Hatching 25

HT Hannah - Tuesday, March 07, 2000, 12:49 PM

Candidate's Barracks

Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — all black volcanic rock and simple earthen tapestries, there is nothing but stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-covered bed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.

Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are fourteen firelizards.

You see Anely's Ebon Shrouded Cot, Jozelle's Cot, Nevarre's Cot, Deidrea's Cot, Melissa's Cot, Zali's Cot, Hannah's Secret Hideaway, Alfi's Tangled Mass o'Blankets in a Box, Orb's Cot, Saendi's Bright Blazin' Torchy Orange Cot, Zi's Cuddly Comfy Cot, Torey's Cot, Nalisa's Naptime Nest, Karnie's Kaboodle Kot, Willow's Cot, Jacquia's Cot, and Floyd the Llama here.

You notice Jacquia, Jozelle, Karnak, Alfi, Orb, Zidon, Anely, Melissa, Nevarre, and Saendi asleep here.

Zali is here.

Obvious exits:



Cascades of pale, white blond hair spill down her back, shimmering like moonlight coalesced with the ends brightened by shades of orange, pink, green, and blue. The multi-coloration of the dyed ends gives this girl a rather comical appearance while she waits for her hair to grow back out, since there is no way she will cut it. Now wearing it long, around her face, it is one of the only attractive assests she has. Pixish face peeks out from beneath bangs that are too long and tend to hide her face, while wide, thin, pale coral lips hide a gap-toothed smile and crooked teeth. Not an exceptionally beautiful nor pretty child, her one true beauty are her eyes. As if a thousand emeralds had been squeezed dry of their color, her eyes sparkle that rare dark emerald green. Her eyes are large and round, with long, pale lashes that frame them almost with a perfection that may inspire jealousy and sparkle with curiousity and a vibrancy for life that only the young can have. A light dusting of freckles dance across the bridge of her upturned nose and lightly dust the pale, milk-white skin of her cheekbones. Small and petite, with no womanly curves to boast of yet,her stature is waifish and almost painfully thin. At times it seems as if a stiff wind could blow her over.

Alabaster as far as the eye can see. This robe is the exact copy of Anely's, tailored to fit Hannah's little form utterly perfectly. Rippling torrents of ivory dance about the form of Hannah, fitting her little form with the utmost of perfection. Down, down the eggshell colored material falls, dangling /just/ below the start of her knees, shifting, moving, dancing with movement the young lady makes. And of course this robe is sleeveless, just like all the rest of the robes are save the little flair of material pokes out across the top of each shoulder to make it a little unique. Upon the hem of her robe is a little bit of stitching, unless you are /very/ close to it you would not be able to see it. It's a little dragonalthough it looks more like a firelizard by the size of itdone solely in white hued thread. Other then the little peeking triangular alabaster pieces across her shoulders this robe looks like any other and doesn't stand out when compared to the rest of the candidates' apparel.

Perched on Hannah's shoulder is Shugogetten. Perched on Hannah's shoulder is Mosquiton.

A single white cord loops around once, marking Hannah as a Candidate for Ista Weyr.

** Vivian just set the @party! Type @party to check it out! **

Get rockin' get rollin'!! Serath's latest clutch is getting ready to hatch at Ista Weyr, scoot on down to the Galleries and watch the excitement! Also don't forget, somewhere on Ista Island (@go gar, gheh, workroom, gva, vo, sc) there will be firelizard eggs doing some rocking of their own in an hour or so!

— entered by Vivian on 2000-03-07 19:46 MOO Time.

Char moves with slow, deliberate strides, a slight limp marring their fluidity, to the Caverns.

Deidrea * rp now? You got to be kidding?

Lance *yes.. rp. ;)

Nalisa leans against her cot languidly. "It's finally /done/," she says with a triumphant grin. She means her robe, of course, which is currently tucked neatly in the basket along with Alfi's. "And with my luck, it'll be another sevenday before the eggs even think about Hatching," she says with a wry chuckle.

Char moves with slow, deliberate strides, a slight limp marring their fluidity, in from the South Caverns.

Karnak has connected.

Karnak yawns noisily and sits up. Yup, he's awake…

Orb twirls around on her cot, smoothing down the hem of her robe quietly.

"Hmm.. what do you guys think?" is asked quietly, twirling about. She's decent.. just barely. "Torey? Whatcha think?"

Char trots into the candidate barracks in disarray, still tucking her blouse in for that matter. Plucking the tie to hold her hair back from between her teeth, she tugs at her unruly locks, shouting to the candidates. "Get your robes on, kiddos.. the show's about to begin." She grins evilly.

** Vivian just set the @party! Type @party to check it out! **

Hannah sits on her cot, legs indian style beneath her. She takes a deep breath. Why is she so high strung today? Gaze whips up to char, "What? Wha…?!?"

Deidrea sighs and twirls around in her skirts, nervously dancing, watching the hem flare of her robe and a bit of leg showing as she moves.

…And the moment they've all been waiting for…DRAGONS!! Brand-new, gooey, eggy dragons, breaking out of their shells right now at a Weyr near you! Head down to Ista and get in the galleries! /Now!/ What are you waiting for?

— entered by Vivian on 2000-03-07 19:54 MOO Time.

Alfi shrugs. "I already had better luck. I finished before the…" She pauses. "Um….Did you guys hear something?" She listens a moment longer, then shakes her head. "Naw…WHAT?!" A grab is made for the robe, smoothly (or not) slipping it over her clothes. She may melt that way, but if the

robe falls off, she'll be decent…

Nevarre lolls upon her cot, a towel wrapped 'round her hips. Comfortable… "Hope so, Nalisa…" she murmurs, stretching for her robe. "I finished my robe, too…" she adds, holding it up in pride. It's a pillowcase, more or less… in a slightly lighter fabric. Char gets a confused stare, then Nevarre /falls/. "Shards!!" she squeals, flipping the towel off and hauling the robe over her head, nearly popping some seams.

Torey looks up from her… whatever it is she's doing, and grins. "Well, besides that it looks like your lizards snacked on it, it looks great." she beams, winking at her friend as she giggles. "It looks cool."

"What??" Shells, then they were right. Sulk. But Zidon suddenly gets busy trying to find his robe. Squee! There is it? Oh, there, good. Under the cot, of course. "I can't believe it's already time…"

Deidrea jumps and stops as Char speaks. "I knew it. The rider was right!"

Anely's fingers wiggle about, placing her hair into a little weird looking bun runner's tail type thing. But the second Char comes in the poor ebon clad candidate nearly falls off her cot. "Now? But I was just about to take a nap!" The poor girl looks crushes. Wet hair is fidgeted about once more before she quickly starts to shed her clothing while digging about for her robe.

Zali searches through her cot, pulling out a brush and running it through her wet hair. "I hope they don't stick me with any more chores tonight. I've had enough." Her head jerks up at Char. "What? Now!" She grabs the robe from her cot and quickly drops the brush. "Oh shards, oh shards." She mutters softly as she starts to remove her slightly wet clothing.

Nalisa blanches. "N-/now/?" She draws in a long breath. You'd think she'd becalmer for one who's been through this before. She also makes a grab for her robe, strips off her shirt and trous, and throws it over her head… only to find it connected to something. "Ack, what's wrong with this thing?"

Orb tugs at the hem and bites her lip, plopping to her cot with a little giggle. "Oh well.. do you know how long it took me…" Orblet blinkblinks and eyes the rider, "N..n.. /now/?"

Torey blinks and tips her head, then climbs down under her cot before dragging out her robe, kept there for safe keeping, really. "Wanna see mine?" she asks before looking over at Char and then back to Orbie with a beam. "Well, y'got no choice." She's gotta look, cause Tors gotta change.. and so she does.

Alfi fidgets in place, wondering why nobody's actually moving toward the Sands yet. "The rider was right? Of course!" she responds to Deidrea. "They have dragons, and dragons /know/!" Clearly…Wriggle. Fidget. Right next to Nalisa, she pays a glance. "Quit tugging on my robe." Squirm.

Char rolls her eyes at the various exclamations of surprise as she tugs at the runner tail of her half-done french braid. "Yes.. /now/. Come on! Hurry!" she calls out to the candidates, clapping her hands together to instill an urgency in them before bending to tie the laces to her boots.

Deidrea smoothes out her robe and stands nervously, twitting with a loose strand of hair. "I'm all set." She sighs and thinks, 'I hope.'

Hannah stands and clings to Anely's hand. "Anely…" is whispered in a grating voice. Gulp. Now is not the time to get shy!

Alfi is hurrying plenty much, thank you. But nobody's moving and…"Nali? What're you doing?" She knows her friend's nervous, and she knows /she's/ nervous, but clinging is for hands, not robes!

"I'm not tugging, you quit tugging," mutters Nalisa, attempting to smooth the white cloth over her body. Tug. Tug. "Hey… something's not right about the hem! Mine's attached to yours!"

Karnak brushes a nonexistant speck of dust from immaculate robes, tossing comments haphazardly from candie to hatching-nervous candie: "Ooh, Alfi, you look /darling/!" "Can I help you with that, Nalisa?" Just the pinnacle of jovial helpfulness, that's her. And not the least bit nervous. Those clenching hands are just for show- so the others won't feel bad.

Nevarre is dressed, yes she is! Hastily straightening her hairstyle, the teen hauls on her boots (No thin leather for her…) and dashes towards Char.

Anely quickly pulls her robe free and pulls it on over her head before runningor more like trippingher way to the forming line just in time for Hannah to snach up her hand. "Hannah… dear…" A shakey nervous smile curls her lips and she squeezes the little girl's had quietly.

Orb slides over to Torey, tugging at a curl anxiously and biting her lip. "They're hatching /now/" is whispered softly. Yes. The eggs are exploding. "Do you think they have feathers?" Random thought from the Orblet.

Zali pulls the white robe over her head, tieing the string around her neck. She pulls off one boot and hops toward the corner while trying to remove the other. "Where's my sandals!?" On the sight of them, she slips them on and stands looking at Char, fully clothed.

Alfi blinks. "Wot? Thanks? /Attached/? NO!" But there seems nothing to do about it now…

Zidon manages to get on his robe, somehow, his hair hanging loose and flyingeverywhere. Squee. Oh well. Quickly scrambling up to the others, the Candidate grabs a random hand which happens to be attached to Hannah's arm.

Hannah clutches Zidon's other hand. Ack. The small candidate trembles. It can't be time. Not yet. Where's her Momma when she needs her?!

Torey pulls on her robe and bounces over to Orbie, catching a hand in hers and grinning. "You look dahling, dahling." she says brightly, spinning. "Do I?" Yup, she's ready, really… paying attention too, kinda.

Nalisa grabs Alfi's hand and hisses, "Shh, just play it cool and stick close. No one needs to know." With a pull on the Alfi-hand, she starts after Char.

Char casts a glance at all of the candidates and then gestures, shouting at the top of her lungs. "In line, ladies and gentlemen, please!" She stands at the entrance to the hatching sands. "If you're on the sands late, our beloved Serath is /not/ going to look on it too kindly. Single file, here we go!"

Nevarre leaves for the Whee.

Hatching Grounds Entrance

The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.

Nevarre is here.

Obvious exits:

Sands Galleries Bowl

Nalisa has arrived.

Karnak has arrived.

Anely has arrived.

Saendi has arrived.

Alfi has arrived.

Orb has arrived.

Zidon has arrived.

Zali has arrived.

Torey has arrived.

Deidrea has arrived.

Karnak has connected.

Karnak yawns noisily and sits up. Yup, he's awake…

Char has arrived.

Char moves with slow, deliberate strides, a slight limp marring their fluidity, onto the hatching sands.

On the sands, Char moves with slow, deliberate strides, a slight limpmarring their fluidity, out onto the sands.

Karnak has connected.

Karnak yawns noisily and sits up. Yup, he's awake…

Oh ho ho! You had better be a Rider or a Candidate to have business on the sands! Brooding dragons are not reknowned for their good tempers.

Hatching Grounds BROADCASTING

The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified: clutch dominates view, and every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.

Gold Serath and bronze Ilyddth are here.

You see Dawn and Dew Egg, Ivory Mist Egg, Rites of Imbolc Egg, Addictive Pleasures Egg, Drowned Suburban Wasteland Egg, Intoxicating Tequila Sunrise Egg, Clouded Canvas Egg, and Hazy Shades of Winter Egg here.You notice J'ret asleep here.

Annie, D'ven, and Char are here.

Obvious exits:


Nalisa meanders out onto the sands.

Alfi walks out onto the sands.

Karnak shuffles out onto the sands.

Saendi stalks out onto the sands.

Karnak has connected.

Karnak yawns noisily and sits up. Yup, he's awake…

Anely slinks out onto the sands.

Zali walks out onto the sands.

Nevarre walks out onto the sands.

D'ven waits on the side, leaning languidly against the doorway.

Zidon strides, eyes flickering here and there to take in everything, out

onto the sands.

The white-clad candidates file out onto the sands and form a loose semi-circle around the eggs which the gold dragon guards. They execute a well-timed — if slightly ragged — bow, showing respect to the dam and sire and their riders.

Torey pads out onto the sands.

Orb skips, jumps and leaps cheerfully out onto the sands.

Deidrea walks out onto the sands.

Hannah clutches Anely's and Zidon's hands with her own, "Oh, dear," is whispered. Her head turns to the galleries to see if she could spot her mother. Momma…?

Alfi's initial reaction is to hop, the heat of the place making itself known through sandals and shoddily fashioned robe. But in her jump, Nalisa is still very close. Why…Shh. Grabbing on to her friend's arm, she whispers repeatedly and urgently…"Faranth…Faranth…Faranth…Naliiiii…"

Rites of Imbolc Egg gives a hint of a shimmy.

Silvera sweeps out onto the sands.

Hazy Shades of Winter Egg shudders slightly…then is still.

Torey leans over towards Orbie as she giggles and tips her head. "Is it /hotter/ in here than before?" she asks softly, half-whispered.

Karnak shuffles off the sands.

Karnak shuffles out onto the sands.

Zidon tries to give Hannah's hand a comforting squeeze back, but it's rather difficult seeing as she practically squishes it. Oh well. "Uhm, Hannah, you're…" he begins, but shuts up suddenly as the eggs… move. Squee! One thing's watching from the galleries, but they're so… close!

Orb taptaptaps her feet, dancing almost in the hothothot sands. Fingers cling tightly to Torey's as she peers out onto the sands nervously. "I think it's a lot hotter," is whispered back. Must be nerves?

Anely rises from her bow, alabaster fingers curl tighter around Hannah's and Zali's own hands. "Good luck my dear friends." Away the whisper falls from frosty rose hued lips. Feet are already starting to burn and the girl gives a bit of a yipe as the heat refuses to stay attached to only her sandals and not her feet. But as her favorite egg shimmies Ane gulps loudly and squeezes her friend's hands tighter. Dear oh dear… Is this really happening?

Nalisa gives Alfi's hand what she hopes is a reassuring squeeze. "Don't worry about it, it'll be over before you know it," she says comfortingly, wincing at the heat of the sands. "Don't remember it being quite this hot, though…" she mutters.

Nevarre pads out, sturdy boots no protection against the heat of the sands. So much for intelligence — the teen's frugality with marks causes pain in the long run. There's a lesson to be learned in all this… but Nevarre's rather too distracted to think upon the morals of such. "Hot…" she whimpers, dancing from one foot to the other.

Hazy Shades of Winter Egg shudders slightly…then is still.

Zali searches for Anely's hand with her own, wide sapphire eyes darting from the eggs, to the crowd above her. "Ane…" She half-whispers, eyes fixed on the eggs now. Lips are licked, "Good luck to you too." She swallows.Having led the candidates out to the sands, Char shades her eyes to peer up into the ledges for sign of her lifemate as she steps towards the rest of the rider crew upon the sands.

Another jump? Fitting. The heat isn't cause now. Alfi has never been known as a calm person…and those eggs don't seem calm either. But they were before, and now they're not, so Alfi's energy, anxiety, whatever it may be called, magnifies. As she too quivers. Like Rites of Imbolc Egg. And Hazy Shades of Winter egg. "Faranth, Nali, FARANTH!" Cling.

Serath hovers — mainly over her precious gold egg — and eyes the candidates rather warily. Her sands. Her eggs. She does this every time. Annie, meanwhile, stands by her lifemate, eyeing the candidates with the same sort of odd expression.

Dawn and Dew Egg rocks to and fro with the gentle rhythm of an early morning breeze.

Melissa walks out onto the sands.

Deidrea looks at the eggs, then at her hot feel, then at the eggs, then at her fellow candies. Just want is she doing here? She blinks and blinks again, rubbing her bare arms with her hands.

Torey squeezes Orb's hand in her own and giggles. "Yeah, like… like the sun." she says with a nod as she peers over the eggs and the sands, and then the galleries that are filling quickly. Wow.

D'ven watches the eggs for a moment, his attention moving to rest on the candidates.

Jozelle, on the other hand, eyes her fostersister nervously. She doesn't look that ridiculous, does she? One may hope not. "Neva… are you… okay?" she asks, quirking an eyebrow at the dance. "I /told/ you that you should've gotten those better boots…"

Rites of Imbolc Egg rocks harder this time, falling to its side and rolling away slightly from the other eggs. Fissures appear; it wants to be first, you see.

Rites of Imbolc Egg shatters into a silvery spray of glitter as misty shards tumble to the sands. A pair of nostrils pokes through the rest, snuffling at the murky greys of its former home before lifting high to reveal a brown head and two whirling eyes. With a kick of his foot and a twist of his tail, the dragonet frees himself from the crumbling walls of the egg and surveys the sands.

Secret Agent Brown Dragonet

Golden-flecked cognac smooths over the fine angles and slim symmetry of his form, darkening to tuxedo-slick shadows across his long back and broad wings. A paler hue colors the distinguished arch of his neck and pools along the inner length of his forelegs, while elusive tints of smoke trail the underside of his lean torso and the slender coil of his tail, matching the duller gunbarrel-gray of large talons. Wide, sunken eyes glitter with confidence and a certain amount of detachment from atop his finely tapered muzzle; a subtle roguishness marks the arrogant tilt of his high-browed head and the easy grace of his lanky frame.

Karnak winces at the sands' heat, mind straying from eggs and companions to lift feet up and down experimentally. What's it called again? Ah, yes, walking. A few shuffles to gain a tolerable sole-temperature, and the nanny, panicked, finds her hands unbridled. A situation which /must/ be amended. "Nevarre!" Again is the girl the subject of ex-nanny's preying eye, but for quite a different reason as relief washes over her face. "Nev!"

Orb peers over at the eggs and taps her feet a bit. Lip is bitten and she tilts her head to the side, feet forgotten for the moment as she eyes the eggs, peering wide eyed at the dragonet. "Oh.. oh wow…" is whispered softly.

Char shivers, the gesture completely out of place upon the heat of the sands. With a grin, she winks to D'ven, sidling up to the younger rider. "Nothing like a hatching to get the island exited, hm?"

Addictive Pleasures Egg wiggles; hints at contractions ripple through the milky foam before the eggie stills. Not time yet.

Anely eyes Alfi quietly, "Don't swear so much Alfi…" Ane chides softly before sucking her bottom lip into her mouth and chewing quite hardly upon the poor chunk of flesh. Little droplets of water fall from the now alabaster clad candidate's hair and onto her robe. "Look Hannah! Look at the egg!" Of course she's speaking about 'her' egg and when it hatches Ane nearly trips on her own buckling feet. "Brown!" That wasn't at /all/ what she expected, but it's still a lovely dragonet indeed!

Torey looks 'round at the candies round her, deciding she wants to be the middle of a candi sandwish, and catching up Zidon's hand as she hops a bit out further into the sands. Eyes alight as she peers out over the sands and the ooohs, bouncing. "Lookie, the first!"

Alfi hops. Her robe jiggles "Nali…..It HATCHED! Faraaaaanth…" Though that's not the dragonet's name, she's sure. "Brown…" She likes them. Like Revnath…Lots of nice browns. This little candie can't help it…quivering, exclamation. A squeak of "sorry" sounds.

Ehheh. Nevarre's rather busy at the moment, jumping from one foot to the other. "Karnie…" she whimpers, reaching a bony hand towards the nanny. Any port in a storm… and any hand to hold in a Hatching. "Help?"

Drowned Suburban Wasteland Egg is still, could it be alive?

Zidon practically jumps back as the first egg hatches. It's the heat, really! He can always blame his bare feet, right? "Oh, a brown…" The words come out as a sigh, Torey's hand in his barely noticed. But just wait 'till they start moving.

Secret Agent Brown Dragonet steps forth from his eggshells with stealth, taking in the situation carefully — you never know /what/ to expect these days. Tail help a bit above the searing heat of the sands, he takes a meditative step forward, barely even noting his crooning mother for assurance.

Clinging to Anely with one hand, Zali's other hand clutches at her robe. Her gaze shifts up to the galleries agian, but not for long. Feet shift under her, both from nervousness and the dreaded heat. She gasps as an egg hatches, her hold on her friends hand becoming stronger. "How…lovely…"

She whispers. She turns to give Alfi a slightly pained expression. "Could you be a bit, quieter?"

Deidrea blinks as the first of the eggs hatch. Ohhh he's a big fellow! She shifts nervously on the hot sands, rubbing her arms, hugging herself, moving closer to her fellow candies.

Dawn and Dew Egg continues to rock with that gentle sway, dew glistening upon its surface in the light of the cavern as it waits.. and waits some more. The time is not yet right.

Melissa dances about in her whites, surprised again at the heat of the sands. As the eggs hatch she can think of no better thing to do than to grab onto the nearby hand of Orb and squeeze it anxiously.

Hannah clings to Anely and Zidon like saranwrap, Areiah and Fionchadd are spotted, but her gaze drifts to the dragonet. "Oh, my. Anely! Zidon!" The girl literally trembles. They're… they're… hatching!

Nalisa gasps, caught by surprise by the first hatching of the evening. "Brown," she observes articulately. "Looks like a wary little fellow, doesn't he…"

Orb winces and lifts first one foot, then the other, eyes glued to the newly hatched dragon and clinging tightly to Melissa and Orb. "Oh oh oh.. I forgot they were so pretty.."

Alfi can't help it, really. Shuddering in her own robe, not unlike the dragonet shaking off its shell, she resorts simply to, "Nali, Nali, Naliiii…" Pathetic, isn't it? Or not. Such behaviors can be warranted in such events.

Jozelle stares, eyes going wide, feet forgotten, at the brown. "It… hatched?" she manages to squeak, a frown creasing her brow. "It /hatched/!" A revelation, folks. An epiphany, even. Could it be that the heat's fried her brains?

Secret Agent Brown Dragonet is not so much wary as /prepared/. No one shall ever catch him off his guard. Head held a bit low — sneaky — he stealths forward, slinking past a few wide-eyed candidates without a second glance.

Anely's fingers send her vibrating nervousness to both of her friends. "I'm scared…" The comment falls from her lips just as a few stands of ebony hued hair fall from her bun and gently lick at the side of her cheek. More droplets fall upon her robe, making it turn a darker color, not white? But what?

Zidon is already doing that funny jumping thing that's really hilarious to look at but not very amusing to do. "Uhm," he mumbles in reply to Hannah, just staring at the dragonets. "Aren't they a little close?" He seems to think so, moving back slowly on the sand and all. Squeal.Aren't we all scared, Anely?

Karnak wrinkles her nose and snatches the hand, clinging in adolescent fretfulness, something akin to: oh, why isn't he asking me out? In Karnie's case, however… "Okay, I'll help. You have to help me, though…" Again, the panic attack. Karnie's going to have a relapse of ance, soon. Headbob, curtsey, "Miss Annie, I mean… Weyrwoman… Annie… And, um…" Eyes widen. "Serath! It's Serath!" Whew.

Secret Agent Brown Dragonet finds himself drawn toward a pack of boys, but — upon arrival — finds them dull and uninteresting. He needs more spice in his life than /that/. His first noise — a soft warble — drifts from his throat as he passes a pair of young women. /Ladies/.

Deidrea hugging herself, dancing nervously away from the brown, bumping into someone, watching and dancing.

Dawn and Dew Egg whispers a soft beat, retaining its hold for just a moment longer, but its boundaries will be denied with the culminating crack to part the mists, the glow from beyond eating the rest of the haze away. Next comes a splintering shatter as the rest of the shell is simply gone and she remains in its place, a creature of complete vibrancy.

It is Alive! Green Dragonet

Setting alite draconic form, startling green's sizzling glimmer vibrantly sears from tail to tip, nearly lewd in it's radiant audacity. Lime's brilliant luster works with a captivating charisma to bathe her supple hide with sultry, enchanting shimmers. Svelte, lithe curves are tickled with perfection's kiss as lifeblood's verve comes alive at the aristocratic lines of her tapered muzzle. The crescendo of her fine eyeridges — glanced by twilight's violet shadow — is eclipsed by the undeniably breathless citrus over elegant ridges and sinuous spade-tipped tail. The exotic limning of liquid amethyst, dilute with a tropic's rain, collects along her pinions' leading edges to stream back in wind-drawn rivulets along the line of sails' delicate spars.

Nevarre stares at Karnak, green eyes widening. "Help with /what/?" she hisses, again shifting, this time from right to left, her weight. "You need to help /me/, too…" Now she's whining. Teenage emotions, as ever, are mercurial.

Torey is between a hopping Orbie and a jumping Zidon? Well, given the fact that she's bouncing, the whole line of them aught to look quite silly… though at least her feet aren't burning as she bounces. "He's cuuuute." she thinks, nose scrunching as she hops forwards a little, pulling sides along with her to get a better look.

Nalisa allows her hand to be controlled by Alfi's nervous jitters. "Alfi, Alfi, Alfi, Alfi," she murmurs absently, keeping an eye on that brown. The warble is met with a quirk of a grin. "Handsome fellow, don't you think?"

Alfi emits her own soft noise. "Eep!" in response to the brown, then a louder, "Eeee!" at the green. "It's another! A green!" Thereyago, brown. A laaadie. But that's not what's wanted by the brown, she's sure. Who is? Anxeity…hyperventilation…pif, pof, oyoyoy!

Hazy Shades of Winter Egg begins to rock as the life within stirs.

Hannah tugs on Anely's and Zidon's hands again, her quivering getting the best of her. Trying to hide /behind/ Anely, the girl peeks at the dragonets with trepedation. "Oh.. Anely… Zidon… " words just can't express what she's wanting them to.

Deidrea looks at the brown and sighs. He's a big brute, too big for the likes of her. yeap yeap. Then hearing shell crack, turns to see the green and her mouth drops! Ka-thud!

Zali continues to lift one foot after the other, shifting uncomfortably in the heat. "Me too…" Her eyes follow the brown, but at the hatching of the green she turns her gaze to it. "Its a green." She states the obvious. Is the heat getting to her brain? Zal's not usually /this/ dense.

Zidon's face is getting really pale. A nice addition to the robe, no? The Candidate stumbles a little, looking about ready to faint any minute. "Uhm, I think…" Gulp. Torey's hand is squeezed tightly - it gotta hurt - while the one Hannah is clutching remains limp.

Anely watches the dragons hatch, one by one, egg by egg. And grip increases upon the other girl's hands. "I don't feel so good." She's getting dizzy, head starts to spin but she quickly clamps down on her will and /forces/ herself to hold onto her friend's hands. "I'll be okay, I will I will." Or at least she /hopes/ she will be.

Intoxicating Tequila Sunrise Egg remains still in all its golden glory. This makes Serath very happy.

Blinking as if this had just been a dream, Melissa slowly inclines her head, robe shrowded body given a tremble as she continously remains with the other candidate's in a loose hold of security.

Jozelle isn't usually dense, either. "A green," she states flatly, blinking. "It's a green." Is she simply going to repeat the same sentence twice? Heat, indeed, has taken its toll — sweat tickles down her cheeks, dampening white robe.

Karnak inhales deeply, cringing as heat penetrates sandals. "Oh, /shards/," she mumbles, smiling sweetly. "Well, for one thing, you could pick me up and carry me… It'd give m'feet a break." Bob bob. Her free hand ranges over length of robe, fluffing and frilling as best she can. "Okay… What do you need help on?" The doctor is In.

Orb squeaks ever so softly and peers over at the green. "Torey.." is whispered softly, "She's /lime/.." Perfect. Utterly so. Hothot feet dance over the sands and she just watches the two, brown and green, wide eyed.

Secret Agent Brown Dragonet tilts his head toward one side — something has caught his attention — and he moves toward some other young women. Sensing flattery, he inches closer to the white-robes, ever-stealthy. He turns on the charm, warbling as he nears the pair.

Torey just keeps bouncing.. it keeps the feet cooler. "She's /purrrrrdy/." she whispers back to Orb, eyes watching the newest of hatchlings as she ooohs over the lil green, then turns a peek towards the brown.

It is Alive! Green Dragonet stretches her vibrant wings and graceful neck, egg goo glistening along the svelte length as she lets out a yaaaaaawn before turning brightly whirling orbs on the congregation of white. Hm.. what do we have here? Curiousity imminently one of her hatchling traits, she decides to investigate this new and all too interesting phenomenon. Look.. they /move/.

Alfi grits her teeth, winces, but not necessarily badly. "Nali, I think he's looking at us…" She never considered a brown, but the quivering grows more pronounced.

The full force of Nevarre's original trepidation falls on the teenager. Dragon. Lack of privacy. Not good. "Hide me." Is her request. Hiding is good. "You… ah, that green's pretty." Shiny objects, beware. Nevarre's brain has been summarily fried.

Hannah's feet start to cook. Ouch! Peering down, the girl realizes she forgot to don her sandals. OuchOuchOuch. Oh, dear. There's /sooooo/ many people. Her one hope is that no one notices her. "Dragonets…" is breathed softly. Wow.

Melissa 's eyes freely lend a near leer as she lends a hissed grin, "Green." She laughs, nodding some before eyes flicker to the brown with over achieved nod, "And Brown!" Gently situated aside her friends.. "See?" But then shushes as the heat soaked feet numb, and her eyes soon peel to attend the dragonets whom now make their debut

Drowned Suburban Wasteland Egg begins to rock with slow movements…each rock lasting a bit longer than the last.

Deidrea looks from green to brown, brown to green, shifting in the hot sands as her feet bake. Closing her mouth with a clank, oh Deedee breathe in out in…. They are all so wonderful. They don't help a sick stomach ;>

Anely wavers, form starting to collapse a bit before fingers squeeze much harder then she intended to. A blush dances across her face as she rips herself away from both Hannah and Zali and just stands in the middle of them. "This works better. I need space. I need air." Ice blue optics trail the green and brown, just watching. Where's the blue she wants? That egg was supposed to hold green, but it held brown so she just watches and smiles faintly. They both are pretty, very pretty. "Ouch!" Feet again, heat burning through the soles of her sandals. Eyes dart to the Drowned Surburban Wasteland egg, is it rocking? It is isn't it…

Zali turns to Anely, a worried expression on her face. "You okay?" Blue eyes widen as she notices something on the girls shoulder. "Uh…Ane? Whats on your robe?" She narrows her eyes and looks closer. "IT looks like little spots?" She turns almost accusing eyes on her friend. "You didn't sneak color on your robe did you?"

Nalisa continues to watch the Secret Agent brown and steps back ever so slightly. "He's—he's looking towards us." This is a new experience… the dragonets generally ignored her last time. She grips Alfi's hand even tighter, if that's possible, but she keeps the brown in her sights.

Serath makes a rumbling noise deep in her throat as her children — she's possessive — near Impression. She doesn't particularly like that. Annie, in her mass of billowing pink muumuu, just stands by the gold's side, occasionally crooning kind words.

Orb squeezes hands tightly, eyes wide and watching the dragonets and the eggs. Remember, breathe. Breathing is good. Air is sucked into her lungs and breathed out in a single word softly, "Beautiful.." Describes them both.

Alfi nods. "I know. I said that…" her robe tugs as she shakes her hand and Nalisa's up and down, up and down. "I've been close to dragons before, but not when they're…that small." Like a small dragon, Alfi actually creels in…whatever emotion she's feeling.

Secret Agent Brown Dragonet likes being in one's sights; look upon him. He is beautiful. He closes in upon the two young women, twitching his tail back and forth as he goes. Look at him — yes, keep looking. Entranced, he takes another step closer.Secret Agent Brown Dragonet stops slinking long enough to notice a rather fascinating young woman. With a swish of his tail, he nonchalantly moves around and behind her, oblivious to anyone else. Nostrils take in a quick whiff of Nalisa's strawberry-blonde hair before he sets his muzzle on her shoulder and eyes her with a sharp gaze. She is coming with /him/.

Torey's hands both get squished, not that she'd notice with her attention upon the hatchings instead of her hands and feet… squeezing making less of the burning on her feet, and hot sands making the slow crushing of her hands not so bad… eh, soon enough both will go numb and she won't have to worry about any of them, really.

Alfi is certainly looking at our dear Secret Agent. Though he's not undercover…."NALI!!!!" She jumps back, the robes secret revealed. RRRRRRIP! But, "WHAT's HIS NAME?!"

Addictive Pleasures Egg wiggles with more force, now, almost dislodged from its shell with the force of the internal battle.

Anely's head tilts to catch Zali's words. "What? Spots? Your kidding? I made this robe perfectly!" And she did you know, spent /several/ hours working ever so hard on her robe. "My hair, oh Faranth! It's wet isn't it? Zali, Zali, don't tell anyone please? Just ignore it?" Of course she doesn't say /why/ to ignore it, but that's besides the point. "Nali! Oh great! Go Nali!" Cheer! She always liked that girl.

It is Alive! Green Dragonet bounds with a dancer's ease across the sands as though she were born to it — at least until she trips over an egg and buries her muzzle in the sand beneath her. Creeling piteously, she slowly pushes herself to her feet, her seeking becoming more urgent as she realizes that there is something — something /special/ in that moving sea of white… and she /has/ to find it.

Hannah blinks and calls out a faint 'Congrats' though she isn't sure the other candie heard her. Broown dragonet gets a admiring look. Pretty.

Deidrea watches as her friend impresses and lets out a huge cheer! yes!!!!! "Go Nalie!! You did it! Woowoo!"

Addictive Pleasures Egg shakes, clinging desperately to its shape as a maze of tiny cracks burst into existence. A shape — a tail? — crashes through the milky froth, demolishing one side; without that support, the rest crumbles, to reveal a birth-damp dragonet.

Muscle-Bound Action Hero Bronze Dragonet

A net of metal flows over a muscular bulk, wires knotting and entwining in a matrix of strength. Copper and bronze dominate the armour of melded hues, while gunmetal fragments over the head and neck. These filaments gather, caught by the determined line of the muzzle and jaw, in a glittering streak that curves back at the neck to reach towards exaggerated eyeridges. Pyrite sharpens the tip of each neckridge before surfacing elsewhere; threads rise over the curve of well-formed wing muscles, clothing the tips before they snap off to reveal smooth lengths of ebony tinged by a green and gold sheen. A delicate expanse of membrane seems weak in comparison with the muscle-bound form, but sails and wings flash with the strength of platinum behind a veil of misty green. A hint of fire taints the silver of his talons; this warmth is echoed in his haunches and tail, its underlying heat liquefying the woven alloy.

Karnak nibbles a lip, knees still bending sporadically in that bobbing motion, doubtless making a candidate or two behind her slightly seasick. "Hide you? Where? Under the blanket I happen to be carrying under my robes?" She glances, finally, at the egg named "Cute", its addictive consistancy causing her to sway. Is it /moving/? Suddenly, cries bring her back to Pern. "Nalisa! Whoo!"

Zidon's eyes widen as he watches the first pairing, squinting to see who… "Nalisa!" Temporarily forgetting his own dismay, the Candidate waves wildly; or well, jumps and tries to dislodge Hannah's and Torey's arms. Whoops.

Serath gives a short trumpet as the first impresses — a sturdy brown and a lovely young woman. Despite herself, she approves. Annie nods absently, giving the girl a vague smile. Both rider and queen are soon drawn to the hatching of a young bronze. Then, a pair of blues follow.

Orb squeaks softly, eyes leaving the brown as her candidate friend from the last clutch impresses, "Nalisa! You did it…" is squeaked softly. Eyes are turned back toward the green, watching her quietly, giving a bit of a jump at the explosion of bronze, then a soft ooh.

Nalisa's mouth forms an astonished 'o' as she focuses on the the eyes of the little brown. Her arm lifts up to stroke wonderingly at the stealthy fellow's neck. "His name is Banoth!" she cries joyously.

Zali almost misses the impression as she peers at Anely for a few moments. "Ignore it? Just…brush it off? And what's wet hair have to do with it?" Her hair is wet too isn't it? At the other's cheers she turns, "Nalisa!" She jumps a bit agian as another egg hatches. Ooh, a bronze.

Torey squeeks, hand freed as she shakes it and tumbles slightly in the sand, almost toppling, but not quite. "Ooh!" she says a bit belated as she peeks over and then brightens. "Oooh congratulations, what a great name!"

Hearing another shell crack, and the egg she's paid so much attention too, Deedee's jaw drops again. She can always pick the best looking guys in the group and her talent hasn't lead her wrong yet. A bronze! Wow!

Melissa 's eyes soon pool with weilding tears, and the vile flutter o' vtol wings with shimmered essencies tickle her insides, and her eyes cloud with a confused notion, lightly squeezing Orb's hand.. "A bronze" She myrmers as she blinks "Nalisa! " She laughs and grins to her fellow white knotted friend, and blinks as she impresses..

Muscle-Bound Action Hero Bronze Dragonet glimmers, the light catching on his egg goo so that it looks almost like sweat. Every good action hero takes a moment for the audience to admire and notice how good looking he is. And this little… ah… big bronze is no different. He stret

Nevarre elbows Karnak, pointing to the newly-hatched. "Look. Bronze!" she squeals, bouncing on heat-sore feet. Nope, the brain-fry hasn't worn off yet. "It's a bronze!" she babbles again. Nervousness, heat, and pain all combine to do one thing: sap the teenager's intelligence.

D'ven smiles as he spots the first impression, he glances over to Char before he moves to help guide Nalisa over to the side, "We have fresh meat for him…just guide him this way.'

Zidon watches the dragonets closely, trying to ignore the thudding in his head. Squee. Do not think, just watch. "Oh, a bronze…" Bronze. Nice. Hannah and Torey get quick, sideway looks, just to make sure they're still there in case he needs to, erm, lean on someone.

Jozelle watches the Impression, eyes darkening slightly. How beautiful… but there's work to be done. Much as she'd like to goof off, there's the Hatching to attend to, to ogle and generally anticipate that possible bonding — contrary to Nevarre's belief, Jozelle's unafraid.

Ivory Mist Egg shifts and shakes — something in there is moving, but it doesn't show many signs of coming out. Yet.

Hannah trembles, "Anely… It's a bronze. And A green." Zidon's hand gets a hard tug. "Zi…"

Anely shifts about a bit more, flashing a dull smile to her friend before lowering her head and whispering softly into Zali's ear. Once done she slides back and just giggles, feeling better now, but still a bit dizzy in all honesty. Feet burn once more and she shifts her feet around. "I saw… I saw…" She says a bit lounder then she intended to at Hannah.

Alfi looks longingly after Nalisa. And then around the other Candidates. Who to cling to, who?! Bronze…not a problem. Green…could be. But who to /cling/ to?!

Melissa 's lapis eyes soon swoon to the fallen green, her brows furrowing as the dragonet trips.. "She okay?" she mumbles to one Candidate aside her; although needs not answered since the creature gets up to bounce 'gain. "Hyper looking thing! " She softly laughs, breath like a sharp knife, not allowing her to breath….

Muscle-Bound Action Hero Bronze Dragonet stretches, slowly, muscular form shown off to bestpossible. Then he begins to move. He ducks. He dives. He comes to a halt in front of a good looking girl. Helllooooo baby. I'm a Muscle-Bound Action Hero, and I'm here to save you.

Karnak shudders underneath the the force of the boney elbow, rubbing arm and squinting across the sands as her mocha egg mysteriously disappears. And in its place… "Oooh." So big, so… /bronze/. Because Nevarre said it enough times for both of them, Karnie refrains from speech, jaw dropping and knees attempting to do the same: bob bob.

That pair of blues that hatched after the bronze jiggle out onto the sands — they're fat. Roly-polying about, they finally decide upon identical twins: two tall, skinny boys with blonde hair.

Hazy Shades of Winter Egg shudders yet again, minute cracks appearing along the surface.

Zali's intellegence is gone as well. Or what there was to begin with anyway. The girl does as requested and ignores her friend's robe. As one of 'her' eggs begins to move, she draws a breath, her hand dartting out for Anely's agian. At her words she blinks, and shakes her head. "What?"

It is Alive! Green Dragonet finally reaches the sea of white, sniffing experimentally at the closest form, she snorts. Nope. Not it. But it's /here/.. somewhere. Leaving the line of candidates, she follows her instincts. Instincts are good? It is Alive! Green Dragonet blunders her way toward that which has captured her interest, scratching fine furrows in the ebon sands with her tender talons. There is awkward fumbling in her haste as a collision is inevitable with the impish candidate. Purple-slashed, lime wings envelope the form to most thoroughly ensnare Orb.

Deidrea looks up at the bronze and is lost. Yeap she could use some saving, then at the green. Well a bronze could save a green right? Ohhh… Decisions, decisions.

Alfi gazes past…Another! "Oooooooorb! What's her name? Congrats!" What's her name…Another instinct…

Nevarre giggles. "Look! He's as mixed up as you, Karnie…" she burbles happily, nervousness gone. Could it have been that bronze's appearance that steadied the teenager's emotions? One may never know — Nevarre may never know. "Orb!" she squeals, bouncing happily. She's reverted to Weyrbrat form…

Torey scoots over closer to Orbie, hand in hand as she bounces, watching the hatchlings stumble about, though that green seems so sure of herself, not near as clumbsy as some she's seen. "Oooh, look!" she squeels, nearly hugging Orb as green steps up right beside her to Orb. "What's her name?" she asks, her security blanket suddenly.. impressed.

Drowned Suburban Wasteland Egg shudders one last time…cracks appearing, then widening.

Melissa blinking, as Orb then breaks away from her she gawks.. "Congrats Orb!!" As the dragonet is given a long look as ORb soon wheels a bond between dragon - or so it looks! Lightly she grins, and steps aside.. not to crowd the newest pair.

Drowned Suburban Wasteland Egg bobbles about its axis, causing the images displayed upon it to bubble and broil. The top of the egg cracks off and falls to pieces upon the sands nearby, as if some undersea fissure had begun to expel its contents. Giving form to imagination, a small green head presses at the opening, widening its expanse. With a resounding crack, the pieces of the egg crash to the sands, shattering themselves as boats against the coral reef; the occupant is fully revealed.

Carefully Calculating Green Dragonet

Dark greyed-green gathers along her belly, as if its deep hue weighs it down from the other colors which splash about her sleek hide. As the shade rises up her sides, the grey leaches out, saturating the green further and further until it crowns her 'ridges in a stunning lime that gleams nearly neon in the light. A waterfall of tropical greens — brilliant ivy, rich forest, and light turquoise — shower down her neck, cresting back from a head set with gentle eyes, falling to crash upon the shores of her wings and eddy with green-aqua about her shortened torso. Blossoming trumpets of aged ivory spread down her back to flicker upon her long tail, causing it to seem thinner then it really is; the appendage shrinks further as the creamy white bleaches the brilliant hues toward the splayed tip.

Muscle-Bound Action Hero Bronze Dragonet looks up, swirling eyes meeting that of the girl's… to no effect. Frustration tries to dominate the hue of his eyes as he tries again. Something's wrong. Oh yeah. She's missing something. The bronze grumbles, note rippling darkly in his throat before he turns away. I'll be back.

Annie arches her brows slightly as Orb impresses to the green — an appropriate match, it seems. Serath is distracted with hoarding her gold egg. It won't hatch; it's her bauble.

Orb gasps and lets go of clinging hands, oblivious to the heat of the sands, reaching forward to wrap her arms around the dragonet. "Ivrylth.. Oh.. Ivrylth…" is whispered softly.

Char grins, waiting for the initial bewilderment of Impression to abate before tapping Orb on the shoulder. "Follow me, please.. and bring Ivrylth is it? with you, too."

Intoxicating Tequila Sunrise Egg sits patiently, pleasing its mother. Don't want it to hatch? Fine. It won't.

Zidon cranes his neck to see what's happening. "Who did she… oh, Orb! Congrats!" is yelled across the sands, then the Candidate shuts up and tries to step behing Torey. Nono- No drawing attention. Meep. Hazel eyes shift between the bronze dragonet and the golden egg, curiosity beating dismay.

Karnak attempts to clench her fist, but Nevarre's hand seems to be in the way. "Ooops… Sorry there…" A nervous giggle goes to the girl's comment, but her attention is all for Orb. "Orb! Ivrylth! Oh, /congratulations/!"

Carefully Calculating Green Dragonet steps free, pausing to shake herself free of the small remnants of egg shells that cling persistantly to her hide. Once that is taken care she peers around, eyes whirling slowly.

Hannah's gaze slips to the still silent gold egg. Gulping, she turns her attetion back to the others. Orb gets a congrats from her, but her voice is so soft it probably didn't carry. Hands clutch Anely's and Zidon's even tighter as she hops from one bare, small foot to another. She's cooking. Momma, she's /cooking/!

Sighing at promises made and never kept, Deedee watches the bronze move, sighing. Whatta hunk. Blinking as something registers on her tiny little brain. Orb! Orb and a green? "Ohhhhhh ….."

Anely's lapis eyes just /glitter/ now that her secret is out. "You didn't did you?" An evil little smirk curls across her face. As her other favorite egg hatches she lets out a insane little giggle. "I was /right/! LIS! You owe me!!" Ane nearly /sings/. Ha! Take /that/ Lis. She's going to find you after the hatching and get those marks, don't try to run off now!

Nalisa looks up from her love and lifemate long enough to catch Orb's Impression. "Congratulations, Orb!" is called, but her attention is soon turned back to her Banoth.

Torey waves after her friend, hands suddenly free. Now what to do with them? Feet scuff in the sand, slowly making a pile of sand as she looks out at the newest green and ooohs at it's beauty before looking around. Now where'd that bronze one go?

Alfi hops and hops and hops, moving toward Deidrea. Someone else to cling to…That she's not sewn to. "Deedee…" she repeats now, eyeing the other green wide eyed and trembling. Not blue…but gorgeous. Could be, couldn't be…Oh bow.

"Orb!" Zali cheers, the loudest she;s been so far. HEr fellow dolphincrafter! "Yeah Orb!" She beams happily, her gaze turing to the new green. "Another one. She's lovely." Nope, intellegence hasn't returned. It must have sunk into the sands. "Ane…" She shakes her head and grins. "Of course not…but..?"

Nevarre winces. "Hey, careful, Karnie…" she whines, stomping. Petulance and general childish behaviour characterize the teen-child now. "Look, Karnie! Look at the bronze!" she squeals, again changing her tact. "Silly, he is."

Muscle-Bound Action Hero Bronze Dragonet looks about, whirlpool eyes catching sight of a head of golden hair through the crowof white robed creatures. Aha. Target found. Then… he acts.

A forgotten look is soon replaced, giving a long look to the departing friends, first of Nalis with the brown, and then to the green aside Orb.

Melissa's turn is due, for the sands bore glaring heated eyes through thin soled sandels, siding up against another candidate for reasurence, eyes soon 'nuff find that second green, and Melissa grins to take note.. "Look..second green!" A light smile tugging at corners of her lips.

Deidrea jumps and turns to Alfi. This isn't a dragonet? "Alfi?"

Muscle-Bound Action Hero Bronze Dragonet shows no hesitation; he darts one way, diving past one white robed figure. He pushes past another, who narrowly misses injury. Then… there he is! Ahead! He tumbles forward, butting into his chosen one: Karnak! Hasta la vista, baby!

Clouded Canvas Egg remains still, not a movement to be had. Meanwhile, a green and a blue hatch, and strike off to find their mates.

Jozelle remains silent, simply watching the action and her fostersister… she's not going to act childish, she's determined not to. "Oh, Nevarre… just be /quiet/," she comments acidly.

Carefully Calculating Green Dragonet steps forward eying the candidates with slowly whirling eyed…she seems to be taking her time as she inspects candidated one by one.

Alfi stares. There goes the bronze to…"KARNAK!" Wow. "What's his name?" ANd to Deidrea, she manages a quick. "Yeah. Alfi. Not Alfith. Aaaaag…..Deedee…."

Intoxicating Tequila Sunrise Egg decides to displease its mother: it twitches. It's just a tiny twitch, mind you, but it's a twitch nonetheless. Serath rumbles. Annie comforts. The egg shimmies again.

Saendi manages to keep from totally embarassing herself with her excitment and keeps an eye on the eggs. Each Impressee gets a congratulations.

"Karnak.. impressed a bronze? Though girls can't impress bron-…" Clipping that though as Melissa nearly falls over with the heat and the reality of finding Karnak a guy.. "Congrats Karnak!!" She laughs lightly, fostering a look to the newest ranked dragon, calculating any and all it seems with a face of green.. "Cute little thing.. aren't they?" Melissa smirks vividl.y

Deidrea hugs Alfi tightly, "They are all hatching. They are all hatching!" She repetes over and over again.

Zali blinks. Then blinks agian. "Karnie? How could…bronze's only impress…but she's a /girl/?!" Right? She stares in awe of the bronze, and his apparently chosen rider. "Anely…Karnie, she…she's a girl, right?" How does this work? "Congrats Karnie!" She shouts, confused or not.

A look of shock comes to D'ven's face as he watches the bronze impress, 'But…But.' He starts weakly before making it to the pairs side, 'Congratulation,, Bronzerider!' he tells Karnal.

"Heeey!" Nevarre whimpers, watching the bronze. Oops? So much for her hiding spot. "What's his name, Karnak?" Again, her outlook's changed… she's mature again. "Sorry, Joz…" she murmurs, looking down at her feet. Shimmy? Gold egg gets a hard glare, a nervous one. "Now your secret's out, Karnie." There's no humor in her tone, just a quiet pride. Her friend. A bronzerider.

Nalisa hears the tumult and fuss on the sands and again looks up. "Karnak… and a /bronze/?" A bemused frown crosses her face. "But I thought she—he… oh, Faranth… Congratulations!"

Zidon sighs in a mixture of relief and envy as the bronze goes to… Karnak? Blink. Now he's confused too. But oh well. "Congrats, Karnie!" he adds to the others' calling, eyes flickering back and forth between the remaining eggs.

Torey ooohs and claps her hands together.. a good thing to do with vacant hands. "Oooh! Congrats!" she crows, bouncing as she dashes her pile of sand back into nothingness beneath her feet and then blinking after Karnie, giving a shake of her head as she turns to digging a hole in the sand with her feet intead, shifting from foot to foot before blinking back at Kariak. Waitaminut…. curious look goes after the newest bronzerider.

Hannah blinks at the BigEgg and gulps. It's moving? It's… /moving/?

Anely gets a strange little clinging vine going up her arm—wait it's Hannah. The young candidate is fairly terrified of all the crowds and people… who might notice /her/. Ack.The gender issue does not concern Alfi. After all, if a girl can Impress brown, a …girl… can Impress bronze… Or sort of.

Annie eyes the latest pairing — bronze and rider — a bit warily. Her brows knit. "Something new each time," she mumbles, wrapping her arms about her middle, crushing the billowy pink fabric. Serath just rumbles. Her gold egg moved.

Carefully Calculating Green Dragonet seems oblivious to the noise and the hub-ubb…she is on a quest.

Karnak blinks, blinks, and blinks again. Slack-jawed, wide-eyed, lost-minded, and all over confused guy has found his… Half? A blush crosses face, suddenly alight with the fear of stage, arms wrapping around the bronze's rather thick neck in a moment of not caring. Robe catches on brazen wingspar, ripping the fabric to elbow and exposing a little bit of masculine chest.Whoops… "He's Maraith. And perfect." Well, /duh/.

From the sidelines Orb peers over at the hatching, arms still tightly around Ivrylth. "Oh… Karnak?"

Intoxicating Tequila Sunrise Egg /really/ moves this time, rolling away from Serath enough to upset the gold slightly. As Annie comforts — this is Serath's first gold daughter — the egg continues to shake, side to side. Something's wanting out. Obviously.

Jozelle stares, wide-eyed. "Karnie… is a /guy/?" she squeaks, puffing each word out on a high note. "A /guy/. Nevarre, did you know that Karnie was a /guy/?" Was? Is.

Anely waggles her brows playfully at Zali, smirk increasing in strength with every passing moment. "It's under. I sewed it under the white, they didn't say I couldn't do that. The dragonets can't see. Now tell me I didn't outsmart them?" Ouch! Feet are once again shifted and slender alabaster fingers reach up to push away a few strands of ebony. Evil hair! Stay. In. Place! As for Karnak's impression Anely just gapes. "I had heard that she was a he from a fellow healer, I didn't really think that it was /true/." Gape…

D'ven nods his head as he guides the pair over, 'Aye…quite perfect.' And yes, D'ven did take a peek, the relief plain on his face.

Intoxicating Tequila Sunrise Egg shimmers and shifts, pinks and golds twisting and twining beneath stress-cracks; a hatching is imminent. The egg tilts, setting the cream-infused tangerine of the base toward the candidates. And from that base, a single, elegant, ivory talon pokes forth and tears downward, creating a rift by which Ista's newest queen is born.

Dream-Catcher Adventuress Gold Dragonet

Whimsical marigold springs forth in profusion on her high-borne head, twining and twisting against the underlying matte gold that colors most of her svelte form. Her floral crown fades as tendrils reach down her whipcord neck, overcome by the rich sheen of amber that reaches from her translucent wingsails to the compact musculature of her torso. Said muscles ripple beneath the layered luminescence of honey-drenched straw, displaying compact agility that extends to her sinewy limbs; they stretch — long and gangly — to end at the appearance of abbreviated, needle-sharp talons. Her serpentine tail extends long and silver-dusted, most often held up in accordance with her agile, sharp movements.

Melissa inclines her chin slightly, in a peeked angle to offer a slope as eyes soon fall to a well hold up of tears.. From heat? Happiness of friends? Or maybe it's because of it all? The burnished sands of intoxicating swirls of the eggs given a long look, each seen if they are to mumble, move or rumble, but the dragonet of verdant green is given the all appraising look, not minding the newest arrival of the 'queen'…

Carefully Calculating Green Dragonet passes by a group of candidates…all giggling, not there. Hers lies just ahead…she pots her and to make her hers.

Nevarre nods in reply to Jozelle, the blonde hairstyle shifting slightly. At least it's not a matted mess, so familiar during her Candidacy. "I knew.. but I couldn't tell. I promised." She's a girl of her promises, if not of her thoughts. Mercurially, she dashes over to her fostersister, grasping

Jozelle's hand. "We'll get our dreams, I hope, Joz."

Zidon gasps as the golden egg hatches, leaving the queen visible. "Ohhh…. she's so pretty," the Candidate mumbles, as if this was a big surprise.

Alfi leaps in midair, careful not to take Deedee's arm with her…."GOLD! Fara…" She stops herself. No more cursing. Although the quivering has taken fair care of much more chance to speak for her. Gold is not Alfi's mindset, but the metallic gleam is hard to ignore.

Serath gives a full bugle to welcome her daughter into the world, rearing back and spreading her own ivory-graced wings. Annie actually breaks into a full smile at the hatching, just as proud as the mother. "Gorgeous, love, look what we did?" They're oozing pride.

Zali raises her eyebrow at Anely. "I hope it doesn't get anymore…obvious." Sapphire eyes flick to the spots. "Nope. Not too bad so far." The movement near the queen catches her attention and she turns to gape at the gold. "Faranth….how /lovely/…" Does Zali want a gold? Shards no, but she's still /beautiful/.

Deidrea sighs dreamily as she looks at the gold dragon. She's a queen dragon, fershure. "Ohh Alfi… Just look at her…. Isn't she awesome?"

Torey continues to dig a hole with a foot as she watches after Karnak, then turns back to the hatchlings, eyes widening as she watches the gold hatch, so elegantly. Jaw drops, "Oooh!" She seems to be saying that alot today. "Gold!"… and feet stop moving as she takes a moment or ten to stop and stare.

Alfi nods…."She is…" That's all she gets out. Quiver. Quake. Pace. Hyperventilate. Eee.

Hannah trembles at the sight of the young queen dragonet. Hide. She must hide. REally….. " Anely. It's Gold. She hatched." That lone egg that is always so much like her. Gulp. Tremble. Gulp. Even cooking feet are forgotten for that sight.

"Uh, Neva…?" squeaks Jozelle, shifting her free hand to point. "Gold." One word. Just one word…Light gale of laughter soon spills from Melissa's lips and she pokes.. "Rather pretty thing.. "She grins, pointing out the queen, although eyes soon fall back to the green whom marches down near row of candidates, apparently inspecting each as if they've flaws, and this amuses her, waiting to see one of her friends impress or such.. Hands slowly draw one ot her hip, ..

Anely shakes her head, dislodging more strands of ebon hair from behind ears and her weird looking bun she wears. "It won't, my hair is nearly dry now. See?" She tilts her head and lets Zali get a better look at her head. See?

Nevarre halts in her motion to hug her fostersister, staring over one shoulder. "Ah. Gold. Right." Outright dismissal of the notion rings true in her voice — the daughter of a greenrider shouldn't ride gold. "Joz, look at the green."

Dream-Catcher Adventuress Gold Dragonet is on a mission — an adventure! — and no brooding momma will keep her away from the fun, the thrill. Holding her birth-damp head high, she gallavants off across the sands, razor-sharp talons digging deep into the volcanic sands as she bumbles about. High-pitched trumpets mark her playtime.

Zali eyes the robe and then the hair of Anely. "Thank Faranth. I don't even want to think about what the dragonets would do." She comments in a low voice. no point letting everyone else know. Bright yes drift back to the gold and down the line of candidates.

Nevarre'd play, she would, but she's lost in thoughts and fragments, shards of dreams and worlds. "Joz. Jozelle… look at the green," she prompts, gesturing at said green. "She's lovely, isn't she?" A thought causes her to pause, faint grin skidding across her face. "Remember when we snuck out on Taran, and you borrowed Anya's runner?" Defiance of authority. Yup.

Deidrea watches the gold with awe, mouth gaping, dancing slowly around to keep her tired hot feet from burning. She's awesome. Now she's glad that she ran away from home. Just being here is worth it. Seeing that gold, is worth it.

Torey blinks, and actually starts to giggle as the hatchling /plays/ on the sand, eyes watching the galavanting. Oh how funny, oh how delightful. The hole in the sand is forgotton as she watches this hatchling's antics, finding them quite silly as she covers giggles… again idle, empty hands find something to do.

Hannah litteraly trembles as the surrounding chaos breaks through her Anely barrier. What is she going to do? Gulp. Zidon's hand is yanked on again as the shy candidate begins to lose what nerve she has left. It wouldn't be good to go dashing off the sands, would it?

Jozelle nods, a matching grin spreading across her face. "I 'member. We didn't even get into trouble…" she comments, giggling. Distraction, in the form of eggs, draws her attention away from Nevarre, back to the action.

Zidon is yanked forward. Oi. Squee. "Uhm, ahh!" Nono, Zidon, get up from the sands… you can't lie down when there're dragons walking all over. Bad for your health. The Candidate scrambles to his feet quickly, glancing around. No-one saw, right? Everyone's looking at the new queen, right? Right.

Melissa 's eyes plaid, yes plaid, with the flickering lighted heat that coils around herself, and that of friends, a shy grimace is given as the green apparently evades some candidtes, although the girl, herself, can't help but twitch and fidget as if the eyes of Pern were on her.. - too bad that's the real fact. The heavy lump of lead in her stomach sits there, casting over as heart beats in her now dry tight throat.

"R'kan?" the evidentally male Weyrling asks, wincing as Maraith pushes him bodily towards Orb, and his sister. Hubba hubba. R'kan takes no notice, still conflicted about his own name. "But R'k-…" Further protest is cut off. "Yes, I know… For now, I'm perfect too." A nudge at the knees, threatening to topple him. "Okay. Forever. I'm perfect. You're perfecter." And now the bronze sits up with smug pride. Thaaat's right.

Anely lets the tip of her tongue caress the bottom of her lip before the smirk dies away. "Probably maul me or something of the sort. Not sure how they'd take to me. But then again, black is me is it not?" She lives in black, she has to wear black less she find herself sticking out like a soar thumb—just like she is right now. "I'm uncomfortable Zali. Very uncomfortable."

Ivory Mist Egg rocks and rolls like the mists upon its surface, slowly coming to life.

Dream-Catcher Adventuress Gold Dragonet bobbles about — pounce here, jump there —seemingly more interested in kicking up sand and enjoying /life/ than settling down with a lifemate. However, playtime can have its problems: one pounce toward a small, waifish girl brings a sharp talon down on a bare shin. The girl squeals as blood is drawn, but — not being gravely wounded — she limps over to some riders who lead the sniffling girl off the sands. The gold plays onward, unaware of the youth's pain.

Alfi winces, turning her head quickly. Casualties. Eww…..She tries not to think about it, looks away from the gold. There are other eggs…

Annie winces at the sight of blood, blanching somewhat. Annie hates blood. She turns away from the injured girl to follow the young gold with her eyes.

Hannah blinks at the gold dragonet's mauling of the other girl. That reinforces her own fear of the unknown and hence manages to stay behind Anely, with only one emerald green eye and a waterfall of moon-pale hair to mark her existence.

Nevarre's eyes darken, the green fading to deep hazel. "I hope she's okay…" she murmurs, clinging to Jozelle's hand. Mercurially, she's changed yet again. Solemn, concerned… she's elfinly silent. "Joz… is it okay? Do you think she'll be okay?"

Hazy Shades of Winter Egg pauses as if to rest…waiting for just the right moment.

Deidrea blinks. Violence on the sands? But the gold isn't aware of it, she's only playing. Whispering, "she didn't mean it, I'm sure." But is she? Hmmm…. look at her go though.

Jozelle squeezes Nevarre's hand, acting the elder of the two. "Calm down, Nevarre. I'm sure she's fine." With those words, Jozelle returns to her perusal of the eggs. Calm. What a joke.

Torey's laughing actually stops, though her eyes still dance at the antics she shows, bit of a sympathetic look following the girl that limps away. Oops… well, can't get in the way of play now.. eh? Tors looks around for the green somewhere, actually turning around once, though when she spots the all but dancing gold hatchling again her gaze pauses there… best to keep one's eye upon this one.. and get out of the way if necissary, though only if necissary.

Zali shakes her head with a slightly forced chuckle. Eyes scan the eggs and dragons, trying not to care. Is one hers? She stamps a bit and shifts her feet. "I am too. Its so sharding /hot/!" She makes a face. "Why couldn't eggs hatch where it is /cool/?! Hmm?" She mutters as she changes from watching the eggs to searching the galleries.

Zidon sways as the gold draws blood. Eee….. clutching on tightly to Torey and Hannah though, he manages to stand upright for the time being. At least she's over there, far away from him…

Carefully Calculating Green Dragonet lightly steps across the sands once more, only to stop and consider the speckles of white before her. Gingerly, her head cocks to one side as someone in particular catches her eye. Ivory trumpets raise slightly as her wings shift back and forth, considering. Finally, the decision is made and her tropical-hued head butts gently against a firebrand in need of soothing. She settles down to rest at last, entwining herself around her chosen: Saendi.

Saendi calls out, "Her name is Estsanth!"

Blinking some, she grins and points. "Saendi! "grinning brightly as Saendi impresses,Melissa curling back…

Ivory Mist Egg trembles, causing its dancing patterns to swirl as if a mighty vessel was cutting its way through their watery veils. Dark shapes begin to coalesce as the mists part, and a vertical crack neatly slices the egg, visibly growing as its occupant sullies forth. First to appear is the snout of a young dragon, followed by talons which reach to cast away the curtain into a myriad of shards and set the dragonet free upon the sands.

Eager and Pouncing Brown Dragonet

The warm glow of finest skybroom basks his hide, creating a living carving as if drawn from a tree rather than flesh. Browns deepen around whorls and knots, coaxing forth coffee hues that accentuate his appendages and the leading edge of finely crafted wingsails. Amber taints insinuate themselves across grains that flow down his hide from snout to tail, lending texture to form. Color-shifting jewels almost seem to burst forth eagerly from beneath heavy eyeridges; his eyes shine brightly against the warmth of his hide, reflecting off of its canvas.

Saendi gets shuffled over to the side by a well-meaning weyrlingmaster's assistant.

Alfi was determined to turn head from the dragons. From the chance of bloodshed. Was being the key word. Like any candidate could stop watching? "Saendi!" she cries! A fellow Reachesian, a friend! Whoo! "Name?" An insistance. With a quiver.

Decisions, decisions. Deedee you are in trouble. Too many dragons. And now another one? Deedee, you are surround by dragons. What will your mother say about this one?

Torey almost misses the impression before hearing others call out and beaming. "Congrats Saendi!" she squeels, almost bouncing with Zidon beside her as she turns a look back towards the gold. Here Lassie? Here girl? A grin can't help but form again as she watches the hatchling scamper across the sand. Pity those in her way…

Dream-Catcher Adventuress Gold Dragonet is a bit more careful; perhaps mother Serath made an interjection. However, she doesn't tone down her enthusiastic gambol. She just avoids the people. Tail a-twitch, she narrows in on a few girls. Play-worthy?

R'kan jumps up to cheer, squealing as he thumps back to the ground. "Oww! Maraith— Oh, okay. I'll be calm. But she impressed! And it's your /sister/! She's /got/ to be perfect, right? Because you're the perfectest, and… Oh, of /course/ I love you. Tsk tsk. You /must/ remember that." Confidence, laddie. Maraith, on the other hand, just looks at the galleries, eyes whirling in blazing glory. They're mine… All mine. Phoey for that shiny li'l sis of his…

Hannah offers a soft congrats from behind Anely, her grip on Zidon's tightening. Peeking out at the dragonet, she inches closer. Play? She can play.. but she likes to play with out anyone around… yeah. taht way no one can see her. yeah.

Zidon slowly starts backing away, eyes locked on the queen dragonet. "S-she's not c-coming this way, is she?" Oh. My…. Squeal. If she's coming this way, he'll run. Period. No way he wants to be maulted or.. anything.

Hazy Shades of Winter Egg quivers as motion begins anew from within.

Nevarre gulps. Jozelle's even smaller than she — no use to hide. If one can't hide, then one must stand forward. "Joz. Good luck." With those three words, Nevarre steps forward, dropping her fostersister's hand. She's not going to give up. She'll keep her dream and freedom.

Eager and Pouncing Brown Dragonet shakes shell fragments from his gleaming hide, crouching low against the sands, his tail twitching with mischievous intent as he lets out a low rumbling playful roar.

Deidrea turns to Zidon, "Well I hope so. She's kinda cute isn't she?"

Hand in Anely's, Zali turns her eyes from the gold to the Brown. "Anely, look. Another one." Duh. She takes a step closer to her friend, still shifting her feet in the heat. "I hope it ends soon…I'm /hot/!" She watches the brown for a while, intermixed with glances at the gold. "Anely…"

Jozelle squeaks slightly, hand automatically clenching where the warmth of Nevarre's once was. "Neva!" she calls, rooted to the spot. "Neva!!" So much for sharing.

Alfi's head has taken to darting again, back and forth. The new pairs, the other eggs, the Brown…He seems hyper, too. Fascinating. Though her own quivering may just be magnifying the fact.

Melissa blinking some, she grins to the dragonets, as the last few eggs rumble and roll, her eyes can't help but fall to the Gold here and there, her shoulders squred although she stays to the side, her eyes imagining the previous girled mauled in the fit of play, but doesn't stop her from looking, "G'luck!" She hisses to the girls apparently trying to find themselves to suit to the gold.

Anely is watching the Winter egg with much intent. Azure eyes gleaming as she clutches ferociously at Zali's hand. She nods, only nods, that's all she can do. With timed calculation every breath is coming out labored, partially because of her heart beating fast in her chest.

Startled at the brown's playful roar, Deedee twirls around. Her skirts flaring around her ankles. She looks at the brown and whispers to whoever is beside her, "He's got a misshivous glint in his eye. Wonder what he's athinkin'?"

Just like adults to try and curtail play… funny how it never seems to slow down kids, eh? Torey squeezes Zidon's hand and watches the eager hatchling cavorts across the dark sand. Suddenly, and rather surprised like she starts mincing her feet, almost bouncing… feet a-burnin. Maybe she aught to take a hint from the gold and run around… keep the feet off the sand more than on.

Dream-Catcher Adventuress Gold Dragonet sees a playmate in so many — but only one will really, truly be her adventurer friend forever. Marigold shimmers as she stills herself for a moment, jewel-eyes flickering. A boy and a girl. The boy — nevermind him — the /girl/. Reddish tints turn to bluish-green in her eyes, and you know, she likes a girl who can take a hint.

Dream-Catcher Adventuress Gold Dragonet has neared her first adventure's end; the crowd of young people in white robes has grown old. Tipping her golden snout upward, she rifles past a plump, rosy-cheeked girl, past a few boys, to there: to the one. Letting go an exhortation in the form of a reedy creel, she stretches out her amber-drenched wings to envelop a thin, energetic youth who could be her human counterpart: Torey.

Eager and Pouncing Brown Dragonet scours the sands for the perfect plaything, the gold bounding across the sands catching the attention of his wildly whirling orbs and he turns to face her, his tail lashing the air. Wriggling in eager preparation, he crouches even lower, his haunches tensing in ready to pounce.

Melissa lightly she laughs, "Congrats Torey!" the girl grins, Smith-candidate falling briefly back to her heels as she falls forward caught by balance of tips of toes… -Bad idea. ."Yelp!" As she's burned a bit from the sands…. Thicker soles. She'll remember.. really.. she will.

Alfi's eyes manage to focus. The gold has pounced to…Impress. "Torey!" she cries. So young…there go those nanny instincts. 10 marks to who guesses what she says next…"Congrats! What's her name?!"

Zidon finds the gold dragonet right in front of him. That's it. Torey's hand is promptly abandoned, the Candidate flinging himself to the right and towards Hannah. Squee! Please, save him! "Oh Faranth… congrats, Torey!" is called out when he's at a safe distance.

Deidrea eyes the brown warily, so she misses the impression of the gold to Torey. What is that brown up to?

Annie's brows sky-rocket at the gold's choice; children impressing all over the place. What /is/ Pern coming to? Serath bugles approval, however begrudging, and the mother gold and rider turn to the two youths. Annie smiles absently, considering sharing ledge-space with the two.

Torey falls to her knees, hand slipping from Zidon's as she wraps a hug around the little gold after staring a moment, as if finding a long lost friend. She finally looks up, eyes bright with delight and something more.. "Her name's Vaelyth!" she announces to all.

Clouded Canvas Egg seems to take its cue from the gold's impression, rocking and rolling, and generally hoping to break free. Tears appear in its surface as the dragonet within struggles to get out.

Silvera goes home.

D'ven's grin fills his face as he sees the impression..moving over to assist the newly impressed pair. …"I will wager that she in hungry."

Alfi lights up as well. "Vaelyth! Wonderful! Awwww!!" Quiver. Quake. Pace. Shift. Shuffle. Squeak.

R'kan clasps fingers together, glancing at Torey with a bright-eyed squeal. "Torey! Vaelyth! That's a gr-… Good name. For a gold. Of course, Maraith's perfect." A paw on his sandaled toes tell him so.

"Torey!" Zali clings to Anely, shaking her hand a bit. "Congrats Torey! Congrats!" She takes a deep breath, glancing back out to the dragonets. More and more impressing, and none for her. She licks her lips. Thats okay though, right? She didn't /really/ want a dragon. She turns wide eyes to Anely, but says nothing. A glance at Hannah, and she loks back to the eggs. "Look, more eggs still out there." Is this to reassure her friends, or herself?

Orbit looks up from her long silent ponderings with Ivrylth, glancing over in time to watch her friend impress the gold, growing wide eyed as she gives a little cry and Ivry echos her. "Torey!" A pause, "Vaelyth is beautiful…" Almost as beautiful as Ivrylth?

Clouded Canvas Egg comes alive with miniature striations that crack the the misty painting that decorates its surface. A tear, a fissure, and — finally — a talon reaches out from the clouds to rend the sky. Two halves topple ponderously to the side and, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the dragonet comes forth with a creel bordering on a scream.

Contradicting Moodiness Green Dragonet

A glint, a shimmer: dusky silvers slide shining smokes across a curvaceous form of antiquated bottle-green hues. The smoke disperses around a belly touched by creme-de-menthe and dusted with a lilac blush that twinkles like imprisoned fireflies. Her wingspread is wide and colored absinthe with the lines of ichor pumping forest-greens across the translucent sails. Legs and forearms are long as well, muscles filling them out to a sensuous curve and rippling the verdant hide with a myriad of inviting twitches. At the end of her long, well-proportioned neck sits a slightly too-large head with swept peridot headknobs and a set jaw. The spaded tail is long as well, plated silvery blue; she is most definitely a practice in contradictions.

Jozelle dances back and forth upon the sands, eyeing the moving eggs far beyond with a nervous energy as she grasps at nearby hands.

Huddled close to Zali, Anely continues to take her deep breathes. She wonders idly if her twin is up in the galeries watching her. She shakes out of her reverie at the shaking of her hand that is clasped in Zali's. She looks up and smiles broadly as she sees the gold has chosen. She calls out a congrats that really get drowned out by all the noise. Then the crack is heard. Cerulean orbs flicker back to the eggs and they rest upon the new green.

Contradicting Moodiness Green Dragonet tumbles forth with an ear-splitting creel, daring anyone to say that the /whole/ clutch is all playful and cheeriness. Forest-green wings snap outward, flinging the egg's inner goo to all sides. She is here.

Hands over lap over her stomach, holding herself as she's now isolated, the candidates pocketed by holes and gaps from dragon-choosen people.. "Congrats!" She calls a second time, falling to glance to next green, and giggles, "Look! A green!" Yes. This is how observant poor Melissa is. Le-sigh. Lightly those same arms just a moment to her belly fall to perch on her hips, before shufflinf a side step to close the gaps. Yep. Closing gaps is a good thing.

Torey blinks up at D'ven, it taking a moment, and a little nudge from Vaelyth before she nods quickly. "Oh, yeah!" She climbs to her feet and all but bounces as she drapes an arm across the golden hatchling's shoulders and escorts her other half off along with D'ven.

Alfi fusses with the torn hem of her robe, pacing out from Deidrea and back, staring from egg to candidate to dragon. Again. But what can she do otherwise? Exclamations…Such as "Green!" Eyes rivet themselves.

Hazy Shades of Winter Egg is still wriggling in place…a network of cracks appearing across the surface.

Eager and Pouncing Brown Dragonet snorts, a flush of sand flying beneath him with the quick exhalation of breath, as he watches the gold Impress with a hint of disgust. Well.. she's no fun. His eyes dance across the moving white figures beyond swaying in the heat of the sands, and mischief is redirected. Now /they/ look very interesting.

Zidon will just stay over here, yeah, and watch behind Hannah. Using the girl as a shelter, the soon-to-be-no-longer-a-Candidate ducks, still clutching her hand tightly. You wanna tramp on him, you gotta tramp on Hannah first.

"Torey? Torey! Congratulations!" Nalisa calls, echoed by a croon from Banoth. "And Vaelyth… just gorgeous!" A nudge from a brown muzzle and Nali grins. "But you're handsome, Banoth. Tere's a difference."

Contradicting Moodiness Green Dragonet is most definitely green, so yes — look at her! Calling attention with warbles and sqawks and croons all intermixed, she sets out determinedly across the sands, intent on finfing her lifemate /now/. Her tail twitches, her head rears back — she's on the hunt.

Deidrea has her eyes on the brown, not liking that mischievous glint. "Alfi? What is he looking at?" She sways with the heat, her skirts flaring. The major flirt of the candies nervous around an overgrown male?

A few browns and a bronze hatch behing the moody green, and bumble off to find their mates with a pack of Istan boys.

D'ven grins down at the pair once they finally reach the side and to the buckets of fresh wherry.

Chuckling slightly as she cocks ebony topped head at the little green, Anely whispers to Zali, "Look at her, she thinks the own the place." A fidgety smile is painted across her face as her azure orbs never leave the sight of the green dragonet.

Melissa blinks. "Look! IT moves." pointing some as she jabs her elbow to some poor candidate -probably that lad from Keroon, but does that stop Melsa from pestering? Nope. Lightly lapis-azure eyes flutter with a curious notion, and she, someone whom is her, randomly fidgets as she nods, "Yep. It's green. "Watching.

Zali takes a deep breath. "Not many left…" She raises a hand to tug nervously a her hair. "I'm really nervous…" She replies to Anely. Eyes flick to the green and she smiles a bit. "Yeah. She's pretty too." But aren't they all pretty? She glances agian at the deminishing suply of eggs.

Contradicting Moodiness Green Dragonet sights someone far-off, and that someone is not paying too much attention to her. Why, she's talking to someone else! In a huff, the young, attention-stealing green flounces toward said someone to draw the attention. She /wants/ the attention. That certain attention.

Hannah keeps her grip on Anely and Zidon, her hair hanging in her face as the shy candidate watches the others sureptitiously.

Of course it's moving. Everything's moving. Alfi is still moving very much. Green, brown, egg…one or none. Ohdear. "Nali?" For comfort, though they weyrling is occupied. "Geko?" A friend, must be in the stands. "Sorana? Lylia? Tyara?" All her friends…comfort her before she explodes like an egg!

Melissa rolls her eyes somewhat and then notes the dragonet moving in another course, and she watches to see where she goes, now ignoring the Keroon lad before blinking.

Eager and Pouncing Brown Dragonet stops suddenly with his tail beginning to sway back and forth. Crouching low, he gazes upon the sea of white foam before him and spots something different. Golden brown legs shift back and forth as his wingsails ever so slowly creep forward. Suddenly wings, such as they are, flap back and the gleaming brown leaps forward, almost tackling his new playmate to the ground. He moves excitedly then around the chosen Candidate: Deidrea.

Hazy Shades of Winter Egg shakes with determination, the cracks slowly widening across the surface.

Hazy Shades of Winter Egg shakes, minute shivers beginning to course over the surface of the shell, grey roiling with agitated shadows across the shell. Streaks of darkness interrupt the formerly pristine surface, cracks appearing across the unmarred shell. Then, starting from the center, colors explode to dance merrily forth, shards shattering as a blue form hurtles into the world.

Dashingly Debonair Blue Dragonet

Rich shades of dark blue envelope a lean form: emerging navy twines with shadowy hints of sapphire; softer shades crown the angular wedge of head and deepen as they slip down the lithe curve of neck to splash upon his torso and haunches. The rough peaks of neckridges are kissed by hints of silvery-grey, echoing themselves in the highlights that accentuate the lissome curves of his belly and back. Large, expansive wings fit his bulky frame — not quite stocky, he is still compact — broad sails stretched taut over his body, brushed with the same metallic silver over the pale baby-blue of translucent membranes. Cerulean limbs are heavily muscled, the lengths long and powerful with large paws edged with ebony talons.

Anely continues to babble aimlessly at the girl clutching her hand, oh yeah, its Zali. "She looks like such a priss." One ivory hand flicks up to remove a particularly annoying strand of ebon out of her eyes. Her feet shuffle every few moments, not out of heat, just something to keep her from bursting with excitement.

Contradicting Moodiness Green Dragonet senses that the object of her attention has turned away from the silly boy, and she makes her move. She darts — a quick hiss escaping — and narrows in to command attention. Permanently.

Contradicting Moodiness Dragonet lets the flash of multi-faceted orbs intensify as the resolve of this teeniest of green dragonets hardens. A wavering step, then a dash and she's there. A loud croon issues from the mouth of said dragonet as her mind collides like an oncoming train with that of Melissa.

Deidrea blinks as she's pounced on by the brown. Then a voice that's her's is… "Ftoranth? His name is Ftoranth?"

Torey siddles over to Orbit and Ivrylth, her face all aglow as she simply grins, fussing over Vaelyth as she looks out at the blue newly hatched and then squeels, Vaely making her own little squeel. "Congrats Deidrea! Congrats Melsa!"

Deidrea blinks, "he wants to play."

Maraith rumbles a baby attempt at a trumpet, eyes whirling to mommy contentedly as the green shows a family trait. Me me me! With a little bit of bounce himself, his lifemate near throwing himself into the air, the bronze croons, /loudly/. It's his sis! And she's /neat/! Oooooh…

Alfi stops. Stares. Didn't have to ask the name. "Deedee!" And before her heart can beat…"Melissa! Name?" And once more, not enough time. Could there be cardiac arrest? "A BBBBLLUUUEEE!" Gorgeous! That's where here eyes go. Really…As much as she's thrilled…this blue looks so…wow. Someone is obsessive.

Zidon light up in a bright smile, jumping up and down as his fellow Garish Impresses. "DeeDee! Whoo!" See, it also helps on his head. And hot feet. Squeal.

Annie is growing weary as the hatching goes on, and soon there is only a single blue left. Eyes kept on him, she carefully perches against Serath's forepaw, ankles crossed beneath the mass of material that is her pink muumuu-like dress. Serath is alert, though, and rumbling.

"ACK!" As the hissing green wards off that silly lad, and Melissa blinks, "Xhuryth?" She questions the name some, falling to her knees despite the heat-madden pain to the sands, "No.. we'll never be alone.. " Lightly pulling her bare arms around the intense green neck of the dragonet, and hugging herself against green sole, her other half…

Dashingly Debonair Blue Dragonet moves with grace…between tottering steps. Wings are fluttered, then allowed to drape behind until they can dry. He pauses as the he peers amidst the various faces."Congrats!" Zali calls to both the impressed. She takes another breath and shifts a little. "I'm tired and hot. And I want to…." The girl sighs. "She /wants/ a dragon, but it doesn't look like she's gonna get one. "I want some food." She settles for. Eyes travel to the blue, lovely color.

Char brushes back a strand of sweatsoaked hair as she approaches Deidrea with a grin. "Welcome aboard. Would you and… Ftoranth? follow me please?"

Orbit forceably keeps her eyes away from Ivrylth to mummer a congratulations to her best friend, just in time to watch the impressions of Deidrea and Melissa. "Oh! Melsa! DeeDee… they're beautiful.." A soft chuckle is given and she turns her eyes back toward Ivrylth, "Nono Ivry pet.. no one is as beautiful as you.."

"Deidrea! And Melsa, too! Congratulations!" cries Nalisa. Banoth warbles approvingly, then drops back into stealth mode, sleek and silent.

Deidrea follows Char with her brown. Woowoo. This is totally unreal.

Literally bursts out to tears.. falling to try and stand, with a green aside her, blinking as she's called to.. Fists whipping at her tear soaked eyes, for someone so happy, she sure does cry alot… Melsa moving towards the newest ranks of Weyrlings.

D'ven idly watches the blue..his gaze wandering amidst the candidates remaining.

R'kan cheers, player's lungs opening wide to launch out a whoop for his lifemate's favored sibling. "Melissa! And Xhuryth! Oh, /wonderful/!" he shouts, jubilation grand on performer's tone. Despite it's /very/ high treble. Ahem.

Alfi has, amazingly, stopped pacing. She's standing, still staring straight at that blue-grey dragon. She's stared at blues before. Always has. But this time's much closer. Stands don't matter, stands do. "Nali. Geko." Insane, mindless babbling for comfort.

Char goes home.

Dashingly Debonair Blue Dragonet doesn't mind being stared at, in fact he is doing some staring of his own…considering each candidate carefully before moving off.

Zidon sighs raggedly. Only a few left… still hiding behing Hannah, the Candidate literally tries to sink into the ground. Home. He wants to go home. Squee. Go away, dragons.

Alfi hopes her stare can meet that of the blue. This is no consideration on her part, though. She knows who she is staring at. Though it's not her choice. What a night…

Zali watches the blue quietly. Ready to get out of the heat. She glances over to the side, and at her fellow candidates turned weyrlings. A smile appears on her face involuntarily. Looking back to the lone blue she tilts her head. "Blue is such a nice color…" She holds her friends hand tightly for comfort. Eyes dart up to the galleries. This time noting her cheering brother and friends. A small wave of her other hand before she looks back to the dragon.

"He's taking his time," Annie notes of the last dragon on the sands to no one in particular. Or maybe it's to Serath; most likely. Her skinny fingers play idly with the pink material of her skirt as she watches. She's going to enjoy her bath.

Dashingly Debonair Blue Dragonet was not meant to be hurried, not in the least. He pauses at one liekly looking boy…tall and skinny.

Anely is beginning to loose her mind waiting for the last few hatchlings to be paired off. She smiles a bit and nods, "Oh definately. Very nice." Her words are automatic, her hand is still cluching her friend's hand, her eyes never leaving the blue.

Jozelle makes a childish dash out onto the sands.

Torey watches the sands and that last lil blue, fingers scritching Vaelyth as the l'astun takes his time, and Vaely squirms, ready to play again, really.. isn't it time yet?

Alfi mentally wills, don't stop…don't. As if there was some sort of telepathic link already. Hah. Alfi must look silly, goggle eyed, breathing deeply, disfigured robe hanging limply dripping with sweat and heat.

Jozelle goes home.

Dashingly Debonair Blue Dragonet nudges a wee bit to hard and the boy going flying onto his backside…opps.

Orbit is besotted. You can tell by the way she's crouched next to Ivrylth and coo'ing soft sweet nothings at her. It's a good thing. Really. Who'da thunk dragons came in lime and purple?

Zali glances at the boy. "Is that who's hes gonna impress…" She blinks and chuckles a bit. "Well, I guess not." She grins a little. "I wonder who he /will/ choose. He's lovely." I believe we have that established. Lovely blue. Move on Zal. "I'm hot." Thats pretty much established as well.

Torey is as well, it obvous a small conversation between her and Vaelyth from the giggles and scritches from Torey and the nudges and croons Vaely answers with, the two squirming conjunctively… nudging this way and teasing that.

Jozelle makes a childish dash out onto the sands.

Anely sighs and looks at the lone blue left on the sands. Her heart trembles in anticipation as she nods to whatever Zali's saying. Her azure eyes never leave the lone dragonet. But not a word will she utter, and hardly a breath will she take, until he has finally chosen and then she may leave.

R'kan gives a little whine to the foot-stamping gargantuan known as Maraith, finally kneeling down in the sand and trying to maintain the puff-chested pose the bronze convinces him as healthy. The dragonet, on the other hand, scrounges about for a nearby bucket of food. Nummy nummy…

Torey giggles again, though muffles it quickly. It's clear she has found her soulmate as two pairs of eyes lift to peer after the blue, poor indecicive thing. Giggles and nudges start again as they watch the last little hatching wander and search.

D'ven talks softly to a newly impressed pair…chuckling at the girls expression.

Orbit smooths hands over Ivrylth's headknobs, slowly rubbing the smooth lime green hide of her dragon, giving softly little scritches at the itchy spots. "Yes Ivrylth.." is mummered softly. "Ivry pet.. I know.." Someone hasn't learned to think at her dragon yet.

The heat is really beginning to kick in with Zidon, especially his bare feet. Squeal. Hoppedi-hop, up down, left right, white material and brown hair flowing everywhere, plastering to his skin.

Dashingly Debonair Blue Dragonet pauses as he feels a pair of eyes upon him…and off her goes in a awkward gait…but really graceful, really.

Jozelle comes out of her dreamy state of mind. She feels horribly sick to her stomach, perhaps its the heat. She really doesn't know which. She eyes the blue, watching and waiting for him to impress. Anyone, it doesn't matter.

Giggling as Ftoranth wraps his tail around her somewhat bare legs, Dea listens and whispers to her brown. This is so weird having a male speaking in her mind.

Zali has her eyes on the impressed now, wandering from pair to pair. "They look lovely together, don't they?" She tilts her head as she watches them, one hand pulling on her tresses agian. The blue comes back into view and she glances at him agian. "I wish he would hurry…I'm hot and tired."

Dashingly Debonair Blue Dragonet turns his angular head, cocking it as if hearing some hidden message in the midst of the noise. He takes a few purposeful steps to approach a woman — short and with close-shorn brown hair — and suddenly stiffens, pausing to stand silent and still before her, eyes fixed with hers. Blue wings outstretch, and finally a soft cry rises forth from his throat, broad sails engulfing about his chosen, his Alfi.

Alfi says, "His name is Decuth!!"

Annie steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

R'kan puts his hair up in a bun, glancing as his ultra-masculine lifemate as the latter gives him a painful writhe of eyes. "Oh, hush, Maraith. I'm making myself pretty. All the better for you, right?" The bronze /must/ cede to this logic… Plus, his human looks a bit more manly this way… All the better for him indeed.

Annie returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

Alfi stares. Does nothing else. Just stares into eyes that…she never expected to be there. Taking only the time off to tell them what they want to know…"HIS NAME IS DECUTH!!!" And her eyes meet his again!

D'ven reaches Alfi's side, his smile warm as he reaches the newly impressed pair, 'Congratulations' He offers.."If you come with me..let's get him something to eat?"

Message 8 of 8 on *Announcements (#2050):

Date: Tue Mar 7 21:56:45 2000 CST

From: Annie (#5981)

To: *Announcements (#2050)

Subject: Hatching at Ista Weyr Happens!

Twenty-two eggs rocked and rolled and hatched, and the results of Serath and Ilyddth's clutch are as follows:

Nalisa & brown Banoth

Orbit (Orb) & green Ivrylth

R'kan (Karnak) & bronze Maraith

Saendi & green Estsanth

Torey & gold Vaelyth

Dea (Deidrea) & brown Ftoranth

Melsa (Melissa) & green Xhuryth

Alfi & blue Decuth

Thanks to all. It was a crazy hatching, but we managed.

Alfi dazedly nods, and Decuth politely gestures that he too wants to go eat. The pair follow D'ven…Alfi wonders if her stomach has recovered enough from shock to eat!

Another clutch hatched, another job well done for Annie & Serath, EggMakers, Inc. Both looking rather drained, the pair disappears up a tunnel, hopefully for a bath.

Annie treads into the dimly lit tunnel.

Serath roly-polies in a proud sort of way into the dimly lit tunnel.

You click your heels three times.

Candidate's Barracks

Long and low, this large room angles back into the mountain in a near-perfect rectangle, devoid of windows and hearth. A functional room — all black volcanic rock and simple earthen tapestries, there is nothing but stark simplicity in the seemingly endless rows of cots that scatter back into the shadows. A small clothespress sits at the end of each puce-coveredbed — yes, puce. Every cot sports a rather gaudy and obnoxiously purple cotton coverlet, leftovers from PranksPast. Boys to the right, girls to the left. Enjoy.

Hanging out on a long wooden shelf on the wall are twenty-three firelizards.

You see Anely's Ebon Shrouded Cot, Jozelle's Cot, Nevarre's Cot, Deidrea's Cot, Melissa's Cot, Zali's Cot, Hannah's Secret Hideaway, Alfi's Tangled Mass o'Blankets in a Box, Orb's Cot, Saendi's Bright Blazin' Torchy Orange Cot, Zi's Cuddly Comfy Cot, Torey's Cot, Nalisa's Naptime Nest, Karnie's Kaboodle Kot, Willow's Cot, Jacquia's Cot, Floyd the Llama, and Saturn stuffed flit here.

You notice Jacquia asleep here.

Obvious exits:


End of Log.

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