Hatching 27

I took the idea of this table from Inya's Hatching page. I must give her credit! Everything is color coded so it should be easy to read. ^_^

-Hannah of HRW, former Istan Candidate

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Egg Name

Hatchling Name

Dragon Name

Impressee's Name

Dirt Encrusted Hun Egg

Spun Sugar Rose Quartz


R'kii (Kiiran)

Elegant Grecian Urn Egg

Saint of Stained Glass Green Dragonet


Kwanne (Anely)

Eldorado Aztec Egg

Sunken Treasure Green Dragonet



Chinese Harmony of Avians Egg

Soul Purifying Lapis Lazuli Blue Dragonet


Inya (Ainyan)

Hanging Gardens of Babylon Egg

Sherwood Rogue Bronze Dragonet


T'nar (Tynar)

Mystery Shrouded Pict Egg

Out of Control Meteoric Bronze Dragonet


Zi'n (Zidon)

Brilliantly Frescoed Knosses Egg




Sweltering Sienne Egyptian Egg




Land of the Sioux Egg

Mask of the Boy King Blue Dragonet


Kiylan (Kin)

Eerily Exotic Mayan Egg

Apache Tears Brown Dragonet


Ali (Alister)

The Log


Logfile from Hannah

Candidate's Barracks(#1942)

Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — all black volcanic rock and simple earthen tapestries, there is nothing but stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.

Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are twenty-two firelizards.

You see Kiiran's Mattress 'O Manliness, Kiy's Flaunt Shack, Arc's Ghastly Garish Cot, Inya's Cot, Zidon's Cot, Ali's Cozy Cot, Hannah's Cot, Anely's Ebon Shrouded Cot, Tynar's Cot, Mhairie's Cot, Filli's Cot, Hy's Homey Cot, and Saille's Cot here.

You notice Kiylan and Saille asleep here.

Ainyan, Alister, Kiiran, Archellian, and Anely are here.

Obvious exits: Caverns

Zidon strides, eyes flickering here and there to take in everything, in from the South Caverns.

Archellian has connected.

Archellian wakes up.

Filli lays on her cot sleeping. Black hair spread out all over the pillow. She seems to be smiling softly..is that a snore?

Alister stretches her arms up above her head as she gets to her feet, apparently just having woken for quite a long nap. "I guess I'm not the only one done with my chores then?" she asks softly, looking around the room and seeing that most of her friends are present.

Zidon comes rushing in, tearing at the hem of his tunic. "Figures I have to drop it all /right/ before I make it to the baths," the candidate mutters, heading directly for his cot. "Oh, hi you all…." How come everyone's relaxing but him?! Not fair.

Filli makes a small snorting sound and wakes up. "Oh durn.." she groans and lays on her side. Peering around the barracks she notices most of the candiates in here, "Something I'm missing?" she ask with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah… after narrowly escaping Lylia… dear me. She almost nailed me for another turnday 'presant'. Last time I ended up drunk and piercing my own eyebrow."Anely chimes in from her cot as she smooths out her robe upon the end of her cot. "What do you think? I didn't grow any, it should fit…" Lets just /hope/ it fits shall we?

Hyzen is sitting upon her cot, stroking the fabric of her just-done Candidate Robe. "That sure did take longer than I thought…" comes the child's voice before she lifts wide eyes towards her friends, offering them a smile in greeting. "Got 'em finished earlier," is her reply to Alister before she sets the white material aside and stands, stroking her brown gently. "Think they'll give us extra chores if they find us just… sitting here?"

Archellian is sitting on his cot, combing slightly damp hair, meticulously removing knots and tangles, trying to get the golden waves to their usual flutter perfection. "There's no such thing as done with chores," he replies cynically, continuing on the task in hand, ignoring most of those present. "And they better not give us more chores, though they'd give you more chores for breathing I'm sure."

Ainyan sits tailor-style on her cot, smoothing out the newly delivered robe. " Look, Arc! That weaver friend of yours delivered." While plain, the robe is definately wearable. " Thanks for suggesting her."

Kiiran has connected.

Kiiran wakes up.

"Of course they will," Zidon tells Hyzen, pouting as he rummages around for something acceptably clean to wear. "Why would they want anyone to do the dirty work but us?" Well well, looks like someone was stuck mucking out the stables - again. Before doing the laundry, of course. Anely just gets a heartfelt groan from the Garish candidate at her mention of getting drunk. Let's not go there, right?

"Who cares… I'm too tired to care…" Anely replies to her fosterdaughter before flopping back onto her cot with a deep breath. "Hyzen darling, how're you? Hasn't been too much work for you right?-" But Zidon's groan brings her attention to him. "Trust me. Getting drunk /never/ is going to happen again. Last time I got drunk I got pregnant." Blah. Lets not go there either!

"Well, I finished the ones they gave me *earlier* anyway," Ali replies, giving Arc a wink as she unbraids her hair just long enough to run her fingers through it, straighten it, and braid it back again, into a pair of matching braids. "So I opted to sneak in for a little nap when I was done. I know, I shouldn't have done that, but we work so hard, and I was so tired…" A small pout is offered in the direction of anyone that will pay attention, but it shifts into a smile almost immediately, "but I did have a nice dream, at least."

Hannah lies on her cot, an arm thrown over her eyes while listening idly to the other candidates. Sitting up and rubbing her big green eyes, she blinks a few times and yawns. Must have fallen asleep. A little nap never hurt anyone

Hyzen ducks her head towards Zidon, her grin still evident. "-If- they catch us." Laughing softly, she swivels bright eyes towards Anely, before heading that way. "Nah, it's been pretty good. I got let off the harsher chores by one of the healers because of my hands." Holding said objects up, she giggles softly. "What about you?"

Filli yawns softly and rubs her eyes softly to get the eye-boogers as she calls them off. She streaches softly and listens to all the voices around. She lays there on her cot not doing much of anything but watching. She grins softly, "Are we all trying to dunk chores?" she ask with a small giggle.

"Um glad she did," Arc smiles at Ainyan, kinda distracted by making himself look pretty, hair brushed to the point it practically gleams, he searches his cot and digs out a small tub of healery stuff, a whiff of herbs rising from it. "Hmm, don't suppose anyone would do me a favour?" okay that's directed at Zi mostly, though he's not gonna say so. He smiles at Ali, "well I had a bath, much better for relaxing, less chance of them dragging you off to do chores semi-dressed. I know what you mean, tired I am, very yeah," and to prove it he yawns, "I'm always tired it would seem."

"Shouldn't be too hard to catch us in here," Zidon mutters, though he can't keep himself from smiling for very long. And thus, Alis gets a warm smile. "What'd you dream, Alis? What favor?" is then asked of Arc, hzel eyes narrowing slightly. Please, not getting drunk? Again? Ahem.

Anely presses her tongue 'gainst her lip ring and frowns. "Did I mention I /hate/ socks and tubers?" Pruny hands are outstretched for her foster daughter to see as a soft sigh falls away from her lips. "I think they enjoy the way I peel them or perhaps the way I fold the socks. Ug…

Mhairie wanders in from the South Caverns.

Kiiran's folded comfortably into his favorite chair- the one that isn't completely purple- munching contentedly on a nicely toasted meatroll. A loaf of bread, a jug of cider, and thou… Thou, in this case, being Kiylan, who is doing her golden-curled best to distract the candidate from his meal. "When the hatching comes, Kii, you're not going to wear /shoes/, are you? You're far too manly for that… you don't need shoes. Did I mention how nice that sweater looks on you…?" But every now and then she's throwing winks to Archellian. Wouldn't want to leave him out. Kii, in the meantime, is doing his best to concentrate on three things; Kiy, Inya, and his meatroll. The former recieves a rather bemused smile- "Uh, I haven't decided yet"- and a quickly-covered blush, the middle a longing gaze, and the last just enough attention to keep from jamming it into his ear. Ah, distractions.

Hannah clasps her hand aroung her knees and yawns again, trying get herself fully awake. "What are you talking about?" is asked shyly of the others as her gaze travels around the room. "Socks? Tubers?"

Filli snorts softly and reaches over grabbing a sock from under her cot and chuckes it at Anely, "Stop fussing..You don't end up sweeping all the time or working out in the heat pulling weeds all day." she says with a shake of her head. "I think I would rather have the socks."

Archellian wows as Zidon snatches the bait, well kinda. Tub of healer stuff is waved in his direction, "Caylea gave me stuff to stop me burning in the sun, only I can't reach my shoulders," he smiles sweetly at his ex. "It does actually work, it's kinda amazing," the rest of the room fading out into insignificance.

Alister beams at Zi, lifting her shoulders into a small shrug, "I dreamed that Kerry came to visit, and then…" she pauses, slipping back down onto the edge of her cot, where she perches, ready to rise if someone should come in the room, continuing once she's settled, "dreamed it was time for the hatcing, and we *all* impressed, and stayed here together…" Ah, the joys of being young enough to dream.

Saille has connected.

Saille wakes up.

Hyzen peers intently at her mother's hands, a soft noise resembling a tsk sound arising from her form. "That must be it… I only peeled tubers a few times… but then, they liked sticking me in the stables." Rolling her eyes sligthly, the child moves the step back to her cot and sinks down onto it, four chirping softly in unison. Alister is given a long, thoughful stare. "Really?" Soft voice… she hopes it comes true… in a way. Sigh.

"Hrm, why don't you just keep your clothes on, then?" Zidon snorts at Arc, though he's quick to grab the healer-type-stuff. "Kerry? Oh, /him/." Another snort goes towards Alis. "But I likes the second part," he admits, managing to open the tube in his hand. "Um, d'you suppose this'll help on burning feet, too?"

Mhairie collapses backwards onto her cot and stares at the ceiling "YOu know what? THeres not gonna be any hatching, they'll just keep us here for free labor" she murmers to know one in particular.

"I had to peel tubers with a /spoon/ last candidacy… but lets not go into that shall we?" Lapis eyes focus upon Ali's form before Anely shakes her head and reaches up to brush back a few stray strands of hair. "Nice dream…

Ndi stalks in from the South Caverns.

Filli giggles softly at Mhairie's comment, "Starting to look like it." she says with a small shake of her head. She groans and lays her head back on the pillow.

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The ground is beginning to shake around Ista Weyr. Is it a stampede? An earthquake? No, it's dragons humming! Eggs are beginning to crack… Now! @move to #2066 to get your backside in the Galleries!

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Ndi leaves for the Whee.

Kiiran leaves for the Whee.

Zidon leaves for the Whee.

Ainyan leaves for the Whee.

Saille leaves for the Whee.

Tynar leaves for the Whee.

Hyzen leaves for the Whee.

Anely leaves for the Whee.

Archellian leaves for the Whee

. Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)

The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.

Green Fellrath is here.

Caylea, Ruby, Ndi, Kiiran, Zidon, Ainyan, Saille, Tynar, Hyzen, Anely, and Archellian are here.

Obvious exits: Sands Galleries Bowl

Filli has arrived.

Alister has arrived.

Caylea *waves good luck :)

Mhairie has arrived.

Ruby walks up into the galleries.

Ruby walks in from the Galleries.

Ndi stalks onto the hatching sands.

On the sands, Ndi stalks out onto the sands.

Ruby *goodluck you guys

Oh ho ho! You had better be a Rider or a Candidate to have business on the sands!Brooding dragons are not reknowned for their good tempers.

Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING (#4321)

The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified: clutch dominates view, and every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.

Flitting about is IstaWeyrBldr.

Gold Amerasuth, bronze Maraith, gold Vaelyth, and bronze Bith are here.

You see Hanging Gardens of Babylon Egg, Eerily Exotic Mayan Egg, Chinese Harmony of Avians Egg, Elegant Grecian Urn Egg, Brilliantly Frescoed Knossos Egg, Sweltering Sienna Egyptian Egg, Land of the Sioux Egg, Mystery Shrouded Pict Egg, Dirt Encrusted Hun Egg, and El Dorado Aztec Egg here.

You notice R'kan and Torey asleep here. D'ven, Silvera, Orbit, Teza, Nali, and Ndi are here.

Obvious exits: Entrance

D'ven laughs softly. "I brought 5 skins. I figured it would last me a while." He notes before striding back to his pack and retrieving two. One he hands to Nali before sketching a bow to Silvera, "Its the least I can do."

Hyzen meekly steps out onto the sands.

Ainyan sways gracefully out onto the sands.

Filli walks with cat like grace out onto the sands.

Zidon strides, eyes flickering here and there to take in everything, out onto the sands.

Alister wanders out onto the sands.

Tynar walks out onto the sands.

Saille trots amiably out onto the sands.

Anely creeps, delicate ebon material swirling about her form, out onto the sands.

Archellian walks out onto the sands.

Mhairie wanders out onto the sands.

Kiiran walks out onto the sands.

Nali simply beams at D'ven. "You, Dayv, are a lifesaver." And Nali's hero for as long as the skin lasts.

Short little greenrider Teza peeks over at D'ven, and immediately heads over that way. "Ah, say — got any there for me?" Insert a flutter of her lashes here, and Teza, plucking the fabric of a thin tunic away from her, makes for a rather silly picture.

Orbit is ready to get snockered. It's a hatching day, that's the perfect time, right? Slipping up and over to D'ven, she beams up at the bronzerider, "Got some for me too?"

D'ven laughs as he hands Teza the one in his hand. "I -knew- I should have brought more." He notes before making his way back to Bith. His attention at the bronze's are caught by the arrival of the candidates before he offers Orbit a grin and a moment later, a skin. "But of course."

The Candidates march one by one onto the Sands, following Ndi. As they group on the sands, they begin to take hands, and as one face the two clutchmothers and sires, as well as their riders. As a group, they bow low in respect to the parents of the eggs around them.

Ndi winces as she hopsteps over to the so-labelled 'rider area, whining provocatively in an increasingly nasal tone, "Nobody reminded me it was hot. That's not fair, guys. You should've told me. I completely forgot. Ouch. Guys, can I sit on someone's shoulder? I'm light, I promise." Really. Amber eyes gleam innocently — sort of — and pleadingly — definitely — at those other people, who of course, aren't hot at all.

Anely comes up from the bow, half tempted to kiss the ground as she doesn't feel a /thing/ through the nice beautiful wooden sandles she has on her feet. "Haha! I /knew/ these were going to come in handy!" Nearly beaming lapis gaze focuses upon her foster daughter, slender fingers grip hard into both Hannah and Hyzen's hands. "Good luck my dears… good luck!" Ane isn't blushing is she? Okay, maybe she is. Darn it. That wasn't planned. Awwwie, gothlet is blushing!

Dirt Encrusted Hun Egg yaws wildly, the striations in the shell rapidly becoming alarming faults in the integrity of the shell. First a talon, then a wingtip, and a flash of - surely that couldn't have been pink - twist into and out of visibility as the rocking continues. Finally, in the groundbreaking ceremony to end all others, the egg splits into about six pieces that attempt to fly in about seven directions, leavinga sticky, damp, gooey dragonet to be pitched tail-first onto the sands.

Spun Sugar Rose Quartz Bronze Dragonet

Whim-tossed streamers of florid paper-pink dart to and fro against the twinkling twilight of a copper-hued barrel, trailing bubblegum streaks 'neath iron wingspars and crystalline, carnation-tinted 'sails. Tantalizing wisps of pale spun sugar cling to the snakelings of bronze that coil down a sinuate neck across a broad back to a twisty tail and titanium talons that glint like festive little lights. Rose paints his face from pronounced headknobs to blunt muzzle, pooling under eyeridges to give him a mask over the tinge of bronze. Even behind the masquerading blush, carnival-glass eyes sparkle in an ever-shifting festival of colour.

Hannah clings to Anely's and Zidon's hands, her eyes wide and unblinking. Orbit is given a weak nod, but gaze travels back towards the expectant eggs, her feet already beginning to pain her. "I can't believe… It's starting again… " Gaze turns to her surrogant sister, "Good luck, Ane…" Gulp.

Filli blinks softly.. This is hotter than I remember. She glances down at her..oh dear no sandles.. Can we say numbweed. She dose a little dance as she holds onto one of the other candiates hands.

Hyzen returns the tight hold on her small hand, grinning widely as she gazes up at her mother. "You too," comes her soft voice before she glances at the Galleries. Oh my… lots and lots of people. She tries to spot her friends, but can't seem to make them out.

Tynar quirks his mouth a little as he, along with his fellow candidates, finish their required bow. He glances over towards the others and smiles a little. Been here, done this before. At the shattering of an egg, he glances back, eyebrow raising a little. Uh oh. Another one of those?

Mhairie nearly skips as she minces her way across the hot sands. Her eyes dart to the eggs after a nervous glance to the queens "Okay… okay.. get ahold of yourself" she murmers softly.

Zidon strides in a hop-skip-jumping motion over the hot sands, wincing as he has to stand still for the bow. Ouch! Maybe those bare feet weren't ideal after all….. Hannah's and Arc's hands are clung to tightly, really tightly as the first egg cracks. "Oh, look. A bronze." Well, d'uh. "Must mean good luck, right?"

Ainyan grips hard to Kiiran and Alister's hands, biting one lip as she looks at the eggs. Coming up from the bow, she hears the crack, then spies the first dragonet to Hatch. " Lookit him!" she tugs on Kii's hand. " Look, isn't he pretty?" Bubbly candie.

Alister shuffles along behind the Arc, her hand reaching out to grab his for support and comfort, squeezing Inya's in return, her numbweed covered feet not even noticing the heat beneath them. As the first egg bursts open, she gulps, taking a step backwards.

Bith offers a welcoming bugle to the first, a bronze. D'ven's grin threatens to split his face. "Of course, it would be a bronze first."

Kiiran clutches Ainyan's hand tight to one side, Kiylan's to the other, and- whooooah. Mouth gapes. Aren't they supposed to let him wait to catch his breath? Kiiran blinks, tugging on one hand. "Uh, Inya?" Tug tug. "That's a dragon." Almost as an afterthought- "And it's pink. A pink. Dragon." My, my.

Saille looses Hyzen's hand from its' death grip as she rises quickly from the bow. "Oh…" One palm brushes across an already sweating forehead as the girl starts to sway back and forth. These thin sandals are /not/ for walking about the hatching sands.

"Oooh!" Very inteligent, Teza. Breaking the seal of her skin in salute, the rider lifts the wine in salute of the first hatchling — a bronze. "That's good luck!" she calls out, no one and everyonbe addressed. Ndi get's a smirk, but no offer of a shoulder. In fact, all Ndi does get is a pointed finger down at Teza's boots. "I remembered it was hot," she coos innocently.

Archellian gazes around with panic stricken wide eyes at all the people in the crowd, totally oblivious for a moment to the eggs afore him, grip tightening upon Ali and Zi's hands. "People…" he manages to stammer out. "So many…" Eggs? He looks around the hatchling catching his attention, a gasp slipping from his lips at the sight of it, a step taken back.

Anely ignores the stands, she must… ignore… stands… yes. Anely's good at that! Really. But that blush is just turning more and more ruby by every passing moment. "Bronze? Bronze? Wow! That's great! Bronzes are great…." But they aren't blue! Where is a blue? Come on blue! Ane silently cheers on her favorite color as fingers twist about with her fosterling and Hannah's hands. "I still can't believe you have the robe I made for you Hannah… I didn't think you would have kept it…" She chimes in a slightly shaky voice.

Elegant Grecian Urn Egg stays silently still, an artifact of a civilization long gone, a people long dead, yet a hope of new life. But not yet. No, the baked ebon shell remains peaceful as of now, fiery burnt figures on its surface limpid and smooth, the calm before the explosion.

Filli dances in one spot. She holds onto Tynar's hand softly. She smiles soflty, "Bronze.." she calls happily as she watches. Green eyes wide, "Look.." she tells Tynar with a grin.

Spun Sugar Rose Quartz Bronze Dragonet, having made his grand entrance into the world facing exactly the wrong direction, makes a noise that sounds suspiciously like a startled 'squirk!' He takes a moment to shake carnation-hued wings, in the process managing to spatter random bits of egg goo about his gawky form, before figuring out that he can, in fact, move around. Wow. He demonstrates this newfound skill by doing a clumsy about-face to look around the cavern. Whoa… lots of white blobs.

Hyzen finds that her other hand is lost in the fray and looks quickly around for Saille. "Saille?" comes her call, soft and seeking as she keeps one eye on that bronze. Bronze… good omen, right? Right. Taking a deep breath, she forces herself to let it out slowly as she continues to seek with her free hand for Saille's lost one while her occupied one continues to dig into her mother's.

Anely takes a hurried breath as her gaze stops upon 'her' egg, that lovelerly Urn egg that she clug to for most of the touchings. "I bet it'll be blue." A giddy giggle bubbles up from her throat and falls away from frosty rose hued lips. "Blue, it /has/ to be blue. Right? Right?" She can only pray it's not an evil green. If it's green Ane'll run. Yup. Green's are evil. Bronzes are nice though. And then attention once more wavers and latches itself onto the bronze dragonet. Awwwwie. Isn't he cute? Hmm…

Tynar glances over at Filli and nods quietly, "Ya. I know. I just hope he doesn't have flattened candidates on the brain yet." He glances back towards the 'little' dragonet, smiling just a little. It's an act, really it is. Though, he does hold Filli's hand just a little tighter for a moment.

Alister chews nervously on her lower lip, her big brown eyes steadily scanning the area, first the eggs, then her fellow candidates, finally, the crowd. Her eyes open wider as she realizes just how many people are there. A soft gulp, and she regains her composure, or maybe it's the fact that she's squeezing Inya and Arc's hands so tightly that her own hands are white.

Chinese Harmony of Avians Egg trembles lightly, delicately, in fact. Ever so slight movements not even disturbing the sand around her.

Ainyan's fingers twine with Kiiran's, squeezing tight as she watches the bronze. " He'd better not try an' trample me." Beneath the bravado is a hint of uneasiness, and she worries at her lip. Her other hand grips hard to Alister's as she watches the dragonet. " It's pink," she murmurs, making a face.

Kiylan bounces, bounces, at Kiiran's side. The eggs won't crack for a while yet, right? Till then, she's got plenty of time to goggle, oggle… and flirt. "I still think you should have gone barefoot, Kii… so much more /macho/. Not that you need the help, of course. So handsome…" Eyes track across the sands, alighting in sudden surprise upon bronzen wings. Or are those pinken wings?

D'ven turns his attention to the various candidates, studying them as it were. A pause as he considers several of the candidates then a look up towards his own lifemate. "I remember." He murmers quietly.

Zidon squeezes Arc's hand in a death-grip at the mention of 'people' - right, those are people up there. Meep! Hazel eyes scan the galleries for familiar faces, but even if he did recognize someone, he couldn't possibly wave, having his hands fully occupied. "Any bets on what hatches next?" the candidate manages to gasp out, shufflinghis feet about.

Latte walks out onto the sands.

Mhairie dances back a bit as the dragonet moves, not that she has any worries, much, of him coming her way, my but well they look so umm hmm.. differnt when you're on teh stands as opposed to being in the galleries.

Saille , still hopping from one foot to another, tears her eyes away from the pinkish looking bronze and gropes for Hyzen's hand. "Here I…oof…Hey, watch it." Young candidate is nearly pushed into Hyzen by a rowdy candidate with dirty red hair. "Some people…"

Filli nods softly to Tynar, "That would be bad." she says watching the little bronze wondering where he will go. Green eyes never dart to the galleries for fear of being frozen on the sands. She squeezes Tynar's hand a bit tighter.

Kiiran's visage scrunches into a wry blush at Kiylan's comments; that red hue upon his cheeks is only the heat of the sands, he swears. A squeeze alights itself upon Inya's twining fingers; "Don't worry," he whispers, "I won't let him." How sweet. How gentlemanly. How much more convincing it would be if Kii himself weren't shaking out of his sandels. Such a /vicious/ looking pink…

Archellian turns his attention right back to the crowd, "they're all looking at us," he says tugging Ali and Zi's hands to make them look at all those people. "Do I look okay? Is my hair sitting straight?" Instinctive step taken away from the eggs and dragons, trying to drag the pair back withh im.

Hannah blinks. Bronze! Bigbig baby dragonet. "Oh, dear," she mutters to Anely or Zidon, even she doesn't know to which she intended the phrase, "It's starting.. really starting.." Blue? Green? Anely's words sort of jumble around in the shy candidate's mind, not really making any cohesive sense. Cling. Squeeze. Zidon is looked at and smiled weakly too.

Elle saunters with the best of 'em out onto the sands.

Spun Sugar Rose Quartz Bronze Dragonet isn't vicious. Not in the slightest. In fact, he looks completely non-threatening as he rocks back and forth in place, twisty tail swishing in cheerful oblivion of the sand it's kicking up and showering on the other eggs. Wait, he can move, right? And that he does, with a sort of gallumphing half-hop accompanied by a jolly creel as he heads for the first clump of white blobs.

Alister giggles nervously, leaning her head forward enough to look past Arc and at Zi. Her cheeks are slowly flushing into a nice, bright shade of pink, though whether from the heat or the nervousness, only she knows. Feet shuffle nervously on the hot sands, despite the numbweed that covers them, and she gulps almost constantly. At Arc's vanity, she's forced to giggle, but when she opens her mouth, no words come out, so she just nods.

Hyzen shifts her feet, finally feeling the burning as her excitement… fear settles down a slight, teeny bit. Retaking Saille's hand, she beams up at her friend before turning back to eye the bronze. Pink, pink. Who ever saw a pink dragon? Well, now they had! Rolling her shoulders slightly, child leans slightly against her mother to relieve some of the pain in her feet. She -should- have had some thicker sandles made. Sigh.

Zidon willingly lets himself be dragges back a few paces, glaring at Arc's hair as if blaming it for everything. "Your /hair/?!" Aiee. Faranth save him from vain people when his feet are burning! Hannah gets a thin smile back, eyes roaming over her and the other white-robes briefly before magnetically sweepingback to the dragonets and eggs. Meep.

Ainyan winces, fingers closing around Ali and Kii's, squeezing tight. " He's… he's moving." The words come out as a squeek. Come on, Inya, find something to calm you down. Eyes light upon Orbit and brighten. Look! A greenrider! Mhairie stands her ground, show no fear right? She swallows as she watches the bronze move around. Her eyes dart to the otehr candies, wonder who's gonna rank a bronze?

Kiylan illumines a leisurely promenade out onto the sands.

Tynar furrows his eyebrows a little. Uh oh. Now, he figured out how to charge. He glances to Filli, then to the other candidates and sighs a little. He glances back to Filli and mumbles, "Doomed now. Maybe he'll find Arc or someone. Won't come charging this way."

Anely tilts her head to peer down at Hyzen in that motherly way she's always done. "If your feet are bothering you too much you can step onto my feet and stand there…" She offers, winking sweetly at said candidate girl. "It won't hurt and I'd /hate/ to see your feet burn…" No mother would want to have their daughter's feet get burned would they? So Anely just /tries/ to help out.

Elegant Grecian Urn Egg is wise, very wise, and it knows that even the most beautiful things don't last forever, and so after an eternity of waiting, holding, preserving, the relic splits in a single, fragile crack. And then a moment for one last look at the picturesque shell, and crack! While fragments of burnt ruby fly 'mongst ashen black, wisps of crimson smoke conceived of age-old wisdom slowly flutter away in pale pale ribbons as at last, the occupant of the egg is revealed.
Saint of Stained Glass Green Dragonet

Silver-tipped emerald, a queen's most precious treasure, noble yet beggarly, a paradox in itself, with green's every shade and tint washing through her lengthy body. Jade's sweet minty breath sweeps fleetingly in waves of nearly white o'er shoulders, cascading in tidelets over gracefully ribbed back and eddying past sculpted haunches. Angelic, seraphic, heavenly verdant brushes by in milky sweeps, accenting ridged neck and back and sallying coquettishly 'round a long, tapering tail. Ever the innocent, somehow a splash of gothic emerald slithers over the masterpiece, webbing minted gossamer wings and twining its way over arched neck and marring one half of an angel's face, while splatters of burgundy dapple wing tips and babble brook-like in the shadows of her underbelly. A strange mix of color and pattern is she, a stained-glass window of broken gems, a treasure box of deceptive beauty.

Filli grins softly and lets out a soft giggle. "Oh Tynar, I'm sure he is not going to come charging this way…" she says trying not to go crazy out on the sands. Green eyes sweep from dragonet to eggs. She blinks softly and notices the Green dragonet.. "Green!"

Archellian eeeps at the sight of Zi's feet, "your sandals," he shrieks at the man, "where are they? Where're your sandals? I told you to pick them up, you're gonna burn your feet, stupid…" hands try to rise to flutter his hair from his eyes only they're still clutching Zi and Ali's, he sighs exasperated. "My hair is okay? Is the robe okay? How'd I look? They're all looking at me?"

D'ven's eyes widen at the new. "She is a beauty." He notes quietly before his gaze follows after the bronze.

Mhairie holds her breath as a green breaks from her shell. "Oh…" is her only response, her eyes glued to the green, the bronze forgotten, though only momentarily as she can't decide on which one to keep an eye on.

El Dorado Aztec Egg hides itself among the others of the clutch, wriggling only a tad here and there as if a strong gust has struck its greened foliage.

Saille casts her gaze among the mass of white robed bodies, squeezing Hyzen's hand in excitement. "I can't see! What's happening?" There's a definite disadvantage to being smaller than nearly everyone else. "I can't…oh!" Licking beads of sweat off her lips, the bony girl beams. "A green!" Just a tantalizing glimpse though, and then its' gone.

Anely is taken back… /waaaay/ back! "Green! Nooooooooooo!" Long voul is held. "How… noooo! It can't be green. Greens are evil! Hyzen, /please/ tell me that's not green. Oh please tell me it's not green." Pleads with her fosterling, lapis eyes going wide with disbelief. Green. Oh… the tretchory.

Kiiran dances covertly from heel to tapping toe- and he doesn't even have the excuse of the sand's heat scorching his tootsies; he's a smart boy, and feet are protected by hardwood soles. Green recieves a nod in passing- please don't eat me, please don't impress me- before eyes are drawn back to scanning the sands. Gaze tracks across Inya, egg shards; anything but pink. And he thought bronzes were supposed to be all respectable and manly. This is simply destroying his illusions. He continues to dance.

Zidon sends Arc a groan and a, "I don't /have/ any sandals, you numbwit! Besides, I'd rather not wear them." Sulk, sulk. Could it be that someone's regretting not wearing sandals after all? "Ohh, look at that green one over there! She's so pretty…"

Mystery Shrouded Pict Egg shivers and shakes, it simply moves. Is it time? Is it time? No… not quite yet.

Alister's mouth forms into the shape of an 'o' of amazement as the green dragon just suddenly… appears on the sands. "Oh, Arc, Inya, look!" she exclaims excitedly, lifing her friends' hands up so she can point at it.

Ainyan leans closer to Kiiran as a green hatches. Now she's not so safe. " Oh, how lovely," she sighs, squeezing the hands on either side of her. " I see it!" she squeeks to Alister, though her eyes slide towards a green/rider/ for a moment before tracking back. Sweat begins to roll down her forehead.

Hyzen half-hugs her mother for the suggestion, but shakes her head. "That's okay… I'll be fine." Grinning slightly, she continues to watch the bronze before her gaze is inadvertantly drawn towards the green. "Oh!" comes her exclamation as she eyes it thoughtfully. "Green! Yes, it is, mother!" Bouncing slightly, she returns the squeeze of her hand from Saille's direction. "Can you see now?"

Hannah's eyes widen. "Pretty! Oh.. it's pretty…" Feet shift back and forth as the hots sands begin to really scorch the bottoms of her bare feet. Owowow.

Blood-rose hues radiate from Kiylan's cheeks, brilliant butter-gold curls shimmering with sweat from the heat as she shifts from foot to foot, giggling like a drunkard. "Ooh, Kiiran - /look/ at that bronze -" *gasp!* "Isn't he /gorgeous/? I'll bet anything you Impress a bronze, you big, handsome, manly thing, you!"

D'ven removes the last skin from his pack, uncorking it before he takes a long sip. Amusement comes to his face as he catches the last little bit of Kiylan's words.

Spun Sugar Rose Quartz Bronze Dragonet eventually realizes that the first group of those white blobs were girls. Now, that can't be right. He's looking for something a little different. Oh well, that can wait for a moment longer. Another squirky sort of noise emanates from the pink-bespattered bronze as he heads off in another direction. So much to do, so much to see… how to decide what's next?

Anely gives a bit of a whimper as she peers at the green that hatched from /her/ eggie. "Green… it can't be… so… I feel betrayed. That possible? Do you think it /purposely/ went green in spite of me? Do you? Do you?" Anely bombards her daughter with questions as her slender healer fingers grip tightly upon Hy's hand. Ow… that can't be nice. Ane has a strong grip.

Archellian exclaims to Zi, "but I dragged you sandals out of the stores when you last said you didn't have any, you'll burn your feet. Are you okay? Did you at least put that healerstuff on them? And I'm not a numbwit, least I'm wearing sandals," and with that he waves a dainty foot in front of them to show off the mindnumbingly garish colours. A brief glance given to where Ali's pointing, "oh…" he says disinterested.

Zidon shuffles his feet again, almost jumping at the spot. "That bronze looks a little… off color, doesn't it?" he whispers to Hannah, not wanting any protective and cranky mothers to hear his slight critisisms. "Ah no, not yet," is replies to Arc, small wince accompanying the words, "but I'll put some on afterwards." Be sure on that….

Saint of Stained Glass Green Dragonet sits in the wreckage that used to be her egg, her house, bejewelled eyes sweeping aristocratically over the golden sands, stopping on a smattering of white robes here, a couple of snowy figures there, but never stopping, for who could be worthy of /her/? Neck is stretched to the heavens, the demon's mask clinging to her face grinning in delight as her tail whips 'round long slender legs to splatter the remnants of egg fluid 'round the sands. Eew. Gooey stuff. Pose drops from royal to little-girlish in less than a second, the green now concentrating on her cleanliness. Forget the Candidates, she's sticky.

Tynar sighs a little and glances to the bronze, pursing his lips a little before glancing away. The dragon seems otherwise occupied, and Tynar tears his attention away from that one to look at the other dragonet on the sands. Ah. A green. That's not too bad. One that'll pass him by. He looks over to Filli and smiles, "You like greens?"

C'ran wriggles on his way, shake it groove thang, shake it groove thang, yeah yeah out onto the sands.

Mhairie can't but help but let out a nervous giggle at the greens actions "YOu'ld almost think she was gold, almost" she murmers as she shakes her head a bit. Certainly not what she expected to see, but then she's not sure what she expected. Just that that wasn't it.

Filli grins softly and Tynar and nods, "I like greens." she says with a soft chuckle. Her eyes stay on green, "Look at that.." she comments at the green is seems to be worried about being sticky. She giggles softly.

Kiiran waggles a hand at the bronze in admittedly timid disdain, then quickly drops the offending appendage- can't move; he'll attract attention. He winces at Kiylan, hastily replacing the expression with a wan smile. "Uh, thanks… Maybe there'll be a nice /bronze/ bronze one later. He's nice, but he's kinda… " Starts with a p. Ends with an ink. Three guesses. The thing does attract the eye, though…

Archellian glances at the bronze, "it's bronze," he states observantly, "it looks bronze," Zi's hand dragged so attention is focussed this way again, how dare he be ignored even momentarly. "You recognise anyone in the galleries? I can't see anyone," he peers that aways again, "I do look okay don't I?" constant reassurance needed, think of all those people watching him.

Saille skips a couple steps foward, nodding vigorously. "I can see…" She starts to reply, just as /that/ red haired /boy/ steps in her way. "No, I can't. At least, nothing but candidates." Well, she could move away from the comfort of Hyzen's hand…but no.

Spun Sugar Rose Quartz Bronze Dragonet trips merrily along for a few more steps, obviously dancing to some cheerful little tune of his own. If he isn't careful, the rosy wingtips dragging in the sand might make that figurative trip a reality. But the little fellow stops short in time to avert disaster. There - that particular white blob, the slender one with the shaggy blond hair. A squeal of delight escapes his young throat as he tosses himself wholeheartedly in front of his one and only Kiiran.

Hyzen tugs on both hands that have ahold of her own, jumping up and down now with both excitement and the heat of the sands. "Green! Oh mother, it couldn't have done that." Giggling softly, child gazes lovingly up at Anely before returning her gaze, all intense, back towards the two hatchlings. "They're so… different from the grown dragons." Murmuring softly, she shakes her head as she moves slightly, a glance cast at a tall male that moved in front of her. "Rude…" And then she sees…. "KIIRAN!"

Alister shuffles her feet on the sands again, her big brown eyes barely focusing on one thing before they shift on to the next. Bronze….pink…dragon is eyed carefully, then on to the green one, which is studied that much more carefully. She elbows Arc in the side, and then screeches softly as the bronze falls at Kiiran's feet. "Oooh!"

Ainyan yelps and slides away as the bronze comes /much/ too close. " Alister!" she wails, watching Kiiran and the bronze. " He's /looking/ at Kiiran!" Oh, the irony! The agony! Then it hits her. "/KIIRAN?/" Her Kiiran?

Anely hops about on her feet, slowly letting go of Hannah's hand and creeps behind Hyzen. "Hide me? Maybe she won't see me." Not as if Anely will get impressed by the… rather egotistical green, but she does /not/ want to take /any/ chances here. Ha! "Good Hy… good… just stay still…" Ane tries to speak in a calm voice as she sneeks about from side to side, slowly poping her head up to watch the green's trek. Evil. Evil! Keep it away. See, it has an evil smile on it's face. Is Ane the only one who thinks it's evil?

Tynar glances over to hear the squeal and raises an eyebrow. A soft sigh and he looks ever so relieved. He shakes his head lightly and glances back to Filli. That was.. umm.. close." He looks back towards the pair and smiles, "At least he won't be charging us anymore."

El Dorado Aztec Egg shivers in place once more, this time a touch more frantic than before. What lurks inside the golden walls is desperate to get out. Foliage ripples as hard coverning throbs.

Zidon shakes his head in denial at Arc - as if he could recognize anyone even if he /tried/. "No, I don't think s…. oh, Kiiran! Congrats! What's he… ehm, his name?" Whoops. Pink male. Pink. Bronze. Got it.

Filli smiles softly at she watches the bronze, "KIIRAN!" she calls happily. Her eyes go back to the green as she squeezes of Tynar's hand. "Indeed." she says with a impish grin.

Mhairie catches teh impression out of the corner of her eyes, a grin covers her face as KIiran impresses, she's safe from teh charging bronze, for now at least. Her eyes dart back ou towards teh sands, and the green and other eggs. What next?

"Oh, but…" Shriek! Glancing over at the little bronze dragonet, Kiylan's mouth drops - shimmering-sparkling - as it Impresses. "What…my gorgoues…but he's /mine!/…ooh, what's his name! I /TOLD/ you you'd Impress! Congratulations, Kii-gorgeous! Ooh, how…how…/purty/…" She's going crazy. Yup.

Kiiran staggers briefly, swallowing in sudden vertigo- and pauses. And pauses. Oh, sweet Faranth. Music and lights and- "Shymnith." It's a pink, and he's a R'kii, and everything is perfect. "Shymnith."

Archellian frowns as he's nudged and people yell Kiiran's name, then looks over at the bronze again and bursts out laughing, "it's pink." His only comment, made, he's not gonna congratulate the candidate, or anything, turquoise eyes going back to the galleries again. "You think people came from Gar to see me?" Yes me, not us and most certainly not the eggs.

Hannah blinks as the bronze impresses to her fellow canddiate. "Congrats!" is called out, though hands tighten upon Anely's and Zidon's hands. Green is eyed again before gaze strays to the other eggs.

Silvera sniffs as duty calls: "I'll be back." The comment offered to a poor wineskin, abandoned to the sands as the AWLM makes her way forward. "Congratulations — both of you." Eyes dart towards teh ledges. "Shut up, you." Attention returns to teh newly named R'kii. "Would you follow me? Lets get your Shymnith some food."

Alister's toes wiggle, the only *moving* sign of her nervousness, as they beat out a definite beat on the hot sands beneath them. "Shymnith," she repeats the name quietly, letting it roll off her tongue, a smile forcing its way upon her mouth. "Perfect match, that is," she whispers, mostly to herself, as her gaze shifts once again.

Anely's lips curl into a delicate smile, "Kiiran! Oooh! Kii! Congratulations!" Pale frost bitten eyes focus upon the green once more before she cowers behind Hyzen even more. "Be a good girl and… make sure that green thing impresses please… please?" Yes, anyone impress that rather beautiful green and Ane'll just be… /happy/. Even if it did break her nice pretty favorite egg.

Hyzen feels Anely hiding behind her, head turning every which way to try and see her mother's face clearly. "Come… why are you… mother!" Sighing, the candidate finally holds still like she is bid and gazes intently out at the rocking eggs and the green dragon. Why would a green so set her mother off? Shaking her head, she shivers slightly then trains her gaze on one of -her- favorite eggs— the El Dorado Aztec one!

Zidon groans again, though his hand tightens its grip on Arc's. "Of course they came to see you. Why shouldn't they?" Never argue with an insane person…. "Shymnith? Ohh….." Hazel eyes shine brightly as they regard the new weyrlings, but only for a short while before slipping back to the eggs, making a stop at that green on the way.

Saint of Stained Glass Green Dragonet sweeps gooey wings up as shields over her face, tongue flickering in and out as she cleans toesies — but no peeking! Suddenly, she stops. Hey, movement. A childish lunge forward, then pause. Wait. Dignity. Wits gathered, the green dragonet proceeds to stalk forward regally — or as regally as possible when one's wings are dragging sand along with them — to eye a certain cluster of Candidates with a predatorial gleam. Prey?

El Dorado Aztec Egg looses itself within the ever encroaching greens of the jungle. The heady vegetation splits the golden pyramids asunder, cracking it down to the shell's foundation and casting the remnants to the heated sands. Treasures of gold and treasures of green, the last of the ancient holdings are but a memory as a new mystery awaits.

Sunken Treasure Green Dragonet

Far beneath the surface of a roiling ocean, where a sun's ray is rare to grace, exists a green of such fathomless abandon to be portrayed anew upon dragon's fluid hide. From crest's dioptase ridges to the trough of sunken orbs, marine-imbued emerald washes her compact form 'til all is submerged in the inky hue. Wave's chaotic shimmer dances across the sheer canvas of spar-braced sails as a stolen treasure to charm her corsair's power. Despite her aquatic depths, the twinkle of lost plunder glimmers now and again with exotic doubloons of verdigris-tainted gold.

Ainyan reaches out to snag Kiylan's hand. " Kiy, c'mere," she calls, her voice trembling slightly. That was much too close. Of course, being close to Candidates can be dangerous for your health. " Oh, Kii," she sighs, watching him wander off with his new lifemate. New green is spied, and another sigh is heaved. Females. For some odd reason, they don't appeal as much to the Candie as they should.

Mhairie meeps a bit at teh greens glare. She then shrugs her shoulders back a bit and stands a little taller, she's not gonna run. SHe's no simpering milk baby thats for sure. She pauses a moment as another egg cracks it shell and a green emerges "Two?" she murmers softly and glances at her fellow candidates.

Tynar glances to the sounds of more shards fracturing and hitting the sands. Another green. Well, still safe at least, sorta. They're small enough he could probably survive a trompling from one of those. He glances to Filli and grins, "Maybe one of those is for you?"

Kiiran dandles mutely after Silvera, feet stumbling back-and-forth across the burning sand, Shymnith leading on in a carnival-bright lollop. Eyes lose themselves in, of all colors- of all Pern's masculine, macho colors- pink. He releases himself enough to toss a wave over one retreating shoulder- "Inya, Kiy, all- luck, luck!" And then he's back to incoherence. Major paradigm change, here. Please excuse the lad.

Alister oohs once again, as yet another green tumbles to the sands, leaving behind it a no longer needed shell. Despite the heat of the sands, she shivers slightly, forcing her to move a little closer to Inya, if that's all possible. "They're so perfect, aren't they? But I didn't know they were ever this *small*."

Mystery Shrouded Pict Egg shakes, rattles, and rolls… over into another egg. Bump, bump, stop. And it's stuck. For now, anyway.

Anely is not prey. A glare is sent first green-wards as she continues to hide out behind Hy. Just like the good fosterling, staying there and protecting her green frightened mother. "Did I mention proddiness is evil? And that's why greens are… just… demonic? And that one… she's… /skerry/. Just look at the way she prowls aross the sands." Large lapis optics widen before she tucks safely behind Hyzen. Nope. Ane's not scared, she's just… standing behind Hyzen to protect her right? Ya. Right.

Filli glances at Tynar and shakes her head, "I doubt it." she says with raised eyebrow. She watches the two green and grins softly, "What is that one doing?" she ask refurring to the frist one. She sighs softly and watches as she moves her feet around as they get hot..

Archellian glances over at the eggs briefly and the dragons and pouts, another one hatched, attention once again dragged off of him, poor guy. "How long they gonna take to hatch? Um I guess they're okay," he mumbles to Ali, "they're not really well… they're prettier than human babies are," and that's a compliment, really it is. "They're not really small though."

After a flurry of excitement as a new egg cracks, Kiy turns to eye the snagged hand, peering up at Inya with a mournful expression painted across her face. "Kiiran…/Impressed./ But…ooh, look at her…agh! Don't let go. This is insane." But it is. Tynar is noted, though, now; ooh. Words don't come to lips, yet; they must be thought of, first, delayed amid the cacophony of the hatching sands, eyes wandering toward the galleries. "I wonder if Torky's up there…"

Zidon sends Alis a shaky grin. "They'll grow bigger, don't worry." Well, d'uh. One tends to babble when one's feet burn and scary-looking greens look for prey. Meep. "I hope they'll keep that green over there," candie mutters, scooting a little closer to Arc. Hide-out.

Hyzen reaches back to gently pat her mother's… arm. "Silly," she manages to murmur as she watches the 'demonic' green make her way around. Oh dear… that one has a certain air about her. Shrugging the feeling off, child then drags her gaze towards the new green… out of one of her favorites! Gasping softly, she shivers as she backs into her mother for a bit of comfort. They're all so pretty… and yet, scary at the same time. Was her mother infecting her?

Alister frowns at Arc, nodding her head in the direction of the other dragons on the sands, "Smaller than *those*, anyway. Much much smaller." To Zi, she winks and nods, "I know, but they just… wow…" her voice trails off as one of the other eggs moves, waiting in silence to see what happens next.

Sunken Treasure Green Dragonet raises stalwart on well-planted feet. Stocky neck uncurls to lift her head from the confines of the gold-slid egg and gaze upon the sea of sand about her. As a particularly large glop of egg-goo slides from the bridge of her head, 'tween vermilion-touched orbs, over her muzzle to *ker-splat* at her feet, the dragonet conitinues to watch all, a trait that promises to become a trademark as she grows older.

Bith croons happily at the first impression, D'ven smiling up at him. "An interesting pair, don't you think?" He offers before his gaze turns back to the hatchlings.

Archellian scoots closer to Zi, because well he can and all. "They're bigger than firelizards," he declares, then smiles at the pair of them, Ali and Zi that is of course, "what you think of my robes? Do they fit okay? Are they okay?" He'd twirl round for them if they weren't holding hands.

Mhairie watches as well, and then grins at Arch "Yeha not at all small are they?" she says with a grin and turns her gaze back towards the green. She quirks a grin at the egg goo, now wasn't that just cute" she notes with a tilt of her head "She didn't even seem to notice"

Tynar glances to Filli and nods a little, relaxing beside her, "You don't think one's for you?" He shrugs and nods a little bit before glancing over to Kiylan, hearing her voice almost in his ear. He hmms? "Oh," A glance back, "I haven't an idea."

Ainyan watches the two greens warily, her fingers clenching to Kiylan and Alister's. " I know," she replies to the Candidate to her left, that ever so bouncy flirt. " I'm really happy for him." And she is. It's obvious even through her anxiety. " Wonder who those two want…"

Filli smiles softly and nods. She has not relaxed one bit. She is almost bouncing around like the mad herder she is. Eye glances from one green to the next wondering where they will go.

Saint of Stained Glass Green Dragonet pauses her funeral march before a ponytailed girl with two heads and four arms, nostrils widening to sniff at the spectacle curiously. Was this the prey? Or was this the doll to be played with and cherished? A smattering of indecision flashes 'cross the green's two-toned face, jeweled eyes' lids coming down ever so slightly in mental battle. A moment of struggling, then the little girl's angel face surfaces, and she hopsteps to one side to take a closer look at the multilimbed doll. Curious…

Alister shuffles her feet a little more, the heat really beginning to bother her, despite the numbweed she smeared all over them. Wincing slightly, she struggles not to move too much, not wanting to call attention to herself. As one of the greens move toward a candidate, her eyes open wider, and she waits.

Hyzen quickly moves some sweaty peices of her hair away from her face as she keeps both optics firmly placed between the two greens— to keep both in sight. The two were beautiful examples of their species… and then she gets an eyeful. Shivering, she stays rooted to the spot. Wow… they were… bigger close up. It was after… her mother?! Gulping, Hyzen turns her head to watch… was it really?

Mhairie notices the one green move elsewhere, and sorta sighs in relief, she's a little well weird maybe? But the other green is still out there. She searches teh sands and finds her once more.

Hannah's concentration shifts from green to green as the reality of the Hatching finally sinks home. Mutely she watches the dragonets, biting her lip and looking over at her hand-mates.

Anely was enjoying hoping around behind Hyzen thank you very much! And she doesn't look like a weird doll! She doesn't… Ahem… "Um… /please/ tell me she's not looking this way. Oh /please/." Ane squeaks out as she clings to Hyzen's back, arms uncurling for a moment and takes a few steps back. "It's green! Evil! Evil… it doesn't like me. It's going for you Hy, you know it's going for you." Anely chimes in a high pitched near frightened voice. "Yah… for you Hyzen…" Ane has half a mind to step back and run behind someone else, lets see… "Hannah! Protect me from the evil green." Ahem… can we say overly dramatic?

Sighing heavily, Kiylan beams at Inya, hands all death grip as the two greens are eyed without comprehension. They're just big firelizards, right? Tynar is given a pretty smile, lasting for a whopping five seconds. /Wow./ Peering back at Inya, "I am too…but…I'll /miss/ him." Whine. "I hope you Impress." Sweet smile in Tynar's direction: "I hope you Impress, too, darling." Out of the corner of a midsummer's eye a flicker of a wave is caught in the mess of the galleries, and a shriek is sounded: "/Torky!/"

Archellian looks over at Mhairie who was speaking to him, "what ya think of my robes? Is my hair sitting okay?" he asks her with a nervous smile, yeah he's nervous, just trying not to show it too badly which isn't helped by the fact no one so far has commented on how pretty he looks. "Yeah the dragons are big," he repeats, tacking it on as an afterthought.

Sunken Treasure Green Dragonet eventually removes herself from her lookout position, moving forelegs first than hind. Alas, a ship cannot sail without its sails. As such, the dark green lifts spars to unfurl her sails, be them for balance or for power. Steady movements takes her away from the eggs and into the melee. Far more exiciting there. Then the twinkle comes to her eyes, unmistakable, of things to come. And where shall those things be directed? Those white-colored things over there look fun.

Hyzen bites her lip as she watches her mother… scatter? That seems the right word somehow. Eyes dart around for protection for -her- since her mother rather… deserted her. Wringing her hands, she finally decides to stay in one place since she lost Saille earlier on in the hatching. Alone… it's terrible being alone out here. Shifting from side to side, she tries to keep an eye on everything around her.

Mhairie smiles at Arch "Your roves are just fine" she pauses a bit and then grins "THough a dress woulda been much nicer" she notes with a sweet smile. The comment said more in fun then in malice. She glacnes again at Arch "And your hair" she blinks and then blushes a bit "Your hair is umm nice?" she adds in a hurry as she notices teh greens movement.

Zidon sends Arc another frustrating glare, though his main interest - or is that worry - right now is the moving dragonets out there. Aiee. They're /moving/. Not good. "Um…. wonder why they've such a hard time choosing." Must be because they're all so wonderful………. right?

Saint of Stained Glass Green Dragonet circles around her doll yet again, tongue flitting in and out as she turns her demon face to the strange creature, eyes flickering as her mind finally interprets the paradox. Not one, but two? The serpentine gleam reappears in her eyes, a game coming to mind as child and seductress meld in one. Separate them.

Alister glares at Archellian once again, and the usually sweet and admiring 'little sister' turning into an impatient, nervous mess. "Arc, there are *dragons* here. Who *cares* what you look like?" Realizing, almost immediately, how that would probably hurt his feelings, she gives him apologetic smile and squeezes his hand, "Sorry."

Tynar raises an eyebrow at Kiylan, frowning lightly, "You hope I Impress?" Well, he's not so sure of *that* sentiment, but it's appreciated, just the same? He smiles at Kiylan, so he doesn't seem to frown on her opinion and nods, "Thanks."

Saint of Stained Glass Green Dragonet finally stops, eyes swirling with a cloud of sapphire contentment as she finds the one, the perfect one for her. Nostrils open wide to sniff innocently, then she withdraws her head, as though to view the entire picture for a final time, an air of judgment creeping into her face as the decision is made, and she curls up contentedly and opens her heart at the feet of her chosen, her paradox, her gothic beauty: Anely.

Ainyan clings to her cohorts, eyes darting this way and that to watch the greens. She's getting worried. " Who do they wa- Anely?" There's a wondering quality to her voice as the green stops before her. " Anely!"

Chinese Harmony of Avians Egg slowly sheds, a flake of recherche white shell drifts to the sands like gently falling snow contrasting sharply with the stark black color, then another falls, and another. Cracks soon appear all over the delicate shell, tracing their way lacily over the orb. With a burst of sudden energy the egg splits down the middle, shards falling every which way as dragonet wakes and decides to see the world.

Soul Purifying Lapis Lazuli Blue Dragonet

Dark and temperate blues wind exquisitely around the smooth hide of this slender dragon, the calm of an autumn's evening sky enhanced by trails of teasing chalk and deep lapis. Miniscule flecks of gold shelter in crevices of hide, glistening and disappearing elusively as flashes of mirth leaping from the heavy midnight. The deepest twilight teases a delightfully curved head with outlining wisps of sweeter pastel, refining the petite curves to near perfection. His neck is long, sweeping deep, with healing turquoise swaths dispersing over wiry muscles as he blends neatly into strong shoulders and sleek body. Curves smooth around angles, suppleness and agility encompassed by a quickening swirl of deep azure, twitching with hints of cobalt as it dashes towards the streak of his tail. Wings are twice as long as he, fiber thin wing panels tinted deep, mottled sapphire shaded by shadows that spark with hints of radiant dreams.

Alister squeaks softly as another impression is made, a beaming smile offered in Anely's direction, despite the fact that she knows her fellow candidate won't see it. "Congratulations, Anely," she whispers softly, before her attention is turned to the newest hatchling, a beautiful blue.

D'ven pushes away from Bith's foreleg, setting his skin down before he heads towards the newest dragonrider, "Congratulations, Anely." He offers once he reaches her side. "Shall we get her something to eat?"

Hannah blinks as the green impresses to her long-time friend and releases her hand. Zidon now has his own brand of HannahWrap. Cling. Cling. "Congrats!" is yelled out to her friend. Wow.

Filli bounces softly as she see the impression is made, "Anely!" she calls out and aws slightly as she the blue.. "Look A blue.." she says with a small smile.

Archellian pouts, lips pursing together, looking miserable, dropping Ali and Zi's hands. Yeah the people aren't here to watch him and not even his friends care. He shrugs at Ali's apology, he manages a genuine smile at Anely's impression though, "congratulations," he mouths to her knowing he wont be heard.

Zidon's eyes widen as he watches that beautiful green Impress to… "Anely! Oh, Ane, congrats!" the candie squeals to his former co-candie, almost squealing with delight as he threatens to pull off Arc's and Hannah's hands. Oh well, since they let go anyway….

Kwanne /falls/ over… *thump* Right onto the sands. "I uh… impressed?" Large optics go wide and a quiet blink is given once more. "Jhiateshyrth?" She struggles to get the name out and reaches up to brush a few stray strands of ebony hued hair back. "Jhiateshyrth!!" Okay… so maybe she doesn't really care about the fact that the dragon is green now. Poor Anely… er… Kwanne.

Mhairie tears her eyes from teh green to glance over at the blue, least he wasn't a Faranth forbid.. a brown… She ponders a moment and then shakes her head as she bites her lower lip, and sorat dances in place. These sands are getting hot.

Ainyan looks stunned as the newest dragon hatches. It's blue. It's male. It's /lovely/. " Oh, look!" she squeels, tugging at Alister and Kiylan's hands, nearly bouncing. " Look at those /colors/!" She's happy? Attention is diverted by Anely… er… Kwanne. " Oh… that's a mouthful!"

Tynar glances over again to the eggs and smirks a little bit. A blue this time. Well, not too bad, still about the size of a green. He looks to Filli and smiles a little before glancing to Kiylan, "Doing alright?"

Hyzen's hand writhing comes to a halt as her mother Impresses, eyes brimming with tears of joy. She doesn't move from her spot as others sidle towards the two new weyrlings. She'll talk to her mother later, but the crystalline drops continue to fall as she watches, entranced. Nothing else on the sands are being monitored at this present time— she's too busy with the happy- she hopes- pairing.

Glancing up, Kiylan echoes: "Anely? What about…ooh, she Impressed! And…Jhiata-shyr/what?/ Ooh, it's pretty…" Swoon. She's going to have a heart attack soon, it's /obvious./ Her eyes are on Kwanne's green, dumbfounded…finally.

Alister continues to cling to Inya's hand, watching as the other hatchings, nodding her head along with Ainyan, and letter herself get even more and more excited with every passing moment. "They're all so beautiful, really. Oh wow oh wow oh wow…"

Soul Purifying Lapis Lazuli Blue Dragonet takes a delicate step out of eggshell shards and stretches, taking a long moment to look around before letting loose with a croon. Stepping forward yet again, he pauses to look around, taking a moments time to examin things.

Filli bounces around softly withoug meaning to. She could care less if she impress or not she is to happy for the other candidates now. She glances from the dragonets to the eggs then the candidates..Who will it be next.

Sunken Treasure Green Dragonet alows her sails to ripple in passage, splitting 'tween the rocks and the shoals of a pair of particularly lanky young men. As her tails wavers back and forth in her wake, the dragonet seems to glide across the sands looking for something to do. Head drops to the sands as she takes a moment to peer under the legs of a petrified young girl. Dragonet seems innocent enough. Just getting a better look when… *whoosh*. A loud snort and a blast of air send the girl's robe rising to scandalous heights. Seawater-bathed green seems to wuffle in amusement as she continues on. Her deed is done.

R'kii slumps by the corner of the sands, supported by a bubblegum-bright noggin of his very own. It's a crazy carnival ride over here, folks… and rather a lone one, too. S'not easy being Ista's only weyrling- and then, suddenly, he isn't. "Ane/ly/! And Jiahtar- food. Yes. Yes." He traces finger's pads lightly down a mardigras mask of stunning pink, stifling a laugh as titanium bright needles at his legs.

Mhairie blinks and then laughs "Oh my! Did you see what she did!" she exclaims her eyes sparkling at the greens actions "That was.. that was wonderful!" she says barely able to contain herself. She grins at Arch "Wasn't that just great?"

Ainyan's knuckles whiten as she grips onto her fellow Candies' hands, her eyes locked 'pon blue form. Green is forgotten in this one moment of adoration. How pretty. Slow, however, do such mundane things as heat and conversation intrude upon her conciousness. " I won't even try to say her name," she smirks to Kiylan. " Jus' call her Jhia." Good suggestion. Eyes bounce, seeking out Orbit, then the blue.

Hyzen shakes her head sharply, dashing the tears from her eyes— to no avail. Giving up on that project, she then turns back towards the rocking eggs and hatched green in time to see what she does. A giggle emits and she covers her mouth with her hand as she sidles towards Archellian and company. She lost her two companions, so it seems. Kwanne's dragon's name is placed in mind for later reference.

Kwanne teeters on towards R'kii and his stunning bronze, eyes just alive with happiness that can not be pushed down. "My sweet Jhiateshyrth… my sweet evil… um… sweet… green…" Nose wrinkes just /slightly/ before the ex-candidate settles on down next to the bronze 'ling and reaches into the icky bowl to feed her new /green/ lifemate. Oops.

Tynar glances back and forth between the two girls he stands between, smiling a little bit at each of them, before returning his attention tot he sands, and the dragons upon it.

Soul Purifying Lapis Lazuli Blue Dragonet steps forward, again and again. He's looking for something… food… no, not that. He's looking for something important. He's also quite determined to find it on the sands. Is it among the sea of white? It looks to be worth investigating.

"Jhia sounds good," states Kiylan - in agreement, rather. With the heat and the noise and the excitement and the dragons, flirting is forgotten for a few moments, sea-persuaded dragonet given an awed glance before the blue is adored. Ooh, flirt. "Tynar. Tell me when yours steps onto the sands, okay?" Beam. Prettily.

Archellian peers over at Mhairie, "um did I see what?" he asks not paying attention to anything but the audience that is not his. He glances at the dragons stumbling around. He smiles at Hyzen as she walks over, "hey," he says simply to her. "You okay?" well why wouldn't she be?

Sunken Treasure Green Dragonet angles away for a touch of more 'fun', when a yelp from a knot of candidates draws her attention. Head turns to be quickly followed by the rest of her body as a new course is struck. Waves of sand are crossed in her pursuit of something new, something that promises to be exciting.

Filli smiles softly as she still hopes back and forth from one foot to the other trying to keep the heat off her barefeet. She glances at the green dragonet and laughs.

Alister shifts, shuffling her feet on the hot sand, watching with Inya, her gaze shifting right along with her fellow candidates. With a soft gulp, she takes a small step backwards, as if suddenly deciding she should be in the stands, and not on the sands. Brown eyes search the stands for a quick moment, looking for someone or something.

Tynar glances back to Kiylan and raises an eyebrow, "When.. mine steps onto the sand? My dragon?" He glances back and shrugs a little, "I don't think I have a dragon out there." At least, he vaguely hopes not. Looking back to Filli, he chuckles a little, "Should've worn some boots or something." He shifts his feet in the sand, happily oblivious to the heat (ya right).

Mhairie rolls her eyes at Arch "The green, she just cooled down that poor girl over there" she say sher eyes twinkling with mirth. The hot sands are forgotten as she she eyes the green "NOw what is she gonna do?" she wonders out loud as the green moves again.

Zidon frantically searches for hands to grasp, since they were suddenly so empty and he doesn't feel like drawing blood from his /own/ skin, and watches the dragonets move around. "Oh, hurry, hurry, hurry," candie whispers to himself, doing that ever-so-funny-when-you're-looking-but-not-when-you're-at-it-candidate dance.

Sunken Treasure Green Dragonet glances askance at a seaworthy lass, quickly sizing up the girl as a vessel not yet plundered. With sails unfurled, she strikes a course to claim her prize. A sailor of the high seas and a pirate of mischief? This newly hatched dragonet has found her Captain, her Mhairie.

Hyzen tries once more to get rid of the tears and manages to do so this time, a grin splitting her face as she gazes up at Archellian. "Yeah… I'm just so happy that mother made it." Nodding wisely, she turns her head slightly to gaze upon the blue she just now notices. "Oh, isn't he just the prettiest color?" Sighing softly, then turns towards Mhairie. "Mhairie! You did it!" Jumping up and down, she laughs with joy. "Oh, all my friends…"

Alister reaches out, her own hand finding Zidon's and squeezing his tightly, squeaking as Mhairie is chosen, and now belongs to that beautiful green dragon that stands before her.

Filli grins impishly at Tynar, "I forgot my sandles." she says with a small snicker, "Was in to big of a hurry to get out here I guess." she says with smalls shrugs, She notices Mhairie impress and smiles happily.

Ainyan ooohs softly as the green Impresses. " Look! Mhairie!" Hands would clap if they weren't clenched tight to those of the Candidates to either side. " Look!" The new pair is given an appropriate amount of awed pleasure, before gaze unerringly finds the blue again. Now she has an excuse. He's the only dragonet on the Sands at the moment.

Shymnith parts gaudy jaws, releasing a tenor calliope of merry burbling- before R'kii stuffs that maw unceremoniously with chopped herdbeast. Yummy. -Or, Ymmi. Shym pauses, taken aback, then tries an experimental chew. Before long he's gulping the stuff down, eyes sparkling carnival-bright at that oh-so-interesting green thingummy over there. Allo!

Mhairie gazes at her lovely green for teh barest of seconds before she wraps her arms around her "Fiviath!" she yells out proudly as she grins at her newfound 'shipmate'

Hannah gulps and waves with the hand recently free's from Anely's grasp. "Congrats, Mhairie!" Eyes twinkle as the young woman watches the newly impressed pair before gaze again strays to the blue. To whom will he go to?

D'ven indicates the side, where buckets of food await the hatchlings. "Shall we get her something to eat, Anely?"

Elle draws a hand through perspiration-soaked hair, she doesn't sweat, as she crosses the sands to the newly impressed Mhairie. "Well, apparently Larisseth knew what she was doing when she sniffed you out. Could you and your new lifemate follow me back to the others?"

Soul Purifying Lapis Lazuli Blue Dragonet steps up to a group of white clad candidates, sniffing at a blonde minecraft lad, before giving a soft sniff of disapproval and stepping back to gaze, to peer over at the rest of the candidates. Surely there must be something there, somewhere. He just must explore.

Kwanne tilts her head at D'ven and smiles innocently… "Would you? I mean… really? Food would be nice! She's… so hungry…" Ane's own tummy grumbles under the 'stress' of both hers and her dragon's need for food. "Kwanne… um.. and yes! Yes! Food…" Jhiateshyrth just purrsor at least it sounds like itas she tilts her head up at her new rider. Uh huh. Food. Now. Oh.. and please?

Mhairie blinks as she tears her gaze from off of Fiviath and nods silently to Elle, words haven been taken from her for the moment. She grins at Fiviath and some unheard comment and follows "They always just dying of hunger?" she asks as she gets her tongue back.

Kiylan's perpetually roving eyes flicker across the blue, a glance sent toward the girl next to her as another giggle is uttered. "All of these candidates…/Impressing/…it's so…so…/emotional/, isn't it? It's…look at all of the tears. And the dragonets. I really hope I can still flirt with Kiiiran later." There. She admitted it: she flirts.

Archellian blinks as Mhairie suddenly gets whisked away by a dragon, or well at least impresses, "um congratz," he mouths the word like a broken record. Arms reaching to snug round his own body as his attention sets upon the numerous people again.

Ainyan nibbles at her lip. Where is he going? Half nervous, half excited, she tracks the blue across the Sands, smirking as the minecraft lad is ignored. " Look, told ya he'd get passed up." He was always picking on everyone, anyway. Blink. " Kiylan? You? Flirt? I couldn't imagine." See Inya at her driest.

D'ven grins as he leads Kwanne and her new lifemate towards a bucket. "Now, make sure she -chews- each bite.

Tynar glances over a little and eyes Mhairie as she speaks. Oh great. He forgot about how bad firelizards hunger when they Hatch. What must a dragon be like? He frowns and glances back to the pair on either side of him, smiling a little.

Elle glances from Mhairie to the green dragonet and back, "Thats what they all say. Even Larisseth." A hand gestures towards the other newly impressed as a guidance, "Fiviath? Very nice." A chuckle and a wink follows, "There will be plenty of food to sate them over there."

Zidon kinda takes a step closer to Hannah, apparently wanting to hide behind the poor girl again-again. "Is that blue coming over here?" is asked in a loud whisper, probably louder than ordinary speech would've been. "Oh, Mhairie! Congrats! What's her… ohh, Fiviath?" Pretty. Pretty pretty pretty. But /slow/. Feet burn. Ouch.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon Egg took it's time, conserved it's strength — and what else for but this? A wriggle and a wiggle, a shivver and a shake, and look out world… Hanging Gardens of Babylon Egg shivers, sending a shower of fractures through its delicate framework, a breeze stirring the foliage. A rumble - the presage of war - cracks the very foundation, leaving the verdant landscape to run rampant over tumbled stone, browning, dying, and then falling to the dark, dark sands in defeat. From the ruins of the past rise a new era and a new conquest to be won. Weary of the ravages of war, Sherwood Rogue Bronze Dragonet steps forth, ready to return home — a hero.

Sherwood Rogue Bronze Dragonet

An elegant cloak of leathern flesh drapes a noble frame, dull sheen of white waxing opaque only beneath Rukbat's penetrating rays, the skeletal framework of bony fingers' splay a stark hint of green against pale hide. Within, burnished flame sparks and shimmers along the bold figure of a muscular form, spreading copper fire dashed across broad shoulders and firm haunches to cool to a rich golden amber hue upon the curve of delicate gentlemanly claws. Cracks and crags split the flame-kissed features of a blunt muzzle, prominent brow and squarish jaw, a dark web spanning out to enwrap masculine curves in a network of thin strands to his very tail, that crooked appendage held civilly aloft, to tame the brilliant flicker of his hide.

Filli blinks softly as she raises and eyebrow she knows how bad firelizards are. She humms softly to herself trying to debate on what a dragon hunger would be like. She hopes agian from one foot to the next and looks at Tynar, "Look Tynar another bronze." she says with a beaming smile.

Hyzen goes back toher hand wringing, lip bitting self as she watches Impressions happen all along the sands. The heat is being ignored now… but she'll regret it later, so sure. She's just glad that Sraine agreed to take her fair of four… especially Nauvoo. Shaking her head, she watches each motion of little blue and the hatching of the bronze, eyes never leaving the excitment before her.

Soul Purifying Lapis Lazuli Blue turns as a hint of violet catches his eye midst glaring sea of whiteness. Stepping forward, and again forward, he leans forward with softest, clearest croon, face turning up to meet eyes with his chosen. Wings spread excitedly as he leaps forward, nudging head 'gainst young girl as he makes his lifelong choice: Ainyan.

Inya's Personal Impression Message:

Tiny pin-pricks of claw sink into your mind, latching close with a delicate, inaudible croon that quivers through your whole sense of self. There's a moment of almost-pain, before comfort envelops, warmth encompassing your mind as the Other Presence finally decides on you. « You. Ainyan. Inya. It is you. I have found my partner.» Disregarding all else, he makes his home in your mind and heart, choosing the comfy spots, of course. <>

Alister reaches her hand up, pulling Inya's with it, to flip one of her braids over her shoulder and out of the way so she can see a little more clearly. "Ooh, another bronze!" she gasps loudly, her cinammon brown gaze shifting over the other eggs. As Inya is chosen by the blue, Ali lets her hand drop away so the newly impressed rider can tend to her dragon. "Congratulations, Inya," she yelps happily.

Tynar blinks and glances over towards the next cracking sound. Oh.. Another? He sighs and glances to Filli, nodding a little, "I see. Looks rather.. determined or something." He offers a weak smirk a little and glances back.

Mhairie grins as she ends up following Fivi, her mind on her dragon now, though she glances back at the others here and there as she nods to Elle. NOt sure what to say at the moment.

Ainyan gasps, releasing Alister and Kiylan with a suddeness that startles even her. " Wraeth?" she manages to stammer out, reaching to touch the dragon's muzzle. " Yes, Wraeth, we'll explore forever together!"

Zidon sighs, half relief and half wistfullness showing in his expression. "Ainyan, congrats! Aww. Wraeth. Blue Wraeth. How lovely…. "What a pair," mutters the candidate, his grip on Alis' hand tightening.

C'ran takes a long pull from the wineskin before passing it off to one of the other riders nearby, then steps out onto the stands "Ainyan if you and Wraeth would step this way. Congratulations rider."

Sherwood Rogue Bronze Dragonet steps forth from the remains of his battle with the shell, the ruins of the egg regarded with something akin to distaste as a drip of goo is shaken from an elegant claw. Ew. — Now, to take a look around…

Mystery Shrouded Pict Egg manages to loose its haze as it gives a shuttering rock forward. Links unclasp as symbols crumble, time marches on with a shell-shattering thrust of what exists within. Blue-hinted covering is cracked to reveal a fiery magma beneath. The distinctive rumble of something coming… inevitable. The future is now. And at last, the remaining shell shards are discarded like so much refuse as was once the egg's crater is now possesed by that which has come to Pern.

Out of Control Meteoric Bronze Dragonet

As a shooting star tears across the empyrean, bronze's molten alloy blazes over his form's rocky countenance to set afire mercurial-lilted eyes. Near cosmic tongues of coppery flame lick across this dragon's brawny chest as the catalyst to ignite the pitted firestone beneath. Explosion after interstellar explosion of fiery cinnabar cast their incandescent glow from the chiseled lines of honed ridges to the russet vermeil of halstate talons. Lithic puissance issues with meteor's golden shimmer upon the vast expanse of wings' wide canopy and then kindles ever after along the trailing length of comet's slender tail.

Filli blibjs siftkt toward Ainyan. "Wreath, my thats lovely." she says with a big smile. She hears a crack and looks back toward the eggs. "Another Bronze?

Inya nods to C'ran, her attention only partially on him. " C'mon, Wraeth. Let's find that food. Then we'll explore." Beaming, proud, the new Weyrling is tender as she leads her lifemate after the Weyrlingmaster.

Brilliantly Frescoed Knossos Egg cannot last the test of time; frescos shudder, before collapsing to leave a rather blockishly shaped brown hatchling. Hatching leaves the poor thing off balance — he stumbles forward, nearly into the arms of a tall miner whose brows crease as he tries to understand what has fallen into his arms. "Headth?" B'loc asks, joy joining the expression of confusion.

Silvera picks up Brilliantly Frescoed Knossos Egg.

Tynar glances over as move movement shatters on the sands. He winces a little. Isn't this how it happened last time? He sighs and glances over to the riders behind, then towards Filli and Kiylan. He quirks his mouth a little and looks back, waiting a little for the bronzes to make their respective moves.

Hyzen gasps softly as another bronze hatches. So many! Clenching her hands together, she scans the sands and looks about for her mother. Spotting her with her green, a tender smile crosses her face before she turns back. Bronze, bronze, she can't Impress a bronze so her gaze then trails up towards the ledges, searching now for a brown dragon-type she knows. Was he here? With Lylia? She can't see…

R'kii shrieks at the sudden sight- "INYA!" Oh his gosh. He quickly stifles the soprano eek, but the beam that paints his features is just as shining as the glass-gaudy twinkle in Shy's bright-bright eyes. A blue. A /perfect/ blue. A Wraeth. He waggles hands wildly. "Over here, Inya!" Eyes pass by the new bronzes with nary a drop of interest. Didn't they know? Bronzes are supposed to be pink!

Out of Control Meteoric Bronze Dragonet leaps and bounds out of the shreds and shards of eggshell left behind on the sands. There's something he wants, and there's something he's going to get.. now all he has to do is find it. He's going and going and gone, dashing lopsidedly toward the group of standing candidates.

Kiylan looks aghast as yet another hand-holding mate is lost…but…but! It's /awful./ "Wow…another bronze…..wha? Inya - Inya!" But now her gaze shifts in Arc's direction.

Zidon straightens up a little, so that he can look over the top of Hannah's head. Good Hannah, protecting him from the evil dragons. Ahem. Still having a thread of dignity left though, the Garish candidate steps forward, still clinging on tightly to Alister's hand. And Hannah's as well, just in case, y'know….

Alister squeazes Zidon's hand as the other candidates are slowly being chosen, impressed, and moved off to the side with their new lifemates. "So many of them, Zi, so many left to hatch. Who will they choose?" she mumbles softly, speaking mostly to herself, but also to anyone else listening at the moment. Shift shuffle, she moves her baref feet across the hot sands, trying to keep the pain away for a little longer.

Archellian stares off into the crowds above in a sort of daze, forgetting all those around him, stepping further away from the hatchlings and eggs, a sigh slipping from his lips as one by one they crack. Fingers curling around a single loose thread on his robes, worrying it free with nervous habit, hands fluttering up to brush golden locks from his eyes.

Jhiateshyrth tilts her head, twisting about to peer at all the bronzes. Bronzes? Hmm… nope, she has no other comment then that. "I suddenly feel threatened." Kwanne idly comments as she watches all the bronzies wiggle about… She's a greenrider now. That… is bad. Mommy! Food is just slowly given to the green—who does chew it, or attempts to to the best way she can. Mmmm… bloood… ewwwie…

Hannah clings to Zidon. "Bronzes." She states the obvious. "And two of them." Wow, isn't she brilliant. Short candidate turns to find Zidon nearly behind her. Errrrrr. She's not protection!

Tynar looks at the charging bronze and sighs a heavy sigh. He winces a little and glances to the others. Hopefully he steers way clear of him, maybe? He stays focused on that one for the moment, fearing it's charge.

D'ven waits until he makes sure that Kwanne and her lifemate are settled before he strides back to the sands and Bith's side. He eyes the bronzes curiously before his gaze moves across the remaining candidates.

Sherwood Rogue Bronze Dragonet pauses to shake loose one /last/ driblet of egg goo — nasty stuff, that — before setting out in the direction of a bright patch of white. Head is lifted regally for a careful sniff of the air, then a slow step is made towards the candidates. Sniff. Step. Repeat.

Sweltering Sienna Egyptian Egg almost seems to be boiling in the heat, it's shell moving, bulges stretching until… *splat* Egg goo goes flying in all directions to leave a very, very plump green abandoned in their mist. One weaver girl — looking rather starved, her white robe flamboyant with little white feathers fluttering around the neck and trim — lets out a scream as the plump green heads straight towards her. Missy's scream turns into a cry of joy: "Piggyth!"

Silvera picks up Sweltering Sienna Egyptian Egg.

Zidon sends Alis a nervous grin, shrugging a white-clad shoulder lightly. "I don't know, Alis….." If he knew, he's probably be a dragon, wouldn't he? Erm. "Oh, Arc, look… all those bronzes," the candie points out, grinning at his fellow Garish candie.

Alister tries not to pace, even though her feet are moving constantly on the sand. One hand free, she reaches over and grabs Zi's hand with both of hers, holding it tightly, for dear life. Wiggle, her toes lift from the sand. Squirm, she shifts, trying to stay calm, despite the heat and the emotional moments happening around her.

Wraeth follows Inya to where she moves to settle by R'kii, simply /beaming/ at him. " Look, R'kii! This is Wraeth." She flutters about, trying to find the perfect food for her perfect lifemate. Picky all of a sudden, ain't she?

Filli watches the bronzes and smiles softly as she glances one eye toward the eggs. She sighs softly and she watches eggs start to dissapper. She looks at Tynar and smiles softly.

Out of Control Meteoric Bronze Dragonet bounces. Yes, he bounces over to the candidates, peering over at them and snuffling, then bouncing away. Isn't there. Nope. Then he peers over at the next clump. Is it there?

Archellian tries to smile at Zidon, "yeah bronzes…" he says, a step closer to Zi, being alone in the crowd certainly isn't much fun after all. "You think it'll be over soon?" he asks a bit hopefully trying not to whine. "My feet are getting hot and I think my backs gonna burn."

Tynar winces a little as he watches the out of control bronze bouncing around. He looks at Kiylan, then to Filli. Well, he needs *something* to calm his nerves with that.. that.. bronze darting about. He looks back to it, hoping within that a stray wing or tail doesn't attack him like that *other* bronze almost did.

Zidon decides that this brave attitude won't work, and retreats to hide behind Hannah again. Squeal. Scary bronzes. "Why're there so many bronzes?!" hisses the candidate, jumping around on his by now pretty roasted feet.

Filli dances around still. She smiles softly to Tynar and grins. "He is not going to attack you." she comments with a soft chuckle.

Kiylan to the Rescue! Er…well. Failing to absorb the notion of /dragons/ on the sands (let alone bronzes), she turns to glow at Tynar - partially due to the heat, but still. "Oh, Tynar, how could you not /think/ that one of those bronze beauties isn't for you? You're so handsome and valiant and wonderful…they'll be /tripping/ over eachother to get to you!"

R'kan, surreptitiously along the edge of scalding sands, manages a whoop and a holler for his dragon's progeny, occasionally offering a beaming clutchmommy a mix of proud words: "He Impressed!" or "Kiiiiiii!" or "Over there! Go that way!" A personal favorite happens to be "Maraith-spawn! Those are Maraith's babies!" Said father, looming high and tall over his remaining hardened eggs, fans wings out and croons in soft disdain. The pretty one who /looks/ like him was supposed to be one of /his/. See, all the perfect bronzes are supposed to be /his/. All his. Perfect. Right.

Hannah clings to Zidon, as feet shift from one to the next. They're burning! Wincing she turns to look at Zidon. "Wow, eh?"

D'ven crosses his arms across his chest as he considers the candidates, his expression rather impassive. A distance above, Bith watches as well.

Alister takes a deep breath, reaching one of her hands up to fan at her face, the heat and excitement obviously getting to her. As her fellow candidates, her family now, Impress around her, tears begin to fill her eyes and slip down her cheeks. Unable to do anything but watch, and smile, she does just that… oh, and shift her feet. It's hot.

R'kii obediantly Looks. Looks like a blue- a lovely blue, a gold-speckled blue, a Wraeth blue. "He's gorgeous, Inya." A serenity as peace-deep as that blessing her blue slicks over R'kii: He's a Weyrling. She's a Weyrling. All is well. Kii gazes out over the sands as he continues his foodfest (pinkpinkpinkmunchmunchmunchburp): C'mon, Kiylan….

Archellian gasps at Ali's tears, "Ali," he breathes her name, walking over, concern filling his entire face at his 'little sisters' reaction. "You okay? There's more eggs, and… and…" words catch in his throat, unable to find voice.

Out of Control Meteoric Bronze Dragonet almost dances forward, investigating this candidate and that. Looking for just the right one. A girl is looked over, before it is decided that she just doesn't fit quite right.

Zidon, in turn, clings right back to Hannah, though his left hand is still clinging to Alis'. How cute, neh? "I wish… oh, Alis! Don'r cry, don't," he almost begs, clutching even harder at her hand. S'if that'd help any. Porbably why she's crying in the first place, right? Though as Arc comes to the rescue, he, too, is latched upon, thus freeing Hannah from her burden of skip-jump-dancing Garish candidate.

Sherwood Rogue Bronze Dragonet catches wind of something, mouth gaping open to give the appearance of a lopsided grin as he bounds his way towards a particular gaggle of white-clad candidates — the quieter ones. A scant inch or so away, the bronze slides to a halt to peer up at Tynar. Hmm… Yup.

Sherwood Rogue Bronze Dragonet saunters towards his chosen -His- second-in-command, the first to join his merry band of renegades, if this handsome young man of mussed brown hair and alert grey eyes is willing to accept the challenge. He throws back his head and lets out a long, deep-throated bugle of confident triumph before shoving his muzzle into Tynar's face. Does he dare to accept?

Alister bobs her head up and down, causing her braids to bounce up and down from her shoulders. Not speaking to respond, she gives Arc a happy smile, and points at all the dragons and eggs still out there. Squeezing Zi's hand again to let him know she's still there, and she's just fine. "Oooh, Tynar. Yay Tynar!"

Hyzen stops her wild jumping motions to get out a proper phrase towards Tynar before she turns to eye the last of the eggs. Will she make it? Possibly not… but then, she has many turns ahead of her. Forcing her hands to hold still and clench at her side instead of wring themselves white, she absentmindely shifts from one foot to the other, drawing deep breaths. Not like that helped any, but ah well. She'll live.

Archellian actually manages to ignore Zidon, his attention fixed upon Ali, still filled with worry at her tears, the smile abating his worry only slightly, "are you sure your okay?" not even paying attention to the impressions yet again. It's not like they'd hear him anyway.

Tynar relaxes a little as the bronze nearby starts to wander around and around towards some others. He glances down with a startled look. Where'd you come from? He just.. stares at the bronze a while, having forgotten the other until he hears a voice in his head. Before, yes, but now.. it's all so.. He just blinks and when his voice comes back to him, murmurs, "Sal.. Salbaheth?"

Filli grins at the bronze impresses to tyner, "Tynar!!" she calls happily moving away from the pair a bit. "Congrats, What a lovely name." she says with a warm smile as she glances toward the other bronze.

Land of the Sioux Egg shivers as dusk shimmers, endless expanse quivering with expectation as miniscule cracks weave through the brittle golden grasses. For a moment, the egg pauses in an attempt to gather all eyes… then it's gone, shattered into tiny shards that cling to the goo enrobing the hatchling proudly perched where once the egg did stand.

Mask of the Boy King Blue Dragonet

Peacock and sapphire expand, dominant hues attempting to enhance this dragon's presence with an impression of regality undermined by the petite proportions and the trembling strands of pastel creeping over imposing planes of lapis lazuli. Lingering over an aristocratic muzzle, the veins of wistful sky creep across the line of his jaw before escaping in a convoluted path that explores the curve of his neck. A harsh desert wind of azurite sweeps up over his forearms, shattering the boyish stream and tossing droplets towards the lithe tail. Flecks of sand join the silvery baby hue, speckles reminiscent of the streaks of rich gold curving in luxurious lengths along the stretch of his wings and 'sails.

Kiylan ogles. It's…/shock/. Another bronze. /Another bronze./ Another sandmate. /Another sandmate./ Lost! Lost to her! Oh, woe is Kiy…ooh, "Congratulations, Tynar! See, I told you…and I told Kiiran, too…oh, Shardit." Kiiran is spotted and snuffed at. You /left/ me. She backs away, quietly…and heads in Archellian's direction with those Lucky Hands of hers.

A broad grin comes to D'ven's face as he strides towards his former co-candidate. "Congratulations, Rider!" He booms, his voice lowering as he closes the distance. "Shall we get him something to eat?"

Out of Control Meteoric Bronze Dragonet quite literally bounds across the length of the cavern, punching depressions into the sweltering sands. What amounts to his final bound translates into a series of stationary jumps as he fully faces a white-clad holder lad. Dragonet's 'good time' will most certainly continue as kaleidoscope-swirled orbs lock upon his new lifemate, Zidon.

Alister waves her shaking fingers in Arc's direction, waving his worries away, before the lift a little more to point in the direction of the newly hatched blue. "Blue…" she whispers softly, her voice creaking with emotion and taking a step closer to Zidon, which is immediately reversed as he is Chosen, and Impresses. "Oooh, Zi!" she whispers again, releases his hand so he can attend to his new Lifemate.

Filli smiles as she watches the other bronze, "Zidon!" she calls as she stands alone not yet noticing the blue. She hops softly to try and keep her feet from burning anymore.Someone should have reminded them about this. She sighs softly.

Tynar blinks and turns around as he hears D'ven behind him, "R-rider?" He glances back down at the bronze, *his* bronze with something akin to.. well, love, actually. He smiles a little, and nods softly as the shock wears off a little, nodding, "S-sure.. food."

Hannah lets go of Zidon's hand and waves a "Congrats!" to both him and Tynar. Oh, wow.

Mask of the Boy King Blue Dragonet tilts his head, just so, to observe the hatching grounds; no need to rush, they'll be around long enough for him. Still, there is a faint hint of a quiver in the curve of his tail — or is that just the wavering of the sand-warmed air? Never-the-less, he pauses, before ambling down the bound of sand, tail held so that it won't trail after him, directly towards a clump of young men.

Archellian gasps softly in disbelief as Zidon is stolen away from him forever, hands trembling, going to fold with eachother, tears beginning to well in his eyes as he stares down at the pair, dragon and rider, not with disbelief, something else, any words failing to be said at all though his lips attempt to move.

Zidon is fine too, really, he is, even though one might guess otherwise if they were Arc and Alis and having their hands crushed. "I'm not sure if my feet'll…." Silence. Oh dear. Oh dear. Ohdearohdearohdear. Incoming dragon. Meep! "Um, um…." trying to escape, are we? The candidate makes a leap for the right, but then stops, locking eyes with the bronze. "I d-d-did…?" Wait, why's the dragon telling him his name? Oh… Oh! "H-he s-says his name is Orbyth," he manages to stammer out, extending a shaky hand towards the bronze dragonet.

Hyzen grits her teeth as she firmly keeps her hands at her side, eyes locking upon Zidon and his bronze. "Way to go, Zi!" comes her happy call before she notices blue. Heavy sigh escapes her throat as she watches his colors. "He's… beautiful." She's always liked the color blue, yup! Dancing the hot sands dance, she waits and continues to watch… almost certain she'll probably not make it this time around. But she's so very, very happy for her friends!

Eerily Exotic Mayan Egg trembles, its mosaic of carvings heaving in rhythm to the shell's quaking. These designs submerge into the new pattern of slivers rupturing the ochre background, as the jewel-toned bottom thus far quiescent splits neatly to reveal the still-wet talons, a muzzle, and hungry cry of another type of treasure.

Apache Tears Brown Dragonet

Earthy hues settle onto his body, monotonous hide of rocky hue gradually transformed into lush beauty as it sweeps down muscled chest and legs. Sunlight clings closely to his slight mass, turning matte brown into glittering mahogany where rays outline bulky weight with brilliance. Spars of obsidian black fall against his neck, arrowing down into relentless chestnut coloring of his wide back between wingsails. Obsidian also are the jeweled tones that have gathered atop lofty headknobs and trace the jagged outlines of his eyeridges. His muzzle may well have been carved, more apparent in the angular planes that reside as cheekbones and the still unfinished craggy 'ridges that spike from his back, eroded eventually into a slender tail. Amidst these rough outlines, wings blossom into surprisingly dainty sheets of autumn hues, lined by charcoal veining.

D'ven grins as he recognizes that look of Tynar's. He carefully guides the pair towards the side where buckets of fresh meat wait for the dragonet. "Just make sure that he -chews-" He warns.

Orbit steps over to the newly impressed pair of Zidon and Orbyth, beaming over at former candimate and gesturing to the side, "Over here guys… we'll get some food for Orbyth.." Her namesake? Tynar nods quietly and winds up letting Salbaheth lead him towards the food, muttering a soft and suprised, "Hey.. wait up." *trot*

Filli smiles softly as she watches the last egg hatch. Standing there a small tear runs down her face as she watches almost all of the candidates gone. She watches the pair to see who will they go to. She stand with her fingers crossed waiting to find out who it will be.

Alister stands there quietly, tears now streaming down her cheeks as Zidon and his new Lifemate become acquainted. Shaking fingers are pulled toward her, her hands clasping together at her waist, since they are now without a hand to hold. Another glance is spared for the newest pair, before her cinammon gaze shifts over the sands and the remaining eggs and dragons. At the blue, she glances around more, looking for who might be its match. Her shoulders lift into a shrug and she looks toward the brown, her head tilting to the side to watch it make its way onto the sand.

Kiylan can taste depression now as all of these males are torn from the sands, leaving this: Archellian. Dangit. The remaining dragons aren't even noticed as she tries to get as close as she can, with an obvious: "Arc!"

Hyzen can't help it, she can't— she dances upon the sands when the brown hatches. Oh, she did love browns. "Druseth… Puizuth… Morath…" most of the beloved dragons she knows are brown. Whee fun! Biting her lip hard, she blinks slightly as she sidles towards the grouping of candidates that she knows best. "Who do you think…?" comes her ponder as she watches intently, bright eyes barely even blinking.

Mask of the Boy King Blue Dragonet doesn't need to do something as undignified as sniff; he simply stares, eyeing one tall redhead miner before giving a shrug, the merest flicker of his wings as he turns away, towards the smaller black haired smith. He is considered for even less time — the dragonet moves on.

Apache Tears Brown Dragonet stands stock still amidst the remnants of his shell, attempting to look dignified despite the rather large dollop of egg goop on his chest. That obviously failing, feet are placed deliberately — one in front of another — as he heads over to show off to a small group of Candidates.

Filli blinks softly at both of the wonderful dragons. She looks from brown to blue and smiles softly. She finally stops hopping and stands just watching seeming to be unaware of the heat on her feet.

Zi'n manages, as in a trance, to get to the sides of the sands without stepping on anything, even though he's constantly staring at Orbyth. Face reflects both admiration and shock as the new weyrling faces the others. "This… is amazing. Faranth!" Turning to glance back at his friends still on the sand, though, now clutching a patch of bronzen hide instead of their hands.

Alister gulps softly as she realizes that most of the sands have been cleared now, only she and a handful of other candidates standing there, grouped close together. Reaching out, she takes the hand of one of the younger boys, who seemed to have been trying to escape the notice of the dragons completely. Hannah is reached for with her other hand, shaking fingers barely touching her fellow candie's before closing around them.

Hyzen watches the brown and blue intently, unsure of which one would Impress first, though she's thinking the little blue will, considering he was out longer. Reaching out excitedly, she latches onto the first arm that comes in contact with her hand and -clings- there, never ever taking her optics from the remaining dragons. Oh, oh, oh! What were her friends thinking? She wished she knew… ah well. Drawing a deep breath, she holds it… watches…

Kita quietly pads out onto the sands.

Hannah clings to Alister with a desperate strenght. "It's almost over.." she whispers softly, her eyes straying out to the remaining dragonets and the newly impressed that are all gathered together. "Do you think….?" Question is left unanswered as even Hannah herself doesn't know what she's asking.

Kwanne nearly bounces up at the sight of her brownriding friend. "Kita! Kita!" Ane is beaming wildly, hand drapped lazily around the young green's neck, who's just watching, watching in that regal manner. Brown and Blue left… hmm… Jhia gives a quiet sniff. No more greens?

Alister's grip on Hannah's hand tightens enough to make Ali's fingers turn a light shade of white. To the question, she just shakes her head, for she has no idea. Once again, she looks to the side, where so many of the members of her new 'family' wait, flashing a bright smile toward them. *Gulp* Her nerves are still showing, mostly with the shifting of her feet on the sands, and the way she keeps forgetting to breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Mask of the Boy King Blue Dragonet finds himself confronting a short, pimply young boy, who seems to insist on trying to convince him to 'cut his losses and impress to me. You know you want me.' The dragonets voiceless answer is what might be the equivellent of a gawk, mask of calm regality slipping for a moment as his maw opens. Then, with an eloquent shudder, he turns. And realisation strikes. (Dadum!)

Filli blinks softly as she watches each of the dragonet and humps softly as she can't get a good look at the blue. Eyes drift back to the brown. Where did he go..

Alister 'ooohs' once again, which seems to be her big word of the day. Eloquent, isn't she? Shuffle shuffle, shift shift, her feet are picked up from the sand repeatedly, trying to give them a little relief from the heat.

Apache Tears Brown Dragonet snakes his neck 'round under one charcoal-marked wing to give the once-over to a harper candidate before returning to his original purpose, eyeing down the first group. Paws sink into the sand as he moves in closer, looking for a potential mate. Not that one, he's too blonde. And that one's a redhead. Muzzle turns up at those two choices.

Alister gulps softly, *yet again*, watching now, the brown there. And now, the candidates left on the sands. Who will he choose? What about the brunette boy that stands beside her, holding her hand. To Hannah, she turns, forcing herself to smile, despite the nerves that are slowly beating out her excitment for her friends.

Hannah bites her lip as gaze is torn between the two remaining dragonets. Blue.. brown.. blue? Who will they go to? The other candidates are eyed thoughtfully as the young woman ponders the last of the clutch.

Hyzen grinds her teeth slowly as she watches, digging fingers into the arm of a loudly protesting boy. Right now, she doesn't care much, she's too gone in watching the little dragons. Giggling softly, child shifts her feet to try and ease the pain that radiates from that direction. "Come on…" goes her soft voice, "choose, little one. What're you waiting for?" Not that she thinks he'll choose her… she can wait, ne?

Kiylan is flustered, once-brilliant curls matted with the sweat brought on from the ceaseless heat - the flush is everywhere in her skin, its milky-golden purity marred as she frowns down at the billowing robe about her. Now, as eyes flicker from dragonet to dragonet, loneliness ensues.

Mask of the Boy King Blue Dragonet pauses, desert swept limbs frozen for a moment as realisation strikes. What he requires is a consort: one who will charm allies, who will protect, advise, support. These males are all wrong - this young Pharoah requires a queen by his side. Sky tinged jaw is thrust forward with determination, as he heads towards a pair of midsummer eyes, to halt before a figure in white. Here she is. Kiylan.

Kin's Personal Impression Message:

You experience an indescribable feeling as a dragonet turns and looks at you…. you feel a consciousness merge with yours, becoming part of you, and still apart… then you realize you can hear a voice in your head… The roaring of the crowd dies away into insignifigance. The burning of the sands fades into nothingness. A different heat expands to fill your thoughts - the sandsare ancient, they are friends, they are known. A shockingly hot gust of wind sweeps through your mind, contact almost painful, yet unspeakably joyous. Then a boyish tenor sounds, and the boy-king-god speaks. A mental swagger, inexpressable confidence, might and strength. And below it all, only for you, a hint of uncertainty. Is this how all should be? But of course! With a low chuckle, he speaks. « Kiylan? Kin! I like Kin better. I am Khantuth! What is there we cannot do together? »


Filli smiles softly as she watches the brown. She stands there a little appart from the main group still unable to see the blue. She bites her lips softly and moves the hair that has fallen in her face behind her ears. Where will they go..It's going to kill her untill she find out..

Zi'n watches with excitement as the number of dragons becomes smaller and smaller, eyes flickering between all the candidates and the couple of dragons still left. "Oh, Kiylan! Congrats!"

Alister hops a little as the blue wanders off toward someone, as if he know who he wants. "Kiylan, ooh, it's Kiylan, isn't it?" she whispers, mostly to herself as the blue makes it's way toward the candidates, and her smile brightens even more, causing even the tears in her eyes to sparkle as she realizes she was right. It was Kiylan and her blue…

Jhiateshyrth is just searching about, watching the same thing Ane's watching—Hyzen. "Hyzen! Hyzen! Go Hyzen…" Hmmm… does that work? Kwanne's atempting you know. Yes… atempting.

T'nar manages to glance up and back towards the preceedings. A small smile, and he glances back down towards his dragon, offering food to him in chunks, "Hey.. you're supposed to chew." He glances back around to see if he can't see D'ven. Seems this bronze is leading him more than he's leading it.

Inya's head jerks up as she hears the calls. " Kiylan?" she whispers, looking towards her friend. " Kiylan! Kiy!" Wraeth croons softly in between bites, pleased for his 'mate's joy.

Filli raises and eyebrow at the cheers and turns to see Kiylan and the blue, "Congrats!" she cals with a smile as her attention turns back to the brown the only one left.

Kita finally steps forward, her eyes moist with barely constrained tears as this marvellous proceeding reminds her of her own Impression moment. "Kiylan…if you and Wraeth would please follow me, we can get your new lifemate something to eat." The brownrider now beams, hands held out in front as an invitation to proceed her. "You'll have to find a new name, now," Kita chuckles, following close behind.

Hyzen calls a half-shouted congrats towards Kiylan, her joy overflowing in her bearing when the boy manages to loosen the child's deathhold on his arm. "G'way," comes his growl before he moves off. Frowning slightly, she shrugs as eyes then turn to the last little one… little brown. He was like her friend's browns… but different in a way. It was all so… thrilling to watch and enjoy.

Alister wiggles her toes, shifting them on the hot sand, practically marching where she is to give each foot a little break from the heat, and the pain that it's causing. A flick of her head, and her braids flop back over her shoulders and out of her way so she can see once again. There. View now unobstructed, she looks around, blinking on when she can't keep her eyes open any longer.

Apache Tears Brown Dragonet makes his way somberly by a gaggle of white-clad candidates, examining each in turn before something far more interesting interrupts his reflections. A delighted trill comes from arched neck as he moves clumsily towards that one, with the sable locks. Solemnity is lost, as he nuzzles against Alister tenderly.

Ali's Personal Impression Message:

Darkness surrounds, encloses, encircles; and then dissipates into a concoction of pride and utter joy, tempered by gold and copper streaks that make their way into the deepest corners of your mind to light what he discovers there. Along with that comes the knowledge of what he is, offered to you in startlingly refined syllables amidst a melee of youthful colors, each word enunciated forcefully into your thoughts. « I am Uillauth. » The introduction stands out clearly, a final coupling of two minds into an ultimate force as he makes his offer. « I will be your champion. »

Hannah gives Kiylan a big grin and calls out another "Congrats!" before hand tightens on Alister's. "There's only one left…."

Alister's cinammon brown eyes slift across the sands, falling on the brown that is still searching for his 'mate. As he moves closer to the group of candidates still remaining, her grasp on Hannah's hand tightens even more, if that is at all possible. As he stumbles before her and nuzzles against her, she squeaks, dropping to her knees and wrapping her arms around his neck, tears streaming from her eyes and down her cheeks. "Uillauth! His name is Uillauth!" she calls out to everyone, her voice cracking with emotion.

T'nar glances back down to Salbaheth as he catches a thought from the dragonet. He smiles a little and glances again to see D'ven halfheartedly before looking to his dragon, "Ah.. ya.. that's how you're supposed to do it." munchmunch.

C'ran makes his way out onto the stand and offers Alister a big grin "Congratulations Ali, Uillauth is beautiful. If you two will follow me off the sands we'll get you situated and some food for the poor little one."

D'ven glances towards Bith for a moment before he nods to T'nar. "Count while he chews. That worked for Bith and I"

Alister nods her head, tears still slipping down her cheeks, the look on her face is a dreamy one. Forcing herself to move, she gets to her feet, and slowly leads Uillauth, her Uillauth off the sands toward the other. "My Uillauth," she whispers aloud to the little brown following her.

Kiylan's breath is taken from her heat-ridden frame, relentless twisting unnoticed as midsummer's orbs stare down into a cacophony of heat, and…and…"Khantuth?" Disbelief resounds as she drops to her knees, the roaring of the crowd dying away to insignificance as tears stream down her cheeks. "Khantuth! Oh my…you are….how, /how/…Kin? Oh…oh…all right…" C'ran is barely noticed as she forces herself to her feet, still staring down with an intense mix of a new emotion…pure, unsullied love.

T'nar glances back towards D'ven and asks softly, "Count to what?" Like he could even count to 2 at the moment. A quick glance back as he feels weight lifted off his hands. He can't help but smile a little as he hears something unheard, "Oh.. ok."

Hyzen watches Alister Impress, a grin splitting her face as she jumps up and down, arms above her head. She looks silly, but oh well. "You made it!" She doesn't seem overly sad… she'll feel those feelings later, one supposes, she's just happy for all of her friends.

Zi'n jumps to his feet again, ignoring the painful scorching. "Alister! Alis! Ohh, congrats!" Sensing his lifemate's enthusiasm, Orbyth spares Uillauth a quick look and a flicker of the tail. Good. Impressing. Now /food/, shardit!

Hannah stands bereft on the sands, even her pseudo sister isn't nearby. Gulp. Giving everyone a shakey look that deems more of not knowing what to do again rather than true disappointment. She never has liked to stand alone.. with no one near by.. eek.

C'ran leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Kwanne leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Inya leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Khantuth leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Jhiateshyrth leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Wraeth leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Uillauth leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Mhairie leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Ali leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

T'nar glances up and then back down, "They're.. umm." But Salbaheth beats him to it, trucking off along with the rest of them to the barracks.

Salbaheth leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

T'nar leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Fiviath leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

D'ven leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Zi'n leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Orbyth leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Kita leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Teza slinks quietly off the sands.

Orbit goes home.

Elle leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Kiylan leaves for the Weyrling Barracks.

Ndi blinks kind of blankly at the empty sands, kicking an eggshell aside as she hopitty hops towards the entrance. Near the middle, neon-orange rider pauses, glances up at the slowly emptying galleries, and as a last-minute spurt of inspiration, shouts, "Soy bomb!" and prances off the grounds.

Ndi stalks off the sands

. Archellian walks off the sands.

Too hot for you? Or you just need a break? No matter, this way is out!

Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)

The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves. Green Fellrath is here.

Obvious exits: Sands Galleries Bowl

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