Hatching 17

Ayden blinks and pales.."Oh no! It's, they rocking…."

Fredia blinks, looking at Myrna, "What's happened?"

Lilliana bounces up. "It's..oh oh oh! " She runs around for a moment, trying to remember where her robe is.

Annie moves not. That would hurt her sunburn too much. "What?" she manages around sun-blistered lips.

Vivian all but shoots out of her cot. "Now? They're rocking /now/?

Alarele hunches dourly on her cot, glaring around as two candies in the back stop their googly-eyeing of each other. "What is happening?"

Heshbon stretches and tousles her gold curls, "What's up?"

Pyrah glances up from her spot on the floor, absently playing with a fraying hem. "What…wha…" she begins, nervously rising to her feet.

Shasta rushes into the candidate barracks, hands holding up a maroon dress which looks like it was thrown on in a few seconds. "Everyone," she calls loudly, "get your robs on, for Faranth's sakes! The eggs — they're hatching!"

Myrna holds up a hand, "Listen! It's the dragons!"

Lilliana jumps up and down and fairly shouts. "They're HATCHING! can't you /hear/?" Yup..she's freaking. Robe. There it is. On her bed. Strip and get it on!:>

Ayden franticaly digs in her cot for her robe, shucking clothes left and right, pants go flying here, shirt goes there, robe gets wriggled into as she hops on one foot trying to tie her sandals on.

Sylelle grasps her cot with white knuckled fists, eyes perfectly mark sized, "Shardit…I can't believe this is finally happening…"

Myrna pulls and tucks and in the end decides the thing just isn't gonna fit right no matter what. "Is everyone here?"

Ciaran bounds out of his bed towards his robe, throwing it over his boxers as he dashes about looking for his other sandle "Anyone seen it? Ack, no I like my left foot…"

R'osh walks out.

Lilliana throws her boots across the room, managing to miss her candi-mates. "Blasted sharding sandals! I can't get the blasted.." She finally ties the laces. "There! How do I? Oh..my hat

Heshbon snorts and tumbles out of bed, her hands scratching for her robe, "Now!" she exclaims and starts to toss her clothes off, the robe tumbles over her as she scampers on one foot trying to get her sandals on.

Coloring washes from Pyrah's tan face in mere seconds. Dashing to her clothespress, she frantically digs about. 'I know it's in here!" she wails, only to find it by her feet. Err. Thrusting it over her head, she somehow manages to get limbs in the proper openings,

Annie hops to. Her robe, that nasty thing, is slipped on over sun-scorched shoulders. She winces. And they want her to go out on those hot sands? Sadists. She'll die.

Berg suddenly disappears ::between::!

Alarele winces with every shout, yanking off her clothes to reveal plain white underthings, which then disappear as elaborately embroidered (white on white; talk about an exercise in futility) robe slides over top. Lips purse as she fastens the button that she hopes nobody sees: nobody needs to see her cleavage either.

Vivian rolls the rest of the way off her cot, bare feet hitting the floor with a slapping sound, and sheds her nightshirt in one quick movement while she's still fumbling for her robe. "Where're my sandals?"

Myrna giggles, "Nobody forget your sandals!"

Fredia jumps up, her rocks scattering around on the floor, "Hatching!" she says, pulling off her clothes and pulling on her robe. She runs over to Ayden, "Still going to hold my hand?" she asks.

Myrna tries to help Vivian, "Get on your robe, I'll find them for you!"

Sylelle yanks dress over head in one quick movement…barely a flash of skin as the robe is swished around her form. A quicke tie her, a fluff to the hair there, "Aw…lets get this show on the road people."

Ayden falls over her cot, sandal goes flying.."Ike…where is it?..oh shells " she dives off the cot, fishing under various cots, until she finds it. She turns with dust on her face to nod at Fredia.."Yep, sharding shoe.."

Lilliana hops up and down. "I'm ready I'm ready!" She's all mussed and panicky, but she doesn't think anyone's really gonna notice. "It's happening!"

Shasta claps her hands, stomps her feet, and shouts: "Let's hurry it up! We can't keep the dragonets waiting!" Though calls are commanding, countenance reveals that smile of excitement, the sparkle of her eyes. "Once your robe's on, form an orderly line!"

Heshbon pulls her last sandal on and sighs lightly, a bead of sweat falls from her forehead as she crackles, "Picked a fine time too." and she calls to Fredia, and the others, "Good luck!"

Ciaran shoots as he fails to find his left sandal. Grabbing a strip of leather he quickly ties it about his foot.

Vivian nods gratefully to Myrna, sliding her robe on over her head. "I think they were under the cot," she remembers, diving to the floor to hunt around even while she ties on her belt.

Sandals. Sandals. Pyrah has them somewhere. Dropping to the floor, she quests about under her cot, coming out with a pair of extra-large leather sandals. Not hers, but some other Candidate will have to do without. Strapping them to her feet, she wiggles out from 'neath the cot, sliding into line.

Robe is smoothed fastidiously, then Rele bends down to tie on elaborately laced white sandals. Mustn't look disheveled when meeting the queen, after all: she's liable to order your head off or some such. Scoot scoot, and she's in the back of the line which has not formed yet.

Lilliana bolts to Shasta and stands approximately where she would be in line, shifting from foot to foot, her green eyes wide and staring. Yeah. And her hair frizzes. Stands right up in nervous situations.

Fredia runs over to Shasta, all dressed and ready, "I'm ready, Shasta." She states, combing dark hair with her fingers.

Myrna comes up with Vivian's sandals and tosses the to her. "Best luck." she adds.

Much rather prefering bare feet, Sylelle searches out for her sandles. One foot then the other…perfectly ready…what is the hold up, she was /born/ ready.

Annie lines up, limping and wincing and making faces all the way. Her skin just wasn't /made/ for the sun.

Ayden struggles into her sandal and tests..on securely, she turns and running shaking hands down her sides, straightens the robe, hair gets tosses back and a calm smile appears. She is cool, she is calm, she is…ready?

Heshbon hops, skips and dashes to the forming line, "All ready." she states out of breath.

Vivian catches the sandals in one hand, grabbing Myrna in an impulsive one-armed hug. "Luck to ye too," she says, then has to get those sandals on quick so they can get out onto the sands…"Ready!"

Ayden moves over to stand in the line behind Heshbon, tremulous smile goes to all.

Myrna turns back the collar of her robe and winks at Heshbon. There is a small piece of coral there being used as a closure.

Ciaran darts through the crowded barracks, making his way through the legs of a particularly large candie up to the head of the line, one snadle, one leather strap and a long white robe hapharzardly thrown together.

"Everyone ready?" wonders Shasta, taking a moment to smooth the wrinkles out of her gown. "When you're on the Sands, bow to Amieth and Pintarryth, D'thon and Kira. Alright? Now — we're ready?"

Lilliana nods to Shasta.

Silvera squeezes her Candidate suit on, gasping, " Tight! " She manages to pull it over her head after a few gasps, then looks for sandals.

Fredia nods to shasta, turning to look back and smile at Hesh, "Good luck Hesh." she whispers.

Lilliana smooths the front of her robe, happy she had the forethought to make it simple, cool and -thin- nice and baggy…comfy..cause she's already hot!

Alarele stands like a statue, with only a slight disdainful look out of place. Then again, she might be a disdainful statue. "Sylelle!" she calls out, "Get right here!"

Heshbon smiles warmly at Fredia and nods, her palms slightly sweaty as she takes a deep breath and tries to quiet her nerves.

Silvera brushes her robe, making a soft sighing noise, " Ready." But some can hear her mutter, " As I'll ever be."

Sylelle plants hands on hips and just starts a tapping her foot, "By the time we are ready, the eggs will have hatched already." Teeth bite at her cheek as her face takes on a look of mild disapproval.

Silvera fits her sandals on. There, she looks great!

Ciaran stands, beaming as he waits to be called forth, happily oblivious to the somewhat annoyed candie behind him. His own foot starts tapping as well as he turns about, waiting for everyone to be ready.

Ayden smiles sweetly, and nods again to everyone, she is calmness personified..yep.

Shasta turns about and disappears onto the sands.

Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)
The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond. Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.
Bronze Versalth and brown Hoth are here.
Obvious exits:
Sands Galleries Bowl

[All candidates arrive]

Hoth thrums, deep in his throat.

Aborigine Bark Painting Egg didn't move. Nope. It's very happy right where it is.

Ayrina looks up from the far side of the eggs. "Ahh..here come the candidates."

Asian Silk Egg tilts a little the right, or is that left. Beign roundish it has no direction. Do the colours fade? The dragon chasing tail image races across the bottom to once more be buried into sand.

Gleaming Acropolis Egg barely shifts its weight, almost imperceptivity, to the left.

Lost City Egg ripples with the heat of the growing life that's inside of it. Life that struggles to break free. The egg rocks and rolls. At first trying to get closer to its dam and sire. But now? It rolls toward a jungle of white.

Sungold Pyramid Egg is radiant, twisting and turning, rocking and swaying — gold against the onyx sands. Fast-paced movements halt for a moment, two, only to start once again in irregular swerves and shifts.

Siven taps her fingers over one arm as she watches, waiting and inspecting each candidate momentarily as they step out.

Sungold Pyramid Egg
Were the hatching sands not black, this egg might have blended in, with its rippling dunes of sunblown golden sand cascading across its surface. But against the black sand below, it casts a striking visage. Patterns seem to swirl and shift on the shell, and from the sandstorm emerges a shimmering form, almost a triangular shape, its faint lines etched into the surface by an invisible hand. It seems like a monument to something sacred, but who knows what hidden treasure lies within? The egg is very hard, and may hatch any time now.

Silver Concho Egg rocks slightly with a sudden movement then stills; It seems content to wait for now, but not long.

Myrna slips in on small, silent feet out onto the sands.

The candidates enter the sands in the order they were searched, hand in hand. As a group they salute the weyrleaders then execute a perfect wave of bows to Amieth and Kira, taking in both D'thon and his great bronze as well. It's rather a neat effect.

D'thon reaches up to place a hand lightly on Pintarryth's side as he watches the candidates tentatively taking their places on the hot sands.

Lilliana looks around, gazing up to the Galleries, then turning to the eggs. Ohh boy. Showtime.

Tatianna oohs softly to Miri and Kara, "That was rather snappy…" she notes, gesturing to the candidates.

Alarele looks to the left and right with a slight glare. "Do I really have to hold hands?" she hisses to Sylelle and Myrna.

Miri giggles. "They musta been trainin' em ta do that."

Myrna is the last to stand back up and she can't help gazing at the galleries searching for familiar faces in that sea of humanity.

Ayden looks left and right and sighs, hot sands, rocking eggs, why does this seem familiar? She turns and peers up at the galleries, noting the people and some faces she knows.

Bow completed in good form, even if she /was/ a bit sunburnt stiff, Annie lets a slight smile cross her lips. No nervousness here, nope. Sighting the eggs, her hand flies to her side, searching for a pocketed booklet. Not there. A slight sigh and she stops, standing.

Asian Silk Egg is graceful as the wind whipping through the lotus blossoms. A soft sibilant hiss as its base moves against the yielding sand.

Fredia takes her place, fingers reaching out to clasp other fingers, the fingers of her friends. She then glances all around, looking for a familiar face in the galleries.

Despite the hot sands, Silvera tries to remain calm. She gathers in a dazed way closer to the rest of the candidates, but her face looks so far, as if she is in a different place.

Lilliana looks down at the hands and turns to her fellow candiemates. "Can we let go? My hands are sweating horribly..and I need to start dancing." Already her feet begin to tap, trying to relieve the heat on them.

Lost City Egg shivers in place. The heat has finally become too much for the hard shell as it begins to melt away from the occupant inside.

Sylelle licks her lips, eyes taking in all the eggs with an awestruck glance…voices from the galleries cause her to look up, a wink sent to those she know…ah, piece of cake…then a reasuring squeeze sent to Alarele, "Hush now!"

Lost City Egg ripples with waves of shimmering heat. Emerald shards seem to melt and fall away from terraced steppes revealing a forgotten haven. Yet, even that cannot withstand the heated pressure from within and melts as well, its occupant stepping forward with a predator's grace.

Amazon Jungle Predator Brown Dragonet
Spots of burnt umber pepper across this dragonet's tawny golden-brown hide. Moving with a predator's stealthy grace, his massive, well-muscled haunches support an equally well-muscled frame that tapers into an overly long tail. Lighter brown tips both his muzzle and tail, his stubby snout broadening into a wide face highlighted by dark eyeridges. Umber colors his headknobs and neckridges; sienna wingspars support his immense translucent amber wingsails. This dragonet is built more for stamina and strength than for speed.

Ciaran holds Pyrah's hand on his right, but his left arm swings at his side with excess enthusiasm as he gazes out towards the eggs.

Myrna sighs and looks back and gasps as one of the eggs moves, then another. She finds Fredia and takes her hand.

Vivian grips the hands next to herAyden and Annie, as is happens, wincing little at the sands' heat through worn-out sandals that insist on trying to flop off of her feet. Blue eyes are fixed on the eggsrocking, they seem so much /bigger/ now than last time….

Heshbon feels her palm getting damp and releases the hands of her candie friends and lightly rubs them upon her white robe, her feet lightly twitch as the hot sands begin to warm her sandaled feet.

Alarele stands rock still, like a dream skerry in the midst of the sands, hands folded slightly immaturely. Wiggling eggs are given a quick glance, but eyes remain fixed upon the one she /knows/ is hers: the gold.

Pyrah breaks from line, dropping hands. Feet shuffling, she moves towards Vivian, hand groping blindly. Taking no notice of the Galleries, she peers at the rocking ovoids for a moment, then glances back to the fellow candidates. Ignorance is bliss.

Ayden stands quietly, the very picture of calmness, features composed as she gazes at the eggs, and sigh is revealed as in her mind she screams.."What am I doing here!!!"

Amieth warbles softly as the first hatchling emerges.

Kara nods to Tanya smiling. "It was neat." she looks up seeing Ils and gets lost in the thoughts.

Myrna gasps as the brown emerges. She can't help smiling at Heshbon.


Myrna tries to watch everything at once and give Fredia a happy squeeze.

Across the sands, other eggs begin cracking. A bronze here, a green there… soon there are several dragonets shuffling across the sands, moving towards the line of candidates, drawn by instinct.

Tatianna's smile widens. "Brown for the first crack. I find that a good omen." She then crosses her arms and leans to watch to event unfold.

Alarele frowns disdainfully at a tall Smith lad who suddenly topples in a faint nearby. Ripples of laughter surround him, and he barely manages to scrabble to his knees before a bronze is in front of him, whuffling away the sand.

Heshbon shivers run down her spine as she watches the brown, her golden curls dampened from the fine line of sweat upon her brow, amber orbs gleam at the brown dragnet.

Pyrah watches, hazel orbs growing wide as she stares at the brown, lower lip unconsciously chewed. "Look," she breathes, nudging at Ciaran. "Look." Directed towards Vivian this time, she breaks her gaze for a moment, glancing towards the fellow candidate. "Look."

Lilliana was going to find all the people she knew up in the galleries, but her attention is now held by the advancing line of dragonets. They're more interesting… "Brown.." She'd love to Impress brown..

Ayden inches bit by bit, still smiling calmly and giving friendly nods to other candiates, so peaceful, so relaxed..' The door! Need the door..lots of candies, I can just step out, uhuh, they won't miss me..nope.."

Myrna watches the approaching dragonetts and tenses. She wants to stand but getting run over isn't in her plans.

Fredia's feet start to lift, she glances down at them, "Wow.. Hot." She announces, turning her gaze back to the newly hatched dragon.

Angrily tears are wiped off cheeks, barely seen in the dawning of persperation. After coming this far, she refuses to be seen weeping, shame holding now bounds with this girl. Eyes glint with the remains of the torrent, jaw is set, stance is solid and steadfast…imagine that, stoic Sylelle…heh.

Ciaran grins at Pyrah "Only have two eyes." he says with a playful nudge, gaze going towards the Sunken Empire's egg as usual, his fav.

Amazon Jungle Predator Brown Dragonet stalks around the outskirts of the white clothed candidates. Seeing a particularly tasty…um…interesting lad from Nerat, he pounces in front of the lad only to creel with disappointment when the boy runs with fright from him. Turning his attention to others, he rumbles deeply in his chest as he spots a bit of color standing over the jungle of white.

Vivian nods slowly, the hand only just abandoned by Ayden reaching for Pyrah instead. She needs something to hang on to, though Pyrah's fingers are likely to be a bit squished. "I see it," she breathes. "I see it, I see it."

Kaetryn shifts her feet back and forth as she presses closer to Annie and the others. "Can't see back here.." she murmurs.

Annie's muddied green eyes flicker from one egg-damp hatchling to the next, hand still gripping at her sister's. "I want my booklet," she mumbles, still standing so still for her sunburn. Feet moves to shuffle slightly: blisters and peeling and now /sands/?

Ayden starts to jump from side to side, still composed as she jumps closer and closer towards the entrance, any one looking, nope..good!

Alarele pivots on heel as she sees someone sneaking away, landing flatfoot and rock steady as she ignores the dragonets to peer incisively at Ayden. Trust Rele to not bother with the dragons.

Silvera eyes haze as she gazes the many dragons hatching. Her eyes grow wide, her face dripping with salty waters that fall down past her furrowed brows. Her feet twist and turn in a crazy dance from worry, and the hot sands.

Lilliana stands all on her own, off in a clear spot of sand, eyes locked on the dragonets. How come she didn't remember how .. strange.. they looked?

Silver Concho Egg glints in the rays of the days light. The slight shimmering to it seems more than it's color, as the egg takes up it's plight against the sand that holds it in it place with a slight movement from side to side.

Pyrah chuckles dryly at Ciaran's comment, watching the stalking hunter for a moment. Fingers grope for Vivian's, relief evident upon her features as she makes contact. Beware: nervousness creates a clenching grip.

Sungold Pyramid Egg ripples, patterns that grace it's curved surface melding into one golden sandstorm; another taunt, another tease — the egg swerves, again, to one side and onyx sands are stirred up and spun out.

Danae shuffles her feet hand in hand with Annie at the mention of the booklet she giggles smiling to Annie before watching the dragonets.

Silvera takes a piece of broken egg off some tiny blue beside her, but that one wasn't for her.

Heshbon ignores her damp robe as it sticks to her body, her fingers twitch as she notices a fellow candidate run and she snorts under her breath, fear far from her mind as she watches the agile yet young dragnet move. Strong muscles flex under her robe as Hesh bites her lower lip, her parched throat aches with her emotions.

Is something burning? Myrna begins shifting from one foot to the other in that timeless candidate dance. The movement of the golden egg catches her eye and she points to it, "Fredia! It moved!"

Amazon Jungle Predator Brown Dragonet stalks between the white trees of the jungle as a spot of gold has drawn his attention. From golden curls to amber eyes, he's found one that might just be the prey that will be his lifemate. Stealthily, he approaches the tall, golden woman.

Ciaran finds that the strap on his left foot seems less well suited than the sandal on his right. Already he's got sand crawling around and it's itching like crazy. He lifts his left foot in front of him to scratch, hopping exuberantly upon his right.

Lilliana has been standing still for the last few moments: BIG mistake. Her feet are now the color of Annie's sunburnt hide. Dance, slip, slide.. owie!

Ayden is getting closer, but not close enough..she spies dragonets lunging here and there..'Good dragons..lots of good choices there, go pick one..' she jumps closer and frowns, way blocked by some candies, shuffle to the side and she can almost feel the air..

Alarele shrugs slightly, turning around to dodge a creeling green and to peer at the rocking gold. Chest puffs out as she stands up straight and tall: any moment that gold will make a beeline for /her/. "How long do you think it'll take my gold to hatch?"

Myrna watches as a large brown seems to home in on Hesh.

Lilliana watches the babies carefully. She remembers how they start charging the candies..and the candies having to be fast on their poor tired burnt up feet.

Fredia shakes her head, freeing bits of dark hair sweat-stuck hair, "Hesh.." she says, grinning as she sees the hatchling approaching her friend.

Vivian bounces nervously on her toes, her fingers gripping Pyrah's as the dragonet gets closer. She goes all but crosseyed trying to follow its movement toward the other Candidate and still watch the gold egg rocking from the other end of the stands—"Look, look look!"

Heshbon smiles at the dragonet, her amber eyes going wide as she flashes a smile, her hands lightly move upwards as she stands her ground, her hot feet long forgotten as she quivers lightly. Hesh's eyes sweep over the brown dragonet with delight as her smile grows to fill her features.

Amazon Jungle Predator Brown Dragonet /has/ found his prey! He stalks in front of Heshbon, his intense predator eyes boring into hers.

Myrna grins ear to ear. "Yes!"

Lilliana stares at Heshbon. "Heshbon! Oh!!"

Annie's gaze trails after a green — impressing to another, of course. She is the one who smells bad to dragons, and this proves it. Her mind is taken off body odor, though, by Danae's grip on her sunburnt hand. "Nae," she hisses. "My /hand/."

Amazon Jungle Predator Brown Dragonet pounces, his intensely glowing eyes freezing Heshbon in her tracks. The prey is found and the predator advances.

Vivian nudges Pyrah excitedly, her chant of 'look!' broken by a long breath and a joyful, "Hesh!!"

Pyrah lifts a hand to tug tensely at the neck of her robe, digits pausing to play with the unraveling hem. Dropping her fingers, she watches carefully, pivoting to whisper excitedly to Vivian. "Look! Hesh! And…the brown." A smile unfolds on Pyrah's expression at the luck of her friend, though quickly vanishes as she points towards another egg. "That one's rocking…hard!"

Lilliana dances on the black sands, cheering for Heshbon. "What's his name??"

As the first impression is mad, heart races, pulse quickens, breathing increases until the flush of faintness stains cheeks….this is happening…this is really happening. Harsh realization to the moment webs over Sylelle's mind, spreading to her every extremity, from clenched fists to wiggling toes, she whispers, "Way to go, Hesh…"

Myrna sighs and gives Fredia's hand another squeeze, "Well now we know you miners are lucky."

Heshbon blinks and her face goes blank then she smiles wonderfully as she stands next to her lifemate and exclaims loveling to him, her words lost in the others excitement, "He says his name is YAGUTH" she bellows in her miners voice.

"Hesh." Fredia says, nodding, "I knew she would impress. Way to go Hesh.." she says again, tears coming to her eyes as she nods to Myrna.

Sungold Pyramid Egg throbs, gleaming gold — magnificent with its shudders and shakes, swerves and sways. The mind-teasing game continues: another tilt, another revolution: could the sandstorm walls, rippling, erupt into a desert storm soon enough?

Tatianna grins at Heshbon and her new brown friend, "Just come right over here, off the sands now," she gestures.

Siven smiles broadly and waiting to see if Ayrina goes to take care of this pair.

Ayrina smiles softly at the Candidate turned Weyrling and walks over to her. She takes the woman's arm gently, "This way…/Rider/ Heshbon."

Kaetryn grins as Heshbon Impresses, moving to stand by Vivian as she gazes on the newly Impressed pair. " All right, Hesh," she murmurs, grinning.

Ayden hops from side to side, dodging and weaving, eyes pinned to the entrance, so close and yet so far, she hears a sound and turning smiles as she sees the brown choose Heshbon, she is happy for Hesh, but she needs air..comeon entrance..!!

Lilliana cheers! "Heshbon and Yaguth!" She's so happy! Her miner friend and the brown, together, forever!

A plump bronze shoves his nose into the sand, only to peer up at the shout. A sort of shrug as he goes back to nosing around, while Alarele steadfastly ignores him. He's /bronze/. Not gold.

Amieth rumblecroons to Yaguth and his new partner, her voice somewhat sad as her children are separated from her.

"Heshbon," Annie states simply, hand again searching for her booklet – but to no avail. She had to leave it behind. Danae-free hand goes to play with the end of one too-long braid. Nervous? Annie? Probably. She's got family to impress.

Sungold Pyramid Egg quivers, sacred shell, all golden splendor, splintering; indeed, it does reveal a treasure which once hid within — a great treasure.

Desert Gold Dragonet
Filled-out, full-figured: ivory's distinct delicacy is portrayed in massive quanitity, from rounded curves to even more rounded form; desertscape extends along a neck perhaps too long, down to tail-tip perhaps too short, too blunt — perfection hasn't seemed to grace dragon form here. Wind-blown gold, grandiose in its magnitude, manifests itself upon wingsails, to lighten into pure ivory at wingtip. A whirlwind of sunbaked, sun-scorched sand fringes the softened cream that is her none-too slim belly; yet glittering sunrise's fingertips, faded copper, brushes against the imaginary dust devils that edges that original ivory to blend into an eloquent display of desert's riches. Paws escape the desert-touch, moon-pale silver present there, instead.

Nyolith senses that Mnedzanth bugles a welcome to Yaguth!

Asian Silk Egg moves in a circle then stops displaying more of its flowing silk shell to everyone.

D'thon murmurs, "A gold!"

Lilliana wows and points. "Look look look! The gold! Oohh… She turns to her fellow candies and then grabs Ayden's hand. "Look!" Like she doesn't see it already.

Vivian can barely take her eyes off Hesh and Yaguth, nudging Kaetryn and Pyrah again…as if they hadn't seen for themselves, but the excitement is contagious and spills out of her small bouncing form. "Oh!!" she gasps—the golden egg, it's hatched! And forgets to breathe for a moment, gaze fixed completely on the newest dragonet….

Ciaran ooo's and finds a new focus to draw his interest. As the pyramid egg shakes he approaches, wincing with every step as he's alternately fried and itched with each step.

Amieth warbles softly to the new gold, her beloved daughter.

Kaetryn gasps as the golden queen breaks free, clutching her hands together. "She's beautiful.

Sunken Empire Egg throbs just barely, it's shell seeming to expand with the movement, then shrink back in on itself as it waits, not yet ready to move more.

"Oooh, lookie, lookie!" Miri giggles as the gold egg hatches. "She's purrrrdy! Well, not like Capryth, but she's still nice."

Kara nudges Miri. "See a gold! You were right." she smiles to her friend.

Fredia takes a step back, looking at the Gold Dragon baby, "Wow… Take a look at that.." she states, holding Myrna's hand just a bit tighter.

Danae eeks and takes that Danae-free hand of Annies, eyes bugling at the sight of gold, "Great Faranth." is that druel?

Myrna freezes as the golden egg breaks open. The little within takes away her breath. "Oh Fredia, look at her…."

Alarele tosses her chin up in the air, eyes narrowing to peer at the gold as she nods, welcoming the lovely lady with a smile. "Here golden girl," she calls softly, "I'm over here for you." The gold might pick someone else? No! Don't tell Rele that.

Sylelle gasps as the gold egg hatches. Feet take her away from that area, knowing full well what that means…nopenope, not even going to look that way.

Pintarryth puffs just ever so slightly, a wee bit proud.

Ayden hears another sound, a cracking of exploding shell and turns, eyes caught for the moment by the beautiful gold, ohh, she is lovely, she is …taking her attention from the entrance, go girl, it's not that far, you can do it, nobody has noticed..

Lilliana stands in total awe of the baby. She's lovely..like all babies are ugly. Beatiful..

"Gold." Annie is a girl of few words tonight. A girl of one-syllable statements. Her eyes are wide, yes, like many a candidates' and squeezes Danae's hand. Sisters together, feet frying. You've got to love it.

Pyrah tears her gaze from Heshbon and her Yaguth, refocusing upon the gleaming gold. "Ooo…she's shiny!" comes her exclamation. Feet rise and thump down upon the sands, the candidate careful to keep her feet from scorching more than duly necessary.

Silver Concho Egg vibrates a bit more with the coming of the queen; wanting to join in with the excitement of the time, but goes to rest again, just the slight shimmering vibration of the shells that increases little by little as it's time comes closer.

Tatianna gasps softly and watches the hatching. "Wow." That states it. Right there.

Silvera stands her ground, only slightly hunching. She slowly pushes her way around the tiny huddled group of Fort candidates, her heart pumping hard. She tries to move with grace, but any one can see she is as dizzy as if she had been spinning around in circles for the past eternity. She squeezes Lilliana's hand.

Ayden hops and hops, hot sands burning through her sandals, hot grains under her feet, one word has become all powerful..'entrance'

Ciaran wow's softly, his attention momentarily captured by the gold. Only momentarily, quickly his gaze is drawn back to the rest of the candies, heh, Heshy impresssed didn't she? Belated congratulations is yelled in her general direction with typical Ciaran enthusiasm.

Siven waits off to the side to escort the next pair off the sands, her fingers tapping a steady beat on her leathered arm. Impatient? No.. excited. Yes!

Lilliana hops from foot to foot and bumps up against Ayden. "Isn't she lovely? Pretty? Beautiful?"

Vivian nods, feathery blonde head bobbing in time with her bouncing, worn sandals not protecting her feet near as much as she had hoped, but she doesn't really notice yet, almost whispering her agreement to Pyrah. "She is shiny. She's amazing."

Fredia's eyes peel from the gold hatchling and turn to watch other impressions as they take place.

Heshbon smiles at the others as she looks over her new lifemate and her face just beams as she notices the congrats flung her way.

Kaetryn moves closer to Vivian, staring at the queen gracing the Sands, emerald eyes wide as she simply stares. Beautiful does not begin to describe the dainty creature before her. Magnificent? Perhaps a bit of an understatement. Truely, a harper couldn't find words to describe her.

"I want my booklet," Annie says again. She's not complete without it, really. Her eyes squint, pulling at burnt skin, to gaze out over unhatched eggs and just-hatched dragonets. If she can't write, by Faranth, she'll remember. Not a likely thing, though, with her memory.

While entrance was meant to be grand, awesome, thrilling — it isn't; that effect isn't achieved, for Desert Gold Dragonet is deposited amidst the shards of the egg from which she hatched. Composure is quickly regained, however, and the Ista's newest — not to mention pudgy — queen makes haste to stand properly.

Asian Silk Egg moves pushing more sand as it topples over into the loving embrace of the dark warm sand. Gotta show off the bottom.

Alarele smiles again, a slight little twist of a thing that could easily be mistaken for indigestion. "That's right, lady, stand properly…want to look like a lady, don't you?"

Ayden oofs at the bump and nods at Lilli.."Yep, beautiful, gold.." head continues to nod as her feet keep moving..she can feel the air on her face, destination almost within grasp, just a quick pop outside and then she'll be back..uhuh..yep..

Sylelle manages to shuffle farther and farther away from the group admiring that gold…don't /even/ want to think about what that entails. Sparkling eyes instead gaze over the sea of other eggs and hatchlings….maybe, just maybe…

Silvera runs her hand through her blue hair, sweat dripping so much that .. it turns blue too. Her blue dye runs down her face, staining her white robe into a light blue. But she didn't care, her eyes and thoughts are only on the gold.

Fortunately for the little queen's bungled entrance, the Candidates are too starry-eyed at her arrival to notice if she needs a moment to get herself together. "Look!" Vivian whispers to Kaet…that's the only word she seems to be having any luck with today, and she repeats it over and over.

D'thon hides a brief smile at the nervous interplay of candidates and hatchlings. It is an old story but he never tires of it.

Danae giggles at her sister, "How cloud you forget any of this? I think it'll be etched in my memory for ever and ever." bright green eyes only add to the truth of this as this little one watches the gold waddle over her shard, "Wow, shes really cute… dont cha think Annie."

Myrna smiles at the little gold's poise. She steps forward and finds Fredia rooted in place and smiles back at her, not willing to leave the youngster alone out here she urges her forward.

Lilliana wipes a damp hand across her forehead, still jumping around to relieve the heat on her feet. She lets go of Ayden's hand and moves to the edge of the ring to take in a new angle on the baby queen.

Kaetryn nods quietly, chuckling at Vivian's lack of vocabulary. " I see," she whispers, " Believe me, I see."

Ciaran bounds (not much of a choice with the sands making his feet into little tomatoe colored masses) over to Vivian with a smile, coming up behind her he asks "So, who yah think she'll go for? I've got three snuggles on that girl over there…" he points to a tall, rather magnificent looking young candie standing proudly off to the side of the rest.

Pyrah simply stares, peering intently, curiously. A queen's a queen, even weighed down. Nudging Vivian, she clenches more tightly, if possible. Shifting feet, more out of nervousness than need, she momentarily forgets the sand's heat in her gaze. "She's…she's…not like a grownup dragon. More gangly, but plumper." Good, Pyrah.

"What?" the brown eyed girl says to Myrna, "Oh.." Fredia says slightly blushing and walking forward a few steps, watching all the impressions.

"Yah, cute," Annie dismisses. "I need my booklet to write it, so I can remember." At the moment it seems as if this ratty-robed candidate would be just as thrilled to see a wherbound booklet and stylus pop from an eggs as she would a dragonet.

Lilliana glances over at the candie-in-question. "I dunno.." Yup. She's eavesdropping, but hey! Close quarters, how could she help it?

Gleaming Acropolis Egg rolls again, a slow ponderous movement, like a sailboat drifting lazily across the sea.

Asian Silk Egg rolls around enjoying the sand caressing the shell. It realy is nice dontcha think? Is that a blur in the shell, an imperfection, a hairline crack? Its gone as the egg rotates about its center. Showing off everything.

A brown with a neck like a stylus and wings like crumpled paper lurches across the line to stagger into a very short boy, who beams from ear to ear.

Aborigine Bark Painting Egg rolls a bit. But just a bit. No more, no less. The paint is still wet, ya know. Can't hurry art.

Annie peers at the short boy enviously.

Sunken Empire Egg seems stubborn, from where it lies in the back of the clutch, not moving, not twitching, just barely pulsing with the life that grows a bit more impatient inside.

Danae makes a face and pokes Annie slightly, "Pay 'tenchion. They might think you don’t want em." and she nods to all the hatching dragons tackling candies left and right, "And 'specially her." her little golden blondie head bobs at the Gold.

Vivian shakes her head, her fingers locked with Pyrah's, her head turning to glance at Cia then swiveling back to the dragon. It'sShe'sso…so /close/. "I'm not going to /bet/!" she hisses at him.

Lilliana tears her attention away from the queen and gazes at the other eggs, willing them to hatch and show her what they contain..it's like a turn-day almost! Only lots better!

Ciaran oooo's softly, his attention torn from his own question as Sunken Empire Egg starts a waggin.. He's so distracted that he doesn't even get a chance to pout at Viv.

Silvera 's palms turn to runny water, dripping the dye onto her tight clothes. She moves around in hurried steps, but seems to be getting nowhere. Splotches of blue drip onto the sands, but disapear, turning into airy smoke.

Myrna leads Fredia around rolling eggs to a better spot to view the golden wonder, "She's already so bright." she murmers in wonder.

Ayrina walks over to the boy that just impressed and smiles at him. She waits for his attention to focus back on his surroundings and then takes his arm to lead him and his new lifemate off to the side.

A large blue dragonette catches his wagainst the leg of a tall dark haired boy and impressions is made.

Across the sands, a young boy falls to his knees before a thin, long bronze dragonet. "Oh Naganoth!" he cries and is swiftly escorted away.

Ayden wiggles herself just a bit closer, eyes scanning to see if anyone is going to get in her way, fresh air blows across her face as she sidesteps another candie in her quest for just one tiny break from the heat and the commotion, she trips and catches herself, one hand sweeping her sweaty silver and gold streaked hair from her face.

Annie lets her eyes go back to the dragonets and away from the booklet-brown at Danae's words. "Alright," she consents, still standing so stiff and so cautious of her burnt skin. A moment's silence and she gives Nae's hand a squeeze. "Any catch your eye?" She attempts light conversation to take her mind off her booklet — how lonely it must be without her!

Lilliana turns left and right, everywhere around here, people are Impressing. It's amazing, and wonderful, and so perfect…

Alarele's soles wriggle ever so slightly on the sands, but she resists the urge to lift them up. The gold would like a well-mannered girl of impeccable Blood, neh?

Pyrah bounces upon her toes, overly-large sandles hardly a factor. "Which do you think'll crack next?" she wonders absently, bitten lip released for speech.

Sylelle glances over at Lilli for a second, then keeps a wary eye on that plump gold over there…have to stay away from that one as much as possible, no 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts' about it. Toes slip over the edges of sandles to dig into the sand, not much caring that its hot, nope, actually takes the stress off everything.

Desert Gold Dragonet, once neatly upright and limbs having been arranged properly, sticks her nose into the air, fixes bejeweled orbs upon Amieth, and squacks joyously — freedom: gotta love it. Pintarryth is also offered a squack, before she's waddling across the onyx sands in search of yet another whom she may squack at — or, perhaps, with.

Kaetryn's hand makes it's way to Vivian's arm as she reaches for her friend, eyes still fixed on the qreen, though she tears her eyes away for an exasperated glance Cia-wards before turning back. Who will she choose? Not her, but which of the others will gain this lady as a lifemate?

Fredia blinks, eyes grazing on the moving eggs as Myrna leads her around to a better viewing spot. "Oh.. This is better, Myrna." she says thankfully.

Asian Silk Egg ripples and blows away, its silken veil lifted to reveal the treasure hidden within.

Elegant Jade Dragonet
Emerald fires swirl, licking at wings' underside to brighten this dragonet's already-thin sails. Verdant wings stretch long, wingspars toned with the hues of grass after a fresh rain. Dainty in form, her thin neck curves and ends a narrow head. Crystal eyes, bright gems against the jade backdrop, are neverending pools of color and emotion. Against her back lay darkened ridges that stretch into a long whip-like tail. She poses; movements are sparse and she tends towards the dramatic, even when not in motion.

Silvera smiles at the two impressions made. Her hopes bounce through her body as she breaths hurriedly, shrugging at Pyrah's questio she turns to watch.

A large, very pale bronze bursts suddenly from a rose colored egg in the center of the clutch. He rushes, headlong into the candidate crowd, knowing just who and what he wants as he butts his head into a tall weed of a boy, knocking him down in a swift impression. "Oh Impulsith!" breathes young Obsessin, now known as Ob'sess.

Lilliana oohs and jumps up and down. "Green! Pretty, pretty, green..lovely..!" She bounces back over to the crowd and latches onto Annie's other arm. "Look at that!"

Vivian was just about to point to that one, too, when it cracked—so her flung hand finds Kaet's instead, clinging to her friend until the moment when one of those amazing little hatchlings comes and drags one of them away…."Oh she's gorgeous too, look!"

Myrna jumps as the egg by her side explodes and a green dragon is revealed. She can't help looking up at her and smiling, "That one nearly got us Fredia!"

A blue and a green stroll laconically past Alarele as she quickly capers out of the way, looking worriedly at the gold. Maybe the poor dear just can't /find/ her, so she pushes two girls barely on the cusp of puberty aside and stands between them, looking radiantly innocent.

Silver Concho Egg shimmers in the light as it's movements seem to fight against the jewelish shell that holds it here. The cries of it's brothers and sisters hatching about it, calling…dreaming…wanting free. It tilts side to side enough to make it roll slightly from it's place.

Ayden stands hand trying to get the sweaty mass of hair off her face peering between strands at the green hatchling and wondering what kind of sound the gold made, but freedom sure sounds good right about now..yep, just need to see first.."Whew, get out of my face.."

The harsh warmth of the sands are a welcome feeling to Sylelle, comforting instead of suffering in the swealtering heat as many of the candidates are. A soft sheen of perspiration (after all, Sylelle does /not/ sweat) glints upon dark skin 'till she fairly glows, within and without.

Annie's arms are now all taken. Any and all other Annie-arm-want-to-takers must wait their turn. Stuck between Lilliana and Danae, she towers in all her blistered, bony glory. "Green." She goes back to her one-worders. Her eyes squint. Hush now, she's /memorizing/.

Danae smiles delightedly at her sister, "Well that plump little golden one over there seems perty spiff." her tone a bit sarcastic. She giggles at the swacking, "And she makes funny noises too."

Eyes playing on every new hatchling, Fredia head almost spins as she jumps from the egg shards, "It did, It did." she agrees, staring at the wonder that spilled out of the egg.

Kara nudges Miri. "Look see he is Bronze material," Torvith impresses to young Dean.

Silvera sweeps her slender arms around her body. She suddenly feels cold, freezing cold. She gasps ever so softly at the beauty of the green, her elegance, her style. Blue dye drips down her soaked legs, Silvera obviously doesn't know how bad she looks, wet and blue. But she does hold up her head and breathes in slow gasps.

Lilliana watches the silvery egg. That's the one /she/ likes. Hurry up and hatch! "Annie..that green..she's so so..so impressive!" Like an actor.

Pyrah inclines her head towards the latest arrival, wisps of flaming red tumbling; badly-made bun reverting to unruly locks. "Look! Look!" Fingers clench harder, if possible, about Vivian's. "She's…she's gangly, too," she notes, though shoulders shrug in a show of nonchalance, dismissing the thought. "It doesn't matter, tho."

Wet and blue — is Silvera a drowned smurf?

Siven nudges Miri from the other side, nodding towards young Ob'sess and bronze Impulsith. "Bet Capryth wil like that one neh?"

Kaetryn clings back, attention now split between both ladies. Green. Her favorite color. Gold, another one. " Oh, Vivi," she murmurs. " Both, they're so beautiful. Oh, how I wish…"

Miri grins at Kara. "He's kinda cute too." From the ledges, Capryth warbles her approval. Torvith. Yum. Green eyes stray around the sands.. when, whaddya know. That snotty Candie Bregi is suddenly set on by a cute little green. Scary.

Danae lifts her foot and standa like a pellacan, putting one foot on her other knee and balancing on one foot, looks kinda silly, but hey, this sand its /hot/

Ciaran awww's softly as he looks towards the green. "She's kinda cute…" he comments to the two standing before him, Viv and Kaetryn. They should now meorialize such wise words and keep them in their hearts forever. He moves a bit towards the green to get a better look, ignoring his feet.

Ayrina's work is just beginning as she continues to lead dragonets and their new lifemates out of the fray.

Myrna pushes a few sodden white locks out of her face and tries to spot the golden dragonette again but she keeps a warry eye on that green so close. She dosn't want to be trampled.

"Funny noises?" Annie repeats after her sister. "Nae, she's /loud/." She's drifting in and out between trying to memorize the entire hatching and pining after her booklet. Makes for an odd combination. The two girls dance about Rele to meet their blue and green lifemates as the candidate with the elaborate white-on-white robe sighs. Quick, furtive shuffles of feet shake out the hot grains of black sand marring up her nice white patent sandals.

Lilliana shifts from foot to foot, her face getting redder and redder, till it clashes horribly with her red hair. "I'm so hot..who do you think is going to Impress that green? Or the gold?"

No, it doesn't matter, does it? Vivian's fingers, now a strange shade of blue, go unnoticed as the weaver-turned-Candidate tries to watch everything at once. "She's lovely," she whispers to Cia firmly. They all are.

Two greens break shell simultaneously, one moving slowly towards the candidates, the other rolling away from the clutch in a flurry of sprawling wings. The first finds her lifemate, and impression occurs. The second is helped up by another, then wanders to a tall, smithcraft lad, looking up at him with loving eyes. "Sweet Sugarth!" he calls, now known as S'crose.

Desert Gold Dragonet meanders past several candidates — a tall one, a skinny one, and a — coppery-haired, tattery-robed one? This particular one catches interest, indeed: perhaps /she/, the pudgy queen of Ista, needs to be memorized.

Tatianna fans at her face with he rhand, sweat trickling down. "I always forget how sharding hot it gets…"

Elegant Jade Dragonet strikes a pose. Wingsout. Head up. Eyes whirling red, crimsom. Slim talons flex into the sand to hold up her body. WHiplike tail curls snake like about her feet, never stopping.

Desert Gold Dragonet's wandering comes to a halt, her search over, as her eyes lock with Annie's. The whirlwind quietens to the merest whisper, as hearts and minds become one, forever.

Lilliana gasps and lets go of Annie's arm. "Annie!!!" She bounces back, not wanting to get in the way. "Annie annie!" Oh!

Ayden sighs and manages to finaly get the mass of long hair under control. Okay now where was that entrance again?

Kaetryn gasps as the gold chooses… Annie??! " Oh, Annie!" she sighs. "Viv, it's Annie! Annie!!"

Pyrah waggles a digit in the direction of a grayish blue, who collapses in front of Dfust. "Lookit, Viv! It's Dfust D'ust? , and…" she hesitates, pausing while he gleefully shouts the name. "Ragth!" Refocusing upon the gold, she inhales sharply on her breath, waiting impatiently, then exhales with a cry. "Annie!"

Danae flouders a bit, "Well… yea, but she’s not a bad loud, its a good loud… hatchlings are supposed to be loud." yea, "And its cute, she’s cute… she gots a face like I used to, the kind everybody likes to pinch." bleh, "I hated that." and she thinks she would definitely not let any one pinch this girlies face.

Kira smiles at Annie and the gold.

Lilliana dances a few feet away from her very dear Annie. "What's her name?"

Kara cheers on Annie. She beams nudging Miri. "Tha's my Sister!" She's happy and beams clapping.

Vivian sees, tugging at Pyrah's arm through that entire speech until /she/ sees, too, letting out a yelp. "Annie!"

"Annie!" Miri jumps up and down wildly. "Yaaaaaay!" That's her friend. Yup. The greenrider leans over to a nearby rider. "She's my Bubble Wingsecond."

Silvera 's head turns this way and that, locked on the waving tail the flickers about. She grins as blue streams run past her face, her body becoming one of a composed dancer, feet turned and tipped gracefully, arms staying by her sticky sides.

Fredia dances backwards, away from the green hatchling, tugging Myrna back with her. "Annie?" she ghasps, "Annie!" she exclaims softly, grinning at Annie, her friend.

Alarele passes the gold a disdainful glance, muttering, "/She/ doesn't have enough sense to sleep in a real room." That dismissed, she frowns. Blue, blue, green, green, head is tilted. "Now /you/are a lady. You might actually be smart."

Tatianna blinks. Maybe she wasn't quite expecting that one. "Maybe all those bubblies made her smell better to dragonets? I hear golds all have a big sweet tooth…"

Ayden hears a squeel and turns.."Annie! Oh Annie, congrats! " now the entrance, nothing is gonna stop her, nope..

Booklet is forgotten. Sunburn is forgotten. Everything is forgotten. "Serath," Annie breathes. "/Serath/." She falls to her knees, not caring about scorching sand, hands caressing plumpness. "I've memorized you."

Siven steps forwards as the gold impresses to Annie, her smile breaking out hugely for her former candidate friend.

"This'll be one to write in that book of yours Annie.." she says, nodding smiling. "If you two will please come with me?" she questions, gesturing to the sides where other pairs have been led.

Silver Concho Egg takes on the movements and hatchings about it with a knocking from side to side. It's time is almost here. Simmering with the sun's last rays, it halts. Calm decends on this jewel in the sands. The egg goes quiet.

Myrna is the anchor this time. She just can't seem to move.

Sylelle's hand reaches up to wipe across brow, flinging gathered perspiration to the sands, splaying out in a fine fan. Hesitant step forward, followed carefully by another until she is even with the from barrier of candidates, shoulders held back and head held high. Determination etches in nonexistent lines about mouth and eyes with on firm thought in mind.. no matter what happens, never let them see you sweat -no, that not right, more along the lines of…Whatever you do, do it well and do it looking good.

Kaetryn fixes her attention now on the green, grinning at the pose. That's right, darlin'! Show them all what you're made of.

Lilliana sighs happily. "Serath and Annie..how [erfect…"

Danae blinks, stunned, shocked, her sister? Not her? but her sister!! "Annie?" wars of exuberant joy and disappointment flash through her eyes, and then "ANNIE! You.. you impressed!" as if she didnt already know.

Ciaran hmphs softly, good thing Viv didn't wanna bet. Quick as it appeared his frown is gone and a smile replaces it. "Great Job Annie!" he shouts out encouragingly.

Annie's out of it. Out of everything but Serath.

Silvera yells out proudly, seeing that everyone else was, " Annie! Yes! Serath! OH!"

Silver Concho Egg twists, turns, and pauses. A split second, and cracks wander across the smooth egg shell. As it breaks away, something rolls out. And bounces to his feet. Hello, world!

Bouncing, Jovial Blue Dragonet
Trusting. Embracing of anyone he meets. Blue hide cloaks his body, not quite a clear blue, but more one of combining hues to create one shade, a color that is as unique as the dragon himself. A darker, almost navy blue crawls from the tip of his tail and the bottoms of his feet, lightening and wavering between a variety of other tints. Tending towards the chubby side, the irrepressibly cheerful dragonet is a "melting pot" of both color and personality. It all comes together in a charming package of blue.

Siven nudges Annie lightly, knowing how powerful the impression can be. "This way please.." she says, and begins leading them off to the side.

Lilliana points. Silver! BLUE! "Oh oh oh! Blue!"

Elegant Jade Dragonet furls her wings and stalks. Her whiplike tail brushing sand behind her. A the tingle of the sand she turns and looks at the tail. My isn't it pretty? She moves to look at it and comes face to face with white clad candidates.

Annie and Serath trail after Siven, stumbling mostly. She's still with her darling, soft one.

Siven walks slowly, to accommodate the new queens 'stately' pace.

Danae beams, absolutely beams with joy, it winning over jealisey (but not the inability to spell:P) "Serath… thats really pritty."

Pyrah jabs at Vivian, fingers squeezing. "Annie! Look! And Serath." A beam erupts upon her face as she again cheers, "An-nie!" Reluctantly lifting her gaze from the pair, hazel gaze scours the sands, falling upon the green, where it rests. Lifted again to peer over the blue, Pyrah squeezes again at the hand. "Look." Seems to be her favorite word, these days.

Silvera sticks out from the crowd rather loudly, her blue stained robe clinging to her body tightly. She sighs in the middle, looking at the green with a smile across her face.

Gleaming Acropolis Egg tumbles forward again, deciding that it may as well move a bit, for now. Waves crash over sparkling white columns as the egg wobbles its way across the sands.

Lilliana really dances..not cause her feet are hot, but cause she loves blue. It's her favorite color.

Myrna trembles as that jade turns her eyes on all of them.

Fredia breaks her eyes from Annie to look at the newly hatched blue, "Oh.. A blue.." she states softly, dreamily like. She still holds tightly to Myrna's hand, not letting go, until she has to.

Alarele gives a considering glance to the blue, dismissing the green as she proves herself too silly. "He's not bad…" A nearby girl squeals 'Blue!' and Rele turns to her with an odd look. "Spell that?" She's worried about some of the Ista kids.

Danae beams a bit more, watching her sis waddle of tot he side, but then her eyes go back to the eggs, and she realizes, she’s all alone now. eep!

Chore muscled fingers run through short dark hair, passing into the air long before Sylelle would have suited. A flash of green out of the corner of her eye catches her attention… amused grin tickles on dark lips as her finger winds about the green lock.. oh, this is going to be fun.

Lilliana grabs Danae's arm. Almost as good as Annie's. "Look at him…isn't he beeeyootiful?"

Myrna is aware that Fredia is still there but she just can't look away although she does shuffle back to stand at her side.

Bouncing, Jovial Blue Dragonet stretches it wings with a fanfair of a wiggle, as he clears the remains of the shell bits from his cloaking hide. He wobbles about in a personal circle and a bounce, before gathering his bearings. He has a crowds, and his show must begin!

Sunken Empire Egg finally moves again, a slight rocking motion to the left, as if being nudged by ocean currents, seemingly gentle, and yet capable of pulling sucking you in.

Kaetryn squeezes Vivian's hand as she watches the green, biting her lip as she watches her, ignoring the whip-like tail coming so close. Slender fingers link through her friend's as she nibbles.

Danae eeps again as she is grabbed, and then giggles and nods, "Yea." easily comforted is she, now clinging to Lilli, "Umm, blue and green.. pritty green."

Alarele rolls her eyes a bit as the blue proves to be just as undignified as all the other dragonets. Rele doesn't know much about babies, you know.

Vivian's feet are starting to sting, through the worn soles of her sandals, and her fingers are starting to hurt. Her chanted litany of "look, look, look," has finally faded out, she follows Kaetryn's gaze now, taking in the green with appreciative appraisal.

Lilliana nods quietly. "Blue and green..two purtiest colors on Pern. But blue is better…" *grin*

Ayden just about sobs as she finds her way blocked by another group of canidates, the sands are that-a-way, folks, see dragons, eggs, lurching hatchlings, go and get em, but get outta my way!

Ciaran turns his attention to the Sunken Empires Egg, smiling as it rolls about "Heh, best settle down…" he cautions it softly, not taking his own advise as he virtually bounces, hopping on one foot mostly.

Lilliana reaches out and snags Ayden's arm as she stumbles past. "Stay! Please?"

Elegant Jade Dragonet's brilliant faceted eyes fix on one person. With precise, elegant moves, she makes her way towards Myrna, and utters a soft, joyous croon.

Silvera dances from one foot to another in a steady rocking motion of muscle. Her blue air swings in the air, sunlight catching it in rainbows of color. She bounces on each of her feet in a steady rhythm so neither of them burn for more then a second. She stands away from the rest of the candidates from Ista, so scared she can barely move.

Kara smiles happily watching the parings then looking up at Ils once more 'membering their impression

Lilliana turns and stares. "Myrna! oh Myrna!" arms are released as Lilli jumps around happily. "Myrna!"

Myrna lets out a sudden cry and steps away from Fredia. The trained voice of a harper cries out, "Her name is Jezanth!"

Danae joins in the jumping, feels good on the feet and on the heart, "Yea! Myrna! What her name?"

Fredia blinks, "Myrna, "She.. She wants you.." the girl says, dropping Myrna's hand, and taking a few more steps back, lacing her fingers together.

Lilliana cheers. "Myna! Jenzanth! Another absolutely perfect match!"

Silvera screeches in a loud voice as she turns toward Myrna, " Yeah Myrna! Hurrah Jezanth!" She grins proudly at Myrna, but will Silvera impress? Danae grins, "Oooo, perty."

Ayrina smiles softly and approaches the harper now rider. "Myrna, follow me, please?" She takes Myrna's elbow and leads her over the sides. "See? Your lifemate just wasn't there until this clutch."

Kira smiles at Myrna and Jezanth. "Congratulations."

Pyrah sucks on her breath, pivoting slightly to cast a beam towards Myrna. "Myrna! Myrna! Myrna and Jezanth!" Tightening her grip upon Vivian's fingers, she informs, "Myrna Impressed Jezanth."

Myrna puts a steadying hand on the green's side and follows Ayrina in a daze. "She's here…."

Sylelle inhales a stuttering breath as she watches Myrna impress the green. A slow smile tickles at the ends of her lips, "Great job, Myrna…beautiful."

Alarele lifts an eyebrow in the new rider's direction, nodding slightly as she murmurs soft congratulations. Anyone who's actually nice to Rele has patience enough to get a dragon, yup.

Vivian breaks into a grin, through sunburned skin and blue squished fingers. "Myrna!"

Ayden blinks at Lilli and shakes her head.."Um, stay, I'm not going anywhere, where could I go.." she turns and sighs as the entrance seems so much further away, caught between the fresh air and her friends..oh, my, what to do..

Lilliana grabs Ayden's arm again. "Come on..dance!" She starts her my-feet-are-deep-fried dance again.

Myrna looks over at Heshbon smiling like a drunken sailor.

Gleaming Acropolis Egg comes to a halt, its tumbling done for now.

Alarele gives one more nod at Myrna, then turns back to the blue, pointing out, "You didn't need to drink any klah this morning," in a softly joking tone.

Danae twinkles and dances with her arm holder, goldie curlies bouncing up and down as they hop foot to foot, "weee… blue left, come for Lilli!"

Bouncing, Jovial Blue Dragonet slowly makes his way down from his opening spot. A wobble in his step and odd one foot bounce, as he tries to catch himself, but… He rolls over twice and comes back up to his feet. He ment to do that. Yup. But, what this? He's not doing this right. He needs a partner! Didn't they read the script. Alas, the blue takes the first wobbling step towards a group that has the missing person.

Fredia starts to grin as Myrna is led away, she then turns to watch the eggs and the hatchlings again. But now her feet are hot, uh. Very hot and she starts lifting up each foot slowy, letting it cool befor placing it back on the hot sands again.

Sunken Empire Egg is getting /really/ impatient now, it's shell throbbing repeatedly, but only the smallest of cracks appear on its stormy surface.

Gleaming Acropolis Egg collapses, as the waves finally overcome and knock the grand columns over. As the shell is slowly pushed aside, a small head comes into view.

Laurel-Crowned Green Dragonet
Grey-green sage shimmers over the slender form of this petite dragonet, dripping languidly down her neck from beneath a head crowned in olive. Her underbelly gradually fades to a pale, sedate green-veined marble, while her wings appear to simply be carved from gleaming malachite, accented by a minty copper patina. Her movements are quite slow, from the calculated swishing of her extra-long tail to her ponderous, relaxed stride.

Lilli's eyes are only for the bloo, and for her friends..everything else gets forgotten. This time..hopefully, this time, she'll stop having to stand…

Kaetryn grips Vivian's hand, eyes running over Myrna and her lifemate, smile begining to hurt though she can't seem to stop. " She did it! She did it! Myrna Impressed!" Blue is ignored as she turns back, eyes settling on the Aborigine one before turning on the new green with another gasp. But she stays silent, and keeps her emotions boxed inside.

Alarele stands a little detached from the others, frowning a bit as the blue scoots near her, then shrugging as she turns to the new green. Opinions are witheld for once: is this Alarele?

Sylelle bites her bottom lip as impressions happen all about her. Deep breath is taken, for she had momentarily forgotten to breathe. Side-stepping across the sands she finally decides to rejoin her fello candies, brave glances cast to the others, then to the eggs.

Ciaran get's the urge to plop down and watch the throbbing of the Empires egg, ooooo no, better not do that. He winces a bit as he gets an almost unbearable itch on his heel. He lifts up his foot again, stumbling a bit as he bounces on one foot.

Fredia's sparkle as she watches the hatchlings, slowly hopping from one hot foot to the other.

Pyrah clutches frantically at Vivian's hand, excitement overriding tenseness. Impatience personified, she stares at the green, in her crowning glory. "Look!" Once again, her famous quote. "Isn't she something?"

Ayden sighs and makes her decision, feet jumping and burning, thick soled sandals not helping much, she smiles at Lilli, friends are more important than fresh air, another sigh, as she surveys the Impressions and candies faces.

Vivian is dizzy with trying to look everywhere at once, see everything at once….New-Impressed pairs making their way off the sands, rocking eggs that break into shards of shining shell, the blue and the green getting closer and closer to choosing more away from the nervous, excited knot of Candidates. "I see!"

Silvera cries in an unhappy voice as her robe rips. Rrrrriiiiipppp! Luckily, it only came up to her blue-stained knee. She sighs with pleasure at that fortune. But she is so content that her robe didn't rip to badly, she didn't notice the candidate running her way. The young brown-haired girl tumbled forward before Silvera could even say sorry. But she was up again and ran farther from the hatching grounds. Silvera's gaze turns once again to the eggs, her eyes flickering in hope.

Myrna strokes the glorious jade hide finally coming back to herself enough to look back to the sands.

Laurel-Crowned Green Dragonet spreads her slick wings, carefully shoving egg shards away. She lifts her head and begins to scan the line of hopping, quivering and shouting candidates.

Bouncing, Jovial Blue Dragonet wobbles on closer. His wobble steps from side to side become easier as he swings his tail to oppose his steps. Two of them here, as he stops between a couple of girls, with one seemly only having eyes for him. Could it be? Is she the one? He raises his brightly swirls or red to look at her, streaching up to try to get eye to orb. Yes! But that frizzy hair? Must do something about that, but first get her into her proper role.

Lilliana holds onto Ayden's arm as she dances from foot to foot, looking more and more ungraceful and awkward. But she still tries to make it fancy, yup..

Lilliana looks down. Oh dear. He's so close..

Danae pokies Lilli, "Lookit the green, she looks real prissy." going back to her pelecan stance, her toes turning that wonderful shade of red.

Bouncing, Jovial Blue Dragonet skids to a stop, hot sand flying up around him. One more bounce, and he gazes adoringly up at one candidate. A croon is offered as he offers Lilliana a soulmate forever.

Sylelle curls one finger about her single lock of green, getting in kind of tangled and knotted up…ugh, this isn't supposed to happen today, of all days. Other hand moves up to try to untangle the mess, nothing like snarls on hatching day.

Fredia grins, watching the blue baby dragon close in on Lilli, "Lilli!" she calls, "YAY!"

Silvera claps her hands together in joy of the impression of the two nice peoples, " Lilli!"

Pyrah lapses into momentary silence, breathing hushed as she stares in eagerness, yet so much afraid. The croon registers, somewhere in her mind, and turns slightly to watch a fellow candidate Impress. "Lilli!" she breathes, eyes widening with happiness from her friend. "Lilliana!"

Vivian nudges Kaetryn with her shoulder, stumbling once and losing her balance, almost dragging Kaet and Pyrah down to the sands with her before scrambling back to her feet. "Lilli's blue!"

Danae almost falls over as she looses Lillis, support, but cheers! "Yeaaaa, you got the bloooo! Go Lilli!"

Lilliana drops to her knees and wraps her arms around an egg damp neck. "He's Cherenth! He's Cherenth!" Her voice gets louder and she laughs. "Cherenth!" Ok ok.. Enough already!:>

Alarele just rolls her eyes barely perceptibly at the vagaries of dragon choice; of course some don't have sense enough to come in out of the rain. A considering glance at the green and a few stumbling blues; feet shuffle absently as hands stop their relentless smoothing of robe.

Kaetryn squeezes Vivian's hand anew as her attention is drawn for a split second to take in Lilli and her new lifemate. " Lilli!!!! Vivian, it's Lilli! See, Cia! It's Lilli!!"

Ayden releases her hand from Lilli's grasp and nudges her towards the blue..soulmate for life..a tear escapes down her cheek, she is so happy for her friends. She takes a step back and edges away, hopping from side to side once more.

Siven waits until the first shock of impression wears off Lilliana and her new lifemate, then begins striding forwards, if only to relieve her heat weary feet. "Congrats Lilli.." she says to yet another of her former candidate friends. "If you and your new lifemate would come with me please?" she asks, indicating off the sands where the others have gone.

Laurel-Crowned Green Dragonet is in no hurry to scamper about the sands foolishly, as some other dragonets do, but she appears to be driven by an inner force as she takes step after step towards the white-robed figures.

Myrna sees Ayden still standing and sighs but she just can't believe she'll be there at the end.

Lilliana stands up and nods mutely, getting tired of chattering Cherenth's name. "Ah, sure Siven.. whatever you say." Shock. That's what she's in.

Danae erms and then hops over to Ayden and latches onto her arm, "Thats a good pair don'cha think?"

Ciaran grins as he notes who impressed the jovial little hatchling "Heh, never woulda guessed that paring." he says with good-natured sarcasm. "Congrats Bloogirl." he shouts happily towards her.

Siven chuckles and nods, leading them off. "This way please.." She's beaming from ear to ear.. oh yes.

Kaetryn turns her eyes back to the green, loosening up on Vivian as she once more regains control. Mustn't hurt her friend, after all. 'Tisn't a good idea. " Look, the green. Watch the green…"

"That's Lilliana. She's nice. She impressed a blue." All this is murmured by Annie to an attentive Serath. Learn Your Weyrlingmates With Annie.

Alarele nods approvingly at the green, paying her not a speck more of attention. Despondent, she folds her arms, muttering something about ungrateful golds and hyper dragons not needing hyper people, and vice versa, and how people always elongate the final vowel of blue, and she really can't understand /why/…

Ayden blinks and halts as Danae grabs her arm..she smiles softly "The best..absolutely the best "

Lilliana bounces along, she's got her bloo..he's got his bloosister..oh lovely!

Hop Hop Hop. Fredia does a small dance. Sweat now flows freely down her back, and face, but she still smiles, and smiles happily.

Sylelle yanks and pulls on her finger, until a sudden jerk rips it free, and a bit of green dyed hair too. Eyes roll upward until they notice the galleries…ah, next time I get involved in one of these hatching things, its the galleries for me…much better view.

Sunken Empire Egg the storm rages harder on the shell as cracks and flakes appear, falling off onto the hot sands in marbled shards and dark shivery pieces.

A young seacraft apprentice stumbles backwards into the sand as a bronze form knocks himself into the youth. The boy looks up with tears running down his cheeks, calling out, "Yes! Yes, Ginith, I will be your rider T'nic… You'll never shake me loose!"

Jezanth croons softly to Myrna as if sensing her tension. A tender hand reaches out to caress jade green hide.

Silvera flicks some blue off her slender fingers, sighing. Her legs move without her even telling them too, back and forth and here and there in a graceful dance. She pulls her sticky hair back from her face, a strange and hyper look upon it.

Pyrah drags her gaze to and fro once more, restless eyes peering here, there, then back again. Following the green's progress, she waits, tense hope bottled within. Spying another egg roll and tumble, a giggle escapes as the hatchling flails from his prison. "What an animated character," she murmers quietly to Vivian, feet forgotten. Lucky for her, they lift and drop rythmically, unconcious motions.

Ciaran's head almost jerks back to the shivering shell of the sunken empires egg. "Heh look…" he says to Vivian "Looks almost like it's gonna explode." wow, Ciaran looks pretty much the same!

Alarele watches an egg roll and duck Sauce, that creepy candidate who always smells funny and is sticky. Tap tap tap go her feet on the sands, as she sighs audibly. "When's it over?"

Laurel-Crowned Green Dragonet spots something in the seething crowd of people, nudging past a bronze in the midst of chasing down a screaming boy. She pauses while her head lifts slowly and bobs, then continues on her way.

Ayden can't help but grin over at Ciaran and clutches hold of Danae's hand.."Annie " is all she says, but her eyes are bright with happiness.. she gives Danae a nudge.."Looks like it runs in the family Danae,"

Vivian nods, not that it's really noticeable since every limb on Vai's body seems to be moving one way or another. She squirms, twisting her head back over her shoulder and looking at Cia hopefully. "Get that itch? Please?"

Danae nervously twirls a bit of her hair around a finger, this is scairy… nerve racking, whats goona pop? whos ganna impress? is there one out there for her? The green maybe? A brown? this is really scairy, what if she actually /did/ impress?

'Something' is very vague. She could have spotted Sauce. Alarele casts another glance at the green, muttering something about an athlete and awards.

Tilting head this way and that..not to mention a few hops more to see over the heads of the other candies then off of the hot sand, Sylelle sighs deeply…after all this waiting and now she just plain can't see..typical..

Ciaran turns and smiles over at Viv "Sure thing" he says enthusiastically, slipping up behind her. Scritching her shoulder similar to how he did his own foot, he keeps his eyes on the egg for a minute more, when's it gonna crack?

D'thon looks up at the faces staring back from the galleries.

Pyrah watches the hatchlings pair off, nudging Vivian once more as a particular friend kneels to embrace a blue. "Look! Chine and Orienth." Smiling her congratulations to the two, she glances back to the unImpressed dragonets. Hazel orbs reveal her eager excitement, though she does her best to keep from grinning foolishly, hand raising to brush aside a tangle of flame from her face.

Myrna looks about feeling a bit dazed and finds D'thon. Her smile is like the rising sun as she silently mouths "Thankyou."

Fredia smiles, sweat running off her nose, then waves over at Ayden, her eyes locking with her friend's. A soft "Hi" is heard then her eyes wander again.

D'thon catches Myrna's message and shakes his head, mouthing back, "Not me. You."

Laurel-Crowned Green Dragonet stops once again, apparently losing her line of sight, or perhaps just taking a rest. She sets her posterior on the sands momentarily, ignoring the heat. Snaking her head off to the side for a better look, she continues on her way with renewed determination. There's that beautiful color again!

Ayden smiles and reaches out with her other hand towards Fredia, she looks towards the eggs again, hand still groping towards her friend.

Kaetryn shifts idly from foot to foot, engrossed in gazing at the queen. Staring is rude, darlin'. Don't do it. With a soft sigh, Tryna tears her emerald gaze from the green, and it bounces to the painted egg only to fix there. Sigh. She'll just have to be rude.

Alarele dodges nimbly as Sauce scoots past her to land on her rear before a sickly egg-goo-ey green. Sauce whispers something, and Alarele repeats incredulously, "Hollandaiseth? What kind of a name is that?"

Silvera 's temperature changes once more. Steam curls around her lovely features, her mouth opening in a whispery sigh. She tries get cold again, but bursts of sticky-ness creeps down her forehead. Her face shines in a deep purple, like the rest of her body, a shining purple berry.

The tiniest green almost ever spills suddenly from the tight confines of one of the smallest eggs in the clutch, her wings sprawling wetly open on the black sands. She creels, flipping over and making a mad rush at a silently staring Dolphincrafter. S'ea kneels and takes her right into his arms, whispering the words. "Beautiful Fith, we'll be together forever…"

Fredia grins, taking the needed steps to have her hand cling to Ayden's, "Thanks Ayden." she says, brown eyes glancing around.

Amirilla beams with a glow as she leads her brown off the sands behind Siven. As she joins the others she asks Siven in wonderfully high voice of joy, "What do you think of Sourith?" Amirilla smiles.

Sylelle sighs deeper, far more dramatically as she rests hands on the shoulders of the tall candidate infront of her, using him to push herself up…totally denied that way. Syl bends over to look under his legs, "Hey, whats going on out there? I can't see."

Ayden grins.."We stick together right! Right..whatever may be, we are friends forever"

Vivian smiles gratefully over her shoulder at Cia. "Thanks." Hard enough to concentrate around here without having a stupid itch too. "Who's that green headed for?" she asks under her breath. As if anyone else knows.

Pyrah contemplicates leaving Vivian and pacing to and fro, like a coach upon the sidelines, calling out encouragement. But to desert Vivian…no. Who's hand would she dangle from? Shaking her head quickly, to herself, she contents herself to wait, pivoting and swivling, trying to take in it all.

Aborigine Bark Painting Egg was moving all this time. Really. And now it moves a bit.. and a bit more.. and finally rolls towards mommy. Thud.

A startled cry rises from a stocky candidate's throat as a near-black blue springs blithely from his shell with a gleeful squeal.

Jezanth cuddles a bit closer to Myrna wanting contact, physical as well as mental.

Lilliana grins, watching her friends, and that other blue out there. Not as good as hers though, of course.

Ciaran knows, of course "She's headed for Towel I'll bet!" he says to Vivian, pointing over towards the broad shouldered young man.

"We will." Fredia states, agreeing with Ayden, "No matter what happens."

The near-black blue begins slinking through the crowd of remaining candidates, his nose poking and nudging the whiterobes as he looks for just the right one.

Aborigine Bark Painting Egg comes to a stop. Hmm. Maybe it's time to come out and play.

Aborigine Bark Painting Egg shivers, shakes, and finally shows true colors. Sienna deepens, umber darkens, muddy klah rolling into pyrite-tinted chocolate. Tada! Swoon at will.

Outback Brown Dragonet
Large, even for a brown, the dragonet's all rugged good looks, straight from gold-tinted headknobs to long, craggy tail. It's hard to say what precisely defines him, as it's his entire handsome self that calls to be looked upon. Rich loam trickles across stocky body, always open maw ready to receive food or flirt at any given moment. Dark wings hint at gold, glinting with each sweep and stroke. And finally, those gleaming talons shine, just perfect for wooing the ladies.

Alarele eyes the blackish blue, trying to keep the hint of desire from her eyes.

Sunken Empire Egg shivers violently, as if touched by the chill of cold, glacial air and yet it does not explode, though large cracks appear throughout its rounded form.

The near-black blue pauses, snuffling a very young girl, just old enough to stand on the sands for this clutch. His eyes look up, and it happens; impression! She breaks out into a large smile and leans down, mumbling her words. "Bruiseth! You're perfect!" says little Contusionia.

Laurel-Crowned Green Dragonet takes a few more slow, short, nonchalant steps until she stops in front of a particularly tall candidate. Then she ducks her head down, trying to find that extra gorgeous color again!

Pintarryth swings his head slowly down to exchange a look with D'thon. He then returns his gaze to the remaining drama on the hot sands.

Kaetryn sighs as a brown spills out and returns her gaze to the green, emerald eyes sparkling quietly.

Pyrah plays absently with a strand of fire, sparking wisps drifting away from slender digits. "Look," she breathes, shrugging a shoulder towards the brown. "He's rather nice-looking, you know." But her gaze drifts, floating back to the floral green.

Ayden blinks at the appearance of the brown hatchling, and tilts her head to one side, only preventing herself from falling because of the clasp of the others, awwww..he is adorable, big, cute..awww..

A silhouette against white, Silvera stands, her body now a full and rich blue. The edges of her waver in the heat, making her look like a ghost. She stares out ot the Laurel-Green quietly, with a soft smile against her /blue/ lips.

Fredia tightens her grasp on Ayden's hand, brown eyes watching a brown baby dragon spill out of it's shell, "Ohh.. Look at that cutie!"

Jezanth looks back at Yaguth defensively and tries to protect Myrna but ends up nearly pushing her into the sands.

Sylelle groans deeply and steps to the side, adding a little bit of a push to the tall candie as she moves away, "Hah, hope you impress sand." Eyes glitter and hands drop to her waist in her 'Peter Pan' imitation…only way to find out is to do it herself.

Outback Brown Dragonet tumbles out of his egg, shards hanging off his large self. A rather loud honk comes from that maw, a bit of drool making its way towards Amieth. Waitta minute. This isn't going to impress anyone!

Vivian smiles approvingly at the new brown. He'd go nicely with Myrna's green, too…matchmaking already, and she's not even off the sands. "Look…" That word again. She clamps her mouth shut instead. They've heard enough 'look' out of her.

Serath and Annie are wrapped up in each other. Not even a booklet with a sharpened stylus could drag them apart.

Laurel-Crowned Green Dragonet turns her contemplative gaze towards Sylelle. Whirling eyes are the only outward sign of their union, as hearts and minds and souls intertwine forever.

Lilliana sits on the edge, fixed smile on her face and face empty. Purty.. "Sylelle!!!"

Danae beamks, "Sylelle!!"

Sunken Empire Egg flakes even more so, the colored shell dotting the blackness of the sands around in it in a wild array. But will it hatch yet? No, it waits, the storm growing as the eye passes and the end seems near.

Jezanth looks up seeking the body that goes with that voice and croons to the big brown.

Cherenth looks up and then leans his head against his lifemate.

Sylelle emit Breath sucks in a torrent, as voice catches in her throat. Lip quivers as arms reach out to touch, to caress the green, for touch is necessary to bring the entire situation to believable terms, "Larisseth."

Yaguth snorts lightly at the tiny green but his eyes wirl pleasantly.

Ayrina smiles and walks forward, again. Another dragonet…another impression…another weyrling. "Sylelle?" She stands at the new rider's side and waits for her to notice her before leading her off of the sands.

Sunken Empire Egg rages darkly with a threatening throb as the storm wins, rending it asunder. With a rumble and a shearing crrrrack, the shell splits, depositing a dragonet on the sands.

Antarctic Blue Dragonet
Dangerously bright ceruleans blast across this dragonet's brilliant hide in widely sweeping strokes of color. Pale ice blue darkens down the slope of his neck and shoulder, descending to the deep blue of ocean along his belly and tail. Flurries of white swirl across the parchment of his translucent wingsails and freckle his back in a passing game of connect-the-dots. Slim and energetic, he tends to swagger as he moves quickly from place to place, inspecting anything that happens to catch his scintillating, far too lively eyes.

Fredia grins, another friend is gone, she turns her eyes back to the eggies, watching and waiting.. Also dreaming.

Pyrah casts a beam across to Sylelle as the green's progress ends with the fellow candidate. "Sylelle!" she calls cheerfully, beam bracketed by dimples. "Sylelle!" Grasping Vivian's fingers a bit tighter, she queries, "You see that?" Tilting her head towards the blue as well, she expands her statement to include him.

Ciaran finishes scritching the weaver and decides to use her for leaning on, he's getting tired standing in one place and he needs to give his poor foot a break. "Wow…" he murmurs in Viv's ear "Lookit the blue…" he's almost gonna say spiffy, but decides against it "magnificent." he murmurs.

Sylelle gathers the green up with her as she nods to Ayrina, happy tears coursing down her face.

Ayden has to let go of a hand as the head tilting has caused her hair to once more cover her face, quickly trying to brush the mass away, blowing with her lips and tossing her head she only succeeds in making it worse.

Lilliana sits up, interest written all over her face. Who gets the other bloo?

Myrna smiles at Sylelle and sighs.

Alarele sighs as the candidates around her thin out one by one, leaving only the guy who keeps picking his nose and the girl who whimpers every time a dragonet hatches. A passing glance at the blue, and she shudders. "He looks proddy."

Kaetryn turns her eyes on the brown and blue with a quiet sigh, after shooting a congratulatory grin at Sylelle.

Ayrina smiles softly to Sylelle, "See, I told you stand on the Sands would change you forever…whether you impressed or not."

Antarctic Blue Dragonet rocks to standing among the still shivering shells of his eggshards. Too bright glance turns to the blurry crowd around him as he let's loose a brassy, young creel and races to his wobbly legs, eager and ready to run forwards into the crowd of whiterobes.

Vivian wriggles her hand with Pyrah's…not to let go, just to get some circulation back in her fingers. She may need those someday. "Sylelle!" She'd been wondering who that green wanted…and nods, wisps of blonde hair sticking damp to her head. "He is neat, isn't he..?" Fantastic colour. He'd go with her eyes.

Silvera once again shivers. The heat finishes her off, she melts into the white clad candidates, a form of tall blue. Her lip quivers, icy cold. She shivers, her chiseled features contorting as someone steps upon a numb foot.

Ciaran blinks, eyes opening wide as he leans back a bit, getting more on his heels "Say, is that hatchling doing what it looks like it's doing…" he says, pointing over Viv's shoulder towards the charging blue storm.

Sylelle cuddles her arms about the Lariseseth's neck and smiles happily, 'More then I could ever have imagined…and more then you ever could have told me."

Jezanth ruffles her still glistening wings and looks around at the other brown. Is she flirting already?

Alarele shrinks from Mr. Sunny All Night as his eyes pass hers, and begins to creep behind that big fat smelly candidate. A skinny green nudges him away, and Rele is left to stand alone, a lonely iceberg.

Pyrah licks her parched lips, humor evident in her features. "Lookit /him./" She grins broadly at Vivian's assessment, adding, "Indeed, he is. Sorta like that thread I almost used on my robe." Lucky for her, she didn't. Make her stand out among the rest, when now she's perfectly happy being grouped together with the others.

Dark hair wet with sweat, Fredia gives up trying to stop it from sticking to her face as she waits, feet slowly lifting time an time again.

Danae shifts from foot to foot, beaming as eggs go crickety crack, and theres a blue and a green and brown and… hmm, oh oh, theres a bronze! And he just impressed, lucky miner boy.

Ayden is having real problems with the mass of hair, fixing it only serves to make it worse, another hand gets freed as she parts the mop and looks out between sparkly strands, not being able to see is not a good thing to have happen on the sands, one could get bowled over.

Outback Brown Dragonet picks himself up, shaking out that gold-tinted tail. He has to look the part, after all. Self-confidence oozes from his body as he gives a loud bugle.. then starts to strut towards Serath. Oooh. Whatta woman.

Vivian nods, taking a step backward, almost bumping into Cia. "Ye think he's running at us? Then yes." Somebody's gonna get knocked over.

Antarctic Blue Dragonet takes no time in racing to his destiny, as he bolts from the shards of his past and heads swiftly to his future, pressing in among the whiterobes with brilliant glance and swaggering step. His creel is heard many times as he searches, knowing what he wants, but not yet seeing it.

Silvera finally begins to move as the crowd pushes her away from the eggs. She darts out of it, not much better off. Her icy blue body quivers again as soaked hair falls down in purplish cascades, curling at the nape of her long neck. Silvera squeezes her hands so close together that a white mark appears on them.

Alarele dodges behind another titanic candidate, peering out from behind her brick-wall body at the blue. Hopefully not a bloooooooo.

Ciaran isn't gonna be that person, he hides behind the weaver, just a few steps back as he watches the storming blue rage through the crowd "Wowsers, lookit him go!"

Tatianna starts to laugh, waving at new impressees. She leans over and starts to whisper to another rider, "Quite a little queen, eh?"

Ayden blinks at the bugle, boy this guy is /loud/ good luck to whoever gets this overgrown lothario, barely hatched and he's heading for the women..sheesh!

"He's eager," Pyrah murmurs quietly, peering intently at the rapidly moving ocean of blue. "Who do ya think he's headed for?" she wonders, peering out at the remaining candidates. "Mebbe Icia, over there…" Her free hand points, indicating a stauch, squat girl.

"It's not yours, Serath," Annie admonishes the infant gold gently, "Yet."

Fredia grins at the new hatchlings, her hands now fingering the hem of her robe.

Antarctic Blue Dragonet creels confusedly as he sees what he wants, only to have it disappear in the sea of confusing white. His attention span begins to waver, but not before he spies him again. Yes, him! The /one/! There! There! He nearly bounces with his excitement as he chases him down.

Outback Brown Dragonet curls his tail coyly. Hi babe. How about you and me go find ourselves a nice little mound of sand? But suddenly attention is diverted from the gold. Look at all those white things! Adventurous self makes fast tracks and bounds towards the Candidates. Look out, I'm heeeere!

Lilliana sits and watches the two, eyes mostly on the rampaging blue, her hand stroking Cherenth's neck softly, hardly believing she's not out there anymore.

The sands aren't big enough for Silvera to be by herself for long. She slips into it once again, her bloo body staining others as she bumps. But she will /not/ let herself be pushed around and she pushes a young one out of her way.

Ciaran bleah's as he's chased down, Viv doesn't seem to be doing her job as wall. As he gets closer and closer to him Ciaran stumbles backwards, with only one good foot at this point he falls backward on his rump, turning his gaze up at the rampaging little blue.

Alarele stays put, peering out from behind that enormous young woman at the blue and brown and a wandering green.

Ayden huffs and puffs and blows her hair back, stumbling as she does and yep, she's down, streaked hair flying and robe thankfully staying on. Rolling over into a sitting position she grabs hold of her hair and twists it into a knot at the base of her neck. She sits, blinking until she lets out a *hoot*…the sands are *hot* and she is /not/ wearing shoes on that portion of her anatomy…!

Fredia blinks down at Ayden, "Ayden, get up!" she says, reaching down to offer her friend a hand.

Vivian is doing her job perfectly—which is to say, getting out of the way! If the little blue icefire wants Cia, he can have him, and Vivian pulls Kaetryn with her to scramble out of the rampaging creature's way.

Lesana is on the edge of her seat as she spies the blue running close to Cia.

Antarctic Blue Dragonet suddenly halts his energetic swagger on the sands, his brilliant eyes turning toward Ciaran, and he fixates, his attention caught and held forever.

Vivian sits up. "Ciaran! Bloo! Oh /lovely/" She's laughing her head off.

Kaetryn yelps as she's pulled out of the way, loosing her balance and catching herself with her hands on the sands. Woah! That's /HOT/! She jumps up, blowing frantically on her hands even as tears of joy spring to her eyes for her friend. " Oh, Cia!!"

Ayden bounces a bit on the sands, hot, hot, hot, oh my it is hot..she reaches up for the proffered hand before she winds up like Miri did..

Which leaves Pyrah alone, gaping after Vivian. "Viv!" she hollars. "You /left/ me…." Cry is cut short as Ciaran Impresses mere feet away. "Cia! Congrats!" Mebbe she's spared the rampage, afterall.

Ciaran blinks a bit, ignoring the sudden pain in his bottom as he stands up to rub the Blue's muzzle "His name is Celth!" he announces joyously.

Danae watches the hatcling now more to keep from being trampled than to gain their attention, "Eek! wow, slow down.. hey." A running comment as blue streak and brown darts. Then a "Wooo Cia!" erupts with happy enthusiasm.

Silvera strolls around the crowd. She is a baaad little girl. She twists around some peoples, lowering her eyes to their rude gazes. She stands as tall and proud as she can, as blue as she can, and tries to get in the good spot as best she can.

"And that over there is Ciaran," Annie continues her babbling at Serath. "He has tendencies to spit up. Perhaps you'd care to hold him?" Sweet? Of course. Shasta's lips twist into a smile, while one slender hand smoothes imaginary wrinkles and the other lifts the wine glass to her lips: sip.

Ayrina rolls her eyes. Oh, no, here comes trouble. She does, however, walk over to Ciaran and waits…just like she's waited for all the others, until he's ready to pay attention to her. "This way, Weyrling." A slight smile does touch her lips though as she leads Ciaran and blue Celth to join the others.

Alarele sighs and hmphs, turning her attention on the last dragonet that brown. She tries not to look his way. No need to encourage rough-hewn guys.

Myrna cheers shortly for Ciara, "It would be blue!"

"I'm sorry!" Vivian calls to Pyrah apologetically. She didn't /mean/ to leave her, but those claws are /sharp/.

Ayden tosses her head back and flashes a grin at Fredia for her help, struggling to get to her feet again, first one knee,Oh hot and then another and finaly, she stands, just in time to see Ciaran Impress.."Hey Ciaran, congratulations.." she blinks..a blue? Um, where did that proddy brown go?

Outback Brown Dragonet bounds over, muscles taking him to where he wants to go. Hellllooooo, nurse. Or not. But something there.. something.. right.. He comes to his second halt of the night, sniffing around a bit, muzzle lowered to the sands.. and to that thing in white down there. For me? I just /love/ a female who isn't afraid of redwort.

Fredia flashes a grin at Ciaran then turns to the last little hatchling.

At long last, the search is over. The wandering adventurer that is Outback Brown Dragonet gives Ayden a loving head butt, his jewel faceted eyes meeting hers.

Pyrah manages a grin. "S'okay," she assures, rushing over to clench Vivian's hand once more. "I wasn't trampled. I forgive ya." She's so nice. Clutching fingers again, she peers out at the brown, wondering, pondering.

Lilliana jumps up. "Ayden! Oh Ayden!" Oh, happiest bestest day! Ayden!

Myrna sighs in relief as Ayden seems go have found her match as well.

Vivian willingly grabs Pyrah's hand again. She didn't really want to let go anyway, squished fingers or no. "Ayden!" she yelps, barely audible over the general chaos already permeating the sands. "Ayden has a brown!"

Ayden blinks and looks..tears of joy streaming down his face.."His name is Minyath " she shouts!

Fredia blinks, stepping aside as Ayden impresses, "Ayden!" she states happily, dropping her friend's hand.

Lilliana sits back down with a plop next to her handsome blue. "Minyath and Ayden, oh so perfect..all my friends.."

Siven smiles brightly and saunters over towards Ayden. Lookee that, another of her former candimates. "If you'll come this way, we can get you two off the sands with the others Ayden.." beam.

Danae blinkies, "What?" she looks around, having gotten so caught up in not getting mauled she didn’t see the impression, "Ayden? Minyath? Woo! Congrats!"

A few dragons and many egg shards are left of the sands, scurrying about. The ones that have legs do, meaning dragons, not eggshells.

Myrna looks over the sands and sighs. She hurts for those still standing but she knows there will other clutches.

Ayden grins and leads Minyath off the sands, crying as she does, looking over at the others briefly eyes turning back to the brown.

Lilliana gazes out over the sands, knowing exactly what's going through their heads..and feeling for them.. "Ayden!" She says it again. Seems she must repeat everything.

Alarele clomps her way towards the entrance, not looking around before she suddenly flings her chin up. "Well. That gold wasn't a lady, so of course she couldn't take me."

Pyrah swivles, happiness for Ayden registering. "Ayden!" she calls. "Ayden!" Turning to the very one who informed her, Vivian, she notes, "Ayden Impressed." Good, Pyrah.

Ciaran gently rubs Celth's muzzles and smiles, lost in the blue's whirling eyes for a few moments.

Amieth croons softly as the last of the dragons pair off, leaving her. She lowers her head a bit and nuzzles Pintarryth for comfort.

Silvera goes home.

Ayden gazes over at Lilli and blinks back her tears still not quite believing this big lump of sexy male chose her!

Lilliana grins at Ciaran and wraps her arms around her own blue's neck. "I'm glad I waited for you Cherenth."

Kaetryn goes home.

Alarele goes home.

D'thon climbs up and seats himself astride Pintarryth.

Vivian falls asleep.
Vivian has disconnected.

Myrna looks over to Ayrina, hand comfortingly resting on Jez's neck.

Siven helps Ayrina in her rounds, lingering long enough by each pair to make sure they're all okay.

Danae stands and looks around, everybody leaving.. what happened? They cant leave yet, she didn’t impress… but eyes look for that last egg and come up empty, "Hey." is said quietly.

Ayden steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to someone.

Myrna smiles at Siven as she passes and gets a head butt from her new mate, "I'm hungry too." she affirms.

Miri looks around. "All over? I can change now?"

Ayden returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.

Siven nods absently at Miri and begins counting heads as she passes Myrna with a big smile.

Heshbon swings her strong arm around her lifemates neck and scratches a itchy spot as she whispers to Yaguth, her voice deep as she whispers.

Lilliana stands up a little unsteadily and giggles. "Hey Ayden..we're not candies no more.." She's all wobbly and happy..and hungry. Cherenth is making himself very known.

Ayrina walks toward the exit. "Okay…let's get everyone into the barracks, shall we?"

Ayrina strides calmly off the sands.
Siven saunters off the sands.
Miri boings carefully, watchful of her butt, off the sands.

Lilliana looks down at her baby. "Ready, loveling? To go home?"
Ayden walks off the sands.
Tatianna skips off the sands.
N'hon slips quietly off the sands.
Fredia goes home.
Yaguth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
Ciaran moves his comfy lil rear off the sands.
Cherenth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
Jezanth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
Heshbon swiftly strides off the sands.
Lilliana pads softly off the sands.
Myrna slips in on small, silent feet off the sands.
Celth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
Annie trundles stiffly off the sands.
Serath shuffles awkwardly off the sands. Back

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