Hatching 23

The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified: clutch dominates view, and every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended.

Quarith rumbles gently to the other gold, exchanging some gold-only information, it seems.

Quarith pauses, suddenly, and exchanges a glance with Amerasuth. Together, they set up a hum that is quickly echoed by their mates, then every dragon in the Weyr.

Ayrina hears..no, /feels/ that sound she's hard so many times before. Her eyes glisten with…what? is that excitement that the Weyrlingmaster's showing? Naw..can't be. She takes a moment to bow to the Queens and salutes Annie before taking a position off to one side.

Quarith is fully awake, now. She watches over her eggs closely, possessively. Hers. A small, pinkish one gives a shake. Her age-experienced eyes scan for white: candidates.

Flash Flood Egg twitches gently, almost inperceptably.

You hear a low hum permeate every inch of the Weyr… its bass tones almost seem to move the stone and resonate within your bones.

An almost graceful bow is executed by the bitty brownridin' girl to each queen and rider in turn, a nod towards formality for once. Grey eyes search out Vivian and she quirks a brow, leaning 'gainst her thrumming lifemate for support.

C'ran gets his groove on, sliding into love shack mode, hurry up and bring your jukebox money! out onto the sands.

Lyne walks with a skip and a smile out onto the sands.

Saera trips jauntily out onto the sands.

Tellia wanders out onto the sands.

Melissa walks out onto the sands.

Nalisa meanders out onto the sands.

Orb skips, jumps and leaps cheerfully out onto the sands.

Sharyn walks out onto the sands.

Azalea marches briskly out onto the sands.

Kitessa quietly pads out onto the sands.

Jillian walks out onto the sands.

Indra walks out onto the sands.

Dayven wanders out onto the sands.

Erindahl strides purposefully out onto the sands.

Neola scampers out onto the sands.

Torey hops out onto the sands.

D'rik walks with authority out onto the sands.

Tynar walks out onto the sands.

Ayrina waves over to her weyrmate. "Over here, D'rik." Like he can't see her standing there.

Quarith and Amerasuth, Saria and Vivian: the queens and their riders are fully awake now. The golden dragons rumbles and hum, leading the Weyr, while their beloved riders stand nearby.

D'rik walks over towards his wonderful weyrmate as he looks at the sands, "Well looks like you have another batch to deal with."

Warik hops out onto the sands.

Char moves with slow, deliberate strides, a slight limp marring their fluidity, out onto the sands.

C'dar walks out onto the sands.

Danae skips out onto the sands.

Amerasuth eyes each of the candidates as they walk out, or at least gives the impression of personal attention, they might have been good enough to stand here a few days ago to look, bu now is a different story.

Ayrina chuckles softly and nods. "It seems that way, doesn't it?" She looks the double clutch over and the batch of Candidates. "This should be an /interesting/ batch." What she means by that is left unsaid.

C'dar walks onto the sands, but takes up his position next to his trusty Weyrlingmaster and Weyrsecond, watching the Candidates and the dragons from a safe distance.

Flash Flood Egg shakes again, a bit more powerful this time. It falls to its side, just in time as the candidates arrive. Mother Quarith hovers: her first egg. It moves.

D'rik nods for a moment, "Interesting, I suppose you could say that." He smiles and nods at C'dar, "Just wait till Ayrina gets their hands on them." He says in a staged whisper.

Annie stands off in her corner, completely unremarkable in a brown dress with matching slippers. She carefully avoids the heated sands.

Char follows the last lagging candidate onto the sands, her fingers twitching nervously as she tosses her braid back over a shoulder, grinning at what clutchmates find themselves returning to the sands.

C'dar nods to D'rik, grinning expansively at Ayrina.

Tynar glances over towards his fellow candidates and back to the eggs, just blinking at them, seeing that one move. Suddenly, he's here, this is it, the decision that he was fearing is soon to be made.

Dayven steps in with the other candidates, colour draining from his face as he glances at the candidates on either side of him. Finally he takes a deep breath as if to steady himself.

Compiled breath catches the smith-candidates's breath, her eyes flittering towards those upon the sand.. " Well, " Melissa speaks softly to other white-knotted candidates at her side, scarlet smile banding her lips, a cobalt speckled glance tossed to the eggs.

C'ran sends a wave towards the two goldriders, including a wink for Vivian and finishes with a flourshing bow of respect towards the two golds as the candidates are shuffled into their lines, each one instructed to give a salute towards the waiting golds "Hurry on now…" and as the last are in position he slips back to the side of the sands, joining the small grouping.

Tellia's blue eyes stare widely around, touching on each face in the Galleries and snapping back to the Candidates around her. "It's starting!" she hisses, voice almost unheard in the noise surrounding her.
Half stepping, half jumping, the girl makes her way across to Nalisa, pushing against her shoulder. "It's happening!" she insists again, eyes as wide as they could be.

Orb pads out quietly, stepping on tiptoes slightly as she tries not to burn her toes, and her robe pulled up slightly. These aren't good at for walking in, and especially not for walking on hothot sand.

Saera can't resist her own little hip-swinging dance of excitement as she takes her first heat-pierced step on the Sands; no fear here, only excitement, anticipation, fire! "It's finally happening!" she trills - goodness, altos /can/ reach the soprano range after all. "At last, at last, at last…" One final shimmy and Herder-Candidate falls back to decorum, following compatriots with prim gait.

Jesha beams a smile at Ayrina, velvety eyes twinkling mischievously. "Why, Ayrina!" she exclaims with feigned shock. "I thought *We* were the special ones."

Warik plays the experienced Candidate here, neatly smoothing his prim robe across his skinny chest. "Kids' stuff," he trues to huff, but it comes out as more of a squeak. It doesn't leave you any less nervous the second time around, it seems.

Shaking, nervous: Indra expels a deep sigh and then takes in breath anew, tucking and pulling at her robe to get it to fit properly. Cheesecloth fabric waves loosely about her frame, causing Candidate to shake and sigh again — /Faranth/.

Lyne leads one of the lines of white-clad Candidates onto the sands, a nervous twitch added to her smile, before she bows towards the respectful goldriders and their queens. Walking towards the side-lines, she intakes a shuddering breath and leans back to watch this time.

Whether by hours of counseling or being too dense to be nervous, Jillian, alias Epitome of Composure, waddles out into the open. She forgot her sandals in the pre-Hatching havoc, but doesn't appear to notice the blistering heat. Elbows on either side are snatched, ending up between Indra and Azalea. Eyes go wide as she announces breathlessly, "This is it."

Sharyn is almost in a daze as she walks out on the Sands. Then, she realizes just /where/ she is. Her eyes widen as she gazes about and quickly does what anyone would do in her case. She hides behind the nearest Candidate next to her.

Danae tiptoes onto the sands, nose wrinkling at the heat, but, she volinteered to help so, feet be burned. She makes her way to teh side with the other riders after paying respects to the golds and their lifemates.

Flash Flood Egg shudders, shaking harder as little cracks begin to form all over its muddy surface. It shifts and shimmies, alive with the force within. Rolling to one side, it bumps into a bluish neighbor, then hits against Quarith's massive foot.

Flash Flood Egg ebbs and expands, muddied hues shifting across is bulging shell with a menacing roiling. At a whitecap's peak, cracks are born and expand down swollen sides, cutting jagged edges against the swirling colors. Without warning, a sharp, birth-damp talon shoves through one crack, pale whiteness a stark contrast to the mud-infused shell. That talon pushes and tears, soon giving birth to a damp, violently colored dragon.

Sparkle and Spunk Green Dragonet

Lengthy limbs spring from an enlongated torso, sporting shades of glistening, glaring green with intensity rarely known to a youthful hide. From pristine talons, electrified lime spreads gnarled fingerlets toward her agile joints; there, bright hues dissipate into a torso-engulfing ivy, thick and rich with fertile growth. Brilliant aquamarine tips a pair of expansive wings, boldly encroaching upon the sails' mottling of glitter-dusted grasses. Lurid kelly kisses at her muzzle's tip and dances with gleeful abandon between orbs of firelit gemstone. Brightness refuses to stop there, however: an identical glow grazes the tail's splayed fork.

Torey, with her extra-thick soled sandles flopping on her feet, and her plain-ol-boring white robe upon her shoulders, bounces out with Neola and Orb, and pretty much anyone else around her, eyes glittering, though she still tugs at her robe as if not too happy with it nor comfortable in it. Still, she's in white and here she is… in all her typical hyperness.

Saera is the first to call out the obvious, "Green!" Voice cracks, and she drops - reluctantly? - to alto. "Green," she breathes softly, fumbling for the nearest person's hand. This is too exciting to share alone.

Ayrina chuckles softly to Jesha. "They all think that, Jesha." She gives the brownrider a wink and just props herself up against a wall, trying to get at least a little respite from the sorta cool rock.

Nalisa nods silently, swallowing as she stares at the eggs. Unconsciously, she reaches for Tellia's hand, grateful for any comfort she can find. She gasps as the first egg cracks. "Tellia, it's /happening/!" she squeaks.

A twitch, a shake, a shimmy, then silence: Violent Volcano Egg lets is tumultuous existence be known on the sands, rolling like slow lava 'till coming to a stop in a groove.

Neola just trembles, almost visibly, but not quite. Eyes widening as she watches fellow Candidates, then turns to dragons and eggs on the sands. Its.. Its happening! Now! Oh no.. "Shells.." She whispers, nodding and giving brief smile to Torey as she joins her and turns attention back to the eggs, "Oh.. Look! There's one! There!"

Kitessa's eyes zoom in on the green dragonet, and a little sigh to relieve tension leaves her lips. A small grins paints it's way across her face, and she glances to her fellow Candidates.

Warik at least manages to hide surprise as the first egg collapses around its occupant. "I can never remember— is green good luck or bad?" Not that it matters; they're here, alive, that's good enough luck for him.

Sparkle and Spunk Green Dragonet is dumped from her begg without warning, and she immediately responds with a vicious hiss. Righting herself with a bit of trouble, she shakes her thin-membraned wings, sending some of the liquid flying toward the white-clad ones.

S'cud walks muttering things to himself out onto the sands.

Indra /gasps/ — "Jillian! Oh, Faranth, shards, oh my.. Jillian, look at /her/." Tendency towards polite language is forgotten; she swears a blue streak in her nerves and inexperience. "Azalea — Jillian — The eggs are shaking, moving, /hatching/, dragonets are being /born/!"

Melissa's head lifts as the egg tumbles, careening to the paw of the dragon nuff to split it.. Eyes blink some, swallowing hard 'gainst the dry feeling in her throat, as little hatchling of verdant and palms spills to the sands… "Green!" That's enought to make shy gal shout, yet denies it behind shadowing lines of shyness, remaining hidden in the lines of white robes…

Azalea gives a little hop as she gets out onto the Sands, breath hissing in sharply past her teeth. A glance, to Jillian at her side, the captor, and then raptured gaze snaps back to The Eggs. Ooh lookie, that one's not an egg anymore. Eep. "Did that— it just… I mean, the egg — green… dragon?" Coherency is dropped in an instant and her hand jerks out to grab Jillian's in a death grip, while the other one waves over to a Herder Candidate. "Saera… Stand with me?"

There is one thing that overcomes Sharyn's timidness and fear and that's heat. Try as she might, she can't help but jump up and down. This quickly loses her little hiding spot and she looks for another candidate…maybe a big /burly/ one this time…to hide behind.

Orb wants that one, really. She pokes at Torey's hand as she whispers, "She's lovely.." With wide eyes she scoots back a little, shying away from the green dragon and all it represents, starting to dig her toes in the sand before realizing how hot it is and squeaking again.

Tynar 's eyes go wide and he hesitates, looking at the Green that's hatched. Oh no. It's really starting. He looks like he's about ready to bolt, staring at the green. He looks over towards Nalisa and stutters, "W-what're we.. supposed to do?"

Warik evades a shower of egg goo. "Shards!" Wark spent to much time scrubbing the robe spotless to get it mussed again, thankyouverymuch!

Erindahl settles into a comfortable stance and spares a brief glance to the galleries before a sudden crack snaps his attention back to the sands. Eyes widen at the green's sudden arrival and his jaw drops, "Whoa…"

Quarith croons gently to her first-born, the spunky young green.

Jillian doesn't bother to repress a loud, high-pitched squeak, pulling on her comrades' appendages. Still the feet don't move. She's a hardy breed. "Lords and ladies and runner droppings. It's a.. it's a.. my /FOOT/!" There, she finally noticed. Elbows're dropped and toes grabbed as she hops.

Kitessa works her way around to a Candidate that seemed to share her awe at the eggs during the touching sessions. She smiles up at Erindahl, her voice hushed, her eyes bright with barely constrained excitement. "Beautiful, isn't she?" she asks, nodding her head to the green dragonet.

Torey looks up and giggles. "She's a spunky one, huh Nee? Orb?" she asks, watching the hissing dragonet for more than a moment, eyes locking on green hide as feet push at the sand, kidlit just not still even for a moment. She giggles and nodnods towards Orb. "I think so to." she answers before putting her hands around her mouth and taking up a screech of welcome. "Welcome lil green!" Everyone needs a really good welcome to Pern. Yes?

Don't have to ask twice. Bound, bound, bound, and Saera's clinging and swinging onto Azalea's hand. "Isn't she /lovely/?" Herder gasps. But attention is ripped away towards Erindahl - thoughtfully, darkly velvety gaze examines the lad, extending one hand. "C'mon."

Nalisa glances over at Tynar, helplessness touching her face as she shrugs. "I don't /know/!" There's that squeak again.

Tellia squeezes Nali's hand tightly. "It - It hatched! It's a green!" The Herder may not be extremely intelligent with her comments, but can you blame her? "Shards, these Sands are hot!" she mutters, attention drawn from the dragonet to her own feet for a moment before flicking back to the rocking and already Hatched dragonet alike.

Sparkle and Spunk Green Dragonet has gathered her wits now, and she starts to stalk across the black sands of Ista's hatching grounds. Nose up, looking to be in a bit of a snit, she bounces as she moves, making sure all eyes are on her eye-bleedingly bright hide. A young, thin boy is eyes. A wimp! She passes him by.

Orb jumps back and giggles, poking Torey's should gently, "You'll scare her back into her egg!" But she looks back at the gleaming hide.. she's so pretty, so shiney, so.. gooey?

Sudden Earthquake Egg twitches with the beginnings of what promises to be a great shaker, rolling about on it's foundation.

"Green.." Yeah, Neola's still in that state of shock. Its all happening so quickly, don'tcha know! And well.. Oh my! Sand! /HOT/! Little Bratling turned Candie hops suddenly, reaching out for a hand or something as she comes down, anything. Toreys? Orbs? Anyones? Eep!

Can't help but giggle, throwing Sharyn and Nalisa a look, Melissa extending her hands in linking gesture.. "Scared?" She whispers near hiss to her white-bounded friends, rocking back on the balls of her feet, while soles rest from frying through her shoes… Glittering and resplendant grin dimpling her slim jaw, Smithlass, Melissa, unable to hide her fears… masked with a promise of hope.

Warik is a wimp, that's for sure— even if the fellow eyed wasn't him. No sir, Wark will pass on this one; to active for his sedentary style.

Tynar shivers and glances to the dragonet, fright in his stance. He looks from the green to Nalisa, closing his eyes a moment.

"Someone—" her please is silent, Indra begs: "Someone, come over here? I've a free hand if you'd like.." Frozen in her place, she cannot notice Jillian's discomfort at this moment, nor her growing own — Her eyes remain locked upon the eggs and dragonet, staring outright. "Aie.. Look at her."

Dayven takes a deep breath as he sees the first of the eggs hatching…a smile comes to his lips as he watches her antics. Nerves seem to be quietening now that hatching has begun.

"Mmm-hmm…" a wide-eyed Azalea answers Saera, not noticing that her companion on the other side is in a bit of torment just now.
"They're so… big up close." Too big. Even for a green. But she holds her ground firmly — or as firmly as one can while hopping for side to side in slow, jerky movements.

Torey giggles as she reaches out to hold Neola's hand, though she swings her hand a bit back and forth once catching friend's hand. "I wonder what'er name is." she wonders aloud to her friends, as she pushes up a little pile of sand with her toe.

Nalisa picks up her feet as subtlely as possible. Those Sands are hot, even through her sandals. Attention is riveted on the green, and she grins. "She's definitely got standards, eh?" she says, half to herself.

Warik steals Indra's hand. "It's not so traumatic as that," he advises, sagely.

Sparkle and Spunk Green Dragonet carefully avoids another shaking egg, moving away from her mother with a sort of fierce independence. Her razor-sharp talons dig into the sand as she propels herself along, down the rows of candidates in white. Another one — a plump girl with red hair — is examined. Too lazy! She moves on.

Sudden Earthquake Egg dances about in the divot produced by it's emphatic movements, rolling within the sands' indentation and then is suddenly silent, a deceptive calm falling while energy crackles through the air.

Erindahl merely extends a hand and points in response to Kitessa, eyes still as wide as saucers, "It hatched… it's /out/." Saera receives the same astonished expression, "/Hatched/" He falls silent again and tilts a thoughtful glance towards the dragonet. Speechless.

Tellia nods absently to Nalisa, oblivious to whether she was actually talking to the Herder. "You'll find out soon enough…" is the rather loud commment tossed toward Torey. Was she actually heard through the crowd? It's possible…

Amerasuth offers encouraging hum to her own brood of now rocking little ones.

Orb hops forward a little to get a better look at the green, is she coming this way? Orb cringes away a little, hiding behind Torey and peeking over her shoulder, commenting, "She looks like she's going to get into trouble."

Yes, Sharyn is scared. And, yes, she is hiding out behind some plump candidate. Red hair? Maybe…she has't noticed. She /has/ noticed that green hide wandering around out there, though.

Neola lets out a soft sigh as hand gets taken, then eyes turn away to Tors. Best not to look, right? Less scary that way.. And well, she's so /bright/! "Name? Huh? Oh.. I dunno. We'll find out huh?" She asks, adding a little giggle at the end as she flicks gaze to Orb, just starting to calm, barely, "What do you think?"

"True, but.." Indra's eyes still focus, as she begins to weave a bit. "Oh, Warik, I've never /done/ this before.." Her robe is blown back by a stray breeze, loose skirt o' it snagging tight against her legs for a moment, blowing sand through miniscule quantities of holes: And still she does not notice.

Dayven casts a glances over at the eggs before he makes his way over to Saera, "Unbelievable" He murmers, 'Simply Unbelievable"

Sudden Earthquake Egg begins to shudder violently with an increasing rumble that underlies the initial thrum from dragon throats, the brittle shell heaving as it finally gives way to the pressure building within. A crack splits and a progressive tear rends its way along the axis from the bloody base to the billowing crown. A diminutive snout pokes through just as the egg shatters, leaving the birth-damp dragonet in a bewildered slump amidst the scattered shards, munching on what can only be a piece of the egg.

Munchings and Crunchings Green Dragonet

Gangly in form — from reedy frame to scrawny limbs — the length of the diminutive dragon far exceeds her girth. With the fickle tendency of jade, her hide strays from its naturally dark hue, patches of verdant gold-green surfacing at the coaxing warmth of Rukbat's rays; they mottle the distended length of a slender neck and lanky build, while speckling the peacock shade of her slinky tail. In the same vein of changing hue, the insubstantial fabric of impressive sails brightens to a vivid yellow amidst the span of tenuous spars. Overlarge paws are supported by spindly legs, shadows pooling in the cave of spare haunches. Bony features characterize a somewhat mischievous visage, emerald highlighting the sunken curve of a narrow muzzle and rounded cheeks, then daunting the prominent bulge of attenuated ridges.

Quarith watches her daughter with gentle amusement, seeming rather taken with the young green. Another egg shatters — another of her own! — and she croons her second green daughter on.

Earth's Wrath Egg flickers in the light that illuminates the cavern, the movement of the one within that wishes to be free bringing the flames of this shell alive. But it is only a flicker, a spark of what is to come.

Doubts fade in the sparkling light of of that green and the calming presence of her surrounding friends, her comrades; Saera is whiplash-tense, leaning forward with dark gaze trained upon the green, avidly drinking in every detail. Snagging Dayven's hand, she squeezes - with /strong/ fingers - and hisses, "Another one! Another green!"

Tynar shivers and glances around. He feels so alone, standing here on the sands. He looks back and forth, and at the sound of cracking, he looks back towards the eggs, almost audibly whimpering at the second hatched dragon.

"Flumbergoodlepeeff" and other savage gibberish is spat about Jillian's offended foot. She looses her blanace, rocks, grabs the arms of Indra and Aza before she topples into a heap. The arrangement of her robe as she lands makes her underpants visible. "For crying out loud! Fate's against me." Looking up, predicament's forgotten as she sees that second green. "Oh, Indra."

Dayven ooohhs softly as he watches the second green, "She's so skinny though" He comments before giving Saera's hand a gentle squeeze.

Torey wrinkles her nose at Orb in jest and then looks back towards Tellia and giggles, turning back towards the action and calling out more hellos to more emerging dragons at the tops of her lungs… and has she got lungs. Of course, holding friends hands makes it fairly hard to 'go' anywhere, so instead she simply bounces from foot to foot between… or slightly ahead, of her friends.

Sparkle and Spunk Green Dragonet immediately turns up her nose at the newly-hatched green — how clumsy! Slowing her inspection, now, she begins to carefully go toward a small clump of candidates, male and female. There's something there, most definitely.

"Look, another one!" is Nalisa's perceptive observation. Amazing talent for stating the obvious, yessiree.Kitessa grins at Erindahl's eloquence, and attempts to push the hem of her robe over her knees so she can kneel upon it. Her eyes follow the antics of the new green arrival, her face gradullay becoming redder and redder. Suddenly, she noisily expels her breath and shakes her head, seeing spots in front of her eyes. "Breathe, Kit…" she states to herself.

"Looks like it will be the usual number of greens," Warik sighs. Too many. "Did you know, statistically, there are as many greens as every other color?" Just trying to get Indra's mind off the proceedings.

Eyes a stoney monument to this event, tresses of coppery waveryed hair cascading down her shoulders, Melissa near dancing on foot as heat seeps through her apparently not thick 'nuff soles of her shoes. She? Active? Depends…… Her jaw ajars slightly, another green tumbling to the sands, she pointing, "Look look!" index finger accusingly pointing towards twin greens, a smile so annoucned on her mouth, nearly splits ear to ear. Heel of her palm batting 'gainst side of her thigh,…

"Statistics, statistics: Warik, it's a /dragon/ hatching." Indra grows perturbed, turning for just a moment to grin towards Jillian. "Take a deep breath, Jillian, and just focus on the dragons.. Oh, the two greens are so lovely." The eggs, the dragons, the /sights/. She forgets her discomfort again, shown for just a moment in the nervous twitch of her steps.

Orb's attention is instantly caught by the other green, the one that looks really hungry, the way she always is. Scootching away from Torey's side, she pads a step closer, squeaking at touching the sand with her bare toes again.

Sharyn turns around to see a bunch of her white clad
fellow candidates go spilling onto the sands. That's not going to happen to her, you see, because she's making sure there are plenty of other candidates around her to keep her away from those creeling dragonets as they come out of their shells.

Violent Volcano Egg writhes and bubbles — more a motion undersurface than a fault of the shell or a cracking. True, a few striations appear, but nothing unusual. Shimmying and shaking grows more pronounced with every second, crimson surface fairly bubbling.

Munchings and Crunchings Green Dragonet sits a while amidst the shards of her egg, grasping the colorful piece in her hand and licking the inner dampness from it's surface. Tasty, but relatively unsatisfying.

Tellia raises a hand to point excitedly to the newest green. "Lookit! Another one!" The arm stays extended, even though the girl's gaze flickers around the Sands once more. Her one-track mind is elsewhere, and the arm is more comfortable than her feet, anyway…

Warik hrmphs. "Dragons are subject to the numbers and probabilities, just like everyone else." Neener.

Neola giggles softly, and bounces a little too, mostly from the heat.. Though, perhaps hyper as well. Yeah, Nee, the always hyper one. "Another green!" She calls out, though keeping voice just a tad lower then Torey's. Wouldn't do good to scare the draggies now, would it? "Two greens!"

Sparkle and Spunk Green Dragonet suddenly takes quick steps forward, reaching the candidate who speaks of statistics. With a huff, she makes an attempt to nudge him to one side, out of the way— don't distract that one! Moving past the young man, then, she lifts her eyes, letting go the tiniest of hunger-betraying creels as she inspects the other, the girl.

Azalea wobbles off-kilter, hangging onto Saera tightly while trying to loosen the falling Jillian's hold. "Erf…" By some miraculous feat, she manages to stay upright, half-bent to keep her arm from being dislodged. "Take it easy, Jilli!" Arm is yanked at vainly, but then she pauses, looking up at the new green. "Ooh…"

Sparkle and Spunk Green Dragonet pounces at the sand, letting her talons dig deep into the scorching stuff before she lifts her head, noticing something— someone. Glittery eyes in jewel tones fall upon one whose coloring is a dramatic as her own: vivid blue eyes, bright reddish hair, a glowing complexion. Taken with the candidate as beautiful as she, the young green darts forward, tail encircling slender ankles. Hers: Indra.
Saera quite nearly cracks the bones in Dayven and Azalea's hands as intense eyes center upon that dragonet, that /green/ - the spunky one. "Behave, Aza," she murmurs abstractedly, hefting the girl farther upright. "Is that one going to Warik? No…Indra? INDRA!" Piercing shriek, that. "INDRA!"

Only now does the heat of the sands begin to sink into Dayv's feet. He carefully lifts one foot off the sands…his gaze moving from dragonet to egg to candidate…To much to look at.

Nalisa leans forward a trifle, trying to get a better look at the dragonets. With astonishing grace, she manages to get some of that hot sand in her aptly named 'sand'-als. She winces, shaking the offending feet.

Warik is nudged aside by /her/! How rude— he knew he didn't like that one from the beginning. He lets the little green have Indra, but she has not heard the last of Warik, no sir! Of course! Her's'll be soon!

Erindahl gives his own robe a little tug as he glances down the row of Candidates, gaze following the spunky green's path. Indra? A smile flashes her way and a congratulatory wave, though he doubts she sees it.

Torey continues to bounce, up and down as she giggles, watching the dragon babies, no worry in her eyes as she chants in time to her bouncing "Welcome greens, welcome greens" over and over, and then giggles. "Hey! Con'gratu-fabulations." she calls towards Indra with a grin. "Whatser name?" she asks her friends.

Tynar glances over to Indra and agoes still himself. He steps back a little from her. Where's there's one Impression, there might be several, and for him, that seems so much like a death sentance right now.

"Warik, statistics don't matter, just enj—" What was /that/? Indra stares, her breath caught: Thoughts run faster, faster, faster, faster — "SAZUTH!" Her yell rends the air, her hands torn from Jillian and Warik's, her knees subjected to the dread heat of the sands: "/My/ Sazuth!"

Munchings and Crunchings Green Dragonet stands, wobbly at first upon her overlarge feet. She pauses to steady her legs beneath her and then begins to whuffle the shards upon the ground.

Rattling teeth in her jaws, uncertainity mounting in girl's eyes.. "INDRA!!" bubbling brightly, Melissa's eyes falling to the verdant creature at friend's feet, nearly giggling herself silly despite her nervous chattering teeth and knocking knee's… Star spangled look given glance towards the other candidate row, beaming.. "She impressed~" Near stupid answer, but geneuine….

Sharyn woohoos! And squeels, "Indra!" Ooops…but that's going to draw /way/ too much attention for herself. Again, another duck is made to make sure she's well withdrawn from all the attention.

Jillian doesn't take it easy. "INDRA! Goooooooo Indra! You did it! You /so/ did it! YESSS!" She doesn't bother to stand as she cheers wildly, all too deafeningly. "Sazuth! Congratulations, Ind! Yess! /YEEEESSS/!" Guess somebody's happy.

Quarith seems pleased with the choice, and she turns to crooning encouragement to her other green daughter. In the meanwhile, a blue and brown hatch and go off to their destiny. Quarith croons again: she has good children.

Tellia's mouth drops into an open-mouthed grin. "Indra!!!!" No more is said, but the look she gives is enough - chock full of congratulations… Blue eyes glance away and land on the still-outstretched hand, narrowing slightly in confusion. Maybe she should drop it?

Dayven doens't quite wince as his hand is squished…Suddenly his attention is caught by Indra and her new lifemate, his grin almost breaking his face.

Nalisa belatedly notes the first Impression of the evening. "Indra!" she cries, a bright smile sent her way. "And Sazuth! Congratulations, Indra!"

Kitessa blinks and shakes her head in wonderment. "There's so many-" she begins, and her eyes silently watch as the green dragonet makes her way for Indra. She beams as the name is revealed, and continues to smile as she makes her way towards her fellow Candidates.

Orb takes a hop forward, loosing one sandall and stepping on the hot sand, giving a yelp and hopping on one foot while trying to keep sight of the green. She manages to get her foot back in the sandall, then points and whispers over to TOrey, "I want that one.."

Azalea looks from green to Indra, Indra to… Sazuth. And then the little lightbulb finally goes on over her head. "Indra! Congratulations!" Her cries are lost in the multitude of cheers, but she hollers just the same, beaming.

Warik grumbles, "Well it's a pretty name." That's bound to be all anyone will get out of him ever again. He spares the new weyrlings a grin and trundles off to a new, less hectic, less green-infested spot to watch the goings-on.

Tropical Storm Egg twitches faintly, then falls still.

Munchings and Crunchings Green Dragonet finds nothing of note within the remains of her birthing place and begins to scour the sands for something to eat, her rumbling stomach urging her to greater speed.

S'cud can't help but smiling with pride as he slowly walks over to the newest member to the Weyr "Congratulations Indra, now if you and Sazuth will care to follow after me we'll go and get some food for your purty little friend over there.." he says, smiling as he patiently waits for Indra to get it all together.

Violent Volcano Egg is shaken by a crack, a crumble, a rock and a roll; the life within /definitely/ seems ready to leave the confines of the egg which imprisons it. Suddenly, an overlarge claw pokes through steaming reds, ripping its way down the side of the ovoid to split it neatly in two. As the shell splits and falls away, an overmuscled, bronzen form is revealed.

Fierce Lupine Protector Bronze Dragonet

Shadows and light: honeyed bronzes border time-worn gold, both hugging a massive frame that ripples thick with muscle and sinew. Chiseled features are detailed in a deep russet that turns black along his short neck and headknobs to taint them with an equal depth of color. Sizable from wing's canopy-like span to the flex of youthful muscles, his abbreviated torso strains to hold such bulk. Night-touched talons stretch overlong, sharp and curled with a metallic sheen that hints of deepest blue. Feral, stoic, loyal: he is every bit the bronze.
Torey giggles and looks over at Orb, still bouncing as she hangs onto Neola's hand. "Go teller." she dares, grin spreading across her face as she grins towards Orb. "I dare ya."

Neola meeps and ducks a little at all the shouts. Eep! Its /loud/! Hand is released for a moment as she reaches up to instinctively cover her ears, then moves back to quickly grasp it again. Not the easiest thing to do when she's bouncing all around, "Ooh.. The green 'pressed! Congrats!" She calls out, then focuses attention back to well.. The heat! Ow. *hop hop hop* Its hot!

Saera's voice drops to a throbbing whisper. "Indra. Sazuth. /First/." Who's next? It would be…bronze. Bronze. /Bronze/. "BRONZE!" Yep, she's found her voice once more.

"Idhra." Indra — Now Idhra — announces her new name, leading the drago— /Her/ dragonet, her Sazuth!, and follows where S'cud sends her. "Y-yes, sir. Sazuth, come this way.."

Orb blinks, but can't back down from a dare. SHe bites her lip and turns to look out at the green, then cups her hands at her mouth and yells out to the dragon, "I want you!" Breaking into giggles and a blush, she scoots behind Torey, hoping no one saw her do that.

Dayven finally turns back to the eggs, his breath catching in his throat as he sees the new ones. He finally manages to murmer, ‘Aye…He's a bronze.'

Amerasuth lets out an enourmously loud croon of approval, her first bronze of the clutch, and what a beauty!

Tellia drops her arm a moment, then pulls it up again, this time pointing to the new bronze. "A bronze! Isn't that good luck?" Her voice is a bit high and light-headed. The heat or the excitement? Or both?

Tynar blinks and glances over towards the eggs again, gaze torn from Indra and the green. What's that one moving there.. bronze? He learned enough about dragons to know that Bronzes choose males and males only. He glances over to his other candidates and surely hopes that it's for one of them, not him.

"Congrats" Melissa calls a second pass, while bronze catches her eye momentarily.. Melting back to the white bland line, her eyes of azure fleeting a glance this way and that, searching for slumberish green, almost hint of panic to her eyes to see where that little lass has gone…

Nalisa oohs softly at the entrance of the bronze, even though bronzies are not for girlies. She nods to Tellia, grinning. "Yah, I think so."

Annalysa strides gracefully out onto the sands.

Jillian grabs Warik's hand. Jillian's /not/ gonna have a hand just hanging there. "Look. At. Them." Azalea's is reached for again and swung along with the other, and she fairly jumps for joy — for the joy of her friend. "I can't believe it! Idhra," she murmurs wistfully.

Annalysa runs out onto the sands, her eyes wide and out of breath. HOw could she sleep through such thrumbing? She pulls at the shoulders of her robe and bows quickly to the golds, hoping they aren't too angry with her. She then turns her eyes to the eggs and hatchlings.

Warik nearly squeaks as there's suddenly a bronze in place of the large, molten egg. "Shards, he's a.. big one." Wark isn't terribly articulate right now; that manly thing is very not him. It might make him do— gasp!— physical labor. And so he's just going to duck being Tynar for this one. "You can have him," he whispers.

Sharyn takes a peek over someone's shoulder. "Hey! There's another green!" She isn't quite as timid as she was as just way too much is happening around her.

Annie goes through the usual motions of 'oohing' and 'aahing' as various dragonet hatch and impress. As the first green finds her true love, the goldrider smiles faintly.

Fierce Lupine Protector Bronze Dragonet stretches his antique-gold maw and issues a trumpet in oddly scratchy tones, eyes a ferocious red as he pounces forward, oversharp talons raking furrows in the sand.

Munchings and Crunchings Green Dragonet looks to her mother, disappointed in what she can find upon the sands. She lets out a dismayed creel, heading for a gaggle of eggs in hopes of finding a delectable delight within them.

Torey giggles at one of her best friends, unable to help herself as she looks behind her and then pulls her out of hiding. "Comeon out." she says with a grin, though still bouncing, not even noticing the heat beneath her feet… they don't touch the ground long enough.

Elle saunters with the best of 'em out onto the sands.

Azalea grins after departing Idhra and Sazuth, only to miss the newest arrival — bronze. But Saera next to her won't exactly let her forget it. Ears ringing, she turns to look, and the eyes go wide. "Ooh, he's handsome," she murmurs softly, and gives Saera and Jillian's hands each a small squeeze.

Tynar glances over at Warik and blinks a little. He shakes his head, glancing back towrads the bronze, "It's.. no thanks, I'm ok." Really, he's barely capable of standing, as nervous as he is now, forgetting even the heat working at searing his feet.

Erindahl is torn between watching dragonets, eggs, and Candidates, head swiveling with effort. A steadying hand is placed on his temple as he focuses — straight ahead — and spies the newest arrival. Again, his jaw drops.

Dayven rocks from foot to foot, chewing on his lower lip nervously. After a moment he glances over at Saera and past her to Azalea, 'Indeed he is.'

Saera's grip never eases as she glares after the green. "No, no, no - we're /this/ way," she protests mightily. "This way. Over here." Azalea receives a golden-brown wink and an impish grin. "That's my bronze," she tells the Harper lass with puffed chest and a finger pointing to the bronze ribbons threading through her pert braids.

Tellia giggles softly, arm moving back to the green. She's doing a lot of pointing today… "Why's it going back to the eggs? You're supposed to come out /here/, silly green!" Even the last sentence is spoken rather softly compared to the noise of the entire crowd, but maybe someone'll hear it anyway…

"Ooh, and a bronze!" Neola suddenly squeaks, watching with wide eyes and letting out a soft sigh, "He's beautiful! But.. I can't have em." She whispers, pouting almost, though she keeps eyes on /him/. Ooh.. Bronze! Her favorite. Well, sorta. "He's just beautiful!"

Orb steps out slowly and giggles, "Uh uh.. she's pretty." Turning her eyes back to the other dragons, she leans closer and whines, there's so many of them and so little of her.. she wants them all.

"No, really, he would suit you far better." Don't ask how, but anything that smacks of 'time spent in real live sunlight' like that thing is not Warik's style.

*sniff* sniff* Almost a faint scent of fruit.. or fish… odd scent burnishes to the gown of smithlass… she hopping no one will spot that little stain near the bottom… Melissa, more than torn, is brought to look towards Saera, giggling.. " Cute little thing, aren't they?" Running fingers 'twixe her robe, rocking back and forth hypnotically on her heels to the balls of her feet..

Munchings and Crunchings Green Dragonet makes a frantic dash across the sands, a rumbling stomach prodding her to a quick decision and confusion spurred by a flurry of unending white. However, one stands out from the common mass with her doe-shaped moonstone eyes and sable locks. Forward motion impeded by the splay of oversized wings and unstable limbs, the young green trips, splaying out upon the sands before the northern woman before she lifts large eyes in loving adoration. A gentle croon entreats the one — her hero and master — her Jillian.
Over to the far side of the sands, a trio of eggs hatch, spilling forth three near-identical greens. They head off in a pack, looking for their lifemates.

Fierce Lupine Protector Bronze Dragonet stalks through the dunes, slinking low to the ground — ever the fierce hunter is he. Vermillion eyes roll o'er each male, taking in every detail with his all-seeing gaze. A tongue flickers 'cross his muzzle and he continues, pausing only briefly to sniff the air with his stout muzzle.

Annalysa pads across the sands towards the standing candidates, her bare feet gingerly stepping across the sands. She keeps quiet as she peers over one of their shoulders at the hatchlings. She begins to shift from foot to foot as jillian Impresses and she gives a loud shout. "Congrats Jillian!!!" She smiles as her feet in the sands again, gingerly ofcourse..

Torey giggles and shrugs. "True, buuuut, least they aren't all bronze." she offers, in an attempt at reassurance towards Neola. "Cides, there's that green one out there that Orbie wants." she notes, pointing out towards her at just the wrong, or is that right, moment. "Oh, um… never mind." she says a might belatedly before screaching over a "Congratulationaldilliocus!" towards Jillian. Eh, she likes making up her own words. "Whod'ya think the bronze'll go for?" she asks her friends. Nope, no worry 'round her.

Tellia sends the same look and grin toward Jilli that
he had to Indra before. "Jillian! Congrats!"

Silver Flames Egg rolls in it's disrupting rumble, fumbling out of it's little divit in the sands to join the others. Another tremor is let loose before the blooming bud inside the storm rests at ease.

Nalisa calls out delightedly, "Jillian! Congratulations!"

Tynar glances over towards where the other green makes a move towards the group, movement catching his eye. He looks up at Jillian and smiles a little, then back towrads the eggs, biting at his lower lip, hoping in his head.

Dayven tilts his head slightly as he watches the progress of the bronze…almost missing Jillian's Impression. Only the excited shouts draws his attention and again he beams. "Congrats!" He calls out…whether she hears him is another matter.

"TA-BE-RUTH!!" Jillian dances, she sings, she leaps — she falls to her knees, wrapping her arms around her fallen Taberuth and placing a big, wet smooch on the green's snout. "Taberuth! You're hungry! How could that happen? You need food right away. Come on, get up, dumpling, you're going to be alright. Taberuth!" She tries the name once more, adding on her own — "And Lli!"

Orb turns her head back to Torey and giggles, "The bronze looks scary.. he'll go for that boy who was picking up whole tables." She forgot the name, but he was kind enough to help her move her bubblies. Turning back to the dragons, she squeaks and almost yells, "Congratbubblies!"

C'ran strides out onto the sands, offering his arm to Jillian "Congratulations dragonrider, welcome to Ista weyr. If you'll just accompany me we'll get some eats for your new lifemate."

Azalea grins back at the Herder. "Looks like he is, ya," she answers, and turns to the approaching green. "J-Jiiiiiliiiiii?" Jaw drops, making any further attempts at conversation indecipherable. "Buh… congra-thi—er, congratulations!" She beams then, dropping the girl's hand. These guys are dropping right and left. Her empty hand hangs there, half-extended, in hopes some candidate wandering around without a friend should choose to grab it.

Sharyn is twirled around in all the excitement but she doesn't miss Jillian impressing. "Congrats, Jillian," she squeels, again. She might as well forget about hiding in this mess. Besides, who'd noticed?

"JILLIAN!" The sleeper-in-the-buff, the unshameful-Weyrbred-lass —— Saera indulges in a wordless whoop of pure joy. "Taberuth," she murmurs.

Melissa 's gaze is snagged by pewter and silverish rolling of shell and sparked white glittering 'long shell of next rocking egg, breaking gaze from egg 'nuff to shout a congradulations towards her friends, "Congrats Jillian!!" Hand tossed to the air estatically in a moment's breach, retreating down to her side just as quick…

Neola pouts slightly, eyes still on the bronze before movement catches her eye.. Ooh, egg moves! Her egg! Well, sorta. Her favorite anyhow, "Ooh, lookie!" She whispers, lightly poking friend beside her as she points to the Silver Flames Egg, "It moved!"

Quarith just rumbles in pleasure as another one of her daughters — Taberuth — finds her lifemate. Saria, too, has a smile on her face as the two find each other.

Dayven murmers softly,'Taberuth…Beautiful name.' Is there such a thing as an ugly name?

Warik applauds politely for Jillian, grinning toothily from ear to ear. "She looks nice." /Nicer/ he would say, but there's no need to bother Indra about her new baby; he can do that later! "Taber.. Taberuth. That one is a lovely one, eh?" Question directed at anyone in the melee, really.

Erindahl snaps his mouth shut and grimaces at the taste of sand against his palate. Ugh. Brows raise as another impression is made, gaze slipping from bronze hide to the newest impressee. A broad smile curls as he spies Jillian and Taberuth.

Nalisa nods in quiet agreement with Dayven. "Beautiful, absolutely… Taberuth." She smiles. "And perfect for Jillian."

Torey is just the cheerleader of the candies, bouncing and calling out congratulations this way and welcomes that way, eyes following the bronze at one moment, and paired pairs at the other. Up, down, up goes the Torey as she bounces hyperly, giggling with her friends as she watches the goings on.

Fierce Lupine Protector Bronze Dragonet makes the rounds still. Nose held high, eyes dangerously blood-red. He's silent now, catfooting 'cross the sands even with those glinting, oversharp claws of his. Muscles tense and relax as he's about to pounce…then stops. He's not it. But wait…towards a lone stander he ambles, then turns away. Where *is* he?

Silver Flames Egg can't stand the heat any longer than the Candidates can; crown of stormy lavender bulging. Rolling around restlessly upon it's base, the egg presents its front before pausing for the last time.

Kitessa smiles a little as she leaves Erindahl's speechless side to make her way to Azalea. When she reaches the girl, she smiles shyly, her expression hooded as she holds out a hand. "Got a spare hand?" she asks.

Lli — formerly Jillian — gently guides her angelic munchkin, her Taberuth, following C'ran. "Please hurry, she's very hungry, she's going to /starve/ any minute now, and then where will I be?" she gushes.

Warik is a good hider, yup, bright, white form cowering— er, /lounging/— behind Tynar. "Who /is/ he looking for?" None of his stats can help him now, mua ha!

Dayven nods his head as he watches the pair proceed off. His gaze moves across the other candidates before he looks back at the dragonets, his expression warming as he watches.

Tynar glances over towards his fellow candidates, thenback towards the eggs. He shakes his head and turns around, blinking at Warik, "What're you doing? I.." He looks a little flabbergasted at Warik being behind him, and lounging, no less.

If it's hiding that you want, Sharyn's the girl you should be watching…or not watching because she's found a place behind one of the eggs that isn't rocking so she can see the action but not be seen herself.

Fierce Lupine Protector Bronze Dragonet knows what he wants…it's just a matter of narrowing it down. His massive, yet agile bulk slinks past a few boys, then picks up speed and he comes to a stop, eyes raising to a single, equally as strong face…

Tellia has suddenly gone quiet, hand slowly falling toward her side. That bronze can't come for her - it's against the rules! Instead, her attention is focused on the rocking eggs, quietly watching the patch of ovals and switching from foot to foot.

Torey doesn't want to hide… and so stays quite in view, though the heat does seem to finlly at least be felt by her and her bouncing, her hair sticking to her neck and forehead as she hops.

Dayven almost seems to hold his breath as the bronze stops….hand tightening around Saera in a death grip.

Char sighs, rocking from foot to foot as she adjusts her collar, sweat dripping from her forehead. Breath, dear, it's good for your health. With that thought, she grins. At least she gets to wear boots.

Eyes teeter this way and that, lifting her chin slightly to take peek at those candidates hidding.. Hey… wha? That's Melissa's job! Melissa's hands silently plant on her hips, casting an actual look of redemting curiosity in her eyes. Coppery strand of hair punished and swished back with flick of her hand, resettling on her hip montarily,.. Breath girl. Breath. Eyes some how lock with that of silvery egg, trying to predict what little bundle of dragon-hyperness will appear next.

Fierce Lupine Protector Dragonet stops rather suddenly in his tracks, eyes lidding slightly into narrow slits as he lifts his gold-touched muzzle to sniff the air. His muscles bunch into tight cords and he lunges directly toward the feet of Erindahl, eyes widening in wonder and joy as their minds collide.
Tynar glowers at his fellow candidate, nervousness forgotten a moment. He hmmfs and turns around, as soon as his gaze is back on the eggs, his nervousness starts returning. Looking about, he wonders..w here is that Bronze now?

Silver Flames Egg rolls forward, almost tumbling over itself with the energy — the heart — that is held within its angry embrace. Another struggle ensues beneath the mass of murk-ridden lavender, and the egg seems to rumble its protest. Along the silver dagger shooting from the crown the life of the storm bursts forth, ripping through with a tremendous crack; it deposits a form still shimmering from the storm within the shell.

Look Into The Locket Blue Dragonet

Vivacious cornflower flanks underlay the dribble of shining sapphire then settle amongst blotches of contrasting pearl at the tops of oversized paws. Scintillating talons accent wisps of glacial ice frosting his ample muzzle and the elongated wave of stiff neckridges, a fizzle of bold cerulean all but camouflaged underneath. His bulging headknobs adorn the same latticed cornsilk as peacock wings hide within their vastness. Spellbinding shades trace over that thin torso and wallow down his equally shallow tail to be opposed by dapples of celestial platinum.

Saera stills, going silent, statuesque - "/Erindahl/." The name is breathed out, sigh-soft, eyes wide and…fearful? A convulsive swallow and lips tighten as she turns resolutely back to the clutch, eyes distant with thought.

Warik almost squeals; not him! Not that he doesn't want one, but he'll be scorched is /that's/ his style. "Good job, Erin!"

Annie catches sight of a bronze impressing. A mental conversation with Serath ensues.

Those /Sands/… hop, switch, hop, switch, piff, poff, oy oy oy… Those cute little Nalisa-feet are about ready to die out here. Still, she watches the bronze intently, face breaking into a grin as he chooses Erindahl. "Erin! Congratulations!"

Earth's Wrath Egg suddenly goes from lazy flickering to the burst of all out flame, the egg itself jarred from its nesting place, teetering a moment before burnt ember rolls out across the heated sands, threatining to burn it all. Though from the heat, one might think its job already accomplished.

Tynar glances over towards Erindahl, relaxing a bit, audibly sighing. He even smiles a little, scooting back and lounging back with Warik.

Vivian leans against her gold, giving her as tight as hug as one can give so massive, they both look on proudly as their baby Bronze chooses his one and only.

Kitessa's mouth widens into a delighted grin as the bronze waddles up to Erindahl, and she cups her hands to her mouth. Totally out of character, she yells, "I /knew/ you'd get bronze!" Whether or not he heard doesn't matter much..the thought is there.

Erindahl sucks in a deep breath as he stares back at the bronze, "You're… " He drops to a knee, a brilliant smile breaking through the confusion, "His name is VERJATH!"

Sharyn's heart catches in her throat. "Oooo…look at that blue." She inches her way out from behind the egg she's hiding behind to watch a little closer.

Lyne tosses a wink towards Char, murmuring: "No blues yet." Yet she speaks too soon as one is left upon the sands. A broad smile on her face, she begins to approach Erindahl with soft eyes. "He's a beautiful bronze. Once you two are ready, you can follow me to the sides." Not wanting to rush, she waits for him.

Annalysa seems to nearly bounce for joy at Erindahl's Impression.. such a nice kid, and now with a strong dragon. Her feet have long been forgotten as she waves estatically at the new pair. "COnGraTSS!"

Torey oooooohs as she catches glimps of spellbinding blue in between the mounds of dark, hot sand. "Loookie, looookie." she squeels, tugging on her friends's sleeves. "Lookie, isn't he gorgeous? He's blue." And everyone thought she was bouncing before.

Huh? Congrats are being given? Oh.. Oh! Bronze 'pressed! And… Not to her, but well, ah well. "Congrats!" Neola nearly screams to new bronzerider. Ooh.. Bronze. She's gonna watch that one, yeah. Bronzes are best, mostly anyhow. "Whats his nam- oh! Verjath… Very nice!"

Jesha hops up and down, tears streamin' down her immaculately clean cheeks (!?) as she sees her Sevareth's firstborn choose his lifemate. "Oh, *Sev*. You're so wonderful..and what a wonderful NAME!"

Melissa blinks slightly, her egg, one she was able to touch rocks.. Scalet and Verdant shell makes her heart jump to her throat, momentarily, only to regain her sense of someone impressing.. "Erin? Erin! /ERIN/! WHO.. Congrats!" Nearly brimming with laughter before shooting a look to Saera with a grin, .. "Nervous?" Only to see a blue appear next, but none get the attention as much as that hope in chertuse and russet egg..

Orb watches the dragons slowly pair off, poking Torey's shoulder as she whispers, "What one is for me?" Her eyes dart between them, giggling at the bronze, then spotting a small green and gasping.. another lovely dragon, and it's hungry.. wait, she's hungry too.

Left. Right. Left. Right. Hop. Hop. Tellia jumps from foot to foot, trying to hide the pained expression from her face. Right. Left. "Whoops!" The girl misses one step and topples over, bumping lightly into Nalisa, who hopefully has her own feet firmly planted…

Warik rolls his 'r' in a quiet, "Verrrrjath," smirking. He and Erindahl definitly fit. "Oooh, and what's the new one over there?" He can't see for Tynar, but wasn't that the point?

Dayven doesn't pause more than a moment before he calls out a hearty congrats. "Way to go Erindahl!'

Look Into The Locket Blue Dragonet blinks turquios blue eyes at the sudden brightness the world produces for him before he looks about his surroundings. Realizing that the ebon sands are the cause for his rear to burn, he stands up — however wobbly that motion appears to be. An immidiate creel is let fly as his disproportionate paws give way beneath him and he plows into the sand once again.

Tynar glances to Warik and sighs again. The bronze didn't choose him. Very good. He glances to the eggs and tips his head, "Blue, I think."

Nalisa eeps at the collision with Tellia, barely missing the chance to tip over in front of alla those nice folks in the Stands. She holds out a steadying hand. "You okay, Tel?"

Saera takes a deep breath to assuage the sudden stomach-tightness. Her light's gone out, and she watches the blue with toneless eyes. That spark needs a soft breath to fan it into life again.

Dayven glances over at Saera…then leans close so that she can hear him, 'You doing okay?'

Kitessa once more holds her breath as she spies her favourite egg begin to rock and roll. One hand is clenched into the sand, nervously gripping, the other still outstretched to Azalea, to which Kitessa seems oblivious.

"Erindahl! Verjath!" A puppet on the Sands, Azalea has been reduced to echoing names and hopping in the timeless candidate dance, still gripping hard onto Saera's hand, jerking as if controlled by an amateur puppeteer. "Looks like that's not your bronze," she says softer to the Herder, "but maybe the next one'll be even better-looking, and that'll be yours?" She glances at the stumbling blue, and her expression falters a little.

Tellia nods slightly, eyes widening even /more/ as her mouth drops into a slight gasp. "Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry about that, Nali!" Grasping the girl's hand, she stands upright again, shifting her weight much more lightly now…

Quarith glances once toward Saria, seeking assurance as she continues to hover over her numerous eggs.

Warik ooh's quietly, musing. "Buh-loo, buh-loo." Oops, looks like the heat is getting him. Like it wasn't before.

Torey ohs and ouches, "Get up." she says under her breath, watching the little blue, brown eyes watching that perfect color. "Wonder where he's going." she says softly, though… of course he's coming for her, right?

Tynar glances to Warik and shakes his head, even chuckling a little, "Are you ok?"

Tropical Storm Egg falls to its side after a particularly violent shake, but then it is still again.

Earth's Wrath Egg rolls untill its smacks against one of its siblings, and the fire crackles, little hair line splinters forming over the surface, though its not enough for an explosion. But a definate compression can almost be felt as this egg stops, going silent and still.

Nalisa grins at Tellia, "It's okay. Just be ready to catch me when /I/ fall," she adds with a wink.

A slow, controlled nod is Saera's answer to Dayven as she fixes her eyes on a patch of empty sand. Uh - bronze? Right. She /really/ wanted that bronze. Uh-huh.

Look Into The Locket Blue Dragonet tilts his head back to observe his humongously big golden mother — his eyes wide with the reguard before he croons lightly. Regaining his stature once again, he begins to amble around an egg that wishes to hide him only to find rows upon rows of white people. Blink.

Blinding Ice Storm Egg idly tilts about in the sands, not the most active or flamboyent egg, but a part of the world to be sure.

Warik smirks, shaking sweaty bangs out of his eyes. "Have I ever been?" Thoughtful eyes blink. "No… don't answer that. It's just so /warm/." Wow, he's good with the understatements.

Kitessa blinks as the egg stops moving, her gaze momentairily worried. She glances around the sands to Candidate friends, wondering if any of them has noticed, and then shifts her gaze to the assorted riders, wondering if they're concerned.

Tellia sends a feeble grin toward Nalisa. "Don't fall on me! We'll probably /both/ tumble to the Sands - and those are /hot/!" Despite her conversation with Nali, the girl's eyes are really still on the eggs, flickering from one to the next to the next in a never-ending loop.

Earth's Wrath Egg shivers faintly, gathering strength before the explosion. Shaking morphs to quaking, as tiny fragments of shell flake away from the whole, cascading onto the sands in a dusty shower. Abruptly, all stops — a pregnant pause — and there is the unstoppable eruption as purple-slashed shell is torn asunder with the power of the creature within. Wrath is shattered by strength — a strength that is drenched from talon to pinion to muzzle with sticky goo and those few remaining egg shards.

Heavenly Might Brown Dragonet

Sunlight's brilliant warmth casts its radiant beam, burnishing a golden brown bulk with relentless might. Scintillating topaz glints bespeckle his stately muzzle and dust heavy eyeridges; they are fiery sparks upon a field of sullied amber that dissipates down the length of his hardy neck. Burgeoning muscles ripple magnificently over a youthful form, adding robust swells to an extraordinary length crested with trenchant gilt-streaked ridges. Body's tawny richness shimmers with honeyed browns, blanching to an ivory-veined khaki along a rounded belly, gradually fading to a sun-bleached teak at talons' hardened crescent, tail's spade tip, and wings' distant point. Sturdy spars — splayed rays of ethereal gold — set expansive canopy of gossamer-thin fingersails, further building upon this gentle giant's august appearance.

Annalysa suddenly looks down at her feet.. and squeeks in dismay. She plops down on her bottom to give her poor souls a break. Her eyes are drawn to the crooning blue before she has a moment to think, and slowly begins to roast as she smiles at the hatchlings.. and the new brown?!?

Neola blinks a moment, eyes finally, reluctantly, turning from bronze and new rider to her egg- er.. dragon? Blue? Ooh. Pretty. But then, attention is caught as another egg moves, moves, then stops. "Ooh, look at that one." She whispers, blinking though at Torey's 'Get up' and turning back to blue, "Oh.. He fell? But he's purty.. Maybe he's yours?"

Sharyn trips on a loose sandle strap and goes sprawling. "Eeeep!" A quick look to make sure she isn't going to get trampled and she's back to her feet only to loose sight of the blue when a brown cracks loose from its shell.

Dayven gives Saera's hand a gentle squeeze, his gaze following the blue…his smile returning as he watches,'He's a cutie…don't you think?' He pauses as he sees the brown…ohing softly.

Quarith's croons grown louder as a healthy, strong young brown impresses from one of her precious eggs. Eyes aswirl with blues and greens, she looks every bit the proud mother.

Blinding Ice Storm Egg wobbles to the left and wobbles to the right, but doesn't really seem to be getting into the whole hatching thing, at least not yet, for now he's content to make his way about in his little spot unobtrusively.

Near ample supply of worry builds in the pit of poor girl's stomach, that and jumping like bloody fool doesn't help either… "Look!" Cast iron look tossed to those neareat to her, Melissa nearly pulling one candidate aside just to point out the dragons. As brown breaks lose, she tilts her head, coppery locks ringing 'long her shoulders…

Tynar glances to Warik again and chuckles a little, shaking his head softly. He glances back towards the dragonets, biting his bottom lip again. He doesnt' really think that anything other than a bronze would chose him, since that's what people have told him again and again, but they're still dragons, and that could mean trouble.

Look Into The Locket Blue Dragonet nods with mounting confidence as he passes the rocking egg to be brought upon a batch of the white clad ones. A sniff is sent towards one of the hopefuls before he's released with a disdainful shake of his head. Innocence portrayed within his glowing eyes is sent towards another grouping as he begins towards them.

Orb whines softly as the green impresses to someone else, then turns her head back to catch sight of the brown hatching, her eyes going wide as she tugs hard on Torey's robe, "I can have that one? He'd carry alot of bubblies!"

Tellia's lips purse into a soft 'oooh' sound. "It's a brown," she states, tugging on Nalisa's hand again. "See? A brown!" One hand starts to point, but is drawn back hastily. Remember what happened /last/ time she started pointing at things?

Torey turns a bright grin on Neola as she nods. "Of course." she giggles, confindent as always though she takes a peek at the brown as well and gives the appropriate, and well deserved 'ooh's' and 'ahh's' before turning ack towards the blue. "Comeon.. o'er here." she calls in that 'pup-dog calling' voice used to call canine's to one side. "Come to Torey." Eeps, but that sand is /hot/ and so she bounces again… it's easier.. and cooler.

Kitessa's mouth drops open as the most splendid brown she could possible imagine emerges. Her whole body is rigidly tense, as she watches his every movement, her attention rivited. She bites her bottom lip hard, and finally winces slightly, running her tongue lightly over the slight depression left.

Warik's head swirls with dragonhide rainbows, which seems a little more than the poor little Healer can handle. "Oooh.. they're all so.." What's the word, what's the word? ".. colorful." Gee, why isn't Wark a Harper with such elegant language?

Dayven pulls lightly on Saera's hand pointing towards the brown,'Look' He whispers.

Blinding Ice Storm Egg might be getting a touch more interested, the shaking of the shell growing more involved with every passing moment, still not one to catch the attention of the audience, but a respectable showing none the less.

Annie watches: blue, brown, green, bronze. All the colors parade past, and she keeps an eye on the hatchlings, curious.

Annalysa shifts to sitting on her knees, her eyes dancing over the image of the brown and laughing with glee. "That one looks like he just came out of the oven like a loaf of bread!" She blinks.. realizing she said it out loud and blushes..

Tynar looks to Warik again and chuckles softly, shaking his head, "Just 5 colors. You should know them by now." He smiles and settles back, shifting his feet, trying to relax a little, or rather, doing so as dragon after dragon doesn't choose him.

Nalisa nods, admiring the newest little brown. "Lovely, Tel, a wonderful fellow. Wonder who he'll pick." Hop, step, piff, poff. What silly sounds the Sands make under her sandals!

Neola bounces as well, just now noticing the heat again and grinning as eyes happen to light on little brown, "Ooh, that brown's purty!" She whispers, giving Orb a grin and giggling softly, "You want him?" She asks, giggling again at Tors's puppy-calling, "Call him to you then, like her. Maybe you'll get him?"

Orb blinks at Neola, then ohs softly and nods. SHe cups her hands over her mouth and starts to call out to the dragon, calling him like she'd call a.. bubbly? "Here dwaggie dwaggie.. we want you!"

Look Into The Locket Blue Dragonet provides a comical squint for the crowd to view as he stops hesitantly along his meandering path. Innocence is portrayed on his glacial visage as he gazes questioningly towards a candidate of the female variety. A lovely, aerial croon is made towards the Harper with auburn-waved hair, glittering dusty green eyes, and those peculiarly arched eyebrows. This woman is soon shrouded within peacock-patterned wings as he claims his, and only his, Azalea.

Saera irritably shakes Dayven's hand. "Stoppit." Mutinous eyes remain fixed upon the motionless Sands before she sucks in a deep breath and allows tempestuous gaze to rise to the brown and the blue. Seems neutrality is replaced by - "/Azalea?/" Yep, people /Impress/ on the sands. She shakes her hand free, eye-widening.

"Six colors!" Warik corrects. A Records-monger like Wark would know. "Oooh.. did he just snag Azalea? That little blue? He was pretty. And buh-loo."

Tropical Storm Egg remains very, very still. While it moved earlier, it refuses to now.

Tellia passes Nali a sidelong glance before her attention is drawn by another Impression. Cupping her hands around her mouth, she calls out her congratulations: "GOOOOOO Azalea!"

Torey grins and continues on. She turns around and grins. "Hey, it worked with fish, and it works with Cheri, why not?" she asks, full or giggles as she turns around to continue her puppy-calling of the purdy blue. But she watches him, and blinks, and then grins. "Maaaybe not that one." Nope, just not yet. "Congratulations Azalea!" Her's is still waiting, that's all.

Dayven follows the progress of the blue, a broad beam fills his face as Azalea impresses. He offers Saera a very sheepish smile as he lets go, 'But did you see that brown?'

Azalea glances briefly at the brown, then back to the blue again: he's moving. A concerned glance is next in order, up to Saera. "Sae?" She's gotten awful quiet all of a sudden. "You okay? Look, I'll betcha that egg over there's a bronze… did it just wiggle?" She stops, then, dropping the Herder's hand, and goes quiet. Dropping slowly to her knees, she reaches out, and murmurs, "M-Me?" Throat is cleared, and she says louder, "His name is Dezaith!"

Heavenly Might Brown Dragonet lifts his head as he spills from his egg, a bit disoriented, but it passes quickly for he sees he has an audience to impress. Sure footed he takes a step twords the masses of white robes, the trips on his tail and flails nose deep into the sands, his large wings smacking into a sibling egg on either side and rolling them off to smack audibly against two more eggs.

Annalysa jumps up and waves to Aza.. fighting the urge to run and hug her. "Yes! Great! Congrats Aza, Dear!!!" She smiles, and finds that jumping.. doesn't quite burn as much as standing..

Char grins as she watches the blue Impress, waiting for congratulations to die off before stepping forward, nodding to Azalea. She'll wait for the girl to catch her breath.

Sharyn jumps up and down. Yes, she's jumping up and down. "Azalea! You've got a blue!" Duh.

Eyes, opened beyond their limits, "Congrats Azalea!" She calls, giggling slightly with the pretense of impression on the girl's hand.. Melissa's shoulders roll back in a near mild shrug, shifting once and again as heat wavers to cook her feet..

Blinding Ice Storm Egg can't hold it in, this is really too much, alright maybe it can be held in, but only with much effort as rocking becomes pronounced enough that those close might even see it.

"That's pretty: Dezaith," Annie mumbles absently to a greenrider next to her.

Nalisa calls out her congratulations to Aza, bouncing up and down. "Congratulations, Azalea! And Deziath—how lovely!"

Tellia's mouth drops open, eyes wincing for the tiny brown (well, if you can consider dragons tiny…). "Oh!" is all that escapes through her sympathetic gaze, however.

Warik wrinkles his nose and gives the stormy egg a stern, almost paternal glare. Besides, he was kind of partial to that one. "Dezaith," he giggles. "Such lovely names this time.. not that the aren't always lovely." Good save.

Tynar blinks at Warik, "Six?" That's news to him. He spares a glance towards the eggs, then towards Azalea, and the dragon in front of her.

Kitessa manages to break free from her gaze of the dragonets to jerk as Azalea Impresses right beside her. She is about to clap her friend on the back, when the brown trips, to her horror. "Oh..no!" she almost moves towards him to help, but stops herself and merely watches with concerned eyes.

Lyne's jaw can't help but drop down as she watches her friend Impress to a blue, of all colors. "Aza!!" The Harper-turned-bluerider almost yells about the bruhaha as her eyes sparkle, delighted.

Warik gives Tynar one of those 'duh!' looks. "Of course. The white one. Come on, you can't say you haven't heard the story." Or at least he hasn't memorized all the statistical impossibilities it represented.

Blinding Ice Storm Egg twirls a half turn, the eggs are a rockin and this hatchlings come a knockin, with just a little more convincing it might be time…

Dayven blinks as the brown falls, trying deperately not to chuckle..That most definetely would not be a nice thing to do…nope nope.

Ayrina nudges D'rik and points. "We'll have trouble with that one." Another point, "That one will be mucking couches to all hours…" Another point, "That one will will probably be grounded until the dragon's too old to fly…" And another point…and another…and another….

D'rik laughs softly, "Yes I know what you mean Ayrina. But you'll keep them in line."

Char chuckles, motioning for the newly impressed pair to join her. "Congratulations Azalea. Follow me to the side, please."

Tynar glances to Warik again, nodding, "Oh.. I see." He glances over towards the dragons again, sparing a glance to Ayrina as he sees her motioning over across the Sands.

Saera clings desperately to Dayven's hand once more - everybody's /gone/. "Slick it," she manages to gasp out. "Why won't they Hatch and Impress and get it /over/ with?"

Heavenly Might Brown Dragonet rights himself and shakes his maw of sand, sitting back on his rump and pulling his wings in tight. He, ahh… didnt do that. No, not him! Confidence returns, if a little put on, and he goes striding forward, head held high, and feet carefully placed.

Tropical Storm Egg is remarkable among its siblings: it doesn't move. Quarith virtually ignores it.

Sharyn nods to Saera. "I know what you mean." She looks at her robe which is just clinging to her with swe…perspiration. "It hot," she mumbles as she wavers between fear and being just flat uncomfortable, again.

Azalea breathes slowly, in and out. Yes, we remembered after all. "I… right." she answers, looking up at Char before getting slowly to her feet again, dropping a hand reassuringly to the — to her — blue. "C'mon… Dezaith," she murmurs, speaking the name reverantly as the pair trudge off to the side as instructed.

Blinding Ice Storm Egg needs only encouragement to get down. Egg shells fall away as a mountain crumbling after time takes its inescapable toll. The peaceful, unobtrusive egg disappears into the sands to reveal a twitching, kinetic dragonet endowed with a hide of the darkest bronze.

Introspective and Informed Bronze Dragonet

Burnished copper intermingles with darkest bronze over a flowing torso; it is large and bulky, overrun with a thick musculature. Never
one who could be called sleek in shape or form, his short — nearly blunt — coal black muzzle ends abruptly, clashing into the wan hide where large, expressive eyes settle. Pale flesh lasts only a moment, however, before it slips back into the stygian darkness. The remainder of his padded body hides beneath gargantuan wings of mottled umber and cinnabar; the appendages are nearly long enough to drag the ground when not in flight. A rare unfurling, though, reveals the glitter of polished bronze that touches torso, belly, and limb.

Dayven's chuckles die away as the brown rises..only to blink at the new bronze…eyes widening as he looks between the two.

Quarith sights a bronze impressing from one of her eggs, and she nudges her lifemate, Saria, making sure that the woman sees what she has created.

Standing unlinked, Melissa looks bit blankly towards the others, her eyes darting to look downwards in a bit dreery sigh,… As egg presses to fall in to the crowds, and dumps a bronze to the sands, she can't help but look 'way, towards those 'bout still unhatched… That brown gaining a sliver of her attention, peeking to peer at the brown's teetering, and where it could possibly lead.

"'Oh I see,' he says," Warik sighs, gingerly shuffling toasted feet he has just now noticed. "I'd forgotten how long these things take. They have to be sooo picky." Then again, when one picks a lifemate, it is probably fairly involved.

Silvera sweeps out onto the sands.

Raging Wildfire Egg begins to burn with an inner fire, light cascading over the mottled shell as it shudders — just barely.

Torey starts to hop along the sands, deciding no longer to stay in one place on the sands, getting a better look at the clubsy darlings as she wanders, or bounces in stead actually.

Tellia holds her position for a moment, watching the new bronze, then shrieks, leaping up to relieve her scorched sole. Landing hard on the other foot, she takes up her customary left-right hop again. "That hurt!" comes out almost in a whisper, directed outward into the heated Sands.

Silvera was here all the time; leaning against the side, making comments about this hatchling or another, and herding new, awestruck weyrlings to the side. Really, she was — you do believe her, don't you?

Tynar glances up again at the sound of cracking eggshells and mmfs, sighing a little as he sees another bronze standing on the sands. He glances to Warik and wrinkles his nose, "Maybe this one's for you."

Nalisa's gaze reaches out over the remaining eggs, eyes touching each in turn, then the unhatched eggs as a whole. "I wish they'd just Hatch," she mutters in mild exasperation, the rough tone covering her bad case of nerves. Hop, twitch, oy… the Sands are just as hot as ever. A glance at the bronze, and she oohs appreciatively. "What a handsome fellow this is!"

Ruthless practicality keep Saera's eyes away from the bronze, fixed firmly on Brown&Eggs. A slight glance is skewed towards Jesha and Sevareth…then it's back to eggly contemplation, to say nothing of the brown. Fingers tighten convulsively on Dayven's.

Introspective and Informed Bronze Dragonet neither glides nor falls out of his shell, he merely ends standing upon the sands. Taking a first step forward without hesitation, his movements are that of a different beat, somehow managing to be outside the sound of the hum with every twitch.

Neola meeps softly as bouncing friend moves, and she along with her. Holding on to her hand for dear life, "Hey! Wait!" She calls, following, tripping, stumbling, then finally hopping and bouncing along with her, "Not so fast huh? Wait up!"

Great. As though she weren't hot enough? Now one of the eggs is even starting to give off heat. Sharyn quickly moves away from it, stepping quickly to avoid first the brown and then a bronze.

Dayven offers a slightly distracted smile to Saera,'Just Amazing…aren't they?' Breath…Breathing is key.

"Me?" Another ungraceful squeak from Warik— he's so good at those. "He seems very.. independant?" No doubt Wark likes that, very much his style. "But I shouldn't get my hopes up, eh?"

Annalysa plants her feet for a few minutes, giving her jumping a rest as she eyes the brown and the bronze. She can't help but think about breads.. and sighs.. perhaps she does belong in the kitchens. For a moment, she turns and eyes the candidates to see who would likely attract the dragons to them.

Torey oopses and giggles. "Sorri." she offers towards friend dragging along behind. Torey-train? She slows up her bouncing a bit as she grins, trying to explain. "Jus tryin to get a better look." Nope, not sneakin up on the eggs, Nope.

Heavenly Might Brown Dragonet lifts his head high, puffs out his chest, and looks around himself, dashingly the hero he thinks he is. But as a pritty face is spied, all heroic deeds flee his mind. He watches from affair for a moment, then slinks closer.

As Sharyn is repelled, Saera is drawn - towards that glowing, flaming egg. Fascination glints within her gaze as head cocks to one side - /intriguing/. And intrigue /attracts/ the Herder-Candidate. Dayven's comment goes unnoticed - just..just…/look/.

Tynar glances to Warik and nods softly, "Sure, why not? I certainly don't want him."

Warik nudges Tynar. "C'mon. He's great." In Wark's oh-so-humble opinion.

Introspective and Informed Bronze Dragonet draws no attention to himself through any chosen action, yet stands out by himself, far too large wings held back over his hide, kept off the hot sands. Oh yes, he's moving along, he's got something out there just for him, something undefinable, something… behrzeerrrkkerr! And he's off in the search, moving along at suprisingly fast gambol.

Neola giggles softly and oohs as attention is caught, momentarily, to the bronze, "He's purty too." She whispers, then nods as she bounces a little, "Lets keep goin' then? I wanna better look too!" She adds, grinning a bit as she tightens grip on friend's hand, "Which way?"

Kitessa holds her breath, her own advice to herself going unheeded. She watches, staying still, biting her lip again but ignoring the pain. Her eyes are blatantly hopeful, but she manages to sit quietly.

Not repellied, just a bit nervous. Melissa quickly diverts, skittering in a flail of white robe towards Saera, Dayven, Torey and the others, casting forlorned look at him.. Ale gold hair swaying with each moving swing of her head.. "D'ya see it?" she questions, pointing towards the regions of bronwn, bronze, …

Tynar glancs from Warik to the bronze and back, shrugging a little, "Maybe. Though..' He looks at th candidate, "If you think he's great, perhaps more of a reason why he's yours.'

Tellia giggles softly, more an effect of too much heat and nervousness than of humor. "Lookit how fast he's going!"

Torey beams and nods and picks up speed again, bouncing forwards to get a better look, hop-a-hop-hopping along the sand, wet with the heat though she seems not to notice, save for brushing wet bangs away from her eyes.

Dayven glances over to smile at Melissa,'See what?' He asks before glancing back at the dragonets.

Warik's eyes widen at the bronze; he really wasn't aware dragons could 'gambol'. "He's so… hrm." Indescribable? "Don't say that, you'll jinx me," Wark teases.

Saera tugs eagerly on Dayven's hand, not heeding any response. "/Dayven/. Look at that egg. It's so…beautiful…" Eyes reflect that glow as she watches, gazes, adores.

The heat seems to be taking its toll on poor Annie: her skin, usually pale, is now flushed a bright pink, and beads of sweat cover every inch of exposed skin. She fiddles with her skirt, trying to keep from messing the material.

Raging Wildfire Egg groans with the strength of building pressure within as of trees falling beneath the onslaught of fire's wrath.

Dayven peers on the direction Saera is looking,"Which one?' He asks.

Tynar smiles a little at Warik and shrugs, glancing back to watch. He does scoot away from Warik, though, just a little. If it is Warik's, he doesn't want to be right next to or even in front of his fellow Candidate.

Heavenly Might Brown Dragonet gives a little croon as he see's his lady is in distress, or at least he thinks she is, so she must be. Strength is gathered, muscles tencing as he tromps her way. No one is going to harm this one, weather she likes it or not!

Nearly yells right 'long with Saera, but at another egg. "That one!" Melissa's hands shot directly, finger prodding the pointing finger towards prussian-white foamed egg, giggling slightly, hidding her gaze from the others to push it back towards the hatchlings…

Sharyn blinks at the firey egg and now she's really backpedaling to get away from it. With a pounding heart that's been caught in her throat ever since the hatching started, she looks quickly around for another hiding place and finds solace in the ocean of white robes still scattered around the sands.

Sweatslick fingers slip from Dayven's grasp to point to the Raging Wildfire Egg. "That one," she whispers. "The bright one, it's got so much energy." Energy, energy and fire that draws Saera like a magnet to iron.

Heavenly Strength Brown Dragonet hesitates for a long moment as his heavy head turns toward her, taking in the young Harper with the warm brown eyes and an inner strength akin to his own. A lilting croon escapes from his throat as he approaches her with agonizing slowness and wobbling steps. Liquid orbs aswirl with rainbows raise to lock with her own. She could not be more perfect: his soulmate, his lifemate, his Kitessa.

Introspective and Informed Bronze Dragonet has got it on, he's movin, and groovin, and slidin to his music. That isn't the boy for him, nor that one, nope, but his is out there. Attention? Adventure? This bronze seeks not those things.

Quarith shifts, reaching out her long, golden neck in the direction of the brown and the candidate. Approval is crooned, and she withdraws.

Dayven carefully considers the eggs carefully then smiles, 'I remember that from the touching.'

Tellia presses her lips together, eyes flickering between the brown and the bronze - and even the egg those other Candidates are talking about. "Kitessa!"

Raging Wildfire Egg Raging Wildfire Egg cracks like a spark begins, and spreads as incessant, insatiable flames lick across the time-hardened shell. Oblivion spreads, blazing outward from the inferno's initial heart, and, with an eruption that shakes its core and sprays sand and shell-shards outwards, it breaks!

Dare To Dream Green Dragonet

Deep forest grows over her blunt muzzle, slowly stretching to encircle her eyes as well. Gentle swirls mark those oversized gemstone orbs of variegating color, standing out against the deeper greens of her smooth hide. Sand dune grasses breeze down a slender neck and, contrasting with the vibrant kelp that highlights the ridges and her rounded belly. Her underside, soft and supple, displays touches of verdant jungle that meld easily into the richer hues of her sides and back. Oceanic growths color her pronounced pinions and travel in spiderveins across papery sails, all against the algae that stains the membranes. Tail and hind legs, too, are encircled by rampant trails of seagrowth, ending only at petit paws and the tail's splayed fork.

A broad grin fills his face as he catches the impression from the corner of his eye…then he whoops happily, 'Congrats!'

Silvera caps her hands together from the sidelines, before lifting one hand to make a wolf whistle. "Go Kitessa!"

"Congratulations, Kitessa!" calls a bouncing Nalisa, who happens to be unaware that she is bouncing Tellia's hand along with her.

Warik wobbles on tip-toe, nibbling his bottom lip as he slowly falls for the bronze. All his manly posing is sloughed as he just grins in his silly, quiet manner. The dragonet is just so… individual. Top character in Wark's book. "Another green?!" he notes absently. That seems more than usual; he must sonsult his numbers again, post-Hatching. Whee!

Torey continues to stroll…er bounce along the sands, dragging poor Neola along until she finds 'just that spot' and skids to a sudden stop, pointing and grinning…"Lookie! Greenie! and beautiful too…" She drops into a whisper. "Maybe she's for me?" Eh, noone ever said Torey didn't have an ego.

Annalysa cheers again, very happy that the bread like brown found a mate. "Congrats!!!! Kitessa!!! I'm so happy for you!" She begins to jump up and down, much to the pleasure of her burning feet. Her eyes turn as the picture of a beautiful green fills them.. Lovely…

Introspective and Informed Bronze Dragonet stops a moment, not in frustration at his incomplete quest, but rather to ponder how best to proceed, and just like that the decision is made. No longer moving in a kinetic frenzy he careful steps onward, avoiding the trailing edges of his wings and taking in each of the standing boys, one upon these sands has that quality, that personality that shall play foil to his own.

Tropical Storm Egg sits still; it is a good little egg. Another — a bluish egg — bumps into it, but while that one cracks and produces a brown, it stays still.

"Kitessa…" Absent-minded murmur fades into nothingness as eyes widen - it Hatches! "Green," she murmurs, managing to fit in an entirely different, ultimately profound meaning - "/Green/." Well, maybe not. But it was a good try, and her fingers clutch in a deathgrip upon Dayven's fingers.

That would be Saera, of course.

"Kitessa!" Lyne shouts along with a whoop before she scans the sea of diminishing white-robes. "Hey, two harpers…" she murmurs to herself before she begins leaning from side to side.

"Uh-uh-uh-uh" Tellia's voice shakes along with her wobbling hand. Vigorously shaking the other Candies gripping hand, she attempts to draw the girl back to her senses. "Nali!"

Sharyn was /really/ expecting a brightly glowing bronze or swarthy brown out of such a firey egg. She stops…and just blinks at the green beauty that comes forth. "Oooo…such cool, soothing colors. What a beautiful green." But she isn't quite ready to give up her hiding place in that ocean of white just yet.

Amerasuth looks onward proudly, encouraging without interfering as the newest of her beauties come to light.

Daydreamer stars it's way from that of the shells of confinement, Melissa lifting her head towards the green that spills next.. "She's absolutly beautiful!" Voice stolen, hidden 'away , rocking back on the heels of her feet, she points.. "She's … She's… " cut off for lack of words.. Melissa's scalet banded smile widening.

Neola blinks and whees as she comes to a complete and sudden stop, eyes on her friend for a moment before turning out to newly hatched dragon, "Ooh, another green." She whispers, giggling softly and nodding, "Yeah, she might be. You like greens?"

Dayven drops his hand to his side, just watching the bronze. Saera's grip draws his attention as he looks at the green,'Oh…She is beautiful'

Tynar glances over to the Bronze and scoots a bit more away from Warik. Yup, he wants to remain a single personality and walk off the sands himself.

Warik wrings his hands nervously, shoots a grin to the other guys, and generally fidgets. He does manage to spare the green an appreciative look. Cute.. but he has such trouble with females.

Nalisa snaps sharply back to reality. "Whuzzat? Oh…" Her eyes are firmly affixed to that gorgeous green. "/Oh/, she's beautiful…"

Torey giggles as she leans over and grins. "I likem all." she says, covering that giggle and bouncing to keep feet cool-ish. She's got the excess energy.

Introspective and Informed Bronze Dragonet stops short, whats this? Its something, oh yes its something, quietly his muzzle lifts, checking out the small one to his large body. Oh yeah, he can feel it, can you feel it?

Dare To Dream Green Dragonet stands upon a sea of sand, bewildered by the sudden change in surroundings. Where once there was darkness, now there is light. Where once there is wet, now there is cool air.. or is it warm? She stretches her wings, testing the air, and wobbles on unsteady legs.

Tynar glances to Warik again and smiles, watching him stare at the dragon, then the girls. He shakes his head and looks around to the others, before glancing to the dragonets.

Annalysa licks her lips carefully as she smiles at the green. She seems so graceful and beautiful… well, as a hatchling can be.. She shuffles her feet, wishing the sands were cooler.. but still sighs happily.. waiting for the green to pick.

Warik feels.. like he's going to faint. No, that can't be right. Unable to get his hopes up /too/ high, he wobbles just about with his characteristic, toothy grin.

Gulp. Saucer-wide eyes follow each movement of the green, Saera presses her free hand to her stomach. "Do you feel nauseated?" she quavers to Dayven. Must be the heat, eh?

Melissa shoots a look towards those 'bout her.. "Where she goin'" she questions, prodding Saera 'bit with elbow.. Coppery-gold tresses fallen to spangled eyes, breath held for moments notice.. Awakening, a stairway upwards is the path that's chosen, You live, you learn, you die, you love, you laugh, you learn. Standing here, sea of sands swirled 'round smith-lass's feet, she has learned… "Where she going?" Wiggling in her spot a bit, starry wanderious look thrown to the others curiously.

Sharyn is just bobbing along with the rest of the candidates, lost in a sea of white. That way, there's nothing to make her stand out and she can stay withdrawn all she likes. Whoever said nothing ventured, nothing gained certainly didn't have her in mind.

Tellia nods, though Nali is unlikely to be looking. "I /know/!" Fingers wiggle slightly, and an elbow twitches farther up. "You killed my arm, though. Couldn't you have made smaller jumps?" Despite the whining quality to her words, the Herder's face has a grin spread across it - both to tell the other Candie she's joking and at seeing such a gorgeous green emerge.

"A wee bit" Dayv murmers softly to Saera,'It must be the heat', he decides.

Introspective and Informed Bronze Dragonet remains unrushed, his offered choices considered with some soul-searching, it seems. With wings too large for his frame spread to bare his paler underside, he welcomes the match made for him with an understated joy. His bulk nearly overtakes Dayven as he tries to become closer, to become one.

Nalisa mutters a "Sorry" to Tellia, barely conscious of what she's saying. Eyes are on that green… then flicker to the bronze and Dayven. "Dayv! Way to go!"

"So do I." Neola replies in response to Torey's words, then giggles softly as she watches the green, "They're all nice. But I like bronzes. They're best, mostly. And golds too. Then blues and greens are good. And brown too!" She adds, giggling again and just resuming her hop dance on the sands. Hot hot hot!

Dare To Dream Green Dragonet blinks her inner lids at the sudden brightness, curiousity imbuing her every move as she takes her first unsteady step. Her neck craning about in youthful wonder, she takes in the numerous sights and sounds.

"Trailing a midnight star…" Saera responds faintly to Melissa. Yep, that heat is just a little bit too much - eyes glitter beneath dark lashes, gaze half-hooded as she watches the green with every nuance in her, with her legs, her fingers. Herder's mind wanders.

Torey watches the bronze trail as close she slowly hops towards the shards? Eggs? or.. wherever it is she's hopping, "Oooh, 'Grats Dayve!" she squeels. "You'll hafta find bigger skippin stones now." she giggles.

Tellia flashes Dayven a thumbs-up with her free hand - not that he'd see it, lost in the bronze's eyes… The girl's eyes linger on the pair for another moment, then snap back to the Dreamy Green.

Warik exhales with a pout and watches the bronze move along, but he' not so poor a sport to not offer Dayven hearty congratulations. Squinting eyes peer through the crowd; are there any eggs left?

Dayven steadies himself as he feels the impression take hold…Then he calls out happily, 'His name is Bith!.'

She had been told about dragon voices, been told about Impression, but nothing could have prepared her for this. First, her face registers astonishment, and then wonder, quickly followed by a gaze of pure love. Reaching out to her new lifemate to scratch his headridges, she whispers "Djarreth?" Then she looks around the grounds, and calls out "His name is Djarreth!" her gaze still filled with wonderment, and love.

Annalysa automatically begins to cheer for Dayven.. grinning from ear to ear. She seems to be joining Torey in their cheerleading function, "Congrats Dayven!… Both is Beautiful!!"

Elle allows a faint smile to cross her lips as she starts forward to the newest bronzerider, "Congratulations Candi-…I mean Dayven. Would you and Bith please follow me back to join the others?"

S'cud can't help but clapping and smiling as he slowly makes his way to yet another Harper turned 'rider "Congrats Kitessa..nice to see yet another Harper join our ranks, so to speak." He says, smirkin as he slowly gives the girl a hug and then motions her off to the side "Now if you'll follow after me we'll get your new 'mate some food and give you a proper Weyr welcome.."

Sights and sounds grow with each breath of daily life, something learned and something needed to be learned. Glittering dreams fleeting 'cross an expanse of blue eyes.. Melissa merely laughing.. You know, they need to vent these sands,.. .too long standing makes the candidates bit crazy. Her head lifts, like unknown forcing pushing chin up, looking to the crowded galleries, then to depleat and fall to reckoning green. Daydreamer, star wandering.. Shaking her head slightly, she nods towards Dayven "Congrats!" she shouts

Dayven finally comes back to Pern as he hears Elle's voice, "Yes, Ma'am" he murmers as he shepards his lifemate after.

Sharyn is certainly happy with her lot right now…not too many eggs left. Soon, this 'nightmare' will be over and she can happily get back to peeling laundry and scrubbing tubers…or is that scrubbing laundry and peeling tubers. Oh, joy. But her musing keeps her occupied until she finds herself on the outskirts of that sea of white. She turns around to duck behind someone and comes within sight of that dreamy colored green. Still, she ducks but can't help but peek out at the green ever so often.

"Hey, there's one," Warik grins, finally singling out the quiet, tropical little ovoid. How could he have lost track of that? "I don't think it's moved yet, though," Wark notes, a little worried.

Dare To Dream Green Dragonet takes another still unsteady step towards the line of foam upon the sands. Or /is/ that foam? The dwindling line of candidates is eyed from afar and she takes another step, interested in what lies beyond. Or is that what lies within?

Annalysa eyes the green again.. and wrinkles her nose. She has taken a moment from her cheering capacity to search out a hatchling that she might like to take home with her.. the green currently has her attention.

Dare To Dream Green Dragonet proceeds undaunted on her quest, confident in her heart that her goal will be reached, that all will come out in the end, that true love will rise triumphant and that it will be /hers/. There — in the shadows of her clutchmates — there! The One. /Her/ one. No longer does she hesitate, but glides decidedly to the object of her new-risen heart, raising her muzzle to cry her adoration for Sharyn.

Tellia grins lightly, eyes fixed on the green, slowly approaching the line. Another foot-switch, and she tugs at Nalisa's hand again, nervously. "There's only one egg and one dragonet left!" There's the obvious for you. "A green and… an egg." Just in case you didn't get enough with her first rather brainless comment…

Like portrait of pointalism, what seems constant line slowly breaks and divides to actual single dots —in this case, candidates. Melissa's star-fleeting look is one of curiousity, and fear, but what is curiousity with out that unknowning gut feeling of butterflies? Shores of breaking candidates,one being the shy lass Melissa, rocks a bit on her heels, resting her feet some with the motion, trying to cool her poor baking feet… Folds of white robe crumpled in her hands…

Saera sways slightly, blinking quickly as hunger, heat, and lack of sleep kick in at once, a hard blow to the belly. "Everything's so bright," she murmurs in bemusement, swaying again, just a little — Herder steadies herself sternly. Bright, bright, bright…Sharyn…

Tropical Storm Egg is still — then it's not. It explodes.

Tropical Storm Egg pulses briefly, sides swelling with a force within that moves and fights to be free. Misty blues clash in stormy violence, while internal upheaval shoves the ovoid to its side, displaying a myriad of cracks and striations. A shudder wracks the shell, and lava-touched talons shove through, followed by a gangly dragonet, all legs and wings and tail.

Mischievous Mayhem Bronze Dragonet

Ember's flickering heat gives light to the depths of bronze, casting a red-hot gleam across sinewy appendages and body alike. Cinnabar specks cling to his throat in a sparse dusting, but their intensity increases as hide spreads to a narrow belly that glows with running fingerlets of variegating reds, all muted by the basest burnish that enwraps. Heated molasses creeps over jewel-faceted orbs of backlit color, falling past high headknobs down the neck's length to pool on the expanse that is his well-muscled back. Thinly-membraned sails and his slender tail do not escape the forge's touch: fiery highlights mark pinions and fork against charred umber.

Sharyn wonders at what sort of circular dance the candidates seem to be doing. Now, she's found herself on the crest of the wave and is thurst forward. Can't have this…again, that backpedaling starts and *slip* there goes that loose sandal strap! Well, if she was trying to be withdrawn, she might as well forget it now as she sprawled there in the middle of the sands, surrounded by egg shards and a certain green dragon. She looses herself in wonderous eyes and barely breaths the name, "Her name…her name is Cheyth!"

Torey hops up onto a mound of sand and blinks after the green, and then turns around, looking around the sands at the shards she can see. She frowns in thought, looking this way and that, glancing after the bronze, but looking more at the shards. Hmmm.

Annalysa watches Sharyn and the green make that special link.. even if it isn't visible.. it must be that happy look upon her face. She starts to cheer again.. and laughs merrily. "Congrats Sharyn..
and Cheyth?" SHe nods as she tries the name out and commits it to memory.

"Sharyn!" is Nalisa's cry of conratulations. "I knew you'd Impress!"

C'ran strides out onto the sands, giving the newly impressed rider a grin and a wink "Welcome to riderhood Sharyn, if you and Cheyth will accompany me off the sands we'll get some food for the two of you, namely her."

Tynar glances up and blinks, ducking his head as he sees that egg just.. explode into shards. He glances over towards Warik and back again, just blinking.

"Red? Is that red?" Sands' glare radiates from the molten body as Warik squeaks— is this a new trademark? "Bronze. Very… uh… bright."

Mischievous Mayhem Bronze Dragonet is here! Making his grand entrance, he rolls from his shell, flicking one of the shards at a passing green before darting off with amazing agility for such a lanky creature. Bounding past momma, he kicks up black sands as he goes.

Sharyn is barely cognizant of C'ran but lets him lead her off to the side.

Enthusiasm. Oh dear. Warik slips deftly behind Tynar again, plastering on a nervous grin. "He's a little.. too.. energetic." How would ever get work done with someone asking him to play. Or worse.. make mischief!

Tynar blinks and half turns around, looking at Warik, "What're you doing, hiding behind me? Huh? I don't want any dragon tackling me if he wants /you/."

One hand cradles her forehead, then Saera lifts her head, glancing about dizzily. Thoughtfully, she places hands on knees and lets her head drop, taking a breath. Okay.

Torey taps her chin, and watches the green go one way and the bronze another, giggling at their antics before turning about, still hanging to Neola's hand and bouncing.

Mischievous Mayhem Bronze Dragonet is energetic, yes, and full of trouble. A devious look, and he trips up a young boy with wild, blonde hair. Winds outspread, reddishness agleam, he flounces onward, intent on finding himself a playmate, quickly.

"Hey, maybe he wants /you/? You're more fun to play with than I am," Warik insists. Not that he knows for a fact, but he'll be scorched if he needs any tackling himself.

Tynar half turns and half holds Warik in place as he scoots to the other side this time. He glowers at the other boy, "Stay /put/, would you?"

Annalysa watches another bronze.. bound about.. and smiles. She then turns to watch her two friends seem to fight about who gets the bronze.. and giggles again.

Mischievous Mayhem Bronze Dragonet catches sight of something: two rather active you men, moving about, trading places? A game! He bounds over on the tips of his toes, tail held high and red-tinged wings outstretched. A playmate, here?

Torey giggles, and then turns to search the sands somemore, dragging Neola along as they're still holding hands. Yes, there're more, there hasta be, right? "Comeon Nee." she giggles, kicking up little puffs of sand as she hops.

Warik fidgets incessantly, trying to shuffle around Tynar again to no avail. "I /am/ put." Okay, not really, considering he's bouncing all over to try and get back to his hiding place. Meep. Not a game, noooo. Move along nice, skeery dragon.

Saera straightens, eyes more lucid now that blood has been returned to her head. Velvety gaze rakes the Sands with alarm, scattering over destroyed shards and one…bronze…dragon. Fingers rise of their own accord to touch the bronze ribbons shooting through her braids — slowly, Herder begins the deliberate unbraiding. Not Herder-Candidate. Herder.

Mischievous Mayhem Bronze Dragonet /loves/ this game, and he's not scary, no! Nudging between the two, he separates, then chooses, elations showing through his wild call to the world. His playmate!

Mischievous Mayhem Bronze Dragonet holds his balance carefully upon spindly legs, bright eyes caught — /captivated/ — upon something in white. Red-bronze shimmers with the movement of muscles, and the new-hatched youth takes a careful step forward, butting his head playfully into the middle of one as lank as himself. Proud and elated, he tries to tumble and play with his new fellow troublemaker: Warik.

Tynar glances up and his eyes go wide as he sees the bronze heading right for Warik and himself. He glances over to Warik and then scrambles back as the bronze almost hsoves him down.

"Of course! Must be more.. More? More for them? "I'm comin'! I'm comin'!" Neola shouts, giggling as she gets dragged about the sands and continues looking, "Maybe we'll find a blue or something? Fer you?"

Torey giggles and nodnods. "Anna green for you, right?" she giggles, hopping along without another thought.

A few more eggs hatch, dragonets impress, and all is done. Quarith and Amerasuth are at rest. Festivities will rock the Weyr tonight.

"Um.. um.. um," Warik stammers, curling an arm around his new lifemate's red-bronze neck. "Umeth?" Oooh, dear. "Food.. play.. right, Umeth. Suuure."

Auburn gaze — glimmering with held tears — shines all the more as yet another friend Impresses. "Wark!" Lyne cries before bounding towards the new pair, a beaming smile upon her face. "Beautiful bronze, Warik." Wink.

Nalisa calls, "Congrats, Warik!" She lets out a small sigh, but smiles at the new bronzerider. "Umeth, eh? Very good."

Annalysa jumps a few more times as she waves and cheers for Warik! SHe laughs a bit, not feeling bad at all that not a single one was hers.. She's still too caught up in the joy for her friends. She's stood with Warik twice now.. and he deserves it. She then.. turns.. and stares at the cooler stone floor outside the sands longingly…

Tynar rights himself and looks to the rest of the sands. No more eggs to hatch? He nods to himself, then looks around, "Can we go?" He's still nervous about being anywhere near these huge creatures.

Warik stares blankly up at Lyne, absently trying to keep Umeth from eating one of his sleeves. "That's uh.. that's not food. I think he's hungry," Wark half-questions.

"When you'd like to follow me…" Lyne intones with a welcoming hand motioning towards where the cooler stones lay. "We'll get him food." she chortles happily.

Tynar glances and, seeing other candidates moving off, he darts off himself.

Ayrina stays back against the wall of the hatching caver for just a moment and then pushes herself forward. "Alright," she speaks loudly enough for her voice to carry. "Everyone…to the Barracks…and to the food for lifemates…" She points the way and stands back for everyone to make their way into their new homes.

Jesha clambers up Sevareth's neck and settles in between two neckridges.

Umeth bounds along, new lifemate in tow. "Good idea," is mumbled numbly. The bronze, meanwhile, snacks on W'rik's once-perfect robe.

Torey blinks and bububuts… bending over to pick up a shard and look under it. Typical Torey… really.

Neola shrugs softly as she watches Torey move along, "I think they're all gone. No more eggs." She says softly, quietly, giving her friend's hand a little squeeze and turning towards the entrance of the sands, "Shall we's go? Back?"

Torey but-but-buts again as she looks up at Neola, following slowly after her, even as she peeks under shards left behind. She's following, but slowly.

Thoughtfully, Saera holds her bronzen ribbons at arm's length and gazes at them. Detachedly, she lets them flutter down to the Sands and turns to leave. But indecision grips her - and she spins about, snatches them up, and bundles them about one finger, face resolute as she strides with head down to where the other non-Impressees go. Away.

Saera trips jauntily off the sands.

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