Hatching 19, Galleries

({(What goes on at the galleries)})

Tier and tier of benches rise high in these galleries, encompassing a sweep
along a full third of the cavern's wall. Seats worn to slippery-smooth
likeness, they are broad enough to offer security — but each one is also
high enough to offer a clear view over those in front. Several lines of rope
cordon off this area from the Sands below, and a precariously narrow pathway
offers access to the multiple layers of draconic ledges that line the walls.

To view things on the sand, see <help here>.
Perched around the galleries are twelve firelizards.
You see A row of socks dangling from the ropes, Majestic, Shae, and Inkblot
Mariposa, K'shaw, Heather, Conlan, Dominic, Pyrene, Shaela, Cyndal, Onix,
Vanetin, Brandon, Leigh, Reya, Mirae, Miriam, Risli, Enya, D'renn, Kay,
Karlis, Kale, Arialla, Everet, Torlan, Tomias, Ophelia, E'ren, Queza, Alyn,
Torey, Mirra, and Jerralyn are here.
Obvious exits:
Ledges Stairs

Felvis takes a bow and disappears ::between:: Ladies and Gentlemen, Felvis
has left the building!
Jerralyn walks in.
Adar walks in.
From the hatching sands, Shasta slinks out onto the sands.
Alyn has disconnected.
Finding the comfiest space, Alyn curls into a ball and quickly falls asleep.
Cirrus turns an incredulous stare to ArrowHart, <Didn't you know? Our 'pets
can't fly. One of us found out one time when he decided to give his 'pet a
jump-off point..> Cirrus shutters, <It was not pretty.>
Risli walks in.
Jerralyn heads down the stairs.
Enya walks in.
D'renn strides lightly up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Kay bounces prancily up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Leigh grins at the group gathered to watch the hatching. Now is as good a
time as any to get to know people. "Good evening, folks. My name is Leigh."
Karlis returns from writing herself a note.
Ayden mutters again as she steps on toes and trods on toosies.."Excuse me,
pardon me..hot isn't it? …excuse please"
Kale walks in.
Risli looks around, and chooses a seat that offers a good view of the sands.
ArrowHart thinks «They don't seem to have wings» he shivers at the otehrs
mental image
D'renn peers around, Kay in tow for some reason… trying to find other
Reaches people. Ah-hah! Did they spot him?
Ayden heads down the stairs.
From Onix's left shoulder, Serino chirps, rubbing his head aginst his pet's.
«Mine can't fly, or talk right. She trys hard to talk, she makes this funny
sound, like a high chirp and i understand it.» He shudders.
Galahad blinks in from ::between::!
Everet walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Arialla is led in by Everet.
OOC: Mirae says "off"
Above the sands, Niraneth drifts in through the upper entrance of the hatching
Torlan moves happily, up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Above the sands, Xeth swoops, a flash of silver against dusty herbal green, in
through the upper entrance of the hatching grounds.
Pyrene waves as she spots some more 'reaches people, before turning her
attention back to the sands, from around conlan's head.
Above the sands, Niraneth swoops in to land on the ledge.
On the ledge, Niraneth lands neatly, and furls her wings.
Above the sands, Xeth swoops in to land on the ledge.
On the ledge, Xeth lands neatly, and furls her wings.
Small head of copper locks peeks 'round corner as short rider enters, Enya
ambles over to find seat somewhere amid the mass of people already gathered.
Tomias walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
On the ledge, Wheeeee! —Ophelia slides from up on Niraneth's neck to the
ground below.
On the ledge, E'ren slithers down Xeth's narrow shoulder, borne by the flash
and fall of her hide's silvered sparks.
Kay scoots along after D'renn, following close enough to bump into him every
so often. /Oops/. "I think some of the 'Reaches people are -" She points up
on the ledges, and then smiles at Pyrene. "Over there?"
Brandon looks up as synth rumbles and turns to dom and shaw "does that meen
there hatching?
On the ledge, Ophelia makes her way carefully down into the galleries.
Ophelia scatters down off one of the ledges.
On the ledge, E'ren makes his way carefully down into the galleries.
E'ren scatters down off one of the ledges.
Adar peers around, searching for a spot in the rapidly filling tiers. Spotting
a plahe, she heads for it with apologies to those she jostles, and sits down
once she reaches her chosen place.
Arialla steps through the crowd, cheeks red. "Excuse me, pardon me," she says
softly as her eyes take in the now humming dragons. She balances a meat
roll, bowl of soup and bubblie carefully.
Cyndal peers around, lifting her head from her sketching as many people start
to move in. Eyes widen as the candidates start to file in.
Heather stretches lightly in her seat as she watches the sands, curiousity
written upon her features as she leans forward watching.
Talon suddenly disappears ::between::!
Arialla calls to Mist, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.
Karlis leans forward to watch, wishing she were down there.
D'renn heads straight for the little enclave. "There's E'ren, too…" And
Ophelia, but she doesn't get an out-loud mention as D'renn flops into a seat
near Shaela, ready to insult the girl's fashion sense with his checked
Vanetin's eyes widen and she elbows Onix softly, "Look, here they come!" is
her excited whisper.
Torlan finds Shalott guarding their seats and meanly as ever and get Shalott
to move. He slides down to the end of the row.
Pyrene nudges Shaela, "the dragons! They're humming!" Just in case she'd
suddenly gone deaf and missed it.
Serah walks in.
Ophelia finds a spot in a corner; curling there in a smudge of shadowed
leather, she ignores everyone, and that includes D'renn.
Everet steps gingerly around the seated spectators to a vacant spot on a bench
and sits down immideately on it with Arialla when he reaches it. "Hoo..
E'ren enters trailing behind Ophelia, nudging through the chaos of the crowd
with some difficulty. He recognizes few… oh, but there's Kay! "Kay!" he
yells with a wave as he's almost mowed down by a gang of Weavers.
Timber blinks in with a cheerful squeak of greeting from ::between::!
Arialla shoos Mist off her seat and sits down, bumping into Torlan and Everet
as she does so.
Kay waves frantically at E'ren, even as she follows after the older bluerider.
"E/'reeeeenn/!" More frantic waving, but then she sits down. By D'renn. Of
Serah calls to Timber, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.
Serah finds a seat and sits down where she can see the hatching
From the hatching sands, Ayden grumbles over to Annie and nods to Shasta and
Miri, stepping lightly on the hot sands, not forgetting to pay her respects
to Ma gold.
Arialla waves Tomias over to the small open spot next to Everet. "Tomias?!"
The housekeeper arrives to cart Alyn off to bed.
Serah goes home.
Torlan calls to Shalott, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.
From the hatching sands, A few eggs start to shudder, knocking against
companions and against Synth's massive paws. A maternal head swoops over the
eggs, rumbling still. Hers.
Birgitte suddenly disappears ::between::!
Brandon grins down at teh eggs wow there really gonna hatch
K'shaw nods his head, "Aye Brandon they're gettin ready to hatch!
Queza walks in.
astounded tone. Here she was, just jotting down some sketches for a tapestry,
and they /hatch/? She quickly stuffs her things back into her pockets and
watches carefully.
Mist humms softly eyes whirling as she watches the eggs.
Everet nudges Arialla's side as he can't seem to take his wide eyes off the
scene below. "Ari! They're moving!" he says in a speechless whisper.
ArrowHart hums a deap throated hum his bronze chest vibrating
Leigh is so terribly glad that she left Maerlyn back at Gar. With so many
flits abound, she'd never have any peace.
Shaela nodnods, frizzed locks flailing as she spins her head to face the
action. "H'gin was right. He said they'd go when we were here. He's lucky
like that." Short, quick sentences are spoken with as much excitement as
their brevity insists.
Eldran joins Mist in humming at the eggs on the sand.
"They're moving!" D'renn nearly squeals with excitement, master of the obvious
From Risli's shoulder, Felvis adds his own warble to the draconic hum filling
the cavern.
Arialla giggles and almost slops her soup as Everet nudges her. "Yes, I can
see. Eldran and Mist are humming too."
OOC: Adar says "who"
Ophelia claps hands over her ears to muffle 'They're Moving!' in 500-part
harmony, locking herself alone with her thoughts.
Galahad **do firelizards warble at hatchings to?
OOC: Brandon says "yes they did in the books"
Vanetin watches the eggs, leaning forward as far as she can without upsetting
the brown on her shoulder, and that's when she realizes: Cirrus is starting
to hum quietly! She stares at him incredulously before shrugging mentally
and turning back just in time to see the Snake and Sand egg move slightly,
and she elbows Onix again, "Look, it moved!"
Alyn pads up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
OOC: Onix says "in the early books they warble at human births so…"
Pyrene gets jostled by people finding seats and Conlan's head is /still/ in
the way, so she can't see what's going on! Frustrating. She settles for
annoying Shaela instead with repeated "What's happenings?"
Kay nods absently, leaning forward and angling from side to side in an attempt
to gain a better view. "Aren't they.." She comments, squishing as some overly
large cook or whatever decides to sit next to her. Er.
Galahad starts into a high pitched warble eyes awhirl as he looks towards the
Arialla finishes her soup, setting the bowl near her feet. She leans on
Everet and points down at the candidates as they move onto the sand.
"There's Tereza!"
Brandon leans on the railing and waves down at gar and nae
Torey skips up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Torlan squints and thinks he sees Tereza. He looks closer and he does! He
cheers happily for her, doubting she can hear but not caring either. He
motions for his fellow Harper's to cheer too. JHe's on the edge of his
seat… !:P
Everet half-stands up at the arrival of the candidates below. "..Oh…" he
says, speechless as feelings well up inside him. His face is void of emotion
as he just watches them step out, each a little differently onto the sands.
Vanetin's eyes widen even more, "Look, there's Cinda!" It's a wonder Onix's
arm's not broken from all the nudging she's getting from the increasingly-exci
ted Van.
Shaela can see quite well, thanks to the tiny child seated in front of her. If
only he'd stop waving his hands and squealing. Kids. "I /think/ the
candidates are getting onto the sands now," she says finally, settling back
into her seat. She doesn't know any of them.
Leigh watches intently the goings-on below.
Adar goes home.
Arialla looks over at Everet, eyes full of compassion. She wraps an arm
around his waist and hugs him close. "One day, love, one day and it might be
you down there."
D'renn edges a little the other way, making more space for Kay. "Isn't that
one of ours," he asks no-one much, pointing at one white-robed Candidate in
the sea of many. "I know Ista stole some from us." Tactful as always, of
Mirra walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Mirra calls to Zerill, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.
Risli takes his breath in sharply as the candidates appear, listening to the
cries of those who know them in the tiers. He grins, and rubs Felvis' head
Cyndal widens her eyes and edges to the front as she spots her fellow weaver.
"Vivian?" she gasps. So /thats/ where she got to. "Vivian!"
Karlis drops her hand to Majestic's head and scratches his ears wildly to
release some of the tension.
Jerralyn walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Everet sits back down, his eyes blinking rapidly as they get slightly glossed.
"..Right." He smiles and nods his thanks to Arialla beside him, giving her
a tight hug before looking back out onto the scene below.
Torlan clenches his seat tightly, appearing as nervous as the Candis…:P
Jorell steps up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Pyrene cranes her head about and finally gets a view of the sands. She points
toward Danae, "I've met her briefly, she seemed nice…maybe she'll impress."
As good away to find somebody to cheer for as any…
Akki blinks in from ::between::!
Onix opens one eye, sleepily, and sits up in her hammock, almost falling out.
Arialla slips her hand into Everet's eyes wide as she takes in the view below.
"Look! One of them has a crack!"
Silla walks in.
Jerralyn quickly rushes into a seat.
OOC: Onix was just kicked by her server
Kay phhts, waving a hand at the sands before happily scooting over closer to
D'renn, leaving a space between herself and mister cook over there. "It's not
like the 'Reaches didn't get some of theirs awhile back, so." She, however,
is much more tactful. Usually. "Not that I see any I recognize."
On the ledge, Dalgreth goes home.
Everet holds onto Arialla's hand, almost painfully, as he sees the egg crack
too. "Won't be long now," he says in a whisper.
Mariposa has disconnected.
Mariposa sighs wistfully and returns to Mundania.
Karla walks in.
Arialla winces slightly as Everet grips her hand, but smiles softly over at
him before returning her gaze to the candies and the eggs. "Looks hot down
there. It's hot up here."
D'renn just beams straight forward, dark curls bobbing as he nods in response
to Kay; eyes fixed on the spectacle of Hatching.
Mariposa wakes up.
Bronwyn strides up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Adar walks in.
Dominic watches his two children on the sands and mutters to himself, "I hope
they impress…they would make fine riders.."
Lyana walks in.
Bronwyn hustles in, a bit out of breath, and finds a seat near the weyrweavers.
Kandar walks in.
Brandon overhears dom and says "I just know they will!
Cyndal steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.
Adar picks her way through the crowd, motioning to Lyana to follow her. "I
think there's space over here."
Everet chuckles and nods once. "Sure it's hot! And those candidates down
there are nervous beyond measure. That has to make it even warmer for them.
If anything, they have to prove to the hatchlings that they're strong enough
not to faint! .. But I know they're strong. They won't let them, their
mother, or the Weyr down."
Dominic turns to Brandon and smiles…"Aye I think you're right son…I really
Arialla notes Kandar walking in and waves him over to the little bunch of
harpers. "Kandar! Over here!" She scoots closer to Everet.
Everet risks a glance sideways to see Kandar too and waves along with Arialla.
You overhear Torlan mutter, "… … … Arialla … /scoot/ any … … him
without … … top … him! …" to Tomias.
Bronwyn peers forward, trying to see over a particularly tall holder in the
row in front of her. She finally spots Vivian and smiles to herself, rooting
for her crafter.
Kandar looks around for a familiar face or a empty seat, preferably both. The
he hears the voice of Arialla and squints. That's her red hair all right.
Torlan waves to Kandar, "HI! Sit! Cheer for Tereza!" He manages…
Tomias grins and pokes at the other Appys when he sees Teza. "Look, there she
Cyndal returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.
she tries to avoid stepping on some feet. A glance to the sands below and she
grins. "Oh, look at that Adar."
Arialla nods to Tomias excitedly and waves to Tereza, not that the harper will
be looking up here. She glances at Torlan and sticks out her tongue,
catching the gist of what he muttered to Tomias.
Silla gasps as the first dragonet hatches..
Conlan sighs and hands over his 16th mark piece to the boy in the row behind
him. He'd bet on blue, of course.
Jerralyn says, "DRAGONETS!"
Alyn has disconnected.
Finding the comfiest space, Alyn curls into a ball and quickly falls asleep.
Arialla gasps as a brown dragonet is the first to hatch. "A brown! A brown!"
Adar follows Lyana's gaze to the sands, and smiles, then oohs as the forst
dragonet is freed. "It's a brown…"
Kay points, rather rudely, nudging D'renn with the opposite elbow. "Mmm!"
Eyebrows rise, and she cranes to peer again.
Cyndal steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.
Cyndal returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.
Cyndal has disconnected.
Cyndal falls asleep.
Torlan would start a tongue-sticking-out duel, but now doesn't seem quite
Vanetin breathes in deeply, eyes riveted on the new dragonet, her heart in her
throat, as if she was on the sands, which she clearly isn't. Her hands
clasped tight, she watches to see who the dragonet will go to.
Kandar moves over people in the aile as he tries to get to the harper row,
"Sorry… pardon me… 'scuse me." He tries to move around a person who's
stalled infront of him. "EXCUSE ME!" he says as he pushes on by.
D'renn already lost some money to Conlan over the matter of High Reaches' own
Hatching. No bets today.
Kandar finaly makes it to a sit in the middle of a row right infront of the
majority of the Harper's , "Look! A brown!" He says the obvious to the group
of Appies.
Onix has disconnected.
Onix Lays down, mumbling to all her friends, night. Onix Slips into dream land
where visions of Fire lizards and dragons dance in her head
Jerralyn heads down the stairs.
Arialla grins over at Kandar and nods her head. "Yep, fine looking little
fellow too."
D'renn rubs his side absently where Kay nudged him. "Nice brown…. Oooh!
Another one!" Dragonets everywhere down there.
Erph, crowds, small HRW rider shifts again in her seat as taller people move
to seats infront of her. sigh. Still Enya leans forward to peer between
shoulders to get a peek at the hatching happenings. Soft smile playing 'corss
lips as she spies first hatchling, remembering own time on the sands of
Fieran walks in.
Everet looks over at Kandar with Arialla and nods as well. "I know he'll
choose who's right for him."
"Oh, I see. And such a handsome one at that," Lyana comments absently; her
attentions is more on the grounds. She takes a seat and watches with excited
Pyrene pokes conlan and smirks, "shouldn't count on blue you know," she
mutters to him, "Browns are better anyway" Yeah, lets annoy the Bigheaded One.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Alyn off to bed.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Cyndal off to bed.
Queza looks on the sands, tugging on someone's shirt. "I can't see." She
sighs, as the person grumbles, she stands up, and goes to find a spot where
there is a good view, but without anyone in front of her. "Brown!" she yells,
Queza slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.
On the ledge, Queza comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know
I parked around here somewhere.
Basil walks in.
Fieran jumps up and down in the stands, "Synth! Mamma! Synth's eggs are
hatching!" In a flurry of rush, the young son of Ista's Sr. Weyrwoman, jumps
off his seat, out of his father's reach and onto the rail. "Mama!"
K'shaw watches the eggs and his neice and nephew equally…wishing silently
for thier sucess in being chosen..
Silla gasps, " Oh my.. Oh My!!"
Kandar points excitedly at the hatching sands, "GOLD!"
On the ledge, Queza ohhs…. "Gold!" She glances around. "A gold hatchling!"
She glances around, and waits to see the ones that impress.
Arialla holds her breath for a few moments as the gold hatches. Her eyes go
wide. "A gold.. she's.. beautiful!"
Bronwyn gasps despite herself. "A gold," she whispers, and the second to
Nuff walks in.
Camorin appears from between, looking for trouble.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Onix off to bed.
Niyanne walks in.
Torlan nearly collapses when he sees a Gold dragonet hatch… "Woah" he
screams, un-able to control himself! :P
Vanetin's eyes, if it were possible, widen even more, "The gold egg Hatched!!"
She just barely stays in her seat as she watches the Gold dragonet, her
mouth dry and skin pale as she gets caught up in the Hatching.
Tomias looks down at the Dragonette queen. "She's gorgeous…"
Kandar seems to be have forgotten to breath as he stares at the Gold.
D'renn would wave Nuff over to the set of benches claimed by High Reaches
Weyr… but well, he's too busy watching the new-hatched gold.
On the ledge, Queza makes her way carefully down into the galleries.
Queza scatters down off one of the ledges.
Everet widens his eyes even more (if that's possible) at the gold. "Gold…
Be smart, young queen. Choose wisely. … Beautiful…"
Camorin disappears between, leaving 'kick me' signs on everyone's back.
You overhear Tomias mutter, "I … she … …" to Arialla.
Arialla nods to Tomias, eyes still wide. "I hope so too."
Bryon walks in.
Pyrene guesses that the gold's hatched from the general outcry around her and
tries to push conlan's head out the way so she can see. "Ooh, a gold, she's
ugly too but pretty as well." Or something.
Fieran heads down the stairs.
Princess blinks in from ::between::!
Queza walks over to a spot that has a semi-good view, and sits down, right on
the side of the galleries, waiting to see who impresses the dragonets. As she
sees one impress, she lets out a "Congrats!" to who impressed.
Bronwyn's eyes flick between the brown, Vivian and the gold, watching
carefully to see how the weaver is doing, yet alert for movement from either
of the dragonets.
Arialla nods once again, this time to Torlan. "Why not? Tereza's as good as
anyone else. Let's hope she's right for the gold."
Suddenly colors begin to blur as Kandar's brain suffers from oxygen
deprivation, luckly however, just as he is about to collapse, his head hits
the arm of his seat and he remembers to breathe.
Arialla blinks over at Kandar and chuckles softly. "Breathe, silly."
Sapphira walks in.
Risli frowns, and starts to stand as he sees the youngster toddle out onto the
sands. He tenses, watching.
Kandar chuckles and rubs his head, "Ow, that hurt."
Tomias grabs Kandar's collar. "Kandar. Breath."
Kay hums, just a bit, to herself, attention on the sands. Noone mind her, as
some little kid stands up in front of her and forces her to start leaning
again, to see.
OOC: Torlan likes the "Ever After" line 'Just Breath' RIght about now… :P
OOC: Kandar says "lol"
Vanetin watches the Gold, exhaling a breath she hadn't realized she was
holding in as she admires the little gold, "She faces them with such
purpose." As if the one she's talking about could be mistaken for another.
Pyrene hmms, as her view is cut off again, "What happened to the brown? He was
cute. They're all pretty ugly and very cute, but I liked him."
Nuff squeezes her way down past this one and that one, working her purple-clad
way through the crowd to the High Reaches contigent: black and blue, blue
and black, she finally reaches her seat. Then she yells. "Impress a weaver!
Impress a weaver!" Nuff thinks all dragons should want to impress a weaver.
Kandar gargels, "Uum… Tomias… You aren't …. helping…" he manages to
get out as the collar slowly constricts his throat.
Conlan just looks at Nuff and prays she doesn't want to do the Twisty Boot
Silla whistles, " WooHoo!!" she cheers at the Impression
Kessry walks in.
Pyrene covers her ears at Nuff's yell, and peers again, "Well, are they going
to impress or not?" Impatient, yep.
Queza removes the wool jacket, as sitting by the sands, it's hot. She plaves
the jacket in her lap, holding onto it, watching the hatching closely.
"Congrats!" she yells, as Yiddae impresses the brown.
Risli cheers as loud as the rest when the little brown finds his lifemate. He
waves his arms, a silly grin plastered on his face.
Arialla whoops and points as the brown walks up to one of the candidates!
"Impression! The brown picked that girl!"
Heather watches the brown and ohhs under her breath as she lets out a miner's
bellow.."Yes Yiddae!" she stands up and just beams with pride
K'shaw says, "All right Yiddae!"
"There he goes!" Weaver, or not, Nuff watches the little brown impress the
girl as she collapses against her neighbor and kicks at the seat in front of
her. "Hey hey hey!"
Torlan claps for Yiddae, the first to Impress.
"That's what happened to the brown," D'renn tells Pyrene as the small one
Impresses. To someone or other. A wave goes to Nuff as the bluerider edges
over a bit more - trying to get away from Kay? Surely not.
Kay giggles, swiveling to wave at the 'Reaches Weyrwoman, attention lost from
the sands for mere moments. But then, she's looking back, even going so far
to nudge another elbow at the retreating D'renn - Hey! Wait! Where're /you/
going? - "It Impressed!" State the obvious.
Vanetin just gawks as the first Impression is made. She just plain stares,
drinking in the emotions that must go along with this moment, a hesitant
smile on her lips for the girl, Yiddae.
Arialla grins brightly, squeezing Everet's hand as she watches the new pair.
She reaches over and fixes Kandar's collar so he can breath again.
Bronwyn watches raptly, smiling broadly at the first impression. No matter
how many of these she attends, each one is completely awe-inspiring and
Janine walks fluidly, looking behind her once in awhile, up the stairs, and
looks about for a seat.
Conlan beams. Blue!
"Tyrdanth?" D'renn sits bolt upright. "My oh my." His blue isn't going to like
Queza taps someone lightly on the shoulder. "Blue."
Kandar murmurs his thanks as Arialla gets Tomias's hands off his collar and
looks back on the sands. " A blue one now, what;s going on with the gold?"
"Tyrdinth I think, D'renn. Mebbie they could be friends." She winks at the
blue-rider thinking of Rennth and Renth. Nuff grins. "Hard to tell. Lovely
Everet shifts his eyes from egg to egg, dragonet to dragonet, watchiing them
wobble and Impress. His hand lightens its hold on Arialla's as his blinking
and light breathing are the only visible signs of life in him.
''Go Weavers, go weavers, go weavers, go weavers.' The cheering from the
carfters easily encouraging on their fellow lavenders.
Arialla glances at Everet with concern on her face. She reaches up and gently
strokes his cheek, smiling at him, before returning her gaze to the sand.
D'renn is a little bit mollified by Nuff's words. "He /is/ nice-looking… so
that's blue over there." Hmmph.
Pyrene beams for the impressions and frowns briefly at the mention of a blue
hatching before she rememebers that this is Ista. Any blues are going to be
too far away to bother her. Neck is craned as she yet again tries to see.
Kandar turns back around to the Harpers, "The little queen seems cautious."
Bronwyn chuckles softly at the more exuberant members of her craft, not
joining in but definately approving of their support of Vivian.
Nuff adds her noise to the crowds, waving at Bronwyn. "Weaver!" And Vivian.
"Weaver weaver weaver. Oh what a clever dragonet she is. See that Tiareth?
You were right. Weavers are the best."
Silla Whistles as the gold chooses a lifemate, " Allright!!
Arialla nods to Kandar. "Choosing a future Weyrwoman is important. Oh LOOK!
she picked! She Picked!"
Dwra walks in.
Queza glances, and seemed to know that Vivi was going to impress the gold,
somehow, she just knew it. "Congrats!"
Silla goes home.
Torlan claps for Vivian, "Congrats!" he yells involuntarily…He gets swept up
by the moment…
Kay claps hands together, ginning madly. "The gold! Impressed too!" She breaks
it into two sentences, checking to see Nuff's reaction. Weaver.
Akki suddenly disappears ::between::!
Sapphira goes home.
Princess suddenly disappears ::between::!
Dwra has disconnected.
Dwra falls asleep.
Bronwyn just stares for the longest moment, unable to do or say anything in
her astonishment and pleasure. Finally, she blinks a few times and cheers,
happy that Vivian has been chosen by the beautiful little gold, murmerming to
the other weavers seated nearby.
Dwra wakes up.
Kandar leans forward in his seat watching the queen impress.
Janine heads down the stairs.
You overhear Tomias mutter, "Shards. … … … to pick …" to Arialla.
D'renn ahhs softly, sagging back into his seat. "The gold Impressed…." Yeah
yeah, say something original, D'renn.
Vanetin shakes her head in fascination, "Look, the gold Impressed!" Hearing a
name called out, she repeats, "Vivian!"
Arialla shrugs and nods to Tomias. "She just wasnt' right, I guess."
Bryon goes home.
Pyrene oohs, "The gold impressed too?" sounds like it anyway. She cheers along
with everybody else although she hasn't the faintest idea who the lucky girl
Kandar sighes, "I was hoping for Tereza…"
Tomias nods. "So were we, Kandar.
Yidestan walks in.
Kale has disconnected.
Kale falls asleep.
Yidestan fits into his grey seat, stone cold. Eyes search the sand, and, for a
moment of wavering unhappiness he realizes — he's come too late.
Queza starts fanning herself with her hand. My, it's hot. She stands up, and
gets a seat in the stands, a quite cooler seat, that is. She sits down next
to a bunch of people who look like they're from the same place she is, the
High Reaches area.
Adar has disconnected.
Adar falls asleep.
Dwra claps her slender, boney hands together, glaring through the blurring
sheen of the sand. Interest flecks blue, blue eyes — Sysai was once up there
with her, as with Tereza … and now they're down there. " G'luck!" she
yells, even though she /knows/ they'll never hear here. Oh, pooey.
Helen walks in.
Everet looks around a little and reluctantly stands up. Squeezing Arialla's
hand, he turns his head to her. "Ari, I'd better go. I'd love to stay here
for the whole Impression but I had better get ready in the kitchens for the
hungry crowds about to feast." He grins and flings his pack on. "I'll see
you later, alright? Soon," he assures.
Vanetin breathes in softly, "Ooh, what a beautiful green."
Torlan waves tp Everet, "Bye! Seeya at the feast!"
"Green!" Kay points out yet another obvious dragonet, beaming proudly. "Greens
are the best." Biased? No.
Arialla pouts slightly at Everet, but nods her head. "I'll catch you later,
can't let all these folk starve."
Queza waves to Nuff, D'renn, and everyone else there from High Reaches.
Kandar waves over at Everet, "Mind if I take your seat?"
Everet smiles at the others around him he knows and nods goodbye.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Kale off to bed.
Everet heads down the stairs.
D'renn almost agrees with Kay. "She's lovely… nice coloring. Trydanth'd like
her." Not that D'renn's lifemate doesn't chase anything and everything anyhow.
Heather clears her throat as she smiles softly.."Two more to go..just two more
Kandar vaults over and fills Everet's previous seat, "Heyya Aria. Heyya
Harpers." He says, fealing much more comfertable now in a row filled with
members of his own craft.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Adar off to bed.
Pyrene catches sight of the green, "she's cute bet she'll be vicious when
she's proddy though" You've got to look at the big picture, "Has there been a
bronze yet?"
Conlan shakes his head. "Don't think so, but look at that blue. He's tasty."
Arialla smiles at Kandar, as he squeezes in next to her. "Hi Kandar."
You overhear Torlan mutter, "I … … won't … … /quite/ … … …
Kandar… …" to Tomias.
Dwra laces her slim hands together, glaring at Nuff through her 'lids, she
reconizes that girl. With a shake of her head, she peers again — a green!
Now, that's pretty.
Bronwyn wakes up.
You overhear Tomias mutter, "Yes, … Kandar is in … of … … … is next
… …" to Torlan.
Queza goes home.
Vanetin's eyes fill with hope for the little green, as she murmers softly,
"She is soo pretty." Her hands clasp in front of her as she watches her path.
You overhear Torlan mutter, "Yeah, … … … Everet is … … Kandar has
… his seat…. …" to Tomias.
Arialla frowns over at Tomias and Torlan, eyes flashing at them. She turns
her gaze back to the sands, a pout framing her lips.
Pyrene hmms at the blue, "Tasty? Maybe one of the others'll eat him."
Gold_Guest walks in.
Kandar wonders why his name is being murmered so much, well, he focuses his
eyes on the blue dragonet and shuts them out.
Heather stands up again and lets out a whoop!,"Congrats Fredia!" she bellows
over the crowd noise, her hands clapping wildedly
Helen gasps with shock, "Yes!! Go Fredia!!" she yells down onto the snads.
Conlan points as the blue Immpresses. "Now see, Pyrene? /That/ is a beautiful
K'shaw smiles and shouts his congratulations to Fredia.."All right Fredia!"
Pyrene looks and sighs as some unfortunate girl impresses the blue, "Poor
thing, she looks happy now, but sooner or later she's going to realise just
how insane blues are." Sweeping generalisations anyone?
Alycia walks in.
Zirade walks in.
D'renn gives Pyrene a long look, half-overhearing her comment. "Blues?
Insane?" Maybe just their riders. Turning back, he splutters: he missed some
Impression or other.
Kandar smiles at the scene below, "Much rejoicing. This humming is getting a
little…. headachy though." he says as he looks at the other dragons perched
on ledges.
Arialla grins down at the sands as more dragonets impress. "It's exciting
and.. confusing too."
Zirade rumbles 'longside her friendly batch of kids. There's quite a bunch
altogether, and they all manage to sit beside their 'beloved' nanny — "
Pyrene, dear, what have I missed? I had to put away all their coats…" she
plops down 'side her.
Vanetin furrows her eyebrows at the Green, who seems to be taking an awfully
long time to pick a lifemate. Her admiration of the beauty continues, Van
sitting on her hands to keep them from clapping or gesticulating wildly in
her excitement.
Torlan thinks that Healing Warrior might just be looking for Tereza…He could
be wrong though… :)
Jerralyn walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Kay leans quite over D'renn to wave at Zirade, recognizing one of the people
she pegged with snowballs just recently.. "Hi there! See you brought the
kiddies.." She just adores them, right?
Jerralyn heads down the stairs.
Kirai trots up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
D'renn leans an elbow absentmindedly on Kay's shoulder. Well, it's there. Blue
eyes are transfixed on the scene below. Is that green going to Impress or
Kamara walks in.
Gold_Guest has disconnected.
The housekeeper arrives to remove Gold_Guest.
Gold_Guest falls asleep.
Karlis waves to Kamara
Torlan laughs, "Not until her choice pays attention to her… :)"
Kamara waves to everyone.
Arialla shakes her head. "I dont see how anyone could ignore the dragonets."
Kandar chuckles at the Green, "A little bossy ain't she?"
Zirade gets all snuggly all cozy-like up next to her bunch o' love, of course
she loves 'em, she just needs to.. " Oh, yes, I remember. The kids that were
there are still back at the weyr…" she smiles slyly. Revenge, awe, you are
Anatoly walks in.
Kay sits back up straight, knocking the elbow off her shoulder. "Oops, sorry."
She apologizes, though not really aware of exactly what she's apologizing
for. Uhhuh, sure. She shifts on the bench, watching the sands.
Kamara watches the canidates intently.
Kirai has disconnected.
Kirai falls asleep.
Athena blinks in from ::between::, gliding down with gracefully extended wings
to find a place to perch.
Kandar jumps up and down, "LOOK!"
Karlis heads down the stairs.
Karlis skips up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Kamara doesn't bother to seat herself, just stands and watches everything
happening on the sand.
Dereami blinks in from ::between::!
Arialla leaps out of her seat howling in glee. "Tereza!! Whoooo! She got
the green!"
Fudge blinks in from ::between:: chittering softly
Torlan jumps up and down cheering wildly…"CONGRATS TEREZA!" he shouts over
and over until his throat sores… :P
My best friend — taken away! Lost forever, 'til now, she's here…. " Tereza?
Tereza…?" Dwra squeeks, happily, happily, happily. Loosing her cool, she
flies up, clapping her hands together loudly. " Yes!"
Kamara has no idea who that is but yells anyways.
"Oh, dear," Basil murmurs. "Chartreuse." One minds seeing in a dragon the
color of people who have had their meals disagree with them.
Kandar woo hoes and runs up and down the row full of harpers, "TEREZA
Kamara releases Kredare, who launches into the air.
Tomias cheers loudly."TEREZA! CONGRATULATIONS!
Torey squeels and bounces, and everyone thought she was hyper before the
hatching. She's not gonna slow down for a sevenday, if then. "Teza!!" she
Kumiko walks in.
Helen screams and cheers, "Congratulations Tereza!!"
D'renn tickles the back of Kay's neck - better that than more snow. "Look!
Another green!" One gone but a replacement hatched.
From the back row, Nyna crows loudly for her friend, standing up to hoot in a
raucous voice her congratulations, "Yeaaah, Teez!" Calls she, applauding
until her little palms turn red.
Corduroy does a curlicue in the air, dips his wing, and blinks quietly
The housekeeper arrives to cart Kirai off to bed.
Arialla hugs the harpers around her, still jumping up and down. "She
impressed! She impressed!"
Dwra loving smiles down, upon the sands, where that green has just stolen her
closest friend. " Briganth… it has a ring to it, " she squeeks, laces her
hands together.
Kamara glances at Arialla.
Torlan feels a small quake as all of the Harper bounce up and down crazily…
Kandar runs up and down screaming his head off and suddenly plants a kiss on
evreysingle female apprentice's forehead before the ecstasy wears him out to
the point that he collapses back in his chair.
Kamara pats Dwra, "Don't worry, she's still your friend too…."
Nyna returns the embrace with blithe glee, grinning almost as widely as Tereza
is. Her fair of 'flits does a series of wild acrobatics, humming and
chirruping their mirth.
Helen wonders why Tereza isn't getting up to greet her new dragonet.
"Yeek!" Kay squeeks, poking the bluerider she's sitting next to. "Ooh!
Another!" A little late, but hey.
Dwra glances at Kamara through lowered, teary, 'lids — arms warpped 'round
her in absolute delight, " No, it's too perfect. Anyway, I doubt it matters.
As long as she's happy, and just lookat her — she is."
Dark jade eyes sparkle with a merriment as Enya quietly watches, now drawn out
of own impression memories to watch with joy as young friends impress with a
beamed smile.
Athena suddenly rises up in the air, beating her long wings gracefully before
she disappears ::between::!!
Zirade points, patting the child's head 'side here, " See? That's called an
impression. Now that green will stay with her forever. See?" she smiles,
drawing slender arms 'round in a hug.
Heather goes home.
Karlis whistles quietly for Maj to follow her, and winds her way to the stairs.
Karlis heads down the stairs.
Kandar sits back in his seat and pants, "Woo… what a dash…"
Majestic heads down the stairs.
Kandar pokes Arialla, "Did You here the name for Tereza's green?"
Arialla blinks at Kandar and shakes her head, looking a bit dazed. "No, I
missed it."
"Oooh ooh blue!" That's D'renn's chant, of course, right in the ear of some
luckless Reaches' people.
Brandon yells down at the hatchlings "Go to nae and Gar!" as if his yelling
will influence them in anyway, but hey he thinks it will.
Conlan bobs right along with D'renn. Nothing like a good blue.
Kay whoos along with the 'Reaches contingent, adding to the volume. Who bets
the North People can be the loudest? "Blue!" Yay! Not as nice as green,
Kandar hugs Arialla, "I'm so glad for Tereza. I hope she doesn't forget us."
Arialla grins at Kandar, hugging him back. "She won't forget us. Harper is
in your blood. But she's gonna be real busy."
Kamara lookk another blue!
Onix moves swiftly up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Conlan whoops! Another blue!
D'renn pokes Kay's ribs this time. "Lookit, that green went…" Black curls
dance as he fairly bounces in his seat. "Another blue!"
Helen has disconnected.
Helen falls asleep.
Ralara walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Kandar nods and sighes and leaves an arm around her as he lays his head on her
shoulder, "That run left me a little tired. Look at that blue. Nice deep
Kay points, again. "Another blue!" She echoes D'renn, nodding about the green.
"Verth likes blues. Maybe we'll have to visit again, sometime." She grins,
flipping a braid back behind her shoulders.
"Briganth says Tiareth", says Nuff. "I mean for that Tereza person. Her
dragon is certainly pleased."
Arialla rubs her eyes, looking a bit tired and keyed up at the same time.
Lilli walks in.
Adrienne walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Lilli heads down the stairs.
Basil has disconnected.
Basil yawns and stretches, sinking languorously into sleep.
Lilli saunters up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Onix has disconnected.
Onix Lays down, mumbling to all her friends, night. Onix Slips into dream land
where visions of Fire lizards and dragons dance in her head
Arialla bites her lower lip and looks at Kandar. Her eyes widen slightly as
he rests his head on her shoulder.
Anatoly just continues to grin broadly, sun-touched gaze fixated on the
tableau ahead of him. Though he grins, his brows are knit in the universal
expression for Deep Thoughts (tm). "Cute, aren't they?" Remarks the smith to
noone in particular.
Torey hops up and bounces over towards Lilli, a bright and hyper look about
her. "Lilli-Lilli-Lilli!!!" she calls, waving her arms. Okay, yup, she's
Lilli bounces and runs in, "Torey!!"
D'renn nudges Kay with rather a smirk on his face, even if he is still looking
straight ahead. He knows Verth likes blues…
Lilli leans over the edge, cheering. "Silvera!!"
Torey squeels and finally makes it over to Lilli and points to teh sands.
"Lookie all the babee draggies!" she squeels.
Arialla continues to bite her lower lip, shifting a bit uncomfortably now.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Helen off to bed.
Adrienne frowns at Torey and continues to suck her thumb. "Shush, I wanna
Brandon grins as the weyrwoman herself tells the dragons to go to his big sis
Lilli nods and leans over again, cheering. She's a minute or two <hah> late,
so what.. she'll make up for lost time in extra noise.
Kandar ohs as he realizes he's made Aria a little uncomfertable, "Sorry." he
rests his head on the seat infront of him.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Basil off to bed.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Onix off to bed.
Brandon narrows his eyes and purses his mouth no one makes his brother annoyed
"Go dragons Go to gar!
Pyrah traipses up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Shava walks in.
Boy, These two sure can be loud when broght together. Still, that serves only
to inhance her squeels and cheers as she bounces, only growing louder as the
day goes on.
Arialla looks sadly at Kandar, still chewing on her lower lip. "I think I
need to get back to the Hold. Let me know how the rest of the hatching
goes,"she says softly to Tomias. She stands up abruptly and makes her way,
as fast as she can, from the galleries.
Tomias heads down the stairs.
Arialla heads down the stairs.
Brandon looks down a blue bye gar, but also by kel "Go to garwin little one go
to my brother!" is yelled
Shava heads down the stairs.
Shava walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Dominic smiles and watches enraptured as the dragonetes choose and impress…
Kandar oos as The Comic Blue begins to move. Wonder who he'll impress///
Brandon hmphs well maybe me..err gar didn't want you anyway so hmph
Lilli bursts into applause again as she sees a /bloo/ catch a Candidate's
Conlan wakes up.
Dominic laughs at his son's comments…"It's the dragon's choice Brandon..they
know who they want.."
Brandon turns to his dad "but Dad" he winnies "CAn't we help them choose a
Rial blinks in from ::between::!
Adrienne giggles happily and says to no one in particular. "I wan Kenoryn to
Dominic smiles and shakes his head, "No son, they must make the choice
themselves but we can sure wish.."
Brandon says, "Well I say I wish that blue will go to Gar and that green to
Brandon this is said in a very finale way he is so sure if he wishes that it
will come true
"Almost over." That's a sign from D'renn, leaning his elbows on his knees.
Adrienne peers onto the sands and bounces excitedly. "Someon' 'pressed a gold?
Dominic smiles and nods his head, "We can hope…we can hope.." so saying he
watches the remaining dragonete's to see who they choose..
Kay chuckles, patting D'renn on the top of his curls. "Yep." Peer.
Brandon slips his small hand into his dad's and crosses the fingers on his
other hand hopein with all hsi might
Alaine walks in.
Alaine goes home.
Kamara ohhs, "comeon Kenoryn," not like she could do anything about it!
Torey bounces and bounces and bounces and bounces. Yup, that's what she's
doing, bouncing.
Adrienne grins and bounces some more. "Yay Kenoryn! I wanna Kenoryn to 'press!"
Kamara smiles at the child then says again, "Go Kenoryn!"
D'renn squints sideways at Kay, smoothing his curls back into place with
particular attention to the silver streak. "Nother green though…"
Anatoly chews on a rough patch on his lower lip, still gazing intently on the
sands. "C'mon, Sissy." He mutters, words barely audible above creel of
dragonet and crowd alike. Hands claps together as he draws on some inner
calm, as if to lend some to her.
Kay grins, nodding at the sands. "Of course! Green." She's happy, anyway.
Adrienne giggles. "Yeah, Kenoryn should 'press 'cause she's nice and she's on
the sands and she just should!"
Kamara agrees with the child!
Kamara has disconnected.
Kamara falls asleep.
Shava hopes to herself that Kenoryn will impress, or Garwin, the two
Candidates that she knows.
Rial suddenly disappears ::between::!
Zirade grins.
Leigh thinks she likes the blue. He's a cute one.
The Blue Dragonet's antics but a slight smile on Kandar's tired face.
Adrienne grins happily, overjoyed at just being here. "Kenoryn, Kenoryn,
J'rant walks with a slow, deliberate pace up the stairs, and looks about for a
Adrienne sits on the edge of her seat. "Kenoryn!"
Brandon can't sit still to excited he get sup and moves to the rialing again,
what does he see but a bro and sis duo!
"C'mon…you can do it, Sys," continues 'Toly in a soft, chanting tone. He
brushes a slightly damp ebon ringlet from his forehead, sweat glistening off
of his chiseled countenance, dribbling slowly to his square chin.
Zerill suddenly disappears ::between::!
Dwra goes home.
Brandon jumps up and yells "YAY!!!" he screams this till voice is horse
Leigh sighs. It's over.
Leigh goes home.
Brandon turns to his dad "Didja see that dad gar AND Nae!!!!!!1
Adrienne shrugs and claps slightly, still wishing Kenoryn had impressed…..oh
well…..now she can come back to the store and she'll never leave again.
Well…she /might/ leave…
Kandar considers that the most funniest impression scene he has seen in his
life. He makes a mental npte of keeping track of the two new dragons.
Dominic smiles as he see's that the green has chosen his daughter…smiling at
Brandon he claps and voices his approval.."Congratulations Danae and
Garwin!!" guess blood does tell..
D'renn leaps from his seat and waves both arms in the air before sitting
quickly down again.
Dominic nods his head.."Aye I saw…"
Shava heads down the stairs.
Lilli cheers and bounces where she stands.. "Look, Torey, Look! It's for Danae
and Garwin!" A green and a bloo. That pair is going be be fun.
Nuff leaps from her seat, a half second behind D'renn.
Reya has disconnected.
Reya falls into an uneasy sleep.
Adrienne sniffles and heads down the stairs to watch Kenoryn s'more.
Kay snickers at D'renn, then jumps out of her seat and follows suit. Wave!
Wave! Plunk.
Niyanne goes home.
Adrienne heads down the stairs.
Zirade leaps from her seat, following 'hind D'renn with her arms in the way,
the wave!
Brandon grins fit for his face to break "You think they will change there
names? like g'win Or even g'ar maybe permantly Nae?
Risli walks out.
Ophelia slips out, maybe unnoticed, maybe not, in a swish of dark leather.
Ophelia slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.
On the ledge, Ophelia comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I
know I parked around here somewhere.
On the ledge, Niraneth braces a foreleg, so Ophelia may climb the living
ladder of oak-leaf hide to a seat among handy 'ridges.
Kandar sighes, "So there goes another clutch."
Enya goes home.
Brandon says, "such handsome names! Can we go see them Dad can we?"
Cyrene walks in.
Kumiko goes home.
On the ledge, Niraneth takes off.
Above the sands, Niraneth takes off from Ledge
Dominic chuckles and shakes his head, "Hard to say Brandon..the men change
thier names all the time but women choose to or not.."
Above the sands, Niraneth drifts out the upper entrance of the hatching
Kay stands up, though, stretching and making ready to leave. "We going?" She
nudges at D'renn. Yes.
Dereami suddenly disappears ::between::!
On the ledge, S'phen grabs a riding strap as Trebinth offers him a foreleg for
easier mounting.
Yyvan blinks in from ::between::!
On the ledge, Trebinth goes home.
D'renn just sits there. Post-hatching blues…. "Uh? Whassat Kay?" Oh right.
"Anyone need a lift home?"
Adrienne walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Anatoly sighs, face falling as he watches the last of the draconian children
find their mates — without Sysai. He stands, wiping his sweat-drenched
palms on his thighs, then vaults a bench and walks down the stairs and out.
Anatoly heads down the stairs.
Alycia goes home.
Kay can offer, too. "Right, any lifts back to 'Reaches?" Blues. Snicker.
Brandon passes he wants to go down "Can I dad can i?
Shaela goes home.
E'ren slips around the outer wall and out onto the dragon-ledges.
On the ledge, E'ren comes up from the galleries looking for a dragon — I know
I parked around here somewhere.
On the ledge, E'ren scampers up Xeth's forelimb in a shower of silvered sparks
and is assisted into place between two neckridges.
Cyrene goes home.
Dominicnods his head, "Go ahead son but be careful.."
On the ledge, Xeth takes off.
Above the sands, Xeth takes off from Ledge
Brandon yays and darts down
Adrienne heads down the stairs.
Above the sands, Xeth vanishes ::between::, a distant splash of green
D'renn just drags his weary self down and out.
D'renn heads down the stairs.
Kay follows. Of course.
Kay heads down the stairs.
Brandon heads down the stairs.
Kandar heads down the stairs.
Ralara heads down the stairs.
Dominic shakes his head and stands moving slower as he heads down..
Dominic goes home.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Reya off to bed.
Fudge goes home.
Vanetin goes home.
Bronwyn goes home.
Cirrus suddenly disappears ::between::!
J'rant slowlys walks forward and leans against a clear space on the balcony
railing, looking down over the sands, a slight smile on his face. His gaze
goes over to Nuff, "How many of these have you seen in your Turns?"
IstaWeyrBldr goes home.
ArrowHart heads down the stairs.
Azrianna bounces hyperly up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Azrianna pouts. "Aw, too late."
Karla goes home.
Azrianna heads down the stairs.
Lilli heads down the stairs.
Torey heads down the stairs.
Nuff gets up too, still happily muttering about weavers. "Anyone else need a
ride North?"
K'shaw has disconnected.
K'shaw falls asleep.
Lyana goes home.
Zirade has disconnected.
Zirade falls asleep.
J'rant heads down the stairs.
From the hatching sands, Briganth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
From the hatching sands, Briganth leads Teza out.
From the hatching sands, Kenoryn looks warily at the gold, but still somewhat
dazed and happy as she peers about at all her fellow Candidates who
Impressed. G'rwin, K'lis, Teza.. It'll be hard to get used to the new names.
But she calls a general Congratulations again before leaving the sands.
From the hatching sands, Sysai looks up at call of name and drops Kiana's hand
for a wave. "Yes?" Matter of fact, gaze scans to where she knows the baracks
are; she wants that trip C'ran stole her from.
From the hatching sands, Jerralyn walks out onto the sands.
From the hatching sands, Kenoryn walks nervously off the sands.
From the hatching sands, Jerralyn peers around before going back up the stairs.
From the hatching sands, Jerralyn walks off the sands.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Zirade off to bed.
The housekeeper arrives to cart K'shaw off to bed.
From the hatching sands, Fieran bounces along behind his mother, stopping to
pick up a spare egg shell that looks curiously like /something/. His fingers
slip into the goo pooled in the bottom of the shard, then he raises them,
rubbing wet fingers together with with a wrinkling of his nose.
From the hatching sands, Kiana folds her hands in front, gaze also cast in
direction of barracks. Just a few things to be collected, then back to the
old grind…
From the hatching sands, Fia moves to take Sysai's elbow to lead her across
the sands. "I just wanted to know if I could talk to you for a moment. Kiana
is glanced at and offered a smile as well," If you'd like to stay for a few
in the general area, I'd like to speak with you as well.
Mirae goes home.
From the hatching sands, +"
From the hatching sands, Annie goes home.
From the hatching sands, Kiana nods, dogtrotting in pursuit, "Okay."
From the hatching sands, D'rik walks over to Silvera, "come lets go the the
From the hatching sands, "Talk?" Sysai shrugs noncommitally. "Sure.
From the hatching sands, Silvera looks up, a smile glowing on her lips. "The
Barracks, okay" she repeats, before muttering something else.
From the hatching sands, Cindanna evades Fia's gaze, thank Faranth. She'll
just slip out of here, gather her stuff, and plop it down a few feet away.
"See you guys around?" she wonders at her fellow non Impressors, hazarding a
faint smile. While she's fine with it, some of them really did want
From the hatching sands, Sysai wobbles unsteadily off the sands.
From the hatching sands, Kiana pads into the dimly lit tunnel.
From the hatching sands, Fia strolls into the dimly lit tunnel.
From the hatching sands, Sysai wobbles unsteadily out onto the sands.
From the hatching sands, Sysai wobbles unsteadily into the dimly lit tunnel.
Pyrene wakes up.
From the hatching sands, Fyren walks in.
From the hatching sands, Fyren goes home.
From the hatching sands, Cindanna thumps drudge-ily off the sands.
Pyrene sighs and stretches, "hmm, now what?"
From the hatching sands, Kiana pads in from the Tunnel.
From the hatching sands, Zoryanth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
From the hatching sands, Silvera sweeps off the sands.
From the hatching sands, Ayden yawns loudly and then covers her mouth with a
blush..well now /that/ was elegant, blame it on a combination of the heat and
physical considerations. That thought of, the next thought that intrudes is
hunger…uhuh, thanks Minyath..I /know/ they are hungry…
From the hatching sands, D'rik walks off the sands.
From the hatching sands, Ayden gives a tired little finger waggle to those
left and makes her way off the sands and towards food.
From the hatching sands, Ayden walks off the sands.
Jerralyn walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
From the hatching sands, Fieran goes home.
Cindanna thumps drudge-ily up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Jerralyn heads down the stairs.
From the hatching sands, Jerralyn walks out onto the sands.
Cindanna swings herself up intot he galleries, blatantly ignoring the fact
that she ought to be moving her things. "Hey, was it a pretty good show from
all the way up here?" teh foremer candidate wonders, collapsing into a seat.
Pyrah spies newcomer, still clad in Candidate's white. Smile graces facial
features, and Steward shuffles over. "Aye, it was," she agrees, plopping
self upon a bench nearby.
From the hatching sands, Jerralyn walks off the sands.
Nuff is shepherding various people towards the waiting dragons, making sure
not to forget people here again like she did last time. "You looked good out
there, Candidate", offers Nuff almost helplessly.
Mirra edges herself along on the emptying bench, "as good as any," she smiles
weakly, keeping eyes away from any and all who might meet them
"Prolly better seats up here than down there, honestly. Too shardin' hot."
Cindanna is utterly indifferent to the fact that she didn't Impress, grinning
slightly at Nuff. "Nah, I didn't. I was sweatin', and ain't all that much
to look at anyhow."
Kessry heads down the stairs.
Pyrene nods to the candidate and follows Nuff, abandoning conlan.
Nuff's laugh is quick and shallow. "Aye, that too." She waves Pyrene along,
and Conlan too? "Don't leave that one down here Pyrene. He's liable to come
home weaving a grass skirt and some fruit."
Pyrene shrugs, "He's gone to sleep," she calls back, "Can't we just leave him?
His parents are blueriders, he must be tough!"
Nuff laughs again, finally shrugging into her jacket. "Fine, but I'm blaming
you for it." She nods to Cindanna and the rest, "What a day, what a day."
Mariposa goes home.
Nuff goes home.
Pyrene goes home.
Cindanna tosses those leaving an idle wave as she settles blissfully into the
relative cool of the gallaries. "I need a bath. Mmmm… and some wine.
Maybe both at the same time." A contented sigh, followed by: "It's nice to
be free again."
Mirra snuggles her chin into cupped handslistening inconspicuously for the
moment, nothing but tired
Cindanna is happy. No, happy isn't a strong enough word. "Whoever said bein'
a candidate was nice was lyin' through his fardlin' teeth."
Conlan goes home.
"It can be," Pyrah agrees contemplicatively, head dipping in subtle agreement.
"There's always that part of you that yearns, you know..but you learn to
live with it." Smile comes after a few moment's ponderance, then, pale lips
curving upwards into a smile. "I'm Pyrah, Weyr Steward." Though
pre-Candidate probably already knew it - Faranth knows, she found
Candidate-pranks in her office time and again.
From the hatching sands, Kiana pads into the dimly lit tunnel.
Yidestan has disconnected.
Yidestan falls asleep.
Jedean walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Jedean heads down the stairs.
From the hatching sands, Jedean walks out onto the sands.
From the hatching sands, Jedean walks off the sands.
"Yearn? Bah. Never wanted one of 'em, never will. Best thing in my life is
my work. Well… okay, maybe my boyfriend is first, then work." Cindanna's
face brightens at the thought of her love. "He'll be so happy to know I
wasn't stolen." AKA: Impressed.
Pyrah wakes. Maybe.
Shoulders shrug in an amiable gesture, and Pyrah remarks, "Well. I did,
anyway, at one time; though I do admit, I wouldn't bode well with the idea of
another trip to those Sands. Faranth, but they're hot." She still has
Torlan has disconnected.
suddenly thinks of crescent rolls and drifts off into Pastryland (tm). (He's
asleep now!)
The housekeeper arrives to cart Yidestan off to bed.
Mirra bites her lip as she leans forward on her elbows, still not feeling any
of her thoughts worth contributing
Cindanna * lags. 'Pologies. :P
Pyrah *noddles. No prob. :)
Cindanna grins toothily. "Tell me about it. I'll be blistered for months.
And for what? Nothin'. Ah well, Nyolith had her fun Searchin' me, anyhow.
You know her? Strangest little green lass who has a thing for annoying me."
The housekeeper arrives to cart Torlan off to bed.
"I do," Pyrah verifies, nodding. "Shasta's, isn't she?" That one greenrider
who set her up with M'wien — too bad that arranged romance didn't last long.
He was cute. "Well..not for nothing, I'd say," woman modifies. "Ye still
have all those friendships, and such, right? And the experience — it's
worth it, I think."

({(The party at Grinstead!)})

Tomias shakes his head. "It's nnothing."
Darman walks out.
You notice Ralara looking at you.
Ralara smiles,"How is everyone tonight?"
Tomias nods. "Ok." He opens the wherhide case that contains his Bodhran, and
takes out the drum…
Layana walks in.
Layana walks out.
Ralara nods and extends a hand,"My name is Ralara…"
Tomias smiles, and kisses the hand. "I'm Harper Apprentice Tomias. Well met.
Layana walks in.
Layana walks out.
Ralara blushes slightly and nods,"Yes, well met Tomias.
Layana walks in.
Layana smiles shyly and sits down near the redfruit tree.
Ralara smiles at the other woman and waves.
Layana steps away for a moment to write herself a note.
Layana returns from writing herself a note.
Viktor walks in.
Ralara smiles at the newcomer,"Hello"
Sharrasi walks in.
OOC: Tomias says "Wait until his betrothed gets here, please."
Layana smiles and waves to the two who just entered, though remains silent.
Sharrasi smiles. Nodding to the others, her hand in Viktor's.
Viktor smiles as he and Sharrasi enter. "Hello." He sees Tomias. "Hey, Tom.
How's the gather?"
Layana smiles as whats happening finally hits her. "Oh……" She chuckles and
offers a large grin to the two.
Layana has disconnected.
Layana falls asleep.
Darman walks in.
Tomias grins. "Kind of dead, actually, Viktor." Suddenly, he notices the
little blue lump on Viktor's shoulder. "Is that what I think it is, Viktor?"
Above the valley, Cherenth blinks in from ::between:: still burbling on his
quest for bigger better flying bubblies.
Viktor grins. "His name's Ulm. He just hatched today.
Sharrasi smiles, looking up at Viktor, then to Tomias. "Hi Tom…"
Above the valley, Cherenth glides down for a landing.
Cherenth glides in from above, and lands.
From between Cher's bloo neckridges, Lilli falls asleep.
Torey grasps Cherenth's bloo neckridges and slides down as he burbles happily,
well on his way back to his dreams of bubblies and sunshine.
Viktor wakes up.
Ralara goes home.
Torey bouncie-bounces all the way towards the hold, after a hug around Cheri's
leg. "Hihi." she greets to generally everyone.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Layana off to bed.
Toren walks in.
Toren takes smooth strides while pushing a double baby stroller to the Hold

({(To the Hold House)})

Toren nods, "Evening." she says smiling and setting down a heavy tray.
Viktor walks in from the Hold House.
Sharrasi is led in by Viktor.
Tomias walks in from the Hold House.
Toren smiles and nods, "Hello hello…,gald you could join us this evening."
she says to Sharrassi and Viktor as they walk in and then she nods to Tomias.
"Help yourselves…wine? Klah?"
Viktor smiles. "Have any Redfruit juice?"
Tomias moves over to the Harper's platform, to do a turn.
Sharrasi smiles, nodding to Toren. "Thanks…."
Toren waits patiently as a dutitful drudge fills a wine glass with the flowing
wine and hands it to her.
Toren nods to the drudge and then offers the glass to sharrassi, "Benden? Or
would you prefer the other wine from Paradise?" she says holding out the
glass too her.
Sharrasi shakes her head. "Actually…juice will do me fine as well…."
Toren smiles at Sharassie, "What kind would you like? We have a large
selection." she smiles to Tomias and nods.
Sharrasi smiles. "Redfruit….."
Viktor nods. "The same.
Kandar with a song in his heart and a harper's twinkle in his eye, walks in
from the Hold House.
Toren goes to the table and plucks two glasses of redfruit juice from the
table and walks over to give them to Viktor and Sharassi, "Hope you enjoy….
You are both from Ista are you not?" she asks then turns to answer a queston
from one of the drudges.
J'rant walks with a slow, deliberate pace in from the Hold House.
Kandar looks around the room as he seek out some familiar faces, or knots of
his own craft.
Toren smiles to Kandar and saysm "Hello welcome." she says as she pauses to
greet him then turns to J'rant, "My duty to you rider. Welcome to Grinstead."
Tomias motions Kandar over to him. "Kandar, can we talk in private?"
Viktor nods. My duty, Rider.
Kandar hmms, "Yeah… Sure."
Tomias walks to the Hold House.
Kandar with a song in his heart and a harper's twinkle in his eye, walks to
the Hold House.
J'rant nods back to Toren, "Thank you, holder, your hospitality," his eyes
sweep the ballroom, "Is most appreciated."
Sharrasi smiles. nodding to Toren. "Yes…….We're from the Sea Hall."
Toren blushes at the wrong use of title…she being a humble cook and all and
she misplaced her knot. "Sir….though indeed I am flattered I regret that I
am not the holder …."
J'rant's lips twitch and he shrugs, "Matters not." his gaze rivets longingly
on the wine-casks, "A glass of your wine, and then we're even, agreed?"
Toren smiles then inclines her head, "Even sir… what would your palette
prefer? Benden or Paradise…." she smiles again "Though if you lie the
stronger brews I believe i have a bottle of Tillek…"
Viktor wonders where tom and the other harper appy disappeared to…
Sharrasi sips at her juice, looking about the gather. "I wonder if Taree will
be here…" she murmurs.

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