Hatching 31


05:43 PM

Logfile from Hannah.

Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING (#4321)

The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified. Latest clutch dominates the view — a veritable garden of eggs. Somber Myrrh Egg is watched over carefully by it's golden mother, who allows none near her newly laid golden egg. Every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.

Flitting about is IstaWeyrBldr.

Gold Dhiammarath and bronze Tynabith are here.

You see English Country Garden Egg, Exotic Spices of India Egg, Bakery Fragrance Egg, OO! So Hot n' Spicy Egg, Fruit of the Loom Egg, Herbal Essences Egg, Heady Incense Egg, Feeding Time at the Zoo Egg, Sunwarmed Olive Oil with Za'atar Egg, Biting Autumn Morning Egg, Sour Milk Egg, Mornin' Cup o'Klah Egg, Fruit Gone Rancid Egg, Heavenly Frankincense Egg, and Somber Myrrh Egg here.

Hytiaf, N'ano, and Teza are here.

Obvious exits:


Castaliath vanes her wings and lands.

Yla slides from her position between sleek neckridges, and drops the final foot or so to the ground with a thud.

Castaliath takes off.

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Herbal Essences Egg rolls a little to the left… and a little to the right, and promptly goes back to hibernation.

The Dragons are humming as Ista Weyr gears up for Harper's Tale's 31st PC Hatching (occuring in 20 min!). @move me to #2066 (Ista's galleries) to watch!

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Biting Autumn Morning Egg moves only slightly before settling down again.

Exotic Spices of India Egg is just sitting here. Very quietly. You'd think it didn't /want/ to wiggle.

N'ano walks nonchalantly off the sands.

R'ley slides from Tynabith's long neck to a foreleg and with a soft *thud* from there to the ground.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that she's voice tinkles lightly, dancing along the thread of her voice like the gentle sway of paper lanterns. « My babies are anxious. My children move. It is time. »

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Hannah lightly hops over to her lifemate, watching the moving eggs, "It is time?" she asks softly. "Amazing that it's already happening…Seems like just yesterday you clutched, dearest."

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Tynabith has such excitment in him that his normally mercury smooth voice flash's bright and rough like bursts of steal lightening, «My children hatch now?!» it's more of a wonderous statment then an actuall question.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Zizth sparkles with champagne bubbles of excitement, flashing fireworks of pink. «Hatchlings!» She chirrups cheerfully. «We come to watch!»

The dragons are humming! The Candidates will soon be entering the Sands! All come and join the fun, watching Ista's newest dragonets impress! (OOC: @move me to #2066)

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<All> Dhiammarath senses that Mzadith 's own voice bubbles over with fine, sparkling ruby wines, mingling with that of his clutchsister's. «They hatch!» No duh.

Kita quietly pads out onto the sands.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Ftoranth rumbles mischievously «More dragonets to paly with»

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Cadgwith bathes in ruby wines, champagne bubbles, steel lightening and all other demonstrations of draconic enthusiasm, adding her own salt tang. « Eggs to Dragonets. Again. » It's quite the Impressive trick, you know.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Dsalth sweeps a tumbled cloud of amber and yellow, dotted with spikes of peachy plumes «More mouths to feed!» How joyous.

Naomi bounces out onto the sands.

Kaslarna walks cheerfully out onto the sands.

Debajirin gambols out onto the sands.

Fareia sashays out onto the sands.

Lynsay lightly steps out onto the sands.

Ilara slinks in the shadows out onto the sands.

Serafa slinks out onto the sands.

<Ista Weyr> Dhiammarath senses that she mists in silvery irritation fogging the deep jade of anticipation slightly. »Make sure they have no shoes on. It should remind them to /maintain/ the propper respect while they are here.« A faint topaz smirk brushes the last part.

Rowann walks with a little sway in her step out onto the sands.

Oliana walks out onto the sands.

Jayden wanders out onto the sands.

Sarah glides gracefully out onto the sands.

Meral shimmies, shakes, and boogies out onto the sands.

Relian traipses easily out onto the sands.

Squaln shuffles out onto the sands.

Zella saunters out onto the sands.

Fitz shufflehops out onto the sands.

Isoldi walks out onto the sands.

Kilbane slithers out onto the sands.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Fiareth doesn't see what much of the whole fuss is about, actually, even if it is her Weyr holding the honors. Admist much sand and teal blaze, she adds, « Yes, the more meat to have to share. It's not much of a happy event. Well, I mean, of course it was when I was hatched, but, beyond that, really… »

N'ano walks nonchalantly out onto the sands.

Nyla prowls along out onto the sands.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Yajisarath pipes up, plummy-purple thought bubbles floating on a golden breeze. « None'll be as pretty as me. But I'll be nice and make Lors'ia give 'em pretty bells for their straps when they're big, too! »

Yulianna ambles out onto the sands.

Teric drifts out onto the sands.

As the candidates all move out onto the sands, they turn as a group and bow to Dhiammarath and Tynabith.

Tynabith hovers near the sky entrance alternating between watching egg movment, watching Dhia, and waiting for his rider to arrive. Having just been oiled the day before ever dance of light on his gleaming hide reflects with a rainbow of irridescence. Finally a sleek green form bullets and before she's even settled her form in an almost to small space on the ledge R'ley leaps from her neck landing in a crouch that turns immediatly into a sprint. He takes the steap stairs two at a time weaving rudely past people on his way to the sands. Tynabith nearly barrels him over as he enters trumpeting his excitment to his rider. Laughing good naturedly R'ley scritches one of his bonds eye ridges, runs a hand down his finely tailored clothes to smooth them and walks to join Hannah's side.

Dhiammarath glares at the candidates, and then their feet and flickers an emploring glance to Hannah then R'ley, as if requesting their assistance in this matter. Then her gaze returns to the candidates reguarding them with almost… disaproval.

Toliey bounces out onto the sands.

Hannah calls out from her place near her lifemate, "All candidates, you need to remove your sandals or Dhiammarath won't allow those eggs to hatch.." Yeah, right, like she can stop /that/. Still, that forboding look from the dragon makes the issue seem to have that much weight.

K'ven, Ista Weyr's Weyrlingmaster, watches from the sidelines as the candidates file out. He nods once as they bow together, leaning to the side to whisper something to the assistant weyrlingmasters as well. That assemblege of riders stand gathered around near mountains of meat that are waiting for the gaping jaws of the bottomless pits known as dragons soon to hatch.

Fruit Gone Rancid Egg turns once more in the sands, spinning just a bit on its side. The whole egg spins and stretches just more till a hairline crack appears on the surface of the egg. The egg then seems to right itself once more, standing straight up. Then, its still once more.

Relian rises from his bow, face contorted into a wince from the initial heat that rises from the black sands. "I think I'm going to be sick," he announces matter-of-factly, in a very much un-Relian like manner. Dhiammarath's glare is met with wide eyes, and he takes a step back, as if considering a very rapid retreat. Hannah's announcement causes another fish rendition, but he leans down, releasing feet from sandals whilst staring in something resembling horror across at gold and her rider. Feet touch hot sand, and he winces. "Ow."

Jayden can't feel his body anymore. Really. Well, that's not true. He can feel his heart, because it feels like it's about to burst it's pounding so hard. Panting, he walks with everyone, and scoots next to the first person he sees. "Kas? Hold my hand?" Faranth, he sounds pathetic. But that's all right. This is overwhelming, you see. Overwhelming beyond words. At Hannah's orders he nods ferociously, unfastening the sandals he worked so hard to fasten and dropping them on the sand. Barefoot. Fun. Eggs. Gape.

Oliana nearly gapes at this mandate, but snaps her jaw shut. With wide-eyed reluctance, she slips off her sandals.

Squaln weaves through the many eggs and drags Kilbane along with him. He then picks a spot amongst the eggs and stands next to his friend while trying not to grimace too much — he's barefoot. Yay! This should be interesting..

Nyla tilts her head sidelong, hands moving around restlessly in the grasps of Teric and Relian's hands, before she shuffles out of them and glances down. "Right. Shoes off. Faranth. My feet'll burn." She sighs and leans down to take the sandals off. "Ouch. Much ouch."

Ilara bumps into Yulianna on accident, nearly stumbling and falling onto the sands.. but she catches herself just in time. She stares at the eggs a long moment before Hannah's words penetrate, and she bends to remove her shoes, hands shaking with nervousness and fear.

Fareia takes deep shaky breaths as she walks out onto the sands, clinging to Kas on one side, Meral on the other. "Oh my…Oyh my…" she mutters as she stares wide-eyed at the eggs. They seem so much bigger now. But a slight smile is directed to Kaslarna after she respectively bows to the skeery-lookin clutch parents,"Well then…" she simply says, rather at a loss for words. That wide-eyed stare turns to Hannah, then down to her one shoe. Couldnt she leave on just that /one/ sandal? She reluctantly takes off the sandal then shuffles he feet, wincing at the hot sands.

"Shards, these sands are as hot as an oven!" Sarah announces in her Baker-like fashion, moving out onto the sands after bowing to the draggies. "Shards, it really is warm in here," Sarah repeats and stares down at her sandals, before looking over to find Oliana and Fareia. "You're holding my hands, right?" Sarah is calm. Sarah is collected. Sarah is sharding nervous right now. "Sandals? Alright?" she says and peels the sandals off her feet gently, praying that the sands aren't as hot as this room seems to be. Putting her foot down, she tries to smile. "This must be what a wherry feels like when I put it in the oven." Gulp.

Isoldi should have been ready for this. Innate self-confidence and a warped sense of humour usually serve as decent buffers for chaos of this sort. But it's all the colorless young woman can do to keep a crooked smile in place when her senses are assaulted by heat, and crowd noise, and the looming spectre of death—er…Dhiammarath. Whatever the gold wants, the gold can have. "Right," she mutters to herself, leaning down to unfasten the laces of her sandals. Footwear is then left, and steps gingerly dance her across the sands as she moves to take her place in the circle.

Kita leans in to listen to K'ven, her eyes flicking over the assembled candidates as she nods once or twice to his quiet words. That done, she fixes them all with a kind smile and stands with her hands clasped behind her back.

Debajirin isn't so much calm as dopey by now. Always overwhelmed with stepping on the Sands, and now with the promise of the climax the candidacy has been leading up to, he isn't even shaking. He's drifting, in and out from the other candidates, and absolutely enjoying it. Dhiammarath is given a final nod after the bows, and, with a bit of an interesting walk, barefoot and all, he goes to position himself… somewhere amidst the others.

R'ley looks down on Hannah, his eyes glittering with amusment and dancing with an excitment matching his lifemate's. "Aww have a heart Hannah, let them wear /one/ sandel at least." he rumbles with a smirk. Smirk turns to smile almost immediatly as he see'shis dragon shifting from paw to paw like an overjoyed child at his side.

Kaslarna straightens from her bow amid the other candidates, before her jaw drops open at Hannah's announcement. Barefoot? Eeek? But candie slides sandals off feet and stands of the hots sands, hopping slightly, before her hands grab Fareia's and Jaydens.

Exotic Spices of India Egg wiggles in place, gyrating on the spot as if engaging in an on-the-spot dance. At one point, it almost tilts over from the forces pressing outwards on it, but then it rights itself in a rather peculiar display of dexterity for a simple ovoid.

Fitz gulps and kicks the sandles off into a neat place just inside the entrance, and folds his hands behind his back. Isn't it hot enough out there to burn? He gulps and blinks as a bead of sweat trickles into his vision. "G-g-good luck guys…" he stutters and locks his eyes on the sands.

Teric stands up quickly from the bow and grins crookedly at Nyla. "What's that? I'm not wearing shoes, I'm wearing sandals." At any rate he just continues moving around until he's in place, feet shuffling a bit from the heat, sandals or no.

Lynsay blinks slightly, shaving ever worse than she was inside the Barracks. Slowly, she undoes her sandals, letting them fall into a small wave in the Sand, digging her toes into the hot sands. "Ow…" she moans softly, watching the eggs, and Dhiammarath carefully.

Teza nudges Kita's side with a grin, listening to K'ven only out of necessity before pointing out a few of the candidates, fingesr the flicking up to the blueriders who watch from above with a faint smirk. "They've got their eyes on you," the greenrider all but purrs, before subsiding and falling back with a grin to wait for the first egg to crack.

Oliana is keeping very very close tabs on Sarah, fellow baker-type as she walks out onto the sands. It takes her only a few short breaths before her feet start picking up a little quicker, her face twisting into displeasure at the heat.

Yulianna straightens up from her bow and glances, not at the eggs, but at the stands full of people. Her eyes travel briefly over it, looking for someoneanyoneshe recognizes, and land on Mimi. She offers an excited wave to her cousin, then turns her back on the crowd and inches toward Fareia, studying the eggs with wide eyes.

Meral shuffles out onto the sands…and ouches once. Twice. Three times, maybe. He stares at the crowds and smiles. Preen. Isn't he a beaut in his robe? Nice and shiny new. "Good luck everyone." He smiles, genuinely this time, as some excitement is shown on his now-tanned face.

Relian grasps onto Nyla's hand with a tight grip, moving around into his position in the circle, missing entirely the first move of an egg in his occupation. "Better hope that it doesn't take long," is his only comment, made with concerned interest, his feet rising up and down as he attempts to avoid burning them entirely. "Ack, there's a moving egg," he exclaims, watching the Exotic Spices of India - "Faranth's bloody nose."

Zella glances towards the weyrwoman as she rises from her bow, quite surprised at first. And yet, watching all the other candidates take off their sandals, she can't help but do the same. Bare feet touch the hot sands, muttering a curse before she hops towards any familiar candidate. "G'luck," is muttered to anyone she passes, sending them a nervous grin. Eggs shaking. It's all happening already.

Jayden clutches Kaslarna's hand as he walks out to the eggs, eyes widening across his face. He immediately checks his favorite egg, but it's motionless. For now. He catches sight of the moving egg and gasps. "Faranth! It's moving!" A moving egg! Oh Faranth. It really /is/ happening….

Fareia gasps at the eggs on the sands. It /moved/. She attempts to slow her breathing still, but it doesn't really work, almost visibly shaking. "You as nervous as I am?" she squeaks to Kasla and Jayden, shaking her empty hand to maybe burn off some off her nerves. A nod goes to Zella,"Mm-hmm. Good luck, everyone. Right."

Kilbane swallows, his mouth suddenly as dry as the Sands themselves. His tongue works nearly futilely to moisten his lips. Squaln is given a thumbs up sign and the motion is directed to the others as well. Their Fate rests in the claws of dragons.

Rowann breaths out, trying to control her stress level. And then take off her sandals? Great. With a nervous sigh, she bends towards the ground. Buckles are undone, straps removed. The only thing stopping the heat is gone now, and she slowly begins to feel the full extent of the heat. She's not too pleased, but manages to kick her sandals out of the way. Her eyes wander forth acorss the sea of obsidian, watching calmly as one of the eggs begins to move. And where is Serafa?

Fruit Gone Rancid Egg starts the customary shakes, stopping after a moment. But it's within this moment that egg shards start splintering through fissures along the egg's surface, bursting in an explosion as the God of War Bronze Dragonet emerges from the depths of its nourishing niche. Damp wings spread to steady as limber legs take their first steps into the new world, ready to explore with quickened haste, this new world he has been thrust into. As to /why/ he has to leave his home to strut in front of a bunch of white clad-things, he has yet to figure. They're too scrawny to nurture his newborn hunger.

Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet

Antiquity shades a narrow muzzle, copper and bronze intermingling between eyeridges and running down a sharp and almost hooked snout and mandible. Eyeridges and facial bones seem to jut out a bit from the rest of his head, colored brass and mahogany and beaten around the circumference of his skull into flawless coverage and protection. Sharp spears of dark brown and greened copper rise from his neck and spine regions, covering his neckridges with an armor of sorts, and weapons of warfare. Strength ripples across his shoulders and down through his drilled limbs, golden veins divining individual muscle in a sea of bronze and brown. His thick hindquarters give way to a stout, yet sturdy, tail, lending him more than adequate leverage for balance. Wings flex in their own demeanor, speckles of sterling glisten within their transparency when flaunted and unfurled to a considerable length compared to the rest of his body.

Serafa blinks at the Weyr-woman nervously as she stands up from her bow. With a resigned sigh she removes the sandals so painstakingly donned moments earlier and throws them in the direction of the others. With a wince she makes her way out further onto the sands upon her delicate little feet. "Ooo look its moooving" She announces to the candidate closest as she clings to them.

Dhiammarath settles back a bit mollified that her order has been obeyed. R'ley gets a long, long look, she heard that. But the eggs draw her attention again and she thrums deep in her throat. Reluctance gone this is the time she has prepared her vast garden for.

Kita loses her expression of kind authority at Teza's pointing out of the dreaded blue riders. Seeing the brownrider look up, they begin to cheer and make weird gestures, including Tez as well. "No they're no," she whispers in an aside, "they're looking at you." Kita clears her throat and returns her gaze to the sands, her eyes flicking to the galleries ever now and again.

Hannah bites her cheek, "It's not me. It's Dhiammarath.. and as these are her kiddos, off come the sandals. Not the way /I/ would have wanted to stand, but.." She holds her arms out, "Can't do much." She pauses, "You know, it's good luck if a bronze hatches first.. do you think that could happ—-" voice ceases as the first hatching happens. "A bronze!"

Squaln looks up at the crowds and dragons above. Wave. Beamkle. He scans the people for anyone he knows in particular. Then, an egg moves near him and he jumps back, bumping into Kilbane as he does. It /moved/!

Oliana swallows /hard/ as the sand shifts about her feet. A small groan escapes her as some sand shifts and falls on the top of her foot, but the sound is cut short as her eyes register more than just what is beneath her, but all around her. She clutches at Sarah's hand. "Look! Look there's one!" she cries.

Kaslarna shuffles her feet, holding tightly to Jayden and Fareia's hands "They're moving." Kas states, before just gawping as the first egg hatchs "Bronze!"

Isoldi keeps that grin stubbornly in place even as she goes into that eternal candidate shuffle. One foot lifts, the other taking the blistering punishment of hot sands while its opposite cools. Then the process is repeated after a quick switch of standing foot and cooling foot. Oh yeah. She can take it! "It's not so bad. See?" This an encouraging aside to the candidates suffering nearby before all attention locks to…"Bronze!" Someone already said that, didn't they?

Sarah gawks at the eggs before trying to look like she's unafraid and calm as ever. "They've begun to move," she whispers to Oliana as she stares at the newly hatched bronze. "Bronze!" It's sooo, big! "Lookee! It really has begun!!" Sarah squeals before taking a deep breath. "We'll be okay, and shards it's so hot..my poor feet!"

Meral's blink open. A bronze boy. Nice. He looks around at the others briefly and wonders…who will the lucky one be? Then turns back to gaze across the various ledges. Lots. Of. People. "Bronze…good sign for the first dragonet, eh?"

Debajirin can't help but note the fruit gone rancid egg in it's shaking, and when it explodes, well… The dragonet emerging brings an odd grin to his face, detached as most of his expressions and movements will be, looking on it, the perfect aesthetist, noting the wings, the neck, all the bits of the dragonet, and deciding, yes, it's beautiful. Everything, however, on the sands is beautiful. And he's already starting to feel smothered in it.

Yulianna quickly kicks off her sandalls as everyone else does, not having heard the order to, and squeaks as the bronze hatchling bursts out of his shell. Gambling girl that she is, she mutters, "Some'un just won a pretty mark." With a wise nod she grips her hands together and releases them, repeating the action nervously, though her face remains calm.

Ilara dances in place on the sand, trying not to keep her feet off the hot black sand as much as possible, to little avail. She cowers near Yulianna, white as a sheet and trembling too much for words… Thank Faranth she doesn't look up at the galleries, or she might fall over with fright. Still, the hatchling is greeted with a squeel of excitement, and a slightly higher jump-skip-dance-hop.

Jayden's mouth flat out drops open as he watches the hatching of the bronze. "It's an egg! A bronze egg! A bronze!!!!" Oh Faranth. He's frozen now, you see, gawking and staring and gaping. Eek. Eggs. Eggs everywhere. Hatching. Dragonets. Dragonets hatching. Faranth.

Teric starts suddenly as the first egg splinters apart to reveal the bronze dragonet. "Hey… 'least ye don' have ta worry about that one, right, Nyla?" he teases lightly though his voice is quavering just a bit.

Fitz gasps and shifts from foot to foot but never takes his eyes off the eggs. "Woahhh…this is so neat!" he squeaks, trying not to fidget too much.

Fareia meeps again as a /hatchling/ hatches. As if it wasn't un expected. "Wow. Are they really supossed to be that big?" she asks as she hops from foot to foot. "Yeah, bronze is lucky, right?" Eyes are glued on the dragonet, but leave it for a moment to scan the galleries for any familiar faces. "Wow," is all she can utter.

Squaln eyes the bronze that just hatched and slaps Kilbane on the shoulder with a grin. "It hatched!" he says to his friend. The first egg that hatched and it's a bronze.. Oooo…

Lynsay glances around, turning back quickly as the bronze hatches. "Faranth!" She yelps, grabbing for the first person she spies… Zella. She clings to her arm, starting at the dragonet. "Bronze…"

Nyla gulps down a large lump of something before glancing down at either hand, her knuckles white with tension. Releasing them regretfully, and allowing her hands to just rest in the middle of either grasp, she blinks upwards. Woah. She missed it. "Bronze! That's a wonderful sign!"

K'ven whistles, soft and low as the first to hatch is a bronze. "Good luck, that!" the grizzled old rider calls with a grin, nodding once as he watches the first move. "You see that?" He turns to Kita, directing his attention at the brownrider and serving as distraction to the blues. "It means this will be a good group. We haven't had a bronze hatch first in several clutches."

Relian squeaks - actually, a real squeak - as the bronze is caught from the corner of his eye. Said eye widens, in time with it's pair, as he continues his dance, grabbing tighter to Nyla's hand. "A bronze. Wonder—who's it for, do you think?" He swallows once, and then a second time, nodding in time to Nyla. "It is, apparently. Wow."

Zella claps her hands quickly, forgetting the extremely hot sands under her barefeet for the moment, "Bronze first! That's a good sign, isn't it?" Of course it is.. And it might be a good sign that she has someone clinging to her? It depends who it is. A blink is given towards Lynsay, then a smile, hopping upon her feet. She holds her breath, unable to speak as she glances back towards the hatching.

R'ley puffs up his dark face flushed with pride as the first egg, that rather ugly looking one he observed many avoiding, reveals a fine bronze. Tynabith nearly misses the first egg's hatching as he survay's the candidate's no longer sure /any/ of them are good enough for his offspring. The first offspring comes out bronze and suffused with pride himself Tyna opens his toothy muzzle in a long low growl of joy.

Exotic Spices of India Egg wiggles a little more in place from where it was before, straining against the creature inside so desperate to get out. Marks appear where there strain is greatest before it almost starts flaking from the pressure.

Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet senses Jayden looking at him.

Exotic Spices of India Egg trembles in place, shell flaking and fluttering to the ground to lie in dustings of gold upon the black waves of diamond sand. The undulations of the newly stretched surface continue in an almost hypnotic manner, until an elegantly appointed nose forces its way clear, accompanied by a startlingly dramatic crack as the shell succumbs to the assault from within. With a sweep of newly visible talons, the egg parts completely, as if rent in twain by some mystical force, and reveals a stately, if somewhat damp, Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet.

Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet

Rich shades of soil encompass this brown's towering and imposing form completely, intermingling to form fresh shades and fathoms of earthiness where they fuse. Pale coffee tones spill over an angular muzzle and face seemingly carved from the earth, so fine is their detail, before giving way to muddy colourings that diffuse over well built shoulders and stomach, sleek muscle visible beneath silky hide, finally darkening to almost midnight shades at sweeping wings. Woven into these depths of night, as if by unseen magic, tendrils of deepest aubergine thread their way across the tautly spread membrane, surfacing to form cryptic symbols of colour then disappearing from view once more in a ritualistic dance of hide and seek. Continuing the rhythmic flow of colours, cinnamon and chocolate mix and intermingle over powerful back legs, while hints of gold seep into the shade of a perfectly formed tail.

Rowann brightens immediately at the first cracking of the shells, "A bronze! 'Tis a good sign." Feet skim across the darkness beneath, her hand immediately reaching for Seffy's. The comfort she needed, "'Tis a lovely bronze, no?" But they /all/ say that. Her own true thoughts and opinions are kept well gaurded as she watches the the bronze make his first steps.

Fareia wiggles her fingers nervously, every nerve standing on end, as she stares at the hatchling. At least she doesn't have to worry about this one. Bronzes only impress /boys/. All the male candidates get a glance as she wonders who it might choose. "Wow. Wow. Oh, look! A brown!" Please excuse Farie for being incoherent. This is a bit nerve-wracking, no?

Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet stretches and eyes those white ones once more before being to stalk. Each individual candidate is eyed slowly and carefully as he sizes them up for their value and skill. He stretches his neck left and right, narrowing his eyes at a group of boys for a moment, looking for someone to challenge.

Kilbane catches his breath as the first dragonet bursts forth from his prison. Eyes afixed onto the iridescent hatchling, he tries to remember to blink. Bronze. The first dragon to hatch is a bronze. He taps Squaln lightly, his eyes not leaving the sight of the hatching. The cacophony of the draconic choir surrounds him and everyone else on the Sands in a heavy, pellucid shroud.

Kaslarna bounces as heat starts to penetrate her now bare feet. "Bronze for the boys." she notes, actually sounding calmer now, squeezing Jaydens hand harder as she speaks. "A brown!" is the next exclamation. "This is really happening." she mutters.

Oliana is taking in deep breaths of hot air. "I know, this heat!" she says distractedly, eyes fixated on the bronze hatchling. Before they're yanked over to a brown. "Another one! Already!" she gasps, clutching Sarah's hand spasmodically.

Serafa blinks as the first egg hatches. "Oooh a bronze, isnt he pretty?" She asks with large brown eyes. Her swaying increasing markedly as she trys to keep her feet from burning overly much. "Oh Rowann My egg hatched a brown, pretty little thing though isnt he?"

Kita directs her attention to the bronze as K'ven instructs, a slow smile moving across her face. "Yes indeed…a fine looking fellow that…be a good flier I think," she muses, observing his wingspan and muscles. Not that anyone could really tell at this early an age..Kita turns to search for Tez, and nods to the action. "That one'll keep us busy."

Lynsay covers her mouth with a free hand, finally finding a smile hidden deep in her nerves. "Bronze is a good sign, yes. Oh, look, brown." She straightens up a little, releasing her grip on Zella's arm a little, but not letting go, just yet. "He's cute."

Squaln glances at the brown as it hatches from it's egg and twitches while the bronze inspects them all for a brief moment. Kilbane is nudged too and he swallows the lump in his throat.. Such a handsome bronze he is..

Nyla's lips open a little at the two hatchlings, and she lets out a pained moan of the heat that's seething into her feet. Shifting her weight to the left foot for a moment, and using Teric as balance as her other leg is lifted, she keeps watch tentatively on the two males. "Dear." And she puts the foot down. Too hot.

Meral shuffles a bit…sands starting to cook his feet quite nicely. "Hmmm…a brown. Ooo..he is rather handsome, though." Eyes peer through the sea of white robes and steaming sands as he eyes the newcomers to the draconic world known as Pern.

Debajirin has his attention drawn, if only momentarily, from the bronze for the next rocking egg, and the hatchilng that tumbles out. A dull nod for the colour of the thing's muzzle, and he tilts his head for another angle before his attention twitches between bronze and brown. Chest expands in a steady breath, and he idly brings one foot up to press it against a leg, to relieve some of the heat in the sole.

Jayden is watching the bronze, but sees the brown out of the corner of hsi eyes. /Faranth/….they said it would happen fast. But not /this/ fast….he still eyes the bronze, biting his lower lip and clinging to Kas' hand. Faranth.

Isoldi divides her attention between the hatched bronze and the riot of color that is her favorite egg. Seeing it wobble, pale eyes seem to almost gain a little bit of color, an impression that's only heightened when the egg shatters and a brown tumbles out. "Lovely!" Just one of the adoring mob, she is. The adoring, suffering mob. Absently plucking at the robe that's all too quickly sweat-sticking to her skin, she tries to keep an eye on both hatchlings.

Sarah eyes. That dragonet is BIG. Shards. Good thing it's not for her, or she'd faint. And that wouldn't be good. Especially on hot sands. "That's a great sign!" she announces to all as she stares at the next hatchling. "Brown!" This is a good thing, except it's big too. Ooh shards. "It's so beautiful!" Sarah announces, entranced by the brown. "Browns are my favorite, but I'm also partial to blues..but look at that brown!" Oliana's hand is given a confident squeeze as she stares back out at the other faces on the sands, as well as those of the dragonets.

Ilara squeals, again. That seems to be the trend, today. "A brown!" Lar announces, just in case poor Yulianna next to her is blind and dumb. Well, it helps her nerves, besides, to keep talking and bouncing and being distracted. "Oh, shards, I can't believe it, this is going so fast…" Here she starts clinging to poor Yulianna, whether or not the girl is aware she is there. "They're so /huge/ too!"

Relian learns to breathe, somehow, and takes several deep breaths of air, almost choking on the sudden intake. "Rowann," he calls, suddenly finding something else to think about. "Take my free hand?" His eyes moves worriedly over the newly hatched dragons, bronze and brown, appraising without meaning to. "They both look…well, I don't know. Big."

Fareia sort of shudders, either from the heat or from nerves. "Browns are for boys, too, right?" A slightly nervous giggle and she stares at the brown, cocking a head sideways. He is rather adorable, for all his size though, right. But one glance around at Dhia and Tyna, reminds her to continue shaking and hopping from foot to foot.

Teric grins at Nyla again, his eyes flashing. But it's from pure excitement at the moment. "I can't believe I'm actually here!" he exclaims while simultaneously trying to keep his voice down. Basically a rather silly, strained sound. He does his best in offering some sort of support to Nyla, but his eyes are on the eggs and dragonets now…

Yulianna shifts from one foot to the other, a nervous glance tossed toward Debajirin, and otherwise she goes back to watching the eggs shattering one by one. Under her breath, she manages to murmur, "Oh Faranth, why can't they just /hatch/ an' get it over with?"

Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet steps out from the remains of his shell, stumbling awkwardly as his wings touch the sand. His nose nearly touching the black depths of the sand, he nearly spills onto his face when he sees something in the sands that makes him stop. What's that? A footprint! Gosh! This has to belong to someone, correct? But which one of the white-robed ones without wings does it belong to? This calls for some serious investigating.

Dhiammarath fans her wings slightly and croons to her newly hatched children. She seems neither surprised at who has come first, nor disapointed nor relieved. She simply watches like a benevolent matriarch.

Orbit hops, skips and jumps cheerfully out onto the sands.

Rowann grips the hand that she /hopes/ is Serafa's, the sweat already beginning to stream down her face, "Oh! Did too! I missed that one! Lovely for sure." She grins up at the girl next to her, turning only to search the sands for any sign of impression so far. The darling bronze and brown are given equal amounts of attention, the 'Reachian's gaze flurrying back and forth between them dizzily.

R'ley chuckles as Hannah's comment turns into reality, "Tynabith predicted the whole clutch would be bronze's and gold's, ohh a brown, just as good." he decides his tone as usual implying his opinion is the only correct one and don't you disagree.

Teza snorts softly, looping an arm through Kita's and blowing a kiss to the blue's up in the stands as she does so. "Lovely brown, there. Almost as charming as Djar," she teases lightly, before squinting at the bronze. "I bet he's a loud one. Seems awful, oh, I don't know, -something-, don't you think? Briganth says she doesn't think much of that bronze." Gossip, gossip. As if the poor little candidates weren't ready to faint between the heat and no-shoes.

Oliana smiles briefly as her hand is squeezed back, but her blue eyes are fixated on the brown and bronze, alternately. "I don't know what to watch, here!" she says, ignoring the heat to her chagrin. For in a moment, she starts and quickly begins the candidate shuffle. One foot up, then the other.

Jayden isn't exactly listening to anyone else, you see. He's /far/ too caught up in the dragonets…he watches them carefully, eyes bigger than ever before and jaw dropped to the floor. Beautiful dragons, both of them. Especially the bronze. Faranth. It's happening so…./fast/. Super fast. Eek.

Zella catches sight of the brown, holding her breath for a long moment. "This is really happening," she squeaks, attempting to straighten herself out. "Oh, I wonder who they will Impress to!" She bounces, catching herself before she trips into the sands, and shuffling aside a moment to glance towards the other candidates with a full smile.

Fitz gulps and looks up at the others. He didn't think they were that big. "Oh my…they're bigger than firelizards…"

Debajirin is rather surprised as his eyes rove briefly to Yulianna. Funny, that when he's witnessing the Hatchings of the most intriguing beings on Pern, and he'd look her way. He inclines his head to her to suffice whatever he's looking at her for, maybe cause she's looking at him, and then his head turns slowly to the magnificence that's shattering from within those Eggs.

Meral looks down at whatever caught the eyes of the brown dragonet, then looks at his feet. Nope. Doesn't look quite right, does it? He's not sure, but instead fixates his own orbs upon the hatchlings as they stumble about. Silently, he wonders which will be the first to choose, and who. Perhaps Deba? Or Kilbane? Or even Squaln? Or…maybe…the Mer himself?

Nyla is shivering. But she's not cold. Just… nervous. Teric gets an amiable, however wry smile, though wan eyes once again move to the eggs, the hatchlings, and the candidates. "They're… Faranth, they're astonishing." Her voice is riddled with tremors, and she swallows again, clutching onto Relian and Teric like a mother to her children.

Kaslarna does the hot foot candie dance "Dragons and eggs, dragons and eggs." Kaslarna mutters like a mantra, bouncing with each repeat. "Nice dragons." Incoherant candie. Kaslarna manages to give a shaky smile to her hand holders.

Squaln nudges Kilbane again as the bronze stalks by them both in a haughty manner. The lad blinks and watches the other eggs for a moment exhales slowly. He almost forgot to /breathe/. Easy Sqa… This all happening so fast, so quick. Eek.

Fareia watches the brown look down , and glances down herself. The bronze is disregarded, as only the boys have to worry about bronzes. "Wow. He's big." She hops back slightly to stare at her foot print, then squints to try ant see the one the dragon's looking at. "At least…" she starts, but the words get lost in her mouth and she starts again,"At least we won't have to do chorses anymore, right?" A nervous giggle and she continues to gape.

Sarah watches the dragonets move with a sparkle of awe in her eyes. "That brown is sooo adorable! Look at him move!" Sarah is now dropping the charade of being calm and unexcited, her usual manner. She is now Sarah the candidate, who now feels like melting into the sands. "It feels like there are firelizards in my stomach!" she says to Oliana and winks. Green eyes glimmer in her excitedness as she hops back and forth with Oliana.

Relian's feet hurt. That much is evident from his expression, and the way he attempts to lift one up from the sand and hold it there, and then let it down again, to try the other. He wobbles, but holds on, setting both back down firmly upon the hot, dark sand. "They are," he agrees, Nyla's comment striking a chord. "I mean…I didn't imagine it'd be like this."

Isoldi leans to one side and then the other as the foot cooling process continues. To Yulianna, she notes, "If they all hatched at once, it'd be even worse chaos. Trade off in extended pain versus possible hazard, I suppose." This'd be a more impressive assessment if she weren't grinning like a fool as she makes it, of course. Pay the silly Pale One no heed. Back to hatchling ogling for her.

Biting Autumn Morning Egg moves just a little as it's not quite time again.

Tynabith echo's Dhiammarath's wing waving, stretching his own pinions out with another rumble of welcome to the newly hatched brown. As egg's shatter more quickly he give's up on vocalizing his welcome to each and every dragonet he sired. In a quick burst of happiness he affectionatly nuzzles the golden clutch mother's neck.

Kilbane lies in a deadened state of being, everything else blotted out of his mind. The roar from the galleries lowers to a dull throb, the sizzling sand under his feet lose their edge and even the hymns of dragons forfeit their potency. The world goes by in a haze, as if a plume of vapor has decided to mask the miraculous births.

Kita gives Teza's arm a little jerk in response to her blowing a kiss. "Don't encourage them!" she hisses between clenched teeth, trying her best to remain focused on what is happening and looks very…professional. Her eyes soften as she finally tears her gaze from the bronze and alight upon the brown. "Oh," she whispers, totally enraptured, and falls silent for a moment. "Kind of brings back a few memories, doesn't it?" she asks Teza, turning her head to speal quietly.

Heady Incense Egg wiggles quietly on the sands, biding it's time, for now.

Serafa trembles ever so slightly and clings to Rowann "They are pretty arent they?" She repeats again, her mind is in a loop, stare at the dragonets, stare at the eggs, hop, cling, comment on thier prettyness and start all over again.

Ilara is shaking uncontrollably, but she doesn't really notice. Its taking all her willpower to remain on her feet right now — and it doesn't help that her feet are very uncomfortably hot. "I'm getting blisters," she mutters to herself, attempting to keep herself distracted. "Oh, I hope they choose soon… why is it taking so long…? Look at that great bronze, and the brown! Ohh, come on you guys…" Yes, she's babbling at this point. It happens.

Fareia continues to take deep breaths, trying to turn the movement back down from a blur. Calm. be calm. SHe must've taken a meditation class at some point, right? The candie girl just continues to rock back and forth on her heels, staring at the duo of hatchlings and trying to stay /calm/. "Okay. There's nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about," she murmurs quietly to herself.

Oliana nods. "Adorable, yes. Firelizards? Most certainly! A whole fair of them," she warbles nervously as if those said 'lizards were flying up her throat, too. She takes a deep breath and blinks rapidly along with some more foot shuffling. "Very quick, isn't it? Some are wiggling again!" Meaning eggs, most likely.

Lynsay finally releases Zella, some of the nervousness finally disappearing from her. Instead, she focuses on her feet, trying to figure out a way to keep them from burning -too- badly. "Gorgeous… both of them… and big…" She shudders a little at the mention of size, despite the fact she herself said it.

Nyla swallows again. It'd would seem to have become a habit by now, something she simply cannot stop doing. Tugging on one side of her, be it the hand of Relian or Teric, the girl shuffles in her spot, sweat beading on her temples and tracing her cheek down to drip off her chin. "I know, Relian. I had no idea."

Teza's gaze softens, on cue, until usually impish dark orbs are a puddle of fawn brown -love-. "Yah," she murmurs quietly, watching a smaller green shatter her way out of her shell with an ear-piercing creel nearby. Cue the further melting. "Aww! That's just what Briganth did when she hatched!" Yes, that. Try and rupture the eardrums of everyone in hearing distance.

Fitz wipes some perspiration from his forehead and continues his little march from one foot to the other. He mutters to himself, but doesn't say anything coherent, just concentrates on not melting until the hatchlings have chosen their mates. But it's so /hot/…

Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet stumbles up to the closest white robed figure to him, examining the male's feet carefully. No. His weren't the feet that made his curious footprint - too wide. He turns quickly away from the candidate, almost overbalancing and knocking himself to the ground with his spinning movement. What about this blonde girl? No. Not her feet either. Far too delicate. Still, he briefly eyes the girl before moving on, looking for new feet of the candidate variety.

Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet :'s eyes blink open as a rumble in his stomache catches him by surprise. He grumbles a little louder than his stomache and almost glares at the candidates. Some how he knew one of them was responcible for fixing the hunger in his belly. He just had to find one. The bronze's jaw clamps itself shut in determination as he narrows his eyes looking for someone good enough, strong enough.. brave enough, or is it just tasty enough to be claimed.

Jayden's eyes move from the bronze briefly as he sees his favorite egg wiggling. Eek. Eyes then moved back to the bronze, biting his lower lip, and hard. This is /scarrry/. And overwhelming. And exhilirating, all at once. But mostly scary. Faranth, Faranth, great Faranth…

Hannah watches the little bronze anxiously, wondering just who he'll pair off with. "Love. He is beautiful, isn't he?" is asked of her lifemate before her eyes turn to the newest hatched. "A Brown!"

Squaln can feel no pain in his bare feet from standing on the scorching hot Sands. The lad swallows another lump in his throat and elbows Kilbane yet again on the arm. He blinks. It's all happening so quickly to him.. everything seems like a blur.. His feet are ignore for now.

Yulianna notices the green that Teza is watching burst out of her shell, and she freezes in her shifting from foot to foot, and stares, wide-eyed at the creature. "/She's/ pretty." is muttered under Yuli's breath. She could be a greenrider, right? Her hands clasp back together and she /watches/ the hatchling…

Debajirin smiles slowly. Now there's some more movement. Another egg, it would seem. He remembers that one. Odd egg, that Incense Egg. He'd liked it well enough… Eyes flit back to the brown while one foot is resettled so the other can be lifted and transfer it's temperature to the leg again. "And so this is how they decide?" is mused over the brown and his feet inspections. Interesting, is that.

Teric squeezes Nyla's hand for a moment, since his other seems to be free now, and just bounces on the balls of his feet, eyes still gleaming as a broad, excited grin all but splits his face. No conversation. Eggs. Attention span? Right. Dragonets!

Fareia is coming very close to biting her lip off here, chewing on a lip and wiggling her free fingers to try and wave away some of the anxiety. "Sorry if I cut off your circulation, Kas." Once again, her own feet get a glance, one still sort of covered in fingerroot cake. She lifts a foot to sort of rub away the cake, maybe so her feet look more appealing? That's an interesting concept. Appealing feet.

Relian's hand is left free, and with this he attempts to rub sand off of his foot, whilst still remaining standing - which is a little too much for his nerves. He gives up, grabbing even tighter to Nyla's hand, attempting to toss his hair away from his face. "I want to be sick," he decides, amiably. "But I'll try not do it on you."

Dhiammarath croons reasuringly, this time to Hannah. All is well, she turns her gaze back to the scene before her, this time the candidates themselves, studdying their reactions. Would they be acceptable? Worthy is no longer a consideration. It is no longer for her to determine worth.

Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet senses Zizth looking at him.

Zella tightens her own grip around her sandals, giving the golden mother of the clutch a quick look. The thought of placing the footwear back on crosses her mind, and yet she isn't quite sure. "If a dragonet doesn't maul me, I'm sure that the sands will burn me alive," she mumbles, glancing towards Lynsay.

Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet senses Zizth looking at him.

Yla fingers the skin of water held clutched tightly in her hands. Certainly, she despises being on these sands she had to be cajoled and bribed into coming, but now she's here, she's certainly enthusiastic about the goings on. "Where are all the greens?" she demands, of anyone who'll listen, and anyone who won't. "Too many males." she huffs. Don't tell her she put these pretty green ribbons in her hair, and they haven't got any greens yet.

Oliana shakes her head a bit at the bronze. "He looks…I don't know. I'm going to keep an eye out for him—" and then she sees the brown whirl. "Well. Looks like I'll have to watch out for both! They're…I don't know." She swallows. "Sharp claws being what they are…" She brushes unnecessarily at her hair.

Kilbane slowly, gently raises his hand to bead the sweat forming on his brow. The heat from the chamber and the liquid force of anticipation taking their toll. "I'd say this Hatching is looking well, don't you?" His tone comes out in a hushed, raspy tone. Daring not to move, lest the dragonets be frightened away, he freezes in motion. So austere for such an occasion, but his humor and buoyancy have little effect here.

Meral simply continues to shift from one foot to the other, chekcing his feet occasionally. "Faranth if these will turn into cooked meat themselves. I should simply just wave a foot around and see which dragonet takes the bait." Erm. Then again. Maybe not. That would hurt. Meral continues to watch the dragonets stumble about. Hard to do when feet are on fire.

Kaslarna bounces on hot feet "I'll be cutting your circulation off as well Far." she comments, before giving a smile to the brown and his investigation of feet. Head is shaken, ribbons bouncing as Kas tries to come to terms with the fact that she is here.

Sarah looks around as she eyes the brown curiously, jumping up and down on her feet because the sand is soo sharding hot. "Look, he seems to be examining feet," she murmurs to Oliana and giggles as she turns to find Lynsay. Kilbane is given a wink as well as she turns to watch the dragons move along the sands.

Lynsay nods to Zella, eyes wide with a mix of awe, and curiosity. "Yup, me too." She agrees, eyes passing from the bronze, to brown, to wiggling eggs.

Nyla winces at Relian. "Uhm." Shivering limbs are moved a bit, as the girl glances sidelong tentatively, to throw the view of two wan green eyes onto these spirited dragonets. "I have this massive lump in my throat, Teric."

Squaln nods to Kilbane and eyes the dragonets as well. This is certainly interesting enough to watch and grasp. "Yep. Sure is." is replied to his fellow candidate. "How's your feet holding out?" Grin.

R'ley turns his lasor bright gaze on the male candidate's as if appraising which one could possibly have the potential to forever bond with that first hatched bronze. "Of course he's beautiful." R'ley states back to Hannah, "They all are, even that one." he gestures to a gangly brown with a hide the color of dirty laundry water that at that moment bonds forever with a blond haired blue eyed dashing Igen boy.

Ilara titters from foot to foot. "They're so huge. I wonder who the bronze will pick? I hope he does so soon! … Feet?" Sarah's comment draws Ilara's attention down to her own feet, briefly, before shrugging quietly. Dragon hatchlings are odd. The wiggling eggs are eyed speculatively, but her gaze gravitates back to the hatchlings against her own will.

Teric shifts now, lifting first one sandal, then the other, shaking some of that burning hot sand off with the little thought he can spare the process. "Come on, he's gotta choose soon," he mutters. "This suspense is goin' ta kill me." He reaches out to give Nyla a quick one-arms hug around her shoulders then returns to holding her sand. "Soon, Nyla… soon."

Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet senses Teric looking at him.

Fitz flutters, looking as brave as he can for being scared out of his wits. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes for a moment, then finds a new spot to stand, trying to cool his feet as best he can.

Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet turns ubruptly and eyes more of the candidates. The hunger inside him starting to make him a little more desperate. None of these white clad once would do. they were too scrawny, shaky and well, thin. He continues to stalk around the group of them near by, raising his head to spy more candidates through the front line of them. There had to be more suitable candidates somewhere.

Hannah wrinkles her nose, muttering, "Now that one must have been influenced by the illness.." Imagine, the color of dirty laundry! The gold egg is eyed, though as yet, it remains still. "R'ley, has the bronze chosen yet?"

Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet senses Teric looking at him.

Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet is seeming to be getting confused by all these feet. They all look so alike… and yet they are subtlely different. It would take a skilled investigator to discern the differences between them all, and he is nothing if not that. But what's that? Something seems to have caught his eye… and it's coming from over… there! And soon the hatchling is stumbling over towards some excited looking (but aren't they all) candidates a little way distant from him.

Isoldi is far too busy keeping her feet from singing into blackened stumps to worry about showing them off to best advantage for the brown. She does however find his inspection of everyone's tootsies rather amusing. Grin gets ever larger while gaze settles on the brown, before it skitters over to quickly check on the bronze's position. Wouldn't do to be mauled for not getting out of the way, after all.

Oliana blinks. "Feet? I guess so…is that common?" the holdbred girl wonders, a little clueless when it comes to /this/ particular venue and theme of events. She shifts and hobbles about in place, her face contorting into a wince occasionally as the sand rearranges itself to cover her feet. "Hot hot hot," she mumbles, eyes following the brown, now.

Zella glances from one to the other, her eyes only returning to the eggs every so often. "And Faranth do they take their time in finding a lifemate." She fumbles with a sandal, twisting it tightly and then releasing it. "I'll bet that a candidate will pass out from this heat before one of them Impresses."

Yulianna grimaces a little with disappointment as the little green heads in the opposite direction from her and sighs, murmuring something about should have made a bet… She shifts from one foot to the other again, not really so much because of the heat, but for the same reason that her hands are wringing each other red.

Relian somehow finds it within his capabilities to grin in response to Nyla, promising once more, "I won't, I promise. Just let me turn the other way." Thankfully, he has the capacity to avoid throwing up, as well, and instead seeks out the dragonets once more to watch with wary interest, breathing going heavy and sharp.

Jayden is still watching the dragonets, rocking back and forth on his heels as he clutches Kaslarna's hand. Still. Yes, the tough-guy 'phincrafter is pathetically clinging. And the suspense…the suspense is horrid. Absolutely horrid. And overwhelming. Very overwhelming. Eyes dart back and forth about the dragonets as he trembles. Yes, he's trembling now. So much for thinking he might not be scared on the sands….

Meral thinks about sitting for a bit, but then thinks twice. Burnt bum versus burnt feet. Prefer the feet. He thinks, anyways. Eyes roll laconically over the other candidates, sizing them up a bit, before focusing his gaze back upon the reason why he's here. Dragonets. Impression. A little smile tugs his lips upwards at the thought of it!

Fareia gives a shaky smile to Kas as she squeezes the other girl's hand yet still harder. "Why can't we wear sandals?" she whines quietly to herself as she continues to perform the 'hot foot' dance on the sands, bouncing up and down from foot to foot. "Goodness, this sand is hot. Why can't dragon's hatch in cold sand?" she continues to think aloud, as it might calm her down. Farie's hair is beginning to frizz already with all the heat, her braid going to shambles as hairs poke out of it. But she's not exactly worrying about her hair right now.

Debajirin moves a gaze from brown to bronze, shaking his head over this one. Indecisive, is he? Nose is wrinkled at the prospect, and head tilted to the left, and feet shifted once more. With what isn't quite a yawn, he hooks his thumbs around the thin strip of material tying his robe to him, and shakes his head. No, watching this has him near fainting. And that's not good.

Rowann just watches on, squeezing Seff's hand unbearably hard. She winces as the sand's heat begins to take it's toll. Eyes drift sandwards, looking at the blisters that have already appeared. Shocking. "Oh! look! That one moved too! Oh!" She's excited. Who cares about feet?

Nyla's head jerks in the direction of the brown. "Rel! Teric! Look! Look!" Weaver-candidate hops up and down, strands of ash-blonde hair falling from her plait. "I think he's going to choose!" Eyes twinkle as they momentarily flit to the bronze. "And he's being skeptical, ain't he?"

Kilbane spares a gaze towards his friend from High Reaches. "I think the heat is travelling through the layers of skin too quick for my taste, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?" The advice dulely applies here as well. Lowering his arm with a gradual descent, his myna eyes regard the diameter of the Sands in an effort to pinpoint someone he knows. Alas, his parents would never be there, but he cares not of them anyway.

Lynsay shrugs slightly, grinning and answering, despite the fact she's not even looking at Zella. "I don't think so. Although maybe…" She fans at her face briefly, gathering her hair into a hand-held ponytail.

Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet takes a few more awkward steps towards the white-clad individuals, sniffing them with distinct petulance. They're no good, none of them. But wait, there's a few more he's yet to make an attempted selection for. Hunger is more than overwhelming at this point, thus resulting in a quickened paced trot across the blacksands until he stops just in front of a small group of young men. A head-bang here, a tail lash there, and voila, there leads a path to a sole individual. This one seems just about right, though there's something peculiar about him… perhaps he's not meant to be eaten, but rather, for companionship. Alas, he has chosen what he had been looking for all along, Kilbane.

Sarah blinks as her eyes flicker from bronze to brown in a quick glance, hoping that her own feet don't turn into black stubs. "Oliana, remind me to never-ever go bare-footed anywhere." Green eyes flash in amusement as she laughs lightly. "I'm trying to keep in good sprits," she explains and winks. Yes, and it's rather unsuccessful, isn't it?

Kaslarna is trying to keep her gaze on all of the newly hatched, but keeps failing. "Jay, warn me if one heads this way?" she asks "Just so I cen get out of their way." And candidate wiggles again on the sands, seeing if standing on one foot will help "They like to see us dance?" she suggests to Fareia as an explanation for the sudden lack of sandals.

Heavenly Frankincense Egg shifts in the sands, rolling back and forth a few times. Time to hatch? Nah. It's too early to get out, definitely. Who wants to leave a warm shell anyway? Back to sleep… though it's hard with all the noise about. Shards.

Dhiammarath croons enocuragement to the brown as he seems to have found what he's looking for, then returns her attention to the bronze. But one of her two guarded eggs moved. She doesn't quite whirl, she's too big for that, but she does crain around to see what they're up to.

Squaln shifts his weight from foot to foot as he tries to block out most of the pain in his feet. Eek. But! He's not complaining in the slightest. "Yeah." he replies to Kilbane. "This ought to interesting tomorrow morning when we have blisters up the wahh zing." Dance. Shift.

R'ley glance's to his dragon whose huge faceted eyes watch every dragonet hatch and wander about almost obsessivly. Glancing where his bond instructs R'ley shakes his head, "Not yet, I'm sure he's just looking for the perfect match." his tone suggests he doubts anyone could be perfect enough. Then just as he finish's his sentance the bronze stops infront of Kilbane. R'ley gives a loud whooop of congradulations echo'd by his dragons quick trumpet.

Serafa bounces and winces a little, but whether or not that is because Rowann just killed all feeling in her hand, or the heat of the sands baking her feet is uncertain. Pushing sweat socked locks from her forehead she concentrates upon the dragonets, watching them with wary eyes.

Oliana points. "Was that? YES! Did you see that Sarah?!" Oliana chirrips, bouncing a bit in her spot as she points to the bronze impression.

Yulianna notices the egg colored like Frankincense shift, but her eyes are quickly pulled away as she realizes there's a major commotion and she turns to see Kilbane and the bronze impressing one another. She does the only thing she can reasonably do—chews her lower lip. Eee!

Relian's head shoots up, at Nyla's excited comments - and then misses Kilbane's Impression entirely. There's too much going on upon the sands for him to see it all, and thus, his attention is upon the brown, and Nyla's comment is responded to with a broad nod. "I guess so. G'luck."

Heady Incense Egg trembles as cracks appear, marring the dark patterns that envelope it's shell. First, a single shell shard flakes off to drift onto the sands, then another joins, before yet another. Within seconds, a torrent of shell shards falls to the sands in a spiral from the top of the shell revealing it's occupant to the world.

Born of Sun and Flame Bronze Dragonet

Flames lick up along a sinuous neck to wrap about headknobs, the ruddy color fading into the dying embers of the darkly bronzed hide that cloaks the body, fore- and hindquarters. Faded light gleams along wingspars before flaring to blazing luminance on flamboyantly rust-hued wingsails. Wingsails are the only site of perfectly in-the-lines coloring; elsewhere the smoldering darkness blazes to life in brief stretches of brassy imperfection. Even if at a distance mistaken for a brown due to the slight, for a bronze, form and dark hue, closer inspection proves that a metallic fire burns yet in the soft hide, a luster well hidden.

Hannah gasps, "It impressed!" She moves to her lifemate, leaning against one soft leg. She listens for name of the bronze, watching Kilbane's face for his expression. R'ley is turned to, smiling, "Seems he made his choice, eh?"

Teric really does bounce now, one hand shooting into the air as he simply can't hold back a whoop! for Kilbane. "Congratulations, Kilbane!" he calls out, nudging Nyla in the meantime. "See? All the cute ones go to bronzes."

Lynsay bounces slightly, clapping loudly for Kilbane. "Yeah!" She calles, bright smile lighting up her face. Newest bronze is eyed carefully, head tilting slightly. "Wow."

« You sense that Dhiammarath falls asleep. »

Meral shouts out a "Congrats Kilbane!!," truthfully happy with the dragonet's choices. As long as there's some left for him, that is. MWah. Meral returns his gaze to the sands, then grins as another bronze makes his appearance in a shattering of eggshell. "Oooo…handsome one, aren't ya?"

Kaslarna eeks and mouth drops in suprise "Bane!" she shrieks at the top of her voice in suprise, before wincing at the volume "Congrats! What's his name!" she calls at a slightly better volume, squeezing hands tightly. Then "Another bronze!" Loud Kaslarna.

Rowann calls out a loud congratulation! A /very/ loud one! "Congrats Bane!! You go hon!" She's bordering on yelling something innapropriate, but saves it for later. She relaxes her grip upon poor Seffy's hand, grinning all the while.

Isoldi tries to stretch her neck enough to gain a glimpse of just who's causing all the fuss. Someone Impressed, shardit, and she wants to see who. A name shouted nearby clues the young woman in and her voice joins the chorus of congratulations for Kilbane. "Good choice," she notes to herself. The heat has obviously driven her into a precarious mental state, to be talking to herself like that. But who'll notice in this mess.

Debajirin has turned back to the bronze in time for his jaw to drop, and a grin to form. So, that Kilbane then. Worked in the kitchens once with him. Good for him. A nod to the newly Impressed, and he's back to watching the bronze. Not that he's not enthralled, just that he's detached enough not to think to say anything. But what of that brown now? Oh, and another bronze! Ooh, a nice one too, look at him.

Sarah finds that there happens to be a rather large bronze dragon in front of Kilbane-love. "Kilbane!" she cries and calmly prays that she won't run over and hug him. A single tear of happiness runs down her face. So much for calm, eh Sarah? "Congrats!" she calls over to her beloved friend. Turning her head back to the newly hatched—what's that? Another bronze? "He's handsome."

Fareia isn't really watching the bronze dragon, most of her attention focused on the brown. "Impressed? Wha?" she asks, rather confused and quickly switches her gaze to Kilbane. "Oh! Oh! Kilbane impressed!" A large grin goes to Kilbane and she shakes Kaslarna's hand excitedly,"Kilbane Impressed," is all she can say, hoping up and down to see Bane better and to here his dragon's name, also to stay off those horribly hot sands.

Squaln is tempted to scream as his best friend Impresses bronze right away! The bronze dragonet lay right at their feet and he gapes, in shock, at them both. "Congrats Kilbane!" is squeaked. He just might faint…

Nyla blinks, head jerking again. "Kilbane? He just…" Oh, he did. "Kilbane? Faranth! Congratulations!" The girl lifts her hand from Teric's grasp and waves it for a bit, like an upside down pendulum, in the air. But it drops back to his hand, and the girl simply bubbles. "Wow! Woah!" Nodnod. "Absolutely true, Ter." Either male 'side her gets a nudge. "Good luck." For what it's worth.

Ilara gives a a girly shriek, shouting Kilbane's name across the sands. She claps wildly and alternatly flails her arms, still bouncing up and down to keep her feet off the hoddibly hot black sand. "Oh, yay, one of them chose! This is great!" She's stopped thinking about the fact that /she's/ here to maybe get chosen as well.

Oliana points. "Look there! Another bronze!" cries Oliana to Sarah, as if she couldn't see. The rush of nervousness is still upon her, but now it's coupled with impressive waves of excitement as friends begin impressing.

Yulianna watches another bronze burst from it's shell…and oogles his colors for a moment. Maybe she could impress a bronze! Oh…maybe not. Never the less, she watches the hatchling with no small amount of interest. Good coloration always /did/ catch her attention…especially metal colors. And marks.

Jayden looks towards Kilbane, grinning as he Impresses. "Kilbane! Congratulations!" His attention is taken back to the eggs, however, when /his/ favorite egg hatches. A bronze. Oh Faranth. A beautiful bronze. Faranth. Faranth. Faranth.

Zella blinks, and begins her bouncing once again. "Congratulations Kilbane!" She calls out to a fellow candidate, and new bronzerider. However, her eyes have already traveled to the new dragonet on the sands… Another bronze. "Oh look!" She nudges Lynsay, a bright grin once again on her face.

Serafa bounces and hugs Rowann, because she is closer than Kilbane "COngratulations Bane! He's a beauty" She says warmly before resumming her previous activites of hopping ans staring.

Fitz looks shocked for a moment, then grins. "Woah!" but then his eyes land on the new bronze dragonet. Shaking his head so as not to stare he lets his dark eyes glance over the other eggs, lingering on the gold for a moment, then traces the tracks in the sand back to the newest hatchlings.

Rowann spies a bronze! Another bronze in fact! She eyes it with envy, "That one is beautiful… Who'll it go to?" Her eyes briefly search the candidates, but she turns up with nothig. It is all so fast! Her arms reach around Serafa for a little, and she releases the girl only to turn to the sands with a tear sparkling in her eye. Aww.

Born of Sun and Flame Bronze Dragonet shakes his head a moment, before lunging out of egg shards into a group of white clad candidates, stumbling about whilst looking for.. something. What it is that something is, he has yet to find.

Born of Sun and Flame Bronze Dragonet senses Zizth looking at him.

Kilbane squints as if to verify the dragon in front of him, his eyes meeting the occulars of his dragon. With a face beaming with a golden radiance, he screams to those, "Aboleoth. Aboleoth!" A single tear is shed, out of the emotion of gratitude and awe. This moment is theirs now, but the spotlight will soon be shared. "Thank you, all.." Comes out with a grin the size of Pern.

K'ven steps forward to turn a smile on Kilbane as the bronze, the first dragon hatched, finally chooses his partner. It seems to signal a flurry of movement among the others as a blue impresses to a shy lad, and he directs one of the others to take care of the newly named Shyth and B'oy as he goes to the newest bronzerider. "Well, son, let's get over here so that you can fill that stomach of his, eh?"

Fareia emits a slight giggle as some of her nerves start to drain away. "Oh look, another bronze," she points out dumbly, staring at the next bronze then turning her head back towards the brown. "Wow. Two bronzes /already/. Good clutch, hm?" Casual conversation on the sands is hard to manage. One must commend the Farie.

R'ley beams down at Hannah, in happiness that uptight better then everyone look disapears replaced by an actual friendly grin and glittering eyes to match. "He made a very good choice as well, thats a fine young man." this observation is gleened from a half hour spent racing the boy up a cliff. "Aboleoth aye? Fine name, he'll make a good rider." his voice drips with pride.

Impossibly Improbable Brown Dragonet continues his investigations with such care and precision, you'd think the fate of Pern rested on what he uncovers in this careful inspection of the candidates. A blonde girl, hands wringing the hem of her gown, is dismissed after meticulous contemplation of her sandal-bound toes, and he moves onwards, scouring the sandy grounds for more feet that might hold the answer he seeks. Eventually, he comes across a pair that cause him to tilt his head up, up, up and look straight into the face of a certain female candidate. He eyes her speculatively. Yes her feet might fit the prints he saw in the sand. One has to wonder if he's about to invite her to come investigating with him, as he creels out stridently towards his chosen sidekick: Kaslarna.

Hannah nibbles her lip until Kilbane announces the name of his new lifemate, "Ooh, nice name." Yet before those words can even leave her lips, she notices Kaslarna peering into the eyes of a brown. "Another one." Poor K'ven's going to be doing laps across the sands.

Lynsay cheers again, this time for Kaslarna. "Yay! The newest bronze is really pretty." She comments to Zella, watching all the action with still-wide, curious eyes. "They're all pretty though, definatly."

Jayden's eyes are locked on the youngest bronze. Faranth, he's /so/ beautiful… Eyes are removed as his hand-holding partner Impresses, however. "Kas!!!!! Congrats!!!!!" And a brown, a beautiful brown. Then his eyes move back to the bronze, again. Faranth.

Squaln hears of another Impression and turns towards Kaslarna in a hurry. "Congrats!" is yelled over to her and a wink is given as well. He then tries not to panic when Kilbane is lead off the Sands and he's now standing by himself. Alone. Very alone. With no more moral support coming from his best friend.. who's now a /dragonrider/..

Oliana is nearby to this last impression, and quickly covers her mouth with one hand as she watches the brown pay particular attention to Kaslarna. "Oh! Kas!" she breaths, dropping her hand after wiping at her sweating forehead. Her feet are not neglected, but now it's more as if she's shifting with excitement rather than due to heat.

Kita sighs softly, her arm unconciously tightening a little on Teza's as the brown Impresses to Kaslarna. "Oh," is all she says, and quiet "congratulations, Kaslarna…"

Serafa hugs Rowann once more as the dragonet makes his choice. "Congratulations Kassie!" She wails as she lets Rowann go once more. Standing with one foot on top of the other she leans on her fellow candidate giving at least one foot respite from the heat of the sands

Relian catches the exclamations of his fellow candidates, his mouth widening into an 'o' as Kilbane Impresses. "Faranth's nasal passages," he whispers, the brown's Impression caught from the corner of his eye, Kaslarna's lifemate delighting his face into a brilliant smile. "Oh, Kaslarna!" Hot. Heat. He winces.

Debajirin ahs. There's the brown now. Found someone, has he? And oh, it's the girl who he helped with hair riboons. At a time like this, it's all related to him now. But Kaslarna actually gets a smile turned on her, and the newly-named B'oy a blink before the Candied Fisherman is, once again, staring at those eggs. And not even the dragonets anymore. Back to his preferred now. For he is selfish, and that's what matters, in the end.

Kaslarna just stares as the brown comes to a halt before her. "Xylyth." she mutters, releasing the hands she is holding to drop to the sands, hands now encircling the brown. "Xylyth." she mutters again.

Meral whoots and hollars a congratulations out to Kaslarna. "Nice going Kas!" He can't help but beam now, as his fellow Candidates are IMpressing left and right. Still, his eyes turn back to that gorgeous bronze out on the sands. Which, he's reminded, are quite hot.

Sarah beams brightly as she eyes the brown move over to Kaslarna. "KAS!" she calls loudly and claps brightly for her friend and sidekick as well. "Oh Kas, he's gorgious!" Sarah calls out and squeezes Oliana's hand harder than before. "Kas impressed!" she squeals to Bakerlet friend. Eyes flicker to the bronze and then to her favorite egg; The Bakery Fragrance Egg. It hasn't moved yet, or she hasn't noticed. Le sigh. "Lovely name Kilbane!" she calls and blows him a kiss, whilst clapping for Kaslarna.

Heavenly Frankincense Egg starts shaking… slowly at first, but within just a moment's time, the vibrations from within become so strong that an eruption of egg shards occurs, the shards so fine they glitter the blackened sands beneath like snowfall. One talon begins scratching away the remaining shell until the small form emerges with all anticipation, his eyes viewing the stands at first with mere curiosity before attention is brought to the multitude of white clad individuals. One shudder later, he's bounding across the sands on unsteady legs towards the brightness. He's not wasting any time!

Flame of the Forge Bronze Dragonet

Molten erupting rock cascades down craggy neckridges along this bronze's spine. The fiery red and orange mingles with blackened midnight char that traces its way down his shoulders like lava filling ridges and common trences. Lava streams down, burning rivers and lakes along his flanks and pooling into a leading edge of bright fire down his underbelly. Peaks of a deeper, earthy hue lay beside the volcanic explosion of colors, with glistening metallic soil gird his strong legs and ebon claws. His wings are transparent, yet tinged with the slightest hints of bronzen-ash and glittery speckles while sails are disproportioned to his sinewy compact body. Orbs radiate luminescence even in the depths of darkness, set parallel to a platinum muzzle 'neath deep, creviced eye ridges.

Teza grins and lays a hand over Kita's, giving her a pat of her hand as she watches the green head straight for a rather brassy Harper girl. The greenrider laughs outright at that, pointing a finger for the other Firestormer's benefit. "Look at that, would ya? She's Teza. Jr., I'm telling you." A fond grin passes over her lips before she looks back up.

Somber Myrrh Egg quivers as fine lines on its surface soon turn to full jagged cracks. Those cracks splinter, weaving a pattern along the hardened shell until the structure can take no more, causing the brittle shell to fall away, leaving the new queen exposed. She throws her wings out to the side to rid herself of the egg fragments that cling to the wetness left behind by the egg. Wings then flap downwards, as if in an attempt to fly, causing her to stumble forward, nose first into the sand. As ungraceful as her first step is, Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet makes her first debut.

Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet

A fine coating of gold leaf washes from headknobs to neckridges, all but reaching out to capture and reflect light in and among the golden peaks and valleys. The satin-smooth hide is lent a falsely crinkled appearance by the shading and hue of the aureate coating, but touch proves it a lie. Fine metalwork traces along her nose, wraps about a strong, yet standard, neck to curl and dance down her spine to her tail; the fine filigree of color spreads out across her shoulders and flanks, catching the eye where the textbook average-ness of the body's size might not. The smooth sheen of polished gold melts away from the texture flanks to cascade along a her delicate underbelly and limbs, a faint gleam of lighter electrum. Expansive wings unfold from her shoulders like liquid metal; sisal-thin platinum shimmers between strong gold pinions, near transparent against her body. Sparkling orbs rest beneath golden eyeridges, fine and costly jewels set on the face of a priceless statue.

Kilbane swallows, his tongue still a helpless lump in his mouth. His eyes swivel to face K'ven as he nods dumbly. "He keeps telling me he's famished.." Turning to face his life mate, his face promptly melts into a pool of admiration. Kaslarna is nodded to, he now has a comrade in this ordeal.

Born of Sun and Flame Bronze Dragonet senses Jayden looking at him.

Fitz draws a deep breath. "That's three…" he breathes out, and wipes more sweat from his forhead with his lopsided sleeve. "Congratulations, guys…least you get to go soak your feet now.." he squints as he hops from foot to foot, then stills again, trying not to look too much like food. "They're all hatching!" he squeaks in delight, clapping his hands over his mouth and looking up at the person next to him. "Ee!"

Rowann screams as Kaslarna impresses, "Well done Kas! He's a beauty!!" She waits for a moment, waiting to see what name the brown has, "Serafa… it's happening way to fast.. She shuffles on her feet, looking upwards - which she seems to do a /lot/ now days. Ah… Another hug from Seff. She's so lucky!

Isoldi manages to actually see the brown's Impression, unlike the bronze's, and lets out a whoop of congratulations for Kaslarna. The heat almost seems unimportant now that the babies are choosing, although she does take care to continue that cooling shuffle lest blisters form before this is all over. But shuffling is something that can be done automatically, whereas rejoicing is done with conscious, cheerful approval before those wary eyes turn to make note of the other hatchlings. More! And more and more! "Eeeeeeee." If that doesn't sum up the sudden tumble of metallic hides on the sands, nothing will.

Fareia stares at the dragonet so near her feet and looks back and forth from it to Kasla, shaking her hand free of the other candies and hops up and down again. "Oh, Kas!" she almost shouts then remembers not to, and backs up to find another hand to hold, first one being…Teric, clinging on the other's hand like she did Kaslarna. A wide-eyed stare goes to the gold and she "ohs" softly. "The gold," she nearly whispers. And another bronze, but that one is once again sort of ignored.

Ilara drops her jaw, outright staring at Kaslarna. It takes her half a minute before she rejoices with a shriek and a whoop! for her fellow candidate— no, the new dragonrider! "Hooray Kaslarna!!" But she can't cheer too long — there's a new hatchling — and oh shards, its the /gold!/

Nyla blinks. "Kaslarna?" Teric and Relian both get a broad grin, as all other objects on the sands are ignored in favour of the girl watching her friend with glee. "Oh, Larna. We knew it.." Sigh. With a shuffle, the girl sinks her teeth into her bottom lip, her jaw dropping. "Faranth. The gold. And another bronze." And now her heart beats faster.

Zella congratulates Kaslarna from her own spot with Lynsay, bouncing for the new brownrider. "Oh, who will be the next to Impress now?" Curious eyes turn to the eggs and the dragonets on the sands, only to be caught by a sudden sight. Her nails dig into her sandal. "It's.. Gold. Look…" But it's not like she has much to say about the young queen, not even her eyes can be peeled from the sight.

Relian squeaks, as another bronze, and the gold, arrive upon the sand. "Oh boy. Good luck Nyla, and to you, Teric. Lots of bronzes in this clutch." His feet move up and down, his free hand attempting to wipe the sweat from his brow, as it drips down relentlessly. "Fardles, I don't like this. It's too—nervous-making."

Lynsay clips onto Zella's arm again, yelping softly. "Oh Faranth… it's the gold…. and she's gorgeous..!" Shaking again, all the nerves she managed to shake off before return to her.

R'ley follows Hannah's line of sight to Kaslarna and her new brown lifemate, "Good to see another girl on brown, never could see why it's so rare." his attention quickly shifts again as another bronze brakes shell. Pointing towards it R'ley exclaims, "Look, another bronze, perhaps Tyna should sire all the weyrs clutches?" at the compliment from his rider Tyna thrums even harder his huge body vibrating with pleasure. T

Yulianna all but flops on Ilara as she actually /sees/ Kaslarna impress, and squeals a little girlishly, then straightens up, serious again. "More bronze…lots of bronze." she murmurs, then spots a different color of marking…ahem. She drags on Ilara's hand, and points at the gold—then turns back to paying her attention to the bronzes…"Lots of metals!" Metal is good.

Squaln glances at the OO! So Hot n' Spicy Egg briefly and returns to gazing at the rest of the eggs and candidates. This is all happening so quickly. Then the gold is spotted and he almost chokes when he sees her. Eek? Beautiful golden queen.. Kilbane is watched and waved at.

Oliana doesn't seem to care that her hand is being squeezed, she's too busy sqeezing back! "Look! LOOK!" she says, pointing with a free hand. "A bronze and…GOLD!" Nervousness is wiped from her for all intensive purposes. Now she's just a bubbling girl, her usual prim and proper attitude left in the barracks, perhaps.

Yla takes a swig from her water skin, accidentally spilling some from her mouth and down her top in her haste. "There still aren't enough greens." She mutters, although the brown is rather pretty, in a… brown sorta way. Oh, ok. There's a green over there, impressing to some Southern girl, but still not nearly enough. Not nearly enough for Yla's liking. After all. Greens rule.

Dhiammarath shifts, watching her golden child hatch — who said she could, huh?? — while Hannah watches, mouth slightly ajar. "They hatched togther just as they were clutched together…" She's thrown back into her own days on the sands, waiting for that gold egg to hatch. Her eyes turn to look at the candidates, eyebrows raising. Who shall this pair choose?

Serafa gasps and her eyes bulge as the gold egg hatches, "Look Rowann the gold!" She breathes eagerly, watching the colours upon the hide. Both feet firmly planted in the sands as she becomes caught up in the Hatching.

Teric readily takes another hand as Fareia joins him. "Ah, an' now it's /your/ turn ta shine, girls," he quips ever so gallantly. But in the meantime his yes are glued to the bronze dragonets. And the eggs. Of course. But these others are moving already.

Jayden eeps as two more hatchlings emerge. "Another bronze! And the /gold!" At least he doesn't have to worry about the gold. But…his eyes dart back and forth among the dragonets. Faranth. Fast. Moving fast. Very fast. The first bronze…beautiful. Bronze. Yes, his thinking is more than slightly impaired at the moment.

Born of Sun and Flame Bronze Dragonet takes a quick peer up at a lass with carrot hair before moving quickly on, peering toward a vintner lad. Yet nothing within eye range appears to satisfy him, as he steps forward, moving on further into the crowd.

Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet awkwardly squeaks as she suddenly finds her vision full of sand, sand, and yes — more sand. Golden wings flutter, casting glimmers of light over the sands and into the galleries as she struggles to right herself, looking over her shoulder at her brother as the statue finally right's itself. Well now. Obviously imperfect, given her initial sprawl, she begins a search for that which will complete here, glancing once back at her mother gold and creeling brightly.

Meral erps…the gold queen has arrived. All bow down and honour. Actually, Mer thinks bowing wouldn't be that bad at the moment…bowing right onto his knees for complaints of his feet. Reaching around to grab his waterskin, he takes a long swig, then winces as Oliana screams "GOLD". Yes. It is. Purty one too. THough his eyes are on the bronze at the moment.

Rowann stares forth, eyes locking upon the emerging gold hatchlings, "Oh my, she is spectacular… Serafa?" She grips the hands beside her tighter, "Don't let go!!" She takes a deep breath, not looking away from the hatchling. The girl is indeed mesmorised. Don't let go!

R'ley catches a flash of gold out of the corner of one eye and snaps his head around to take in all of the golden beauty. "Ooooohhh" he purrs reverantly. Tynabith mimic's his rider gazing one mindedly at her. "She's a beauty!" he says with a sharp whistle of appreciation.

Sarah shakes slightly, "Gold!" she points to Oliana as she stands there, transfixed. "Oh shards, the gold. Wonder who she'll deem worthy, eh?" she asks and winks to Oliana, silently hoping it's not her. Looks are given to some of the other girls, wishing them luck as she stares at both metallics out at the same moment. Shards. And her eggs hasn't even budged yet. Sniffle. "Come on now," she calls to her egg, knowing it's useless. Oh well. "Come now, girls, I know you can do it." Ahh here's our calm and collected Sarah again.

Debajirin blinks away from the stiller eggs, sadly enough, but soon finds his eyes delighted with the bronze and gold. Metallic, seems the beginning of this hatching is destined to be. There are, what now, three un-Impressed metallic ones wandering around? Good, good… Quite a pretty one, the gold, though, he finds himself admitting, to his surprise, not his favourite. Well, let's not let /that/ fact get out, shall we?

Squaln stands alone as his heart beat quickens and throbs within his chest as he stares at more dragonets. This is such a rare moment and he starts to have memories of his previous Hatching. Then they stop. He shakes his head and tries to calm himself down, though his pulse quickens a great deal..

Fareia points to the gold, sort of staring at it,"She's really very pretty." And really sort of scary, too. A deep breath as she stares at the gold. /Her/ egg. The Fruit of the Loom egg gets aquick glance to see what's going on with it before she continues to stare at the gold. Girls ride golds. Farie's a girl. Oh my.

Flame of the Forge Bronze Dragonet is here, and everyone should know that! Forget the gold, he's bronze! Strutting his stuff about the sands, he eyes first the vast crowd in the sands and then the bound of white stuff. Better show off his stuff. Still-damp wings unfurl, giving a shake—and now it's time to hunt. Who's gonna feed him?

Nyla trembles, her bottom lip shaking. "By The Egg, is this clutch all metallic? Bar the brown?" Wan eyes widen as the girl trembles, blinking profusely, the sweat marring every niche of her body.

Ilara stumbles, having forgotten Yuli was right beside her. "Shards, look at all those metallics! The queen, no less! Oh, Yuli, I hope one of them choses you!" Seeing as the only female walking about right now is the gold, well… perhaps. "I wish something besides bronze would hatch though!"

Kita unloops her arm from Teza to stride forward, sand flicking up from her feet. A broad smile is on her face as she approaches the new brown weyrlings, and offers Kaslarna a hand up from her embrace. "Congratulations, brownrider," she grins, taking this all very personally. "I guess he's complaining of his ravenous hunger? Let's see if we can go and satiate that stomach of his."

Isoldi could safely be called overwhelmed. "I want my nice quiet tunnels," she might be heard sighing in a moment of weakness before grin is forced to numb lips once more and fingers rake back through platinum hair, keeping it away from her face. To the candidate beside her, she adds in a merry (but quiet) aside, "Tynabith -and- R'ley won't be fit to live with for Turns." This poor, poor Weyr.

Oliana smiles slightly at Sarah's calming words, taking another deep breath and swallowing. But her eyes can't help but follow the gold as her poor feet shuffle up and down.

Jayden's eyes are still affixed on the first bronzed dragonet, heart pounding, jaw dropped, eyes widened. Yes, he's stupefied. No one ever told him it'd be like /this/…well, they did actually. But still.

Serafa nods and tightens her grip on the other girl. "Not a problem with that." She mumbles her eyes transfixed upon the dragonets upon the sands. "Dont let go of me either okay?"

Kaslarna returns to herself from staring at Xylyth. "Hungry?" she says, "You're hungry?" And remembering what she's been told, rises "I think we go this way Xy." and nods at Kitas statement. Kazra leads Xylyth off the sands, to find food.

Tynabith stopped trumpeting every arrival but this one's special, this one's /gold/, and though he generally prefers green hided girls what dragon father wouldn't turn into a blubbering proud poppa at the site of a golden dragon grown from his sead? Tossing his huge muzzle back again Tyna trumpets his golden daughters arrival then thrusts his head at R'ley suddenly in need of reasuring scritches that he's just as handsome as all his beautiful children.

Dhiammarath croons to her newly born golden daughter, gently nudging her with her nose, sending her off to find that perfect lifemate of hers. Hannah turns back to R'ley, "Yes she is." Goldrider finds it hard to believe that all these came from her own lifemate's clutch of eggs. "Bronzes, bronzes, everywhere. It wasn't like that when /she/ stood. Shy smile is given toward R'ley, "Must mean good luck, eh?"

English Country Garden Egg quivers a little. And a little more. Nearly there. Just a few more minutes.

Meral stumbles as he's accidently pushed by another Candidate. "Erk. Watch it." Meral grins at Fareia, saying "Perhaps you'll Impress the Gold?" Sweetly, he smiles, though he does continue to eye the bronze as he begins his hunt for his lifemate. "Such a handsome one, eh?" Meral smiles, a bit of hope in his eyes, even as he continues his dance on the sands. Candidate on a Hot Tin Roof.

Yulianna shakes her head a little at Ilara and continues to study the bronzes with appraising eyes. "They're all differentI didn't expect" but Ilara staring at the gold /forces/ her eyes that way, too. She finally murmurs, "If ya' could melt her down, ya' could buy yer own hold…"

Lynsay curls her toes into the hot Sands ignoring the pain that flashed through them. "She's very pretty… Hopefully she finds someone worthy enough for her… shards, it's all bronzes." Racing mind can't focus on any one specific thing, though she still clings to Zella.

Born of Sun and Flame Bronze Dragonet moves slowly, lifting his head to sniff at the air, catching the scent of something he likes and moving in that direction. Brown eyes paired with brown hair catches his eye as he turns toward white clad candidate, tilting his head to study closer for a moment. Stepping yet closer, his wings draw back and his head moves forward to claim his one, his Jayden.

Zella bites her lower lip, catching a few glances from the other candidates before returning her eyes towards the gold. "I wonder who…" She blinks, shifting slowly from one foot to the other, and yet barely moving too much. "This is quite an odd clutch so far, don't you think?" The last question sent towards Lynsay.

Squaln blinks and it seems like an enternity since Kilbane left the Sands and now Jayden has been snatched from them as well. "Congrats Jay!" is spoken to his friend, along with a wave. The lad then returns to standing alone and by himself. This is too much of a strain on his poor feet! Hophop.

Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet skitters forward at her mother's nudge, slipping into a stumble and nearly tripping over her own wing to tumble into one white-robed candidate. She rights herself in a flurry of sand and croons thoughtfully as she turns her attention the others to find one -worthy- of her attentions. The gold casts an almost coy look up at one girl as she paces around her, the look given measuring and then, as she turns away, disdainful and more than a bit wistful. Not what she needs in order to become perfect.

Oliana points excitedly again for lack of being able to respond in any other way. Other than verbally, which she adds into her shaking, hobbling, loud mix that is Oli. "Jayden! A bronze! Congratulations!" she calls over the chaos.

Relian stumbles a little, as he attempts to keep moving, and avoid the burning sensation on his feet. "They're all red," he announces, sneaking a look, although the hatchlings - important, as they are - take his attention back more often than not. "Jayden," he breathes, with delight, every Impression he catches met with a broad grin.

Jayden falls to his knees, heart feeling like its about to come out of his chest. Oh beautiful… Arms reach out for his new bronze, eyes filled with love. "Oh Heliuth…his name is Heliuth," he murmurs. "My Heliuth." And he's Heliuth's Jayden. Oh Faranth…beautiful Heliuth.

Rowann grins broadly, waving to Jayden! J'den? "Congrats! He's absolutely perfect!!" She's still got her eyes on gold, but not too fixated now. A faint smile is upon her lips, she's just waiting…

English Country Garden Egg rocks in place, as if to try and shy away from invisible insects that might come to taste the sweet pollen of its faintly gleaming surface. It rocks almost rhythmically, as the hatchling within strives to escape, methodically trying to fracture the egg from within. Then, it's as if the egg has reached its limit and can take no more, cracks appearing on almost every visible point, and the much weakened egg collapses outwards, leaving a slender looking green dragonet to spill out onto the sands. Then she lifts her head, a discarded piece of shell decorating her headknobs almost like a protective helmet, as Nighttime on the Lines Green dragonet assesses her surroundings.

Nighttime on the Lines Green Dragonet

Muddy olive patches smudge and smear themselves haphazardly over this slender green's sharp and somewhat angular muzzle, causing the lines of her head to blur so that they run one into the other - dark olive into rich forest green, creeping upwards into a muted, icy jade near her eyeridges. Sumptuous peridot takes over from there, sliding down and around her throat to swirl into claddings of pine-needle smatterings of sage, overlaying tones of amber and umber that creep stealthily under the cover of the dominant camouflaging hues towards her wingtips. Darker shaded chartreuse merges with berry-red appear from nowhere as they approach her rapier thin tail. But it is her talons that attract the most attention, darker than any other part of her slender form, tainted with bronzen black to almost make it appear if she's been playing in the dirt.

Fareia quickly quiets chattering teeth, clamping her mouth shut and shaking her head at meral. "Gold? Me? No…" She just shakes her head as she watches the gold. Impressing gold means /responsibility/. Something which Fare does not have much of. Now she pulls on Terics hand as she points to Jayden,"I think Jay just Impressed," she whispers. Oh! He did! "Congrats, Jayden!"

Fitz watches as another Impresses and another is about to hatch. He looks happy and nervous at the same time but keeps his wits about him. He's Fitz afterall. He's been through worse things than this…though he never quite expected to find himself standing on hot sand barefoot before. A green! He grins and watches all the new hatchlings, delighted and terrified at the same time.

Lynsay glances around quickly, caught up with all the hatchlings, before she notices Jayden Impressed as well. "Yay Jayden!" She cheers, bouncing yet again. "Way to go!"

Flame of the Forge Bronze Dragonet does a little dance—or a shake, have you call it. There's nothing worse than the feeling of clingy sand upon damp wings. He's itchy now… hungry /and/ itchy. Better get a move on! Balancing himself, he starts a gallop towards a small group of girls. Love him? Probably not. Snubbing his snout into the air, he continues on his way, looking intently.

Sarah exclaims, "Jayden!" quite loudly as she blows him a kiss as well. "He's a beauty!" she cooes to him as she smiles reassuringly at him. Oliana is given another glance as she squeezes her hand, "Everything will be fine, just fine." Sarah has now regained her composure, knowing that she's not going to die. "Green," she says and looks at Oliana. "Is that a color that you liked, dear?" she coaxes the girl, hopefully keeping her relaxed. They're in this together. Right? Right.

Isoldi brightens. Time for more yelling. Given that shouting herself hoarse in congratulations has become a great way to distract from the unpleasant sensation of burning alive, she gives it her all. "Jayden!" Limping steps carry her a pace or two to one side, allowing a good view of the new bronzerider. "Congratulations!" But a flash of bronze and gold catches her attention a second after, pulling her away from hollaring to eye the little ones still embroiled in making her choice. It's almost a relief to see the decidedly non-metallic green hatch nearby.

Nyla is still trembling. More than that, she's still boiling, and it's hard to keep balance. Pause, as everything gets a look. "Wow. Just.. wow. Jayden? Jayd! Congratulations!" Squeal. The English Country Garden Egg hatches, and that immedietely steals Nyla's attention. "Green!"

K'ven steps up to yet another bronzerider, smiling gently down at Jayden in a look that seems almost at odds with otherwise stern appearance. "Congratulations, lad," he rumbles, then turns to wave off the sands. "Why don't you come with me now and we'll see if we can't find something to satiate that newly found second stomach of yours, hmm?" Bushy white eyebrows raise and he waves the boy off the sands with a grin.

Serafa looks upon the Impression of Jayden and the Bronse, tears in her eyes. "Congratulations Jayden!" She squeals with delight. "He's gorgous really" Her eyes flick back to the eggs as she notices the emergance of the green. "Oooh Rowannn She's a doll"

Meral grins and yays. "Woo hoo! Congrats Jay!! Knew you'd do it man!" A wave is given as he turns back to Fareia. "Really now? Heheheh…" Sitll, he continues to watch the bronze on it's quest, theough he does nod approvingly at the green. "Green perhaps, then?" Twinkle. Oooo…watch the bronze, watch the bronze!

Debajirin actually grins from somewhere in his cloud of… stuff. But this is Jayden, whom he's had slumber parties with, and swims and… He likes this one. A nod for Jayden and his Heliuth, and even a bit of a laugh, and then Debajirin's attention is drawn to the green. Now he likes that green. That is a gorgeous one there. And there's still the bronze, and the gold… And even with all the unImpressed, it's going to fast, and it's reeling, and it's perfectly good.

Oliana grins and inclines her head in a sort of nod in the direction of the new green. "Look how lovely. Yes, I like green," she says to Sarah. "Blue, too. Brow—" she stops. "Oh, they're all nice! I never really thought this day would /be/ here!" she says in the way of the overwhelmed.

Nighttime on the Lines Green Dragonet senses Zizth looking at her.

Ilara gives another hollar for Jayden, but at this point, she's starting to go hoarse with all the shouting and screams. "Oh, shards, this is so unbelievable…" she mutters, dazed. She doesn't have time to worry about anything but which of her friends are chosen and how to keep her feet from blistering too much. "This is so differant than I ever imagined…"

Zella seems to have missed Jayden's Impression, and yet congratulates the new bronzerider still. "This is going quite fast, don't you think?" She shifts, nervous once again, as her eyes catch sight of the new green on the sands, her lips forming a warm smile. "I wonder how much longer this will last."

Hannah's eyes search the galleries hopefully, looking for someone in particular. However, it's impossible to see if a recognizable face is among the crowd and so her attention turns back to the eggs and dragons and her lifemate's golden daughter. Jayden's Impression gets a smile from her, though the shy weyrwoman begins to feel the ill affects of being in a crowd. So she ducks closer to her lifemate, shooting R'ley and Tynabith a look before eyes go back to the candidates.

Nighttime on the Lines Green Dragonet almost immediately lowers herself to the ground, assessing her surroundings in an instant. Who is where and what do they look like? Well, at the moment, it all looks very monochrome, what with the black sands, and the white garbed candidates, with the occasional flash of colour presented by dragons and eggs. She needs to get a better view of the area, and so she starts shuffling her way across the sand, shell still perched atop her head, to try and examine everything a bit better.

Yulianna winces a little as the gold stumbles, again, "She's not very /graceful/." she mutters under her breath to Ilara, "But the colorlike a new mark." She glances back toward the other hatchlingsit's just too difficult to keep up with who's impressing, by now.

Fareia supresses a squeal at the hatching of the green. "Oh. A green!" she once again announces like everyone else is, even if it is obvious. Another shrug goes to Meral. She doesn't really answer this time as she continues to watch the girl-dragons. Because she's a girl. The dragons are girls. Perfect match? Not quite.

Squaln hops from one foot to another and glances around, pulse quickening and heart racing within his chest. He's never been this nervous before in his entire life and everyone seems to be Impress around him. Will he be left Standing again this time? No one knows.

Fitz giggles as he watches the bronze dragonet snub the girls. He wobbles from one foot to the other, shaking sand from between his toes. Flapping his sleeves to try and generate a little cool air, he grins and tries to stay out of the way.

Oliana is torn in looking, bright orbs flitting from first the green to the gold, but her eyes keep hovering longer and longer on the green, most likely having convinced herself that the gold's not for her. "Sarah, this is so much, isn't it?" she says, her voice still high pitched with excitement.

Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet widens her gems of eyes as lifts her throat to the sky, sending out a loud creel as attention turns away from her. -She- is the gold. -She- is the one you should worship. Just how does one go about forming a cult of worshippers, much less find the One? She pushes her around the crowds, eyes roaming as her quest continues — this time, without a single stumble as she adopts an almost cat-like slink. Then runs into one white back. At least she didn't stumble? But no! That's not the -one- and off she goes again.

Ilara nods fervently in agreement with Yulianna. "Well, she'll get better when she's older, I'm sure…" Lar stands on tip-toe, peering after the queen. "Does it look like she's coming this way, do you think? No— no, I guess not." She's all eyes for the hatchlings, but is unable to watch just one of them.

Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet senses Tevya looking at her.

Nyla perks both 'brows at this particular green, both her head and her grin lopsiding as she speculatively eyes the hatchling. In the mean time, the gold and bronze get nervous peeks. "They're… well, amazing. Especially the two females."

R'ley unintentionaly doesn't pay attention to Hannah as he alternate's between watching the gold circle one girl for a few moments, he mutter's 'no no, not /her/' then sighs thankfully as she moves on, and all the other dragonets tumbling out of eggs and stalking lifemate's. While at the same time soothingly scritching his bond. He catches the Nighttime on the Lines Green Dragonet hatch and tune's his attention partialy back to Hannah, "Look at that green over there, she's got lovely coloring." somehow the word 'lovely' coming out of the scoundral looking rider doesn't seem right.

Flame of the Forge Bronze Dragonet isn't annoyed, per se—not at the candidates anyway, but that everlasting /itch/! With a final shake, he narrows his attention in on the line of candidates. Eenie meanie miney moe… One group is selected, scanned and approached, eyes swirling with anticipation, or so it seams. A sniff here, a sniff there and several are canceled out of the equation… just a few more left. Or not, and off he goes again!

Debajirin is blistering on the soles of his feet, he's sure of it. And even notices it from somewhere in his very much preoccupied brain. The gold's creel does draw his attention, and that's sent off to the green, and then that bronze, and then the unhatched eggs. No, concentration is no longer possible. So now he spreads his arms out, straight from his shoulder,s no matter how odd this might look, and breathes, and absorbs the atmosphere, and closes the left eye out of habit.

Sarah eyes the gold and the green with affection as she stares at the other girls. "You'll be fine," she coaches Oliana, standing now on both feet. "Really darling, you'll be fine," she says with a giggle. "Look, she might choose soon. And yes, very overwhelming." Sarah's acting all all-knowing again, oh well, too bad. "They're all amazing," she compliments the sire and dam of the clutch.

Jayden vaguely hears a long series of congratulations, to which he answers with a nod. He's not trying to be rude. He's just in a trance. Eyes still locked on his new beautiful Heliuth, he nods to K'ven and grins down at the brand new bronze as he leads them off the sands. Time to get food…and lots of it. Heliuth is hungry.

Squaln is dying of nervousness and he bites his lower lip, now standing perfectly still and breathing rather choppy. He blinks. This seems all too familiar to him. Kilbane is gone and he's left by himself. This is scary stuff..

Biting Autumn Morning Egg moves. Once. That's all…

Fareia glances frantically around at the other candies, leaving Teric and shuffling over to Sarah and Oli, grabbing Sarah's hand, clutching it tightly. "Oh there goes the gold." SHe seeked out Sarah for the bakers' horribly calming affect, as the usually collected Farie is hopping up and down right now and well…completely losing it. Okay, maybe not completely.

Meral hopples again, feeling a particularly sharp sting come through his left foot. "Ouch. Scorch it…" Taking his waterskin, he pours a little bit of water on his feet…ahh. Pure bliss! Peeking around to see if anyone's noticed, he turns back to the dragonets at large. The bronze is still looking? Finicky fella. Good. Good in a bronze.

Relian says, "I—" and ends up trailing off without any words to finish the sentance. His face has gone all red, and his legs are already red, although covered with sand, and his robe is sticking to him - tight as it still is. "Faranth's tailtip."

Kilbane swallows, his tongue still a helpless lump in his mouth. His eyes swivel to face K'ven as he nods dumbly. "He keeps telling me he's famished.." Turning to face his life mate, his face promptly melts into a pool of admiration. Kaslarna is nodded to, he now has a comrade in this ordeal.

Serafa steps delicately from one foot to the other, shuffling in time with the rest of her group of candidates. Watching the hatchlings she bites her lip. Whispering to Rowann "It must be hard for them to choose right? I mean there are so many of us and not many of them and they have only just been born…" The rest of her comment drifts off in a burble.

Yulianna glances toward the gold, again, as Ilara asks her question, and then looks away. "There, that green." she points at the dragonet she means, "She's heading this way. I bet /she's/ the one I'll impress." She /has/ to make bets on something, after all, she's gone /months/ without earning a single piece of gold, and it's starting to get to her.

Oliana grins a bit at Sarah, sparing a moment to smile at Sarah before her eyes return to the action on the sands. And so much of it! She breaths quickly, as if she can hardly catch her breath for all of what's happening. She'd be suddenly rather still if it weren't for her feet—moving about as they are.

Lynsay nods slowly, eyes locked on the gold until the green hatching. "She's an… interesting colour… nice though…" She mutters softly, head tilted again for the umpteenth time. "It is, isn't it?" Going fast, that is.

Isoldi seems to go into an odd shimmying dance, rolling one shoulder and then the other while lifting her feet to higher altitudes than before. There's a strange logic behind the movements though as they create tiny eddying breezes that offer greater cooling that just the heated air would. A few seconds of this and she stops, however, not wanting to attract negative attention from anything wandering about with five pointy ends. Back to suffering… "I'll take that bet, Yulianna!" she calls out.

Debajirin perks. That was his egg. Not 'his' egg, to say, but the Biting Autum Morning is the one he had found himself enamoured with of all the other ones. And it's moved. That glorious egg, with its glorious atmosphere, its indescribable feel… It moved. Just a bit, but it moved. And now his eyes are locked on it, and it's gonna take something rather big to drag thema way.

Zella winces towards the gold, her feet longed ignored and she has stopped hopping. Just let them melt in the hot sands. "Someone is going to get hurt on these sands, that's for sure. Most likely from the young queen." And her eyes turn towards the others out on the sand. "Well, not anymore.. They sure do like to take their time choosing."

Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet continues to search the crowds carefully, moving forward through the white smocked humans, sniffing the air for what she is looking for. Each face that she passes is assessed once more and the potential that resides there is matched up with what the gold needs and desires. She turns to move on before one face catches her eye. It is a face that she has not seen before. An almost elated stumble surges through her body and sends her into a skidding halt and an abrupt turn. She found that special someone, the one who had all the connections to meet her needs. Statue of a Godling Gold Dragonet nearly pounces on the trader ankles as she curls up around her feet. Yulianna was now officially hers.

Patience is no virtue to the Flame of the Forge Bronze Dragonet, for he's shuffling his way in a weave about the candidates, stopping ever now and then for a good whiff. He's hungryfor the companionship that he'll share for the rest of his life. But none of these are good enough… who's to share the strength he beholds? Certainly not one of these scrawny ones. One group of boys is approached, wuffled accordingly before half pushed out of his way as he charges towards another. But, on his way, one lad is spotted and studied skeptically. He's much like the others… perhaps a little weak compared to himself. There's just something about himsomething that calls out that he is the one. As he steps up to the boy, there's no doubt in his mind that he has a new friend for life, Relian.

Fitz squeaks and applauds his fellows, grinning wildly. "Yay! How many are there?" he asks, sheilding his eyes from the heat, clenching and unclenching his other hand. FInally he's calmed down.

Sarah giggles as Farie comes over to join her. "Alright dearie, it'll be okay," she cooes to Farie as well as Oliana, hoping to calm their nerves for at least a bit. "It still hasn't moved," she moans to Oliana and means the Bakery Fragrance Egg. Sarah's getting worried. "YULI! RELIAN!" she calls in a loving manner as the two dragonets impress to both of her friends. "They're both beauties!" Yes, Sarah's trying to keep calm, and it's working..to some extent.

Hannah gasps, "They clutched, hatched and impressed at the same time!" Biting the insides of her cheek hard, she moves away from Dhiammarath, who croons to those newly impressed. "Gold! Bronze!"

Ilara stares gape-mouthed as the gold bounds over to her and Yulianna, though she never ones dares think the queen could want her — which means, just seconds before the gold actually chooses, Ilara starts jumping up and down, shrieking, "Yulianna!! She wants /you/! The queen is coming for—- Oh, /congrats/ Yuli!"

Relian's face goes crimson: he takes a step back, he blinks rapidly, and then he whispers something impossible to hear. Another whisper, as his hands outstretch, his eyes wide. Still so quietly that it's impossible for anyone but the closest to him to hear, he verbalizes: "Bralath. Oh."

Oliana takes in a deep breath. "Sarah! Yuli! The Gold!" She says, pronouncing even in her excitement the captials with some certiain definition. She's all smiles, now, though she still hasn't moved much other than her feet. "Relian! Oh, what a nice name!"

Zella claps her hands together, sandals discarded to the sands. There's no use for them, anyways. "Congratulations"

Meral claps excitedly..not one, but /both/ impressed at the same time!! "Congrats Yuli!!! Hey…good JOB Reli!!!" Mer can't help but grin like a casanova as his fellow candidates Impress left n'right. He grins over at Oliana and the others, silly smile on his lips.

Isoldi can't help but gape as both metallics make their choices within seconds of each other. "Yuli! Relian!" Good thing she'd called out that acceptance of the wager before the gold impressed, no? That there is a reason for gloating, so she won't even resist the smug grin that lays a claim on her expression.

Debajirin blinks at all the calls for Yulianna. And that would be just the something big he's been waiting for. Head actually /whips/ around to her, jaw drops, not for the first time this Hatching, and one arm is drawn in to thump against his chest, left side, right over the heart, for her. And that's his congratulations. Relian's Impression, alas, isn't noticed until the yells for him as well, and he gets a… nod? Rip off on Baji's part.

Fareia giggles happily and bounces up and down. She just /knew/ Yuli would Impress. Her little trader friend deserved to Impress the queen. If not only for offereing salve for relief from those horrid sunblisters. "Ooh! Yuli!" She tugs on Sarah's hand, stil jumping up and down, not at all calmed by the baker. "This is /wonderful/," she breathes as she watches 'Relina' and Yuli.

Rowann calls out a loud congratulations, "Wwooo!! Yulianna!!! Congratulations!" A grins is upon her face, and she continues to stand, only yelling out a second time to Relian, "Woo!!!! Reliii!" Woohoo!

Squaln blinks as two more of his fellow candidates Impress with thier new lifemates. His heartbeat quickens greatly and he stands perfectly still as he watches the other eggs. The green egg his stared at for a moment and he yearns.. "Congrats Yuli! Rel!"

Serafa bounces enthusiastically as the two impress. "Congratulations Relian and Yulianna!!" She squeals delightfully wiping sweaty hair out of her face and hopping from foot to foot.

Zella claps her hands together, sandals discarded to the sands. There's no use for them, anyways. "Congratulations!" She shouts out to the new gold pair. And with quite a bright smile forming on her face.

Yulianna doesn't even realize what's going on until the gold wraps herself around her feet and nearly knocks her over. Her jaw drops and she blinks down at the gold, just gawking for a long, long moment, then softly murmurs, "Miyakath." A little louder, then, she repeats, "Her name is Miyakath!"

Nighttime on the Lines Green Dragonet can't seem to get a good view on any of the candidates. Between hatching and impressions, and people generally getting in the way, the bedlam evolving on the sands doesn't make it easy for a girl to do some on-the-spot reconnaissance. So she creeps forward, head swinging to and fro, seeking one in particular.

Biting Autumn Morning Egg seems to heave on the sands, swaying forward in its space as its inhabitant applies pressure from within. A faint cracking noise breaks the tranquility surrounding the egg, hairline splits weaving out between the earthy tones dappled on its surface. Another heave follows, stronger than the previous, and the egg relents at last to the force of its occupant. Pieces of shell, as leaves from trees, fall to the sands, revealing the hatchling previously hidden inside.

Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet

Rich ebony mixes with forest greens, giving rise to the darkness that colors her wedge-shaped head, spilling along her throat and wrapping around to color the back. Lighter, but still dark, green curls itself in the tendrils of the ebony-green to trace the contours of wingsails, ending in the faintest drops of gold at the tip of each wing. Quickness of color races across the verdant landscape to wrap itself around her the tail, mixing dark and lighter green into the harmony of dark and light. Feet are dipped in such a dark jade as to appear almost purely black, while the faintest twinge of ruby colors the tips of her toes. White-gold glitters along the tops of headknobs, curling to give the shadowed green a glimmering appearance.

K'ven makes his way away from one new pair to turn towards the newest bronzerider and dragon, crouching down near Relian and Bralath with a grin. "Bralath, was it? Come on then, let's get you off the sands and over to get some food in him, shall we?"

Kilbane winces as the crowd erupts into a wave of cheers and applause, as two dragons claim their new life mates. Yulianna and Jayden are both greeted with a warm smile. There is really nothing he can say that will come close to what they're feeling right now, so he remains silent and allows the two to mull over the prodigious event.

Feeding Time at the Zoo Egg falls over onto its side, causing a splinter to run down one of its sides, but the egg doesn't do a thing after that.

R'ley does not have one scrap of his usual layed back demeanor in place as bronze and gold bond at the same moment. Obviously incapable of keeping his joy in check R'ley WHhooops again echo'd by his dragons pridefull trumpet for the millionth time tonight. "Just when you think you've seen it all…clutch, hatched, and impressed at the same time. I'll make a bet with you already that they mate." he loooves betting. "Miyakath, pretty name." he observes then asks,

Kita steps forward once more, the Assistant Weyrlingmaster doing her duty. And more than happy to do so, too. "Yulianna?" she calls softly, not really wishing to break the moment for the girl. "Shall we get Miyakath some food?" The brownrider rolls the name in her mouth a few times, then smiles with a nod. "And congratulations."

Nyla nearly falls over as she turns to Relian. "Relian?" Pausing, the girl steps backwards, brushing a lock of hair from her face. Her voice softens. "Bbbbbralath? Oh." He Impressed. He did. Yulianna gets a smile and a "Congratulations!" Clapping her hands together, the girl bites her lip, but turns her attention back to the green. And.. well, there are two of them now. Blink.

R'ley does not have one scrap of his usual layed back demeanor in place as bronze and gold bond at the same moment. Obviously incapable of keeping his joy in check R'ley WHhooops again echo'd by his dragons pridefull trumpet for the millionth time tonight. "Just when you think you've seen it all…clutch, hatched, and impressed at the same time. I'll make a bet with you already that they mate." he loooves betting. "Miyakath, pretty name." he observes then asks, "What was the bronze's name? I didn't catch it?" (OOC, sorry bad enter key!)

Relian has missed Yulianna's Impression, missed the congratulations of those around him, and might have missed K'ven - except that he doesn't. "Oh," says he, blinking rapidly, then nodding. "Yes. Bralath—er, all right. That's good." He follows, refusing to let Bralath out of his sight.

Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet shakes herself, slinging egg goo prissily away from her. Folding her wings back, she steps forward more than a bit awkwardly.

Well, you don't want globals done to you, so why do them to someone else?

Lynsay cheers loudly, jumping up and down in place. "Go Yulianna! She'll make a great Goldrider." Later comment is said softly to Zella, grinning. New green entrance is examined, and the farmer smile. "Now she is pretty…" Head dips towards the Daught of Bast Green Hatchling.

Ilara is left alone on the sands now that Yuli has been chosen, so she inches her way towards Serafa… Well, she sorta bounces painfully on the sands towards Seffy, actually. "I can't believe the gold chose Yulianna," Lar comments quietly as she watches the greens.

Oliana takes another breath in and sqeezes Sarah's hand. "Look at that green!" she says, her voice nearly normal, but still perhaps squeaky around the edges of her words. She hops a bit, more to cool her aching feet than to get a better look.

Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet senses Xalyia looking at her.

Meral's eyes are caught by the spot of green that shoots forth…and his eyes widen. She's really cute…wait! Is that Meral saying this? Why, yes. Turning from one foot to the other, he eyes the green approvingly. Adorable little one.

Rowann looks up from her shuffling feet, eyeing the green, "Oh! She's lovely!" A half-hearted smile graces her lips, "Think so Seff?" Hint. Hint. She's quite sure Seff does think so. Wink.

Nighttime on the Lines Green Dragonet senses Nyla looking at her.

Sarah watches yet another green hatch and giggles to both Farie and Oliana. "Did you girls like green?" she asks, trying to distract them into talking. "Those two are very lovely, there are," she observes and smiles to both girls, still watching the Bakery Fragrance Egg. Greens just don't seem to fit Sarah very well. "Really dear, you like her?" she asks Oliana with a wink. "She's very well colored." Sarah is cute and adorable, and so very very calm right now. Yes, as long as the egg hatches soon, she'll be a happy girl. Ayup.

Fitz inches toward the other candidates as their numbers dwindle, and watches the rest. "Oh…greens…"

Debajirin inhales rather sharply as that egg, that egg he'd so loved, hatches into a green. Oh, and a beautiful green at that. An enthralling green, a breath-taking green. He loves her wings already. And whoever she choses, he's gonna have to talk to them about sketches. "Amazing." Is that, then, the first word he's said since his arrival to the Sands? But she deserves it, no doubt. As Yuli got the thump. It's all in the same feeling.

Fareia points at the next green, still tugging on Sarah's hand. The girl might have her arm tugged from her socket soon. "Lookit, another green." A fleeting frown appears on her face as she glances around the sands. Hmph. No blues. No outfit-matching dragons. "I like greens and all but their not my favorite," she comments to Sarah with a slight shrug as she shifts from foot to foot.

Isoldi curls her arms around herself, elbows held in cupped palms, and resumes her watch on the unImpressed hatchlings wandering about on the sands. "Looks like the greens are going to try to make a comeback after all of those bronzes," she remarks, head cocking to one side while grinning at the pair slinking around in search of their chosen ones.

Squaln stands perfectly still as he watches his friends Impress their lifemates all around him. Blue eyes blink again and he brushes a strand of hair from his vision and stands in joyful hope once again. He's been there done that. The lad then swallows the lump in his throat.

Nighttime on the Lines Green Dragonet makes a mad dash, coming, for a split second, between a boy and a blue who have found each other in her rush to advance a little further. She's closer to a group of white ones now, and approaches them as stealthily as a few-minutes old dragonet can, considering her lack of motor control and her somewhat damp hide that causes the sand to stick to her talons. She's coming closer to her prize, her treasure. It's almost visible in her sudden eagerness to progress closer to the candidates. And closer.

Serafa clings to Rowann as another green makes her appearance, her dark eyes drinking up the glorious colours revealed as the egg splits. "Oh my she's gorgeous" She breathes, or attempts to as it catchs in her throat. With a a quick squeeze and smile she grins to Rowann.

Oliana nods. "Very well colored," she repeats with a twinge of a smile, eyes dancing over the forms of the hatchlings with intense excitement betrayed only in the high pitched note in her voice and the fury of her feet stepping up and down…up and down…

Meral looks from one green to the other, and oh's. Girls. Well…hmm…he's a manly man, isn't he? Heh. Slinking along the line of white robes, he peers through for a closer look. Purty green colours. Mwah. Then, he grins over at Serafa. Hmmm..she'd look good in green too, eh? "Hey Serafa. Think one o'these might be yours?"

Nyla is now with Teric, so she just tugs on the fabric of her robe and squeezes Teric's hand at the same time. "Wow. Just.. sheesh. Wow." Nodding, she swallows another lump, her eyes fixated on the greens.

Zella turns to the new green, head tilted to one side. "She is pretty." Flashing teeth are seen in a new grin, her feet once again shifting as she kicks some sand on her discarded sandals. "How many are left?" She questions curiously, already getting weary from standing in the heat.

Yulianna shuffles off to the side of the sands with Miyakath, following one of the assistant Weyrling Masters with a dazed, concerned look on her face, muttering something about getting food.

Nighttime on the Lines Green Dragonet pauses in her low slung motions around the sand. What was that? What caught her attention? There! That girl! That one over there! Stealthily she creeps forward, her tail primly held a few inches aloft in the air to prevent it from dragging in the sand in a most undignified manner. Finally she plants herself firmly in front of the white robed female, slapping her tail down on the sand and causing black diamond sand to splash upwards with the impact. She rears back slightly to confront the girl and causes her piece of shell to fall off her head as she crows her victory with an almost teasing croon. Well, well. What do we have here? It seems that she's found herself a Nyla.

Teric has been speechless for quite some time now, his throat having gone dry ages ago what with the cheering, heat, and mere breathing. A man can only do so much. He's about to reply to Nyla when suddenly…. "Nyla!" he croaks. "Nyla, it's… it's coming here!" Yes, good Teric. Have a biscuit.

Relian and Bralath, across by the edge of the sands, sit in silence, the one concentrating on the other with intense delight - deep interest. Nyla's Impression is missed entirely, as are any others; for the moment, nothing is more important than Bralath, and feeding the empty belly that is him.

Ilara titters with nerves, lurking somewhere at the back of the candidates. She chews on her lip and bounces from foot to foot nervously as she wrings her hands. As she sees Nyla Impress, however, she breaks into another raccous cheer. "Nyla!"

Squaln can't help his heart beat; his pulse quickens a great deal and a droplet of sweat trickles down his cheek. Nyla is acknowledged as she Impresses. "Congrats!" is spoken to her. Can you hear the nervous tone in his voice?

Sarah has decided that her feet are going to need treatment anyway and just decides to keep them both on the sand for now. When she gets nervous she can start her interprative dance again. Yay. "Nyla!" she calls out with a loving grin as the girl impresses to one of the lovely greens. "Look, Oliana, she chose," she says and nudges her head, because her hands are both held to Nyla. "Congrats!"

Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet moves with feline grace towards the sea of whiteness that humms at the edge of her vision. Making sure to stand tall, she hesitates, taking the time shake a bit of messy egg-shards from her wing. Must be a lady and avoid the mess of the actual hatching from the egg. Tail lashes back and forth while glittering, faceted eyes scan the Candidates. Where is her destiny?

Lynsay continues bouncing for Nyla, and for her feet. "Yay! Congrats!" she calles, intently watching the hatchlings still.

Kilbane lavishes pure attention onto Aboleoth, a fierce spark of pride ablaze in his eyes. Now slowing, the little bronze accepts the flesh a little more patiently now. Craning his neck to better see the Sands, Kilbane bites his lower lip. He wishes Squaln were here, but his destiny is still in progress. As Nyla comes into view, he beams. "Congratulations,"

Serafa cries out joyfully as Nyla Impresses the slinking green. "Yay Nyla congratulations she's beautiful!" She continues to cry, biting her lip, and swaying from foot to foot anxiously peering at the eggs from time to time.

Fareia squeaks and loses her momentary calm and hops up and down again as she watches the green look up into Nyla's eyes. "Oh! Oh! Nyla!" A cheerful giggle and she settles back down to a shuffle of her feet to keep away from sun blisters. "Oh this is just so wonderful," she comments again, rather taken in all the excitement of the hatching.

Rowann jumps! Arms wrap around Serafa! "Woo!! Nyla!! She did it!" A broad grin is stretched across her face, "Whatsitsname? What is it's name?" Yeah!

Oliana grins and shakes her head slightly. "Nyla! And that lovely green," she squeaks in an almost whistful manner before clearing her throat and squeezing Sara's hand. "Do you think that…that one there will hatch soon?" she wonders, pointing to the bakery fragrence egg.

Meral peers around, then ooo's. "Congratulations Nyla-babe!!" Meral grins happily, then returns his eyes towards the remaining green on the sands. For now. Stample stomp…he shifts from foot to foot continuously, then once again pours a trickle of water on his scorched toes. Roasted Meral. Yum.

Debajirin misses another Impression. His wandering attention is going to leave him with a serious lack of memories. But there's that glorious green who he's talked to so much, and there's somewhere another green, isn't there? He turns, and oh, it's Nyla. That would be why everyone's yelling. She paints things doesn't she? He stamps a foot for her, despite the heat of the sands. He can hardly feel the thing anymore anyway. So there's his comment for her.

Isoldi adds to the raw note growing in her voice by shouting joyously, "Congratulations, Nyla!" when the candidate is spotted being confronted by the green. Toes are bounced on a time or two before she realizes that only adds to the stinging heat growing in both feet. So it's back to that timeless shuffle, pale eyes stubbornly refusing to wince, clinging to that cheerful grin instead.

Zella seems to be missing a few Impressions, and catches sight of Nyla with a green. "Oh, Congrats!" She calls over to the greenrider, taking a moment to look at those candidates that are still upon the sands and without lifemate.

Nyla presses a hand to her cheek, the other one reaching out to allow a single finger to trace around her lifemate's face. "Rionath." But, oddly enough, she doesn't fall to her knees. Nor does she faint. Her trembling pauses, and the girl steps forward, a grin tickling at her lips. "Adventure? Now? Well, I shan't have a clue.. oh." Rumble. "Food. Now. Alright." Sounds good.

Herbal Essences Egg wiggles where it sits, working itself over to an angle where it wobbles temporally, before falling almost comically onto its side and spraying sand outwards. Shallow cracks and creases fork their way down the shell as it shakes from side to side in its blanket of blackened sand, its motion suddenly ceasing a moment later as calm envelopes the rattled-looking egg. Serenity is short-lived, however, as one hatching-goo covered leg punches its way into the world, only to be retracted as quickly as it appeared. Another pause in the hatching process, and then the formally encapsulated dragonet appears, emerging from its egg in a forward tumble. Sprawled out on the Ista sands, the world is at last revealed to the Wild Adventure Blue Dragonet.

Wild Adventure Blue Dragonet

Rushes of pure azure stream calmly from elongated tail to petite muzzle, rippling delicately among the bumps and ridges that line the journey from this blue's neck, down along his back to the tip of his tail. Peace and serenity joyride until the frothy foams give way to the deep and chilling river rapids that form the aqua of his body as a whole. Swirling spheres mar each of his flanks, whirlpools warping his colours to new depths of tone, lilac laced into watery blues. But as the current softens back along his wings after the fierce excursion through the gauntlet, the tint lessens almost to a near film of ice, clear as the sky above and calm as a summer's day.

Hannah's atteention falls away from the gold and bronze pair to find the newly impressed Nyla. "Green? What's her name? Did I miss her name?" Good choice. The Candidates did shape up after their punishment. "Rionath.. Pretty."

Sarah certainly hopes her favorite egg will hatch soon! "Oh dear, I sure hope so! I just can't wait to see what comes out of that lovely shell!" Sarah says with a blissful sigh as she turns to Fareia and grins. "You alright, love?" Sarah is rather concerned for these jumpy people. "Calm down, darlin'," ahh the rements of her Damia accent. Oh well. "Look at him!" Sarah says and nudges her head towards the blue. "He's gorgious too!" Sarah likes blues too!

Squaln stands still, yet again as more candidates move about him. He's not going to move from this spot until his feet burn off from under him. Pulse is racing as he tries to keep it all together now. Ahem. Breathe in, breathe out, repeat Sqa… Exhale. Yes. Good boy.

R'ley leans against his lifemate's chest watching everything while at the same time letting the memory of his Tyna's hatching flow threw his mind. The sudden urge to be sharing this with another human close to him hits to quickly to be rejected and his gaze snaps ledge-ward towards Tstar. A soft almost affectionate smile is flashed her way before a flash of blue catches his eyes and he turns back to the action.

Fitz smiles as the others leave, folding his hands behind his back. "Wow…another one…this is so great!" he takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. "Woah! A blue! That's the first blue that's hatched!"

Kita tilts her head to mutter to Tez. "Another for your weyr?" she grins evilly, then strides over to the newly paired greenrider. "Congratulations Nyla…I'm guessing Rionath is hungry? Why don't you both follow me out off the sands and we'll see what we can do." Kita glances at the dragonet, looking her up and down. "Ooh, she's going to be…challenging." And Kita loves a challenge.

Debajirin actually tears his eyes from their constant centering point of that green from 'his' egg for the newest hatched. Oh, a blue. The blues are the nicest ones, in his opinion. So he lingers there for a while, quit enjoying the hatchlings looks, of what he can see of it. He likes those blues, yes indeed. So much going on, and now he's feeling lost again.

Oliana grins brightly. "A blue! Well…look at the color Sarah! Just look!" She outright smiles, now, taking in more short breaths and trying to watch everything at once. Some task!

Ilara bounces up and down. "Oh, here comes another one, look! Another blue!" She can't contain her excitement, letting her nerves out by jumping and calling out, though no one is listening.

Meral giggles as a blue bundle of egg-goo-covered wings appears. "Fare…this looks like you, girl." Meral, on the other hand, continues to watch the little green slink about, admiring the stealthyness of her movements. Very nice. Slowly, he begins to fan himself…beads of sweat finally breaking free and trickling slowly down along his right temple. Shards. Blue. Water. He'll need a nice bath after this.

Rowann grins, her pearly whites showing, "Oh! What a lovely blue!" Her eyes wander over the remaining candidates and eggs, "Wonder who'll get picked by him." Aww. Sigh. She giggles at Serafa, watching the girl who is lost in the other green upon the sands of ebony. What next? Ee! She's on edge!

Fareia points to the blue, hopping again, no where near calm. "Oh! A blue. He's so pretty, too." Wow…He'd even match her outfit. A slight shrug goes to Meral,"Who knows?" Not she hops from foot to foot instead of shuffling around. These sands are just getting /too/ hot.

Squaln sets his sight upon that spicy green egg again for the time being. He yearns.. and hopes. Heart beat is racing within his chest as he stand alone, by himself out on the Sands now that Kilbane has letf him. His best friend is now a dragonrider!

Serafa clings to Rowann, brown eyes turning soulfully towards the other candidate. With one sharp intake of breath she wipes a smidge of sand from the other girls robe. Of all the things to notice that probably wasnt one of them. "We cant have you standing out here in a dirty robe now can we?" She murmurs to Rowann, hand still flicking the shadow of sand that is long gone.

Teza's lips curve up in an easy smirk as she leans back and nods slowly. "Indeed," she all but purrs before the brownrider heads off to take care of the new greenrider. More than a bit amused by the fact it's Nyla who got the green — torture! torture! — she sidles off to the side to lead another pair off the sands.

Bralath nudges his head up against Relian, who bursts into laughter, turning his head about for the briefest of moments - and catching Nyla and her green from the corner of his eye. He grins broadly, although Bralath takes his attention away once more.

Isoldi goes still for the first time since dancing out onto the sands, attention caught and held by the blue's appearance. Like so many of the others, she seems happily rapt with the little fellow. But realistic concerns overcome admiration and a quiet squeal escapes her as imaginary smoke is scented. "Ow…owowow," she mumbles, shuffling doubletime now to cool blistering soles.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Tiareth ripples in welcome, a brillianth swath of Northern gold flared like the aurora borealis across the links. » Welcome, welcome, littlest ones. «

Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet moves her head back and forth, as if chasing something or someone. Tail lashes again, back and forth and back and forth until the green just has to move. Quickly — she tries to be quick anyway — she sort of hop-tumbles towards a clump of Candidates. Is it here? Is the elusive feeling here? Or there? Sniffing one short, plump little Candidate, the green moves on. She /will/ find her One True Playmate.

Nyla shuffles a little, her face crimson with the remnance of tears, as she swallows again and sets a trembling hand on Rionath. As if she's not real, and by touching her would make it so. "Kita…" Yes, that's Kita. And she's talking to her. "Oh. Right." But Teza does get a wary stare, in the midst of it all.

Wild Adventure Blue Dragonet takes caution as he starts meandering around the sands, careful to avoid the egg shells that might slice 'n dice. Wings flutter, partially in a test of the new limbs, and in part to rid himself of that glistening goo. Oh right, he's being anticipated upon. Who to pick, who to pick. Eyes explore the choices as wobbly legs make their rounds.

Lynsay hops about on the Sands, feet throbbing from the burns on them. "This is really painful…" she comments after a minute, fanning her face off with her hand, since she has no sleeves to use.

Fitz admires the blue as he begins to inspect the candidates. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. There are still so many candidates left.

Fareia takes a moment to check the bottom of her foot for blisters. "I wonder if Yuli still has any of that sunblister salve around," she mutters then looks back up to switch her gaze from the green to the blue. "Awww. He's so little." Comparitively, that is. "And so cute." A slight giggle and she continues to hop up and down, hoping she can get off of those blistering sands soon.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Rionath sends out a sweet warble. « Hello, there. »

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Bralath's deep touch tingles, resonating in thoughtful reach towards Tiareth and her greeting, a mellifluous swathe of thought sent forth. « Thank you. »

Meral plays hopscotch…sorta…as he watches the dragonets stumble and tumble across the hot sands…looking for their perfect match. Listening to the chatter of the other Candidates, he nods when appropriate, then grimaces as he catches a particularly hot spot. "Faranth!! That's hot!" He's going to enlist a Candidate's shoulders pretty soon. Free ride. Woo.

Oliana swivels her head from green to blue, eyes keeping focused on them as she continues her steady pressure on Sarah's hand and her steady shifting from foot to foot. "This sand is baking the bottoms of my feet," she says through nearly clenched teeth.

Squaln plants his feet into the sand and doesn't move from his spot of rest. His pulse continues to race through him and more droplets of sweat trickle down his face as he takes the heat. This is so nerve wracking..

Zella frowns for a moment, nodding towards Lynsay's comment. "I don't know how much longer I can last, actually," she shifts her feet again, actually moving from her spot as she watching the hatching continue.

Debajirin puts both his arms to his sides now. They were getting tired, in all honesty, and even he can notice that, despite his Sands Swoon. All the dragonets are eyed, and the remaining eggs as well, though by now that goes without saying for Debajirin in his current state. He's not spoken since that one green had hatched, and he swallows in an attempt to revive his throat, which is closing up appropriately. So much, so fast…

Sarah eyes the lovely new blue with glistening eyes as she now starts to gently pick up her feet in anticipation. "He's just gorgious," she murmurs to her hand-holding friends. "He's so cute and small! Oh, the smaller the better, I say!" Shards, big dragons are scary. "I love small dragons, they're soo cute!" Bakery Egg is eyed again, this time with pleading eyes, just hatch, please? This is nerve wracking. "Come now, I think the green might choose soon!"

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Tynabith is to choked up to form words, but the flood of pride and happiness has a distinct 'Hello' feeling to it directed towards the young minds of his offspring.

Teric is now abandoned on either side and just pauses for a moment, looking to either side. But the heat of the sands seeps all too quickly through his sandals again as he jumps, shaking the burning bits from the leather soles. "Shards 'n' shells," he mutters nervously, sidling over to a small group of candidates still left.

Ilara watches the dragonets, but she's finally stopped bouncing; her feet have settled into a dull aching throb and she no longer notices the heat. The initial excitement is starting ebb a bit, and fear is settling back onto her shoulders.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Qelketh shimmers faintly. « Think I could pass for just hatched? »

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Wraeth skitters through concious minds, as playful as a kitten chasing string. « Hello hello hello! New babies to play with! Hello hello hello! » His enthusiasm is plain for any to hear.

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Rionath shuffles, her mindvoice silvery and elegant. « Perhaps not, Qelketh. »

Wild Adventure Blue Dragonet takes a few baby steps towards a group of girls. They're pretty, yes, but are they the ones? Taste test. Licking randomly, he gets a taste of a few before sneezing and continuing on his jolly way. Nope, not in 'em. Another group of white is approached, sniffed like a flower and wuffled. Still not the one. Oh where or where could his candie be…

Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet sees something move. That one. This one. Walking by one Candidate who forgot to make a trip to the baths has her careening in the opposite direction. Smelly. Suddenly, her tail lashes again as haunches give a wiggle. Is that her Playmate? Her tinkertoy?

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Zylpheth allows his speedy mindvoice to tumble through the new dragonets.. «Hello! Welcome!» Then, less hurried and more respectful, a congratulation is in offer to Tynabith, scented with the faintest tingle of wind swept pastures… «Lovely offspring. I am sure they will all do you proud.»

<All> Dhiammarath senses that Djarreth shifts his great weight, his expansive mind reaching out with a soft touch of protectiveness. «Welcome young ones,» his mind appears to boom. «Welcome to you all.»

Isoldi keeps her head down while concentrating on shuffling her feet into a less burning state. The rapid dance slows after a minute or two, becoming a series of steps that lead her closer to the relative safety of Debajirin's shadow. Maybe it'll be cooler here. "Deep breaths. Try not to look so overwhelmed, Fish, they can smell fear," she remarks cheerfully, no doubt keeping to that tone of voice on purpose. "Look, that one's actually tasting everyone…do you want to be oozing scared sweat when he gets round to nibbling on you?"

Oliana lets out a very short giggle. "The blue is…is /tasting/ the candidates!" she says, that hint of nerve back in her tone as she motions to him, then puts a hand on her stomach as if to keep it from lunging up into her mouth.. "And the green looks pretty positive, doesn't she?"

Squaln still remembers when that big bronze chose Kilbane to be his lifemate. That was a moment to remember! The lad then blinks as he faintly hears his name from somewhere in the crowds.. Huh. Couldv'e /sworn/ he heard his name spoken..

Serafa finally leaves the mark upon the other girl's robe alone, hopping delicately she peers at the remaining candidates and the hatchlings cavorting upon the Sands. Wiping her hair out of her face for the umpteenth time she watches silently now. Wiggling slightly with the heat upon her soles.

Sarah blinks as she eyes the licking blue dragonet. "He's doing what a baker does," she points out to Oliana. "Tasteing them to see if they're just right!" she exclaims and immediately giggles. That's her type of dragon, one that acts like a baker. "He's so perty and so baker-like," she muses and eyes the green. "Yes, she looks like she might have found her choice." Blue is eyed again, as is that sharding egg. Le sigh.

Meral glances up at the ledges briefly…whoa. Crowds. Orbs turn back towards the dragonets, the objects of everyone's attention, hopes, dreams. What a burden for young shoulders. Taking another swig from his waterskin, he wipes his mouth a bit, then runs fingers through his hair. Nervously? Perhaps. The flash of green catches his eye again. She's so cute…

Debajirin has thoughts going in an dout of his head faster than firelizards pop between, but somewhere in there manages to latch onto one, and, for the first time, turns to glance up at the galleries, briefly searching for a face. Someone's supposed to be there, are they not? Sign of his mental awareness now: He's not looking at the dragons. Hopefully these effects won't last. So the green and the blue and none of them can decide… Isoldi is noticed as his gaze returns to the Sands, and he blinks at her. "I look as I look," is muttered, as that's about as logical as he can be, and then, one eyebrow raising, he returns to the Sands with a huff. Oozing scared sweat indeed. His sweat is cause the Sands are hot, really it is.

Fareia blinks at the blue dragon for a moment. Oh dear. Is she going to be licked again? She evaded lick-ment during her Search, so hopefully she can happily state that she has not been licked by a dragon through her entire candidacy. That would definately be something to boast, right. A slight giggle goes to Oliana and Sarah,"Well you two /must/ taste good. Being bakers and all." How did the healer girl end up clinging onto the two bakers. Oh well. Maybe she can get some food out of them later. "He is /quite/ adorable," she agrees with Sarah.

Feeding Time at the Zoo Egg spins in place on the sand. The crack in the surface of the egg rolls to the bottom of the egg before it settles down to rest again.

Squaln glances around the Sands again and blinks at the blue hatchling. Hrm. Cute little guy. His feet are still planted into the sand and his heart races still. Blink. Eek. This is all too nerve wracking to handle..

Fitz watches and grins. "Another one…" he feels as though he's baking like a cookie out here in the hot hot sands. How the dragonets can stand it he'll never know. The young gardener runs a hand through his unruly hair and watches as more eggs begin to crack.

Tynabith slowely shifts positions from laying lion cat like on all fours to sitting back on his haunches, tail curled possesivly around his rider who adjusts himself to lean against one of his bond's forelegs. As impressions are made and the ranks thin out he's able to spot several face's he knows and attempts to give each one a reasuring grin. He remmembers what it was like, though in his mind he knows just how worth the wait it is.

Lynsay watches, fanning her face off still. "It's too hot out here." she complains softly, bouncing around still, eyes locked on the hatchings, bouncing from one to another.

Sunwarmed Olive Oil with Za'atar Egg lasts only so long upon the baking sands, 'til it simply must crack under the pressure of those forces within and without. Crusty brown crackles away, followed immediately with the yellowed dribbles of this shell's shards onto those pebbled sands. It isn't long before a much different spice replaces that which seasons the shell: one of brine and salt and sodden smoothness. Here she is. And what an entrance at that.

Siren of the Seas Green Dragonet

Silvery sprays shimmer up and down her form as webbing ripples that flash and wane only to swirl and eddy restlessly in the grip of a marine's stormy green. Siren's beguiling allure exists in the bathyl depths that darken her belly's curve, rich and fathomless to submerge her slim tail. Warm, turquoise oceans inundate her svelte form, drenching sails and spars before cascading with liquid grace over the low swell of her muscles, then to plash against the thalassic wave of her ridges. Sunset's gleam turns the shore's sand to gold along the bridge of her aquiline head, kissed with the horizon's rosy blush, and left to the wiles of sea's encroaching tide.

Ilara stares quietly at her favorite egg, willing it to move or do… something. "Oh, why is this taking for/ever/?" she complains to any candie still on the sand, willing to listen; both people that she tried to talk to ended up being drug off by baby dragons. "Am I just imagining this? Ohhh! Another green!" She perks up as something new happens for the first time in a few minutes.

Querying Zella…

Squaln chews a thumb nail as he blinks at the other eggs on the Sands. This is lethal on the nerves. Eek again. Can anyone see how nervous he looks and acts? Probably.. he's being watched by many of course. Sweat.

Zella accepts Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet

Daughter of Bast Green Dragonet lifts her head to view the assembled white-clad ones, moving further from her sire and dam in search of her own among them. A soft rumble is emitted to them, reminiscent more of a purr than a growl, as she plods deep into the throng. Carelessly, she passes by candidate after candidate, now quite determined in her quest. But before long, she stops, gaze centered on a redheaded StarCrafter of just the right spirit for her. Eyes whirl with a contented blue, as she's found /her/ match: Zella.

Siren of the Seas Green Dragonet gleams wetly with the shine of darling, charming egg-goo as she shakes the fragments of the shell from her wings and talons delicately. The fragments cling yet as she steps away from the ruins of the egg and turns her eyes on the white-robed candidates with a simple cheer — then -creels-. Her voice is pure and sweet, but above all, it is -loud-.

Oliana opens her eyes rather wide as she sees Zella impress. "Zella!" she cries in way of congratulations before her eyes flicker and hover on the loud green hatchling. "Oh! Well, she's lovely!" Oli enthuses, picking up her left foot quickly as the heat gets to it.

Isoldi isn't put off by Debajirin's less than happy reply. After all, she quite understands, being in much the same situation. Though…her coping method seems just a wee bit different. Chuckling quietly to herself, she hops from foot to foot and returns to watching the fun unfolding before her. "Another green. They -are- trying to outdo the bronzes…she's a lovely one though." Given that the newest green came from one of the best eggs, in Iso's so humble opinion, that's no surprise. "And listen to that voice! Oooh…Zella!"

Debajirin oohs as the Feeding Time egg moves a bit. That's the one that feel so good against your chest… Bounce! Eyes are on the egg. Thud! Back to the first green. Oh, Zella! He's never really gotten the gist of that girl, but still, he's liked her well enough. And she dyed his legs. A grin for her, and Boing! His eyes are on the blue again.

Squaln nods to Zella and her new lifemate. "Congrats!" he says to them both as he atches the lovely pair. He then half grins to himself and clears his throat. The suspense is killing him as he stands by his fellow candidates.

Teric splits another grin as one of the greens picks her 'mate. "Congratulations, Zella!" he tries to call over. Man, what he would do for a skin of… anything right now. Water especially. But as the group of candidates begins to noticeably dwindle, the smith-candie just stands still, feet so baked he can't even feel them anymore. Time to just wait out what comes.

Meral's jaw drops open a bit at the arrival of the next green. "Whoa…gorgeous. Simply…gorgeous." He sneaks past a few more Candidates to get a closer look, and grins, still shuffling left to right. Now they'd be a good match, wouldn't they? After all. He is. The Mer-man. Mwah.

Serafa oooh's as yet another egg hatches. "Oooh Now she's beautiful. Do you think they would mind If I stole her?" She whispers to Rowann, clutching her hand as she watches the other green Impress to the other girl "Congratulations Zella"

Ilara jumps up and down once more (she never is going to get to stay still, is she?) and cheers loudly as someone else impresses. "Huzzah! Congrats, Zella! What's her name?" She former stablehand shrieks over the din of hatchlings, candidates, and the crowd.

Lynsay backs off slightly as Zella Impresses, wide smile lighting up her face. "Congrats Zella! She's beautiful." Not having to cheer for this one, she steps back a little further instead.

Fitz hops from foot to foot, watching intently as the others leave with their new mates. "Wow. Ow ow ow…and look! More greens!"

Rowann waves, hands in the air, "Zella! I knew you could do it!!" She turns to Serafa, monitoring the girl with her deep blue eyes, "I'm sure they wouldn't." She replies with a wink, searching her fellow-candidate's face for any sign of acknowledgment.

Fareia simply continues to bounce, a bit higher though when Zella Impresses. "Oooh, Zella she's beautiful!" She's talking about the dragon, of course. A giggle and she glances around, now rather excited instead of nervous. "Hm, another green. And that blue hasn't Impressed, yet." A satisfied shrug and she keeps on a' hoppin' to keep the sands off of her feet.

Sarah giggles as she turns to the others and winks. "Zella!" is cheered with just zest as she winks at the girl and smiles brightly at Farie and Oliana, still beside herself with calmness. "She's lovely, Zella!" she calls out and still continues to watch that cute tiny blue as he meanders around the sands. "He's just so cute," she states to Farie and gives her friend a nod. "Another green? Another green." Sarah muses and turns to her favorite egg again. "Can't you move or something???" Sharding egg is making her nervous. But she's still taking those calming breaths.

Zella seems to have forgotten where she was, blinking curiously down at the green. And still she is quiet, blinking, before breaking into a large grin. Forget about the heat and everything else, all she is focused on now is her new lifemate. "Esmeyath."

Squaln bites his lower lip and glances up at the crowds breifly. Did he hear his name again? Hrm. That's odd. Maybe he's hearing things. Heh heh. Anything's possible. The green egg is watched again and he blinks in joyful hope.

Hannah is overawed by the impressions and just leans against her lifemate watching. "Congratulations," is called out more as a group word than to someone in particular.

Fruit of the Loom Egg spills out to reveal a rather perfectly formed blue, that steps out onto the sands cooly taking a look at the scene around him. The discarded shells and stumbling dragonets receive only a brief glance of derision at the hullabalu, before he looks towards the candidates. Oh /dear/. WHO designed those hideous robes? They might as well have been made by blind wherries! Fortunately, one lad in particular seems to have a keen fashion sense, and the blue almost swoons, falling towards the candidate. "Boyth!" cries out the new weyrling, now named P'retty, and the pair make their way, under the instruction of a WLM, to the side of the sands.

Nyla is inaudibly conversing with her lifemate, but pauses to lift her head and grin at Zella. "Grats, Zell!" Beam.

Siren of the Seas Green Dragonet slinks accross the sands, moving like a shimmering wave of green accross the sands, eyes turned upwards sweetly. One could almost imagine a sweet voice, like a southern belle, asking the candidates to kindly part and let her through as they part before her as she continues to search for her match.

Wild Adventure Blue Dragonet comes to an uncertain halt, almost falling over himself as his front legs stop and his back legs attempt to continue on their own separate way. Slumped on the sands for a moment, he then shakes himself off, but stops suddenly as something, or perhaps someone, catches his eye. Watery blue hatchling cocks his head at the candidate with the sea green eyes for a moment, then swings his muzzle about to croon at his mother. Finally he gets up again, long limbs slightly unwieldy, and wanders with zigzagging motion over to his chosen, his only; Kiyna.

Kita walks to the new Impressees, her eyes on the green and her rider and the love already exuding from them both. "Congratulations Zella- she's a beauty. And she chose well, by the looks of things." Kita's smile widens, and she begins to walk to where the other weyrlings are assembled. "Follow me, and we can help ease the roaring in her stomach a little."

Oliana takes a deep breath, the hot air hitting the back of her throat and forcing her to stifle a quick cough. "Oh! Look at that! BoythandKiyna!" She blinks rapidly and smiles. "Congratulations!" she calls over the throng of shards, candidates, and hatchlings.

Relian doesn't notice any Impressions at all, to be truthful, so engaged is he in Bralath.

Serafa watches as more impressions are made clinging to Rowann. "I'm hot, are you hot?" She asks with seriousness before yelling yet another "COngratulations" To the impressing pairs.

Squaln feels like cheering for his fellow candidates and does so. "Congrats you two!" is called out to them. He then goes back to standing amongst his friends and sighs. Sweat trickles down the side of his cheeks. Heat. Hot. Sands. Ow.

Meral yells out a belated congrats to Zella, considering his attention was grabbed by that gorgeous green belle as she walks among her suitors. "Nice going Kiyna!! Blue!!" Mer waves again to the other candidate…then fans himself. He could go for a nice dip in the ocean right 'bout now himself. His eyes are enraptured, however, by the green lady as she weaves her way, looking for her one true match. Is it him? He can only hope!

Ilara cheers loudly for Kiyna and watches the other eggs and hatchlings, still nervous. Her eye keeps roaming back to one egg in particular, but alas, it hasn't moved yet. Still, she's grinning from ear to ear, simply enjoying the 'show'.

Isoldi hollars, "Kiyna! 'Grats!" with a voice that's growing more and more hoarse with every Impression and every minute spent in this scorching environment. Time enough to recover from that later, though. Giving a happy little bounce, she flicks platinum strands of sweat-dripping hair out of her eyes and returns focus to the eggs and hatchlings remaining. "Seems to be quieting down, just a little?" she might be heard saying hopefully.

Kiyna falls to her knees, overwhelmed in a suge of emotion as hands outstretch to embrace the petite blue, running her hands over his hide before looking up, grinning happily "He says his name is Valenth!" she pronounces for all to hear before standing to lead her new lifemate on behind one of the weyrlingmasters.

OO! So Hot n' Spicy Egg shudders and cracks in the sands with a sudden violence, falling in four quarters that collapses neatly to the ground. A brown dragon who just -oozes- that, 'I'm so sexy' feel slinks out and sidles up along side Chi, a wide-eyed Istan barmaid. "Oh, Neethe," she breathes out quietly, dark eyes going wide as she sinks down next to the brown.

Zella seems to be lost of a moment, before glancing over towards Kita with a large grin. "Oh, of course." With a gentle caress to her new green lifemate, she straightens up and helps her in moving towards the other weyrlings where she would be able to help that burning hunger.

Jayden has been absolutely, totally involved in his brand new bronze lifemate since the moment of Impression. At some point he looks up long enough to notice a number of new fellow weyrlings - after all, that's what they are now. "Yuli! Relian! Nyla! Zella! Kiyna!" Oi. Look how many Impressions /he/ missed… Then he resumes staring lovingly at his bronze - and talkative - lifemate.

Sarah watches that blue pick Kiyna and smiles with a sigh as she eyes that sharding un-moving, un-hatching, favorite egg o' hers. Come now. "Congrats Kiyna-dahling!" she calls over to her friend as she squeezes both Fareia and Oliana's hands in now-showing nervousness. Shards, she's getting worried. What if the egg doesn't hatch? It has to hatch, it's so beautiful! "Congrats!" she calls out to the Chi and the newly impressed brown as well.

Lynsay cheers, her bouncing not even missing a beat. "Yeah!" She calls, sparing a glance towards the galleries, searching out a specific face. Heat waves sort of melt them all into one big blob, so she goes back to the eggs and Hatchling again, watching.

Fareia doesn't bother pointing and hops up and down. "Oh! Kiyna, he's lovely!" A cheerful bounce and she points to the next two hatching. A giggle and she glances around the Sands again, tugging on Sarah's arm. "Wow. How many Impressions is that, now?"

R'ley glances over at Hannah trying to catch her eye and give her a sated happy smile. Thumbs hooked in pockets he keeps himself leaned against Tynabith enjoying ever single moment of contact with his bond while watching others discover the wonder of impressing. Soon it will be over, and then will come the pain of those who didn't impress, but for now he can still revel in each small miracle.

Debajirin turns around to face Isoldi. Did she say something? Oh, not to him, apparently, but yet he offers her a meek grin before going to the newly hatched and newly Impressed and still sitting there (though those would be eggs, not dragons). Oh, Kiyna! He liked her too. Talked about being on a boat to her. It's all me. Mememememe. Deba.

Siren of the Seas Green Dragonet runs up alongside the backs of a trio of candidates facing the other way, and her head lifts to let an ear-splitting creel sound. It rings through the bowl, loud and sharp, as the three males tumble away before her rather -impressive- vocal display. Her eyes flash impatience and anger briefly as she storms past, kicking up sand behind and clawing a leg she trods over when the boy is slow to move. She stops then, visibly sliding the sweet mask back into play, and turns to resume her search now that -those- boys are out of the way.

Fitz hops faster. The longer he's out here the hotter he seems to get. The young candidate is positively melting out here. "Hot hot hot.." he chants to himself as more dragons hatch and impress.

Feeding Time at the Zoo Egg shudders once more, as if it could smell itself. The strong aromas of fermenting fruit is enough to make the insides of the egg fall over, trying to roll away in its well protected little sand nest. The egg spins in place once on its side until the large crack on its surface is facing upward, allowing foamy white neckridges and a dragon's spine appear. Soon the whole fruity mess is dispersed in one exaggerated stretch and a little glowing bronze rolls out limply.

Straight from the Tavern Bronze Dragonet

Nearly luminescent gold and rich iridescent bronzes saturate sinuous limbs and rounded underbelly. An intoxicating foam spills from the tip of his muzzle, back along the expanse of cresting ridges, and all the way down tail's wiry length to the very tip. Thin wisps of purest glowing white wash delicately along the narrow shoulders of his silver-imbued hide, only to intermingle with the darker bronzes that cascade along his mighty form. Drawn with the arch of a shooting star, or as strict as a darting arrow, he is cast smooth and compact, muscular and so very long. His narrow wings are flecked in a dazzling, shimmering white that tickles over honeyed-yellows from below. When furled close to his sides, those very same pinions are of such a rich golden bronze that they disappear among his liquid metallics.

Oliana bites her bottom lip. "It hasn't moved, Sarah, has it?" she asks the fellow baker in a bit of an undertone compared to her previous loud calls before her attention is grabbed by the Siren Green. "Look at her go!" she says in her normal-for-the-sands tone of voice. Which is to say…loud. "Oh, I hope he's alright." And then. "A bronze!"

Hannah sees R'ley's smile, "Ahhh.. It's priceless to watch.." Voice trails off as she too thinks about those who aren't going to impress. She's been there.. and knows the feeling.

Sour Milk Egg wobbles in place, talons appearing through sudden holes in the shell to allow the dragonet's feet to be seen long before the head forces its way out. For a brief second, the egg looks like a bizarre body suit, before the dragonet inside flexes and it shatters in a rather impressive display to reveal a heavily built green dragonet, far bulkier than one would normally expect for her colour. Gunk from the egg drips from every portion of her body, turning the sand around her into a gooey black. Blaririn, a reheadhead female candidate, sees the dragonet, and takes a step back in shock, falling to the sands in her surprise. The green approaches, standing over the girl and crowing her victory. "Oh Witchth!" The newly shortened Blair gasps, trying to regain her breath. "You gave me such a horrible fright. OOoooh… I feel sick."

Serafa hops from foot to foot, still wishing that they had been allowed to keep thier sandals. Looking from eggs to Dragonets she smiles as yet another Bronze hatches. "I wonder who that is going to?" She points at the Bronse Hatchling.

Sarah thinks about that for a minute and shrugs, "I'm unable to catch them all, so I don't really know." Oh my gosh, you go an 'I don't know' out of her! It's a miracle, well not really. A rarity is more like it. Watching the green, she smiles brightly to the girls beside her. "She's very pretty," she says with a wink as she still eyes that sharding egg of her liking not move at all. "Another bronze!" she cries and looks around to eye Squaln and the other males. "Go guys!"

Meral notes that another dragonet has hatched…a bronze infact. But oddly enough, his eyes are still glued to the green as she shoves some other unworthy suitors aside. Ooo…hope? Maybe? Is the Mer good enough for a lady such as this? Shuffle shuffle….hope she likes burnt feet. Or rather, can take him somewhere to cool them off.

Squaln grins slightly and nods to those next to him. The bronze his glanced at and the lad lets out a sigh of relief. Hrm. Interesting. His favorite egg already hatched and was paired off with another candidate. Ah well.

Ilara goes goggle-eyed as yet /another/ bronze appears. "Shards, they're everywhere!" She peers around expectantly at the male candidates — those that are left — and wonders who will have the lucky bronze. "Ooo, I can't wait to see…"

Isoldi didn't say a thing. But she is pointing laughingly at the noisy green's way of making her presence known. "Ha! That one'll no doubt keep everyone around her hopping." Score one to the Pale One for stating the obvious. Then it's all attention, surprised attention at that, to a new flash of bronze. "Another one?" Lopsided grin springing back into place, she shoots a look towards the proud papa and his rider. Doesn't that just figure?

Fitz blinks as more eggs hatch. A green and a bronze? He grins and claps as the new green impresses. "Congratulations!" he calls, then lets out a whoosh of air. He stands up straight and tries to look presentable. When you're shorter, you're closer to the heat…and Fitz is closer to the ground than he'd like to be.

Fareia raises her eyebrows at the next bronze in surprise,"Wow. Lots of bronzes this clutch, huh?" Wow. The green also gets a glance. Hmph. Numbers of eggs left is quickly decreasing. Bounce is slowed to a slightly slower shuffle, just enough to keep her feet from falling off.

Lynsay hops around, all by herself now. "Hey, another bronze!" She calls, despite the fact she's no one to call to. Eyes lift towards the noisy green with a snicker, and soft giggle. "Teach them…"

Bakery Fragrance Egg has finally crisped long enough, and with a sudden sigh the shell fragments and falls to pieces about the revealed green. Her look is cheerful and almost maternal as she paces up, no-nonsense, to nose Evoril's knee sweetly. "You— For me? Oh, Moreth." That's right. For E'vor: Moreth.

Siren of the Seas Green Dragonet quirks her head to the side as she continues to regard him with quite the appraising glance. Her inspection is quite thorough as she looks up and down his form, from sandaled feet to the crown of his head, leaving nothing to chance. A crooning trill is immediately followed by a butt of her head directly into his gut. He is hers. Her growl of possession clearly states that all of the other dragonets can look elsewhere. Meral belongs to her now.

Ilara cheers loudly for Meral and Evoril. "Congrats you guys!!" she croaks out, her voice long since gone hoarse. "This is so exciting, I wish it wouldn't end.."

Debajirin jumps as more eggs shatter, though why he'd jump now and not earlier he has no idea. A brief complaint from his feet, which had been removed from the Sands in the jump, and he sticks another against his blue-haired leg. Oh, a bronze… Quite an interesting bronze. Sorta long… A downright ugly thing, the Fisherman concludes, though lets his gaze linger just a little longer. And then back to that green, and. Meral! He sighs, relieved as he is to have Meral Impress. Because he likes Meral quite a lot as well. Another stray glance towards the galleries, and Isoldi… He's wandering again.

Oliana blinks and claps her hand against her thigh for Meral before gasping "The egg hatched! Look, there goes the dragon…." her voice trails off, and her shaky gaze fixates on the remaining egg. "Well." Her blue eyes turn to Sarah briefly.

Straight from the Tavern Bronze Dragonet struggles to his claws and tries to straighten out, but the dragonet is either too intoxicated or too cramped from being in his egg for so long and ends up just flopping back into the sands once more, resting and trying to build up some strength. He turns his head and creels up at the mother gold before flopping his head back towards the candidates once more. Hmm.. over there, somewhere, was his reason for being here.

You notice Xalyia looking at you.

Meral blinks as the green stops, then shuffles into him, knocking him off his feet. Well, he wanted his feet to be off hte sand, didn't he? "Hellooo….Suith!!" Meral…or M'er, as he is to be known, blinks in surprise…then a joyous grin comes across his face. "Suith…" He is hers and she is his. Perfect.

Squaln grins and rocks back on his heels when Meral Impresses the green. "Congrats Meral!" is yelled to his friend. Geez, all his buds are getting snatched from the Sands and he's still here. Eek. "I wish Kilbane were here.."

Teza claps her hands in glee and slinks out to meet Meral's side as she spots her very favorite tortue toy impress her very favorite color. "Congratulations!" the greenrider exclaims, looming over the pair with a bright smile and a gleam in her dark eyes. "She's almost as loud as Briganth was. Let's get you off the sands, shall we? And find some food to fill that mouth of hers?"

Teric is still shifting his feet as his survival tactics cling to some part of his thought pattern. "Come on…" he mumbles to himself, a wide grin just a shade from a grimace on his face. He calls out a couple more congratulations, but his voice is all but gone at the moment as he just clenches his fists at his sides and tries to wait this thing out.

Isoldi manages a shout for Meral, wordless as it is. By now, throat is too sore to manage much more than that, but the feeling is there. She adds a grin, for good measure, before pale eyes flicker back to a curious inspection of the bronze. Not for her, that one, but still she'll look him over with what seems to be approval.

Fitz gulps, shivering just slightly as the dragonet creels. He gulps, then giggles as the dragonet goes on his hunt for a lifemate. He tugs on his too short sleeve, making the too long sleeve too short. Bah.

Sarah blinks and eyes the green that came out of the lovely shell. "Green? Well I never thought," Sarah manages to stammer before grinning. "I dont' think that greens are for me, so it really doesn't matter!" Sarah always looks at the bright side of things as she smiles rather cheerfully to Oliana and Farie. "One egg left though, and it's rather pretty," she muses and giggles. Sarah is now making plans to do for her Masters in her head. Unless this last egg holds something which is a miracle. "Well, no more chores at least, right?" she says and looks at Oliana questioningly.

Squaln watches the bronze as his heart beat races as fast as it can go. He then closes his eyes and waits for his fate to come - to Impress or to be left alone. This is nerve wracking as he just stands.. and waits..

Serafa shuffles from foot to foot, moving slowly as she watches the hatchlings upon the sands. Hand still clutched in Rowanns, lip almost bitten all the way through.

Oliana swallows. "The sands are just about empty," she downright whispers to Sarah, eyes scanning, almost tripping over the shards on the sands, then she smiles at Sarah's bright-sided..ness. "Yes, no more chores, Sarah!" She chuckles throatily.

Fareia nods to Sarah and Oli. "Well then….I wonder who'll Impress the bronze?" A slight sigh escapes her as she looks around at the diminished eggs. "Only healer chores for me, then…." A slight shrug and she scuffs a foot into the sands. It's really too bad, too. The weyr was getting to be fun. Now it'll be back off to the hall for her.

Rowann looks around, hand clasped with Serafa's, "It is over… Seff? You alright dear?" Her hands are shaking, her eyes watering, "Time to go home.." She knows where she is going, "Sure you are alright?"

Hannah eagerly awaits for the last little bronze to choose his 'mate, while eyes turn to watch K'ven and his gaggle of new weyrlings to torture. "R'ley, Dhiamamrath.. this was a good clutch, ne?" is asked softly of the man whose spent much of his time with her on the sands. "Good, healthy clutch." No more worries, now.

Ilara watches the dragons finding their partners, cheering wildly as each of her friends Impresses. "Ohhh, just one more bronze… Come on, pick someone li'l guy…"

Relian glances up, and gulps, at the suddenly eggless sands. His eyes widen, his shoulders slumping slightly at those who haven't Impressed. His lifemate is enough to occupy him once more - but the view of those left behind apparently depresses him nonetheless.

Lynsay stops bouncing, watching the bronze quietly. "Good luck…" she whispers, soft sigh escaping from her lips before she can stop it. Oh well, back to the craft for her now.

Debajirin eyes the most recent bronze Hatchling. "Slow in coming?" he comments, able to find his voice now that most of the eggs have hatched. Evoril gets a nod for his new lifemate, as well as a snort. That one's an oddo ne, that Evoril. But back to the Sands. The last one, and he's waiting. And soon it'll be over. And the stresses of candidacy can slip away, and things will become normal again.

Dhiammarath croons at hannah in satisfaction, A good clutch indeed. She watches the last of the hatchings intently waiting for him to choose. Then inspecting the candidates.

K'ven tips a salute at Hannah as he spies the goldriders gaze, a smile flashed accross the heated expanse of sand before he turns to instruct one of the newly impressed. "Not so fast! Smaller chunks! They have to at least pretend to chew it!" Already his voice has started to adopt the authoritarian tones he picks up during lessons, his entire posture changing as a new group of weyrlings falls under his control.

Straight from the Tavern Bronze Dragonet musters all his strength into one more burst of energy before pulling himself up once more. Now, the young bronze stands there, one side semi-collapsed and the otherside itching for motion. The poor dragonet felt just plain mostly dead. As the bronze begins to move foward he finds a little bit of life beginning to fill his body again. He lets his head swing from right to left, and left to right again, seeing himself as the last unimpressed dragon on the sands.

Kita releases a pent up sigh as the eggs are but shattered remains, and one final, lone little dragonet staggers around, trying to find his lifemate. She bites her lip as he takes his time…occasionally dragonets don't find a mate on the sands…please not this one. Please, not now, not ever!

R'ley sucks in a huge whoosh of breath between his teath then lets it out in a gusty sigh as no matter how much he looks there's not a single egg left whole and only one bronze left without a lifemate. "Very good clutch, very odd clutch, opened and closed with a bronze. We'll have good luck for sure." when your a betting man you must believe in luck or the lack of it.

Squaln rocks back on his heels and exhales slowly, trying to stay calm and collected during this whole ordeal. Blue optics blink and the lad peers at the bronze hatchling. Hmm. Cute. Half grin.

Fitz covers his mouth as the bronze looks ill..or something. From behind his hands he urges him on "C'mon…you'll be fine…" he holds his breath involuntarily, watching axiously.

Isoldi relaxes, just the tiniest bit, as one is left to make his choice. As she can hardly be it…the young woman'll let some of the tension ebb away while waiting for the bronze to Impress. Just a few more minutes and she'll be able to go stick these feet in some water before they blister too badly.

Serafa nods slowly at Rowann. "Yeah I'm fine, honestly. Well except for my feet I guess" She admits ruefully watching the shards of the eggs hopefully. But no they are all gone, no more.

Hannah nods her head, "Yes we will. I am tired of this heat though.." is said to urge the little bronze to quickly choose..

Sarah shuffles, wondering if she can put her sandals back on YET? "My feet hurt," Sarah finally notices with a grimace. "Ouchies. Farie, can you get me something for them afterwards?" she asks suddenly and winks. "Oh, Oliana and Fariea dears, please come visit me at Grinstead any time that you'd like," she says with a giggle. "We can have a slumber party in my room," Sarah says with a wink as she watches that final bronze.

Oliana waits to see who the bronze will find, but in a much less anticipatory manner, her muscles (all but her feet) relaxing a bit as she watches. "Oh, Sarah, I know I'll /have/ to see you around. We /are/ in the same craft." She chuckles slightly and winks before clearing her throat.

Fareia giggles at Sarah and rocks up onto her toes. "As long as you guys bring me some /food/." A wink and she continues to watch the bronze, rather hoping it makes it's choice soon.

Ilara makes her way towards Farie and Sarah. "I didn't get to see who hatched from my favorite egg… I was watching it, but I guess I got distracted; its gone now, obviously. Yeah, you know anything to fix our poor feet?"

Kita looks about to head over to the weyrling group as one dragonet's eyes suddenly bulge, and he extends his neck to it's full length. A large lump seems stuck in his throat, and his young future rider is fairly jumping up and down in fear. Kita opens her mouth to instruct and then most likely scold, but with an almighty *glomp* the gobbet of meat slides down. The dragonet sighs, the young rider sighs, and Kita scowls.

Straight from the Tavern Bronze Dragonet senses Tevya looking at him.

Debajirin has his eyes rove back towards the bronze there. Someone had said once, what happens when the dragons don't find a lifemate. And he's not going to watch this one die, no, no… So left eye drifts close, shortly followed by the right one. No, he's not watching. Head turns down to the sands, and he rocks slightly, realizing the hurt in his feet, and the tiredness in him altogether, and wanting to go home. What a time to get homesick. "Is he Impressed yet?" is asked of Isoldi hopefully. Nope, he's not looking.

The last vestiges of deadness fade Straight from the Tavern Bronze Dragonet's limbs as he continues to look dead on at his intended, a large hairy man in a sea of white. Slowly, the dragonet pulls himself up to his full height and stumbles forward a few steps. His gaze never falters, despite being newly hatched and still weak from hunger. One claw is placed in front of the other before he draws himself up close to the candidate, -his- candidate, and rests his entire weight against him. Straight from the Tavern Bronze Dragonet lets out a sigh that ruffles the candidate's white skirt and nuzzles his hand, claiming Debajirin for his own.

Nyla widens her grin. "Congratulations, Debajirin!" Hands wave in the air, the feeling accompanied by a bugle from her lifemate.

Squaln rocks back on his heels again and blinks quickly before looking back at his fellow candidates. Hmm. Lots are left and there's only one dragon left to Impress. Interesting enough, eh? Blink. "Congrats Jir!" is spoken when his friend finally Impresses.

K'ven steps forward with a solemn step to take the last pair to join the other weyrlings, lips curved upwards in a faint smile. "Congratulations," he intones solemnly, lifting his gaze to look over the empty sands with a faint sigh before turning it back down. "Shall we get you back over to your clutchmates now?"

Ilara cheers for the final candidate, though largely subdued by her soar throat at this point. "Congrats, Deba — whats his name?"

« You sense that Dhiammarath falls asleep. »

Teric slumps a bit, but with relief, as the last dragonet chooses his rider. "Way ta go, mate!" he calls over to Debajirin, thumbs hooking around the belt holding his robe together. He gives a soft sigh and glances around at the sands, the shards, candidates and new rider pairs. "All in all…. not bad," he teases lightly, barely ducking a cuff from an even shorter smith candidate.

Yulianna glances toward the sands just soon enough to see the bronze flop against Debajirin, and she squeaks, clapping her meat-filled hands together and provoking a little squeak out of Miyakath. She quickly turns back to her little lifemate with a loud, "I'm sorry! I forgot." Oh, this mind-voice thing is going to be /confusing/!

Fareia claps, hopping up and down again,"Ooh, Deba!" A chuckle and she finally lets go of Sarah's hand. "Well, I have to say I'm glad to see them all Impress." She doesn't bother naming every Impressee. Well, she's sure going to miss the weyr, but….the Hall won't be lonely anymore.

Serafa cheers for Debajirin Enthusiastically "Congratulations Debajirin, whats his name?" She asks with interest. Shuffling slightly waiting for permission to leave.

Lynsay cheers, not any less loudly, if not louder. "Congrats Deba!" She calls, jogging back to fetch her sandals from where they were dumped near the entrance.

Oliana grins and claps, having let go of Sarah, finally. "Well, back to Paradise for me. Probably find a ride tonight, in fact, if the Master's are here watching," she muses, though her eyes look a little distant.

You go to the Tunnel.

Tunnel (#1017)

The tunnel is large enough to allow a full grown gold passage from her weyr to the hatching grounds. Over the years, stone carvers have smoothed out the rough edges of the tunnel walls, while the traffic is slowly wearing its mark into the floor. The only things in the tunnel are stone holders for glows that light the passage dimmly.

To the west, you see Dhiammarath, Rionath, Xylyth, Valanth, Heliuth, Nverath, Suith, Esmeyath, Aboleoth, Bralath, Miyakath, Tynabith, and twenty-five people.

Obvious exits:

Saria's Chambers Hatching Sands Hannah's Nook Annie's Domain

Dhiammarath> Hannah walks with youthful grace into the dimly lit tunnel.

<End of Log>

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