in the middle of some reading. "Shardin' hatchings. Inconvenient timings," she says, though she makes a point of clapping her hands together as well as she can and beaming at her fellow riders. "What ho! How's it going? I miss anything? Good, good." And she falls into place alongside her fellows.

Sahara clings to Larix's hand. Her relief evident upon her face. "Thanks awfully so much. OOH look at that" She says pointing at Mupdeth

Yuri takes Shadis' hand and holds it tightly, glancing over at Nadine after she bows gracefully. "Ohh…he's big…" she murmurs about the hatched dragonet, dark eyes flicking between the dragonet who just Impressed and the candidates around her…

Spectral Mist Egg finally makes good on its promise to wreak havoc. Or hatch as the case may be. The thick clouds of mist appear to flee the heat of the sands, revealing the battle of angular steel and obsidian. However the angles part, cracking slowly giving way to something far more ominous. A brown muzzle is free followed by the rest of the dragonet. Perfectly Suited Brown Dragonet to be precise.

Perfectly Suited Brown Dragonet

Clearly more than meets the eye, this deeply dark brown presents the illusion of substance, even if he himself is rather average. A fine blend of chocolate and coffee percolates along the liquid curves of flank and belly. This same uniformly dark shade spills across wingsails, neck and spade-tipped tail with equal abandon before swirling into a creamy mocha tint down his chest and along the undersides of his belly. A somber dusting of cocoa lingers underneath his muzzle, its darkness a soulful contrast to the lighter hue. His face gives the impression of constant cheer, through the tilt of his eyes and whimsy of his muzzle; wayward headknobs and ridges do little to dispel his joyful countenance. His spars are the same light hue as his under belly, providing a comic contrast to the darkness his hide maintains. Perhaps the most unlikely aspect of his appearance however remains the highly glossy claw-tips that finish off his look.

Pendren is getting a handle on things, really, he is. A few deep breaths, a mild brow mop and he's good. Slowly he seems to actually begin to enjoy himself, minus when something very sudden happens and he needs to cling. Mupdeth is watched closely for a moment before more eggs grab his attention and he edges towards Oze. "Oze, hanging in there?" Big brother to the rescue. No no, it's fine if you're frightened, he's here to protect you. Shriek!

Rhaeyn grins, strained with tension, as Pendren dives for cover. He -should- tease him, but.. "S'alright, they're not gonna eat you. I don't think." He's really an expert on hatchings, being holdbred and all, ain't he? "They're so.. gooey." Nodnod. Glances go to the girls on Pendren's other side sympathetically, but he has little time to keep his attention off of the eggs at hand. Absently, he patpats at Pendren while watching in front of him.

Shadis squeezes his fellow candidates hand, really wishing Shimmer or Mailli were here right now. How stupid of him not to become close friends with a fellow candidate. /N'ano/! And /Yla/! Shards! At least /bond/ with the candidates so you have someone to keep you on the sands. He sucks in deep breaths in an effort to continue breathing when his very contact with the dolphins may be disappearing!

Ozeunzi waves to Pendren with her free hand, "This is NEAT, Pendren! I likes it," she yells back while her feet dance on the hot sands. She quickly turns her head around to "ooo" and "aaaa" at the newest hatchling, keeping a tight grip upon Dru's hand.

Drutoley yanks Oze's arm sharply. "Brown! Browns! Two of them!" Oooh. Look at them.. The cotholder's boy is absoltely amazed, jaw slack as the scene unfolds before him. "Oh, Ozeunzi, it's all so.. so huge! So alive!" Swoon.

Thistia turns to stare at the brown on the sands, smiling at him as she watches the hatchling fixedly.

Nadine, at the sight of the first dragon Impressing, gives a little shriek and back up towards the galleries. Forget comfort in numbers, she just wants to get away from the eggs. Finally starting to notice the heat, she begins a hop-skip-and-jump dance routine, trying to keep her feet off the sands long enough for them to stay cool. "Hot-hot-hot-hot—shaffitall, hate this!" she mutters through clenched teeth as she flexes her hands. Need someone to cling to.

Trik tugs a hand to the collar of her required uniform of Ista while scratching at the nape of her neck, "Aye, y'never get used ta' the heat down 'ere, be it a rider or one of them…white-knots. But this does bring back memories. I nearly tossed my lunch on the sands." The new mud tinted hatchling is spied over with crooked expression, ligs twitching with an itch of words, "Brown? I would've thought it to be a green from that egg.."

Larix continues to hold Sahara's hand. CLING! "You know, it's so different the second time around." It really is. But it'd be really weird if Larix is left standing again. Then he'd just come to the conclusion that dragons aren't very good at making up their minds. "Well this sure beats sitting in the barracks, doesn't it?"

Dea comes to stand by N'ano, a faint smile plays on her lips. "This'll be an interesting class this time around. I hope you are up to the challenge, Fearless Leader." Her attention focuses on the newly hatched Brown, "A good sign. But it would've been better if it had been a bronze."

At the sight of the brown dragonet, Yuri now shows signs of her nervousness, before she suddenly seems curious as she murmurs softly, "What do you think they're thinking out there? The dragonets, I mean. Coming out of their eggs, seeing all of us on the Sands…" Dark eyes seem in awe of the large dragonets, squeezing Shad's hand back and, looking at him, she murmurs softly, "Don't worry…it'll all turn out well." Though, is she saying that to comfort Shadis…or to comfort herself?

Lyria umbles something or other under her breath, pulling a scrap of paper out of her pocket and reading it over with a smirk,"Two marks for mee," she says quietly to herself, although a nearby stander could probably hear. Does someone like to gamble, mebbe?

Pendren is absorbed in watching the candidates but also— a brown? This new dragonet is eyed qith cautious approval. Pretty. Eyes suddenly dart towards the ledges until Trik is sought, you know, for calmingness, and once more he turns towards the brown. "Rhaeyn, lookit, isn't that something though?" This is very dreamlike, it is.

Ajala gives Rhaeyn's still-possessed wrist a firm squeeze as the first eggs shatter. "Now that is one lovely brown. Are you nervous? I'm not! See! I'm all cool and calm and stuff. Well not quite cool, its unbelievably hot in here, as if Ista wasn't hot enough as it /was/…" And the babbling continues, an obvious expression of her scant control over the fluttercrawlers having a hayday in her tummy. "Dude…I'm hungry." And for some reason, that simple statement leaves her silence, grinning as she simply observes the preliminary escapades of the first dragonets.

Perfectly Suited Brown Dragonet settles in the remains of his former home. content just to watch the world pass him by for the moment. However primal urges being what they are his feet soon feel the need for speed. Oh and look, those things look interesting. All white and jibberlie. Cautiously he makes his way closer, wobbling a little on still goey legs.

N'ano widens his eyes as the first few eggs shatter, revealing their dragonets, "Shardsain't they beaut's…" —the comment directed at those nearby, in particular Dea and Sapha. Nodding towards Dea, he replies "Ayebronze is good, but brown's just as swell, ain't it?"

G'deon is standing far off to the side beside Nylanth as the two quietly watch the eggs, dragonets and candidates. Now and then the two look to each other as if sharing some private thought, but otherwise they remain quiet still.

Ozeunzi continues to whip Dru's arm about as she jumps around childishly, "Oooh! Oooh! Lookit it! It's moving, see, Dru, see it?!"

Pendren is somewhere between diving for cover and scooting closer to the hatching. "Pretty pretty pretty" is mumbled faintly as jelly-like legs give a little wobble and he scuttles about. It's coming! Squeak!

Trik's expression molds into a bit of bemusement at Dea's words, throwing an elbow out in a playfull gesture, "Bronze means N'ano will have some competition, ain' that right, ol'man?" Not /that/ old he is, but just a jovial toss of words to strike of drama. Pendren is given a little wiggle of fingers in reassurance.

Lauria has cooled suddenly, a sweat trickling down near her ears as she watches the brown that still wanders about. "Impress already!" Though the silly thing has only been out a few seconds. "They take forever, don't they, Thistia? Just forever!"

Rhaeyn shuffles feet, standing in place and trying to appear outwardly calm. He nods, almost like an afterthought, to Pendren's comment. "I guess, if you ignore the .. well, gooeyness." He really seems hung up on that part, doesn't he? "You're.. what? You're hungry -now-?" This drags his attention from the eggs to Ajala, and he tries to stifle a snicker outburst. The brown dragonet is watched with cautious eyes, lest he needs to scramble out of the way.

Dea grins at N'ano as she waits for the first Impression. She does glance over the G'deon for a moment, then at the Gold Rider pair. All in all a good day for a Hatching.

Sahara watches her eyes large. "Oh he's pretty too." And that's the most you'll get out of her for a while

Thistia giggles softly, feeling silly as she nods her agreement to Lauria. "They really do…I wish another would hatch, or that that one would decide."

Shadis nods, forcing out a short laugh. Slowly gazing at the eggs, he winces at the sight of the dragonets. Did he really not even realize they were hatching? A glance is given in the direction of the riders, settling slowly on Trik, then N'ano for reassurance. After a moment, he relaxes slightly, returning his eyes to the eggs.

N'ano laughs at Trik, nodding "Within time, no doubt… I'm sure though," he grins, returning his attention towards the eggs and candidates alike.

Jozzie pokes N'ano with her elbow. "What's your bets on Rhaeyn?" she asks with curiousity. The Bluerider watches with amazement and relaxs a bit as she watches the show.

Yasmine walks towards Ajala and Rhaeyn and clears her voice. "Y'both don' mind if'n I stay near ya? Don' really got noone else t' like.. stick by." She turns a head up towards the galleries, then back at the sands. "'ey! Didn' even see tha' brown out. Odd lookin' thing, they

are, right outta the egg an'all."

Nadine's urge to cling and babble overcomes her urge to stay far, far away from eggs and dragon babies, and she slips towards Larix and Sahara. Comfort. Calm. Please. "Where's it going?" she wonders, coming up behind the two and sounding slightly hysterical. "It's not coming this way, is it? Right?" Hop-hop-hop.

N'ano only has one word for Jozzie, "Bronze… I can /so/ see it—he's gotta. It's in his blood!" N'ano laughs, giving a general wave towards his brother. "He's gotta… or at least brown, but I can definitely see 'em on a bronze."

Larix turns towards Nadine, "Want to hold my hand?" He needs another clingnette. And well, Nadine did slightly in some way volunteer.

Rhaeyn is usually the one babbling when nervous, but ironically is fairly introverted and quiet now that the moment has come. Listening to Ajala is a welcome distraction, though, and he casts occasional grins toward the girl - just so she knows he's paying attention - as he tries to keep his eyes on the activity. "Uh.. here? Sure. No problem with me." Good thing he can't hear what N'ano's all on about over there.

Yuri's eyes sweep the sands, jumping onto each egg separately as she looks for signs of another egg hatching, though her gaze strays to the brown dragonet wandering about the sands. He's so…so…large…

Trailing behind the bunch of white-garbed individuals being herded onto the sands is a Kaefe even more morose than ever, shooting a scowl at the unfortunate candidate who happens to bump into him on the way out. As the group moves into view of the galleries, Kaefe's first focus is not at the dragons a-massed, but the spectators crowded around to watch, eyes searching for something, or someone, among them, though the quickly-dropped gaze and slight droop in his shoulders suggest that 'Fe didn't really expect to find whoever it is in the first place. Shrugging to himself, Kaefe continues to follow the rest being brought to their fate… Ahem.

Perfectly Suited Brown Dragonet isn't so sure about all these white people, up close they look rather strange, not at all the type of people he would like to associsate with at all. Pacing a little his neck swings from side to side with indescision. Surely there is someone who is taking this all with a grain of sand. But wait! Whats this? A late entry to the Sands?

Lyria idly beams at the browns and comments to the others,"It's 'bout time we had more browns." Best color out there, right? And so far there's one Impressed, and one roaming the sands and they've just barely started hatching. How pleasing.

Nylanth croons softly to the young brown on the sands, then turns his whirling eyes towards Quarith, who perhaps needs a bit of calming as her babies begin to take their own paths with their new lifemates-to-be.

Kaefe tears his glance away from the unhatched eggs to glance around at his fellow candidates, noting the various states of nervousness and delight displayed with a detached air. Part of him scoffs at the whole proceeding, 'Fe rolling his eyes at one particular high-pitched squeal from one of the girls, while another can't help feeling the adrenaline coursing through his veins. Again his gaze goes to the dragons, absently ticking off names as he recognises several.

Ajala immediately welcomes Yasmine by getting a firm grip on her shoulder and practically dragging her over. "You're more than welcome. As long as you go get me some food after this is over. I'm starved, man." Turning to Rhaeyn, she comments, "Yeah, some people get jumpy and snappy and stuff, I get hungry. You know, 'cause I'm weird. And…fat?" She shrugs, but keeps her eyes focused on the dragons. Just incase one decides to maul her.

Jozzie smiles to N'ano. "He's a cute one." The woman smiles to her clutchmate. Her eyes drift across the sands, watching the dragonets stumble about. This does look all too familiar.

Pendren is inching towards Rhaeyn as the brown saunters about in that hypnotic way. "It's happening so fast," is mumured gently while his robe is given a little tug and sandals scuttle about. Eyes of course are all for the brown, but wiggly eggs are also worthy of concern. Scary.

Shall We Dance Egg 's bright surface becomes heavily marred with hundreds of cracks veining up and out from the base. Brightness falls away to reveal blue: dark against faded. Needless to say, he is here; be prepared.

Nothing but Trouble Blue Dragonet

Faded denim spirals out from a short muzzle, bathing apical eyeridges and keen neckridges thoroughly. Straps of gunmetal flee from dorsal to ventral, tapering to fine points and stopping where the velvetty skin lightens to powder blue. The stripes darken further down the neck until they lay as thick layers of navy across spurred shoulders. Sky blue swathes his scrawny chest, flecked with feathery platinum that congregates and deepens along his belly to form a titanium ring along the curve. His wings seem carved right from steel, complete with roughly hewn spars and pinions, and rusts that darkens the tips to twilight. Similarly, all four limbs consist of all too obvious joints and lankiness which ends in ebony-clawed midnight paws. Both the dark stripes and the edged ridges restart at the peak of his haunches, and mar the upper surface of his unusually gaunt tail that ends in a noir spade.

"Dun' worry, N'ano. You're the best we got so far, and I doubt we'd be replacing ya' anytime soon." Trik juggles her weight on both feet, leaning to each side with each passing minute. Seh's not one to be standing still for a long time in the heat. As balance continues, a few candidates are glanced over and given a hald-hearted simper, "Aw, dey' so nervous."

Ozeunzi gives a juvenile giggle while her feet continue to dance, squeezing Dru's hand so tightly that she may cut off blood flow after awhile. She keeps her eyes now upon the un-hatched eggs, waiting for their next move or a hatchling's next release. Her "patience" paid off, "OH! Look! Blue! Wowee!"

Thistia gasps, staring at the blue as he catches her attention more completely than the brown before. "Gorgeous," she murmurs softly, to herself or to Lauria, as she stares.

N'ano smiles, giving a chin-nod towards his wingmate, "Thanks Trik—you're real encouragin'," and he means that, too! "Shards look! 'nother one! Pretty soon we're all gonna get trampled here, no doubt."

Drutoley leans against Ozeunzi's shoulder gently, as though only they can see what color the dragonets are - And it's a secret to keep from everyone else. "Blue! Lookit, Oz! A dainty little fellow, too.. I wonder if he'll come this way. Ooh, I hope one of them does!"

Lauria squeaks, her hand sweaty and nearly slipping out of Thistia's. Woe is that poor girl. "Look! Blue dragon! I like blues." She turns towards the girl next to her and nods. "Blues are absolutely gorgeous. You know, blue is my favorite color. Not just dragon. That and black. And blue and black things together are absolutely stunning. Blue and black, blue and black— too bad black hatchlings don't exist. D'you think that there ever was a brown or blue that was so dark it looked black?" All this in one breath.

Narika swallows hard, watching the eggs rocking and hatching. Somehow the stumbling, goo-covered dragonets don't look the way she'd imagined.

Pendren is all flustered and everything and makes a big thing of taking Lexia's hand and scooting about the sand. Dodge, dodge, scamper. The blue causes Pendren to stop and point. "Look! Oh wow, pretty… It looks hungry, though?" Hide.

Nothing but Trouble Blue Dragonet stumbles awkwardly out of the pile of his broken egg. The frail little Hatchling pauses to examine this for a moment. So, he caused that destruction, huh? Good. He turns and heads, creeling, towards the white-clad things. Those look interesting.

Shadis's eyes flick from the brown to the blue as another egg shatters. It's really happening. He carefully takes even breaths, taking the slightest step back to move his feet. They're starting to get hot through his thin sandals. A slight flash of green swim trunks shows as he spins around, to search out his fellow candidates.

Thistia laughs softly, shrugging. "It's possible, certainly. It'd be awfully pretty, if it happened, that's for sure." She leans forward, nearly toppling over as she watches the blue.

"Thanks." Yasmine states, shifting one foot, then the other. "Oy, a blue's out now! Would'ja jus' look a' tha' li'l guy? Y'know, m'cuz 'rides a blue. Perfect guy, he i'." She nods her head, the nervous-ness turning Yasmine into a blubbering idiot. Oh, if only Sejen can see her now.

Rhaeyn chuckles lowly in response to Ajala, though he's still got that keen focus on the hatchlings. Must be where he's channeling all of his nervousness, by watching all hyper-intense. The blue hatches, prompting an appraising gaze from the boy, which is quickly distracted by Pend. Again. Gah. "Yeah - Yeah, you're right." It's now, finally, that he stops to take a look -around-, seeking out familiar faces among the riders and people in the front row or two of the Galleries.

Ozeunzi gives a slow nod, her adrenaline starting to slowly spiral downwards, "Oohyea. I wanna lookit that blue closer, he's really beautiful, Dru. I wish he'd come over here. That gooey-stuff all over 'em looks really neat, yanno…" and she trails off, beads of sweat rolling down her forehead. Just a'watchin'…

Khristeen turns towards Lauria and nods, "Yes, I'm sure there were. A lot of hatchlings have different shadings of their colors. So I'm sure a blue-black would probably exist." Offering a slightly nervous grin, she looks around. Sharding robe doesn't fit her right at all, eh, s'not a good thing. "Sharding little Candidate, you know - the one who made my robe? Made it too tight around the arms." Yuck.

Phantom of the Clutch Egg lurks, lurks lurks. It's not time yet, it's all so gauche and busy, however it re-settles itself slightly, disturbing a few grains of sand.

Lauria nods slightly at Khristeen, giggling out of nerves. "Mine is supposedly from my dad. Old, I guess, and tailored." She takes a slight breath, and then grins lopsidedly. "You think there was? D'you think anyone thought it was black when it came out? Covered in goo, all the dragons think that there's a new color on the sands…"

G'deon takes one more moment to speak with Nylanth as the bronze lowers his head towards his rider's. Then G'deon moves off towards the Weyrleader and Weyrlingmaster as the clutchfather shifts a little closer to Quarith. It's for emotional support, surely. "This seems to be going rather well, wouldn't you say?" Gid quietly comments to N'ano and Dea as he loosens the ties at his collar just a bit.

Khristeen turns her gaze to the Phantom of the Clutch Egg. Oooh. It moved. Offering a subdued smile, she nervous sways back and forth, looking around again. This is not sharding cool. In fact, it's quite the contrary. Hot. "I would have LOVED to have painted this," she moans, before nodding once again to Lauria. "Well, you're lucky, m'dear. And well, that'd certainly be interesting.."

Yuri ohhs at the blue and brown hatchlings wandering about the sands, and crushes Shad's hand a little tighter. A blue…and a brown…and another egg rocking! Nervousness seems to overtake the usually quiet girl for a moment as her eyes widen.

N'ano cocks his head to the side as G'deon nears, "Ayemore than well. We're gettin' quite the selection here! That ismore of what we don't normally get a lot of. I'm just hopin' there's a few good bronzes in there… Nylanth makes a great clutch!" he chuckles, half-returning his attention back towards the eggs.

Nadine is now beginning to sweat, both from the heat and from the slightly stressful feeling of being on the Sands with baby dragons running about. She opens and closes her mouth a couple times, but there doesn't seem to be anything to say, so she peers around again and then scoots on over to Khristeen. "So, if you made a painting of this," she pants, forcing a grin at the artist, "what colors would you use?" Nice time to ask.

Thistia nods. "They might've…I mean, some dragons are hard to tell. I bet it was pretty, if there was one." She grins at Lauria, tearing her eyes away from the sand sfor long enough to smile.

Isn't that Vierd Egg shimmies and glisters before breaking out some primo disco moves. All this combunction eventually shatters the shell to leave a bootylicious green where it once grooved so finely. Taking a moment to eye the candidates the rampunctious green heads straight for the girl from Nerat, the one called Cleo. "Oh Foxyth! You're so fine!" Impression Bada-bing

Shadis catches sight of Narika, carefully making his way towards her. He hasn't yet let go of Yuri's hand, though, and at the first moment of resistance, he calls out. "Narika! Come over here." Yes, it looks like the snooty holder's daughter could use someone to cling to.

Trik poises a finger over towards the manly-candidates who don't seem so manly in those short robes as she offers a wink, "Ta' the knees and nearly thigh! Any lower and we'd be havin a /whole/ differen' show rather than a hatchin'!" Aw, don't mind her vulgar-mouth at these times.

Perfectly Suited Brown Dragonet makes up his mind, his neck no longer swinging as he merges into the line of traffic. However it appears there is a pile up around the girl from Nerat and his tail twitches anxiously. Can't they see that he has somewhere to be?

Jozzie huffs. "Bronzes?" she questions. "Perhaps one or two, but I would like to see more blues." And the woman's gaze goes to the blue hatchling currently wandering the sands. "Mmm. Wonder who's going to be the lifemate of that one…"

Larix just watches all the action around him rocking back and forth in his sandles. He isn't nervous. He isn't excited. What is he?

Ozeunzi oooos at the last Impression, keeping her eyes upon the many activities going on about her while blocking out the noise from the crowds. She wipes the sweat from her forehead with an equally sweaty arm, starting to let off some sort of sweaty odor to mingle with the heat of the sands. Beware.

Big sandels flapping about wildly, Pendren keeps up his mild shuffling in an attempt to work off nerves and heat. The brown is watched carefully and Lexia is near forgotten. Who happened to get a seat up their smack in the middle of the front tier? Pendren's father. Figures. And so, girly shrieking and hiding is put aside for the more quiet, stoic type. Gotta make family proud. Blue and brown are both watched, but the brown in particular. After all, he wants to know where the dragonet is going, he doesn't seem to be lost.

Yuri beams as she sees the green Impress, filled with the pure joy of the moment as she jumps a little from foot to foot on the hot sands, without her sandles. She knew she'd forget /something/…

Rhaeyn goes from shifting back-and-forth on hot feet to standing with one held clear of the sands for a long moment, then switching back. Nervous hands smooth his well-mended robe, poking here and there at a seam he doesn't bother looking at. He nudges at Pendren with an elbow, gesturing to the green who just impressed. "That's.. shee.. four now?" He's losing count already.

Lauria giggles again, still nervous. "It'd be interesting, of course! And the one who rode it could… could be called the rider of the Black Dragon, you know? BD, or something. Be his nickname?" She's going on and on, her eyes are scanning across the sands for more dragonets, her mind attempting to distract her with thoughts. "And everyone would tell everyone how the beautiful black dragon is fighting Thread today, or BD, did you see him? He's out there, carting people around, the poor little thing…"

Nothing but Trouble Blue Dragonet breaks into a heavy gait, his wings dragging along in the dark sand at his sides. Finally, his steely wings become his enemies, and he trips on them and falls with a creel loud enough to echo. Oh, right. He has those flappy things attached — he'll have to get used to /those/.

Narika shifts. And shifts again. And then hears her name and blinks, and turns her head. She flashes Shadis a quick relieved smile and slips over closer. "You finished it," she whispers, waving at his robe. Nice distraction from the events on the Sands. She doesn't tell him what she thinks of it, though. Maybe she just forgot.

Kaefe stays as well toward the back of the swarm of candidates as possible, arms folded tightly across his chest to discourage anyone from grabbing his hand in excitement. He does his best to keep from watching the dragonets stumbling around on the sands, but can't help occasionally glancing in the direction of an excited squeal from this or that quarter.

Finally the congestion eases as other dragonets find their lifemates. Taking a moment from his own search for the one, Perfectly Suited Brown Dragonet admires one of lifes mysteries. However this co-ordination thing is a little tricky and his baby feet keep on moving. Inevitably he stumbles, tumbling to land at Kaefes feet. Now that wasnt supposed to happen, but this is, a pair of facetted eyes lock with intense blue ones and Impression is made.

G'deon chuckles softly to N'ano in return as he scans the eggs still intact on the sands. "Well, it usually works out just the way it's supposed to." Which is a safe reply, of course.

Pendren is elbowed and peers towards Kaefe with a nervous smile. "Four already? Wow.. And— KAEFE!" Is shrieked as Kaefe impresses and Pendren suddenly near trips with excitement. "Kaefe impressed! Kaefe impressed!" Bounce! Squeal!

Khristeen is simply .. well, stunned. Impression is a strange thing to witness. "Wow. I'd like to paint THAT," she comments, awe infiltrating her normally so lax voice. Looking down at the sand beneath her feet, she sighs. Too hot to draw pictures with. Makes her sad, it seems. Biting her lower lip, she completely misses impression of fellow friend Kaefe. "What? Huh? Kaefe? Impressed.." Blink. "I MISSED it." Sigh.

Thistia giggles, nodding to Lauria. "BD…now there's a - Kaefe! 'Fe! Yeah!" The jumping and screaming begins.

Ozeunzi gives a little jig, "Wow, Kaefe!" and a little squeal. It's all good.

Rhaeyn gets jostled, verily, by Pendren's excitement. "Fe? -Fe?-? No way. That's.." Pause. What was he thinking again? "That's awesome." Neck cranes to seek out his pseudo-friend on the sands, eyeing the brown with approval. "Nice match, that. Now maybe he'll get over the grumbly thing."

Shadis happens to be wearing one of those super-short robes Trik is speaking of. In fact, as he switches the weight of his legs, again a slight flash of color can be seen from the swim trunks he is wearing underneith the hem across his upped thighs. A grin is directed towards Yuri as he notes her barefoot feet. "It's not any better with sandals, trust me." A hand is stretched towards Narika. He can bond, even if she didn't truely help him with his robe. "Yeah, Yuri did it all. Started from the beginning. Suddenly he jumps and shouts, "KAEFE!"

Dea walks over to Kaefe and his new life mate, "Welcome. And what's his name? And if you'll come with me? We'll get you settled." *re for Kaefe

Sahara squeals and wiggles, her excitement growing as another of her family joins the ranks of Ista's finest. "Kaefe! Congratulations!"

Tampopo's Noodle Shop Egg begins to rock, a motion like a saucer plate as it spins around on a smooth surface. Something is certaing cooking with this one, aye?

Nadine can't see, but when she hears the shouts go up, she starts standing up on tiptoe, peering around. "/Kaefe/?" She seems to be in a state of shock. "/Kaefe/ Impressed?" Glancing back, she elbows Khristeen and repeats her questions. "So—what colors would this be if you did paint it? And can you see what kind of a thing Kaefe Impressed to? Too many people around…" Nadine grumps and scuffs her sandal through the sand, and is rewarded for this moronic act with a lot of hot grains sliding under her foot. "Ack!"

Ajala bounces from foot to foot, grimacing as the heat begins to seep through the not-quite-thick-enough soles. Glancing about quickly, she notices Yuri's lack of sandals and waves to her, calling, "You can borrow one of mine, if you want! And we can…share? Or something?" And returning from oblivion is Ajala, as her fellow candidates' calls finally register. "Congratulations Kaefe! Woo!" Elbowing Yasmine, she points, just to make sure the girl saw and all. "See? Impression." Nod.

Trik rubs a hand at her brow, but it fails to stay there with the heat and sweat combined, slipping it down her face and rubbing the drops onto her coat. "Hope this'll be a good class, or I'll be havin' ta hand out spoonfulls of discipline!" Her lip just out in a near-pout, worming an arm around her middle.

High-Contrast Femme Fatale Egg does another va va boom chick a boom! Is it show time yet?

Pendren turns to Rhaeyn, all happy and shiny and— "Oh man, that was the coolest thing I have ever seen. Kaefe has a dragon." It's takign a little time to have that click before Pendren nudges Rhaeyn and points towards the blue. "Isn't he awesome?" Everyhting is awesome. Feel the love. The jibblies are still present but subdued behind a curtain of great oogly awe. It's really happening.

Lauria lets go of Thistia's hand. She has to. "Kaefe Impressed! Kaefe!" Not that this one knew much about Kaefe, but still, cheering is fun. "Go Kaefe! We could call Kaefe BD. But that wouldn't be as much fun as calling a black dragon BD." Continuous babbling. "I missed the Impression, of course." She turns towards Khristeen. "You didn't see it either? A-heh."

Loud cheering grabs Yasmine's attention and her head snaps around. "Wha' 'appened? I can' see!" She decalres as a bunch of the other candidates get in her way. The small girl clenches her fists and squeezes through until she can see what just happened. "Aye, I see i' now." She comments, looking at Ajala. "Congrats Kaefe! Now ya actually 'ave something like'a friend!" Yes, she must tease even at a time like this.

Yuri jumps a little more before she beams at Ajala and shakes her head, softly murmuring, "Oh, don't worry…I've got…hard feet…" she says, eyes widening as she jumps a little, clapping for Kaefe…

Sapha eye's widen as her brother of all people Impress. "Oh Faranth, just what I need." She mutters before assuming some of her duties as AWLM. Mmm bowls full of gobbets of meat. Funfun

Khristeen turns back towards Nadine, and grins. "Oh, I don't know. Yellow I think, yellow and maybe some bright greens. And some really light blues, maybe. I so wish I had my paints here.." Nodding to

Lauria, she nods. "Yes, I'd have liked to see all of them, to get a better view of it. But you know, I'll have to make due with what I see." Pout.

Kaefe looks down at the brown dragonet as it approaches him, arms falling heavily to his sides as he gapes at the brown for a moment. A half step backwards is followed by the weyrling falling to one knee and reaching a hesitant hand for the brown, before murmuring, "That's what he meant." A moment later, the boy looks up, cheeks reddening and states just loud enough for anyone in the near vicinity to hear, "He says his name is Tanzheth."

Narika accepts the offered hand withough commenting on Shad's creative underwear. "That was nice of her… oh!" She interrupts herself as she realizes that the others are cheering for Kaefe, and turns just in time to see the new pair leaving the Sands.

Tampopo's Noodle Shop Egg allows cracks to appear across the swirl of browns and tans that are accented by the noodle-long streamers of cream that cut across the eggs shell. That crack is followed by a cut through the muted earthen tones of the second half of the egg, where the clash of the two halves meet. All is silent before the shell itself bursts into a flurry of flying shards, revealing a shape of a bronze dragon. It cries out with hunger, a brassy voice which fills throughout the hatching cavern. Then it moves forward, seeking out the ice among the raging fire.

Fire and Ice Bronze Dragonet

Rukbats rays cascade over tropical terrain, plowed and sowed uniformly to produce the richest of bronzed and fertile hide; downy from rainfalls abundance and poor absorption within. Specks of minerals reflect vigorously through the prism of day, out from every nook and cranny produced by the strapping muscularity of this dragon. Sails offer haven while unfurled, their elongation imperceptibly comparable to most. Haunches support his bulk with minor tribulations while unbalanced by his wings of glory. Bony knobs crown in angular fashion, melting like runoff into a skewed muzzle after passing by the radiance within his multi-faceted onyx orbs, and thus presenting the masterpiece of a capable bronze.

Thistia nearly falls over as the next egg shatters. "Bronze!" she shouts, looking excitedly at the candidates she's thought of as bronzerider material.

Nadine raises her eyebrows at Khris in surprise. "You want to paint it /now/? How could you? Your life could be on the line! There's…toothy things with claws out there!" She waves her hand around to encompass the sands. "You're weird," she finally informs Khris.

Nylanth really can't help but warble a little to green the new bronzeling. It's not favoritism, really. Just… bonding. He's such a /pretty/ bronze, after all.

Yuri jumps up and down again, though whether it's at the heat or at the sight of the bronze dragonet…well, who knows? All she knows is that a bronze dragonet is now on the sands, and that's a good omen…right?

Nothing but Trouble Blue Dragonet gets back to his feet and snorts. As he watches his brown brother Impress, he finds new determination to gets his very own Impressee. He quickly traipses up to the nearest Candidate, looks him over, and hisses as he doesn't see anything he likes. He continues on down the line, unsuccessful. Oh, is there something worth looking at over there?

Lauria turns towards Thistia immediately. "Did he say the name? Did you catch the name?" And then, "Bronze? WHERE? Where's bronze, I don't see" She's looking around as much she can, andthere. "You know that blue is still out there."

Shadis laughs, nodding his head, "Yeah, Yuri's my lifesaver." After a pause, he adds, "And she's got hard feet." He shouts, getting into the spirit of things when the bronze hatches. A bronze for him maybe? N'ano said he'd bet so. "Shards, look at him!"

N'ano is doing a little dance, yes… "WOO! Yeah! Now /that's/ what I'm talkin' 'bout!" Think he's a little biased? "I've got a very good feelin' 'bout this one…"

Rhaeyn laughs absently, nodding in agreement with Pendren's enthusiastic appraisal of the world. "Yeah. You're right." New arrivals on the sands are examined, and he points out the bronze to Pendren. "There's the first bronze. Looks like a really even mix of colors." Oh, he's so calm and detached.

Thistia shrugs to Lauria, she didn't hear the name. At the reminder of the blue she grins widely, turning to stare at the original topic of discussion. "So he is," she mentions off-handedly. "Poor little guy," she murmurs softly, watching him make his way down the line.

Pendren watches as the bronze breaks shell. That is the most beautiful… Eyes go wide, saucer-wide, and Pendren simply watches before the blue is suddenly spotted. "Um, that blue is getting a bit.. titchy.." And as such, Pendren attempts to distance himself from the hissing, scooting to the other side of Rhaeyn.

Khristeen nods. Of course Khris is weird at a time like this. It's her JOB to be weird when everyone is nervous. I mean, c'mon ya'll! "Bronze? Wow. Big." Turning back towards Nadine, she shrugs. "Nothin's gonna eat me, m'too bony for them, really. I mean, wouldn't they like something with more meat on them?"

M'er raises his eyes at the bronze and nods approvingly. "Can't compare to Suith, but still a handsome fellow, isn't he?" he comments to the little menagerie of riders.

Ozeunzi oogles at the bronze, letting out a large "wow!" She pulls on Dru's arm, "Loook, Dru, look. That's the most beaitfulness thing I ever saw." She turns her attention to Kaefe, watching him go before turning her wide eyes back to the bronze. She wants to touch it. Poke. Oz retrains herself, though, she'd like to keep her fingers…and arm.

Fire and Ice Bronze Dragonet flicks away the last of the shards from his hide in an arrogant affair and a toss of his bronze head. Brought forth into the light of a new day, the bronze hatchling staggers out into the crowd of waiting candidates. His regal form pauses, his nostrils flare with the smell of the smoldering, dry heat of the hatching sands. Eyes whirling with intensity, he looks to the gasping candidates with a simple stare.

Ajala goes all fishbowl-y at the appearance of the bronze on the sands. "Ooo." Refraining from murmuring 'pretty' in a dreamily disgusting tone, she just leaves it at a simple gaze of awe. One eye is kept fixated on the blue, however, just to see what that guy is up to. Yes, she can watch two dragons in two different places at once. She's like…those lizards. With the weird eyes.

Nadine shrugs right back at Khris. "Never said they'd /eat/ you, but, ya know…sometimes they like to…charge over people to get to theirs, yeah? So you have to be ready to get out of the way. Not painting." She nods sagely. "But if you do paint this after, can I see it, huhhuh? Your abstracts are always…" She pauses, then changes the word she was going to use. "Interesting to look at."

Nothing but Trouble Blue Dragonet makes his final destination in one last stumble towards his new beloved. He nuzzles his short snout into Thistia's belly, and then creels pitifully up at her. He'll promise to behave if she promises to love him forever.

"C'mon, blue." Favortisim. It runs in her blood, y'know. But who will that gentain creature go towards? Oh! And it's Thistia by a runner's nose! "Aww. There we go. Thas' betta'."

Lauria quickly nods, again, watching the blue dragon more than the bronze- for the same reason Thistia mentioned that he was 'poor'. "No one pays attention to him, because of the big shiny thing! They're all just as bad as a pack of rabid greenriders. I'm all for BD Impressing, go—" She squeaks. "Thistia! Thistia!" Commence insane squealing.

Thistia lets go of Lauria's hand as she bends down to look the blue hatchling in the eye, her own eyes shining with a multitude of joyous colors, reflecting the light of the sands. "Aeokaith," she cries out, looking around to stare at the other candidates before her head swings around to look at the hatchling. "He's Aeokaith!"

Kaefe finally moves to his feet, simply nodding silently to the brown and looking around until a weyrlingmaster catches his eye. He keeps a hand at ready to steady the brown as the pair moves off to the side of the sands with the help of the man.

Khristeen nods again, but this time - since you know, Thistia is in her vicinity, she sees it. "YES! Definately yellows and greens!" Offering a wink and a giggle, "'grats Thisti!" Turning back to Nadine, looking as nonchalant as ever, she shrugs. "Sure ya can. I mean, what good's paintin' if you can't SHOW it to people?" Pssh.

"THISTIA!" Drutoley's voice booms out at the moment of Impression, his young face blushed with color. "Congratulations!" Aww. He's.. crying. Voice dropping slightly, he looks at his feet and mumbles somehwat. ".. Now I -have- to Impress.. Or I'll go home." Without Thistia.

Pendren chuckles something wicked as Lexia mutters and streaks to his side before he watches the little blue and— get out. "Thistia! Congradulations, dear!" Couldn't go to a more deserving person, it really couldn't.

Rhaeyn has a hard time watching any one place for more than a few moments, trying to track all of the different activities going on around him. His attention is finally grabbed, this time by shouts of Thistia - "Yeah!" He seconds Pendren with a vague call.

Lauria immediately squeals the name. "Aeokaith! Aeokaith! She says his name's Aeokaith!" Now anyone within a fifty mile radius who can discern screachings knows the name. "It's a beautiful name, beautiful name…" The girl backs up suddenly, giving Thistia and her new blue room.

Ozeunzi claps wildly for Thistia, one hand smacking Dru's, spurring out comments and congratulations while keeping an eye on the other eggs. Hmmm..

Yasmine scrunches her nose up as she places her hands on her hips and watches the dragonets. Luckily for her, Thistia and the blue's impression is noticed right away, so she didn't miss out. "Thistia got 'im, eh? Way t' go! Congrates an' all!" Yasmine shouts out, regardless the other canddiate girl most likely can't hear her.

Don't Open That Door! Egg slooowly rocks and rolls and tips to the side as if in slow-motion. Until in a frezied burst of activity, Welcome to the Sands Blue Dragonet is out of the shell, a strangely uniform blue color, and making his way over to Arogient with a small screel. Arogient is /his/. Arogient - now A'gent - opens his arms to the blue. "Smith!" he shouts.

Dea chuckles, "This way Young Rider." Dea isn't a guy and hope never to be. "We'll get you two all set." Looking over at Thistia, "You too, Both of you. This way."

Nadine is almost smacked in the face by someone nearby who's jumping at Thistia's Impression. "Wha—hey! Who? What? Thistia? Color? Name?" she yelps, completely at a loss. "Who's Impressed? I can't seee!" The last is a drawn-out whine, since Nadine is capable of complaining at any time.

Sapha waves Cleo and Foxyth closer to the food. Her tears mingling freely with the insane grin plaster across her face. Oh and the blue too. "Thistia dear, would you and Aeokaith like to come with me?" She's all style this one

Narika holds Shadis's hand very tightly as one candidate after another Impresses. "Hard feet?" She missed that part, and looks at Yuri's feet curiously.

What's the matter? Swatting at vtols, are you? The Fire and Ice Bronze Dragonet staggers forward with his still-damp wings out stretched. I am the fearless leader here, out of my way. He moves to a grouping of male candidates, watching them with fine detail. Nope, not what he is looking for.

Lauria turns towards Nadine. "Thistia, the blue, and— Aeo—coo-eeth? Something like that. Strange name. And did I smack you? Sorry about that."

Yuri dances a bit more on the sands happily, cheering again as another Impression is made. A blue to Thistia…and another blue has just hatched!! Wow, wow…Narika is giggled at, and Yuri nods. "Yep. Hard feet. Good for hot sands." she murmurs in a distracted fashion, squeezing Shadis' hands again as the bronze dragonet captures her attention…

Pendren is suddenly surrounded by a flurry of motion as the bronze stalks forward, Thistia gets her Aeokaith, and suddenly Smith appears. Yikes. "Why do they always have to /do/ that?" is whined at Rhaeyn as he watches the bronze come closer. "They always appear all at once like that. It's off-putting."

Thistia looks over at Dea, standing up slowly, not at all willing to let her hands leave Aeokaith's hide. She looks over at Sapha, then, and smiles, tears forming in her eyes. "Yes, thank you," she murmurs softly, eyes turning to look at the galleries for just a couple seconds before she follows the riders. Her eyes light up again as she sees someone she knows and she relaxes suddenly, walking with the riders toward Cleo and Foxyth.

Shadis is staring at the bronze in a mizture of worry and hope. Ok, it's official. Shadis worships N'ano. He can't get past the fact that this is the first bronze and N'ano said he'd make a good bronze rider. Shadis is so caught up with watching the bronze and worrying that he completely misses Thistia's impression, only turning to look when the cheers begin. "Wha?" He mumbles, looking around before calling, "Go Thistia!" Shadis squeezes Narika's hand back, oblivious to the fact that his older brother and closest friends are watching him from the stands.

Yla is standing near the back of the group speaking quietly with one of her fellow WLMs, and it appears that a fair bit of money is changing hands, mostly in Yla's favour, as the hatching proceeds. Ah, gambling. Gotta love it.

Rhaeyn spares a wary long look at the bronze. "That one's awful big, Pend. Watch out." He can picture the mauling, and the ickiness, and.. "Look. -Look- man, this is -it-." Wow, Rhae, a little late on that realization aren't you? Ajala is similarly tugged.

Sweetly Emotional Romantic Classic Egg rolls just slightly, as if to taunt the crowds, building up suspense for it's premiere debut.

Pendren turns a hair towards Rhaeyn, not willing to take his eyes off the bronze currently making progress. "Yeah, it's big, very very big." And slowly he begins to ease himself a little behind Rhaeyn. Yeah, that dragonet is lovely, but also, it's coming straight at the males, don't you see? Quiver.

Khristeen just looks, bewildered. It's way too hot out her for the artist candidate. "Meh," she says, a great immitation of her player. "So shardin' hot out here," she moans. "My hair's going to be a mess. Frizzier than NORMAL." Le sigh. Really le sigh.

Ajala smacks Rhaeyn repeatedly in the arm. "Another Impression! Eep! So much..excitement!" Turning to the extremely focused boy, she gives him a prod in the shoulder. "How are you not like…bouncing around everywhere? I'm so happy right now. Ahh, fun. Dude…isn't bronze your favorite color?" Movement is noticed in the mound of eggs, and Ajala is momentarily distracted. Shiny.

Fire and Ice Bronze Dragonet barges through the crowd, shoving past a few candidates that stand in his way. He looks regally up towards a few before deciding that they are not his burning desire. His flanks shift, giving an alluring twist of his form as he moves throughout the sands in sight of his perfect match. The bronze dragonet finally approaches an ash-brown haired lad wearing a tinged candidates robe that has been patched and rehemmed. His eyes look arrogantly up into the lads, crooning softly in whispering words of affection to his chosen lifemate, Rhaeyn.

Nadine glances over at Lauria. "What? No, don't think you did, s'okay, I…" She trails off, lost again. "So who's Impressed? Kaefe, and Thistia, and…" The messenger looks around as if she'll be able to see everything that's going on by just peering around her immediate vicinity. "The dragons should give us ten-minute advance warning," she grumbles when Khris moans about her hair. "I'm all sandy and dirty and this heat isn't helping and…"

Phantom of the Clutch Egg moves a little more freely now that things are happening. The stage is only half-set after all.

Sweetly Emotional Romantic Classic Egg shivers, the rose-petal crimson shimmering with the motion. Dark striations show briefly as it strains then just seems to melt away, like a curtain, leaving Lady of the Night Green Dragonet sprawled elegantly in the spotlight, waiting for her cue.

Lady of the Night Green Dragonet

The darkest shades of hunter pour down a gracefully lithe frame. Her elegantly set muzzle vaults archly to refined eye ridges that loom over sparkling eyes. She sports a sinuous neck that stretches back in unadulterated perfection. Slender shoulders sweep back into flowing wings, and spars strike darkly against translucent absinthe sails. The rich, pure green, mingles with the darker forest velvet, spilling down her slender, willowy body to narrow compact haunches. The dark velvet fades to an untainted silk down the pristine length of her whip like tail. Her entire body seems to glitter faintly as if dusted by rubies.

Thistia smiles at Lauria, still running her hands gently along Aeokaith's hide. "Rhaeyn!" she shouts suddenly, cheering him on.

N'ano is the happiest man alive… well, besides Pern's newest bronze rider, "RHAEYN!!" the weyrleader shouts, "I knew it! I knew it! I knew he'd impress bronze!" Oh joy!

Yuri jumps up and down wildly, waving her un-attached hand brightly. "Yes! Yeeeeesss! Awright Rhaeeyyyynnn!!!!" Yuri seems to have gone completely and utterly bonkers as he Impresses bronze. "Yes!! A bronzerider!!"

Rhaeyn lets Pendren hide behind him, enduring the whacks from Aja in the process. He's distracted, too many people to think - think? Huh? What's this thinking thing? One moment he was trying to keep them all from being mauled, and the next.. Humph. Stricken, he stares at the rather, er, large bronze in front of him, a whispered "A.. kamieth?" coming from shocked vocal cords. Oh.. my. What did he get himself into -now-?

Lyria claps her hands from the sidelines, nearly deafened by N'ano,"Oh good job, Rhaeyn!" Soooo she's got a bias. So sue her. Or not, since people don't sue each other on Pern, and this is a good thing.

Lauria nods at Nadine. "Sandy and dirty, eh? Thistia, Kaefe— Rhaeyn!" Impressed, that is. "Rhaeyn! Impressed! Rhaeyn-rhaeyn-rhaeyn, Impressed! I have a firelizard that acts like him. I wonder if that dragon is just as gender-confused."

Jozzie laughs quietly. "Rhaeyn!" the woman claps. Then she gives N'ano a hearty clap on the back. "I'm buying you a drink later." she winks to her cluthmate. "Fantastic."

Dea comes over the Rhaeyn, "Congrats young Bronze Rider. And to you too Akamieth, if you come with me, we'll get you both settled." Smiling to the new pair as N'ano gets a wink.

Yuri was so excited for Rhaeyn and Akamieth that she'd plumb forgotten to look out at the Sands about her…and look! A green has entered the picture! The green dragonet is watched carefully, and Shad's hand may just fall off at this rate as Yuri squeezes it again, murmuring softly, "What a lovely green…"

"Rhaeyn! Look out! He's coming right at uus!" Is squealed as Pendren makes a dive for safer ground before realising— He left Rhaeyn! Nooooo! Just as he's about to turn back to rescue his best candidate buddy he realises that.. wait a moment. .Rhaeyn doesn't need rescuing.. Rhaeyn needs congradulating? He seems stunned and a little sore for losing his friend of the sands and instead clings to Ajala. "Rhaeyn, man, way to go." Rhaeyn and brozne are given a bright grin. Pendren is subdued, one of his best buds just impressed. Wait for it to sink in.. wait for it.. WOOT! "Rhaeeeeyn!" Applause! Cheer!

Ozeunzi peers over at Dren and Rhae, dumb-struck for quite a few moments before she babbles out congratulations. She waves over to the pair frantically, beaming proudly that someone she knew Impressed bronze. "Did you seeee that, Dru? Did you see it?! That was so awesome!" Awesome, dude.

Shadis sucks in a deep breath, disappointment and relief mixing it's way through his body as the bronze impresses to Rhaeyn. His cheer isn't as enthusiastic as they were for the others, but it's still full of happiness for his fellow candidate. "Yeah Rhaeyn!" He shouts, jumping up and down once or twice as he shouts. The moment he's standing again, he leans in slightly towards Yuri to relieve a touch of the pressure on his hand.

Yasmine looks left and right, trying to see everything at once but failing like nothing else. "'ow many colors 'ave been out 'here so far.. Oh! 'nother green!" She nods her head, "Pretty thing, she i'. An' Rhaeyn! Y'pressed!" The girl cheers, getting more into the hatching mood. Huzzah!

Khristeen manages to miss the bronze impression, and pouts. Rhayen was a friend, and she would have liked to see him impress. "Greens and yellows!" Whoo! "So totally greens and yellows." Now if she could just get some paint. "Congrats Rhaeyn!" Giggling in her nervousness, she inhales deeply before regaining her composure. Composure is good. Khris calm. Khris is collected. Khris.. is .. WEIRD.

Sapha smiles and watches, she's pregnant and things are getting born. It's all so sweetly emotional. No, that just hatched. It's lovely none-the-less.

Drutoley stirs, shifting his feet uncomfortably as the heat sears through even the thickest sandal soles. "Wonder how much longer.." he murmurs quietly, casting a glance around the clutch as eggshells shatter left and right. "Ooh, Rhaeyn! Good! Yeah, I saw it Oz, I saw! And there's a green - Maybe for you, Ozzie? Or Ajala, or even that Crom boy.."

Ajala lets out a joyous yell as the Impression occurs right next to her. "RHAE!!! You Impressed!" As if he didn't already know. "Congratulations!" Thumping the boy on the back, she is immediately brought to attention by the appearance of the green and the simultaneous attachment of a Pendren-growth. "Hey 'Dren. Check out that green. She's…like…sexy. And I feel weird calling a dragon sexy. But she is!" Cling.

Narika is distracted enough by Yuri's feet that she misses several Impressions. She looks up in time to see Rhaeyn Impress, and smiles. She'd clap, but Shadis still has her hand, so she bounces a bit instead.

Rhaeyn nods numbly at Dea, fascinated eyes still on the bronze next to him. He breaks the gaze enough to glance to the rest of the candidates - guys? … Guys? - before shuffling toward the side with Akamieth close by. "Pend.. Guys, good luck," he calls, moving out of the way.

Lady of the Night Green Dragonet stands from the mess of egg shells and goo, shaking her paws and tail slightly to fling off what she can. Suddenly, she gains poise, and she begins to strut proudly out towards the Candidates.

Sahara watches silently. Each egg bringing fresh hope, and joy for each of her candidate friends. "Congratulations everyone, they are truely amazing." And on with the show.

Yuri suddenly blushes and loosens her grip on poor Shadis' hand, though she still holds it as if it's some sort of security…hand. Narika is gazed at, and Yuri's dark eyes shine with wonder as the green dragonet begins to come towards them…

Pendren holds Ajala's hand tightly before grinning brightly at Rhaeyn and watching him shove off. Oh man, this is crazy. "Sexy? I— I— I see it." And suddenly Pendren is smoothing his hair and clearing his throat. Must look good for the ladies.

High-Contrast Femme Fatale Egg is waiting for its curtain call. It is time? Uh uh? I'm ready for my close up. Make sure it's my good side.

Nadine hops from foot to foot, emitting constant whines, complaints, moans, and oaths. "Now Rhaeyn?" she demands of no one in particular. "To bronze? But—but he knits!" A moment after the blurt, she becomes aware of even more commotion, now revolving around a green. She quickly looks around, manages to locate said green and another dragonet nearby, and scoots away slightly, her sandals thwip-thwapping as she skip-walks over the sand.

I Stand Alone Egg swings to the side, anticipating it's own hatching. But, no, it's not time yet. Soon, but not this soon.

Lauria is staring straight at the green. "Also, I'll bet that greens have come out yellow, before. Not gold, but yellow. You know, because the green is such a light one that on the sands with all the light it starts to look yellow?" She takes a slight breath. "I wonder who the green is for. Maybe Pendren." Cute giggles.

Phantom of the Clutch Egg twitches, it seems in mockery of the ones already hatched. It's time will come and then we will see who has the last laugh.

Pendren shoots a glance at Lauria but refrains from a comeback. He just happens to /like/ the green, the green is pretty, he is handsome, why wouldn't a green be interested? Watching the progression Pendren gives Ajala's elbow a little squeeze. "Can you believe this is happening?" Because he's a little flabbergasted.

Shadis gives the ladies on either side of him a squeeze as he spots the green. He sucks in a deep breath, though if it comes anywhere near /them/ he's going to run. His fellow candidates are given a once over as Shadis attempts to match the gorgeous green with a character.

Khristeen watches the Phantom egg, and shakes her head. Evil egg, just hatch already, would you? It's so cool in its utter shadowy-ness. "Yeah, I bet. But green and yellow are THE impression colors. Remind me if I forget, mmkay?"

Shadis gives the ladies on either side of him a squeeze as he spots the green. He sucks in a deep breath, though if it comes anywhere near /them/ he's going to run. His fellow candidates are given a once over as Shadis attempts to match the gorgeous green with a presonality.

Yuri suddenly notices a swinging egg, and her attention is drawn from the…sexy?…green as she makes her slow way towards the Candidates. She's never quite seen an egg swing that way before, and at Shad's squeeze, she squeezes his hand back, gently this time, dark eyes widening again. At this rate, they may just roll right out of her skull.

Well Orchestrated Dramatics Egg shivers across the surface, a rippling affect takes place across the egg as silk is stirred in an open breeze.

Lady of the Night Green Dragonet sends a glance around haughtily, pausing to sniff a Candidate. She doesn't find anything she likes, and a short creel is used as an 'excuse me' as she pushes through the linked hands of two squealing, female Candidates.

Phantom of the Clutch Egg isnt going to hatch just yet, the elements of anticipation are far from optimal for it's eventual appearance.

Ozeunzi hmms, "I wonder who that green'll Impress to. I don't like the color green. It reminds me of mold…or grass. Grass is itchy. I don't like green, no," she comments aloud, yet keeping most of her thoughts to herself. Gratefully, she's been relatively quiet..

Ajala can't help but chuckle as she notices Pendren primping and preening for the green. "…you loser." The insult is put in a mild and laugh-lined tone which belays her underlying affection for the boy. "I can't believe this…" Shaking her head, she sighs happily. "I'm so glad I got to come here, and meet all of these wonderful people and…Pendren, if you and are split up, I will be one ticked off bovine." End rant. Begin oggling of said sexy green.

Pendren eyes the little green's progression as a few of the high-pitched females scamper away from the dragonet prompting. Shiny eggs are somewhat distracting, but he's too busy watching the girls scatter. Ha ha. Glee.

Khristeen is beginning to get agitated at the Phantom Egg. Big fat meanie egg. Watching the green is fun, though. "She's very.. interesting. I'd like to paint her in flight someday." Heh.

Yasmine chews on her lower lip as she stands near Ajala. "She's pretty." She repeats herself, watching the actions of the green dragonet. "Seems really.. sure o' 'er self, y'know?" Yasmine babbles on, all the while shifting from one foot to the other.

Lady of the Night Green Dragonet pauses for a moment between two candidates, looking to first one then the other with a telling cock of her head. The absinthe wings rustle like the sound of finest silks and she bows her head to the slight, raven haired Ajala. She nudges at her legs in a not-so-delicate call to attention.

Shadis hasn't yet been taken from her…errrr, the hall, since he's still worrying on the sands, trying to keep a cheerful smile on his face. "JALA! She's beautiful, Aj! Congrats!" He screams, squeezing Narika and Yuri's hands again in excitement as Ajala impresses.

You know that is the /second/ candidate these dragons have taken away from a nervous Pendren. The green is eyed a moment before Pendren steps back with a fond tug on Ajala's hand. "Way to go sweetie." And he's off towards Oze. New buddy!

Yuri jumps into the air suddenly, yet again, as she lets out a loud cheer for the Estrogen Queen…Ajala!!! "Yeeeess! Ajala!! Greenrider!!" she shouts, surprisingly loudly for the usually quiet girl.

Khristeen just blinks. "Totally green and yellow. I'm totally thinking that." Nodding, she grins. Pretty green to Ajala. Whee! "'grats Aja!!!"

Egg shards begin sprinkling the blacksands of the cavern as the Mightier Than Most Egg allows the I'm Tougher Than You Blue hatchling to break through with his incredible strength. Now free, he starts the process of elimination, knocking a few weak candidate females over until one in particular is stared down while he declares Ariana to become his own personal trainer for life. Bending down before the young blue, Ariana reaches a hand out to his muzzle, crying out "Arnoldth! He says his name is Arnoldth!"

Ozeunzi beams at Ajala, waving towards her with a free hand, "Good job, Ajala!" She begins to get anxious, shifting her feet more often her in guard-like march to keep the soles from burning off. She waggles Dru's hand slowly, peering as Pendren moves closer. The peer turns into a beam as her free hand reaches out to grab her brother-like figure's hand. Save heeerrr.

Thistia glances up from her blue to Ajala. "Yess! Go Ajala! Way to go!" She smiles proudly towards the other candidate.

Nadine gives up on keeping track of exactly what's happening and inches closer to Khristeen. "Greens and yellows, I'll 'member for ya if you don't," she agrees, eyes shifting nervously around the sands, darting from egg to dragonet to candidate to recent Impressee and back to egg. "Shards."

Mysterious Guerrero Egg absolutely can't stand this eternal—ugh! It's just too loud for his liking.

Mysterious Guerrero Egg gives one last forceful rock onto its side, a dark muzzle bursting through the end of the egg with a creeling of victory. A wing tip slices its way out, then an arm and finally with a triumphant cracking of egg shell, a resolute little dragonet, near-black while still wet with eggy gooeyness, makes his appearance, stumbling out onto the sands.

The Little Dragon that Could Brown Dragonet

Midnight silhouettes cascade over numbed landscape, it's earthy sorrel hue accented by flecks of ice like an early spring frost. Thunder ripples through veins of might, echoed by unfurled wings as they take to the skies of Pern. Muddy stains engulf his haunches, drying off into arid sienna clay producing a ventral shadow. Auburn forms a quiet pool along his mandible, caressing his accented cheekbones before flooding into rapids, only coming to a calm within the valleys of his orbs; beholders of this brown's perseverance.

G'deon can't help but give a broad smile as he spots one of the hatchlings nudging one of the High Reaches' offerings to the sands. "Ah, that's a fine match!" he comments, grinning over at N'ano and gesturing towards the new green pair.

Drutoley flashes a nervous, watered-down grin Pendren-wards, muttering some sort of greeting - With a side of reassurance and hope, drizzled with more hope. And a cherry on top. Shift. Shuffle. Hatching Dance.

Femme Fatale Egg cracks a bit, then slowly teases itself open. The shell seems to vibrate to the music of a vaudeville dance hall. Bamp. Bamp. The hatchling slinks seductive out. Bamp. Bamp. Chicka boom boom. Ladies, cover the eyes of your children. Gentleman, for your enjoyment: The Marilyn Monroe Green Hatchling.

Marilyn Monroe Green Hatchling

Pale and watery peridot is stifled by pastel pin stripes scampering the length and breathing along her elongated body. Hide glitters and gleams as she slinks. Yes slinks-a rising contribution no doubt. Her mossy hue almost seems like it came out of a bottle of paint rather than of nature, its common domicile. Under her delicate eye ridges, whirling orbs sparkle like diamonds as she gazes serenely at the world around her. Flimsy wings adorn her like a dancer's fan, catching the breeze with grace and ease.

Yasmine just stares as her last clinging partner has left her. "'jala, shards an' shells girl, y'got yerself a green!" She nods and gives a smile in congrats before walking off, following Pendren towards the other candidates. Just not right for Yasmine to stand alone.

Ajala shifts her gaze back and forth, glancing about her to make sure she's seeing and hearing right. But there's no denying the airy-light voice in her head. Tentatively, she murmurs, "Myrrheth? Wow." And at that, she reaches out a hand and simply places it upon the green's forehead, a grin splitting her face. The cheers and congratulations echo in her ears and she turns to everyone, smiling like a fool and pointing at the green. "LOOK!" Then she wanders off towards Dea and the other Impresses in a giddy daze.

Pendren beamkles down at his lil sis and snugs in next to here as he watches another hatchling go in addition to the other dragonets. Ajala is still beamed at but this new brown, Ooh. And— that new green dragonet who impressed? Sexshay.

Yuri oohs at the beautiful green dragonet that just hatched, her eyes wide again. Green dragonets seem to drag her attention…and Yuri squeezes Shadis' hand again. Poor Shad. His hand is taking so much abuse from the suddenly nervous girl…

Khristeen shifts her weight, nodding to the Nadine, and watching the new eggies hatch. "Sheesh, two more. S'all happening way too quickly." Shrugging, she looks at the ground. To sit or not to sit? That is the question. Don't sit? Sounds good. Sigh.

Ozeunzi tilts her head slightly, now both hands occupied by men-types. Oz's gettin' lucky tonight. "Ooh. I have to admit, that green's kinda pretty. I guess. That brown," she twists her head about, "Oo! Ooo!" moving her head around again to eye the huge crowd watching these going-ons. Even more scary. She waggles her toes, peering up at Dren and then at Dru. Oz's confused. Aww.

Sapha moves forward. "Ajala? Dear, how about we get some food into her gorgeous belly." Of course Sapha has a soft spot for the greens.

Narika lets out an involuntary little shriek as Shadis squeezes her hand, both from nerves and the unexpected grip. Then she, too, is staring at the slinking green dragonet. "It's… slinking," she whispers unnecessarily, not bothering to get the gender right.

The Little Dragon that Could Brown Dragonet starts to strut his stuff. Everyone watching him? They better be. Candidates are eyed intensely as if he were chosing a herdbest to blood—but it's a little too early for that now, isn't it? But really, it's to find the source that kept him awake in that sharding egg of his. So warm and comfy there. And now he's just drying up like a prune!

The Marilyn Monroe Green Hatchling slinks unto the Sands, seeing Nylanth, she gives a wink and a nod, as if to say 'why don't you come up and see me sometime?" As she looks more at the huge big handsome bronze then deciding to looking the possible candidates.

Pendren is finding it hard to concentrate on things… First off the dragonets are very real and very waiting to impress people he knows, and very (drool) shiny. The brown is eyed a moment, Pendren muttering something inaudible to Oze before giving her hand a little tweak.

Nylanth quickly snorts at the nodding green, though more in a "get on with it" sort of way. He tosses his head towards the row of candidates and fans his wings suddenly, which manages to give some of those a bit of relief from the rising heat, if only momentarily.

Khristeen just watches the brown and green. One out of her green eye, and one out of her violet eye. Lets hope they don't make her cross-eyed. And yes, she's still muttering 'green and yellow' over and over again. She's crazy? Yep. Sands do that to calm and good weird people.

Shadis watches the brown, though N'ano did say… Ok, he'll stop fixiating on what N'ano said and simply watch. Maybe one of these will be his. The color doesn't matter. "Whaddaya think, ladies? Yours?" He questions, winking in Yuri's direction and giving Narika a slight nudge with his elbow.

Ajala dazedly wanders towards Sapha's matronly voice, her rapt attention upon her beautiful green, wonder effusing her features, mixed with disbelief and shock. Wow. But she manages to keep a watch on the sands at the same time, cheering on her fellow candidates.

Thistia's eyes glance every now and then towards the other candidates and hatchlings, though her gaze always comes quickly back to the blue with her. The smile is wide upon her face as she tends to Aeokaith.

G'deon takes a moment to again loosen the ties at his collar along with one of the buttons. This heat is getting to the northern boy who looks like he'd love to sit in a snowbank right about now. That might be what's making his lifemate so impatient right now.

Lyria watches the newest brown. Oh how cuhyoote. And brown! And we all looove brown, right? She absently comments to one of the new Impress-ees, who's letting his dragon edge back towards the sands,"Don' let him wander off now…"

The Little Dragon that Could Brown Dragonet sidles up to a particular candidate… Ashleeeeee? Too pretty for her own good. He needs someone big and strong to stifle the obnoxious noises around him so that /maybe/ be can take a nap sometime in the near future… and how about a nice bath… He's getting kinda dry and cracky here. He's gonna fuzzle soon. Ooo.

Well Orchestrated Dramatics Egg tilts on its side and gives a faint rumble, like a thunder roll before a storm. Suspense. Dramatics.

Well Orchestrated Dramatics Egg shifts jerkily, emitting a train of clicking sounds - the affectation a rusted film reel beginning its vigorous spin. After a moment or two, the grey-scale eggshell splits itself a number of vertical cracks, ribboning the girth of the egg. Finally, shell becomes shards as the egg rips and crumbles, unleashing its inhabitant.

Master of the Rats Brown Dragonet

Svelte lines of vintage mahogany combat a mess of angles, casting dramatic shadows down a dark form. Peaked eyeridges deepen a pair of burgundy-tinged eyelids, dabbles of inky black spilling down sunken cheeks and striping a long, chisled muzzle. Lean to the point of gauntness, his body is a puzzle of sinews and obvious joints that stretch the length and height of his long whip-like neck and tail. Wings are nothing but billowing capes of bleak darkness, only allowing slivers of brown light through at the very thinnest of the large sails. His paws are deepened to the color of moist soil, or possibly even the black sands of Ista, and they holds dangerous claws that seem all the more darker. In one last morbid act, a stain of red cascades in dribbles down his lanky haunch, smudging a little bit of crimson onto the base of his dark tail.

Pendren doesn't hold well with fuzzling, in fact, he's bordering on fuzzling as well. Brown is watched as the dragonet prods at the pretty candidate over yonder. Hmph. Thought there was gonna be an impression there. Oze's hand is given another squeeze as hi eyes near flutter. "Oze, I'm tiring— Ooh! Another! Look!" So much for tired.

Yuri grins at Shadis and shrugs, unsure of herself and the brown that's wandering about, winking back wryly. "Don't know…think it could be /yours/?" she queries in a friendly manner, soft voice pealing brightly. Ahh, the excitement of a Hatching…and one where she's on the sands, in the midst of the action…

Nadine is still muttering to herself, something vague but with an occasional distinct word along the lines of 'caught,' 'ensnared,' or 'poor guy.' Still hopping from foot to foot, she gives Khris another weird look before finally asking, "Must you do that? I'm sure you or me'll remember the colors /after/ this whole thing's over with."

Yasmine wipes a grubby hand over her face, leaving a dirty mark. "A new brown i' out, right?" She asks Pendren, seeing how he /is/ taller then her and can see more of the hatching grounds then she can. "Mmm.. never mind tha', can see 'im fine now." Nod. "'ow many eggs are left ou' there, gotta wonder." Yasmine mutters to herself, standing on her tip-toes to see what exactly is going on.

Phantom of the Clutch Egg slumps a little further in the sands. Excellent, all attention diverted form it, so that it may proceded with other, more dastardly plots.

Narika just looks confused. So much is going on, she doesn't know where to look. Yuri's voice cuts through, though, and she stares at the girl for a moment before looking back at the approaching green. No, not for her. Not that dragon. Maybe Shad…

Rhaeyn sits off to the side with the rest of the new Weyrlings, smiling briefly as some of the others come over. He's quite enthralled with Akamieth, though, occasionally flicking breif glances toward the Sands to check on the rest of his fellow candidates.

The last of the egg shells fall off from Master of Rats Brown Dragonet, as he stands with a foreboding look across his muzzle. Snort. People, people — everywhere! He can not bear it. How can he stand this place at all? The brown sits back down among the bits of shard around him. The silent-type.

Khristeen just eyes the Phantom egg and the new brown dragonet. Oh.. dear. Stepping backwards, she offers a grimace. Oh dear. Evil malevalent brown dragonet. Heh. Now is the time to WATCH your step. Stepping is good. And Phantom Egg is eyed. Offering a pout, she inhales again. Hatch egg, HATCH!

Nylanth's mood is most certainly being affected by his rider's discomfort. He gives another flap of his rather large, and rather dark wings, trying to give those still on the sands just a little more relief. The bronze then leans down, crooning softly to the young dragonets still wandering, tumbling and scratching along the sands. Come on kids, find your 'mate, there's food to be had if you do. Ulterior motives? Not at all.

The Little Dragon that Could Brown Dragonet stalks his way towards that Ariana girl now… wait, is he seeing double? Quite possible. Just too much for him to deal with, no doubt. But waitasec… there's /boys/ on the sand! Shaking a little like a canine, he shuffles his way through the sand, slowing with each step as if he were crossing the desert. Waaaaater. So drrrrry.

The Marilyn Monroe Green Hatchling struttering her stuff, shakin her little tail as she moves across the sands, until her whirling orbs fix on the one person thatll give her the world. Looking into Narikas eyes, she seem to say, "lets go, girl. Lets get it on. Shower me with diamonds and Ill show you the world."

Not Another Horrible Sequel Egg jiggles and jibblies and squirms, it's trying hard to make an Impression, but instead looks rather comical. That is until it hatches and a rather sickly green emerges. After a moment running and generally being annoying she sidles up to a boy with an afro. Not so fast son. "Gunjath!" He squeals, and Stoner begins his life as S'on.

Ozeunzi watches the newly-hatched wobble about with childish amusement, wrinkling her nose softly while her feet continue to stomp upon the sands. Looks like her attention span is running short. Puff. Her eyes glance over to the newest brown of the bunch and quickly depart to stare at the ceiling. Lalalala…she nibbles on her lip softly and comments aloud, "I have to go to the bathroom…"

Yuri cheers loudly at Narika Impresses, the girl bouncing a little more on the sands. Of course, that could be to her un-sandaled feet…but, that's highly doubtful. "She's beautiful, Narika! Greenrider!!" she cheers brightly, before blinking at the sickly green and cheering again for Gunjath and S'on…

"No, no, not me, Yuri. I can't ride /green!/" Shadis nearly whines at the merest mention of it possibly being his. And he's certainly right, giving Narika a little shove towards the green as she appearantly decides for the holder girl. "Narika! Yeah Narika!" He woots loudly, squeezing Narika's hand quickly before releasing her and jumping, Yuri's hand in tow.

Pendren finds himself attempting to look in two directions at once. At the brown and the.. well.. brown. Oze is suddenly boggled at. "You have to go to the bathroom?" Jawdrop. "No Oze, not now, after." Silly little sister.

Narika drops Shadis' hand in her complete and utter shock. "A… Abbaeth!" Suddenly the dragonet doesn't look quite so bizarre to her anymore. "She /is/ beautiful," she agrees, looping an arm around the greenlet's neck and leading her off the Sands toward the other new weyrlings.

Phantom of the Clutch Egg gets impaitent. what good is it plotting if it can't actually do anything but roll and wiggle. Thwarted it rolls and wiggles anyway, just sligthly more sinister than coniving.

Khristeen blinks at Oze. Thinking about going to the bathroom is a baaaad thing. "Oh dear.." Sending a hawk-look to the girl, she sighs and stares at the sand. Hot sand. She doesn't have to go to the bathroom. No. Nope. Course not. Sharding Oze.

Master of the Rats Brown Dragonet becomes utterly uncomfortable, all these people. He's brooding, schemeing things quietly in the corners of his mind. Finally, the brown stands and makes his way around the outward fringes of the sands. Deep, dark… this dragonet is definately an angst-type.

Ozeunzi raises a 'brow at Pendren, "But I dooo. I have to gooo." The Candidate gives a rather sour look, deciding to hold it until all this dragon stuff is over with. She lets go of both boy's hands to wipe the excess sweat upon her robe before reaching out to take the hands again with a hip-bump towards Dru. Stompstomp. She gives a deep, impatient sigh as she wiggles around, lips pursed. Hurry up.

Yuri is dazed at the sight of two browns wandering about the sands, and the other eggs are eyed curiously. A brown is…is a little too large for her. Yes. Too…too big. But a nice green, now, perhaps…

The Little Dragon that Could Brown Dragonet's voyage nears its end-determination drawing him one step closer to the token of sought. Potential candidates are plentiful, but alas, only one will be his treasure. Perhaps this one. maybe it's the ebon locks, or the serenity within this young man's pale green eyes, but fate has it that this infantile impressionable mind has chosen his companion. Pendren and he will become one.

Drutoley shifts. Yet again. He's as silent as the Brown, though he pays little attention to it - His eyes are on the last few eggs. He rolls his lower lip between his teeth thoughfully, oblivious to Ozeunzi's jumping and pointing.

Trik is oblivious for awhile when a few white-knots turn to become riders. Her hands have dissapeared into her jacket, and her face is tilted at the ground. But what's that? Impossible! Pendren has impressed! They've taken her little brother from her, but she's still proud, briming with pride. A lithe leap takes her into air before crushing into the sand again, "Dren! Oh, crackdust Dren, Y'did it!"

Nadine smiles with relief, still hopping comically about. "Oh, phewalmost all gone! In a bit…off the sands…a nice bath…" She glances longingly out the entrance of the sands. "Can just imagine it nowwell, almost. Sort of hot and dry to imagine wet and cool." She locks her hands behind her back, for a lack of anything better to do with them, and mutters some more.

Pendren just.. stares.. his feet were hot, Oze had to go to the bathroom, and then —this. Eyes are locked in with the little brown as a hand extends to pat the jaw gently. "Of course I can give you a bath Cinestioth, I need one too." Giggle.

Shadis turns, shouting as the brown goes to Pendren, his partner in crime for the flower stunt. "YEAH PENDREN!" He screams, pumping his free arm up into the air. "What's his name, man!?" He yells, although Pendren probably wouldn't need him to yell to hear him.

Phantom of the Clutch Egg 's hardened shell crackles and veins like a spinner's web upon glass, sending bits and pieces of shadowy shell to the black sands below. Emerging from the depths beneath the eggshards is something of a mystery—her moist emerald hide seemingly hidden 'neath a darkened mask as if it were hiding her identity. At last, Woe-be-Gone Diva Green Dragonet is born, ready to stalk the sands filled with her adoring fans!

Woe-be-Gone Diva Green Dragonet

Elegance stains every bewitching curve and angle of her luminous green physique. Mysterious bottle green tourmaline and malachite stipple gracefully gaunt shoulders and hip before mellowing to an intoxicating jade long the more junoesque curves of stomach and leg and tail. Uniformity is banished from her hide by incursions of paler jade that artfully embellish diaphanous sails, ethereal ridges and over-large claws. This same exquisitely pastel hue is found bleeding from refined headknobs and past wide-set liquid rainbow eyes. Onwards this pale mask continues, slicing her muzzle in twain before dissipating to nothingness beneath firm jowls. Pale curved talons ground her in this reality, their size remarkable even in relation to her own magnificent proportions.

Thistia cheers, clapping her hands as she looks up from her blue long enough to cheer for Pendren. "Yay Pendren!"

Ozeunzi boggles, forgetting all her antsy movements and need to relieve herself (or maybe it's just a cop-out to return to terrorizing the kitchen drudges, all this bathroom business). She gasps, peering at Pendren in complete awe, "Pendren! You Impress! PendrenPendrenPendren!" she giggle-cheers flippantly. She looks so proud of her brother-ish figure. Oh so proud.

Lyria claps from the sides, again."Way to go Pendren! And a /brown/ too!" Oh she's sho proud, she is.

Dea moves through the Sands, quickly ushering the newly Impressed over to the Barracks Entrance. "This way. This way. We'll get you all settled with fresh meat and a couch." Stopping at Narika and Abbaeth, "She's lovely m'dear, if you come this way?"

Pendren follows Dea blindly, one hand draped gently over the awkward little creature's shoulder.

Khristeen shoots a glare at Nadine. "Don't mention wet!" Pouting, she eyes the Phantom Egg with a hopeful little hope-thing. "Lookit! 'dren 'pressed! Green and yellow!" And it hatches. Wow. "Wow.. " That's all that can be said.

Ajala lets out an unbelievably loud yell for Pendren. "Congratulations, you FLOOZY! WOOO!" Exuberance and excitement and overwhelming happiness lace her voice. "I'm so proud of you!" Snicker.

Master of the Rats Brown Dragonet moves back inside, towards a group of candidates. The dragonet appears to be strangely distant from everything and everyone else. He his not like any of the other dragonets out on the sands, that is for sure. Snorting quietly, his facet eyes linger angerly on one candidate and then another. What a moody sort, aye?

I Stand Alone Egg shimmies again, a bit more drastic and determined, now. It's almost time!

A little squeal escape's Lexia's mouth and she quickly moves to clap them… Pen got 'im! Her Penlove got him. Squeal. This is as good as Impressing herself, you know… feet begin to bounce and she has to restrain herself from pouncing him right here. This is his moment… but she can at least be exuberant vocally. "Pen! Aaaaaah!" Incoherancy speaks what words cannot.

Yuri's eyes are drawn straight to the I Stand Alone egg, and she blinks. A shimmying egg, now…my, my…what a sight. Suddenly, she sees Pendren's Impression. "Pendreeeeennnn!!!!" she squeals happily for him, before she quiets down and admires the sand beneath her feet…suddenly taking notice in the little things, the girl seems to be suddenly oblivious to the world around her…

Master of the Rats Brown Dragonet heightens his pace to a nervous stalk, worming his way among the loose throngs of pale-clad figures. Thrusting his chisled muzzle in first one direction, then the other, the gangly dragonet rumbles a clicking purr ofcertainty. There's something - no - someone out there waiting to befriend him. He pauses before a similarly angular, dark-skinned girl, neck arching in calm triumph. Ozeunzi!

Woe-be-Gone Diva Green Dragonet releases herself form the confines of her former prison, or Egg as it could more correctly be called. All eyes on her now please! She is after all fashionably late, and there isn't much time. Two rather large paws snake out from the shards of her shell and she stretches languidly, and moves off, gracefully.

Drutoley's entire world seems to be concentrated in that last egg - After he hollers and dances for Pendren, of course. The Green may as well not exist, though he does flash a nervous glance at the skulking Brown. He can staaaay awaaaay, thankyouvermuch.

"Things sure to pick up after the first few dragonets," G'deon comments quietly, moving back a step or two as the sands begin to get crowded.

Khristeen breaks her look at the Diva green to look over at Oze, and catches the impression. "Okay, that was a little darker then normal green," she says with with a sigh. "Now I have to re-think my colors," she says with a pout. Turning to look at the newly hatched green again, she grins. Graceful little thing.

Ozeunzi suddenly lets go of Dru's hand, eyes widening to the point of popping right before they well up with tears. She falls to her knees in the hot sands, wrapping her arms around the brown dragonet and bawling over-dramatically, "Beniodyth!" Bawlbawlbawl!

Pendren is besparkled with adoration and love and a world of beautiful brown. Rhaeyn and Ajala are found and given sudden hugs before his attentions drift from feeding his lovely Cinestioth to watching his fellow candidates. "Well done Oze!" Is squealed towards the lil sis.

Yasmine feels very.. alone, at the moment. As most of the candidates around her slowly disappear. Clearing her throat, she sends a look around the sands. "Anyone.. wanna stand wit'me?" Awww, she's giving her pitiful look. The Keroonian takes a few steps towards one dwindling group, but then stops as Ozeunzi all of a sudden declares a name. "She took?" The newest brown pair is looked at, and with that, so is Pendren. "He did also?! Crackdust, 'm missin' most o' this!"

Nadine shrugs, not looking at Khris as she responds. "Just add a patch of dark green in there for Ozeunzi, poor girl…the rest can be all lights. Though I think there should be some sad colors, too, since they just permanently moved away from home, most of 'em," Nadine points out. "Not /completely/ happy, for the families and friends, you know."

Shadis frowns slightly as the figure beside him seems to pull into herself. Turning, he extracts his hand to give her a hug. "What's the matter, Yuri?" He glances up, grinning as Ozeunzi impresses, calling, "Congrats, Oz!" She's one of the candidates he doesnt know as well, and it's coming down to that final egg. Frantically, he mumble, "Bronze, bronze. C'mon!"

Woe-be-Gone Diva Green Dragonet is anything but little, well okay she just hatched so she is, but a big little, not a little little. Sauntering past the ones in white she sniffs, Really, such lack of imagination. Surely there is someone to beguile and bemuse her here? If not she wants a refund!

Invitation to the Dance Egg shimmies and shakes before cracking along it's seam. With fury of shards like confetti streamers, a emerald green emerges from her shell. A shake from her flanks to the tip of her angular muzzle is given as she shakes the rest of the shards from off her glistening hide. She has been waiting for this moment all night, her opening night! Invitation to Dance hatchling moves forward with the grace (or lack of it) of a dancer; a tap dancer on broadway. Seeking out one candidate or another, she finally finds the one with the right rhythm. A small lithe, blond-haired girl names Leslie sinks to her knees and throws her arms around the green hatchling. "Oh yes, I will dance with you Kelith!" she cries out.

Ajala returns Pendren's hug with one of her own, a gut-squeezing internal organ-crushing embrace to be termed The CLAW. Rawr. "I'm so overwhelmed. Way to go Oze!" is yelled suddenly as she spies the next Impression and a sympathetic, loving look goes to little Yasmine. Love. Much love.

Oz finally gets up and moves over with her fellow recent-Impressed Candidates, keeping very close to her new lifemate. She needs mental support, tears streaming down her eyes in huge masses. Aww.

I Stand Alone Egg lunges to the side in a fit of motion, bits and pieces of hard shell falling here and there. Soon, a dusty muzzle appears, allowing wide nostrils to take a breath. A pause, and then a brown hatchling bursts forth from the large egg.

Not so Noble Steed Brown Dragonet

Pale gray splatters a base dusty tawny like gentle rain on a desert plain that washes over his body. Sunlight gently touches and lightens the soft curves of his muzzle and lower jaw. The same color highlights his eyelids and chubby cheeks. Burnt umber darkens his blunt eyeridges and then sweeps upwards to deepen softened dorsal ridges. His skin lightens slightly along the underside of his thick neck, and flows down to the slight bulge of his belly. His stout limbs and rounded are the hue of mottled dust, and claws slightly off-white. Following the trend, his tail stump-like tail is tan and ecru. Unlike the rest of his, his wings are large and spindly, almost elegant. In color, they're a mud-smattered and dusky, allowing a break from the norm of the rest of his pudgy body.

Drutoley promptly starts bawling. "First Pendren.. now.. Oz! You're a Brownrider! Oh, babe!" Huuuuuuuuugs. "Go, go! Feed him! Oh.. not many left now." His entire world seems to be concentrated on that last egg. The Green - Well, she may as well not exist. Greens are for beautiful ladies and pretty boys. Drutoley is..neither.

Khristeen nods and shrugs, "But it's to be an impression thing. And isn't impression like euphoria. I painted that once.. I think." Blinking, she bends downs onto her knees and places a finger in the sand. Ouch. "Okay s'not a good idea.. but yeah. A bit darker for 'dat one. Maybe some lighter ones for the others. It'll very from impression to impression."

Not so Noble Steed Brown Dragonet is left to realize he was the last to hatch out of the whole clutch. He turns to snort at his eggshells. Yeah, yeah, it was /your/ fault you lousy bunch of shards. He pauses for a moment, considering what to do, and then he bounds off towards the Candidates.

Drutoley stands by himself, his two Candi-mates all gone off and Impressed. Feeling somewhat detached, he watches the Brown gallop around the sands with a small grin, mirroring the hopeful expressions on the other Candidate's faces. Last chances, anyone?

Sahara watches the final egg Hatch, a small smile playing across her features. Still there are dragonet's still to Impress.

Woe-be-Gone Diva Green Dragonet paces like a feline, there is something interesting over yonder and she's just dying to investigate, however more of those white ones are in the way. Such problems plague the gifted from time to time, but she shall endevour to persevere. After all, she shouldn't be seen with the likes of him. Snort.

Khristeen sighs as she turns towards Dru. "Well perhaps it's back to the Gardens for us?" Shrugging, she inhales again, and her eyes flicker back to the green dragonet. She's certainly a looker and such. Biting her lip, she sighs. "What I wouldn't do for my paints.." Beginning to pace absently, she offers a grin. "S'hard not to do something when I'm inspired."

Not so Noble Steed Brown Dragonet stops as he reaches the first Candidate, and peers up at the pale girl. No. He heads down the line. Green-eyed boy. No, no. He doesn't even give the next boy a glance. No, no, no. Oh, where is His?

Woe-be-Gone Diva Green Dragonet pauses. Hark! What light through yonder pathway breaks? Could it be? Almost as choreographed her way becomes clear, her path focused, and her steps more purposeful. Fully aware of the dramatic tension, she suddenly stops short of a girl with a heart-shaped face and issues a little croon, her liquid rainbow eyes telling all how truly delightful she finds Khristeen to be.

Khristeen just stares in front of her, completely in awe of the dragonet in front of her. "Yes, I'll share one love and lifetime with you," she murmurs, and blinks. "This is so green and yellow. Oh Imacinth.."

Shadis turns, looking over the candidates that are left, calling a "Congrats" at Khristeen's impression. Again he nudges Yuri, beginning to worry about the awkwardly silent candidate. With a frown, he ducks down a bit to try to look into her face. As he moves, of couse, the green trunks flash from beneath his very short robe.

Drutoley foot-shifts. "Congratulations, Khristeen! Green!" Mrowr, Green. And Thistia.. where is Thistia.. Ah, yes. Over there, with.. Oz and P'renn and Rh'yn and K'av.. Meep. "C'mon, c'mon.. Be mine.."

Yuri blinks up at Shadis and nudges him back, dark eyes twinkling. The girl seems to be lost within a dream, filled with the joy of the moments of Impression for all of her friends. Suddenly, she notices that there's only one dragonet left. A brown…

Not so Noble Steed Brown Dragonet continues down the line, his spirit being broken with every passing Candidate he doesn't like much. He looks up suddenly, quickly enough to notice his sister choosing. Oh no! He's all alone! With no friends. Alas! But he has to keep searching.

Drutoley steps closer to the Brown - A barely noticeable shift. "You look like you could use a hug," he says, anxiety clear in his voice. "Well, I'm all alone - There's nobody beside me. I need a friend. A noble steed. Yeah.. a steed."

Not so Noble Steed Brown Dragonet pauses in his search for the One. He throws his nose into the air and inhales, as if to sniff out his future lifemate. Suddenly caught by something, he dashes along a line of white-clad Candidates, and nearly trips as he comes to an abrupt stop in front of his favorite of them all: Drutoley.

P'renn is sorta— dumbstruck? Lucky for him he's got Cinestioth to do the talking. Yep. The little brown wheedles something whuffishly before dropping down to seat his head in his P'renn's lap and doze. Ahh. Life is perfect.

G'deon suddenly looks surprised, something he shares with Nylanth apparently. Bronze and rider both scan the shard-littered sands. "It goes so much more quickly when you're down here," Gid muses quietly.

Ajala isn't dead, contrary to popular belief. "One left, eh? Is that what I see? I think my eyes are failing me." Brief silence as she leans against her dragon. Her dragon. Woah. And then -bamf- the Impression. "Way to go DRUUUUUUUUU!" Cheering and squealing, she jumps up and down. "I need food. Foooood."

Rh'yn welcomes with a grin those who come over with new dragonets, and as the activity dies down he's left eyeing the sands to see who's still where. He's taken a position over near Pendren, now P'renn, after the other finds a place to stay out of the way. He's still bewildered, often distracted by Akamieth.

Drutoley drops to his knees, lanky arms encircling the dusty Brown's neck. "Febanteurigith!" No, he didn't swallow his tongue. It's the name! "I like you, too! We'll be great friends!"

Yuri blinks as the last dragonet Impresses, and she claps brightly, "Yay Drutoley!!" she calls softly, though she still seems caught up in the sheer wonder of the moment that she, Yuri, had been out on the sands. Suddenly, the fact that that was the last dragonet seems to click in. It's almost like waking from a dream…a wondrous dream. Yet, now, it seems time to go home. A slight smile makes its home on her face, and Shad's hand is squeezed once more. Not this time…

Deja-vu it seems for Larix. He was left standing at High Reaches, and seems that he'll be left standing here too. But everything happens for a reason. Maybe it's a sign that he shouldn't be fighting thread and instead should just stick to cookies.

Yasmine lets out a sniff as all the eggs crack and dragons impress. Yes, she is now alone. And yet, not. Since some other candidates did not take either. With her head held high, Yasmine walks over towards Lauria and the others. See, you're all not alone either. "Guess, tha's i', eh?" Yasmine states, nodding her head.

Dea begins to shoo everyone and their hungry life mates over to the Barracks, "Come on There is Food for everyone, dragon and human alike. Let's go." She makes more shooing sounds. Hoping her assistants are doing the same thing.

Shadis woots. "DRrrrrruuuuuu!" He hollars, grabbing Yuri and giving her a hug enthusiastically. Releasing her, he spins, still hollaring, more because it relieves his anxiety that one of those dragons are his and that it helps him ignore the fact that he didn't get bronze like N'ano said he would than it is to support his friend. Slowly he gulps, reaching for Yuri to gallantly escort the girl off the sands. They've both been left standing.

Thistia gives a cheer as Drutoley impresses, "Go Dru!" She beams towards him and the others that have impressed, though her attention is of course brough quickly back to Aeokaith.

Nadine manages to look delighted and mournful at the same time. "All my Hold friends are staying here now!" Whimper, then a shrug. "Oh, well. Homefree. Who's still safe?" She peers around and gives a rather out-of-place but cheerful thumbs-up to Larix, Yuri, and Shadis, the nearest she can see.

Lauria glances towards Yasmine, sniffing slightly and nodding. "Yea. It. That's it." She's watching the dragons creel, and suddenly the hotness around her becomes a lot more real. And her face. Her face is red. "Nadine? Who else?"

And the eggs… are gone. Lexia bites her bottom lip hard as she looks around the Galleries and to her friends and their new lifemates… and plods off the sands, hiding her face from sight. It's time to be alone.

Drutoley, hand on Febanteurigith's neck, bounds over to his new Weyrling class with the biggest smile a boy can wear. "Febanteurigith! That's his name - And I'm.. I'm Dr'ey!" With a loud laugh, he swings Thistia into a huge hug and snatches up a handful of food, offering it to the famished little dragonet.

Yuri beams at Shadis and allows herself to be escorted from the sands, walking slowly, the small smile still upon her face as the girl seems lost within her own world, though she doesn't seem regretful of the wonderful time she had. :)

G'deon slowly moves back towards his lifemate as Nylanth suddenly gives a short trumpet of welcome to the little ones. Not too loud a trumpet, but it's most certainly coming from him.

M'er frowns at the Candidates that didn't Impress, and takes a few steps forward to, you know, comfort them. "Erm, well, obviously, you're lifemate wasn't in this clutch, but don't lose hope. There will be other clutches, and you're wlecome to stay at Ista Weyr as long as you wish."
[End of Log]

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