Hatching 21

Scud -> S'cud ~ Blue Abracath (based on Schmendrick from The Last Unicorn)

Latenna -> Latte ~ Green Rhosyth (based on Buttercup from The Princess Bride)

Jenret -> J'ret ~ Bronze Ilyddth (based on Frankfurter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Jeshala -> Jesha ~ Brown Sevareth (based on Forrest from Forrest Gump)

Sysai -> Sya ~ Green Berwynth (based on Casablanca in general)

Helyne -> Lyne ~ Blue Magnolth (based on Rhett from Gone With The Wind)

Kiana ~ Green Kzinreth (based on Princess Leia from Star Wars)

Charysli -> Char ~ Blue Aztereth (based on the Scarecrow from The Wizard Of Oz)

Harper's Tale - Sunday, March 14, 1999, 7:34 PM------—— Candidate's Barracks

Scud sighs slowly as he sinks to his cot, looking around at everyone else in the room..slowly running his weary hand through his hair.

Cyrus slides silently to the Caverns.
Zandia walks with a quiet step to the Caverns.

Taida is settled on her cot, a tiny gold firelizard in her lap, oil smeared liberally 'gainst the skin.

Curling hands through his hair, Jenret tugs at his robe, pushing it to the side as he busily makes his cot — a pause made as he carefully folds the blankets with all-too-pervasive concentration; a glance is shot towards Latte, a beam at her as he pokes at the scarf that she gave'im, and then the weaver merely stays quiet.

Scud sighs and rises from his cot and plops down next to 'Ret, somehow managing not to mess up 'Ret's clean up job "Hiya 'Ret.." he says, smiling meekly.

Well, it's not hard - considering, afterall, that the folds are now nicely put down, a finger smoothing them evenly into place. "Heyya, how're you doin', Scud?" he asks, tilting his head to the side with that inquiry.

Jeshala tosses a sandal in 'Ret's direction, scowling darkly. "Jeeeen. You're not even LOOKIN'," she whines, hands on her bony little hips. "I was modellin' my ROBE for you an' asked your opinion. Now. What…do…you…think?"

Latenna flops form over cot, green eyes lighting on Jenret. "I think the riders got bored of chores for us." She notes, Candidate taking a glance 'bout the room at the mass of Candidates.

Taida sends eyes t'wards Jesh, grin flick'ring over her lips as she eyes the semi-irate candidate. "Pretty?" she offers. "Though I'm not 'Ret."

Arilea curls up on her cot, robe haphardly folded under her as she contemplates finishing seam, casual glance towards Jesh as she demands Rets attention…"I like it well enough." is her offer.

"Oh!" Belatedly, Jenret /does/ look, nodding towards Jeshala while ducking the sandal with a faint grunt. "Looks good - you look wonderful, and /so/ pretty." His compliments are obviously contrived, sugar-sweet. "Just as well that we've got a hiatus, Latte - afterall, too many chores are irritating."

Ayden walks in from the South Caverns.

Scud shrugs "Eh..I'm doin allright..I dunno though. I'm getting a funny feeling in my stomach, like something's going to happen..what? Well I dunno.." he says, shrugging again.

C'ran wriggles on his way, shake it groove thang, shake it groove thang, yeah yeah in from the South Caverns.

Warik just ignores the hubbub, a pile of dust hides covering his lap. Stylus dips in his inkwell, scratchy marks made in Wark's notebook as he concentrates furiously. "Almost," he mumbles to himself, face scrunched up in thought.

"They gave me enough chores to do today…" Lyne says with a note of disguist entering her smooth voice as her eyes peers down at her wrinkled fingers. "If everyone just cleaned they're own plate and put it away…" she murmurs before plopping down on her cot with a grin.

Artu flits choppily to the Caverns.

Jeshala huffs, swirling around haughtily to join Taida. "'Ret's bein' mean," complains the model, still in a defensive stance. "I think he was fakin' when he said he liked m'robe."

C'ran rushes in clapping his hands loudly "Up up up up, Everyone up and get dressed, its time boys and girls. The moment you've all been waiting for!"

Ayden strides in and flashes a look around the room as the walls start to thrum, voice is calm but authorative "Robes now everyone, the eggs are rocking and they won't wait for anyone"

"No, really - Jesh - I like it," says Jenret, finally relenting before waving towards C'ran and blinking — "What's that?" Clueless, as ever, he merely remains perched on the edge of his cot before realization takes hold and he begins fumbling for his robe, at the same time pulling at those shardin' clothes.

Scud blinks slowly at C'ran as he pops up offa 'Ret bed "Huh?? Wha- what're you talking about?" and as soon as he hear's Ayden he immedietly rushes over to his cot and digs under it, pulling out his robe, if you can call it that.

Warik looks up at C'ran. They created a faster way to do calculations?! Oh… just the eggs. "Eggs?!" Wark squeaks, work abandoned as he dives into his cot, searching for that sharding robe.

Gold flit's given a little tickle, as Taida sets Orya aside. "He's always faking," she says. Faranth knows what that means. C'ran's comment is not taken well. The flit gets nigh shoved aside, herdercandi nearly shoving Jesh — but managing just to wave hands at the smaller candidate — in a zap t'wards her press. Robe's yanked out, and Taida dashes behind a changing screen, clothes flying.

Helyne merely blinks at C'ran as confusion sweeps over her face. "Time? What do you mean…" Query soon gets cut off as she feels the unmistakable rumble surround her — envelope her in their trembling voices. "That's the…dragons?" Quaking. The HarperCandi's quaking before she jumps up in a bout of energy.

Arilea tumbles out of her cot with a start as she wails…"But I'm not done!" hastily tugging dress off as loose robe goes over her head, ripping free peice off bolt as makeshift belt to keep hem from tripping her…"It can nae be now!?!"

"What're we waiting for?" Latenna questions, turning from faces to 'riders. The girl slides off of her cot onto the floor, head cocked to watch Ayden.

A push, a shove, a tangle — the robe is slipped on, fingers still fumbling to pull the clothes now underneath /off/. "Where're my sandals?" is Ret's frantic query, his push through the jostling people made in order to get his _own_ things in order past the other bustling Candidates.

Cyrus slides silently in from the South Caverns.

Jeshala falls over — well, nearly falls over. Butt plunks on cot, eyes wide as saucers, "Y'jokin'…right?" she manages to barely squeak out. Fortunately, she was already showin' off her robe for one and all — however, she tossed one of her precious sandals at Jenret. Girl dives under the cot d' Ret, shuffling around frenetically. "Where'd it land?!" demands the muffled voice. "Whe…oh…here it is." Sandal is produced and shoved onto her foot along with it's partner. A resigned sigh and she's up, brushing off the dust from her robe. "Well, ok. I think I'm ready."

Taida emerges from b'hind screen, robe pulled on. Sandals are snatched out of the press, little brown things strapped swiftly onto her feet 'fore she leaps to her feet with a final caress t'wards flits nestled on the pillow. Irritated chirps are given from the general area o' the flits, and Tai stands, unsure what to do.

Berg suddenly disappears ::between::!

Teanna stares at C'ran for a moment as she throws on her robe and stares nervousley and wide eyed around the room.

Scud quickly manages to squeeze out of his normal clothes, throwing decency out the door he pulls the robe over his head and shoves his arms through the appropiate holes. Then suddenly he remebers something…sandals..now where're those shardin things…he wonders as he dives for the floor and begins to search for his sandals.

Zandia walks with a quiet step in from the South Caverns.
Annalysa skips happily in from the South Caverns.

Helyne squeals with confused excitement and nervousness, before she swallows and just…breathes. Mess of a robe is fumbled with beneath her cot before she extracts it from the corner, her fumbling hands unbuckling her belt as she goes. Soon, clothes are off and robe is on, her klah brown eyes wide as she stares at the riders.

Annalysa stands there and stares for awhile.. still in shock.. "She just spred her wings.. and started thrumming.."
Ayden walks amidst the scrabbling Candidates, helping with a robe here and a sandal there.. and turns to the others just arriving "Robes now you two..the eggs arre rocking"

Zandia races around gathering sandles and robe. "Oh..oh…/now/ it starts" she wines.

C'ran stands at the entrance, arms crossed over his chest, letting his first clapping awakening fade to an air of calm, a reassuring smile turned upon the candidates as he walks amount them, checking robes here and there. "Remember your sandles, the sands aren't kind to bare feet."

Decency? What's that? Jenret virtually flashes everybody as those sandals are tugged on, the same hands working also at pulling the robes over his head and slipping his tunic off; surely, the bustle's not that bad. "How long do we have, Ayden?" is his quick question as the man scrabbles after a lost sandal and turns to the side to make way for the Jesh seeking her sandals.

Warik wriggles himself into his starched robe, shoving back his hair with a half-groan, half-whimper. "Oh.. sweet Faranth," he moans, rearranging his once-orderly calculations and trying not to cry. All that work and it's /mussed/. A chorus of four reassuring, tinny voices pipes up from his sheets, quartet of fire-lizards surprisingly docile. They've more sense than their human, it seems.

Scud gasps as he finally finds his sandals, tossing 'em on as he rises he nods. Then slowly moves towards the center of the room "Oh..okay..I'm ready.." he says, sighing.

Ayden nods to Jenret "Not much time, now as soon as you are ready, form a line right over her and we will proceed."

Latenna manages to take in meaning of the words, digits working their way 'round her cot to find white garment. "Eggs?" For once, she's quiet, high-pitched squeak follows the finding of the robe, as robe is shaken out and eyed. No time for imperfections. Instead, Latte switches from work clothes to robe in fast movements, and turns to grasp about for sandals.

Isn't as though Jenret hasn't exposed himself to most of us before. Taida flashes a weak grin t'wards the weaver 'fore winking t'wards Jesh. "Y'okay?"

Zandia quickly doffs her tunic and pants, tossing the robe over her head after. Plopping down on her cot she kicks of her boots and tugs on the sandals. You'd think she was alone in the room.

Teanna dives under her bed for a moment coming up with a pair of rather dusty sandles and shoves them awkardly on her feet.

Annalysa strips as fast as she can.. then runs over to her cot and pulls the rob out from underneath, where she had it waiting. Taking a deep breath she slips it over her head and staightens it on her form.

Cyrus skids in haphazardly, panting from his sprint. Best time ever made from the Living Caverns. Remembering to at leats turn his back while changing, he slips out of work clothes and reaches for his robe, yanking it on hurriedly.

"Sandles!" This dawns suddenly on Lyne as she grabs the thick soled sandles she had bought in thought of the heat from the sands. Shoving them hastily onto her disproportionate feet, she falls back onto her cot giggling. Once leaping back up, she grins and looks from face to face expectantly.

Arilea winces as seam gives way while bending down to lace up sandals, no serious damage as girl's sewing was stratigical…seams down her sides, so a bit of leg gets shown…"Do we need stuff?" she manages through strangled breaths.

A hip, a hop, and then with a flail of arms, the weaver makes his way into the line of Candidates by Ayden. Gasping, he pulls down the robe with a loud 'Shards' exclamation, and sandals are almost fallen off-of-feet before he manages to make it. "Alright. Lead on," Jenret manages.

"Okay? OKAY? At a time like this?" Jesh loses her composure, dancing, diving around the room, swarmed by her Five Flitterbies. "I can…Ok. I can do this. Yes. I am fine." Peace sweeps over her as every little technique she used all that time at 'Reaches when getting yelled at comes to play: blank stare, blank face. Sort of. Her knees betray her, quivering like an earthquake.

Zandia quickly grabs a scrab of the fabric and ties her hair out of her face, then races to the middle of the group. "Now what?" she asks, breathless.

Line? What's that? Warik half-way manages the concept as he files in, sandals shuffling. "Breathe, breathe," he chants.

A quick hug's given to Jesh, Taida patting the other candi's back comfortingly even as the hug breaks away. "If you need to lean on me?" she offers.

Ayden eyes the Candidates with a firm look and then a smile "Ready all?"

Spazzing over, Cyrus stops, dashing back to his cot to rummage through, dragging out a pair of sandals and hopping as he pulls them on and tries to walk at the same time. Breathe in, breathe out, spazz… "Okay, I'm ready," he announces. Gotta be a Weyr record or soemthing.

"Ready!" is Jenret's quick response, tugging on the last sandal before hopping to stand in the makeeshift lines of Candidates.

"I've never been to a hatching before in my life. Have I ever told that to you before?" Helyne manages to get out to Taida between gasps of rushed breaths. Quickly, she follows her friends in close pursuit to get a place in the line. "Ready!" she calls out towards the inquirer.

C'ran motions them all towards the entrance, "Line up, double file everyone and off we go."

Scud looks to Zandia and offer a helpless shrug "I dunno.." the pauses as Ayden speaks "Oh..guess we'll see soon enough." he says, giving Zan a hug in hopes it'll calm himself down.

Damista quickly dresses, and joins the file.

Annalysa nods silently as she gets in line.. holding her breath. She smiles and eeks out a "Ready.."

Warik meeps, "Ready." You won't get much more out of him than more of those 'breathe's.

Zandia nods, shakily and gets in line behind Scud after a hug.

"As I'll ever be," Taida says drily t'wards Ayden, squeezing Jesh's shoulder 'fore her hand falls away, brushing 'way a filament of hair, winking at Helyne.

Jeshala smiles gratefully at Taida, returning the hug with her typical joi de vivre. Loosening herself, she grins, heartened by the small gesture. "Yeah. I'm ready, Weyrling Master Ayden," she chirps.

Ayden leaves for the Whee.
Sysai leaves for the Whee.
Scud nods and pops into line, behind 'Ret
Jeshala leaves for the Whee.
Taida leaves for the Whee.
Jenret leaves for the Whee.
Teanna leaves for the Whee.
Zandia leaves for the Whee.
Warik leaves for the Whee.

Hatching Grounds Entrance
The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.

C'ran has arrived.
D'rik walks with authority onto the hatching sands.
Ayden smiles and leads them all onto the sands.
Ayden walks onto the hatching sands.
Warik hops onto the hatching sands.
Taida lilts, with a light step, onto the hatching sands.
Sysai sidles sideways onto the hatching sands.
Damista strides proudly with her head held high onto the hatching sands.
Helyne walks with a skip and a smile onto the hatching sands.
Jenret strides fluidly onto the hatching sands.
Jeshala walks onto the hatching sands

Oh ho ho! You had better be a Rider or a Candidate to have business on the sands! Brooding dragons are not reknowned for their good tempers.
Hatching Grounds
The heat here is stifling, encompassing, swallowing mind and hazing sight into waved oblivion. Sparkling, coarse black sand simmers with volcanic urgency underfoot, its hillocks and dunes arranged to queen's liking; reflected light filters in, offered no even perceived respite. When empty, the vault of this cavern is hushed, still that echoes and rebounds; when occupied, it is intensified: clutch dominates view, and every sound resounds twicefold as loud as was intended. Gold Serath, bronze Dharmath, gold Amerasuth, and brown Hoth are here.
You see Fortunate Life Egg, The Dark Side Egg, Jewel in the Desert Egg, As You Wish Egg, Fairytale Journey Egg, Extraordinary Last Unicorn Egg, Torn Asunder Egg, and Antici-pation Egg here.

Cyrus slides silently out onto the sands.
Annalysa skips happily out onto the sands.
Latenna walks out onto the sands.
Zandia walks with a quiet step out onto the sands.
Kiana pads out onto the sands.

"Be nice, dear." Annie speaks softly to her lifemate as slender fingers pluck almost nervously at the rich, brown material of her one and only 'nice' dress. Candidates enter, and the young goldrider lifts her hand to touch the queen dragon's forepaw gently.

Teanna skips out onto the sands.

Faintly, Jenret goes after a string of Candidates, quickly shuffling over to the side as the hot sands already begin to be felt — feet dance lightly, too hot. Ouch — as a glance is shot towards Sysai and Latenna, a hand held out to each, "Hold hands?" A whisper for support, as robes are smoothed down first.

Damista looks around, keeping her silence. She does seem mildly impressed, but not overly so.

Bronze tail snakes out to poke B'ran awake. Look, bebies. Or will be soon. Pay attention B'ran. Here, and help me protect this Torn Asunder one. The candidates can't have it. Its his.

As all the candidates finally make their way out onto the Sands, they form a ragged semi-circle around the eggs and bow. A row of white bobs up and down as the hopefuls pay their duties to the two golds, the bronze, the brown, and their respective riders.

Warik isn't here. He's back at the hall: safe, better-dressed, and not /nearly/ so warm. "This isn't so bad?" he supposes, half-heartedly.

B'ran peers over at Serath and laughs. "/Her/? Nice? Why should she start now?" But he peers over at Dharmath, that coniving one there with the hidden treasures, odding to this person and that as they enter. A wave. A smile. Maybe they won't notice Dharm being bratty.

Tatianna nods happily to herself to see the parade of victims enter the sands. She stands at attention next to Ayrina and C'dar, mouth tightly-lipped.

Vivian pads out onto the sands.

Taida enters the sands swiftly. Her head turns back t'wards Jeshala, eyeing the younger candidate. "I'm nervous," she mutters, taking hold of Jesh's hand without even asking.

Serath will be nice, but just for Annie. The wary queen drops her massive head towards paw and Rider, thrumming anxiously. Her nose, that great golden nose, nudges itself into the small of Annie's back while her eyes continue to track the arrival of the candidates. She trusts Annie. Its the rest of them she is unsure about.

Scud sighs and grabs Zandia's hand as soon as he's done bowing. "Help.." he says, meekly as the heat starts to attack him.

Zandia grips Scud's hand tightly, then grabs Annaly's too. /breathe..remember to breathe/

Annalysa slips her hand into Zandia's and smiles a bit.. trying to take a supportive role.. so she deosn't think about herself.

Extraordinary Last Unicorn Egg vibrates where it is. It doesn't do anything to draw attention to itself but, still, there's just /something/ about it that one might see out of the corner of their eye.

Damista slides into line next to Jenret.

Sysai stumbles an awkward bow, directing one each towards those who are important — Annie and Serath, B'ran and Dharmath — before nodding calmly towards Jenret. "You nervous?" She smoothes hands over robe, and motions to Warik, too. "Wark, c'mere?"

Arilea moves quietly, boots hardly making a sound out onto the sands.

As the candidates enter K'lis as well comes to a pose of near-attention. How much can you expect after all. Flashing a grin to those around him, he catches sight of Vivian and gives a large wave.

Cyrus tries not to look ridiculous as he files into the semicircle, picking feet up away from the hot sand. Wide, overly awed eyes take in the eggs as Candidate slide into line near Zandia and Scud.

Helyne grasps onto the closest hand next to her — Scud's — in a death gripe before flashing him a dazzeling smile. See? She can keep her cool. Gaze quickly flickers up to the galleries, hoping despiritly that her friends are there. But all too soon her gaze is riped away by the mottled orbs before her…

Eyes flicker t'wards the shiv'ring egg, Taida blinking in startlement. Hissed: "Jeshala. Did that thing… that egg… just move?"

Arilea hangs back as blue gaze grows large as eyes lift up and up to eye dragons in abundance around sands…"Is it too late to change m'mind?" she moans softly reaching out for nearest candidate hand.

Charysli moves with slow strides, attempting to mask her limp out onto the sands.

C'ran wriggles on his way, shake it groove thang, shake it groove thang, yeah yeah out onto the sands.

Shaking his head, Jenret merely grasps — and clings to whatever hands there are for purchase, feet shifting uneasily in the hotness of the Sands as suddenly — the tableau seems bigger; eyes are wide, and he waits, muttering to Sysai, "You've done thisi before. What now?"

Annie rolls her eyes slightly to B'ran, smile on lips — nothing can ruin this moment. For now. "They're really quite nice," she assures her lifemate, waving one pale hand at the white-clad candidates. "See, that one looks nice, eh?" She points to a small, blonde girl.

Latenna trots, rather belatedly, after Jenret, linking her workworn hands with his own as an answer. "Yuh.." Candidate agrees. This is far too large. Green orbs dart a worried glance towards the stands, then — with a squaring of shoulders — she turns back. "Is it rocking?" Hiiiss.

Kiana shuffles onto the sands, picking her feet up as the heat tickles her soles. Shaking with nervousness, she heads towards a group of white-robed folks she knows - there's strength in numbers!

Damista watches the eggs, mildly curious looking.

Vivian scurries out onto the sands, half-hiding her entrance behind Amerasuth's beaming form. Okay, so she's a little late. It was a nice long bath. She blows a kiss toward the row of Candidates and scoots into the crowd next to K'lis. "Shells, what'd I miss..?"

Ayden nods towards the gold rider and the others, giving her bow as well and steps to one side to stand beside C'ran and they watch the drama unfold.

Grey eyes are shaded as Jesh peers into the galleries, waving frenetically to friends and family alike, though her new baby brother gets a kiss via the wind. Turning around, she ogles the eggs, seeing them in an entirely new like. *Gulp* Mommy.

B'ob strides confidently out onto the sands.

Dharmath's tail pops B'ran one. He's not being bratty. What's his is his and that egg is his. He's decided. Thrum continues as the bronze inspects /each/ candidate thoroughly as they pass him. Hrm.. they better be the right candidates for /his/ children.

"Here?" Where is here? Warik is lost in a see of white, but somehow he manages to find Sysai's side. Wark knows what she wants, too, and happily curls her hand into his with a death-grip. Meep!

Maybe it was an egg shivering…maybe it's just the heat playing tricks your eyes. Maybe…but the Unicorn Egg does shiver, again…and then rocks a little to roll away from the rest of the clutch.

"Kiana!" Sysai waves frantically to her friend, trying to motion her over without hitting anyone near here. "C'mere, for old times' sake?"

Scud arches his head around the group, trying to get a better view of the eggs, leaning to each side he whispers to Zandia and then Lyne "Didja see that? I think one of 'em moved.." he says, gripping both the girls hands tightly.

K'lis shrugs slightly to his clutchmate and Jr. Weyrwoman. "Eh, not much Viv. Just getting things rolling. Looks to be a great party."

Charysli shuffles onto the sands, a relieved grin on her face now that her sleeves no longer hamper the movement of her arms. She hurries over to the mass of white, finding strength in numbers.

Annalysa raises a hand and waves to Vivian with a nervous smile.. then looks to the other candidates, finally to the eggs in awe as they shiver and shake. "My…"

Helyne quickly takes a hold of Kiana's hand in her strong gripe; her hands ice cold despite the intense heat of the sands that billows around them. Staying oddly silent, the Harper gal swallows and finally remembers to breathe. In. Out. A nod is given to Scud's question as her eyes are frozen on the eggs.

Taida's hand squeezes 'round Jesh's, eyes wid'ning as grey 'n' rose egg is definitely moving. "Jesh, it's moving. It's /totally/ moving. See?"

B'ran leans into Annie and places his arm about her shoulders. "You okay, kiddo?" he asks softly. His other hand rubs her arm, looks at teh small blonde and raises his eyebrows. "A little petite for my tastes." Then a pause… "Oh! For the /dragonets. Sure. She's not much shorter than you, actually." he winks. "No telling for taste, eh Ser?" A tease. A dig. He glances at Dharm. Still misbehaving?

Zandia squeezes hands as she lifts one foot then the other. "Yes..one moved" she nods. Is that calm? Or shock?

Damista does the hatching sands dance. She watches, glancing around at the others. Who will impress? Not her, that's for sure.

Teanna shifts her way awakardly stepping on the sands, grabbing a nearby hand she watches with wide eyes, expecially her sister and Serath. in a meek voice she manages to say "Oh my."

B'ob's lanky form comes in. He's not late — really. Form shifts back, towards those cute greenriders, while he watches the eggs rocking anxiously.

Jenret shakes his head again, clinging to Latenna's hand with one of his own, the other on Sysai's in a deathgrip as he watches the eggs — brown gaze sweeps over the weyrwomen and then the riders and dragons. Wow. For once, the weaver almost gapes, before hastily shutting his mouth and dodging the heat of the sands by another shuffle of sandals.

Jeshala glomphs onto Taida's arm, quivering with antici…pation. "Oh! Oh! It /is/! Wait…'sat a crack? I see one! I see one, Tai!" she cries, a little louder than necessary, considering her friend's right next to her.

Scud nods as he begins to feel his sweat pour down his face, slowly rocking from side to side, he tosses a casual glance up at the galleries, trying to pick out his harper friends and others..

Sysai attaches herself firmly to Warik — still denying nervousness — and shuffles in her platformed slides: no heat seeps through the thick soles, but hands wrestle with thight-length hair, trying to organize it into some order. "Nice robe, Jenret." She's prepared for the niceties that need to come. "Wark — which of the eggs are shaking?"

Extraordinary Last Unicorn Egg continues its quite /common/ place rocking and shaking. It is just an ordinary egg after all, isn't it? But what about that crack in the side? Surely, that's just ordinary, too.

Ow. Almost as though it hadn't clicked in before, Taida leaps a bit, hands obviously scorched by the searing sands 'neath her feet. "Me too, Jesh!" Taida cries, hand tight'ning so much 'round Jesh's hand that her knuckles go white.

Dharmath gives B'ran that /look/. Be nice rider. He peers closer at the candidates, making a young boy from Crom more than a little nervous to get a bronze dragon's eye 6 feet from him.

"It's shaking. Is it shaking?" Cyrus takes a stedying breath, shifting weight from one foot to the other in a vain attempt to avoid the heat of the sands. "Ooo, that's definately a crack." Almost as an afterthought, he remembers to breathe.

Zandia yanks on Scud's arm "A crack. See it? I see a crack in that egg!

Annie twitches a smile to B'ran, one hand still pressed against her lifemate's rather large forepaw. "I'm fine, really," she assures. "Serath's the one who I worry about." She pats the gold's paw lovingly and tilts her head to regard her lifemate for a moment before returning avid attention to the candidates.

Teanna's hands manage to find Arilea and Annaly's free hands, as she gets them she nervousley squeezes hard. "Guys, they're moving." uhhu, yep eggs moving here.

Kiana find herself near Jesh and Taida, quaking in her sandals. "It is moving!" she squeeks quietly, clenching her fists.

Damista perks up a little. A crack. This should be mildly interesting.. A dragon 'birth' to watch. Hmmmm.

White knuckles. Lyne would really loosen up on her grip if she knew she was doing it. Almost unconsiously, she begins to rock from side to side, lifting up one foot and then the other as even the thickest of soled shoes can't keep out the heat. A glance is given down theline of white robes before a smile is crooked and a wink is flashed.

Warik uhms, casting a hesitant look towards the great, round, shakey-things. They were so much nicer when they held still to be looked at. "A pale one on the left. And great, chubby green one near the back." He can't keep track. They're everywhere. It's an invasion.

As You Wish Egg rolls dangerously — all by it's self — shaking in the shrouding haze of golden sands.

[XxxxxXx] Annalysa: who's got my other hand? *forgot*

Scud has his gaze ripped back towards the sands as Zandia yanks on his arm, nodding slowly hoping he can calm his rapidly beating heart "Yeah..yea-" he says, as he tries to see the crack Zan's talking about "Yeah I do..jeez.."

Charysli reaches out for the comfort of the closest hand, clasping Taida's with a firm grip, clammy palm giving suction between them. She smiles at the other girl in apology, her eyes flashing with the excitement of the impending event.

Amerasuth would be trembling, if she were human, and the faint motion makes her red-gold hide shimmer like disappearing sunset. She /hovers/, her tail curled protectively around the smallest of her eggs, as if loathe to part with it even in favour of a real, living child.

Jenret grins at Sysai, his worry dispelled momentarily by her comment as he nods, "You like my robe?" Once a Weaver, always a Weaver - as a wave is shot up towards the galleries towards the watching eyes before again, attention returns to the rocking eggs. "There /was/ a crack." Wasn't there?

[XxxxxXx] Zandia me

Arilea strangles Teanna's hand as her breath comes in gasps, hyperventaliting not a good thing for hostess as eyes grow wider, now at rocking eggs, "It'll be as big as us." suddenly not to sure of controling, joining something that'll tower over her by several handspans.

[IstaCan] B'ob is just @rename'd me so I can @emit stuff. Ignore me, y'all. ;)
[IstaCan] Jenret tries to breathe. Oh my.

Dharmath curls his forearms around the Torn Asunder Egg, crooning under his breath at it around the thrumming. Head lifts again to inspect the circle of candidates again as his tail shifts restlessly on the sand.

[IstaCan] C'dar: Actually, B'ob impressed last night with allthe others… ;)

Taida catches Lyne's wink and sends it back, though it might come across as more of a twitch, eye squeezing shut 'n' opening up again.

[IstaCan] Jenret snickers at C'dar.
[IstaCan] Arilea laughs!
[IstaCan] Warik rolls!
[IstaCan] Scud rolls..

D'rik paces back and forth behind the candidates wondering who will impress first. Making sure he is never too far away to lead the first pairing off the sands and to the side out of the way and off the hot sands.

Hoth rumbles towards the second great gold dragon on the sands, his wings stretchig out protectively near the softer eggs.

A bony arm is snaked 'round Kiana's shoulders, Jesh trying to offer some small amount of comfort. It's a little hard, considering she herself is dancing about in that infamous Candidate dance that's so popular 'round these parts. Another jump and tug on both Taida and Kiana. "Did you guys see a claw? I think I saw a claw!"

Annalysa begins to smile as the cracks form and the two girls on her sides get more and more nervous. She smiles. IF it wasn't for them.. She'd be scared witless.. but she's gotta be strong for them.. eh?

[IstaCan] Teanna: I thought it was at 5 am with a bunch of twwinks?

"Is that one moving?" Latenna questions again, plastering white-clad and slight form to Jenret's arm. A free hand is pointed 'wards eggs. Of course they're moving. It's a hatching. "And — and what about that one?" Voice rises, as mouse falls open into a facsimile of a gape. Apparently robes don't hold quite the charm, though a glance goes to Jenret's. Short commentary: "Nice."

[IstaCan] Jeshala: These are just Fire Lizards. Yeah.

"Thanks a ton," Sysai gracioiusly answers, nodding firmly towards Jenret. "My obe is Weaver-made, by an old riend. Unfortanutely, he has an odd taste in decorations." She affixes ribbon more firmly in hair, scooping red-gold length over her shoulders /again/ — it's already sweaty and disordered, the curls transformed to mere frizz.

"I think you're hyper," Taida says with a shaky grin, the wink done as she gives a visible squeeze to Jesh-hand. "But it /is/ moving…" she agrees, voice faint as eyes flick'r to the other egg that moves.

Serath deserves to be worried about — oncoming empty nest syndrome by the dragon-load. She nudges Annie again, her nose buried against her rider as if she could hide from the rest of the world behind her. Her foot merely pushes deeper into the sands, tensing and untensing against the dark grains. As a candiate moves too close, she snaps and her thrum turns to a growl.

A few eggs to Serath's left give a shimmy and shake, though nothing hatches yet. Cracks appear on ovoids everywhere, and the first hatching in imminent.

B'ran doesn't let his arm down, whether for his own assurance or to hide the fact he is /definitely/ nervous is questionable. "Ten turns of standing on the sands as Ista's weyrlingmaster, another five as an assistant, and none of it compares to this, Dharmath's clutching hatches!" A glace and Serath. "And her's, of course."

[IstaCan] B'ob shivers with excitement, " Eee." Yes, she's excited about other people impressing. Go figure. ;)

Damista begins to look around, obviously just a touch bored. This takes a while. She returns to looking over her fellow candidates. She just wants this over with so she can go home. How are the runners doing in her absence…?

Extraordinary Last Unicorn Egg rocks a little more violently. It may appear to be commonplace but whatever is inside is certainly not. Another crack here…another there…soon, the shell is covered in a gossamer spinner's web of cracks. One more violent shudder…

Helyne lets go of Kiana's hand to fix her robe as the all-too-large neck slipped down and over one of her slim shoulders. "You guys….This is it." Wow. That was a statement to be remembered.

Extraordinary Last Unicorn Egg is subtle no more. Common stock cracks appear to reveal an uncommon treasure: there is an audible shattering, then — upon instinct — the dragonet rises from his egg in a perfect action. With a concentrated thought and effort, he steps out and nearly trips over the shattered remnants of his egg, then the tip of his wing, then almost into another egg. Not until his instincts overwhelm him, again, does he right himself.
Magician at Midnight Blue Dragonet-----—-
Deepest night holds no sway over the midnight hues that cascade down a bony, elongated neck to enfold his slender body. The wedge-shaped head holds the miasma of swirling navy at bay as delicate touches of frost tint the outlines of a hook-shaped muzzle and rigid headknobs. Cloaking the streamlined body, irridiscent cerulean wingsails unfold along massive blue-black wing spars. However, the spindly appearance is an illusion, only, as well-toned muscles ripple beneath the satiny sapphire of slim haunches. Tapering to a point, an exclamation is added in the manifestation of a reedy, serpentine tail.

[XxxxxXx] Taida: AHHH!!!

Jenret grins at Latte, before nodding towards his robes - "I spent lots of time on them." Perhaps more time than he should've been, shirking chores. A hand is snaked through hers, grabbing on even more tightly as he grins at Sysai; "Your robe's nice too." Serath is watched, a deep breath expelled as he remembers to -breathe-. "It's /moving/." Pointing to the Extraordinary Last Unicorn Egg.

[XxxxxXx] Jenret: CRAP!!

Vivian is calmer than the /last/ time she was on these same Sands during a hatching, but not by any great amount. Her hand fumbles for K'lis', shaking a little herself. "Remember?" One whispered word, filled with meaning. "Oh, I can't wait…"

[XxxxxXx] Latenna: AIE!

Scud blinks, or at least tries to blink the sweat out of his eyes. Ever so nervous Scud hops from food to foot. Gently tugging on Zandia's hand "Hey ZanZan../look/!" he says, as the first egg cracks open.

Gape. Taida squeals, jumping up and down for two reasons — one to alleviate the scorch of her soles and the other to commemorate the new arrival. "JESH!!" Gee, Taida. Way to be loud and irritate the gold.

[XxxxxXx] Scud damn near pisses his pants..
[XxxxxXx] Taida: Ewww, Scud. That's 'Ret's job.

Hyper? Jesh? /Never/. "I…I'm not hyper, Tai. I'm just…nervous. Yeah." Let's just forget about the half-dozen cookies she consumed in the dorms 'fore. "Oh! *LOOK!* Blue!" Another state the obvious day for the second-youngest candidate. "It's a BLUE!"

[IstaCan] Kaeryn has joined this channel.

Zandia continues the candi-step, right, left, then stops as a blue dragonette emerges. Squeezing Annaly's and Scud's hands, she gapes. "Oh..oh my" is all she can get out.

Warik shifts. And turns. And hops. And does all of the Candie-dance moves these Sands have come to know and love. "Sysaiiiii," he squeaks, attaching to the girl's arm as the first egg breaks and spills forth the little blue.

[XxxxxXx] Jenret rolls!
[XxxxxXx] Scud nods "i know..but still.."
[XxxxxXx] Taida is feeling clever.

Annalysa blinks in awe.. and completely forgets to breath as the blue emerges.. as wet and sticky as it is. She stares at it with open eyes and near squeezes Teanna's and Zandia's hands to bits.

[IstaCan] Scud waves "Hiya Kaerbear.."
[IstaCan] D'rik: you guys like spam don't you?

Charysli draws her lip into her teeth, speechless and pale as her eyes widen at sight of the first to hatch. A blue. A beautiful blue. She squeezes Taida's hand in her excitement, twitching her robe into place with the other.

[IstaCan] Jeshala: I'm a fiend.

"Serath!" Annie's voice is gentle, though firm, in its chastisement of the possessive, maternal gold. "You have to be— look!" The goldrider finds a distraction. "Look at the little blue, love. Encourage him to find his mate."

[IstaCan] Taida does.
[XxxxxXx] Annalysa: is everyone breathing?
[IstaCan] Kaeryn winks and cuddles Scud and wishes all of you love and luck
[XxxxxXx] Taida is trying to remember.
[IstaCan] Vivian does, yup.

C'dar chuckles, unable to suppress a good-natured smirk to Serath's attentions. Duly warned by his lifemate, C'dar is mindful to keep his mouth shut and doesn't hesitate to offer an appraising glance to the new young blue dragon.

Cyrus's head whips around as the Last Unicorn Egg cracks, eyes flickering with interest as the blue dragonet emerges. "It hatched." As if it wasn't completely obvious. "A blue." Another duh. Candidate dances nervously on the sands.

[XxxxxXx] Jeshala: No. I'm listening to my music and shaking.

Kiana /grabs/ Jeshala with her hands, "Look!" she points with a free leg. It was the only thing handy!

"It HATCHED!" Lyne nearly screeches this exclaimation out as she points a finger in the obvious direction of the newvborn blue dragonet. Soon, she goes back into her haitus on non-speaking as she stands, swaying from side to side, and watches.

Damista eyes the blue, her eyes running over it's conformation. Mmmm. As lanky as all foals tend to be. Her feet continue to shift in the unconsious candi-dance.

Arilea sucks in her breath, breaking out in coughing fit as she can nae tear eyes away from emerging blue, "Itsablueitsablueitsablue." she manages in tight squeak.

Scud blinks and tugs on Lyne's hand "Hey Lyne..lookeee, it's a bloo." he says, managing a laugh and a grin through all the heat and nervousness he's feeling.

Jenret can't breathe, as a hand is loosed from Sysai's to tug at the neck of his robe, a gaping glance shot towards the blue — as very nearly, he manages a dry croak; "Latte. Sysai. Guys." He then declares his intentions: "By Faranth. I think I need to pee."

Teanna practically faints as the blue steps out oof it's shell, only the grip on her fellow candidates hands manage to keep her upright.

Magician at Midnight Blue Dragonet thinks…/hard/…about what to do next. He sits..he reasons..he steps forward. And immediately falls flat on his face. Wait…step by step, right? He watches his feet..and falls flat, again. Closing his eyes and shakes his head. Now that he isn't paying attention…he walks unerringly away from the shell shards.

"That is /just/ the color of a sapphire I found as an apprentice." Once a miner, always a miner; Sysai eyes the blue and grins at her little cluster. "So, Jenret — who do you bet'll impress?" She eyes him impassionately, hands snaking towards the area where her pockets /should/ be, and swears under her breath. "I should've asked for pockets on this thing."

Dharmath trumpets!!!! The birth of his first son!! He arms curl more tightly around /his/ egg. Look Serath, its a boy!

[XxxxxXx] Jeshala: Don't call Arilea 'Lea'. That /really/ fucks me up *grin*
[XxxxxXx] Jenret snickers. LIke my pose, guys? ;)
[XxxxxXx] Taida laughs!!!
[XxxxxXx] Sysai: Yer copyin' Erzi :P
[XxxxxXx] Jenret isn't allowed to _actually_ pee. :P

Damista blinks at the blue, chuckling a little. Clumsy. Like foals, yet again. Who'll it pick? Maybe Jenret… Damista glances that way.

[XxxxxXx] Arilea: Why? Use it as your own nick? Sowwy.
[XxxxxXx] Charysli is laaaaaaging.. *whimper.

Some of us are really smart. Even Taida's stating the obvious, bouncing up 'n' down 'pon sands, but not leaving them: "It's a blue, Jesh. And it's there and it's moving and wow. It's a blue." Smart chica. The fall is given a little gasp, as Taida squeals and wiggles her Jesh-entwined hands t'wards the blue. "Oh, he's okay."

[XxxxxXx] Jeshala: Ari: *eg* It was my old OLD nick on here with Leanna…it's still used. But if you want it…I can give it to you.

Sysai dimples immediately at Jenret's comment, wrestling her hand from Jenret's to muffle her flow of giggles. "Sorry, but I think that's going to be a little problem out here. They might not notice a wet patch on the Sands, though."

[XxxxxXx] Arilea: Can't use Ari…it's taken.

Warik blinks from blue to Jenret to dragon and back again. "You /what/?" he squeals, resisting the urge to whimper. He knew this would be a disaster, just knew it. The calculations predicted it— calculations don't /lie/. "'Reeeeeet!"

Annalysa lets out a little eek as she remembers to breathe.. and laughs a bit.. She turns her eyes to the galleries for a moment to grasp a bit of reality before staring at the blue.. and the other eggs.

Latenna tugs — no, yanks — on arms of those about her, switching from foot to sandalled foot as she leans dragonet-wards. "It's a green!" No. "It hatched! A BLUE!" She corrects herself quickly, before she turns wide eyes on Jenret, still prancing. "Pee? Why?" /She/ went earlier.

[XxxxxXx] Jeshala: You can add it now, Arilea.

K'lis takes Vivian's hand in his, giving it a squeeze and flashing a grin at her. "This is far easier than last time, eh?" He glances back out towards the candies and the eggs, beaming at them. "I hope Sysai and Kiana are chosen."

"Impress?" is Jenret's blank comment towards Sysai, before he shakes his head, running a hand through tousled hair as the shuffling on the Sands gains in intensity. Not only is it hot but — a pathetic look is on his face, before he manages to make his comments: "Just.. be quiet, Sysai. And no, I don't know. Well, maybe I could? I don't know how I'd do if I Impress'd." A flush rises on his face, a glance shot towards Warik. "Well, I do!"

[XxxxxXx] Jeshala: Years of a legacy for you 'cause I love ya.

D'rik watches the first hatch, a nice blue. He tries to predict which way it'll go so he can wander over to that side of the half circle. He starts to pace behind the candidates again, just incase the dragon goes over there.

Helyne nods dumbly towards Scud before looking towards him with awe inspired eyes. "Blue." she breathes before immidiate attention goes back to the hatching. "Do we just…/stand/ here?" she murmurs before pained eyes watch the dragonet stumble.

[XxxxxXx] Jeshala: Oh goodness. I really do have to pee.
[XxxxxXx] Arilea: No worries…"I don't use aliases…just my own poses :)

Breathe..remember to breath" Zandi says to Annaly, forgetting that she's out of breath herself.

[XxxxxXx] Jeshala: Ok, if you don't want it…:D
[XxxxxXx] Sysai snugs Jesh. Me too.

Magician at Midnight Blue Dragonet sets about the task on hand…which is to find that /perfect/ lifemate. Let's see…he walks over and sniffs a white-clad candidate from the Seacraft. He reasons and looks at him…then shakes his head. Not /quite/ right…he moves on to a couple of girls standing off by themselves.

Taida sucks in a breath, then, her constant rambling forced to stop by that whole pesky gotta-have-air thing. Then, as its done, the running commentary continues: "Blue, blue, blue, blue. Blue's moving 'round a lot. And he's so pretty and…" Well. Y'get the picture.

"Eh.. remind yourself deary!!" She laughs a bit as she falls silent as the blue moves… oi.. Arilea pauses in her hot footing patterning to watch angle of blue, "Look Tea." she tugs on child's hands to point, as if bluedragonet is missing anyone's attention.

Damista is having no trouble breathing. She's looking calm and relaxed. Borderline bored. She still isn't sure /why/ she's here. She belongs back at the herder hall, looking after the runners.

Scud laughs at 'Ret as he slowly shakes his head, but allows his gaze to return to the little blue fella. Slowly but surely he watches as the blue guy stumbles forward and begins to sniff the candi's.

[XxxxxXx] Taida is making herself laugh.

As You Wish egg shivers and /shakes/; the ripples of the sands eddying into form, form eddying into the sands. Is it time? Now? Now? Not yet, it seems. Just … wait.

[XxxxxXx] Scud grr's "No bladder, I don't care /what/ you say I'm not goin pee.."
[XxxxxXx] Annalysa: who did he sniff?
[XxxxxXx] Arilea snuggles…"Thanks though…I appreciate the offer, lots!"

Serath continues to sulk for a few more moments, and then peers out beyond her Anie to the little swirl of a dragonet. /Her/ dragonet. And blue. Suddenly all is right with the weyr. Her growls turn to grimbles, sort of happy snuffling noises, and she does reach out to encourage the little dragonet with helpful thoughts: pick one with… energy.

Across the sands, another egg explodes. Shards fly everywhere and from inside emerges a klah-brown dragonet. He immidiately ets to his feet and begins the short quest to his mate for life.

[XxxxxXx] Taida: NPC.

Charysli starts to rock back and forth on her feet, the sandals bothering her, strangely enough. But you won't see her complaining, bright eyed and giddy as a child seeing a dragon for the first time. She glances nervously at the others, flashing a smile at them as she remembers to breathe.

Vivian's fingers clench around Kel's. "Wow, he'she's lovely!" she breathes in the little blue's direction, oblivious to the Candidate chaos not far away. "And there" It's another one. No turning back now.

"No laughing at me!" is Jenret's loud ultimatum, before he merely hops and hops on the sands, ruefully beginning to chuckle at himself. "But. Do we just stand here? I mean — what do we do with the dragonets if they… well, head towards us?" No clue, he merely asks those questions of Sysai in a gasp.

Oh, yeah. Breathe. Cyrus manages to do that, pausing in his figetting long enough to take a deep breath. Eyes trained on the blue, Candidate watches and mutters soemthing along the lines of "blue, it's blue." Some of us need to constantly state to obvious.

[IstaCan] Arilea aiyyeees!

Annie's green eyes are large, now, and focussed upon the blue. Another hatching — a brown — breaks free and goes toddling off toward the candidates. "Oh, see?" she says to her lifemate. "They're doing fine."

Teanna watches the progress of the blue and then turns her head back towards the rest of the eggs. they are going to hatch, oh my, they are all going to hatch. Another squueze with her hands as she takes another deep breath. Zandia sucks in her breath as the blue comes closer, nearing the girls, then exhales as yet another egg comes apart.

Warik rolls his eyes and resists the urge to pummel Jenret, then and there. "Oh, shards. One of these days…" He'll what? Tell 'Ret so much useless information he dies of boredom? Regardless, he'll do /something/. Peeing on the Sands is not exactly a socially acceptable practice.

[IstaCan] Jenret owws. Lag!

Sysai muffles her laughter to a halt, biting down a smile at Jenret's fate. "Just hold it in? I think that /would/ be the best tactic." Tucking her hair, as best she can, down her robe, she squirms and curses, again. "Promise to remind me to cut my hair /sometime/? Running can be a good tactic, and staying too. Depends on what you want out of life."

In and out. Side to side. Helyne remembers to do the same as the others — breathe. Even then her breath comes out rather jagged-like before she intakes a deep breath of air and *sighs*. There. Now she can handle this, just like all the other every-day things she handles with ease.

[IstaCan] Zandia nods "I missed that
[IstaCan] Annalysa notes the spam is making her screen jump.. no poses.. them fifty..

Blue approaches…approaches…and passes Jeshala. She frowns, then perks up, seeing as it's headed for a pair of her buddies. Head is swirled as she sees a rather silly Telgar boy pass out and she grins. That's what he gets for haranguing her.

Scud looks to 'Ret and shouts "I dunno, but I wouldn't stick your hand out tryin to pet it..it'd prolly eat it." he says, smiling then suddenly whirling around as he see's another egg explode..

[IstaCan] Warik: Ditto.

Antici-pation Egg is astounded by all the commotion, wiggling a bit in its comfy little burrow of sand, unfortunately time spent in this warm place is fleeting. The heat and time now taking its toll.

K'lis's breath seems taken away by the sight of the dragonets bursting from their shells. "They're both wonderful." He falls silent. "So much the same as the day we impressed."

[IstaCan] Cyrus has the same problem… :/

Jenret tries to hold it — shuffle, shuffle, go his feet, hands once more reclaiming Sysai despite her need to muffle giggles; "I can hold it, I think. I mean, it'd be wrong if I couldn't?" A smirk is shot towards Scud, before going reproving — "Scud!" This, a tremulous wail.

Bronze tail pokes B'ran again. Be nice. He peers back at the candidates with interest then at his sons. Pick. There has to be something good theree.

As You Wish Egg rocks as gently as a voice of an old man telling a fairytale to a child, reassuringly draped in compassion. The utmost top of the egg is given a sharp tap from within, breaking separate parts of the ivy-misted shell down the sides and then the delicate innards — a tiny, verdant dragonet — leaves the clinging reaches of egg for the sands. Poetry in the making runs through a breathy creel; is her one true love to be found here?
Eternally Yours Regal Green Dragonet-----
A chorus of verdant hues in full distinction shrouds her, thimbleful of spring-green frolic with a crowning of buttercup fog that taps each hindquarter, thumbs through jade, and dances into eroded terre-verte turrets dissipate into tail. Shoulder-blades birth butterfly wings that mature full-flight into sails effortlessly poised with a hint of sass; the ascending avocado of her shadowed spars drifts into delicate aileron that catch sun's light as easily wind. From the breath of bud that kisses her beryl cheekbones and wide-set eyelids, brightening into the doubled twilight nimbus of her headknobs, to the graceful art of mellifluous patina that hides in each svelte limb, she blooms diplomaticaly like an unruffled floweret of rose, noble without and untamed within.

[IstaCan] Jeshala: Must…potty.
[IstaCan] Sysai isn't lagging. Why am I the only one, pretty much?
[IstaCan] Teanna: I'm just happy I'm connected.

"Ret," Taida says, catching the conversation, "if you pee on the sands I'll…. do something terrible." Jesh-twined hand flickers up t'wards face, brushing away hair 'n' scratching an itch all at once. Moving eggs are eyed, but baby blues constantly flick'r back to check out the already-hatched blue.

Magician at Midnight Blue Dragonet can tell which are girls and which are guys…but he doesn't know how. He sits down in the sands to try and reason out why. Then, it's up off the sands 'cause it's even too hot for him to be on. Forget the reasoning…he looks up at mama and whines a bit and then closes his eyes, again. Crooning, he lets his dragonheart feel its way for him and his instincts pick the one out of the crowd. Eyes open and he sets off…he just needs to find that one in the crowd.

[IstaCan] Scud isn't lagging..
[XxxxxXx] Jenret: Oh, this one's /pretty/!

Jewel in the Desert Egg shivers slightly, then stops, the shudders again, knocking against Serath's rounded sides. Hello, mother.

Vivian lifts her head, startled, as the egg she held onto so possessively begins to rock. Long tail snakes away, seeking the comfort of her rider instead, curling around Vivian's leg as she /watches/ that egg.

[IstaCan] Vivian never says things like that, it only jinxes her.
Amerasuth does that, rather.
[IstaCan] Kaeryn is watching the screen scroll from hatching and galleries spam
[IstaCan] Teanna: I was already down for the count for 45 min, I think I'm doing good here.

Zandia bounces on her feet "Oh, now a green too!" she giggles.

"GREEN!" Tai squeals, Jesh-hand bouncing up and down and flailing all o'er the place. Feet bounce, gaining a moment's respite from sands only t'plop back on 'em, causing a wince.

Damista sighs, giving up her pretense of silence. "Why me?" she mutters. *shuffle* *shuffle* She glances around. "I'm not rider materiel…" A glance at the green. "Wonder who'll impress her. Not me."

Scud gasps as the purty green dragon emerges from her shell. "Ohmyohmyohmyohmy.." Scud repeats over and over as he doesn't try anymore to stay calm.

"And a green…" Sysai keeps up a line of commentary directed at Jenret, Warik, and Latenna, eyeing the newest with a critical eye. "She's pretty. Sort of reminds me of a green that hatched last time, too."

"Brown. And green!" Warik takes note of all the new arrivals, storing in his vacuum-brain every color and detail. "You know… I spent a lot of time looking at the weyr's archives and there is often a pattern in the hatchlings' emergences." Someone shut him up before he goes into lecture mode!

"What'll you do?" Jenret queries of Taida, looking for anything - everything! - to distract him from his need to go, as pacing movements take him restlessly in the typical CandiDance along the Sands. The green dragonet out is greeted with an 'oooo', as gaze fixates on it, "Look! Latte! Sys! Look at that green — isn't she /pretty/?"

Kiana merely blinks and asks distractedly, "Pee?" Confusion trims her face as eggs pop open about her and dragonets roam the sands!

Zandia grins down the line at Tai's squeal, then squeezes Sucd's hand. "Breathe, Scud. Breathe"

Antici-pation Egg wiggles again to the side, shell titled sharply to the side, like a cocked ear listening closely to the humdrum, the excitement. Tilting back in the other direction and round about. Is that a tiny blemish on its side? Perhaps not tiny for very much longer.

D'rik watches the blue some more take off towards the other side of the candidates. He can see this one is going to cause the weyrlingmasters some exercise. He paces behind the candidates again his eyes on the blue.

Annalysa is holding her breath again.. two.. no three.. eh.. how many of those lovely hatchlings were wandering about. A stream of sweat blocks her visioin for a moment and she sighs.. breathing again.. OO.. the air is hot..

Jeshala jumps along with Taida — whether to cool her feet or in sheer enthusiasm, one can never know. "GreenieGreenieGreenie! An' she's /purty/, too." Her free hand flails and points for the good of her friends in the galleries, just in case they didn't see it.

"Smack ya," Taida says t'Ret, though her hotfooting, and her eyeing of the green 'n' blue, continues unabated.

Eternally Yours Regal Green Dragonet tumbles forth on to the sands: what is this? Where is she? Gaining feet, gaining movement — the tiny green slowly moves forward, searching. Where is the one? So many questions. Butterflies' wings shutter, move, their green forms draping shoulderblades as each step is taken with utmost care, lady-like movements echoing there.

Arilea uses Teanna's hand to push strands free of her forehead as fingers clasped, gaze cleared of hair as she hop skips on sands, even through thick sandals the burn of sands clear, don't know how the dragons, nor the weyrwoman could handle it.

Helyne points another finger out and towards the next hatchling, a grin finally showing its stuff on her face as she murmurs. "Green." Apparently, one word sentances are her specialty this evening. But she doesn't want to keep her attention on just one. Instead, her head swerves from side to side with all the new dragonets. The colors and the shapes…

Charysli blinks, turning to stare at Jenret. "Ret, you wouldn't." Dolphincraft Candie implores her friend to not embarrass himself before the masses. Again the lip disappears between her teeth, her tongue silenced once again. She scratches a leg with the side of a sandal.

Magician at Midnight Blue Dragonet spots the one he wants…the one with that curious hair on his face? Oooo…a puzzle to be solved…and he's found the one lifemate to help him solve it. Stepping toward a group of three, he looks up and whuffles instinctively at a certain Harper.

"Look at that lovely daughter of yours," Annie continues her commentary to her particularly maternal lifemate. Her reddish hair is drying, now, and wisps play across her cheeks and forehead, sticking to the sweat that gives her skin a slick sheen.

Cyrus doesn't join the other in their squeals of "Green!" Instead, he focuses away from the roaming hatchlings and to the shaking eggs. "That one's shaking," he comments, nodding towards the Anti-cipation Egg. Nevermind the others which are doing the exact same thing.

Magician at Midnight Blue Dragonet stops his struggles with common sense and turns his thoughts totally to instinct. Only then does he find his way through the waves of the sea of white-clad Candidates; only then is he drawn toward the Harper with the goatee. Arguements with logic aside, nature's pull turns his head toward Scud — /his/ Scud — and impression is made.

Sysai tightens her grasp on Warik's hand, aiming a low kick to his leg and missing by a space of an inch. "Not now, silly. Patterns are nice and all, but we have no proof that they'll hold." Shifting from foot to foot, she smudges wrinkles in te sand, brows furrowing in a hint of the nervousness that she firmly denied.

Vivian feels the tail slink around her leg and reaches down to stroke it comfortingly. "It's all right, loveoh! Tha's a beautiful green!!" Barely keeping her lifemate's anxiety and excitement from bubbling over her, it's K'lis' fingers that keep her grip on the situation intact. Somehow. Words fail, falter, for there's just too many to keep track of now!

Damista grumbles quietly. No point attracting attention. But that doesn't stop her from keeping up that running dialogue. "Too bad runners don't like dragons. A green might be nice if they did…"

Tatianna holds her breath as the first dragon impresses - she relives it all over again and tears pool in her dark, blue eyes.

Teanna tries to watch all of the dragonets at once he head swinging this way and that trying to keep track of them all. spotting the blue find his lifemate she throws one arm up other persons hand still attached.

"Ooh." Is Latenna's commentary on this newest dragonet, far more interesting than peeing. For once, large vocabulary is stemmed, though mouth is rather large and gaping. The neckline of Candidate's robe is drawn to her mouth and chewed on, as she nudges an elbow into Jenret's ribs. "HEY! It caught Scud!"

Zandia lets go of Scud' shand to squeal "Scud!" A bright smile infuses her face. "oh my..oh my"

Scud gasps and says barely managing to get it out "His name is Abracath.." he says, his mind whirling with the new sensation..

Jenret's attention is caught by the Antici-pation Egg, an eager sight-see'r as those are indicated to Sysai and Latenna, "Look at that egg — I think it was one of the ones that I got to touch at the eggtouching," is his breathless comment, feet still shifting against the hot sands, slim sandals little protection against their heat.

Antici-pation Egg shivers as though trying not to roll, to keep control. But to no avail, wobbling is resumed with a vengeance, back and forth.

Brown, green, blue, colorful in all their array of treasured lifemates so silk-washed new upon the blacksands, the dragonets each catch B'ran's discerning eye. And /Dharmath/ gets the /evil/ eye. Still hiding that egg? His arm points, "That one is going to take a short candidate. I bet you. Look at those big feet."

Scud looks to Zandia, totally at peace and nods "Oh.." is all he can manage

Amerasuth croons as the rocking of her darling egg comes faster, cracks splitting the sides as the dark, goo-damp nose of its prisoner pokes out from within.

"They willll…" Warik begins to insist but trails off, blinking towards Scud in utter disbelief. "Did it? I think it.. Scud?!" Wowie.

Jenret blinks — shaking his head before letting out a loud cheer, "Scud!!"

"Scud!" Taida calls swiftly, eyes flick'ring t'wards the Impressor 'fore they find blessed respite on the green once more, beauty appreciated 'fore wriggling eggs are eyed, too.

Dharmath hoards his little egg dilligently. He's not so sure now in the hot sands that its not going to hatch. He inspects it for cracks to make sure. He doesn't want to loose his egg. He turns to snort at B'ran. Yes. I'm hoarding. Its mine.

D'rik paces over to Scud and gives him a few moments, "He looks good Scud." He looks around at the other candidates and makes sure they give him room. "But we have to go off to the sands now and give the other candidates some room." He leads the new weyrling off slowly.

"Scud! ScuddieBuddy! YOU /DID/ IT!" Not that Jesh's cries'll break through his reverie. With great effort, she manages to stay in place instead of darting over and hugging him as she's so prone to do in times like this.

Eternally Yours Regal Green Dragonet butts through a crowd of Fort candidates. Is her one here? Is her true love here? She spots one with near ebony tresses — a Smith boy — and so she gives him a sniff. You? The boy stutters, glances down; the green looks away. He obviously isn't worthy of her. She must find the one worthy. Someone more interesting then a Fort Smith boy.

Helyne blinks down at the blue hatching before turning bright eyes towards her Harperpal, her eyes brimming with tears of happiness for her best friend. "Scud…Congratulations." she murmurs before staepping away from the new pair, her heart wretched with jealousy and happiness for her friend.

Cyrus's attention is caught for a while by the cheers, and he beams, shouting a "Congratulations!" in something spproximating Scud's direction. Attention is yanked right back again by the shivering, shaking horde of eggs.

Antici-pation Egg is nearly in a frenzy here and there, some primitive instinct calling to it, a crack marring the side of the egg, the void outside calling to its occupant.

"The blue impressed!" Annie announces to anyone who cares to listen, brushing those wisps of copper from her cheeks again. "To that one.. what was he? A harper?"

Damista eyes the Regal Green, sizing up her confirmation. Looks like /she/ has some taste. Mmmm. Probably Jeshala will impress her.

BEing interesting is definitely important. A giggle's given at the green's choosiness, Taida appreciating it in more ways than one as Jesh's hand gets a squeeze. "Isn't she pretty?" she murmurs softly.

Antici-pation Egg makes a little jump to the left, rolling to its side in the dark, volcanic sands. Ebon tendrils seem to waver from movement within, spreading with cracks from internal pressure. Then, at the base, the colors there explode outward in an unchecked dance of indulgent merrimaking, spilling forth a birth-damp bronze just a step to the right of its now-scattered shards.
Time-Warped Servant Bronze Dragonet------—-
Rough and unfinished bronzen hues cloak a lanky form in their dark embrace, slipping from the high, angular head and corded neck to envelop the streamlined expanse of his torso. Age-worn amber brushes an ethereal highlight across his stiffened neckridges, farthest reaches extending to loop about a duo of deep-sunk orbs that forever glint with an inconsistant gemstone hue against the darkness that surrounds. Expansive wings — tautly stretched and overlarge — stretch as two massive canopies from his lithe body, their near-translucent membranes dusted with a metallic touch of brass over the underlying burnish. His limbs angle from shoulder and haunch, spindly lengths drizzled with thick rivulets of maple that seep down to pool over his large, splayed paws; the dark hue contrasts to the palest cream that marks his long, gently curving talons. Snakelike at the rear, his tail of antiquated bronze extends for a stretch nearly equitable to that of his trim torso.

Annalysa smiles and eyes The new weyrling as he is led off.. and calls out finally. "Congraulations!! S'ud!!!"

"Look!! The first one chose, and it's a Harper!" Vivian squeals. Harpers make /almost/ as good of riders as Weavers. "And there's a bronze!"

K'lis's hand squeezes around Vivian's. The first impression! "Lookit! That blue one chose the harper boy!" He says excitiedly to Vivian. "I always thought that one would impress."

Serath noses Annie, delight now shining in the whirling of her eyes, the trembling of her wings, and the twitching of tha tlonger than long long tail. Yes. Hers. She sighs with pleasure as the blue impresses, delight rippling outwards from her in almost palatble waves. Now to watch the rest. Don't worry that they are not hers anymore. Don't worry at all. Don't even think about it.

Charysli blinks as Scud Impresses, a slow grin spreading across her face for her fellow candidate and friend, though she cannot describe her feelings in words. She turns back to the other eggs, intent on the one as another squeeze is given Taida's hand.

Zandia stops her still pacing to gasp "A bronze! Oh…beaautiful" she sighs.

Fortunate Life Egg rocks, mocha slipping further from the crown and nearer to the base. The egg sinks a little into a sandy hole formed by its movements.. and stops.

Dharmath lets out a loud trumpet a second time. Bronze!!! Hello son. Neck snakes out to inspect him a little closer. Yep, might get almost as big as his dad.

Kiana cranes her neck to watch other impressions, so interested to see who will pair with whom!

Taida squeezes Charys' hand, then, sending a grin t'wards the girl. "Unbelievable, ain't it?" she asks, composure having taken over, oddly enough. "Bronze," is noted, then, but with much less feeling than the previous announcements.

"Congratulations, S'ud!" is Jenret's call, cheering through the din of the hatching sands as the Weaver notices his friend Impress. Green is watched, then the bronze — shifting gaze wandering between the crowds as he breathes faintly to Latenna, "You think you're goign to Impress or not?"

Arilea shivers in cold sweat as suddenly not even sands heat touches her, eyes wide as she watches Scud get chosen, "He's gone…" no longer one of them, but chosen.

Warik's eyebrows lift and furrow, alternately, boy thoroughly confused by the rush and hubbub. "That wasn't in the calculations," Wark pouts at the new bronze, thoroughly miffed. You can't go against the numbers! Bad dragon.

"Bronze! Lookie, Taitai!" Enthusiasm embodied nearly de-sockets Taida's shoulder as Jesh bounces around, braids flopping in time with her dance.

Sysai slowly takes breath, chest rising and falling in pattern. "Interesting bronze," she comments wryly, eyeing the newest with critical interest. "I wonder who he'll go to?" She eyes the group of candidates and tries to make a bet, again. "Jenret? You wanna place marks on who impresses that one?"

Helyne moves towards her other friends with a proud smile on her face, a delicate finger pointed towards Scud before she excalims. "Scud Impressed!" As if they didn't already know…Eyes turns back to the wobbling eggs as she swallows her parched throat. A glance towards the galleries made her feel very important and very small, but soon her eyes are back upon the wriggling orbs.

Teanna remembers to breath after the first dragonet impresses. She gives anoter squeeze with her hand to Arilea. "Oh my."

Crack!! Not to be undone, and certainly not to be imprisoned any longer, a dark, syrupy bronze no bigger than a small brown finally emerges from the remains of Amerasuth's most prescious egg and takes his first look at the world and the Sands…

Time-Warped Servant Bronze Dragonet picks himself up from the sands, peering about with keen eyes, taking in the crowd of young ones surrounding him. He takes a hopping to the left, stumbling a touch, deciding that's not his way and instead a step to the right towards a candidate.

S'cud slowly blinks back into reality and smiles as he see's a bronze pop out of another egg..

Eternally Yours Regal Green Dragonet shivers; growing, wandering over to another bunch of candidates. Then she catches eye with that bronze, crooning towards him. Her prince charming? Yet, it is known now that she cannot impress another dragon, so she heads 'wards the other kind, the human kind, now. There are too many choices!

Hoth croons loudly, encouraging the wandering babies to make their choices - but choose well. You can't re-impress!

"I see," Taida says, grin touching lips as hand nudges Jesh's side, eyes still latched onto the wandering, choosy green.

"Bronze!" Cyrus shout for all those blind people watching the hatching as the newest hatchling arrives.

Annalysa blinks a few times and watches Teanna for a moment to try and clear her mind. "doing ok?" She lets her eyes drift back to the hatchlings as they inspect the candidates..

Annie gestures rather quickly to the young bronze, trying to get Serath's, Dharmath's, and B'ran's attention all at once. "Now, look at that one," she says, acting as proud as if she was the actual mother. "Isn't he lovely?"

"Congratulations!" K'lis yells over the din. "Welcome Abracath and S'cud!" His grin is wide as he beams on.

Vivian can't possibly keep track of who's Impressing to whom all over the place, once the eggs start to crack all at once and hatchlings wander about the Sands with abandon. So her eyes seek out a few of the special Candidates, the ones she knows. Ones that brought her treats, those always deserve dragonets. "Wow."

"Bronze!" is the triumphant shout, perhaps the triumphant echo as Jenret peers over at the hatchling, grasping against Latte's hand and then squeezing Sysai's as his dance is continued. The urge to 'go' is henceforwards ignored, forgotten.

Charysli smiles serenely, nodding to Taida, strangely calm in the face of the current excitement, the flashing of her eyes and the clamminess of the hand clasping Taida's the only signs belying her inner anxiety.

Fortunate Life Egg definitely isn't getting anywhere by sitting still. No, it was making a whole lot more progress when it was doing that rocking thing: so, again, it shudders side to side, shimmying further down into that self-formed hole.

Time-Warped Servant Bronze Dragonet lets out a soft muted noise, searching about. Slowly drying wings are flipped back to his hips, over-balancing him to a nose dive almost into the sands before knees are pulled in tight. Head tilted up to look at a dark haired boy before him, not for him though as onward he stumbles.

Latenna does still gesture madly at the blue, as well as at Scud. "Heey.. They have names!" This revelation is announced, sans gape this time, 'fore interest is focused Jenret. "Noo." She shakes her head, pointing him towards the bronze. "I think they're looking for someone." Another blatant fact, stated by Latte as she leans 'round Jenret, who's been firmly clutched in an iron grip. "Do you think he'll like 'Ret?"

Damista smiles at S'ud and looks around to she if she can help anyone. She spots the green and nugges Annly. "She might be a good one for you." Another glance around the sands is given as she tries to keep track of her friends.

"He's nice," Warik agrees with the others, but still snuffles. They've mussed his numbers now, and he'll have to completely redo them. Hophophop— can we move on with this so he can re-calculate? "Can't they move any faster?"

Jeshala peers quizzically at the burrowing egg. Jesh gives slight tug on Taida's sleeve and asks in a whisper, "Hey…whyzit tryin' to go underground?" Head is shaken and she smiles. "Whatta silly thing."

Sysai takes no notice of the sweat dripping down her cheeks, ignoring the dampness pooled in the small of her back; she appeals to Warik, eyeing the spread of candidates and dragonets. "Wark, don't let go of my hand. Jenret, you neither."

"/Like/ me?" is Jenret's response towards Latenna, shaking his head in confusion as merely — he's lost in the din of the crowds, the feel of the hot sands beneath his feet. The bronze dragonet is watched, carefully - the green watched also as he shoves at Latte, "You /will/ Impress, I just know'it." The Weaver's so supporting.

Zandia grips annaly's hand even tighter now. "Lookit..lookit" is all she can say.

Annalysa says, "ME?" Annly sqeels back at Dami… "ME? I.. I.. I Don't deserve her.. ack. I" She just lets her eyes drift away.. actually impress? whateever!"

Dharmath looks down at Annie and crooooons at her quietly. Of course, he's his son. He can only be beautiful.

"A bronze…" How /observent/ Helyne is today. Another stunned blink is given as she just watches the eggs start to pop simultaniously. Knowing that a woman can not Impress a bronze, she pays little reguard to the little dragonet as her eyes search the sands — hope starting to show in her eyes.

"Maybe it thinks it's lifemate's on the other side of Pern?" Taida asks, shoulder lifted in ambivalent shrug 'fore eyes flick'r back t'wards green.

Ayrina watches her weyrmate escort S'cud and Abracath to the side and smiles. Then she turns her attention back to the other on the sand, ready to get the new ones out of harms way.

Time-Warped Servant Bronze Dragonet suddenly darts forward, a display of grace up until now unseen. With that thrust he's driven about, a deep bass croon within his throat from one boy to the next, none sit well for him just yet.

Kiana whispers back towards Jeshala, "MAybe he's just as scared as we are?" Her hands shake a bit more as she speaks.

Arilea shifts from foot to foot as candidates whispering raises to a buzz upon sands…"Whose gone?" trying to keep track of candidates pairing off to the side.

B'ran turns away from his perusal of the bronze clutchdaddy. "Hmm?" Eyes widen. "Oh Annie… Look at the maple in him. And he stumbles just like his sire when he was born." His head tilts back at Annie. "Did i ever tel you the story of Dharm's hatching when we were at Grinstead?" The babble continues, and his hands sweat.

Serath is too busy watching her daughters to worry about the bronze. She shifts, one foot to the other, careless of Annie, and watches wide-eyed. Oh they are all so wonderful.

Shaking the residual goo from his neckrides, Amerasuth's tiny bronze sets about to seek his fortune in the wide, wide world. No longer a prisoner of his egg, he needs a hero…or perhaps a beautiful princess to save him?

Eternally Yours Regal Green Dragonet wanders through parted crowds while she looks — samples — each of the different candidates. They are all nearly worthy of her. But not quite. No, she's looking for someone friendly. Someone with spunk. Someone with /class/. Will she find that someone?

Zandia watches the bronze check out the boys, then peers at the green, wondering where she will go.

Grabbing Annly's free hand, "You do!" Imagine Damista being assertive? Naaaaaa… She pulls a little, "You should at least get a little closer to her." Damista says softly to the girl next to her.

Eternally Yours Regal Green Dragonet takes an uneasy step forwards, glancing in either direction. So many choices. None of them seem to do. But — wait! — there's the one. Right /there/. In between those white robed others. That one with the messy, cimmerian locks. She winds her way through the others, each traipsing step gaining speed, surety. The nymphlet green stares up at Latenna with a passionate cry. The one!

Tatianna wipes at her rosey-warm cheeks, "I think there are pools of stink in my armpits. By Faranth, I'm going to need one incredible bath tonight!"

Fortunate Life Egg isn't trying to go underground — it's trying to /move/. Visual effects play off it's curliqued surface: could those be cracks appearing?

Despite the immense heat of the sands that seems to be effecting everyone, Lyne is shivering and not even breaking a sweat. "Latte!" she cries out triumphantly through chattering teeth as another one of her friends Impresses.

S'cud looks and smiles as he see's Latte's impression "Yahooo..Latte!!" he says, smiling.

Zandia squeeks out "Latte! Oh Latte!" she grins.

"No, you haven't," Annie shakes her head to B'ran with a smile. "But he is beautiful…" She trails off, a bit lost.

"Latte," Tai breathes, words emitting themselves in a whisper as Charysli-twined hand lifts to press 'gainst her lips. "Faranth, happened so fast."

Annalysa lets out a sigh of relief in Dami's direction with an "itoldyouso" glance.. but smiles and hugs her. "thanks!" Then.. turns to cheer for Latte! "CONGRATES!!!" SHe shouts at her friend.

"Shards!" is Jenret's exclamation, a tug at the candidate beside him as he looses Sysai's arms and catches Latte in a warm hug, "Congratulations! You /deserve/ her so much, she's beautiful." Merely, it's a rave now — a constant babble of words as he glows for his friend.

[IstaCan] L'ere: Congratulations Latenna!

Time-Warped Servant Bronze Dragonet peeks around a group of males, now there's one that looks interesting, not these, but that one, he's a fantasy really. Something that looks quite nice now that he can se him.

Warik /blinks/, resisting the sudden urge to bounce about giddily. Wark's not giddy. Nooo… it's a trick of the light. "Latte!"

Dharmath nuzzles his Torn Egg again. You'll stay with me always, won't ya egg? He croons at it softly, happily.

Vivian lets out a long breath she hadn't been paying attentin to. "It goes so fast…." she murmurs, still gripping Kel's hand. "/Look/ at 'em all!"

Green, bronze, green bronze. Which to watch? Cyrus' eyes dance form one to the other almost as quickly as his feet fidget. Gaze catches the newly formed pair, and Candiate lets out a cheer. "Congrats, Latte!"

"So, what /are/ the odds— Latenna!" Sysai practically beams, flipping hair back over shoulders again, practically shocked at the impression so near here. "I'm /so/ happy for her," she babbles on, smile now threatning to split her face in half.

Latenna stares. And stares some more. Then — a blink. "Me?" Girl stares dragonwards, dragon stares girlwards, before Latte hits sands knees first to encase dragon in her arms. "Her name is Rhosyth!"

"Tenny! Lookit! A /green/! I knew it! Ok, Bormik, pay -up-," Jesh gloats, hugging Taida to her — two victories at once: Friend's impression and gain of marks.

A shuffle now, as Jenret pushes back to let Latte and her new lifemate by, a hand pushed down his robes to make them at least have some semblance of orderliness. Sandals are not much protection, Sysai's hand reclaimed as he beams at the girl — "Congratulations, Latte!"

K'lis can't pull his gaze from the sands, even as he speaks to vivian. "Yeah…. Not as fast as at ours though," atleast it doesn't seem that way. "It's so amazing…"

Fortunate Life Egg moves, mocha sides rippling softly like a melting chocolate. Middle's curlicues of peaches and pinks criss-crossing suddenly begins to split up and down either side, until the box of brown dragonet is opened greedily. From that crevice, a youthful face appears, followed by rum truffles; the gawkiness of legs gained unto sands, wobblier than a colt. Shell left aside, for that is only a box, this treat is all that's left; this chocolate that only one can sample.
Simple Sweetness Brown Dragonet-----------
Brief glimpses of cerise and almond make themselves visible as dark and milk chocolates melt and blend to create shadows over a lithe form. Rum truffles align themselves neatly up a long, sinuous neck, the last perching delicately to form buzz-cut headknobs. Semi-sweet face is youthful, decorated by two jewelled eyes, ever-whirling in a candied mixture. Stick-legs are lined with powerful muscles; wafer-thin wings grow ever lighter as they extend to petite proprotions in contrast to a long and slender, walnut-tipped tail.

Taida hugs Jesh back, eyes tearing visibly as the shuffle-dance continues, Tai hotfooting it back 'n' forth, eyeing eggs in preparation for more of 'em to hatch.

Ayrina smiles softly and steps forward toward Latenna. She waits patiently and lays a gentle hand on the girl's elbow. "When you're ready….you and Rhosyth can join the other weyrlings."

Teanna watches the sands with wide eyes, compleatly forgetting about the discomfort in her feet. She manages a wide smile and a "Congrats!" for Latenna before her bright green eyes go back to the activity.

Jewel in the Desert Egg shimmies, now, making its way via little shakes and shudders from its golden mother and toward the candidates — is it possible to impress without hatching?

Arilea loosens her deathgrip on Tea's hand to puch back strands slipping into her face, "Oh gosh, a green." worry or praise for friend gained in candidacy as lips turn up in an encouraging smile.

Charysli takes a deep breath as she watches yet another of her friends Impress. She glances at the nearest being..Taida, the lip still clasped within her teeth..to keep them from chattering perhaps. Again, she begins to shuffle, the heat seaping through the thin protection provided by her woven sandals. Again, she scratches, wrinkling her nose in slight annoyance at the feel of the woven strands against the flesh of her feet.

"Congrates Latte!" Lyne bellows over the hubbub of the sands. "A beautiful name for a remarkable dragon, Latte!" HarperCandi cries out once more before darting her eyes back to the still breaking and wobbling eggs. "Ret…" she mumbles as she taps her Weaverbud on the shoulder.

A frown snakes onto Damista's face for a breif second, then a smile shines from her face. "Latte!" she cheers and then she shivers as another egg goes pop. She squeezes Annly's hand. "A brown!"

"Brown!" comes the crow from Cyrus at the new arrival. "It's a brown!" Torn between watching the new Weyrlings and the new hatchlings, his head is moving back and forth with admirable speed. Neck's gonna be sore for quite some time after this.

Time-Warped Servant Bronze Dragonet slides through the parting candidates, his previous choice dubbed not his after all. Wings shuffle, searching for the boy who, with a bit of a mind flip, will be his always, made for him, and nothing will ever be the same.

Tatianna sighs softly, "What a gorgeous green she is, too!" the brownrider mentions as she looks Latenna over for the second time.

"Brown!" Taida cries, feet lifting off sands again, eyes tearing themselves t'wards brown and away from her friend's joyous moment. The almondy-brown's eyed approvingly, 'n' the girl nods cheerily. Charys-hand squeezes, as does Jesh-hand, Tai grinning.

The little bronze, who has nothing to do with time, wanders between the clusters of Candidates slowly, deliberately. Searching. Until at last, his hero has been found. He nudges against the knees of a lanky, brown-haired Herder lad, almost knocking the boy to his knees. Mine? "Preth!" comes the cry, and the pair fumble their way off the sands with the rest of the new Weyrlings.

Serath curls the foot up under Annie, her head so close the end of it brushes the top of her Rider's head.

Vivian carefully extracts her leg from the golden tail that's tightening tensely around it. Cutting off the circulation, here. "That one looks good enough to eat," she says, motioning toward the brown, before reaching down again to caress Amerasuth's head as it bumps up behind her and murmurs assuringly— "Ye're beautiful, m'love, ye've done wonderfully."

With her heart fluttering like it'll be better to simply fly away than to stay in Helyne's chest, she watches on. Shifting from side to side on her probably steam burned feet, she merely watches, unable to take her eyes away from the scene if she tried.

Arilea gulps in air, hot burning air as she shifts upon shimmering sands, "How many've impressed?" she manages to whisper to fellow candidates, blue gaze swinging around white mayhem.

Jewel in the Desert Egg shudders harder than before, then stills. Resting.

Form of pale blue falls forth from shell; then, with a startling quickness zooms forth, through the sands, head butting the nearest candidate, once called Galloway and now is Go'way. " Ooh, Lemmelonth!"

Time-Warped Servant Bronze Dragonet pauses in his wandering, peering up at a light brown maned young man, sniffing, almost tripping over his own feet in a backpedal, looking slightly glazed, spaced out on sensation. This could be it…

The unwanted image of carefully carved chocolate flashes through Jesh's mind as she watches the sway and twirl of the brown dragonet, causing her to giggle and laugh rather loudly. To the outside world, however, the cackling seems completely out of nowhere. One can never know with these younguns.

Charysli swallows nervously, again twitching at her robe, feeling the work of the heat draw runnels of sweat down her legs beneath the medium weight fabric. She sighs, again shifting as she wonders what would happen if she took /off/ the sandals, the itching sensation of sweat and woven reeds annoying her.

Annalysa watches the Bronze backpedle and laughs. "Oo.. It won't be long now.. COme on Dami.. who's he smelling?"

Kiana's eyes whip over to look at Jeshala, "What's so funny?" she almost demands, feeling very out of the loop. So many things happening at once, and she missed a funny!

Zandia shifts her feet again in the hot sands, longing for her boots. "Oh..the bronze is moving again" she nods, then turns her gaze back to the chocolately brown.

"Are you okay, Jesh?" Tai wonders, an eyebrow lifting amusedly t'wards her friend 'fore bronze is eyed interestedly, though baby blues flick'r back t'wards brown all-too-often.

Damista shifts from foot to foot as the heat makes its way through her sandles. A flash of a smile is given to Annly. She points to the bronze, "I will bet who he Impresses!" she says to the slight cook next to her. The brown seems to not to know what to do. Poor thing…

Turning his head slightly upward, Time-Warped Servant Bronze Dragonet regards a young candidate — lithe and of chestnut-colored hair — with his sunken eyes, and suddenly his lanky form stiffens, bronze-hued wings outstretched in a gesture of extreme exhaltation. Letting go a reedy cry, he pulls those massive sails forward to engulf the form of his newly-found eternal companion: a young lad by the name of Jenret.

"Ohh, the bronze," Annie lowers her voice to speak to her lifemate, hawkish gaze inspecting the chosen lifemate, the Weaver. The goldrider purses her lips slightly, and shrugs, giving a rather begrudging approval. Bronzeriders. Such an off lot.

Sysai sniffles loudly, attempting to wipe nose on hem of her robe while still watching the bronze's progress. "Who'se going to, anwa—- Jenret!" She flaps her arms in amazement, hopping around before she extracts her hand from the Weaver's and gulps. /Oh dear/.

Jeshala shakes her head, still chortling in youthful mirth. "I…it looked like chocolate," explains the girl lamely through her onslaught of snickers. "It looked like /chocolate!/" More laughter. Ohboy. She's lost it.

S'cud watches with interest as Jenret becomes mated with the bronze, throwing up a fiist and shouts "RET!!" as he beams, glad to have another male with him.

"FINe." She says in a bit of a huff.. then laughs as the bronze picks Jenret. "eh.. the next one then.. eh?" She turns and raises a hand to cheer on Jenret. "COngradulations!!"

Simple Sweetness Brown Dragonet struggles to stand — those stick-thin legs barely able to hold the weight of his bulky torso.. and over he goes. But he'll not be denied: to obey his mother and find The One, he must first get his legs beneath him. Again, he tries. And again.

Zandia gasps "RET!" she squeals, elated for her friend.

"Jenret!!!" Vivian's congratulatory call cuts through the rest of the chaos around her, and excitement is expressed by throwing her arms around K'lis and squeezing him. "Weavers make th' best riders!" she beams proudly.

Gape. "Jen/RET/!" Taida calls, leaping up into the air as she spies 'Ret - her friend - Impressing. And to the bronze, too. "Faranth!" she says again, hand squeezing so tightly 'round Jesh-hand that her own knobby knuckles go white.

Arilea glances towards Jesh's manic cackling with concern, too far to do more than offer an encouraging smile, has to be the heat, as her palms swim within Teanna's hold.

Warik claps his pin-pricked hands together in joy, positively shining down at 'Ret and his new baby bronze. "Lookie, Sys," he coos, finally settling into this Hatch/Coo/Impress/Congratulate routine.Incredillous look is given towards the bronze as he choses his lifemate out of the many chosen there before

Helyne's eyes draw up to Ret. "Jenret!!!" she squeels in her excitement before stepping backwards. "Or should I say J'ret? Or J'nret?" Names are babbled out before the utterly nervous Harper gal looks towards the slowly moving hatchings.

"Ilyddth," is Jenret's first whispered words — then louder in a cry, " Ilyddth! And.. I'm J'ret!" Announced to the Sands, as a big grin follows those words on his face.

A whoop comes from Rus' throat as Jenret Impresses. "Congratulations, Jenret!" This time, the call is loud enough to actually make it to the recipient, and the Candidate beams, forgetting for a moment the hot sand and the other hatchlings there.

Charysli giggles giddily as Jenret Impresses, the excitement of the hatching thrilling through her veins, as again she seeks the sands, hope dawning in her face. She again squeezes Taida's hand, tugging slightly at the other Candidate's arm in her excitement.

K'lis can't help it and kisses Vivian as she throws her arms about him. "That they do!" he agrees, grinning widely at her.

Jewel in the Desert Egg quakes, seemingly in response to the cheers for a recently-impressed bronze and his rider. Shifting deeper and deeper into the sands, cracks start to tear at the smooth surface.

Annalysa smiles and laughs at J'ret's intro. "Yea!! J'ret!!"

Zandia watches as the brown falls, then smiles and nods as he gets back up to move again. Seeing another egg rocking, she holds her breath, squeezing Annalysa's hand again.

Tatianna's eyes open wide. "Oh, the last thing that heart-stealer needs is a bronze," she whispers softly to herself. Weaving forward from her group of weyrlingmastery-people, she gestures towards the side and calls to J'ret, "Bring yourself and Ilyddth over here and out of the way, would you dear?"

"It's so cute," Sysai sentimentally agrees, wiping faked tears from bright green eyes. "J'ret?" she asks critically, tasting his name on her tounge. "J'ret. Defintley a nice name."

Brown's motion's eyed with e'en more admiration as Taida watches, eyes torn 'way from J'ret's joyous union, fingers clamping tighter 'round CHarys 'n' Jesh. Even egg-movements're given curious glances, everything and anything catching Tai's attention.

"J'ret," Warik tests, tying is tongue as he attempts to echo the dragonet's name. "Ilyd… Ilyddth?" He's not a spazz. Honest.

Following after Tatianna, J'ret's merely — gaping — lost in his own world with the bronze trailing after him. A mindless, almost /insensible/ smile is on his face, "Ilddyth,"is echoed again.

Jewel in the Desert Egg darkens, roiling clouds brooding somberly as the crystalline colors crack away, leaving sand beneath churning erratically. The bulging thunderhead builds and quivers under a fresh onslaught from beneath before abruptly shattering to reveal wings drenched in fluid and the birth-soft talons of an upside down infant green.
Time Goes By Green Dragonet-----------
A single shade of slate caresses her short, dull back with a liquid mantle of unpatterned hue, prowled by stubby ridges that flow seamlessly into a thick neck and tail smoked beneath by stilted reseda and brackish malachite. Sweeps of near-transparent sail clutter her sides, their magnificent size disproportionate to her compact length, blanketed in a cloak of ambiguous shades in stark contrast to her narrow flanks hidden in tinges of ultramarine and tepid shades of prasine. While dull lead tints her powerful, gangly feet accented by teal-tapered talons, a deep chest and stocky neck melds into a dollish, neat wedge of a petite head, matched by eyes that swirl restlessly in a fickle swell of mood.

Gleeful tears are brushed away just in the nick of time: Jesh looks up, sees the bronze, sees Jenret — no, J'ret — and lets out a whoop, forgetting entirely about the cackling for the time being. "Jen! Con/grats/!" She, too, would attempt to pronounce the draconic moniker, but she's been far too well known to stumble over large, foreign words.

Simple Sweetness Brown Dragonet is determined: he will stand. He gives it one last try, unfolding those slender limbs until he is up. Shakily up, but up nonetheless. Now, what was it that he was to do next? Find The One? And that would require, of course, movement while up. Gingerly, he puts his first paw forward.

Vivian kisses Kel firmly before sagging back against him and Amerasuth, laughing, her dancing blue eyes following J'ret and Ilyddthwhat a mouthful that will beoff the sands before seeking out the next likely pair.

Zandia lets her breath back out in a /whoosh/. "Oh yes, another green" she smiles.

D'rik goes back to pacing back and forth behind the candidates to grab one that impresses. His eyes are sharp on the young dragonets.

Gasp. "GREEN!" Tai cries again, announcing to every otherwise-occupied dragon, person, and firelizard that the new dragonette's green. "She's pretty, I think," Tai says, half t'herself and half t'Charys 'n' Jesh.

Kiana jumps up and down, "Jenret got the bronze?" she shouts, questioning. Her gaze was aimed the other way, watching a blue nearly trample a young seacrafter.

Arilea glances towards impressioned pairs, and spies popular weavercandi, "Ret, J'ret..ye got a bronze!" not that words carry towards sands edge, but acknowledgement seems important to this group.

Time Goes By Green Dragonet falls from her egg's shards, tumbling in a mess of greenish wings and tail. She marks her fall by a little creel, eyes bright and wide as she makes an attempt to right herself and go about her business.

Warik frowns at the newborn green, arms cris-crossing over his chest huffily. "No, no, no. Wrong order again." Will no one ever listen to Warik? No… don't answer that.

Helyne turns her almond eyes back to the brown hatchling as a smile graces her lips and her nervousness disappears — a burbling laugh actually emurging with the sight of the scene. You must learn to crawl before you can walk…

S'cud slowly looks around as he watches other candi's he's befriended impress..he's still smiling as he looks around him, he's totally off in his own world now, still riding the adrenaline from the Impression.

"What a green," Sysai draws in a breath with admiration, watching the green's progreess — or lack thereof — with a faint smile. "Sorry, Wark. Things can't /always/ go as planned, you know."

Taida's eyes are torn back t'wards the brown, then, his ginger, careful motion eyed encouragingly. "There, now," she says, softly, as though egging on the careful brown. "Y'can do it," she mutters, eyes flicking back only briefly to the green.

Cyrus nods to Kiana. Unlike Warik, he's most definately a spazz, constantly trying out the names. "J'ret and Ilddyth," he informs Kiana. "Ooo, another green. Craning neck to get a better look, 'Rus tries to position himself to see both J'ret adn the hatchlings.

Time Goes By Green Dragonet finally rights herself, and gives those twin egg-damp wings a delicate shake. She turns her head slightly to give an infantile creel up to her golden mother, searching encouragement before taking that first step forward.

Charysli takes a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh as she forces herself to breathe, her eyes dancing over the newest hatchling. She licks her lips nervously, another darting glance sent about the too quickly dwindling number of Candidates.

Ilyddth rumbles now, content as J'ret watches the Sands from the sides, shepherded to teh side as all are — a warm smile is on his face, practically a beam as he's lost in that which is Ilyddth

"Yes they can!" Warik disagrees with a quiet sigh, smiling out at the little green. "But she's cute enough that I'll let it go. This once." Don't you let it happen again, missy.

Amerasuth bumps into Vivian's back again as another of her precious eggs splits wide. There are a few, after all, she managed to keep for her own. A slithery little brown emerges, slinking off in search of someone to charm.

Jeshala rolls her eyes, a slight smile curving her lips — albeit a nervous one. "Silly /brown/. C'mon. Git up," she instructs, placing her hands on her hips. "You can do better than that, I know you can. Use those legs." Hup, two, three, four.

Annalysa gulps hard and breaths again.. Before renewing a squeeze on each of the hands she holds.. a smile passes over her lips.. and makes a count of the remaining eggs.

Another squeeze of the hand, "I was right! J'ret! Look Annly, a green!" Excitement over her friends Impression is getting to the Herder Journeyman. We need to get closer…… "Come on Zan, Annly…..we need to get closer to the hatchlings." Hey if they are anything like runners, closer is better….

Torn Asunder Egg begins to vibrate in the great bronze grasp of its sire. Just a little here and there, but the calm before the storm is abating.

Zandia grins over at Dami, then shakes her head "But is it safe?"

Annalysa frees a hand and gives Damista a good shove in the back. "Go go forward.. you hopefull od lump of herder!… go!!"

Curiosity has now enveloped Helyne's worried posture as she stands on tip-toes to see what's going on over people's shoulders. Soon enough, she flat on her feet as her toes had dipped into the burning ebony sands.

Rhosyth heads after her new partner, rumbling and creeling alternately, as Latte helps dragon along. "Rhosyth? Can you move okay? Are your wings in your way?" A tirade of helpful questions falls on dragonet from one beaming girl.

"C'mon," Sysai argues, dimpling to show her well-intended criticism was not meant as spitefull. "I mean — nature chooses' it's own order and way, and we can not. It would be wrong." Still shifting from foot to foot, she grimaces as her leather soles begin to warm, craddling still-bandaged hand against chest.

Time Goes By Green Dragonet now walks forward, gaining some confidence and poise. Her eyes whirl quickly, tinged with the crimson hue of hunger, and she gives a little creel every few steps she takes. She eyes one young lady with an abundance of golden ringlets, but moves on.

Dharmath croons at his little eggie. All his. He'll even keep you after the hatching. Faceted eyes blink as /his/ egg wriggles. The first set of lids close then open again as sire inspects the egg again. No. You're mine. You can't hatch!

Vibrating eggs, moving eggs, wandering dragons, 'n' joyous friends. Almost too much t'bear for Taida, who has too much to look at and not enough eyes. Golden sands're hopped 'pon, heat nigh too much, too, eyes flickering about faster than they should, crossing at times as she tries to look at everything. At once.

Serath agrees, of coures, with each and every impression. Her children cannot help but choose exactly what suits.

Amerasuth croons in soft amusement toward Dharmath. She tried that, you know. Even if you hold onto them, they still hatch eventually. Let it happen.

Teanna isn't about to go anywhere, she's going to stay right here and maybe even hide behind thos two tall miners.

Simple Sweetness Brown Dragonet is getting into this stepping thing pretty good, now. Candied eyes scan the sea of white before him — those are the ones to choose from, right? First, he nears a harper boy, studying the quavering, grease-haired Candidate with intense curiousity. Whyever is he moving his hips like that? No, this boy is definitely not the one. In fact, this brown would rather not have a boy at all. A girl would be much better. Waddling more confidently back to where he started, he peers out at the group again. Oh, to find a girl.

Hoth rumbles happily at each impression, smugness tinging his tone as the fear and surprise wear off.Safe? What foal is safe to be with unless you get near it and teach it that you mean no harm?
She tugs, "Not without you all. You guys need to Impress a dragon." Not her mind you. Damista tugs and tries to drag both Annly and Zandia closer to the eggs and the hatchlings.

Dharmath croons saddly and looks over at Amerasuth. But its /mine/. He gives it a little more room to see what happens, crooning at it softly to stay in the egg.

Arilea hitches up sagging waistband of robe, makeshift belt loosening with energetic hip hops off sands as she continues to squeeze Tea's hand numb, "Ya need to be up in front." she whispers to child, ready, willing, and quite able to hide behind child.

D'rik paces behind the half circle of candidates to the side that the brown seems to be focusing on.

Charysli shifts on her feet as the heat certainly seeps through the too light protection of woven sandals. She chuckles at herself, deciding against taking them off, though they still chafe. She turns to look at the remaining Candidates, drawing the gap between them closer, dragging Taida with her.

Zandia keeps up the side to side motion, wincing as her feet burn, and shakes her head at Dami. "No..I don't want to crowd them" she says as she watches the brown.

"Yes, your amber — that colour is /perfect/ on you," is J'ret's soft croon towards Ilyddth as he waits on one edge of the Sands, still cheering on the dragonets out but content — watching his dragonet with rapt eyes.

Cyrus resumes his sand-dance, trying to empty the heat from sands ineffectively. "Oooo, not as many left now," he comments, doing a quick tally of eggs. A mass of spazztic energy, Candie glances from one pair to a dragonet to and egg and back again, trying to see it all at once.

Eyes widen as the brown moves, Taida following each motion encouragingly. Charys' tug is taken badly, hand wriggling irritably 'fore Tai blushes. "Sorry," she mutters, winking t'wards her friend. "Just kinda nervous?"

Sysai attempts an awkward hop of the heated sands that, beneath her feet, threaten at her near-impeccable counteance. "I /thought/ these sandals would protect me," she grumbles playfully, releasing her hand to massage taut shoulders before insterting it back in Warik's own.

Torn Asunder Egg isn't one to talk back to papa, but… it shakes again. Its soft peach and lilac creepers waving in an unseen wind. Lazy days are coming to a close, it seems the egg will one day live up to its imagery soon enough.

Time Goes By Green Dragonet flips her wings, creeling again at the plump girl she just passed with distaste. No, not you. Holding her emerald head high, she takes another dainty step toward a mass of white-robed girls. Yes, this one seems to have set her sights upon a /female/ lifemate; all young men are blatantly ignored.

Teanna eeps as she backs into Arilea "Uhhu, If one wants me it can come get me." amd in the meantime shes going to backpedal a little more.

Dharmath croons saddly. He can only watch as his favorite egg wriggle more and more. He's still got his arms around it, however, still hopeful.

"There y'go, little brown," Jesh calls enthusiastically, her coaching session obviously having worked (or so she'll tell herself). Head is regretfully turned back to her friends, though eyes flicker to brown and green babies, contemplating their fate.

Helyne breaths as her readjusts her crooked robe so it /stays/ on her shoulders. Sweat laced palms are rubbed against the white cloth before her teeth chatter and her knobby knees start to shake.

Simple Sweetness Brown Dragonet peers out cautiously, once more scanning the rows of available Candidates. Oh, but it is such a difficult choice. Nevertheless, he must make one, and stepping forward, slender legs shaking with newly-hatched uncertainty, he begins his approach. Confidence growing with each step, his speed begins to increase as well, from a baby's crawl to an athlete's run. It seems to take turns for him to get there, so far is the distance and so gradual the progression, yet finally, he is face-to-face with her: Jeshala.

Shake of the head frees Kia from her prolonged reverie; Candidate's gaze seeks, finds dragonets amongst the white hordes. "/Oh./"

"That green's certinally picky." Sysai's comment is not uttered with distaste, though, and she attempts to elbow Warik in the side. "See any you like?" They're the only two left of the original group, you know, so she has to keep up a stream of constant chatter. "Any at /all/?"

Warik squeaks! "Jeshala!

"Shards, that green's taking her time," Taida mutters, noticing her again, Charys' tug having turned her the right way. "Jesh?" she says, then, eyes widening, her hand letting Jesh go as she watches the joyous union that happens riiiight there.

Torn Asunder Egg quiets down a little. As if to let Dharmath opt to keep it well after the Hatching.

Zandia watches as the brown nears Jeshala. "Jeshie!" she grins.

Abracath croons softly up to S'cud and gently nudges him..

Dharmath's eyes widen hopefully, spinning faster and faster in excitement. Yes!! I get to keep my egg. Look B'ran! I get to have my way!

Charysli swallows nervously as she watches her favorite rocking beneath the protective arms of it's father. She nearly trips on the too-long hem of her robe, not watching where she's dragging Taida.

Arilea oof's as Tea treads on her toes, both girls merging backwards into crowd of candidacy white, "What ifn they can't see ya?" almost teasing child as towering miners close ranks in front of them, blocking view momentarily of other impressions being made.

Taida's hand wriggles irritably once more. "Charys," she mutters, hand shaking to attract Charys-attention. "Stop that?"

Time Goes By Green Dragonet gives a little squeak of surprise as a brown brother impresses nearby, and another green takes to a girl just a few paces away. Encouraged by her clutchmates, she brightens, and strikes off toward another clump, across the sands.

"O…Sevareth…hi…his name is Sevareth!" cries Jeshala, dropping to her knees despite the heat of the sands, tears of different joy streaming down her face. "Wait…n-no. I'm JESHALA, not JESHA…wh…what? Well, ok. If you insist, my love, my Sevareth."

"Jesh!!" Lyne calls across the sands as the brown desides to chose her friend Jesh as his lifemate. "Oh congratulations!!" she smiles as she clasps her freezing hands together, her heart starting its continuous fluttering once again withing her chest.

Abracath croons again as he watches his clutchmates choose 'mates.

Green's watched, though, Taida still trying to dislodge her hand from Charys' tyrannical grip. "Jesha!" is called t'wards Jesh, e'en as the herdercandi's dragged away.

"Congrats, Jesha!" comes the obligatory cheer from Cyrus. He shifts from foot to foot, eyeing the new green.

Tatianna gets caught up in the moment as she watches the brown impress - browns are always more emotional for her!

[IstaCan] Jesha ruptures.

"Jesha!" is J'ret's triumphant cry as the girl Impresses, "Congratulations on Sevareth!"

D'rik walks over to Jeshala and gives her a moment to bond with her new dragon. "That a nice name Jeshala." He looks at the two, "But right now you should take him off to the side and get him out of the way. That way both of you won't be trampled by the others." He leads the two off to the side with the rest of the weyrlings.

Dharmath nuzzles his egg. Mine. Croons are happier and happier.

Zandia grins happily "Congrats Jesha!" she calls, before continuing her pacing.

B'ran sees, he sees! "Give it back, Dharm!" He peers over at Serath, wondering what ickies she has in store for a thief.

"Jesha! Congratz!" Latte cheers her own congratulations from somewhere around Rhosyth's neck.

Charysli stops, blinking incomprehensively at Taida before nodding. It seems the heat of the sands and the excitement have perhaps addled her wits a bit. She straightens herself out, reaching out her free hand to link with whoever isn't already grasping at someone else's.

Sysai props herself on one leg, flamingo style, and rubs the other against it to soothe tired muscles. "Jeshala — Jesha — impressed to that /gorgeous/ brown! Sevareth!" Dimples now fully take place in rosy cheeks, and the candidate makes no attempt to restrain her ear-to-ear smile: this /is/ the life.

S'cud shouts at Jeshala "Contrat's Jesh!!" he says.

Teanna reluctantly treads forward a little again, as much as she wants to be hidden she also wants to see. As she steps forward again she spots her friend with a brown, giving a woop she grins and momentarily forgets the other eggs.

Damista grins and pats Jesh as she pulls the two others with her. "Come on you two!" She orders as she pulls. "Congrats! Jesha!" is shouted as the new weyrling is patted for a moment.

Taida wriggles her now-free hand again, finally taking Charys' up again with a smile. "Sorry," is muttered, "I just… got hyper." Then, dragonet-motion's eyed again, that becoming more important than the rest once more.

Whaaaaat? Happy eyes turn to B'ran as Dharmath snuggles his egg. I'm not stealing. Its not going to hatch and it'll be mine. You just wait and see.

Kiana's face runs thru the spectrums; gape turns into deep beam for new duo of brown and 'rider. Green's progress is noted, nonetheless, a flicker of intrigue tickling at the edge of azure gaze.

Even though Vivian can't possibly keep track of /all/ the new-made pairs, Jeshalaor Jesha, as it seemsand that chocolatey brown rate a brilliant beam as well. "This is goin' to be such a great group…" she murmurs. Running out of constructive things to say, but determined to say them anyway.

Torn Asunder Egg suddenly shakes and rocks evermore. Sorry Pop! Instead of bein' a good lil' eggie, the fiery darkness along its side seems to rule. Shaking repeatedly back and forth, it looks intent on shaking itself apart.

"Aw, c'mon," Taida says, finally, eyeing the green and the shaking egg all at once, eyes doing that stupid cross thing again. Too many things, just two eyes.

Bronze's eyes whirl faster and faster as Dharmath lean back in surprise, revealing his egg to all eyes. No!!! You're not suppose to hatch!!!

Annalysa hooks arms with Damista and they both go a bit further.. closer i suppose to the hatchlings as they begin to circle.. a smile on her face.. "Yah happy yet?"

Time Goes By Green Dragonet /is/ very picky, of course. She is allowed to be, of course. However, something catches her gemstone eyes: first a casual stance, then a voice — though she first passed up a girl with similar curls, this one is /much/ more pleasing. Giving a creel that quickly turns to croon, she takes a dainty step toward one who fits all requirements of perfection.

Arilea trails after Teanna, trying to hang back behind miners, maybe girl won't notice.

Torn Asunder Egg shivers one last time, the abyss deepening as a large crevice appears beneath the flame-touched ebony. The fissure zigs along the casing to crack the tiny whisp at the end, suddenly breaking open and permitting the hidden promise to emerge from the ashes — a new life, another day.
Tomorrow is Another Day Blue Dragonet--------——
Verdant tinges dip over neckridges of midnight blue, smoothing calmness over sharpened angles. His stubby muzzle is awash in cobalt's influence, the coloring drifting up to coat prominent eyeridges and whisper onto jade-tipped headknobs. An oddly graceful neck stops short at shoulders' strength, cobalt tracings winding down forelegs to silvery talons. Rounded wings gleam with dew-drenched latticework, midnight's shadings interweaving along spar and wingsail. His rotund belly's form is caressed by softened indigo that reaches out to wash over the outcropping of stubborn haunches. Cloudy oceans' depth drenches the sleek tail to end in the dangerous sharpness of a bold, ultramarine fork.

Her restless prowling over, Time Goes By Green Dragonet halts as hot wingtips are forgotten, and her talons grip the loose volcanic sand convulsively. Head up high, she looks, she has found the white clad figure she seeks amongst the many. One is hers, and only hers; the one she fixes her jewel-toned eyes upon: her Sysai!

K'lis just stays quiet. He wordlessly watches everything going on in the sands. The dragonets, the candidates, all that is causing the commotion.

Sevareth warbles imperiously, butting his teeny brown head 'gainst Jesha's knees, almost as if herding her off. Wonder who'll be the leader in this pact? "Ohh, Sev…you're the most wonderful, special, pretty, gorgeous, nice…" the list goes on and on as Jesha lauds her newfound lifemate, eyes sparkling with sheer fulfillment.

Helyne does her best to look patient as her impatience nearly strangles her so she has to force herself to breath. Almost discreetly, she lifts one sandle clad foot, then another in the all-too-common sands dance. A deep intake of breath before the harper gal slowly lets it out — frantically trying to slow her racing heart.

Dharmath blinks at his son, head to head and crooons sadly before he inspects the little blue and the croon turns happy. His egg is gone, but this is a proper son. Welcome!!

Zandia sighs as she sees a blue hatch, then grins as the green impresses Sysai. "Sysai!" she calls, grinning.

Warik whistles, cocking his head at the blue and grinning. "/HE/ is on time," HealerCandi states proudly, hands cocked triumphantly on hips. Finally this is starting to go his way.

"I knew it!" Taida calls, then, crying: "Sysai!" one hand clapping 'gainst her leg 'fore Tai grins and blinks — the egg hatched. And it's a blue. Hop, hop, hop, Taida hotfooting it in place as she watches, watches, watches, eyes flicking back t'wards the suddenly Impressed Sysai.

"Buh-lue!" comes the regular 'Rus-informant announcement. Swiveling to the newly formed pair, he belts out as an afterthought, "Way to go, Sysai!"

Charysli stares….just stares, her eyes likely to burst from their sockets as she swallows again, another pulsing squeeze given the comforting hand as she stands rooted in place. It's a blue. A beautiful blue came from /her/ egg. She flushes slightly at the thought, giggling again.

The Dark Side Egg wiggles assuredly, confidently. At first giving just tentative tremors, then slowly building up to definate shakes and quakes.

Abracath raises his head up and slowly nudges S'cud, trying to get his attention as he's hungry. "Shhh..it's allright Abracath..just lemme wait and see who else Impress.." he says, slowly pating Abra's head.

Tomorrow is Another Day Blue Dragonet squawks happily at the big bronze thing in his face. Dark, dark blue wings flaps a few times, futile in their attempt to provide a sense of balance. Looking about the young male gazes at the white thingies arrayed before him.

Arilea stretches up to tiptoes to peer over shoulders, sweaty palms leaving marks on fellow candidates robes as her breath catches, "Sysai!" and a green to boot.

Annie nods approvingly at different impressions, almost as if they needed her blessing before they could happen. Ego almost as large as her lifemate's by now, a bright smile is set across her flushed countenance.

"And you are /my/ one…" Sysai — now Sya — drops to the Sands like a rock, wrapping both injured and healthy hand around the green — to hold her forever. "Berwynth. /Mine/." And, with that utterance, she simply collaspes onto the green.

Damista stops a small distance from Sysai just as the green and the miner make eye contact. "Way to go Sysai!" She calls out as she shifts her feet. Sand between sandles and feet are not comfortable. Too bad there is no hay around here.

"Sysai!!" Her old friend's Impression rates another screech from Vivian, and another tight squeeze on K'lis arm. He's not getting that limb /back/, you know. "It's Berwynth…! Oh, she deserves it!"

Dharmath warbles an encouragement to his son. Go. Find a Good One. We like the Good Ones. Don't pick one like B'ran though, he won't let you keep eggs.

Blue's eyed, Taida looking t'wards the rather active fellow in approval, nodding sev'ral times as she watches, reaching out for Jesh-hand but finding nothing — and this realization makes her shoulders sag a little. Charys-hand is gripped all the more tightly.

Suddenly, Helyne's eyes are drawn away by the midnight blue hatchling, a blink given as she reguards it with a growing smile. But not before another congratulation is given out can she take in the rest of the new borns. "Sys!! Congratulations!" So what if it's a little bit late?

Ayrina steps forward, again. She smiles at Sya. "See? She just wasn't there in the last clutch. Now, would you and Berwynth like to join the other weyrlings?" She steps aside and waits for the new greenrider.

"Sysai!" That was a squeak. Wariks seems to be doing a lot of that this evening. "Hooray!!!!" Enthusiasm. Oh yeah. Down boy.

"SYA!" is J'ret's call over the Sands, a loud cheer directed towards her, "Congratulations!" Ilyddth's butting head is heeded, though, and attentions are put to soothing the hungry bronze.

Teanna eyes the latest blue, her mind boiling over with different emotions returns part of it's focus back to the sands. Tugging Arilea back forward again she whispers "Look a blue."

Charysli turns her beaming facade on Sysai -now Sya- as yet another of their ranks Impresses. The heat beneath her feet reminds her to begin her nervous shuffle again, her shoulders rocking from side to side as she does.

Cyrus is a white thingy now. How degrading. He darts back and forth within his little area of space now in a combined attempt to see it all and avoid scorching his soles right off. "S'a blue," he repeats, remembering to draw in a hurried breath.

Kiana dimples broadly, whooping: "Sys!" Simple, direct; approval and excitement mingle, Kia fairly bouncing now

Sya unfolds herself and, with some dignity, follows Ayrina. One hand curls protectively over Berwynth's back, and she supports herself while assisting the green's stumblings.

Arilea winces as Teanna drags her from behind those two miners, getting sandalled feet stepped on in the process, "Almost small enough to ya and me." she teases.

"Congratulations!!" Latte shrieks across black sands towards Sysai. "Sysai!" More shrieking ensues from the first congratulations, as Latte manages to pet, pat, and generally squeeze the green wrapped 'bout her legs.

K'lis yells out accross thesands at the impression. "Sysai!!!" he calls, voice alight with joy. "She impressed Vivian! I knew she would!"

Fairytale Journey Egg wavers slightly, knocking into no eggs, no hatchlings, as the sands are rapidly emptying; dragonets find their lifemates, leaving this one and a few others alone.

Tomorrow is Another Day Blue Dragonet takes the bronze's advice to heart and struts off /away/ from B'ran. Don't pick him. Trundling along, a wing extends to counterbalance a wide turn. With a thoughtfl pause, he regards the Candidates before him.

Tatianna starts shifting a bit more, "My feet are goingto be covered in blisters. I just know it!"

"It's a blue!" Again, Lyne called something out that was a bit belated, but she means good with her obvious announcements. Skipping over to those Candies who're left, she shows a reassuring smile towards them. It's okay. Just remember to breathe…

The Dark Side Egg wiggles decisively, assuredly. This egg will hatch. It knows it, hence it will happen. A small spot appears on the egg, streaks slowly spreading from it.

Taida watches the blue with wide eyes, non-Charys hand pressing 'gainst her outer thigh, Charys-hand squeeeezing tightly 'round her friend's fingers. "He's lovely, isn't he?" Tai whispers Charys-wards, a grin then given to Lyne, hand offered.

S'cud begins to move toward J'ret and his bronze as he see's Sysai's impression and Latte's "Sysai!! Latte!!!" he shouts above the noises, joining him is Abracath and his bellowing, or as much as he can muster at this younge age.

Jesha continues her stroke-patting of the cinnamon head, dropping the occasional kiss 'tween the whirling jewel eyes, everything else completely lost to her, all except Sevareth. Her Sevareth.

Zandia wiggles her way into the group, wtill beaming over to the sides where her friends are with their new lifemates. "They're all lovely" she grins.

Dharmath pokes B'ran with his tail. See? He makes good babies.

The Dark Side Egg gives a final motion that acts as a laser shot, the purity of the single white star shattered as it's fading light follows in crumbling away beneath claws of a crushing forepaw from within. Cracks continue, seperating the light from the dark and rending the shell in two, black hole and jasmine blossom retreating in opposite directions and conceding to the hatchling's emerging form. First muzzle, then crown of her head emerges, followed by the remainder of a gaunt, green form, with nothing less than a forbearing look in her eyes.
Intergalactic Rebel Princess Green Dragonet--------—-
Lush, vibrant shades of emerald and jungle green imbue the acute angles of her form, touched by the slightest shimmers of cerulean upon ridges' spruce tints. Viridian shades pale to cream near her soft, silk-textured belly, perhaps the only subtle curve offered her near-gaunt shape: leg and wing stretch easily, their points' only camouflage in the sap-tinged stripes which uniform her sinew-composed hide, offering cool respite from elsewise invariable coloring as sails' tips and slender talons illume to transparent ivy. Royal green laurels the noticeable tiara-like knobs emblazoned upon forehead's crest, her verdancy dawning to a hauty command of Rukbat's golden rays in a brushing of regal crown at her foremost ridge.

Another bronze bursts forth from an egg, trumpeting defiently. In moments, he's grabbed up in the arms of a sobbing weyr boy.

Charysli shudders slightly as she continues to stare in silent admiration. She nods absently to Taida's question, the words not quite sinking in, though she nods anyways. Again the tongue lashes out to wet her lips.

Tomorrow is Another Day Blue Dragonet looks behind himself. One of them pointed his way. Seeing the helpful bronze he squawks loud enough to be heard across the echoing caverns.

J'ret beams at S'cud, merely. "Wow," is the only soft comment, before his gaze goes roving over the Sands, frequently returning back to his own dragonet as he watches and waits for the rest of the Impressions to happen.

Zandia bobs her head as her favorite eggie hatches "Look, it /was/ a green!" Zandi beams.

S'cud nods totally understanding and reading a good two paragraphs into 'Ret's 'Wow' "Don't I know it.." he says, slowly watching the rest of the candi's and the other newly hatched dragons.

Warik claps his hands together, thoroughly worked into a frenzy. "Green!" That one is on time, too, yup. Even if he doesn't Impress, at least he can prove his calucaltions were mostly functional. So there.

Teanna winces at the squack as she turns to look at the blue. Her mind still rolling she manages to remember to brethe.

Feet shifting as the heat threatens blisters on her feer as well. Some protection sandles are, give Damista boots anyday and she will be happy. She points to Helyne, "Get closer!" is her advice. Should always approach a foal soon after birth to get them used to humans. She squeezes Annly's hand as a green emerages.

Gape. Taida watches the green, fingers squeezing e'en harder 'round Charys-hand as eyes widen, breath sucked in 'tween lips as eyes widen and verdant dragonet's eyed. "Look," she breathes, Charys-hand lifted to waggle at the green. 'N' then at the blue.

Annie and Serath do what they do best: watch the happenings. There seems to be a little conversation between the pair, as always.

Annalysa slumps her shoulders as her odd for impressing get slimmer and slimmer.. hm.. maybe its the company.. She idly sniffs Damista to see if its -her- smell that is turning the dragons off.. then turns her nose to herself and gasps.. eww.. She smeels.. sweaty!!

Helyne blinks as excitement once again takes place of her anxiety as yet another hatchling shows herself in the world. "And a green!" But this little princess is paid little attention to — but not before she remembers what greenrider Kara said to her…

Tomorrow is Another Day Blue Dragonet regards each of the candidates in turn. Spotting a collection of female Candidates he struts with some innate grace, cocking his head to the side as he passes by, perhaps his chosen one is among them.

Intergalactic Rebel Princess Green Dragonet shakes off a few shell shards, stretching wings out regally before taking that first striding, confident step out onto the sands. She will find what she's looking for.

Cyrus jumps at the sound of another egg splitting. "Green!" Just in case some of the people nearby have trouble with basic color recognition, y'know.

Arilea minces as her and Teanna manage to flow with the tide of candidates, "How many left?" she manages between gasps as candidates fall left and right to be claimed.

Charysli feels -or rather doesn't feel- the sensation leaving her fingers as she throttles Taida's hand in turn, her eyes briefly turned t'wards green and then drawn back to the blue. Another deep breath to calm herself and she begins to shuffle again.

Eyes flick'r, from green to blue to green, Taida pausing as she watches the totally-confident femme in semi-awe. "She's just gorgeous," Tai says, Charys given a little, weak grin. "And he's beautiful, too."

B'ran leaves the relative explosion of activity near Annie for the long, slender neck of his bronze, leaning into him with an idle hand. "Yes. We both know how to make babies now." Eyes rise to the galleries, chock full of his own progeny slipping under this rider's legs and behind that old Auntie's back and he shakes his head. "I think you did well, lump."

Hoth continues to thrum now, urging the seething masses of dragons and candidates to find each other in a responsible, orderly fashion. Well, he can hope, can't he?

Fairytale Journey Egg is lonely — everyone of its clutchmates is deserting it. Shaking again, it becomes more determined to get rid of its inner contents.

Head turns to croon at his lifemate. Beloved regardless of the fact that he can't get away with everything. Yes, he likes this baby making thing. Lets do it again. Now.

Silence. Lyne stays utterly silent as she watches with her big fawn colored eyes, her arms wrapping around her satomach in an almost pretective way as she does so. So unusual for her, a Harper, to be this quiet. Thie only movement she makes is the slow, yet steady intake of her breath and the switching of foot to foot.

Kiana is, shall we say, rather unamused; enthusiastic ebb of Candidates has swept up another unfortunate into their ranks, Kia wielding elbows judiciously to, once again, stand near Harpercandie. "'Lyne! I can't see — what's hatch —" Candidate trails off abrubtly, murmuring an appreciative 'ooh' for the newest green.

Charysli nods again, turning to flash a hopeful smile at Taida, her voice seemingly taken with the beginning of this event.

Taida off'rs up the hand to Lyne, again, having forgotten all about her favorite Harpercandi in the awe of green. The hopeful smile's returned to Charys, then, 'fore eyes watch eggs 'n' dragons 'n' sands.

Damista gives Annly a nudge, "That one has to be yours." She says as she points to the confident green. That little foal might make a good Showcase…….she really would. Shifting her weight once more, Damista steps back a little to put Annly and Zandia in front of her.

Intergalactic Rebel Princess Green Dragonet takes firm steps onto the sand, holding her head up high and turning it this way and that. Drawing up to sit on her haunches for a moment, she surveys the sands with a commanding look, gaze seeking just that special one.

Tomorrow is Another Day Blue Dragonet whuffles softly at one of the candidate's feet, turning his bejewled gaze up past a tall torso to gaze, wonderstruck, at milky skin, soft chocolate eyes, and honeyed hair. He has found the one he has been seeking, the one worthy of and needing his — and only his — protection. He tilts back his head, maw opening to bugle his precious discovery: Helyne!

Stormy blue-grey dances over the sands, touching upon the remaining egg, the Candidates still waiting and the hatchlings that may be /their's/. Charysli swallows again, her eyes inevitably drawn back to the blue.

A small brown — almost effeminate in his bouncing movements — bounces from the shards of his eggs toward a little Herder girl and impresses!

S'cud watches as Helyne Impresses and shouts as loud as he can manage to his fellow harpercandi "LYNE!!!!!!!!!!" he says, oh and Abracath add's his own cheer too..

Arilea looses her voice in suddenly hoarse cheer, happy for harper who frequented Ista's tavern and made friends, "Lyne! A bloo fer ya!"

Taida's offer of the hand is definitely forgotten, Tai jumping up and down now, calling: "LYNE! LYNE!" Charys 'n' non-Charys hands flailing. "Congratulations!!!"

"Another Harper!" Vivian breathes approvingly as Helyne is captured by the delicate little blue.

Zandia squeals "Lyne!" and hugs the nearest Candi. "Lyne got a blue!" she giggles.

Annalysa laughs as she watches the green. "yes.. but.." She pauses to cheer for Helyne's Impression. "CONgraduations!!" tunrs back to Damista.. "But that green is looking too much like you!"

Tatianna struts forward, doing her assistantly duties and calls quietly to Helyne, "As soon as you get a moment, bring him over here tot he side, will you?"

Sya unfastens herself from Berwynth's side long enough to let out a loud holler for Helyne before she returns to comforting her green. "Yes, you'll be able to eat soon. I promise, Berwynth."

S'cud cheers yet again for Lyne "Yahoo Lyne..we both got one..and more importnatly their bloo's." he says grinning from ear to ear.

"Helyne! Congrats!" Someone's gonna be mighty hoarse tomorrow. Cyrus dances excitedly as another of his fellow Candidate-friends Impresses. Not that one can tell the victory dance from the keep-from-burning-his-soles-off dance.

Kiana grins broadly, sidestepping new bloordier and respective bloo as green is forgotten momentarily. "Helyne! Congratulations!"

Warik blinks. And then again. Once more, for emphasis. "Helyne!" Lovely, jsut lovely. It's all beginning to come together. Insert maniacal laughter here.

Fairytale Journey Egg /really/ shakes now, cracks creating a magnificent pattern across the shell, goldenrod hues sparkling with each movement from within. Another shudder and it falls to its side, ready to release that which is within.

As she steps back, Damista catches a glance at Helyne and the blue. A hollar is given towards Lyne, "LYNE!!!!!" She then catches Annly's words, "Me? No, can't be me. I am gonna to be going home…"

Fairytale Journey Egg gives a massive shudder that quakes through its entirety. A thin crack begins to grow in its side, spreading into a parting crag in the surface of the fields of orange-flecked yellow. A singe talon emerges, pushing through and dislodging more pieces of eggshell which fall to the sands. Suddenly, with one thrust, the entire face of the egg dissolves in shattered shell fragments that form a golden path in front of the emerging dragonet. Stepping onto this, a wobbly looking dragonet regards the candidates, his form of stretched skin and sharp angles shimmering with egg fluids.
Quest for Intelligence Blue Dragonet----------
Patchwork shades of sky blues and ceruleans cover a scrawny form of sharp muscles and distinct flexure. Indigo streaks in jagged lines across his pointed head, over sinew-like muscles, and down to a thick, spaded tail. Gangly forelimbs, highlighted in various shades of turquoise, meld into a broad chest, indigo reappearing to mark hide in a spread-eagle design. Darker harper blue flows from haunches to the ridges of thin limbs, while a diamond-shaped head looks to have been hand-chiseled, pyramid headknobs crowning swirling indigo. His reed-like neck leads into prominent shoulder blades; slightly curved wingspars shine with a dim royal blue. Sharply angled joints stud those spars, holding flimsy sails of stormy, swirling clouds in check.

Charysli smiles at Helyne, the hope dwindling in her features as she eyes those still left. She takes a deep breath. There's still a chance.

"Magnolth!! I'll always be with you…I'll never leave you." Lyne falls to her knees to encompass her blue Magnolth's head, knowing how absolutely soft he'd be to the touch before she did so. Tears course down her cheeks as her smile crinkles her cheeks up to close her eyes.

Annalysa eyes Damista carefully. "If you dare go home.. and leave me? I'll.. I'll cry." She turns and looks back at the green, hoping that lovely lump of dragon will keep her friend here.

"Faranth, it's nigh over," Tai breathes, head shaking as blue is blinked at — 'nother blue — and green is eyed again. "She hasn't chosen?" she asks, a hopeful smile plastering 'cross her face, then.

Intergalactic Rebel Princess Green Dragonet takes careful steps, walking towards the white-clad candidates to investigate up close. With total confidence, she gazes up at a group of boys, then seems to give almost a shake of her head before slowly, gracefully moving on.

Oh, and what's that last one? Warik lifts on tip-toe to peer at the last, dimpling. Perfect! That's it, he's a genius. Jsut admit it.

S'cud slowly strokes Abracath's smooth head and looks to him "Now look, how many are left?" he says, arching his head thisway and that.

Dharmath wraps tail about lifemate, crooning at B'ran gently. Lets do this again.

Quest for Intelligence Blue Dragonet tumbles from his egg's shards, eyes wide with surprise. Scrambling slightly, he rights himself and shakes his small, blue head. Looking back and forth, he makes an attempt to consider the situation, but something is lacking.

Damista chuckles and gives Annly a shove, "She is for you. Go on and Impress her." Journeyman tone used as Damista tries to use what little authority she had to get Annly closer to the Green. "Go on. Impress her."

"Annnnnd… blooo!" Cyrus drags out the color for his announcement as the last egg near to him hatches. Though there may be a few mroe out of his line of sight.

Taida watches, the blue eyed, the green eyed, fidgeting increasing. The candidate shufflehopbouncedance gaining speed as the herdercandi struggles not to get too badly singed.

Kiana shifts edgily from bare foot to equally bare one, cerulean eyes scouring sands; where was that green, now?

Annalysa sighs and just hangs on Damista as she pushes.. "Nope.. If i impress.. i stay.. if i don't.. i still stay. I gotta find a way for you to stay.. and taste my cooking!"

Vivian lets out her breath as the last egg hatches. Not impresses, but hatches. Amerasuth's tail coils around her ankle again, and she holds on to that arm she claimed. Getting close, now…

Charysli takes a deep breath. Another blue? She turns a pale visage on Taida, pointing with her free hand. "You think…?" Finally 'phincraft Candidate speaks before the gnawing of the lower lips is resumed.

Teanna quivers in excitement as the last egg hatches, and its another blue, just like her firelizard. "Bloo." a mumble under her breath.

"Possibly," Taida breathes, an imperceptible nod of her head given, eyes not removing themselves from the sands even as she, too, quiv'rs with excitement.

Lyne stumbles up for fear of her knees burning and blistering, her string-calloused hand never leaving the smooth head of her Magnolth. "I know you're hungry love. So am I. Don't worry." she croons down to her lifemate before aiding him on their way to where her clutchmates reside.

Intergalactic Rebel Princess Green Dragonet takes a few careful steps forward, wouldn't be seemly for her to stumble now, examining a weyrbratling for a moment, even leaning forward to give her a delicate sniff, before moving on. Slowly, she moves on, giving each a careful glance.

Charysli relinquishes the murderous grip she has of Taida's hand, reaching her arm up to squeeze the fellow Candidate, hoping to give and receive comfort from the embrace as she ignores the heat of the sands in her anxiety.

"She's so picky," Tai mutters, head shaking once more, nigh imperceptibly but just so that Charys can percieve it. The hug's returned, herdercandi swallowing hard, throat dry, eyes watering.

K'lis squeezes Vivian again as the last egg bursts. "It's almost over now…" He glances from the remaining candidates to the few hatchlings left on the sands.

Quest for Intelligence Blue Dragonet makes steps toward the candidates in an almost comical manner, limbs flailing, tail whipping, and wings held out in a haphazard manner. Giving a little squawk as he makes his way over an oddly-shaped pile of sand, he moves toward some candidates. They look promising; perhaps they could provide him with what he is seeking.

"Look, Charys," Tai breathes, her free hand waving t'wards the moving blue, eyes widening. "You like blues, don't you?" she asks, in some attempt to encourage, to comfort her friend with the thought — the deliciously wonderful thought.

A blue more klutzy than Cyrus is in the morning. Whoa. Candidate stifles a chuckle at the bumbling hatchling, which comes out rather jerky in light of his fidgetting.

Picky? A Showcase quality like that desearves to be picky. "Me stay here? What about the runners? And my Craft? You lived here, such a green would like you, you know." Trying a little more authority in the voice, that might help. Dami Impress? She would turn the Weyr into a HerderHall for sure…

Charysli longs to retain the friendly embrace, her heart thumping furiously in her chest, it's pounding felt in her temples and the artery at her neck. She nods in response to Taida's question. "Blue." Like the sea and the sky.

Intergalactic Rebel Princess Green Dragonet steps forward once again, eyeing the candidate with the feline eyes and the golden brown hair, leaning forward, she gives a delicate sniff. This one. Oh yes. This one.

Kiana shrugs 'gainst cloth's teasing itch, absently scratching at said irritant while checking green's progress with brief, short glances occasionally.

Annalysa shrugs and still klings to Dami.. "Then we both don't.. so i can visit you."

Arilea shifts from foot to foot as she watches scattered dragonets amongst shell fragments, as sea of white narrows a bit as pairs are marched off sands, "Blue." softly murmured for Tea's ears.

Teanna doesn't even see the green as she watches to see where the last blue on the sands will go. Chary maybe, yeah Chary will get him, she deserves him.

Quest for Intelligence Blue Dragonet follows the sands — which are so obviously /not/ yellow — toward some of the remaining candidates, shaking his head back and forth in quick inspections for all.

Taida's own heart beats furiously — the kind of heartbeat you fear others will hear — 'fore her hand reaches down to take Charys' again and she sees that the green wants Kiana. Not herself. No expression registers, though, except a wide smile of real joy for her friend —"Kiana!" is cried, free hand waggling though only Charysli can see the tears in her eyes as she turns back t'wards the sands. The blue. Like sea and sky and lakes.

Amerasuth emits a blissfully contented croon. Her children have all made wonderful choices, picked the best they have, and the young queen glows with real pride. They've /all/ done well today.

With a final, decisive movement, Intergalactic Rebel Princess Green Dragonet shifts, head held high, and waddles regally back along the lines of candidates, eyes whirling a joyful blend of blues and greens. Her meandering pace stops short in front of her chosen heroine — the new center of her universe — as wide orbs shift to mirror the bright cerulean of the herder-candidate's eyes. A commanding creel erupts from her throat as she falls toward her chosen lifemate, Kiana, as if bestowing a medal of honor, as well as her complete trust and love.

A hezitant pause and Charysli releases Taida's shoulders, straightening herself out as she swallows nervously. She must be strong. Her eyes snap Kiana-wards and she waves, grinning brilliant. One left and too, too many of them. She pushes Taida forwards, lingering behind her fellow Candidate.

Zandia nods, the grin still stuck on her face. "Good, Kiana" she calls,.

Annalysa smiles and raises a cheer for Kiana and her loverly green!

"C'grats, Kiana," is added, Taida sending a bigger grin t'wards the other herder — ex-herder — and a wink 'fore sands are really eyed again.

"Reth! I mean, /Kzinreth/!" Kia whoops joyfully, forfeiting all dignity — and logic — to collapse to dragonet's embrace on hot sands.

Warik blinks about, fretting terribly. Did he miss any? Eggs are checked and rechecked, boy marking them down with a drawn-out sigh. So maybe none of this clutch was for him? Cheering hoot goes up for Kiana, sapphire eyes sparkling behind frizzed bangs. "Lovely, lovely green," he bubbles.

C'ran steps out onto the sands beside the newly chosen rider "Congratulations rider. If you two will follow me off to the side?" the girl and green are lead away.

Arilea glances towards green and Kiana, funny hophop as she cheers and manages a call out, "Kiana!" through hoarse voice.

D'rik continues his pacing behind the candidates waiting for the last few dragonets to impress. He waits and watches.

"Kia?" K'lis questions faintly. Then, to Vivian, "She picked Kiana!" He turns his gaze out to the sands. "Kiana!" To think that both of his former candidate friends impressed…

Quest for Intelligence Blue Dragonet is alone now, but he pays no attention to this fact. He's on a mission, he's got things to do, brains — a lifemate — to get. You know the drill. Two are sighted - two women together — and he trundles forward, gazing fixedly at one with eyes to match him.

Vivian lets out a cheer that sounds more like a yelp, throwing her arms around K'lis' neck again. Hey, blueriders don't need all their body parts, do they? "It's Kiana!" she echoes, seeking out the sight of the latest pair again…

"Good job, Kiana!" Belted phrase is Rus' annoucnement of the new pair. "And Kzinreth, as well." Cute name.

Impression: it happens so quickly, so suddenly, that even Quest for Intelligence Blue Dragonet seems surprised at this find, this keepsake; it's her — his! — and talons digging into the sands, he claims Charysli: mine.

Arilea grips Tea's hand tightly as she watches the last of them chose, "Another time and place." she whispers to child with a quick hug.

"Charysli?" Taida asks, a grin spreading 'cross her face as her friend Impresses. "Charysli!"

Annalysa lets out a long sigh as the last one impresses.. and takes up a brave smile upon her face.. then turns to hug Damista. "I"m going to miss you forever!"

"Kzinreth," Warik stumbles a little over the lovely name, nodding primly. "Appropriate." Last blue snatches up Charys and Wark beams beautifically. He didn't Impress, sure, but now he has numbers /and/ experience. Whoo.

D'rik cicles arouund the group of candidates and wanders behind Charysli. He gives the two a moment to be together. Then says, "You're the last one, you should follow me to the edges of the sands and then with the rest of the weyrlings to the barracks."

They're done, they're gone — two dozen of Serath and Dharmath's finest eggs are hatched and impressed, all healthy. Smile upon lips, Annie takes to her tip toes to plant a quick kiss upon B'ran's cheek — "Thank you." — and then she mounts her lifemate with the /particularly/ happy command: "Home, love."

Zandia turns and hugs Damista "Can we go home now?" she asks, a bit misty eyed, as she watches her friends file out.

Kzinreth duly succumbs to this new lifemate's embrace, a bemused tilt of darkly green head belying her peculiar solemnity. Kia is helped to her feet by this new mate, greenrider pattering 'longside green and testing out her new name; "Kzinreth…"

Longish gold neck the objective, Annie jumps for a stray strap, grabbing. Moon-dusted foreleg gives a boost - a strong one - and Annie is flung up to perch atop Serath.

Damista nods to Zandia. "Indeed, we will need to pack. Is Flarra here?"

Charysli glances down, blinking at the sands about her as she nods. "They…they are golden, Aztereth." She blinks again, her face paling as she swallows nervously. "Aztereth," she whispers as she throws her arms around the blue's neck, her face suffused with joy.

Ayrina smiles over at D'rik as he manages to grab the last one. Now, she starts rounding up those that did impress and leading them off the sands.

Serath takes off.
Serath takes off from Hatching Grounds
"Kiana!! Chary!!" Lyne is estatic that her friends have Impressed, her emotions also coming directly from those of her Magnolth beside her. Misty dew drops begin to form at the sides of her eyes again before they break their fragile skin to come cascading down the sides of her cheeks again.

Above the sands, Serath sweeps on sails of ivory-touched gold out the upper entrance of the hatching grounds.

Zandia peers around to the stands, then back to Dami "I don't know..maybe. I have most of my stuff together already" she grins. She was prepared.

Damista nods to Zandia. She can't wait to get her knot back on and be a Journeyman again.

Arilea glances around confused, heat waved and sweaty…"What now?" not sure of the ettiquette on returning home and when.

Cyrus cheers the final pair, picking up his feet comically as he tries to rid sandals of the scorching sand. "Blisters for a sevenday from this," he says cheerfully, if a little downcast from earlier spazztic excitement.

Warik picks gingerly at his sweaty robe and eyes the exit with hopeful eyes. "When can we get out of this sauna?" Wark has numbers to crunch.

K'lis leans against Vivian, wrapping his arms about her just cos he can. "I think so… There will be a kickass party in the 'cavern though…"

Zandia sighs and starts for the exit, high stepping in the hot sands. "I'm going home" she grins. "lets get off these coals".

Vivian chuckles, allowing herself a moment to just rest there against him. "And I'll be at it. I could use a drink. But first Amerasuth wants our own weyr back." She twists around and plants a light kiss on his cheek. "See ye there?"

K'lis nods to Viv, wide smile on his face. "Yeah." He looks up to the galleries and signals to his lifemate.

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