Hatching 13 Part 2

On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet
On the sands, Blue that's dark near ebon brushes glossy-sleek over this
dragonet's hide, blurring the details of short, arched neck and compact,
powerful flanks; a single diamond-stroke of paler hue daubs some slight
warning low on his broad chest. Talons' stark blades flex and knead even
now, balancing the whirl of huge, fey eyes and the narrow curl of tail,
but all's overshadowed by the gargoyle's capacious, rapacious mantle of
spiky, oversized wings.
Jarldom says, "I would do anything for you"
On the sands, Kidwyn hops her way over to a nearby knot of Candidates.
Hey, someone got one! She beams a smile meant for.. well, whomever happens
to be looking. Then goes back to yanking at her dress, beginning to
seriously contemplate turning it around, right here.
On the sands, Aralie sinks to the sands on her knees, gazing in loving
wonderment into the hatchling's eyes. A wide smile of pure, delighted
adoration breaks across her face, dimples and all, as she is filled with
incredable warmth. Each hand cups the cgorgeous wedge shaped head, and her
lips part as a whisper emergs. She repeats in a joyful cry, "Risath! She
says her name is Risath!" She wraps her arms around Risath's neck, in a
timeless embrace, tears spilling down her cheeks in happy abandon.
Weft wakes up and looks around confused as to his location, then it hits
Gwinion says, "Do I have to be on the sands to impress?"
Weft heads down the stairs.
Lark grins as several of the hatchlings decide on who to Impress to and
leans back a little bit, finding it rather difficuklt. Uh-oh, has she sat
in one of those /sticky/ seats? Ah, worry more about that later.
Cyrene hmms, gazing at the blue. "He's kinda cute."
Annie smiles. "Thank you so much."
On the sands, Tiareth suddenly picks up that paw, suddenly egg-gooey, and
/stares/ down at the gremlin blue. Larger than he, a bugle announces the
On the sands, Kershaw smiles as he sees yet another of his new friends
inpress..argghh hop, skip, hop, skip….sheesh
On the sands, Rebecka clasps her hands together as she watches.. as if in
prayer, but well you know there's no god on Pern. SO she watches. How much
longer must she stare? Forever? Yah! Nay! Whatever. "Ooooh Risath. Perty
name for a perty dragonet."
On the sands, Ophelia goes around here and there, collecting Weyrlings
oh, here's a nice one! And this one! And /this/
F'rin hugs Larkin again, then turns his attention back to the sands.
Jarldom smiles and winks at Annie
Kira says to Gwinion, "Yes, you have to apply for candidacy, and be
searched. Its too late for this one, but there'll be another soon, if you
want to try."
Shaolyn smirks towards teh brash little queen…true madness *giggles*
On the sands, Darcy sighs. They're all going so fast. Alright, Aralie
and Risath…. now what about Connor? And his little proud bronze?
Jirbrand plinks sleepily, slinkingf over to Shaolyn. There he *plops*.
Cassa walks in.
On the sands, Darcy sighs. Tongue-tied, is he? Well, it can't be
helped. Now what ever could that little gold be doing…..
On the sands, Connor glances down at the bronze, reaching forward to pull
the dragon into a hug. "Tevynth. A wonderful name!" he exclaims. Many
more heartbeats pass, reviewing advice and this new feeling of impression
simultaneously. We're supposed to move … right? He chuckles, talking
quickly to the bronze while taking him off to the side, near the other
impressers. Sure, he's /starving/, but that doesn't mean he can't be
babbled to…
OOC: Minuet says "blinks… god its quie"
On the sands, Kazumi calls over to the newly Impressed pairs. "Over here
you two!" she waves, standing with the others. "We'll get you settled
right quick."
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet stops, dead still,
and lets out a happy croon. Wings are shaken loose to balance and the
dragon becomes the stalking hunter; with a chameleon's slow grace she
steps carefully across the sands with cheerful determination and a wicked
gleam in her wide, wide stare, she prowls. One step, two step, three step,
four. A knot of white-robed girls is her goal now.
Moira waves to Cassa. "Hey! come sit with the harper contingent!"
Larak stands and makes his tipsy way toward the entranceway, suddenly very
tired and very, very bored, his ebullient mood burst like the oversized
bubble it was.
Cassa awves and moves over to the harpers, eyes scanning the sands.
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet hisses as his instinct
tells him to search out a Certain Person. He raises himself up on his back
legs, and lets out a long, throaty creel as he spreads his damp wings. He
drops to the sand, and almost slinks towards the WhiteRobes.
Fletcher hmmms to Moira, glancing up to Cassa, and shifts over closer to
Caramak, politely making way for the Rider, but moving perhaps a bit too
far away.
On the sands, Katryna shuffles her feet, burnt to a crisp she's sure, and
wipes sweat from her brow as she takes many calming breaths.
Minuet leans over the railing as far as she can, almost dangling, and
watches the gold move toward the girls
On the sands, You overhear Kazumi mutter, "I've … seen a dragonet …
that … … seems … … … … … of … … … … … … …" to
On the sands, Rebecka pounds her legs now. She's getting annoyed. Sands
are hot! Making her sweat! She's skinny enough you know. Losing more
weight cuz a sweating it off is not what she needs. Hazel eyes look at the
gold. Having fun miss hind end up in the air? She smiles sweetly.
On the sands, Aralie gives Risath's gorgeous neck one more loving squeeze,
giggling as she confers with her in wondrous delight. She looks up, beams
so happily, and helps lead the little green over by Kazumi and the others
even though it is she that no doubts needs the support, overcome in joy.
Cyrene points at the blue. "Charming. I like him"
Larak goes home.
On the sands, Kara smiles as she shifts her feet again. Her wide eyes
watch the gold. Slipping in next to Cecily again she tries not to be
nervous but is. She really is. Feet burn as she curls her toes intot he
On the sands, Tiareth licks after the gremlin-blue's brief levade. You go.
Through the maternal watch, the briefest glances shines /outward/to
the /skies/and back again.
On the sands, R'han hums idle, tuneless memories against gold hide, eyes
half-shut to block out any incipient disaster: inevitable from a clutch
of Jhanath's, not to mention Tiareth's, but one can only /hope/…
On the sands, Kershaw hopo…skipp..hopp…smile …es that's ti….darn
won't be able to walk for weellll a long time….
On the sands, Mint-Mint-Mint Egg shudders, then stills, that endless pool
wavering under mist's haze. Indecision.
Celana hmms and smiles as another blue is hatched, bumping up against
T'lis with delight. Such pretty ones that are coming out of this clutch.
Not as gorgeous as her Zalith, but close.
On the sands, Kidwyn somehow manages to stand on the 'slightly burnt' foot
while using both hands to gather her hair from the back of her neck and
twist it into a knot. Much better. A few curls come loose and stick to her
face, but at least it's cooler. She tugs at the dress.
Leilani wonders what the bronze's name is, and peers towards the young man
Shaolyn waves to anyone who cares and makes her way to teh doors…
Shaolyn heads down the stairs.
Karistor falls asleep.
Cassa leans foward, watching for a few particular candidates.
On the sands, E'nin throws an arm around Jaseth, idly commenting on how…
stocky he is for a little guy. With a brief nudge to the stomach, E'nin
oofs and takes the squared head into his arms.
On the sands, Katryna is still wringing her hands, trying to keep calm and
getting better as the new pairs move off the sands.
You overhear Gwinion mutter, "… is … … … but I … go…" to Rorie.
T'lis gives Celana a grin. "Exciting, isn't it?"
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg gives a crackle, like stiff untouched silk
rustling, and a jagged line zigzags down the shell. Perhaps the blossom
is getting ready to unfold…..
You overhear Rorie mutter, "Okay… see ya." to Gwinion.
On the sands, Fia, finally beginning to show some impatience, yanks her
hair off her face. Come on, come on.. I just took a bath and look at me
now. Groan. She crosses her arms, watching the minty egg shudder simply
because there isn't much else to watch. Well, unless you cound(count) the
people Impressing.. Na.
Gwinion goes home.
On the sands, Ophelia rounds up yet another brown pair, blue pair, bronze
pair, green. GOld? Turning from new Weyrlings, she eyes that basilisk with
crystal eyes and held breath. Well
On the sands, M'hael absentmindedly remembers being 'psst'ed to by
Ophelia. He quickly moves to the Weyrlingmaster and the assistants. "Um,
hello. Nice hatching, huh?"
On the sands, Ophelia just looks at M'hael. "Who are you?"
OOC: Caramak must disappear…But I was here for the whole thing…Really
Caramak goes home.
On the sands, Unburnt, uncharred, this naturally blackened little dragon
shifts across the sands. Whenever she's looked at, she stops, but the
moment she knows that no-one is watching… *vroooooom* Oph should be
/so/ happy. Like WhoosH, only worse. With a shake of her tail, she
stops in front of her chose one and becomes statuesque-again, /staring/.
No more. Just that.
Jarldom says, "it takesa lot to impress a dragon i think because it is
taking awhile"
On the sands, Kazumi gefhaws at M'hael, laughing at Ophelia's response.
On the sands, "M'hael," he supplies wearily.
Celana hmms, nodding in sheer delight, leaning against the bronzerider as
she keeps the Gremlin in view. Oh, he is a cute one….was that to dragon
or rider?
On the sands, Tiareth's baritone rumble allows as how little miss basilisk
is taking her own sweet time. Red light, green light. Found her?
Kira watches the sooty gold, waiting for her choice.
On the sands, Kara sighs ever so softly as she watches the dragonets
around. It seems like time is standing still then speeding up. Standing
still. She fidgets on the hot sands. Her hands reaches for Cecily's
Annie nods, a wee bit taken by the whole scene….
On the sands, "Eh? What? /Oh/. I had an AWLM by that name once." Ophelia
frowns in reflection. "'Course, he went out on the Sands one Hatching and
mever came back."
Cassa shakes her head, watching them on the sands. SHe murmurs softly,
"Look at the greens.."
On the sands, M'hael moves a hand from his pocket to just poke at Ophelia.
On the sands, Kershaw facsinated he pays attention to the gold…wondering
who of those left will be chosen….maybe….naw, or maybe……could be..
On the sands, Kidwyn wobbles unsteadily on her 'well burnt' foot, trying
to very, /very/ discreetly pull her arms inside her dress and turn the
sharding thing around the right way. Hm. This isn't working. She blushes,
and looks about. Anyone paying attention to her? No?
On the sands, Fia wishes her /feet/ were uncharred.
On the sands, Rebecka looks at the gold then them eggs. Welllll. Is
something gonna happen now? Hellooo. We've been waiting for I don't know
how long. She taps her toe.. her hot potatoe toe. Oooo that hurts. So
what. She taps and waits and looks, she even looks at her friends that
have impressed. Lovely. Just lovely. Now where /is/ MINE!
On the sands, Ophelia bats the hand away. "Round Weyrlings up." G'wan,
/your/ turn.
On the sands, R'han falls asleep.
Keven looks around at the crowd gathered at the galleries.
Mirae goes home.
On the sands, closes her eyes to catch a brief kat nap.
is there. Life is good. With a chameleon's speed, her long tongue lashes
out in a wet *vroom* and coils itself around a rather plain-faced
red-head, her stare deepening into a demanding glare. Each freckle is
dissected and inspected and connected, and finally the whole is found to
be Good. Without moving, the little dark dragon offers herself to Fia.
On the sands, Black-burnished Basilisk Gold Dragonet turns her jewel
faceted eyes toward Fia, and steps forward.
Rorie grins at the little gold.
Kira grins. "Finally!"
Marc grins.
Keven grumbles as he looks up at Fletcher then down at his lonely mark
"Bye dear friend"
Larkin sighs, joy mixed with regret. "There goes another cook."
Cassa smiles, and shakes her head, "She wanted to know about having a
dragon in her head.."
Leilani Whooooo-hooooos to Fia. In an ear-splitting shriek of pure joy.
This is /Leilani/? Yup…
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg finally decides to display its treasure, and
flakes fall like petals shedding.
Rohanna chuckles softly, another cook impressing a gold.
On the sands, Rose Tea Egg stirs, all liquid pale pink, and hovers the
calm before the storm. Soft white, pale blush of rose, nothing touches
its sweet, maiden, pristine innocence… and then: shimmering becomes
shuddering and shuddering a thundering and from the purity of the egg
springs the racous yelling screech of the arriving dragonet.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet
On the sands, Her vibrant chartreuse hide screams stridently for
attention, garish to unprepared eyes; equally raucous is the dragonet's
voice, prone to blaring its stentorian demands, and snatching claws more
scrabble than step. Dark streaks underscore the tremendous breadth of her
wings, smudged like Cromcoal and trailing into incoherence at their outer
tips, and scarlet fires seethe within each facet of her gaze: hellish
whirlpools, only contained by a cunning mind's awareness that — for now
patience is better than rage.
Fletcher chuckles in response to Kira's statement and nods, looking at the
money pouch the pot had been in and stuffing it away. "And you wonder how
I get rich, Keven!"
On the sands, Tiareth snorts, maternally. About /time/. Again she mantles,
watching over her blue, and the harpy's cry.
Kira realizes she lost a bet, and scowls good-naturedly at Fletcher.
On the sands, M'hael, the dignified assistant, wheels around to face those
who have Impressed— wherever they may be: "Weyrlings," he calls in
good-mannered glee, "round you up and GET OVER HERE!" The smile on his
lips is pure. "Please?"
Cyrene looks for the Gremlin. Where'd'ee go, huh? Hellooooo…
Celana chuckles and bumpes up against T'lis again. "Well, the queen made
her choice….wonder who that blue is going for tho?"
Keven sighs "I should have known"
Fletcher waggles a finger at the Harper. "See? I told you, always bet on
the cooks!" he says, then cranes his head back to smile back at Kira.
On the sands, Mint-Mint-Mint Egg suddenly casts aside its veneer of calm
indifference, striations marring that still pool with multitudes of
cracks. Waves split, break, and from that violent upheaval a singluar
dragonet is revealed, bursting from the shell as a stone beast awakened.
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet
On the sands, Archaic lines define rigidity of form, carving this silent
guardian in stoic grandeur; her eyes, ever-watchful, light with the force
of that which is primal and beastly. Rough-hewn, all thorny ebon talons
and cruelly hooked wingspars, this dragonet spaces even her neckridges
erratically, sprouted as if alive; yet, mossy green drapes antiqued stone
in earthy magnificence, softening skeleton's angles to gentler, curvaceous
manifestations of physique. Promise hangs in the ragged lichen-grey of
'sails rather than her stocky limbs, despite the deliberation that guides
each blunt paw to a chosen goal.
F'rin cheers, as Fia impresses the gold. On hearing Larkin's comment, he
laughs, hugging her tightly. "We'll find another cook, love."
On the sands, Fia manages to tear her eyes off the minty egg to look down.
Hmm? What do you want, you silly little hellion? Oh, yHEY. Hmm. "Why are
you telling me your name is Synth? I'm no….er.." She blushes. Her mind
suddenly feels like it's blowing up. "Synth, eh?" She says with a smile.
"Okay…OKAY! We'll get food.."
On the sands, Kara blinks and smiles to Fia. Her own feet burning as she
watches the joyful union just to turn and see the newest arrival arrive.
Shocking she moves her hands to her ears then back down.
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet snakes his head left and
right, searching through the candidates for TheOne. He looks directly at
one young girl, and then brushes past her swiftly, his tail lashing out
and almost tripping her as he finally spies a boy who might be a
possibility. He crouches, and slinks towards him unnoticed.
On the sands, Rebecka taps her toe some more then stops. Hey whoa. Action!
This is good. She watches. Anudder green. Good. Green is good. And gold
that gold and…. Fia? FIA!! "Oh Fia!!" And another green.. whoa waita min
toooooo much action.
On the sands, Aralie strokes Risath's neck, as they share their every
memory….broken up by M'hael's bellow. She blinks, and once again the
tender pair moves towards M'hael.
T'lis chuckles softly to Celana. "If I knew that I'd be a rich man," he
Leilani beats the railing with two happy fists, grinning wide enough to
beat all. Fia!
Keven has learned an important lesseon and can't wait 'till Leilani
becomes a canditate.
Moira feels strangely separated from the rest of the company, and the heat
seems to have suddenly intensified. She tries breathing deeply, but it
doesn't seem to help in such a crowd. Her head feels strange, light…
On the sands, C'nor smiles at Fia. Only a quick one, mind you. Tevynth
needs his attention, too.
On the sands, Kershaw hop skips, hop skisps….hmmm that's great…another
one gone and his joy knows no bounds
Celana hehs, giving her wingleader a smile. "I'm sure she murmurs, her
gaze going back to the dragonet.
Fletcher snickers softly to Keven and just shakes his head. "Well, that's
a good Impression…"
Blythe falls asleep.
refreshed and ready for the day.
Oh, more Impressing. Neat. She offers a shy smile to no one in particular,
then takes a deep breath. She pulls an arm inside her dress - Brave girl!
And hurriedly twists it. Oh, wait, the other arm.
Apollyon walks in.
On the sands, Katryna catches herself just short of passing out from the
heat and exhaustion.
OOC: Jarldom says "Be back in a sec"
Moira feels herself break out in a cold sweat, but it doesn't seem to help
the heat. From the feeling, she guesses that her face has gone white as a
Apollyon steps away for a moment to write himself a note.
On the sands, M'hael now smile apologetically to the weyrlings, going
about his business and viewing them all. "Aralie!" he puzzles quietly, "I
hadn't noticed! What's her name?"
Kitana walks in.
Apollyon returns from writing himself a note.
On the sands, Kershaw looks around and wonders what will happen
next….and hopes that cold a/water is near..
Heather walks in.
On the sands, Aralie grins widely at M'hael, cries happily, in pure
adoration, "Risath!"
Apollyon bows to Kira and anyone else he should :)
Rorie smiles at Heather.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet shudders with rage at her
exposure. And how unprepared was she! Lithe form springs forward,
chartreuse dazzling the eyes with dangerously bright colors….. Chernobyl
green, that's what it is. Very dangerous, and ill-tempered too. Well,
that's the dragonet, not the color. Her harpyish shrieks pierce the
skulls of all present as she squawks in demonic pleasure.
Heather smiles at Rorie and finds a seat
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet weasles through the
crowd of candidates, brushing aside both boy and girl alike. Not you, no,
not you, not you. You. He sees a boy dancing more lively than the rest,
and pushes through a crowd of terrified girls to get to him.
On the sands, Kara shivers as she watches the two new greens and the blue
out of the corner of her eye. She tries to stay out of their way. Feet are
burning now she just knows it but the addreneline pumps and she cant' feel
Cyrene leans over the rail again gleefully. "That green is uuuugly! All
mossy and funky! WWhat a temper, eek."
Kjeld makes his way over by rorie.
On the sands, Katryna covers her ears at the squawks of the anxious green.
On the sands, Rough-edged wings lift, hang; Moss-Hung Gargoyle stands in
her shards as if perched among the parapets of some lonely cathedral. Her
gaze sweeps balefully along that thinning white tide, and her raspy voice
rattles softly in pocket of throat. Awakened, she is Here, and watches a
moment. Just watches.
Moira raises a hand to her face.
Rorie smiles at Kjeld, "Hello."
On the sands, Rebecka winces as she hears, and I mean /hears/ that green
make her noises. Could you be a widdle quieter? She blinks and sighs.
Hands rest on her hips. Okie. Hurry up.. I mean I dun wanna rush you but
pwease. THe look says it all.
Moira passes out cold, her hand still clutched protectively around the
neck of her mando, angled so it falls on top of her, just 'so'.
Heather turns to Rorie and asks,"I hope I haven't missed much, oh
darn…it looks like I have"and she pouts slightly
Fletcher reaches out and snags Cyrene by the waist to pull her back.
"Careful there! If you fall over, I don't think that big gold of Nuff's
would be too keen, eh?"
On the sands, Kershaw darn sands…do they really need to nbe so hot? man
my poor feet…shards how long have I been here?llll..oh wow..
On the sands, Nuff tumbles from Lump-neck, beaming. Hahahah, that one
looks worse than Tiareth. Nuff is ever so happy. She pats theLump proudly
and goes to pester R'han again. "Ha. Good for Synth. And Cianith. And
Tevynth. And Risath. Jaseth…" names tangle and Nuff looks towards the
rest. "Gee Ophelia's sure gonna be busy." Nuff bursts into giggles again,
she can't help it.
Heather looks at kjeld and smiles,"hello, I am Heather.
Rorie smiles at Heather, "Well you missed quite a bit.. but it looks like
there is more to come.
Cyrene glares at Fletcher and wriggles free to consult with the railing.
She says confidently, "I won't fall!"
On the sands, Ophelia is reasonably happy, as it's hard not to be in the
midst of a gaggle of grinning new Weyrlings. The novelty'll fade. But it's
fine for now.
On the sands, Kidwyn twists the mis-aligned white robe back around -
backwards, grumble, grumble - and pulls her other arm in. She looks up,
casting wary glances across the crowd, hoping no one notices an armless
Candidate sheathed in white.
On the sands, Synth CREELS. Look, Fia, feed me or I'll sit on you.
Minuet suddenly falls asleep from sheer exhaustion
Kira laughs at the gold.
Fletcher eyes Cyrene suspiciously but shrugs and lets go of her. "All
right then."
Minuet stretches luxuriously after her quick nap
OOC: Jarldom says "I'm back"
On the sands, Well Tiareth used to bite.
Kjeld notices a faint purple mark on the back of his shirtsleeve.
On the sands, Katryna would blow on her feet if she could, they're so hot.
Her hadns scrub through her hair, all wet now, and tries to stay calm.
F'rin, turning his attention toward Cyrene, frowns at her. "Step back,
before you fall over the edge. There's a set right behind you."
Fletcher looks around for others that joined in his bet and still owe
him… :)
On the sands, Tiareth yawns, low and long, and nudges her rider's
shoulder. Yessss. Niraneth will have to tend to /her/ younglings, while
/she/ goes flying. However. (Did Tiareth ever stop nipping?) The queen
moves around to inspect her gremlin's progression, and that of the others;
there's still much left to be done, white-robes to be /claimed/.
Jarldom looking at Annie, "Are you haveing fun?
On the sands, M'hael steps away for a moment to scrawl out a message to
On the sands, Kara blinks sweat from her eyes. Hair is matted to her
forehead. Feet are burning. The robe is sticking to her. But she doesn't
mind she really doesn't. She just lifts one leg then another.
Cyrene tosses her head like she's unaffected…but she is holding a bit
tighter to the rail than before…and not leaning out quite so far. That
big gold does look a bit…unfriendly? She broods over the sands as people
criticize her seating arrangement from all sides.
On the sands, Aralie lets her hand stroke her little lifemate's neck,
sitting close to her as she idly snatches looks to the sand in between.
But her main attention and adoration is focused on Risath.
Annie nods. "This is so…neat (for lack of better word)"
On the sands, Kershaw hop, skip, hop skip…darn running outta feet here
agAIN….help sore feet…gotta hang on…
Bronwyn releases Moa, who launches into the air.
Cassa leans foward, eyes glued to the candidates, "COme on…'
Fletcher hears someone call down to Cyrene about rocking the boat but just
shrugs to the wanderer, having no part with her.
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet comes right up to his
choice, a tall blond boy. He nudges Kershaw's leg, and looks up at his
face, creeling demandingly at Kershaw, _Look_ at me!
On the sands, Rebecka looks awfully impatient. I mean she already took her
bath today she didn't need a sweat shower. Aww c'mon dragons.. I'm gonna
lose any fat I ever had. She sighs, but smiles. At least it's not for sure
she's not gonna impress… yet. She smiles at the greens. Both of em. And
she shakes.. excitedness. that's it.
Bronwyn steps away for a moment to write herself a note.
On the sands, Kershaw shakes his head…..naww cannot be…..
The WeyrLeader's frown deepening, F'rin repeats his statement. "Take a
seat, Cyrene. Shells only know what would happen were you to fall onto
the sands now."
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet hunches still behind
shards' scattered battlements, not eager nor indifferent. Facets lit with
mysterious fire, she casts her regard this way, that way, tortuously slow.
Everything must be examined and taken in its due course.
On the sands, M'hael returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the
On the sands, Kidwyn blinks sleepily. Sliding to the floor and resting her
chin upon her knees, she falls asleep.
ingrained. Sides Nuff's still pretty well padded, and on bad-days will
bite back. Standing close.. nah, under the large, /large/ gold, the
Nuff-rider folds her arms and watches the rest. "Gee Tireath, you done
good. Lookie the little boo one!" Nuff likes the blue one.
A drudge arrives to cart Moira off to bed.
Serauber says, "IS Let me on those sands Fletch…I'll impress and I can
be Tithe Captain/ Craftrep/ and Watch Rider…yeah, I'm just supper(Super)
man ;) "
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet fans her wings, dark
streaks highlighted against the brilliant green base. Well, that really
can't be called green…. and anyway, then she lifts up her head, and
snatches and the sand with her claws. It's very glittery, and that's
intriguing to her. But it filters through her claws, settling back into
the silveryblack mess that lies under everyone's feet. Squealing her
disappointment, she lunges forward again, wings flapping and sending
clouds of dust into everyone's face.
On the sands, Katryna keeps shifting her feet, mopping the sweat off her
face and out of her hair repeatedly.
Jirbrand leans forward, eyes intent on the remAINING hatchlings. He
smiles, a affection for the coal smudged green evident.
On the sands, Kara catches the blue our of the corner of her eye and
smiles wide for her Brother. Oh yes she is happy. She turns and BEAMS. Hey
back to the greens momentarily. BBrother! She throws to him.
On the sands, Kidwyn yawns once, stretches, and stands, shaking the sleep
from her eyes.
Cassa chuckles at the dark grenn, "Look at that one!"
half the Weyr would tear my throat out if I did anything of the sort,
Serauber. Aren't you happpy as Tithe Captain?" he teases.
Marc chuckles.
Luhel yells "Congrates to the impressors."
On the sands, Synth doesn't like to be patient. She wants to run across
the sand some more, stopped only by a sharp look from Fia.
On the sands, Katryna coughs as dust springs into her face from the
excited green.
Jarldom says, "You nee (need) some confidence Serauber"
On the sands, Shadow-lashed Gremlin Blue Dragonet turns his jewel faceted
eyes toward Kershaw, and steps forward.
On the sands, Aralie scritches an eye ridge, giggling as she watches while
cuddling lovingly with Risath. Said green's tail swishes in sleepy
On the sands, Rebecka is nearly ready to srt pounding her fists together,
but instead she coughs. *cough* Choke. Oh great, kill me why don't ya? She
wipes her shower of dust from her face. Dust, sand dust, does stick well
to sweat. She grumbles then stops. Be happy, don't worry. Bath's come
later.. But three baths? The first real one, the sweat and the dust and to
top it off 'nudder one? Guowl.
On the sands, Kershaw his name…gotta thinks…"His name is Shareth!!"
Serauber grins, "Yes, I love my job, Infact, I love working for the Hold
so much, I want even more jobs there," he says humorously.
On the sands, Kidwyn suddenly notices that her foot has gone well past
'well burnt' and into the range of 'charcoal.' Hopping to the fresh foot,
she wobbles precariously, her arms pinned to her sides within her gown.
Fletcher smiles to Keven and points out, "I like this batch of dragons. I
can actually pronounce their names!"
Jarldom says, "You want more money"
Keven grins at Serauber "You can have mine"
Fletcher rolls his eyes at Serauber. "Heh, indeed."
On the sands, From beneathe her lifemate where the two are in deep
communion talking about whatever it is that dragons talk about to their
lifemates, Kyleigh waves to Fia. "Over here!" And she turns to Aralie. "I
never /dreamed/ it would be like this."
Keven smiles at Fletcher "Yes, that's nice"
Kjeld grins, "If you want money, hjust beat Flaetcher at a high wager bet.
Of course, that's near impossible." :)
Pibbs falls asleep.
Keven laughs at Kjeld.
Jarldom touching Annie's hand, "your not saying much"
Rorie grins at Kjeld.. "Fletcher is good at betting..
On the sands, Aralie nods excitedly to Kyleigh, beaming happily as she
strokes the beautiful Risath, taking in every talon, every variation of
color and everyu jeweled hue in the whirl of her eyes.
On the sands, Fia nods to Aralie, one eye kept firmly locked on Synth, who
seems to be /sure/ that thr(there) is someting of interest hidden from her
eyes under the sand. Instead of attempting to dig, like any intelligent
being would, Synth sticks her head in the sand and swishes it around,
burrowing underneath.
Fletcher points out to the Farmers, "But younger brother Gavin taught me
everything I know."
Kjeld smiles, "I know. I think he should start a craft on it."
Marc chuckles.
D'thon says to Kira, "Kyleigh, E'nin, Aralie, C'nor, Fia, K'shaw … two
Annie looks up. "I just don't know what to say….cept that my uncle
impressed! Isn't that great?"
Kjeld chuckles.
Rorie giggles..
On the sands, Katryna hops about, trying to keep cool, watching the
couples be marched off the sands, although few remain now.
Jarldom says, "who is your uncle?"
Keven looks over at Fletcher "What do you say of having a lesson in
betting later?"
On the sands, Rising with decided intent, Moss-Hung Gargoyle hooks one
blunt paw into the shard-speckled sands, then another. Head low, shoulders
high, and wings arched even higher, she takes long sweeps with her short
muzzle, tongue flicking to taste the sultry air. Somewhere. What she seeks
/is/ there.
Cassa tilts her head, and nods to D'thon. Her fingers lace together as
she murmurs, "Come on.."
Annie points. "Kershaw…I mean K'shaw."
On the sands, Kara moves closer to the others left with her on the sands.
She half frowns thinking the worse as she moves her feet. Watching the two
greens and others left in the clutch. Keeping out of the way of any that
charge as best she can. Her robe is now plastered to her as she sweats
from the heat and nerves.
On the sands, Kershaw looks a bit confused and then smiles…His "His name
is Jaseth!! Yes…"
Kjeld grins, "You don't want to learn any lesson that Fletcher teaches in
betting…it'll hurt…in the mark pouch."
On the sands, Kershaw says, ""
Fletcher grins to Keven. "Heh! Like I'd share my hard-earned secrets? I
had to pay off Gavin's rather exhorbitant debt before he'd teach me any of
his tricks!"
Jarldom says, "Thats Great!"
On the sands, Tiareth clacks a bite in the air, just for effect. Yes,
rider hers, she sees. A delighted rumble marks her blueand, attention
distracting, the greens, each so very individual. More for you, Jhanath.
On the sands, Katryna tugs at her robe, trying to loosen it up, hoping
against hope now.
Keven sighs "Darn! Well never hurt to ask"
Rorie grins at Kjeld.
On the sands, Nuff just giggles, happily, and encourages the greens on
their travels. See if they imrpess then Nuff gets off the sands. She
pokes Lumpie, "Hey Tiareth. None as good as Nuffie eh?"
Minuet watches the sands intently, eyes for nothing else as she intently
whispers under her breath
On the sands, Rebecka pouts rather happily, if you can. I mean, she's all
too thrilled to be here but c'mon… sweat is dripping down her sides and
well umm you know what happens to white when it gets wet. She looks at the
Gargoyle one. OOooo. Scawy. Not really.
Kjeld smiles, "I know Fletcher's secret. He just gets into bets he knows
he can't lose." :)
Fletcher chuckles to Kjeld. "You know, maybe a lesson later wouldn't be
such a bad idea, Keven…"
Cassa frowns at the weyrling who can't seem to find his lifemate's name.
"Oh, fun. I dont' even /his/ weyrlingmasters."
On the sands, Tiareth mouths at Nuff's skull. She could find /out/…?
Fletcher laughs to the Farmer Apprentice! "Too true, Kjeld! Shards, now
I've been figured out."
Keven grins "Ahhaa!"
Jirbrand goes home.
On the sands, Kershaw says, "Dalgreth….yes I kie you're name too.."
Kjeld grins, "Nah, I think there are still a few tricks up that sleeve of
On the sands, Kidwyn hurriedly twists her robe around, and pokes an arm
out an opening. Wait a minute, that's the neck. She burrows back in, then
manages to slide one arm out into the correct sleeve. She beams. Much
better! She slides the other arm in place. Ahhh.
Serauber falls asleep.
gaze to the Sands.
Serauber wakes up.
A drudge arrives to cart Pibbs off to bed.
Kjeld dozzes off.
she's looking for. Besides glittery things, that is. Her hellish eyes
beam at the white people….. somewhere in there, perhaps, is something
she can claim for her very own. That she can pounce on and capture in her
claws, to keep foreverandever.
On the sands, Katryna wipes sweat and sand out of her eyes. Hot! Too hot!
Luhel waves D'thon
Iliam walks in.
Lark yawns sleepily and with an apologetic glance falls asleep.
Fletcher looks over and sees the newcomer to Ista and waves mightily
towards him. "Ho there, D'thon!"
D'thon places a circumspect index finger to his lips, and then smiles a
greeting to Lord Fletcher.
Leilani blinks, and can't quite control her blush. D'thon is at Ista now?
And … here?"
On the sands, Dalgreth rubs his head against his new partner…feed me…
On the sands, Sylke goes over to K'shaw and Dalgreth, leading the two over
to the side of the grounds where bowls of meat await.
Fletcher quiets down at the admonishment and snickers softly. He's acting
just like an Apprentice today…
On the sands, Kara shivers at the predatory nature of the green. Feet
shift. Eyes roll one way to the other. SHe picks the robe from her sweat
soaked body. Nerves. Yes she does!
On the sands, K'shaw says, "Hey he's hungry……."
D'thon chuckles quietly. "Hungry."
Mairen leans over to her appretice and lays a hand lightly on the girls
shoulder saying quietly, "I dont' think I can manage the heat anymore… I
should head home I think… but you stay and enjoy there is usually
something of a celebration after."
On the sands, Katryna shakes her sodden robe, trying to get some air
moving underneath to cool off, even as she hops from foot to foot.
Iliam scans the Stands slowly, methodically, before he sees one whom he
recognizes. "Hello, Rarah," he says as he sinks into the seat beside her.
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet marches with silent
deliberance, driving paws into the blanket of sand again and again,
wheeling facets now heated with something akin to impatience. Here. Angles
for one batch of whiterobes — but no. There. And again she turns, tastes,
Taria looks to Mairen, "Oh thank you Mairen," she says as she smiles up to
Kira looks out across the sands to see how many dragonets are left without
On the sands, Rebecka bends her fingers and suddenly finds them all to
interesting. Like whoa! THey move, like, totally. I mean, like, that's
cool. Ummm Becka. You silly girl, you're supposed to be watching them
dragonets and seeing if one wants you. Becka hrms at the voice in her
head. Oh.. oh yeah, like, totally.
Luhel heads down the stairs.
Zakia is glad she made it in time to see the hatching.
D'thon studies the remaining two green hatchlings pensively.
F'rin, overhearing D'thon's remark, glances toward the sands and
chuckles. "That doesn't surprise me, considering how many hungry
dragonets are down there."
Mairen nods and slips quietly out moving slower and without her usual
On the sands, Kidwyn straightens her robe.. As much as possible,
considering it's soaked with sweat, sandy across the rear end, and none of
the seams quite go where they're supposed to. Hop, next foot, as the
current one becomes charcoal.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet lets out a screechy mewl
of exasperation as she peers up at each person she comes to, not finding
the right one. Eyes whirl, seeming to froth with a bloodred glare, and
she pounces forward yet again. Wait… there….. something that matches
her. Yes…… nice green. 'Though not quite so bright as her
beeeeooootiful hide…… she makes her way towards the forgotten glimpse
of green, only knowing that there was something there that intrigued her.
Mairen goes home.
A drudge arrives to cart Kjeld off to bed.
A drudge arrives to cart Lark off to bed.
On the sands, Fia drifts off into a world of her own.
sands below.
On the sands, K'shaw looks at his hands and sees a little speck of purple
ther e he missed…hmm then forgets aboout it as he looks into Dalgreth's
On the sands, Rebecka wraps her fingers around a strand of hair, or is it
the other way around? Umm. Becka just watches. Heh. Lookie that one. Cutie
pye. She smiles, and gives a yank to her hair. Oow. Hey you stupid girl
whaddya think you're doing? Hair that gets pulled does hurt, hate to
inform you. WIth that she stops and resumes watching and dancing. Soooo
fun. Ohhhh so fun.
Fletcher looks up and sees people slowly trickling in and notes a Harper
knot on one. Is that, "Zakia? Come on over!" He waves her towards the
Harper corner where he's happened to plop himself.
Tony walks in.
On the sands, Fia blinks and looks around, blushing because she drifted
Zakia walks over and sits down still watching the scene on the sands
On the sands, Katryna wipes sweat off, her feet hopping slower now even
though they still cook.
Maury walks in.
Minuet waves to Maury
Tony sits down near fletcher
On the sands, Doomed perhaps to coil in silent existance forever — but.
No. Moss-Hung Gargoyle's knobbly head lifts and points, to one that seems
alone too. With consideration, she trudges towards that solitary white
figure.. and then lopes ungracefully, resolve firming. Yes. /Yes/.
OOC: Jarldom says "I have to go for a minute"
Fletcher grins a greeting to Tony and Zakia. "Ever been to one of these
before?" he asks the two just-arrived Harpers.
On the sands, Yes. /Yes/. /Tiareth/ encourages, too, tail lashing the
sands behind her.
Jarldom falls asleep.
Zakia shakes her head, her mouth hanging open.
Tony says, "No I havent"
On the sands, Katryna scruffs her sandals in the sand, trying to keep
sweat and sand out of her eyes.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet scrabbles at the sand she
passes over, impatience barely contained within her seething mind. A
swirl of reddish blond, another glimpse of elusive green, draws her
onward. Something there that she mustmustmust see, for some reason
unknown to her. Her foul claws scrabble yet again, pinions rattling
together as she tries to keep her balance.
On the sands, Kara shivers again as she watches the predatory one.
Stepping back she tries to get all of them in view. So beautiful. So so
dragons. Hands moves to her head. Move wet hair. She continues so lift her
burning feet.
Zakia breathes, "Wow."
D'thon says, "Where's *that* one going?"
Fletcher grins silently and stop chattering to the two so they can enjoy
the spectacle completely.
Annie leans fowards, elbows on knees,when will those 2 greens impress?
Bronwyn returns from writing herself a note.
On the sands, Kidwyn wobbles, catches herself, wobbles. It's so /hot/ in
here, how can these people stand it? Oh. She's one of these people. She
mops off her forehead and switches feet by habit now, tugging at that
sharding robe.
On the sands, Nuff continues to poke R'han with each imrpession, leaving
finally the too greens, both children of their parents and rather dark,
but different. With a giggle Nuff lashes herself around a lump-leg and
grins. "C'mon little ones. Find'm. Search'm. Eat.. er.. nuzzle'm."
Cyrene hears a voice and starts from her creeping to the rail…oh! He
meant the dragons. Tra-la-la, she'll just ooze on over here a bit…
On the sands, Rebecka waves her hands around now. Yes folks, she's
conducting a banbd.. the symphnony? Ahhh yeah. Uh-huh. Whatever you say.
Becka hrms at the two greens. Really they take up all her attention..
don't ask be how she keeps her attention on them that long but she
manages. Well you know, she looks over to her side just to see anudder
person impress. Wow. Andmine?
On the sands, Tiareth nuzzles her rider, while she's at it, though
eating's not out of the picture. A disdainful talon's flick sends
abandoned shards scattering.
A drudge arrives to cart Apollyon off to bed.
On the sands, Nuff eyes the lost eggs rather mournfully… unhappily. Ah
the omlettes those could have made. Ducking a gold-wing, she darts under
the dragon and gathers up some of the scattered shards, here fuchia, there
mint, even some of the lurid orange pieces. All are tucked into, of
course, a pocket — one of many.
Maury falls asleep.
Candidates on the sands.
On the sands, M'hael consumes his mingling amongst his charges and stops
at C'nor. "Ah, Connor
C'nor, I guess. Tevynth, it is? Ganth says so."
On the sands, M'hael resumes, too.
On the sands, Kazumi approaches each of the new weyrlings in turn. "How
are you two doing? I know, I know. Hungry. We'll feed them as soon as
we get to the weyrling barracks." She smiles, running a hand through her
hair, wiping back damp bangs. "It'll be soon enough."
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet propells herself forward,
for once /eager/, for once /alive/. All that perfection which she craves,
that heart, soul, mind. Closer and closer to she who waits for her, the
beast comes.
On the sands, C'nor smiles, nodding enthusiastically to M'hael. Why no,
his head isn't going to fall off. "Tha's wha' Tevynth told me," he says,
still watching the bronze with much fascination.
On the sands, Aralie is still gazing into Risath's eyes, then looks down
at each little claw, fascinated. She hazards a glance out at the sands,
giggling slightly.
A drudge arrives to cart Jarldom off to bed.
A drudge arrives to cart Rarah off to bed.
Kelta wakes up.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet lunges forward, suddenly
losing control of her rage, which causes her to swoop forward; harpies are
rather swoopish. And foul, as this one's temper seems to be. But then
she stops, suddenly, barred by a pair of slender legs. Her head turns up,
ruby red eyes encountering the emerald pair that tantalized her so
earlier. And the dangly red-blond stuff that does shine in the light
On the sands, Fia, finally managing to convince Synth that there really
isn't anything under the sand that would interest her, smiles up at
Kazumi. "Hungry? HA! Understantment." she manages to get out before being
whuffled by Synth. Again. Slobber. Eck.
On the sands, Rebecka shifts on the sands. Hey lookie that green babie.
What a sweetie. She shakes her hand. *plop* Actully you don't hear that.
But drops of sweat to fling from her arm. Sand too. She watches. Hrm. Her
eyes musta closed a bit now cuz ummmmm cuz they just aren't as wide as
they were.
Annie falls asleep.
Serauber calls to Imperial, who flies over and lands on his shoulder.
On the ledge, Pintarryth shifts uneasily to get a look at the scene below.
Kelta waves
Karistor walks in.
On the sands, Aralie rubs her own belly, says quietly, "Yes, hungry!
Risath, we'll get…I know, I know…" she giggles as she strokes her head.
On the sands, Katryna coughs. More dust. And heat. Too much heat.
On the sands, Kidwyn actually yawns, despite herself, then blushes crimson
and looks around to see if anyone noticed. 'Tis the heat, you see. Woah!
Wobble. Change feet, tug dress, wipe hair.. this is getting to be a real
rhythm here.
Larkin sneezes, delicately.
A drudge arrives to cart Maury off to bed.
On the sands, K'shaw says, "Yes I know will fill that empty spot in our
stomachs real soon…I know they promised they would.."
Bronwyn returns, sending a firelizard off to deliver the message.
Cyrene hauls herself over to the railing again and yawns slightly, resting
her chin there.
F'rin automatically pulls a handkerchief out, handing it to Larkin. "Dust
getting to you, love?"
On the sands, To orbs grey in dangling tresses black, then, looks the
Gargoyle. Her advance slowed to tentative crawling, the green dragonet
finally comes to rest and tense herself in front of the Chosen. A
question, a pause: Look. It is I. /Look/.
Larkin nods, touching the cloth to her nose, then handing it back. "A bit.
But isn't it all so /exciting/?"
Bronwyn calls to Moa, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.
Jarldom walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
F'rin laughs, nodding his head. "Aye… It's always exciting."
Kira goes home.
On the sands, Rebecka just kinda stares idly. Daydreaming. Ahh the life.
The angle on her shoulder, the invisable one, gives her a shove. Hey
goofy, wakey. Lookie. Something might happen. Becka opens her eyes again.
Oh they were closed? Daydreaming does have that affect does it not?
On the sands, Kidwyn looks around at knots of various huddling Candidates,
trying to decide which way to hop. Maybe she'll stay where she is. Anyone
mind if she sits down? She glances down at the sands. Hmm.. might be too
Leezal walks in.
A drudge arrives to cart Annie off to bed.
Rorie smiles at Heather, "Exciting, eh?"
On the sands, Kara shivers and looks down at the green dragon near her
taking a step backwards getting out of the way. Eyes wide hoping but not
wanting to be become a patient again she moves.
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet is done with waiting, with
casual observation. Insinuating herself into Kidwyn's vision, she will not
be denied at least a passing glance. /Look/.
On the sands, Katryna shuffles her feet. Hop. Wipe sweat away. Flap robe
for cool (?) air. Hop.
On the sands, Moss-hung Gargoyle Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted
eyes toward Kidwyn, and steps forward.
Keven looks up from the sands and notice the two new harpers, he smiles at
them both and then goes back watching the hatching.
Larkin goes back to her litany. "Awww. Another green pairing. That's just
On the sands, So shocked is Kidwyn that she actually puts her other foot
down, gapes, and stares. "ME?" she squeaks incredulously. "Me??"
Marc chuckles.
On the sands, Tiareth presses one paw forward herself, a long ripple
rising from crested neck through ribs and wyverthian tail. Almost
Zakia wows at the Impression.
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet beams devillishly up at
Kara. An ear-splitting screech of joy tumbles from her mouth, and she
joyfully snatches at Kara's white robe with her claws.
On the sands, Nuff looks! Not that she's looking for another dragon, just
looking. With a giggle, the rider stretches, joints cracking, and the Lump
gets a short hidden snug. "Well done. Well, /well/ done." Jhanath, of
course, gets glared at.
D'thon says, "Who's that? Kidwyn? One more left."
Marc goes home.
On the sands, Rebecka keeps on tapping, eyes wide as she looks at Kidwyn.
Oh lovely and welp there goes the last. Sniffle.
Cassa claps her hands together, "Oh, wonderful!"
Cyrene heads down the stairs.
F'rin chuckles at Larkin's reaction. "You think all green pairings are
sweet, love."
Larkin nods. "Well, and so they are."
On the sands, Coal-smudged Harpy Green Dragonet turns her jewel faceted
eyes toward Kara, and steps forward.
Rorie grins. "Ooh, she got the last green..
Keven smiles "So that's it."
Minuet starts jumping up and down (Yes, Minuet..) and an incredibly loud
"WooooooooOOOOOOOOoooooo Kara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" comes from her lips
On the sands, Katryna watches the last dragonets pair off.
Zakia smiles.
Cassa beams softly, and murmurs, "Wonderful, kitten."
D'thon looks intently at the coal-smudged green harpy dragonet.
On the sands, M'hael falls to the ground and slips into the dream world.
beams into dragonet eyes. "'ello, Zazuth," she finally says softly. "I'm
Kidwyn." As if introductions were necessary.
On the sands, Kara blinks in amazement as she kneels on the sands putting
her arms about the dragonets neck. "Her name is Ilsinth!" No stutter none
at all but absolute joy and wonder.
D'thon says, "Kara."
Celana heads down the stairs.
T'lis heads down the stairs.
On the ledge, Daelia hops agily up to Calith's neck, using a prooffered
arm as a stepstool.
On the ledge, Calith takes off.
Above the sands, Calith takes off from Ledge
On the sands, Katryna brushes her matted hair out of her eyes one last
Taria smiles happily as the last of the dragonets impress, she lets go of
her leg and wearily stands, giving a goodby wave to those she knows
On the sands, "I'm going to check on the meat in the barracks —
congratulations, Weyrlings." Ophelia smiles broad and dashes for the exit.
"Kazumi, M'hael, bring them in after you.."
Taria heads down the stairs.
On the sands, T'lis steps quietly out onto the sands.
On the sands, Ophelia walks quietly off the sands.
On the sands, Darcy smiles with brilliant memory as her memory kicks in
yet again. Then she looks back at Kara and Kidwyn…. "What are their
names?" Ah, there we go. "Lovely names, Kidwyn, Kara." She turns to
another rider. "Can we go????"
Zakia stands up and stretches.
Bronwyn watches intently as the last impressions are made and then sighs.
On the sands, Celana walks up to those left upon the sands, trying to
gather those near her.
Bronwyn goes home.
On the sands, T'lis follows along after Celana offering a soft smile to
those out there.
On the ledge, Pintarryth takes off.
Above the sands, Pintarryth takes off from Ledge
Leezal goes home.
On the ledge, Maenath bugles as the last dragonets pair off, and spreads
his wings to swoop off the ledge in an aerial swirl.
On the ledge, Maenath takes off.
Above the sands, Maenath takes off from Ledge
Above the sands, Pintarryth flies out the upper entrance of the hatching
Zakia heads down the stairs.
Fletcher hmmms to the assembled Harpers and suggests hopefully,
"PArrrrty? Let's see if F'rin has anything planned…"
Zakia walks up the stairs, and looks about for a seat.
Keven grins "Yes!"
Zakia hmmms.
D'thon stands and stretches.
On the sands, Darcy swings up to Maenath's neck, using his leg as a step.
Zakia yawns and cracks her knuckles.
Fletcher sniggers and manuevers through the crowd up to F'rin, waiting
just in case the Weyrleader's busy with important WeyrStuff.
On the sands, From Maenath's neck, Darcy buckles the straps around herself
and tightens them securely.
On the sands, Maenath takes off, scattering sand about with his wings.
Above the sands, Maenath takes off from the sands.
Above the sands, Calith disappears ::between::!
Above the sands, Maenath wings agilely out the upper entrance of the
hatching grounds.
From Minuet's arms, Rapture chirrs happily to herself
Cassa heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Kara giggles and moves with Ilsinth to the others. Slowly
stepping lightly across the sands. "Shes hungry! Oh!?!? I'm hungry." She
looks at the whirling eyes and smiles. "Yes I love you too Ilsinth." A
hand on her as the foreclaw is on her robe threatening to tear it.
On the sands, Tiareth trumpets, brilliant. It is done. —A /nudge/, for
Nuff, the latest of many, with more to come.
Kitana falls asleep.
all welcome to join us in the Living Caverns for food and drink."
From Fletcher's shoulder, Jasper chirrs to Rapturefriend, just so Rapture
has someone ELSE to chirr to.
Fletcher grins broadly. "Excellent!" he declares brightly.
Zakia stairs
On the sands, Celana walks up to Katryna and Rebecka. "Do you mind if I
talk to you guys for a second?"
Keven smiles as he hears what F'rin says.
Zakia goes home.
From Minuet's arms, Rapture turns jewel faceted eyes upon Jasper…
On the sands, Katryna shakes her head. "I guess not."
Larkin murmurs, "You go ahead. I just need a few moments to take it all
On the sands, Rebecka looks forlornly at the impressed dragons then turns
to Celana, "Oh umm what? Uhh yeah?" She offers a weak smile.
On the sands, M'hael wakes up from a deep sleep and stretches.
On the sands, Katryna trudges over to Celana.
On the sands, Kazumi grins as she looks around at the now empty sands.
"Would all you weyrlings please follow me back to the weyrling barracks
where there will be food ready for you dragons?"
Keven nods cheefully.
Fletcher heads down the stairs.
On the sands, T'lis stands just behind Celana wathcing on quietly.
Keven heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Kidwyn resumes her hopping on the sands, beaming giddily at
anyone who happens to look in her direction.. but mostly at her newfound
lifemate. Zazuth butts her head against Kidwyn's chest (oof!). "Oh! She's
hungry! I'm hungry!" Suddenly, she looks ill. "/Meat/?"
On the sands, Celana watches, and waits for Rebecka and anyone else left
upon the Sands.
On the sands, Kazumi walks carefully off the sands.
On the sands, Synth,upon the mention of FOOD, almost barrels after the
F'rin gestures toward the stairs. "The caverns are just outside the
hatching grounds, so you shouldn't have any problems finding them. I've
another responsibility to take care of, before I join you."
On the sands, Rebecka walks after Celana too now.
Kelta walks out.
On the sands, Kara giggles as a head buts her leg.
Leilani falls asleep.
On the sands, Cianith shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, K'shaw smiles at his sister and her new partner
On the sands, Kyleigh strides purposefully off the sands.
On the sands, K'shaw walks, with an air of mischeviousness. off the sands.
On the sands, Fia says, "SYNTH." she manages through clenched teeth.
Great, she /had/ to get her total opposite, didn't she? Impatient little
snit. But she looooves her. "Now now, there is plenty. No need to /run/."
On the sands, Tevynth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, Sylke waits to make sure all the weyrlings get out before
following them.
Jarldom says, "good Bye Everyone"
On the sands, Jaseth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, E'nin strides confidently off the sands.
On the sands, C'nor walks off the sands.
On the sands, Kara walks slowly off the sands.
On the sands, Dalgreth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, Ilsinth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, Craning her neck, Kidwyn looks around for some familiar
face.. anyone, really. "Someone? Help? Zaz wants.." she gulps, turning
green, "meat."
On the sands, F'rin moves quietly up, behind T'lis and Celana, waiting for
the impressees to leave.
On the sands, Aralie wanders silently off the sands.
On the sands, Nuff eeps and leaps aboard departing draogn. No way she's
staying here alone with Jhanath.
On the sands, Straps squeak under the strain as Nuff clambers up up /up/
into Tiareth's neckridges.
On the sands, Risath shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
On the sands, Tiareth sways, wings wide. Flight. She
/remembers/ this.
On the sands, Kidwyn blinks sleepily. Sliding to the floor and resting her
chin upon her knees, she falls asleep.
pointing out and to the barracks. "There's meat in the weyrling barrracks
waiting for all your dragons."
Rorie heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Sylke feels like a traffic guard. :)
Heather heads down the stairs.
On the sands, Celana waits for the Impressed to leave, before turning back
to those left.
On the sands, Fia stops, blinks, and looks around. "Will I still be a
cook?" Huh> Fia? You sure you're alright?
On the sands, Kidwyn yawns once, stretches, and stands, shaking the sleep
from her eyes.
Kidwyn. "Come on, you two, your dragons aren't getting fed here." She
On the sands, Synth shuffles awkwardly off the sands.
D'thon says, "Quite a spectacle … as it always is."
On the sands, Fia steps softly off the sands.
On the sands, Kidwyn blushes crimson, nodding meekly at Sylke as Zazuth
swings her head against that oh-so-convenient stomach yet again. "But -
oof! - she wants.. /meat/," Kidwyn squeaks.
On the sands, M'hael walks off the sands.
A drudge arrives to cart Leilani off to bed.
You go southwest.
Hatching Grounds Entrance (#4385)
The imposing height of this tunnel is a mere shadow of the cavern beyond.
Worn smooth by time and touch, the walls and floor reflect turns of
passage by candidate and observer alike, dusted gently by a smattering of
coarse black sand; heat and excitement are palpable here as well, cooled
somewhat by the breeze that filters in from the bowl. Broad, shallow
stairs sweep up to the galleries for more general observation, while a
broad, lower tunnel leads towards the sands themselves.
It is a spring evening.
On the sands, you see Tiareth, Zazuth, Jhanath, one firelizard, and ten
In the bowl, you see Ganth, Pintarryth, and two firelizards.
Flittering around is Daenar.
Brown Tchirnath, brown Amanoth, blue Cianith, bronze Tevynth, brown
Jaseth, blue Dalgreth, green Ilsinth, green Risath, and gold Synth are
You notice Cassa asleep here.
Kazumi, Kyleigh, K'shaw, E'nin, C'nor, Kara, Aralie, Fia, and M'hael are
Obvious exits:
Sands Galleries Bowl
Ilsinth bumps into Kara's legs almost knocking her down. Tearing her eyes
from Cassa she goes bends down and caresses the headknob. "I know soon."
She looks up. "Were both real hungry."
Aralie strokes Risath's head with her fingertips, feeling a need to
express her love for the green to the whole room. Instead she simply
caresses the little darling.
Kazumi counts heads. "Just a few more of you and we'll get going." She
smiles, leaning against Amanoth's leg. She looks up at the big brown and
smiles, sharing memories of their own blessed day on the Sands.
Sylke strides gracefully in from the Hatching Grounds.
Zazuth shuffles awkwardly in from the Hatching Grounds.
Kidwyn limps shyly in from the Hatching Grounds.
Sylke says, "Oh, wait, here we all are."
Kazumi grins. "Ah there! Come on, let's get you settled in."
Cyrene walks in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Kazumi walks carefully back outside into the bowl.
C'nor smiles, still staring at Tevynth, rather ignoring the rest of the
area in his preoccupation. Crouching down near the bronze, he gives the
little dragon a measuring study, etching each little piece into memory.
Still, as footsteps are heard, he sends waves over his shoulder, whether
or not he knows any of them.
Fletcher strides confidently in from the Southeastern Bowl.
Cyrene slips in and carefully gives Ara a quick and tearful hug before
dashing out again.
D'thon walks in from the Galleries.
Cyrene walks back outside into the bowl.
K'shaw walks, with an air of mischeviousness. back outside into the bowl.
Aralie stares after Cyrene, a slow smile breaking across her features
Dalgreth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
Sylke winks at Fletcher as she acts as traffic guard for the 'lings. "All
right, l;et's get those little things fed."
Fletcher blinks at the wink, shrugs, and turns to D'thon. "That did you
think of it, D'thon?"
D'thon reaches up and pats the huge side of Pintarryth as he watches the
march of the hatchlings.
Synth bugles, a brassy, hollow sound. Food. Fooooood.
Aralie wanders silently back outside into the bowl.
Risath shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
C'nor decides he should be following the others.
M'hael walks back outside into the bowl.
Tevynth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
D'thon says to Fletcher, "Each one is unique … special."
Sylke puts a hand to her ear. "Fia, get that girl to the meat trays!"
C'nor walks back outside into the bowl.
Kidwyn slides a protective arm over dragonet neck, whirling fascets and
grey twinkles sharing some private amusement. With an effort, Kidwyn pulls
her gaze back to the older riders.
Fletcher grins to D'thon. "As all people are, hmmm? Where are the other
Candidates?" he says, looking around for those without dragons.
Kara walks slowly back outside into the bowl.
Ilsinth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
A drudge gently picks up Cassa's sleeping form and walks off.
D'thon says to Fletcher, "In a very private and painful place."
D'thon says to Fletcher, "I did not impress my first time on the sands."
Fletcher nods slowly to D'thon. "Yes… But I mean physically?" he
wonders, still looking around.
Kyleigh tries not to look at this callous man who would pleasure himself
even as he speaks of those unfortunate tonight. She just leads her baby
blue out with a cold shiver.
Kyleigh strides purposefully back outside into the bowl.
Cianith shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
Amanoth rumbles at the little dragonets, a friendly enough gesture, though
with little shooing gestures with his wings. Go on, get going. :)
D'thon says to Fletcher, "Oh, I don't know. If they are lucky, there are
friends to comfort them. If not, they may simply have gone back to their
barracks alone."
Sylke tries actively getting behind the little dragons, and pushing them,
but does so to no avail. Won't budge. "Come on, the others are waiting for
Jaseth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
E'nin strides confidently back outside into the bowl.
You overhear Sylke mutter, "And if I were … I … go … … …" to
Taria walks with an energetic bounce to her step in from the Southeastern
Fletcher sighs softly. "That's too bad… I can't imagine handling the
pressure anyone here did…."
You overhear Fletcher mutter, "… And … … …" to Sylke.
Taria walks with an energetic bounce to her step up into the galleries.
Synth won't be pushed. She bugles again. Hehe. Gotta good reaction the
/first/ time, didn't it? Okay okay, food THAT way.
Synth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
Sylke rolls her eyes. Oi vey, what a class… "Kidwyn, Fia, let's go, stop
dawdling, your dragons are gonna starve!" Ok, an exxageration, but if it
gets them moving…
Fia steps softly back outside into the bowl.
You overhear D'thon mutter, "Every life has … own kind … pressure …
… … … … Even Istan …" to Fletcher.
Fletcher shakes his head to D'thon. "Perhaps, D'thon…" he murmers
softly, looking over the new grouping of Weyrlings.
Sylke turns to Fletcher to say, "It wouldn't be appreciated. That's all."
She turns back around to Kidwyn and again escorts the new greenrider to
the bowl. "All right, coming?"
Kidwyn fairly drags Zaz along behind her, though the dragonet needs no
prodding at the mention of food. "Starve?" She sounds shocked.
Fletcher falls asleep.
Sylke gestures. "You first, Kid."
Kidwyn limps shyly back outside into the bowl.
Zazuth shuffles awkwardly back outside into the bowl.
Sylke strides gracefully back outside into the bowl.
Amanoth points a snout towards the central bowl.

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