Hatching 33


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Logfile from Hannah-HT.

Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING (#4321)

The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs, separated into the two distinct clutches of Ista's newest queen and her pale mother. Sands are cordoned off with invisible lines as each golden mother carefully guards her clutch; Older queen's strange pattern of eggs is somewhat visible from around her watchful form. Every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.

Gold Dhiammarath, bronze Nverath, and gold Miyakath are here.

You see Footprints on the Moon Egg, Moons of Saturn Egg, Ringed Gaseous Giant Egg, Dark Side of the Moon Egg, Spiral Galaxy Egg, Inescapable Darkness Egg, Planet X Egg, RunnersHead Nebula Egg, Industrial Flotsam Egg, Cosmic Frequency Egg, Coming of the Asteroid Egg, Celestial Infant Egg, Rip in Time and Space Egg, and Andromeda Galaxy Egg here.

Yulianna is here.

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Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING (#4321)

The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs, separated into the two distinct clutches of Ista's newest queen and her pale mother. Sands are cordoned off with invisible lines as each golden mother carefully guards her clutch; Older queen's strange pattern of eggs is somewhat visible from around her watchful form. Every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.

Gold Dhiammarath, bronze Nverath, and gold Miyakath are here.

You see Footprints on the Moon Egg, Moons of Saturn Egg, Ringed Gaseous Giant Egg, Dark Side of the Moon Egg, Spiral Galaxy Egg, Inescapable Darkness Egg, Planet X Egg, RunnersHead Nebula Egg, Industrial Flotsam Egg, Cosmic Frequency Egg, Coming of the Asteroid Egg, Celestial Infant Egg, Rip in Time and Space Egg, and Andromeda Galaxy Egg here.

Yulianna, D'baji, E'an, and Kia are here.

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Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING (#4321)

The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs, separated into the two distinct clutches of Ista's newest queen and her pale mother. Sands are cordoned off with invisible lines as each golden mother carefully guards her clutch; Older queen's strange pattern of eggs is somewhat visible from around her watchful form. Every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.

Gold Dhiammarath, bronze Nverath, and gold Miyakath are here.

You see Footprints on the Moon Egg, Moons of Saturn Egg, Ringed Gaseous Giant Egg, Dark Side of the Moon Egg, Spiral Galaxy Egg, Inescapable Darkness Egg, Planet X Egg, RunnersHead Nebula Egg, Industrial Flotsam Egg, Cosmic Frequency Egg, Coming of the Asteroid Egg, Celestial Infant Egg, Rip in Time and Space Egg, and Andromeda Galaxy Egg here.

Yulianna is here.

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<All> Dhiammarath senses that she swirls grumpy-like thoughts through the sweetgrass scent of her voice. « It is time. They hatch. »

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Fiareth thinks « Oh, how /lovely/. »

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Nverath curls downright blazing gold out, not unlike Rukbat's light during midday. «They /hatch/!»

Dhiammarath huddles closer around her precious clutch of eggs, grumbling suspiciously while Hannah tries to placate her irritable lifemate. "It's okay. You may not like them hatching, but they have to…" Voice trails off as even she glances shyly and nervously up at the Galleries.

Cosmic Frequency Egg twitches a little—or it could just be the heat of the sands.

Kelana moves with almost feline grace out onto the sands.

Jalir ambles steadily out onto the sands.

D'baji gambols out onto the sands.

Brenon walks out onto the sands.

Trimaka gingerly eases both feet in a slow and deliberate shuffle out onto the sands.

Kia strides out onto the sands.

Sarah glides gracefully out onto the sands.

Nadine quivers as she walks out onto the sands.

Jash skulks out onto the sands.

Serafa saunters hypnotically out onto the sands.

Sobi trundles with passion out onto the sands.

Valaquen walks out onto the sands.

Brid walks out onto the sands.

Remy walks out onto the sands.

E'an sings, "This is the song that never ends, it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it not knowing what it was, now they'll be singing it forever just because…" as he bounces out onto the sands.

Cosmic Frequency Egg trembles slightly, as with anticipation, then falls still again.

Jalir releases the comfort of Lyrianna and Trimaka's grasp, plodding forth in mincing steps to approach the looming queen..s. That's right, there /are/ two of them, aren't there? And here, the Herder-turned-Candie halts, executing a less-than-eloquent bow before the hulking gold beauties. Her murmured words are lost, though accompanied by a nervous glance back at her fellow candie-types before she moves aside.

Dark Side of the Moon Egg wriggles and wobbles and starts to shift in it's place on the sands.

The candidates file onto the sands and break into a ragged line even as the last one minces over the hot ground. Not quite as one, the white clothed group bows to the two golden queens

Brid moves to the golds, eyes widening at the moving egg and adds her bow to the others. With back straight, she moves away, as yet another egg wobbles..

Kelana is all by herself as she trods out onto the Sands, pausing and soon bowing to the queens before she stands straight again, following the other candidates into the half circle.

Dhiammarath grumbles softly at the entrance of the Candidates, but quiets once Hannah murmurs something quietly. Seeing the bowing Candidates, the weyrwoman forces a nervous smile and then watches the twitching eggs.

Miyakath inclines her head slightly to the candidates as they bow to her, then lowers her head further to nuzzle lightly at Yulianna, who fails entirely to notice the candidate's arrival, as her eyes are on the eggs.

Serafa trots along after the riders. Her eyes going big and round as she steps out onto the hatching sands for her second hatching. Performing the bow of respect to the queens with the rest of the candidates, she straightens and tightens her grip on Jashs hand as she begins to sway unconsiously with the heat. "So what are your first thoughts?" She hisses in a mock whisper to the obsessive candidate.

Nadine frowns her displeasure following her bow as she shakily steps across the warm Istan sands and takes her place in the half-circle of white-robed candidates. Beside her, Iapelmak gets a forced smile as she murmurs, "I hope you're not caught by one." Of the hatchlings, that is, "I doubt I should be caught by one either and I should return home to the Hold." All speaking is stopped, however, as a bit of wiggling is caught out of the corner of her eye. "Oh… shards…"

Trimaka is followed after Jalir in a simultaneous pitter-patter of ungainly limbs and feet. These sandals aren't exactly the best for trudging through..sand. Especially not with her lazy and clumsy balance. Her hand is called for to wrench up her shirt atwixt her palms and dabble the sweat away from her brow. Her tone is sweet and low, but nervous and crackly, "I bo' now, 'ight? 'Ight." Poised. Straight laced. Mak's middle contorts from the middle into a bow, while her hand extends from her side and she forms a bow with a sniff. And it's off to the side she steps.

Valaquen wasn't nervous in the barracks. He wasn't even nervous in the tunnel. But now that he's standing out on the sands with tons of people watching he begins to feel a bone deep trembling. Not necessarily a bad thing. Anticipation grabs hold of the young messenger, and after executing his bow takes his place, folding and unfolding his bony hands, palms already beginning to sweat as he remembers to breathe.

Brenon takes a bow for both queens right when he enters the Sands. Wow. T'is very hot down here. Eggs are then eyed and he shuffles on down the line. Ee.

Remy moves out to the sands, instantly feeling the difference between the cooler tunnels of the Weyr, and that heat-stained air of the Sands. Following the others of the candidates, and gives some short bow to each of the clutch-mothers. His next smile is dealt briefly towards his rather distracted sister, as Istan thief turns away to line up with the rest of white-clad people.

Lyrianna meanders out onto the sands.

Kaltia walks out onto the sands.

Kia moves off to the side to await the new batch of weyrlings that will emerge from the sands soon enough. Her fingers lace together for a moment before she smiles again memories of her own impression more than likely running through her mind.

Dark Side of the Moon Egg shifts, again, does a little rocking roll to one side, like a gentle wave touching the beach, shifting left and right, up and down…and then…falls still.

Jash follows the others out onto the sands as they make their way out. Two people hanging from him, an odd thing for the shy young man. The eggs are eyed and his hands start to twitch involuntarily. "I wish i could take notes on this." He mutters to himself as he bows, a good feat with his arms taken over. Another bow is given, can't be too careful right. Give both Queens their dues.

Sarah's hand clings with amazing strength to Brid's, and she stretches up on her toes as soon as they spread out, after bowing. "They're moving. Shards, they're moving." And then, with realization as she settles back down onto the soles her her sandled feet. "It's /hot/ out here!"

Rip in Time and Space Egg is still, it's not quite time yet.

Sobi hops skips and jumps, the heat seething through her sandals. "Owowowww…" She complains, but the noise is cut off when a taller candidate just in front of her moves and she sees the eggs and dragons. Eyes go wide, oh yes, and candidate grabs onto another white clothed person nearby. Nadine. Be supportive, oh yes.

Kaltia bows to the queens as she shuffles over to the forming semi-circle. She gasps at the movement of the eggs as she shuffles closer to Sobi, hands reaching out to grab the girl's arm. Watch out. She'll cut off your circulation. She fans herself from the heat, yet it doesn't help.

Planet X Egg gives a light wiggle, seemingly undecisive between coming out, or staying in. Hrm.

Andromeda Galaxy Egg shifts a bit, wiggles here, shudders there, dances a moment to the humming dragons and all, and then goes still. Keep the suspense going a while longer, how 'bout?

Brid giggles at the obvious comments.. a high-pitched nervous giggle. Indeed they are moving. And seeing the eggs from this angle just boggles her once solid mind. Another one moves and she jumps. "Great, heat and nerves, nice combination."

Valaquen can simply do nothing more than shake and perspire, tendrils of flame orange hair clinging to his forehead. It's hot. it's very very hot. This is the most terrifying experience of the young dare-devil's life. He loves every minute of it.

Serafa gasps and points with her free hand at the egg. "It moves!" Just in case she happens to be clinging to a blind man or some such. "What do you think will be the first to hatch?" She asks, revealing the real reason she took his hand

Jalir flicks her murky gaze in a sweep over the rest of her candidates before it falls upon the shimmyshaking eggs once more. Feet arched in a painful attempt to keep most of the sandle-clad appendages from the heated sands, she rocks. Back and forth. The placid 'Lir.

Kelana arches an eyebrow at the eggs, running nervous fingers through her hair as she all of a sudden latches on to some nameless male candie… "Ack…lookit'em'all….they're moooving!" Squeak.

Brenon eyes the Sands with an overly anxious expression. His heart beat is racing for the moment and the poor 'lil guys scans the many faces in search of his older brother, B'ane. No sign of him. But that doesn't mean anything. He's just really nervous..

[IWSearch2002] Hannah: we need to hatch an eggie :)

Coming of the Asteroid Egg hatches a beautiful bronze who finds himself staring into the eyes of F'nder. F'nder falls to his knees and murmurs softly, "Benderth!"

Dark Side of the Moon Egg heaves to one side like a ship in a storm, the sound like the crash of a wave breaking over a reef, and a long, diagonal crack streaks across the surface. Another wiggle and a chunk of shell goes skittering across the sand, a muzzle appearing momentarily in the gap before being withdrawn. With a final pitch, the egg rolls twice and shatters against one of it's neighbors, it's occupant wobbling unsteadily to her feet.

Venus Rising from the Sea Green Dragonet

Droplets of pearlescent sage crown eyeridges and a head and muzzle the pale tint of river-grown moss. A neck of aquamarine beryl pudges into a petite form of aquatic shades of seafoam and effervescent jade which swirl and twist togeter in patterns like the sunlight reflecting off a softly rippling pond. Shades dip to the more solid hues of a just-calmed sea in hatchling-round legs and tail, tip and talons paling once more to the colors of the sunlight playing through the breaking waves. An overall petite form is crested by wings, silvered jade beneath and glacier-green ice above, nothing less than awkward in proportion and causing this little one no end of trouble as she tries to move about.

Nadine stares, wide-eyed, as the first hatchlings emerge from their shells. She's going to die. Faltering, she steps back, the desire to escape rages its presence in her mind moreso now than it ever was before. The entrance from wence she game is glanced back at, and eyes trail to the sidelines, where she finds those large-toothed beasts. "Hope we escape unscathed," the young woman murmurs, "Without one of them," she motions in the general direction of the eggs.

Jash hears Serafa's question but is for once stumped. "I have never been able to determine what order they hatch in. Any I have guessed right has been pure chance I'm sure." As the first egg hatches the hand twitching begins again.

Trimaka worbles towards Jalir, leaning upon her toes in the sandals so uncomfortably placed upon her feet. A hand goes to fan her face and remove her bangs from both pools of amber flaked gray while the other poised finger displays each egg with whispers of what it could be. It's secretive information, That's what it is! "S'hot, Jal. Or it could just be yooouuuu." Waggle. Her nerousness is taken out in dry comical relief that makes her shoulders shake and eyes grow wide with knavery.

Remy playfully steps up to Serafa, completing the line and taking up her hand with some playful half purr, "Nervous, eh?" Teasing her slightly, as the man silently listens to the comments exchanged by dragons, his sandy jaw lowered as eyes are equally lowered, down to his heat-soaked feet; and the to the green figure emerging from the textured shell.

Brid blinks as the first impression happens.. "Yes.." and then agreen appears and she eyes it carefully.. lovely.. truly lovely…

Jalir leans lightly against her Trimaka-ish companian, oblivious to the lurid commentary in favor of staring at the newly-hatched greenling. "Ooh… ooh, look!" And everybody /is/ looking! "Who d'you think that'll go to, huh?" Her low alto is quaking and huskier than ever as she looks to Mak.

Venus Rising from the Sea Green Dragonet senses Cayl looking at her.

Hannah coughs as the name of that dragon makes its way to her ears. Ugh. However, the hatching of the green catches her attention. "Oooh, Look…" is said of no one in particular, ".. its cute."

Lyrianna clings to Jalir carefully watching the dragonettes and rocking eggs musing if she'll get to see that new constellation tonight.

Kaltia gives a little cough as she wipes the sweat from her forehead. S' gettin' hot in here…so take off all yer..um. She rounds her shoulders. She's done this before, by Farath. So she just shifts one hot foot from to other. She eyes the green with a stern glance, trying not to scream with anxiety.

Sobi clings to Nadine's arm, holding the Istan steady. "Nooo…just…stay back." She whispers in return, still hopping back and forth. The green hatchling receives a double take from the StarCrafter and Sobi's expression turns to half disgust, half awe for the goo-coated dragonet. Afterall, dragonets aren't gorgeous when covered in egg-slime. But they will be, when they grow up.

Valaquen's eyes grow wider and wider as the nervous little candidate begins a slight movement back and forth as the heat finally registers in his feet.

E'an hides a laugh with a cough.

Kelana's eyes go wide asthe first egg hatches and she peers up at the boy next to her.. "Ooooh! Lookit her!" the little candie murmurs softly. eyes on the green again.. "She's a beauty!" the candie-in-too-much-white mutters.

Planet X Egg shifts a bit more. It's growing impatient with having to wait, but it'll force itself to continue on a bit longer.

Sarah clings to her end of the candie-chain with one hand and smooths anxiously at her robe with her free hand. A tiny intake of breath comes out as a gasp, and green eyes turn toward the first dragonet - and then the second. "Bronze.. and green. Bronze is a good sign, isn't it? Bronze?"

D'baji can't help but crack a smile from his position near-ish Yuli and Miyakath, and nearer Nverath. "I kinda like it," is mused aloud to the bronze. "Benderth. Heh. It's kinda… Neat."

Brenon stares at the newly hatched green dragonet and grins. Very pretty! The lad then shifts his weight to one leg and stands there, watching the other eggs anxiously. Hmm.

Serafa finds her free hand claimed by the enigmatci Remy. "Kinda, dont you find it exciting? All the new dragonets and stuff." Hey she's a candidate dont expect her to make sense. However she cant quite manage to refrain from pointing at the green and taking Remy's hand with her.. "Green!" She breathes. Oh my!

Kia just stares at the impression of the first pair a bronze no doubt with one of those Uh names. Beckoning to them she smiles "Come now lets get your new friend fed alright?" the newest hatchling who it would seem has a bit of searching to do gains a bit of her attention before the WLM is distracted again.

Jash tightens his grip on the people holding on to him. Perhaps tighten is less the word for it and clutches back would be more appropriate. The shy one is being /very/ social. The hatchlings are eyed as they emerge from the eggs.

Venus Rising from the Sea Green Dragonet blinks multifaceted eyes around in the dry heat, taking in the sea of white on the other side of the desert of sand. An unsteady step is taken forward and the little green flops forward onto her face again. She manages to scramble back to her feet, stretching her egg-damp wings out to either side to steady herself, and begins taking hesitating steps toward the crowd of candidates.

Trimaka tucks her shoulders into a neat shurg while folding her brows into a crease on her fore-head, "D'no, Jal. I ain't no mind-reader! Why don'cha go o'er there and ask it?" Twinkle. Mak shifts her legs and weight as she becomes consumed with the utter most anticipation. And then goes those feet. She's a rockin' and a roll back and forth like a wooden chair with two legs to balance on, "S'peeeety. S'all green! Kin'a looks like a weed." Snort. She didn't say that in a -mean- way, but more or less, with pride. Mak likes weeds!

Nadine presses the frown more permanently onto her face as she looks out onto the sands, the heat of the sands bringing a touch of color to her face. Sobi's clinging brings a slight shriek from her lips, as she whispers harshly, mostly to herself, "Be /quiet/!" Make noise and you'll attract them, you see. Gaze falls carefully on the green, eyes predicting. It gets too close and she'll have to do something… drastic. Like run.

Remy mutably chuckles, his dark tenor voice offering some sliver of humor. "Suppose so, little one." Speaking down towards Serafa with a small cock of his head, "You jus' remember to breathe.. Let dem' do the work…" Oh he's seen the times where candidates plop back fainted or drooling because they forget to swallow or even breathe.. "But yes.. IT's a green.," Confirming Serafa's comment with a little laugh. As the Venus' Green slips forward, his attention is brought towards the female creature with brow lifted.

Jalir alternatinates the surrounding shoulders she leans upon - first Trimaka, then Lyrianna - as if her stocky form suddenly has difficulty bearing its own weight. The green is eyed, though the Impressed bronze is peered at with a bit more curiousity. Perhaps a bronze will come her way.. like Nverath or Aboleoth…

Brid jumps and holds herself back from helping the poor dragonet, just balme the nanny in her. besides, her hands are too busy being held.. tightly. But the she manages to right herself and the nanni-date breathes. "Well, Sarah.. is B'ane here?" Not a word about a missing Izz'y.

Kaltia wipes more sweat from her face as she watches the green move about. Boy. It's hot. She gives a slight shiver despite the heat, wrapping her arms around herself for personal comfort. Eee. She bites her lip, yet still maintains composure. Somewhat.

Kelana shifts a little, the heat at her feet not being felt at all…why should she feel the heat? She's too nervous to do that. So the candit just clings to the boy, her eyes anxiously watching the eggs and the hatchling. Eyes are on the green right now, amazed by her.

Lyrianna shifts around digging her toe into the sand before pulling it out. A glance to Jalir, "Who do you think that one is going to?"

Sarah turns her head toward Brid, dragonets almost forgotten for a moment as she frowns at her fellow candidate, then turns her eyes to scan the galleries. "I don't know.. there are so many /people/" the Baker breathes, absently shifting one foot, then the other, to avoid the heat.

Planet X Egg gives a final, timid shudder, before deciding that its waited just as long as it needs to to. It's time for it to come out. That's right, it's coming out, and it wants the world know, it's got to leet it go! Err. I mean… That's right, it's coming out, and with a final spin, uses the eggs next to it to help weaken its shell, the dragonet inside pushes the Planet X Egg over, and a crack is formed. Then, it uses its talon to pick at the shell, until finally the hatchling wiggles out. Tada! Now, presenting to you…

Secret Gnome of the Earth Blue Dragonet

Rich, dark blue is the first thing to be noted about this dragonet, as it is the only color borne. Besides facets of emerald, and obsidian, sprinkled with peridot, outlined in charcoal as if painted, there is no other color. It is only dark, and dull, as the clang of metal brushing against stone. The dragonet's body is oddly angular; the skin taut to emphasize the bones, so that it is almost a ghoulish appearance the dragonet gives, except for the comical essence of baby fat that hangs upon the body - around the ribs, and about the pudgy face that crinkles in a draconic smile. The ridges above the eyes are in excess, giving almost an appearance of bushy 'brows. A thin tail snakes out behind the somewhat undersized dragonet and wings to either side look quite disproportionate.

Sobi rolls her eyes and takes charge. "It isn't gonna hurt you." She announces and tries to pull Nadine a little towards the green- but not too much so. "See how the green's all stumbling? And she's so little-" Sobi shrugs and hops from foot to foot a bit more, though she stops and points out, for Nadine's benefit of course, "Loook- a blue!"

Venus Rising from the Sea Green Dragonet wobbles forward in that drunkish gait, wings still extended, and begins to whuffle around the hems of candidate robes. Perhaps this one—no. The green moves past the first candidate…and the second and the third, not seeming satisfyed with anything she sees. She's looking for something in -particular- you know!

Serafa cocks her head up at the thief. "I know dun this before I have." She comments chirpily, feet starting to move with greater urgency as the heat of the sands starts to get uncomfortable. "Oooh and Blue!" She points again, quite chuffed really now that she had someone to inform the colors of the dragonets to.

Valaquen looks at the new hatchlings, heart skipping along twice as fast as normal. Val is used to doing scary and dangerous things, but this takes the cake. He'd give up all the gliding in the world if he could just get /through/ this without having heart failure on the sands.

Jalir shakes her head in response to Lyrianna's query, brow furrowing deeply as she ponders. "I en't sure. I dun think anyone's rightly sure…" The blue is acknowledged with another light squeeze to the Lyri-Mak hands.

Hannah watches the candidates do their dance, lost in her own memories of her various hatchings. However, the latest hatchling catches her attention and she turns eager eyes upon it. "Oooh."

Brid is bewildered and befuddled and that's saying alot from her.. The heat slowly riding from the sands is making her thoughts swim, dragonets running about and ohh.. blue.. "Jash, isn't he a beaut?" Tug of hands.. beautiful!

Kelana clings to the other candy-boy's handsm her eyes worriedly watching the dragonets "Now blue!" she cries out softly, her eyes turning from green to blue and then back to the green…timidly tepping behind the boy, she hides…looking around him once or twice…eek!

Brenon shifts his weight to the other leg now as he stares at all the eggs and then to his fellow candidates. B'ane.. where are you? Sniffle. Little brother could use some moral support. Sigh. Then the newly hatched blue dragonet is spotted.

Remy 's dark eyes flit from the green, to blue, and back towards the dark haired woman clutching at his broader hand. He gives her a little squeeze of the hand, letting his thin masculine lips turn to a broadening smile. "Den' ya'll be fine." Nodding towards her a bit belatedly at her declare of the blue. Thief's head bowed just enough so auburn hair bangs fall forward eitherside of his temple.

Kaltia gives a little peep of joy, pointing at the blue, "Oh, Faranth, wow!" Awe. Delight. Pleasure. Etc. Can you tell she likes the blue?

Lyrianna carefully examines each candidate and reactions mentally noting that this all must be written down. A small shrug to Jalir before she turns her attention to the latest hatchling with a nod towards it, "Ooh Blue!"

Trimaka's mouth is found ajar suddenly. Catching fly's, Mak? Both orbs are found under a visor of her hand, scaling the two hatchlings with almost a judgemental stare. But that isn't judgemental. That's shock. That's astonishment. That's -blue-! She gives a few firm tugs to Jalir's robe-side and chrips, "Blue, Jaaal! Blue!" And that's a prized color.

Nadine's arms are pulled from Sobi's grip, though she remains incredibly close to the other girl, as she shoves her hands behind her back, fingers fumbling with each other, "No, no, no! I mean… I'm fine where I am." A glance is sent toward the blue quickly, before eyes dart back to the eggs nearest her. Too close. "It's ugly. Shh." If you stand still, and don't speak, they won't see you. Or so she thinks.

Venus Rising from the Sea Green Dragonet moves forward, catches a foot on a candidate's robe and almost tobbles, but saves her footing, neck outstretched and wings taut. Unfortunately, the one she tripped over isn't -quite- right either! Perhaps The One she's looking for isn't in front! The little green begins to push her way through the crowd, looking for -the one-.

Sarah tugs on Brid's hand, urging the nanny's attention back toward her. "Do you see him, Brid?" she asks in a hushed whisper. Which 'him' she means isn't exactly stated - they've each got one that frantic eyes are searching for, you know.

Valaquen is about to have kittens. "It's hot. It's really hot…" he clamps his eyes shut and flutters for a moment, then composes himself, folding his hands behind his back, feet shifting just slightly now.

Jash responds to the tug from brid with a shake, absorbed in the hatching eggs before him he was concentrating, trying to remember every detail in order to record it in writing later. His feet are feeling the heat through the thin soled sandals. "He is lovely Brid. They all are." Back to the concentration.

Brid is busy seeing her.. the greenie wandering the sands. At the tugs, she looks to Sarah, albiet reluctantly. "No." And whom does she mean?

Secret Gnome of the Earth Blue Dragonet stretches, and blinks. Well, well - what do we have here? It looks like some kind of asylum - there's people moving constantly, and making odd noises, and wearing all white. Yep, asylum seems to describe it best. The blue dragonet starts walking towards this ring of crazy people, though. Something tells him to.

Dhiammarath's attention seems to be on the little green, who seems to be close to impression. Hannah leans against her dragon's pale hide, watching the green just as intently as well as glancing at the other riders periodically. "Seems to be a good clutch thus far… A bronze hatched first, a good sign in these troubled days."

Serafa nods, eyes flicking from the green to the blue with interest. "Oooh I wonder where she is going?" She vocalises, standing on her tip-toes to peer over the heads of the overs with out much success, overall the black sand seeping over her toes is Hot!

Sobi dances again, hiding nervousness, scared-ness by talking loudly at Nadine. "No-oh. You're /fine/." She pretends to not notice the green tripping over another candidate. That's bad. Instead, the starcrafter keeps talking. "See? We're back here and they can't hurt us 'less they get through everyone else first."

Trimaka just -stares- at Nadine. That kind of stare that goes right through your stomach like Mak's cooking abilities. They aren't that bad! "He ain' ugly, Nadddiiii!" Tounge stick. Oh, You struck her nerve boy! And she'd kick sand in your eyes if…that..was acceptable. But her patience and temper is extended today, and she'll kindly disregard the following statement by blinking it away, "Paaaaah. Blue ain' -ugly-." ..And the following words are incoherable.

Kelana shifts a littler, still not feeling heat beneath her feet. Still hiding behind the boy, another steps next to the first, blocking her view of one side of the boy she's hidden behind. Instead, she cranes her head around the boy in front of her, watching the green dissappear from her view…whew! Safe she is.

Jalir, her escaped frazzles of chestnut hair now thoroughly slicked down with sweat, rises to her toes with a light shudder. Streeeetch. Another churr of a murmur escapes, though the low comment fades into oblivion before it can be noted. It must have been in reference to the blue, however, as her gaze remains trained on the hatchling. And almost everything else. Ahem.

Brenon tries to take in and absorb all that he sees and what's happening. It's impossible to view everything at once, so, he tries to concentrate on one thing. Ok, so he concentrates on finding his brother. B'ane.. where are you? Eek. T'is hot down here.

Remy stays silent, simply watching as the blue and green dragonets hunt for their bond in this sea of white. Deeply he sighs, half loosing his wind in the overly hot air. He isn't worried, or so his nonchalance would suggest.

Jash is starting to jitter on the sands. His concentration broken, heat seeping through his sandals and sand spilling inside with each shifting move. "Is it hotter out here than it was at the egg touchings?" Sweat dripping and shifting feet. The odd Jash is turning into just another normal candidate, waiting to see what path his life will take.

Nadine grits her teeth as the warmth of the sands below finally penetrate through her sandals. The infamous Candidate Dance ensues. Shifting uneasily from one foot the other, the candidate says, a bit more loudly, "Sobi. Quiet. If you keep talking so loud, they /will/ find us!" And, again, she falls into a thoughtful silence. Fingers pull at her robe from the back as she moves about, gaze sent about curiously. Not too close, not too close…

Venus Rising from the Sea Green Dragonet waddles on, wings spread in the only way plausible for her to be able to accompish even that small amount of mobility. With the air of one testing the water with one foot before leaping into the sea, she noses one girl and pulls away—much too chilly! No…it must be just right for her…she knows just what she's looking for. As she's about to turn and go the other way, though, she pauses…the sea (of candidates) parts, and there! There is the one she has been seeking! She wobbles forward a few more steps and nips the hem of one robe, tugging gently to get the attention of Kelana!

Sarah nods silently, and a frown appears, though it's soon gone as she remembers exactly /where/ she is. And why. "It'll be over soon…" she mentions softly, though whether sheb thinks that's a good or a bad thing is unclear.

Hannah gasps, her eyes widening as she stares at Kelana. "Mmmm, good choice, love?"

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « Kelana is the rider of green Muireath of High Reaches Weyr and Junior Weyrling Wing. »

Brid is sweating and shifting and struggling to keep her robe put. Suddenly another candidate falls to the Rider-side.. the pull of the force too strong. "Yay kel!" is offered as the balance is again regained.

D'baji gives an excited clap, jumping towards Nverath to rest a hand on one of those ReallyBig talons. "Ooh, look 'Ver!" is crowed excitedly, while the bronzerider continues to abuse his dragon's foot with his hand. Taptaptap.

Serafa sighs as she loses sight of the green, oh the horrors of being short. Biting her lip she takes the opportunity to scan the crowds of people gawking at them from the galleries as the buzz slowly reaches her ears. "Congratulations Kelana!"

Lyrianna looks over towards Kelana, "Congrats Kel!" Lyri turns her attention back towards to the dragonete.

Kelana gapes a moment, turning slightly and then falling to her knees in the hot Sands as the green pulls her away from the boys and towards her. "Her..She…Her name is MUIREATH!" the girl calls, ehr arms going around the green's enck.

Jalir murrs in pleased fashion as the Greenling finds its bond in Kelana, though she refrains from shouding out her congratulatory words. For now, she stands. Stolid. Ohm.

Secret Gnome of the Earth Blue Dragonet continues steadily through the grounds, towards those white things. They're very interesting, see. The way they all run in the opposite direction of him, screaming odd things. It's confusing, but terribly interesting. Sort of like a Discovery show on the mating habits of praying manti (or what the plural may be). And so he continues towards them.

Kaltia gives a wonderous clap and a whoop, "Wow, Kelana! Congrats!" she beams, "Muireath! What a wonderful name!" more clapping ensues as she rocks from back and forht on the hot sands.

Remy smiles well enough, "Congrats." The Istan man calls out towards Kelana and the newly named Muireath. "Pretty name." He encourages.

Yulianna blinks up from her egg-watching and finally -notices- D'baji. She offers him little more than a little wave of her fingers, though, before going back to watching the eggs and the hatchlings, and exclaiming briefly as the green impresses.

RunnersHead Nebula Egg gives a shift here, an explosion of light there, and Kapow! Out catupults a little brown, and he knows where he's going. Just staying… on… target… to change a girl's name to Wedge, who declares, "Antilleth!"

Valaquen emits a shrill, nervous laugh. "Congratulations, Kelana…she's a b-beauty." pushing sweat soaked hair back, he wipes his forehead, then returns to staring at the sands. "Wow…"

Andromeda Galaxy Egg offers a final pirouette in its cosmic dance, enveloped completely inthe wavering air of the scorching Sands as it takesits final resting place. With a loud *tock* a little chip is made, right at the center of the spiraling galaxy of the shell. Slowly, little bits are pulled back by insistent talons, and a heated hiss is emitted from within. The hole continues to grow as the dragonet burns its way through the outer wall, chipping at the coloured areas, to leave a blacker finish to the egg. Then a flash of light as, from the remaining shards and ashes of the shell, a luminescent dragonet emerges.

Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet

Ghostly pearl sheets washed jades along a strong neck, cascading across compacted chest and petite flanks. The tones lighten further as they touch long, lithe limbs until achieving an almost crystaline whiteness over wickedly curved talons. Diluted emerald flames lick across a caved underbelly, curling wisps of iridescent peridot smoke onto well-proportioned wings, where it mingles with a frigid alabaster to brush frosty patterns across her 'sails. Similar peridot burns beneath a glassy shell, glowing over headknobs and along petite neckridges until it envelopes her lengthy tail with an almost luminous quality. A fragile triangular head seems carved of translucent porcelain, delicate eyeridges taking on a milky sheen, and off-setting large, whirling eyes to complete her ethereal appearance.

Kia moves forward again her grin widening as she sees the newest impression "Kelana! Lets get you and Muireath off the sands, you think she might be interested in some freshly chopped herdbeast?" yup only the best for the newest you know

Sobi looks smugly at Nadine. "See?" Is her almost pompous response before she twirls around to dart away from a possible path of the blue dragonet. She's quite willing to put the Istan into the whole dragonet danger, but herself? That's what a Nadine-shield is for. Except she won't say so. Sobi'll just hop from foot to foot and watch and jump and try to pull the other girl along, too.

Cosmic Frequency Egg wobbles again for the first time in a while, shifting and wriggling, but falling still once more after the brief show of motion.

Brenon smiles at Kelana once her Impression grabs his attention. Yay! Green is good for her. Nod. Returning his attention back to the crowds, the lad then continues his search for his older brother. B'ane.. eek. Skeery without his older brother.

Valaquen watches the dragonets, eyes lingering on the blue as he makes his rounds, then watches the eggs again. He had no idea they /moved/. The whole thing is very facinating, really.

Trimaka chitters words of encouragement out to her fellow companion, no longer candidate. They're now her friends, no longer co-workers. A hollap and cheer goes to Kelana, "Kelllll! G'job, G'job!" It's like a narcotic, sitting out here in the hot sands. the blood rushing to your head. The stickyness of heat. The way it makes your thighs stick together when you walk. It's europhia!

Kelana grins and stands up, a loose arm draped about Muireath's neck as she wobbles towards Kia, moving off the sands towards the blue rider.

Serafa swings her gaze back to watch a favourite egg of hers disintergrate. "Oh" She manages to gasp, her klah-dark eyes taking in the pale dragonet that has emerged from the ruins of the shell. "Isn't she lovely?" She asks of both her hand holding buddies before biting her lip and assuming an exprssion less wistful and more cautious.

Brid thinks, blinking.. blues, greens, a brown.. it's really happening. As she slowly joins in the 'candidate dance' she watches the newest arrival, a petote beauty, but somehow knowing she is not for this one. The blue still watched as well.. He's an interesting study. Shift-step, shift-step.. hot!

Sarah does a small dance, feeting shifting from side to side against the course grains of sand. "Greens.. Oh! Kelana! Look, Brid, Kelana Impressed!" she states, making the obvious even clearer to her hand-holder.

Jash watches, spectator of the hatching. Concentration is rather hard when your feet are burning but he is still trying to pay enough attention to everything to be able to take notes on it later.

Secret Gnome of the Earth Blue Dragonet senses Cayl looking at him.

Jalir releases Trimaka's uncomfortably sweaty grip, cocking her head towards the girl to croon a low whistle at the enterance of the newest Greenie. "She's… pretty, en't she?" Plucking idly at her pristine white robe with ruddy fingers, Lir continues her insipid swayings, jaded eyes continuing to scan the sea of eggs. Perhaps a bronze… perhaps a bronze will waddle to her..

Nadine would growl, but she's not an animal, and she's not about to do that. She does find Sobi's constant yacking rather annoying, though, and shifts toward Iapelmak. At least she has someone on the other side of her. 'Brows furrow as cautious eyes are directed first to the newly hatched green and then to the blue that has yet to find his lifemate. She'll huddle here, behind our geeky friend, and be invisible.

Secret Gnome of the Earth Blue Dragonet stalks closer to the candidates and begins to narrow down which he wants and doesn't want. Definitely not that one who continues to.. 'hide' from him. Hrmph. But, he investigates that general area, sniffing the ground as a canine would when tracking down a scent.

Rip in Time and Space Egg shifts just a *little*. It's not quite ready to hatch just yet.

Lyrianna continues to shift her feet in the sand, every so often curling her toes to avoid the heat. She smirks at everyone, just being themselves. People are so amusing.

Brid would laugh at the blue, but blues are wonderful dragons and if he needs to 'snuffle' to find his mate, then that's what he must do. Thick soles are not holding against the relentless heat. "Sarah, if this lasts any longer we will all become cooked dragon food!" Okay, odd thought, but the nanni-date isn't thinking clearly right now.

Serafa turns her suddenly nonchalent gaze towards teh sniffing blue. Shyly peering up at the much taller Remy as a question settles into her mind. Blushing slightly she 'modifies' her question. "So how does it feel not to be wearing all that leather?" Hey a girl's gotta start someplace right?

Trimaka is wiggling, and shaking and……hyperventilating? Breathe, Mak, -Breathe!- She's still tugging on Jalir's sleeve and still jabbering on. And Farnath's great buxom behind, is it hot. That's all she seems to be comlaining about. The sticky moist heat.

Brenon hops from one foot to the other, trying to withstand the choking heat from the Sands. Oy. T'is much too hot to be standing and waiting down here like this. The constant search for his brother is never ending, too. Where /is/ that bronzer..

Sarah looks toward Brid, a shocked expression spreading across her face before it shifts to a small smile. "Is that a new recipe I should try?" questions the Vegetarian Baker. "I'm not sure how that'd work.."

Valaquen shivers despite the heat, sweat getting into his eyes and making it hard to see. Ugh, it burns! Wiping his forehead with his forearm again he watches in facination, wondering what causes a dragon to choose a specific person for their lifemate. Scent? Looks? Movement? Sense of fear or anticipation? Or something more? Valaquen's scientific mind spins around trying to figure it out, nearly missing the rocking of the next eggs.

Kaltia shudders with the heat, licking the moisture off her lips and looking rather careless. Ha. Eyes watch the Hatchlings preditorily as she hides behind the rest of the white-robed people of all different types. Lurking,

Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet bursts from the remains of her shell, landing in a half-crouch, and shooting a skeptical glance around the Sands. Bigger dragon. Mum. Way bigger dragon. Fresh meat in white robes. A wobble or two on these newly-used legs, as wings are stretched out, goo shaken off, and she is ready for action. Now for those candidates. Her first skip brings her up to a young boy. Get. Out. Of. The. Way. An attempted hip-check as she busies herself towards the next group of candidates, fully expecting everyone to give her room. It's /her/ choice as to who she picks- not theirs. MOVE!

Moons of Saturn Egg shivers the tiniest bit the shadowless side digging a bit deeper into the black sand.

Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet senses Brid looking at her.

Remy rustily purrs as he narrows his dark eyes at Serafa, giving her a playful little wink. "Breezy." Eh. Well, Leather is warm n' clingy, robes are …eh… free flowing and airy.. The man doesn't slouch, using his full height to his advandatage as he peeks over the heads of the dark haired candidate clinging to his enfolded hand. "You doin' K, Ser'?" Tenor voiced thief questions briefly, arching a brow at the pale green's demanding nature.

Jalir yelps minimally as Trimaka tugs with a fervor at her sleeve. "Uhm…. uhm, /breathe/, Mak?" is suggested as the herdergirl bounces on the balls of her feet. "Yeh… yeh, I know." The heat is beginning to simmer her slowly, as well. Steaming candieees on the saands.

Sobi snorts at Nadine and scampers away, scurrying over the hot sands towards antoher candidate group and back again. Can't leave her shield behind. "Eww…" Is commented when the pearl green gets in a boy's face. Even with most goo shaken off. "Na/dine/. Iaple/mak/." Sobi commands, hopping back and forth. "If you stand still, more's the chance the dragonets'll run you over." Or something.

Secret Gnome of the Earth Blue Dragonet resents that comment. Everyone knows I only Impress someone because of their sweat. How else am I to find the perfect sweat? Huh?

Secret Gnome of the Earth Blue Dragonet senses Sora looking at him.

Serafa nod stubbornly, setting her shoulders and shooting the theif a slightly wounded glance, perspiration making her face sheen slightly. "Why wouldn't I be Rem?" She asks in exactly the same tone. A flick of her eyes too and from the pale green betray her monitoring of the dragonet. No surprises here missy.

Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet senses Sora looking at her.

Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet senses Niton looking at her.

Valaquen took a bath last night, so he shouldn't be /too/ foul right now despite sweating buckets. He squirms as he gets that icky-sticky feeling of perspiration causing his robe to cling slightly. He definitely needs to write this experience down. Certainly this is something not too many get to do, and while he feels honored the only thing his mind keeps going back to is the blasted heat. That and the black sand.

Brid says, "This heat.." Shuffle shuffle side step flinging dragonet goo.. "Wonder what that blue is waiting for, anyway." She keeps an eye to the eggs, there will be more, and the excitement is building. "How you doing Sarah? I wish they let us bring water out here."

Remy darkly chuckles. "Cause ya' look nervous." Observing, the man keeping his gaze out into the sea of sands, eggs, and dragons; but not without catching Serafa's look out of his side-vision. "Gettin' hot, no?" Yes, even he feels the heat under foot, through the thick soles of his sandals, to the point that he even has to shift a bit to shift the discomfort a little.

Brenon starts fiddling with his robe as tiny droplets of sweat form on his brow. Le sigh. It's hot, it's over whelming.. it's.. exciting. Everything is happening all to once, too. Which is interesting.. say the least. B'aaaane.

Trimaka releases her vice-like grip from Jalir's shoulder and curves her mouth to show an applogetic look and simper. "Sorry.." She remarks before worbling out again, "Haha! I don't take baths, Val. The water 'ill suck Ya' 'Live, I say! Y'know you could die in a 2ft pool a water? Uh-huh. S'true!" Peroxided bobbing head goes into a sage nod of innocent-lies, "It ain't half bad to smell." Twinkle!

Lyrianna shuffles her feet in the sand as she waves her hand in an attempt to cool down, "How long do you think this will take. I have star charts to get back to." The comment is muttered to Jalir and surrounding candidates.

Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet pauses on in her search, head swivelling towards a certain big tall man with a rather bad attitude. Oh, so she's /amusing/ is she? And with a little hip-wiggle, the dragonet heads that way, glaring at this man from across the Sands. He is /so/ lucky she's on a mission here, or she'd kick his sorry behind from here to the 'Reaches. And then, something off to the side catches her attention, and she motors that way instead. Vroom.

[IWSearch2002] E'an: After a joke?

Nadine is sweating, but she's doing it from behind Iaplemak. Quick fingers are brought over her brow as she sweeps away the small salty droplets and wipes them away on the hip of her candidate's robe. The teenager sidesteps from behind the boy to return to her original position. If she doesn't want to get mauled by a raging green dragonet, she's got to be alert. Brown eyes dark quickly from here to there and again to the eggs nearest her. If Sobi is going to keep speaking to her, she'll watch the poor girl get captured. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Jalir accompanies Trimaka's claims upon water with a sagely nod, though the whole 'talking' concept seems to have escaped her. Water is not the girl's best friend, you know. Both blue and green hides are kept track of, and her lower lip is gnawed as this laborious process drones on. Swaybob.

Serafa sniffs. "I am not Nervous thankyouverymuch, just…" Voice drifts off as her eyes flicker towards the green once more. "Just distracted thats all." She nods firmly, her body swaying slightly as she takes an intermitant interest in the heat abusing the soles of her feet. "You can say that again. About the hot I mean." She babbles. Her mouth opening and closing slightly. Is the green coming over here?

Sarah draws in a slow breath. "I'm all right," she replies, eyes darting from Brid to eggs and back again. "Shards, yes. Water would be a very good thing. It's so /hot/ out here…" Her candie-dance shifts slightly, as if the heat is getting to the Baker girl, but she finds her footing again easily enough.

Secret Gnome of the Earth Blue Dragonet resents that he isn't getting any attention from certain persons, but narrows his choice down to a certain one - a certain brightly blonde-haired candidate. Tell me, do I /Impress/ you, Trimaka? *ba-shing*

Brid watches the green with sharp eyed intent. Always interesting to see who they choose, after all. That blue however, he certainly is taking his time about this. A nod to Sarah.. and then.. the blue picked MakDaddy! "Yay Maka!

Rip in Time and Space Egg is graceful in its movements, in so far as an egg can be graceful, while still seeming to wait upon something. Cacophany on the sands is ignored by the occupant inside, until suddenly %D rolls end over end as if a great wind buffeted it with strong force. A myriad of breaks spreads rapidly along the shell until finally the strength of shell can hold no longer and shatters, leaving Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet exposed for all to see.

Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet

Deep emerald air brushes gently across the still ungainly head of youth, trickling down across neck and neck ridges to finally spill down the sleek form of her back. Wings are large and awkward, touched by a swirling mix of dark, dark emerald and milky peridot. Emerald spills down her tail, gathering at the tip in sun-kissed emerald, which lightens to a creamy jade that curls fingers of color upwards onto the soft belly. Color is not yet consistent as it matches awkwardness of limbs and wings that have yet to grow into proportion of youthful form.

Lyrianna smiles towards Malaka in amusement, "You caught a nice one Mak."

Trimaka fumbles, with a silent crash to her knees. A audiable sniff is taken in, as well the blue cupped into her arms like a newborn kidlet. She murrmers gently for a moment, trying to choke words from the back of her throat, "His….His name is….Agzanth!"

Brenon nods to Trimaka when she Impresses and smiles right afterwards. That blue went to a good lass. T'is true. The lad then goes back to watching a few of the greens here and there. Hm. They're beauties.

Jalir emits yet another strangled noise of surprise as the Blue Dragonet chooses Trimaka as his own, leaving 'Lir vulnerable on one side as the new pair… pair off. Profound. Lower lip now raw from the feverish gnawing it's recieving, the Herdergirl makes a discreet sidestep, grin spreading wide for an ephermal moment. "Awright… Mak. And Agzanth.." Pride-filled beam.

Kaltia claps and cheers for Mak, beaming with pleasure, "Agzanth! Great name!" Beautiful, really. She shuffles from the sands to yet another part, trying to keep herself cool.

Moons of Saturn Egg rocks back and forth as if a gust of wind had caught this one finally causing a remenence of movement again.

Jash watches as Trimaka Impresses. His face takes on an odd look. Is that a smile? Well almost, Brid is glanced at and then his attention goes back towards the hatching at hand.

Remy smiles stupidly enough, giving a small laugh, "Congrats." Calling towards Trimaka as blue collids with her and impresses. Daw. It's cute. An honest little glance is given to Serafa, brow lofted and he giving a casual shrug with an equal grin.

Brid drags her eyes from the newly Impressed blue pair, her MakDaddy Impressed a beauty of a blue. And catches the next appearance.. Her heart jumps, but that could be the heat. "Shards, it's soo hot.." So, she speaks the obvious well.

Serafa eyes are never still, can't afford to be, some of the little darlings maul don't they? Anywho her eyes are flicking from Tall handsome guy to dragonet and taking the blue in in between. With a radiant smile and a small whoop of victory she calls. "Congratulations 'Mak and Agzanth!" Her bouncing now excited as more of her friends Impress.

Kia claps delightedly as yet another candidates impresses and to a blue no doubt "Lovely choice I might add of your Agzanth, mind if we step this way to get out of the traffic area?" is asked of the newly impressed and likely dazed people.

Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet is well on her way, it would seem, until a noise from an un-named candidate draws her attention. Excuuuuuse me. Did he just say /cute/? And so daggers are glared at /that/ one. Augh, these /people/! Back to her mission, however, nearly tripping, and ending up giving a little pirouette. Now did you /see/ that move? But back to her original course of action- walkskip.

Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet shakes herself before she steps away from the egg shards that was once her home. Wings awkwardly shake egg fragments from the dampness of skin before her attention turns outward toward the sea of white robes. Hesitantly she steps forward, knowing she must seek that special One that will be hers forever. Like the gentlest of summer breezes, she moves forward slowly. One foot in front of the other, eyes trained out to the Candidates.

Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet senses Cayl looking at her.

Lyrianna continues to skim the mass of candidates. She rocks back and forth… and back and forth… toe to toe.

Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet senses Cayl looking at her.

Valaquen watches the greens tentatively, clasping his hands behind his back. Finally adjusting to the heat, his nerves settle down and he returns to his normal calm composure.

Sobi hmphs at Sobi, again playing rebel to hide the cause and, momentarily forgetting the heat beneath her feet (must be numbly hot about now..or something), she plops into the sand, rear end first. "Owowow!" Is squealed and Sobi hops up again to start dancing a new dance. "It's /hot/ down there!" Whine and complain to Iaplemak and Nadine while she dances, why not.

Trimaka is just too delighted. She's nearly tripping over her own feet! The blue is snuggled and cuddled with momentarily as she toddles on away from the group, beaming with pride, "Bidip Bo! Agzanth and Trik!"

Jalir brushes a sopping forelock from her temple, broad shoulders rising in a languid roll as chapped lips part to state some form of prose…. none comes to her, however, and she seems content to stand - a rather bewildered expression swimming over her features. Faranth's great soggy behind…

Brid againhas to block the nanny instinct that wants her to go help the dragonet from it's shell. Actually, at this point in time, she wants to start freeing /all/ the dragonets. Enough with this heat, already! And whatever is that still hunting green looking for, after all?

Nadine frowns as Trimaka impresses, a shake of her head causing frizzy, sweaty strands of a rather dark shade to come loose from her runner's tail and puff up around her head. At Sobi's squeal, Nadine releases one of her own, about ready to strangle the other girl. "You're impossible! You're asking for it. I won't even feel sorry for you if you're caught because it would've been your own fault." So there. A shift here, a shift there, and the sides of her robe are continually picked at. Fidgety thing, isn't she?

Serafa gapes literally as she watches the green advance on her and her male friends. Stepping slightly away from he-who-incurred-her-wrath she watches the light play on the pale hide with a wistful sigh.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « Trik is the rider of blue Agzanth of Ista Weyr and Junior Weyrling Wing. »

Lyrianna smiles towards Trimaka, but her attention quickly focuses back on the dragonetes, "Ow," is murmured as a heap of sand rolls over her big toe. At least when she gets back to the Hall she can show Kavandear her ferret, Radnazak.

Remy lets his gaze slip down to Serafa once more. "You want t'impress, don't you?" Questioning her half seriously. She'd not be on the sands otherwise, would she? He on the other hand does not hate dragons, simply can do without their 'bonding' to him.. They're too loud. The tall man bends, whispering an idle comment against Serafa's ear. "Who ya' think will impress next?, eh?"

Brenon hops from one foot to the other, patiently waiting as he watches the eggs and remaining dragonets. Oo. Greens. Lotsa greens. Nothing wrong with /that/. Beam. Robe is then fiddled with as he stands there, searching the crowds.

Fiery-Hearted Pearl Green Dragonet gives a snort, turning from yet another candidate, tail flashing out behind her, as she stalks towards a new white-robed figure. This one, however, seems to still the dragonet's scorching impatience- this inky-haired girl indeed capturing her interest. A pause as shining eyes are fixed on the the young woman, and then a cooled sigh is emitted as the pale green rests her head against Serafa's thigh.

Jash notices Brid and her yearning to help. Reading the body language he pats her arm. "If anything were wrong they would tell us to help them. It is fine."

Sarah steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Remy blinks as the green stole away his talk partner. Stare. Pale green is given a curious little blink, but then smiling as the pair of 'ladies' are introduced together for the first time. "Congrats, Sera'." Booming in that Istan-tenor voice of his, stepping away and moving along the sand grounds to fill in the gaps left by the impressees' absences.

Sarah returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

Brid lifts her eyes to Jash and nods, truly appreciative of his concern. "I know, I do.. but.." They are babies, see.. even if they are babies with talons and teeth of death.. "Ohhhh Sefa! " A good choice, those two…

Cosmic Frequency Egg shifts—shift shift, like the tuning of the orchestra or the testing of lights before a stage show. But the show hasn't started yet, and the egg falls still once more.

Serafa was going to answer the theif she really was, but the most unexpected of things occurs and a pale green head rests against her thigh. In choked awed tones she whispers. "No we will not." She murmurs before lifting teary dark eyes to her fellow candidates. Her name is Phirath!"

Valaquen watches as Serafa Impresses, muttering a heartfelt "congrats" under his breath. He quirks a smile, shifting his feet back and forth just like everyone else.

Kaltia almost mimicks Valaquen in her mannerisms, the heat finally getting her to movements and slowing them considerably. She almost yawns. Hm.

Jalir nods in pleased acknowledgement as the fiery little green attaches herself to Serafa, arms folding in a 'don't-know-what-else-to-do-with-them' gesture over her abdomen. Relief follows, in a way- that green seemed a mite catty for the stolid girl's tastes. She sidles towards Remy, finding kinship in their lost clinging-partnerage. Heyhiho.

Moons of Saturn Egg shivers with forbidden ecstasy, the shuddering of its clutchmates seems to remind this one that yes today is the day. Once moving there is no stopping and suddenly a spider web of cracks appears on the dark side webbing out with vicious claws. Suddenly a wingtip breaks through and then all is still, the hatchling inside seemingly aware that there are many spectators. Retreat is eminent before a small muzzle appears now and emerges into this unknown world.

Manifestation of Wind Brown Dragonet

Daring hues of amber plunge over sinewy wingsails, tumbling towards neckridges of bleached mahogany. Shimmering hues of cinnamon course along awkward limbs that still hold the essence of babyhood. Creamy bronze tint seems to cling with ever-present light to the headknobs of this zealously colored brown. Glimmering bits of silvered brown speckle his hide, as if, somehow, morning dew manages to cling through day and night. Mahogany swirls up from his underbelly, curling around his flanks, ending along his tail. The darkness rings the tail in stripes of darkness, a startling contrast from the lightness of cinnamon that covers the rest of his youthful form.

Jash pats Brid's arm once again as Serafa finds a new friend. A forever friend. That strange almost smile crosses his face once more. Only for a moment but long enough to see a strange warmth behind his normaly bland expression.

Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet squeaks softly as her toe seems to step on something soft. Turning adoring eyes upon Miyakath, her dam, she again slowly makes her way through the crowd. The heat of the sands kisses her hide like a balmy tropical breeze and seems to give her motivation. Lifting her nose, delicately, she sniffs at a Candidate, tilts her head. Wishing she could keep everyone she meets in tow, Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet knows she must find the One. The One pulls her in its direction. The One is there. And thus, she moves forward with the gracelessness of one just shelled.

Sarah shuffles nervously, turning her eyes to Serafa as she Impresses. "Oh, my.." she breathes faintly, squeezing Brid -hard-. "Look - Serafa and Phirath!" Never a should, never a raised voice. Just a soft and gently comment from the frail and thinning Candidate. Her eyes widen at the appearance of the Brown, however, and she rattles away at Brid nervously. "Look, a brown! Oh, I wish B'ane were here to see.. And.. Uh.. all the riders in the Weyr." Yeah. That.

Valaquen makes a little 'ooh' at the appearance of the brown. All the hatchlings are just beautiful. "Wow…how many are there?"

Sobi bounces a little bit more than necessary to cool her hot bum. "You're a spoil sport, Nadine." She states before starting her squeal for the new dragonets. Sure they're gooey and gross, but they'll be so cute tomorrow. Awwww. "Izza brown one! And…what's that green doing?"

Remy now stands beside Jalir. Fine then, Serafa.. go off with yer lifemate n' leave the uber cool Remy alone. Cough. Yes. Thief gives a questioning little glance to Jalir, before breaking out to a broad grin,. "Don't you go up n' impress on me too. Might get de' feelin' dat' ya'll dun' wanna be around me." Red irised eye eclipses in playful wink.

D'baji gives a little bounce, hugging Nverath's leg while the bronze offers an approving note for the c hoices made on the Sands. It's all so special…

Her eye catches the brown, as Lyrianna's glance wanders back towards the Galleries looking for a familiar face in the crowd. Not finding any in the blurry shape she turns her attention back to the sands look over the remaining eggs.

Brid chuckles at the 'babysteps' of the green and then eyes are pulled to the brown. "Whoa, he's just stunning!" Maybe brown would be a good match. But no, he's not for her. He is a stunner though.

Hannah watches the confusion of the Hatching as the eggs hatch and quickly find their lifemates. "Ahh. This is the exciting part.." is murmured softly though her lifemate would disagree. Her small little egg hatched. Hrph. All her eggs are hatching. The gold momma isn't happy.

Kia perks up now her eyes going towards Serafa "If you'd like to head this way we'll get you out of the way and perhaps a bit of food into that beauty's stomach?"

Jalir slips an apprehension-tinged glance towards Remy, chin shaking from side to side in an innocent gesture. Well.. more bluntly confused than innocent. "I en't sure what'll 'appen, y'know, but… I don't… /mind/ being around you?" Her flush continues well past that caused by the heat. Speech is not a forte.

Nadine quirks a 'brow as Serafa impresses the get-out-of-my-way green. She must've ran out of luck, because that one is particularly nasty. In the mean sense, that is. Shaking her head, she cocks her head a bit to the side and says, simply, "She's smelling. She better not smell me." They get too close and distress takes over. "And I'm not a spoil sport. I'm merely telling the truth."

Ringed Gaseous Giant Egg suddenly *BURSTS* open, revealing a green hatchling. It immediately makes for a Crom miner's daughter, and the two become Bootyshaketh and Shakira. Yay. We'll all enjoy their presence at the Weyr.

Sapha watches her darling for a long timeless moment, before all of a sudden she is aware of hunger, and heat and the need for help. Glancing upwards her eyes search the sea of white. Were there not WeyrlingMasters last time?

Manifestation of Wind Brown Dragonet dips low as his balance seems to dessert him wingtips brushing against the heat of the sands, which causes him to rear up a startled hrmph escaping. Head whips from one side to the other the ring of white things earning a sniff of curiosity after all curiosity is the best of all things.

Remy smirks darkly, sharing a calm little laugh with Jalir. "Ya' right pretty, girl, when you blush." Flatteringly the thief croons before even he has his attention dished else where -namely to the newest arrivals — Green to go to the miner's daughter and sniffing brown. "Lot of dem eggs, aren't there?" Stated in some rhetorical fashion.

Kia is busy see she along with the countless AWLM are ushering the newly impressed away from the action and off to the sides. A gesture here and tap there and Kia is still hopping to actually watch some of these impressions her eyes lighting on the brown and green currently upon the sands.

Sarah clings nervously to Brid, tugging her arm as she tucks a blonde strand of hair behind her ear. "Brid? Did you see that green? She looked a bit.. odd to me, don't you think?" She eye-boggles the Brown for a moment longer, sighing loftily as she once more scans the Galleries. A flickering look goes toward Brenon, as though she might ask him, but.. No. She just stands there, shifting on the broiling sands.

Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet tugs on the white cloth of some unsuspecting Candidate, turning her head up to look to see who she's bumped into. Remy. Hmmm. Not quite the One, but there is something special about him. Moving along, she delicately steps deeper into the Candidate crowd. She stops and seems to listen to something only she hears. Delicate — but awkward — green forms steps closer. The One. She's here. Hastily the green quickens her tiny steps.

Querying Brid…

Lyrianna continues scanning the crowd, as she rocks back and forth. "Ooh a Brown. Interesting little fellow," she mentions to no one in particular.

Brid accepts Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet

Weaver of the Winds Green Dragonet winds her way through the crowded sands with all the languid movements of the summer breeze; heat emanating from her glittery gaze to find the one of whom she seeks. Sinuously, she attempts to gracefully side-step a white-robed figure that inadvertently found himself in her way, but feet and wings do not quite know yet how to obey her commands and thus she ends up tumbling end over end. Shaking her head ruefully, she looks up and finds herself drowning in the storm of knowledge. The small green has literally been tossed into the lap of the One. With a breezy sigh, she nuzzles the knees of her One True Element: Brid.

Jalir sways upon arched soles, jaded gaze flashing in a subtle combination of shock and abashment at Remy's comment. "I…uhm…" She pulls a quick subject-change along with the Istan thief, making a vague gesture towards the wobbling dragonlings. "Yeh, they is lots'lve 'em." A blink and nod as the Green goes to Brid. "I like th' brown…" Brown is nice. Earthy.

Cosmic Frequency Egg shifts again, but the little shivers which it has been executing from the very beginning of the hatching suddenly become violent shudders, causing it to rock back and forth.

Industrial Flotsam Egg gives a dubious shiver, and ominous pop, and out comes a reddish little bronze- who immediately lowers his head, and moves stealthily for a lad with short-cut whit hair. And soon enough, Hani'bal declares the name, "Lecterth!"

Valaquen watches as another of the candidates is chosen. The anticipation begins to flutter in the pits of his stomach again, causing him to fidget. Not many left now…

Sapha has connected.

Remy erfs, glancing down at the darkly colored green with somewhat of a surprised little blink. "Eh.. Wrong way, little one. " Stating with a flirty little smile on his narrow lips. He lifts a free hand to brush back his disheveled auburn bangs as the little earthquakes of impression are felt again by that previous green that collided with his leg slipping towards Brid. "Congrats!" He calls.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « Brid is the rider of green Kitiarath of Ista Weyr and Junior Weyrling Wing. »

Brid is stunned.. "what the…" and she falls to her knees, or more properly is pulled in that direction.. "Yes dear, Yes Kitiarath… You shall eat." A sob as she struggles against the wmotion welling inside.

Sarah pales, finally releasing Brid's arm and stepping back with a soft sniffle and.. a tear? "Congratulations, Brid.." she near-whispers, voice possibly lost in the roar of the crowds. "Your very own Green! Oh, I'm so proud of you.." She sways a little, feeling lightheaded with heat and hunger, but steadies herself.

Jash is taken aback slightly as the green goes to Brid. His arm is empty all of a sudden and ha doesn't quite know what to do with it. "Congratulations Brid. She is beautiful." He actually removes his attention from the other hatchlings and eggs in order to see this one more clearly.

As the afternoon rolls toward evening, the dragons suddenly begin to hum, signaling the beginning of Ista Weyr's latest Hatching. Come one; Come all to watch Ista Weyr impress it's newest clutch of dragonriders! (@move me to #2066 to come and see)! Dhiammarath and Miyakath may not want their eggs to hatch, but will anyway.. and right now! :)

— entered by Hannah on 2002-08-30 18:17 MOO Time. (1 hour, 54 minutes, and 58 seconds)

Manifestation of Wind Brown Dragonet may not be nearly as delicate looking as his just impressed green sibling but he's finding that certain grace now. A weave here, dodging one frightened looking candidate who looks startled at the sight of a brown so close. Various candidates are examined the details taken in by the hungry brown before he moves on not yet having found that perfect for ingredient his tastes.

Cosmic Frequency Egg shivers and shifts on the impossible heat of the sands. As though a piece of it had caught ablaze, it rocks violently to one side, and rolls outside of its divot, pirouetting in a full circle. The egg gives a final shudder and, with the tenor of a crackling fire, fragments, sending pieces of shell scattering left and right and, as the Cosmic Curtain parts, revealing it's madonna.

Muse of the Midnight Sun Green Dragonet

The soft glow of bewitched firelight emminates from this little one in ghostly greens. Verdant tongues of flame lick up rounded sides and dissolve into bottle green embers on infant neckridges, dribbling faintly olive hues down a tail much too long for her toddler-form, drawing from her a gait most readily described as a 'saunter.' Muzzle and talons, still blunt at her tender age, fade to near-white, a touch of shimmering silver dabbled, lending the appearance of a youngster who has gotten into her mother's powder. A burst of celadon and, at the very tips of her wingsails, vermillion flare across her wings, reminiscent of a wildfire smouldering 'round the edges of a nearly transparent forest.

Valaquen watches as the brown approaches on his choice, then watches the green. Lots of greens. His mind begins to wander again, dwelling on the egg fragments and their color.

Jalir clears her heat-dried throat rather harshly, tossing head in a near-equine gesture to assist in dislodging the dampened locks irritating her eyes. Continuing to steal glances of the searching Brown, her gaze does manage to rove to Pern's newest dragonet. She manages a lilting sigh for the greenling before receding into silence..

Remy doesn't say much at this point, calmly watching as dragons and candidates pair off, and search for one another.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « Sapha is the rider of green Phirath of Ista Weyr and Junior Weyrling Wing. »

Sobi is still hopping around, trying to keep from getting too hot. "Oooh…" She says again. "Another green!" Fellow candidates-now-weyrlings are somehow missed until now, when the starrie notices absences. "Wait…they all Impressed?" Is asked of no one, as Sobi stands still and looks at the white clad ranks. Now if the rest of the eggs would just hatch and get it over with. Off the sands we shall go.

Muse of the Midnight Sun Green Dragonet steps delicately forth from the fragments of her stage, blinking left and right, before tossing her head back, stretching out her wings, and curling her tail delicately around her forelegs, striking a dramatic pose. Her nose is dipped toward her mother in minute thanks for her introduction, and she folds her wings, again, stepping forward with her nose held high and—tripping over her tail, just barely managing to keep herself from summersaulting, and staggering a little before regaining her composer. Nobody saw that, right?

Sapha finally finds her way to the corner where it appears the newly Impressed are making thier way. "Oooh Brid she's Gorgeous" She mumbles the platitude quietly. "But Phirath is the Best" She announces at the prompting of her life-mate.

Brid giggles, not her usual chuckle as Kitiarath greedily eats her fill.. "Slow love, and do chew, it's better for you." An admiring glance is given Phirath. "She is lovely, Sapha." We won't discuss 'best.'

Nadine snaps from her idle daze on the floor of the sands and darts her eyes back upward to find the new green, and the scattered others of the various colors. She's surrounded. A frown, a flinch, and she glances toward the suddenly silent Sobi. Shoulders are pushed back as she stands there, still as a board, as she waits. Waits to be attacked, waits to be eaten, waits for the chance to escape. Oh to be a patient person.

Lyrianna picks a foot up and puts it down as she continues the pattern. The sand is quite hot. Lyrianna amuses herself with everyone else's foot patterns.

Valaquen's shoulders begin to slouch a bit as he gets tired of standing in place. He sighs quietly. Being closer to the ground also means being closer to the heat. Bluh.

Jalir's already-gnawed-to-the-quick nails find their way to her lips, and she gnaws stoically at the ruddy tips, her forward-rocking motion exaggerating as the Green takes a nose-dive. Ah, hatchling grace.. Paying yet another glance to Remy, 'Lir maintains her position, sandles scooting minimally across the dark sands.

Manifestation of Wind Brown Dragonet pauses in his breezy movements, his head dipping in curiosity. Amber wings stretch high as he surveys this new domain. Something has caught his attention and that creel of his becomes a demand now. Red tinged eyes focus on one particular white robed form and he moves with a shuffling almost tauntingly slow pace. Low-pitched and delicately sweet is the warble emitted as a wingtip somehow catches the edge of Lyrianna's robe and captures her for all time.

Phirath preens of course she's lovely, she's more than lovely, shes genetically designed to fight the good fight and all that. However her small pale form shivers as she turns rainbowed eyes towards her Sapha. "Hungry? Hey Brid Where'd ya get that?" The new green rider asks, absently stroking the luminous headknobs of her life-mate in an attempt to slow the shaking.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « Lyrianna is the rider of brown Rilskiath of Ista Weyr and Junior Weyrling Wing. »

Jash is now studying the large queens almost as much as the hatchlings. They must be documented as well. Their reactions to the hatchling's choices, the marked difference between brooding over eggs and happily allowing them to make their way to human partners. He is alone now, no people hanging from his arms, no one to talk to. Not too bad, the way he used to enjoy things, his tastes may have changed slightly during his time here in the Weyr.

Muse of the Midnight Sun Green Dragonet opens her jaws wide, taking a deep breath before beginning her serenade, and emits a rather off-key sqawk. She waggles her way forward one little hind-leg at a time, effecting that marked saunter, one forepaw in front of the other in a seductive rhythm. Half way across the sands, she pauses, closing her eyes as the heat hits her full blast, as if to say, 'I think that's just elegant.' But something else is important too! Now what was it? The crowd of candies in front of her seems to bring it back to mind—oh yes! She has an audience!

Lyrianna trips to the side as her robe is caught. Gaze swinging to meet the Brown's eyes. Mouth falls open before she clears her throat, dusting off her robe, "Of course you may eat, RILSKIATH!"
Hannah watches the last of the dragonets hatch and impress, leaving only the little midnight green wandering the sands. Hopping from one foot to another, she murmurs, "It's been a good clutch, right Dhiammarath?"

D'baji can't help but lean his entire body against the bronze now. Ooh, last ones on the Sands and all- brings back memories, don't it? Even if she's a green and not nearly as beautiful as Nverath,b ut… Well, he won't say anything to the effect.

Jalir's breath catches as the green makes her voice heard. Her beautiful, braying voice. A small part of the Herdergirl continues her search for a bronzen hide, however.. Greens like that Impress to pretty girls. And… pretty boys. Albeit the fact that her soles are still burning, 'Lir stands quite still, brow furrowing ever-so-slightly.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « Lyrianna is the rider of brown Rilskiath of Ista Weyr and Junior Weyrling Wing. »

Sarah shifts uncomfortably, ears picking up Hannah's comments as she nervously scans the sands, hoping, praying that some clumbsy dragonet will stumble her way. Soulful eyes go to her Impressed friends and she fidgets, frail body swaying to and fro.

Kia is busy doling out food to the creeling hatchlings and their well in some cases still shocked weyrlings. A pat here and a smile of encouragement there before she notices that lo and behold Lyrianna has impressed. Clapping she beams "Over here Lyrianna and we'll get that youngling some food alright?"

Nadine is visibly uncomfortable now, the heat of the sands having already caused her face and the exposed portion of her neck and limbs to go bright, bright red. The droplets that hang on her forehead are brushed away once more as she cautiously takes a step forward, noting the few left. "Home soon…" Her words are to Sobi, or Iaplemak, or whoever's nearby, as she speaks rather softly.

Muse of the Midnight Sun Green Dragonet swaggers toward the group of candidates. That's right, all eyes on her! She -is- the star of the show, you know? You wouldn't marry a girl just because she's pretty, but my goodness, doesn't it help? And she's the prima-donna, the goddess of the fire, the muse of the—oh you get the idea. But even a gorgeous girl like her needs the perfect leading male!

Jalir's murky gaze pays the sands one final sweep before falling upon the green once more, doubt now throbbing painfully in her broad chest. Sidestepping closer to Remy, the girl whuffles lowly, hands plucking with a fervor at her tunic. Oh my…

Jash shuffles his feet. Glancing around at the dwindling crowd of fellow candies. His feet are hot his head hurts and he is thirsty. Even science can get tired.

Remy 's stance slumps slightly, watching as the glowy green moves in that saucy way of hers. Thief arches a brow as Jalir shimmies next to him, he smirks. "Worried, little one?" He winks, lifting a hand to idly attempt to squeeze her shoulder in some reassuring manner.

Muse of the Midnight Sun Green Dragonet senses Sobi looking at her.

D'baji is getting a bit expectant now. Feet shuffle faintly, and glances are popped randomly to various goldriders, and candidates, and then that little green. "Shards, she really draws it out, doesn't she?" is questioned idly to no one in particular. "Worse'n you," added to Nverath.

Brid is watching from the side, waiting to see who the last green is looking for. Poor little one, she's all alone. Not like her Kit. Not like her.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « Lyrianna is the rider of brown Rilskiath of Ista Weyr and Junior Weyrling Wing. »

Step aside boys! Muse of the Midnight Sun Green Dragonet presses through the crowd, her awkward saunter useful for gathering gawks, but not terribly expedient in finding her desired audience. Her creeling rises to a rather unmusical pitch and then ubruptly stops. Her eyes whirl up at -the one- and she takes a couple more sauntering steps forward before touching her muzzle lightly to the girl's hand to get her attention. A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but Jalir is her chosen best friend!

Sapha feeds her darling little pieces of meat her dark eyes constantly watching the scene on the sands. "Oh Jalir! Congratulations!" She calls before hastily feeding more food to her pale green baby.

Jalir sparks a crooked grin for Remy's benefit, nose wrinkling in attempts to dispel his questionings of her confidence. Which was low at the start and quickly dwindling. But… what's that? Dropping to one knee, Jalir coughs some incoherance before choking a sob. "…..Mauhinath? M-…. Mauhinath!" And the rest is history…

Remy grins softly, and turns to Jalir with a rich purr, "Congrats! Beautiful name." He steps away as the candidate leaves his side. For a moment, he says nothing, and simply repositions himself beside the other candidates left.

Hannah sighs softly, watching the last dragon impress. "That is always the nice part." Lifting her bulky form away from Dhiammarath's side, her pregnancy very evident, "It's time for us to head back to our weyr, love."

Valaquen smiles at Jalir. "congratulations, Jal…" he mutters, mopping his brow. This is a good way to die of heat exhaustion. "What I wouldnt' give for some snow…"

Yulianna sags against Miyakath, her eyes shining as the last of the dragonets impresses, and she idly toys with one of her russet curls. "Aye, an' that -is- that." she murmurs, raising a hand to rest against Miyakath's golden hide, eyes glazing over a bit as the converses with her lifemate. "Aye, they're all simply lovely, love." she replies softly. She leans softly on the foreleg for a long moment, then ubruptly straightens up, "Hungry? Oh! Of course ya' are! An' my feet are killin' me."

Sarah goes home.

Jash goes home.

D'baji goes home.

Nverath takes off.

Dhiammarath thinks to you, « Lir is the rider of green Mauhinath of Ista Weyr and Junior Weyrling Wing. »

Dhiammarath> Yulianna ambles off the sands.

Dhiammarath> Remy goes home.

Dhiammarath> Miyakath takes off.

Dhiammarath> Kia strides off the sands.

Dhiammarath> Sobi goes home.

Dhiammarath> Lyria meanders off the sands.

Dhiammarath> Kitiarath shuffles awkwardly off the sands.

Dhiammarath> Brid walks off the sands.

Dhiammarath> Rilskiath shuffles awkwardly off the sands.

Dhiammarath> Phirath leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Dhiammarath> Sapha leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Dhiammarath> Kia strides out onto the sands.

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