Hatching 29, Galleries: Part 2

From the hatching sands, T'rell watches — no, not so much the golden dragonet, though she is the subject of part of his attention, along with her choice; no, not her, but Saria. He smiles at her enthusiasm and pride, and nods back to her, pleased. "But of course," he tells her, somewhat flippantly, and with a wink. "They always choose High Reaches folk."

Kinecha grins broadly as the Reachian impresses Gold, giving G'deon a clap on the back in return. "Alright, Hannah," she calls out, though not loud enough for everyone to hear.

On the ledge, Tai's jaw drops. Again. Oooh.

From the hatching sands, Char blinks as Hannah Impresses the gold, turning towards Orb. "Isn't she that really shy one from the 'Reaches whose been her Faranth…" she trails off and shrugs, waving her congratulations to the new goldrider. "Huzzah, Hannah!"

On the ledge, "Hannah!" Clearly Lyne's both surprised and elated by the choice the gold made, yet cheers just as enthusiastically as the rest of the crowd. "It's about time." she murmurs, grinning and chuckling.

From the hatching sands, Hannah blinks at the gold at her feet. She releases Merra and Egan and throws her hands around the gold's neck. "Dhiammarath… Dhiammarath…" She looks up at those around her and blinks; she is quite stunned.

Brell walks in.

Sarah stands and cheers, "WELl DONE!" The girl settles back in her seat, the joy of impression revolving around her. "Whoo! Hannah!" she calls and grins happily.

Mirenda cheers. The gold impressed! She's moving so much, leaning so far forward, that the flit has completely toppled from her shoulder, falling into her lap. The brown squaks a harsh scolding at her, crawling up her dress to return to his perch

on her shoulder.

On the ledge, Shaela's is down on the floor, too. Hannah!

Satha walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Serafa walks in.

"I didn't hear it!" Pyrene cries anxiously. "What name did she say? What name?"

From the hatching sands, Sorcen peers after Naomi, only half comprehending what Mari send. "Umm, yeah?" It's a good thing Merra's still got hold of his hand, or he'd be lost. "Hannah!" Way too much going on to take in at once. The hot-sand-dance is performed in part by Sorc as he tries to focus on everything at once.

From the hatching sands, Egan is released. Woah. And stumbles into Tierza, then looks up. "Eh. /Merra/, darling!" Cough. "Hold hands?" And be a niice, haappyy faamillyyy— err.

On the ledge, And from the ledge above comes a roar as the compliment of High Reachian riders cheers their Senior Gold's fosterling, "Haaaaaaaannnnaaaaaaah! Way to go!"

From the hatching sands, Marianne watches Hannah Impress the golden dragon of such beauty with sparkling eyes that hold no hint of resentment, nor of wistfulness.. just celebration for her fellow candidate.

From the hatching sands, Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg shudders rapidly in ever-growing circles, heedless of where it spins, out of control. Chocolate bulges outwards, striations appearing across the mixed-up shell. Abruptly, it falls completely still, silent… a moment, two… And shell showers the sands and surrounding Candidates as it explodes in a cloud of sharp-edged shards, a melodical trumpeting announcing the arrival of Merry Wanderer of the Night Brown Dragonet.

From the hatching sands, Merry Wanderer of the Night Brown Dragonet

From the hatching sands, Moonlight steals across his long and limber neck, enchanting the woodlands of his draconic hide with its otherwordly glow. Silvery lights spiral across his slender torso, dipping betwixt the glances of summer's green and wending its carefree way through the twisted branches of oak and ash to travel along the fine willow of fragile wing-spars. Lunar beams dapple upon the surface of his brambles as it filters through the webbed foliage of wings' canopy. An evening's mist frolics along the aged cedars of his hardy legs, lifting to tickle along the curve of his rounded tummy with fairy-kisses and mischievous dreams. Finally, beam's molten silver pools 'tween the jaded ridges his fey tail, granting redwood's bough with the last of a puckish twinkle.

From the hatching sands, Naomi hardly stops in her pacing across the sands to acknowledge what Mari says, and barely even stops to observe the gold's choice of Hannah, though a nod is sent her way. Khaelyn's in her line of sight now, and is reached quick enough, and she reaches out to her. "They're all gone, see?" is whispered to the herder/candidate, voice just audible.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc is really dancing now, and jumping and more! "Hannah! Woo! Way to go!" he yells out happily, if not a bit belatedly as it took him that long to realize the impression. And now a brown impresses, causing him to just oogle.

Surupa applauds for the new goldrider, and yet her friend is still there upon the sands and with another fellow Herder. "Well, at least Khae still hasn't been taken away… Yet." Of course the rest of the eggs are eyed carefully, and then the gold as well. "Quite the mouthful of a name, and yet quite lovely." Though this young woman won't dare attempt to say a dragon's name— as confusing as they all seem to be. "Go, Khaelyn!" She shouts, watching the new brown pop out of his shell. "Gorgeous!"

On the ledge, D'ven is beaming broadly. "Nice choice." Apparently Bith agrees, judging from the truimphant bugle. Noone wanted to hear for the rest of the day, did they?

Brell goes home.

From the hatching sands, Lotus of the Nile Green Dragonet follows after her golden sister, perhaps there is something interesting along that way. After all, if her sister found the right one there, perhaps she shall as well?

From the hatching sands, Sejith arches his neck over to get a better look, now; he has been keeping himself out of the way, but curiousity and the wonder at the new hatchlings asserts itself and, well, here he is.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn clutches Naomi's hand with her free one. Can't be losing her balance here. "Faranth. I can't stand up," she hisses, wobbling dangerously back and forth even as more eggs hatch. "Wow. A brown. He's /cute/!" Just like everything else.

Sarah grins at the sight of a brown hatchling. "What a cute one!" she calls and grins and laughs. "Pick a good one!" she yells to the hatchling and smiles to herself.

From the hatching sands, Saria steps closer to T'rell, her hand still on his arm, and can't help but laugh at the bronzerider's comment - suddenly, now, she's really enjoying this moment. She impulsively reaches up and kisses him on the cheek, and then remains close to his side. "They'll choose the right ones," she says softly. "It's in their blood."

Schala squirms past Holder and rider alike as she spots Serafa among the masses. "Oh, Serafa.." she begins with a gasp,

"Izzady Impressed a blue, and there was a gold hatching!"

"I don't have the faintest idea," Daeyn murmurs to Misra, subsiding into tense silence to watch and wait.

From the hatching sands, Tstar quirks ane eybrow at the newest arival. What's this? If I be not mistaken that's the shrewish knave Robin Goodfellow! My, my what a brown.

Satha dashes in late as usual, she took a ground ride up here having not been privleged with air transportation. She peers about for fellow istan herders and creeps with apologies past other groups to get to them. Golds impression isn't even spotted.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia makes her hands into fists at her side and closes her eyes tight as she mumbles her mantra "Pick me, pick me, pick me" Lors will not go home without a dragon and this green seems to be as close to gold as she'll get, with those sparkles.

From the hatching sands, From Russia With Buzz Egg rolls over in the sands, bumping up next to another and wedging itself in there tightly.

From the hatching sands, Filli watches as a brown appears, "Look at the brown isn't he just darling." she says before here eyes flick back to the Lotus Green who is now following the same path that gold did.

From the hatching sands, Hannah leads Dhiammarath off to the side where the other newly impressed are gathering. She is looking shell shocked and still not quite elieving it's happening.

Serafa beams back at Schala "Really? and I missed it? what a shame" Well there was chores to be done.

From the hatching sands, Sorcen isn't aware of /everything/ going on, but he does notice the hatching of a brown. "Merra look, it's a brown! Mari!" The hand in Merra's hand is again tightened, and he blinks a few more times, trying to get a good look at the brown.

From the hatching sands, Merra arches a brow at Egan. "Weren't you the one that told me girls are icky?" But she obligingly moves to grip the nanny's hand. "Wow, a brown. And a rougish fellow at that. The renegade of the clutch, mayhap?

From the hatching sands, Cherry Garcia Egg tips and wobbles reluctantly, knocked on the side once more by a rather energetic egg to its right that seems intent on shuddering into an explosion. Settling back onto the hot sands, it seems consumed by an aura of watchfulness - this time spiked by a heady dose of impatience.

From the hatching sands, Lotus of the Nile Green Dragonet makes her way across the sands, investigating first one, then another white robed candidate, finding none to her liking. She lifts her head up and turns it from side to side, looking, seeking, finally eye contact is made. She presses forward, lifting her head to nudge oh so gently at the emerald eyed candidate standing before her, tail lashing as she chooses her one, her only, her Egan.

From the hatching sands, Tierza shakes ehr ehad and tries to stay focused in the ehat. The green hasn't chosen yet, so she is gonna hope as long as possible. And now a beat of a brown.

"Brown." Yehaw. Lylia's happy now. After all, it's a /brown/. With a bright cheer, the rider adds her own critique. "Lovely little fellow… Not as handsome as my Druseth, y'know." Gotta be more bloodthirsty to be a true stud.

From the hatching sands, Quarith raises her head and turns to nuzzle Sejith's neck, crooning warmly.

"I can't believe Hannah Impressed gold!" Pyrene continues to mutter to those near her, ignoring trifling matters such as the fact she was betting on her. "I mean… the girl's so shy. What will she do come mating time." Remembering herself, she straightens her shoulders brightly. "Of course, she'll be /wonderful/. Had training helping Areiah and all… Oh, /look/ at that brown. He'll Impress Merra, just you look!"

From the hatching sands, Merry Wanderer of the Night Brown Dragonet tumbles from the remains of his shell, rolling quite a distance to thoroughly litter his woodland hide with the speckles of scorching sands. Progress comes to a halt at the feet of a trio of white-robed candidates. At it is at this point where he explodes with arms and legs and every other appendage akimbo. Oh yes, time for some fun.

Schala nods quickly, and pull Serafa over to her previous spot. "Yeah, now we just gotta wait on Nanoc, see, he's over there…" And she points out onto the sand at a singular white form.

Misra tilts her head ever-so-slightly to one side and points at the brown. Her feline Robin Goodfellow seems to have lost all interest in the proceedings; indeed, he's fallen asleep on her lap. "Is that mom's, then?"

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn wobbles a little more and finally stands up straight, if leaning a bit to Filli's side. "Yup. Absolutely darling. And hyper." It is a cute brown, now that she can see him.

From the hatching sands, Marianne captures Sorc's hand once more. "Don't you go anywhere. Don't you leave me to fall on the sands," she laughs. Not that he had been making the move to do so, but still. Grinning rougishly, Marianne redirects her gaze towards the egg pile as she watches them shake, rattle and roll… "A brown.. it's a brown! And, but more importantly, look, Sorc! A green for Egan, for our nanny!" Marianne's laughter lilts over the space around her, merrily dancing, just as her feet are. She can't seem to keep still.

Kazandar looks rather smug as the green on the sands choosing Egan. Another green down…

From the hatching sands, "After all," T'rell places his hand over Saria's, just a brief gesture as he grins; "Their parents chose us."

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia continues to stand as still as a statue, eyes closed and hands balled into fists. She's not going to watch anymore. Her dragon will have to get her attention and get it good.

On the ledge, "Brown. Oh…Brownbrown…" Lyne begins to bounce lightly where she sits, knowing her brother had hoped direly for this colour to be his own. "He's yours, Sorc…" At least, she hopes.

From the hatching sands, Tstar blinks as someone so close to her impresses. "Egan!" My is she slow on the uptake today… Very slow on the uptake. Wait? Did Buzz egg move?

From the hatching sands, Yla manages to pull herself out of her lifemate's whirling gaze as the green's hunger begins to be assauged, and she starts looking around. "Oh… Libby… Hannah… Izz…" She mutters, stroking muzzle while still feeding, attention divided.

Serafa's eyes had already saught out the other healer candidate. "I know its all very exciting" she says her brown eyes sparkling.

Sasha snorts.."Come mating time she'll do what we all do…." a sardonic grins is given to her friend."and if she's got any sense she won't let it get to her…."

From the hatching sands, Merra does a happy little sand dance for Egan. Lord, what fool these mortals be… "YAY, EGAN!" She has the presence of mind to release his hand, stepping out of the way yet again.

From the hatching sands, Egan stares. Wobble. And then there's that tail-lash. And then there's.. "Fiareth." Swoon. "/My/ Fiareth." Beam.

From the hatching sands, Filli cheers as the green chooses Egan, "Way to go Egan!" she calls before looks back at the brown. "Hyper can be good." she comments with a grin.

Azrail heads down the stairs.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia glances sideways slightly at Lors, reddish eyes wandering momentarily away from the wandering dragonets, a quick call for Egan. "Congrats!" And the she peers once more at Lors. "Ya okay?" She doesn't really like the girl, but she should be nice, no?

Pyrene's attention goes over to Egan. "Oh, she'll be a pretty one for him…" she murmurs. "Wait a moment, don't I know him?" She could swear he looks familiar. Sasha is nudged companiably. "I hope she doesn't do what /you/ do…. Isn't that brown /adorable/?" If none of the candidates want him, Pyrene will take him home.

From the hatching sands, From Russia With Buzz Egg quivers, a small earthquake happening within. Cracks begin to appear slowly, starting within a deep swirl of mocha and cream, and almost spiraling their way out to cover the egg. Finally, the egg begins to collapse, eggshell dribbling off at an alarming rate, finally mostly dissolving to show the hidden treasure within: Pale Faerie Queen Green Dragonet.

From the hatching sands, Pale Faerie Queen Green Dragonet

From the hatching sands, Tierza releases Egan's hand and looks about for soemone to fill the gap. Hannah isn't there either…" Yay Egan! Enjoy her.."

From the hatching sands, Aglimmer with the subtle sparkle of magic, a delicate silvery mist swirls about this dragon's petite form, insubstantial mystery cloaking her brilliant hues and hushing them to a pale whisper. Hints of emerald and turquoise intermingle over the refined curves of her head, marbling and blending in an ethereal harmony that slips and escapes down the underside of her neck as it gradually fades to a ghostgum as elusive and unsubstantial as moonlight over the slim chamber of her underbelly. An illusion of pallid gold gleams tangled around her forehead, celestial glory exquisite but concealed with all her mysterious beauty behind the wisps of iridescence. Echoes of spring gold tip each neckridge with a fleeting shimmer of a fickle kiss, flightily catching the light with an abandon equalled by the may and grass-green vines tumbling and weaving over her wingbones. Caught in the whimsical interlacing, rose, primrose and morning glory blossoms — all gently kissed by faintest silver stardust — peek out from behind.

From the hatching sands, Hannah is not too consumed with her new lifemate to glance up and smile a shy little smile. "Congrats" gets called out to Egan.

On the ledge, A startled blink. "E/gan/?!" Lyne laughs, giving her an excuse to allow her tears to flood over the lids of her eyes. "Go Egan!" The nanny, of all people.

Daeyn blinks at the brown and shakes her head. "I doubt it …" Something about the concept of Merra on brown just boggles her mind. Maybe it's because her conception of brown is Anwyllth …

From the hatching sands, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch egg tumbles into another egg next to it, and shatters, revealing a blue.

From the hatching sands, Tierza says, "Ohhh!!!!!" Is all Tierza can say about this new green beauty. "Ohhh!"

From the hatching sands, Merry Wanderer of the Night Brown Dragonet shimmies from muzzle to the tip of his tail, wings fluttering away from his sides as they unfurl. Dragonet parts the trio with a sidling butt of his head, plunging through with nary a glance back. Tail flickers once in the sands, sending a spray up and away before prancing away and leaving the scene of the crime.

Schala blinks and comments. "I can't believe it, this is the third green, I think, I might've missed one." Turning to Serafa, she inquires, "Did you know what color Nanoc wanted?"

From the hatching sands, Sorcen grins in Mari's general direction and doesn't notice Egan's Impression until everyone starts shouting his name, at which point the Harper/Candie joins in. "Alright, Egan!" A little quieter, "I would never let you fall in the sand, Mari." A hint of humor in the tone adds to the twinkle in his eye as he winks at her.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia gives a sharp nod in Kaltia's direction, but still remains with eyes closed. "I don't wanna watch anymore." She explains out loud. "I'm scared that Larisseth lied to me." The last is whispered, afraid that the other dragons might get angry with her for saying so.

From the hatching sands, K'ven hurries back over to tap the new goldrider on the shoulder. "Um.. miss… follow me, please?"

Kazandar groans. /Another/ green? Oh well…

From the hatching sands, Lib turns to beam at Beyla, nodding her head. "I know." She answers, running her hands over Alishath's hide. Nervous glances are given back to Naomi rather often, Lib anxious on her friend's behalf.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc widens his eyes, sending yet another rounds of "Woo hoo Egan!" to Egan, of course, but now /another/ green hatches? Eyes dance back to the soon-to-choose hatchlings and the shaking eggs.

From the hatching sands, Lysa smiles as she walks towards Egan, the pauses, letting him have his moment with.. Fiareth? Another Impressive greenrider. "Egan?.. I bet your charming Fiareth is hungry. Why don't you follow me, and we'll get her something to eat?"

Kinecha jaw drop, praising herself lucky that she's up at Reaches and not here with all these greens. "'nother green," she notes, her eyes not moving an nch from the sands.

From the hatching sands, Tstar blinks as the Buzz egg explodes. "beautiful…" She murmurs softly before releasing Tierza long enough to attempt and slap Egan on the back.

From the hatching sands, Naomi looks postively fearful. "Egan too? What is this? Some conspiracy 'gainst me?" Khaelyn's

clung onto carefully, robe continually undergoing adjustments so she can breathe, and walk, and twist her neck around to stare about the sands. The green and the brown are given glances, before arm from Khae is squeezed again.

Sarah blinks and eyes the goregious green that has erupted and her face lights up. "Look Asca, a green like you," she croons to her baby and grins. "Another beaut," she comments.

From the hatching sands, Tierza says, "lors.. she didn't lie, she only said maybe.. now stop it and be quiet!" Grrr, that girl. "Just chill out!"

Sasha raises a brow at Pyrene "And what is so bad about what /I/ do? " she sees the new green and chuckles…" oh dear more greens!"

From the hatching sands, Filli watches as yet another green show up. Wow greens greens and more greens not that Filli mind. Eyes turn to watch the brown what is he up to she wonders idly.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn hops slightly until she's upright again from where her sliding sandal had been taking her. "He acts kinda' like Seif. Do you know Seif?" she inquires of Filli. "Y'know. THe herder apprentice. You might now, 'cause he's at Keroon." She squeaks at Naomi's arm-squeezing. "Ow."

From the hatching sands, Sejith is all for rubbing necks with Quarith, yessirree-bob. Eyes whirling a bright blue-green, he humms, vibrating bronze on shining gold as he watches the clutch, all enraptured.

From the hatching sands, Yla catches the glances towards Naomi that Libby is sending, and swallows harshly as she watches, nerves overriding her momentarily before she gets a headbut in the knees from Castaliath. "More food right?"

Squaln is losing his voice. So he squeaks. "GO KHAE!" Cough. Too much screaming..

From the hatching sands, Kaltia shakes her slowly, with a grin. "She said that you could Impress, didn't she? SHe she maybe mean some other time but this?" Yeah, way to be supportive, Kal. With a roll of her eyes, she glances over her shoulder to watch the eggs again. "Do what you want, don't whine to me if ya miss something."

Serafa can do nothing but beam at the other healer girl. "Oh I think he'd be happy with any thing except green"

From the hatching sands, Merra glances at the brown dragonet; her brownriding best friend at the 'Reaches should've Impressed -that- one. They'd probably kill each other. She watches the new green then, well… enchanted.

From the hatching sands, Pale Faerie Queen Green Dragonet steps eagerly out onto the sands, investigating this candidate and that before moving on, finding that perfect one for her.

Misra points excitedly at the green. "Is that one Mom's if that other one isn't?"

From the hatching sands, E'an looks up, then starts to shuffle Lysa-wards, Fiareth in tow. "Yes, yes. I am. I mean.. she is." And stuff. Need to get used to that.

From the hatching sands, Tierza is handholdless.. and steps another step onto the sands, bemused by the happenings..

From the hatching sands, Merry Wanderer of the Night Brown Dragonet wanders his way in the direction of a certain wayward creature upon the sands he so enchants. A croon drifts from his throat as he skips to the side, catching one wingtip, but plunging on. What mischief is this? Nostril's blow as he takes in the sight of a candidate having but one of a needed pair? He shall help there.

From the hatching sands, The blue that jumped out of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Egg moves quickly and decisively toward a harper and the match is made, Weyrling pair moving quickly off the sands.

Pyrene raises her brows at Sasha. "Do you think she'll want what you really really wanted? C'mon Merra!" she bellows down to the sands almost as an afterthought. "It'll be that brown, you watch."

From the hatching sands, Filli shakes her head at Khae, "I don't think I've got to meet Seif yet, been awhile since I've been down to Keroon." she tells the other herder as she watches the little dragonets.

Jhalak walks quikly with long strides up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

On the ledge, "No…Not that one." Lyne reflects back on what she had said before, shaking her head lightly. "They'd…hurt each other." she smirks, snickering. "Right, Nolth?" Magnolth merely blinks in reply, all his attention focused below.

From the hatching sands, Cherry Garcia Egg heretofore quieter than a sleeping kitten, shudders with a sudden violence, the tiger within no longer constrained; an intricate latticework of cracks spiders across the shell, dividing into smaller and smaller sections until the appearance is that of fractured glass. For a single breath the egg stills, the thousand shards held together by the thinnest of membranes. With a shocking violence the mosaic shatters as a young green makes her emergence with an ear-splitting creel.

From the hatching sands, Shrieking Shrewish Green Dragonet

From the hatching sands, Dark absinthe claims dominance in a wash of intense verdancy, the single hue shading her soft hide to porcelain perfection. Forest shadows reluctantly brighten to a deep jade on expansive sails, subtle difference evident only in bright light. Textbook precision marks the proportions, androgynous flawlessness carrying neither a hint of the feminine nor masculine: head just-so on a neck that curves in exactly the right manner; the supple curve of her tail marking her a green of striking size. The snapping fire of faceted eyes gleams with a dangerous intelligence, fierce countenance utterly marred by a lopsided blob of pale jade set squarely on her snout.

Squaln is still flailing his arms from the stands. He yells some more. "I love you Khaaaeee!" Squeak.

Daeyn draws in a sharp breath. "She's lovely …" brownrider remarks in a hush. She puts a hand on Michel's for a moment, squeezing lightly, then turns her attention back to the sands and Misi. "I don't know, I don't know," she murmurs. "Watch. Wait."

From the hatching sands, Tstar just tisks at the brown. Mischeif seems to be his bit. This coudl be a very bad thing… But who's he heading for?

On the ledge, "Didn't I say lots of greens?" Shaela inquires as another one Hatches. Shells, she should have put marks on


Azrail walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn swings around.. well, still like a drunkard, but now like a drunkard with a candidate squeezing her arm. "Nao, let go? Please?" To Filli: "Oh. You need to meet him."

From the hatching sands, Marianne laughs and playfully tickles her Harper friend's side, her eyes looking up to his face as she murmurs softly, "You had better not.. or dragon or no… I'll chase you down, darling.." She grins sweetly after the endearment, softening it with that as she teasingly laughs, her grin turning rougish, rakish. "Now watch! Look at them all inspecting us!" Marianne's merry eyes slip from her friends slowly as she watches with whimsical amusement and energy the small hatching dragonets.

Pyrene points out the latest green wickedly. "You should have been Standing Pia!"

From the hatching sands, Pulp Addiction Egg explodes with a splash of shells shattering the sands, leaving a tiny bronze to peer about him in shock at the shimmering black sands and the line of white beyond. With a heave of his diminutive bulk, he pushes himself to a stand and wanders over towards those white-robed thing. Just as he passes a little boy, just old enough for the sands, he trips over his own tail and ends up crooning up at the lad. F'ib, with tears in his eyes, gazes up at the crowds in the stands. "He says his name is Liarth."

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia can only tell the happenings on the sands as she hears them, but still doesn't open her eyes to watch. With Tierza's rebuke, she'll remain silent now, other than her mumbled mantra: 'pick me pick me pick me pick me'

From the hatching sands, Merry Wanderer of the Night Brown Dragonet's dance-like movements have, so far, drawn him from one cluster of Candidates to another and on again, rarely a pause between steps. But now he falters, stumbles, stunned for one instant. And in that misstep, he trips forward, landing heavily at the feet of a young girl. Whirling eyes meet blue-grey ones while he sprawls before her, most intent upon Khaelyn.

From the hatching sands, Lysa laughs and grins, and becons the two, weyrling and hatchling over. "Yes. well, We have all sorts of food ready for her, so, go ahead and feed her, ok?" As soon as she sees that E'an is heading in the right direction, her eyes turn back towards the sands, eyes upon the candidates, looking for more Impressions.

From the hatching sands, Filli nodnods to Khaelyn only to turn and looks and see her impress, "Well done Khaelyn!" she cheers happily for her fellow herder.

From the hatching sands, Tierza stumbles and drops to her knees, almost not noticing the heat.. "Khaelyn! YAY!"

"Very funny, Pyrene." Pia retorts haughtily, chin lifting in a not-so-subtle response. "As if I would be paired with such a sullen looking creature as that green."

Squaln claps and whistles more. "Alright KHAELYN!!"

Sarah blinks as the next green hatches and she watches the brown impress. "Go Khaelyn!" she calls and grins happily, eyeing the person cheering wildly for the newly impressed.

Jhalak looks around for someone he might know. He spots Tamber and starts in his direction "Tamber!" Must find seat, wheres a seat. He cant stand 'round whole time. "Didn't expect to find you here."

From the hatching sands, Merra stares at the newest green, wondering if it's too late to run screaming in the general direction of her home Weyr. "Wha…? KHAE! CONGRATS!" Or yell her way home, mayhap.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc laughs and grins towards the Herder "Now aren't ya glad we pulled ya from outta that cot? And congrat!" he calls out to Khaelyn.

Pyrene agress amiably. "True, true… you'd need something to balance you out."

Surupa can't breath; can't blink; can't think… Her amber eyes dim out completely and she simply wavers slightly in her place. Khaelyn? Brown? "KHAELYN!!!!" She shrieks out at the top of her lungs to her friend, movement finally coming in on the young woman as she swings her arms up above her head and quickly bounces upon her very seat. Fellow Herder and friend had just Impressed… And a /brown/.

From the hatching sands, Urban Jumble Egg gives a shudder, the heart of the city, the bustle and the hustle inside it growing nearly too much for even this hardy shell to bear.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia catches the Impression of the herder, a broad smile sent towards Khaelyn. "Congrats!" Silencing herself, she waits for the name, even as she watches the pair of greens out of the corner of her eye.

Rhylar stands when Khaelyn Impresses. "Congrats!" he calls out to her. The apprentice grins at the Impression and starts to clap.

From the hatching sands, Pale Faerie Queen Green Dragonet follows where others have gone before her, peering into the sea of white, seeking the one. After peering at a miner, she backs away and moves onward, forward.

Corbeau walks in.

From the hatching sands, Naomi does let go, now, turning her gaze from Khaelyn and beginning to step away, just as an Impression is made. "Khae! No!" But there's no stopping it now, is there? Step, sidestep, stumble… slow as can be, the girl moves across and around, reaching Merra, now. "Merra," is hissed, almost tentatively. But the newly hatched ones regain her attention soon enough…

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn, quite simply, drops, single-sandaled legs folding underneath her as she stares at the brown in front of her. "Itazurath," she murmurs, untangling herself. "Itazurath."

From the hatching sands, Tstar grins. "Congratulations Khae!!" Her eyes flicker back towards teh eggs, but she shrugs it off for now, she doesn't /think/ any of them ar too close. "Beautiful name."

From the hatching sands, Shrieking Shrewish Green Dragonet shrieks a rather loud demand for attention, shaking loose the last fragments of shell that cling to her hide. Stalking steps bring her forward, sharp gaze scanning the candidates and then dismissing over half of them, turning her back on a large part of the white-robed group.

On the ledge, "Hey! It's…that girl! That girl…Khaelyn! Go Khae!" Lyne cheers adamantly. Magnolth sends up his own congratulations via a low-throated rumble. If that girl can survive being flung off his back and into the ocean, she deserves that little one. Lyne

From the hatching sands, Hannah calls out "Congrats" to another of her fellow candidates who impressed. For once her shy face is suffused with a glow that bespeaks of a great joy. She casts a glance at the weyrwoman and her dragon and the clutchfather's lifemate as well.

From the hatching sands, Tierza stands back up as her knees burn.. brushing the hot sands aways and staring at the marks left behind. She refuses to look out at the greens, she isn't sure she can take much more of this…

From the hatching sands, K'ven grumbles as he trots back over to the crowd of candidates to pick out the newest Weyrling, "If I'd known it would be this much work, I'd've never said yes." He clears his throat, waiting for girl and dragon to get to know each other before leaning forwards. "Itazurath. Lovely name. Come." Yes, he's getting more and more brief as time goes by.

From the hatching sands, Filli blinks as she is now kindly standing alone on the sand. Oh well, at the sound of a shriek she sturns to see where it's comming from and notices the Shrieking Green.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia allows herself to open her eyes just a tad, but sees nothing but the sand beneath her feet until she looks up again and sees the newest of the greens. "Ew ew!" She shreiks, jumping towards the back. "If Lib's was ugly- this one is the worst!" Lors says, much more quietly. "Don't let her pick me." She begs.

From the hatching sands, Sorcen bounces up and down a few times in an attempt to dispose of some pent-up nervous energy.

Even when he stops bouncing, he still keeps the nervous twitch in his leg; he can't help it, really. "Alright Khae!" Not very original in his congratulations, but he's not quite thinking clearly. "Is it me or are there a lot of greens?" The question isn't asked to anyone in particular, just to whoever might be listening.

From the hatching sands, Saria pauses a moment, sensing eyes upon her, and smiles encouragement to the newest goldrider. She gives her a wink, and mouths, "I'll talk to you after," to the young fair-haired woman-child.

Trimaka walks in.

Squaln busts a move. Khaelyn Impressed; she /Impressed/! He's more excited than /she/ is! "Yay Khae!"

From the hatching sands, Tstar chuckles at Sorcen. "There do seem to be this go around. Then again, for all I know this could be normal."

Kazandar grumps. There /is/ a lot of greens…and that does not make this J-man a terribly happy camper.

From the hatching sands, Merra glances at Naomi's hissed call, trying to decide if the younger woman might be safe to hide behind. She skitters over, grabbing her hand. "Okay, as long as that newest green Impresses someone, rather than eating them…"

Pyrene has no idea who Khaelyn is, but cheers her with only a faint moue at another bet lost. "Itazurath?" she repeats. "Well, that trips off the tongue once you get the hang of it… Anyway, since Pia isn't standing, then I say the green goes to that girl I picked earlier." The Lorsalia-one. "Or maybe that Naomi person. I think it was Naomi, we weren't sure. But I met her. She could ride green. Or blue."

From the hatching sands, Pale Faerie Queen Green Dragonet spies something ahead. A hint of red-gold teases at her vision and she moves forward to investigate, seeking that special one.

From the hatching sands, Char seems to have calmed somewhat as the initial impetus of hatching and Impression is past. She recognizes a few of the candidates Impression and calls out her congratulations to them. "Saria, you said there would be blues. Where are they?"

Z'diah says, "About half green.. That's rather normal."

From the hatching sands, Hannah nods her head to show she understood and returns her attention to Dhiammarath. Lost again, she is, in those glittering eyes.

Bronze_Guest walks in.

Sarah eyes the impressions and takes a sigh of happiness. "I wouldn't care how it looked, a green or any color is precious," she comments, probably to herself.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia tears her gaze aawy from the pair, glaring at the youngest candidate once more. "Be quiet already, will you? If you can't say nice things, close your eyes again." Atleast then she doesn't have to put up with the girl's comments.

From the hatching sands, Marianne grins as yet another candiate is claimed. "You know.. I've never noticed how it is that way… it is a claim on them, isn't it?" Marianne asks this almost under her breath, but audibly. And then her face shoots up as she watches Khaelyn and her dragonet with a smile, not saying a word, but her smile clear enough. With her own energy, she begins to whirl around on the sands.. up and back.. almost like a dance.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn stands up on wobbly legs. You'd think /she/ was the one just hatched. Itazurath bounds along beside her as she goes where directed by K'ven, stunned.

From the hatching sands, T'rell offers a quick wink of encouragement in Hannah's direction as she passes by, then turns to watch the remainder of the eggs and dragonets. "Blues. Huh," is his murmured comment in indirect response to Char.

From the hatching sands, Tierza mutters and looks about, realising she is along on the sands, she steps back to join the candies left as well. "Filli?" her voice almost childlike in it's nervousness…

Elyse walks in.

From the hatching sands, Naomi is rather cloudy-eyed again, herself, as she merely holds to Merra, staring at the shrieking one, but remaining purposefully calm. "Lookit," is her one-and-only comment, hand holding to her stomach now as the candidates are picked away, one-by-one…

Ford Prefect makes a sudden appearance.

Surupa wouldn't dare try to say Khaelyn's new lifemate's name; the name quite long enough to trip the tongue. "Khae!" She shouts out at the tip of her lungs, only to collapse on the seat and taking a deep breath. "She'll be missed," she murmurs

to herself, only to give Squaln a side-long look and then leaping back to her feet in order to cheer some more. There is

still a Herder down there, anyways.

Ford, you're turning into a penguin! Stop it!

From the hatching sands, Pale Faerie Queen Green Dragonet glides smoothly along the sands, carefully investigating a group of candidates with a tilted head, before moving on with a faint croon. Lost in a sea of white, she glides smoothly, the candidates parting before her as she moves, ever seeking. As something, no, someone catches her eye, she moves toward a tall redheaded girl, inspecting her with careful eyes. Finally, she makes her claim, fluttering forward to nudge at Tstar.

From the hatching sands, Saria points, insistently, to Nuadayth, and Izzady. "Char, there's a blue. See?!"

Squaln points as Khaelyn is escorted off the Sands. "I know her!" he yells again. "I. Know. HER!" Grin.

From the hatching sands, Filli offers her hand to Tie, "Look there." she says pointing to the shrieking one, "I take it she wants to be the center of attention"

From the hatching sands, Urban Jumble Egg Urban Jumble egg shakes with the intensity of the humming around it, the heart of the crowd, the jumble, the jungle come to life. Cracks appear deep beneath the surface as tiny hairline fractures that grow, gradually, into splits, and finally burst with one immense expenditure of effort into a thousand shards, revealing the glistening body of the bronze dragonet it contained. Eyes alert, and whirling red with determination and hunger alike, he scans his surroundings immediately and purposefully from the moment he is freed from the high-walled confinement of his shell.

From the hatching sands, Fireborn Duelist Bronze Dragonet

From the hatching sands, Alcoholic shades dribble drunkenly across the bulging muscularity of a roguish bronze, a perfection of proportion but monstrously so. Rum darkens the lids that droop over space engulfing orbs, settling in the hollows of a blunt, but broad muzzle and attenuated cheekbones. Whiskey's richness blends with cider's ruddy hue along hulking sides and colossal limbs to spread across the exterior of voluminous sails. The fragile fabric twixt chardonnay spars of the inner wing fades to mead's honeyed gold. Champagne bubbles in frothy highlight along the ridged arch of his back to the very tip of his tail, slashes of chambourd a crimson hint of passion's hue upon capacious hide.

Trimaka heads down the stairs.

Ford Prefect seems to be abruptly gone.

From the hatching sands, Southern Pecan Pie Egg conducts a leasurly roll from side to side, obviously languid in its movements. Resting indolently upon a ripple of sand, it continues to wait.

From the hatching sands, Char glares at the goldrider. "I saw that one already." She huffs. "That's only /one/. Where're the rest?" She gestures emphatically at the dragonets scattered across the sands. A whole lot of… of… *gulp* greens… but only one blue."

From the hatching sands, T'rell locates the pair himself just as Saria points, and was about to say the same thing — but doesn't. Instead, he just nods, and then his gaze is drawn to the newest hatchling dragon. "And here's another bronze," he notes.

Misra points at the bronze excitedly. "Is /that/ Mom's dragon?"

From the hatching sands, Hannah smiles as another one of her group impresses. "Congrats!

From the hatching sands, Shrieking Shrewish Green Dragonet smugly surveys the reactions her calls wrung from the candidates, flexing her talons in the hot sand and turning her back on a smith girl cooing at her with a near-sneer. Chosing a path that brings her through a gaggle of candidates, they scatter before her as the green arrows towards a pair who are holding hands, both watching her — as they should.

From the hatching sands, Tierza ohhh, what a bronze.. And here she can relax, she knows he can't be for her…

Daeyn claps her hands to her face. "No, Misi … women can't Impress bronzes … not even your mother," she completes the sentence wryly.

Squaln wooooo's! The lad is still screaming at the top of his lungs for Khaelyn, tho she is most likely not there. His voice will be gond by the time the Hatching is finished. Guarenteed.

From the hatching sands, Tstar just freezes as something nudges her and stares at the green her eyes absolultely round. "Elbareth… her name is Elbareth" She goes down on one knee and strokes the slivery creature's eyeridges.

Kazandar grins, cheering for Tstar and her green. A lot of Starries..a lot of greens. That's just plain scary.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc manages to keep himself from squeaking too much as a bronze emerges from the tainted specks of shell, wet and dappled for all of Pern to see. Eyes try their best to focus on him, though a keen observation is held to the others as well.

Sarah looks at the Shreiking green, feeling a pang of pity for the poor thing, and eyes the newly hatched Bronze. "Look Asca, that one's like Auriana's Nakago!" she says, relating the dragons with firelizards. This isn't mutch of a comparison.

From the hatching sands, Merra watches the calmer of the green move forward. "Tstar! Way to go!" she calls, eyeing the second green nervously… as it approaches them? She's looking for Nao, right?

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia watches the shrieking green, herself quiet now, with wide eyes. Too afraid to move, she stands still, hoping that she'll Impress, but only the best of the greens. Not the worst of the lot.

Misra looks absolutely heartbroken. "Why not?"

On the ledge, "Whooo! Good goin', Tstar!" Lyne now climbs to her feet, swinging her arm to rest upon her lifemate's neck as she surveys the rest of the eggs. "C'mon…Oh! A bronze!"

From the hatching sands, Sorcen calls out, "Alright Tstar!" He shakes his head after watching the bronze hatch, then catches movement from his favorite egg. His elbow lightly jabs Marianne in the ribs. "Look, it's rolling." He may sound far too excited about an egg simply rolling when a bronze just hatched, but he's a bit out of it.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia shakes her head, simply burying her face in her hands. Another Starrie. Somehow managing to get a congrats out, she bravely spreads her fingers to peek out at the dragonets.

From the hatching sands, Fireborn Duelist Bronze Dragonet raises his head, taking in his surroundings with an air of confidence, simply remaining still for a moment, knowing that the inspiration will come to him, sensing that his partner is here, somewhere.

From the hatching sands, Filli blinks softly as the green starts moving. She looks to be comming this way but that's just Filli's mind combind with the heat playing tricks on her. Eyes never leave the green, "Congrats Tstar!" she calls out

Daeyn shakes her head. "Because the bronzes …" On second thought, she's not going to try and explain flights to a four-turn-old. "Because the bronzes don't like women. They're sexist."

Daeyn * hides from everyone.

Sarah *snugs Daeyn

G'deon * leers. Hey now.

Mirenda continues with her babbles to the perched 'lizard. "Look! Alot of impressions…and there's alot of greens this time. And a -bronze-!" SHe always adored bronze dragons for some reason.

From the hatching sands, Tierza moves over to Filli.. left behind from those she was with.. maybe here is where she needs to stand?

Misra looks very cross. "I don't like them then!" she announces very loudly. "Evil bronzes!"

Sarah releases Asca, who launches into the air.

From the hatching sands, Naomi's mind is definitely not centered around relaxation, at the moment, but she continues her steady breathing without complaint. Tstar is given a nod; and finally, a slight smile, but only after said smile is hidden away from view by her hand. Attentions are no longer on any of the dragonets, but rather, on Merra. "Can we leave yet?"

Trimaka walks in.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia notices the other dragons pair off and becomes nervous again, despite the green growing nearer. She whispers to Kaltia, her voice shakey, "That noisy green. She could be pretty, huh? Maybe if she's all fixed up like? That one spot is just so light…"

Pyrene slaps one hand over her mouth to keep from snickering at Daeyn's remark, although she doesn't restrain herself from poking G'deon with her foot. Composure recovered presently, she calls out again: "C'mon browns!" Another survey of the sands and she adds: "Anybody notice how few blues there are? I'm going to ask Saria what she fed Quarith while she was in egg."

Squaln busts a move again. Khaelyn Impressed… a brown! That's probably better than what he could do.

From the hatching sands, Peanut Turtles Egg makes a gradual disintegration on the sands, leaving a befuddled blue to shake his head and survey the new world around him. He gives off a little squawk and leaps to his feet, immediately barrelling into a young man. "Duckth!" shouts A'fleck!

Zinyea's bronze firelizard stands up and takes attention, chirrupping. "Ayuru!" Zinyea scolds, though her ear catches on

anyother mentioned lizard. Hmm.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc swallows the knot in his throat as feet shuffle sideways, closer to the other candies remaining on the sands. Chuckling, he shakes his head at Noami "Aren't ya gonna wait till one pops out for ya?"

From the hatching sands, Marianne 's attention, or what was left of it, had been focused on the bronze dragonet's egg as it shatters spectaurally apart. But.. look. There is another one. Her dance comes to a halt, managing to keep that energy contained somehow, someway… And to keep her feet still. "It is.." She watches it intently, but not completely, flicking her yes from that to another interesting episode taking place in front of her friend, Naomi.

From the hatching sands, Lysa approaches Tstar slowly, a bright smile on her face. More greens! This greenrider AWLM could get dizzy trying keep up with all the green Impressions. Lysa clears her throat and smiles, then gets Tstar's attention. "If you want Elbareth will follow me, we'll get her something to eat."

G'deon glares at Daeyn for a moment… or he would be if he weren't grinning too much. "Sexist in a good way."

From the hatching sands, Tierza says, "Lors, she is lovely as is. what you gonna do, dye her?" Grumps at the silly candie.. how can she improve on perfection? "Seriously!"

Asca chitters loudly as she looks at the mass of white below. Fixing her whirling eyes on Sarah's she croons. Why isn't everyone paying attention to me?

Sasha hugs herself in sheer excitement, revelling in the emotion of it all…and remembering how it was when she impressed Branwyth. Leaning over to where G'deon is watching she grins, knowing he is probably feeling the same…."T'was not so long ago…eh?"

Daeyn chuckles softly at G'deon. "Well, I suppose it's only fair … or males should be able to Impress golds, and that's a fate I shudder at …"

From the hatching sands, Kaltia nods slowly, tilting her head for a moment, before shrugging. "I think she's fine as is…. If she's yours you can do what you want…." Otherwise….

From the hatching sands, Filli shakes her head at Lors. "Silly." she mummbles softly to herself.

Jhalak goes home.

From the hatching sands, Fireborn Duelist Bronze Dragonet finally moves forward, challenging the first young man in his path. En garde! This one isn't worthy of the challenge.. he's abruptly shoved aside.

From the hatching sands, Tstar shakes herself and chuckles down at Elbareth. "Come on, lets get you somethign to eat…" She starts moving off to the side, where the other new pairs seem to have gone.

From the hatching sands, Merra shakes her head at Naomi, though the same general question is on her mind. "I was wondering about packing my stuff before I go home…" Optimistic? Of course not.

G'deon smiles at Sasha and nods slowly. "No, not so long ago… These hatchings make it seem like yesterday…"

From the hatching sands, Shrieking Shrewish Green Dragonet's scornful gaze once more rakes the assembled candidates, all but one of the white-clad creatures regarded with an equal measure of contempt; her sweeping gaze returns once more to the only figure able to quench the fire of her eyes, the only one worth her attention. Calculated steps close the distance between the green and her honey-haired target: Naomi is caught in her gaze, the heat of her gaze momentarily quenched in a sea of a loving blue.

From the hatching sands, E'an just pats Fiareth. "Of course you can eat more. And more. And more. And.. well, not too much." Nuhp. "Oh! Tstar! Khaelyn! You.. Impressed!"

From the hatching sands, Tierza gasps at the dragonette move. They can play rough. Ohhh, what a day…

Azrail goes home.

Squaln looks at the bronzes. He longs to looks one of them in the eye some day, at his own Hatching. Still, he yells. "Woo-Hoo!"

From the hatching sands, Southern Pecan Pie Egg seems to have roused itself from its obviously sedate posture. A shudder seems to ripple up and down the shell's surface.

From the hatching sands, Lib suddenly jumps up and screams for all she's worth. "GO NAO!" Colour instantly reaches Lib's cheeks at the outburst, but she smiles at Naomi so much it seems her face will break. Girl then settles back down with her lifemate, giving Nao and hers frequent glances.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc is starting to get second thoughts of even wanting to go near that bronze, but as he nudges closer to Naomi, she's, well, she impressed! Forgetting about the others, he chimes a "Yeeah! See! Aren't ya glad ye didn't leave?" to Naomi.

From the hatching sands, Hannah calls out, "Congrats Naomi!" though she dips her head shyly to nuzzle her own lifemate's soft skin.

On the ledge, Lyne laughs as the blue stumbles out from his egg, almost immediately making Impression. "Good. Another blue in all this green insanity." she murmurs before cheering with Naomi's Impression.

From the hatching sands, Southern Pecan Pie Egg casts a few choice flakes to the ground until a bite is taken from the pie's scrumptious shell by that which fills its inner recesses. Crust crumbles away as the hole widens, leaving syrup's rivulets to moisten the sands and a wealth of sugary browns to erupt from within. Pie is fully consumed by the dry heat and all that remains is the most important part: the sweet treat of a dragon rooted firmly in time's every moment.

From the hatching sands, Comrade-In-Arms Brown Dragonet

From the hatching sands, Petrous countenance limns the line of this aristocrat's jaw to be trimmed with the hold of an ancient amber that in itself rests in the grip of a time long past and a future yet to behold. The flecked cobblestones of his cresting ridges conjoin with the sinuous obelisk of an overly long tail to create a mosaic set into the very soul of this dragon's hardened presence. Tuscany's abraded surface trims his sails' tensile plain to be crossed with sand-scoured spars and set with the marble of ichor-darkened veins. Golden browns will forever harrow his glimmering hide, lending to thee a lodestone's riches that accompany a lithic size easily avouched by all.

Pyrene gives a little squeak. "There, she /did/ Impress." A giddy hand points to Naomi. "About right a pairing judging from the meeting I had with the girl." Pyrene's a very good judge of character after a minute's acquaintance. Or at least, no worse than after ten turn's acquaintance.

Serafa smirks "I knew that green was for /that/ one" she says to no-one in particular

From the hatching sands, Khaye and Itazurath make their way over toward E'an and Fiareth, where she settles down and he starts eating. And eating. And eating. "E'an, you.. Impressed, too!" It is E'an, right?

From the hatching sands, Merra steps away -again- as the person next to her Impresses. "Congrats, Nao!" She seems to be a good luck charm for Impression… everyone else's, that is.

From the hatching sands, Filli cheers happily as she watches the green impress, "Way to go Naomi!" she says as her eyes turn to see what lucky male will get the bronze.

From the hatching sands, Sorcen glares reproachfully at Merra for her pessimism. "There're still eggs left on the sands. Don't start packing till they're all hatched." Giving her a nudge with his elbow, he abruptly cheers on Naomi. "Alright Naomi!" Hopefully the other Candies around him aren't sick of his repetative cheering yet.

From the hatching sands, Yla blinks up from her examination of Castaliath's hide at the yell from Lib. "Naomi? OH! NAOMI!" Castaliath turns her head, looking fairly confused at Yla's cheering. It's poetic justice that the girl get green. To Yla, anyway.

Kazandar flops back in his seat, worst nightmares realized. No…he hasn't fainted…yet, but he's darn close. Just let him lie there and moan for awhile…He'll be ok. Maybe….Then again another green riding mentee may do him in…

Devmani scritches at his thrumming flizzens before giving Tevya another big, squishy hug. "So many greens, yeah? Not many blues at all..when d'ya think we'll get one?"

From the hatching sands, Dhiammarath rubs her own still egg-damp head against her lifemate.

Serafa beams innocently "I was just saying Naomi and that green seem well suited" her brown eyes wide

From the hatching sands, Fireborn Duelist Bronze Dragonet runs forward, albeit a bit awkwardly — his legs, though dragonet-small, are already showing signs of his future size. Fanning his wings out, he moves toward a young, dark-haired healer and stands off, face-to-face with him, sizing him up. Friend or foe?

From the hatching sands, Kaltia takes a deep breathe. "NAO!" Another Starrie turned greeny! But her hands still stay covering her face. She can see fine from the cracks between her fingers. Really.

Pyrene settles herself back down again and studies the sands anew. "There's a brown for Merra, look," she indicates with conviction. "Oh, look the bronze is choosing. Anybody know the lad? I don't recognise him."

From the hatching sands, K'ven seems to be getting the hang of this, sending an assistant he didn't know he had after A'fleck and Duckth as he, himself, heads for Naomi. He waits for the candidate.. er.. weyrling.. to name her beloved and then gestures. "You. Over there. Follow."

Squaln thinks he'd be a good dragonrider some day. Doesnt everyone? Beam. But, right now, he's too busy yelling and cheering and whistling.

G'deon's hands are tightly gripping the edge of his tunic now as the egg count drops and the Hatchling count rises.

From the hatching sands, Marianne beams as her friend Impresses, choosing to ignore that which Sorcen reproaches, squeezing his shoulder lightly and shaking her head, "Everyone's under stress. Besides, there /are/ still eggs to come! Don't let that distract you, all right?" She offers a grin to Naomi and a whirling blown kiss, watching her with a grin on her fact that seems permanently in place over these past hours.

Schala points wildly down at the sands, "Look, oh look Serafa, that bronze is approaching Nanoc!" Previous comment about

Naomi is forgotton as she watches the sands intently.

From the hatching sands, Hannah turns to the other new weyrlings and offers them a bright, if shy, grin. "can you believe.. it?" She asks, admireing each of their lifemates.

From the hatching sands, Filli peers to see who is left and where that bronze is head. As she gives quick glance around the sands she notices the brown and smiles softly. Well if he isn't darling.

From the hatching sands, E'an ees. "Look, Fia! Nao 'pressed!" Pause. "Um, no. You're still better than her." *cough* "Much better. Because she's.. and.. whatever. Anyhow."

From the hatching sands, Comrade-In-Arms Brown Dragonet rocks from the remains of his sundered egg, heavy tail flicking to the side to cast the rest of the larger shards to mere dust. Carefully, he rises to his feet, aged eyes gleaming with a light within and tickled with humor's carress. Hesitant steps lead him from spot where he rested for so long, to encroach upon the remains of the candidate crowd.

From the hatching sands, Char does a little dance when she realizes that another blue has hatched and Impressed. "Well, I suppose /two/ will have to do," she says grudgingly, though she counts the eggs remaining on the sands.

Trillian suddenly disappears ::between::!

From the hatching sands, Nanoc isn't about to challenge this hatchling, so instead of running off, or charging, he smiles reassuringly towards him, more so for his own sanity.

From the hatching sands, Naomi stares at that little screiking lump, eyes still a bit clouded over. "Excuse me?" is the first murmur, as she takes a step forward. "Don't take that attitude with me; it's been a long day." But all at the same time, the shouts and the calls from the others -do- reach her, and she manages to bask in final comprehension. "Kaith, you and I are going to get some food." And with that, she and Kaith trudge off towards the other Impresseds.

From the hatching sands, Tierza eyes the brown, and waits.. who will he chose as lifemate?

From the hatching sands, Fireborn Duelist Bronze Dragonet approaches one of these white-robed creatures and stops a few paces away. At first he appears to challenge the young healer, still-wet wings fanned slightly, almost to the point of rushing headlong at him - but instead, he moves slowly closer, step by step, until he is face-to-face with the bright blue eyes of the strong young man who has finally captivated him - his match, his equal. His partner now for life - Nanoc.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc drops to his knees slowly, a hand reaching out to caress the soft hide of the bronze before gradually, he twists his head, grinning broadly "He says… he says his name is Bydelth!" he near squeaks in pure excitement, before ushering the little one to the side out of the way.

From the hatching sands, T'rell surveys the sands; as always, it happens so quickly. The sands are littered with more shells than eggs, dragonets rushing to find their matches from the shrinking group of Candidates. As always, the man is caught up in the power of the scene, and waits, shifting feet in the sands despite the fact that he's wearing sturdy boots to ward off the heat. Frequent glances up at Sejith indicate an ongoing conversation, and he nods in approval as he watches the latest Impression.

From the hatching sands, Filli grins as the bronze chooses Nanoc, "Way to go Nanoc!" she says bouncing softly for her fellow candidate her eyes turn to the brown.

From the hatching sands, Tierza says, "Yay Nan.. Still think it swhould have been a green!"

Schala cheers loudly for the Healer-turned-dragonrider. "Yeah, Nanoc!" She pulls Serafa closer, as if the girl couldn't see for herself. "Look!"

From the hatching sands, Merra shrugs at Sorcen's rebuttal. "I'm just being realistic, Sorc. Nanoc? Nanoc! Congrats!" She momentarily distracted as the healer Impresses the bronze, though the shrinking number of eggs isn't missed.

On the ledge, The egg Sorc had been watching hatches, leaving a brown, and immediately Lyne is cheering wildly. Magnolth adds in his own vocal encouragements, rumbling as talons tip-tap upon the ledge beneath him.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia grins as the bronze Impresses to Nanoc. As if there was any doubt on /that/ matter. "Congrats!" Eyes wander to the others around, then to the remaining eggs. Well, anything can happen, no>

Serafa jumps out off her seat yelling "YAY NANOC I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT" accidentily knocking the other healer girl away in her excitement "Oh sorry Schaela you alright?"

From the hatching sands, Khaye just keeps passing more and more food on to Itazurath. "Eat a little slower, Itazurath? Yeah. That's Naomi. And Nanoc. And.. their dragons. I know." Beat. "I know you're better than they are. And you do, too." Face still wreathed in a grin, she goes on.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia glances at Kaltia as a rush of candidates impress, tears waiting in her eyes to appear. "We're gonna be left, aren't we?" She whispers, her entire ego pricked with a pin and the air let out within seconds.

Elyse glances occasionally at the others present in the galleries, matching comments and exclaimations with faces, but keeps her gaze focused mainly on the sands. So many little dragonets! She gazes upon them with wide eyes, watching as candidate after candidate make their Impressions. Remaining silent, and leaning forwards to peer through the crowd, she watches carefully, not wanting to miss anything.

Mirenda leans forawrd even more. "Hey! I've talked to him before!…his name was…" she states, going into contemplation "Nanoc! Right! And he is…er was…a healer!" She says, a small tingle of ride in her. Both people from her own craft impressed. "HOORAY!" she exclaims, jumping up, brown 'lizard nearly toppling off of her again.

From the hatching sands, Comrade-In-Arms Brown Dragonet presses his paws to the sands, puching depressions into the tensile surface as he moves forward with his ever-sure gait. A kindly gaze is afforded to the recently impressed bronzen pair, but he continues on, granting a tear-full candidate a litling croon. But, he still does not stop.

Schala manages a deft grab at the stone ledge, preventing her from falling. "Oh, I'm fine, this is so great!" At which point she jumps up and down excitedly for Nanoc's Impression.

From the hatching sands, Extremely Caffeinated Bean Egg begins to shudder with percolating energy. The caffeinated shell, fatigued by the exuded agitation, bubbles, boils, melts, the deep and rich core ready to be revealed. Flakes grind away with the vivacious meltdown, sending brewed espresso back to where it began. The meltdown ends and a blue dragonet is left in the aftermath, pondering where he's supposed to begin.

From the hatching sands, Questioning Life Blue Dragonet

From the hatching sands, Tones of midnight, black and grey roil against the darkened void of star-studded hide. A jagged line of pink, slim and fuzzed-white, streaks a pointed muzzle, forking across one rounded cheek in vein-like fashion. A curl of sapphire-striated black twines twixt prominent headknobs, a forelock of sorts to lend a debonnaire air to rugged good looks. Cobalt noir crispations spill across the compact curve of a broad neck to pause at the stormy depths of a navy-kissed shoulder. The muscular timbre of lanky forelimbs and slender build, faint slashes of luminous violet illuminating the tumble of ebon and ash, gives way to an overdeveloped rear, rounded to propel the condensed length of a thick tail. Amidst the blackened membrane of occluded sails, a delicate tracery of gold dances in the revelation of cerulean-tipped spars, bringing out hints of white in the constant spin of fog and twilit sky.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia lets her hands fall from her face, eyes still red from the offending sand. "Left? I don't know Lors…. Maybe. Maybe its just not our turn this time?" Try and reassure. Try.

"Nanoc!" Yehaw! Kylianna's HAPPY, after all. Her Nanoc Impressed. Even if this means no torture anymore… With a little smirk and a grin, she lets out another screech. "Nice lookin' dragon, Nanoc!" Sexy, y'know.

From the hatching sands, Lysa eyes the other weyrling masters then makes her way over to the new bronze pair. She was going to get this one. "N'ano, When you're ready.. We have plenty of food for Bydelth. So, Just follow me."

From the hatching sands, Filli watches the brown waiting to see who he will go to so she can give her congrats to the new pair. She notices the blue hatch and turns her eyes to glances at it.

Azlynn applauds Nanoc's Impression, and catches a full look at the blue. Oh, he's a beauty! Shoot, they're /all/ beauties!

From the hatching sands, Sorcen leans back to get a better look at the bronze and whoever he Impressed. "Nanoc, alright!" Well, a bit of a change, anyway. He lifts a hand to wave at the new Bronzerider, only to realize he's still got a fellow Candie attatched to each side of him. Oh well. Eyes follow Comrade-In-Arms Dragonet, seemingly entranced by him after his attempted wave. He doesn't even notice the hatching of the blue as he watches the brown.

"Nanoc," Pyrene picks up from the cries around her. "C'mon, Merra, Impress that brown!" She glances sidelong at Pia and adds: "BEfore that blue can get to you."

From the hatching sands, N'ano bobs his head, leading the little one on, a permanent smile attached to his face as he follows Lysa "C'mon Bydelth! Let's go get ya somethin' to eat, eh?"

From the hatching sands, Tierza moves closer to Filli, catching up her hand.. and squeezing it.. way too hard…

From the hatching sands, Merra moves over to join Kal and Lors, what little ego she had to begin with going flatter than… someone who's been sat on by a dragon. "Right… what Kal said. But…" She can't be reassuring this close to tears.

Hynolonie stands there staring intensly at Hannah and her Dhiammarath for the longest time. For her, the hatching is over. All she sees is her sister.. sitting there, feeding her new golden dragon. It was always right for her to get a gold.. like Mum's.

From the hatching sands, Questioning Life Blue Dragonet lies in a daze amidst the shattered remnants of his shell, peering upwards at what should be an arch of blue sky and what, beneath him, should be golden sand, instead being stone and ebon. He sighs, turning a confused expression upon his parents. Where does he go from here?

From the hatching sands, Filli grins as her hand is squeezed as she watches both brown and blue dragonet, "Who do you think they will go to?" she ask with a raised eyebrow.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia sniffles softly, making to sit onto the sand, but remembering the heat and simply stands still, trying not to cry, especially after all she boasted that she'd get the gold and Hannah Impressing her.

From the hatching sands, Doonesbury Sorbet Egg shivers, quivers, and pops! A bronze dragonet, a bit gangly and gawky looking, with longish limbs and an odd, twangy sounding creel, lurches forward. A young harper is selected, and G'eorge falls to his knees in front of his lifemate, calling out in a voice that's in the middle of breaking, "H-he says 'is name is Dubyath!"

From the hatching sands, Sejith offers the tiny blue a steady, proud gaze in support and encouragement, a low crooning rumble resonating in his chest.

From the hatching sands, Comrade-In-Arms Brown Dragonet continues his stately progress, tail flicking from side to side with each forward step. Wings unfrul from his sides, aiding to his balance while the last vestiges of egg-goo drip from their tips. Head bobs once, the tickle of a grin encroaching along the line of his maw, and cants to the side. One turquoise-swirled eyes lands upon a candidate in particular, looking almost as though he is listening closely.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia waves the other candidate over, offering the one of the hands that she just can't bear using to cover her face again. "Don't worry… Don't worry…." Something is gonna happen. Something has to happen.

"I don't think that any of those dragons are looking for me," Pia replies with some degree of dignity.

From the hatching sands, Tierza says, "filli, do we stand any chance?" At least this will make a grand finish to her journal…"

From the hatching sands, Filli shrugs softly, "I couldn't tell ya..but indeed it will make a grand finsish." she says with a beaming smile.

Squaln still has hope that a little bronze will pluck him from the stands! Yeah, go him! Cough. Okaay, Squaly. Sure, keep dreaming. Nod.

From the hatching sands, Marianne energy and optimism still does not fade as she watches the dragons go one by one. She's having a glorious time.. and nothing on Pern will spoil it at this moment… She raises a fist in the air for Nanoc, although, with her stature it's rather hard to tell if he can see her. Squeezing her friend's hand tightly, she grins down at her friend, who seems to be in a trance, and shakes her head. Looking over to the other three on the sands, she grins, dredging up all her training to make it a confident smile. "Courage, my friends! Courage…"

From the hatching sands, Quarith warbles lightly at all her offspring, quite unable to decide which one to watch. She pays a moment of special attention to the little gold and her new lifemate, but gazes at all of them proudly, letting out a small'ish bugle of pride, so as not to scare the remaining ones on the sands.

On the ledge, "C'mon! Do it! He's yours!" Lyne hops up and down upon the ledge, her eyes both alive and glimmering with hope and worry. "C'monc'monc'mon…" Magnolth leans forward further, his own eyes awirl with turquoises as they widen.

From the hatching sands, Questioning Life Blue Dragonet rises from a shattered past and ponders, What is the last thing he remembers? He glances behind him and then ahead at the sea of candidates, an unforgiving audience. He's forgotten the question.

Squaln crosses his fingers. All you need is love! Err.. hope? Umm, yeah. The herder apprentice laughs in his own freakish way and thinks about the post-hatching festivities..

From the hatching sands, Merra is too busy being morose to be scared, even should Quarith decide to make a Mer-munchie of her. She edges closer to Kaltia and Lorsalia. "I'll have 'Reaches, at any rate…" Which is not, right now, comforting in

the least.

From the hatching sands, Tierza the blue.. he's beautiful… he neds a good lifemate.. And she hopes for the best for him.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia glares at Merra before staring at the sand more, her arms crossed over her chest. This is just not right.

Squaln is still cheering and rooting for the remaining candidates! Never fear!

From the hatching sands, Creamy Vanilla Scoop Egg bursts in an explosion of eggshell, revealing a small blue. The blue then runs over to a miner lad, crooning as impression is made. R'chard calls out, "He says his name is Survivoreth!"

From the hatching sands, Filli eyes turn to look around for the brown. Where did he go, there is something about the brown that make Filli wanna make sure he gets the lifemate needs.

From the hatching sands, Questioning Life Blue Dragonet wanders in confusion, trying to recall where everything began and why, indeed, he's here in the first place. He glances back at his parents again with a sorry bugle. Why is he here again?

From the hatching sands, Comrade-In-Arms Brown Dragonet sweeps across the sands of time in this hallowed hall, his heavy tail dragging a fine furrow in his wake. His head cocks jauntily to the side as his sight is graced by one specific candidate whose inner music seems to find a kindly listener in this aged, yet jubilant dragonet. A sidling step or two brings him front and center to the black-haired young man, and but a breath later the brown is rubbing his head along the candidate's chest, ruffling Sorcen inside and out.

From the hatching sands, Hannah smiles sweetly as Dhiammarath tries to give her golden mother the proper tribute. She looks out as yet another pair impress. One hand gently caresses the top of her gold's head.

From the hatching sands, Hannah calls out, "Congrats!" to Sorcen and his new lifemate.

From the hatching sands, Filli smiles as Sorcen impress, "Congrats!" she calls happily towards the pair.

From the hatching sands, N'ano look sup just in time to see the newest impression "Hey Sorc! Way to go!"

From the hatching sands, Marianne 's attempts to keep up the spirit appear to fail..but she will not fail with her own. No, no. She will not.. The little blue dragonet is watched with alert eyes as Marianne bends over, watching with an intent Harper gaze, with love, laughter and life in it's depths… Such life… "Oh, Sorcen!" Marianne is so close to her friend as he Impressses, she can throw her arms around him quickly, before backing away to give him space, watching him with tears in her eyes unshed, but one eye always focused on the blue.

Squaln blinks, then smirks. If he had some kind of horn, he'd be playing it right now and making noise to congratulate all these Impressees. He can't wait for the /next/ Hatching!

Pyrene wrinkles her nose. "Brown to some random guy." No offence to Sorcen. "Well, congratulations him… Think the blue will go for Merra? Or that little girl I mentioned earlier? He's almost cute for a blue. It's the wrinkled wings that do it. Newly hatched and all."

From the hatching sands, K'ven wanders over to Sorcen with the even shorter. "You. Follow. Now." He even forgets to wait for the weyrling to name his new lifemate, sweat standing out against his forehead.

From the hatching sands, Merra musters a smile for the newly-Impressed harper, releasing yet another hand. "Congratulations, Sorc," she murmurs, though he probably won't hear her. A glance goes towards her friends in the stands. Help me?

From the hatching sands, Kaltia lets her free hand go to give a not-really-too-reasuring squeeze to Lors's shoulder. "Don't worry… next time."

From the hatching sands, Questioning Life Blue Dragonet charges towards a group of white-robed candidates and stops. A young man is whuffled eagerly by the young blue and then discarded, tossed into the air. The blue pauses just long enough to see where he lands before moving to the next. It takes three such occurrences before he finally approaches the one who was always meant to be, a young Keroon messenger with feline golden-amber eyes. He croons to allay her fears, pressing his muzzle towards her as Impression is made and lifemate found in Jozelle.

From the hatching sands, Tstar looks up from feeding Elbareth and cheers as Sorc impresses.

From the hatching sands, Khaye looks up from her careful study of Itazurath's hide to call congratulatory messages to all the.. other impressees that she missed. "Congrats!" Yup. To all of them.

If G'deon tenses any more his muscles just might burst, as his lifemate kindly reminds him. He glances towards the ledges and winces, but he /does/ relax. "Just a little longer now…"

From the hatching sands, Jozelle falls to her knees, wrapping her arms around the blue, "His name…" A sob chokes her,

then she calls out, "His name is Riyth!"

From the hatching sands, Filli watches as the blue impresses to Jozze, "Congrats!" she calls with a warm smile.

On the ledge, If it wasn't for lifemate behind her, Lyne would have accidently jumped off the ledge in her jubilation, cheering wildly as her brother Impressed. "He did it! I knew he would!" Magnolth bugles softly before bother the pair go quiet as they listen for the name. "Neolyth. Wonderful!" Crying with joy, the bluerider clings to her lifemate's neck in a fierce hug.

Misra's vibrant emerald green eyes fill with tears as she strains to see the Hatching Grounds, her youthful face fallen and her lips quivering in a heartrendingly brokenhearted expression. "Where's Mom's dragon, Aunt Daeyn?"

Zinyea goes home.

From the hatching sands, Char watches Jozelle Impress and gives up a great whoop, almost throwing the skin into the air.

Slippa watches as the last dragonet Impresses. "Oh, well, that's that, I guess," she mumbles, standing up and making her way to the ledges and the waiting Zizth.

Slippa slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Slippa comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

On the ledge, Slippa climbs up Zizth's apple neck to settle between silver-fuchsia iridescent 'ridges

Pyrene sighs, half-sadly at the last one. "And there it goes…" she snaps her fingers. "Poor Merra. Let's go cheer her up. Anybody else for the party then?"

From the hatching sands, Sorcen falls to his knees as the brown comes to him, and anyone watching sees the rare sight of tears in the Harper-Turned-Brownrider's eyes. He wraps his arms around the dragonet's neck. "His name is Neolyth!" he calls out, not even hearing the command to follow… whoever it was that gave him the command.

On the ledge, Zizth takes off.

Michel sighs softly as the last dragonet chooses and glances to the girl. "Maybe her dragon hasn't Shelled yet, Misi….who knows?" he murmurs.

From the hatching sands, Hannah calls out "Congrats!" to a candidate who's been with her for a lot of her own candidacies.

From the hatching sands, Saria watches as the last impression is made, and smiles when Jozelle finds a match in Riyth. She looks up at Quarith and smiles, then watches the pairs move off to the sides of the sands with K'ven, Lysa, and the other assistant Weyrlingmasters.

Squaln waves to Khaye with a big 'ol official Squaly smirk. "Hey Khaye! Congrats to yoouu!"

Sasha uncurls as she watches the last impression and nods at Pyrene. "Come on..lets go and find her and make her feel better…"

Azlynn spares a last glance towards the shell-littered sands and walks off. That was exciting.

Jaryn walks in.

Azlynn heads down the stairs.

Jaryn goes home.

Trimaka goes home.

Daeyn shakes her head, adding brief applause to the general din as she swings to her feet. "I don't doubt it," she says to both and neither in particular. "Think we can edge out?" There's concern deep in her eyes.

G'deon blinks slowly and stands even more slowly. "Next time," he mutters quietly as he steps down towards the railing of the gallery.

From the hatching sands, Merra lets out a sort of half-hearted cheer for Jozelle, terribly homesick now. "Come on. Let's go," she mutters to Lorsalia and Kaltia, almost angrily brushing a tear off her cheek.

Pia sighs ruefully. "What a day…"

From the hatching sands, Merra walks off the sands.

From the hatching sands, Lysa skips over to Jozelle, determined to get to her before K'ven could. He was being so… gruff with them. This was a happy day! "Riyth's rider, Jozzie would you please follow me? We'll get Riyth something to eat."

Pia slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Pia comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

From the hatching sands, Tierza walks off the sands.

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