Hannah Wanders Into Drama In The Kitchens

Logfile from Hannah.
September 2, 2003

Kitchen (#4527)
The kitchens, smaller than the living cavern, also feature rounded igneous walls, inset with gold specks of volcanic glass, although the gold seems far less deliberate here, more patchy and irregular. This seems like a natural lava tube, leading into the living cavern and dead-ending after a sharp turn to one side. Broad, scarred tables fill this area along with chopping blocks, dented copper pots, and a row of huge sinks, dug by ingenious method into the rock itself, draining to some unknown point and fed by clear cool water, perhaps from the same source as the artificial waterfall outside.
Gliding about are four firelizards.
You see Annly's Away from it All and Tirek here.
N'ano, Serina, Musuko, and Elgin are here.
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Baker's Area Living Caverns
Musuko glares at N'ano. "I lost my mother when I was young.. to THREAD." is thrown at him, anger in her words. "All my family but my sister." she sighs, recomposing herself.. "But that's the past… Not saying I don't blame you dragonriders." is tossed to the 'rider. "The man? Elgin.." 'Suko says, blushing and wiping away her tears..

"I do not get emotional," Seri declares soundly, turning to look at N'ano. "I'll get emotional if I'm of a mind to," she tells him and cocks her head. Musuko is given a reasurring squeeze when she explodes unhappily. "Now don't start going through all that again," Seri tells Musuko when she starts doing the blame thing. "It'll just end up with us both in a fight," she declares with an instant smile and conspiratorial wink. "Elgin," is echoed dumbly and Seri turns to blink cluelessly at the guy.

M'er shimmies, shakes, and boogies in from the Living Cavern.

Elgin hears his name and turns with a spin to greet the familar voice with a smile. Seeing that the voice really does belong to Musuko, he beams happily hands the plate back to the baffled cook, strides over, embraces her tightly before grinning softly, "Hello beautiful. How are you?"

Hannah blinks and raises her eyebrows when stepping into such heated words. Looking from Musuko to N'ano and then to Serina, the werywoman takes a moment to let it sink in that the girl is actually glaring at the weyrleader. "What's going on—?" she asks, more than a little bewildered. M'er is given a quick little look of greeting before attention is given back weyrleader-wards.

Sarah glides gracefully in from the Living Cavern.

Musuko turns to see Elgin and blushes. "Elgin! What are you doing here?" is asked, a huge smile covering her face. "I've not seen you in a while.." suddenly 'Suko lowers her head and cringes a bit. "I guess you've heard I left the healers?" is asked in a hushed voice before she turns to N'ano for a bit just to say, "Seri's right.. I'm sorry, that was unacceptable for me to burst out like that.." she bows, and continues, "Please accept my apology.." 'Suko then turns back to Elgin. "Sorry I didn't tell you earlier… but I didn't know how you'd react.. I've been well, and you?" Shaking her head Musuko laughs, "This is Elgin.. Serina this is Elgin.. N'ano, Elgin.." Turning to Hannah Musuko blushes… "I'm sorry.. I… forgot myself.. please forgive my rudeness.." 'Suko hides her face behind her hair and bows her head..

Eating and womanizing's more like it. In N'ano's mind, anyway. At Musuko's explanation, N'ano just kinda stares, quirking his brows in frank surprise, "Ya'll outside dancin' in it or someth" he starts to say, holding his hands up in defense before stepping back slightly as she apologizes, "SorryI shouldn't pry. However," he pauses, holding up one hand now, "I don't think it's fair to attest riders for your lost—so I guess apology accepted?" But that's all he says for now as his attention's been caught by the overloading of weyrfolk making their way into the kitchen. "Weyrwoman," he greets, offering mere headbobs towards the others. Too many, y'know?

Serina is happily clueless as to N'ano's rank or even name. Much to his own comfort she's sure. Turning at yet another unfamiliar voice, Hannah is fixed with Seri's customary grin. "Honestly.. I was looking for 'lizard scraps and all this happened," humor at the situtation is clear in her sparkling eyes. Said eyes widen when N'ano elaborates for her just whom Hannah is. Oh yes this place is indeed still very new. "Oh..oh my," she murmurs somewhat more softly. She wonders idly if it is against some rule to be in here. Then something else hits her..a name. "N..N'ano?" Amber-brown eyes shimmer with a deer in headlight effect and the world around her gets a little fuzzy. "I..I think I'm dizzy.." She looks at Musuko a sort of wildness in her eyes.

Elgin smiles happily and nods adressing the woman, "Weyr woman. Always a pleasure to see you in this wonderful weyr…and the best food of any of the places I deliever messages too…" of course he knows her face, he's a messenger. N'ano is likewise given a nod. But Musuko is obviously the only thing on his mind past politeness. "I told you I would support you no matter your descision beautfiul. I just said it had to be yours.." he winks softly at her.

Musuko takes a deep breath, then shakes her head. "We were living out by the ocean, and thread had never bothered us before… but that day it reached the shore.. and my youngest sibling was outside… the family panicked, and ran out to get her…" she stops, knowing her voice was too low to be heard from further than two feet away. "I am sorry.. I should know better by now.." is added loud enough for both weyrleader and weyrwoman. "I suppose I should go now.." She looks to Seri, and reaches for her. "You alright?" is asked, concern in her face. "Do you need a healer?" 'Suko squeezes Elgin's hand, then turns her eyes to Seri again…

Rin floats in from the Living Cavern.

M'er practically bounces in, chanting out a cheery, "Hullo," as soon as he notices other people. "And, and, has anyone seen Sarah? I'm sure this is her normal haunt." Which is better than M'er's usual haunt. A pause happens as M'er stands there, looking slightly bewildered, and then: "N'ano, Hannah. Hi. And you two, too. Whoever you are." Well. Friendly? Maybe.

Serina remembers well the words her father threw in her face upon her leaving.. This thought clears her mind and gives her focous. "I could probably use some air," she grasps Musuko's hand and makes to follow the woman out the door. Her lifeline out of this crazy mess, where she has more room to ponder things. "T'was nice meeting you," is directed rather late at Elgin. "I'll walk outside with you," she further elaborates her desire to escape as she turns her smile again on Musuko. "We have so much to catch up on.."

Hannah steps away from the pregnant woman with haste, not being comfortable with illness. "Are you okay? You might want to see a healer for that," comments the goldrider quietly. "YOu should not yell so at the weyrleader," admonishes Hannah rather belatedly. Quickly, she scoots to the side to get what she came for from the kitchens: apparently checking the storage counts of various items.

Apparently having been in the Cold Cavern for much of the goings-on, Sarah emerges with a plate of fruit and blinks. There are a lot of people in her Kitchens. "Oh, g'day everyone. Weyrwoman, Weyrleader." People she doesn't know. And so, giving the group a smile and a tilt of her head, she listens to the last few lines of conversation. Does she want to know? Probably not. This doesn't seem to concern her, but she brushes past a few of the members of the group to get to the cupboards, pointing a finger at a mixing bowl. "Cecithise.. start making the dough." Quick to follow orders, the Apprentice skitters around the Kitchen before Sarah notices her green-riding Weyrmate. "Love! What are you doing here?" Whiping her hands off on a towel, she blinks and steps forward. "Anything wrong?"

Musuko nods, and pulls Seri out of that mess. "I am sorry.." is called over her shoulder.

Musuko walks to the Living Caverns.

"I'll be fine, thank you," is called over her shoulder as Musuko drags her away. "Weyrleader," is softly echoed in Musuko's ear. "Oh honey.." Seri hurries after Musuko with a wave for all left behind. It is rather a hurried thing you know.

"Wouldn't ya'll've seen it comin' though? I mean" N'ano waves it off, shaking his head as well before he leans back against the counter once again, "M'er," he greets the greenrider, reaching a hand over to greet the man with a quick grasp at his shoulder. "Heyoooh…" he trails off, watching Serina being escorted out by Musuko. He starts to say something but, yeah. They've already left. Anywho… "So what're ya'll doin' here, eh? Anyone seen Jozz?"

Serina walks to the Living Caverns.

Jozzie moves gracefully with a habitual swing of her hips, in from the Living Cavern.

Elgin gives a soft glare to N'ano. "Leave her be…" is all that is offered, and it's a very forced civility. He turns and follows the two ladies out.
Elgin walks with a large confident stride to the Living Caverns.

Emraldae glances up towards the sky, and then launches into the air going ::BETWEEN::

Jozzie is on a search. Yes, a search. A rather fruitless one until now. She walks in waving around some papers in her hand up in the air. "N'ano!" she calls, "You forgot to sign these papers…" The bluerider /has/ to follow him around, d'oh. No, she couldn't have waited until later. It had to be now. Perhaps just for the excuse of finding him.

Hannah opens her mouth to answer N'ano when Jozzie walks in, "Right here," is said with amusement. Going back to digging through various things in the kitchen and making apparent mental notations, she gives a quick wave to Jozzie before nose is again buried in work.

M'er beams heartily as his weyrmate appears. "That's why I love you, Sarah. Uhm…" Long pause. "Something like that, yes. I was looking for you!" Another pause. "Because I can. Suith said she was bored. And, I guess I am, too. So. Yeah." He returns N'ano's greeting by giving the WeyrLeader a swift pat on the back before weaving over to Sarah. "Whatcha doing? And what happened here, anyway? There were like… people almost fainting when I came in."

"What!?" N'ano spins on his heels, happening almost to turn right into the bluerider. "Oh, Hi. What'd I forget now?" he questions, holding his hands up to her face to give her a quick kiss, Disney style, yo. "I signed those, didn't I? Wait—which are these?" is soon asked, his hand maneuvering to try and take the hides from Jozzie's grasp.

Jozzie is rather surprised by the kiss, however smiles back to N'ano. She stands rather close to him and gives him a tilt of her head. "The ones you thought you signed, but you didn't." she replies to him, showing a bit of amusement. She lets him take the papers while she looks over his shoulder at Hannah. "Oh, Hannah!" she says, seeming like she hadn't seen the Weyrwoman for… oh, turns.

Sarah's eyebrows raise slightly as a grin crosses her face. "Looking for me? Why?" As she listens more, the smile turns into an amused smirk. "Bored, eh? You wouldn't want to help out, would you? We could use another hand in here." After thinking about M'er and kitchen supplies, however, she shakes her head. "Nevermind." Glancing over to watch the Apprentice's progress, she then shrugs her shoulders. "We're you know, cooking. It's what you do in a Kitchen, love." Leaning over to peck him on the cheek, she looks around. "I don't know, actually. I was in the Cold Cavern getting some fruit out when it all happened. I was wondering that, myself." And in the Kitchens! That's not a good place to almost faint. The Infirmary would be a good place for that.

M'er blanches at that prospect of work. "Oh, cooking. Uh, you need more help… I think I hear Suith calling! Yeah, she wants a bath or something! Or maybe she just wants to take me and hide someplace. I dunno. I'll, uh. Tell you later. Bye!" He returns the kiss on the cheek swiftly, and practically runs out of the Kitchen.

M'er goes home.

Hannah lets N'ano better answer M'er's question, giving the weyrleader a pointed look. "Really, N'ano, you're the only one who was here. What happened to start all that mess." Jozzie's greeting is given a little grin before head ducks again to finish counting, apologizising quietly to the kitchen staff trying to work around her.

"Oh! I know why'was 'bout to sign 'em… but got distracted when Neana came runnin' in… alright." With a grin, N’ano tucks the hidework into his pocket, patting the front, "I'll get to 'em after. Ain' pertinent," he says before turning a look over his shoulder towards Hannah, "Ohwell, I was just in here lookin' for some empty flasks for the infirmary-Serina came in here lookin' for some scraps for her flizzen… 'n then thater, uh… oh, Musukoshe came in all huffy, goin' on 'bout how she was gettin' 'fasted to that Elgin fellow 'n she wanted Serina to replace her mum or somethin''n then she went on 'bout how she lost her family in thread," he drawls out on that last part, heaving a sigh.

Sarah goes home.

Jozzie gives a curious look to N'ano about this woman who had just happened to walk into the Kitchens. "Oh," she remarks quietly, although doesn't remark on anything any further. "Huffy, huh? I would think that if anyone lost their family they would be anything other than… well." The bluerider just shuts up there, drops the whole subject.
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"Sounds.. rather interesting, N'ano," comes the quiet murmur as the goldrider emerges from her little chore, looking a little less put together than when she entered. Hannah smoothes back her hair and turns her full attention on the pair. "She seems a little resentful," she remarks. Nodding her head in the direction of his pocket, "What's that you need to sign?"

"What? Oh" N'ano looks down, patting his pocket again before pulling forward said documents, "I'm commissionin' a few things from the Smithsat least I think that's what these ones are for," he pauses, unrolling the hide to glance over it, giving way to a small nod moments later. "Yeah… some new shelves for the stores and" again, he pauses, shuffling the hides to pull the last one forward, "Mmm'n this one's for tithes."

Jozzie gives a slight shrug of her shoulders and pulls out one of the benches to the tressle table and takes a seat. As soon as she sits down, however, she is up again to pour herself a mug of klah. "How have you been doing, Hannah?" she asks. "I don't believe that I have spoken with you for awhile."

Hannah answers Jozzie first, "Pretty good. Just been busy. Saria made it look so easy, but I just didn't appreciate all the work she did, I guess." She takes a seat herself, "My daughter's nearly four turns now. Dhiammarath's last clutch from her leadership flight hatched good strong dragons. Life is busy, but generally good. What about you? How're things faring for you?" Attention moves to N'ano for a brief comment, "I haven't commissioned anything new for my weyr in a long time. I might have to do that again sometime."

"Saria made it look easy, eh?" N'ano raises his brows, tossing in his own comments, "Ohwell, I ain' got nothin' new for the weyr yet. Hardly have time to even glance over it to see what we might even need," he grins, tossing Jozzie a look, "We don' need nothin', do we? Could pro'lly get that press fixedthough I can pro'lly do that m'self." Not very likely.

Jozzie gives a look back to N'ano, then lightly rolls her shoulders weakly. Then, she looks to Hannah and smiles. "My eldest, Enos, is nearly six turns and the other, Corona, is four and a half turns. Riyth wins some and looses some, as all male dragons do. He's still himself though." She pauses to sip her klah, while giving N'ano another glance. "Couldn't be more happier than now, though."

Hannah's lips curve into a knowing little smile. "I'm glad you're happy. They sure do grow up fast, don't they? And yes, Saria made it look very easy," she adds, "Almost effortless. She just did things and they just went so smoothly."
Hannah hugs Tstar! Tstar turns into a Giant White Tiger, who rolls over on her back purring contentedly.

And while they're on the subject of kids… "I can't 'lieve my oldest is gonna be -10- soon… 'n Neana 'n Eanoc ain' far 'hind him," N'ano sighs, leaning back in his chair before addressing Hannah with a nod, "Aye, I hear ya… though I must say, she foisted 'lot of the work onto me—pro'lly more than I actually do now, truthfully. But, it prepared me well 'nough. I was a little overwhelmed at first, not so much anymore."

Jozzie gives a small chuckle. "Saria had probably had been at the books for awhile, Hannah. I am sure that it will come more easily to you with time, although it is a bit of a chore. I remember the journeymen at heardercraft hall having to do a lot of record keeping. Have to know where your stock goes to and all. I helped Anya some growin' up and she'd show me something about record keeping."

Hannah nods her head, "Very true. Time does make it easier. Already I'm finding more time now than I did when I first became Senior." She winks at N'ano, "I'm sure the extra work has done a world of good for you." Leaning back, she takes the opportunity to relax a little, "The books are a lot of work. Not hard… tedious really." Idle comment.

"Ayebut the most important thing too is to not overwhelm y'self with 'em… gotta take breaks every now 'n then, y'know? Give the juniors somethin' to dothey'll need to know how anyway come the time. D'baji never goes empty handed. He's a good man… always willin' to give me a hand, I must say. Pro'lly the best pick I could have for my weyrsecond," N'ano says, standing up to retrieve a skin of wine from one of the cabinets, "Ya'll care for any? It's Lemosian."

Jozzie considers the thought of wine for a moment before she nods her head in N'ano's direction. "I will take a glass," she tells him. "Any news from High Reaches lately?" she asks the two. "No one has told me about anything up there lately. Normally there is plenty of news and gossip."

Hannah shakes her head at N'ano, "No thank you. I'm fine. Yeah, I don't do all the work." Corners of her mouth lift into a grin, "I'd never get anything done. I remember being a junior very clearly and it is good to give them something to do that prepares them in case…" Shrugging off the 'incases', she turns attention back to Jozzie, "No, not really. I usually hear something from Mother, but since her retirement, and my new duties, I haven't had the chance to talk to her as often."

"…incase the turns keep on rollin' and you grow so old that youcan't even walk anymore." Yeah. N'ano's just trying to stay optimistic about everything. Returning to his seat with the wine, he sets a glass in front of Jozzie, one in front of himself, and a glass of water for Hannah, just in case she should become parched. "'reachesmy sister impressed up there, y'hear 'bout that, Hannah?" he asks, realizing that he hadn't spoken socially with the woman for a while now.

"A couple of Istans impressed up there this clutch, so I have seen. There was a SeaCliffian who had impressed as well." Jozzie says before she takes a sip of the wine. "I wonder how we'll turn out with candidates…"

Hannah smiles her thanks to the weyrleader before reaching over to take a tiny sip of water. "You're sister, what was her name again? Congratulations. Riding must run in your family. Who'd she Impress?" Listening to Jozzie's comments, she idly notes, "I'm very behind the times, it seems. I don't know. Do you think we'll be able to coax more from the holds? It is nearing that time again. I wonder who will fly this next clutch. Quarith's getting on in years so I don't know. I'm thinking it'll probably be Miyakath or Almerasuth."

"We usually have a good turnout, I'd like to think," N'ano shrugs, taking a sip from his glass and swooshing the contents around his mouth first before swallowing. "Mmm, I'm beginnin' to think so m'self, Hannah. Three down… won't be too long till I see Ryran standin' out there on the sands!" the man exclaims before responding, "Alasse and green Chrideth. I would've loved to've seen her on a blue or brown though… Kinda wary 'bout her ridin' green, y'know?" Aww.

Jozzie chuckles lightly at N'ano. "Bydelth isn't much of a green chaser, is he?" she asks him. "I haven't seen him in the skies with Riyth most of the time, although it is difficult coming against such speed."
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Hannah coughs away a few giggles, adding "Just stay clear of High Reaches around the times you think she might be proddy." Sipping more water, she listens to the pair before saying, "I've seen Lonie out on the sands but she's not Impressed. Which isn't unusual considering how many times I stood on those hot sands."

"That's 'cause he saves it for when we're -visitin'- other Weyrs," N'ano frowns, shaking his head nevertheless, "He chases green once in a great whilenot /too/ often though. I'd pro'lly say maybe half a dozen a turn, really. Maybe a few more. I don't really keep track, honestly. He likes to save all his energy for the golds," he grins, offering a light shrug. "I must say though that the few greens he does chasehe catches 'bout eighty percent of the time. So maybe intuition?" Hannah's former remark emits nothing more than a mere groan from the Weyrleader. Well, that and a "I don' even wanna think 'bout that."

Jozzie gives Hannah an arc of her eyebrow. "Oh, I know how many… Hannah." she says, smiling. The bluerider scratches behind her ear as she looks across at the goldrider. "Thank Faranth I didn't wind up with a green, wouldn't have been able to handle it. It's just enough when Riyth gets in a grumpy mood."

Hannah laughs outright at N'ano's comment. "Not that much of a womanizer, huh?" Gaze swings wide of N'ano to Jozzie, "More than enough times. My poor feet. Dhiammarath isn't too much when she's proddy, usually. But I'm very glad she's not green. I don't know if I could handle her moods that much." Shy goldrider blushes slightly, muttering quietly, "Nor the aftermaths." Clearing her throat, "Have you had a chance to speak to Alasse, N'ano, since she impressed?"

"I like you on blue," is N'ano's only comment towards Jozzie, completely with a half grin before he turns back towards Hannah, "Mmmnot but once, truthfully. I just haven't had the time to get up there, unfortunately. I'm hopin' to 'least make it up there once they're all finally fledged." And backtracking slightly, "Y'knowI'm beginnin' to wonder what's worse… bein' the rider of a male dragon or female. I mean, sure, the females go proddy 'n whatnot, but the males are always chasin' after almost -every- proddy green… happens daily half the time, y'know? Not that -I- mind," N'ano smirks, tossing Jozzie a quick look while he mockingly ducks his head.

Jozzie gives a look towards N'ano before remarking to Hannah. "Well, I don't know about that…" she says, arching her eyebrow. She leans over to slip her hand over N'ano's and give a light squeeze. "I don't have any problem with anything, but I guess I am more used to things now."

"Okay, I don't think I could handle having all the guys chasing her and consequently me as much as a green goes up," Hannah amends, watching the pair. "Her moods are one thing, but being the center of attention and feeling like the night's dinner isn't my cup of tea," is quietly added, a thread of amusement laced through her voice. She backtracks herself, "Better get up to see her now before she grows up too much with that dragon. They are only young so long."

"Yeah," N'ano frowns, heaving a sigh, "Promised her I'd be up there 'lot too to look after here 'n keep her out of trouble once the warm weather came— 'n lookit now, it's shardin' summer already. I swear spring skipped right on past," he manages a chuckle, squeezing Jozzie's hand in return. "Just as I don't either," he belatedly replies, giving her a grin.

Jozzie gives a soft chuckle to Hannah. She sips her wine and remains quiet for a few moments. "It was nice being able to speak to you, Hannah. Seems like we are both running in different directions these days."

Hannah nods her head, "Definitely. It does seem that way doesn't it? Time does fly when you're busy." Goldrider sips more of her water, quiet for the moment.

"Alright ladies," N'ano pauses, hesitantly standing as he downs the remaining contents of his glass, "S'much as I'd love to stay and chat, I've got some things to do—like trackin' down those kids of mine 'n tossin' them into the baths whether they like it or not. So," he pauses again, reaching over to give Jozzie a kiss, and heck, he even gives Hannah one too on the cheek, being the friendly guy he is, "I'll see ya'll later. Wait up for me Jozz?" is his final request before he heads out the door towards the caverns.

N'ano walks nonchalantly to the Living Caverns.

Jozzie watches as N'ano leaves before she looks to Hannah again. The bluerider smiles softly while she leans on her fist against her cheek. "Odd isn't it when we were all just weyrlings. I swear by Faranth that I had no feelings for N'ano then. So much has changed," she says with a chuckle. "We even used to bicker over whos wing was better, now we can only agree that ours is better."

Hannah quietly chuckles, leaning her own weight against the table. "It is odd how things tend to turn out. How relationships come and go and things change. Things are always changing." Taking a good look at Jozzie, goldrider murmurs, "You look very happy," without any cheesy undertones.

Jozzie nods softly while still giving a glance towards the door which N'ano had recently disappeared. "Yes," she replies to Hannah with a nod. "I am happy." She flickers her hands for a moment through her tress. "We, N'ano and I, had quite a bit of a rocky start with out relationship. I wasn't quite ready but either could I really hold back anymore. After I had my second child with R'ley, I thought that he would be sticking around. Darman, whenever I visit him at the Smiths, was reminding me that I needed someone with more stability."

"I'm glad you've straightened things out." Hannah sighs softly, smiling, "It's always nice to find that certain person you can be with." She stands, stretching, "I must see to some things, though. Dhiammarath is insistant. It was good talking with you Jozzie. Keep in touch—drop by sometime."

Jozzie nods to Hannah. "Take care," she says to the Weyrwoman with a smile.

[end of log]

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