Hatching 29, Galleries


Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth likeness, they are broad enough to offer security — but each one is also high enough to offer a clear view over those in front. Several lines of rope cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.

To view things on the sand, see .

Perched around the galleries are seventeen firelizards.

Vhiris and Fyren are here.

Obvious exits:

Ledges Stairs

On the ledge, Chayath lands neatly, and furls her wings.

On the ledge, Gilted 'ridges lower, silken wine-hue approaching the ground as Chayath crouches and lessens the height of her neck. Shaela grasps the leathers again, swinging off around neckridges to land upon the ground.

On the ledge, Settled between Chayath's crimson-swirled neckridges, "-t!" Is all that emits as she remerges..shudders later she is beaming. Who'd have imagined her riding a gold? "Wow..thanks!" Tev calls out as she drops to the ground.

On the ledge, Shaela dismounts first, then offers a hand up to help Tevya down.

On the ledge, Gilted 'ridges lower, silken wine-hue approaching the ground as Chayath crouches and lessens the height of her neck. Tevya grasps the leathers again, swinging off around neckridges to land upon the ground.

From the hatching sands, K'ven strides out onto the sands.

On the ledge, "No problem," Shaela says, a broad grin across her face: /Hatching time/! "Now, you can choose, down in the Galleries, or up here in the ledges with me. Less people, more dragons up here," she says with a laugh, "You choose your companions."

From the hatching sands, K'ven nearly jogs out onto the sands, with a sharp salute for Saria and the group of riders. "Weyrwoman, all," he says briskly by way of greeting.

Kanami walks in.

On the ledge, Tevya beams as she tries to decide.. "Umm..ahh.."

Misra walks in.

Cristen walks in.

Vhiris has disconnected.

Vhiris falls asleep.

Vhiris has connected.

Vhiris wakes up.

Mirenda walks in.

Aimee walks in.

Shava walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Linora walks softly up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Char strolls out onto the sands, waving at her daughter who's been sent to the galleries. She grins at Saria, lifting a /large/ skin of something. "Ho, there, Weyrwoman Saria. How are things with you?"

Kielyn wanders up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Zinyea places one foot carfully after the other up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Devmani walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Devmani slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Devmani comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

On the ledge, Nylanth lands neatly, and furls his wings.

From the hatching sands, Saria smiles. "Things are well.. though it's sharding hot out here."

On the ledge, Zizth lands neatly, and furls her wings.

G'deon quietly strides up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

On the ledge, Slippa slides down from Zizth's apple neck and lands gently on the ground.

Z'diah cartwheels up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

On the ledge, Slippa makes her way carefully down into the galleries.

Slippa scatters down off one of the ledges.

From the hatching sands, From Sejith's neck, OOC: T'rell says "Ignore me. :)"

Hynolonie walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Kinecha saunters quietly up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Miny walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Misra, having escaped her chaperone without much difficulty, her feline slung over her shoulder rather like a sack of potatoes, slides into a seat near the front which she feels she has every right to be seated in because if she doesn't sit near the front she's too short to see much of anything.

On the ledge, Tevya twists her head to the side before finally, "Galleries..yes..the galleries." A hug is thrown round the draggie rider before Tevya breaks away, beaming.

On the ledge, Salbaheth lands neatly, and furls his wings.

G'deon quickly moves towards the far side, nearest the dragons. He grins back at Hynolonie and waves her towards him before turning back to wink at Slippa. "Always a step ahead of me today," he says excitedly.

On the ledge, T'nar slides from Salbaheth's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Shava hmms as she considers a seat to take, and decides that one of the middle tiers sounds good, and she leaves any and all the apprentices that she came with, alone, letting them cheer the four that were Searched from them.

On the ledge, T'nar makes his way carefully down into the galleries.

T'nar scatters down off one of the ledges.

On the ledge, Cadgwith lands neatly, and furls her wings.

On the ledge, Pyrene carefully descends the cliff of Cadgwith's shoulder and foreleg until she's safely on land again.

On the ledge, Pyrene makes her way carefully down into the galleries.

Pyrene scatters down off one of the ledges.

Liberi walks in.

From the hatching sands, Char pats the skin at her side with a grin for the weyrwoman. "That's what this is for. The candidatest gave me a good idea. Take water out onto the sands… Keep people from passing out. We can't have people passing out, after all."

Liberi heads down the stairs.

From the hatching sands, Lysa runs her fingers through her hair and scratches her scalp hard, then looks over to Char with a big smile. Lysa, one of the more obscure assistant weyrling masters, stretches a little more, then siddles up to Char. "Yeah.. its hot out there.. You going to .. share that water?"

Following the traffic, Kinecha moves to take a seat next to someone she knows, "G'deon? What's going on?" As if the guard couldn't guess on her own. Sitting, she rolls up the sleeves of her darkblue tunic.

On the ledge, Magnolth lands neatly, and furls his wings.

From the hatching sands, Quarith rumbles lowly, raising her head and turning it around to nudge Sejith's neck. She looks down at the eggs and warbles, then her throat starts to wobble, shimmering gold resonating a warm humming that grows…

Slippa chuckles at G'deon, her eyes flashing with the excitement she feels - "Oh, it's just like when we were down on the sands - but we're up here!" She says with a little squeek of excitement, worming her way over to fellow Kamikaze rider and linking an arm with him. "Ain't it great?"

Miny walks up the stairs. "Hmm…bigger than I thought it would be…" she mutters, and finds a seat.

On the ledge, Tevya *ignore that!

Hynolonie scoots up next to G'deon and peers at him. "Are.. Are we going to see Hannah today?… Is this the Hatching she

is at?"

Pyrene scrambles down from the ledge, leaving Cadgwith to settle herself and hum along with the Istan dragons. "G'deon! Slippa! Lonie?" she calls out, seeing random High Reaches types through the crowd. "Oh, nudge over and make some room for me, won't you?"

G'deon takes a seat on a ledge quite a few rows back. Convenient for someone who's a bit taller than most. "The dragons began humming," he explains in a hushed voice, pointing up at the ledges, filling with dragons already. "The eggs must be ready."

Zinyea moves quietly and quickly to a spot where she perhaps won't be bothered or noticed, shifting uncomfortably in the heat, especially since she's fresh from ::between:: with some other Hold people. Silently, she observes both the goings on

on the sands and the reaction of her bronze to said events. Almost inaudibly she says, "It's not yet…"

Mirenda strides in. Good, she'll be able to get an adequate seat. And she seats herself, eyes casting a jovial glow out over the sands. How exciting, the first time she'll get to watch a hatching. Yes, well, obviously, she doesn't get out much.

On the ledge, Tevya grabs Dev's hand with a certain flourish before waving to the Gold rider.. "I'm going to get a seat..thanks for..the ride!" She beams, quite possibly more excited than the candidates themselves.

On the ledge, Tevya makes her way carefully down into the galleries.

Tevya scatters down off one of the ledges.

Azrail walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Tevya heads down the stairs.

Misra kicks her legs and squeezes the feline in her lap excitedly. She looks all around her with her eyes very wide, beaming fit to split her face in half, not at all daunted by the crowd as many little girls her age might be.

On the ledge, Devmani makes his way carefully down into the galleries.

Devmani scatters down off one of the ledges.

Phea walks in.

T'nar heads down from the ledge stairs, glancing about as he smiles. Moving around through the growing crowd of people, he finds himself a place to sit, settling down comfortably.

From the hatching sands, Char peers through a squinted eye at Lysa, hugging the waterskin possessively against her. "Yes," she replies, and then grins, "It's supposed to be for the candidates…" She glances at Quarith and her eyes widen in brasure. "Oh, dear. Here we go." Forgetting what she'd said about the water being for the candidates, she pops the top off and downs a gulp or two.

Seif walks in.

Natch makes her way up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Miny stares at the dragons, and eggs, and firelizards…Cool.

Surupa walks in.

Tevya walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Natch strides in, not really looking too happy to be here, even if it is a hatching. She looks around for anyone she knows.. anywhere.

Kinecha nods slowly, staring down at the sand, then decides that her tunic is far too hot for this place then pulls it over her head, to reveal the shortsleeved gray tunic underneath. "Merra was Searched, wasn't she?" the guard whispers to G'deon.

Z'diah waves to Natch from the back of the stands.

Slippa waves a hand at Natch - wondering if the Holder will remember her. Y'know, the girl who slipped and fell and broke her arm during bunny sliding?

Natch ah ha's at the familiar face behind the waving hand and heads toward the back of the stands and her favorite brown rider. "Hi there."

Hynolonie waves Pyrene over, and does manage to squish over enough to allow more room on the bench for the former nanny. "Sit by me!"

Tevya plops down on the vacant area near Kielyn before beaming, "Hiya Kiely!" A quick hug and she peers out at the sands.

Natch gives Slippa a smile of recognition and a wave.

Azrail looks down at the sands but recognizes Tevya. "Hay theres a hatching! And I only came here to bring a message. Azrail sits next to Tevya.

G'deon nods to Kinecha before grinning at Slippa and Lonie both, waving with his free arm to Pyrene. "Merra and Hannah both," he replies, scooting over to make room for the others.

"Merra and Hannah," Pyrene mutters helpfully to Kinecha. "I think they were the only ones Searched from us this time." She settles down next to Hynolonie, brat or no brat and leans forward. "I'm betting on Hannah this time. What do they say? Third time lucky? Besides, easier odds over here when R'sli's not fixing it." Such accusations.

Ivrylth senses that Quarith's sunset gold colours seep into the Weyr's consciousness as a growing hum echoes from where she guards her clutch in the hatching caverns.. her warm thrumming resonates proudly off the bowl's walls, calling the Weyr's dragons. « They are coming. Help me call them forth. »

Tevya grins as she moves down just a bit to make room for Dev, tween her and Kiely. "I know..I was so surprised, and guess what! Shaela gave me a ride here!" Face positively happy at having ridden a gold.

Natch looks down at the small empty space next to Z'diah and half teasingly asks "This spot taken?"

Surupa slips in silently, her amber eyes wide as she glances about the crowded spaces for a free bench. The familiar fellow Herders are taken notice, and the young woman quickly slips closer towards them with quick deep breaths. Bad idea to be late at such an event.. "Seif?" She murmurs, tilting her head to one side as she glances down towards the sands and then towards an empty seat, which she quickly leaps upon. She won't be standing around here.

Z'diah looks up at Natch. "Yep.. by you."

Right, Merra and Hannah, though Kinecha couldn't place Hannah, so she would be rooting for Merra, whom she'd at least talked with more than once.

From the hatching sands, Elle slowly crosses the sands, each step carefully placed so as not to twist an ankle in the tensile substance. She runs her fingers through her hair, eyes moving from the eggs to the humming gold and on to the other rider's present. "Good morning."

"Hatching, hatching, hatching!" Seif sings, prancing up the steps in a scary, girlish manner. Hand flaps blithely to anyone and everyone, accompanied by a saccharine beam. "Rupa! Heyas!" Over to fellow-herder he shuffles, wasting no time in striking up a conversation. "How are you faring at Gar?"

"Oh, we've got some Reachies down on the Sands?" Slippa beams, peering over the ledges and down at the eggs. "Rather bright eggs them, aren't they? And yes, Zizth, /your/ egg was /far/ nicer than these. Of course," she tuts, rolling her eyes. Silly green, she seems to be implying.

Azrail smiles more as he rode a bronze. "How many eggs are there can you see." Azrail crains his neck to see the sands


Ivrylth senses that Taberuth paints gold as well, melting oranges and silvers in the brightest crayola hues to accompany her spicy cinnamon excitement. « They? The little ones? » Thrrrrrrrrmmmm…

Miny ask no one in paticuler (sp? I can't spell) "How /do/ dragons know when the eggs are ready?"

Misra looks over at the rest of the 'reached contingent, her green eyes wide. She doesn't exactly know who all those people are. She's seen them, yes, but most grown-ups are just grups to her at the moment. Still, she thinks she might've heard her mother's name, with her sharp little ears.

Kielyn glances up from her muses of the sands below to turn a smiling visage to Tevya. "Hi there! Wow… It's so crowded here. Musta been hard to find me." Giggling she peers over at Devmani with an equally cheerful smile. "That's wonderful!"

Devmani flops down beside Tevya and Kielyn, giving them both big, squishy hugs. "Hi! Oh..wow..look! Eggs! Y'see? See? Lots of 'em!" Hans and Soujirou are both perched on a shoulder, and Aisha is curled up inside Dev's sack, peeking out now and then.

On the ledge, Yshanth lands neatly, and furls her wings.

Natch chuckles and sits, scrunching into the space and winking up at Z'diah. "Long time no see."

On the ledge, Tai drops from Yshanth's sunny neck and makes contact with the earth beneath her.

Zinyea recognizes… noone, but observes the crowd anyway, taking in knot colors and shapes and commiting them to memory.

Quietly, she moves down a few benches to be closer the the actual riders, black and blue knots or not, if merely to listen to the reactions of people who stood out there and Impressed.

Hynolonie peers at Pyrene and smiles. She's officially not a brat anymore, and if what she's been working on, she won't be at HRW anymore. SHe doesn't seem to have the least bit of fear towards the goldrider anymore now. "I think Hannah will make it too."

Mirenda peers around. is she the only one here without a friend to sit by? Well, it doesn't bother her any. She didn't come here to mingle, she wants to see a hatching! Does she even have a speciafic person to cheer for? Well, uh. "Go Healers, go Istans." she murmurs to herself, smiling.

On the ledge, Chayath croons a greeting to her clutchmate, sunlit wings extending for balance as she shuffles aside to make room for the smaller dragon. Meanwhile, Shaela waves Yshanth's rider over, "Tai!" she calls from her precarious perch on the edge of the ledge. "Come, have a seat!"

Misra drops Robin Goodfellow.

Robin Goodfellow slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Robin Goodfellow comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

Surupa's amber optics dim to the sight of Seif, her usual tanned face paling quickly as she looks from the sands and back to the younger Herder. "Gar. Gar has been good, actually. Nervous for Khaelyn, I see? I really do hope she Impressed, but she will be missed in the Hall." And this brings her attention back towards the sands where eggs all lay and where the candidates will soon spill out upon.

"Cadge's clutch was prettier too!" Pyrene declares firmly, before realising that might be a little indiscreet considering her current location. "Of course, Ista usually does lovely dragons…" Nice save. Ahem. "Where are the candidates?" she wonders, ever impatient at this point of a hatching.

Pia pads up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Teza slinks quietly out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Lysa peers at Char.. and almost wants to just take the hide for a drink herself. "Dragons often

are." The greenrider's lips pull into a wider smile and she pokes Char lightly. "Come on.. share."

Michel favors his right leg as he approaches up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Daeyn stalks restively up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

On the ledge, Almirath lands neatly, and furls her wings.

Misra happens to see Daeyn and cringes down a little lower in her seat. Oh, yes, I'm supposed to be right here, didn't you know?

Pia appears at the bottom of the tiers, lips pursed thoughtfully as she scans the crowds for /some/ familiar face.

Tevya nods, "I would've if Cy hadn't spotted you." She pokes the bronze on her shoulder, "Makes it easier, when you've an ariel view." A giggle before she returns a squishy hug to Dev.

Phea ambles up the stairs, murmuring (or hissing, even) arbitrarily-chosen curses. "I shouldn't be here. Not near… /dragons!/" Cringe. Healer never did possess the fondness for big, scary, sharp-toothed things. A seat is spotted, and swiftly pounced upon.

On the ledge, Tai squeals, swinging down off of Yshanth's back and sidling, skin in hand, Shaela's way. "Hey!" she calls, grinning, scooching up next to the goldrider. "Hi."

From the hatching sands, Saria doesn't look too surprised at this, and glances at Char. "Actually, I could honestly use some of that myself - if you wouldn't mind?" She looks plaintively at the bluerider. "I'm apparently going to be here for quite a while." She jerks her head up Quarith's way with a meaningful look.

On the ledge, Sardrinth lands neatly, and furls his wings.

On the ledge, Peorth lands neatly, and furls her wings.

On the ledge, Branwyth lands neatly, and furls her wings.

On the ledge, Thesy gently slides down Sardrinth's neck, startled by a huge frosted muzzle sniffing at her, and lands with a soft thud.

On the ledge, R'gis slides down Peorth's shoulder, hopping lightly from the proferred forelimb.

On the ledge, Robin Goodfellow makes his way carefully down into the galleries.

Robin Goodfellow scatters down off one of the ledges.

On the ledge, Sasha slides with great care down Branwyth's extended forearm, landing on the ground.

Misra picks up Robin Goodfellow.

On the ledge, Sasha makes her way carefully down into the galleries.

Sasha scatters down off one of the ledges.

From the hatching sands, Char leans away from Lysa, grinning impishly. "No. Get your own." She turns towards Saria just to spite the greenrider. "You want some? I was actually thinking of you, too, when I brought this out here." She slips over to the weyrwoman with a 'look' for Lysa and pops the cap off of the skin. "There should be enough to go around. Hopefully we won't have to revive any candidates."

On the ledge, "Ooh, watch out, she comes bearing wine," Shaela laughs, eyeing the skin in Tai's grasp. "A classic Benden, perhaps, to mark the occasion?" She must inquire, after all, she may be inclined to have /some/.. just as a celebratory drink, of course, not because she likes it or anything.

Seif is quite nervous for Khaelyn, really, which could be why he's babbling excessively. "Yeah, yeah, that's good. The Hall's been.. well.. boring." 'Brows raise in a contemplative expression, lips pursed. "I dunno if I'd miss Khae or not. But, then again, Khae and a dragon are even scarier than plain 'ole Khae."

On the ledge, Cadgwith thrums a touch louder as more Reaches dragons arrive, eyes whirling at them briefly before turning to the Sands again. Eggs. Pretty to look at yes, but they're lots of work too, kids… A dragon is for life, not just for turnover. Not that she's enjoying her role as voice of experience or anything…

Devmani latches onto Tevya, positivly -glowing-. "Isn't this great, Tevya? Isn't it? The eggs are so pretty! And all the dragons..and all these people!"

Azrail glances about the sands but spots someone out of the corner of his eye. He stands up from his seat and walks through the crowd to where Sasha is standing. "Hi Sasha." Azrail braces himself incase she is still mad at him, hoping the incident has been forgotten.

Ivrylth senses that Larisseth thinks « :harrrums. »

Ivrylth senses that Misumith thinks « Thrum! »

Ivrylth senses that Aztereth thrums.

Ivrylth senses that Chelath thinks « bah, humbug »

On the ledge, "Exactly, Benden," Tai says cheerfully, balancing the skin on her knees and grasping the ledge with her palms. "Something for fun. I didn't miss anything, eh?"

Ivrylth senses that Larisseth harrrums. Thrum thrum thrum.

Ivrylth senses that Cadgwith stutters. « Ththrum! »

"Misi!" Daeyn navigates through the stands, picking her way past, around and a few cases over people, with a death-grip on Idalyn, who would like nothing more to be everywhere at once. "Where's your ride?" This while casting worriedly around for the person who brought the girl.

Dusky pads on little cat feet up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Tevya nods, face beaming also, "Its so..amazing!" She turns to grin at Azrail but he must've disappeared in all the excitement. "Kiely..this is so..wow!" First time hatching viewer here..

Ivrylth senses that Zizth adds her soprano <>

Slowly, Surupa leans forward and furrows her 'brows with quite a depressed look upon her face. "It'll be just the same, actually. I 'member when Cay Impressed that I rarely had gotten to see her much. I will be sure to miss Khae, though. I thought you would have too," she turns, looking towards Seif with her eyebrows arched up on her forehead and already little beads of sweat trickling down as she turns once again. Full attention goes down below.

Ivrylth senses that Magnolth fashions colours around his molasses-rich voice, each warm tint chosen carefully as are the words. A shiver runs through each violet and soft peach, reacting to his lifemate's excitement. « The little ones… » A thoughtful repeat, before he too begins to thumm deeply in his throat.

Linora makes herself small in her seat, not even looking for familiar faces now. Practically anyone she might know here would be standing on the sands anyhow. She wraps her arms around herself and stares at the sands, oblivious to the crowd pressing around her.

Kinecha isn't say much as she sits quietly next to G'deon, occationally wiping sweat off her brow. It really was to hot in here, doesn't everybody agree. "Where're the candidate," she whispers to the bronzerider next to her.

Ivrylth senses that Taberuth and her excitement grows, ladening heavy handfulls of cinnamon and apple to spice the link. « Hatchings are smashing and eggies go pop! »

Ivrylth senses that Branwyth thrums softly, warm tendrils of benden wine trickling around her like an aura….<

Devmani is a first timer as well..meeps.. "Oh..Tevya..you got to ride a gold, didn't you? Was it fun? Was it? I bet it was!"

Ivrylth senses that Almirath thinks « :adds her voice to the welcoming commity, bright hues of playful peaches dancing into the mental mix of minds. <> »

Ivrylth senses that Chayath joins in, at first delicate, then with greater confidence: indeed, it will be her turn again in not so many months to sit on the Sands and witness the birth of her children. « Thrummmmmmmmmmmmmmm. »

Aodhan blinks in from ::between::!

Kielyn chuckles. "Ah! So /that's/ your secret. How is the flying stomach anyway?" Her own flying stomach, or at least one of them, chirps politely and faces the sands with her emerald muzzle after a failed attempt at nonchallance. "Yes.. It is really amazing." Kiely smiles distantly as she strokes Claire's soft hide before grinning back at the two.

On the ledge, Danae slides from Almirath's neck and lands gently on the ground.

Ivrylth senses that Yshanth adds her own lush voice, grassy greens and bright flowers: « Hummmmmmm! »

In the midst of so many strangers, even an unpleasantly familiar face is better than nothing. "Slippa," Pia hails agreeably. "Haven't seen you in a while…" Mounting the last few steps to reach Slippa's side, the Vintner settles herself gracefully — and without invitation — next to the greenrier.

Ivrylth senses that Misumith floats up in the clouds and watches all the little people run around, not thinking of them as food for once as she quietly thruuuuuums.

Ivrylth senses that Quarith gently stirs the senses of the Weyr, and all who can hear her, warm honeyed tones lapping, oozing about. « Welcome, my children. »

On the ledge, "Nah, not yet," Shaela assures, glancing yet again at the Sands. "The dragons have only just barely begun to thrum, really. Chayath and I were a bit ahead of the mark in arriving.. she's got a good sense about these sorts of things, it seems."

Ivrylth senses that Aztereth lashes the link with brilliant shades of blue and gold, excitedly thrumming.

G'deon points in a vague direction for Kinecha and grins. "They should be coming soon now…"

Ivrylth senses that Larisseth thrums. Harumm. Da da dum. Harumm. Thrum. Thrum. Da dum. Harummmmmm.

Tevya laughs, "Fine..eating left and right, as usual." She pulls out a flask before uncapping it and taking a large and grateful sip of the cool, delicious brew..fruit juice..

Slippa blinks at Pia, then forces a smile through the pink braids which've fallen across her face. "Hey," she mumbles, eyes focused on the sands. "How come you're not going to be down there? Seems them dragons're always whisking you off. Why not this time?"

Ivrylth senses that Rubyth adds his own lazy vaguely blue-hued thrummmmmm to the general pre-Hatching cacophany.

Michel follows his brownrider mate closely, sighing in releif when they find the little girl. No matter how often he tries to take over taking care of his son, she's still not willing to let him go.

Ivrylth senses that Cadgwith is not at all delicate and just splashes enthusiasm gaily around, generously sharing part of her humming for Chayath's eggs-to-be. Just be glad it'll be a while yet before she's ready to spawn again.

Azlynn walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Natch natters softly with Z'diah

Sasha strolls from the ledge where she has left Branwyth into the galleries, waving to people she recognises and smiling softly at those she has not met before. Starting at the sound of an unfamiliar voice she turns and sees Azrail. Her head is tilted slightly as she struggles to remember where she has seen him before…" um…Hey" she smiled uncertainly.

On the ledge, "That's fair then," Tai says, peering around at the slew of arriving riders. "I was in the area, and so here I am. I love how warm it is here," she adds, swinging her feet cheerily.

Misra stares sedately down at the Hatching Sands without looking up at Daeyn. A careless half-shrug that's barely a twitch of the shoulders in combination with a mumbled, "Dunno" is the four-Turn-old weyrbrat's only answer.

Ivrylth senses that Misumith blanks her mind for a moment, then from her ledge starts a slow drumming rythm.. drum roll time.

"Never been a candidate for Ista," Pia replies, tone bearing hints of forced friendliness. "Only 'Reaches, as you should well know."

Ivrylth senses that Catiminith ripples a response, throaty tones whorled with aquamarine and turquoise. « Thrummmmm. » He'll stick with a group mentality, for now. « Thrummmmm. »

From the hatching sands, Saria looks at Char, and chuckles at Lysa before taking a grateful sip of the water and then stopping, still. "Is someone getting the Candidates?" she asks with a sudden note of panic in her voice. "Char.. Lysa .. someone better get the Candidates in here!"

Pyrene waves to Sasha and sends a rather sardonic grin at Pia. "Come to watch?" she calls to the latter, since Sasha seems to have decided to hang around some random person (the nerve!). "What're your bets?"

Kylianna walks in.

"I must admit," Pia replies, rather dryly, to Pyrene, "that I enjoy Hatchings much more in the stands than the sands. Cooler. Much less stressful."

Rhylar walks in.

On the ledge, Danae dismounts and strolls over to the other riders, taking a seat on the ledges at a place where she can chat and still have Almi at arms reach. "Heyla all." she smiles brightly, cheerfully, as she looks from riders to eggs.

Mirenda observes the crowds, the chatter of the others reaching her ears as incohherant mumbles. Sigh. Why can't someone she knows just suddenly stumble in? An ebon tendril of hair is tucked behind her ear, and grey orbs return to watching the

sands. Hopefully this is going to start soon!

Daeyn sighs and glances back at her mate with a rueful half-grimace. "If I set him down, will you keep him from climbing down and thumping the eggs?" she asks, mostly joking … mostly. She frowns at Misra, brows arching, and deciding to let it go. "We'll join you, Misi."

From the hatching sands, Char blinks at Saria and then looks over at Lysa and Elle and whoever else is already congregating on the sands for the happy event. "Um… It's not my job anymore," she suggests and points at the two greenriders.

Lylia walks in.

Sasha grins at Pyrene. "Hey! Its all happening here isn't it! " she winks and chuckles…."last time I was at one of these I came away with first prize!"

Eileithyia walks in.

From the hatching sands, Lysa coughs.. and is about to look faint from lack of hydration when the shout from the weyrwoman catches her attention. "Yes Ma'am." She then turns to Elle and smiles. "Would you like to gather them together? Or would you like to do the honors yourself?"

Misra shrugs again, somewhat relieved that she isn't in trouble, and beams up at Daeyn with the innocence that only a four-Turn-old can muster, whether it's deserving or not. "Awright."

On the ledge, Shaela nods in agreement, already having stripped down to the bare minimum of clothing — her leather riding pants, and white undershirt — and tied her hair back in a hasty bun. The rest of her gear lies beside her in a tidy pile. "A tad too warm for my taste," she admits, "But it's such a nice change from the wet of the spring thaw we have back home."

Schala walks in.

From the hatching sands, Saria looks at Char understandingly. "I know," she says softly. "I'm just a bit nervous." She looks up at Quarith. "Even though it's been 20 years of this, now.."

Pyrene grins, willing to take even dry courtesy. "And a better view too. I can never see anything down there. Much better up here, with a bit of height to see over things." Sasha is winked at. "Really? I thought Branwyth was more of a consolation prize…. Now, Chanticoth, that would have been a first place effort!"

Azlynn looks around at all the people before taking a seat near the side, where there's a nice view. At least until more folks show up.

Ragnarok suddenly blinks in before you, bringing the bitter chill of ::between:: with him.

On the ledge, R'gis slides down the green side of his lifemate and has to dodge slightly once on the ledge when she starts

shuffling a little with excitement, her glowing eyes focused on the eggs below.

From the hatching sands, Elle peels her riding jacket off, draping it over one shoulder as her eyes travel in the direction of Saria, "Everyone tends to be nervous at these things." Naturally, she doesn't include herself in this, but the gossimer-wings are aflutter in her tummy.

Schala calls to Ragnarok, who lands gently on her shoulder, eyes swirling contentedly.

From the hatching sands, Jozelle moves gracefully with a habital swing of her hips, out onto the sands.

Natch starts to actually relax, realizes she was dragged off at a bad moment and begins to preen herself into some sort of presentable state.

On the ledge, Lyne slides over Magnolth's slimming girth before landing on the ground with a light thud.

From the hatching sands, Merra walks out onto the sands.

Azrail smiles at the greenrider. "You don't remember, the guy that help knock you into that stream, will your dragon was proddy." Azrail find it hard to say all this without cracking up.

From the hatching sands, Hannah walks with youthful grace out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Beyla walks with a distinct bounce in her step out onto the sands.

On the ledge, Tai nods, running a hand through shoulder-length hair to sweep it back into a knot at the back of her head. There we go. "It gets so gloomy when it's all wet and squishy and such back home."

From the hatching sands, Libby strides out onto the sands.

G'deon slowly loosens the ties on his tunic as he continues to scoot forward, bit by bit, almost off the bench. "These are so exciting," he says in a whispered rush.

From the hatching sands, Marianne sweeps confidently, with just the slightest hint of a whisper out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia walks out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia steps out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn hurries out onto the sands.

Ivrylth senses that Taberuth is slightly petulant, poking slivers of red within the spice. « Where are the white ones? The … moving … white … things. » A pause, considering. « The wiggly babies will jiggly out of their shells and — oh. There. »

From the hatching sands, Filli walks out onto the sands.

On the ledge, Thesy shucks off her jacket and stuffs it into one of the pouches affixed to Sardrinth's straps, making room for it in there by taking out a wineskin. "There we go again," she says softly as she sidles up to her weyrmate, smiling at the others.

From the hatching sands, Char chuckles, patting the waterskin at her side. "Absolutely no reason to be nervous. We've got all the water we need, right here." Yes, Char's nervous, too, she just doesn't show it in the same manner. She tugs at a strap on her bathing suit—yep, she's dressed comfortably out here on the sands. She's not stupid.

Raevien walks in.

Miny watches the candidates finally walk out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Naomi bounces out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Orbit hops, skips and jumps cheerfully out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc walks nonchalantly out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Sorcen strides confidently out onto the sands.

"Ah, here they come," states Pia mildly, glancing over at Pyrene and then back at Slippa. "Try to avoid getting misty-eyed, at least for my sake."

From the hatching sands, Izzady walks out onto the sands.

Misra lets out an abrupt, happy squeal as she sees her mother walk out on the Sands. She claps her little hands and stands up on her seat, very nearly dislodging the feling sprawled across her torso.

From the hatching sands, Egan squees out onto the sands.

G'deon lets out a cheer as the two High Reaches Weyr Candidates step out to the sands. He waves to them, ignoring the fact that they probably can't see the people up in the galleries. "Fantastic! It's beginning…"

Natch shifts in her seat and mutters something about a Garish candidate.

Pyrene ohs and points. "/There/ they are." The little white line is always rather obvious. "Look, there's Merra and Hannahover there look!" she points them out happily to Lonie, Sasha, Piaor anybody else in unfortunate earshot of her rather piercing squeal. Such trivial matters as Lylia's arrival go un-noticed.

Lylia slinks quickly through the crowded galleries, looking for a friendly face. Or even a less than friendly face, as long as it's recognizable. The brownrider finally selects her prey. "Hey Py. Hey Sasha." Happy little brownrider.

From the hatching sands, The candidates, once gathered, form a semicircle of nervous white robes, and glancing at each other for reassurance, they step forward as one, and bow to Quarith, Sejith, and Saria in unison.

Kinecha's eyes are glued to the sands now that the Candidate have appeared, darting from the eggs to the people hoping to impress, then nearly jumps as G'deon cheers.

On the ledge, R'gis grins broadly at his weyrmate and nods as he pulls her close against his side and leans them both against his green lifemate so that she'll at least be still.

On the ledge, "Indeed." Not to say that there aren't non-gloomy things in Shaela's life at the moment, but now is not the time for gossip. "Candidates!" She points excitedly. She'll never tire of Hatching Day.

Slippa frowns at Pia. "Misty-eyed? Me?" She sniffs, tossing a braid back from her face, the bead on the end clicking gently with another. "Oh, Candidates," she mumbles, standing up to see if she recognises any. Not really, though.

From the hatching sands, Tierza walks out onto the sands.

Pyrene leans her head back to blink up at Lylia. "Oh, you made it! A mark says a brown hatches first?" she queries impishly.

From the hatching sands, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Egg wobbles from side to side, the initial glimmer of movement among the clutch. The baking sands seem to have baked this tasty treat long enough. Flakes and cracks riddle the surface of the egg…

Raevien makes his one to someone somewhat recognizable. "Pyrene," he says all nice-ly like, somewhat. "Can I sit here? Or, rather, may I?" Not.. by her. But in one of the seats near her.

From the hatching sands, Merra rises from her bow and continues her death-grip on Hannah's hand, reaching with her free hand to snag Sorcen. "Faranth… it's happening!" Hooray for obvious statements.

Kazandar walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Torra walks in.

Tevya trembles in excitement as she spots the candidates, "Dev..the candidates!"

From the hatching sands, Izzady's daze more that that of complete shock. Eyes look around in wonderment, staring longly at the galleries at the crowd. Those gathered are scanned over for quite some time in search of those he knows, as he shuffles into position amongst the others.

Daeyn shakes her head and tries not to laugh, taking a moment to give Idalyn a miniature lecture. "Now, you stay right here and be good …" Idalyn peers back at her with a look you'd swear he'd learned from Misra herself. "I'll be good," he echoes with an innocent kidlet grin. Daeyn sighs and starts to say more when, "it's Merra!" Grasp of the obvious, indeed.

Down goes Idalyn, carefully. "All yours, love," she murmurs. Careful what you wish for, cook.

On the ledge, Tai squeaks in agreement, legs now kicking with the rhythm of the ever-present dragon-hum. "Hey, remember when we Impressed?" Uh oh. Nostalgia.

From the hatching sands, Hannah clings to Merra's hand tightly, her wide eyes frozen on the eggs before her. She gulps, blinks, and turns to cast a glance at the galleries. Any familiar faces are lost to the sea of people that occupy the once vacant benches.

Surupa leaps out from her seat as soon as Khaelyn appears upon the sands, her hands waving above her head in greeting as she calls out her name. But perhaps that would make her young friend nervous? "Seif! Look, there she is!" Long golden hair is tossed to the side before she ignores her seat completely and stands up to full height in order to watch.

Linora sits forward in her seat as the white-clad canidatates appear, a smile lighting her eyes as she recognizes her fellow

StarCraft apprentices… and Tierza! She almost waves, but she's sure they've got other things on their minds, so she sits on her hands.

Zinyea can't tell candidate from candidate, but is now rooted in complete silence to her spot, blue eyes shifting from the people, to the eggs, to the people again. Wonderful!

Natch points "There she is.." she nudges Z'diah. "If Tierza impresses, you have to befriend her you know."

From the hatching sands, Tierza bows and loks around..

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn is shifting nervously, toes curling against the sands and uncurling. Ow. "Does someone have extra sandals?" she whispers to the rest of the candidates as she rises from the bow. And then, "Filli!" She inches over and grabs the other herder's hand in a deathgrip.

From the hatching sands, Libby shuffles her feet a bit, flapping her arms slightly and not really knowing where to look. Eyes eventually settle on the first egg to make a move, candidate side-glancing for those she knows best.

From the hatching sands, Naomi looks more than a little unbalanced as she waddles forward onto the sands, staring around with no actual comprehension. "Where do I go?" She got this far…

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia reaches out for her enemy, Naomi, without realizing what she's doing. "I'm gonna fall!" She warns as her platform-sandaled foot sinks into the sands, leaving her wobbly. As she predicted, Lors tips over with a grab at Naomi's robes, only to land face first in the sand.

Miny, since she's sitting near Pyrene, looks at Merra and Hannah. "Hope they Impress."

Torra goes home.

Rhylar walks in, scanning the area for anyone he knows. The candidates are filing into the Grounds, so it seems, and he views Khaelyn. The apprentice grins and finds a vacant seat with a good view, and settles in to watch. Taking a deep breath he whistles loudly /just/ for Khaelyn. Wave!

Sarhai walks in.

Sarah walks in.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia finishes the upsweep of her bow and with a nervous shake takes glance towards the galleries. Gazing around, she moves close to Libby with a half smile for the other starrie.

Sasha looks affronted and scowls at her friend "Consolation prize? How dare you! You know that green is best! You just won't admit it cos its a colour too near your own complexion!" she grins with a twinkle in her eye at Pyrene and then grins at Azrail…."Oh that was you! guess my memory is as bad as Bran's at Proddy time! "Seeing the candidates enter and bow she smiles knowingly and her eyes glaze as she reminisces silently with Branwyth….

From the hatching sands, Filli after finishing with the bow she looks around as the heat starts comming in through her sandles. At her name she turns and grabs Khaelyns hand, "Amazing isn't it." she whispers to the other herder.

On the ledge, "How could I forget?" Shaela laughs with a teasing poke to her clutchmate. Okay, better watch those pokes — their perch /is/ rather in a precarious spot.

From the hatching sands, Entangled Mints Enchanted Egg trembles lightly. Delicately on the sands. Not quite yet.

From the hatching sands, Tierza catches egan's hand and looks wildly about, shards, the sands are hot.. even through her sandals..

On the ledge, Bounding down from her lifemate's shoulders - and beaming like a mad fool - Lyne casts hungry eyes towards the Sands as white robed Candidates begin to file out. Perching herself upon the edge of the ledge, she suddenly spots who she's looking for and squeals with pent-up excitement. "SORCEN!" Wildly she waves her arms, just to let him know she's here…and watching just as intently as Magnolth

From the hatching sands, Beyla is one of those to break the ranks slightly, shifting nervously from foot to foot. "Shard it…so warm." she mutters. "No… not… warm. Not gonna pass out." Eek! Hold her. Someone. To stop her before she falls.

On the ledge, Bith lands neatly, and furls his wings.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc shuffles out like the others. As the group reaches their destination and break off around the eggs, he glances quickly towards the galleries, expressionless out of nerves before whipping his head back as some one taps his arm to grab hold.

From the hatching sands, Egan is here, now. Ohh boy. Shuffling across sands with finally found sandals, he bows curtly and all, then continues.. and is caught. "Ee! My hand! I mean, oh, hi Ti." Meep.

From the hatching sands, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Egg would not deign to melt, but is instead consumed from the inside out. Chocolate is the first to go, naturally. Cream follows after and dough is last. Dessert is relished as the scene unfolds. No actors here, only a sunset's beauty in the form of Star-Crossed Lover Green Dragonet.

From the hatching sands, Star-Crossed Lover Green Dragonet

From the hatching sands, Dusk's wan light spills over the horizon of her cresting 'ridges, leaving their jagged silhouettes in the depths of an evening's shadow while basking the rest of her svelte, draconic form with the last vestiges of a poet's vista. Twilight's glow shimmers across her rambling sage, beguiling the lines of her elegant visage while enlightening the sleek curve of her dainty figure. Alas, the beginnings of a star-spangled darkness creep up from tail's sinuous length and encroach upon her tidy haunches to leave wide paws shaded in a murky forest. Iridian sprinkles blanket her wings' sails, defying the darkness after the sunset to twinkle their coy enchantment despite the boundaries set by spanning spars.

Pyrene is just very pleased that Merra and Hannah are standing next to each other for easy monitoring. "Recognise anybody else down there?" she wonders of those near to her. "Oh, sit down, Raevien! You're in my way!" That's a yes then. And an idle kicck to Sasha. Nyah.

Mirenda pokes the side of her 'lizard, who's tail continualy sways to and fro. "Baram…" she giggles, patting the flit gently. "Stop that." she finishes speaking to the animal in a whisper, then glance up. "Oh! Canidates!" her high voice shouts, without even meaning to. Oops, go ahead, make a fool of yourself infront of a large crowd of people.

On the ledge, D'ven slides from Bith's neck and lands gently on the ground.

From the hatching sands, Sorcen looks around as his hand is snagged, sees it's Merra, then looks around for Marianne. Fellow Harper… good. He half drags Merra across the sands over to his Harper buddy to snag her hand. And thus drags whoever's holding Merra's other hand, too.

On the ledge, Tai sighs cheerily, watching the flurry of movement below. "Now, I was quite the wreck THAT day. Ooh. Dragon," she observes, an outstretched hand picking the green out of the cluster of white.

Azrail looks down at the sands. "Come on Merra. Come on Hannah."

"Ooo, there's Hannah and… what's her name? Merra?" Jabbing an elbow into Slippa's side, Pia points out towards the two 'Reaches candidates. "Do you know either of them?"

From the hatching sands, Tierza's breath releases in a gasp.. a green.. a beautiful green!

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn lifts one foot in respite from the heat, just as.. a dragonet pops out of an egg. Oh.

"Amazing. Yeah," she whispers back to Filli, her grip tightening on the other girl's hand at the first hatching.

Miny gasps at the green hatchling. "Oh…Wow…"

From the hatching sands, Marianne has her arms loosely down at her side, her hands clenched in a fist as she flutters her eyes open and closed again. Breathe. Just breathe. Marianne's chest rises in a slow breath as she opesn her eyes and begins to watch the eggs rumble and shake with alertness in her face and sparkling laughter in her eyes. As Sorcen grabs her hand, she gives him a laughing glance, and squeezes it, mouthing, "Luck, my friend.. luck!"

Pyrene snaps her fingers. "Green." Just as well Lylia didn't take that bet. "Pretty as Branwyth, isn't she, Sasha?" Tease.

From the hatching sands, Smooth and Creamy World's Best Vanilla Egg wiggles.. gently.. from its place off to one side,

flecks of vanilla shell seeming to shimmer off and mix with the dark ebony sands that cradle it.

From the hatching sands, Libby imediatly spots Beyla wobbling, remembers their agreement and rushes to her side. "I'm here. Candidate support, right?" Smiling at Beyla, Lib tries to stop her hands shaking as the first dragonette spills out. "Woah."

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia manages to get herself up, sputtering and outraged. "Nao!" She complains at her non-friend before starting to fall back again, only to reach for balance and find Kaltia. With eyes wide, she asks silently for help. Platforms a handspan wide aren't good.

From the hatching sands, Char watches the candidates file out onto the sands and gestures to Nanoc with the waterskin in her hands. See? She brought it! Her eyes flicker towards the galleries, hoping that Aztereth managed to get through to T'nar. A two turn old should /not/ be alone in the galleries.

From the hatching sands, Beyla almost squeaks as the first egg cracks, stumbling backwards slightly to try and reach a hand to grab Libby's robe, she being near. "That… that's a dragonet…" she whispers, nervously. WEll duh.

Sarah walks in and give a nod to Michel and takes a seat in the Gallery, minding her small green cuddled on her shoulder. "This is so exciting!" she says with a flourish of her hand and a gleam of pure enchantment in her eyes.

Sasha nods "Oh she's a lovely little thing…but no green is prettier than my green goddess!

From the hatching sands, Naomi reaches out to steady herself against Lorsalia, still somewhat numbed. "Lors, what're you doing to me, girl?" Reaching to help up the other, she slides forward even more, towards Libby. "Protect me, Lib?"

From the hatching sands, Hannah blinks at the newly hatched green. "She is pretty.." is whispered so softly she's not sure if she can even be heard. merra's hand is gripped tightly in her own..

From the hatching sands, Kaltia moves to grab Lors's hand, offering her a chance to get back on her feet. Taking a /deep/ breath, she sways slightly from foot to foot, taking another deep breath to keep from awing out loud.

From the hatching sands, Merra yelps as she's dragged, clinging to Hannah for dear life. And then, a gasp. "Ohhhh… green. Gorgeous…" She'll melt now, which may be the case, if the hot Sands have their way.

From the hatching sands, Izzady is still not used to the fact that they're actually at the hatching that they waited so long for right now. And to make sure others know, he gently tugs on whoever's next to him, that happening to be the fellow healer candie. "Can you believe we're actually here? ANd look! A green!"

Misra jumps up and down on her seat. "Yeah /Ma/!" she shrills. She slips on her own foot and squeaks as she ends up falling down on her butt in the seat.

Schala managed to squirm her tiny self over to the edge of the stands, getting a great view of the sands. Standing on her toes, she sees Nanoc and lets out a whoop for the fellow Healer.

From the hatching sands, Wild Blueberry Strawberry Everyberry Scoop Egg rocks a little more than gently on the sands, the shimmering disturbing the sweet lines on the shell. The thin strips of deep berry being to grow wider.. a small crack starting at the top.

From the hatching sands, Egan tightens grip on Tierza, looking around. "Um. I'm hanging her." Meep to Lorsalia - she fell? - and then he eyes Naomi, and Beyla, and then Tstar, and Hannah, and all other people, then sticks his hand out. "I need a hand. And- ohhhh. Look! A green!"

Slippa frowns as she's jabbed, pouting at Pia. "No, not really - just be careful with that… um, area," she says with a blush, then catches her breath at the little green. "Lovely, isn't she?"

From the hatching sands, Saria watches the candidates carefully, ready to send any of the Weyrlingmasters in should any of them panic and run /toward/ a dragonet..

Natch doesn't even realize she's hugging Z'diah's arm very tightly as she watches, jaw slack.

From the hatching sands, Tierza says, "Egan.. "mumbled.. "It's a green.. a beauty.. " Oh shards, these sandals aren't thick enough…squeezes his hand .. hard!"

On the ledge, "As if we could forget that …," Thesy leaves the sentence unfinished but grins at Tai. More thinking of the day when Sardrinth and she came to Ista to snatch her for the 'Reaches. Deftly she opens the skin and takes a swig before handing it to Rage, indicating to pass it on with a tilt of her head.

From the hatching sands, Filli looks at Khaely and puts her free hand to her mouth. "Look it's a green." she says watching the little hatching she is to excited to pay much attention to the tighting of the grip.

From the hatching sands, Extremely Caffeinated Bean Egg wobbles a bit, knowing that it's chance will come soon enough.

Pia eyes Slippa sidelong, one brow arching. "Careful with… /what/ area, Slippa?"

From the hatching sands, Libby nods at Beyla, offering her one hand and Naomi the other. "It's a dragonette." She agrees with Beyla, then flicks a look at Naomi. "You hardly need protection, m'dear, but I'll try."

On the ledge, Shaela laughs, violet eyes intent on the action below. "I don't think anyone was very much together that day," she reassures, pointing to one Candidate in particular. "See, she doesn't seem to have it together either?" Especially not as she's face-planted into the burning hot sands. Well, these things happen!

Rhylar bites his lower lip and blinks at the green dragonet from the stands. His heart beat is quickening and his eyes lock upon Khaelyn. Wanting to yell and cheer for her, he just waits and watches. "C'mon.."

From the hatching sands, Star-Crossed Lover Green Dragonet rises from her egg to peer most curiously over the edge of a egg-shard. Rainbow-swirled orbs swim with their myriad of hues as she examines the bevy of white-robed things just beyond. Forepaws grip the sides of the shell's remains, pushing it down, and thus she spills out in all her glittery splendor.

Slippa shakes her head at Pia, waving a hand, "Oh, nothing. Don't matter."

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn clutches Filli's hand a little tighter again, hopping to her other foot. "Ow," she whimpers. "Hot. And it's green. The dragonet." Her free hand reaches up to pull nervously on her hair.

Pyrene is incorrigible. "Well, she's just hatched. Maybe when she dries off and unwrinkles she'll be prettier than Bran."

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia holds Kaltia's hand tight as she stands firm, not about to move anywhere and fall again.

"Those sands are hotter than they seem." She mumbles, trying to rid some of her nervousness. The first egg hatches and she glances at the dragonet. "Only a green." She scoffs, waiting for the gold she expects to Impress.

"Huh. A green." Lylia's lips curl in a faint smile. "Not as nice as starting with a brown. There's some good luck. 'Course, the clutch with /Aly/ started with a brown…" Her brown, y'know. Considering how crazy they turned out, it can't be that good…

From the hatching sands, Saria comments quietly to Char, "A green - I was hoping for bronze first, for luck." She murmurs softly to T'rell on her other side, something meant for him alone, and watches proudly.

From the hatching sands, Beyla huddles a little closer to Libby, more for moral support than for physical. She hasn't been out on the sands so long after all. "Pretty green…" she whispers, looking at the dragonet.

On the ledge, Tai grins all the wider now, eyebrows arching Thesy's way with a moment of a shared memory. Aw. "Oh dear, poor girl." And that green is /lovely/.

From the hatching sands, Tierza grabs Tstar and pulls her over.. "We started together.. we wills ee this through…"

From the hatching sands, Wild Blueberry Strawberry Everyberry Scoop Egg cracks, its smooth shell splintering from the top and running along the wispy lines of blueberry, till the egg is no more than a mess of sticky shell fragments clinging to the diminutive form of a small green hatchling. The little one stretches out of the egg-shaped position she was laying in, and shakes free the shards and shell fragments from her body like a great lady would dust from her gown.

From the hatching sands, Wild and Witty Green Dragonet

From the hatching sands, This pixy's strength lies hidden within the frangible figure of a dainty green, mischief-marked.

Elongated headknobs form the semblance of horns, two inky blots on olive hide, matched in the upward curve of a manic grin tainting a petite muzzle. A serpentine length of lithe musculature results in a long, slender neck and an equally extended, flexible tail bordering on prehensile. Ebon dust, fae in nature, mars the perfect similitude of moss and sage along the lingering arch of her back, faint at shoulder and hip, but coalescing to puddles of oily darkness upon the backs of her wings. Black latticework traces across the inner membrane of delicate sails, saffron darkening to tangerine—a secret splash of color within their folded depths.

Kazandar leans over in his seat, excitingment of the crowd getting to him as he watches all the StarCrafters on the sands including his own mentee, Naomi, as they stare at the green. Green? Oh no…

On the ledge, D'ven watches for a moment before adding his comments. "I barely remember anything about that day."

On the ledge, R'gis smiles and nods in return, the heat from the sands already dampening his tightly braided hair. He takes

a long drink of the cool wine and offers it to the next on the ledge. "It's as nerve-wracking as it was the day I Stood, I know that…" he murmurs.

From the hatching sands, "Look, Sorcen!" Marianne exclaims in delight, love and laughter sparkling in her eyes, all the dancing, whirling emotions cooking up a storm within. "Look, the eggs almost look like they're dancing! Almost like that gather not so long ago…" She grins and twirls herself under his arm to tickle playfully on the side as she watches the green hatchling. "What a darling… look at her struggle free!"

From the hatching sands, Nanoc's eyes widen with excitement as the eggs begin to shatter, leaving their occupants dampened to wander about in search of their lifemate. As he feels the tugging on his arm, he half grins, turning towards Izzady

"Aye… excited eh? Your feet hot too?" he questions out of nowhere.

From the hatching sands, Naomi gulps audibly, linking her whole arm with Libby's. "What's she doin'? This doesn't make sense…" Confusion grips her more than her fear now, as does curiosity, and she leans forward a bit, trying to get a better look at each egg, each hatching dragon…

On the ledge, It is, isn't it? Shaela nods her agreement, and turns back to grin at Thesy and R'gis — when did they get here? — then looks to the Sands. Lesse — who will it choose? And, oh! Another!

Idalyn scrabbles up onto Michel, bouncing and trying to see over a forest of heads. Daeyn casts a quick look over at Misra. "Easy! You all right?" she murmurs to the girl, though eyes never completely leave the sands.

From the hatching sands, "I can't believe it's happening now…" Whether or not that was an audible remark is unknown to Sorcen; he's not really aware of much in the way of sound. He unconciously squeezes both Merra's and Mari's handa bit tighter, glancing around quickly in search of Lyne. She's around somewhere. He stops looking and watches the eggs as Marianne exclaims about them, nodding dumbly.

From the hatching sands, Char shrugs at Saria, relief slowly overcoming her features as she receives reassurance from her lifemate. She smiles at the weyrwoman. "Any hatchling coming out is good luck." She scowls as another green pops out. "But where are all the blues?"

From the hatching sands, Egan's hand suffocates. Poor Egan's hand. "Ee. It's.. moving. Wow." Astonishing? And he shuffles now. "Okay. I wonder if we sing a song." And immediately he dives for a Hannah-hand, shaking his chain a bit. "And.. and.. another! Oh, they're so pretty."

From the hatching sands, Merra, though enchanted, takes time to look up at the stands, beaming nervously towards her best friends that she sees. "Another green? Oh, my…" This is going to be a great big cluth o' proddiness, isn't it?

From the hatching sands, Tierza stares at the new baby green.. oh, how absouletly lovely!

From the hatching sands, Entangled Mints Enchanted Egg shifts in the sands, gently rolling over, yet still waiting just the right time. Timing is everything.

"Two greens," Pia notes in appreciative surprise, Slippa's sore ribs — or was it lower — forgotten in the excitement of the hatching. "Wonder if this will be a green-filled clutch."

On the ledge, "Pretty!" Tai squeaks girlishly, legs swinging harder now and then slowing with the abrupt realization of her dizzying height. Oops.

"And another green, already!" Pyrene mutters. "I say, first green to Hannah. Second one to… oh help." She peers at the sands thoughtfully and then points largely at random to Lorsalia. "To her. Any takers?" Hatchings are no fun without a shocking display of gambling.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia sighs, trying to control the sudden… shaking? that overtakes her. Gripping tightly to Lors, she's a bit surprised by the girl's indifference, and yet can't take the time to worry about it. Another green and another breath. Its not as bad as she thought it would be.

From the hatching sands, Libby exhales a little, trying hard to relax now that she was has a friend either side of her, though the heat makes it nearly impossible. "Doing what dragons do?" She replies to Naomi, giving Beyla's hand a reassuring squeeze.

"The more greens the better," mutters green-riding Slippa.

From the hatching sands, Hannah blinks again as yet another green hatches. Biting her lip, the candidate clings to Merra and watches the greens with wide-eyed wonder. Are any of these for her?

From the hatching sands, Tstar walks out onto the sands.

From the hatching sands, Saria chuckles at Char. "We've got plenty of eggs and time left - I'm sure a blue or two will materialize."

Misra nods carelessly, bouncing a little in her seat. "Is one of those Mom's dragon?" she asks hopefully, turning bright emerald eyes on Daeyn.

From the hatching sands, Filli turns her head just in time to see the Wild Blueberry egg crack and show its content. Green eyes peer in wonder as yet another green appers. I knew that one was a green she thinks to herself.

Miny goes home.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia grimaces. "Faranth it's ugly!" is her response to the newest green as she looks for any

sign of Her Gold. "I can't believe that a dragon can be so tunnelsnake-ish."

Natch nudges her companion "Remembering?"

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn stands on tiptoe, to try and avoid the sole-scorching heat that's scorching her feet a lot faster because of her evident lack of sandals. "Filli.." she murmurs, forcibly relaxing her grip. "Aren't they beautiful? And cute?"

From the hatching sands, Star-Crossed Lover Green Dragonet rolls to her feet, wobbling from side to side to regain a semblace of balance. Tail lashes from side to side and wings unfold, giving all a fine view of her star-spangled sails. She sort of hobble-hops forth onto the sands, curling her head up to watch those white-clad things some more. The tickle of mirth dances in her eyes and is given hint as tail lashes once more.

Eirian walks in.

From the hatching sands, Cherry Garcia Egg doesn't move, or shake, or shudder — it simply sits there, absorbing the heat of the sands in watchful stillness. Next to it an egg rocks sharply, knocking against the hard surface. No reaction.

From the hatching sands, Lysa laughs at Char and Saria, completely thrilled by the two first greens. But, then again, she's a greenrider, and crazy about greens. "OH, I love them all. They are so sweet.. and beautiful!" Yes, she's getting silly in her older age.

From the hatching sands, Tierza glares at Lors amd shhhhs.. "She is beautiful, now hush!"

G'deon tenses as yet more greens hatch, a wild grin creasing his face for a moment. "The dragons always know," he recites, perhaps just for his ears only.

On the ledge, Thesy grins, "One of those things that never change, huh? Pretty, those greens." Well, they don't come close to the ones that hatch at High Reaches but still …

From the hatching sands, Egan clings to Hannah, though. "Support me, Shardit!" Once good nanny gone bad? Or something. "I'm dying! I mean, frying! Yes!" Really. And he just flutters at the Star-Crossed Lover Green Hatchling. Ohh boy.

From the hatching sands, Beyla could cling onto Libby's hand so hard that she could cut off the circulation, but she's so nervous that she can only hold on limply. "This is happening. This is happening." Denial or what. She looks sort of dazed, come to mention it.

Azrail has connected.

Dusky heads down the stairs.

Azrail wakes up.

From the hatching sands, Smooth and Creamy World's Best Vanilla Egg shudders, just a bit more, a few more flecks of vanilla dust falling to mingle with the sand below it.

From the hatching sands, Filli nods softly to Khaelyn, "Very beautiful." she says with a large smile. Green eyes follow the progress of both greens.

Z'diah mmhmms. "Some."

On the ledge, Shaela wonders, idly — and, yes, she knows it's not allowed, but she's rather curious — "Did you hear of any bets on numbers? Because to start with two greens, well, that's usually a sign of many more to come, is it not?"

From the hatching sands, Naomi inhales sharply, taking just a tiny step from where she stands, nearly atop Libby, to a place less than an arm's length away. "Shut up, Lors," she calls disinterestedly towards the other candidate, before squinting over at the greens.

Rhylar twiddles his thumbs nervously. Yes. Nervously. You think that /he/ was the one Standing with the way he's twitching. His heart throbs within his chest and he views the dragonets with awe. What a sight!

Kazandar rolls his eyes. Another green? Just his luck.

Daeyn bites her lip, watching the eggs still rocking, the hatchlings to come. "It might be," she says softly. "Or it might be any one of those eggs … They're beautiful, though," she remarks more loudly to no one in particular.

Sasha chuckles in glee as the second green emerges and shakes her head at Pyrene. " you are a demon!"

From the hatching sands, Hannah sweezes her other hand that's been caught up by egan. "Green… They're both pretty aren't they?" She offers a shakey grin to him before her own attention is again caught by them.

From the hatching sands, Merra is starting to feel the heat, figuratively and literally, hopping as best she can from foot to foot. "I wonder which of us…" She doesn't -can't - finish that thought, watching as her favorite egg rocks.

Misra bounces a little bit more. "Purdy," she agrees.

Natch laughs softly "Oh, just to talk to Chelath."

On the ledge, "Greens…Huh." A tad more sedated that she was a moment ago, Lyne still watches the play unrolling out below her. A hawkish scan of eyes is made over the scene before landing upon Sorcen's face. A proud smile lines her lips as she watches his fairly calm reaction to everything. That's her brother alright.

Mirenda leans forward in her seat, eyes wide. "And a green! Oo!" oh yes, she talks to her 'lizard. "Two of them! How beautiful! Amazing!" The brown replies with a chirp. Her plump, pink lips are curling into a large grin, gently creasing her lips. She doesn't ever remember being this excited. And, natuarally, she doesn't have anything to say, except "Go healers."

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn sinks back to her heels and lifts her toes up from the sand now. Hot. "Good luck," she whispers over to Filli, if a little belatedly — really belatedly. "They're so.. little. I mean.. compared to the big ones."

On the ledge, R'gis shakes his head slightly and reaches back to stroke his green's hide, remembering very well. "No….I

don't think it ever changes." he says softly. "Which do you suppose those greens will choose?"

From the hatching sands, Tierza mutters at Nao… "You tell her Nao.. Girl has no snese of beauty." Cluthes both Egan and Tstar's hands toghtly. She's bruising, she knows..

From the hatching sands, Nanoc is starting to get the hint as to why they're allowed to wear sandals, and thick ones at that! Heat starts radiating throughout his feet, starting the little infamous dance for himself. "I hope this doesn't last too long!" he calls out to his fellow candies as a whole.

From the hatching sands, Entangled Mints Enchanted Egg shifts, rocking back and forth slowly.

From the hatching sands, Marianne 's laughing eyes drift around the hatching as she watches the two little green hatchlings

struggle out of their shells with an alert gaze, leaning forward with the waves of her robe rippling around her. Her grip on her Harper friend's hand is almost white from the pressure she's applying as she watches intently.. but her eye is caught by movement on the otehr side of the sands. Naomi. Raising her unlinked hand, she crosses her fingers high to her friend.

On the ledge, Tai ponders this, eyebrows dipping with a moment of concentration. "/I/ didn't hear, but I'm sure there's more bets than I could count on my fingers and toes together. But you never know," she says again, shrugging slightly. "It could be a fluke to have so many right away."

From the hatching sands, Kaltia pushes at Lors's arm. How did she end up next to /her/? With a sigh, she shakes her head. "Think want you want, Lors." Really, she'd laugh if it searched out the girl. Letting her gaze go back to the dragonets, she waits expectedly.

From the hatching sands, Libby shuffles a bit, trying not to chuckle at Naomi's reaction to Lorsalia. "Just ignore her, hon." Candidate suggests, nodding to Beyla's observation. "It's happening, and you're fine. You're going great," is crooned reassuringly.

From the hatching sands, Char takes a deep breath, and 'sits' back to watch the hatching. She points at the latest green and smiles. "Isn't /she/ a beaut?" At least, /Aztereth/ seems to think so.

From the hatching sands, Star-Crossed Lover Green Dragonet turns her head to the side, an explosion of sunset's hues traveling up and down the length of her slim throat. A voice garners her attention, a voice cut with the strain of the moment and disbelief? Oh, that cannot be. You must believe in her. Green hopples forth with a few unconstrained bounds, right to the forefront of a pair which is clutching each other quite closesly. Just who is her match…

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia doesn't get any peace for Tierza or Naomi, even on the sands. "But she is!" The youngest candidate calls back, looking to Kaltia for support, and not just as she jumps away from the first Star-Crossed green, either. She'll wait for a dragonet to approach her, but she's really waiting for a gold.

From the hatching sands, Tierza stares at the first green.. ohhh, who's she for?

Azlynn oohs at the eggs…the Candidates…the dragonets… "Soo beautiful," she almost sighs, for her ears alone.

From the hatching sands, Orbit grins toward Char, "Aren't they all just beautiful?" The magic of the hatching.

From the hatching sands, Beyla blinks up at Libby. "I'm going great? I'm not doing anything…" Except maybe dying of nerves. And the heat. The heat seems to penetrate her mind and she starts shifting on her feet.

From the hatching sands, Egan clings to Hannah. "Ohh my. Very pretty. Ohh boy. I mean, girl, right?" Or whatever, and he-with-pink-hair sniffs. "What if they.. they.. oh, shards, nevermind. Look! It's.. going to somwhere."

From the hatching sands, Wild and Witty Green Dragonet pulls herself to her claws slowly, marvelling first at the feel of sand under her feet, then at the sensations of the heat and cold. Soon, the wild green hatchling begins to take a look around, eyeing all the white things about her. There is something akin to a grin on her muzzle as she stretches her wings out as far as they go, showing off the bright colors beneath them. Soon, the look upon her wedge-shaped face grow quizzical. Then, critical. What did all this white things want with her?

From the hatching sands, Tstar has strong hands, so doesn't notice the bruiseing, not yet. She's lapsed into silence, just watching, rocking a little on the hot sands as the heat seeps through her soles.

On the ledge, "I suppose," Shaela bobs her heads, eyes fully on that first green: come now, little one, /choose/, she urges. As though they could just pick right away and get it over with, you know? Save the tension of watching them wander — especially when only the rare possess any sort of grace at this stage.

From the hatching sands, Star-Crossed Lover Green Dragonet quirks her head to the side, twilight's glimmer sliding up and down the curve of her neck. Sparks seem to ignite in her eyes, their fiery gaze absolutely possessing the sight of one white-robed candidate in particular. Talon's rake the sands in her excitement as she gives a bit of a playful bounce before dashing all out to the one with the striped hair, the girl with a whimsy to mirror her own. Gazes lock and the question really does not need to be asked: Beyla, Beyla, Wherefore art thou, Beyla?

From the hatching sands, Izzady's attention is wandering elsewhere, though where it should be is obvious. A quick glance is given to the galleries before abruptly turning towards Pern's newest greens, anxiety of whom they'll turn to taking over.

On the ledge, Thesy shrugs a shoulder and lets her gaze wander over the cluster of white on the Sands, "I really couldn't say. Most of them I don't know … not even all of the ones they searched at the Reaches."

From the hatching sands, Saria, for once, doesn't seem to notice the heat as much. She whispers something with a smile to T'rell, and reaches to take another pull from the waterskin Char still holds on her other side. "Thanks," she murmurs, keeping her eyes mostly focused on the sands.

From the hatching sands, Filli nods softly towards Khaelyn, "Good luck to you as well." She watches the green with hopeful eyes, "Yes the are compared to the big ones."

From the hatching sands, Char grins, nodding at Orbit. "Absolutely." She falls silent as the first green seems about to make her choice. Clutching the skin strapped across the front of her, she gasps when Beyla is chosen. "Oh! Ohohoh! First impression!" Her eyes get all watery.

From the hatching sands, Sorcen blinks a few times in an attempt to clear his vision. Tearing his eyes from the sands for a moment, he glances up to the ledges where the dragons are. He draws comfort from the fact that that big blue blur up there might be Magnolth. He turns back just in time to see the Beyla Impress. "Alright, Beyla!" Was that one audible? He's not sure…

Malkier walks in.

G'deon lets out yet another cheer as the first green hatchling heads for one of the Candidates. "It's /really/ started


From the hatching sands, Merra is still trying to believe that she's here, standing, loosing the bottoms of her feet… "Beyla? BEYLA!" she screams, cheering as her fellow female candie is the first to Impress.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn clutches Filli's hand a little tighter. Ooh. Wow. "Beyla! You got a green!" Well, duh. "Great Faranth. Beyla got a green!" She's a little lacking in the congratulations, but.. it's the thought that counts.

From the hatching sands, Naomi sends a wink Marianne's way, sliding her free hand down along her side to rest on her hip. "Dragon'ish things, eh, Lib? They're cute, but indecisive." Indeed, this girl's got her mind on Impression, as well. Foot

lifts from the sands, and she looks as though trying to determine what she's trying to do. "Beyla! Watch out!"

From the hatching sands, Tierza grins widly as the first Impression occurs.. Way to go.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia shudders. "Oh no!" She complains, "She's moving!" The girl tries to hide in on herself, away from the searching gaze of the ugly green. "Why does it have to be so nerve-wracking to wait for the gold?"

From the hatching sands, Libby smiles gently at Beyla. "You haven't fainted, fallen over, or forgotten your robe. You're doing great." She repeats, then stops short as one green seems to take an interest in her friend. "Like I said, great." Candidate whispers.

Rhylar can't help it. He whistles /just/ for Khaelyn from the stands!

From the hatching sands, Quarith raises her head and croons warmly, encouraging her offspring with a long and intricate warble!

Linora sits forward in her seat, hardly able to believe her eyes as her friend Beyla is the first chosen, suddenly aware she's been holding her breath.

Sasha claps " Whoooo! Beeeeylaaa!"

Malkier says, "What's going on?""

From the hatching sands, Entangled Mints Enchanted Egg trembles lightly on the ebony sands, hairline cracks appearing all over the shell. Starting from a center point and spreading, the velvet green shell slowly starts to melt, drips of shell raining down upon the sands. As more and more of the egg dribbles slowly to the sand, finally one last drop completes the proccess and the egg becomes simply a puddle on the sands.

From the hatching sands, Sprite of Air and Water Blue Dragonet

From the hatching sands, Sea and sky comingle within a frame of ivory coasts and salt-kissed breezes. Foam flecks the pale azure of dainty features, bubbling over attenuated eyeridges and the slight curve of cheeks to evaporate before reaching the tip of a slender muzzle. Waves of turquoise, subdued by salty crests, crash against the point of talons and narrow tail, sending a splash of foamy flecks along limber limbs. Reeds daunt the sandy edge of aqua sails to form fragile spars ready to bend and play through the air twixt the expansive fabric of his wings. Delicate puffs of misty white are urged along island-flecked sides by a fickle gust to coalesce upon the arch of his back in the beginnings of a gale.

From the hatching sands, Egan squees. Literally, for once, this time. "Beyla! Beyla! Beyla! It's… Beyla, isn't it?" Squint. "Oh, she's so fine she blows my.. mind. Or something. Beyla /Impressed/." He shakes both Hannah and Tierza.

From the hatching sands, Hannah clutches Merra's and Egan's hands and calls out, "Congrats!" to Beyla. She smiles. Such a sweet girl. Feet shift back and forth as the heat of the sands penetrate her sandals.

Azrail claps loudly and cheer everyone on.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia takes a deep breathe as her wonderful fellow starrie Impresses. Finding her voice, she cheers. "Congrats babe!" She half-watches, waiting for a name, even as she keeps one eye trained on the other dragonet. Or dragonets.

Shava watches an apprentice from her craft Impress, and one of the first. "Beyla! Congradulations!" She cheers for the apprentice, a smile filling her face, being proud someone from the Starcraft Impressed, at least among the four Searched.

Kinecha doesn't move a muscle as she watches the dragonets on the sands, searching for their lifemates. Only once before had she experienced this, and then friends of hers had been the ones to stand there on the sands, being presented to the dragonets.

Natch just smiles at the first impression, eyes still on her Tierza.

Pyrene ohs, slightly disappointed. "That's not Hannah…" This loss of her marks doesn't prevent her from going all soppy at the first Impression, though. "You know her, Sasha?" she wonders. "Ah. Blue."

From the hatching sands, Southern Pecan Pie Egg remains rather still upon the sands, silent and stoic. It allows the others to take the limelite, all the attention. Oh, but the time will come for this one. Just a shimmy, but that is all.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc hoots a congrats Beyla's way "See! I told ya you'd impress!" attention soon after returns to the others, grinning gleefully and jumping out of startle as yet another egg shatters.

From the hatching sands, Marianne watches as the green dragonet seems to finally gravitate towards her friend Beyla and calls over the sands, "Beyla, darling! Love!" She blows a kiss with her free hand, clutching Sorcen's all the tighter with the other one, laughing softly and merrily as she executes a salute of a curtsey to Beyla, returning Naomi's wink and leaning over to Sorc. "Look!" He seems to be abstracted. She just has to make sure he saw. She's a bit odd right now.

From the hatching sands, Tierza a blue! A gorgoues water-specked blue.. Oh, Izz!

Misra pulls on Daeyn's sleeve and points out onto the Sands at the first Impression, trying to figure out what's going on mostly. "Who's that?"

From the hatching sands, Filli cheers, "Way to go Beyla!" she calls out as the frist impression is made.

On the ledge, "Ohhhhhh … about time, no!" Thesy beams as the blue hatches, her head half turning to the shadow behind Peorth.

From the hatching sands, Beyla stares. And stares. "Oh… oh…" She almost passes out there and then, if it wasn't for the fact that she can't resist reaching out a very badly shaking hands to tentatively touch a muzzle. "Castaliath…" she mutters softly, oblivious to everything. "Oh…"

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn's attention shifts from Beyla to the newest dragonet. "Filli! A blue one!" Yeah, a blue one. "And my favorite egg just moved! It /moved/!" Well, all of them are, but it's /her/ favorite. "Wow."

Idalyn picks up the cry and cheers Beyla's name, though admittedly he doesn't get it quite right. Daeyn blinks down at

Misra, cocking her head. "Beyla, I'm guessing …"

Mirenda leans forward even more, nearly falling from her seat. "Ooo! Ooo! There's been an impression!" She appluades benevolently, not even knowing who Beyla is. "And oh! A blue hatched!" Oh, she does get into talking to herself and 'lizard doesn't she?

From the hatching sands, Wild and Witty Green Dragonet blinks and peers at a pair of feminine white things, her eyes whirrling as she examines them. Motherly.. yes, but nothing that would interest her. The Witty Green seems to grow more critical with the pair then shakes her head and wanders off, looking for more white things.. more interesting people. A male is examined, then another female, but the green keeps turning her head back to that first pair she sniffed out.

Malkier looks around

Sasha grins at Pyrene "Friend of a friend….so how much you offering on whether or not there will be a gold Pyrene?"

Misra's little brow wrinkles. "Who's that?" she demands imperiously. "She's not Mom." (No kidding, Misi. Sheesh.)

From the hatching sands, Saria clasps her hands together as the first impression occurs, watching the new pair with eyes that shimmer with.. could those be tears in the stern old Weyrwoman's eyes? It must be the heat.

From the hatching sands, Izzady eyes the newest blue, happiness suddenly evident with his grin. Nodding once at grins at Tierza quickly and to his other side where fellow healer-candie stands.

From the hatching sands, Naomi's excitement catches in her throat, it seems, because rather than yell off some sort of congratulations to her fellow starcrafter/candidate, or… now-greenrider, she merely groans out a gurgled: "Mawawagoo," before turning her eyes back to the other green, and hatching blue.

Malkier gets foofs and raises an eyebrow.

From the hatching sands, Tstar grins and cheers as Beyla impresses, but turns more quietly back to the eggs, eyes drifting from draggonette to dragonette without really stopping to follow any particular one. Too much to see.

From the hatching sands, Tierza feels faint, but won't give in. She is to keyed-up to faint. But ohh, the possiblilty is still there.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia scowls and stomps at the sand. "Why would anyone even want her?" She complains, focusing on the witty green that searches. "SHe's so ugly. At least that blue is prettier. Or handsomer." She corrects, looking to see if anyone at all agrees with her assessment.

From the hatching sands, Filli looks at the said blue, "Wow look at him." She tells Khaelyn as she turns to look at the still roving green. "I wonder who she is looking for?"

From the hatching sands, Sprite of Air and Water Blue Dragonet tilts his head to the side for a moment, then takes a step out of the puddle that is the shards of his egg. He takes another step forward, peering, seeking, searching out into the sea of white that is before him.

From the hatching sands, Egan wilts on Hannah and Tierza, but pops back up. "Blue, now! Blue! And.. and…" Sniff. "Aww." Sob. Weep. "This is all so sad." "Okay, now. Where were we? Ah, yes. Blue! It's a blue!" It's a boy!

From the hatching sands, Libby suddenly looks quite lost, not at all sure what to do with her now free hand. Taking it into her robe, Libby watches her friend and her dragon and can't help but burst into tears. "I knew you could do it." Is offered Beyla's way before she reassures herself that Nao's still there.

From the hatching sands, Merra turns back in time to catch Entangled Mints cracks, face falling. Not… a green? She sighs, turning her attention to the other green. But, the blue is kind of handsome, no?

Porkins blinks in from ::between::!

From the hatching sands, Kaltia squeezes her eyes shut, trying to keep /some/ composure while standing next to the youngest candidate. One who doesn't know how to be quiet. Another jab aimed at Lors's side and she hisses. "Shuddup. Think what you will, but don't say it aloud…"

From the hatching sands, Char seems to forget that she'd brought the water onto the sands for possibly overcome candidates. She takes the skin and brings it to her lips, gulping deeply. Of cuorse, at this point, she notes that no one is ushering the Impressees off to the side. "Hey… where's the Weyrlingmaster?"

Pyrene snorts. "Two marks says there is. Look at how she's coddling that egg." She being Quarith. "If Hannah Impresses that blue, I'll kill her. But I say Hannah's a green and Merra's a brown. Not that green though—that one's going to /her/." And she points out Lorsalia again.

Daeyn shakes her head. "I don't know, but she's one of the other candidates … and at least … twenty people will Impress who aren't mom," she informs the child matter of factly. Maybe it'll go over her head, but the brownrider can try.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn shivers slightly, hopping to her left foot and raising her right foot a few inches above the sands. "Maybe for you," she responds slyly, a half-grin taking its way onto her slightly paler-than-usual face.

Malkier wonders what the heck is going on. Being new to the area, he's never seen anything like this.

Squaln walks in.

From the hatching sands, The Wild and Witty Green stops for a moment, her eyes reexamining that blondish waif-like candidate she previously passed over. What is this? Has her heart just awakened? How can this girl, just scorned, now stand out like a shining star from the heavens? Can it be love at second sight? The dark green hatchling turns her head, stretching her slender neck in the direction of the candidate that has captured her heart so completely. A coo of curiosity slips from that elongated throat to become a slight warble before dying out. Soon, her body follows in a serpentine manner, gliding over the sands with youthful and wild excitement towards her goal, her heart's desire, that cute little girl with the reddened sungold locks: Libby.

Misra's lips quiver. "/Twenty/?" she squeaks. She peers out at the Hatching Sands. "Twenty. Golly, that's a lot." A very long pause. "How many is twenty?"

From the hatching sands, Hannah gasps slightly as a blue hatches from it's shell. Blues are pretty. Her birth-mtoher rode blue. Clinging to Egan and Merra, the candidate watches the moving dragonets — both blue and green — with wonder.

From the hatching sands, Elle moves from her place on the sands, moving across to approach the newly impressed pair. "Beyla? Castaliath?… I think your dragonet could use some meat. Follow me over there?" The elder rider motions a hand off to the side, away from all the action.

Natch sighs out "Another one"

"Pyrene," Pia interjects loftily, "when will you ever overcome your disdain for blues? There are several perfectly nice ones out there… you came this close" thumb and forefinger are held close for example " to Impressing a blue anyways, if I remember correctly."

On the ledge, "Go Beyla!" The Assistant Weyrlingmaster cries out her congratulations as the first green finally makes Impression. Auburn eyes try to grow misty, but Lyne won't allow them to fully do so. "Libby too!" Bluerider squeaks before eyes land upon Sorcen again, smiling hopefully.

Squaln takes a seat in the stands and cackles. "Go KHAE!" he screams. He claps and cheers frantically at his kyoot-book-throwing-candie!

Malkier looks at Porkins.

From the hatching sands, Sorcen forms a small 'wow' with his lips silently as the blue comes out, really stunned by this whole thing. Overwhelmed, too. One of his legs keeps nervously twitching, and he spasmodically squeezes the hands of the two women on either side of him. "Mari…" he mutters, drawing the name out. It's actually short as Libby Impresses, at which point he cheers her on with nothing that can really be comprehended.

Michel chuckles softly when he hears Misra's question. "It's all your fingers and all your toes, lovey." he murmurs. "Watch now or you'll miss it." He reaches over and tousels the girls hair.

From the hatching sands, T'rell glances thoughtfully across the sands, then to Sejith as he smiles reminiscently.

From the hatching sands, K'ven, snorting at Char, steps out onto the sands to stand beside Beyla. "Whenever your finished

with your greetings…" he clears his throat. "Follow me, weyrling."

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia rolls her eyes. "Thank goodness!" She says with a woosh, having kept in all her other opinions as the green kept moving. "She's picked Libby. They're such a pair." Biting her lip, she glances at the vanilla egg kept aside and waits, still, for her gold.

From the hatching sands, Naomi's hand slides from hip to thigh, and her other arm once again reaching out for Libby, when… all too quickly… Libby -too- is taken away. "No!" is her first shout, and she looks as though about to go after that charming little green before Lib, but she restrains herself, backing up towards the others. "No."

From the hatching sands, Filli smiles as the Green heads for Libby, "Way to Go Libby!" she cries out, "Look Libby impressed the green." she tells Khae.

From the hatching sands, Egan ees. "Look! Look! It's a green… it went to Libby! Libby's green! Libby's green!" Yay, hurrah! Hurrah! "Oh. This is so sad, you know?" Sniff as he nearly strangles both Hannah and Tierza, somehow or another.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc's dancing is more than that to relieve himself from the aura of heat. No, now it's just pure excitement for those impressies "Woo hoo! Way t'go, Libby!"

From the hatching sands, Torey walks in.

Porkins suddenly disappears ::between::!

From the hatching sands, Merra is driven to cheer as another starrie Impresses. "Libs! Libby! What's his name?" she calls, knowing full well the other is probably too overwhelemed to answer.

From the hatching sands, Beyla can barely manage to haul her eyes away from the dragonets, one hand swiping at her face fiercely. Those aren't tear. She's just warm. Really. She clambers to her feet, delicately reaching out to help her dragonet. "Food… that's good… right darling?" she whispers to her dragonet.

From the hatching sands, Hannah calls out, "Congrats!" to Libby. Her face lights up at the newly ipressed.

From the hatching sands, Smooth and Creamy World's Best Vanilla Egg wobbles meaningfully, now, a series of small pops accentuating its largest movement yet…

From the hatching sands, Torey wanders off the sands.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn hops to her other foot. Dang, but these sands are hotter than she remembers. Most likely because her feet are bare this time. "Can I borrow your sandals, Filli? And libby Impressed!" Pause. "Go, Libby!"

From the hatching sands, Smooth and Creamy World's Best Vanilla Egg shivers from behind the protective dunes so carefully built up around it by Quarith, and hairline cracks appear across the smooth surface of the egg. With so much sand built up around it, it seems the only way to go is up, and as cracks fracture into shards at the top, the occupant breaks free. Shimmering headknobs become visible, then scrabbling over the broken remains of the egg come forelegs, and before wobbly hind legs and talons can find purchase, dragonet tumbles end-over-end down a little hillock of the black sand, to right herself with a shake of her head and the sharp, dismayed screech of a creel of protest!

From the hatching sands, Lady of the Desert Sands Gold Dragonet

From the hatching sands, The absolute whitest of gold envelops her head entirely, glittering with a frosty iridescence and accentuated by eyeridges of a slightly warmer gold, highlighting her multifaceted, gemlike eyes that seem alight from deep within. Skeins of muted and mixed colors, like the dust of finest rare crystals, travel the length of her long and gracefully curved neck and its ridges. Delicate shades of pearl, sapphire, vermilion, and jade mellow, and swirl to combine and become one, luminescing as they travel down well-proportioned body. As they mix together they reflect and ripple with the glow of the first sun of a frosty winter dawn and spread outward, their shine radiating onto her wingspan and combining with striations of sunset gold. Sunlight color reaches out over wingsails to overlay the crystal line shine at wings' edges, spars, and tips. Her bulk belies her graceful nature as it gives way to a tail kissed with the same radiant sheen as her body and neck, until it fades at the very tip of the fork to the lightest, honeyed gold.

Torey wanders up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

From the hatching sands, Libby stands so stock still she seems frozen for a minute, then starts crying all over again. She hadn't gotten over Beyla's Impression and now she's faced with her own. Suddenly able to move again, Lib loses herself in her dragons eyes.

Torey slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.

On the ledge, Torey comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know I parked around here somewhere.

From the hatching sands, Sprite of Air and Water Blue Dragonet watches his sister impress, then starts to head toward the candidates, investigating them, looking for that special something, that special someone.

Misra frowns down at her hands for a moment before she's distracted by the fact that there is in fact a hatching going on. One small finger (we won't mention which one) points imperiously at Libby. "Who's that?"

From the hatching sands, Tierza chokes and pushes Egan down. "Easy Egan, I am sure there is a green for you soon."

From the hatching sands, Marianne doesn't seem to be able to speak a coherent sentence at the moment. All that harper training.. out the window, apparently. She has to stop. She leans back,trying to regain her cool. She's trying. But she doesn't succeed. She's shaking and dancing, kicking up her skirts as she does a little jig dance of happiness for Libby. "Libby! Oh, Libby!" Some training remains, after all. Projection. She waves her arms around.. even the one with Sorcen's hand, although she doesn't let it go.

Misra lets out an abrupt shriek. "Aunt Daeyn! /Look/!"

From the hatching sands, Kaltia giggles. There certainly something for the starries this time! "Congrats Libs!!" And then, she manages a gasp. The one everyone one is waiting for is out. Along with her blue clutchsib.

From the hatching sands, Izzady can't seem to stay focused upon the eggs. Eyes continue looking about— at the other candidates, and then back towards the galleries again, a quizzical look on his face. He's not dreaming this time, or is he? Eyes finally make their way back to the eggs, staring on in disbelief.

Squaln jumps to his feet now, almost screaming like a maniac. "GO KHAE!" Cough. He looks at the people staring at him and clears his throat to /scream/ some more!

Kazandar stands up and cheers…Partly because StarCrafters were the first to impress and partly because Nao didn't impress green.

Pyrene wrinkles her nose. "Oh, whatever," she mutters, sending an apologetic grin down to the newly Impressed Libby. "And Pia, at least I have the sense to recognise that some dragons are less reliable than others." Her nose is stuck into the air for the briefest of moments before it's dragged down by the gold's advent. "Told you, Sash!"

"Finners and toes …" Idalyn is engrossed for a moment, pondering this concept, and then he goes back to bouncing on his feet on the poor cook. Daeyn blinks at Misra's question. "I … I don't know?" She glances to Michel, then around … maybe someone can answer? Brows lift very high. "Gold …" Ahhh, a further grasp of the obvious.

Malkier walks out.

From the hatching sands, Tstar starts as the Gold egg disolves and hodls her attention for a moment before she turns away, towards teh other eggs. Did Buzz pop yet? her eyes seek the hyper active one.

Azlynn oohs again. A gold! And greens! And a blue! And! She doesn't know where to look, its all just so /exciting/!

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia bounces, tugging on Kaltia's hand as she dances closer to the clutch. "She's hatched, she's hatched!" The girl beams, pointing to the gold standing in the midst of her egg's shards.

From the hatching sands, Filli looks down at Khaelyn's feet, "You forgot you sandals?" she slids hers off and hiss as her barefeet hit the sand and she starts to shuffle. As the gold appears her eyes go wide, "It's the Gold!"

From the hatching sands, Egan stares. "It's a.. a.. a.. duh, um, a.. g-.. It's a gold!" Squee!

From the hatching sands, Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg wriggle back and forth on its little place upon he sands, mireing itself deep in the sands. But, at the same time, warming ever more.

From the hatching sands, Tierza stands stock-still as she watched the gold dragonette. She's a little love, and she is now totally wrecked.

Mirenda applauds loudly, yet again. "Wow, another green impressed!" she states, with a nod. "And a GOLD!" she says, at a near shout. Wow, a gold hatchling. "Baram! It's positively beautiful!" And the 'lizard yes again replies with a squeak.

Surupa would soon tip over onto the person in front of her is she doesn't stop leaning forward. Yet at the sight of the latest egg to hatch, the young woman stumbles back and onto her seat once again, her amber eyes sparkling to the sight below and upon the sands. "A gold!" She squeals, jumping back upon her feet and clapping her hands as she shouts out the names of the pair of Herders below on the sands.

"Beautiful," Pia has to admit, gazing down at the pale little gold. "Much prettier than the last gold High Reaches spawned…"

Natch's grasp on Z'diah's arm tightens "Gold…"

Zinyea makes a small gasping noise as two Impressions go by and now the gold has hatched. "Oh, Ayuru!" She croons softly to her firelizard, quite possibly the only sound she'll make all hatching.

Misra stands up on her seat, craning her neck to get a better view of the golden dragonet. "Is /that/ Mom's dragon?" she asks, her face shining.

On the ledge, R'gis shakes his head slightly and reaches back to stroke his green's hide, remembering very well. "No….I don't think it ever changes." he says softly. "Which do you suppose those greens will choose?"

Rhylar grins. A gold…

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn sighs in relief, hopping into one sandal and cramming both of her feet in. "You can keep the other one, Filli," she offers magnanimously, before looking over.. there.. and squealing. "Wow. That's.. pretty. That's the gold, right?"

From the hatching sands, Merra's head snaps around as the gold hatches, and she gapes. "Oh, my… she's beautiful. Right, Hannah?" Right, anyone? A fleeting glance at the remaining females, sizing up each one.

From the hatching sands, Naomi looks about the sands frantically, slouching just a bit as though trying to keep from being seen, now. Marianne's spotted, and the girl starts towards her, before stopping, suddenly, to look back towards the eggs, and then, the gold. No words, for now she starts towards Marianne yet again. "Mari!"

From the hatching sands, Hannah lossen her hands slightly from Egan's and Merra's in a state of shock. The gold.. is beauitiful. "Wow.. Merra, Egan.. She's.. she's.." This candidate is not quite able to finish her sentence..

From the hatching sands, Char's eyes widen as the gold hatches. "Oh.. Ohohoh." Again, she takes a swig from the waterskin. Forget the candidates, /she's/ caught up in the hatching.

Sasha gasps at the sight of the exquisite gold dragonet…." How delicious! almost as beautiful as a green…but not quite.." she grins smugly, at Pyrene…guess the bets off then….

From the hatching sands, Sorcen can't help but grin nervously as his hand is taken on a trip through the air courtesy of Marianne. He then tugs on it sharply, almost with enough strength to knock her over but not quite. "It's a gold, it's a gold." Master of the obvious.

Kazandar blinks, still standing, but quieter now. Gold? Frozen, he watches the little hatchling.

From the hatching sands, Nanoc's eyes lock on the gold, staring on in pure awe. It's a pity he's a male, huh? Grinning, he tugs on Izzady's arm again, muttering something in his ear, soon after, sharing a good laugh.

On the ledge, A hand flies up to cover Lyne's lips…and she realizes her hands are as freezing as the day she Impressed. "Oh wow…She's gorgeous." she whispers softly, watching the gold with a sense of awe. Quickly, though, her eyes fly back to Sorc.

From the hatching sands, K'ven clears his throat again, trying to be patient. He smiles at Beyla. "Yes. Food. Hunger. We can feed her… over.. there." He gestures towards the side where food is waiting for hungry hatchlings.

From the hatching sands, Marianne begins to wax eloquent as she watches the dragons hatch and Impress, and then the gold crawls out of hte egg that has been rocking for some time. "Look at it shine, Sorc! She glows with fire brighter than a torch.. she sparkles…" Oh, she can't take her eyes away… except for her friends. As her arm is tugged back down, she grins and twirls herself under it, holding her other arm out to Naomi. "Nao! Over here!"

From the hatching sands, Sprite of Air and Water Blue Dragonet steps forward, investigating a miner, then a smith. Finding neither to his liking, he continues onward, looking for the perfect match, looking for that one.

Pyrene mutters something about certain people who shall remain nameless just being jealous. "She's pretty enough if that's what you like. Rather pale," she says non-committally. Another wink is sent to Sasha. "How about Hannah for the gold then since the green passed her by?"

From the hatching sands, Libby blinks back tears long enough to turn back and smile at all the people she's shared candidacy with. "Her name's Alishath…" Libby tells anyone and everyone who'll listen, before absorbing herself in her dragon again.

Squaln hoots and hollars, flailing his arms around as he cheers for Khaelyn. "I love you KHAAEE!" he yells to her. Does he? No, but he loves to tease her. Smirk.

From the hatching sands, T'rell glances up at Sejith, who seems almost as astounded as the Candidates at the golden dragonet's appearance — she does know how to make an entrance, doesn't she? And then he smiles to Saria, lightly touching her shoulder; Quarith done good.

From the hatching sands, Tierza oh.. he needs a good gentle rider.. And she looks about her.. Izz?

On the ledge, Shaela can't help but be immediately attracted by the gold. Chayath, for her part, croons motheringly to Pern's newest queen-child. "Tai, girl, look at that one.. lovely, isn't she? Chayath is quite impressed." Now who will she choose?

From the hatching sands, Egan eyes the blue's traveling, noticing Hannah's grip, yet reinforcing it. "No! Don't let go. I'm.. I'm…" He just makes a really big gulp, and tightens on Tierza as well.

From the hatching sands, Filli happily keeps the one sandle as she watches the gold.

Sarah looks out at the wonder and magnificent sight of a dragon. "A gold, a goddess," she murmurs and looks over at Michel and winks. "What a special creature," is soon said under her breath. This girl's emotions are spiriling in a whirl of happiness.

On the ledge, Tai's jaw drops open slightly, head cocked to one side with pleasure. "Oh, /pretty/."

From the hatching sands, Beyla couldn't really give a toss about the gold hatching. In fact she wouldn't care if the weyr came to an end right here and now. "Over there?" She asks, blinking at K'ven. "Oh. Ok…" She looks dazed as she helps her little green over to the meat, accompanied by prompting nudges from an insistent muzzle.

Pia merely flashes a cheery smile at Pyrene.

From the hatching sands, Izzady barely catches Tierza's glance, but he does, just offering her a nervous grins as his attention refocuses on the eggs and hatchlings alike.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn hops gingerly about on one sandal, still grabbing onto Filli for support and now balance. "That's pretty. Shiny." She's veering around like a drunkard, trying to find that center of gravity again on one shoe.

From the hatching sands, Tstar shrugs and her eyes flicker to the blue, then back to the clutch. She doesn't know who he's looking for, or what. She's to rough around the edges for something that delicate.

From the hatching sands, Lysa smiles at Libby sweetly, and nods. "Alishath, eh? That's a good name for a good green. Why don't you come over here…" She gestures the new weyrling over to the side… "…and feed her, ok?"

Squaln gets as close to Sands as possible and waves to Khaelyn. "I told ya I'd come!"

From the hatching sands, Extremely Caffeinated Bean Egg does a little shimmy, a little shake and then goes silent. Nope. For all its caffeinated appearance, it's going to be patient.

On the ledge, D'ven and Bith both watch the smallest gold carefully. D'ven reaches up to gently scritch the bronze's muzzle.

From the hatching sands, Tierza shuffles on the sands.. feet really begining to feel the heat.. her excitement rising and not even feeling her hands anymore. Tstar and Egan forgotten in the thrill of this moment…

From the hatching sands, Sprite of Air and Water Blue Dragonet seemingly floats along the sands, first inspecting one, then another. As he makes his way oh so carefully and perfectly along the sands, he catches sight of something.. His head turns, body following and suddenly oh so composed dragonet makes a dash for a healer, finding the match for his perfection: Izzady.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia giggles, nodding to Lors with a grin. "Aye, she did hatch." Now, she just has to find someone and someone save her if its the overly-sure, egotistical Lors.

From the hatching sands, Lady of the Desert Sands Gold Dragonet raises her head, indignant at the tumble she took in the process of hatching, and shakes the last few fragments of shell from her still-wet wings. Lurching forward, finding her balance on the hot sands, she digs in talons for purchase and is suddenly graceful, her movements all coming together as she starts forward toward the knots of white-robed creatures that hover, dart and weave in front of her. Eyes whirl a myriad of colors, not staying with any one emotion too long, as she sniffs at a group of young girls and then tosses her head up, emitting a creel of protest.

From the hatching sands, Izzady drops his jaw, his whole body following it just seconds later as he comes to the realization that the little dragon in front of him is speaking… to him? "His name is Nuadayth!" But the idea just hasn't chimed in that he just impressed until he hears the cheers gushing around his head.

Tamber walks in.

What more would cause Surupa to topple over herself? Well, perhaps the boy Herder that just called out something to Khaelyn. The Senior Apprentice swirls around to regard Squaln a moment— but just a moment— before turning back to look at the sands. She didn't miss a thing, did she? "Khaelyn!" She shouts out once again, looking towards the gold quickly and then to her young friend. And what if—? It could happen. She was Searched and she is on the sands now, just hope for the best.

From the hatching sands, Libby takes a few minutes to realise that someone is in fact addressing her, but when she locates Lysa she beams happily at her and nods. A glance is given in Nao's direction, slightly worried about leaving, before Libby sees her with Mari and goes to feed Alishath as indicated.

From the hatching sands, Naomi's jaw hangs open wide, listening to Libby's lifemate's name recited, and looks at least a little teary-eyed. Marianne's arm is taken forcefully, and held oh-so-close to her chest. "Libby's gone," is whispered to said candidate, the others recieving less of her attention as she's focused solely on the arm in her own arms. She does pull her attention to Izzady, nodding expressionlessly, before burying her face into Mari's shoulder.

Squaln whistles loudly and shrilly for Khaelyn! She's bound to notice him sometime! "GO KHAE!" he screams again.

From the hatching sands, Everything But The… Egg shifts in the sands, a slow wiggle as it topples over into a different spot, rolling over until it finally settles into a hollow of sand. A chunk of chocolate shell drops from the side of the egg, perhaps chipped off in its small journey to the it's new resting place? The bit of shell that rests upon ebony sands is soon joined by another, this time a flake of vanilla, then another bit of toffee hued shell. Yet another and another fall to the sands, the egg finally bursting in a sudden torrent of shell, revealing its occupant: Lotus of the Nile Green Dragonet.

From the hatching sands, Lotus of the Nile Green Dragonet

From the hatching sands, Sun-chased citrus coils teasingly upwards along the curve of a slender snout, branching over

eyeridges colored the intense green of spring grass; faceted eyes flash coyly, ever-changing gems set against a backdrop of eye-rending emerald. Warmth seeps along shapely wings, dripping along delicate wing spars; lemon's bright touch adds a swirl to wing sails fragile to the point of translucence, pale green jade shaped by a Master's touch and kissed with a subtle shimmer of gold. Shapely and lithe, sensuously curved neck and tail lead the eye to assuming a greater length than the green possesses, a decided trimness marking all her features.

"Shiny." Lylia knows lots of words, but that's the best to describe the gold with. Shaking her head slightly, she leans back to watch the chaos. "So many females… Man, that'll be a fun time for proddiness…" Female dragons are scary.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn would cheer for Izzady, really she would, but she's so busy trying to stay upright with her dignity intact that all she can manage is a squeaked, "Izz!" She finally rights herself, releases Filli's hand.. and promptly grabs it again.

From the hatching sands, Filli watches as Izzy impress, "Khae Izzy just impressed the blue! Way to go IZZY!" she calls holding on to the other herders hand bouncing softly while standing on just the one sandle.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia shakes her head a bit, talking a faltering step as the gold starts to move. And then, she eeps as the sand from her step gets in her eye and she starts rubbing at it. Trying to get it out the best she can.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia stands perfectly still, other than shaking in her sandals as she waits for the gold to choose. "Me…pick me…" The girl whispers under her breath, completely missing the new green's hatching.

Natch says, "More greens…"

Sasha grins at Natch.." More greens the better!"

From the hatching sands, Hannah calls out, "Congrats!" to Izzady, though her gaze is caught solely on the gold. She smooshes herself close to Merra and bites her lip. Shuffling her heated feet, she drops her gaze shyly; she doesn't want to get caught by the gold for /staring/ at her.

From the hatching sands, Egan oos. "It's a.. it's a…" Don't breakdown! "It's a.. /green/."

Natch heh's

From the hatching sands, Merra reflexively tightens her hand on Hannah, calling her congratulations as Izzady Impresses. "WHEE! Izzy!" However, arriving green claims the part of her attention -not- on the gold.

Shava smiles again as Libby Impresses, "Libby!" she shouts to the new weyrling, another person from the Starcraft, this Journeywoman is starting to get rather proud of these apprentices made candidates.

From the hatching sands, Marianne is *not* going to lose it now. Drawing in a deep breath, she steadies herself. And does it again. And again. "And another one is gone…" She breathes under her breath, softly. And finally, a distraction. Marianne's friend buries her face in her shoulder, and Marianne croones softly, leaning into Sorc's shoulder as she does so with her back, "Shhhh.. Libby's happy! She has her dragon! Nao…" She laughs, and tickles her in an attempt to keep her spirits up.

From the hatching sands, Tstar grins and cheers. "Way to go Izz!" She calls to the lad, ignoring the gold entirely, for now she sqeezes on Tierza's hand… hard, oops.

On the ledge, "Hmmm…The healer took the blue." Lyne muses before cheering for Izzy, Magnolth adding in his own soft rumble

for the Impression of his blue brother.

From the hatching sands, Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg wriggles some more, moving enough to fall on it's side. And once in this postion, it just sits and waits and remains rather patient. A slow, but stately crack slides from end to end, but that is all. Anticipation is the worst, isn't it?

Natch leans over and observes "Until they come to my hold."

From the hatching sands, Char applauds, letting the skin fall to against her thigh—good thing she corks it between each drink. "Oh, huzzah!" she shouts, unashamed of the tears streaming down her cheeks. "A blue! Az, it's a blue!" Forgetting for the moment that the dragon is up on the ledges. "Oooh… and it Impressed."

"Another green?" Pyrene mutters. "Maybe that'll be Hannah'sno wait, I'm betting on her for the gold now, aren't I?" She can't keep trackperhaps she should vote for reasons other than arbitrary ones. "Where's a brown for Merra? Unless I've got it wrong and it's gold for Merra, green for Hannah…" She's a little on the impatient side when it comes to saving bets for later eggs.

Kinecha blinks. "More greens means more greenriders," she whispers to no one in particular, and is happy that this was Ista and not Reaches.

From the hatching sands, Sorcen tries to cool his feet off by doing the same thing he does on the beach; burying them in the sand. Not a good idea. Instead of cooler sand, it only seems to get hotter. Wincing, he pulls them back up then yells out, "Izzy!" He would pat Marianne's back comfortingly if she wasn't holding his hand so tightly.

From the hatching sands, Lotus of the Nile Green Dragonet slowly slips out from the shell shards scattered about her, stepping toward the candidates and looking eagerly around the sands, investigating a holder lass, then moving onward.

From the hatching sands, Tierza can't breath.. Another beautiful green.. who's is she? Oh her heart is in her mouth and she is is really begining to sweat. "Congratulations Izz, he's a love!"

Squaln breaks out in a song. "Go, Khae!" Pause. Ponder. "Gooooo Khaaaeeee!"

From the hatching sands, Lady of the Desert Sands Gold Dragonet wanders along the edge of an area where the Candidates are spread apart more.. passing by a petite strawberry blonde, she pauses, extending her muzzle curiously and sniffing with great purpose… then, as suddenly as she stopped, she steps back, startled by something, and sidesteps farther down the line of Candidates.

From the hatching sands, K'ven, having just settled Beyla, realizes that another candidate has impressed. Hotfooting it over the hothot sands, he taps the new bluerider on the shoulder. "Izz is it?" he asks, smiling briefly before gesturing over his shoulder. "Follow me, please? Food's this way.."

Rouchita walks with long sure strides up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.

Mirenda leans father forward; anymore and she's topple right on top of the people infront of her. "The blue! It impressed! And and! Another green!" she chirps merrily, continueing with her speach to no one. "I can't wait to see who's gonna impress that gold!" she finishes.

Azlynn stares, her eyes darting all around the sands and just…wows…a silly grin plastered across her face.

Kazandar sighs, sitting down again. Another green…What's this world coming too?

Sarah yells happily for those impressd. "Go Izzy!" she shouts and rises from her seat. "This is so amazing! Ooh look, another green!"

From the hatching sands, Izzady beams brightly at the others as he ushers his new lifemate off to the side, himself being more wobbly than the hatchling.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn clutches Filli's hand even tighter, eyes wide as the gold starts advancing on the candidates. "Look, Filli! She's coming… down the line. Wow." She can't even move in the sandal, lest her balance be lost again and she collapse on the ground.

From the hatching sands, Naomi pulls back from Marianne's side just a little, hand going over her chest for a moment as she breathes, slower than she probably should, but at least grateful to -not- be hyperventilating. Some down, some left, and more eggs on the sands. She shuffles just a little ways away from the harper candidates, clutching her robe, and starts for someone new.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia's heart was about to break when the gold stops near her. But no, she moves on. "Not me?" Her heart does break now and a tear, made from nervousness, drops down her cheek. "B-bbut!" She bites her lip and watches, wondering how in the world a gold could have passed -her- up.

From the hatching sands, Hannah lets her moon-pale hair fall in front of her face so that she can watche the gold surreptitiously. Though, the strands are lank with the heat of the sands. "Merra… Egan…" She clings tightly. Cling…cling..

From the hatching sands, Egan ees and squeals and squees. "Green. Gold. Gold. Green. Grold. Goen. Greengold. Goldgreen." Deathgrip. Must kill Hannah and Tierza's hands. "I'm.. I'm… going to explode?" From something. We hope not literally.

From the hatching sands, Kaltia continues rubbing at her eyes, letting the hand that had been clinging to Lors drop to rub with both hands. Because of course, flying sand has a habit of getting in eyes at the worst moments. Blinking a few times, she tries to see before going back to the rubbing.

From the hatching sands, Filli eyes just about fall out of her head at the sight of another green. "Look another green." she tells the herder she is holding on to. At the comment about the gold she turns her head too look. "She is isn't she."

"Izzady!" Kylianna bursts out with some healer pride for her fellow apprentice. Yes! "Blue's a /lovely/ color…" Specially for a healer. A healer like /Izzady/. She likes her healer men, yep.

From the hatching sands, Beyla… or is it Yla now… Yes… that's right… Yla… would be perfectly content to spend her life just staring raptly at her little dragon, if the dragonet's creelings of hunger weren't so insistent that is. "Here you go…" she says, reaching for the meat. "Stop making me so hungry…" she says, teasingly. She /just/ ate. Several hours ago.

From the hatching sands, Lady of the Desert Sands Gold Dragonet pauses in her search, all else falling away, forgotten, as she finally sets determined eyes upon her *one*. Moving decisively now toward her chosen, she finds the fair-haired, wide-eyed young girl-woman she sought and favors her with an elated warble, fanning her wings out a bit as she steadies herself in front of Hannah.

From the hatching sands, Tierza says, "Egan.. Tstar…" Hannah!!!! "Oh Hannah!!!!"

From the hatching sands, Merra can't help but stare at the gold that's making her rounds. Hannah gets a nervous smile, an attempt to reassure. "Don't worry, darling, it'll— HANNAH!!" She drops the girl's hand, stepping back in awe.

From the hatching sands, Lotus of the Nile Green Dragonet tosses her head, gazing with imperial dignity upon the candidates, stepping forward to find that special one, investigating many, but finding none to her liking as of yet.

From the hatching sands, Managing somehow to see Izzady Impress, although she's crunched between to of her friends, Marianne releases Sorc's hand, waving it wildly in the air in congraulations, "Izzady! Luck to you, my friend!" As Naomi walks away, Marianne looks after her in concern, leaning over to Sorcen. "Nao looked like she was about to fall over, Sorc. D'you think she's all right over there?"

From the hatching sands, Tstar smiles slightly and nods as the Gold settles infront of Hannah, she blushes lsightly and releases her grip on Tierza's hand. "Good choice." She mutters softly.

G'deon jumps out of his seat and starts cheering, regardless of the yells to sit down. "It's Hannah!" he calls out, clapping the backs of the fellow 'Reachians around him.

Pyrene gives a sudden gasp and half-leaps from her seat. "She didn't?? Oh, Faranth, oh faranth, oh Faranth! Hannah!!" One hand gives Sasha a deathwrench, while the other stabs at Lylia. Look at /that/.

From the hatching sands, Khaelyn swings around, hops awkwardly, and squeaks out another name at the next impression: "Hannah!" Hop. She's never going to regain her dignity after this hatching is over.

From the hatching sands, Lorsalia refuses to look at the gold as she chooses Hannah and instead focuses on the Lotus dragonet. "Fine. You're mine. Pick me." She whispers, noting just a tinge of gold in the hide. If the gold didn't pick Lors, it's her own fault. She'll still get the best green on the sands.

Hynolonie grips the bench she is sitting on as her eyes grow wide. "A.. A A GOLD?" The little girl, who's never hardly spoken above a whisper, takes the moment her sister Impresses to shout as loud as she can.. which is quite loud. "HURRAH, HANNAH!"

Z'diah says, "Siddown, G'deon.. Geez, all your manners 'liminated by being in the frozen wastes?"

From the hatching sands, Tierza says, "oh Tstar, just like you were saying.. they /do/ know the best match.." Eyes ther green and tries not to wish too hard."

From the hatching sands, Saria grabs hold of T'rell's arm. "Look!" she hisses softly. "The gold. She chose Hannah!"

Saria beams proudly. "That's the one from High Reaches, Areiah's girl."

Natch doesn't move, but her excitment is in her voice when she states the obvious. "The gold impressed!"

Daeyn leans forward on her elbows, lips twitching in some unidentified emotion before she can't help but cheer for her fellow 'Reaches denizen. "No, Misi … it's Hannah!" The brownrider ought to write a book of the obvious.

From the hatching sands, Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg allows its cracks to ring around its shell while the dragonet within peeks out with the twinkle of things to come. A rustle and a promise. And then something more.

"Hannah!" Lylia gives a high-pitched squeak, nearly bouncing. "Hannaaaah!" A gold? "I always knew she could be a goldrider…" Ly puffs out her chest slightly, grinning madly. Such a cute little pair, indeed.

From the hatching sands, Egan ees. And near faints, going splat ont he sands, but the heat quickly revives him. "It's a /gold/! /The/ gold! You got it, Hannah, yours!" And he eyes the ever-close gold, but makes no comment. "Hee. Hee. Eyeyeyeyeee!" Back to the green, now. "Look. It's.. there." Nod.

"Hannah!" Pia exclaims, hands clasped in glee. "Way to go, dear." Not that Hannah can hear her, but that's not about to stop her.

Squaln whistles loudly again from the stands!

Sasha leaps into the air only heaved back down by Pyrene's grip "Whoooo! Hannah!!!"

From the hatching sands, Kaltia manages to open her eyes enough to see the gold going to Hannah and calls out a Congrats that is muffled by the hands rubbing her eyes. Blinking a few more times, she manages to open her eyes, now red from the rubbing, to watch the sands once more.

From the hatching sands, Filli grins as Hannah impress. "Hannah!!!!" she bounces pulling Khae's arm with her. "She got the gold!"

From the hatching sands, Tierza pulls back on egan.. wobbling as he heads down.. "Oh no, stand u7p Boy!"

Slippa whoops, jumping up and pumping an arm in the air as the gold Impresses. So she doesn't exactly know Hannah…but she's from High Reaches, ain't she? Enough excuse to bounce about and be mad for a second. "Well done, Hannah!" She yells down to the sands.

G'deon grins back at Z'diah and winks. "Sorry, forgot myself. She's one of ours you see." He frowns a bit as he sits. "Well… /was/ anyway…"

Misra looks momentarily disappointed. "Oh," she says. And then she's back to bouncing 'gain. She points at the lotus green. "Is /that/ mom's dragon, then?"

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